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StarTrek: Voyager 'Like The Rain'
by Faith Rosenberger (SoldieroftheLordsArmy@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: **
Still in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Voyager find a derelict vessel that came from the Beta Quadrant, destroyed by forces they have not yet encountered. With members of their own crew acting suspiciously, things go from bad to worse as the mystery only thickens. Work in progress.

I do not own the copy right to Star Trek or any of its characters. However, the plot and situations are mine.


FADE IN to see a canopy of trees and the setting sun. ZOOM
ALONG the canopy as if flying over.
                       BECCA (VO)
In the beginning God created the
Heavens and the earth. Now the
earth was formless and empty,
darkness was over the surface of
the deep, and the spirit of God
was hovering over the waters. And
God said, "Let there e light," and
there was light. God saw that the
light was good, and he separated
the light from the darkness. God
called the light 'day' and the
darkness he called 'night'. And
there was evening, and there was
morning - the first day.
ZOOM IN on a large palace at the edge of the forest, CENTER
ON ARMANI BECCA, standing on the balcony, gazing out at the
CLOSE SHOT of ARMANI as she leans against the rail of the
                       CONNERS (OS)
      (softly, lovingly)
ARMANI spins around with a smile. ARMANI'S POV of PIERCE
CONNERS, standing in the doorway leading out to the balcony.
SIDE VIEW of the balcony as ARMANI wraps her arms around
PIERCE'S neck.
Pierce... I feared the worst...
PIERCE wraps his arms around her waist, holding her close,
whispering in her ear.
It's alright. I'm home now.


ARMANI tilts her head back, PIERCE lowers his, and they kiss
softly. PAN AROUND the couple, ZOOMING OUT slowly.
CLOSE SHOT of ARMANI'S face as she sleeps peacefully, hair
spread out around her head like a halo.
                       JANEWAY (OS)
      (over comm. link)
Bridge to Lieutenant Becca.
ARMANI opens her eyes. PAN TO THE SIDE and ZOOM OUT as she
sits up to reveal her sitting in bed in the corner of a
small room with gray, titanium walls, carpet and furniture.
She reaches over to her nightstand, tapping the insignia set
on the surface.
      (to comm. link)
Becca here.
ARMANI rises to her feet, grabbing her mustard and black
Security uniform from the chair she'd placed it on earlier.
                       JANEWAY (OS)
      (through comm.
You might want to get up here.
There's something you should see.
ARMANI nods, grabbing the insignia from off the nightstand.
      (to comm. link)
On my way.
CLOSE ON the door as ARMANI steps through, wearing her
her chair and walking towards ARMANI.
You might want to brace yourself.
ARMANI nods, standing straight and at attention. JANEWAY
turns to face the viewscreen, ARMANI does the same.


      (to Tactical,
       facing viewscreen)
On screen.
WIDE VIEW of the viewscreen. An alien vessel hangs in
space, once sleek and elegant, its hull made of a clear
crystalline material. Now its surface is marred by large
burned streaks and holes. Obviously a derelict vessel.
CLOSE VIEW of ARMANI'S face as she reacts to the sight,
staring at the viewscreen, horrified, tears filling her
      (to Tactical,
       facing viewscreen)
ARMANI blinks away the tears, but is unable to keep her
emotions off her face.
                       KIM (OS)
      (at Tactical)
I'm sorry.
ARMANI nods, lip trembling as she holds back tears. WIDE
VIEW of the bridge as COMMANDER CHAKOTAY rises from his
chair, approaching JANEWAY.
Captain, why don't we send a team
over there? From what I
understand of the Cluk'ta, it
would take a powerful assault to
destroy a ship like that. And I
don't know about you, but I sure
would like to know -
JANEWAY nods, interrupting.
What the hell they're doing in the
Delta Quadrant. I agree.
      (turning back to
       face Armani)


                       JANEWAY (cont'd)
You know that ship better than
anyone else. Take a team of your
choice and get over there.
      (turning to
Ensign Kim, how's life support?
CLOSE ON ENSIGN HARRY KIM as he works the controls before
looking up and REPLYING.
Gone. The crew's been dead for
quite awhile.
JANEWAY nods, turning back to ARMANI.
Environmental suits should do the
trick. Get over there as soon as
possible and report on anything
you find.
CLOSE ON ARMANI as she nods, turning smartly on her heel and
walking out the door.
ARMANI, SEVEN OF NINE and ENSIGN VORIK materialize in the
bridge of the Cluk'ta vessel, wearing environmental suits.
VORIK and SEVEN open their tricorders and begin to scan the
room. ARMANI steps up to the consol and begins to work the
controls. The room is dark and SILENT, the only
      (voice distant and
       muffled from
I'm attempting to restore lights.
CLOSE ON ARMANI'S FACE as she stares down at the controls.
Lights fill the room, and ARMANI turns to survey the bridge.

ARMANI'S POV of the room. BODIES clearly of the same race
as ARMANI are slumped along the walls and draped over the

CLOSE VIEW of ARMANI's face as she GASPS, falling back
against the controls at the sight before her.


WIDE VIEW of the bridge. SEVEN and VORIK look around at the
bodies. SEVEN turns to face ARMANI.
They are of your species.
ARMANI nods, still staring wide-eyed at the BODIES,
breathing heavily.
SEVEN turns back to her tricorder.
They have not been assimilated to
my knowledge.
ARMANI nods again, slowly recovering.
That's good to know.
SIDE VIEW of ARMANI as she turns back to the consol, typing
in a few more controls, struggling to keep her eyes on the
      (choked, hesitant)
I am accessing the data logs.
Maybe they'll tell us something
about what happened here.
VORIK steps up beside ARMANI, handing her his tricorder.
I have detected a high
concentration of radiation among
the corpses.
ARMANI scowls, taking the tricorder from VORIK and reading
      (reading own
You are incorrect, Ensign. There
are no traces of radiation upon
this ship.
ARMANI'S scowl deepens as she points at the tricorder in her


Seven, it's right here.
Approximately seventy-three point
two eight -
She is cut off as SEVEN abruptly reaches between her and
VORIK, taking the tricorder out of her hand.
The tricorder is malfunctioning. I
shall repair it.
SEVEN turns away from the other two, taking the tricorder as
she walks a few steps away. ARMANI shakes her head, looking
after the other woman.
       recovered from
       the sight)
Save it. Right now I need you to
help me. Scan the hull, see if we
can get any traces of what burned
it. Vorik, mirror my actions on
that console in front of you.
Let's see if we can get this
information up quicker.
VORIK nods, turning to the console in front of him.
Occasionally he glances over at ARMANI'S hands before typing
in a sequence, copying her actions and codes. SEVEN wanders
the perimeter, tricorder in hand, the other secured in her
ARMANI suddenly straightens, shocked at the information.
Tapping the insignia on her chest, she contacts Voyager.
      (to comm. link)
Away team to Voyager.
VORIK and SEVEN turn to look at ARMANI, stopping what they
are doing.
                       JANEWAY (OS)
      (over comm. link)
Voyager here. Go on, Lieutenant.
ARMANI glances down at the information on the console.


      (to comm. link)
Captain, I believe I have found
the cause for the ship's
It appears the Borg have formed an
alliance with Hirogen.
SEVEN scowls, striding over to stand behind ARMANI, looking
down at the console over her shoulder.
Impossible. Perhaps the Borg and
Hirogen happened to attack at the
same time. Nothing more.
ARMANI glances over her shoulder at SEVEN, shaking her head
before turning back to the consoles.
      (back to the com.
Captain, a lot of this information
is encrypted. It will take me
quite a while to decipher it.
Permission to bring it on board?
SEVEN continues her examination of the ship.
                       JANEWAY (OS)
      (over comm. link)
Granted. Let's get this mystery
ARMANI nods and takes out her own tricorder, sliding into a
slot on the edge of the console, pressing a few more
controls. The ship rocks with an unseen force. SEVEN grabs
hold of the wall, ARMANI and VORIK lean on the console for
What's going on?
VORIK presses a few more controls.
      (Vulcan calm)
I believe the sensors are offline.
The ship rocks again, more fiercely this time.


                       JANEWAY (OS)
      (over comm. link)
You're under attack. Hold on.
WIDE VIEW. VOYAGER swoops protectively towards the battered
Cluk'ta vessel. A HIROGEN WARSHIP also swoops down to the
derelict ship, firing it's weapons on the disabled vessel.
VOYAGER fires her phasers, striking the shields of the
HIROGEN vessel.
VOYAGER'S bridge. WIDE VIEW. Viewscreen displays the
Cluk'ta and Hirogen vessels.
      (at Tactical)
Captain! The Cluk'ta's hull is
down to six percent! It won't
survive another hit!
CAPTAIN JANEWAY rises to her feet, approaching the
      (urgently, facing
Get our people back NOW!
A tense beat. CLOSE ON JANEWAY as she stares at the
viewscreen, frightened and panicking.

CLOSE ON the viewscreen. The HIROGEN fire again, and the
CLUK'TA ship explodes.

SWITCH TO CLOSE ON JANEWAY'S face as she stares at the
screen, horrified.
Did we get them?
Painful, tense beat.
                       TUVOK (OS)
Negative, Captain.
JANEWAY stares at the screen a beat longer, shocked.


Hail them!
SILENT beat.
                       KIM (OS)
No response.
WIDER VIEW of bridge as JANEWAY whirls around, striding
angrily towards HARRY at Tactical.
Make them respond! I want to know
why the hell they fired at my
HARRY nods, typing a few controls.
They're going to warp. They're
gone, Captain.
JANEWAY gapes.
Follow them!
HARRY shakes his head.
They've masked their signature. I
don't know where they went.
JANEWAY pounds a fist on HARRY'S console.
      (turns away, to
       entire bridge)
I'll be in my ready room.
The bridge is SILENT as JANEWAY walks through the doors
leading to her ready room.
WIDE VIEW as JANEWAY enters, walking over to her replicator.
      (to replicator)
Coffee. Hot. Black.


Taking the cup, she sits down on the couch and closes her
eyes. CLOSE VIEW on her face as a single tear slides down
her cheek.
WIDE VIEW of brig. ARMANI, SEVEN and VORIK stand in the
center, confused. They remove their helmets, glaring
angrily at a figure OFF CAMERA.
Let us go.
SHOULDERS VIEW of the brig.
                       HIROGEN 1
Your ship is gone, you have no
where to go.
VORIK tilts his head to on side, sizing up the HIROGEN.
That is an illogical assumption.
Captain Janeway will come for us.
                       HIROGEN 2
Captain Janeway thinks you're
dead. No one is coming for you.
SEVEN eyes their captors precariously.
You underestimate the Captain.
                       HIROGEN 1
We underestimate no one.
                       HIROGEN 2
It is she that underestimates us.
ARMANI, SEVEN and VORIK stare apprehensively at the HIROGEN.
SILENCE fills the brig.


JANEWAY sits on her couch, padd in one hand, coffee in the
                       JANEWAY (VO)
Personal log, supplemental.
It's been three days since we lost
the away team. Morale is quite
low. We have teams working around
the clock, trying to find some
trace of where that ship went...
But so far... there's nothing.
JANEWAY sets the padd on the coffee table in front of the
couch, standing and walking to one of the windows, gazing
out at the stars.
                       JANEWAY (VO)
      (log continued)
But I refuse to give up. They're
not only part of this crew, but
they're part of this family. To
give up on them now is to say I
don't care. We'll find them.
Somehow... we'll find them.
                       CHAKOTAY (OS)
      (over com. link)
Captain to bridge.
JANEWAY straightens, hopeful, tapping her com. badge as she
turns to the door.
      (to com. link)
On my way.
JANEWAY enters the bridge from her ready room. CHAKOTAY
stands to meet her.
CHAKOTAY glances at HARRY KIM at Ops before turning back to


I think we found them, orbiting
around a class M planet about a
day from here.
JANEWAY nods, taking a seat in the Captain's Chair.
Good work. Mr. Paris, take us
there. Let's see why they killed
our people.
      (turning to face
Yes, ma'am.
CHAKOTAY sits in his chair beside JANEWAY, facing the
                       JANEWAY (VO)
      (resuming log)
There's part of me that refuses to
accept my words. They are not
dead. The Hirogen had no reason
to kill them. They're alive, I
know it, and in only a day they'll
be back on Voyager, safe and
sound. I just wish this planet
could be closer.
BECCA sits alone in her cell, glaring at the wall across
from her. Her environmental suit has been removed, leaving
her in her plain Star Fleet issue Security uniform. Her
insignia has been taken, as well as her phaser and

BECCA'S POV as FOUR HIROGEN walk towards her to stand in
front of the forcefield to her cell. All are heavily
armored and armed.
                       HIROGEN 1
We will release you and you will
be our prey.
SIDE VIEW as ARMANI rises to her feet, approaching the
HIROGEN silently.


                       HIROGEN 2
If you survive, you live free. If
you die, your head will be mounted
on my wall.
All HIROGENS LAUGH, and the forcefield lowers. They train
their weapons on BECCA as she steps calmly through the
                       HIROGEN 2
Don't try to escape.
BECCA and the FOUR HIROGENS materialize in a forest
                       HIROGEN 2
      (to Becca)
You have five seconds to run.
BECCA whirls on her heel, disappearing in the foilage. Five
seconds passed, then the HIROGEN turn and follow her, also
disappearing from view, concealed by leaves and branches and
bushes. Several beats later, BECCA slowly drops from a
branch above the clearing in which they first materialized,
glancing in the way the HIROGEN left before silently running
in the opposite direction.


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From Michael W. Pitzenberger Date 6/7/2008 *
Need to review screenwriting techniques and placements. Too many camera shots installed makes the script overbearing and demanding.

From Robert Bulkeley Date 6/19/2006 *
This is coming across as the worst type of fan fiction: a character is created to be the writer's avatar, and is in fact the hero of the piece. Good episodic scripts rely on the heroes being the core characters; new characters are points of conflict, aides, or background, NEVER the hero.

From Doug Date 7/14/2005 ****
I want more!

From Chad Hager Date 7/11/2005 ***
I believe it has potential but only if you kill the ensign quickly we all know they never survive long on mission like this one. Just kidding. I like it so far. Potentially a good script. Id say take out the camera direction for now though. It will flow better to readers that way.

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