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blood lines
by Dave Perkins (kain-abel@hotmail.co.uk)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: **
A modern and unique take on vampires as two clans and a modern young woman fight for ancient artefact called the Dagon Juggerath. (the rest of the screenplay will be up later.)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We open in a "what's the word." decadent penthouse. All open
plan very luxurious every piece of upholstery silk. The
silence is shattered by the sound of steel against steel, a
sword fight, in this day and age.

We see a man war sword, in his late twenties with a ornate
long sword (a two handed war sword.) He fights for his life,
against a Woman

A woman dressed almost entirely in grey. Her skirt is thigh
split to enable her to move with a fluid grace despite her
heels. She wields a rapier with the skill of grand swords
master if not better.

The man swings down his sword with enough force to cleave a
support girder in half. She easily side steps the attack and
kicks him in the chest pushing him back and making fall over
from his prone after attack position.

She stabs the blade of her rapier into the ground. talking
as she takes off her jacket to reveal a tight black top. She
is a very well endowed women to be sure with long raven
black hair.

The world knows this woman as purgatory…
Well I have enjoyed our little
game but I must end it now, you
see I have pressing matters to
attend to...
Her accent is Italian but she speaks English very well like
she's travelled the world many times in her life.

She kicks off her heels and draws her sword once more as the
man gets back up.
He wipes the sweat off his brow and looks at the back of his
hand, on it the is a strange tattoo, a circle with seven
stars up on it, six of the stars out of the circle, only one
is in the circle.

She readies her sword pointing the tip of it at his heart.


Ready your self to meet your gods.
He readies his sword, I'll say this much about this strange
Italian woman she has a sense of honour that would rival
anything in 16th and 17th century Europe.
It is you who will see the other
side not I.
We'll see?
And with that last comment they fight, and fight they do.
now that purgatory has lost her restrictive jacket and her
heels she dances around war sword, her rapier cutting neat
arcs through the air.

Attacks meets counters, counters meet parries the fight is
electrifying never before have we seen such a display of
skill with two completely different swords and fighting

War sword's massive blade slices through the air like a
helicopter blade no man can should or could fight with the
power he has and like wise no women could fight like
purgatory, her speed and strength are inhuman.

He makes a wrong move and that's his mistake and her win,
her blade thrusts forward and hits him neatly in the chest,
right between rib bones and pierces his heart a kill shot.

He looks surprised as she with draws her blade. A second
later something happens to him his body begins to evaporate,
his flesh falling from his skeleton in showers of blue

She walks away picking up a cleaning cloth from a table and
cleans off her blade.

She walks to her shoes and neatly slips them back on as she
retrieves her jacket and puts it back on.

All the while war sword dissipates in the back ground
leaving only a patch of white dust on the ground.

She slides her rapier back into a scabbard on the wall.

Before turning around and picking her mobile phone up off a


desk, a Motorola RAZR. She uses speed dial to call someone,
putting the phone to her ear she talks but we don't hear the
person on the other side.
It is done, the ba'alite called
war sword is destroyed.
yes he wasn't even a challenge.
no he didn't call for help he was
to proud.
yes that leaves only a few left,
they'll be more challenging…
of course I'll be there at ten...
she pulls the phone away from her ear and closes it up
before walking into her bedroom towards her closets, calmly
like she just hasn't committed murder.
An old man sits at his desk, his name is professor
maximillion jennings, an unkempt gangly 70 year old
professor of ancient cultures. Odd books on the occult lay
every where along with ancient manuscripts on things we care
not to read about lest we go mad.

He sits sweating reading talking into a phone looking at his
computer that is in the middle of a translation from some
obscure Sumerian text.

Again we hear him speak and not the person on the other end
of the phone line.
                       PROF JENNINGS
No, no I need more time the texts
are incomplete and fragmented.
He wipes the sweat off his head.
                       PROF JENNINGS
Yes I am aware that my families
lives are at stake, no I'll have
it done I just need more time.
The line goes dead.


                       PROF JENNINGS
Hello, hello.
He puts the phone down and goes back to his work, we can
tell he's extremely nervous, about the whole affair, he
looks down and continues to work on the translation of
something, the manuscript or scroll in front of him has a
strange image drawn upon of a monster.

The monster could best be described as lovecraftian in
nature, an unruly mass of ropy tendrils attached to a pillar
of flesh.
An extravagant sports car, a TVR Sagaris pulls up outside
club styx, a converted theatre or something like that,
swanky, exclusive and perhaps the most important expensive.

A valet opens the car door and out steps purgatory in a
beautiful clinging sleeveless grey dress and a single
separate sleeve , her hair up on her head and her feet in
high heels, in short sexiness personified.

The valet gives her a ticket and she gives him a look "if
looks could devour".

She saunters into the club completely bypassing the queue,
we can tell she's expected or very important to some one who
owns the club.
She walks into the huge, lavish converted theatre. A 21st
century version of 54 on equal overdoses of steroids and

Her body naturally merges with the beat of the music.
Odd music like dance version of a classic Spanish guitars in
which a heavy beat merges with the absolute melody of the
flamenco guitars.

She's a predator on the prowl her eyes search every man in
the room occasionally she passes them deliberately rubbing
her body close to theirs.


All the while she makes her towards a heavy curtained off
section of the club the VIP section.

The bouncer outside the curtain raises it for her as she
passes, she doesn't acknowledge him as she did the other men
in the club. I wonder why?
She enters the large VIP section of the club, an extravagant
section where the music isn't so loud and everything is made
out of velvet.

Inside stands a man and another pile of falling blue embers,
he cleans of a bastard sword with a piece of velvet. The man
is handsome looks like he's in his late thirties, powerful
and a he carries something else about a sense of fear and
power unspeakable power. He's called Paradiso.
You're early purgatory.
He has a slight Scottish accent to his voice.
Yes well I was going to have a
bite to eat first but…
He slides his sword back into his long thick coat and takes
a tray off another table the tray has several glasses around
a decanter of dark liquid. He sits opposite her.
The dregs here not to your taste?
After such a precious kill I need
something special, something pure
and unspoilt, such things are hard
to find in this age.
He pours her a drink, for the first time we realise the
liquid is blood and they must be vampires or are they? If
they are that explains her ability to fight such a man.
Yes the humans have no morals any
more, throwing away something as
precious as their virginity on a
quick shuffle between the sheets,
they no longer have any concept of


                       PARADISO (cont'd)
love or hatred they are a cess
pool of rotting ideals and morals
drowning in the drugs of modern
society breeding with each other
like mongrels.
She drinks the glass of blood and licks her lips.
Perhaps but there are still a few
even in here. I can smell them and
later I'll take them home and have
my way with them.
A voice enters the room gruff and powerful and English. The
voice of inferno.
                       INFERNO (o.c.)
Give them a night they never
forget but never remember eh.
They turn around and see a man tall and muscular, a skin
head has the look of a soldier or maybe an assassin about
him, dressed in a dark grey oddly cut suit.

He has a pretty Asian girl on his arms maybe about twenty
five a nubile virgin to be sure, skinny dress no underwear
or bra, fuck me now heels.

Paradiso looks at the young woman so does purgatory.
I see you found one?
Inferno pulls a seat out for the young woman to sit on.
Yes as pure as virgin snow so to
speak untouched, but I've already
fed tonight so I might save her
for later.
He pours her a drink she seems very confused by the way they
speak to each other, she drinks it.

Purgatory looks at her, thinking she certainly is pure.
Paradiso pours himself and the others a drink again.
Well now that we're all here-


He nods in the direction of the Asian girl.
With the exception of our guest
here, I suggest we get to
Purgatory stands up.
No our words, our plans are not
for her ears, she is a pure soul.
The Asian girl speaks out confused.
                       ASIAN GIRL
I'm not that pure, I've done
things that-
She is cut off when purgatory puts her finger on the Asian
girls mouth.
She pours the Asian girl a drink, taking a sip from it
first. The drink changes colour from white wine to a greener

The Asian girl is confused as she takes the drink off the
strange woman, almost as if she can't help herself.
purgatory never breaks eye contact with the her almost like
she's casting some spell.
The Asian girl just nods and drink the drink all the while
purgatory just stares at her. after she's finished she
starts to fell feint and as her head falls purgatory stops
it from hitting the table gently laying her head on the back
of the chair. The other two don't look to impressed or even
bothered by what as just transpired.

Purgatory gets up and returns to her seat.
Now we can talk business.
Paradiso finishes his drink and gets up.


Well I assume that inferno
defeated morning star.
He's history ancient history like
the rest of his kind?
And I've just killed samiel and
purgatory finished off war sword
not an hour ago.
So are they all dead.
No, there are just two left.
Inferno looks at purgatory and she looks at him with in
seconds they all exchange looks.
Yes those two, the two greatest
sons of ba'al, the slayers of
perdition. Kain and abel...
we are the greatest of our
brotherhood, the sons of
And sister.
And sister of perdition, we are
the greatest the most powerful we
are the chosen, those who would
bring forth the Dagon juggerath.
The star spawn our ancestors?
Paradiso nods, that's correct before continuing.
Yes our ancestor all we need do is
find the ancient key the
progenitor. And we are close very
They both look at him.


How close?
Paradiso smiles and for the first time we see those fangs,
canines if you will the teeth of a vampire.
Very close indeed a matter of days
maybe less if my source comes
through the translations of the
scrolls of R'lyeh.
Inferno sneers.
Working with humans, most unlike
you Paradiso, you hate them if I
recall correctly.
They have there purposes as
What of the two brothers, Kain and
There being dealt with as we
speak? By the sins.
A young man in his twenties sits at a table his feet upon it
eating pizza, he looks like he's just got out of shower or
something his long black hair is wet and he's dressed in
only a pair of black combat trousers with a pair of shit
kicker black boots on.

The shop is a derelict or something looks like it was some
sort of fashion joint an old juke box sits in one corner old
shelves with old clothes, that kind of shit hip hop fusion
punk stuff.

Some one enters the room covered in strange whirling tribal

The young man looks up at him and speaks cockily. The young
man is abel.


The shops closed…
The strange tattooed man just stands there. We'll call him.
we'll call him pride.
Are you the one called abel...
Abel looks up at him his cocky grin never leaving his face.
Depends on who's asking.
My master sends a message. To your
kind, the ba'al are finished.
Abel laughs and points to a sign above the door.
Do you know what that says?
Pride turns around and looks as abel continues to idly eat
his pizza.

The sign reads as pride speaks.
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi
Well done you read latin. Do you
know what it means?
Pride turns back and looks at him.
No, well I'll tell you, it means
abandon every hope all that enter
Pride looks back at the door and six more people enter the
shop, yep you’ve got it the other six deadly sins.
Where is your brother?
I'm not his keeper?


Perhaps you'll feel like talking
before we kill you?
Abel gets up after finishing his pizza off and wipes his
hand clean on an old t shirt before putting his komex combat

He walks over towards the jukebox.
We'll see who falls, now lets
He presses a button but nothing happens he presses again and
nothing happens, he punches it the jukebox buckles but
starts to work none the less.

A song starts to blare out of the dented jukebox and that
song rather ironically is "SACRIFICED SONS by DREAMTHEATER."

Abel stands their head banging as the seven deadly sins draw
their swords and other weapons.

They charge him en masse abel is master fighter he dodges
every one of their attacks and counters them all, his legs
and arms free wheeling hitting them in the heads and the
bodies. This is a fighter who's spent a life time training
in the arts.
He reaches his desk and flips over it and grabs a long six
shot revolver heavily customised and packing the most
powerful ammo you can buy for a revolver 454. cassul magnum.

The seven sins still charge for him, one swings a sword and
he ducks while spinning to avoid another sword he spins his
gun to block another attack before getting a clear point
blank shot on one of the them and pulling the trigger the
shell blows him away his body exploding into red embers.
He squeezes off two more and another falls again exploding
into red embers.

Five left and only three shells. the fight picks up more
pace and speed both the remaining sins and abel keeping one
step a head of them, he flings one into a wall kicks another
in the chest and shoots him as he flies away, he hits the
ground as embers.


Abel spins kicking pride in the head sending him spinning
through the air like a human tornado. 4 left 2 shells.
One of them brings a sword down abel grabs his wrist and
forces it to slice into another sin while kicking him in the
head and taking the sword off him.

Abel swings the sword like a master, limbs fly off as his
magnum blares along with the music. A head is severed and
the body explodes into embers two more are shot dead and
more embers erupt in to the room.

Now all that remains is pride he tries to make a run for it
but abel cuts him off, sword flares for a few seconds until
prides sword arm is cut off and he's flung through the air
like a rag doll, pride hits the floor like a rag doll
completely spent, abel however isn't even sweating.

Pride gets up at the same time abel throws the sword, the
blade hammers home in his shoulder pinning him to the wall.

The music stops and the juke turns off as abel empties the
six spent shells from his magnum, walking towards the table.

Right now that I win, you can have
the pleasure of telling me who
sent you?
Pride looks at him, pure hatred and contempt burn in his eye
Abel reaches his table and opens a draw pulling out a speed
loader, the shells are different from the ones we know.
They're made from gold.
You better tell me something?
Pride laughs as abel loads his revolver.
This much I'll tell you, the
dreaming god shall awaken and your
kind and humans will all be
destroyed or spend all of eternity
in the city of dis.


Something cracks prides neck and he to erupts into a shower
of red embers.
Abel stands there for a few seconds thinking.
The dreaming god? the city of dis?
where have I heard that before?
He stuff's his revolver in the back of his trousers and
walks away towards the back of the shop.
Abel stands in his make shift bedroom, filled with old books
on all sorts of occult things from voodoo all the way to sea
monsters and everything in between.

He rummages through a small book shelf of his most prized
books all of them rare.

Behind him are his bed still messy from last night his pile
of clothes most of them tactical and stylish his revolver
holster his leather coat and his most prized and valuable
possession his two swords both them katana's. on a custom
rig he made himself a long time ago
He finds what he's looking for an ancient copy of Dante
Alighieri's the divine comedy. he sits on his bed and begins
to leaf through the pages of the book looking for something
and he finds it in the first canticas and from canto 9
through 30, the city of dis the worst parts of hell a place
for all manner of nasties against sinner all to graphic to
go on about in here.

Abel puts the book back on his shelf and leans back thinking
Why would he make refrence to that
He lies back thinking aloud.
He was a sin so they where the
seven deadly sins, sons of
perdition, the book refrences the
sins in purgatory, purgatory comes
after hell the last part of hell


                       ABEL (cont'd)
is in the city of dis, the river
styx surrounds the city of dis.
so they came from the city of dis
the entrance of which is styx...
He sits up and walk over out his room towards the shop
He sits down in front of his table and opens up a laptop
computer while plugging a cell phone into it.

He logs onto the internet and begins to go though anything
called Styx in the city.

And lo and behold there it is the club from earlier. club
Styx, he smiles.
time to pay a visit to my would be
He walks into his bedroom again.
Abel walks out into the back alley behind his shop, he's
fully dressed now in his leather jacket, his revolver in a
holster outside his coat and his swords on a specially
designed rig behind his back.

He pulls a sheet of tarp off of his motor bike, a jet black
Yamaha R1. he gets on and drives off.
A old man walks over the site of an old ritual ground of
ancient druids, several stones laid to waste by the
elements. Symbols are barely visible on the stones odd
symbols of language long forgotten by man.
It the same man the museum, he looks like he hasn't slept,
he looks at an old map in his only pausing to look above his
wire rim glasses at the outlay of the ritual ground.


He walks a few steps and kneels down taking a ww2 trenching
shovel out of a satchel. He begins to dig in the soft
earth. Finally he reaches something a piece of dirty cloth
buried about a foot or so in the ground.
He pulls loose the piece of cloth and opens it up it
contains something a reliquary of sorts holding something in
it's glass core a small creature totally alien to anything
we've seen.

He looks at it in the light it appears dead just floating in
the water that holds it. He hears something a voice on the
                       WIND VOICE
Dagon juggerath…
He shudders despite the sun and quickly wraps up the
reliquary and puts it in his satchel, he quickly walks off…
Abel's Yamaha stops outside the club now closed for the
night, he looks around there are no cars here now, no valets
no queue just a bit of rubbish that blows down the deserted

It's that transition time between the two worlds of
humanity, the day and the time of work and night the time of

He drives off slowly around the side of the building.
He stops the bike at the back of the club, empty kegs of
beer and bins full of whine bottles and etc etc sit idly out
the rear of the club. he lowers the bikes kick stand and
gets off the bike walking towards the door, as he walks he
draws a sword and swings it over his head neatly cutting the
through the cable of the security camera.

He reaches the door and stops returning his sword to it's

He presses an ear against the door, listening. No sounds.


Well no one's home.
He pulls out a lock pick set and picks the lock.
He walks into the largish loading room filled to the ceiling
with full barrels of various beers, crates of wine, the room
is slightly refrigerated.

He continues to walks moving stealthy like a cat, his boots
making almost no sound, yet his body remains taut like wound
spring ready for action.
He walks into the club from behind the bar, the club is
empty no one's here. He continues to move cautiously though
just in case.

Moving through the various parts of the bar until he comes
to the VIP section of the club.
This part to is empty apart from the empty glasses of what
purgatory, inferno and Paradiso where drinking. The decanter
filled with the dark liquid we know to be blood is empty.

There's no sign of the Asian girl so we can assume that one
of them took her with them.

He continues to look around until reaches another locked

He uses his lock pick again and enters.
The office is empty like the rest of the place but this time
as a little more to offer abel. He sits behind the desk and
begins to rummage through the draws.


All he finds is general business papers to do with the club.
He returns them and begins to walks around the office
admiring pieces of odd art.
Now where would I hide sinister
He stops his boot made an unusual sound on the ground. he
stops and stamps until he hears it again and kneels down and
peels off carpet tile to reveal a safe on the floor.
The safe looks heavy duty and very resistant to just about
every thing except this…

He draws his sword spins it a couple of times and stabs
straight down with the accuracy of stealth bomber strike,
the blade of his sword goes straight through the safe.
There's a click and the safe door opens.

He rifles through the safe, inside are pictures, computer
disks and a few files.
Pay dirt!
He gathers up his ill gotten gains and leaves the office
setting it just how he left it.
Purgatory lies in her massive bed, she stirs and gets up,
all the while we focus on her face and shoulders as not to
see what lies in the bed.

She disappears from sight and returns in a silk robe, we can
tell she's naked underneath, (no bra straps or lines and no
VPL.) she opens the wide thick curtains and daylight streams
into the room, for a vampire the day light does absolutely
nothing at all.

She turns back to the bed and looks on lie the young Asian
girl now wearing a bra and panties but very much dead and
the young valet from outside club Styx also devoid of the
majority of his clothes he too is dead, both of them pale
and two neat puncture holes in their necks.
Purgatory smiles and walks towards the doors of her
penthouse and opens the front door.


Two armed guards stand there.
There's some rubbish you have to
take care of for me.
                       ARMED GUARD
I'll call the cleaner!
She walks back into her pent house and closes the door in
the guard face.

She walks through the pent house her silk gown dragging a
little way behind her like a train of a black wedding dress.
We just another side of these strange beings, a complete
disregard for human life.
Purgatory sits down eating breakfast, an Italian breakfast
reading the broad sheets. She is still dressed in her night
gown, in the back ground we can see the cleaner removing the
dead bodies from her bed.

Paradiso suddenly appears in the room walking through the
house, dressed in a expensive suit.

He sits opposite purgatory and pours himself a cup off

She looks up at him and returns to her paper.
What are you doing here?
Out friend abel took the bait, the
sins left him.
A spider who spins a web so none
can see often finds himself losing
the web or getting caught in it
playing games with these two is
dangerous Paradiso.


He looks at her, thinking "perhaps she's right" but says
And the seven deadly sins?
She looks up at him, this has her attention.
She lays her paper down.
All seven of the sins are dead!?
You sound surprised purgatory, the
sins I knew could never defeat
abel or his brother Kain. They
where to give him a message
nothing more. Message he alone
would get and not question.
for his skill and technique abel
is none to bright unlike his
So you led him into a trap?
He smiles a wry smile at purgatory.
No not exactly more a trail of
bread crumbs for him to follow…
misleading him into believing that
one thing is the answer when the
real answer is right in front of
his face.
a work of genius if I do say so
His mobile phone rings he pulls it out. A SONY ERICSSON
Z520. he flips it open and speaks. We hear the voice on the
other end, professor jennings.


                       PROF JENNINGS (vo)
It's me I have it, I have the
thing you seek.
Good, very good professor.
                       PROF JENNINGS (vo)
But before I give it you I want to
see my family
Paradiso laughs.
Hell of a time to develop a
backbone professor.
The line sits silent for a second.
                       PROF JENNINGS (vo)
Listen I want to speak to my
family and then I will give you
what your looking for.
Fine, I'll have a friend of mine
bring them to your home tonight,
bring the what we ask for.
He closes the phone and cuts him off.
Nice of the professor to tell us
he found the star spawn.
Purgatory looks at him confused as he finishes his cup of
I want you to pay the good
professor a visit, but not yet
And then?
Kill him and bring me the spawn of
Dagon juggerath.
She smiles.


Abel drives along a run down suburban road, run down houses
line either side of the road, it looks like something out of
game GTA san andreas particularly los Santos.
Abel pulls up underneath an overpass. He gets off the bike
and begins to walk towards a small apartment block. A sign
outside says Seville apartments to rent.

The building is fairly new only a few gang tags are sprayed
up on it.

Abel pulls one of the files out of his coats inside pocket,
they crumpled now and folded badly but on the them we can
see the name Seville apartments project.
Well this seems to be the place.
A couple of armed guards and few og's from the local gang
sit up in a room, the open plane lounge and kitchen to
exact, judging by the interior no has lived here yet. The
only furniture here is a couple of chairs and table by the
window, a few pizza boxes and Chinese are laying in the bin
and the sink ids filled with old plates.

The og's are sitting down at a table smoking, the table in
front of them is covered with guns and ammunition and other
drug paraphernalia.
                       OG 1
Hey lemme hit some of that homie
                       OG 2
For sure homie
He passes him the joint, he takes a drag and blows it back
out before gesturing to one of the armed guards.
                       OG 1
Do you want a hit?
The guard sneers at him like he's a piece of shit.
                       ARMED GUARD
What do you think I am human I
don't put that shit in my lungs.


The OG takes another hit and passes it back to his comrade.
                       OG 1
What ever homie.
A voice comes out of another room a female voice, young and
a little British, her name is Alison.
                       ALISON (os)
Hey can I have a drink of water…
I'm thirsty... you know it's hot
outside today.
One of the armed guards looks at the other one, the guard
nods and picks up a glass and fills it with water from a
sink before walking into the other room.
He walks into the sparsely decorated bedroom again a bare
bed with a mattress, a young woman sits on the bed her hand
is handcuffed to the radiator of the room.

She is beautiful young woman about 25 maybe of Latino origin
but we're not sure, she sits quietly.
Your water..
He gives the glass and walks out of the room.
He walks into the lounge as he does he sees something
walking towards the apartment blocks, abel he makes a
beeline for the building.

The guard draws his gun and cocks it.
You drugged up excuses for human
beings get up, he's coming for us.
The OG looks out of the window and sees abel. He picks up a
Mac 10 off the table his three friends draw various weapons
including a desert eagle 44. mag, the guards cock and load
steyr tmp's.


                       B DUP
This dog's done for if he think he
can roll up in here and takes us
                       OG 2
For sure.
                       OG 1
Be cool if he tries shit we'll
blast him.
The guard look at them all.
Idiot's you have no idea what's
coming for us do you?
                       B DUP
One white boy with a couple of pig
The guard gestures to the door and the other armed guard
moves with military precision to the door.
Alison puts her water down she can hear what the others are
taking about in the opposite room.

She gets up and looks out of the window to see abel walking
across the road towards the apartment block no one else.

She shouts.
Help me, help
One of the guards and one of the Og's run into the room. the
guard puts his hand over her mouth, the OG tries to wrestle
her struggling form away from the window.

She bites the guards hand and kicks the OG in the crotch,
the OG goes does wincing in pain holding his tackle and the
guard lets go shaking his hand.

Alison's voice is more frantic now more panicked.


      (frantic shouting)
Help, help me..
The guard hits her knocking to the bed.
Shut up.
He drags the OG off the floor and shoves the Mac ten in his
Kill her if she makes another
The OG points the Mac ten at her. she doesn't move.
Abel is half way across the road when the shouts of Alison
reach him he looks up a few seconds later, a WALL of 9mm.
Ammunition explodes through the first floor window of the

He runs as the rounds make little puffs of dust on the side
walk and the road.
He reaches the apartment and jumps through the first floor
wind directly underneath apartment 2b. he draws his cassul
revolver as he flies through the glass.
He hits the ground points straight up squeezing the trigger
six times the gun replies by shouting six and the ceiling
replies with six massive holes blown into it.

The Og's and guards answer by shooting through the wooden
floors again a hail of 9mm. Rounds rips around him as he
runs away loading his revolver.
They stop firing and reload, the air is heavy with gun smoke
and brass cases lay every where.


One of the og's sits on chair, he holds his gut. One of the
cassul's shells found home in a ganger belly. His friends
gather round him as the guard looks through the peep hole in
the door.

The og's are rank with fear.
                       OG 1
Did you see that shit he just shot
through the floor and got and
b-dup holds his gut.
                       B DUP
Don't fret dog I'll be survive
He holds up his Mac 10.
                       B DUP
But he won't?
This seems to rally the other og's but it's to late as the
guard at the door opens fire his shells spraying the door
and walls.

Another few massive shells blow holes in the door. killing
the guard and an Og the other gangers open fire.

Shells rip the walls to bits the door hangs in tatters as
the og's fire.
The og's and the other guard stop firing and reload.
You go see if we got him.
The og looks at him with a look that could kill.
                       OG 2
Are you out of your mind?
The guard points his steyr tmp at the og's head.
Go or I'll kill you now.
He looks at him and walks towards the door and a second
later it explodes as abel enters the room, he hits the Og in
the chest.


Spinning he takes out the guard with a spinning heel kick a
second later he flings another Og though the window onto the
street below.

The other og's open fire abel wheels through them, attacking
them in sequence like they're nothing at all.
The sounds of battle last for a second or two before
everything falls silent the Og and Alison sit there in
anticipation as boot steps can be heard.

Abel appears in the bedroom standing there before them both.

The Og levels his gun at him.
Your friends failed miserably do
you want to try your luck?
                       OG 1
Fuck this
He turns and jumps out of the window onto the street below.
Thought so.
He smiles at her.
Are they all gone?
Yep all of them done and dusted.
He draws his gun. She looks at him in mortal fear.
What are you doing? I don't want
to die?
He looks confused.
Oh no, no this is for your
handcuffs, close your eyes.


She does and he points the gun at her cuffs and pulls the
trigger the gun roars and chain is shattered as he holsters
his revolver.

She gets up free of her captors but now she faces a new
problem, the strange man in front of her.

They look into each others eyes for a few seconds, she
staring into his odd blue eyes and him staring into her dark
brown eyes.

When a guard bursts in though the door holding a SIG P229.
he aims as abel pushes Alison onto the bed.

The guard fires five rounds as abel draws his revolver, the
first couple of rounds miss one hitting the wall the other
out of the window but the other three all hit abel, two of
them hitting his shoulder the third hitting his chest.
They don't stop him as he levels the cassul and squeezes the
trigger the shell blows the guard against the bedroom door
he slumps on the ground dead.

Abel stops sweating a little from the pain but otherwise

Alison gets up and sees the blood on him and the bullet
holes in his leathers.
My god you've been shot.
She walks towards him to try and help but he pushes her
I'll be fine-
He stops when he hears police sirens it would seem the gun
battle is now on the radar of the local pd.
Come on.
He grabs her wrist and pulls her out of the room she seems
shocked when she passes all the og's and the guards dead or


She pulls her wrist loose and stops.
Wait, why are you dragging me
away. are you kidnapping me again.
He stops and looks at her.
No, your going to help me, even if
I have to kidnap you, now come on
we don't have much time.
I ain't going anywhere! I'm going
to wait for the cops.
He looks annoyed.
Do you want to end up here again
or dead?
She looks at him this time it is her who's confused.
Those guard with gang bangers
where police, under the control of
a covenant, if you wait for the
cops they'll have you again and
until I can figure out why they
took you and want me dead your
coming with me.
I don't believe you the police my
ass… now I thank you for saving me
but I'll take my chances with the
He fixes her with a stare.
Wait are you going to do?
She backs off a few steps with him advancing on her.

He walks towards her and grabs her waist picking her up and
slinging her over his shoulder.


This is for your own good.
He walks off with her on his shoulder she hits him a few
Put me down, put me down..
Shut up
He walks off with her on his shoulder.
Abel emerges out onto the street, the squad cars are close
probably a couple of streets away.
Abel reaches his bike and puts Alison down she tries to run
but he grabs her.
Let go of me I'll shout.
He drops her to the floor and looks her straight in the


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From Jerry Stewart Date 2/20/2008 **1/2
The whole point is a little dreamy but hey that is why its a movie i think you need to work on your sequences but not a bad story.

From Paul Shannon Date 7/26/2005 **
interesting from the start. The sword fighting is a little hard to picture from the description, but ok. The whole thing needs a good fine tuning on a few points, but overall is good.

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