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by J.D. Gonzales (x1rtdn1m@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review: **1/2

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Sean walks into the frame carrying rollerblades and
collapses on the couch laying down. He picks up the remote,
turns the T.V. on.
                       T.V. REPORTER
Today on 9 news, a protest for
more censorship took place at the
capital today, Parents traveled
for miles to look upon or even
join in for this event.
                       TV INTERVIEW
I came straight from Palmdale,
California theres no way that I
would've missed this!
Shut the fuck up...shit...
Sean turns off the TV
Sean turns his head and falls asleep.
Fade out.
Fade in.

It fades in to Sean looking straight up still on the couch
blinking more than usual(focusing his eyes). He sits
himself up, and looks at his watch.
      (very quickly)
O s*** I'm late for school!
When he says shit, a blur goes over his mouth and a loud
bleep stops him. He stops himself and looks around.
      (bleeps again)
What the F***?
Sean starts to Panic.


      (counts on fingers
       as he goes
       through words)
S***, F***, C***, D*** it, WHAT
He grabs his blades and runs out of the frame. He
rollerblades down the street. It cuts to the school.
Slip and Joe are talking outside when Sean comes skatin into
the scene, he can't stop and rolls right on through the
frame, breaking up the conversation, you here him fall down.
Slip and Joe run over to help him out. He is flipped on his
back bent over a bench.It goes to Seans point of view very
Whoa, Sean, you ok?
      (smily face covers
       mouth but blury
       and cookoo sound)
Man that was some straight up
Xgames type s***
They help Sean up and he looks paniced
Guys, Guys! Something crazy is
going on!
Just shut up and listen!
small silence
      (very seriously)
Slip and Joe just stare at Sean, then they burst out


What the F*** is so funny about
      (covers mouth with
       his own face and
Dude, your a dumba**.
Sean is shocked to see him bleeped to.
Well didn't you know about it? The
stuck up business guys have been
trying to pass this law for like
four years?!
OK, look, they passed the "Don't
say S***" law.
I thought that was a joke, G**
D*** it, wait I can't even say
      (Smily Face covers
       mouth and cookoo
Nope, check this s***
Joe pulls out a one dollar bill and it says "In G** we
trust" God is blurred out with Bush.
Aww man, this is bulls***
How come you guys get smily faces
and your own face, when I'm stuck
with this Jerry Springer type


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From Joe Date 3/19/2007 ****
awesome...i hate people who go too far to be politically correct. great!

From Paul Shannon Date 7/25/2005 *1/2
In todays time, people seem to want to use the liberal/conservative issues to entertain. What this does is cause ill feeling and no entertainment value. Saying one person is responsible for all the woes leaves you mad anymore. Funny concept, way too predictable ending.

From Lance Date 7/21/2005 **
This is a very interesting idea. Usually, I am not very intrigued by films that break into the real world. Monty Python type films can be funny, but that kind of sudosituational comedy needs to be reserved for certain times and has to be in the context of a film that would be extremely funny without the spike (acknowledging aspects of film that are not in the world of the story). You might want to turn this into a battle between adults and students where they want to curse and a parent runs by to stop them. Create a world and make the comedic moments and comments happen within that world, but it isn't nearly as funny when you break out of your world for the sake of a joke.

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