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Heaven and Hell (WIP)
by Matt White (irishftball56@netscape.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
Gustav, a servant of God is on a mission to find suitable warriors to aid in the battle against Hells armies. Heaven is on the verge of losing control over demons entering Earth. The battle for Earth is truly about to begin. This is just a work in progress please give feedback.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



GUSTAV, a rough looking man of 30 years old wears the
clothes of a gunslinger, stands on top of a scyscraper
looking out at New York City. We hear the noises of
everyday New York City Life.
                       GUSTAV (VO)
      (Looking out at
       New York)
The war between Heaven and Hell
has been waging for countless
millenia since Lucifer and his
fallen comrades were cast down to
the pits of Hell. The war had
been going in the favor of Heaven
but the tides are shifting and the
war is about to break out into the
physical realm. Heaven has a
dwindling supply of warriors
capable of fighting the
ever-growing demon armies.
ALICK, a middle sized man of 29 years is laying down in bed
and wife CAITLIN, who is petite with beautiful long blonde
hair, comes in with a basket of folded clothes.
      (Gently shaking
Alick it's time to get up.
Alick rolls over and pulls Caitlin on top of him.
      (Pushing away.)
Aahh!!! Alick stop that. You know
I hate being scared like that.
Oh but you know how much I love
doing that, and besides it's our
anniversary today, the kids are
gone away to your parents, even
though I can't stand them...


      (Interupting Alec)
Stop saying that about my parents,
I love them and so do the kids.
As I was saying before I was so
rudely interupted, I just want to
have a little fun before I go to
      (begins putting on
       his clothes.)
But obviously you don't want to so
what's for breakfast.
Begins putting folded clothes into the dresser drawer.
Well, I have prepared a
magnificent breakfast for a
magnificent man, which includes
bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls.
      (Tightening his
Sounds marvelous honey.
Alick and Caitlin move to the kitchen.
Alick sits down and begins to eat.
*Sighs* This is the best bacon
I've ever had. Let's just hope
the rest of the food can match up
with the bacon.
      (continues eating.)
Tis is just so good, I'm glad I
married such a good cook.
      (Pouring Alec a
       glass of orange
Well, I'm just glad I married such
a good lawyer.
Alick finishes his breakfast and drinks the last of his
orange juice.


      (Walking out the
I love you honey.
I love you too.
Caitlin runs up to Alick and gives him a kiss and returns to
the bedroom.
MASKED MAN sneaks up behind Alick and puts a gun to his
                       MASKED MAN
Alick nice to see you again. It's
been what, 5 years.
      (Stops and puts
       his hands in the
Who are you, and what do you want?
                       MASKED MAN
You don't remember me? Well 5
years ago, before you were a
bigshot lawyer, you had a case
defending a man for a man accused
of manslaughter. You lost the
case and I was sent away for 5
years. I lost everything, my
wife, my kids, and 5 years of my
IF there is anything I can do for
you now Jack, just tell me.
The masked man takes off his mask and is now known as JACK.
Ah, so you do remember me. Doesn't
matter though beecause in a minute
I'm going to take everything away
from you. Payback's a bitch don't
ya think?
Caitlin comes out and sees Alick and the man with a gun to
his head.


Alec, what is going on?
Nothing dear, just go back inside.
      (whispers to the
       masked man.)
Please do what you want with me
but don't hurt her.
      (Turns around to
       look at Caitlin
       but keeps the gun
       to Alicks head.)
Don't go inside Mrs. Kibby, things
are just now starting to get fun.
      (Turning back to
Now I'm going to shoot your wife
and then kill you, after you see
her die, of course.
      (Turning around.)
Don't you dare touch her you
Jack pistol whips Alick in the head.
Caitlin rushes to Alick's side.
      (Hugging Alick.)
Are you alright, darling?
Yes, I am. I just want you to
know how much I love you.
Alick and Caitlin embrace for the last time.
This is all very touching, and I
hate to break it up, but we have
to get this show on the road.
Jack points the gun at Caitlin and shoots her. And Caitlin
dies in Alick's arms.


You are sick you know that. She
had nothing to do with your case.
Boo, hoo, hoo. I just want you to
feel how I felt when i found out
my wife decided she couldn't wait
for me and found another man. But
i'm being nice, atleast you won't
have to live without her because
I'm going to kill you now.
Jack sticks the gun to Alick's head and shoots. Alec wakes
Alick is suddenly awoken from a dream and his secretary
DEMETRIA PIOTROWSKI, a slim but very well endowed young lady
of 27 enters.
Is everything alright sir you look
a little frightened?
Alick pulls himself together and organizes some papers.
Yes, everything is alright, just a
bad dream is all it was. Thank-you
for checking on me.
Okay. Is there anything I can do
for you?
Yes there is actually. Could you
check and see when Jack Monroe is
supposed to be released for me?
After that you can take the day
Yes sir, I can do that for you.
I'll be back in a moment or two.
Demetria exits the office.
Alick picks up the phne and calls his wife.


      (Into the phone.)
Hi honey how are you?
I'm Fine how are you? Is
everything okay?.
Yeah it's another one of those
dreams. I think i'm going to come
home a little early today.
Everything is alright, I'm fine
and so are you. It is just a
dream and nothing more. I'm gonna
make you your favorite dinner
Alright, sweety, I love you.
I love you too.
Alick hangs up the phone and Demetria comes in.
Jack Monroe is scheduled to be
released in two days. So are you
sure you don't need anything else
      (Standing up and
       putting his
       jacket on.)
No, I don't need anything else
today. You have a nice evening.
Thank you, Alick. I'll see
Alick and Demetria exit the office together.


Three men, SANTIAGO, a middle aged man with a very rough
face and voice, CARLOS, a skinny, Mexican man of about 24,
and ANTONY, a handsome man that looks to be in his
mid-twenties, sit around a coffee table talking in Spanish.
      (Smoking a cigar.)
Antony and Carlos, listen up. This
is how the deal is going to go
Antony, you and Carlos are going
to go to Las Vegas with the 20
kilos of cocaine in the trunk of
the car. You will then wait in
the suite 1125 at the Bellagio.
When you have arrived some of the
Russians men will come up to meet
you with the money. Do not bring
the cocaine up to the room. Once
you have received the money you
wait until the Russians have left
the room and exited the hotel you
will drop the car keys out the
window where they will pick the
keys up. An hour after that you
will call me and I will have a
driver ready to bring you back. Do
you understand?
Antony gets up and pours himself a drink.
Yes, I understand Santiago. So is
it just going to be me and Carlos
against the Russians?
Yes, it is do you have a problem
with that Antony?
      (Santiago puts out
       his cigar and
       reaches in his
       pocket to light a
       new one.)
If you do I can always find
someone else to do it.
      (Finishes his
No, I think i can handle it.


Good. You leave first thing
tomorrow morning. You can leave
now and go home. Carlos stay here
for a few more minutes.
Antony sets his glass down and leaves the mansion.
What is it you wanted to see me
You always say you want to be a
part of our business but I ever
thought you were ready. But now
is your chance to prove yourself.
I want you to kill Antony Devante
Okay, but why do want Antony dead?
Santiago gets up and goes to look out the window.
Because he works for the FBI.
Tomorrow there isn't going to be
any coke or Russians. You will
just shoot Antony on the way there
and come back.
I will prove myself to you, uncle.
Antony walks in the door and sees MARIA sleeping on the
couch with the tv on.
Maria, are you awake?
Maria stirs and begins to sit up.
      (Rubbing her eyes.)
Where have you been? You had me
worried sick about you.
Antony walks over to the recliner and sits down.


I was going over the job with
Santiago. How was your night?
Maria walks over to Antony and sits on his lap.
Do you have to do this job
I have a bad feeling about it that
I can't get rid of.
There is nothing to worry about. I
will have back-up if things start
to get dangerous.
      (Picks up Maria
       and walks to the
Besides what's the worst that can
Antony sets Maria down in the bed and begins to take off his
If you have to go just be careful.
I don't want anything bad to
Listen, everything will be
alright. I will be home in two
Antony finishes getting undressed and gets into bed and
falls asleep.
Antony is sleeping very restlessy. Suddenly he sits up and
is sweating and very scared. Maria sits up with him and
tries to comfort him.
Antony, it was just a dream it's
gonna be okay. It was't real.
Antony gets up and goes to the bathroom. He turns of the
faucet and gets a glass of water.


It was so real though. It was
like I was there.
It was just a dream baby.
MAria gets up and goes over to Antony and hugs him.
I'm okay now. Let's go back to
bed now. I'm sorry to have
worried you.
Antony and Maria go back to bed. Antony turns on his side
but does not go to sleep. Maria goes to sleep.
Gustav, now wearing white armor with a blue cape, walks up
to a massive cathedral like building and is stopped by two
CHERUBIM that are wearing gold armor with wings protruding
out, and hold golden spears.
      (Crossing their
You may not pass.
I must speak with Our Lord God.
                       CHERUBIM #1
We shall see if God would like to
speak to you.
Cherubim #2 sends for a messenger. A MESSENGER, of about 25
years old, comes running and waits to be ordered.
      (To Cherubim #2)
You called for me sir?
                       CHERUBIM #2
Yes I did. Please go ask God if
he would like to visit with a man
named ...
Gustav interjects with his name.


      (To Messenger)
Gustav. The name is Gustav.
                       CHERUBIM #2
The name is Gustav.
As you wish.
The Messenger leaves to enter the massive building and
Gustav catches a glimpse of the majesty and beauty of God's
Do you have to stop everyone from
entering this building?
                       CHERUBIM #1
Yes we do. It is our orders. We
do not wish to defy God.
What might happen if you were to
defy God?
                       CHERUBIM #2
We do not even think of such
thoughts, but if we did we would
probably be sent to Hell where
Lucifer was sent so many millenia
I can see why you wouldn't want to
defy God.
The messenger comes back out, panting heavily.
      (To the Cherubim.)
Gustav is allowed in and must make
                       CHERUBIM #1
You may enter and see Our Lord.


Gustav is led in by 2 Cherubim. Gustav stops in amzement at
the beauty and majesty of God's enormous throneroom In the
backround he hears a choir singing in Latin. The choir
sings in the most beautiful harmony.
                       CHOIR (O.S.)
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
                       CHERUBIM #3
      (To Gustav.)
You must hurry. Our Lord does not
like to be kept waiting.
                       CHERUBIM #4
Follow us.
As Gustav follows the two Cherubim he looks at the choir and
sees that they have six crimson wings, two for covering
their face, two for their feet, and two for flying.
                       CHERUBIM #3
When you are in the presence of
God kneel and do not look at him.
Yes I know.
As Gustav is led into the presence of GOD, a wise looking
man with white hair who wears gold and red armor, he kneels.
My Lord, your humble servant is
here to report.
The Choir continues to sing in the backround.
God gets up and walks toward Gustav.
      (To the Cherubim
       #3 and #4.)
You may leave.
      (To Gustav.)
It has been a long time since you
last reported. We must talk.
Gustav gets up and bows in respect.


Come, let us go to the balcony
where Jesus, Michael, and Raphael
are waiting for us.
As you wish, my Lord
God and Gustav walk over to a pair of doors and two Cherubim
open them.
God and Gustav walk out and see an amazing view of Heaven
with angels and saints wondering around the most beautiful
place that can be imagined. He sees Jesus, a man that looks
like he is 33 years old and is wearing a white toga,
Raphael, a strong man of 45 years that wears gold armor and
a red cloak and has grey wings, and Michael, a strong but
kind looking man that looks to be in his mid to late
thirties and has a pair of dazzling white wings.
      (To Jesus,
       Michael, and
This is Gustav. He is sent to
Earth to search for suitable
soldiers in our fight against
Hell's armies.
Gustav bows to each of them.
How fares this mission that God
speaks of.
It is going well considering the
fact that there are fewer and
fewer decent people that would be
able to fight demon spawn. How is
the war going?
Raphael gets up.
It is not going well in the United
States. New York and and Las
Vegas are almost entirely evil and
many states and cities are on the
same path. Northern Africa is
about 50-50, but that is shifting


                       RAPHAEL (cont'd)
because a lot of the good souls
are being killed and not enough
new ones are replacing them. On
the bright side Sub-Saharan Africa
and the China and it's surrounding
countries are on the way to
becoming good.
We need more warriors who can help
with sending the demons that are
appearing more and more frequently
back to Hell.
An angel dressed in white comes out onto the balcony and
bows to each of the people sitting out on it..
                       ANGEL #1
Sorry for the intrusion but I have
urgent news for Michael, m'lord.
It is alright. Speak if it is so
                       ANGEL #1
      (To Michael.)
Sir, we have reports that there is
a major outbreak of demons in the
Middle East.
Michael shoots up from his seat knocking it over.
How many Angel?
                       ANGEL #1
The scouts reported that it was a
legion of demons led by a creature
that looked like a wolf with a
serpants tail and was breathing
It must be Amon. Who could have
been powerful enough to open a
portal and allow such a powerful
demon through? It does not matter
now, we muststop them immediately
before any damage is done.
      (To God.)
I ask your leave from this
meeting, m'lord.


      (To Michael.)
You may go. I will have Raphael
fill you in when you return. You
have my blessing Michael.
Thank-you, m'lord.
Michael bows to God and Jesus and follows the angel out.
Things are getting worse father.
We need to do something to
counter-attack their invasions.
      (To Jesus.)
Let us see what Gustav has to say.
I have a feeling he has some good
You were right, m'lord, I do. I
have found two very well suited
possibilities. Their names are
Alick Kibby, and Antony Devante.
Jesus gets up and walks over to the balcony.
And what makes these people so
much different than the others you
have chosen so far?
I have heard those names before.
Michael is having his servant JOHN put on his green and gold
armor. The breastplate has a golden cross in the center.
So is it pretty serious this time?
Yes it is serious, it is always


Is it more serious this time,
m'lord. How many are there?
Michael tightens his green gauntlets with a gold cross in
the palm of them. He puts his flaming sword in its sheath
and attaches it to his belt.
Yes, it is. There is a whole
legion of demons led by a Duke of
Hell named Amon.
John tightens the grieves and makes sure everything is
Go with Godspeed.
Thank you. May God bless you.
Michael walks to the doors and throws them open and walks
Michael stands ontop of a hill in front of thousands of
angels that are armed with swords and spears.
My fellow servants of God, the
Lord of Hosts, we go to battle a
legion of demons led by a powerful
Duke of Hell. I expect that each
and everyone of you will fight
bravely and for the honor of God
and this Holy Kingdom. Many of
you will lose your bodies, but
remember that your souls will
still be admitted into this holy
place. Keeping that in mind you
must fight for this place so your
fallen comrades will have a place
to return to.
Michael takes a crucafix he was holding in his hand kisses
it and puts it around his neck.
God be with us!


The angels start to yell.
God, Jesus, Raphael, and Gustav have moved back into the
throneroom and are seated around a small table. We hear the
Choir of Angels still singing their praises.
                       CHOIR (O.S.)
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
These mens great grandfathers were
once great warriors that fought
against the demon hordes centuries
ago. Their souls should be ready
to fight the dark armies with a
little training.
Who will train them all of our
warriors are out fighting and
neither Michael nor I have the
time time to train them. We are
busy planning and leading your
holy troops into battle, m'lord.
I thought about that and have
decided to allow Gustav to train
Jesus gets up and walks over to God.
      (Whispers to God.)
He is not even an angel how is he
supposed to train two non-angels
in fighting demons, Father?
      (Whispers back to
I'm God I have the power to make
anything him an angel, do I not?
At these words a pair of white wings come forth from Gustavs
back and Gustav kneels.


      (To God.)
My Lord I am not worthy of this
honor of being an angel in your
most holy armies.
You have served me well for a very
long time. You have earned this
      (To Jesus.)
That is respect and humility
something that you lack sometimes
my son.
M'lord I must go and see how
Michael is faring and bring
Very well you all are dismissed.
Jesus, Raphael, and Gustav each bow to God and turn to walk
away. Gustav walks a few steps and flies through the two
A battle is ensuing between the demon legion led by a wolf
with a serpent tail and the angels led by Michael. We see
that MIchael and his soldiers are clearly outnumbered but
they are giving a good fight.
      (Yells to the
Don't give them an inch.
The battle continues and we see Michael swings his flaming
sword and severs one of the heads of a three-headed demon.
The demon falls down and turns to ashes.
      (Yells across the
       battlefield to
Not even you, the great Michael
can defeat a single legion of my
demons how pathetic.


An angel warrior comes up to Michael with his sword and
armor stained black with demons blood.
                       WARRIOR #1
Michael, it is getting desperate
we must pull back and wait for
reinforcements to come before it
is to late.
Michael kills another demon and looks around the battlefield
and sees his angels getting slaughtered. When he turns back
around he sees the warrior that told him to fall back
impaled by a demons claws. the angel starts to be consumed
in a holy fire, that is a pale blue, and the demon is
Pull back! Pull back to the
The few hundred angels that are left fly back into the sky
where they are safe from the demons. The demons let out a
thunderous ROAR in victory.
Alick stirs awake and hears birds chirping in the window. He
turns over and sees caitlin sleeping soundly next to him. He
gently gets up and goes into his office.
Alick opens the middle drawer and take out a notepad and
pen. And begins to write a note to Caitlin.
                       ALICK (VO)
Dear Caitlin, I know what I am
about to tell you may sound crazy
but you must listen to me. These
dreams that I have told you about
don't just involve me dying, you
also are killed by John Monroe. He
is released tomorrow and I want
you to pack up some things and go
to your mothers house for a few
days until I know things are safe.
I will call you every night while
you are there. If you love me you
will do this. Love, Alick.
Alick takes the note and puts it on the inside of the
bedroom door.


Antony is in the kitchen standing over the stove making
scrambled eggs when Maria walks in wearing a robe.
Why are you up so early Antony?
Antony moves over to the waffle make and puts in the batter
for a waffle.
Oh, I thought I would just make
breakfast for my darling wife
before I go to Vegas.
Maria walks behind Antony and grabs him around the waist.
What's the matter Antony?
Antony takes the eggs and shovels them onto a plate.
I'm just a little nervous about
the mission that's all.
You will be fine. I will pray for
you today. Anyway this food looks
Antony takes the waffle out and puts it on a plate and puts
a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. He tops it off with
strawberries with strawberry syrup.
Thanks for the reassurance, honey.
You are the best. But I must
leave or I wil; be on trouble. I
love you Maria.
Antony kisses Maria on the forehead.
I love you too.
Antony exits the house.


Anotny is walking out the door of his picturesque house and
sees a black Cadillac pull up the to the curb. The window
of the car is rolled down to reveal Carlos' face with a pair
of dark sunglasses on it.
Get in the car Antony.
Anotny does as he is told and gets into the passenger side
of the car.
What are you doing here? I told
Santiago not to have his people
come here. I don't want my wife
to know what I do for a living.
She thinks I am a door to door
Carlos takes off his glasses and pats Antony on the back.
How's it goin'. Nice to see you.
Glad you're having such a good
morning. Here I got you some
Carlos hands the coffee to Antony and Antony takes it.
I was having a good morning until
you decided to show up at my
Antony takes a sip of coffee.
Anyway thanks for the coffee.
Antony leans his seat back and closes his eyes.
Do you mind me trying to sleep
while you drive?
No, go right ahead. Didn't
sleepwell last night?
Antony puts the coffee in the cup holder and lays back down.


You could say that. Anyway wake
me up whenever you need me.
Antony falls into a disturbed sleep.
Antony wakes up and notices the car is stopped. He looks
over to Carlos and realizes that he is not in the car.
Antony gets out and sees Carlos peeing on the side of the
Why did we stop Carlos?
I had to take a leak, is that okay
with you?
Yeah it's fine. You sure do know
how to pick places to take a piss.
Antony looks out across a beautiful view of the snow capped
Well, I like to have a nice view
when I use the poddy.
Antony laughs and turns around to get into the car.
Hey, Antony can you come look at
this rock for a minute?
Yeah, whatever. We need to keep
Antony turns to Carlos and walks to where he is standing.
Carlos points to an arrowhead and Antony picks it up.
This it?
Carlos pulls out his gun quietly and holds it at his side.
Yeah that's it.


Antony continues to crouch and examines the arrowhead.
What's so special about the rock,
Carlos puts the gun to the back of Antony's head and cocks
Nothing really.
Carlos what are you doing?
Don't take this personally, I have
always liked you but this is
You don't have to do this Carlos.
I need to prove to my uncle that I
am capable of following his
Carlos starts to pull the trigger.
Antony's dead body fall to the ground and Carlos turns
around to go back to he car and sees a man with a brown
leather coat like a gunslinger would wear and a hat covering
his face leaning against his car.
Who the fuck are you?
Gustav gets stands up and walks over to Antony's body.
I am just a humble servant of God.
And who might you be?
Gustav lifts his hat and reveals his face. He bends down
and makes the sign of the cross.


In nomini Patri, et Filii, et
Spiritus Sancti
Carlos points the gun at Gustav.
You didn't see nothin alright.
Gustav gets up a turns toward Carlos.
I can't lie being a servant of God
and all. So I suggest you ask
forgiveness before your soul is
I don't know who you are but you
are about to meet your master.
Tell him I said hello.
Carlos cocks the gun and is about to pull the trigger and in
a flash of light you see the gun along with Carlos hand
attached to arc through the air and hit the ground. We see
that Gustav has a bloody sword at his side.
Carlos begins to stumble back gripping his forearm.
Gustav steps closer to Carlos.
What the fuck are you?
Carlos backs up into the car.
I am just an angel of God. And I
will tell him you said hello
Gustav puts the tip of the sword against Carlos' throat. His
wings come out the back of his coat.
Please don't I'm sorry. I have
got kids, please don't.


Why do you have to lie like that
before you die. You don't have
any kids.
Gustav pushes thee tip of te sword a little bit harder so it
breaks the skin.
Please... *sobs*
I'll pray for your soul.
Gustav stabs Carlos through the neck. He pulls the sword
out and makes the sign of the cross.
Carlos then moves over to Antonies body, picks him up and
flies to Heaven.
A YOUNG GIRL with a lollipop in her hand, and her MOTHER are
holding hands and are walking down a small side street of
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The sun has just gone down
and the street lights are just beginning to light up.
                       YOUNG GIRL #1
What's that mother?
What's what honey?
The young girl points her finger to what appears to be a
shooting star.
Oh it's just a shooting star. If
you make a wish it might come
Raphael is at the head of about 100 angels with his sword
drawn. They are speeding to earth to meet Michael who is
outnumbered severely.
Prepare yourselves, warriors of
God. Send their demon hides back
to Hell!!!


Michael, who sees Raphael, rallies his troops.
      (To his angels.)
Raphael is here. Prepare to
Michael leads his troops back to Earth where Amon and his
demons are camped in holes in the ground.
A skinny, red demon walks into Amons hole where he is
                       DEMON #1
Sir, we have a problem.
Amon stirs awake nd looks at the demon with fire in his
What could be important enough to
interupt my sleep, demon?
                       DEMON #1
The sentries who were on duty
reported that they saw Michael and
Raphael flying very fast our way.
Amon jumps up and runs to where the demon is standing and
grabs his throat.
What! How could this have
happened? We wiped them out.
The demon squirms in Amons tight grip.
                       DEMON #1
Evidently we did't, sir. Don't
kill the messenger, please.
I am kind of hungry.


                       DEMON #1
What sir?
Amon dovours the demon whole and burps with a flame coming
out of his mouth. He then exits his hole.
Amon howls and demons start to climb out of there holes.
      (To his legion.)
Prepare for attack!
Just as he says this the two corps of angels collide with
the demons who are coming out with a CLASH of Weapons.
Demons turn to ash and angels burst into flame and the
battle begins again.
Raphael shows his prowess with a spear as he kills demon
after demon with his spear. After a few minutes of fighting
the battle is over
      (Yells to his
Victory!!! Victory!!!
Michaels thrust his sword into the air.
Raphael walks over to Michael who is killing a few remaining
Praise be to God.
Michael embraces Raphael.
Praise be to God. I thought you
weren't going to show.
Well I'm glad I did. They had you
outnumbered pretty badly.
Yes they did. I was getting
worried about that. Did you see
Amon get killed in the battle,


No, I didn't. Maybe his ashes are
in here.
Michael looks around and sees Amon going through a black and
crimson portal. He takes Raphaels spear and hurls it at
Amon. It gets to the portal just as it closes and lands in
the sand.
Nice toss.
Yeah but I missed him.
Amon, now in his human form with a ravens head, walks into
the Lucifer's throneroom. Flames shoot out around Amon when
he crosses the doorway. Flames are shooting up behind
Lucifer's throne which is made of a stone that is black as
night. The rest of the room is black and a crimson red.
Lucifer, a tall sinister man of 25 with black wings, walks
through the fires behind his throne and walks up to Amon.
Amon bows and backs away a step.
I'm sorry, m'lord. It's not my
fault, you see...
      (Interupts Amon.)
I don't to hear it dammit! It was
your fault! I watched the whole
      (he points to a
       basin of black
You were overconfident and you let
your guard down. How could you
think Michael would be beaten that
easily? He helped defeat us when
we tried to overthrow God,
Lucifer turns and walks over to his throne. Fire shoots up
out of the red marble floor everytime he steps.


Yes, I do, m'lord. But Raphael
showed up and we were outnumbered.
Lucifer turns around and he sticks out his hand and a black
flame appears and a flaming black sword emerges in his hand.
What did you think would happen?
I thought...
You thought they were just gonna
give up and let our legions
through without a fight.
Amon backs up another step.
M...My lord I thought we had
defeated them.
Lucifer takes a step forward.
We are so close to breaking
through and taking Earth. We
can't have incopetant fools like
you leading my legions can we?
Amon takes another step back and trips over something and
falls back.
N... No m'lord we can't.
Good. I'm glad we see eye to eye.
Since you agree with me I'm sure
you wouldn't mind resigning as
Duke of Hell and reliquishing your
remaining 39 legions to someone
more capable would you?
Lucifer begins to turn around.


      (On his hands and
Please, my lord, not that. I'll
do better next time I promise.
Lucifer walks up to Amon and squats down so they are at eye
You're wearing my patience Amon.
Now if I were you I would leave
before Lucifer decides to have you
tortured for all of eternity.
Yes, m'lord, as you wish.
Amon walks out through the doors.
The scene starts as Amon opens the door out of Lucifer's
throneroom and it cuts to Gustav with Antony's dead body in
his arms walking through the Massive golden doors that lead
to God's throneroom.
Gustav looks over and sees the Choir still singing their
eternal hymn.
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
God walks up to Gustav who is in his white armor and blue
      (To God.)
This is Antony Devante, my lord. I
brought him as soon as I could.
Good, good. We must hurry though
before his body and soul become to
far detached. Bring him over to
that marble alter.
God points to where the pure white marble alter sits.
Gustav looks to where God points and sees it along with


Michael, who now wears a plain red toga, and Jesus are
standing. He walks over there. We can hear his footsteps
echoing over the Choir's singing.
Should I just set him there on top
of the altar, m'lord?
Yes, that will do fine, Gustav.
Gustav sets Antony's body down on the altar so that it is
looking up at the ceiling.
God walks over to the front of the altar where Antony's head
is pointing.
      (To Gustav.)
Watch closely, it is amazing.
What is?
As Gustav says this God sticks his hand out and seems to
pull something out of thin air. God now seems to be in
control of a bluish-white flame.
It's beautiful.
God thrusts the flame into Antony and there is a blinding
Gustav backs up a step and shields his eyes.
Wha...what is that?
That is his soul. God is just
reuniting the body and soul.
It's the most amazing thing I've
ever seen.
As the light subsides Gustav takes away his arm and gazes
upon Antony.
What happened?


Michael folds his arms. And we still hear the Choir
      (To Gustav.)
Just give it a second.
As he says this Antony sits up and gasps for breath.
Is he alive?
He is as alive as you or me.
What the Hell just happened!?!
Jesus and God take a step back. Michael and gustav make the
sign of the cross
Watch what you say!
Antony leans his leg over the altar.
Alright, alright. Where am I?
To answer your first question I
just reunited your soul and have
you life again. And for your
second question you are in my holy
My lord, I am sorry I did not
recognize you.
Antony turns around and sees Michael and Jesus. Antony gets
off the alter and kneels on one knee with his head lowered.
Jesu Christo, San Miguel, my
lord, I am not worthy of this
      (To Antony.)
Get up. There is much work that
needs to be done and very little


                       GOD (cont'd)
time to do it.
      (To Gustav.)
Gustav take Antony to find some
clothes to wear. After that fill
him in on the present situation.
Yes m'lord.
Gustav bows to God, Jesus, and Michael. He then turns and
begins to walk out.
      (Tells Antony as
       he walks past
Follow me.
Yes, right away.
Antony does a quick bow to each of the people in front of
him and turns to catch up with Gustav
Come, we must talk about the
battle with Amon.
God, Jesus, and Michael leave the throneroom to go out onto
the balcony.
Alick walks through the door to his office with a sports
coat on and a brown paper lunchbag with something heavy in
Demetria gets up from her desk and walks over to Alick.
Let me take your coat for you.
Alright. How are you today?
Alick sets the brown bag down and there is a thud. He
removes his coat. And hands it to Demetria.
I'm getting by. What's in the


Demetria takes the coat and hangs it up on a nearby coat
It's my lunch. Do I have any
messages Demetria?
Yes, your wife called, she sounded
very worried and wanted to talk to
you. Oh, and Mr. Thompson wanted
to change his appointment with you
to next Friday. Will that work
for you.
Alick looks very anxious and worried about something.
Yes that's fine.
Alick begins to go into his office but is stopped by
What's the matter? And what's in
the bag? It's not your lunch.
Alick tries to get around her but she stops blocks his way.
I don't want to talk about it.
Well, we are going to talk about
it. I'm worried about you.
You've seemed preoccupied lately.
Alright, you are going to think
I'm crazy but I can assure you I'm
If you keep saying things like
that I will.
She pulls up a black leather chair and motions for Alick to
sit in it.


Alick sits down and Demetria leans back on her very neat and
organized desk.
Well, it all started about a month
ago when I started to have these
dreams about Jack Monroe shooting
Caitlin and he shoots me.
How often have you been having
these dreams?
About everyother night. They
really have me freaked out.
Alick rubs his face as if to wake himself up.
I can see why they do. So what is
is the bag?
Alick dumps the contents of the bag onto the floor. A small
black revolver and six bullets are on the floor.
What are those for Alick?
Just a little piece of mind,
that's all.
Gustav and Antony are walking along a road that is made of
Marble. The sides of the streets are lined with cherry
trees which are always in bloom. Angels and saints walk and
fly to and fro in peaceful silence. All we hear are the
footsteps, wings flapping hypnotically, and Gustav and
Antony talking in quiet voices.
So basically Heaven is losing the
war against Hell because there are
not enough good warriors to fight
the evergrowing armies of Hell.
Yes, that is what is basically


So where do I fall into this?
You are one of the few good souls
that are admitted into this
kingdom and you are suitable to
Anotny stops and Gustav turns around.
So what happens if I don't want to
fight your wars for you?
We can't make you do anything, but
if you don't want there to be a
Heaven or Earth, you can decide
not to fight and just wonder these
streets for eternity or Hell
conquers it which will probably
happen sooner and you will be
tortured in Hell for the remainder
of eternity. So the choice is
yours. Don't forget about your
wife either, she will also be
tortured by demons.
So why can't you make me do
anything? Isn't God omni-potent?
Yes he is but there is a thing
called free-will remember.
Gustav turns and begins to walk.
We can discuss these matters as we
walk, we have much to do.
Antony is chasing Gustav again and his footsteps echo
against the walls of white buildings.
I will do it if you can prominse
me that you will allow Maria into
Gustav continues to walk.


I can not promise you something
that involves peoples souls that
is Gods decision. I will ask for
you later. We have already
delayed to much we must pick up
the pace.
They pick up the pace.
Where are we going? All of these
buildings are the same.
Gustav points to a building that is in the middle of the
street. The building is white as all of the others except
that there is a gold sigh with a sword and shield the says
'Little Richards Heavenly Armory'.
There are shops in Heaven?
You sure do ask a lot of
questions. But to answer it, no
there are not the sign is for
Oh, well what are we going to do
there? I always imagined that
angels and demons would fight with
magic and stuff like that.
No, we fight with swords, whips,
etc. We also wear armor because
we can also die. Not in the same
way you can but we can lose our
wings and wonder aimlessly as
bodiless souls.
They reach the doors and Gustav pushes the doors open and
they enter the building.
The Building they enter is huge. It is much bigger than it
looks from the outside. The walls are covered with swords,
maces, axes, whips, of different colors, shapes, and sizes.


On the floor are different things of armor hanging up on
stands and there is a man who is rather rotund with a
distinctly southern accent sitting behind the counter.
                       LITTLE RICHARD
Howdy Gustav, what brings you to
this neck of the woods?
      (To Antony.)
Haven't seen you around before.
I'm Richard, my friends call me
Little Richard, who might you be?
Gustav looks around the walls and picks up and handles
different weapons.
      (A little puzzled.)
My name is Antony, I'm new here.
I'm just here to pick up some
equipment for my friend here.
Little Richard gets up and goes into a room adjacent to the
room where Gustav and Antony are sitting.
                       LITTLE RICHARD
      (Yells to Antony
       and Gustav.)
Michael sent me an order for a man
by the name of Antony. I have it
prepared right here.
There is a crash and a cloud of dust comes out the door
followed by a Little Richard who now has dust on his clothes
and face and has the overall appearence of being disheveled.
In his arms is a stack of clothes with something white on
the bottom and everything else black.
What's that?
Your new wardrobe.
Little Richard sets the stack of clothes down and reaches
under the counter and brings up two custom .357 magnums that
are silver with angel engravings on the grip which is
golden and sets them criss-crossed on the top of the
And please say those are my guns.


Yes, those are your guns but they
are special.
What do you mean?
You can only kill demons and the
like, in the name of God of
                       LITTLE RICHARD
But wait their's more!
He reaches below the counter again and retrieves two sabres
that have a white-gold color to them and their hilts are
white with gold engravings in them. He lays these next to
the piles.
What do I need those for? I can't
use them.
The guns only have so many
bullets, and besides swords are
much more fun to use.
But I can't use them.
I can teach you, it's not that
                       LITTLE RICHARD
You can go change in that room
over there.
      (Little Richard
       points to a door
       on the far side
       of the building.)
I'll even burn your old ones for
Hurry up we need to do many things
before the day is out.
Alright, alright already I will
hurry up.


Alick is lounging in his big leather couch and has a
Guinness in one hand and the remote controls in the other.
He has his shirt unbuttoned and his tie is hanging off the
side of the couch. He is watching the 9:00 P.M. news.
                       NEWS LADY
In a very excting baseball game
our New York Yankees defeated the
Boston Red Sox in the 12 inning 7
runs to Bostons 6 runs to end the
championship run of the Red Sox.
The Yankees advance to the
championship to play the Atlanta
Braves in what is promising to be
the most intense World Series in
many years.
Alick sets down his beer and lightly claps his hands
                       NEWS LADY
      (In a serious
On a more serious note, Jack
Monroe, who was convicted of the
manslaughter of Barbara Dickins,
the daughter of a very powerful
politician will be released back
into the public tomorrow after
serving five years.
Alick pushes the off button on the remote controller and
downs the rest of the can of beer. He tosses it into a
trash can across the room. He gets up and walks up the
stairs that are in the hallway next to the living room. He
goes into his room.
Alick undresses to his boxers. He goes to the bathroom and
turns on the shower. He goes back into his bedroom and lays
down on the bed and picks up the phone and dials a number.
There is no answer for three rings.
                       CAITLIN (O.S.)
      (In a quiet voice.)
      (Into the phone.)
Hey baby, it's me Alick.


                       CAITLIN (O.S.)
      (Still quiet.)
Hi, are you alright? I have to be
quiet, mother is sleeping.
Yeah, I just want you to be
somewhere safe for a few days. I
know I'm just overreacting but I
don't want to take any chances.
                       CAITLIN (O.S.)
I understand. Are you sure you
are alright?
Yes, I just wanted to check in on
you, that's all.
                       CAITLIN (O.S.)
Thank-you. You had me worried
sick all day.
Alick gets up and walks to his closet and pulls out a green
You don't need to worry about me
                       CAITLIN (O.S.)
But I do, anyway I have to go
before mother wakes up. I love
you honey.
I love you so much, sweety. Good
night but not good-bye.
Alick hangs up the phone and walks into the bathroom. The
room is very steamy. Alick takes off his baxers but we
can't see anything because of the steam.
Lucifer is sitting in his dark throne with a group of
unknown people around a long black table discussing
My comrades, it is only a matter
of time before God and his armies


                       LUCIFER (cont'd)
are too weak to hold Earth. When
the time is right prepare your
legions and be ready for an attack
that Heaven will cower in fear
A cloaked demon in the form of a short man but looks very
thick in his cloak, stands up.
                       UNKNOWN DEMON #1
      (To Lucifer.)
Who will lead this attack?
      (To the unknown
Well, I was going to have you,
Beleth, command the legions of
Hell while on Earth.
Thank-you for this honor m'lord.
Another demon, who is tall and skinny and is also wrapped in
a black cloak that makes him look like a shadow, gets out of
his chair, knocking it over.
                       UNKNOWN DEMON#2
M'lord I, Asteroth have served you
since the Fall, and feel I am more
worthy than Beleth is.
Slince your tongue, before I rip
it out!
      (Holding back his
Yes m'lord.
Get out of my sight Asteroth.
As you wish. *whistles*


A giant dog-like creature named Seroth with six legs and six
eyes comes rushing through the door to the throneroom.
Asteroth walks toward the creature and discards is cloak
revealing a naked man with dragon wings. The camera looks
oer to the cloak and it dissentigrates in the air. He jumps
onto the creature and exits.
Asteroth and Seroth go crashing out of the throneroom and
are flying through the streets of Hell. The streets are
made of hardened lava with cracks in it and lava flowing
underneath. Demons that resemble gargoyles flay through the
air and creatures of all different shapes and sizes roam the
streets. Fire shoots up randomly along the road.
I'll prove to Lucifer that I am
capable of leading the attack on
Seroth continues to run through the streets crushing
unfortunate demons who happen to get in the way of his giant
Beleth thinks he is so powerful
and better than everyone else.
Well I will prove them all that I
am superior.
Seroth turns suddenly and skids into a small lane leading to
a castle. Seroth jumps a gate and continues to the door
where two demons stand guard. Seroth stops in front of the
demons and Asteroth dismounts
Demon go prepare ten of my legions
for attack.
                       DEMON GUARD #1
Yes, sir.
The demon flys off with a spear in hand.
Gustav and Antony walk up to the gates of Heaven which is
guarded by two angels in gold armor and carry golden spears.
Antony, who is now wearing a long white overcoat with black


buckles, black pants and shirt, and a silver crucifix hang
from his neck. His two guns are in their holster that are
strapped across his chest.
Where are we going?
To Earth. We have a few thing to
do before we start your training.
      (To the guard.)
We need through.
The guard nods and signals for the gates to be opened. The
gates open revealing a line of souls and an angel with a
podium with a large tome on top of it to the left of the
What things? You keep saying we
have things to do.
We have to pick up another soul.
Then we bring him back here and
equip him and begin your training.
Was that so hard?
No, not really.
Antony and Gustav walk toward the edge of Heaven and stop
and look over the edge down to Earth.
What are we doing?
We are about to go back to Earth.
Be prepared the first time is a
Are we just going to jump off?
Yes, what else would we do?


      (A little nervous.)
I don't know. Maybe there would
be stairs or somethin.
That's no fun. Come on we are
going to be late.
Gustav jumps off the edge and Antony follows. They begin
their descent and pass wondering souls along the way. In
the distance there is a portal. Gustav and Antony make
their way to it.
Alick steps out of his house nervously looking around. Alick
begins to walk up to his car when he feels his waist and
does not feel his gun.
      (To himself.)
Shit! I knew I forgot something.
Alick turns around into the barrel of a gun. The man behind
wears a navy blue coat and ski-mask.
Remember me?
Dammit! This would be my luck. And
to answer your question yes I do.
Your name is Jack Monroe and I can
probably guess why you are here.
Jack points pushes the gun harder against Jacks forehead and
cocks the gun.
How the Hell do you know who I am?
I still have my mask on.
Call it a lucky guess. I bet you
are here for revenge for losing
and everything and want me to feel
the same loss, right?
Alick shoves the gun out of his face and tackles Jack. Jack
and Alick wrestle for control and Alick begins to choke


Jack. Jack reaches for the gun and is barely able to reach.
Jack brings the gun underneath Alick and there is a big
CRACK. Alick falls over Jack dead.
At the moment of the gunshot there is a bolt of lightning
and Gustav flies gently to the ground while Antony goes down
to one knee and stands up.
This the soul?
Yes, we must hurry.
Gustav walks over to Alicks body and picks him up and begins
walking back to Antony,
Who are you two supposed to be.
We serve the man upstairs.
We must go.
Abtony and Guatav begin to walk away.
Jack gets up and stumbles back. He turns and begins to walk
You've still got a job to do
Oh. yes I almost forgot.
Gustav begins to fly slowly into the sky and Antony follows
      (Yells to Jack)
Yo, wait up buddy!
Jack looks over his shoulder and begins to walk faster.
Antony pulls out his gun and points it at Jack.


      (Shouts to Jack.)
In the name of God stop!
Jack begins to run.
      (Yells to Antony)
Fuck you!
      (To himself.)
If you say so.
      (To Jack.)
May God have mercy on your soul.
Antony pulls the trigger and the fire from the shot is
silver. Time slows down and we see the silver bullet with a
cross engraved on the side going through Jacks back and
exiting his chest. The shell of the bullet is consumed in a
blue fire and disappears. Time speeds up and Jack collapses
dead. Antony makes the sign of the cross with the gun and
places it back in his holster. Antony walks over to Jack
and kneels down.
Now everything would have been
much easier if you would have just
turned around and stopped.
Sirens are heard in the distance.
Shit! Now I have to hurry this
Antony makes the sign of the cross and kisses the crucifix
at his neck.
In nomini Patri, et Filii, et
Spiritus Sanctus.
Antony gets up and walks to where Gustav is hovering above
the ground. Over Antony's shoulder Jack's body burst into
flame. Antony gets to where Gustav is and begins to float
up. Gustav flies upward. They disappear as the police cars
come rushing up top the house.


Gustav with Alick in his arms, and Antony are on their slow
ascent up to Heaven. They pass lost souls and hear their
moans and wails. The path is dark except for the eerie
blue-white light given off by the souls.
      (In a whisper.)
Good job.
Thank-you. It wasn't as hard to
kill the man as I thought it would
Shhh. We must be quiet to not
disturb the souls. They will
attack you.
Oh. Well couldn't we just fight
them off with our weapons of God.
No. There are to many of them and
we would be consumed and be forced
to join their tortured wondering.
Antony and Gustav part so that they avoid a soul that is in
the way.
The way up is a lot more creepy
than going down.
Yes I know. We will have to make
many more of these journeys before
our job is accomplished or we fail
in doing it.
How have these unfortunate souls
found their way here?


They were not allowed into Heaven
and could not find their way to
Purgatory to cleanse themselves of
the sins of their past life.
That's sad. Are they forced to
wonder here for eternity?
Until Judgement Day. We are near
to the Gates of Heaven.
Where? I don't see them.
Antony and Gustav enter into a bright white light that
appears out of the darkness.
Gustav and Antony appear a the edge of Heaven where they
left on their way to Earth. They walk briskly up to the
golden gates.
      (To one of the
We must be permitted in right
What is your name?
      (Pointing to
This is Antony, and in my arms is
Alick Kibby. Our lord God has
been expecting us.


I will check on that.
The guard turns and flies off to check. Another guard takes
his place.
Will we have to go through this
every time we come back?
Yes, we will. God can't have
everyone enter his kingdom.
I see.
A few moments later the guard comes back.
You may enter. Sorry for the
wait, sir.
It's no problem you are only doing
your job.
The gates open and the pair walk through.
The gates close behind them.
Asteroth, who is wearing a red cape and his demonic aide are
sitting in a huge hall lit eerily by torches on the black
walls and hang from black chandaliers over a great gray
stone table in the center of the hall.
Are my legions prepared to attack?
                       DEMONIC AIDE
Not quite m'lord. We still need
more time to prepare.
Asteroth bangs his fist on the table breaking off a corner
of it.
Dammit! I told you to get the
legions ready yesterday. I was


                       ASTEROTH (cont'd)
planning the attack for tomorrow.
What in Lucifer's name takes so
damned long?
                       DEMONIC AIDE
My lord it is no easy task to
assemble an army of that size. It
will take several more days. There
is nothing more I can do.
Asteroth stands up and his aide backs away nervously.
If you want to get anything done
you have to do it your fucking
The aide backs away a few more steps.
Asteroth rubs his chin in a reflective manner.
Well a few more days shouldn't
matter much.
      (In a more serious
But if you cannot get my army
ready in, let us say 3 days you
might be missing an arm, maybe a
leg, but definately your wings. Do
you get the picture?
                       DEMONIC AIDE
Yes m'lord.
Gustav walks in through the massive doors of the throneroom
with a stack of clothes with him. The choir of angels still
sing their hymn in the backround. The camera follows Gustav
and there is a flashing blue and white light against the
carved walls. Gustav looks over to the altar and sees
Antony, Michael, Gabriel, Jesus, and God standing over
Alicks body.
Just in time Gustav.
Has he been reunited yet?


Alick coughs like he is gagging and sits up.


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From S.M. Krause Date 8/1/2005 ****
I like this script and I truly believe it can be made. Aside from the spelling/punctuational errors, the story entraps the reader. Great characters. Yet another original script that deserves attention.

From Paul Shannon Date 7/30/2005 ***1/2
interesting concept, be better as a pilot then a movie

From Starlette Merkson Date 7/30/2005 ***
I didn't read all of it, but the little i did read looks pretty good. I like the story and everything. Good job.

From Ethan Ames Date 7/29/2005 *1/2
Not that great. Story isn't very engaging. Also, there are lots of punctuation errors.

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