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Arsenic Kiss (Short)
by Rob T

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ***
An insanely short film with unisex characters.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


CHRIS walks angrily down the hallway carrying a long blunt
object (baseball bat, golf club, cane, etc.) He/she slams
open a door, and enters. To the right or left of the door is
Angry, isn't he/she. Well I guess
he/she should be. He's/she's just
entered the room of Alex Martin.
Alex owes that Chris kid 5000
dollars from some coke he/she
scored off him/her last week. And
as I'm sure you've already
guessed, Alex didn't pay up, and
now, Chris is about to bash his
skull in. Let's watch.
Chris walks in, and slowly plays with the blunt object in
his/her hands, staring at Alex sleeping on the bed.
      (under breath)
Slowly, the object rises, and with a whip of air, it falls.
Chris continues to bludgeon him/her to death, horrible
sounds are heard.
The last blow is done with great passion, and causes a
stream of blood to splash on Chris' face, uncluding his/her
mouth. He/she wipes the mass of blood, only making a bigger
mess. Its clear that a substantial amount is in her mouth,
she swallows and spits a little.
Chris walks over to a sink area and washes his/her face a
little, then he/she looks in the mirror scared and confused,
then falls to the floor, dead. The Narrator walks into the


See, what'd I tell you? He/she
sure did bash his/her skull in.
It's a shame... What poor Chris
there didn't know was that Alex
died an hour ago... Let's just say
he took a nice big dose of arsenic
before he fell asleep. You can
never trust another person's
blood, that's how people get
AIDS... You should also never
trust another person's cocktail,
that's how Alex there died. How do
I know... Well... I killed
The Narrator goes in Alex's pocket, takes out his/her
wallet, grabs out some money and credit cards, and leaves
the room. He/she then slowly walks down the hall as the
credits roll.


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From Lance Date 7/20/2005 ***
I'll agree completely with what was said above. I thought that the idea is awesome and that the script works in a short version. It could be slightly longer if you find a way to do that. The he/she got really annoying for me, so I would suggest not writing that, but adding a note into the script that says that these characters can be male or female but that you chose to use, say "male" characters. Expand it and this will be definitely worth a 3.5 or 4. Good luck.

From Chad Hager Date 7/14/2005 ***
Very short. Interesting to say the least. You did forget a /her in the first Narrarator speech in the last line. I do like the concept and it can be expanded upon. There seems to be a good backgorund story that could form around the narrarator. The unisex thing is annoying but you keep yourself open for change I guess. I think it would be very good to see this in a female perspective if ever filmed. You just don't see females acting in this manner in most films. I cant give it a four becaus it is really short. Expand a little even though you probably wont and it could be a four.

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