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Over For Dinner (Work In Progress)
by Joshua Dyer (seekerjosh@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
When Claire Smith is injured on duty as a cop, she decides to take a break from her work in the country alone. Stopping at a Gas Station for gas and food, she is invited to dinner by the eccentric owner. But then things go wrong. (Work In Progress)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


CLAIRE is running from something in the dark forest
clearing. A figure is chasing her with something in his
hands. He is holding a chainsaw with both hands. He is
soaked in blood.

Claire blocks her eyes as is blinded by a bright light.
There is a car that has crashed near the road. Claire trips
and falls onto the ground; her ankle is twists. Crawling on
the ground, she sees a gun.
The old man grabs the cord of the chainsaw and tries to
start the deadly device. One pull, two, three, and it
starts, Claire begins to scream louder.
She struggles towards the handgun, but she can't because of
the injuries she sustained. Before being nailed with the
chainsaw, she desperately reaches for the gun--her last
chance. She blacks out.
Claire's parents are just now waking up. Both Dave and
Elizabeth begin preparing dinner. Dave sets the table,
while Elizabeth fries eggs.

Upstairs, Claire opens her eyes and sits upright quickly--it
was all a dream. One of the worst ones she had in a while.
Sitting up in her bed, her eyes wanders to her suitcase.
Well, today's the day!
Removing the sheets blocking her chest, Claire's torso is
wrapped with medical tape. She puts on her sling which is
on her dresser and starts toward her bedroom's door.

Somewhere in an imaginary place a GUNSHOT is heard with
horrible SCREAMS.


JEFF follows Claire around the busy Police Station giving
her her assignment. She has her handgun already in her
There's some kind of trouble where
Main Street meets Cherry Street.
You think you and Steve can handle
Claire looks at STEVE who is reaching for his handgun on his
desk. Jeff looks unimpressed and hands her a shotgun.
I'm on it if you are Steve.
Steve looks at Claire and nods. Claire cocks the shotgun
and they head for the Police Station doors.
Let's kick ass!
A white light floods the Police Station as Claire and Steve
Claire looks out her bedroom window, a dove has landed on a
tree she planted when she was little. The same white light
from the Police Station illuminates the room seemingly
coming from the window. Claire close her eyes.
                       CLAIRE (VO)
Sir, put the gun down!
                       ROBBER (VO)
I can't do that! I have a family
to feed, and I don't care how I
get the money as long as it's
there! BACK OFF!
Claire's closed eyes almost open when a GUNSHOT is heard
from some imaginary place. In this imaginary place nobody
is hurt because the ROBBER has shot into the air.
                       STEVE (VO)
We just want to talk-er-negotiate
with you. Now, if you'll just put
the gun down.


                       CLAIRE (VO)
If you don't put the gun down now
I'll have to take action.
                       ROBBER (VO)
Claire's closed eyes completely opens as she remembers the
pain of a GUNSHOT. SCREAMS are heard from the people who
were watching nearby.
                       STEVE (VO)
      (reaching for
Claire! We have a police officer
Claire, coming back from her memories, opens her door.
Heading down the stairs into the living room and then
finally into the kitchen; she sits down ready to eat
Today's the day, isn't it?
Smiling at the reason for loss of sleep, Claire reaches for
a plate.
Yeah, today's the day.
Dave sits down across the table from Claire. He has already
taken a bite of his food and a sip of his coffee.
You sure you're going to be
alright in that house, alone?
I'll be fine, Dad. Promise.
Claire, after finishing her eggs, gets up from the table and
heads for the sink.
Claire realizing it is time for her to hit the road, runs
upstairs to get her suitcase.
Do you really think she's gonna be


I'm not sure, but I guess we'll
just have to trust her.
Claire drags her suitcase down the wooden stairs. She
kisses both Dave and Elizabeth on the cheek and heads for
the front porch. Dave and Elizabeth both follow her.
Wait! I wanted to give you
something, as an early gift. It's
a necklace.
Dave reaches in his pocket for a beautiful gold necklace, on
the end of the chain is a red jewel, Claire's birthstone.
It's beautiful. I love it!
Claire turns around as Dave tries to put on the necklace.
Then, from her imaginary place, Claire hears CHOKING SOUNDS
and a struggle.
                       DANIEL (VO)
Claire! HELP!
Claire's eyes open as she snaps out of her imaginary place.
I better get going. I love you
both, and I promise I'll be okay.
Still dragging her suitcase, she heads for the door and
opens it. Claire looks back at her family and smiles. Dave
and Elizabeth smile back and she exits the house.
Claire drags her suitcase along the concrete towards the car
she is about to drive. She brings her suitcase to the rear
of the car and opens the trunk. There is little room in the
hodgepodge of a trunk left, but there is room for her
suitcase. After closing the trunk, she gets into the car.


Claire sits down, and puts her car keys into the ignition.
She revs up the car motor once, but the car does not start.
Twice, and on the third time the car engine starts with a
mechanical ROAR. She drives off from the city heading into
the country.
Claire's car is the only car on the country road she is
driving on. The morning has turned into mid-afternoon and
she is very hungry. A sign signifies a gas station with
various surrounding restaurants.
I'll stop there, I need to get gas
Claire's blue car turns the corner of the old road and heads
in the direction of the gas station.
A car with five people whips by the same corner. They drive
a yellow truck, which looks new.
Are you sure this is the right
way? I mean this house could be
We need gas too.
I'm only concerned with food.
There was a sign that listed a
bunch of restaurants and gas
stations and if I'm reading this
map right, then we should be
heading in its direction. We'll
make one stop.
The truck whips around another corner and in the distance
the gas station can be seen. The truck passes a fast food
place and stops to get gas. Claire is already pumping gas
into her car, and she nods at Daniel who passes her by. He
winks at her and enters the gas station to pay. Samantha
gets out.


I need to stretch my legs. I'm
going in.
Claire gets done pumping gas and she passes Samantha. They
both enter the station.
The gas station is very ordinary. It has food and drinks in
one area, various cigarettes and other items by the counter
and a Men's Room and a Woman's Room in one corner.

The LADY that greets them, who also owns the station looks
very eccentric. She wears an old dress that tells that she
lives close by. When Daniel gets to the counter she puts
her magazine she was reading down. She wears a tag with the
name KELLY written on it.
What'cha need?
I need to pay for gas, pump seven.
Kelly looks at the yellow truck and chuckles.
Nice truck, ya gonna kill Bill?
Daniel seems unamused but then smiles.
You know of any good restaurants
around here?
Kelly gets a strange look in her eye. Then she shakes her
head side to side.
Nope, most of the fast food places
serve packaged crap.
So there isn't any around here?
The sound of a BELL alerts the two of Samantha's and
Claire's entrance. Claire goes straight to the counter,
while Samantha looks around the food and drink area.


      (arriving at the
I need to pay for pump six please.
Claire looks at Daniel and returns the wink.
Hey, how'ya doing?
Trying to find something to eat.
How 'bout you?
I was on my way to a cabin out
here, but now that you mention it
a meal sounds nice.
Claire hands a twenty dollar bill to Kelly. She takes it
and opens the cash register to gather Claire's change.
My family is sitting down for
dinner today. Y'all are welcome
to come over for dinner.
A SCRAPING noise is heard and everybody looks at a door
behind the counter. Kelly looks nervously at the door and
then starts toward it.
What was that?
      (reaching the door)
Hold on. I'll be right back.
Opening the door, Kelly steps into the dark room. Claire
and Daniel look at each other.
      (not paying
Don't we have a bag of chips in
the car?
Kelly moves towards the only light source in the room. Blood
is all over the floor and a table in the center of the room.


There seems to be something on the table, but the lights
are off and the room is too dark to see anything clearly.
Kelly turns on the light, and the room turns into a room of
carnage and blood. Grabbing a hatchet off the table, she
heads towards PA who is torturing their latest victim.

Sherry was the last survivor who went to their house.
Raising the hatchet high into the air, Sherry makes no noise
because she is gagged very well. A SCRAPING THUD and Sherry
is dead.
PA! Be quite! We have customers.
PA continues to saw at Sherry's limbs. Kelly is about to
leave, but then turns back around.
I've invited some kids for dinner.
It'll be done around five
Pa, acknowledging what Kelly said, nods at her. Kelly walks
to the door and opens it carefully.
Kelly steps through the door and looks at Claire and Daniel.
Then she steps out of the counter area.
What're you doing? There's nobody
else here.
Kelly points to the Dark Room.
My husband's in there. He'll look
over it.
Daniel goes over to Sam who is still in the food area.
We gonna eat somewhere? I'm
      (pointing to Kelly)
She invited us to dinner, we're
leaving right now.
Grabbing her keys from a jar on the counter, Kelly heads
outside with Claire, Daniel, and Sam.


Claire heads to her car, while Daniel and Sam walk to the
truck. Noticing that Kelly has gone somewhere else, she
turns around.
Kelly? Where are you?
Kelly carries limbs and parts of the woman who used to be
Sherry. Probably the only thing she doesn't bring with her
is her head. Opening the trunk of the van, she throws in
the body.

In the back of the van is another dress that she stored just
in case. She changes, closes the trunk, and gets in the
driver's seat. Kelly drives around to the front.
Kelly drives her vehicle next to Claire's. Then she rolls
down the window.
We're going to follow you, right?
Yeah, stay close.
Kelly drives off with Claire and Daniel following her.
By now the sun is close to setting.
The hills that the cars drive on provide a spectacular
visual of the sun setting.
The cars drive in single file line as they get closer and
closer to Kelly's house.
Claire drives her old car. Getting bored, she turns on the
radio. She looks out of her front window and sees a house.


I guess that's it.
Then in the middle of the road, a dog runs by. Kelly
doesn't have to swerve to miss it, but Claire does. Her car
swerves as it barely misses the dog.
The car dives into the old country ditch and into the
forest. Then it hits a tree, making Claire's airbag
inflate. Claire's head crashes into the airbag and jerks
Claire gets out of her car while both Kelly's van and
Daniel's truck stop. They get out of their vehicles and
Kelly helps Claire out of the ditch.
      (from the car)
What the hell happened?
There was this dog and...
Claire points at the dog as it walks by.
There! That's the dog!
We can call a tow when we get to
the house. Get in my van.
Hold on. I need to get my things.
Claire pops the trunk of her car and grabs her suitcase.
      (grabbing the
Let me get that for you. You go
get in the car.
Claire hesitates for a beat, but then gets into the van.


Kelly opens the trunk and carefully positions her suitcase
in a place blood-free. Luckily there are some boxes of her
old stuff in the van. The suitcase is in the middle of the
two. Then she gets in the driver's seat.
What's that smell?
Don't know. Skunk probably.
They drive the rest of the way to the house.
Daniel's truck stops, but Kelly drives around back. Claire
and Kelly exit the vehicle. Claire surveys the area. The
grass is dried and patches of it are missing revealing dry
A GIRL comes through the back door. Kelly waves at the
Laura, this is--
Claire. The name's Claire.
Kelly walks around to the back of the van and opens the
Right. Laura, take her inside.
There are some teenagers in the
I already let them in. They're
watching TV, come on.
Laura grabs Claire by the hand and leads her to the back
door. They go inside. Kelly pulls one of the empty boxes
out onto the ground. She takes a body part and stuffs it
into the box.


Laura digs through a cabinet searching for plates to put on
the table. Claire goes into the living room.
Daniel, Alexia, and Tyler sit in front of the TV when Claire
enters the room. She looks around and discovers a hallway.
Where's that other girl?
Sam? She's looking for the
      (pats couch)
Come. Sit.
Claire sits in the middle of Daniel and Alexia.
So judging by your wound, you
don't work in an office. What
d'ya do?


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From Tyler Nichols Date 7/25/2005 ****
This was really good. I was quite surprised. You may not want to put the characters thoughts in the direction. In a script thoughts and feelings are not usually expresses unless facial expressions show that. I did really enjoy it though. Had a real Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel to it and thats why I like it so much. Good job

From Kevin Date 7/20/2005 ****

From Jackson Date 7/6/2005 ***1/2
This is pretty good so far, but there are a few things that I found that you could probably fix. The actions are in long paragraphs and you should cut some of those in half, this also help make your script longer. Also, I found this: EXT. OUTSIDE GAS STATION - DAY. Of course EXT. means "exterior" so you don't have to say "OUTSIDE". Other than these small things, its pretty good so far. Keep up the good work.

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