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Fates(work in progress)
by Trey Smith (cobra_commander_of_cobra@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
This is a work in progress and is not complete at the moment. I am just looking for early feedback. The title is also a working title for the moment. The story revolves around five of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse and how they are dealing with the chaotic new life that has engulfed them. They end up in a trailer park that is slowly being overrun by the dead, it is here their individual fates await them.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Ken Zackery, 38 years old, rather short and rugged looking,
walks down his driveway and retrieves his mail from the
Ken's mail lies all over the ground, soaked in blood. Blood
also covers the mailbox and the ground around it.

Sam Brody, an older man with a frail body moves to his shop.
He flips the sign to Open, unlocks the front door and steps
The sign reads Sorry We're Closed, bloody handprints cover
the window of the store.
The Mayor of Sandersville stands behind a podium before the
press. They are all asking him many questions at once, he is
having trouble trying to keep them calm.
Please remain calm! There is no
danger in the present situation,
the Sheriff's Department and
Mayor's Office has everything
under control.
The press room is covered in blood. A few bodies are
scattered about the floor with gunshot wounds to the head. A
large reporter lies against the wall, he also has a gunshot
wound to the head and holds a pistol in his hand.


The Washington County Sheriff's Department stands in a line
across the road, shotguns in hand. Behind them stand a few
local rednecks, they are also armed. The looked determined.
They raise their guns and fire, their attacks engulf them.
The Sheriff is pushed off the road and into the ditch, they
feast upon him.
A red car drives down the highway slowly.
JOHNNY TIMBS sits behind the wheel of his car, steering it
slowly with one hand. He is around 26, handsome, and has a
cigarette in his mouth. Beside him sit's LISA TAYLOR, she is
petite and very beautiful in a down to earth way. In front
of her are two pictures taped to the dashboard, one of each
of her two children. In the back sit left to right FREDDIE
KENNLY, a middle aged, short tempered man, MIKEY CAMPBELL, a
nerdy 20 something nervous man, and HUGH KREIG a 21 year old
college student.
Ok, we all know the stop is going
to be dangerous. But I want none
of that giving up bullshit that
was plagueing us back in Warner
Robin's ok?
Yeah, well when a fucking Air
Force Base is taken over your
optimism tends to be dampened.
Freddie, we don't need this right
now. I'm sure everyone is nervous
enough about the stop to have to
deal with your bullshit also.
      (with sarcasm)
Well, you know I'm sure the stop
is going to go fine anyway. With
you as our fearless leader and


                       FREDDIE (cont'd)
those fucking things running
      (slighty agitated)
Freddie, you are really testing my
patience with that damn sarcastic
Oh, I'm really fucking scared.
      (turning back and
       forth from John
       to Freddie)
Both of you stop it. We don't need
this right now, you guys both know
we all need to be on good terms if
we are going to make it through
Yes mother.
Thank you. Now, we are approaching
Sandersville...is everyone ready?
      (placing her hand
       over the pictures)
You know I am, John.
Let's do it.
Yeah, I guess.
Freddie remains silent.
Oh yes, you know I am, John. Go


The car makes a right turn and the a left, it passes a large
Ok, I grew up here and there is a
line of nice houses just a head.
Now, we also need gas so I suggest
we stop at the last house before
the gas station that lies beyond
the cemetary. Agreed?
The what? What did you just say?
He said the fucking cemetary.
John, why would we want to stop
near a cemetary?
Listen, from what we know about
these things...
John reaches down and flips the radio on.
                       RADIO DJ (V.O.)
These creatures seem to be the
recently deceased coming back to
life, we do not...
John reaches down and turns the radio off.
...There is just as much of a
chance they will be anywhere else
as there is them being in the
cemetary. From what the radio is
telling us, these things aren't
popping out of graves.
But we don't know that for sure?
The radio could be wrong, right?


Of course it could be. John, we
are taking a huge risk here. I
suggest we find some place else.
No, Freddie, we are going to stop
at the house before the gas
station. The cemetary will not be
full of those things, I promise.
But you're not sure are you? I
really don't want to base my
chance of survival on your fucking
Freddie...don't test me.
Oh, and what the fuck are you
going to do if I do, John?
      (turning on the
Let's listen to the radio.
Oh it's been saying the same
fucking thing for days.
                       RADIO DJ (V.O.)
We now turn to Sgt. Lars Falcon
who will give us information on
the Military Pick Up points that
are being set up across GA.
Shut up, Freddie.
                       SGT. FALCON (V.O.)
This is Sgt. Lars Falcon of the
U.S. Army, in twenty minutes we
will be announcing the locations
of helicopter pick up points, all
survivors should report to the
nearest pickup point to be
airlifted to safe zones the
military has set up across the
state of Georgia to protect them
from the ensuing invasion. More


                       SGT. FALCON (cont'd)
pick up points will be organized
in the next few days, however, it
is your best bet to make it to one
of the locations we now have set
up if at all possible. I repeat,
the locations of these pickup
points will be announced in twenty
minutes time.
It's about fucking time.
      (plaching his hand
       on Mike's
I told you everything would turn
out alright man.
I know, Hugh. I'm still nervous
about the stop though I
mean...what if...
Hey, don't worry. I got your back,
      (turning to the
Ok, the plan stays the same. We
stop at the last house, make the
supply run, then head to gas
station for gas. After that we
will start driving east towards
Augusta. I'm sure the pick up
point will be near there, we will
check the radio in twenty minutes
to find the exact location.
The car moves down past a line of houses. The last house and
cemetary come into view. The car slows down and turns into
the driveway. The car comes to a stop halfway down the


Ok, here we are. Is everyone clear
on their jobs? Mike you look for
something to carry the supplies
Freddie, you look for medical
Yes doctor.
       Freddie's comment)
Hugh, you have hygene.
Lisa and I will gather food and
Ok, Let's do this. Everyone be
careful...if you see one of them,
do not approach it, find the rest
of us and we will deal with it as
a team.
Oh spare us the there is no I in
team speech and let's get this
over with.
Right. Let's go.
John put's the car into park, reaches down, pops open the
trunk, opens and door and starts moving towards the back of
the house.


Lisa, Freddie, Mike and Hugh slowly climb from the car,
shutting their doors behind them.
      (calling back to
       the others)
Are there any in the cemetary?
      (looking back)
Oh yes.
Fucking great.
Well what are we going to do now?
Mike calm down, you know how slow
they are.
      (as he walks)
Lisa is right, we have time. Let's
hurry and get what we need before
they get here.
The others follow John to the back of the house quickly,
occasionally looking back at the cemetary. They move around
the back of the house, John is waiting for them by the back
Ok, let's do this fa--
A low moan can be heard on the opposite side of the garage,
very slowly a creature crawls around the corner, moaning and
reaching for them. It's legs appear to be broken. They stare
at it in horror.
Oh my god...one of them has seen
us, what are we going to do?
We are going to continue with the


John pulls open the the glass door and begins ramming his
shoulder into the door that lies behind it. After a few
tries it finally gives in and he stumbles into the house.
They enter the house, looking around with extreme caution.
Ok...everyone know's what they are
supposed to do. Be careful...
Mikey runs to a cloest that lies across the room. John,
Lisa, Hugh and Freddy climb up a small set of steps into the
kitchen. Hugh and Freddie continue straight through as John
and Lisa begins collecting food items.
So, do you think your kids are
I sure hope so. I left them with
my grandmother in Athens while I
was on a business trip to Macon.
That's good. You're very lucky.
What do you mean?
Well, you have a reason to live.
There isn't much hope left for
humanity. I mean, both Macon and
Warner Robins are nearly
destroyed. And from what that
Sgt. was saying on the
radio...this is going on all
across Georgia...maybe this is
happening everywhere. It's just
great you have a reason to live,
something to help you be strong.
But John, you are strong too...if
it weren't for you...we would have
never gotten this far.


That may be, but my strength comes
from something completely
Lisa moves to John and places a hand upon his shoulder.
My strength comes from the fact
I'm human...when I'm faced with a
dangerous situation...that
threatens my exsistence...I do
what's only natural. Try and
survive. But I'm not trying
survive for anything but selfish
reasons. Sometimes I...
What is it?
Oh, it's nothing. We need to
hurry, we don't want to attract
anymore of those things.
                       MIKE (O.S.)
Hey! I found some bags!
That's great, Mike! Bring them in
Freddie and Hugh are searching through the bathroom for
medical and hygene items.
       medicine into his
Fuck, do you really think we are
going to survive this? Do you
really think that bastard John is
going to lead us to safety?
I don't know, Freddie. But what
else can we do? I mean...I'm too
young, Mike isn't that brave, you
have too short of a temper--no


None taken.
And well...Lisa, well Lisa is a
And what the fuck is that supposed
to mean?
Well, you know...women need our
protection. They could never lead.
Hey, just because she is a woman
does not mean she is incapable of
Well, from my experience with
women, anytime things turn ugly
they lose all sense of reasoning.
That's because you're used to
dealing with horny college girls
who think they are ready for
commitment. Who think they are
ready to face the real world. Not
a woman with children.
Well, I personally think John is
doing fine job considering the
circumstances we are facing.
That's my point exactly, the
circumstances we are facing is why
he will fail as our leader.
What do you mean?
He may be doing fine now, but in a
situation like this...he's not the
best choice to keep us going.
                       JOHN (O.S.)
Freddie, Hugh...hurry up!


Asshole. Well, shall we go, our
master beckons.
      (Answering John)
We're coming!
John, Lisa, and Mike stand by a table loading food into the
bags. Hugh and Freddie enter.
      (looking back at
What did you find?
Oh you know, the goods.
Well, load them in.
Freddie and Hugh begin putting the items the found into two
empty bags. John straps a bag over his shoulder.
I'm heading on out. I'll load this
first bag and clear the path in
case some of them have made it
over from the cemetary.
Be careful.
I will.
John turns from them and exits the kitchen.
John emerges from the house and walks through the garage. He
passes the crawling creature, who turns slowly and begins
crawling after him. Hugh emerges right behind him. He moves
past the crawling zombie and almost bumps into John, who has


      (pointing behind
Another one back there.
Hugh turns and sees one of the creatures following the same
path as the crawling one.
      (turning around)
And one there.
Hugh turns to see a creature moving slowly up the driveway.
What do we do?
Nothing. Let's just keep with the
John moves towards the car and walks around to the trunk.
Hugh stares at both the crawling creature and the one behind
it before moving towards the passenger side of the car. As
he reaches the passagner door a creature tumbles from the
bushes beside the driveway and a top of him.
      (freaking out and
Shit! John! John, get this fucking
thing off me!!!
John moves around the car but his met by the driveway
creature, he pushes in down hard. The creature attacking
Hugh pushes him back onto the hood, Hugh's body presses
against the atennae and snaps it it in two. He then gets his
feet against the zombie and pushes it back. The creature
stumbles and falls, it's head landing on a sharp lawn
      (approaching Hugh)
You ok?
Hugh nods, out of breath and very shaken. John takes his bag
and moves back to the trunk.
Get back in the car and relax.


Hugh nods again and moves to the passenger side back door,
he tries to open it but it wont budge, he loses patience and
begins screams, slamming his hands against the door. John
emerges from around the car.
Hugh, what the hell is wrong?
The fucking door won't open!
      (comforting Hugh)
Hey! Hey! Calm down, man. Just
calm down. Go around and climb in
on the otherside, ok? Just calm
They both move around the car, John begins making room for
the other bags in the trunk of his car while Hugh climbs
inside. Freddie and Lisa appear from around the house, they
dodge the backyard creature and move past the crawling
creature, who is now very close to the car. They come around
the car and throw their bags into the trunk.
Where is Mike?
He had to take a leak, he's
Ok, well...let's go ahead and get
in. I want to get out of here
fast. He can hold his bag in his
John slams the trunk and they all climb inside the car. Mike
comes from around the house trying to zip his bag. He
doesn't see the backyard zombie which is approaching him
slowly. Mike stops, still trying to zip his bag. John, Lisa,
and Freddie begin calling after him. The zombie lurches at
Mike and grabs him.
      (completely losing
Oh my god, Holy shit!! Fuck!
Help!! Help me goddammit!!!


John opens his door and jumps out. He begins running towards
Mike. Mike struggles against the creature, ad libing as he
fights for his life. He gets out from under the strap and
pushes the bag into the creatures stomach. The creature
groans and stumbles back. Mike hunches over.
Wooo! You got'em kid!
      (looking up with
       new found
I did didn't I...I got the son of
a bitch...
You sure did. Now let's get the
hell out of here.
John turns and runs back and climbs into car, Mike follows
and goes around to the passenger side, not paying attention
to them telling him the passenger side door doesn't work. He
is cheering and celebrating to himself. He tries to open the
backdoor, but it doesn't open.
Hey, what the hell is with the
      (through window,
Go around, the door is stuck.
Mike salutes and turns, the driveway zombie has gotten up
and is moving towards him. Mike smiles, rushes it and pushes
it onto the ground, laughing at it. He runs around the car
and is grabbed by the crawling zombie, who has lies under
the drivers side back door. He screams, trips, and falls
against the door.
Open the fucking door, Freddie!
Fuck no! What if that goddamn
thing gets in here!


Freddie, open the goddamn door!
Freddie tries to open the door but can't due to Mike's
weight pressing against it.
Mike get the fuck of the goddamn
John begins to open his door, but Mike kicks the creature in
the face and moves away from the door. Freddie pushes it
open and drags Mike inside. However, Mike's left leg still
hangs out. The creature reaches up and takes a bite from it,
spewing blood everywhere. Mike screams in agony.
It bit me...it fucking bit me!
Freddie, get him into the car now!
      (pulling on Mike)
I'm fucking trying!
Freddie finally pulls Mike from the creatures grasps and
shuts the door. John slams his door, puts the car into
reverse. He swerves a bit, running over the crawling zombie
and driveway zombie. Mike is hysterical.
It bit me! That fucking thing bit
me! Fuck!
Calm down, Mikey. Everything is
going to be ok.
Mike...Mike...you are going to be


      (losing it)
No I'm not! I'm going to fucking
die! I'm going to fucking die!
That goddamn thing...it fucking
bit me and now I'm going to die!!!
Mike finally passes out due to the loss of blood and stress
he was causing his body. The others relax.
He's going to be ok...right?
How do we fucking know that? How
do we know he wasn't infected with
something when that bloody thing
bit him?
He's not infected with anything...
How do we know that!? How the fuck
do we know that, John!?
Stop it you two! We need to get
something on that wound.
Freddie...tear a piece off your
shirt and wrap it around the his
Freddie looks to Lisa, filled with disbelief.
Fuck no! I'm not ripping this
shirt, this fucking shirt cost me-
Freddie, just do it! Mike needs
something on that wound!


Fuck you!
Freddie! Please.
Freddie stares at her and remains silent for a few moments.
Freddie begins ripping his shirt, mumbling ad libs as he
does so, he then hunches over and wraps it around Mike's
leg. Lisa smiles.
Thank you.
Now what?
Well, we need to get gas.
Then...well, then we wait for the
The car moves down the street away from the Last House. It
moves towards the gas station and then pulls in.
The car pulls into the gas station and circles around the
first row of pumps, it pulls to a stop so that the car is
facing the road.
John turns and faces Lisa.
      (turning to the
Ok Lisa, I want you pumping the
gas, ok? Freddie you and I will
each stand at one end of the car
to keep a look out for those
things. Hugh, you stay with Mikey.


Sure thing, John.
John, Lisa, and Freddie climb from the car. Lisa moves to
the pump and removes the nozzle, clamping the switch over
the hole. John moves to the front of the car while Freddie
moves to the back.
Freddie, do you see anyting?
Nope--Wait a second, yep. We have
one of them shopping around
Freddie begins moving towards the doors.
                       JOHN (O.S.)
Can it get out?
      (surveying the
Nope, stupid bastard is ramming
against the pull door.
Freddie steps up right in front of the door.
Not finding something you fancy in
there, eh?
Freddie, get back here we have a
      (pulling up his
       sleeve, revealing
       his arm)
Bet you'd like a taste of this
would you? You sick piece of sh--
The creature lowers itself, positioning it's head level with
Freddie's exsposed arm, there is a strange sadness about the


creature. Freddie notices this and freezes, his eyes
transfixed on the creature until John places a hand upon his
shoulder. Freddie jumps and turns.
Freddie, c'mon. We have a problem.
What's wrong?
The two move back to the car and John picks up the gas pump.
No gas.
Fucking great.
What are we going to do now?
Freddie...did you see any radio's
inside the store?
No, but I'm sure they have some.
Hugh, could you go check?
John, what are you getting at?
Hugh, do you see any!?
      (peering through
       the glass)
No...I don't see any...
Well it doesn't matter...I suggest
we hold up here for a few days.


Are you fucking mad?
No, I'm not mad. If you think it
about it, staying here is the most
rational option we have right now.
How is staying here rational?
Exactly. We are next to a fucking
cemetary that is crawling with the
bastards and the fucking chopper
does not even know we
exist...which means it will not
wait for us, John.
Did you hear what the radio said?
There will be more pick up points
at another time! We don't have any
gas...the radio is busted...and we
didn't find much food at the house
we just raided. I suggest we stay
here, find a radio...and wait for
the next extraction point to be
No. Listen John. We don't know if
anymore extraction points will be
organized...we don't even know if
the nearest one is even
functioning...we can't stay here.
We know it's in Augusta. We should
head in that direction and see if
we can find more gas...or perhaps
another vehicle.
...I agree.
What? Freddie, Hugh...that's a big
fucking risk.
And it's one we are taking.
Freddie and Hugh head back to the car and get in.


Lisa...please tell me you are with
me on this. It's too dangerous to
try to make the drive to Augusta
with so little fuel.
They are right, John. It's to
risky to not get to this pick up
station. We have no idea when or
if there will be another. We have
to try.


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From Michael Sharon Date 7/2/2005 ****
I think you have great character development. You should check out mine, it's a work in progress as well. It's called transcendence by Michael Sharon. Good work so far.

From SubLevel Date 7/1/2005 ***1/2
spelling takes off a .5 but overall so far i was interested lets see more :)

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