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Just Wanna Dance
by Aileen Santangelo (AASJDS@wmconnect.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: 1/2
Her dream is to dance in New York. Or will she let the love of a man keep her from going.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



SUPER: 1998
JUSTINE CLARK, 13, her long dark blond hair is tied in a
bun. She practices her jazz routine in front of the long

JEFF TAYLOR, 13, spiked dark brown hair. Mowing the grass
next to the dance studio.

Jeff stops the lawn mower to watch Justine dance through the

Justine looks outside.

Jeff abruptly looks away.

Justine smiles and turns her head back to the mirror.
So Jeff Taylor is watching me!
JUSTINE CLARK, 21, is beautiful with long legs, with loyalty
in her eyes, she has purpose in every step she makes. She
smiles brightly as she WALKS to her 1993 Honda Accord.

CHRISTINE, 21, short with red hair, and a twinkle in her
eyes. Christine taps her boyfriend on the behind and he
walks off.

Justine smiles at Christine.
So are you ready to go kick
Yes... I can not believe it is
Justine unlocks her 1993 Honda Accord.


You just want to ride with me
Sure. Let me put my books in my
Christine OPENS the car door. She throws her books in the
back seat. She SLAMS the car door.

DARRA SMITH, 46, college professor with dark brown hair,
approaches the girls.
                       MS. DARRA
I hope you are going to open up
those books tonight.
      (opens car door)
Yes ma'am. As soon as we get home
from the try-out.
                       MS. DARRA
Oh, that's right. Are you excited
Yes. I'm looking...
Christine looks at her watch.
Oh. We've got to go.
                       MS. DARRA
      (waves bye)
You girls have a good time.
Christine and Justine get into the car.

Justine DRIVES out of the parking lot.
What if we miss the deadline?
Christine smirks at Justine.
We won't.


You don't know that.
Christine is putting on lipstick and checking her makeup.
Will you just chill.
      (gripping the
       steering wheel)
I just want to be in this
competition. Just once I want
Christine turns side ways in her seat to face Justine.
Justine... you are a great dancer.
You are going to make it big.
Well... nothing has ever come my
way before.
      (slaps Justine's
Stop that!!
Justine veers into the Princeton Dance Studio parking lot.
I told my old dance instructor I
was trying out.
What did she have to say?
That I was one of her best. She
said of all her students I would
make it someday.
Justine DRIVES her car into a parking space. She turns off
the engine of the car.
      (opens car door)
Well that must have made you feel


Yeah... it did!!
Justine OPENS her car door.
You should not have stopped
Justine bends over and adjusts a strap on her sandals.
I didn't have a choice.
Christine goes around to Justine's side of the car. They
start WALKING to the dance studio.
How come you stopped taking dance?
My parents couldn't afford it
Got to expensive?
My parents both work and they
still had a hard time making ends
meet. I couldn't add to their
You poor thing.
But Mrs. Stevens would exchange my
cleaning for some dance classes.
Justine stops suddenly. She sees a 2005 LandRover.

Christine looks to where Justine is looking.
      (squinting her
Oh... she can't be here.


      (starts walking)
Probably... anything I want she
Justine and Christine WALK to the front of the dance studio.
Christine OPENS the door for Justine. Justine WALKS inside
the dance studio.
Justine and Christine push their way up the hallway.

There are about TEN COUPLES standing in the hallway.

Justine stops and INHALES deeply.
Jeff, 21, much taller and well built with very handsome
features. His piercing blue eyes are looking right at
Hi Justine... Hi Christine.
Hi there.
Hi Jeff.
LISA, 21, short with blond hair and gorgeous comes out of
Oh... hi girls.
Lisa takes a hold of Jeff's hand.

Jeff smiles at Justine.
Here for try-outs?
Justine nods yes.


So how is the community college?
Christine glares at Lisa.
Just fine...
Justine grabs a hold of Christine's arm. She pulls her into
the room.
Why did you do that for?
To keep you from trouble.
Justine WALKS to the end of the line. There are four people
in front of her.

Justine adjusts her shirt.
You look fine.
I just want to make a good
Your beautiful.
You say that only because your my
best friend.
      (pointing at
I say it because it's the truth.
Jeff knows it too.
Stop that now!
You should see the way he looks at
Justine is TAPPING her foot. Only one more person in front
of her.


MRS. STEVENS, 31, a glamorous and good looking woman with
dark blond hair, and a contagious smile. She stands behind
the counter.
                       MRS. STEVENS
Mrs. Stevens what are you doing
                       MRS. STEVENS
I'm helping some friends by
getting the try-outs signed up.
Well I'd like to sign-in.
                       MRS. STEVENS
I'm sorry Justine. We are only
taking couples now.
Justine looks at Christine in disbelief. Justine has tears
in her eyes.
Why only couples?
Mrs. Stevens places her pen down on the counter.
                       MRS. STEVENS
We are only allowing so many
dancers. We only have one more
spot and it's for a couple.
      (tears in eyes)
I'm always a dime short.
                       MRS. STEVENS
      (pointing to
Why don't you and Christine sign
Justine looks at Christine and LAUGHS bitterly.


Because I'm not any good.
Can't you just squeeze one more
                       MRS. STEVENS
I'm sorry. They are only allowing
five dancers and five couples. I
have had to turn away the last ten
But Mrs. Stevens...
Mrs. Stevens places her hand on Justine's hand.
                       MRS. STEVENS
I'm sorry. I really am.
Justine steps out of the line. She wipes away her tears.
I'm sorry Justine.
Justine turns and WALKS out the doorway. Justine CRIES.

Justine RUNS down the hallway. Jeff turns to see Justine
rush passed him out the door.

Lisa smirks.
I guess she won't be in the
Just once... could you be civil to
Justine... just once...
Jeff RUNS out the front door.
Justine RUNS faster to her car. Christine WALKS to the car.


Jeff RUNS up behind Justine.

Justine UNLOCKS the car door.
Justine... are you...
Am I okay? No...
Justine gets into her car. Christine OPENS her car door.
What happened?
Justine starts the car engine. She ROLLS her window down.

Christine ENTERS the car.
      (looking in his
They are only signing up couples.
I don't qualify.
I'm sorry.
Jeff leans down to the car window.
Well... it's to be expected.
Jeff places his hand on Justine's shoulder.
Justine... just because...
      (looks at steering
I've got to go.
Justine SHIFTS the car in DRIVE. She DRIVES out of the
parking space. Justine SCREECHES out of the parking lot.
Justine brushes away tears from her eyes.

Christine BLASTS the radio on.

Justine turns the radio off.


      (looking out
Don't you dare say... it's going
to be alright.
But it will...
Justine HITS the steering wheel with her hand.
I wanted to be in this competition
so much.
I know you did... you are going to
make it in New York...
We'll see!!
Justine drives into the college parking lot.
Why did you act like that to Jeff?
What do you mean?
Christine stares at Justine.

Justine drives up to Christine's Hyundai.
Why were you rude to Jeff?
I was upset. I didn't mean to
take it out on him.
Lisa is a jerk. She always has
been. Personally I don't see why
he likes her and stays with her.


She has him wrapped around her
little finger. Just once I
He'd look at you more than just a
friend. You've liked him for a
long time.
Christine gets out of Justine's car.

Justine looks at the clock.
For far too long... well I've got
to go. I'll see you tommorow.
You have to work.
Yeah. Well this will give you and
Charles a chance to be together
Christine bends down, and puts her head in Justine's car
Well thank you. Charles will
thank you too... Your going to
make it in New York. I know it. I
can feel it.
Christine TAPS Justine's car door.
See ya later.
Justine quietly closes the back door. She tip toes through
the kitchen, holding onto her shoes.

Justine reads twelve thirty on the stove clock.

DIANE CLARK, 51, tall and slender slightly greying hair. She
stands in the kitchen doorway.
Yeah. It's late.


Sorry. I told you I was going to
be late.
Diane hugs Justine.
I know. I still worry.
PAUL CLARK, 53, tall dark and handsome. Paul enters into
the kitchen.
Good, your home. Now we can go to
You two go to bed.
Justine WALKS to her bedroom door on the first floor.

Justine OPENS her bedroom door.
Justine. Did you sign up for that
Justine looks down at the floor in the hallway.
No. They were only accepting
couples by the time I got there.
I'm so sorry.
Justine points to her bedroom.
I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
      (climbing the
Alright sweetheart. Good night.

Justine DROPS her bag and books.

Justine falls on her bed and CRIES into the pillow.


TABITHA CLARK, 16, brunette with dark eyes and spunky RUNS
into the kitchen.

Justine is getting toast out of the toaster.
So... how did it go?
I was too late. They were only
taking couples.
Let me guess... Lisa was there,
How did you know?
Her brother Wayne told me. He is
nothing like Lisa. He's actually
very nice.
Justine LAUGHS.

Tabitha grabs a glass.
Oh, there is only one Lisa. She
thinks the world revolves around
Well everyone knows that Jeff is
the better dancer.
Diane and Paul WALK into the kitchen together.
Well ofcourse... he took dance for
a couple of years.
He did?
      (pouring coffee in
Had the same teacher as you.


I didn't know that... he was never
in any recitals.
He was a football player. He had
to remain cool.
He is so cute. He is cool
whatever he does.
Justine and Tabitha smile at each other.
Well, I've go to go. I don't want
to be late again.
Another long night?
Justine puts her books in her bag.

Tabitha gets a bowl of cereal.
Yes. I have to help pay for the
rest of the semester.
It's hard to believe graduation is
in a few weeks.
So isn't the rest of my loan...

Paul looks at Diane.
Are you ready to go?
I'm ready.
Diane grabs her pocketbook and keys.

Diane KISSES Tabitha on the cheek.


Bye Tabitha. Have a good day at
Yeah. Have fun answering the
Diane smiles at her daughter and walks out the back door.


Tabitha finishes her bowl of cereal. She puts the bowl into
the dishwasher.
Gotta go catch the bus.
Justine is sitting on the grass under a big oak tree.
Reading her communications text book.

Christine WALKS toward Justine.
Justine jumps holding her chest.
You trying to give me a
heartattack... I have an exam
Christine sits down next to Justine.
Sorry...are you working tonight?
Yes. But that means I'll have
Saturday and Sunday off.
Justine stands up. Christine gets off the ground.
But tonight is Friday. Girls
night out.


Sorry. Call Charles and do
something tonight.
I guess I will. I'm having dinner
with him and his parents on
Saturday night.
Well you have a good weekend.
Enjoy the company of each other.
Justine picks up her bookbag. She puts her text book in the
What about you?
Justine WALKS toward her car.
I'll be fine. I'll call you on
I won't be home. We are picking
my grandmother up from the
Then we'll talk on Monday.
Christine gives Justine a hug.
Your not upset?
Not at all. Maybe I should get
myself a man.
He'd never live up to your ideal
Who? George Clooney.
Christine nudges Justine in the side.

Justine holds her side where Christine nudged her.


You mean Jeff.
Justine puts her sunglasses on.

Christine takes her keys out of her pocketbook.
He was never mine, Christine.
Well that's because Lisa just got
right in your way. He liked you
not her.
Lisa has always gotten her way.
Jeff is still with her that is one
thing I don't understand.
Christine rubs her fingers together.

Justine OPENS her car door.
But there nothing alike.
Justine looks at her watch. It reads four thirty.
I know you have to go to work.
Justine ENTERS her car.
I'll talk to Monday.
Have a good weekend.

Justine looks at her vehicle.

Justine WALKS toward the door of JOE'S BAR. She looks to
see there are a lot of cars in the parking lot.


Looks like we're going to be busy.
JOE, 65, short, overweight and balding man with a heart of a
teddy bear.

Joe waved to Justine to come over to him behind the bar.

Justine makes her way over to Joe.
Justine... here is your check. I
got a little bonus in there for
helping me out this week.
Justine hugs Joe.

Joe tries to hide a smile.
You sweet man. Thank you.
Alright then. Get back to work.
Justine picks up her drink order. She makes her way over to
some patrons.

Justine hands over a screwdriver to the woman. She gives
the man a martini on the rocks.
What time is it?
      (looking at her
It's eleven-thirty.
Justine goes back to the bar. She takes off her apron.

BONNY, 40, an attractive waitress who could pass for 30.
Bonny walks over to Justine.
Justine... you have a gentleman


Bonny points in the direction of the entrance.
That handsome tall young man.
Justine picks up her pocketbook. She WAVES bye to Joe. Joe
WAVES back.

Justine WALKS over to Jeff.
Hi... what's up?
Hi... I have a favor to ask of
Justine WALKS toward the entrance.
Okay... can we talk while we go to
my car?
Jeff is rubbing his hands together.

Justine is getting her keys out of her pocketbook.
Okay... here goes... would you be
my partner in the dance
Justine stops walking and stares at Jeff.
We were practicing. Well... Lisa
decides to do this jump. She
broke her ankle.


Oh, no. Ouch!!
I need you. I talked to Lisa and
she wants you to be my partner.
She's fine with this. Believe me.
She would be okay with me being
your dance partner?
She said absolutely...
      (grabs Justine's
... please I beg you.
Justine looks into Jeff's eyes. She stares at him for just
a moment.
Alright. I can start practicing
tommorow. I'm off the whole
Jeff WALKS to his Nissan XTerra. He unclocks his car door.
That sounds great. Mrs. Stevens
is letting us use her dance studio
after hours...
      (turns around)
... by the way the rules stipulate
boy and girl. So they don't care
that I changed partners.
Jeff OPENS the door of his Nissan XTerra.

Justine unlocks her car door and OPENS the door.

Justine gets into the driver's seat.

Justine ROLLS down her car window.

Jeff ROLLS down his car window.
So what time tommorow?
How about four o'clock. If
something should happen I'll call


                       JEFF (cont'd)
      (holding his hand
... I know your number. I don't
think it's changed since high
See you tommorow.
Justine gets out of her car.

Justine sees that Jeff's Nissan XTerra is parked in front of
the studio.

Justine WALKS to the side door.


Justine checks the door and it OPENS.
Hey... come on in.
Jeff takes Justine's bag from her.
Let me get that...
Justine takes her jacket off. She is wearing a t-shirt and

Jeff is wearing a sculpted t-shirt and jeans.

Justine drinks some of her water bottle. Justine puts her
bottle down.
So... have you thought much of the


Well I thought of combining some
classic moves with some more
recent dance steps.
What about a little swing,
merengue,samba and a little jazz.
Jeff looks at Justine in the eyes.
That is exactly what I was
thinking. Great minds think
Justine looks away from Jeff.
Well let's start with...
... the merengue.
Jeff puts the disc in the player. FAST music begins to

Jeff goes to Justine's side. They begin the MERENGUE.
Jeff is picking up his jacket.

Justine is putting her water bottle in her bag.
That was a great first practice.
Tommorow same time?
Justine digs out a towel from her bag.
Sure. That sounds great.
Jeff WALKS toward the door.
I hate to run. But I promised
Lisa I'd take her to the nine
o'clock movie.


No problem. Jeff... your sure
she's okay with this?
Jeff hesitates for a moment.

Justine waves bye. Jeff gives a nod of his head.

Jeff RUNS out the door.
I wish you were in a rush to see
                       MRS. STEVENS (OS)
He will be soon enough.
Mrs. Stevens comes out of the shadow of the doorway.
      (holding her chest)
Mrs. Stevens... you scared me.
What do you mean he will be soon
enough. His girlfriend is Lisa.
Mrs. Stevens WALKS over to where Justine is standing.
                       MRS. STEVENS
He cares for you very much. Just
in the way you dance. You dance
beautifully together. I know your
feelings on the matter.
I think everyone knows how I feel
about him... except him. I'm just
a dance partner to him... just a
Justine begins to WALK to the side door.

Mrs. Stevens STROLLS to the mirror.
Justine stops and looks at Mrs. Stevens.
                       MRS. STEVENS
Justine... he likes you.
Mrs. Stevens begins to STRETCH her leg on the bar.


What? He told you that?
Mrs. Stevens STRETCHES her other leg.

Justine OPENS the door.
                       MRS. STEVENS
No, he didn't tell me himself.
Listen... I may be in my thirties
but I'm not blind to love. He
cares for you Justine.
I'm not the one he was rushing off
to see...
      (waves bye)
... see you later Mrs. Stevens.
                       MRS. STEVENS
Justine... give yourself some
credit... you are a beautiful
young lady. You have a great
Thanks... have a good evening Mrs.
Justine WAVES bye to Mrs. Stevens.
Jeff is lifting Justine for a SWING KICK.

Justine LEAPS into the air and lands on the floor.

Jeff wipes his brow off.

Justine picks up her water bottle.
That was great...
      (drinks some water)
... I think we nailed that.
That was perfect.
Justine's bracelet catches on her pant leg. She jerks it
off. The bracelt FALLS off her wrist.


Jeff and Justine go to pick it up at the same time. Their
hands touch.

Jeff doesn't take his hand away.

Justine pulls her hand away.
Stupid bracelet... it never...
      (brushes her hair
... wants to stay on...
      (his finger
... Justine.
Justine gets up from the floor.

Jeff helps her up.

Justine WALKS over to her bag and pulls out a towel.
So how is Princeton?
Busy. How are your classes?
      (putting towel
Great. Graduations is in three
Jeff WALKS toward Justine.
What will you have a degree in?
Communications... but the day
after graduation I leave for New
York City...
Jeff STOPS in his tracks.
How come?
Justine TWIRLS around Jeff.


So I can dance there and...
... so you are just going to up
and leave everything.
Justine stretches her legs.

Jeff begins to WALK back and forth.
I promised my Dad finishing
school... then I decided off to
New York I go.
Jeff stretches next to Justine.
Well... I am sure you will succeed
I hope!
What was that?
Nothing... let's practice the jazz
Jeff WALKS to the stereo and PRESSES play on the tape deck.
Jeff is taking his dance shoes off.
Justine puts her towel into her bag.
So when is the competition?
... What... the day before
graduation... talk about cutting
it close.


Justine SITS down.

Jeff WALKS over to where Justine is sitting.
Well I still have two years of law
school left.
Justine puts on her sneakers.

Jeff SITS down next to her.
Oh... so what are you up to
Jeff looks at his watch.
I don't know. I have to call
Lisa. Are you meeting Chris?
Chris... he has been old news...
      (gets up from
... we broke up months ago.
Justine picks up her bag. Jeff stands up from the floor.

Jeff takes Justine's bag from her.
Oh... sorry... well there has to
be someone...
Me... myself... and I.
Justine puts her jacket on. Jeff grabs his duffel bag. They
both begin to WALK toward the side door.

Jeff stops Justine just as they get to the side door.
I'm glad we have this opportunity
to dance together...
      (leans into
... I've missed you.


Justine STEPS back from Jeff. She turns her head away from
his eyes.
I've missed talking to you too...
      (opening door)
... so when do you want to
Justine WALKS


Jeff WALKS behind Justine.

Jeff OPENS Justine's passenger side door. He places her bag
down on the seat.
How about Friday... that's the
only free night I have.
      (opens driver door)
That sounds great...
      (pointing to bag)
... thanks...
Jeff hesitates for a moment. Jeff leans over Justine's car
door. Justine looks at Jeff.

Jeff KISSES her on the cheek. Justine puts her hand to her
What was that for?
I'll see you Friday.
Jeff WALKS toward his car. Justine ENTERS into her vehicle.
She watches him get into his XTerra. Justine starts her

Jeff DRIVES out of his parking space. Jeff WAVES to

Justine WAVES back and DRIVES out of her space.


      (teary eyed)
He will only break your heart
Justine and Diane are sitting on the couch. A big bowl of
popcorn is between them.

That is just one of my favorite
movies... I love Sandra Bullock
movies...I could just watch it...
... all the time... I know... me
Justine cuddles up to Diane. Diane lays her arm around

Tabitha ENTERS into living room.
So... how did practice go?
Justine smiles and turns her attention to Tabitha.
It was really good... He is such a
good dancer...
... I'm sure that's not all he's
good at...
Diane reaches out to playfully smack Tabitha.
Tabitha... enough... Justine are
you doing okay with all of it?
Justine stands up.

Diane moves to the edge of the couch.
I'm doing fine... he's a
gentelman... but he's with Lisa...


So... he's still human... and you
can't tell me...
Diane gets off the couch.
... Tabitha... please ...let me
talk to Justine.
Tabitha EXITS living room.

Diane WALKS to Justine.
Mom... really... I'm fine.
I can tell your heart is already
I'm through with hoping. He is
with Lisa... I have gone on with
my life...
Justine WALKS to the hallway.

Diane follows Justine to the hallway.
Justine... your a romantic...
there is nothing wrong with
that... but...
... Mom... I'm beat... I need to
go to bed...
      (hugging her mom)
... I do love you.
Justine EXITS living room.

Diane picks up bowl of popcorn from the couch.

Diane EXITS the living room and ENTERS


Paul ENTERS the kitchen.
Where are the girls?


Diane places the popcorn bowl into the kitchen sink.
There in their bedrooms... I'm
worried about Justine...
Paul puts his arms around Diane.
... She is a woman now... she'll
be fine...
Justine... don't forget your
taking me to work tommorow.
                       JUSTINE (OS)
Okay... I'll be ready.
Paul LOCKS back door.

Diane turns off the light in the kitchen.

Paul and Diane EXIT the kitchen together.
Justine is sleeping


Jeff is TWIRLING Justine. Jeff catches Justine and KISSES
her. There is a blaring light, she can not see Jeff's face.

Justine opens her eyes. She stares at the clock. The clock

Justine jumps out of bed.
Oh... crap...
Justine takes off her nightshirt.

Justine grabs jeans and SLIDES them on. She pulls a t-shirt
out of her drawer and puts that on.

Justine brushes her hair and looks in the mirror. Justine
shrugs her shoulders.


Tabitha places a bowl in the sink.

Justine RUNS into the kitchen. Justine OPENS the back door.
Justine STOPS.
Mom... left... she took your car.
I can see that... what am I
... I suggest you start running...
the bus comes in just two minutes.
Great... See ya.

Justine RUNS down the driveway... Justine RUNS down the
street... She sees the bus coming... She RUNS to get to the


Justine waits for an OLDER WOMAN to get on the bus.

Justine climbs the bus steps. She places her token in the
machine. Justine sees no empty seats.

Justine hangs on to one of the bars. A briefcase HITS her
side. The bus stops.

A few people get off. Justine sits down. She looks out the

The bus stops.

Justine STANDS UP.

Justine gets off the bus.

Justine watches the bus drive down the street.
                       JUSTINE (VO)
Thank goodness I have a car.
Justine takes a deep breath... Justine RUNS two more blocks
and comes around the corner.


Justine RUNS up the steps of the college.

Justine RUNS up behind Christine.
Have you been out for your morning
Justine catches her breath.
Ha... Ha... long story... wait
till I tell you... what happened
this weekend.
Christine's mouth is gaped opened.

Justine is LAUGHING.
You might want to close your
      (hitting Christine
       in the arm)
... you look funny.
Oh this is sweet...
... poor Lisa...
He's such a great dancer... we can
only practice on the weekends...
      (sitting down)
... with school and my working...
... You'll take it... to have that
time with Jeff.
Justine looks at Christine out of the corner of her eye.

Christine ignores Justine's glance. Christine pulls out her
We're just dancing... Christine.
Ms. Darra ENTERS.


                       MS. DARRA
      (walking to desk)
Okay... let's open to page 150.
Paul and Diane are finishing their dinners.

Tabitha places a glass on the counter.

Paul wearing his work clothes stands up.

Tabitha EXITS the kitchen.

Justine is putting on her jacket.
Why does Joe need you now... it's
six o'clock...
... Bonny went home not feeling
well... he's swamped... I have to
go and help.
Paul WALKS to the sink and places his plate down.

Justine OPENS the back door.
Wait Justine... I'll walk out with
Paul grabs his keys off the counter.

Diane KISSES Paul.
Bye honey...
      (blows a kiss to
... bye sweetheart.
Justine WAVES bye. Justine EXITS the house. Paul follows
her outside.

Justine WALKS to her car.
      (pointing to a car)
When are you going to fix mom's


... When we have the money...
that's why I'm working tonight.
Justine KISSES her dad on the cheek.
Your a hard worker... and your a
good father... and husband.
Paul WALKS to his truck.
I don't know... when your daughter
has to help pay for her own
... Stop that... I don't mind...
plus I've been able to put some
aside for New York.
Justine OPENS her car door.

Paul OPENS his truck door.

Justine watches Paul get into his truck.
Be careful coming home.
Love ya... dad.
The bar is full of PATRONS. Their is only one empty table.

Justine is WALKING to the bar.

Jeff and Lisa WALK into the bar. KARL and STACEY, preppy
friends of Lisa follow Jeff into the bar.

Jeff points to a table.
Let's grab this table...
... Jeff... this place is nasty.


Lisa leans on her crutches. Jeff pulls out a chair for

Karl and Stacey sit down watching pandemonium at the bar.
Justine WALKS over to Jeff's table. Justine's head is down
while counting her money.
      (head comes up)
What can I...
... Hey Justine...
... Justine... this is your kind
of place isn't it... you fit right
... This is Karl and Stacey.
Hi... What can I get for you?
Karl looks over Justine from head to toe.

Justine turns her attention to Jeff.
I'll have a Sprite...
... Screwdriver...
Karl and I will have whatever is
on tap.
Justine WALKS to the bar. Justine gives Joe the order.

Jeff watches Justine.

Justine POURS the beer into glasses. Joe places the other
drinks on her tray.
The music is so loud...
... This is not our kind of place.


      (watching Justine)
I like it here.
Justine WALKS to their table.

Justine smiles at Jeff.
I just love the apron...
... Screw... driver.
Jeff smirks.

Justine places the drinks down on the table. Justine cleans
off the table next to them.
I'm ready to go... I have been
since we got here...
... Let's just relax for a little
We can go back to my place.
Justine WALKS to the bar.

Lisa leans over and KISSES Jeff. Justine turns her head and
continues to clean off the tables.

Justine brings a drink to HAROLD, an older man in his
sixties. He is hardly able to sit on the stool.
      (puts drink down)
... I think you've had enough.
Harold TWIRLS around in his chair. He FALLS off the chair.
Come on Justine...
      (grabs Justine by
... let's go dance.


Harold... sit down... you couldn't
Justine removes Harold's hands from her waist.

Harold grabs her waist.
... Come on...
Jeff turns his attention to Justine at the bar.

Justine keeps removing Harolds hands off of her.

Jeff JUMPS up from his chair and WALKS over to the bar.
Harold... leave Justine...
Jeff pulls Justine away from Harold.

Jeff grabs Harold by the collar of his shirt.
Sir... do you have a problem...
      (pulling at Jeff)
... Jeff... it's okay...
Harold is backing away from Jeff. He HITS his back on the
... I didn't mean it...
... This is a lady and she
... Jeff... let him go.
Young man... let go of my
Jeff lets go of Harold. Lisa, Stacey and Karl WALK over to
the bar.


Are you okay... Jeff?
Jeff looks at Justine.
Are you okay?
Justine steps backwards, away from Jeff.
I'm fine... I can handle Harold.
Let's go... this isn't our kind of
... Stacey is right... let's go...
this place attracts... well...
Justine glares at Lisa.

Justine WALKS over to a table of patrons.

Jeff watches Justine WALK away. Lisa pats Jeff's arm.
      (points to the
... I think the lady is right...
leave now... I don't want no
Jeff looks from Joe to Justine. Justine POURS a drink into
a glass.
I was just...
... Justine does just fine...
she's a tough woman.
Lisa pulls at Jeff's arm.
Come on...


Jeff helps Lisa with her crutches. Stacey and Karl WALK to
the door. Jeff STOPS and turns around.

Justine watches them leave. She stares at Jeff.
I'm sorry.
Justine turns away from Jeff.

Jeff and Lisa EXIT.
SLAM... CLICK... CLICK... Justine looks at the dark sign...
Justine looks at her watch.

Justine WALKS to her car.
Man... I have got to get home...
Justine YAWNS and holds her key out to unlock the car...
CLICK... Jeff comes around Justine's car.
I'm sorry...
Justine JUMPS back from her car... CLANG... Jeff picks up
her keys.
      (holding her heart)
What in the hell...
I'm sorry about...
I didn't need rescuing...
      (opens car door)
... Harold is harmless.
I just thought...
Justine ENTERS her car.
I'm a big girl Jeff... I take care
of myself all the time.


I'm sorry about Lisa...
... You know ...
... I don't care anymore.
Jeff CLOSES her door. Justine rolls the window down.

Jeff bends down to the car window. Justine starts the
Well there was no...
... I've go to go... I'm tired and
have an early class.
Oh... sure... I'll see you Friday.
Justine drives out of the parking space. Jeff WAVES bye to
Justine. Justine WAVES back.
What a day...
      (puts on radio)
... I wake up late and it ends
like this.
Jeff PACES the floor. He looks at the clock on the wall.
Jeff PUNCHES her number in his cell phone. RING... RING...

Jeff picks up his jacket.


Justine ENTERS.
Sorry... my mom needed a ride...
then I needed to get my sister
      (putting bag down)
... long story... but I'm here
now... let's get started.


Jeff stares at Justine. Justine looks at Jeff in shock.
Are you mad?
Do you know that it's eight
Justine bends down to put her shoes on.
I'm sorry... it won't happen...
Couldn't you have called?
I don't have a cell phone.
You don't have a cell.
Justine WALKS over to the mirror. She begins to stretch her

Jeff stretches his arms over his head.
Not everyone can afford one. But
when money is not a question?
Jeff stops stretching and looks at Justine. Justine
continues to stretch her legs.
What's that suppose to mean?
Jeff WALKS toward Justine.
No... I really want to be
Justine removes her leg from the bar. Justine looks right
in Jeff's eyes.
I have to work and go to school.
So I can help my parents out with


                       JUSTINE (cont'd)
my education...
      (walking closer to
... I don't mind. But would you
understand that Jeff. For someone
who has everything.
      (points to Justine)
Don't go there...
Jeff WALKS away from Justine.
I don't have the time to enjoy the
little things in life...
      (following Jeff)
... you know how long it's been
since I went to a movie... or went
out to dinner...
Jeff WALKS over to the mirror. He stretches his leg on the

Justine lays on her back and lifts her legs.
So it's my fault I have money and
Justine doesn't... I work just as
hard at my education...
... I'm sure with dad's help.
My dad could care less...
... Oh! Poor Jeff!
Justine sits up. Jeff STOPS stretching.

Justine shakes her head. Jeff WALKS over to Justine.
Justine... what's wrong with
you... your never like this.
I'm so sorry... it's just... I had
no right to say that to you. I
know you work hard...


Jeff stands over Justine. Jeff helps Justine stand up.

Jeff stares into Justine's eyes.
I'm sorry too...
      (steps back)
... let's say we never had this
Deal... I'm sorry for being such a
Jeff WALKS to the stereo.
I'm the one who should
      (turns it on)
... for the rude friends and Lisa.
Justine WALKS over to the stereo.

Jeff puts the CD in the stereo. Jeff removes his shoes.

Justine removes her shoes.
Shall we get to work.
Let's do the routine up to the
Okay... that sounds great.
MUSIC PLAYS. Jeff and Justine MAMBA.
Jeff is WALKING Justine to her car. Justine OPENS her car

Jeff WALKS to his XTerra.
Well... have a good evening...
You too...


Justine's engine won't start. She tries the ignition again.

Jeff turns around and looks at Justine.
Won't start...
Justine EXITS the car.
No... this is just great...
Jeff WAVES Justine over to his car.
Come on... I'll take you home.
Justine grabs her sweater and purse.

Jeff OPENS the passenger door of his vehicle for Justine.
Jeff STARTS the engine.

Jeff pushes a button on the radio... MUSIC PLAYS...

Justine BUCKLES her seatbelt.
I'm sorry about this... I know I'm
out of your way.
Jeff turns volume down on the radio.
Nonesense... I couldn't leave you
stranded there.
I don't know how I'm going to pay
for this.
Don't worry about it. I'll call
my mechanic... I'll take care of
you... I mean... the car... I'll
take care of the car.
Justine stares at Jeff.
... I couldn't.


Jeff lays his hand on Justine's hand.
No argument. My present to you for
helping me in the competition.
Justine looks away from Jeff and out the car window.

Jeff pulls his hand away from Justine.
So... what was that all about
tonight... the whole money
thing... that wasn't like you.
It's just been a bad week. My
moms car needs to be fixed... my
sister just started a new job...
... my poor dad is working doubles
to try to get extra money in.
So the last thing you needed to
here was my rampage...
      (turns off radio)
... I'm sorry... I didn't realize.
Jeff drives up to Justine's house.

Justine turns to look at Jeff in the eye.
I've never been ashamed of who I
am and where I come from. I'm
proud of my parents...
      (grabs pocketbook)
... they are proud of me. We are
a close supportive family...
I admire your strong
independence... it's just...
      (opens her car
... you make it hard for others to
help you.
Justine EXITS Jeff's car. SLAM.

Justine leans into the passenger window.


Sorry... I'll try not to be so
stubborn... how did you know where
I live?
There is a lot I know about you
Oh... thanks for the ride.
Justine WALKS up the driveway and STOPS and looks back at
Don't worry about the car... I'll
take care of it.
      (waves bye)
Justine WALKS to the back door.

Jeff watches Justine ENTER into the house.

Jeff DRIVES down the street.
Lisa... you know we have just
driffted apart...
Justine looks in the mirror, putting on mascara.

Christine looks at Justine with the corner of her eye.
Mascara... since when...
... What!! I want to wear
mascara. Is that a crime?
Not at all. It's good to see you
so happy... you deserve to be.


Thanks... I am happy. If I just
didn't have to work tonight.
Well you only have a week and a
half left.
Justine puts on lipstick.
I can't believe it... then off to
New York.
When will Jeff drop off the car?
I talked to him because I left my
sweater in his car...
      (powdering her
... but he said it should only be
one more day.
Left it in his car... yeah
right... it's your way of luring
him to you.
      (smacks her arm)
Oh... stop it!
Christine DRIVES up to the entrance of Joe's Bar.

Justine EXITS Christine's car. She leans into the car
      (pointing to watch)
What time...
      (nods no)
You don't have to. Jeff is
bringing me the sweater... so he
said he'd bring me home.


      (smiles brightly)
Alright... behave yourself.
Christine WAVES bye to Justine. Justine WAVES back.

Justine ENTERS Joe's Bar.
Justine is talking to some patrons at the bar.

Joe WALKS over to Justine. He taps her on the shoulder.
      (pointing to Karl)
He's been here all evening... he's
been watching you...
      (looks at Karl)
... He's a jerk... I'll go talk to
Justine WALKS over to Karl. Karl drinks the rest of his

Justine leans over the bar.
What's up Karl?
      (picks up glass)
I could use another one of
Is that all?
You could leave with me later...
... I don't think so Karl...I'll
bring that drink over in a minute.
Justine WALKS over to the bar.

Karl watches Justine.


Justine puts the drink on the bar.
      (touches her hand)
Justine WALKS over to the next table and gets the patrons
Only about a half a dozen patrons are at the bar.

Justine looks at the clock reads eleven thirty.

Joes WALKS to Justine, and puts his arm around her
Why don't you go ahead and go...
      (grabs phone)
Okay... I'll call Jeff...
Justine HANGS up the phone. She grabs her pocketbook. She
WALKS over to Joe.
Is he on his way?
      (hugs Joe)
... yeah... I'm going to wait
outside... it's so nice out. See
Justine PACES back and forth.

Karl WALKS up behind Justine.
Hey... let me take you home... you
were so nice to me tonight...
... No... that's okay... Jeff is
on his way.
Justine WALKS away from Karl.


Jeff has a girlfriend... why don't
you come home with me...
... I said No... now go away...
Karl WALKS over and lays his hand on Justine's arm.
      (pulling her)
No... I insist...
Karl... let me go...
Justine KICKS Karl in the leg. She then KICKS him in the
Jeff's car DRIVES into the parking lot.

Karl kneels on the ground breathless.

Jeff sees Karl. Justine backs away from Karl. Jeff
SCREECHES to a stop in front of Karl.
      (jumping out of
Justine... are you okay?
I'm the one on the ground.
I'm fine.
Jeff pulls Justine to be behind him.

Karl WALKS to his car.
You better go home man... before I
do some damage.
Karl gets into his car. He DRIVES out of the parking lot.

Justine hangs on to Jeff. Jeff gets her into the XTerra.

Jeff DRIVES out of the parking lot.


      (taking a breath)
Thank you...
... Are you okay? I'm so sorry...
your sure your okay...
I'm okay now... he was in the bar
all night... he was being so
Jeff lays his hand on Justine's arm.

Justine stares at his arm.
      (stroking her arm)
... you should have called me
sooner... I would have come down
and got rid of him for you.
I should have... I'm just glad you
came when you did... I don't want
to think about it anymore...
      (stops stroking)
... It's okay... it's over...
let's get you home.
Justine and Jeff are silent.

Jeff DRIVES down Justine's street. Justine grabs her
You seem to be my knight in
shining armor lately...
Jeff parks in front of Justine's house.

Jeff turns to Justine. Justine stares at Jeff.
I don't mind... especially when
their as beautiful as you...


      (looks down)
... your just being nice...
Jeff lifts Justine's face up with his hand.
No... I'm speaking the truth... I
should have told you...
Justine OPENS the car door. She gets out of Jeff's hold.

Justine gets out of the car.
      (leaning into
... Don't Jeff... you are with
Lisa... I'm not going to get in
the middle of that.
      (leaning over seat)
Justine... Lisa and I are not...
      (turning away)
... I've got to go...
      (turns around)
... thanks again for everything.
Jeff turns his head to see Justine's sweater.

Jeff grabs the sweater. He OPENS his car door.
      (Justine stops)
... the whole purpose of me
picking you up...
      (hands her sweater)
... by the way... your car will be
ready tommorow... I'll have it
dropped off at the college.
Justine takes sweater. Jeff won't let go.
      (looking down)
Thanks... I appreciate that.


Justine just listen to me...
I've got to go... thanks Jeff.
Justine WALKS to the back door. She OPENS the door and
ENTERS the house.

Jeff WALKS back to the vehicle. Jeff OPENS the door and
ENTERS the vehicle.
      (hitting steering
Well... that went just great.
                       MS. DARRA
I want all term papers turned in
on Monday... so if you have any
last minute changes... you have
the weekend...
      (pointing to door)
... class is dismissed.
Twenty students get up from their desks. Ms. Darra smiles
at them as they leave the classroom.

Justine stands in front of Ms. Darra's desk.
Ms. Darra... could I get your
                       MS. DARRA
      (sitting down)
Of course...
      (sitting down)
Going to New York has been a dream
for so long... do you think I'm
crazy for wanting to go there...
on my own?
                       MS. DARRA
      (leaning forward)
Not at all... I wish I had as much
nerve when I was your age...


                       MS. DARRA (cont'd)
      (stands up)
... it will take a lot of work.
But I believe you should always
take those risks... that is what
makes us stronger.
Justine stands up and smiles.

Ms. Darra WALKS around her desk and stands in front of
      (picks up books)
My mom and dad don't understand...
they are supportive of me going...
though they do think it's a waste
of time.
                       MS. DARRA
Do you love to dance?
Yes... more than anything in the
                       MS. DARRA
      (touches Justine's
Then it's not a waste of time.
Justine WALKS to the door.

Ms. Darra WALKS with her to the door.
Thank you... I needed some
                       MS. DARRA
Plus... your communications degree
will come in handy...
      (turning to Ms.
... That is what I figure... it
will help a lot.
                       MS. DARRA
      (stops walking)
When do you plan on leaving?


      (stops walking)
I have a train ticket for next
      (hugs Ms. Darra)
... you will be at the competition
next Friday... right.
                       MS. DARRA
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Justine WALKS over to a huge oak tree. Christine and
Charles are leaning on the tree.

Justine bumps into Christine. Christine gets knocked off
balance. Charles catches her. Justine and Christine LAUGH.
Hey you... I hate to be the bearer
of bad news...
      (pointing to
       Justine's car)
... but you have company waiting.
Justine LOOKS to where Christine is pointing. Justine's
smile disappears. Lisa is LEANING against Justine's car.
Well... I can see my car got
delivered...... I was having a good day.
Christine gives her books to Charles.
... You want me to go with you?
No... I'll go see what she wants.
Justine WALKS toward Lisa. Lisa sees Justine coming and
gets off Justine's car. Lisa leans on her crutches.

Justine smiles at Lisa.


Don't bother smiling Justine...
... What?
You know... I was fine with all
this dancing crap... I didn't mind
him dancing with you...
      (pointing to
... I didn't think you would be so
low... as to try to steal my
... What the heck are you talking
about... trying to steal Jeff from
you... give me a break...
      (unlocks trunk)
... I'm dancing with Jeff...
that's all... That's it!!
Justine OPENS her trunk. She places her books and bag in
the trunk.

Christine and Charles are WALKING closer to Justine's car.
Well... if that was it... why did
Jeff break things off between
      (pointing to
       Justine's car)
... why did he fix your car for
Justine looks at Lisa in shock.
What... he offered to fix my
car... He wanted to help me... He
broke up with you?
... I can't believe you... you
don't even apologize... your such


Lisa... I think it's time for you
to leave...
      (getting between
       the girls)
... go... now.
Lisa leans on the crutches and WALKS back to her car.
Justine watches Lisa go to her car.

Lisa turns back around as she opens her car door.
You know Justine... you just hate
that he was with me and not you...
you just had to have him...
...Lisa... Jeff and I are
friends... we have been friends
for a long time...
... You keep telling yourself that
if it makes you feel better...
      (enters car)
... but truth be known... you
broke us up... I hope your happy!
Lisa CLOSES her car door. Lisa EXITS the parking lot.

Justine stares to where Lisa's car was parked.

Christine OPENS Justine's car door.
Christine... what have I done... I
didn't do anything...
... why would Jeff break things
off with Lisa? They have been
together for so long?
Christine hugs Justine.
Justine... you didn't do anything.
Don't listen to Lisa... maybe Jeff
finally realized which one...


... Christine... how could you say
that? Jeff is meant to be with
No... Jeff is meant to be with
you. He should have been with you
a long time ago.
Justine ENTERS into her car. Justine CLOSES her car door.

Charles wraps his arms around Christine's waist.

Justine ROLLS her car window down.
I'll talk to you later
Are you working tonight?
No... we dance tonight.
Christine smiles and latches onto Charles.

Justine DRIVES out of the parking lot.

Christine stares at Justine's car.
Well it's about time Jeff Taylor.

Justine is TWIRLING and LEAPING.

Jeff ENTERS the dance studio. LIGHT MUSIC IS PLAYING.

Jeff remains in the shadows so Justine can not see him.

Jeff stares at Justine.
                       MRS. STEVENS
She is beautiful...
Mrs. Stevens comes up behind Jeff.

Jeff watches Justine dance.


... Very... Beautiful.
Mrs. Stevens smiles. Jeff doesn't take his eyes off of
                       MRS. STEVENS
She will do beautifully in New
Jeff turns his attention to Mrs. Stevens.
Do you think she'll still go?
                       MRS. STEVENS
She is going... she is on a train
the day after she graduates.
Mrs. Stevens WALKS toward her office.

Justine KNEELS on the ground. The SONG ENDS.


Justine JUMPS up real quick.
Oh... I didn't realize I had an
Jeff WALKS toward the stereo.
That was beautiful to watch...
... Thanks... Jeff.
Jeff takes off his shoes. Justine adjusts her shirt.

Jeff WALKS over to Justine.
Let's get started.

Jeff TWIRLS Justine.


Justine loses her balance and FALLS.

Justine LAUGHS. Jeff smiles.
Oops... sorry about that.
Jeff helps Justine stand up.
Are you okay?
Yeah... I'm fine.
Do you want to try the lift?
Sure... so from the twirl...
Jeff twirls Justine. Justine steps back. Jeff backs up.
Justine RUNS to Jeff.

Justine leaps into Jeff's arms. Jeff brings her body close
to his. Justine lowers her head. Justine looks right into
Jeff's eyes.

Justine leans into Jeff's face. Justine KISSES Jeff. Jeff
lowers her to the ground without letting go of her.

Jeff is KISSING slowly... Jeff rubs Justine's arms...
Justine shivers.
Are you cold?
Not at all.
Jeff holds Justine's face in his hands. Jeff traces her
face with his index finger. Jeff's hands move to the back
of Justine's head.

Jeff KISSES Justine passionately. Justine returns the KISS
very eagerly.

Justine then STEPS BACK out of Jeff's embrace.

Jeff holds onto Justine's hand.


Justine tries to let go of Jeff.

Jeff pulls Justine toward himself.
... Jeff... this isn't right...
you broke up with Lisa... because
... I broke up with Lisa because
we didn't have anything in
      (puts his arms
       around her)
... I only wish I had done it
Justine pushes Jeff slightly away from her.

Justine SITS on the floor. She takes off her shoes.

Jeff SITS down next to her on the floor.
Lisa came to talk to me today...
she said... well it's not
important...we just wouldn't work
out Jeff...
      (gets up from
... you have money... I don't. Go
be with Lisa.
Jeff pulls Justine down next to him on the floor.
I want to be with you. I've cared
about you for a long time...
... please... Justine... you mean
the world to me.
Justine looks into Jeff's eyes.

Justine's hand comes to Jeff's face.

Jeff places his hand on her leg.


You don't know how long I've
wanted to hear those words...
      (places finger on
       his lips)
... but... my life can not take a
detour at this time... we have a
... Justine... I'm not a detour...
I want...
      (stands up)
... Jeff this isn't about you...
it's about my dream and I am not
going to ruin it... not now.
Justine grabs her bag and WALKS to the door.

Jeff WALKS behind her.
Will you at least consider...
... Alright... I'll think about it
tommorow... I'll see you Sunday at
four... no phone calls in the
Justine OPENS the door.

Jeff picks up his duffel bag.
Justine TURNS around while holding the door.
If it means anything... I was
trying to tell you about all
this... the other night.


Jeff... I'll see you Sunday.
Justine blows Jeff a KISS.

Justine EXITS the dance studio.

Jeff turns off the stereo and WALKS to the door.
Justine is sitting at the kitchen table finishing a term

Tabitha ENTERS the kitchen. Tabitha pours some water in a
glass. Tabitha SIPS the glass of water.
So... Justine... I hear that Jeff
broke things off with Lisa.
Justine looks at Tabitha. She TAPS her pencil on the table.
Yes... Tabitha... they did. How
did you hear about it?
Tabitha sits down at the table.
I'm friends with Lisa's brother...
he was surprised Jeff didn't do it
Justine looks back at her paper. Justine erases a sentence.

Tabitha leans over the table.
Do you mind? I have got to finish
this... it's due Monday.
So... are you going to see Jeff
... Tabitha... really... I need to
finish this... I still have to
type this all out...


Justine stands up.


Tabitha jumps out of her chair. Tabitha trips. Tabitha
pushes Justine into the door frame.


Justine SLAMS her right side into the door frame.
I'm sorry... are you okay?
Tabitha leans over Justine.

Justine stands up.
Yeah... I think so.
Diane ENTERS into the kitchen.

Justine rubs the right side of her back.
Are you okay... I heard the crash.
The door frame and I collided.
Diane OPENS the freezer. Diane grabs an ice pack.

Diane hands it over to Justine.
Here... you better put this on
it... your going to be sore.
Justine places the ice pack on her side.
Well... I'm going to my room...
good night.
Justine is standing in front of the mirror. She lifts her
shirt up and sees scrapes and a huge bruise forming.
Great... just great.


Jeff is stretching his hamstrings. DOOR OPENS.

Justine ENTERS.

Justine is not dressed in her dance close. Jeff looks at
Justine in wonderment. Justine is wearing a jean skirt.
Justine turns her back to Jeff. She lifts her shirt
slightly, to show him the bruise on her back.
We won't be able to practice
tonight... I'm really sore.
Jeff WINCES. He WALKS over to Justine. He examines the
huge bruise on her back.

Justine fixes her shirt. She STEPS away from Jeff.
What happened?
My sister was just a little too
eager to grab the phone...
      (flicks her wrist)
... she tripped and pushed me into
the door frame.
I'm sorry about that...
      (hugs Justine)
... but you know what... it's
okay... we are all set for Friday.
We should have had one more
Jeff leans over and takes his shoes off. He WALKS to the
stereo. He takes his music out of the player.

Justine watches Jeff WALK back to her.
... But... this now gives us an
opportunity to go on our first


                       JEFF (cont'd)
      (puts his arm
       around her)
... and I won't take no for an
Justine smiles. Jeff WALKS Justine toward the door.

Jeff OPENS the door.
Jeff and Justine are finishing their meals. Justine is
SIPPING some water. Jeff looks at Justine.

Justine stares at Jeff's mouth.
Did you know that is very
Your staring at my mouth.
Sorry... I don't know what came
over me...
Justine looks away from Jeff. Jeff leans over and tilts
Justine's face to meet his gaze.

Jeff stares into Justine's eyes.
Did you know I would watch you
dance in Mrs. Stevens old
      (pointing to him)
... yes... I caught you the one
time... you were mowing...
... I was so happy that you had
noticed me.
Jeff grabs Justine's hand.

Justine looks down at the table cloth. Jeff rubs her hand
against his cheek.


I loved watching you dance...
that's why I became interested in
dance myself...
      (squeezing her
... I just never had the nerve to
go to you...
... I wish you would have...
... I don't know why I let my
friends dictate my life...
... you wanted to fit in...
... But in the process of that, I
hurt you... and I am truly sorry
for that... will you forgive me?
Justine leans over the table and KISSES Jeff on the mouth.

Jeff leans back and smiles.
Your forgiven.
If it's any consolation... I
always thought about you and hoped
that this would happen one day...
That deserves another kiss...
Justine KISSES Jeff. Jeff brushes his hand behind Justine's

The WAITRESS clears her throat.
Let's have dessert?
I thought I already have.


Justine licks her lips. Jeff LAUGHS.

Justine smiles at the waitress. The waitress smiles while
WALKING to the kitchen.
Jeff is helping Justine put on her raincoat.

Karl WALKS in with Stacey.

Jeff WALKS by Karl and Stacey.
So it is true... you broke up with
Lisa... for that?
Jeff turns around and WALKS right up to Karl. Karl STEPS
away from Jeff.

Stacey pulls at Kar's arm.
This is for the other day...
Jeff HITS Karl in the stomach.


Stacey holds onto Karl.

Justine EXITS.

Justine WALKS to the car. Jeff RUNS after Justine.
Justine... put this over your
Justine pushes the umbrella away from herself.
What was that all about back
there... why did you do that?
He had that coming to him...
Justine wipes her wet hair out of her eyes.


I didn't need rescuing. You didn't
have to punch him in the gut...
there was no need for that... you
are a bigger person that that.
I was protecting you.
How much of that was for me... and
how much of that was for your ego?
Jeff pulls Justine into his arms. Justine places her face
into Jeff's neck.
I only want to protect you from
all jerks... you mean the world to
Justine lifts her head up. Jeff leans his head down and
KISSES Justine.

Justine wraps her arms around Jeff. Jeff wraps his arms
about Justine's waist.
I'm sorry for getting upset...
let's get in the car.
Jeff's left hand is on the steering wheel. His right hand
is holding onto Justine's hand.

So... you'll be doing a summer
session... when will that start?
I think... July fifth... what will
you do this summer? Start looking
for a more substantial job?
You know I'll be in New York... I
hope to find something by then...


Jeff lets go of Justine's hand.

... You're still going to go!
... Yes... you didn't think, just
because you finally told me how
you felt... that I would stay...
I was hoping... I thought we could
make up for lost time.
... That's not my fault... plus,
we can still talk... it might be a
distance but it could still work.
Jeff drives into Justine's driveway.


Justine doesn't move.

Jeff turns off the engine. Jeff stares out the window.
It wouldn't work for us.
Justine is mad.

Jeff won't look at Justine.
Jeff Taylor... do you know how
long I've waited for you to notice
me... for you to even... and
      (getting teary
... you can't wait for me... to go
live my dream...
Jeff takes a hold of Justine. He KISSES Justine
passionately. Justine moves closer to Jeff. A tear falls
down Justine's cheek. Jeff brushes it away.
      (kissing her chin)
... I'm sorry... yes... I can wait


                       JEFF (cont'd)
for you...
      (kissing her cheek)
... you are worth waiting for
... you mean that...
Jeff holds his hand over his heart.
...I promise my love and devotion.
Justine sits back.

Jeff holds onto Justine's hands.
What else can a girl ask for...
Jeff pulls Justine back into his arms.

Justine leans into Jeff... KISS PASSIONATELY.
Justine is wiping down the bar.

Joes is escorting the last patron out of the bar.

Bonny WALKS over to the bar and sits on a stool. Bonny
starts to rub her calves.
Well... Justine... I am sure going
to miss you...
... I'm going to miss you both...
I liked working here these last
two years...
Joes WALKS behind the bar and STOPS next to Justine.

Justine picks up some dirty glasses. She puts them under the

Joe puts his hand on Justine's shoulder.


... Justine... I'm going to miss
you... but you are going to be
just fine... you just don't forget
us... you hear me.
Justine hugs Joe.
I would never forget you... or
this place.
Joe gives Justine an envelope.
Here is your last check... you
know Justine... your a gem.
Justine hugs Joe.

Bonny gets off the stool and WALKS behind the bar.

Bonny hugs Justine.
      (choked up)
Bonny... would you mind... I need
to go to the bathroom...
Bonny nods her head.

Justine ENTERS


RIP... RIP... Justine GASPS looking at the check.

The check is written for eight hundred dollars.
Justine HOLDS the ENVELOPE up to her HEART.
Oh... Joe... you big sweetheart.


Justine is sitting in front of her mirror. She is wearing a
long trench coat. Justine is putting lipstick on.


Jeff has his arm around Justine's shoulders. They have a
bucket of popcorn between them.

Justine lays her head onto Jeff's shoulder. Jeff leans over
and KISSES Justine's hair. Justine looks up at Jeff...


Justine applies some eye shadow.

Justine's bedroom door OPENS. Tabitha ENTERS.
What do you need Tabitha?
Jeff's here.
Tabitha EXITS. Justine STANDS UP. Justine fixes her hair
and smiles.

Justine EXITS.
Jeff and Justine ENTER.

Jeff and Justine WALK down the hallway. They both ENTER
into the dressing room.

Justine takes off her trench coat.
Wow... you look beautiful...
... What... this old thing.
Justine TWIRLS around. Justine is wearing a beautiful blue
and white dress. The back of the dress is all open. The
front of the dress is a halter top. Her stomach is covered
with a shimmering blue material. The skirt is tight against
the hips and is diagonal across the top of her knees. Her


shoes match perfectly with high heels.

Jeff's wearing light blue dress pants. His tight fitting
white dress shirt, showed every muscle. With elegant black
dress shoes.

Jeff TWIRLS Justine around and around. Justine falls
against Jeff's chest LAUGHING.
You look amazing!!
Justine smiles. Jeff touches Justine's cheek. Justine
steps back from Jeff.
I don't know if I can do the swing
moves... my side is still so
Jeff grabs Justine by the waist.
... You'll be fine...
                       MAN (OS)
... You're on in three minutes...
... I have no choice but to be
Justine checks herself in the mirror. Jeff takes Justine's
hand. He KISSES her hand, and then KISSES her cheek.
Let's go have some fun.


Jeff and Justine are at opposite sides.


Jeff and Justine JAZZ WALK toward each other.

They grab each others hands and DANCE...

the CHA CHA, they do a close basic step. They DANCE...

the SAMBA, in the progressive basic. They let go of each
others hands. Justine and Jeff then do TRAVELING JUMPS with

Jeff and Justine turn their bodies into each other and start
to DANCE...

the TURNING HUSTLE, then they do the TURN-STEP HUSTLE. They
turn around and begin to DANCE...

the MERENGUE, as Jeff and Justine pivot away from each
other. Side by side they DANCE... HIP HOP.

Justine then does a couple of BENT KNEE JUMPS. Jeff WALKS
over to her point and grabs her hand and they begin to

the SWING. But Justine WINCES in pain. Jeff tries to slow
down. Justine loses her balance. She trips over her foot.
Jeff catches her and throws her between his legs.

Justine gets up and makes eye contact with Jeff. She RUNS
and SOMERSAULTS and lands in Jeff's arms..

Jeff CRADLES Justine in his arms. Jeff and Justine turn
their faces to the JUDGES and smile.


                       MRS. STEVENS
      (at microphone)
We will have the results in a few
Christine and Charles are WHISTLING.

Diane, Paul and Tabitha are smiling.


Jeff sees his parents smiling.

I think we did real good.
I messed up.
                       MRS. STEVENS
      (clearing throat)
Will all couples please come up on
Here we go...
Mrs. Stevens OPENS the envelope.
                       MRS. STEVENS
... Coming in third is... Paul and
Maybe we'll be second...
                       MRS. STEVENS
... Coming in second is... Jim and

Justine is trying to hide disappointment. Jeff is smiling
... We didn't even make a
                       MRS. STEVENS
... Coming in first place is...
Jeff and Justine...
Justine is in shock. Jeff hugs Justine. Justine SMILES.

Ms. Darra stands up LAUGHING... CLAP... CLAP.... CLAP...

Mrs. Stevens WALKS up to the couple,and hugs them both.


                       MRS. STEVENS
Justine even though you slipped...
you both covered it so well...
that was superb dancing...
      (kisses Justine on
... you will do fabulous in New
Mrs. Stevens WALKS toward the judges.

Jeff holds onto Justine a little longer.
I told you... you were amazing out
... I was only amazing... because
you were out there with me.
Jeff and Justine WALK toward the judges.
Jeff and Justine are leaning against Jeff's automobile.

Jeff's parents, MADELINE AND THOMAS are WALKING toward his

Jeff stands up straight.
Hi there...
... You two did beautifully...
      (hugs Justine)
... Justine... I enjoyed watching
you both dance so much.
Thank you... Mrs...
... Call me Madeline...
... Okay... thank you Madeline...
your son is a great partner...


... He got those genes from his
mother... I don't know my left
foot from my right foot...
      (shakes Jeff's
... you did a good job... son...
you too Justine...
... Thank you Mr...
      (he points to
... I mean Thomas... thank you
very much.
Well... we'll let you two talk...
Justine, I hope to see you soon...
Madeline and Thomas WALK away from Jeff and Justine.

Jeff holds Justine by her waist.

Justine puts her head on Jeff's shoulder.
      (lifts her head up)
Jeff... this evening was
wonderful... but it helped me
realize even more... how much I
want to dance...
... I love you... and I don't want
to lose you... but...
Jeff leans into Justine and tenderly KISSES.

Jeff brushes away a tear from her cheek.
... I love you too... I want you
to go and dance... I'll always be
with you.
I'll think of you everyday... I'll
even buy one of those cell
phones... so I can call you at
Jeff OPENS the car door.


We'll think of something...
A grassy field and all GRADUATES are WALKING finding family

Justine's HOLDING her CAP in her hand and WALKING up to her

Paul and Diane HOLD THEIR ARMS out to Justine.
We are so proud of you... good
Tabitha and Christine WALK up to Justine and her parents.

Tabitha is HOLDING her CAMERA.
Let's all get a picture...
Jeff WALKS up behind Justine. He PUTS HIS HANDS on top of
Justine's EYES.
I know who this is...
Justine JUMPS up in the air. Jeff CATCHES Justine and he
KISSES Justine.


Diane turns her attention to Jeff.
Jeff... would you mind... taking a
picture of us all.
      (taking the camera)
Of course I will... okay...
everyone gather around Justine...
      (holds camera up)
... okay... everyone say New



Justine and Christine hug one another.
You are coming over later...
      (hugging Justine)
... Yes... I'll be over later.
Justine and Christine STOP HUGGING.

Paul and Diane START WALKING to the PARKING LOT.

Tabitha WALKS off with Christine. Charles GRABS a hold of
Christine. Tabitha and Christine start LAUGHING. They
continue to WALK toward the PARKING LOT.

Jeff and Justine are standing under an oak tree. Jeff takes
a hold of Justine's hand.
Justine... I can't come over
later... I'm going out of town in
just a little bit...
      (motioning to his
... I won't be able to see you off
That's okay... I'll call you...
Jeff pulls a small package out of the inside of his jacket.

Justine SMILES at the wrapped package.
      (kissing her cheek)
... I wanted you to have this...
      (handing her
... open it on the train...
      (crosses her heart)
... I promise.
Jeff pulls Justine close to himself. Justine LEANS into


Jeff and they KISS. Justine pulls back SLOWLY.

Jeff WALKS toward the parking lot.

Justine WALKS the other way.
Justine's door is OPEN.

Justine is looking out the window.

Christine STANDS in the doorway... KNOCK... KNOCK.
      (enters bedroom)
Hey there...
Justine wipes at a tear from her eyes. Justine's eyes are
swollen. She tries to SMILE.

Chritine WALKS up to Justine. Christine HUGS Justine.
Justine SOBS into Christine's shoulder.
      (stops crying)
I'm alright... really... I only
gave my self that one cry...
that's it...
      (steps back from
... I'm ready to do this.
Well I know I'm going to miss
you... I'm sure there is someone
else who will too...
Justine pulls out a suitcase from under her bed.
... Enough Christine... we have
discussed this... I'm going to New
York... it will be hard... but
we'll get through this...
Justine puts the suitcase on top of her bed...ZIP...ZIP...

Justine PULLS open her drawers and starts unloading them and
putting them in her suitcase.

Christine OPENS her closet. Christine PULLS out skirts and
hands them to Justine.


... Justine... you are one of the
bravest people I know... I don't
think I could do what you are
about to do...
... Christine... to tell you the
truth... I'm scared to death.
Justine and Christine START LAUGHING.

Justine pulls out a duffel bag.

Christine bends down in the closet, and hands Justine her

Justine places them in her duffel bag.

Christine stands up straight, and stretches her back.
      (stands up
Well... my dear... that is all of
your shoes...
KNOCK... KNOCK...Tabitha TAPS her foot in the doorway of
Justine's bedroom.

Justine and Christine both look at the doorway.

Tabitha ENTERS the bedroom.
Tabitha... you want to help...
      (puts duffel bag
       on the floor)
... I'm almost done...
... I'm going to miss you
Justine... do you have to go...
       approaches her)
... I need you here...
Justine HUGS Tabitha. Tabitha won't let go of Justine.

Christine turns her head to the window.

Tabitha CRIES. Justine's EYES CLOSE.


      (wiping at her
... You will always have me... I
will only be a phone call away...
I'll be home to visit all the
      (pointing out the
... you'll have a piece of me with
you every day...
... What do you mean?
Tabitha looking confused looks out the window.

Justine smiles.
You will be driving my car... so
I'll sort of be with you...
Your letting me use your car...
that's awesome... thanks sis.
Justine and Christine LAUGH.

Justine, Christine and Tabitha join in a circle and HUG.

KNOCK... KNOCK... Diane STANDS in the doorway.
      (pointing to watch)
We have got to go... you don't
want to be late for the train.
Christine picks up Justine's suitcase.

Tabitha picks up Justine's duffel bag.

Christine and Tabitha EXIT.

Justine WALKS over to her desk, and picks up the wrapped
package from Jeff. She places it in her pocketbook.

Justine EXITS.


Justine HUGS Tabitha. Tabitha steps back and wipes away her

Justine HUGS Christine.
You better call me...
... Of course...
Paul and Diane WALK up to Justine.

Diane is CRYING. Paul holds out his arms to Justine.

Justine WALKS into his arms.
Well... I guess this is it... I'm
going to miss you...
... I'll be home visiting before
you know it...
Justine STEPS BACK out of Paul's embrace.

Justine smiling. Diane WIPES away a tear.

Justine HUGS her mother.

Diane steps back, and touches Justine's hair.
You are such a strong willed young
woman... I know you will do well
in the city...
      (holding Justine's
... but you call...
... I will call you often... I


Justine HUGS Diane.

Justine STEPS BACK and grabs her bags.

Justine WALKS to the Terminal. Justine turns back around,
and waves BYE to everyone.
Knock em dead Justine...
Justine LAUGHS and waves BYE. Justine WALKS around the
corner and WALKS straight to Terminal Ten.
Justine is WALKING in the Train car. Justine LOOKS at her
ticket and LOOKS at the seat number thirty-four.

Justine STOPS. Justine CHECKS her ticket and LOOKS at the
seat number thirty-four again.

Justine NODS her HEAD. Justine PLACES her duffel bag under
her seat. She SITS down.

Justine STARES out the train window at the tracks. TAP...
TAP... Justine turns her head.

An OLDER WOMAN is looking at Justine.
                       OLD WOMAN
      (clears throat)
Excuse me... is this seat 35?
                       OLD WOMAN
... Thank you.
The TRAIN begins to move. The Old Woman SITS down. Justine
PICKS UP her pocketbook.
Excuse me... I need to get by
The Old Woman moves her legs. Justine SHUFFLES by the Old


Justine WALKS to the bathroom. Justine OPENS the bathroom
door. Justine stares in the mirror and SMILES.

Justine LOOKS at her pocketbook. Justine PULLS out the
present from Jeff. She RIPS open the gift.

She OPENS the box. She STARES at the box.

Justine takes out a cellphone. She then removes a check.
Justine opens the card.
      (reads card)
I want you to have this cell phone
to call me at any time... I miss
you already... I want you to have
the money from the competition...
      (Justine smiles)
... you deserve it... it will help
you while you establish
yourself... I love you... Jeff.
Justine places the check and card back in her pocketbook.


Justine puts cell phone to her ear.
                       JEFF (OS)
I've been waiting for this phone
Justine SMILES.
Justine is pulling her suitcase, and carrying her duffel

TAXIS are all by the CURB.

Justine sees a VACANT TAXI.

Justine WALKS to the TAXI.

A man pushes her out of the way, and gets into the TAXI.
Hey... thanks a lot... you jerk.


Justine WHISTLES for a TAXI.

and POPS the trunk for Justine.
Nice... I'll have to learn to do
... You'll learn it quicker than
you think.
Justine gets into the taxi. TAXI driver gets behind the
                       TAXI DRIVER
So... where to?
Jeff HANGS up the cell phone. Jeff PACES his bedroom then
SITS down at his desk.

Jeff puts his head on the desk.

Jeff's head POPS up.
      (to himself)
I know what I need to do...
Jeff WALKS to his closet.

Jeff OPENS his closet door. Jeff GRABS a duffel bag.

Come in...
Madeline OPENS the door.

Jeff is putting close into his duffel bag.
Jeff... what are you doing...


      (walking to closet)
... I can't live without her...
this week has been horrible...
      (picks up shoes)
... I have to be with her...
... Sweetheart... it's only been a
Madeline WALKS to Jeff's bed.

Jeff CLOSES his duffel bag. Jeff SITS on his bed.

Madeline SITS next to him.
... But mom... that is one week
that I haven't seen her... she is
such a beautiful person in and
      (stands up)
... I let time slip by before... I
can't let that happen again...
I'll transfer schools...
Madeline STANDS UP next to Jeff.

Jeff WALKS to his desk. He picks up his wallet.

Madline lays a beautiful engagement ring on Jeff's duffel
... I was wondering, how long it
would take you... just do me a
      (pointing to the
... do this the right way...
... Mom... that's grandma's
Jeff WALKS to his mother.

Madeline HUGS Jeff and KISSES his cheek.


... I know... it could only take a
woman like Justine to wear it.
Jeff RELEASES Madeline. Madeline WALKS to doorway.

Madeline TURNS around at door.
      (picking up his
       duffel bag)
Mom... how will dad react...
... Give your dad some credit...
your not quitting school... just
changing schools...
      (pointing to Jeff)
... and anyway... your dad was
young once too you know...
... you mean...
      (turning around)
... Okay son... don't you have to
get on the road.
Madeline EXITS the BEDROOM.

Justine EXITS her apartment building.

Justine wearing capri pants, and a halter top adjusts her
pocket book strap. She drops piece of paper.

Justine BENDS down pick it up. Justine STANDS up, and
STARES at the curb.

Jeff is leaning against his XTERRA. Jeff SMILES as Justine
RUNS toward him.

Justine JUMPS into Jeff's arms and KISSES his lips... KISSES
his cheeks... KISSES his neck.


So... I guess this means... your
happy to see me...
... More than you know...
      (pinches herself)
... ouch... no... I'm not
Jeff puts her down. Jeff holds Justine's hand.

Justine STARES into Jeff's eyes.

Justine places her hands on Jeff's chest.
      (careses her face)
... Your not dreaming... I'm here
for good...
Justine TOUCHES Jeff's hand that's on her face.

Justine takes his hand and KISSES his hand.
What about school?
... I'm going to go to NYU...
      (hugging Justine)
... because I'm going to support
you and everything you do...
Justine steps back and looks at Jeff.

Justine looks at her piece of paper.
... I love you Jeff... would you
like to walk me to my audition?
      (bowing to Justine)
I would be honored.
Justine LAUGHS.

Jeff offers his arm to Justine. Justine wraps her arm in
his arm.

Jeff WALKS with Justine down the sidewalk.


Are we headed in the right
Yes. We are heading absolutely
heading in the right direction.
Jeff SQUEEZES Justine a little closer.

Justine wearing jeans and a halter top is leaning on a tree.

Justine SMILING while she plays with the ring on her left


Students WALK out onto the SIDEWALK.

Jeff LOOKS at the tree and SMILES.

Justine WALKS toward Jeff. Jeff HUGS and KISSES Justine.
How was your day?
Usual... so... what happened?
I got the part. I'm the lead.
Justine SMILES, and Jeff PICKS Justine up and SWINGS her
around. Justine LAUGHS.
Oh... sweetheart... I'm so happy
for you...
      (puts Justine down)
... we must celebrate...
... Let's go to your favorite
place to eat... then we can go
Jeff and Justine WALK hand in hand down the sidewalk. Jeff
PULLS Justine closer.


... I knew you would do it...
      (looking at watch)
... we need to call your folks and
      (tapping his chest)
We will... but lets enjoy each
others company first.

Justine and Jeff WALK down the sidewalk, holding tightly to
each other.


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From Paul Shannon Date 8/9/2005 0 stars
Wow, several scenes taken from pop films. Characters are identical to characters in similar films. And oh wow, same storyline as a multitude of movies. It is in a good format though.

From Ethan Ames Date 7/29/2005 *
pretty cliche. this story has been done before many times, in a few different ways.

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