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Private Property
by Joe Dixon (bartenderdixon2011@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***1/2
A 115 years they murdered his family, now he's back to murder them. Some urban legends are more then myth.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Tiffany, Sara, Tory, Greg, and several others are sitting
around a fire all with drinks in their hands celebrating
Greg's birthday.
Hey, Tiffany. Did you get me that
gift I asked for?
      (A little
Seriously? We've been dating for
like what two months? Do you
really think that I would give you
me for your birthday?
A brother can only hope, right?
Tory stands up and raises a beer.
To Greg, the best Quarterback PSHS
has ever seen!
Everyone clinks bottles, and drinks. He sits down and puts
his arm around Sara.
Love ya babe.
Sara kisses him.
Love you too.
Greg, I did get you something
Greg turns to her.


Oh, yeah? What would that be?
Tiffany, reaches into her pack, and she pulls out a wrapped
box. She nervously hands it to Greg.
Here I hope you like it.
Greg takes it and unwraps it. He pulls an item out of the
box. He pauses for a moment, he's taken a back by the item.
Wow, it's my grandfathers flask.
Yeah, I took it to a place that
Sara found that cleans up stuff
like that. I also got his initials
Thank you, words cannot express
what this means to me.
How's about a kiss to show it?
They kiss
Now Greg,
      (He stands up)
I know that your thinking that
there is no way anything can top
that, and I wish I knew that was
going to be the first gift.
He looks at Sara
Hey, don't look at me. Your the
one who can't keep a secret.
Silence! I got you a gift I had to
travel great lengths to obtain.
Getting excited over here, bro!


      (Vince McMahon
Without further ado, straight from
your favorite movie, and straight
from Bear Lake, Ladies and
Gentlemen, Jaime Lake!
Lenny walks out of the woods dressed like a fictional horror
movie character. He waves a fake machete in Sara's face.
Tory get him out of my face.
      (Patting Lenny on
       the back)
Alright, that's enough.
      (Let down)
Dude, that whole idea, was
drenched in weak sauce.
Vince appears through the smoke of the fire.
Now that is impressive
I didn't know you got this guy.
He's not mine.
Oh come on Tory, give up the gag.
Greg gets up and walks over to Vince.
Wait, Greg something doesn't feel
right here.
Greg signals it's OK.


It's okay, Tiff.
      (He pokes Vince)
Come on Tory, who is this guy?
Honestly, Greg I didn't invite
him. I don't know who the hell
this guy is.
Greg gets in Vince's face
Well then if he didn't invite you,
and I didn't invite you. All those
sum-bitches didn't invite you and
this party was by invite only,
then I'm sorry but I'll have to
ask you to leave, right now.
Vince shakes his head in disagreement.
Well if you don't want to leave on
your own free will, then I guess I
will have to drag you out of here
Greg goes to punch Vince but he grabs Greg's hand and twists
it to bring Greg to his knees.
Jesus, let go! You made your point
you can stay.
Lenny runs up to Vince and Vince, with one hand slices Lenny
in the torso with his machete. Chaos ensues, three more
friends run at Vince and he cuts them down all while holding
Greg's hand.
Tory grabs the girls hands.
We gotta get the hell out of here,
right now. Come on let's go!


Tory runs into frame leading the girls. He runs up to a
tent, unzips it and motions to the girls to get in.
Who the fuck was that?
      (Closes his eyes
       and mutters)
It can't be, there is no way, no,
no, no.
      (Grabs him)
Who, Tory? Who?
      (Snapping out of
Vincent Banks.
A thud is heard.
                       GREG (OS)
Guys? Guys?
Sara covers Tiffany's mouth.
Tory slowly opens the fly on the window, they see Greg
sitting against a tree bleeding from the nose and mouth.
Please, somebody help me.
Tiffany wrestles herself free.
We can't just sit here, he needs
us. We have to go get him.
It's a trap, he's using him as


      (Looking out the
I don't see him, it looks like
Greg crawled here.
Okay wait here, both of you. If I
don't come back, you wait here and
you do not move from this tent.
You understand me?
Sara holds Tiffany as Tory unzips the tent and cautiously
walks towards Greg.
Tory, thank god. You gotta have to
help me, I think he broke my back.
Tory is within a couple of steps of Greg when Vince steps
out from behind a tree.
Vince locks eyes with Tory for a second then slices Greg's
throat. Tory turns to take off but trips. Vince grabs his
leg trying to pick him up, but Tory kicks free and starts to
run. Vince flings the machete at him and catches him in the
back. Tiffany covers Sara's mouth. Vince walks over to Tory
pulls the machete out of his back, looks around and walks
The sun is shining bright over a hockey rink. A four on four
ball hockey game is taking place. Two girls stand behind the
glass. PETE is coming down the right wing while WILL is
breaking through the center. PETE feeds him a pass he takes
through the feet, goes forehand, backhand through the
goalies pads for the game winning goal. The guys getting
there gear off just past the boards.
      (Taking off a shin
So you still down for this
      (Taking off his
Of course bro! This will be an


                       WILL (cont'd)
amazing weekend.
      (While doing up
       his duffel bag)
You know it, plus Angel asked
Lindsay to come along too!
      (Doing up his
       duffel bag)
I don't know man? I'm not sure I'm
over what happened with Crystal
Okay, don't let that bitch fuck
your life up more then she already
has. Look, I'm not going to hand
you the old bullshit speech of how
there are plenty of fish in the
sea bullshit, but I will tell you
this.. fuck her! You don't need
her to have a good time.
      (Slings his duffel
       bag over his
       shoulder and
       grabs his stick)
I mean look at Lindsay.
      (Holding his
       duffel bag)
She is hot
Your god damn right she is. She
likes you... a lot. I don't know
why she does but still she does.
Really she does? I guess I could
give it the Ole college try.
That's my boy
PETE pats WILL on the back as they walk over to the girls.
Hey sexy!
      (Grabs ANGEL and
       gives her a kiss)


                       PETER (cont'd)
How are ya?
Not to bad baby.
WILL and LINDSAY exchange an awkward glance.
      (twiddling his
Hey, what's up?
      (Playing with her
Not a whole lot you?
Just, you know, chilling.
Nice goal by the way, very um...
quick hands.
PETE notices the awkwardness and comes to the aid of WILL
So girls, you two excited for this
camping trip?
I can't wait! Haven't been back
there for awhile now. I love
You hear that Will? Lindsay loves
I hate it. I just look at it as
another excuse to get drunk
Like you need an excuse.
Anyway I gotta run and grab some
stuff for this weekend. So I will
meet you at the trail at five?


Sounds good to me.
                       ANGEL (MOS)
Do it!
      (biting her lip)
Um Will?
I don't have a ride to the meeting
place tonight. Could you maybe
give me a ride. I mean if that's
Ya, sure. Your along the way. Be
ready for four.
Can do, thanks.
Alright see you all later!
WILL walks over to his truck throws the bag in the bed of
his truck. He climbs in and drives off.
                       WILL (To Himself)
Be ready
Pulls into the Driveway. Inside Lindsay's house
Be careful and have fun
I will mom


Okay I love you
Gives her a hug
I love you to mom, bye
Walks out of the house carrying a backpack and sleeping bag.
WILL gets out and helps her
WILL takes the backpack and sleeping bag from her
No problem, get in
She walks over to the passenger side and gets in. WILL
throws the stuff in the bed of the truck, and gets in
Got everything?
Alright then let's roll
Puts the car in reverse, puts his hand on the back of the
passenger seat and looks out the back.
PETE and ANGEL are sitting on camping chairs on some rocks
with their camping stuff surrounding them. Will's truck
pulls up. They walk over to greet them.


Bout freaking time you got here!
      (Opens the door)
Sorry some asshole decided to
smoke a moose in a fucking smart
That must have been pretty.
Only you would think that.
Blocked all lanes, hey Pete how
about a hand with some of this
I suppose I could help
Walks over to the back of the truck.
Don't want you to strain yourself.
So how did it go?
The ride?
No the fucking election results in
New fucking Zealand. Of course the
      (Grabs a pack)
Like an hour car ride would be.
Long, boring, and to perfectly
honest with you my ass hurts from
PETE takes the pack from him with a look of disbelief on his
Relax dude, we talked


WILL throws another pack at him
Anyway what's up with Angel?
      (Puts down a
      (Turning to WILL)
You do realize it's at least an
hour hike right? Those...
Stops to think
Hooker boots?
      (Nods to Pete)
Hooker boots.. aren't exactly hike
Look I ain't sacrificing look for
Okay then, are we ready?
I think so.
WILL grabs a big walking stick from LINDSAY and they head
Low camera shot looking up at the sky from the driveway up.
Vince's truck drives over the camera, the shot rotates
around to the view the truck and the cabin all in one shot.
The camera still hangs low but you get up close shot of the
door opening and Vince's feet plop to the ground kicking up
some dirt. He's got cowboy boots on and a long dirty black


trench coat. He walks to the back of his truck still
focusing on his feet and grabs a body in a burlap sack out
of the truck and flops it to the ground and drags it back to
the cabin. He opens the door walks in and takes the sack to
a wall with a bunch of other sacks hanging dripping blood,
he hangs up the fresh bag.
      (off screen)
Hmm..... Dinner
Turns and heads over to the fridge, grabs a rusty can full
of some foreign green substance. Takes it over to a chair
puts his feet up on a old wood stool. The camera pans out to
a full body shot of VINCE. He's appears to be in his 40's
but has long thin white hair that's very dirty. He's also
wearing a very dirty black cowboy hat. He takes off his hat,
and put it on the table beside him. The camera pans around
the place while he eats. Theres a blood soaked table with
pits of people laying around it. Then we go back to VINCE
looking full as he puts the can and rusty spoon down.
I wonder if the dessert is ready
He gets up and exits the house the camera stays in the house
focused through the front window outside, showing BANKS get
into his truck and pull away
WILL and LINDSAY walk in lead with PETE and ANGEL in the
rear. ANGEL swings are hands in the air violently.
Fucking mosquito's! Err..
Angel you wore all black as usual.
Do you think that maybe dark
colors in the middle of the woods
in May wasn't a good idea?
I don't own light colors, they
make me depressed.
For the last 15 years, your phobia
of color has me depressed.


      (Swatting as flies)
Ha Ha.
WILL leads LINDSAY away from a snake.
Opp.. snake.
Snake! Did he just say snake?
      (Grabbing her hand)
Relax hunny. I assure you that no
one on this trip is trained to
deal with snake bites.
      (kisses him)
Thanks sweetie, you know how to
make me feel safe and warm.
Of course I do!
They approach a fork in the road.
Shit, is it right or left?
Fuck, I think it's left.
      (takes his hat off
       and wipes his
Pete you got the map which way
does it say?
PETE pulls out the map and unfolds it.
It says right.
You sure?
I got it right in front of me.
WILL looks at LINDSAY for a second opinion.


I've been wrong before.
To the right it is.
WILL and LINDSAY walk up a little embankment on to a dirt
road followed by PETE, and ANGEL. WILL and LINDSAY have
bewildered looks on their faces.
Guys? What's wrong?
I just don't remember this road.
PETE walks off a little bit.
Lindsay come here.
LINDSAY walks over to him, while WILL and ANGEL wander
What's up Pete?
You've been coming here for how
Hmm..... about ten years now, but
it's been at least two years since
I was last here. Why do you ask?
PETE moves to the side to reveal a Private Property sign
                       PETER (OS)
Private Property: Trespassers will
be dealt with.
Was that always here?
I don't know, unless it was here
in the last few years. Will would
know. Will come here for a sec


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
WILL jogs over to them
What's going on?
Pete, show him.
PETE shows him the sign
Do you remember that?
I was here last year. It wasn't
here. Well check the map, I bought
it tonight. It should be this
years map.
PETE pulls the map out and unfolds it. ANGEL walks over to
It was this years map, right?
I don't know, I can't see the
Top right corner.
I know that. I'm just saying it's
not there on this map.
ANGEL gets frustrated from the mosquitoes and black flies.
For Christ's sake give me the
fucking thing.
      (She takes it from
Well thats why you couldn't find
it. You had it backwards...
Say that again?


Way to fucking go Pete!
You led us five kilometers the
wrong fucking way!
I'm sorry, really really sorry
Great. It's going to be getting
dark soon, chilly, bug crazy, and
on top of all that we're lost!
Okay, okay. Let's think about this
we can't be that bad off can we?
No, I don't think so?
A loud truck is heard coming.
Oh, thank god, we're saved!
Angel you saw the sign. Private
He's right. I've seen my fair
share of horror movies, Pete take
Angel and hide.
ANGEL and PETE run off to the top of a hill behind some
trees. WILL takes LINDSAY into some long grass. The truck
pulls up in between the two couples and just stops. VINCE
gets out of the truck, walks to the back and grabs an axe.
He starts off toward WILL and LINDSAY. PETE peaking around a


      (Still hiding)
What... baby.... what's going on?
The guy is walking toward Will and
Lin. He's got a axe. Fucking
VINCE is weeding through the grass, looking for something in
particular. He gets close to WILL and LINDSAY.
Come on guys. Get out of there
VINCE stops, bends down. LINDSAY can see his face for the
first time and almost screams, but WILL covers her mouth.
VINCE finds his target.
Mutilated dog, my favorite
He flings it over his shoulder, stands up and walk back to
his truck. He throws the dog in the bed of his truck.
LINDSAY let's out a faint sob. VINCE hears it and quickly
turns around, and sees nothing. He gets in his truck and
drives off. PETE and ANGEL are the first to arrive on the
road followed by WILL and LINDSAY her face red from tears.
Will, where the fuck did you take
Where the fuck did I take us?
That's a really good question. Why
don't you ask your fuck buddy
where the fuck we are!?
Why don't you just fuck off, Will!
WILL gets in Pete's face
Oh ya? How about I knock your
fucking lights out?
PETE pushes WILL, WILL pushes back. LINDSAY gets in between
them and breaks up the fight.


Guys... guys stop it!
      (They stop, look
       at her)
Stop fighting! We need to focus
and become a team again. We can
get out of here. You two are best
friends and your fighting why?
Because of your stupid fucking
pride! We all make mistakes, Will
you made yours and Pete you made
yours. Let's just move on and get
the fuck out of here. It's eight
o'clock, the sun is going down,
and its cold. Let's just follow
the road and get going.
WILL and PETE shake hands
Sorry, bro. Just lost my cool.
It's alright.
That's a good idea and all Lin,
but we can't just follow the road.
And why the fuck not?
PETE looks at her and grabs her hand.
      (looking her in
       the eye)
Because we don't know if he was
coming or going from his psycho
butcher shop.
So what? We just wait here to die?
Not exactly, Angel.


      (Cutting Lindsay
We camp! For the night. He didn't
see us. It's too dark to move. We
get about twenty minutes in the
woods and camp.
With Will and I's survival skills
we should be sound.
No, no fucking way! I will not set
camp in the valley of chopped up
It's that or you can stay here. By
yourself of course and wait for
fuck-o to come by again.
OK, I'll go.
ANGEL is helping PETE set up the tent while over across on
the other side of the fire pit WILL is helping to set up
Lindsay's tent.
You know I was thinking.
Grabs a pole and weaves it through the edge.
I really don't think we should
sleep alone tonight.
      (Will looks at her
You know for safety reasons, not
because I think your insanely sexy
or anything (beat) just stop
talking Lindsay.


      (Big smile)
Well since you put it that way
      (Drives a stake
       into the ground)
Sure why not? One less thing to
take down in the morning.
Finishes the tent. LINDSAY opens the door, throws her stuff
in the tent, looks at WILL
Me casa, su casa.
WILL throws his stuff in. PETE and ANGEL walk over
Did I hear you correctly? You two
sharing a tent tonight?
For safety reasons only!
Sure bro whatever you say.
They walk over to a make shift fire pit
So Pete gonna help get some
firewood cause I'm fucking hungry.
      (faking a Knee
I guess I could fight off these
nagging knee injuries to help ya
They start to walk away. ANGEL stands up
Where are you two going?
We will be right back were just
going to get fire wood


Well what about bears, foxes,
wolves, snakes, psychopathic
What about them?
Just stay away from them alright?
Yes mother. Don't worry mother.
LINDSAY pulls on Angel's pants, and ANGEL sits down.
How? I hate the woods to begin
with. Throw in being lost while
trespassing on a lunatics Private
      (Reaches into a
It's called beer. Get used to it.
ANGEL grabs a beer
So you and Will eh? Bout time.
Nothing happened... yet.
They chuckle
Will walks into shot and drops some logs. Pete sits down on
a big log, and hands Will the Axe. Wills sets up a log.
So you going to break your dry
spell tonight?
Will splits a log then sets up another.


Really dude?
Okay, A) Why is my sex life up for
discussion and B) How do you know
about my sex life.
Will put the Axe down and look at
me, please.
Will drops the Axe.
Good. Now you were with Crystal
for what?
About a year.
Listen to me now, you know I love
you and you know my feelings about
her, but in that year she slept
with everybody except you.
How do you even know that?
Because Will, your my boy and as
my boy I know when your getting
some and when you've been riding
the pine. Your whole attitude
      (Shakes head)
Lindsay is great and everything
but sex on the first date, really?
Pete just stares at Will blankly.
Alright listen up, Dr.
Sensitivity. Sex on day one isn't
horrible. Do I recommend it?
Abso-fucking-lutly. Let me put it
to you like this. Would you buy a


                       PETER (cont'd)
car without test driving it first?
Yes or No?
OK. Now how about a house. Would
you buy a house without seeing it
Again no I wouldn't. But honestly
Pete, comparing a woman to a car
or a house? Angel would beat your
I'm just trying to tell you, that
for once in your life, live a
little. Live in the moment, don't
worry about tomorrow. Just focus
on the here and now, and for
tonight the here and now is
Will picks up the wood.
See you had me for a minute. Here
I am thinking your being a great
guy offering advice.
Will hands Pete an arm full of wood.
As usual with you it all came down
to sex.
Your missing the point, yet again.
I see your point, seize the day,
carpe a deim.


And don't forget the booty.
They start to walk off
Shut up.
You know you like it.
                       WILL (OS)
What's so funny?
The guys come back and drop off arms full of wood for the
Look our strong mules, came back.
Want a beer?
      (Reaching for the
Just one.
Just one?
PETE lights the fire. WILL sits down beside LINDSAY
Yeah, Will here is getting over a
serious drinking problem.
      (Puts her arms
       around Will)
Well that's good. I'm proud of
Thanks, listen I'll be right back.
You alright bud?


I'm alright just gonna look
WILL gets up and walks off.
WILL sitting on a rock over looking the valley.
I should have been there Billy.
I'm sorry brother.
A rustling noise is heard behind him. He looks.
Hello?... Anyone there?
There is no answer yet more rustling.
Must be a fucking raccoon
He turns back toward the valley. A hand touches WILL on the
shoulder. He quickly turns.
What the fuck!?
LINDSAY walks into the shot laughing at WILL
That wasn't nice.
Your look was awesome.
I will remember this, I will get
you back.
She sits down beside him
So, what are you doing?


Ah.... it's not important.
Come on Will, you can tell me.
I don't like to talk about it.
      (Still holding him)
Don't do this to yourself.
My brother..
Brother? I thought you only had a
My brother died a year ago.
Oh... I didn't know. How if you
don't mind me asking?
Rock climbing accident out here. I
was supposed to come with him. I
bailed out on him though, to go to
a party. He came alone and
apparently his rope snapped and he
fell. I go, I spot and he doesn't
      (Hugs him again)
You can't blame yourself. It was
an accident.
How? That rope was brand new, he
was awesome at climbing. How does
a top level climber snap a rope?


I don't know Will.
I'm just so damn confused about
everything. There's got to be more
to it then what there saying, I
don't know. Maybe a couple of
drinks I can forgot about it for a
You sure?
      (gets up)
Billy wouldn't have wanted me to
dwell on it. He always tried to
tell me loosen up.
ANGEL is sitting on a log wrapped up in a blanket with a
stick roasting a marshmallow. PETE siting in front of her
drinking. LINDSAY and WILL walk back.
Oh hell yeah
      (Grabs a stick)
Marshmallows, very nice.
She sits on the log. WILL sits beside her
Anyone wanna here a ghost story?
Ya exactly what we want after
seeing crazy ass Uncle Charlie
back there.
Oh come on Angel,it's all stones
and folklore.
Coming from the one who believes
13 is lucky.


Alright Pete, enlighten us.
Okay, get your drinks now because
I'm only telling this story
once.Vincent Banks used to own the
mill in town right?
      (they nod)
Well do you know his true story?
He used to live down in the valley
in his nice little place.Anyway
three disgruntled workers followed
the Banks family home. They killed
his kids,raped and killed his wife
all while he watched. Then they
beheaded him. Poor guy had to see
his family be tortured and
murdered. They still say he roams
his property looking for those
responsible for the horrific
events that happened in the valley
111 years ago.
Ya right!
I heard that one before. My
grandpa used to tell it to us kids
all the time. He said they never
found the men responsible.
Wouldn't it be fucked if the dude
we saw was him?
Seriously that's enough guys.
We're still lost you know.
Have faith Angel. We'll be out of
here tomorrow.
LINDSAY staggers up
Well I'm tired and maybe just
maybe just a tad bit drunk. So I'm
going to bed. How about you Will?


Right behind ya.
He gets up and they stagger off
Get sleep you two. Come on honey,
let's go get you laid.
WILL is down on all fours fumbling to get the door open
while LINDSAY is laughing at him. He gets it open and falls
in. LINDSAY stumbles in. He closes the door, turns and is
greeted by LINDSAY kissing him.She pushes him down.
Pete is the first to awaken. He unzips the tent, climbs out
and he stumbles through beer bottles on his way to the edge
of an overhang. He looks down on a small house with smoke
coming from the chimney. No car in the driveway.
Oh shit.
PETER walks over to WILL and LINDSAY'S tent
Will, you awake bro?
WILL is laying beside LINDSAY and is cuddling her with one
eye open
Ya man, what's up?
                       PETER (OS)
You have to come look at this.
Alright be there in a second
      (looks over at
I'll be back in a second.
Be quick hun.


WILL kisses LINDSAY,opens the door and climbs out. He's
wearing sleep pants and his boxers are sticking out at the
top, shirtless. Walks over to PETE.
What is it Pete? What just
couldn't wait?
PETE points to the house.
I see
So what do we do?
Well it looks like no one is home.
We need a phone or a better map of
the area. We gotta move. Go tell
Angel we leave in twenty minutes.
So, how did you and Lindsay get
along last night?
WILL walking away, turns around
Grow up dude
Don't do this to me brother you
owe me that much.
Angel is sitting on a log with her pack in front of her.
Pete is finishing up the tent. Lindsay is sitting beside
Angel, Will is squatting down in front of Angel.
Why do we have to do this?
We need a phone, map,a C B
anything. That place might have


What if it belongs to that sick
fuck-O then what?
Then at least we know he isn't
It's not the best plan when you
think about it but what choice do
we have? We need whats in there.
Look we will be in pairs and no
longer than 10 minutes. I promise
we will be fine.
Pete walks over throwing his pack on.
We good to go Angel?
Let's get it over with.
The gang is in a small huddle.
Remember it's in and out. CB,
phone, or a map. Angel with Pete
you two take the garage. Lindsay
and I will take the house. Back
here in ten.
Will walks in the front door holding Lindsay's hand.
Hello? Anyone home?
No answer is heard they continue slowly through the house.
The living room has pictures of the family that used to live
there. The smell is putrid.


What the hell happened here.
They continue to search the house. An old school T.V is
showing an old black and white cartoon. They walk into the
Pete walks up with Angel, holding her hand. Pete puts his
hands on the garage door.
You ready for this?
No, but whatever.
He slides the door open, flicks a light switch near the door
and a hell opens up. The smell makes Angel puke.
You alright?
Pete rubs Angels back
Just find what we need.
Pete walks in cautiously. He notices three sacks hanging on
the wall. Pete goes over to them and grabs one.
No, Pete don't touch those.
Hang on.
Pete lowers the sack to the ground.
Jesus Christ, is there a moose in
PETE unties the top and slowly pulls it down, some hair is


He quickly jerks down the rest of the sack to reveal a human
Son of a bitch!
He runs over to her and grabs her hand.
Pete wait look......
a map.
He runs back in, grabs the map, takes her hand an they run
toward the house.
Will goes towards the two covered plates, while Lindsay
walks to the stove. She sees a pot boiling, takes a spoon
and starts to stir it. She stirs it once and nothing, stirs
it a second time and an eye comes to the surface. Will has
his hand on the lid for one of the covered plates.
Will come here quick please.
                       WILL (OS)
Just a sec
Lindsay looks at him he breaths in and removes the cover to
reveal the head of one of the people in the pictures. His
eyes have been cut out.
What the fuck!
The two run towards the door and bump into Pete and Angel.
Jesus Will can we get out of here,
something is definitely not right
here dude. We found a body. I got
the map can we go.
Calm down
A loud truck noise is heard


Will that sounds very familiar.
Well, it's what at least three
minutes away.
The truck pulls into the driveway
How we getting out of here?
Will, back door.
They make a break for the back door. Vince sees the door
open and runs into the house. Pete looking behind him locks
eyes with Vince.
He saw us, go, go, go
Will and Lindsay are running up the hill followed closely by
Pete and Angel with Vince gaining ground.
He's gaining ground
Let's split this bastard up.
Will and Lindsay go right while Pete and Angel go left.
Vince follows right after Will. Vince keeps running hard.
He's just to fast Will.
I see a place to hide.
Will and Lindsay duck down behind a big downed tree. Vince
runs to the tree, stops, looks around and can't see them.
Will accidentally snaps a twig, Vince hears it and leans
over the tree at them, staring them in the face.
Pete and Angel stop running and look around


What the fuck just happened?
I don't know, we gotta find them,
they could be in trouble.
Where do we start?
I got an idea
He grabs a club like stick and they run off.
Will tries to cover Lindsay as much as possible while Vince
raises his machete.
Ah (beat) just what I like, his
and hers dinners
Vince raises the machete high, and is about to slice Will. A
thud is heard and Vince falls backwards out of the shot.
Pete now stands over Will, he offers his hand to help them
Come on guys
Jesus Pete, have I told you lately
that I love you?
Will grabs the hatchet and they jump over the tree and start
to run.
Will leaning against a tree with Lindsay using Will as a
leaning post. Pete sitting on a rock with Angel laying at
his feet.
I think we lost him.


Where are we?
No fucking clue. Shit!
Okay, Pete you know the story. Was
that him?
Lindsay sits down beside him
You saw what was in there. My head
wants to tell me it was someone
using all that as a way to scare
trespassers off his property, but
you saw what I did. The smell, the
blood was real. You can fake blood
but you can't fake the smell of
death. My heart tells me it's the
real Vincent Banks.
This is all bullshit. We're lost
and being hunted by someone or
Lindsay walks over to Will.
Come on Will, we can do this.
How Lin, how? The map is no good
cause I have no idea where the
fuck we are. If this is the real
deal Vince we're fucked
regardless. So tell me Lin,
because right the fuck now it
makes no difference in the matter.
All of that was uncalled for
Lindsay walks away
I'm sorry. Look the sun sets in
the West and rises in the East.


                       WILL (cont'd)
The town is East right?
Ya, so if we follow the sun we
should reach the road right?
Exactly. Come on
They head off.
Vince walks over to the stove and grabs an eye out. He walks
over to the map on the wall. He takes a bite of the eye as
thought it were an apple. Takes his finger and runs it along
the map.
Will is walking in front while Lindsay tags behind, then
Angel, and Pete last. They come to a thin edge over a 30
foot drop into jagged rocky water.
Oh great how the fuck are we gonna
do this?
Will takes a step back from the edge.
What's wrong Will?
I hate heights.
      (in disbelief)
Yeah eh, believe it or not people
can actually have fears.
Lindsay tries to comfort Will
I'll go first


No, no, I have to confront this
You sure?
Ya, Angel you alright to do this?
What choice do I have?
They get into a straight line
Make sure you give each other
enough space.
Will takes the first step out onto the ledge and starts to
shimmy his way across. Lindsay follows making her way
across, Angel follows her. Followed by Pete.
This ain't so bad.
Will is almost to the other side when Angel hits a faulty
edge and loses her balance.
She grabs Lindsay's backpack as she tumbles over the edge,
taking Lindsay down with her.
Lindsay has a hold of the edge while Angel has her legs.
Will lays down and quickly grabs Lindsay's hand.
      (Frantic still)
Pete, you gotta find a way to get
Angel. I can't pull Lindsay up
with Angel on her.


Fuck man I don't know.
      (Wits end)
Hurry Will! I can't hang on much
Look, Pete there's a ledge about
nine feet down. Slide down the
hill a little till you hit it.
Pete slides down the cliff carefully till his feet hit the
Now what?
Shimmy over to her and pull her
Pete moves over to Angel, he grabs her legs and pulls her
down. Pete holds her on the ledge. Will's grip is loosening
on Lindsay.
Please Will, don't let go.
The hand is almost out of Will's he quickly lowers both
hands, Lindsay grabs his hand with her free hand. He slowly
pulls her up. He kisses her as she reaches the top.
Hey Will? Now what?
Angel is leaning against the wall. She is up against a
spiders nest and hundreds of spiders pour out and all over
her. She screams.
      (Notices the
Shit, Angel!
Starts to brush them off of her, but they start to crawl on
him too.


Quick Pete, boost her up
Help me Lindsay
Lindsay leans down and holds her hand out with Wills. Pete
boosts Angel up, she grabs their hands and they pull her up.
Pete. you gotta jump brother.
The spiders start to bite. He's trying to brush them off,
but there is to many of them.
Just jump!
He loses his balance.
Pete regains his balance. Fighting the pain, he jumps once
and misses their hands. Vince walks out of a hidden tunnel,
right beside Pete.
      (Seeing Vince)
Pete beside you!
Vince slams an axe into Pete's chest. Pete falls down off
the edge onto the rocks. Will looks down with a blank stare.
Angel in shambles while Lindsay tried to console her. Vince
looks up and locks eyes with Will and slowly turns back into
his tunnel.
Will runs into the shot with Lindsay and Angel who just
No more, I'm done!
Lindsay runs back to her.


Come on Angel. We have to keep
I want Pete back. I don't want to
go any further. I just want Pete!
Look, Pete died making sure you
lived. Now we have to keep moving
so he doesn't die for nothing.
Angel reaches her hand up. Will and Lindsay help her up.
They turn and see Vince right in front of them.
Jesus Christ
He stares them down and back them up to a steep hill and a
drop full of trees.
Will, got any ideas?
I got one.
Will it work?
It's worth a shot isn't it.
Vince is about to swing.
Now! Down the hill.
They throw their bodies down the hill. They tumble and roll
down the hill, head over heels. Vince just watches as they
fall. He walks off screen. Will slams rib first into an oak
and passes out.


Lindsay and Angel start to come too. Angel makes it to her
feet first, looks around. She sees Lindsay dazed on her
back. She hobbles over to her.
Lindsay, you alright hun?
      (Sitting up)
Will? Where is he?
Angel helps her up
I don't know. He must have gotten
caught up on something.
      (Moves at the hill)
We have to find him. He could be
      (Holds her back)
Let me go!
She tries to shake herself free.
Let me go dammit! Angel, let me
Angel just holds onto her until Lindsay turns into her
Lindsay look, You know the area a
lot better then me. I know it's
not easy but I need you to focus.
We need to get out of here.
Lindsay nods in agreement.


      (Gaining Composure)
I'm good. Let's go.
They start to make their way east.
Will starting to come too. He rubs his head sits up holding
his ribs then uses the tree to stand up
      (In pain)
Angel? Shit!
He gets a stick to use as a support for his ribs. He hobbles
down the hill in search of the girls.
Vince enters the house and drops his hatchet on the table.
Walks over to his work bench, knocks everything off of it.
He slams a map down, unrolls it.
He takes a close look at it. Runs his finger along a path
while laughing diabolically
Walks over to a wall full of knives and axes. he grabs a
bunch and walks out the front door.
Angel sticking close to Lindsay as she pauses for a moment.
Angel, do you have a flashlight in
your pack?
I think so just let me check.
She slides her pack off her shoulders, sits it on a rock.
Unzips it and rummages through it.


OK got it.
She tries to turn it on, nothing at first. She smacks it and
it lights up.
Here ya go hun.
She hand her the light.
We gotta find a spot to camp for
the night. It's too dangerous to
go much further right now.
Do you even know how to make a
Of course, told you I love
They come to a gap in the ground.
Now what?
Well, that log is way to shifty to
cross. It might be jump-able.
      (Pissed off)
Jump-able? That's all you can call
it? Jump-able? Ya for you! Your
what, One- Hundred ten pounds
soaking wet?
Trust me Angel, you can do this.
Can't we just set up camp here for
the night? Daylight we might be
able to see another way around it.


I didn't bring this up, cause I
didn't want to freak you out but,
we just passed about twenty rattle
      (Looks at her feet)
Why didn't you..
      (Cuts her off)
Shh. Look we have to jump this or
I don't know. We can't back track
or go side to side. With that many
snake this turns into a mine
      (At the edge)
Can't we just climb down and up
the other side?
If you want to freeze you ass of
tonight. It's a stream down there.
We have to jump this now, while we
have some light left.
Lindsay walks over to the edge and throws her pack over.
Gives the flashlight to Angel. She takes a step back then
runs at the jump and springs across it. She lands in a roll.
Did you make it okay?
      (Getting up)
Yeah I'm good, throw the
flashlight over.
Angel tosses it over and Lindsay catches it, then Angel
tosses her pack over.
Ok Angel, you got this.


Angel takes a couple steps back and runs at the gap, She
explodes into the jump and lands on the other side one leg
hanging over the edge. She grazed a sharp rock and ripped
her leg open.
      (In extreme pain)
Lindsay runs over and rolls Angel over away from the edge
and shines the light on her leg.
Jesus that looks painful.
      (Breathing deep)
It definitly doesn't tickle.
Ok just keep breathing deep, I
know some first aid.
She rips the bottom of her shirt off and ties it around
Angels leg to stop the bleeding.
That's the best I can do.
It helps I just wanna get out of
Well let's set up here and move
out at the first crack of
Will hops up to it shining his flashlight around.
Anyone here?
A rustling noise is heard in the tent, Will makes his way
over to the tent. He bends down and opens the tent, shines


his light into the tent and sees Sara and Tiffany huddled in
the corner rocking back and forth with their eyes red and
their faces soaked from crying. They back away from him
Sara? Tiffany? What the hell?
Tiffany crawls over to him, and hugs him.
I'm so scared, I thought you were
You saw him too?
What the hell are you doing here?
We were giving Greg a birthday
party, away from everything. It
was all going good, then he showed
up massacred everybody, Greg, oh
my god. Why did he kill Greg?
Sara crawls over to her and hugs her.
Is there anyone else?
No we are all that's left. Will I
just want to go home.
I know. We'll go find Lindsay then
get the fuck out of here okay, I
      (Looks at Sara)
Let's go get your sister.
Will helps the girls out of the tent. Sara pauses.
Come on Sara, let's go.


I found this.
Sara pulls out a cell phone. Hands it to Will.
Any signal?
Of course not Will, we are in the
middle of butt fuck nowhere!
Alright, lets go.
Angel is sitting on her sleeping bag facing the fire.
Lindsay walks over to her carrying some berries.
These are all I could find.
She sits down beside Angel. She dumps them on a pack in
between them.
I just wanna drink, go home, and
try to move past all of this.
That reminds me
She reaches into her pack, pulls out two beer
How did they survive?
I wrapped in my clothes, wise
choice eh?
Lindsay hands one to her, they open them
To Will and Pete. They gave their
lives so we could have a chance to
She cries, they clang their bottles and drink


      (Wiping her eyes)
I'll be right back, just gotta
      (Hands Angel the
Be careful
Yes mom.
Angel walks down a little side trail, finds a spot, walks in
the tall grass, unzips her pants and is about to pull them
down when a light beam moves above her head.
what the fuck?
She zips up her pants and turns the flashlight on. The other
beam is seen coming toward her in a hurry. Angel takes off
back toward Lindsay.
Angel comes running up to the fire
Wow, slow down.
We gotta hide
Lindsay stands up
It's Vince


Angel hides in the darkness behind a mighty oak. Lindsay
goes the opposite direction and hides behind a rock. The
other flashlight enters the scene shinning the light
everywhere franticly. It shows the fire and the sleeping
bags. It walks towards Angel. Lindsay realizing her friend
might be in danger grabs a big rock and starts to sneak up
behind the other light. Just as the other light is about to
reveal Angel Lindsay smashes the rock into the back of the
light holder.
Will, oh my god I'm sorry.
      (Rubbing his back)
I found her at an abandoned camp.
What are you doing here?
Long story
Lindsay helps Will over to the fire. Angel helps Sara and
Tiffany. They all sit down.
I've got all night for the story.
I came here with some friends for
the weekend. Everything was going
great. We were drinking, having a
good time, Then he showed up. At
first we didn't think much of him.
We thought it was a joke.
      (She tears up)
Till he tortured Greg and
massacred everyone with a machete.
We tried to get away but we were
the only ones who did.
How many were with you?
Ten. He hunts, he kills you before
you know you're dead.
Come here


Lindsay hugs Sara.
Sun up we are all getting out of
here I promise.
How Will? Let's face it here, none
of us know where the hell we are.
thing, monster, person, whatever
the fuck you want to call it,
won't let us live. Don't believe
me? Ask Pete or anyone of the ten
that cam here with her, oh, that's
right there all dead. After a
short time we will be too. Don't
you get it Will? This is his turf.
We are all trespassing.
Angel look.
      (Pulls out the
       cell phone)
I'll be able to call the cops in
the morning and I found a trail
from that camp site. It has to
lead to a car or something.
Why call in the morning? Why not
Because there's no signal. I don't
feel like climbing a rock cut at
night. Do you?
Exactly, we get some sleep and we
bounce first thing in the morning.
They lay down. Tiffany gets close to Lindsay as she snuggles
up to Will. Angel shares her sleeping bag with Sara. They
doze off.


Vince watches the group doze off, smirks, and walks away.
Angel awakes to a wolves howl. She sits up and wakes Sara up
in the process.
What's wrong?
Hang on, Lindsay?
      (Whispers louder)
Angel starts to get up.
Let's go.
Well, hang on. I have to get Will
No, I've been thinking. When we
split up back at the house, who
did he go after? Will. When we
hid, who did he get close too?
Will. When we got separated from
Will, have we seen Vince? I think
if we stay here with him we're
sitting ducks for Vince.
      (Piping up)
When I was with Will I didn't see
What you said does make sense
Angel. But no I won't leave him,
it's not right. I love him.


      (Grabs a light and
       the map)
I'm sorry you feel that way. I'll
get to the car, I'll get to the
cops and maybe just maybe you
still be alive when they get here.
Sara you staying here to die or
you gonna be smart and come with
Sorry Angel. I'm sticking with my
Come on Angel. Don't do this. You
can't survive the woods let alone
      (Bending down to
I don't want to die. It's a damn
shame you and Sara do.
She heads off Lindsay just lowers her head.
She'll be back in about five
Angel walking down the trail, trying to watch where she is
going while reading the map. She's getting frustrated
tripping over roots. She hears a noise, she quickly turns
I'd knew you would change your
She sees nothing.
Lindsay? Sara? Hello? This isn't
funny anymore!


A hacking noise is heard. She wonders off the path in search
of it. She keeps hearing it getting louder and louder. She
gets to where it should be, but theres nothing.
I'm getting to old for this shit.
She takes a step back and bumps into something. She feels
behind her. She feels Vince's hair. She turns and sees
Vince. She screams and starts to run. Vince quickly grabs
her by the hair. He pulls her down. He raises his clever.
Will, Lindsay, Tiffany and Sara awaken to Angel's scream.
What the fuck?
Angel! She took off.
He slides his shoes on as does the other two. They take off
down the trail.
They are franticly searching for Angel.
                       ANGEL (OS)
Will! Lindsay!
Hang on Angel we're coming!
Is she okay, oh god Will tell me
she's okay?
I don't know. We gotta keep
They run into an open area, where they see Angel tied up to
two pine trees.


Guys hang on, don't move closer.
The trigger for this somewhere out
Just be cool, Angel.
We will find away to get you out
of this.
Will is watching his feet to look where he's stepping.
Lindsay and Sara are following his steps. Will steps over a
wire but Lindsay trips it. A loud click is heard.
See nothing happened. It's just
for show.
Lindsay sees Vince walk through the fog.
No Will, it's a trap. He's here.
Will steps in front of Sara and Lindsay.
Lindsay, you and Sara get Angel
down. I'll take him
Lindsay and Sara run to Angel, when the pine trees spring
back to the upward state ripping Angel in two. Blood and
guts now cover Sara and Lindsay. Lindsay screams.
Will looks at Lindsay. Vince uses that and blindsides Will
with a right hand to the temple. Knocks him down.
Lindsay jumps on Vince's back with a headlock. He tosses her
off of him. She bangs her head hard on the ground.
Hey asshole! That's my sister.
She runs at Vince. He back hands her across the face, she
falls and crawls over to Lindsay.
Leave my family alone!
Tiffany breaks a branch over Vince's back. That does nothing
but grab Vince's attention. He turns to her, backs her down.


Will sees his sister in danger and tries to get up. Vince
grabs Tiffany and turns her to face Will.
No, please Will! Help!
Will fighting to get up. He runs at Vince, lunges, and Vince
sidesteps Will. Will crashes hard. Again he gets up, this
time Vince wastes no time and slowly slices Tiffany's
Vince drops her lifeless body.
Then there was one.
No, no you son of a bitch! Why!
Will gets up and punches Vince twice in the face, then a
left but Vince counters with an upper cut. Will flies back
and grabs a big stick. He lures Vince into him.
Come on you motherfucker.
Vince takes an over head swing at Will with an Axe. Will
blocks it with the club.
Vince take another swing, but it's blocked again by Will
rolling to the side, another swing and Will rolls to the
left, kicks Vince to knock him back.
Will quickly gets up and kicks the Axe out of Vince's hand.
Will knees him in the face and knocks him down. Will grabs
the Axe. Vince gets up and lunges at Will. Will ducks it and
bashes the back end of the Axe of Vince's head twice. Vince
falls over and Will runs to the girls.
      (Lifting Lindsay's
It's done baby. It's all over.
You okay?
He nods, the group hugs. Sara sees Vince right behind Will.
Behind you!


Vince grabs Will by the shoulder and picks him up. He throws
and holds him by the neck against a tree. He raises his
Lindsay in the background picking up Axe
                       LINDSAY (OS)
This is for my friends, bitch!
She swings the Axe and slams into the back of Vince's head.
Now it's over.
She drops the Axe, and starts to cry. Will pulls her in for
a hug and then pulls Sara in too.
Sara reaches into her pocket, and pulls out the cell phone
and see it has reception.
Look Will.
Will smiles a little, grabs it and starts to dial.
Will, Lindsay, and Sara are sitting in an office all banged
up, with blankets to get warm. DETECTIVE STEVENS walks in
with three hot chocolates. He puts them down in front of the
I don't know what happened out
there kids, but those bodies you
talked about aren't there. Vincent
Banks, the man you said killed
your friends? Has been dead since
1898. That "house" was tore down
in 2003. Like I said I don't know
what happened out there, but I
believe you.
Will puts down his hot chocolate.
That's impossible! Did you not see
the footage on our friends camera?


The footage we obtained of your
friend, Pete's camera was just
some scrambled white noise and
some static. That's it.
But,I killed him with my own two
How the hell? Nothing makes sense
it's like nothing happened.
      (Getting up)
Just be glad you survived. Your
parents are outside waiting for
you. Your free to go.
They walk out of the station, where the girl's parents are
standing at the bottom of the stairs. Lindsay kisses Will
then joins her sister going down the stairs.
The girls hug their mom, as their dad opens the back door of
the car. He nods at Will as he shuts the door. Will waves
back and they drive off.
Sara is standing at the counter making a sandwich. She gets
a text message.
She licks the knife and answers the message. PAYDAY the dog
is scratching at the door.
You want out boy?
She walks to the door and opens it.
The dog runs out.
Sara notices something moving in the bushes. The dog is also
barking at the bushes.
Payday! That's enough boy!


She walks to the bush cautiously.
You see something?
Lindsay and Will are sitting on a love seat across from Mr &
Mrs. Taylor. Each has a coffee.
Lindsay explain it all to us one
more time.
I told you mom, a million times
We know hunny. It doesn't make
sense. Vince is just a myth, like
Bigfoot or the female orgasm.
      (Grossed out)
Really dad!
What? You try to find it.
A loud crash is heard.
They run into the kitchen and see Sara laying on the counter
with a gash on her neck,
No, my baby girl!
Who could do this?
I think I know who.
Will and Lindsay stare at the door while her parents kneel
over Sara. Vince suddenly appears in the doorway.


He has a butcher knife and throws it at Lindsay but Mr.
Taylor jumps in front of it.
Come on!
Will grabs Lindsay's arm and pulls her and her mom towards
the Living Room.
                                         LIVING ROOM
Is there a way out from your room?
Ya, theres a ladder from my window
to the driveway.
Will sends the ladies up the stairs first then he follows.
Vince grabs Will's leg, but he kicks free.
Vince then grabs Mrs. T as he gets to the top of the stairs.
Will, my mom!
Will lunges at Vince, but he ducks and Will falls down the
Vince still holding Mrs. T, looks at Lindsay, and cuts her
mom's neck.
She falls down lifeless. Vince turn his attention to
He stalks her back into her room. He has her backed up onto
her bed.
Will makes it back up the stairs.
Vince turns to him with the clever to Lindsay's throat. Will


Will Stratton!
How do you know my last name?
Vince tightens his grip on a squirming Lindsay.
I know all there is to know about
you and your family. It appears
you don't. Do you know my past?
A little.
Well, I know who did my family in!
It was your great grandfather! He
raped and killed my wife while
they made me watch. Now Will, you
get to live my fate. I will do to
you what your granddad did to me!
He turns Lindsay around, and throws her on the bed. He keeps
the clever to her neck.
Will sprints at Vince and tackales him off Lindsay.
Vince falls off the bed, and his clever slides under the
Will helps Lindsay off the bed and leads her to the window.
She opens it and gets on the roof. She leans in to help
Vince looking for his weapon but all he finds are scissors.
He gets up and runs at Will. He stabs him in the side and
Will falls back into the room.
Alright then, Will. Looks like I
have to do things a bit different
then what happen 111 years ago.
Kill your first.
Will is still backing up. He sees the clever. Vince still
has the scissors.
Then have my fun with her.


Why are you doing this? We did
nothing to you! I am not my
No, no your not. You see Will,
it's my curse, a deal with the
devil. Your a Stratton. I have to
kill all of you. I killed your
sister yesterday, and I killed
your brother a year ago (beat)
what was his name? Billy, yeah
that was his name.
My brother?
Ya, rock climbing accident,
amazing what you do with a little
You son-of-a-bitch.
Your the last one, and with you
gone I finally avenge my family,
and rest in peace.
Vince get down and mounts Will.
Will is stretching to get his hand on the cleaver. Vince
notices Will's hand on the cleaver, and knocks it back
towards the window. Lindsay looks at Vince, then down at the
cleaver. She picks it up. Vince is about to stab Will with
the scissors and raises them high. Suddenly Vince coughs up
blood as the tip of the cleaver is seen poking out of his
chest. He falls limp off of Will.
R.I.P you bastard.
Let's go baby.
Lindsay climbs out the window, Will follows carrying the
body of Vince.


What are you doing?
Will dumps the body off the roof.
That really nessacary?
I have an idea.
Will opens the truck door and gets out. He walks around to
the bed.
Reaches in and pulls out Vince's body.
Lindsay gets out and walks with Will over to the water. Will
throws the body in the water.
Say he comes back, he'll drown.
Will and Lindsay embrace in the sunrise over the bay.
A shot of the front door wide open, slowly zooming in on it.
Suddenly it slams shut.
                       VINCE (OS)


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From S.M. Krause Date 7/22/2005 ****
A descent horror script, liked some of it, although there are spelling errors in the script. Aside from that, it does deliver from what I've read. A rarity, but a true scare fest.

From Sean Elwood Date 7/12/2005 ***
As I read it, I found many spelling and punctuation errors. The dialog is okay and I like the plot.

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