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Call Box
by Gary Patterson/Augustus Scott (augrolsc@sbcglobal.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

A series of murders have taken place near the small town of Clearwood. Detective John Scott is called in from a neighboring city to help solve the case of a serial killer. As the case unravels Detective Scott is caught between keeping the past buried or bringing it to an end for good.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Inside SUSAN RICHARDS mobile home bedroom. She is making
love with a young BEN HOGAN. After the two stop Ben decides
to get out of bed to go to the kitchen. As he gets out of
the bed he stumbles into the nightstand on the side of the
Hey, where are you going?
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
I'm going to get me something to
drink out of the frig.
Well, keep it down my boys are in
the other room sleeping.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
      (With a non-caring
Yeah, sure
Ben walks into the kitchen, opens the refrigerator door, and
takes out a beer, opens it and starts to drink it. He
suddenly turns and sees Susan's two twin boys TYLER and
TANNER standing in their bedroom doorway watching him as he
is drinking his beer.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
What are you two little bastards
starring at?
The boys do not respond. Ben walks closer to the boys.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
      (In a little
       louder voice)
I said, what are you two little
bastards looking at?
The two boys still do not respond.


                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
Obviously you two like to stare.
Why don't you come and stare while
I give it to your mom.
Susan sits up in her bed as she is listening to what Ben is
saying to her boys. She gets out of the bed, grabs her robe
and goes to defend her boys.
      (almost yelling)
What the hell is wrong with you
talking to my boys like that?
They're just kids.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
I'm sorry, but every time I come
over here all they do is stare at
me. They never say anything to me,
they just stare at me all the damn
time, and it freaks me out.
      (In a stern voice)
That still does not give you the
right to talk to them like that.
They don't talk to you because
they really don't know you. This
is the earliest you've every come
over here in a while and the boys
are usually sleep by now.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
Hell, they don't know any of those
other Tom, Dick, and Harries that
you bring here. Do they just stare
at them too?
What the hell do you mean by that?
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
You know exactly what I'm talking
about. I'm sure I'm not the first
person they've seen coming out of
your room late at night, and I'm
sure I won't be the last.
You son-of-a-bitch, get the hell
out of my house right now.


Ben gives Susan a look of what did I do and storms into the
bedroom and grabs his clothes and heads for the front door
while passing the boys who are standing in their room close
to the door.
Hit the road.
Hogan walks out the front door slamming it as he is leaving.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
      (Yelling back at
       the house)
Your nothing but a tramp and a
whore with your two bastard kids.
Ben jumps into his car and takes off. Light tears start to
roll down Susan's face as she kneels down to hugs her boys.
Mommy's so sorry you guys had to
hear that.
While Susan is hugging the boys Tanner lifts up his head.
Mommy we're hungry can we have
something to eat?.
Of course you can. Sandwiches?
Yeah, peanut butter and jelly?
Yes, peanut butter and jelly.
Susan stands up and taps Tanner on his forehead.
C'mon peanut.
Susan reaches over and taps Tyler on his forehead.
And you too jelly.
All three of them start to walk into the kitchen.


Susan and her boys drive up to the gas station in the middle
of town with a knocking sound coming from the car engine.
OLD MAN SMITTY comes up to the car. They know each other.
Hey, Susan it sounds like your
having a little trouble underneath
that hood of yours.
Yeah, I've been meaning to bring
it in to you because lately it's
been overheating.
Well, pop the hood and I'll take a
look at it.
Thank you, I really do appreciate
Smitty's looking and smiling at the boys in the back seat.
Then looks back at Susan.
How are those boys of yours doing?
They're doing just fine.
Susan looks back at the boys.
Tanner, Tyler, Mr. Smith is asking
about you.
Tanner and Tyler speak at the same time.
Hi Mr. Smith.
Hi, Mr. Smith.
Smitty's looking at the boys.
How are you boys doing? Staying
out of trouble I hope.


Both the boys smile as Smitty looks back at Susan.
You've got some fine young boys
there Susan.
Yes I know, but it is so hard
raising them all by myself with no
father, friends or family that I
could turn to for help.
Yeah, and it doesn't help with the
way some of these people treat you
in this town.
Do you know how long it might take
before you can look at it? I have
to drive into the city today.
You're going into Denver, today?
Yes, I have some important
business to take care of, so I
need to get out there today
because tomorrow will be to late.
Well, if you have to get out there
today I'll get right on it. You
are more than welcome to wait in
the waiting area until I'm
I'll go next door to the market to
get the boys a little snack for
the ride.
Susan and the boys leave for the market next door. While in
the market she has a run-in with a couple of WOMEN talking
about the way she conducts herself in the town. The two
women talk loud enough for Susan to hear, but to each other.
                       WOMAN #1
There are some people in this town
who should just move because there
not welcome here.


                       WOMAN #2
The nerve of her showing up here
with her two boys, she ought to be
ashamed of herself carrying on the
way she does.
Susan attempts to purchase some snack's for her boys and the
STORE CLERK refuses to sell her any items and also has a
nasty comment about her.
                       STORE CLERK
Those items are not for sale.
What do you mean these items are
not for sale?
                       STORE CLERK
Because I said those items are not
for sale.
Susan not being argumentative returns the items and comes
back to the counter with different items to purchase.
                       STORE CLERK
Those are not for sale either.
These items are not for sale, or
not for sale to me?
                       STORE CLERK
There not for any town slut, or
her bastard kids.
Susan frustrated at what the clerk just said pushes the
items at the clerk and grabs her two boys by the arms and
storms out of the store and heads back to Smitty's gas
station where Smitty is still working on her car.
Mommy why are the people here so
mean to you?
Never mind these people Tanner
there just not nice and we have to
ignore the bad things they say to
Susan and the boys return to the gas station.


Hey, I'm almost finished with your
car, but it is still going to need
some more work done, your radiator
is not circulating properly. So
you will need to bring it back so
that I can fix it right o.k.
Do you think it can make it to the
city and back ok?
There is a good chance that it can
but I would rather you let me work
on it longer.
It's very important that I get to
the city today, so how much do I
owe you? .
Don't worry about paying, just go
ahead and go before it gets to
late because you don't want to be
out on that road after dark,
especially when that storm is due
to come in tonight.
Susan puts the boys in their car seats and gets in the car
and is about to take off when Smitty notices that she has no
snacks for the boys.
Hey, where's the snack's for the
They weren't selling snack's to
our kind today.
Hang on just a minute Susan.
Smitty looks at the boys.
I've got something that you boys
would like.
Smitty hurries into the station and returns to the car with


some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the boys and
hands them to Susan. The boys get excited about what Smitty
brought for them.
Here are some peanut butter and
jelly sandwiches that I just so
happened to have with me today.
Susan hands the boys the sandwiches.
Wow! thanks Mr. Smith
Yeah, thanks Mr. Smith.
Well, I guess with the nicknames
peanut and jelly that their father
gave them, it was only appropriate
to have some in my refrigerator.
Yeah, well it's too bad he walked
out on us right before their one
year old birthdays. Thank you Mr.
Smith we really appreciate
everything that you've done for
us. Lately you've been the only
person that's been nice to us in
this town.
You better get going those clouds
are starting to roll in.
Susan and the boys drive away from the station towards the
mountainous area.
As they're driving through the mountains Tanner notices them
passing a few call box signs along a stretch of the highway.
Mommy what are those blues things
that have the yellow box on them?
Susan looks at a call box while passing it.


Hopefully it's something that we
will never have to use.
Susan and the boys are half way through the mountains when
the storm hits, and suddenly the check engine light comes on
which causes Susan to get nervous. The car starts to
overheat and sputters for the next quarter mile before it
completely dies and forces her to stop on the side of the
road next to an embankment with a lake down below. She
noticed a lighted call box about a 100 to 150 feet back from
where they stopped.
      (Talking to
No, no, no, I can't believe this
Mommy, why did we stop?
Yeah, mommy why did we stop its
getting dark and scary out here?
      (In a comforting
It's o.k. boys, it's o.k. Mommy's
just having a little trouble with
the car, everything is going to be
fine. Mommy's going to have to get
out of the car for a few minutes
and go use the telephone to call
someone to help us.
Mommy is it going to take long?
No sweetie, it's going to take
just a few minutes, I just need to
call someone to come and help.
Susan points to the call box so that Tanner and Tyler can
see how close the call box is to the car. The boys get up on
there knees to look out the back window of the car and they
see a dim light a short distance from the car. Susan grabs
her umbrella and gets out of the car and walks to the call
box as the boys turn around and sit down in their seats.
When Susan places the call a familiar voice answers the
phone. The rain starts to fall heavily.


                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
Hello, Clearwood Police
Department, may I help you?
Ben, Ben is that you?
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
Yes, this is Deputy Hogan, who is
Ben, it's me Susan.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
Oh, what the hell do you want?
I need help, my car broke down out
here in the mountains, I need you
to call Mr. Smith to come help us.
It's going to be dark soon and
it's pouring rain out here and I
have the boys with me.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
O.K. Susan, O.K. calm down I can
barely here you with all the noise
from the rain in the background.
Where exactly are you?
What do you mean where am I
exactly? I'm at one of these damn
call boxes out on the highway
heading to Denver.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
I know you're at one of the call
boxes, there are several boxes
along the highway, look at the
number on the box and tell me what
it is?
The number on the call box reads,
33-152, that's 33-152.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
      (In a calm voice)
O.K. now you just sit tight and
I'll have Smitty on his way soon.


Susan hangs up the phone and walks back to the car to be
with the boys. An hour goes by and Smitty has not reached
them to help. Darkness sets and the rain continues to fall
and Susan begins to worry. She grabs her umbrella and goes
back to the call box to call the station again to see what's
taking so long. She picks up the phone and it rings the
police station.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
Hello, Clearwood Police
Ben!, it's been over an hour, is
Mr. Smith on his way?
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
Oh, sorry Susan, it got real busy
in here and I haven't had a chance
to call.
      (Yelling into the
What! What do you mean that you
haven't had a chance to call, Ben,
it's dark and it's pouring rain
out here, and my kids are fucking
scared to death but you haven't
had a chance to call.
                       YOUNG DEPUTY HOGAN
I don't like that tone your using
with me. I'll get him out there
when I get him out there.
Susan hangs up the phone and returns to her car and
continues to wait for another forty-five minutes. She
reassures her boys that everything is fine and that help is
on the way.
Everything is fine boys the police
man said that Mr. Smith should be
here anytime now.
Mommy, I'm getting hungry.
Mommy, I have to use the bathroom.


Can both of you be little sports
and hang on just a little longer.
I promise someone will be here
soon o.k.
Susan makes one more attempt at the call box to see if Mr.
Smith is on his way. As she picks up the phone a car coming
from the other direction passes by, brakes and makes a
U-turn and park near the call box with it's lights beaming
towards the back of Susan's car. A person gets out and walks
towards Susan as she is hanging up the phone. The person
that is walking up has on dark clothes with a black hat so
his face is not recognizable to Susan until the person gets
close enough to her.
What are you doing here?
The boys notice the lights from the car so they jump up to
look out the back window and their visibility is obstructed
by the heavy rain sheeting down the back window and the
blinding headlights of the other car, they can only see the
silhouette of their mom and a stranger standing in front of
the call box.
Mommy's talking to a stranger.
Mommy told us to never talk to
Suddenly the boys see the stranger grab their mother's
throat with both hands and begins to choke her, the boys
shocked by what they see start to scream.
Mommy, mommy, mommy.
Mommy, Mommy what's he doing to
our mommy Tyler?
The strangers attack on Susan becomes more violent and
vicious. One of the strangers hands is taken off her throat
and begins striking her repeatedly until she falls to the
ground. The stranger then picks up a decent size rock and
bashes Susan on the back of her head. Consumed by the event
that has just taken place the boys continuous screams go
unheard by the stranger until Susan's body is lifeless.
While kneeling over her body the stranger hears faint


screams coming from Susan's car. The strangers head pops up
and looks towards her car, with the headlights shinning on
the back of her car he sees the two boys in the backseat
screaming. He stands up slowly and begins to walk towards
Susan's car. The boys seeing this creepy figure coming
towards them drops down in the seat. Tanner reaches over and
locks his door.
He's coming, He's coming, lock
your door Tyler, lock your door.
The boys quickly lock the doors and drop down to the floor
in the back seat to hide from the stranger. Expecting the
stranger to bang on the glass and try to open the door the
boys brace themselves for the worst. Instead the stranger's
headlights are turned off and there is nothing but complete
darkness and the only sound that is heard is the rain
beating down on the cars roof.
Moments go by and then suddenly Tyler looks at the window
just as the stranger breaks the glass and shatters it all
over them which causes the boys to scream with terror. With
the glass broken the stranger unlocks the door, opens it and
reaches in to grab the boys. The boys begin to fight back by
kicking, biting, and swinging their arms but are easily over
powered by the stranger. The stranger grabs Tyler by the
throat while Tanner tries to go over the front seat but is
quickly grabbed by the shirt and thrown back into the back
seat so hard that it makes him lightheaded and dizzy. The
stranger continues to choke Tyler until he is nearly
unconscious and straps them down in their car seats. The
stranger then puts the car in neutral and turns the steering
wheel towards the embankment and begins to push the car so
that it will go into the lake down below. With the heavy
rain pour the tires of the car are sinking in the mud which
makes it impossible for the person to move. The stranger
runs back to the car he came in to use it to push Susan's
car out of the mud. With the headlights on he only pushes it
enough to free it from the mud while avoiding his own car
from becoming stuck in the mud.The stranger gets out of the
car and starts to push Susan's car from the back. Needing
more leverage he goes to the drivers side window where he
broke the glass and begins to push the car closer to the
embankment. Just as the car reaches the embankment Tanner
wakes up dazed and confused and notices a tattoo of an Eagle
clutching a skull and cross bone on the lower left forearm
of the stranger. Unfortunately it's the last thing Tanner
sees before the car starts it's downward approach and
splashes into the lake and sends he and his brother to their
untimely deaths.


Twenty years later: The Chief of Police of Denver is
awarding Detective John Scott with the Detective of the year
award. CHIEF RICHARD GARRETT is standing at the podium
addressing the congregation of the police force.
Congregation applauding.
Thank you, Thank you.
The applause quiets down.
I've been your police chief for
the past ten years and I've
presented many awards to many of
your comrades, but the award that
I'm about to present at this time
is very special to me. The man
that I'm about to call up to the
podium to except this award has
demonstrated courage, leadership,
and the willingness to go that
extra mile in becoming the best
detective that he can be in his
field. His professionalism is a
standard that future detectives
can and will be judged by. I would
like to present to you this years
detective of the year and also one
great son-in-law, Detective John
Applauding, Cheering, and Music playing. Detective Scott
walks up and shake hands with Chief Garrett and smiles to
the crowd. Chief Garrett pulls Scott up to his chest to hug
him and whispers in his ear.
Congratulations son, a well
deserved award. Somethings come up
and need to see you in my office
this afternoon.
Scott turns and walks up to the podium to give his thank you
speech. The audience continues to clap and cheer.


John Scott and his wife LAURA SCOTT (the District Attorney)
walk up to Chief Garrett's office door and knock. His door
is open so John just sticks his head in and the Chief is on
the phone.
Yes, Ben this is not a problem
we'll get our best detective over
there right away.
Chief Garrett gestures for them to come in.
You wanted to see me Chief?
      (While hanging up
       the phone)
Yes, come on in John you and Laura
please have a seat.
John sits down as Laura moves to the side of the room.
Well, I just want to congratulate
you again on your award. It's well
deserved because you are the best
serial homicide detective we have.
Thanks Rich.
Laura, I'm glad you were able to
make it here too.
I'm glad to be here dad.
Well John, I'm not going to beat
around the bush, as you can see I
just got off the phone from
speaking with the Chief of
Clearwood, they've been having a
problem with a string of murders
in there town, and there not
having much success in solving the
crimes. As a matter of fact their
not having much success at all.


So what does that have to do with
This is the third time Ben has
called me and asked if we had
anyone or any particular person
who can assist them in solving the
string of murders in his town.
I've talked to Laura....
Scott, looks over at Laura with a smirking smile on his
You've talked to Laura.
Yes, honey daddy and I feel that
this would be a great opportunity
for him publicly and politically
in Denver as well as the Clearwood
Politically, what are you talking
about politically?
John, what Laura is trying to say
is that it is basically an
election year here in the city of
Denver and Clearwood is in our
jurisdiction which means their
votes count.
Their votes count for what?
For the next Mayoral election.
I'll be one of the four candidates
on the ballot.


Meaning, my father is running to
be the next mayor of this city and
we need you to go to Clearwood and
do what you do best in solving
So, you want me to go to Clearwood
and play public relations.
      (With a raised
I don't give a damn what you want
to call it, what I do need is for
you to go to Clearwood and make
your presence felt. I don't care
if you solve the crime or not in
that shit hole town. What I do
care about is that when it comes
to election time I get the votes
from those people in that town.
And, by you going out there and
putting on a show, shows them that
we care about them and their
little town. I could win the
majority of the votes from that
small town.
John, do you understand where my
father is going with this. If he
is elected the next mayor, the
mayor has the power to appoint the
next Chief of Police, you.
John standing silent looks at his wife and then Chief
I'm not going.
No response from the Chief.
John and Laura are in their car driving home and no words
are spoken.


The Scott's arrive at their home and John gets out and walks
into the house leaving Laura in the garage. John is greeted
by their nanny MARIA SANCHEZ who is in the kitchen preparing
Mr. Scott your home is Mrs. Scott
with you?
John doesn't respond he just keeps walking into the family
room. He see MEAGAN lying on the floor in front of the
television. Laura enters the kitchen.
Hello Maria.
Oh, Mrs. Scott there you are,
dinner will be ready shortly.
Laura keeps walking into the room where John is. She watches
John as he walks over to Meagan and kneel down by her side.
Hey, pumpkin Daddy's home.
Yeah, daddy your home, where's
I'm right here honey.
Meagan gives John a big hug and runs over to Laura to give
one also.
Mommy, Daddy, I want to show you
what I did at school today.
Not right now sweetie, why don't
you go into the kitchen and help
Maria set to table for dinner. Me
and daddy have to talk for a
O.k., but just for a minute.
Meagan leaves to the kitchen to help Maria.


John, are you going to give me the
silent treatment for the rest of
the night, or are you going to
talk to me?
John looks at Laura with a blank look on his face and is
still silent. He leaves the family-room and heads upstairs
to their bedroom, and Laura follows. She closes the bedroom
door. John is sitting on the edge of the bed.
John, I think this will be a great
opportunity for us, and I know
your probably upset that my father
talked to me first, but.....
      (Looking at Laura
But what Laura, first I just
wanted to be a beat cop, but that
wasn't good enough for you and
your dad, so all of a sudden daddy
pulls some strings and made me a
Sargent, but when Sargent wasn't
good enough daddy said that I
needed to become a detective. Now
that I'm the best detective that
he has, daddy and daddy's little
girl wants me to be the next
What the hell are you saying John,
that we're not letting you live
your life or be what you want to
What I'm saying is that I'm sick
and tired of you and your dad
planning my future.
Laura getting watery eyed.
John, that is a bunch of crap and
you know it. Don't blame us
because you wanted those positions
just as much as we wanted them for
you, and my father went to bat for
you to get you in those positions


                       LAURA (cont'd)
when there were other officers
with higher seniority than you,
and this is the thanks he gets.
John momentarily thinks about what has just transpired.
Laura, I know your father has big
aspirations about being the next
Mayor, but me being the next Chief
really doesn't interest me..., but
if it will make you happy I'll go
and do whatever it takes to help
your father out, and to help the
city of Clearwood in solving this
Laura approaches John and gives him a hug and kisses him
softly on the lips.
Thank you.
The next day John is driving out of Denver's city limits and
heads to Clearwood. A fifty minute drive through a tree
filled mountainous area where streams and lakes run along
the winding highway. Before John enters the town of
Clearwood he passes a taped off crime scene on the left side
of the road when suddenly his cell phone rings.
Hello, Hello, can you hear me?.
A very bad garbled voice is trying to get through on the
This is John, can you hear me,
hello, hello, Chief is that you?
The signal fades and John tries to call the Chief back.
There is no reception. John decides to wait until he gets
out of the mountains to try and call back.
John is entering the town of Clearwood and stops at the gas
station on the edge of town before he enters. Station


attendant WILBUR JOHNSTON walks up to Johns car while he is
parked at a gas pump to fill it up with gas. Wilbur is a
average size man with an average build, and he stutters when
he talks.
      (Speaking with a
May I help you?
Can you fill it up?
As John is getting out of the car to stretch Wilbur notices
a gun and a badge on his waist.
You fixin to go into town to the
police station to help them with
those murders?
Excuse me, what are you talking
      (Stuttering as he
I see you have a gun and a badge
on your hip, I figure your a big
city cop coming to help with those
serial killings.
John doesn't respond to Wilbur's question and covers his gun
and badge with his coat.
Do you have a pay phone around
here because I couldn't get any
reception coming through those
mountains and I'm still not
picking up a signal right now.
Nowahl, you're not going to pick
up any reception here or in those
mountain ranges. The only phones
that works out here are those call
boxes along the road and the phone
in my office.


Is it OK to use the phone in your
Sure, no problem.
John heads to the office to make a phone call and looks back
at Wilbur.
By the way make sure you get those
windows while your at it.
John goes to the office and calls the Chief. While coming
back to the car he notices the pump overfilling as Wilbur is
cleaning the windshield.
Hey, the pumps not shutting off
and it's spilling gas all over my
Wilbur stops washing the windshield and runs over to shut
the pump off.
Sorry sir, the automatic shut off
didn't work.
John upset by what just happened.
Shit, you spilled gas all over my
car. Don't you check your
equipment before you use it?
Wilbur is trying to wipe off the spilled gas.
It was an accident, I said I was
Aww, just forget about it. What do
I owe you?
That I'll be thirty four fifty.
The gas pump only shows twenty four fifty.


What, the price on the pump says
twenty four fifty.
Yeah, that is five dollars for the
towel that I used and five dollars
for the use of the phone.
John gives the man thirty five dollars but is unhappy and
gets into his car and speeds off.
Within minutes John pulls up to the Clearwood police
department where he is greeted outside the building by CHIEF
BEN HOGAN who had just arrived at the station himself.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
You must be Detective Scott? It
is a pleasure to meet you. I hear
you are the best in the business
in solving serial crimes, and we
really appreciate you coming out
and giving us a hand.
Your welcome Chief. I'm glad to be
assisting you and your staff and I
hope that with us working together
that we can possibly bring this to
a speedy conclusion
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Well, the boys around here aren't
taking this to kindly because they
feel they don't need any help from
a big city cop but as far as I'm
concerned the help is greatly
As long as I have your support
through this investigation I'm
pretty sure me and your staff will
get along professionally and
John and Ben start to walk into the building.


I've been briefed about the
details of the case by my Chief
and I'm pretty sure you have other
details for me so if your ready to
get started we can head in to your
office and I can meet the rest of
your staff.
A horn blows and a car turns into a parking structure and
John only sees the tail-end of the car as it goes down into
a underground police parking lot.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Speaking of meeting the staff
that's Bryce Turner right there,
he's one of our part-time deputies
and he will be assisting you on
the case.
Ben and John enter the station. Ben gets the attention of
the deputies and introduces Detective Scott.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
O.K. people listen up, this is
Detective John Scott from the
Denver Police Department, and he's
here to assist us in the serial
killings that's been plaguing our
community. Detective Scott is a
top homicide investigator and a
specialist with the serial
killings unit in the Denver Police
Department. He will be in charge
of running this investigation so
please direct your questions about
the case to him.
Some mumbling goes on in the background.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Detective Scott would you like to
address the men at this time?
Detective Scott begins to speak and he is interrupted when
Deputy BRYCE TURNER joins the meeting.
Well I'm glad you can join us.


Sorry for the interruption, I had
a little car trouble.
Car trouble, apparently there's
more than car trouble in this
department or they would not have
asked me to come out here to help
with the trouble you people are
having in solving this case.
      (Whispering to
       another deputy)
Boy, I can see this guy is going
to be a real asshole to work with.
John over hears the comment that was made.
That's right I will be a real
asshole until this case is solved,
and I'll probably be the biggest
asshole that you'll probably
ever work with.
John steps back to turn and walk away.
Nice meeting you all.
Chief Hogan steps in to try and defuse the situation.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
I'm sure we are all here to give
Detective Scott our full
cooperation and assist him in any
manner necessary throughout this
investigation. Does anyone have a
problem with that?
Silence from the crowd.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Deputy Bryce you will be assisting
Detective Scott during his
investigation and getting him
anything he needs to help
solve this case.
Sure Chief.


                       CHIEF HOGAN
If there are no questions, then
lets get to work.
The deputies disburse and go back to there desks, and Bryce
goes over to Scott.
Is there anything that I can get
for you?
Yes there is, the first thing you
do in solving a crime like this is
never do it on an empty stomach.
Bryce has a confused look on his face.
What do you mean sir?
I mean I'm hungry, you know, like
lunch, where can I get something
good to eat in this town?
I know just the place.
Bryce and Scott are sitting on a park bench next to a hot
dog vendor. The vendor hands them two hot dogs and two
Yep, you sure do know the right
Oh, I'm sorry sir, did you want
more of a sit down type resturant?
No, no, this is fine.
I'm just not big on sit down
resturants in this town.


Since we're going to working
together on this case tell me a
little about yourself?
Well, there is not that much to
tell, I moved to Clearwood a
little over a year ago from the
big city to get a change of pace,
saw that they were in need of
police officers, so I put in an
application and got hired as a
part time deputy. I've been doing
this for about a year now.
There's a slight pause in the conversation.
What about you detective, you
married, have any kids?
Yes, I've been married for twenty
years. My wife is in the law field
and we have a four-year-old
Twenty years and only one
We both wanted our career's to
flourish before having any kids.
I guess.
Now, about this case, give me your
insight on what's been happening.
My insight?
Yes, you have heard about what's
going on haven't you?
Not much insight to it, we have a
serial killer out there and we


                       BRYCE (cont'd)
can't seem to do anything about
it. We get a call from a stranded
motorist from a call box out on
the highway and by the time we get
out there or Wilbur gets there to
help, we're just finding dead
Wilbur, who's Wilbur?
The town's only tow truck driver
who works out at the service
station when you enter town.
Oh yeah, I met Wilbur out at the
gas station when I enter town,
he's a real class act, that idiot.
Wilbur's alright, he's a good ol'
boy. Usually we send him out but
lately we have been going out too
because of the problems we've been
Tell me about the victims?
What do you want to know?
Everything? You know, how were
they killed? Were they shot,
stabbed, strangled, or mutilated?
Any specific markings on the
bodies, or near the crime scene?
were there any notes or messages
left by the murderer? Are there
any connections between the
victims? Has anyone checked with
the local prisons to see if they
recently released any paroles in
this community? Are there any
similarities in the killing to
label it as the same person doing
the crimes?
We think it's the same person.


Think, we need to know if we are
dealing with the same person or
copy cats. And, what about the
lastest victim?
The latest victim?
Yeah, I drove past a crime scene
when I was driving in.
Well, she was killed a couple of
nights ago with the same m/o as
the other victims. We just didn't
have enough time gathering the
evidence to take down the tape
surrounding the crime scene.
Well, when we get back to the
office I'm gonna need all the case
files so that I can get started,
and I'm gonna need you to take me
out to that crime scene.
John and Bryce are back at the station for a short time to
retrieve any files of past cases and any recently released
paroles before going out to the crime scene. John walks up
to the file cabinet and open it. There are only forty files
in the cabinet.
Are these all the files for this
John starts thumbing through the files.
Those are all the files for all
the cases that we have had for the
year so far.
You guys don't have much crime out
here do you?


Not really, it's generally pretty
quite out here. All the old case
files are kept down in the
Were there any recently released
There was only two that have been
recently released, and they both
live here in Clearwood.
Well, let's get out to that crime
scene before darkness beats us to
the punch. You can brief me about
the paroles on the way there.
John and Bryce are at the crime scene to look for any
evidence or any possibilities that some other important
evidence could have been missed during the initial
Like I said before the first
person that arrived on the scene
was the tow truck driver who
discovered the body along side the
John and Bryce begin to look around. John bends down to look
at some shoe prints in the dirt and lead to the grass area.
Was there any evidence found from
the victims scattered around the
Naw, everything seemed kinda in
order like the victim knew who the
killer was.
John is still bending down looking at the shoe prints.
What about that tow truck driver?


What do you want to know about the
tow truck driver?
Just want to see if there is
anything else he could possibly
remember about when he discovered
the body. On our way back to town
lets stop and talk to him before
heading in for the night.
O.k. but I don't know what for
because he's been question and
released of any wrong doing.
John and Bryce get back into the car and head back into
Bryce and Scott pull up to the gas station and as there
pulling up Wilbur comes out to meet them.
Hey Wilbur how's it going? We just
came down from the crime scene and
the detective here wants to ask
you some follow-up questions about
the other night when you found the
woman dead out there near the call
Wilbur walks over to the car and bends down and looks over
at Detective Scott.
Well, I've already told you what I
know and I'm sure as hell not
going to repeat it again to him.
You can tell me what you know
here, or I'll haul your ass down
to the police station and you can
tell me there.
Bryce being the peacemaker.


Come on Wilbur just cooperate with
the detective and we'll be out of
your hair so you can get on with
your business.
What is it that you want to know?
On the night of the murder what
exactly did you see when you
arrived at the scene?
Like I said before when I arrived
at the scene there was this car
parked on the side of the road, I
got out to see if I could help the
person, and when I walked up to
the car I seen blood on the
window, so I knew the person
inside was in some kind of
trouble, so I radioed the police.
That's all you did?
What do you mean, are you trying
to say I did something?
No, I'm just saying that you did
something else.
What are you saying? What else do
you think he did?
I know you said you walked up to
the car window, and then you said
you radioed the station, but
what's the reason you walked
towards the forest?
Before I radioed the station I
thought I was going to throw up
after seeing the shape that body
was in. So, I walked over to the
nearest trees but I could not get


                       WILBUR (cont'd)
nothing to come out. What, are you
trying to do pend this on me. I
had nothing to do with it. I'm the
one that found the body.
No one is trying to pend anything
on you. I'm just asking the
questions that no one else asked.
Well, I answered your damn
questions, now you can just kindly
get the hell off my property,
cause I'm through talking to you.
Wilbur turns and walks back into the station office, Bryce
starts up the car to drive Detective Scott drive back into
Do you feel like getting a cup of
coffee or something from the
coffee house?
I'm through for the day just drop
me off at the hotel and I'll see
you in the morning. I need to go
over these files tonight so that
we can get a fresh start tomorrow.
Bryce pulls up to the hotel about 9 pm to drop off Detective
Can you pick me up early tomorrow
so that we can get an early jump?
Sure no problem. Shall we say
around 7 am?
That's fine.
Scott walks into the hotel as Bryce drives off. Later that
night another murder takes place around 2 am.


Bryce arrives at the Hotel to pick-up Detective Scott and
his arrival time is 30 minutes early and he in knocking on
Scott's door. Scott comes to the door partially dressed with
shaving cream on half his face.
Good mourning Detective Scott.
What's so good about this mourning
you arrived 30 minutes early and I
haven't finished shaving. Have a
seat while I finish so that we can
get down to the station.
Well, not to pour salt on the
wound, but another murder took
place last night out on the
WHAT! Why didn't anybody inform me
on the situation. Get me out to
the crime scene now.
Scott wipes the shaving cream off his face and grabs his
shirt and puts it on and then grabs his coat and hurries out
the door. Scott and Bryce head to the crime scene. When they
arrive the paramedics, the other deputies, and the tow truck
driver are at the scene. They get out of the car and walk
over to the deputies.
O.K. boys what do we got?


We have a fifty five year old male
caucasian that goes by the name of
ALBERT MORGAN. The body was
discovered at approximately 4 am
by Wilbur Johnston the tow truck
driver. The M.O. is same as the
previous murders so it's
definitely our guy. Just like
before Detective, the guy pretty
much leaves the scene clean with
nothing much for us to go on.
Pretty much to a T the victims are
strangled and then bludgeoned with
a blow to the back of the head
with a blount object.
      (Curiously looking
       at the body)
Every victim is strangled and then
blougened with an object huh.
Yes, the only other markings on
the body are the typical scraps
and bruises the victim received
during the attack.
How was the body discovered?
Well, when I received the call
last night from the call box. I
called Wilbur to go out and assist
the person.
John is surprised by what Bryce just said.
When you received the call? You
went back to the station after you
dropped me off last night?
I just went back to the station to
finish up on a report, but when I
got there I found out they were a
little short handed so I
volunteered to stay and help out
for a little while.


Oh really.
Deputy Jones is off to the side standing with Wilbur and
walks over to Scott.
Excuse me, Detective Scott do you
have any questions for Wilbur
Yes I do, hang on.
While Scott examines the body of the victim to see how the
person was killed. Bryce assist the other deputies looking
for evidence around the crime scene. Soon after Scott
finishes his examination of the body he starts looking with
the other deputies for evidence.
Is there anything here that stands
out to you gentlemen?
Everyone looking around the crime scene gave a residing no.
Open your eyes gentlemen, open
your eyes.
Detective Scott signaled to bring Wilbur over to him.
Mr. Johnston how are you doing?
Wilbur stutters even more heavily when he nervous.
Ah, Ah, Ah, I'm di doing o.k.
under th the certain ci,ci cir,
ki,ki cumstances.
I got your story from the deputies
that you were the first person to
arrive at the scene and discovered
another body and call the station
to get help out here.
Yeah, th that's right.


Did you happen to see or hear
anything unusual after you
discovered the body?
No I did not, I ji just pulled up
behind the car, and it was dark so
I blew ma horn and nobodey got out
of the car. So I got out of ma
truck and walked o over to the car
and seint this blood all over the
winda and th the man inside was
lent over the steering wheel. Si,
So I ran back to ma truck an, and
I called the police station.
Did you check to see if he was
still live?
Na, no sir, but I could tell by
the amount of ba, blood on da
winda that he was dead as a door
Well, your right about that, he
sure is dead. That's all I need
for now, so it's o.k. for you to
leave now. .
Wilbur is about to turn to walk away.
Oh, by the way Wilbur those are a
nice pair of Banger boots that you
are wearing. I use to have a pair
like that myself, a pretty
expensive pair of boots.
Yeah, I paid a pretty penny for
them too.
Scott looks at Wilbur's boot trail that leads over into some


You know, I see the same prints
that your boots have leading into
those bushes. Would you care to
explain why?
      (Getting Nervous)
After seeing that bloody ba, body
li, like that through the winda's
I wa, went over into doe's bushes
to hurl.
Scott looks at Bryce with his head slightly tilted.
Bryce would you go over into those
bushes to see if there is any of
Wilbur's vomit.
Bryce walks over to the woods were Wilbur said that he
vomited and slips and falls in Wilbur's vomit.
Bryce gets up after his fall and looks around for something
to wipe himself off with.
Detective Scott, I think he's
telling the truth. I think I just
located his last nights meal.
Detective Scott looking at Wilbur.
Thank you for your time and
information Wilbur, you can go
Wilbur is still kinda upset with Scott.
That's Mr. Johnston to you.
Detective Scott and Bryce are back at the station later that
day looking through files for possible suspects.


Bryce who does your filing around
here? These things are all out of
order and some of the names are in
the wrong folders.
Well, I do, but I haven't gotten
to those because I haven't had the
time to go through them because I
only work part time you know.
You might want to tell your chief
that he needs to extend your
hours. Forget the files, get on
the computer and pull up every
recently released convict paroled
in this area from money
laundering, bank robberies, B &
E's, to assault, and even murder
in this community. Then do a cross
check to see if any of them that
are out on parole had any
relations with the victims. If any
one or any persons comes up with
any type of possible links to
these murders I want there names
on my desk as soon as possible.
You got it.
Bryce sits in front of a computer and starts inputting names
and comes across a couple of names that he rushes to
Scott's desk.
I think I got something here,
there has been two suspects, a
Micheal Downs and a Rodney Pitts
who was released in the past eight
months. They both have Clearwood
addresses. Both men were released
from prison at about the same time
and shortly after that is when the
serial killing began. With there
records it's a possibility that
one of these guys is our man.
Scott begins to scan over the files of the two suspects.


I think you may have something
here, great work. But, which one
should we go after first?
We have the release address of
Rodney Pitts, but he tends to
bounce from address to address, so
I have a strong hunch that we
should go after this Micheal Downs
first because his release address
is his grandmothers place over on
Wood Road. We can easily catch him
there. I can also get a few
deputies together tonight and we
can go and surround the place and
go in at your command.
O.k., let's get the ball rollin.
Scott informs the chief of Bryce's discovery and their plan
to raid Micheal Downs grandmothers house tonight.
Chief, great news Bryce has found
some possible suspects that could
be the killer. We're planning a
raid tonight to see if we can
collar one of the perps.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Yeah that's fine, (Looking over at
Bryce), but Bryce I'm sorry I need
you here at the station to man the
What! man the phones, c'mon chief
I did all the leg work on this, I
can't be apart of this?
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Hey, I'm sorry, we're short handed
and I need somebody on the phones
tonight and that's it.
That's bullshit!
Bryce walks over to his desk and sits in his chair in


Well, at least he's getting more
hours like he wanted.
Denver Police Station. Chief Garrett and fellow officers are
standing out in front of the police station engaging in
conversation. A brand new SUV pulls up to the curb and honks
the horn and then the passenger side door opens and out
comes Meagan Scott running towards the Chief.
Grampa, Grampa.
Hey, Meagan how's my little bunny
rabbit doing?
Meagan jumps into Chief Garrett's arms and gives him a big
Me and mommy came to see you in
mommy's new car.
Laura gets out of the SUV and walks towards her father.
So, mommy bought a new car?
Ah, huh, she bought it for daddy,
it's his surprise. I can watch
movies in it too.
Oh boy.
Laura arrives in front of them.
Hello Dad.
Laura gives her father a kiss on the cheek.
Hey, just the person I've been
wanting to talk too.


Richard puts Meagan down.
Meagan honey why don't you go over
with the other officers for a
O.k. grampa.
Meagan skips over to where the other officers are standing
around talking.
I need to know if you've heard
from John.
No I haven't, but I left messages
on his cell phone, and he hasn't
returned any of my calls.
I've called him as well, and left
messages with Chief Hogan, and I
still haven't gotten a response
Well dad I'm sure things are going
o.k. up there.
Just want to make sure. Why don't
you get some use out of that thing
you just bought and take a drive
up there today, and see how John
and his investigation is doing.
Laura pauses for a second and looks at Meagan.
Well, Meagan says that she misses
her father very much. Maybe we can
take a drive up there tonight, and
besides he will get to see his
surprise that I bought him.
Later that night Scott and his team of deputies are in


position at Micheal Downs grandmothers house ready to
commence the raid. With Deputy ANDERSON, JONES, and SMITH
ready to break open the door.
      (Speaking into the
       walkie talkie)
Is everyone in position?
All the deputies respond with the ready signal.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
The door is busted open and all the deputies rush in the
house with guns drawn. The deputies are yelling.
This is the police! everyone get
down, get down, get down.
Micheal Downs grandmother is the only person in the house.
She is sitting in front of the television watching it.
                       DOWN'S GRANDMOTHER
If I get down I won't be able to
get back up.
Ma'am is there anyone else in the
house with you?
                       DOWN'S GRANDMOTHER
What's going on here? Why are you
guys knocking down my door?
Two of the deputies have there guns pointed at the
grandmother. While the other three go up the hall to search
the other rooms.
Ma'am is there anyone else in the
house with you?
                       DOWN'S GRANDMOTHER
There's no one here but me. Why?
The deputies are yelling all clear from the back rooms of
the house. Scott walks into the door and up to the


      (Calmly but
Mrs. Downs, I'm Detective John
Scott of the Denver Police
Department and were looking for
your grandson Micheal Downs, we
need to know where he is right
                       DOWN'S GRANDMOTHER
He's at the Olivewood cemetery.
Is that where he's working at?
                       DOWN'S GRANDMOTHER
Heavens no, he's buried there, my
grandson died in a motorcycle
accident seven months ago.
One of the deputies grabs an obituary of Micheal Downs off
the fireplace mantle and brings it to Scott's attention.
Ah, Detective Scott you might want
to look at this.
      (Whispering to
Some fucking hunch Bryce.
                       DOWN'S GRANDMOTHER
Ah, what did you say?
Nothing ma'am, sorry for the
damages to your house, we'll take
care of it.
Scott and the other deputies leave to go outside. Deputy
Smith is taking in the background to other deputies.
That damn Bryce, what an idiot, no
wonder he only a part time helper.
Scott gets a phone call from the police station about
another murder taking place out at a call box.
This is Scott. What!, Where?


Detective Scott what's wrong?
There's a woman being attacked
right now out at call box 35-133.
Scott jumps into his car to respond to the call he just
Minutes later he arrives at the call box where the woman was
being attacked. Bryce also arrived moments before Scott and
is already looking around the crime scene. There is a SUV
there but they can see no one is inside.
Bryce, what are you doing here?
I took the initial call from the
stranded motorist. A half hour
later I overheard one of the
deputies taking a garbled call
from the same motorist on her cell
phone saying she was being
attacked, so I jumped into a
cruiser to get out here to see if
I could help.
If someone was attacked here, then
there must be a body somewhere
around here.
It has to be Pitts then right,
because you already got Downs
didn't you?
What do you mean no, he wasn't at
his grandmothers house?
He was never at his grandmothers
house because he was killed in a
motorcycle accident 7 months ago.


Yeah, good detective work, deputy.
That must the woman's SUV over
Have you checked it out?
No, I just got here a few seconds
before you did.
I'll go check the car. You go and
look around and see if you can
find any signs of the woman.
John walks over to the car with his flashlight and pistol
out while Bryce goes towards the trees and bushes with his
flashlight out and pistol. As Scott gets closer to the car
he hears noises coming from inside the car. He gets up to
the car with the gun pointing at the back seat.
This is Detective John Scott of
the Denver Police Department. Who
ever is inside the vehicle put
your hands up where I can see
No response from the person inside the vehicle. John starts
to repeat himself again.
This is Detective John Scott....
Meagan pops her head up from underneath the blanket.
Daddy, Daddy is that you?
Meagan, what are you doing here?
How did you get in this car? Who
brought you out here?


Mommy, brought us out here. She
came to show you your surprise,
your new car.
John opens the back door and hugs Meagan.
Honey, where's mommy?
Mommy went to make a phone call
from that box over there after we
ran over something in the road. It
popped the tire so she had to pull
over. She gave me a blanket and
told me to stay here and she'll be
right back, and I went to sleep
Seconds later Bryce comes across the dead woman's body lying
in a grassy area next to some trees with a cell phone a few
inches from her hand.
I found her, over here, Detective
Scott over here.
Oh my god, Meagan, stay here and
lock the door.
Daddy I'm scared, don't leave me.
Meagan just stay in the car with
the doors lock and I'll be back to
get you.
Scott closes the door and runs over to where Bryce is
standing. Just as he gets close to where Bryce is standing
they hear crackling noises coming from the trees behind
Bryce. At that same time the tow truck pulls up with it's
head lights shinning towards the trees. Bryce and Scott sees
the shadow of a person lurking behind the trees. The person
starts to run and Bryce immediately begins to chase. Scott
gets to the woman lying on the ground and sees that it is
his wife Laura.


      (Yells out)
Police freeze.
A foot pursuit takes place and Bryce goes after the person.
While chasing the assailant they run through trails, over
bushes, jump broken trees that cross the path, and through
small streams before Bryce eventually tackles him and get
into a short scuffle with the assailant before handcuffing
him. John leaves his wife full of anger and goes after Bryce
and the assailant.
      (Calling Out)
Bryce, where are you?
      (Faint voice from
       in the woods.)
I'm over here, I got him.
Scott runs in the direction of where the voice came from to
find Bryce with the assailant handcuffed. Scott runs up and
immediately starts to punch and kick the assailant. Bryce
tries to stop Detective Scott but is no match for his anger
and power. Bryce is pushed down and Scott continues kicking
the assailant and from out of nowhere deputies Jones,
Anderson, and Smith runs in and tackles Scott. Bryce gets up
and joins in, in holding back Scott.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Are you trying to kill the guy.
That son-of-a-bitch killed my
Bryce and the other deputies are stunned with what Scott
just said. They all look at the assailant who's been beaten
and battered and Smith grabs him and stand him up.
Oh, my ribs, I didn't do nothing.
The deputies start to take him out of the woods. Bryce
kneels down to Scott and puts his hand on his shoulder.


I'm so sorry.
Inside the police station in the interrogation room. Rodney
Pitts is being slammed onto a table and handcuffed to it. He
sits in the chair with the victims blood still on his shirt.
Pitts is about to be interrogated by Chief Hogan and deputy
Jones. Hogan walks over and stands on the other side of the
table and Jones is near the two way mirror.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
You might as well come clean, we
know you just killed Detectives
Scott's wife.
Man are you crazy I haven't killed
anyone. I was just walking through
the woods and came across that
woman. She was already dead.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Haven't killed anyone. Before we
get to your other victims we'll
start with tonight's 1. You were
at the crime scene hiding in the
woods. 2. Her blood is all over
your hands and on your shirt. 3.
Remember this?
Hogan holds up a bloody rock in an evidence bag.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Your bloody finger prints are on
the murder weapon that you used to
bash her head in after you
strangled her.
I didn't bash anyone's head in.
Hogan gets up in Pitt's face.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
If you didn't do it Mr. Pitts,
then who in the hell did?
How in the hell am I suppose to
know. All I was doing was walking


                       RODNEY (cont'd)
down the road and I seen this
abandoned SUV, so I thought I
could go up to it to see what I
could get out of it. Then I notice
someone lying on the side of the
road near the bushes. I walked
over to see who it was and
realized that she was already
dead. Since she was dead I started
to go through her clothes to see
what I could find, and that's how
I got her blood on my hands and on
my shirt. That's when I seen
headlights coming so I hid behind
some bushes.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
What about the murder weapon we
have with your prints on it. How
do you explain that?
When I kneeled down to check her
out I must have put my hand on it.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
That's bullshit, we got you for
this murder and were also going to
nail you for the rest of the
Clearwood serial killings.
Clearwood serial killings. You
think I'm the Clearwood serial
                       CHIEF HOGAN
We know you are. The murders
started occurring right after your
release from the Colorado State
Prison 7 months ago.
Rodney sits back in his chair and starts to laugh.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
What the hell is so funny?


You'd better check your records
chief. I got released, but I got
put right back in the same day for
some other b.s. charge they put on
me, and I just got released from
prison yesterday mourning.
Chief Hogan stunned by what Pitts just said looks at Jones
with scorn on his face.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Deputy Jones could you please go
check on that.
      (With a smug look
       on his face)
Yeah, deputy Jones why don't you
go check on that.
Jones walks out of the interrogation room to check on Pitts
release date from prison. Hogan also comes out of the
interrogation room and is greeted by Bryce out in the hall.
Chief, did he confess? Is he our
                       CHIEF HOGAN
I don't know Bryce, is he?
What, is there a problem?
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Yes Bryce there is a problem, did
you check his release date from
Yeah I check his release date.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
      (Getting Louder)
Did you double check it?
Bryce has a blank look on his face.
Was there a problem with his
release date?


Jones shows back up to tell Hogan the bad news.
Yeah, a big fucking problem, he
was released yesterday mourning
from the Colorado State prison.
Hogan with a discussed look on his face looks at Bryce.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Un fucking believable.
Hogan starts to walk away.
What do you want to do about
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Hell, I don't know, get his ass
for attempted robbery of a dead
woman and send his ass back to
Hogan walks into his office and closes the door.
You heard the Chief.
Inside the chief's office Scott and his daughter is sitting
in the chair and Scott is comforting her. The chief calls
Scott away from his daughter.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
John, he's not our man.
What do you mean his not our man.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
We screw-up when we checked his
release date. He just got released
this mourning from prison. He's
been locked-up for the past seven
months, so there's no way he could
be the Clearwood serial killer.
Well, that doesn't mean that he
couldn't have done what he did to


                       CHIEF HOGAN
It looks like his story is
checking out. The only thing that
we can get him for is attempted
With a tear coming down John's face he looks over at his
daughter and back at the chief.
You mean to tell me that the
monster that's torn my family
apart is still out there?
                       CHIEF HOGAN
John, I'm sorry.
It's a cloudy, rainy, dreary day and the funeral
congregation is standing around the casket of John Scott's
wife with umbrella's up as the rain falls down on them. John
and Meagan are sitting under the canopy as the Reverends
sermon ends. The crowd starts to disburse and well wish the
family. As the crowd thins Chief Garrett approaches John and
      (With tears coming
       down his face)
John, I'm sorry, I am so sorry.
This wouldn't of never happened if
I hadn't sent her up there. I just
John puts his hand up and gestures to the nanny Maria.
Maria could you please take Meagan
to the limo.
Maria and Meagan leave to go to the limo. John turns to
Chief Garrett.
Thought what? Thought I wasn't up
there taking care of your
political business, putting on a
show, showing those people how the


                       JOHN (cont'd)
great Chief Garrett really cares
about them. Thought I wasn't
making sure that I was getting
these people's vote's to put you
in office.
John that's not what I wanted I...
That's exactly what you wanted,
you selfish son-of-a-bitch. Look
where it's gotten us. Your
daughter is dead and my daughter
will never see her mom again.
John just turns and walks away from Garrett and he just
stands there in the rain starring at his daughters casket
and begins to cry.
The next day after the funeral Detective Scott comes walking
back into the Clearwood Police Station and walks past Chief
Hogan who is standing with Smith by his desk.
      (Taking to Hogan)
Chief Hogan I can't believe he's
back already. Wasn't his wife's
funeral just yesterday?
                       CHIEF HOGAN
I can't believe it either.
Hogan walks over to Scott where he is pouring himself a cup
of coffee.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
John, is everything alright? Why
are you back so soon?
Every thing's fine, I have a job
to do. Besides we have a killer
still on the loose and we need all
the man power possible to catch
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Well I just wanted to make sure
that your....


Ben, I'm fine, really.
Scott walks over to the file cabinet and opens the file
drawer and finger through them again hoping that he has over
looked something. He looks up at the other officers in the
room and is about to ask a question. He takes the files and
his cup of coffee over to his desk. Jeb is sweeping around
the desks in the office.
Hey, Detective Scott glad to see
you back.
John just nods to Jeb to acknowledge him.
Sorry to hear about the mrs's.
Thanks. It's o.k.
John sits down and starts fingering through the files. After
several minutes of looking he looks up.
      (Talking to
       everyone in the
Has any other similar crimes like
these every happen in the past
around here?
The deputies in the room look up at each other and around
the room hoping someone would respond to Scott's question,
but none do. All there is, is a bunch of mumbling.
No, no, nothing that I can recall.
Hey wait a minute, Hey Jonesey
wasn't there a woman killed quite
a few years ago, long the highway
somewhere near call box 33-152.
Yeah that's right, the Susan
Richards case, that was about
fifteen years ago, I think she had
a couple of twin boys with her
that was drowned in the car, but
that was before our time.


Susan Richards, that was about
twenty years ago. I remember that
because it was all over the Denver
Yeah, I think that's what
The voice of Jeb comes from the back of the room as he stops
Them boys never died.
Scott gives Jeb a surprising look.
What do you mean those boys never
died? It was in the Denver paper
that those boys drowned strapped
in there car seats in the back
seat of the car.
That was a misprint in the Denver
paper that was never corrected.
Them boys are still alive as far I
reckon. As a matter of fact.....
Chief Hogan is standing in his office doorway listening to
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Jeb, don't you have some toilets
in the bathroom stalls that need
tending too? Now!
Jeb is surprised that the chief was stand there listening.
I reckon so.
Jeb leaves the room passing Chief Hogan, and Scott stares at
Chief Hogan as he stares back before going back into his
office and closes the door. Scott is silent for a moment and
then turns to Deputy Jones.
Where can I find the file on Susan


All cases ten years or older are
kept down in the basement file
Scott is at Chief Hogan's office door knocking to enter.
Chief Hogan is sitting at his desk talking to Bryce who is
sitting in the chair in front of the desk.
Bingo, found it.
Scott is going through the files and comes across a few
discrepancies in the case. The main discrepancy is the time
Susan Richards called from call box 33-155 and the arrival
time of the tow truck driver. Scott is puzzled why a twenty
minute drive from Clearwood took two hours and forty five
minutes. Scott also sees in the report that the on duty
deputy who took the initial call that night was Chief Ben
Hogan. He did not call a tow truck for two hours and twenty
minutes later to assist her. There is no mention of of the
two boys being rescued in the file. There also was no
mention of a suspect or even an investigation being
launched. After reading all the information he needed Scott
puts the file back and goes upstairs to confront Chief
Scott is at Chief Hogan's office door knocking to enter.
Chief Hogan is sitting at his desk talking to Bryce who is
sitting in the chair in front of the desk.
Knock, knock, knock.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Enter. What can I do for you
Chief Hogan I need to talk to you
about the Susan Richards case
twenty years ago.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Just a second Detective. Bryce can
you look into my cabinet and pull
out the Harvey file and when you
clock out in a few minutes can you


                       CHIEF HOGAN (cont'd)
take it with you on your way home
and drop it off at the D.A. office
because they're going to need it
in court tomorrow.
Bryce goes over to the file cabinet and starts to search for
the requested file.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
What about the Susan Richards
I just came from down in the
basement reading the Susan
Richards file and I'm a little
confused on the content of the
investigation, or the lack there
of an investigation.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Confused, I'm confused that your
reading a twenty year old case
that has nothing to do with what's
going on right now.
This twenty year old case might
have everything to do with what's
going on now.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
What are you talking about?
Susan Richards was the only person
killed on that road in the last
twenty years and it just so
happens that she was killed by
strangulation and a blow to the
back of the head just like the
serial killings that are taking
place today.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
      (A little uneasy)
That's just pure coincidental.
It also doesn't state that the two
boys were killed. I got a janitor
telling me that they were rescued


                       JOHN (cont'd)
by some tow truck driver and yet
there are still no suspects and no
investigation was launched and the
case was closed.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
      (Beginning to get
Scott maybe that report has a few
errors in it but I'm a getting
little irritated by the way you're
questioning our integrity of a
proper case investigation.
I'm not questioning your integrity
of case investigating, but what I
am questioning is the fact that in
the report you were the on duty
deputy twenty years ago when Susan
Richards called from the call box
for help, and that it took you two
hours and twenty five minutes to
call a tow truck driver to go out
and help her.
With that comment Bryce momentarily stops his search and
looks up at the file cabinet, and then begins to look for
the file again. Hogan pauses in his thinking trying to come
up with an excuse and decides to come clean with Detective
                       CHIEF HOGAN
I was over at her place late the
night before she was killed and we
were having a good time in her
bedroom and her kids were asleep
in their bedroom so I thought.
Then I went out of the room to get
something to drink and the next
thing I knew those damn kids were
standing in their bedroom door way
starring at me. They always just
stared at me not saying a word.
Ever since she had those boys out
of wedlock and no dad around to
help raise them she took allot of
shit from the people in this town.
Her being only seventeen and
having those kids the way she
did. Even her own family turned
their backs on her, and everywhere
she went in this town she was


                       CHIEF HOGAN (cont'd)
called either a tramp or a whore,
and most of the time the people
did it right in front of her two
boys, and I did nothing but treat
them with respect. But every time
I went over there those two boys
just starred at me. After
everything that I tried to do for
their mom, little ungrateful
bastards just starred at me and
wouldn't say a word. The next
thing I know I'm arguing and
yelling at them and then she comes
and starts screaming at me about
how I'm treating her kids bad. One
thing lead to another and I was
getting thrown out of her place.
The next afternoon late evening
I'm at work, I get this call from
her stranded on the highway at a
call box wanting for me to send a
tow truck out right away, but I
was pissed at her from the night
before so I told her I would send
one out to her when I was good and
damn ready. I didn't mean for
anything to happen to her.
Bryce interrupts the conversation.
Hey Chief, I gotta go clock out.
I'll drop these files off at the
D.A.'s office on my way home.
Hogan's office door is closing from Bryce as he just left
the office. Scott turns and looks at the door and turns his
attention back to Hogan.
Do you know what this could
possibly mean. There could be a
possible connection with the woman
and her two boys with what's going
on right now with the Clearwood
serial killings.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Are you out your damn mind, that's
impossible. How in the hell does a
case twenty years ago have
something to do with what's going
on now?


Her two boys that's how.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
What about those two boys?
Those two boys never drowned in
that lake and this department
tried to cover it up because your
ass left her out there which got
her killed and those boys nearly
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Still, what does that have to do
with those two boys?
Those two boys are grown men now
and are probably back in Clearwood
seeking revenge on the town that
made their mother ashamed to walk
down the street.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
What are saying, those boys are
back in town killing people over
how their mom was treated twenty
years ago?
That's exactly what I'm saying.
Look at the way Susan Richards was
killed, she was strangled then hit
in the back of her head with a
blunt object. They are killing the
victims the same way their mother
was killed at a call box.
Hogan is silent and stunned by what Scott just told him.
I need to know what happened to
those boys?
                       CHIEF HOGAN
      (In a low voice)
I don't know.
You do know, what happened to
those boys?


                       CHIEF HOGAN
All I remember is the chief at
that time, who was my
father-in-law saying don't worry,
we'll fix it. We'll send the boys
to an orphanage in Denver and will
make this problem go away.
What orphanage were they sent to?
                       CHIEF HOGAN
I don't know what orphanage. There
are several in the big city.
What kind of orphanage was it? Was
it a all boys orphanage, a
religious orphanage, or what? You
gotta give me something more than
                       CHIEF HOGAN
I don't have nothing more to give
you. I've told you everything that
I know about those boys. Probably
the only person that can tell you
more about the boys is the old tow
truck driver who pulled them out
of the lake during that time and
that's Old Man Smitty.
Old man Smitty?
                       CHIEF HOGAN
I heard he use to stay in contact
with the boys at the orphanage
that they were sent too. For how
long I don't know.
How do I find this Smitty?
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Out on Hunter's road on the far
side of town back behind the old
field house fire station.
Scott leaves the office to head out to Old Man Smitty's
house. Hogan decides to head down to the basement file room
to destroy the Susan Richards file so no one else could
possibly link him to her murder.


Hogan is going through the files talking to himself.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Where in the hell did he put her
Suddenly he hears this sweeping noise coming towards him. He
looks up toward the noise.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Who's there?
The sweeping noise stops and appearing out the shadows is
Jeb the janitor with a broom in his hand.
It's me boss didn't mean to scare
you. I'm just down here cleaning
out the basement.
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Jeb, you didn't scare me and the
basement is fine. Didn't I tell
you that the bathrooms needed
tending too.
Oh, yes you did sir, I'm sorry I
will get right up there on it this
Jeb sets the broom up against the wall near the door before
he heads upstairs to clean the restrooms. Hogan continues to
look through the files searching for the Susan Richards file
and moments later he comes across it. Hogan removes the file
and walks over to a small table with a shredder beside it
and begins to destroy the file. Suddenly he starts to hear
the sweeping noise again. Ben turns toward the sweeping
                       CHIEF HOGAN
Jeb didn't I tell you....
Suddenly Ben is struck over the head with the broom handle.
He falls back and hits his head on the corner of the table
and he is repeatedly hit until the broom handle breaks with
one piece breaking into a spear. While on the ground Ben
looks up at his attacker.


                       CHIEF HOGAN
      (Holding up one
       arm in a blocking
The attacker then drives the broom handle through Ben's
chest and watches him until he is dead.
It's 1 pm in the afternoon and Detective Scott is driving up
Old Man Smitty's drive way. Scott pulls up in front of the
house, turns off the engine to the car and gets out and
walks up to the front door. A dog starts to bark at him from
the side of the house as he knocks on the door. He knocks
several times before Smitty answers. Smitty is answering
from a back bedroom in the house.
The front doors open.
Barely hearing Smitty's response. Scott opens the door and
walks in.
Hello, Mr.Smith are you in here?
The house is run down and trashed as if no one keeps it
clean. There is dirty dishes piled up in the sink and
spilled dog food through out the kitchen floor. The windows
are so dirty that you can barely see through them and there
covered with cob webs that haven't been dusted away in
months. Scott walks through the living-room area towards the
Hello, I'm Detective John Scott of
the Denver Police Department.
I'm back here in the bedroom.
Scott walks into the bedroom to find a silvery old man lying
in the bed with oxygen tubes running to his nose helping him
to breath. He appears to not have had showered or shaved in
Are you Mr. Smith.


Smitty is a little ornery because Scott came unannounced.
Yes I am, what can I do for you
May I call you Smitty?
How do you know my name, and what
do you want with me?
Scott reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out his badge
to show Smitty.
Like I said I'm with the Denver
Police Department and I'm working
with the Clearwood Police
Department investigating a series
of murders that's happened out on
the highway and I'm hoping you
could answer a few questions that
could help us in the
How in the hell could I give you
some answers about them murders
out there when I'm couped up in
this damn bed all day attached to
this damn machine.
Well actually, I want to ask you
some questions about a murder that
took place twenty years ago out on
the highway involving a woman and
her two sons. The woman's name was
Susan Richards.
Yes Susan, you pulled her two boys
out of a car that was sinking in
the lake back then, do you
remember that Smitty?


Yes I do, Tyler and Tanner. It's a
shame what that police department
did to that woman and those two
boys. She was coldly murdered out
on that road, and they had no
investigation and never even
looked for the killer and then
just shipped those poor boys off
to that orphanage. Those boys had
nothing, no father, no other
family members that wanted them,
and then they didn't even have a
mother no more.
Smitty, I need to know what
happened to those boys. I know
they were sent to an orphanage in
the city. Did you stay in contact
with them?
Yeah, for a few years when they
were at Our Lady of Hope
Children's Center in Denver until
my health started to fail. They
were some good kids but they were
emotionally scarred that night
when their mother was killed.
I need to use your phone to call
the orphanage to see if anyone is
still there who knows of the
whereabout of those boys.
I ain't got no phone.
Well, I guest I'll just have to
drive out there then.
Smitty starts to cough and reaches for a glass of water on
his nightstand and knocks it over on to the floor, and Scott
bends down to pick up the glass. All of a sudden Smitty's
attitude has completely changed.
Get out, Get the hell out of my


Scott surprised by Smitty's sudden demeanor change.
Hey, Hey, Hey just calm down we
don't want anything to happen to
I told you all that I know about
Susan and her boys and what
happened back then.
Scott turns to walk out with a puzzled look on his face but
still feels he's got enough information from Old Man Smitty
regarding the boys. Scott hops back into his car and starts
to drive out to the orphanage. After about a quarter of a
mile from Smitty's house a car pulls up a short distance
behind Scott and begins to follow him. The car follows him
all the way into the city.
Detective Scott is pulling into the parking lot of the
orphanage, and the car that followed him parked across the
street. Scott never new he was followed. He gets out the car
and walks up to the building. Scott enters the orphanage and
talks to the receptionist at the front desk.
Hello, My name is Detective John
Scott of the Denver Police. I'm
investigating a case that might
have involved two boys that was
from this orphanage twenty years
ago. I was wondering if there was
anyone that I could speak with
that could possibly have any
information about them during that
Oh, well our director Sister Clara
has been here for thirty years.
I'm pretty sure she can help you
regarding that, and I think she's
in her office. Just a minute
The receptionist picks up the phone to call Sister Clara's


Sister Clara, I have a Detective
Scott here from the Denver Police
Department. He has some questions
to ask you about some past
children that we had here. (pause)
O.K. I'll send him right up.
The receptionist hangs up the phone.
O.k. Detective Scott, Sister Clara
says that she will see you, just
go up the stairs and it's the
first door on your right.
Thank you.
Scott goes up the stairs to Sister Clara's office and knocks
on the door.
                       SISTER CLARA
Please come in.
Scott enter the office to meet a short, petite, silver
haired elderly woman with a strong and stern stature wearing
a nuns uniform.
Hello, I'm Detective John Scott,
thank you for letting me have a
few minutes of your time.
Sister Clara stands up to shake Scott's hand.
                       SISTER CLARA
It's a pleasure, and It's not a
problem Detective, please have a
Sister Clara and Scott sit down on opposite sides of Sister
Clara's desk and she reaches for a pot of coffee and offers
some to Scott.
                       SISTER CLARA
Would you like a cup of coffee, or
some tea Detective?
No thank you Sister.


                       SISTER CLARA
Well then, which past children are
you here to talk to me about?
Two brothers that went by the
names Tyler and Tanner Richards.
They were bought here twenty years
ago immediately after their mother
was killed. They both nearly
drowned from a sinking car that
plunged into a lake.
                       SISTER CLARA
Tyler and Tanner Richards, were
they twins?
Yes they were.
                       SISTER CLARA
I vividly remember them back then.
I was a nurse at that time in our
hospital facility when they were
brought in, and I recall Tanner
was in pretty bad shape.
apparently he was underwater so
long the doctors feared that he
would not recover. He pulled
through, but he wound up having
slight brain damage.
And what about the other brother?
Sister Clara took a moment to take a sip of her coffee.
                       SISTER CLARA
Tyler, Tyler turned out to be just
fine. Although for the first year
that he was here he kept waking up
sweating and screaming after
having nightmares about seeing
this tattoo of a bird or an eagle
on the lower left forearm of his
attacker before he and his brother
were pushed into the lake.
He actually seen a tattoo on this
persons arm?


                       SISTER CLARA
Yes, it haunted him for awhile but
he finally grew out of it. But the
other brother Tanner, his problems
lasted longer. He was emotionally
disturbed and physically
aggressive towards the other kids
and staff members.
Do you what happened to those boys
after they left your facility?
                       SISTER CLARA
Well Detective Scott, our facility
can only keep children until the
age of twelve and once they turn
thirteen there sent to a different
orphanage on the other side of
town. But recently about six
months ago that orphanage was
mysteriously burned down and all
the files were destroyed in the
      (In a low voice)
Mysteriously burned down, hmmm.
                       SISTER CLARA
Excuse me?
Oh, nothing just thinking out
loud. Did you have any contact
with them after they left your
                       SISTER CLARA
Yes, they came by on a few
occasions to visit and once right
after they graduated from the
other orphanage. Tyler had
aspiration of getting into law
enforcement and Tanner I don't
know what he wanted to do, I think
he was still having problems from
that unfortunate night.
Well Sister Clara, I want to thank
you for your time. I don't think I
need to ask you anymore questions.


                       SISTER CLARA
Oh, I didn't even ask you are
those boys in some kind of
Oh, no, I want to thank you for
your time, I have a long way back,
and do you have a restroom that I
could use before I go?
                       SISTER CLARA
Yes, it's down the hall, last door
on the left hand side.
Thank you.
Scott gets up and walks down the hall to use the restroom.
When he comes out Sister Clara is at her door waving at him
frantically to hurry back to her office.
                       SISTER CLARA
Detective Scott, Detective Scott,
please hurry.
Scott quickly hurries to Sister Clara's office door.
What's wrong Sister?
                       SISTER CLARA
You won't believe this I was
looking out my office window, and
out in the parking lot I think I
see Tyler or one of the boys that
you're asking about is standing
out there.
Scott quickly runs over to the window to look out but does
not see anyone.
Sister where?
Sister Clara spots the man getting into a car across the
                       SISTER CLARA
There, there he goes right there
getting into that car.


Scott does not see the man getting into the car, but he sees
the back end of the car leaving the area.
I've seen that car before, but
Scott quickly leaves the orphanage to head back to the
police station in Clearwood.
John arrives at the police station in Clearwood. He goes and
pulls the files of all the past victims of the serial
killings. Working on a hunch he specifically pays attention
to the time the calls came in from the victims to the time a
tow truck was dispatched. Coincidentally he reads that Bryce
was always the deputy on duty receiving the calls each time
there was an attack from someone that made a call from the
call box to the station. He also noticed that each time
Bryce dispatched a tow truck, the tow truck driver's call
back time after discovering the victim was at a consistent
45 minute time frame. Raising Scott's suspicion of this find
he decides to give Bryce a call to discuss some details of
the case.
Bryce, this is Detective Scott I
need to meet with you a.s.a.p. to
go over some new details that I've
found in the case.
Meet now? I'm out and about right
now, how about meeting me at my
house in about an hour. I live at
335 Old Lake Road.
I'll see you then.
Scott hangs up the phone and leans back in his chair and
then leans forward and start to go over the files again.
Then one of the deputies walks in the area and ask a
question to everyone in the room.
Has anyone seen Chief Hogan?
I think he gone for the day.


No, his car is still out in the
parking lot.
Last time I seen him he was headed
to the basement file room.
He's not down there that door's
still pad locked.
Scott with a suspicious look on his face decides to go find
Jeb the janitor. He finds him in the restroom.
Jeb I need you to unlock the
basement file room door.
Sure no problem.
Jeb goes to unlock the door for Scott and walks away. Scott
opens the door and turns on the light and walks down the
steps to the basement floor. Scott slowly walks towards the
file cabinets and notices that there are papers scattered on
the floor with specs of blood on them. He looked over to his
left and sees the badly beaten body of Chief Hogan lying on
the floor with a broken broom handle stuck in his chest.
Scott stares at Hogan for a moment and shakes his head in
disbelief and then goes back up the stairs and locks the
basement door. He heads to Bryce's house.
Scott is driving up Bryce's driveway. The house is fairly
modern that sits at the edge of the lake with the garage
portion built over the lake supported by stilts. The car
stops, Scott pulls out his gun and checks to see if it is
loaded and puts it back into his holster. Scott gets out to
walk up to the house. He steps up to the door and rings the
door bell. Bryce answers the door.
Hello Detective Scott. I see you
found the place alright.
Wasn't to hard to find.


Come in, Come in.
Both men walk into Bryce's living-room.
Have a seat.
Scott walks over to a chair and sits down at the table.
I'll get us a couple of beers.
A beer would be fine, thanks.
Bryce goes the kitchen, opens the refrigerator and takes out
a beer and brings it to Scott and hands it him. Bryce goes
back to where he was sitting to sit down.
Now, you said you have some new
details of the case that you
wanted to go over with me?
John sits up in his chair.
Yes I do. But what have you been
up to today? Since you got off
Oh, just running around town
taking care of some much needed
arrons. Why do you ask?
Just asking. Nice little place you
got here. Great view of the lake.
Clean air, plenty of sunshine, and
you get all this on a part time
It didn't cost as much as you
Detective Scott sits back in the chair and takes a long
drink from his beer. Then he pulls out from his coat pocket
some paper work from the files from the victims that have
been murdered.


There were some entries in the
files of the murdered victims that
seems a little strange to me.
Oh yeah like what?
Things like you were the on duty
deputy every time a tow truck
driver was dispatched to the call
      (Scratching his
Well, it just seems a little
strange that you were always the
person taking the calls each time
one of the victims called in.
Well I guest that's kind of
strange, I never even realized
that. I sure it's just
John is nodding his head.
Coincidental, Yeah, of course it
John pushes the paper that he pulled out of his coat pocket
over to Bryce.
Speaking of coincidences. Each
time you dispatched a tow truck to
assist the victims there was
always a forty five minute time
frame, from the time you
dispatched the trucker to the time
he called back saying that there
was a problem.
Bryce beginning to get a little nervous looks at the paper
work that Scott pushed in front of him and pushes back to


      (Getting defensive)
Those were the correct times that
I wrote down.
Yeah, I know just a coincedence.
What are you getting at Detective?
Do you think that I am involved in
this? Do you think that I had
something to do with these
With his hands underneath the table, Bryce pulls out his
cell phone and pushes his automatic dial home button.
No, it's just that I have a
feeling that you know more about
these murders than what you are
letting on.
I don't know any more about these
murders than you....
Bryce's phone rings and it is in his bedroom. He excuses
himself to go answer it.
Excuse me Detective I have to
answer that, I'm expecting an
important phone call.
O.k., but where is your bathroom I
need to use it.
Ring, ring, the phone keeps ringing.
It's just down the hall on the
As Bryce goes into the bedroom John walks down the hall
towards the bathroom but notices a door on the left. He
looks back to see if Bryce is there and opens the door to
look in. The door leads into the garage and when John sticks
his head in he sees Bryce's car which lures him all the way
in. He slowly walks around to the back of the car and


realizes that this is the car that he seen earlier in the
day at the orphanage. John has a flashback of seeing Bryce
in the car when he was on the front steps of the police
station talking with Chief Hogan. John hears a noise and
realizes that there is someone else in the garage, he turns
to see Wilbur the tow truck driver standing next to the
door. Then Bryce walks into the garage holding a gun in his
Did you find the bathroom alright?
It becomes certain to Detective Scott that the two men
standing in front of him are possibly the serial killers.
I think I found more than that. I
think I found the two brothers
that was suppose to of had drowned
in the lake twenty years ago.
Very good Detective Scott now I
see why you're the best in the
Bryce raises up the gun and points it at Detective Scott.
John puts both his hands up near his chest.
Remove the gun from your holster
and toss it here.
John moving slowly towards Bryce.
C'mon Bryce you don't want to do
this. Put the gun down, so we can
talk about this.
Bryce pulls back on the trigger on his gun.
I said remove your gun and toss it
to me. Now!
Wilbur is standing next to Bryce as Scott slowly moves from
behind the car.
Shoot his ass now!


O.k, o.k., o.k. I just need to
talk to you first.
Scott slowly reaches into his holster and pulls out his gun
and slowly and tosses it to Bryce.
Bryce starts to break down and tell Scott why they killed
the people that they did.
Talk, talk about what. About how
the people in this town treated
our mom like shit. Everywhere she
went with us in this town there
were people talking down to her
like she was lower than dirt. We
had to listen to this crap over
and over again. Poor white trash
with those two bastard kids.
Teenage slut sleeping with every
Tom, Dick, and Harry in this town.
They could care less that we were
standing right there with her.
Bryce, I'm sorry but...
But nothing, after my brother and
I were pulled out of that water
and sent to that orphanage, we
vowed to come back and take
revenge on this town. It's twenty
years later and I get a job as a
deputy and my brother gets a job
as a tow truck driver and nobody
suspects a thing from us. I
received calls from people out at
the call boxes, I call my brother
and he goes out and does what has
to be done, and then I changed the
times around to show that the
murders were committed before
Wilbur arrived there. Oh, and by
the way after overhearing that
conversation you had with Chief
Hogan in his office, I had to kill
him personally.
Bryce, stop wasting time and just
kill his ass.


Just as Bryce is about to pull the trigger.
Wait, wait, I knew your mother
back then.
What, you knew our mother, what
the hell are you talking about?
Scott dropping his hands to his side.
Susan was a beautiful woman. We
were so young when we met,
teenagers. She was sixteen, I just
turned eighteen. My parents and I
just moved into town, we met and
hit it off, our relationship
starts to grow and the next thing
we know we were two kids...Having
two kids.
What the hell are you talking
John holds his hands up and out away from his chest.
I'm talking about you two, my
Bryce and Wilbur look at each other in astonishment. Then
Bryce looks back at Scott.
It's not bullshit...Peanut.
What did you call me?
John looks at Wilbur.
And you jelly.


      (Talking to Bryce)
How does he know that, how does he
know that?
      (Yelling back at
I don't know!
I know, because I was the one that
gave you guys those nicknames.
There is no way your our father.
Are you?
I am your father.
Bryce slightly lowers the gun.
What the hell are you doing?
I can't, I..He's our father.
Wilbur reaches for the gun.
You weak son-of-a-bitch. He hasn't
been our father for twenty-six
The two get distracted over the gun which gives Scott the
opportunity to make a move to get the gun from them. A fight
breaks out between the three and the gun is knocked across
the garage floor near the car. Scott kicks Wilbur in the
head and hits Bryce with a right hook and knocks him back.
This gives Scott enough time to scamper and pick up the gun.
As he is turning Wilbur jumps up and grabs a shovel hanging
on the wall and comes towards Scott to hit him with it. John
then shoots Wilbur in the chest two times and he falls back
into his brothers arms which causes them to fall to the
floor. Wilbur is severely bleeding from his chest and
gasping for air as Bryce is putting pressure on the wound.
They both stare at each other as Wilbur slowly fades to his


Oh God no, Tyler, Tyler.
Bryce slowly turns his head up to look at Scott.
Look what you did. Are you happy
Tears coming down Bryce's face.
Are you happy now that you solved
the case of the serial killer and
killed one of your only two sons?
Scott is mesmerized by what has just taken place and then
starts to laugh.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, Yeah I am happy
that I came here and solved the
crimes of the serial killer.
Scott rolls up the sleeve on his left forearm to expose the
tattoo of the bird clutching and skull and crossbones that
has been haunting Bryce for twenty years.
I also came here to finish the job
that I started twenty years ago.
Bryce shocked by what Scott just revealed slowly lowers
Tyler to the floor and stands up.
You were the one that killed our
mother and tried to kill us on
that road that night? Why?
Why, I'll tell you why. There I
was a twenty three-year-old man
the day before my graduation from
the police academy. I'm engaged to
the captains daughter and I
receive this phone call from this
tramp asking for child support for
you two kids that I didn't even
want, and hadn't seen in four
years. She was coming there to


                       JOHN (cont'd)
try and expose me as a dead beat
dad unless I paid her off that
day, trying to destroying my
career before it began. I told her
fine, come out here and I'll have
the money for you. I waited and
waited, but she never showed up so
I decided to drive out to see her
and that's when I seen her
standing at the call box out on
that lonely road. I got out to
talk to her and the next thing I
knew we were arguing and fighting
and I lost it. All I could
remember was grabbing her around
her neck and choking her and then
hitting her with that rock. I
looked up and heard you two
screaming from inside the
car...and then it came to me. I
just killed her and if I can just
kill you two I can make all my
problems go away. I couldn't kill
you guys with my bare hands like I
did your mom that's why I strapped
you down and pushed the car into
the lake so that you would drown.
Who would of ever thought that you
would have been rescued and we
would be standing here twenty
years later face to face.
I don't believe this. I don't
fucking believe this. All because
of child support. You didn't want
to pay any child support for your
own flesh and blood.
Not just child support, my career.
You selfish son-of-a-bitch.
Yeah, that might be true, but
you'll be one dead son-of-a-bitch.
Just at that moment Smitty comes barrelling down the
driveway and crashes his truck through the garage door. The
impact sends Scott flying in the garage and the gun gets


jarred lose from his hand and also pushes Bryce's car
halfway through the garage's back wall almost ready to fall
into the lake below. Scott and Bryce begin to fight again
for the gun. Scott gets his hands on the gun again and as he
turns toward Bryce. Bryce grabs hold of the gun and they
struggle with each other until the gun goes off. Scott is
shot and falls back into the front seat of Bryce's car
bleeding heavily from his stomach. Old man Smitty dazed and
confused from the impact gets out of the truck and walks up
to Bryce who's standing over Scott. Bryce turns and looks at
How did you know?
I seen the tattoo on his arm when
he was questioning me at my house.
Bryce and Smitty stand there looking at Scott who's legs are
hanging out of the car.
Son help me? Please don't let me
die like this. Please....son.
Bryce reaches down and grabs Scott's legs and places them
completely inside the car and grabs the seat belt and
reaches across Scott's body and firmly buckles him in.
      (Whispering in
       Scott's ear)
No, I'm not going to let you die
like this, father.
Bryce stands up and goes to the back of the car and pushes
on it until it falls through the back wall and down into
the lake below. Bryce and Smitty stand there and watch the
car completely submerge into the lake as Scott drowns.
Ironically Detective Scott dies the same way his sons were
suppose to have had died twenty years earlier.


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