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The Redeemer (WIP)
by Robert LaHue (rob@hamstercult.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: **1/2
After being betrayed, an assassin is given a second chance at life, after he has saved as many lives as he killed as the cloak-wearing Redeemer. But when he find out those who betrayed him are planning something diabolical, will he choose between a second chance at life or stopping them? (3rd publishing)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Warehouse-type setting. A number of small time crooks are
around a dimly lit table playing a game of poker. Camera
pans out to show REDEEMER (currently small-time Horseman
assassin) hiding behind crates listening to them small talk.
Itís a question Iíve asked myself
every night as I go to sleep. If I
knew everything that would happen
this night. If I knew everything
that would happen after this
night. If I knew what would lay
ahead of me. Would I have changed
anything? If I had a chance to
just walk away, would I have taken
On screen, REDEEMER lifts one of his pistols and cocks it.
Beginning credits roll. Comes back into scene as before
credits started, gun still raised. Cut to thugs playing
A few small-time crooks agreed to
take care of a couple of minor
enemies of the Count. Now, the
minor enemies arenít much of a
bother to the Count, so he doesnít
waste the resources of the
Horsemen on taking care of those
who arenít that powerful yet. He
outsources it to hacks like these
guys. (pause) But, of course, if
those hacks were holding proof of


                       REDEEMER (cont'd)
the outsourcing in an attempt to
squeeze more money in addition to
the generous sum the Count had
already promised them, he
considers the deal negated. Guess
you could say it was my job to
tell them that.
Fight scene ensues. When it's all over, all the thugs are
killed. REDEEMER places guns back in holsters, takes a
manila folder off of the card table, and stands over one of
thugs' dead body.
This is the punishment for all
REDEEMER walks off. Camera does distance shot of the dead
So this was my life. I was an
assassin. I was Assassin. It was
what I knew. It was what I did.
And I was the best, maybe as good
as Sonic himself. I served the
Count loyalty. Little did I know,
the Count was taking notice of me.
It was after that job that I
learned of this.
A number of Horsemen assassins roam the main hall, talking
or training in various ways. REDEEMER walks into view.
                       ASSASSIN 1
      (to REDEEMER)
So, how did it go? I've heard the
Count asked for you personally to
do it.
It went clean.


Cut to SONIC's room. SONIC can be seen standing, motionless,
looking at a candle burning. But all the conversation
between REDEEMER and the ASSASSINS can be heard clearly.
                       ASSASSIN 2
Clean? These werenít no pushovers.
You killed all of them clean all
by yourself?
Cut back to Main Hall.
                       ASSASSIN 1
Sonic said he wanted to see you as
soon as you got in. He doesnít
like to be kept waiting.
Cut between SONIC standing over candle and REDEEMER's feet
stepping. All the while, footsteps can be loudly heard.
REDEEMER opens door to SONIC's room, enters, and closes
Clean, huh?
You heard that? All the way from
the main hall?
Yes. I heard you open the door. I
heard you walk all the way here.
You should learn to walk quicker.
Good assassins walk quickly and
Yes, sir.
Nobody knows how Sonic's hearing
got to be the way it was. All we
knew is it was. As he was our


                       REDEEMER (cont'd)
superior, second only to the Count
himself, we accepted that.
      (Reaching out arm
       behind him)
I'm sure you have the documents.
REDEEMER pulls manila file from inside shirt, hands to
SONIC. SONIC flips through file. Places edge of file in
candle flame, lights file on fire.
This is everything. Excellent
work, Assassin. That will be all.
Cut to shot of SONICíS feet. REDEEMER seen walking off.
Buring file falls to ground into view.
Cut back to main hall. REDEEMER walks past several
                       ASSASSIN 3
Another clean assignment?
                       ASSASSIN 2
That's what he said.
                       ASSASSIN 3
Nobody can have that many clean
assignments. He has to be lying.
                       ASSASSIN 2
You want to say that to his face?
                       ASSASSIN 2
I don't care how good he seems. He
cannot be this flawless. He's a
Sound of a gun clicking heard. Pan back reveals gun pressed
against ASSASSIN 3's temple. Further pan back shows REDEEMER
holding the gun.
A liar, am I?


                       ASSASSIN 3
What am I supposed to think? Men
of wealth with scores of armed
bodyguards. Entire gangs of
cronies that the Count oursources.
You do every single job without a
hitch. Dozens of them. No
evidence, no loose ends. And you
fully expect me to believe that
you can do all those jobs without
a hitch?
      (uncocks gun)
Yes, I do.
REDEEMER starts to walk ASSASSIN 3 reaches for one of his
gun. REDEEMER is turned around with gun cocked at pointed at
ASSASSIN 3 before he can even pull his gun of his holster.
The two stay frozen there for a couple of seconds.
SONIC enters, steps between REDEEMER and ASSASSIN 3
Arguing among assassins will not
be tolerated. You are here at the
mercy of Count Famine, to do as he
orders to the best of your
abilities. That is what has been
done. Now, any more arguing will
be met with punishment.
SONIC walks away and offscreen.
                       ASSASSIN 3
      (Quietly, under
       his breath)
Everybodyís fooled, even that
freak of nature.


Single gunshot sounds. ASSASSIN 3 falls to the ground, dead.
Sonic seen at noticable distance away, holding gun pointed
at where ASSASSIN 3 was standing.
And insubordination is treason. As
for you--(moves gun to point it in
REDEEMER'S direction)--you are to
be at the cliff at sunrise.
SONIC walks off. Cut to two assassins dragging off ASSASSIN
3'S body. ASSASSIN 1 approaches REDEEMER.
                       ASSASSIN 1
The cliff at sunrise! Do you know
what this means?
I've heard stories that...
                       ASSASSIN 1
Yes. You are to meet Count Famine
Cut to scene of later that night. All ASSASSINS are asleep
on sleeping mats. REDEEMER is tossing and turning in sleep.
Voices are being heard, screams, shouting going in
REDEEMER'S head, because it is a nightmare. REDEEMER snaps
up awake in bed, breathing heavily. beam of rising sun
crosses eyes. REDEEMER stands up, walks offscreen.
REDEEMER stands looking out over the cliff. COUNT FAMINE and
SONIC approach.
      (walks to FAMINE
       and bows)
Great Count Famine, my leader and
my lord.
Arise, Assassin.


You have done many assignments
I serve at your mercy, Count
      (turns 90 degrees
       to start out over
       cliff's edge)
Itís incredible, really. The
Horsemen, the organization of the
greatest assassins this planet has
ever seen. Men will give a fortune
to have a Horsemen eliminate their
enemines. Riches beyond manyís
wildest dreams.
FAMINE turns back to face REDEEMER
What is your name?
I am called Assassin.
No. Your real name.
      (Speaks with hint
       of confusion)
Assassin. Member of the Horsemen.
Servant of the great and mighty
Count Famine. Bringer of conquest,
war and death.
      (quick laugh)
You really donít remember, do you?
Amazing. Have you ever thought
about what it must be to be like


                       FAMINE (cont'd)
in my position? To have warriors
such as yourself under my command?
      (still confused)
No, Count Famine, I have not.
      (quick laugh)
Itís amazing! (turns away) Itís
intoxicating. But I feel, that
even with all the Horsemen have
accomplished, we can accomplish so
much more. Instead of taking the
orders, we could (snaps fingers)
make them.
CUT to behind REDEEMER, where SONIC is slowly drawing a
pistol from his back.
      (turns back to
       face REDEEMER)
Does that sound exciting to you?
Yes, Count Famine, it does.
With warriors such as yourself,
that could be done. (pauses,
lowers voice) But, of course, we
will have to eliminate all my
enemies. And that includes the
enemy within--
SONIC pistol whips REDEEMER, who falls to the ground. SONIC
picks REDEEMER'S head up off the ground. FAMINE draws his
own pistol, holds it to REDEEMERíS forehead. REDEEMER stares
up at FAMINE.
Those enemies within who are a
threat to my power. Sonicís
loyalty is infalliable. Yours,
however, a mere assassin with your


                       FAMINE (cont'd)
abilities, is not. Therefore, you
are now an enemy to the future of
the Horsemen. That is treason And
there is but one punishment for
Shot fires. REDEEMER falls to ground. SONIC and FAMINE walk
offscreen. Start to zoom in on REDEEMER as REDEEMER
So that's how my loyalty was
repaid. A death sentence,
administered by the leader
himself. What an honor--if it had,
of course, actually been death.
Camera shot zooms back out. REDEEMER is still in same
position as when FAMINE shot him, but is now in a very dark
room. REDEEMER begins to move around slowly, turns over and
rises to a sitting position, groaning in discomfort. Places
hand on forehead, like having a large headache.
Ah, youíre up and around a little
quicker than most.
Camera angle adjust to show GIDEON leaning against a wall.
Walks over towards REDEEMER. Offers hand to. REDEEMER
refuses to take, and slowly gets to his feet.
      (towards GIDEON
       but really to no
       one in particular)
What is this? Where am I? (pauses)
Count Famine. He shot me. Why did
Count Famine shoot me?
Calm down, Mark--


REDEEMER draws gun, points it at GIDEON's chest
Who are you? Tell me what I want
to know!
GIDEON looks down at gun and chuckles.
I donít think youíre going to be
finding much use for that here,
REDEEMER growls in frustration and attempts to fire gun at
GIDEON, but nothing happens. Attempts to fire gun several
more times, but it never goes. Takes out magazine, it's
full. Kicks out bullet it chamber, cut to close-up of
unfired bullet on floor.
What the--
Might as well settle in, Mark. The
stuff Iím about to tell you will
take a while for you to really
understand. Iíve got well over 20
years of diseducation to work my
way through here. Not easy.
      (confused again)
Why do you call me Mark? That is
not my name. I amÖ
Öcalled Assassin. Member of the
Horsemen. Servant of the great and
might Count Famine. I know. Like I
said, calm down, Mark.
REDEEMER stands motionless, confused.


I guess Iíll start this simple--
with my name. You canít pronounce
my true name. Human tongues canít
do it. But, for identification
purposes, you can call me Gideon.
Human tongues...
...Iím not human, Mark. You can
call me a representative of
something a little greater than
your standard, everyday mortal.
Now, next answer. Where are you.
Well, when Famine shot you, he
proved himself to be quite the
You mean Iím actually...
Dead? (shakes head) Not quite.
Well, by all accounts on Earth,
you are dead. But the complete
process kind of got stopped on the
way. When your boss shot you, My
boss decided to step in. Thatís
why youíre here.
REDEEMER looks around room, camera focuses on him. GIDEON
continues, pacing behind him.
Where we areówhere youíre at right
now--is kind of a middle-way
point. Youíre not alive, thatís
for sure, but youíre definitely
not dead. You see, my boss has
decided to give you the
opportunityÖseems kind of odd to
say thisÖ the opportunity of a
lifetime, Mark.


      (turns and looks
       at GIDEON)
What do you mean by that, and why
do you keep calling me Mark?
Thatís your true name. Your
parents gave you the name Mark
Coburn. Thatís your true name, not
Assassin. That name is what the
Horsemen and Famine taught you to
My parents...
You were too young to remember.
Maybe a few months old--
Flashback begins. SCOTT COBURN and CASSANDRA COBURN seen
holding a baby MARK.
                       GIDEON (cont.)
--your parents were lawyers. They
loved you just like any other
parents would. But they had
convicted the son of a power Asian
monarch of drug trafficing. This
monarch wanted revenge, and he
wanted it guaranteed, no matter
the cost. So he hired the
In flashback, FAMINE open a door behind the COBURNS and
raises a gun. Shot and a scream is heard, flashback flashes
to a scene of baby MARK on the floor.
                       GIDEON (cont.)
--They were ready to kill you,
too, but Famine stopped the
Horsemen from doing it. Instead of
killing you, he trained you.


Flashback ends, back to GIDEON and REDEEMER looking at each
And now you've gotten lucky again.
You have an opportunity on the
What opportunity?
A second chance at life.
You mean I come back from the
Thatís a good way to put it, even
though youíre not truly dead yet.
If you fulfill your redemption,
you will live again.
What do you mean, my redemption?
      (somewhat sternly)
All your life, all you did was
either train to be a killer, or
you killed. Do you have any idea
how many lives you destroyed? The
number you laid on the footsteps
of myself and others with you
killing for money and power? You
caused a great amount of pain in
your time on Earth. He doesnít
look favorably on that, the one
who sent me here and the one whoís
giving you this offer now. Youíve
tipped the scales badly in your
lifetime. But, if you put those
scales back in balance, you have
the chance to live again.


What is it I have to do?
You have to redeem yourself. For
every life you took and destroyed,
you must save one. With as busy as
you were doing Famine's deeds on
Earth, this will be a long
process. But, when you complete
this task, youíll have your chance
to live again.
      (pauses for a
       second, then
Say I donít want this offer. What
happens then?
Same that happens to everyone
else. Judgement. Considering your
track record, I donít think the
odds are in your favor. Now, the
decision is yours. Judgement
awaits, or a chance to make up for
your past transgressions.
GIDEON holds out hand for a handshake
                       GIDEON (cont.)
Whatís it going to be? This is
your only chance, Mark. No turning
REDEEMER stares at GIDEON'S hand for several seconds. Slowly
he extends his arm out. Before reaching GIDEON'S hand, he
pauses and looks up into GIDEON'S eyes. REDEEMER then shakes
GIDEON'S hand.
Alright, Redeemer. Your redemption
beginss now.


Several men are chasing a young woman down the alleyway
(will later be identified as ELISSA HANOVER).
Cut back and forth between men chasing ELISSA, and REDEEMER
putting on his costume. On final cutback, ELISSA is trapped
against wall in an alley as gang approaches.
      (scared voice)
Please, take my money. Just let me
                       MAN 1
Money? (laughs, looks at other
men, pulls out switchblade/pocket
knife) You think weíre here just
about money?
MAN 1 grabs ELISSA around the neck, holds knife up to her
                       MAN 1
We got a special place in our
hearts for sweet little sluts like
you. You're not going to leave
this alley alive.
ELISSA screams several times. MAN 1 raises knife over his
head to stab ELISSA. Gunshot heard, knife flies out of MAN
1íS hand. Camera rolls around to show REDEEMER pointing gun.
Change of plans. Sheís leaving the
alley alive, with her money.


                       MAN 1
Excuse me? Who and what the hell
do you think you are telling me
what to do? I own these streets!
MAN 1 snaps his fingers, all other members of the gang pull
out guns and point them at REDEEMER.
      (no change in tone
       of voice)
Itís not too late. You all can
still redeem yourselves. Leave
                       MAN 1
The only thing Iím going to be
doing tonight is blowing your ass
away, along with slicing her up.
MAN 1 snaps fingers again, all the gang members open fire.
None of the shots hit REDEEMER
                       MAN 1
What the hell? Youíre all supposed
to be deadeyes!
                       MAN 2
I was aimed right at his head!
                       MAN 3
I aimed for his heart!
Cut to close-up on REDEEMER'S face.
      (in REDEEMER'S
Redeem without hesitation, whatís
not living cannot be killed.
Redemption can start by just


                       MAN 1
Listen you, I donít know who or
what you are, but youíre dead. GET
Large gun battle between REDEEMER and gang members starts.
ELISSA ducks behind trash dumpster, but is watching from
under the dumpster's bottom. When the dust settles, REDEEMER
is the only one left standing, but none of the gang members
are dead. He walks around the back of the trash dumpster, to
where ELISSA is. He offers her his hand. She takes it and
stands up.
W-w-what are you?
REDEEMER doesn't answer, ELISSA looks at gang members, who
are all down the ground, moaning in pain.
Theyíre--all still alive.
      (in REDEEMER'S
Redeem without fear, whatís not
living cannot kill.
REDEEMER reaches inside coat, pulls out a silver coin, and
places it in ELISSA'S hand.
Please accept this coin as a token
of my redemption here tonight. The
police will be here shortly. Tell
them nothing about me.
REDEEMER turns and runs out of end of alley. ELISSA looks at
coin, then turns and runs after REDEEMER.
Wait, who are--


When ELISSA reaches end of alleyway, REDEEMER has vanished.
Behind her, gang members are limping and running off, one
can faintly be heard saying "come on, let's get the hell out
of here!" After that police sirens can be heard.
Close-up of coin in ELISSA'S hand.
REDEEMER is seen standing at cliff, looking over the edge of
the cliff, staring off into distance.
So this has been my life for the
last years. I sense someone's life
about to be taken, I go save it.
Eventually, it should all be over,
and I get to stay in the world.
Cut to scene of REDEEMER walking down an alleyway. He starts
to walk slower, stagger slightly. He keeps walking,
struggling as the narration continues.
I get to be in the world now, to
work on my redemption, but only
for so long. Otherwise--
REDEEMER stumbles into alleyway door. Cryptic noise sounds,
amd REDEEMER is now in room between Life and Death. REDEEMER
crashes to floor, in fetal position, groaning in pain.
You humans just never can really
get it through your heads.
Cut camera to show GIDEON sitting in chair, reading a
newspaper. REDEEMER is struggling to his feet.


The world is for the living. Once
youíre not alive, you canít stay
in the world. It just works
against the rules.
These rules really frustrate me,
Rules can do that, Mark. But, we
still have them for a reason.
Imagine a universe without rules.
There would no mathematical
absolutes, no important life
functions like gravity and
heartbeats. People wouldnít know
what their limits were. In short,
life would be impossible.
GIDEON drops paper to floor, stands up, walks over to
REDEEMER, places hand on shoulder.
What you are doing is the most
difficult thing any human could
ever do. The rules you have to
abide by are extremely difficult.
But if this werenít difficult, the
reward would not be as
appreciated. Letís take tonight.
Routine assignment, right?
Yes, it was.
Yet you went around roaming the
streets for hours. You knew what
could happen to you if you stayed
out too long.
Yes, I did.


But you stayed out. You know how
precious life is, now that youíve
lost it. You want it back. And
youíre willing to pay the price of
redemption to get there.
REDEEMER doesn't respond to GIDEON, he just stares straight
forward. GIDEON walks toward door.
Youíre almost there now, Mark.
Itís all or nothing. You stop now,
it will be like you never saved
anyone. Donít ever stop learning
the lessons that started the
moment you accepted this.
GIDEON reaches the door, opens it
How close am I?
GIDEON almost closes door, then opens it again and looks
back at REDEEMER.
By the way, you have one more
redemption tonight. The
information is in that newspaper.
GIDEON closes door. REDEEMER slowly walks to newspaper
through narration.
Go out, save a life, then come
back to this little room. Only
able to go out into the world for
short amounts of time. But, as
time goes on, Iím wondering why
that is. Is it that when Iím in
this state between life and death,


                       REDEEMER (cont'd)
I cannot handle the world, or the
world canít handle me?
REDEEMER stops when at newspaper. Doesn't pick it up, just
looks at it.
But something was different. I had
asked Gideon how close I was
before. Heíd never said ďclose.Ē
Could this be coming to an end?
The same alleyway where REDEEMER saved ELISSA. Show ELISSA
being interviewed by a police officer.
      (to ELISSA)
So, a guy in a black trench coat,
black plants, and black hat darts
out of the shadows, pummels these
street toughs into submission, and
just disappears?
Maíam, are you sure you didnít hit
your head? I can drive you
straight to the hospital, get you
right in.
      (frustrated, as if
       she has been
       asked that too
       many times)
Iím telling you, Officer. I didnít
hit my head, there was a man...


      (Cutting ELISSA
Maíam, Iím telling you, weíve got
officer combing this entire
neighborhood, and nobodyís seen
anybody fitting that description.
It had to be something else. Look,
go over to the cars, one of them
will give you a ride home.
ELISSA glares at the office for the second, then just looks
down at the ground.
ELISSA turns and walks away offscreen
"It had to be something else." Is
that right, Officer?
OFFICER turns to face BARNES. BARNES now onscreen.
Detective Barnes. Just following
your orders. Anybody says anything
about men in black trench coats,
deny it. That's what you said a
couple of weeks ago, right?
Thatís right. You did a good job,
Officer. I'll be sure to let your
commander know.
If you donít mind me asking,
Detective, these trench coat cases
have been popping up all over the
place for years. Itís got to be
hundreds. Why the mum?


Safety. Could you imagine the
public response to some lunatic
with the color choice of a
teenager in the middle of a
rebellious goth phase going around
shooting up the town that much? It
would be paranoia. Thatís why
thereís such a lid on this.
But still, heís never killed
anyone. He always saves someone
that's in danger.
So he's a vigilante. That makes it
even worse. People will start
wanting to be like him and become
vigilantes themselves. Do you want
to see people going around trying
to stop crimes the ways this guy
does? How many would get hurt?
I guess I see your point,
OFFICER turns and starts walking away, but looks back after
a few steps.
                       OFFICER (cont.)
...but Iím still glad heís around.
This vigilanteís saved a lot of
OFFICER walks away.
Me too, son. Me too.
BARNES squats down, picks up a bullet casing, and looks at


      (looking up to sky)
What is it that's making you do
this? And what is it you are
CUT to REDEEMER in room between life and death. He is
sitting on a chair. All of a sudden, he looks toward the
door, like he's sensing something. He stands up and walks
toward door.
Surviving gang members that REDEEMER didn't wound are
sitting with their gang's leader, ARTURO.
                       MAN 1
And he just comes out of nowhere
and kicks the crap out of us! And
we couldnít kill him! We shot
right at him and couldnít hit him!
It was like he was a ghost or
That's a load of shit! There is no
such thing as ghosts! Now, we're
going to find this bastard and
send him on a one-way trip to
hell, you go that? These streets
are ours!
Yes, they are your streets, Arturo
Cut to show FAMINE walking out of a shadow
                       FAMINE (cont.)
--for the moment, at least.
Now who the hell are you? And how
do you know my name?


My nameís not important. Neither
does how I know your name. All
that you need to know is that I
know your name, that your gang
rules this neighborhood, and Iíll
be taking over this neighborhood
from your little group of
earthworms starting now.
ARTURO growls, pulls out pistol and cocks it, pointing it at
Over my dead body. Why donít you
get the hell out of here before me
and the rest of my boys here turn
you into Swiss cheese? I killed a
lot of people to rule this turf,
and Iíll be damned if some rat
bastard who needs to see some
sunlight is going to take it from
FAMINE shows no emotion. Slowly raises his hand up to chin
level, audibly giggling louder and louder as he does so.
ARTURO and gang members look at each other uneasily. FAMINE
snaps fingers. Gunshots ring out from the shadows, all the
gang members fall down dead.
Over your dead body sounds like a
fair deal.
Horsemen, including SONIC reveal themselves out of the
                       FAMINE (cont.)
And my name is Famine. Soon
enough, nobody will ever have to
ask me for my name again.
Count Famine, sir. Downtown is
clear. So is the west side.


What about the east side?
That crew hasnít returned yet
Whatís taking them so long? Get
over there, take the car, find
SONIC turns and walks out. FAMINE snaps fingers, other
Horsemen turn to his attention.
Start preparing the place.
Cut to SONIC'S feet stepping outdoors. Cut back to inside.
Cut back to outside, SONIC stops walking. Cut back to
Nothing is stop this destiny.
Anything less is treason!
Cut to SONIC'S feet again. He resumes walking.
REDEEMER is in wild gunfight with several HORSEMEN. As
battle goes on, REDEEMER incapacitates most of them.
Finally, he gets one pinned up against a wall, unable to
reach a gun.
What are you doing here? This
isnít a Horseman job. Why are the
Horseman killing common street


                       ASSASSIN 4
Iím not telling you anything. Your
ears aren't worthy to hear.
Oh, really? Look at my hand.
CUT to close-up of REDEEMER'S hand, where there is still a
Horseman tattoo.
                       REDEEMER (cont.)
Horseman do not hide secrets from
each other! Now tell me!
                       ASSASSIN 4
REDEEMER releases ASSASSIN 4 from the wall.
                       ASSASSIN 4 (cont.)
Things have been changing in the
past year. Weíve been starting to
kill for things besides money and
honor. We've started killing for
ourselves, not for others.
What? Why?
                       ASSASSIN 4
Count Famine has new plans. He
says it will make the Horseman the
most powerful force on earth.
Weíre going to--
Single gunshot rings out. ASSASSIN 4 stops talking, falls to
ground dead. CUT to SONIC holding and pointing gun.
Loose lips sink ships. They're
also treason.
SONIC registers REDEEMER'S face. Flashback to scene of SONIC
pistol-whipping REDEEMER in Cliffside scene. Cut back to
stunned look on SONIC'S face.


You--but you're supposed to be--
SONIC'S face changes from shock to anger. SONIC growls,
reaims gun, and fires. Of course, it misses. REDEEMER runs
around a corner. SONIC chases, but REDEEMER has vanished.
Close-up of SONICíS ear as distant sound of a door opening
and closing is heard. SONIC takes off running in that
direction. Cut to door along street as SONIC runs to it and
opens it, to find the room empty. SONIC slams door shut and
looks around him. REDEEMER is nowhere to be found.
      (looks up to sky
       and shouts)
Iíll find you! And if you werenít
dead last time, Iíll make damned
sure you are this time!
REDEEMER stands leaning his back against the door, looking
at the tattoo on his hand.
This isnít right. The Horseman
arenít a bunch of thugs. Well,
maybe they are, but they donít run
around in the streets doing it. I
donít know what is going on, but I
needed to find out.
Cut to REDEEMER not in his costume, but street clothes. As
camera pans around, GIDEON is shown standing behind
That disguise again?
Outfit. There's a difference
between a disguise and an outfit.


Yes, there is. You're wearing
those clothes to go someplace
you're not supposed to be.
Therefore, it's a disguise. Didn't
we just talk about spending time
out in the world and the danger of
I need to know more about last
With that Horseman you ran into.
Why are you concerning yourself
with that? Iíd suggest thinking
more about yourself and your
redemption, which I might remind
you, you aren't quite done with.
Gideon, thereís something serious
going on here. I know it. It
wasnít chance that the Horseman
were out last night, and I need to
find out whatís happening. And if
the Horseman are involved, itís
not good, I can tell you that for
Fine. Your redemption, not mine.
So where are you going to go and
risk losing everything youíve
worked to get to at this point,
There's an archival library--
Cut to outside shot of library with REDEEMER standing in
front of it as REDEEMER continues talking.


                       REDEEMER (cont.)
--that houses a book called the
Book of Souls. It was written by a
moderatly known German theologist
named Hermann Fatil.
Cut to a shot of the Book of Souls sitting on a table.
                       REDEEMER (cont.)
Those historians think itís some
sort of Reniassance-era essay on
religious theology--
CUT back to REDEEMER and GIDEON in room between life and
                       REDEEMER (cont.)
but itís actually a code book
written by the Horseman that works
like a field guide. It teaches you
how to act like a Horseman, walk
like a Horseman, and kill like a
Horseman. It also has a little bit
of prophecy in it, but they never
let the regular assassins like me
read that part. That was privy to
a select few.
Such as Count Famine.
Cut to shot of REDEEMER walking through library.
       offscreen, back
       in room)
Bingo. And evidentially, if Famine
is changing the rules of how the
Horsemen operate, thereís
something in that part of the book
thatís important to know.
Cut back to REDEEMER and GIDEON in room between life and


All right. Go for it, Mark. But
remember, you only have...
...so much time, I know.
REDEEMER starts to head for door, GIDEON place hand on
REDEEMER to stop him, moves hand up to tap REDEEMER on side
of head.
Keep your head where it needs to
be, Mark.
REDEEMER walks to shelf inside of library. He moves a finger
along the books on one of the shelves. Cut to close-up on
finger moving along books. Finger stops at a point where a
book is missing.
      (to himself)
What the--it should be right
Cut to shot of ELISSA walking up next to REDEEMER.
Excuse me, sir.
ELISSA places the Book of Souls back in its proper spot.
REDEEMER watches as ELISSA leaves, then takes Book of Souls
off shelf. Cut to shot of SONIC, in a Horseman hideout
bulding, staring foreward.
Iím sure of it. Heís the one we
killed on that ledge. Before all
of this began. Somehow, heís not


Donít worry yourself, Sonic.
Cut to show FAMINE standing in front of SONIC, holding a
copy of the Book of Souls.
                       FAMINE (cont.)
Even if itís true, this is no
reason to change anything. Nothing
will stop us from fulfilling what
the Prophecies have proclaimed is
rightfully ours.
FAMINE opens Book of Souls to exact page he wants.
      (reading from Book
       of Souls)
For the moment has come for the
worthy to emerge from the shadow
into view. And in that moment, the
inferior and weak shall be
Cut back to inside library, where REDEEMER is reading exact
same passage out of that copy of the Book of Souls.
      (reading from Book
       of Souls)
--and the strong shall assume a
place in the sight of all. And
this shall come to pass...
REDEEMER pauses.
Oh, dear God.
REDEEMER quickly closes book, stands up and walks rapidly


REDEEMER is walking away from the library
What a coincidence.
REDEEMER looks around to see ELISSA.
I saw you grab that book.
ELISSA walks over to REDEEMER, holds out hand.
Elissa Hanover, National Mirror.
And your name isÖ
UhÖCoburn. Mark. Mark Coburn.
So Mark Coburn, what is your
interest in that book? Considering
it had about an inch of dust on it
when I grabbed it off the shelf,
the odds of two people reading it
on the same day at almost the same
time is pretty astronomical,
wouldnít you say?
Or weíre just both fans of early
Renaissance literature.
      (polite reporter
Possibly. Would you like to grab
some coffee?


Actually, I have other plansó
--and what might those be?
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm a reporter,
asking questions is part of the
business. Are you sure you can't
find a few minutes for coffee?
REDEEMER is obviously struggling to decide.
                       ELISSA (cont.)
I'll try not to ask too many
REDEEMER has sudden change in emotion and facial expression,
because he has just gotten the first signs that he needs to
leave Earth.
I'm sorry, I really can't. I have
to go.
REDEEMER turns and runs, rounding a corner. Elissa,
startled, chases after him after a couple of seconds.
Please, wait! You look familiar to
ELISSA rounds corner, but REDEEMER has disappeared.
Öand that's familiar, too.
Pan left to hot dog stand. Man purchasing hot dog has back
turned to camera, he turns around, revealing it is GIDEON.


REDEEMER walks in through door, closes it, breathing
heavily, struggling to stay standing. Pan over to GIDEON
sitting in a chair.
And the explorer has returned.
REDEEMER collapses onto bed, GIDEON gets out of chair, walks
to stand over bed
                       GIDEON (cont.)
So, what did the explorer find?
Something big is going to happen.
The Horseman have something to do
with it. They might even be behind
it themselves.
Uh huh. And why does this interest
Well, I was a Horseman for such a
long time. To not be working for
someone that is paying well
doesn't seem like something Count
Famine would be interested inó
Cut to flashback of REDEEMER being shot by FAMINE
But I feel, that even with all the
Horsemen have accomplished, we can
accomplish so much more. Instead
of taking the orders, we could
(snaps fingers) make them.
Cut to FAMINE shooting REDEEMER, then cut back to present.


The Horseman are behind it.
They're planning something,
Gideon. Something big.
I'll be sure to let the boss know,
but he probably knows it already.
GIDEON walks toward door, stops, turns to face REDEEMER
                       GIDEON (cont.)
By the way, you almost did it,
didn't you?
Almost what?
Took her up on her coffee offer.
You were watching me?
      (taps brim of hat)
Always. You didn't answer my
It's been awhile since I had good
GIDEON just stares at REDEEMER, obviously not buying it.
                       REDEEMER (cont.)
Plus, it would have been
interesting, seeing someone start
their life again after, you know,
I showed up in it.
What are you planning to do, Mark?


I'm not sure. Who knows what
Famine actually plans to do?
That's not what I'm talking about,
Mark. What are you planning to do
with her?
What are you talking about,
What would have happened if she
had recognized you from the alley?
You're to work in secret. You know
that. Try a lot harder to avoid
her from now on. The last thing
that should be happening is people
asking even more questions about
what was happened to them when
redeeming is going on.
GIDEON opens door, closes it behind him
I had lied to Gideon. He probably
knew it.
door opens again, GIDEON peeks in
Also, I'd suggest, this close to
your redemption being complete,
you focus on that instead of
whatever it is the Horsemen are
doing. It will be taken care of,
it always is.
GIDEON exits again, closing door
The reporter wasn't the first


                       REDEEMER (cont'd)
person I'd saved to see me more
than once.
Show FULLINGTON WEAVER working in his office
His name is Fullington Weaver. Hot
shot millionaire banker. I saved
him and his young son during a
conveience store holdup. I visit
him once in a while, because
something about him concerned me.
He's got some shady connections,
and I know of one account in
Cut back to room, REDEEMER picks up hat of costume
                       REDEEMER (cont.)
Gideon told me to leave it alone,
I know, but something about
whatever Famine has planned
doesn't fit well with me.
Cut back to WEAVER'S office. He hears a noise, gets up to
investigate, sees a book fell off of bookshelf. He replaces
it, turns around, and is startled by REDEEMER, in full
costume, sitting in his desk chair
You've never heard of knocking,
have you?
I don't need to, Weaver. So why
should I?
Well, it would sort of make sense
for you to not give me a heart
attack, after you saved my life
and all.


WEAVER walks over to liquor cabinet, holds bottle up and
looks at REDEEMER
                       WEAVER (cont.)
Silence, REDEEMER just stares intently at WEAVER.
Of course not.
WEAVER begins to fix himself drink.
I don't try to know why I was to
redeem you. It's not my position
to question.
WEAVER finishes fixing drink, turns back to face REDEEMER
I'm sensing some real hostility.
(chuckles) Oh sure, since that
fateful moment when our paths
crossed, I haven't done everything
you wanted me to do. But think
about it, we're not all that
different. I can be a real selfish
bastard, sometimes coming across
the wrong people in the day-to-day
functions of my business, but it's
not exactly out of the goodness of
your heart that you run around
firing those big flashy pistols of
yours. (drinks) It's a purely
selfish motivation. Whatever it is
you're chasing after every night,
you're not doing it for the
goodness of the world. You're
doing it for yourself.
      (stands up)
What are the Horsemen up to,


Who are the Horsemen? I have no
idea what you're talking about.
WEAVER turns and starts walking away from REDEEMER, who is
now off-screen.
You're lying.
Cut to show showing REDEEMER is now standing in front of
                       REDEEMER (cont.)
I can smell it. You know exactly
what the Horsemen are up to. Now
what is it?
I can't tell you.
REDEEMER starts walking forward, causing WEAVER to walk
You don't understand what's going
on here. You don't know what kind
of organization the Horseman is.
What kind of man Famine is.
Whatever they have planned is
going to hurt a lot of people.
WEAVER is now backed up against his desk.
You don't know that!
REDEEMER holds up his arm, so WEAVER can see the Horseman
Yes, I do. Does that look
REDEEMER grabs picture in frame off desk.


It'll be no good for Scott,
either. Tell me.
WEAVER looks at the picture, stares back at REDEEMER
Fine. Sit down.
REDEEMER sits in a chair, WEAVER sits behind his desk
I've been getting into the real
estate business lately. So I'd
been keeping a closer eye than
usual on some of the local
Cut to flashback of WEAVER looking at transactions, etc,
basically doing what he's talking
                       WEAVER (cont.)
I started noticing some very
unusual occurrences in a lot of
these: the property was selling
for around fair market value,
maybe even a little over, but
sometimes for hardly anything at
all. All of these were going to
different accounts, but all these
accounts were based in the same
area of the world. Evidentially,
At this point, cut to flashback angle where SONIC can be
seen opening door to WEAVER'S office as he works
                       WEAVER (cont.)
I was looking a little too close.
That's when I met Sonic. He told
me to back off, otherwise he'd
kill Scott.
Cut back to present


                       WEAVER (cont.)
That's all I know. For some reason
the Horsemen are buying up
property all over town, in no real
pattern. I don't know what they
have planned beyond that.
REDEEMER stands us, and starts to walk out
                       WEAVER (cont.)
One more thing.
REDEEMER turns, looks back at WEAVER
What's that?
There's still one section of town
they haven't bought anything in.
REDEEMER suddenly looks away and up
That might have just changed
REDEEMER runs out of office
You obviously don't get it. We
said we are taking over. And
there's not a thing you can do to
stop us. Now--
SONIC cocks gun, points it at GANG MEMBER
                       SONIC (cont.)
--one last weed to pluck.


Hold it!
SONIC turns, REDEEMER jumps into view.
You. I have to admit, it was a
real surprise the other day.
Seeing youóyou knowónot dead and
all that. But, it's not going to
stop us. You see, Count Famine
knows all about you. What you are.
What you've become. And according
to him, it doesn't change a thing.
I know the prophecy, Sonic. I
looked it up in the Book of Souls.
You can't actually believe that
can happen.
SONIC whips out gun, fires shot at REDEEMER. Of course, it
misses, REDEEMER doesn't even flinch.
Do not speak of the Count that
Why not? He tried to kill me,
didn't he? He failed at that. Why
wouldn't he fail at this?
Because for all your skill, your
mind was weak. Maybe you're not
dead. But you can't stop us.
Yes, I will.
REDEEMER holds up hand, showing Assassin tattoo


                       REDEEMER (cont.)
This isn't anything to me anymore.
Just some discolored skin.
Ok, fine.
SONIC drops gun to ground, holds out his arms at his sides
                       SONIC (cont.)
If you're going to stop us, then
shoot me. Pull out your gun and
put a bullet in my head. Come on
Assassin, do your job!
REDEEMER reaches for gun, but freezes in position. SONIC
                       SONIC (cont.)
See? You can't kill.
Quick cut to GANG MEMBER getting up and running away.
HORSEMAN starts to take after him.
                       SONIC (cont.)
Stop! Let him run, he can't do
SONIC turns back to REDEEMER
                       SONIC (cont.)
So, maybe you might be able to be
a thorn in our side here and
there, but you're powerless to
stop us. But, look on the bright
side. You get a front-row seat to
the dawn of a new world, where the
strong rule. The Horseman are the
strong. And Count Famine is the
strongest of them all.
SONIC looks around


                       SONIC (cont.)
Well, they're all gone. Our job
here is done. So, we'll be taking
off now.
SONIC walks up to REDEEMER, gets close to his face
                       SONIC (cont.)
Enjoy the show.
REDEEMER tries again to reach for his gun, is unable to do
so. SONIC turns and walks away, picks up gun, turns and
looks back. REDEEMER is already at far entrance to building,
looking at him.
I will find a way to stop you and
Famine, Sonic. Mark my words.
That's good.
SONIC points gun at REDEEMER
                       SONIC (cont.)
You know what the only downside of
having you the way you are is? I
can't actually kill you.
SONIC turns his head and fires causal shot at REDEEMER.
Audible grunt is heard. SONIC looks back. REDEEMER is
holding left arm with right hand. Lifts right hand to reveal
he is bleeding. SONIC is stunned, then tries to fire again,
but gun is out of bullets.
Fire! Fire now!
HORSEMEN start firing, but REDEEMER runs out door. Cut to
see REDEEMER entering an adjacent door, sound as if crossing
over into Room between Life and Death is heard. HORSEMEN and
SONIC round corner and open door, to see he is gone.


SONIC slams door
REDEEMER sits on the floor against the door, gasping for
air, holding his left arm over the bullet wound.
At this point I was totally lost.
Redeem without hesitation, whatís
not living cannot be killed. Yet I
was sitting here with a bullet
Cut to FAMINE talking to SONIC
Are you certain?
I saw the blood on his hand. I
thought you said we couldn't hurt
him and he couldn't hurt us.
Cut to Room Between Life and Death. Close-up of REDEEMER.
Does it hurt?
It hurts like hell.
If only you knew how far you are
actually off with that statement,
Gideon, what just happened?


Cut back to FAMINE and SONIC
Well, what does this mean? If he
can get hurt, doesn't that mean he
can hurt us too?
So, what does this do the mission?
Doesn't this mean he can possibly
throw a wrench in it?
Actually, I think it's just become
easier than before.
Why do you say that?
FAMINE just laughs.
Cut back to Room Between Life and Death.
Well, I told you that you were
close, didn't I?
You mean, I got hurt becauseÖ
You're done, Mark.
I'm doneÖ
You have redeemed yourself.
Cut back to FAMINE and SONIC.


So should we look for him? If what
you're saying is true, he
shouldn't be hard to find.
Do not worry bout that, Sonic. You
and your men are far too important
to be kept busy with this small
loose end. I have somebody else to
take care of that.


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From Paul Shannon Date 8/11/2005 **1/2
odd, excellent writing. not sure if it is commercial but very interesting

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