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by charles (travis@rockcityfilmworks.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

A beautiful girl crime team cons rich businessmen until the tables turn and they become the "marks"

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Its 2:00am and most of the homes on the block have their
lights out. One house is fully lit and has 2 expensive cars
in the driveway. We see a van pull up to the house. A female
and two males exit. This is BIANCA, BENNY, and SAMMY. The
three approach the front door. Bianca, a tall, modelesque,
brunette, pulls a key from her pocket and slowly opens the
door. Benny, a 26 yr old muscular, clean shaven, black male
signals the van to pull away. Bianca and Benny enter. Sammy,
a bald, stocky, Italian male follows and closes the door
behind him. As the three enter the foyer, music fills their
Bianca looks upstairs toward the source of the music. Benny
motions to Sammy for him to fully search the 1st floor.
Bianca and Benny make their way upstairs and down a hallway.
As we get closer to the music, we can hear sexual sounds
and laughter. As they get to the room, the door is halfway
open and we see TAMMY, a shapely beauty of mixed
races(Black/Italian) and MIA, an athletically built, blond
bombshell with brooklynese accent having sex with two
Czechoslovakian males in their late 40's's. Tammy is
straddling one man while, a few feet away, Mia gives the
other fellatio. Bianca and Benny watch briefly before
pushing the door open and turning on the lights. When the
lights come on, the team of two enters with guns drawn and
the girls scream. One of the men reaches toward a
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 1
      (reaching toward
What the fuck!
      (aiming her gun)
Slow down pop!
Bianca turns the stereo down as the man freezes
That's right. Move real slow
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2
      (Hands raised)
Who the fuck are you and what do
you want?


As he waits for a response from Bianca, she just looks the
man in the face.
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2 (agitated)
Well, what do you want?
Bianca then looks at Tammy, who is still perched on top of
Businessman # 2's lap.
      (to Businessman #
They're with me sweety
Tammy nonchalantly gets off the mans lap and starts to put
her panties on
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2
What do you mean they're with you?
You know these people?.
Mia comes up from a crouched position and gets up from the
bed wiping the corners of her mouth in attempts to fix her
Jeez..I thought you guys would
never fucking get here!
Bianca shrugs her shoulders and replies with sarcasm
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2
You Bitch, you set me up?
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 1 (dissapointed)
      (to BUSINESSMAN 2)
I told you..it would be a mistake
bringing these whores here!
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2
      (To Tammy)
I can't believe you're doing
this..I treated you well..with
love..and this is how you repay
                       TAMMY (sarcastically)
      (buttoning blouse)
I appreciate it..But this is
business. And besides it COST to


                       TAMMY (cont'd)
work that little thing right there
(pointing at penis).
Now fully dressed, Tammy grabs the gun from Benny and walks
over to Businessman # 2 with the gun pointed at him
                       TAMMY (soft voice)
Now, I know about the money
stashed in the basement, but I
also saw you with a funny looking
briefcase......where is it?
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 1
We have nothing!..just take the
money and get the fuck out.
Bianca turns her attention to Businessman # 1. They stare at
each other. We see shots of their eyes.
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 1
      (to Bianca)
Look, I have been robbed
before..Just take the money and
leave..we will meet again (beat) I
promise you.
As the man finishes his speech. We see Tammy's eyes shift to
meet Bianca's eyes and as if on cue, Bianca ruthlessly
empties an entire clip into the man's chest. His body shifts
and jumps about until the last shot and then falls on the
bed next to Businessman # 2, who is visibly shaken
Bianca releases the empty clip and reloads another
                       TAMMY (soft voice)
      (to Businessman #
OK sweety we're gonna play a
little game..it's called "you talk
you live"...Now what did you do
with that fancy briefcase?
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2
      (looks over at
I...I..I don't know. I swear!
Annngggg! wrong answer!


Without any hesitation Tammy lets off a round in the right
hand of business man #2 and in a loud screech the man lets
out a scream of pain.
As Mia & Sammy search, and the wail of the wounded business
man lingers a narration begins
Welcome to my world...Pretty
dramatic huh? Just another night
for me and my crew. We rob
menÖNot just any men. We call them
"Squares"..You know, the Wall
street, ultra-conservative, uncool
type. Once my girls Tammy & Mia
romance a guy, the rest is easy.
They'd get access to sensitive
info like corporate accounts,
check and credit data. Anyway,
this time the girls, who I like to
refer as "the bait" discovered
that there was at at least a half
a million dollars in the house.
Our usual target would be middle
conservative businessmen, but
occasionally we'd run into a few
that are involved in illegal
activities. And when we do!...We
bring out the guns. I've killed
before, and for this type of money
it wasn't a problem to do it
again! This was our ticket for us
to start something legit. A way
We see Mia call Bianca on a Nextel walkie-talkie phone
I'm good over here
alright..Let's move
Mia makes another call to getaway van
Lets roll!


Back in the bedroom, Bianca and Tammy have their guns
trained on the surviving Businessman.
We'll start again I'll ask you a
question and you answer.....Now
what happened to that pretty
little breifcase?
The man grimaces
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2 (pleading)
Listen..you got the money..I..I
can't give you briefcase..please
Tammy cocks her gun back
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2 (scared)
OKAY, Okay..I'll tell you..Fuck.
It doesn't even matter..you're
just gonna kill me anyway.
                       BIANCA (calming)
Listen. Since you did
cooperate..unlike your buddy, I'll
make you a deal..
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2
You tell us where the case is, we
turn, leave this room and leave
you alive
The man still in agony pauses for a second
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2
Really..we're businesswomen, not
murderers..plus you haven't been
an asshole or anything..now come
on, tell us where the case is so
we can get the fuck outta here.


                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 2
      (In pain)
It's in the next room. There's a
walk in closet..the case is on the
top shelf
Tammy runs to the next room and returns moments later with
the briefcase. Bianca opens it. To their surprise, it
contains several precious stones, pink in color and what
appear to be bonds of some sort. Bianca closes the case and
looks at the man
Now were gonna keep our promise;
we're gonna turn and leave you
Bianca & Tammy slowly back away from the man and exit the
room. The Businessman waits for a moment to see if they
return. When they don't he lets go a sigh of relief. Then he
begins to laugh nervously. He lays back and closes his eyes
for a second to calm down. 3-4 seconds pass and the man
re-opens his eyes to find himself staring down the barrel of
Benny's glock. The man lets out a quick gasp before Benny
smiles slightly and pulls the trigger
We see the shiny new rims spinning as an expensive
sports-car stops at a traffic light. The camera moves upward
to reveal that it's Bianca & Mia. Its obvious that the
young women have been enriched. As the two speak(M.O.S.),
there is a narration


It's been a year since the robbery
and things are really looking up.
The police conducted a small
investigation, but nothing ever
came of it...nobody even knew who
we were. We used a portion of the
money to set up a couple of legal
businesses. We knew we needed
something legit and since we all
like to stay beautiful, we decided
to open a salon in the old
We found out that the jewels we
came across were rare diamonds but
couldn't find a fence we can trust
to cash in.Mia and I are usually
on the go, so we let Tammy run the
shop. She's the baby of the bunch
and my half-sister, and boy is she
a problem!
Women are getting their hair done and gossiping. Tammy
enters from a back room and speaks to some of the ladies.
She approaches one of the stylists who is working on a
customer. The stylist is a fair-skinned Black woman in her
late 20's
Hey...let me speak to you a
                       HAIR STYLIST (smiling)
      (To woman in chair)
Can you give me a minute please?
The woman smiles back and the stylist walks over to Tammy
                       HAIR STYLIST (smiling)
Yeah Wassup?
Yeah, I was just going over the
books and I noticed that you came
up short again...whats going on?
                       HAIR STYLIST (apologetic)
I know..I just been going through
a bunch of things and..


As the stylist explains, we notice a Hispanic woman in her
early 30's enter the shop and walks toward Tammy and the
The stylist sighs and then responds without excuse
                       HAIR STYLIST
I'm straight now Tammy..I promise
I'll have all the money this..
A voice from behind rudely interrupts their conversation
                       ANGRY WOMAN (Harsh tone)
Tammy half turns toward the woman
                       ANGRY WOMAN
Are you Tammy?
                       TAMMY (calmly)
Yeah that's me, why?
                       ANGRY WOMAN
      (hostile attitude)
Well my name is Liz and I'm
hearing stories about some MUTT
from this salon named Tammy is
fucking my husband....Are you
fucking my husband?
                       TAMMY (smirking)
I don't know, I'm fuckin a couple
a guys right now..What's your
husband name?
                       ANGRY WOMAN (mad)
Listen you fucking
Tammy has heard enough delivers a hard smack across the
woman's face. The woman grabs her face and cowers slightly
                       TAMMY (to an employee)
Lock that fucking door!
Tammy then grabs the woman by the hair and guides her over
to a rinsing sink filled with water.
Come here bitch!


As Tammy torments the woman inside, Bianca & Mia pull up in
front of the shop. Upon exiting the car they are approached
by LEE LOVE, a Black neighborhood street bum in his late
30's that collects cans and does odd jobs to support his
moderate heroin habit. Lee Love is pushing his cart full of
cans, but when he spots the girls, he pushes the cart to the
side and springs into action
                       LEE LOVE
      (slight drawl)
How you doing miss B, you looking
beautiful today
Lee Love glances towards Bianca's car
                       LEE LOVE
But your car looks like it needs a
little touch up..I got my stuff
wit me, I can hook that up right
The patrons inside are left breathless as they watch Tammy
hold the woman's head underwater as she mumbles obscenities.
                       TAMMY (to Angry Woman)
You gonna come into my shop
questioning me about some man!
                       BIANCA (smiling)
      (hands over car
Just make sure you get all the
fingerprints off..I hate
                       LEE LOVE
Yes ma'am
Bianca and Mia turn and walks toward the salon. As they
reach the door, Bianca notices its locked. She cannot see
the action inside because of the suns glare on the glass
door. She presses her face on the glass and knocks. An
employee notices her and approaches the door to unlock it
What the hell is going on now?


                       MIA (sarchastically)
That's your girl
As soon as the employee unlocks and opens the door, the
Angry Woman breaks away and darts past the employee. Her
face and hair are soaked and disheveled. She screams as she
runs past Bianca and Tammy.
                       TAMMY (O.S.)
Yeah, I hope your visit was worth
that ass-whoopping!
Bianca and Mia walk inside and spot Tammy who stands there
as if she's just stolen a cookie out of the cookie jar
      (shrugging her
      (nodding toward
We've got to talk
Bianca and Mia pass by Tammy and head to the office. As
Tammy turns to follow she notices one of the patrons staring
at her. The woman is sitting under a dryer with curlers in
her hair. She has an open magazine in front of her which she
pays no attention to.
      (to patron)
What the hell are you looking at?
The woman immediately snaps her attention off of Tammy and
continues reading the magazine
Tammy lights up a marijuana cigarette as Bianca speaks to
Now I know what you saw looked
crazy, but this bitch just burst
up in our shop yelling..asking me
about some mark..I'm not having
                       BIANCA (agitated)
What are we gonna do with you T?


                       MIA (mocking Bianca)
      (exhales weed
Yeah, what we gonna do with you?
No I'm serious, this type of shit
has to stop
What I'm just supposed to let
anybody just come in here and
start mouthing off
Come on now Tammy, You know that's
not what I mean..Nobody's ever
gonna getaway with disrespecting
any of us, but that doesn't mean
that you torture people from the
neighborhood in front of customers
either..you're beatin up people in
the shop, you cursing out
customers..you're a little loose
right now. That's not how we got
here..Remember it's easy to cope
with a bad conscience than with a
bad REP!
Mia passes the marijuana cigarette to Bianca. Bianca takes a
pull and then exhales. She then starts coughing
                       MIA (smiling)
Yeah that's some good shit right,
take it easy smokey
                       BIANCA (still smoking)
I got this sweeheart,...But back
to you, just try to keep it
professional around here..that's
all I ask..Okay
Cool..But can I ask you something?
Yeah wassup?
                       TAMMY (joking)
Would ya pass the goddamn weed?
Mia laughs as Bianca passes the weed to Tammy


      (co-signing the
You guys are attics
                       BIANCA (jokingly)
      (to Mia)
Fuck you, you little whore
Finish that T, we've gotta handle
some things
Bianca & Mia heads toward the door
Yeah finish that, maybe it'll calm
you down a bit
Bianca & Mia exit and shut the door leaving Tammy in the
office alone. Tammy continues to pull on the marijuana
cigarette and starts mumbling to herself
                       TAMMY (to herself)
Huh,the nerve of that bitch coming
in here disrespecting me...I'm
Tammy from the block...
As Bianca and Mia exit the salon, Lee Love is putting the
finishing touches on Bianca's rims. When he spots them , he
jumps up to attention
                       LEE LOVE
Now see, that's how you're
supposed to be rollin'
Lee Love hands Bianca her keys
Yeah, it looks hot..Here, hold on
to this
Bianca hands the man a crisp fifty dollar bill. Mia just
looks on
                       LEE LOVE (shocked)
Damn..'Preciate it miss B
Bianca and Mia approach the car to get in. Lee Love runs in
front of Mia to open the door for her.


                       LEE LOVE
      (opening door)
I got that for you
Mia just gets in and closes the door. As the car pulls away
from the curb, Lee Love takes another look as his fifty
dollar bill. Smiling, he shakes his head and walks off
Bianca converses with Mia while driving
Why do you always treat that bum
so good.....he annoys me!
      (shrugging her
I don't know..He's just cool, and
besides that's the kinda guy we
always want on our side. He's in
the street 24 hrs a day which
means he sees and hears
                       MIA (realization)
True..I got you..Forget about him,
what are we gonna do about Tammy?
Whatta you mean?
What do I mean?..You saw the
fiasco back there. She's getting
real loose
Bianca starts to get agitated
Tammy's gonna be fine. I spoke to
her and she's gonna slow
down..That's it!
Okay..But I think you're being
soft because..


                       BIANCA (interrupting)
Because what..Because she's my
half sister. Are you gonna ask me
that every time I don't fucking
slit her throat for acting
Bianca calms down
                       BIANCA (calmly)
I'm not being soft on her..it's
just that I know what she's been
through..When her mother died, she
had nowhere to go..it wasn't like
she could come and move in with
us..so she had to survive in the
streets at 14..with no one. I only
wish I had found out about her
sooner. I treat her the way I do
because I know where she's been
and where her heart is
Sorry, damn
As the conversation tones down, the car pulls up to a corner
store. They park behind an S.U.V.. Benny leans on the S.U.V.
as he speaks to a young lady. When he spots Bianca and Mia,
he reaches into the S.U.V. and retrieves a small black
duffel bag. He walks back to Bianca's car and Mia rolls down
the window.
This guy..Always with the ladies
Benny leans down toward the car window on Mia's side
      (leaning on door)
What's up yall?
Hey Ben
Jimmy "Fingers" left this for you
Benny hands the duffel bag to Mia, who hands it to Bianca.
Bianca zips the bag open. She immediately cracks a smile.
Inside are a slew of various corporate checks. There is also
a cellphone. Bianca skims through the checks, removes the
cellphone, and then zips the bag closed and hands the bag
back to Mia.


                       BIANCA (smiling)
Yeah, Jimmy's always right on
time.(beat) Listen Benny, I want
you to take Mia to change..she's
got some work to do
I thought we were going together.
It's simple, you'll probably only
be in the bank for 10 minutes
total..Trust me, you don't need me
on this one..I've got some errands
to run anyway.
Okay, so should I meet you back at
the salon?
No I'll probably be a while..Let's
just all meet at the club tonight
Alright then
Mia exits the car. Before pulling away, Bianca speaks to
Ben, are you bringing your little
girlfriend with you tonight?
Benny just smiles and sticks up his middle finger. Bianca
and speeds off
It's a brisk city day and a doorman blows his whistle to
hail a cab for two hotel guests. (Camera) moves past the
three and into the lobby. The lobby is upscale and there is
a lounge to the left of the lobby. People are seen at the
bar watching football. We follow a couple on to the
elevator. As soon as the doors close, the older man begins
to grope the woman,in her mid-thirties.
The man puts his hands under the woman's skirt


                       MAN IN ELEVATOR
      (fondling her
Hmm..the things I'm gonna do with
The woman slaps his hands away
                       WOMAN IN ELEVATOR
stop it silly, they probably have
The man looks up toward the surveillance camera. He is seen
through the camera's p.o.v.
                       MAN IN ELEVATOR
Let's make a movie
As the woman starts to giggle, the man continues to grope
                       WOMAN IN ELEVATOR
Quit it, nasty
As the woman pushes him away again, the elevator arrives at
the 19th floor. The couple exits with the man still playing
grab-ass. They pass a tall & slender Pakistanis man carrying
a bag of food in the hallway.(camera then follows the
Pakistanis man.) This is AZEEM, henchman for a group of
Pakistani Criminals He walks down the hall and stops in
front of door # 1908. He knocks and then waits.
                       VOICE (O.S.)
It's me..Azeem
The door opens and we see GHAZI, Azeem's husky fellow
What did you get?
Chicken..Why?..you eat anything


Fuck you, skinny
Azeem passes Ghazi and walks down the hall toward a living
room. Azeem enters the dimly lit room and places the food on
a coffee table. In the corner on an ottoman sits EMIR,
leader of a notorious Pakistani crime family. He rotates two
round, silver balls clockwise around in his left hand.
                       AZEEM (to Emir)
I could only find chicken
Ghazi enters the room with his eyes locked on the bag of
Enjoy my friends..I've got bigger
birds on my mind
Hearing that, Ghazi immediately digs in to the chicken.
Azeem, get Vladamir on the line
Azeem pulls a cellphone from his blazer pocket and dials a
number. He waits for it to ring before passing the phone to
VLADAMIR, 38 yrs old, brother of one of the murdered
businessmen is seen riding on the expressway with MILOS a
hired gunman in his mid 30's. The radio plays and Milos
moves his head. Vladamir's cellphone rings and he answers.
                       EMIR (O.S.)
Ah, Vladimir..Beautiful weather
we're having in New York today
                       VLADAMIR (shocked)
Emir?..Hold on
Vladamir covers the phone and speaks to Milos
                       VLADAMIR (to Milos)
      (IN CZECH)
Turn that down!
Milos turns the music volume down


Vladamir uncovers the phone and resumes conversation
Yes Emir, You're here?
I arrived this morning
                       VLADAMIR (O.S.)
What brings you here?
Come now Vladamir, Let's not play
games. I'm sure you know exactly
why I'm here..Again, your team has
come short of our
expectations..I'm here to correct
your errors.
Listen Emir, Don't think that I
haven't been tracking this girl.
I'm very close to getting back
what's ours..If I..
                       EMIR (interrupting)
Vladamir, please..don't
ramble..it's unbecoming of you.
This is what will happen. I am
here on various business matters.
I leave for Pakistan in 90 days.
You have until then to find and
retrieve what your brother
lost.Perhaps we should meet for
lunch tomorrow..I'll send Ghazi to
                       VLADAMIR (O.S.)
You know how to get to me right?
                       EMIR (sinister)
Indubitably (beat) You enjoy your
evening Vladamir..See you soon
Emir hangs up and looks off into space as he spins the balls
in his hand. Ghazi gets up and heads for the bathroom. We
follow him down the hall and into the bathroom. He stands
in front of the toilet and urinates. The camera can only see
him from his waist up. He farts while urinating. When
finished, he washes and wipes his hands on a towel. When he


exits the bathroom, camera pans left to the bath tub. In the
tub lies the bloody, tortured body of a young White man. We
see a shot of his bloody body and then a shot of his bloody
face. His eyes and mouth are open. Camera zooms in to his
opened eyes
A jump rope turns and hits the cement. After two turns, a
pair of feet fly in and begin jumping in repetition. As we
zoom out, we see the girl jumping as two other girls turn
the rope. Little boys riding by on their bicycles taunt the
girls as they ride by. It's a the tree-lined block in a
upper middle class neighborhood. We see Bianca pulling up in
front of a modest townhouse. She parks and approaches the
front door. She rings the bell once and waits. A cute little
girl comes to a window to the right of the door. Once the
little girl sees Bianca, her face lights up with joy and she
pops away from the window. Seconds later, the door opens and
the little girl runs out and hugs Bianca. This is Bianca's 8
yr old daughter, RAVEN
                       RAVEN (Excited)
      (hugging Bianca)
      (bending down)
Hey baby!
As mother and daughter hug, we hear an older female voice
approaching the door it is Bianca's mother
                       VOICE (O.S.)
Raven, who's at the door honey?
Seconds pass and Bianca's mother, VERONICA approx. 50 yrs
old, appears in the doorway. Her face lights up also when
she sees Bianca.
Bianca rises up from a bending position to hug her
Veronica pulls away to scope Bianca from head to toe


You look beautiful!
As her mother continues to speak(M.O.S.), Bianca watches a
black car with tinted windows as it slowly rides up the
block toward them. The car pulls directly in front of the
house and stops. Bianca slowly pushes Raven toward the
doorway. The window rolls down in slow motion. The window
rolls about 3/4 down before an elderly white woman shows her
face. She is holding a map and an elderly man is behind the
                       ELDERLY WOMAN
Excuse me young lady, we seem to
be turned around..Do you know how
we can get to the Elk's lodge?
Bianca sighs in relief
                       BIANCA (smling)
Yes ma'am..It's on Westchester
Road. If you go straight for three
blocks..that will put you on route
11. Take that east for about 8
miles and you'll see the signs for
the lodge.
                       ELDERLY WOMAN
Thank you sweety
Bianca smiles and nods at the woman as the car drives away.
Bianca and her mother both snicker
Let's get inside
Bianca enters after her mother and the door closes behind
Veronica goes toward the kitchen as Bianca and Raven head to
the living room
I'll get you something to eat
Ma, don't bother yourself


                       VERONICA (O.S.)
Nonsense, it's never a bother for
my only daughter
Bianca plops down on a couch
Mommy I wanna show you something
What babe?
Raven turns on a cd player and waits for a song to load
A pop song blares from the speakers and Raven does a dance
and mocks the singer. Bianca smiles gleefully. Her eyes are
stuck on Raven. Raven dances in slow motion as Bianca has a
flashback. It's five years earlier and she, Raven, and JEFF,
Raven's deceased father, are in their old apartment.Music is
playing and Raven, then 3 yrs old, is making movements to
the music. Bianca calls out to Jeff in the next room
                       BIANCA (yelling)
Baby come here, you gotta see
Raven continues to wiggle and shake her arms as Jeff enters
the room. An instant smile comes to his face. Bianca's smile
dissolves as she notices that Jeff is wearing an overcoat.
Where are you going?
I gotta take care of some
business..I'll be..
                       BIANCA (interrupting)
No, please..not tonight..you said
we'd have tonight for
                       JEFF (interrupting sternly)
Hey,hey..don't start
Jeff walks over to the fridge and takes out a bottle of
beer. He opens it and takes a sip
                       JEFF (calmly)
Listen..the first day I met you I
told you that if you were mine,
I'd treat you like a queen..and I
still work everyday to make that


                       JEFF (cont'd)
Jeff looks over at Raven, who is now on the floor playing
with a toy
And when you gave me that
beautiful little girl..I said I
had to get rich or die trying. I
have to keep grinding..I've gotta
make sure you and Raven are well
taken care of..not to mention your
college tuition, which is kicking
my ass by the way
I know you just want to make sure
that we're taken care of but..I, I
just get worried every time you
leave. I can't even
sleep..sometimes I'm not sure if
you're coming home
Jeff walks over and hugs Bianca. He kisses her forehead
I have the two most beautiful
females in the world waiting for
me..I'm always coming home.
I love you
Back to you
Jeff kisses Bianca on the lips
I gotta go..I won't be late, okay
Make sure
Jeff kisses Raven and heads toward the door. He looks at
Bianca and then the wallclock, before smiling and exiting
Time elapses and its 3:00am and Jeff still has not come
home. Hard rain paddles against the window and thunder is
heard. Bianca can't sleep; she just lays in bed and looks at
the alarm clock. All is quiet except for the faint sound of
music coming from outside. Bianca gets up and walks to the


window. She pulls the curtain back and looks downstairs for
the source of the music. Her face looks confused when she
spots Jeff's car parked downstairs in front of the building.
She sees smoke coming from the tailpipe. She puts on a coat
and checks on Raven in her bed before exiting the apartment.
As she reaches downstairs, we see Jeff's silhouette as the
music blares from his car. She runs out into the rain toward
the car. The windows are slightly fogged. She knocks on the
window and Jeff does not respond or move. She opens the door
and speaks
Jeff what the hell are you..
She tugs at him and he falls over into the passenger seat
revealing that his throat has been cut. Bianca stands in the
pouring rain crying and screaming. She is brought out of the
flashback when Raven jumps on her lap and speaks
Mommy..Mommy, did you like it?
Bianca jumps slightly at the sound of Raven's voice. She
takes a breath before responding
That was great sweetie..
Bianca grabs Raven and holds her tight
I practiced it just for you
Bianca holds Raven tight as she stares off into space
It was great
Bianca is seated and reads a book to Raven as she lays in
her bed. The lights are off and Bianca reads by a nightlight
on the nightstand
                       BIANCA (reading)


                       BIANCA (cont'd)
I like that story mommy
Ya think? What is that, about the
100th time you've heard it?
Bianca puts the book on the nightstand and pulls the covers
up on Raven
Yeah, but I like when you tell it
                       BIANCA (mocking her)
Aw, ain't that sweet. Alright time
for you to say goodnight
      (twiddling her
       hands together
Mommy, when am I gonna see you
Bianca grasps Raven's hands inside of her own
Soon honey, real soon..We'll be
together everyday
I love you
Bianca kisses Raven and gets up from the bed
Back to you
Bianca smiles and turns the nightlight off and exits the
room. She goes downstairs and into the kitchen where her
mother is drying the dinner dishes. Upon entering the
kitchen, Bianca immediately digs into her pocketbook and
retreives her cell phone. She checks for any missed calls
I've got some coffee on
No thanks ma, I gotta run


That's the problem..you're always
Ma, please..not now
Look, I'm not going to lecture
you..I know you've got your own
mind. It's just that I look at
that pretty little girl everyday,
and I see how much you're
missing..Everyday, she does
something new..something that
makes me crack a smile..you should
be there
Mom, I realize that and I want to
be there..It's just that my work
keeps me constantly on the move
and that wouldn't be fair to
Raven..I told you, it won't be
that much longer..Business is
looking up
      (slightly annoyed)
Huh, business..Listen, I'm your
mother and I love you and support
you, but don't think for a minute
that I don't know what you're
doing out there..You forget, I was
born and bred in Brooklyn..and
I've seen & done a lot more than
you think I have..I saw what those
streets did to your father and
your uncle..and you saw what they
did to Jeff. So while you're out
there handling your business, you
remember one thing..Every move
that you make from now on, decides
two fates
                       BIANCA (nonchalantly)
Yeah, got it ma
Binaca kisses her mom on the cheek
As Bianca kisses her moms cheek, her cell phone rings


                       BIANCA (answering)
Hello?..Yeah, I'm on my way
Bianca,now engaged in the phone call, mouth's out the words
"I Love You" before opening the door and exiting. Her mother
watches as she leaves and then looks up toward the ceiling
as if to ask God for help
A moderate crowd stands behind velvet ropes awaiting
admission to a downtown club. Mia, Tammy, and Sammy wait
outside of the ropes near the front of the line.
                       TAMMY (to Mia)
Where was she coming from?
I don't know, she was running
errands..she said she was on her
As they speak, Bianca's car is seen pulling up in the
background. The car pulls up to a parking spot blocked by
cones. A bouncer recognizes Bianca and moves the cones.
      (spotting Bianca)
Speak of the devil
Sammy notices two gorgeous ladies from the line entering the
      (scoping the
She came right on time too! Let's
get inside
Bianca crosses the street and approaches the group
Hey Guys
Mia, Tammy, and Sammy all respond
Where's Benny?
Mia just shrugs her shoulders


What do you mean?..Weren't you two
Yeah..We handled the business at
the bank, and then he kept getting
pages, so he dropped me off. He's
probably with some girl.
Well wherever Benny is, he's
warm..Can we please get warm
too..You know Benny's gonna show
Bianca nods her head in affirmation and the group turns and
approaches the club entrance. The bouncer opens the velvet
ropes and lets them into the club without waiting on the
Benny is seen exiting a brownstone apt. with a female in her
20's. Benny fondles the girl as they walk down the stairs to
the sidewalk. The female just laughs and pats his hands
away. As they reach the sidewalk, Benny grabs the female
from behind and playfully kisses on her neck. As the couple
plays, they are startled as a slightly drunk Lee Love
approaches begging for money.
                       LEE LOVE
Benny, man can I hold a few bucks?
Benny and the female both jump slightly
                       BENNY (excited)
Lee love, you scared the shit
outta me..Don't ever do no shit
like that again!
                       LEE LOVE
Man, I'm sorry, I just need a
little something til' I get back
on my feet..that's all


I'm a little busy right now..Come
by the shop tomorrow and I'll find
some stuff for you to do
                       LEE LOVE
I..I'll be there first thing in
the morning..I'm sorry miss lady
Benny and the female both nod and begin down the block
toward Benny's S.U.V. When they get within feet of the
vehicle, Benny notices that the front passenger door is open
and someone is in the S.U.V. Benny yells to the figure
                       BENNY (Yelling)
The figures head pops out into view. Its a Black man in his
mid 20's. He looks at Benny who gives chase
                       BENNY (to female)
Wait here!
The man takes off running up the block with Benny in hot
pursuit. He turns the corner and is out of sight until Benny
turns the corner spots him again. He looks back at Benny to
see if he's gaining on him. As he turns his head forward, he
smashes into a huddle of garbage cans and falls. He gets up
and continues running. Once again he rounds a corner. We see
through Benny's p.o.v. as he comes to the corner. At the
moment he is about to round the corner, a metal pipe smacks
him in the face. Everything goes black and no sound is heard
for 1 sec. We then quickly see a flash from Benny's p.o.v.
of two men standing over him. The image then short circuits
out and goes black
The club is upscale and some party goers dance as others
lounge in seated areas. Bianca, Mia, and Sammy give their
drink orders to a barmaid. Tammy dances with a tall,
handsome, dark-haired white man. Tammy dances very
Would anyone like something else
from the bar?
Mia shakes her head "no"


Another Apple Martini for me
Sammy looks at his half finished drink
      (holding up glass)
You can bring me another one of
We see Tammy dirty dancing with the man on the dance floor
                       MIA (to Bianca)
What I'd give to be able to move
like she does
      (eyes glued to
Yeah, I know what you mean
Bianca and Mia both look at him
Well..um, ya know..not like
                       BIANCA (interrupting him)
Sammy, relax..you're a man, she's
a woman... but I'll kill you if
you'd ever try anything
Sammy nods in affirmation, but looks on in admiration
      (Staring at Tammy)
You know I would never...
Sammy, I'm fucking with you.
Sammy cracks a nervous smile
                       BIANCA (to Mia)
Jesus Christ, We gotta loosen this
guy up
Mia laughs. Sammy laughs and nervously takes a sip of his
drink. As the two laugh, Bianca's attention has locked on to
a group of three businessmen approaching. The men, walking
in slow motion toward them, are all dressed in corporate


attire. She takes special notice to CHAD MASTERS, a handsome
29 yr old, portfolio manager. The gentlemen take seats next
to Bianca and the others. As Mia and Sammy speak, Bianca
listens in on the men's conversation
                       BUSINESSMAN #1 (to Chad)
We're going to get you drunk so
that we can find out your secret.
The men chuckle
                       CHAD (modestly)
Trust me..gentlemen, I've just had
an incredible streak of luck.
                       BUSINESSMAN #2
Come on, Chad..you manage a $170
million dollars and have an
average annual return of 79% with
a 7% draw down. No man could
possibly generate a return in such
a short span of time especially in
a volitile market. Unless ....
      (put hands up
Alright, alright..I confess guy's
(beat) I'm a warlock
The three men laugh
So what are we drinking?
                       BUSINESSMAN #1
Jack no ice, will do just fine
                       BUSINESSMAN #2
I'll start off with a stout
Chad gets up from the table
                       BUSINESSMAN #1 (to Chad)
Why not just wait and order?
      (looking around)
It's kind of crowded. I'll just
walk up. Hey, I might get lucky


Chad turns and wades through the crowd toward the bar.
Bianca gets up and follows Chad to the bar. As Chad orders,
Bianca approaches and stands to the left of him at the bar.
                       CHAD (to bartender)
Yes, I'll have a Jack Daniels with
no ice, two guinesses and an apple
Bianca is surprised to hear the man order her favorite
                       BIANCA (to Chad)
Hmm, A man with similiar taste
Chad smiles nervously and just nods
                       CHAD (to Bianca)
Actually the martinis is for you
it's a little too girly for me
The bartender begins preparing the drinks
                       BIANCA (to Chad)
You know, this may sound
silly..But I feel like I've seen
you before. Do you model?
                       CHAD (smiling)
Oh, don't I wish
You should give it some thought
Yeah right..But thanks for the
      (extends her hand)
Bianca, and you're?
Chad awkwardly extends his hand
Oh sorry..Chad, Chad Masters
So, what do you do? Chad..Masters
I'm a portfolio manager


Bianca waits for explanation
      (shuffling his
Basically...I move money around so
that it can generate TONS of money
for my clients....
Hmmmm....Foreign Stock Exchange,
Futures, Options...Complex spread
strategies right?
Pretty risky....
With big risks come big rewards
The bartender brings two drinks and goes off to finish the
other two
      (very impressed)
This must be a godsend..You see
I've recently come into some money
and have been researching
different investments. Do you have
a card?
The bartender comes back with the drinks
Sir, will you be opening up a tab?
Uh, Yes, Yes I will
Chad opens his wallet and we see multiple credit cards. Chad
plucks one out and hands it to the bartender. He then takes
out a business card and hands it to Bianca. Bianca reads the
This is great. When should I call


Anytime, I'm always available to
make people money.
Well, maybe we could do
brunch....and discuss business as
That works for me
Bianca picks up her apple martini
A toast
Chad grabs his guinness and lifts it
Here's to moving money
The two meet drinks and toast.
The small apt is dimly lit. We see a television playing
cartoons. (Camera) pans left to reveal Benny spread eagle
and tied and bound to a table. The table sits in the middle
of the room. Benny is lying on his stomach completely nude
with his head placed in a strange apparatus. His eyes are
closed. His eyes immediately pop open and he struggles to
move. He attempts to move his head to see, but to no avail.
His face is bleeding and his vision is blurry. As the vision
comes into focus, we see Emir seated about 6 ft in front of
him. Emir has a cat in his lap and he is caressing it.
(Camera) shifts left to see Ghazi and Azeem seated on a
couch watching the cartoons and giggling. Camera then shifts
right back to Emir
Ah, you have awakened my friend
Benny attempts to speak, but the apparatus has his jaws
pinned shut


      (Calmly stroking
       cats fur)
Shhh..Easy my friend..You should
not get excited, it's not good for
the heart.
Benny with discomfort mumbles in pain
Yes yes...I know.. you're willing
to do anything to get out of the
dilemma you're currently in
Benny groaning out of extreme fear and discomfort continues
to mumble something
You really must learn to relax.
Today you're going to learn about
Still stroking cats fur
Torture was used during the Middle
Ages for three reasons:
-To force confessions or secret
information from those accused.
-To discourage dissent and
intellectual freedom and
-To Persuade Jews, Muslims, and
other non-believers to accept
Christianity. The most common
means of torture included burning,
beating, and suffocating however
the techniques I found most
extravagant are the ones that used
certain apparatus that dealt with
suffering! I my friend am looking
for nothing, but the opportunity
to pleasure myself by giving you
Benny who cannot speak and is totally freaked out begins to


Emir gets up and walks over to Benny and begin speaking in a
subdued voice touching the apparatus Benny's head is tightly
locked in
This my friend is called the
Ghazi and Azeem like children continue to watch the cartoons
unaffected with what Emir is saying or doing. Emir begins a
brief demonstration of the apparatus. Relentlessly Benny
tries to say something, but to no avail
With the victims chin placed on
the lower bar, a screw then forces
down on the victims cranium
Emir reaches for the clamp and begins to demonstrate by
applying more pressure. Benny begins to scream, but through
his tightly pinned jaw
                       EMIR (sadistically)
The recipients teeth are crushed
and forced into the sockets to
smash the bones.
We see Emir's face while he speaks and hear the sounds of
Benny teeth and bones crushing
                       EMIR (sadistically)
The eyes are squeezed from their
sockets and brains slowly seep
from the torn, fractured skull.
As Emir says his last words he gives the clamp a final twist
on the apparatus we see blood and yellowish matter splatter
all over him.
Bianca and Chad are still up at the bar
      (sipping drink)
I'd better get back to my friends
before they miss me, and as I can
see you're not alone either
No, I'm here with some colleagues


I'll keep in touch
      (innocently smiles)
I look forward to it
Bianca smiles and walks over and joins her friends
      (to Mia)
Any word from Benny yet?
I called a couple of times, but he
doesn't answer....He's probably
Yeah but that's not like him to
not give us a call (beat)
Men...they're so vulnerable when
it comes to pussy
Mia raises her drink
                       MIA (smiling)
Hail....power of the vagina
Cartoons still play on the t.v. There is no sign of Emir and
crew. Benny lays motionless untied on the table with a
disfigured head surrounded with a pool of blood. The cat
that Emir held, now walks across the room sniffing for food.

It's about 10a.m. and we see Bianca in bed. She reaches for
her bag and pulls out the card Chad gave her the night
before and smiles. Soon after she pulls out a cellphone out
of her bag and dials.
Mr. Masters....I see you made it
to work



Chad in office signaling his co-worker that he'll speak to
him later. Co-worker exits office.
Hi. I'm sorry who am I speaking
How soon we forget it's Bianca.
Remember we met last night at the
Why yes. Bianca so nice to hear
from you. How's it going?
I'm feeling marvelous....I was
just wondering what your schedule
was like. I found our conversation
last night truly interesting...and
thought we should meet....hope I'm
not being too pushy
No not at all...let me just check
my schedule and I will give you a
call back. Is that OK?
Sure it is, but you don't have my
number...let me give it to you
We see Chad at his desk jotting down her number.
I'll check my planner and give you
a call before days end
You do that sweetie I'll talk to
you then
Bianca ends her call and rolls out of bed and as she makes
her way to the bathroom, her cell phone rings. Bianca is now


seen answering her phone. It's Tammy and she sounds
Hey Tammy.....wha...whats wrong?
We see Tammy on the phone at the salon crying
Bianca...it's Benny..they found
Benny...and I..I
Tammy I can't make out what you're
saying...take a deep breath and
tell me what happened
Bianca in disbelief ends the call, gets in her bed and puts
the pillow over her head.
Bianca, Mia, and Sammy are seated in the living room. Tammy
is pacing. They discuss Benny's death.
                       TAMMY (hyper)
The bottom line is we need to get
the fucker who did this...They
didn't just violate Benny, They
violated all of us. I'm ready to
let somebody have it!


You keep saying somebody. Who is
somebody? That's what we need to
be thinking about
As the others speak, Bianca is in deep thought
      (shaking his head)
Damn, that was a fucked up way to
go out..who would have done
something like that?
Whoever it is, they're looking for
some type of information..you
don't torture a person that way
for no reason....Why not just kill
Yeah well you know how flashy he
can get...and we've been telling
him for months to get outta his
neighborhood. I think he was set
up by some nigga!
Nah, I don't think so. They're to
ignorant to do something like that
they would have just killed his
black ass in the streets like they
do each other.
I think it was a simple set up.
Benny was involved with so many
females that one of them probably
tried to cash in....
Bianca shocks everyone when she finally speaks
      (coming out of
Shut up for a second...You are all
Everyone looks at Bianca
What makes you say that?


Because (beat) I don't know who
they are, but I know how they look
                       IN UNISON
      (Mia, Tammy, Benny)
What are you saying B?
This is why I stress being alert
at all times (beat) observe your
Yeah, Okay
Recently it seems like someone has
been watching me
Like a stalker?
As Bianca speaks, we see quick flashes of middle eastern men
watching Bianca in the bar, near the salon, near her
mother's home etc.
No, not like that..More like
surveillance..Not sure if it's the
police, these men were Middle
Yeah, it wasn't the same guy every
time, but they were all Middle
Eastern..It's strange because they
didn't really do anything, but at
the same time they just seemed out
of place..Ya know like everyone
else was doing something and they
were just watching
What would Middle eastern guys
want with us?


                       MIA (sarcastically)
Well if we knew that, Benny would
be here with us
Why do you always have to be a
Oh fuck you....
Bianca stands up
                       BIANCA (interuppting)
Hey, both of you shut up! I can't
believe you two..We're here
talking about Benny..our friend,
more like a brother..who's laying
over in the morgue because some
sadistic bastard crushed his
head..And all you can think about
is your petty selves? (beat)
Listen, we're gonna find out
exactly what happened to Benny,
but in order to do that, we've got
to stick together
Mia and Tammy looks at each other
Right now, I think we all need
some rest, but I need both of you
back at the salon bright and
Mia and Tammy both nod and get up. Sammy remains seated as
Mia and Tammy head out
What about me B?
Don't go to the shop...I need you
to be a shadow..stay close..but
inconspicuous. This is your time
to shine...your time to assume
Benny's position.
Sammy nods in agreement before getting up and exiting. As
Sammy exits, Bianca plops down on the couch. Her phone rings
and the caller id reads Chad Masters.


Azeem leads Vladamir and Milos down a hallway. They turn
left into a lounge area. Emir is seated in a booth. Ghazi is
seated next to him. Incense burn from two large metal urns.
The area is smokey. Emir's head is layed back with his eyes
shut and he is humming. As the three men approach, Emir
speaks in a high whisper
                       EMIR (in high whisper)
      (eyes still closed)
Hmmmm(beat) Ahh,
Vladamir...Glad...You could join
us..Hmmmm...Please, sit
Vladamir and Milos sit down
                       VLADAMIR (confused)
Did I come at a bad time?
We get Vladimir's POV looking towards Emir, and there is a
woman on her knees....
                       EMIR (in high whisper)
Hmmmm..Not..At all..This is just
one of my daily rituals
Emir opens his eyes and raises his head
                       EMIR (in high whisper)
You see my friend, We believe in
honor, culture, and
tradition..Things that have been
forgotten in this western
Emir lays his head back, closes his eyes, and begins humming
                       EMIR (in high whisper)
Hmmmm..Now, what information,,Do
you have for me?..Hmmmm
The girl, Bianca, she has a
The humming stops and Emir's eyes pop open, but his head
remains layed back


                       EMIR (in high whisper)
Where is this daughter?
She resides with her
grandmother....Bianca's Mother.
Trust me, things are going
according to plan.
                       EMIR (in high whisper)
Oh and I do trust you, but
incompetence seems to run in the
family...this is why I'll make
sure someone watches over you this
Vladamir looks over at Ghazi and Azeem
No disrespect Emir, but my brother
is dead..I'd rather handle this on
my own with my own people
                       EMIR (in high whisper)
I'm finish..I have no more to
I realize that you..
                       EMIR (interrupting)
Good day Vladamir..And good luck
on your task
Vladamir and Milos gets up from the table. As the two walks
away, Emir speaks
And Vladamir
Vladamir turns back toward Emir
Remember..Your life depends on it
Vladamir just stares at Emir momentarily before turning and
Emir opens his eyes


                       EMIR (IN PAKASTANI)
Enough...I'm done!
A beautiful middle-eastern woman is seen washing and
massaging the feet of Emir. She reaches over for a towel and
begins drying his feet.
Mia and Tammy are seen riding on their way to the salon.
They spot Lee Love pushing his cart full of cans as they
near the salon
                       TAMMY (excited)
      (spotting Lee Love)
Look..there's Lee Love!
Mia just shrugs her shoulders
                       MIA (unphased)
So the fuck what
So what..Whatta you mean so what?
This guy hears everything and sees
everything..He might know
something about Benny..I've been
hoping to see him. Turn the
fucking car around
Mia reluctantly makes a u turn
                       MIA (sarcastically)
Now we're consulting with a bum on
our business..Let's just hope he's
had his fix for the day
The car approaches Lee Love and pulls over to the curb where
Lee Love has stopped to search through a garbage can for
beer and soda cans. Tammy calls to him
Lee Love!
Lee Love springs up from a bent over position to see Tammy
                       LEE LOVE


Let me talk to you for a minute!
Lee Love approaches the car
                       LEE LOVE
Wassup pretty ladies?
Mia just snubs the compliment and looks away. Tammy smiles
Lee love, I know you probably
heard about what happened to
Benny..We were wondering what the
streets were saying..Ya know if
you had heard anything
                       LEE LOVE
Well everyone is being kinda
tight-lipped right now (beat) But
I will tell you one thing, I don't
know how important it is, but the
night that shit went down wit
Benny, I saw him wit that girl
from the videos
From the videos?
                       LEE LOVE
Yeah, you know the girl from over
on 3rd ave that's in all those rap
LEE LOVES spins around and starts dancing and shakes his
      (Rolls her eyes)
Oh God!
OK..OK we get it! Do you know this
girls name?
Lee Love puts his hands over his face in thought
                       LEE LOVE (thinking)
Damn, that girl's name is on the
tip of my...Kelly, Yeah that's it
Kelly..Hey listen, I'm sorry about
your boy, he was good people


Yeah..Thanks for that info Lee
                       LEE LOVE
Listen, do yall have a few bucks I
can hold?
Tammy reaches in her pocket and pulls out a roll of money.
She peels off a $10 bill and hands it to Lee Love. Mia just
shakes her head in annoyance and pulls off from the curb
                       LEE LOVE
Alright yall
Yeah that's what I'm talking
about..Now we're getting
Slow down, all we know..allegedly,
is that Benny was with this girl
at some point..That doesn't mean
she knows anything
What?..Come on now, this chick is
the only person that we know of
that saw Benny the night he
died..This bitch knows something
As the two converse, Mia's cellphone rings. Caller id reads
"Bianca". Mia picks up
What's up B?
                       BIANCA (O.S.)
What's going on?
Nothing, Tammy and I are on the
way to the salon
Tammy nudges Mia
Oh yeah, we ran into Lee Love and
he said that he saw Benny with a
girl named Kelly from 3rd ave the
night he died.


                       BIANCA (O.S.)
You know this girl?
Not really, but I've seen her
before..You want us to pick you up
so we can check it out?
                       BIANCA (O.S.)
No. I've got a few things to do
and then I'm meeting with Chad,
the guy from the club. We can look
into that tomorrow
The look on Mia's face shows her displeasure
                       BIANCA (O.S.)
I'll give you guys a call this
The phone line goes dead
Okay, cool
What did she say?
She said she was going to meet
Chad and we could handle that
Man listen, I say we go and handle
that immediately
Mia just looks over at her
Mia and Tammy pull up in front of an apartment building in
the neighborhood. It's the residence of KELLY, a 25 yr old
female companion of Benny's
Yeah this is it


I don't even know why I let you
talk me into coming here..I told
you Bianca said we would handle it
This girl might have some info on
Benny, we don't need Bianca to
hold our hands every step of the
way. Besides, she seems to be all
wrapped up in Chad right now
Mia thinks for a moment
Look, we're gonna go upstairs and
ask this girl a few questions..
We're not gonna be yelling and
acting crazy. Okay?
Mia turns off the ignition and the two exit the car and walk
toward the building
Mia and Tammy exit off the elevator on the 8th floor and
approach one of several apts and knock on the door. A
beautiful shapely woman appears at the door.
Uh, Yes
Hi, I'm Mia and this is
Tammy..We're friends of Benny..We
just wanted to talk to you for a
Well, I'm on my way out but I
guess you can come in for a minute


As they walk in Tammy scopes the apt. The three walk into
the living room
You gotta excuse the mess. Have a
That's alright, we can stand..we
just wanna know what happened to
Kelly looks confused. The women remain standing in a
What she means is, we were told
that you were with Benny the night
he died and we wanted to ask you
about that
Well I did see him that night, but
Someone what?
Someone was in his car
I don't know who..and neither did
he. He scared the person and they
ran..and..and then
Go head
And then Benny chased the guy
around the corner..and he never
came back..he never came back
Kelly puts her face in her hands to hold back tears. Mia
grabs her hand
How did the guy in the car look?
Was he Black, White..What?


The woman removes her hand from her face and shrugs her arm
away from Mia
                       KELLY (disgusted)
      (waving her hand)
Look, I said I don't know..I'm not
answering anymore ques....
Before the women can utter another word, Her head suddenly
and violently jerks to the right and blood spatters all over
Mia who is facing the woman. Camera pans left top see
Tammy's arm extended and her nickel plated glock still
smoking from almost taking Kelly's head off. Mia, wide-eyed
and shocked, rubs her face and looks at her hand which is
                       MIA (yelling)
Mia grabs the gun from Tammy and yanks her by the collar
Come on!
Mia drags Tammy by her coat toward the door. She opens it
and peeks out into the hallway. Seeing no one, she pulls
Tammy across the hall and into the stairwell. Tammy finally
breaks away from Mia's grasp
Get the hell off me!
                       MIA (yelling)
                       TAMMY (yelling)
Tammy, you're outta
control..That's some real dumb
shit you did and you need to check
Tammy moves closer to Mia and puts her hand in Mia's face


                       TAMMY (angry)
You know what?..I'm fucking tired
of you trying to tell me what I
need to do. First of all, you're
not in charge..and you'll never be
in charge...You just can't be
trusted. That's right, everybody
senses your jealousy towards
me...you're selfish, and you think
kissing up to Bianca will change
things...well it won't..Benny is
laying in a box right now and
you're worried about me killing
some little ghetto video
hoe!..Shit, the way you're acting,
you probably know something about
Benny's death!
Mia who is extremely infuriated squints her eyes and smacks
Tammy across the face with force. Tammy touches her cheek
You must have fell and bumped your
Tammy punches Mia in the face and Mia falls back into the
stairwell door. Tammy runs toward Mia and begins punching
her in the face and body. Mia gets in a blow that backs
Tammy up. When Tammy is backed up, she comes very close to
the edge of the stairway. She then delivers another blow to
Mia's jaw and then grabs Mia by her hair. With hair in hand
and covering Mia's face, Tammy continues to deliver shots.
Mia wriggles in pain and swings wildly and blindly. We
notice that the struggle is nearing the edge of the
staircase. As Mia gives a push to break loose, Tammy back
peddles and falls backward down the staircase. When she
reaches the bottom, she lies motionless. Mia raises her head
and moves her hair out of her face to see Tammy lying still.
                       MIA (in shock)
Tammy..Oh my god!
Mia runs down to Tammy. Tammy is bleeding from her head and
her neck is positioned awkwardly. Mia hugs Tammy
      (starts to cry)
Tammy..Tammy, I'm sorry..I
didn't..I'm sorry
The stairwell door opens and we here a man's voice


Is anyone down there?...Hello? is
everything alright?
The voice startles Mia, who acts quickly and carefully
places Tammy's murder weapon in her hands and leaves Tammy's
dead body in the stairwell.
Bianca and Chad are seated at a table. They have completed
their meals and they are talking as they finish their
cocktails. Chad is dressed in business attire. Bianca sports
a black dress and a pricey diamond choker on her neck
So, business aside, what do you
do?..you know for fun
That's a good question. The honest
answer is I've been so wrapped up
with work that I haven't had time
for much else
Bianca looks at Chad's finger and notices that he is not
wearing a wedding ring
And how does your girlfriend feel
about that?
Chad smiles innocently
There is no girlfriend
I realize I may look somewhat
naive, but do you honestly expect
me to believe that..I mean you'd
be a catch for any woman
                       CHAD (low voice)
      (still smiling)
I was
Bianca looks confused. Chad raises his head
      (gazing into space)
I was engaged a year and a half
ago..Tina..the love of my life.


                       CHAD (cont'd)
I'd pick her up from work every
day..She only lived five blocks
from her office, but it didn't
matter to me. One Friday afternoon
day I stopped off to pick up some
videos before picking her up. It
was raining and I figured we'd
enjoy a night in..That damn line
was so long..I'd contemplated
getting off, but I wanted those
videos. I thought "hey", the worst
that could happen was that I'd be
a few minutes late..She would just
wait for me. (beat) She didn't.
She decided to walk the five
blocks and meet me at the
apartment..She almost made it..She
was crossing the street just doors
from our place when a car struck
and killed her..The driver
suffered a seizure and lost
control of his vehicle..She died
Bianca reaches across the table and touches Chad's hand.
Chad looks at her
I'm sorry..I didn't mean to
                       CHAD (interrupting her)
It's okay..It's therapy for me
As the two look at each other, the waiter interrupts them
                       WAITER (to Chad)
Can I bring you anything else?
Yes, the check please
Bianca and Chad walk through the parking lot toward Chad's
car. As the two walk and talk, we can tell that someone is
watching them
      (gazing up at the
Wow, it's such a beautiful night


As Bianca looks up at the sky, Chad looks at her
It definitely is
Bianca senses Chad looking at her. The two stop walking and
looks into each others eyes. As they are about to kiss,
suddenly a Hispanic man in his mid 20's pops out from behind
a parked van and snatches the necklace from Bianca's neck
and takes off running. Instinctively Bianca reaches into her
bag for her pistol, but suspends her actions to avoid
exposing her true self. Chad chases after the man. The
Hispanic man turns into an alley with Chad in hot pursuit.
Bianca jogs slowly after them. Suddenly we hear two
gunshots. As Bianca turns into the alley, she sees Chad on
the ground, but no sign of the robber. She calls out
                       BIANCA (calling out)
We see Chad wrestling to get himself off the ground. He is
surrounded by bags of garbage. Bianca rushes over to him
      (helping him up)
Are you okay?
      (brushing clothes
Yeah, I'm okay....are you alright?
The two turn and head out of the alley
Hey, sorry I couldn't get your
necklace back
Forget about the necklace, you
could have been killed back there
In the course of several weeks the following shots takes
place in chronological order:
We see: Sammy and Mia delivering Bianca the news of Tammy's
death, Chad with Bianca at cemetery, Chad on the phone with
unknown person, Bianca and Chad discussing certain
investment strategies, Bianca and Chad having sex, Mia


running salon, Sammy close by as security, and Vladimir
surveying Bianca's mother's home. As this is going on the
narrator speaks
My whole world started to cave in
when I found out about Tammy, she
was all that I had. She was my
half and only sister. My father
cheated on my mother with a black
woman when I was about five years
old, and had gotten this woman
pregnant. He would send her money
every month, but after awhile the
money started paying for her
cocaine habit, so my father
stopped sending her money. I
didn't find out about her until I
was 19, that's when my father
divulged his little secret to me.
I loved my father and was real
close to him, so I promised to
never tell...Anyways the police
had ruled Tammy's death an
accident and pinned the murder of
Kelly to her....they claimed it
was a killing sparked by jealousy
and rage...As for Chad, (beat) I
really saw something in him that I
never saw in any man but my
father, he was focused. Yeah
although he was a SQUARE he had a
certain quality about him that I
saw in myself...maybe I was fallen
for him, well, whatever it is it
took my mine off the death of both
Benny and Tammy.
Bianca, Mia, and Sammy are seen in Bianca's kitchen. They
have been drinking and Sammy prepares to leave.
      (walking to door)
Just make sure you call me early
in the morning, I'll pick you up
Sam, it's cool, I don't need you
watching over me every place I
go..I can still handle myself


Yeah well, the way things have
been going,..well you know, better
safe than sorry
Bianca opens the door and puts her hand on Sammy's shoulder
Look, I'm good...and it will be
all over soon, I figured a way to
get Chad to cash in on those
pretty little stones for
us...After that we can all leave
this city for good and find some
place warm that is surrounded with
lovely beaches
Sammy smiles and exits and Bianca closes the door behind
him. She stands there for a second just looking off into
What's up B?
Nothing..nothing, Listen I'm gonna
run to the bathroom..why don't you
make us some more drinks?
Bianca walks toward the bathroom
An hour has passed and the two are both somewhat drunk.
Bianca and Mia are seated across each other. Mia gulps her
drink until there isn't a drop left.
So, you decided to recruit Chad
into our little mission. You're
falling for this guy.
Bianca just looks at her and chuckles
No Really...Since when did we stop
consulting with each other?....


Are you questioning my decisions?
It's not that, I just think you've
forgotten about us as of late....
Bianca interrupts Mia
Look, Chad doesn't have a clue of
what I'm up to...He's a SQUARE,
works all day, and researches all
night..he has no life....
Bianca finishes her drink and continues
I over heard Chad speaking to one
of his clients that he manages
money for...who sells illegal
diamonds stolen by tribal members
in Africa to jewelers in
Israel....I just want to get close
enough to get a hold of this
client that way we can get rid of
the diamonds...he's our way out to
clean our money...It's too bad
Tammy couldn't be here to fully
enjoy the fruits of our labor
Mia puts her head down as Bianca starts to get a little
I can't believe how stupid this
girl could be...going out on her
own without telling
anyone....shooting some bitch and
falls as she tries to
escape....fucking stupid!
Bianca gets up and walks over to the refrigerator and
continues to mumble...
Totally stupid, just stupid!.....
B, I think we better talk


We are talking silly
I think we better talk about Tammy
Bianca's head pops up from the fridge. Bianca turns to Mia,
who is still seated
Whatta ya mean?
There's something that I need to
tell you..something that has been
eating me up inside
Okay..but what does this have to
do with Tammy?
Tammy wasn't alone when she
                       BIANCA (eyes sqwinted)
How do you know that?..What are
you telling me?
I was with Tammy at that apartment
You what?
I know you told me not to go, but
I let Tammy talk me into it..and
we both agreed that we would just
talk to the girl. Once we got
there, Tammy lost it and shot
her..we ran into the stairwell and
I was yelling at her. Well, you
know how Tammy is..We started
arguing and I smacked
her..Needless to say, we started
tussling..I was just trying to get
her off of me.(beat) She had my
hair blocking my face, so I just
grabbed onto her and pushed..I
didn't mean it..When I opened my
eyes, she was just laying there


You, You killed Tammy?
Mia gets up from the table and approaches Bianca
      (tries to touch
B, it was an accident, I swear
Bianca pulls away and backs up toward the sink
Get the fuck off me!
B please, you gotta believe me
Why did you wait until now to tell
me this?
I didn't know what..or how I was
going to tell you..But I knew I
had to tell you, it was killing me
Yeah well, I don't believe it was
an accident..you never cared too
much for Tammy
                       MIA (hurt)
How can you say that? I took to
Tammy just like you did..Treated
her like my little sister.
Especially lately, since you
haven't been around...Maybe if you
were around that day and not out
promenading the streets with Chad,
Tammy would still be alive..You
Bianca quickly grabs a carving knife from the sink and
pushes Mia back and leans her over the kitchen table
pressing the knife to her neck slightly cutting her
                       BIANCA (whispering)
I should kill you, you jealous
Please B, don't


You knew I loved that girl and you
just couldn't stand it..You just
couldn't stand for someone to have
something that you didn't..even if
if was only attention. You've been
like that since we were kids..
Bianca takes the knife away from Mia's neck and backs off
her. As Mia leans up and composes herself, Bianca goes to a
hall closet and returns with a small bag. Money is
protruding from the bag. Mia stands there breathing hard
I can never trust you again..You
take this..Get the hell out of my
house..and stay the fuck away from
Bianca tosses the bag to Mia. Mia catches the bag and stares
at Bianca with a tear in her eye before walking toward the
door. She stops before exiting
                       MIA (teary eyed)
I love you , B
You have no idea what love is
Mia exits and closes the door behind her. Bianca locks the
door. She looks down at the knife in her hand. The room
starts to spin around her. It begins spinning slowly and
spins faster with each spin
Emir and Vladamir are seen seated next to each other in a
lounge area. Emir speaks to an unknown gentleman seated in a
long-backed chair with his back facing the camera. Emir
smokes from a large metal apparatus that sits on a cocktail
table between the three men
                       EMIR (sarchastic)
      (blowing out smoke)
You've done well, my American
comrade..you have restored my
faith in your people
Vladamir smiles and raises his drink


I'll drink to that!
                       MALE VOICE
Just glad I could be of assistance
As the gentleman speaks, (camera) swings around to reveal
that the unknown man is actually Chad
We men have to stick together, ya
Emir calls out to Azeem in Pakistani
Azeem, bring the money
Azeem appears with a briefcase. He opens the briefcase and
takes out 2 bounded stacks of money and drops them on the
cocktail table in front of Chad. Chad looks at Emir before
picking up the money. Emir gives Chad an affirmative nod and
Chad then picks up the stacks of money. He looks at the
stacks as he holds them in his hands
It looks like somebody is about to
take a nice vacation
Chad looks up and the men all chuckle
That is merely an advance..You get
the rest tomorrow, when you meet
with the girl and get the diamonds
Emir, not to be nosey or anything
like that, but all this work for
some diamonds? I mean they must
be pretty expensive, huh?
Emir takes a drag from the smoking device and exhales the
Oh indeed..You see, the diamonds
you will be retrieving are
pink..the most elusive and sought
after stones in the world..So rare
that each year, there are only
approximately 50 of the most
intensely coloured pink diamonds


                       EMIR (cont'd)
that are offered for sale by
tender to a few of the worlds most
discerning connoisseurs. The
competition is aggressive, the
prices staggering. Millions of
dollars are exchanged for these
rare and precious gems.
Chad nods his head in affirmation
What happens to the girl?
Are you asking for business or
personal reasons?
What do you mean by that?
While I don't underestimate your
business ethics, I do understand
the natural bonding between a man
and a woman over a prolonged
Hey, I was just curious
Let me cure your curiousity
Emir takes another drag from the smoking apparatus
When the stones are retrieved, the
girl dies
Why kill her? I mean you're
getting everything back. What
threat is she to you?
Oh, it's not a precaution for me.
Emir looks over at Vladamir
But a favor for a colleaugue


                       VLADAMIR (to Chad)
The bitch murdered my brother
As Vladamir speaks, we flashback to the night when Bianca
and crew stole the diamonds. As the getaway van pulls away
from the house, Vladamir is coming down the block from the
opposite direction in route to his brother's house.
Vladamir's headlights shine in the eyes of Bianca, who is
seated in the passenger seat of the van. Vladamir eyes the
van as the vehicles pass one another. Vladamir pulls in
front of the house and enters. We see him discovering his
brother's dead body. He hears a gasp for air. It's coming
from Czech businessman 1. With his last breath, he speaks
to Vladamir
                       CZECH BUSINESSMAN 1 (whisper)
Czech businessman 1 then stops speaking. His eyes remain
It was a scheme to set my brother
up and rob him for money..He just
happened to be in possession of
the briefcase at the time. We
searched the streets of Brooklyn
for months..until we heard about
these three beautiful women that
dated successful men and then set
them up for robbery..I was on my
way to get the briefcase from
him..My bother died because he did
me a favor..I wanted to kill her
as soon as we pinpointed her crew,
but I knew that wouldn't get us
any closer to the diamond's..But
now I will finally get the chance
to avenge his death..And for that,
I drink to you
Vladamir raises his glass for a toast. Emir and Chad then
raise their glasses.
                       EMIR (to Vladamir)
To diamonds..A man's best friend
Emir and Vladamir begins to chuckle. They look at Chad, who
then starts to chuckle nervously


Chad exits Emir's base and walks across the street to his
parked sports car. He gets in the car and prepares to start
the car. As he is about to turn on the ignition, he abruptly
stops, punches the steering wheel and then plops back into
the seat. He lays his head back in thought. Moments later,
he leans up and starts the car and drives away
While driving, Chad dials Bianca's phone number on his
                       CHAD (on cellphone)
Where are you?(beat) I need to
talk to you, I'm coming over,
okay? See you in a minute
Chad pulls up to the house, exits his car, and rings the
bell. Bianca comes to the door in sexy lingerie.
                       BIANCA (flirting)
Wow, that was quick..I didn't even
have a chance to put anything
on..so I just stayed like
this..You like?
      (staring at her
Oh, I do
Bianca pulls him inside and pushes the door closed. She then
pulls Chad's head to hers and french kisses him. Chad
indulges at first, but then slowly pulls away.
What's wrong?
Nothing, it's just that we need to
Is everything okay?..this sounds


      (nodding toward
       living room)
Let's sit
Bianca takes Chad's hand and guides him into the living
room, which is lit only by the several candle's around the
room. They sit down on the couch. We see a full bottle of
wine and two clean glasses on the coffee table. Chad takes a
deep breath before speaking.
What I'm about to tell you is
difficult and will probably hurt
      (looking up in the
Okay, I guess this is the part
where you tell me that you do have
a woman, and that this was a
mistake and it has to end
I wish it were that simple
What, then?
Chad hangs his head down for a second. He then lifts his
head and speaks
About a year ago, you and your
crew set up, robbed, and murdered
two Czechoslovakian businessman.
You took their money..but most
importantly a briefcase containing
not only money, but some of the
rarest diamonds in the world..the
diamonds that you were going to
give me tomorrow. What you didn't
know was that those two guys you
killed were only front men for
members of the Pakistani Mafia
Bianca looks at Chad in shock
That's who the diamond's belong
to(beat) And that's who I've been
working for


Bianca just looks at Chad. Then, in one swift motion, she
grabs the full wine bottle from the coffee table and hits
Chad square in the face with it, knocking him unconscious
A hard smack to the face awakens Chad, who is now tied to
chair. His face is bloody. Bianca stands near him with her
glock handgun pointed at him
      (in pain)
Ahh (beat) Jesus Christ..You could
have at least let me finish
talking before
What else could you possibly have
to say to me?
I came here to come clean with
you. I want to tell you the whole
Go ahead, this should be
interesting..tell me how you set
me up
Chad lowers his head and begins to speak
After your crew stole the
diamonds, I'd heard through a
friend that some pretty powerful
guys were looking for an all girl
crew in Brooklyn..They said they'd
pay $250,000 to anyone that could
get the diamonds back
As Chad speaks a flashback shows Chad approaching Emir, Chad
setting up the meeting between he and Bianca at the club.
      (head still
It was all part of a well layed
out plan all the way down to you
getting robbed of your necklace
that night....


We see a flashback of Chad running after robber around the
corner, but when he turns the corner it is Chad who pulls
out a pistol, firing two shots in the air, and tossing the
weapon in the garbage as if the robber was shooting at him.
..Except I violated the number 1
rule..I let my guard down
Chad raises his head and looks at Bianca
I started to care for you..I tried
to keep telling myself that it was
just business..but I got caught
up..I started to feel things that
I hadn't felt in over a year
You can't be serious. You come
here and you tell me that all this
time you've just been lying to
me..tapping into my
feelings..sharing yours with
me..making me think that you cared
(beat) All just to get paid
That's the same way you got the
Bianca just looks at him plain-faced
Why do you think I'm here tonight?
I don't care about the money..I
found something much more
valuable. I found someone I could
love..And I think you found
someone also
And what the hell makes you think
You wouldn't be standing there in
that teddy with that gun pointed
at me if you hadn't...you would
have killed me already
Bianca's eyes begin to water


                       BIANCA (voice cracking)
Everything is just all fucked up
Bianca, you need to either untie
me, or shoot me. I've come clean,
I don't have anything else to
hide..I didn't have to come here
tonight..If you still don't
believe me....
Chad looks her directly in the eyes
Then may the Lord have mercy on my
Bianca raises her gun and points it at Chad. She shakes
slightly as she slowly places her finger on the trigger.
Intensity is high momentarily until Bianca falls to her
knees and slowly unties him. Chad rises from the chair and
picks Bianca up in his arms
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna get some rest..We'll
think about that in the morning
As Chad walks toward the bedroom with Bianca in his arms
they passionately kiss and start to undress each other. When
they make it to her bedroom we then see them making
passionate love.
Chad is seen asleep in Bianca's bed. Bianca, also asleep,
rests her head on Chad's bare chest. Chad's cellphone rings
twice without either of them even budging. On the third
ring, Chad's eyes open and he slowly wakes up and reaches
over to the nightstand for his phone. Bianca wakes up as he
moves. Chad grabs the phone and looks at the number. As he
attempts to answer, the phone stops ringing.
                       BIANCA (groggy voice)
What's wrong?


That was them. They're probably
going to call back in a few
minutes..To ask about our meeting
Bianca raises up slightly in the bed and becomes more
What are you gonna tell them?
Well, you need to tell me what you
want to do
What do you mean what do I want to
do?..These assholes are probably
responsible for Benny's
death..There's no way I'm giving
those diamonds back..Those
diamonds represent a new
future..for me and my daughter
(beat) And you too..if you still
want to be a part of it
Chad just nods in affirmation. As he does, his cellphone
rings again
It's them..maybe I can stall them
and buy us some time
Chad hits the talk button on his phone
Emir is riding on the highway in the rear of a black lincoln
town car. He speaks to Chad on a cellphone
Good morning, Mr. Masters..Lovely
day today isn't it?
                       CHAD (O.S.)
I haven't gotten out to see it
just yet


Oh trust me, it couldn't be more
beautiful. So what time is your
meeting today?
Well there's been a change..I
spoke to her about a half hour ago
and she said some things had come
up and that she'd need a day or
so..She said she would call me
later this evening.
Now that truly saddens me..I guess
I will have to use some additional
                       CHAD (O.S.)
What do you mean?
We have a very popular ancient
saying in my country it goes like
this (in pakistani xxxx xxx xxxx)
                       CHAD (O.S.)
What does that mean?
We will speak soon my friend
Emir ends the call
Hello, Emir...Shit!
                       BIANCA (anxious)
Well, what did he say
He quoted some ancient saying
What?..well do you remember what
it was that he said?


      (pressing buttons
       on his cellphone)
No, but my phone does
I record all of my conversations
Even mine?
                       CHAD (smiling)
Especially yours
Chad locates the recording. He jumps off the bed and hurries
over to Bianca's desk and begins typing away on her
computer. Bianca gets up and follows him to the computer
What are you doing?
If we can make the recording
out..maybe we can translate it
Chad listens to the recording and then types in what he
thought was said. The program returns an error
He again types on the computer. He makes some adjustments in
spelling. The program returns a second error. Chad listens
to the recording again and then retypes on the computer. The
screen then reads "PREPARING TRANSLATION"
The screen then reads "WE LIVE THROUGH OUR CHILDREN"
Chad and Bianca both give each other a wide-eyed, horrific
Chad is driving frantically. As he swerves past cars on the
highway, blowing the horn, Bianca nervously attempts to
reach her mother's home on her cellphone.


      (phone to ear)
Dammit..It's busy
Relax..That might be a good sign
Here, this is our exit
The car cuts another off to get over to the exit lane. They
exit and make a turn at the end of the ramp
Chad and Bianca come to a screeching halt in front of
Bianca's mother's house. Bianca exits, runs up the steps,
and rings the doorbell. Chad exits and stays near the car.
Seconds later, Bianca's mother opens the door expecting to
see Raven
I've been worried about you
Veronica is shocked to see Bianca
I thought you were Raven..She
hasn't made it home yet
      (looking at her
What time were you expecting her?
                       VERONICA (nervous)
About a half hour ago..The bus
usually blows the horn and I come
out and get her..Today, I never
heard the horn..Oh my God, I'm
gonna call the police
Veronica turns to walk away. Bianca softly grabs her arm to
stop her
Ma, No..That's not necessary, I
think I know where she is
                       VERONICA (anxious)
What?..Well where is she?..What's


Ma..Ma..Take it easy. I want you
to go back inside and relax. It's
okay. I'm going to get Raven
Veronica looks over Bianca's shoulder and sees Chad
Who's that man with you?
Bianca looks back at Chad
That's Chad, a friend of mine
Veronica looks at him again
It's okay, he's good people
Chad gives Veronica a friendly wave. Veronica nods back to
Listen, I gotta run now, but I
don't want you worrying..I'll call
you soon
Bianca kisses her mother on the cheek and heads back to the
car. Veronica remains in the doorway
                       VERONICA (calling out)
Make sure you call me
Bianca nods in affirmation before getting into the car. The
car pulls off with Veronica still in the doorway
As the two ride on the highway, Bianca has a breakdown
                       BIANCA (teary eyed)
They got my daughter..My baby
Bianca starts pounding her fist against her forehead
What the fuck have I done?..What
have I done?


Hey, calm down..Beating yourself
up is not going to help us right
                       BIANCA (yelling)
How the hell can you tell me to
calm down? Right now my baby is
being held captive by some maniac
They're not terrorist's, They're
businessman..They won't harm your
daughter before getting those
diamond's back..You still have
what they want
Oh I forgot..You know them, you
were one of them. Ya know, you're
still not out of the fire yet, I'd
keep one eye open if I were you
Hey, I'm putting my life on the
line here too..My main goal here
is to get your daughter back and
keep us both alive..Now we can be
smart about this, or we can be
emotional..And since all three of
our lives depend on it, I'd prefer
smart..Besides I've got a plan
Bianca looks over at Chad
Chad speaks on his cellphone as he watches Bianca inside the
You guy's jumped the gun and
screwed everything up..I had the
fucking girl in the palm of my
hands..She was going to give them
up, until you took her daughter
for Christ sake (Beat) Listen all
might not be lost..I think I got a
way to still get the diamond's and
let you enjoy the thrill of


                       CHAD (cont'd)
killing this bitch...Yeah I
figured you'd like that..I need
you to be at Brookville
Park..right off the Conduit at
exactly 9:30 tonight..There's a
duckpond there..We'll be sitting
on a bench with our backs facing
the entrance..By that time I will
already have the diamonds.
As Chad speaks , Bianca exits the 7-11 with a small bag and
heads to the car
And remember, I'll be sitting
right next to her, so
please..let's go with a
close-range head shot..She'll
never know what hit her
As Chad ends the call, Bianca opens the passenger door and
gets back into the car. She passes Chad a cup of coffee. He
opens the container takes a sip
It's a go
An establishing shot of the park reveals an empty parking
area, large grassy area, a small playground, and a duck
pond. A couple is seated on the bench in front of the pond.
Their backs face the camera. In the foreground, a dark
colored sedan pulls into the parking area of the park and
turns off it's headlights. The driver is Vladamir. As he
sits in the car alone, he loads a clip and pushes into his
gun. He watches the couple momentarily as they hug and kiss.
He slowly exits the car and approaches the couple from
behind. As he nears the couple, he readies his weapon. When
he gets within feet of the couple, he aims his weapon at the
head of the brunette woman. As he pulls the trigger, he
                       VLADAMIR (yelling)
Vladamir lets off 2 rapid shots to the head of the body. As
Chad jumps, the body slumps and falls sideways on the bench.
Vladamir walks around the bench and stands over his victim,


now dead. His face has a look of confusion as he looks down
at the victim's hand, which is hanging down off the bench.
The hand is manly and hairy. Vladamir bends over the body
and touches the head. When he does, A brunette wig falls off
to reveal that the shooting victim is actually his own
henchman, Milos, dressed to look like Bianca. His throat had
been cut prior to Vladamir shooting him. Vladamir springs
back up with his gun pointed at Chad
                       VLADAMIR (to chad)
What the...
Before uttering another word, Vladamir is shot behind his
right ear. He falls directly on Chad, who pushes him off and
to the ground. Bianca appears from the darkness, gun still
smoking. Chad takes a deep breath
                       CHAD (sarchasm)
You know, it's okay if you execute
just a couple of seconds earlier
Ah, Don't be such a wuss
Chad bends down over the body of Vladamir and searches
through his pockets. He looks at a piece of paper and then
looks at Bianca
I hope you're not tired
Bianca, Chad, and Sammy pull up across from an old
warehouse. Chad, whose driving, looks at the paper taken
from Vladamirís pocket. There is no address, just
      (looking at paper)
This must be it. The directions
stop here
Sammy spots Ghazi coming around the corner
      (pointing finger)


Ghazi walks to a door and enters.

Thatís one of them

Sammy takes out his gun and inserts a fresh clip. He also
puts a silencer on his weapon
So whatís our game plan?

The element of surprise is the
best thing we've got going for us.
We do this quick and smooth and we
all make it to see tomorrow
Sammy takes out another gun and hands it to Chad. Chad
cocks the gun as Bianca looks at him
You sure you know what to do with
Chad looks at Bianca

You just better make sure you
watch your own ass...Wonderwoman.
Bianca leans down in front of her and comes up with the
briefcase taken from the heist.
Let's do it
She places the briefcase on Chad's lap. Chad nods at her
before the three exit the car. Chad approaches the warehouse
door alone as Bianca and Sammy fall back near the car. Chad
slowly opens the door and enters. Once inside, Chad makes
his way down a dimly lit hallway until reaching a stairwell.
Chad enters the stairwell. He spots Ghazi and Azeem at the
top of the stairs smoking cigarettes. When they spot Chad,
they draw their weapons. Chad walks up to them, briefcase in


      (pointing gun)
What are you doing here? Emir said
you would call first.
      (Showing briefcase)
Things got easier then expected I
got what he wants.
OK, but you know I have to have
your weapon.
Ahhh yes....we all know how
paranoid Emir can be.
Ghazi and Chad both laugh. Chad reaches into his pants and
pulls out an automatic pistol, hands it to Ghazi and walks
pass him.
Chad turns around with a slight nervousness.
Whats up?
Ever thought about making a run
for it?
Nah....pink is for queers.
They both laugh and Chads makes his way down the stairwell.
Ghazi's laugh is immediately interrupted when he hears a
thumping sound and turns around to see Azeem on the floor
bleeding from the head and Sammy's gun in Ghazi mouth.
Say hello to ALLAH for me will ya!
Sammy pulls the trigger and watches Ghazi head jerks back
from the blast of his weapon.


As Chad reaches the bottom of the stairwell, through a thick
fog of misty air he spots Emir approximately 100 feet away
with his back towards him sitting calmly rotating
counterclockwise two silver balls in his left hand. Bianca
and Sammy enter with weapons drawn and finally make their
way to the bottom of the stairwell to join Chad, who slowly
approaches Emir.

As the three get closer, they cautiously stop approximately
20 feet of the seated gentleman still with his back towards
them. In a soft and very calm tone Emir speaks.
From the pitter-patter of feet, I
get the sense that you brought
along company Chad.
Well, I always said you were an
intuitive person.
Hmmm...Many things are said to be
infectious, and yawning as well.
(beat) In large-scale strategy,
when the enemy is agitated and
shows an inclination to rush, do
not mind in the least.....
Bianca interrupts Emir.
Where the FUCK is my daughter?
Emir ignores Bianca and continues.
Make a show of complete calmness,
and the enemy will be taken by
this and will become relaxed. You
infect their spirit. You can
infect them with a carefree,
drum-like spirit, with boredom, or
even weakness.
A book of Five Rings, Miyamoto
Musashi, Seventeenth Century.


Ahhhh....indeed. I always said
that you were an intellect beyond
your years. A man...one should
never underestimate. (slight
pause) Bianca too is someone to be
reckoned with.....
Emir who remains with his back towards the group slowly puts
down the silver balls, spins around slowly and calmly stands
up. Sammy and Bianca points their guns at Emir.
Slow down partner!!
Emir who apparently has no weapons stands with his hands
interlocked in front of him.
I have no qualms with you Bianca.
Well where is my baby?
Sheís doing just fine.
Insurance....that is all...it
comes with the territory. (beat)
Iím not the enemy here Bianca.
(with a smirk) Your enemy stands
besides you.
Both Bianca and Sammy takes a quick glance at Chad to see
his reaction, but Chad appears calm and in control.
Strangely enough Bianca, you and I
have something in common.
And what's that?
Chad my dear lady...(beat) You see
we both have property that belongs
to one another and we used Chad to
get to that property. I have your
precious little one and you have
several of mine. Pink ones to be
exact! We can negotiate.


By this time Bianca lowers her weapon and soon after Sammy
does as well.
What you got in mind?
Lets stick to the plan Bianca!
Ha ha-ha ha.....Plan!?!, the only
plan Chad has is his own, which is
to retrieve the diamonds. He has
turned on me what makes you think
he's not going to do the same with
Sammy quickly turn his gun on Chad nodding with agreement to
what Emir just said.
He's fucking right...lets X this
motherfucker off.
Sammy get your fucking gun out his
Nah fuck that (beat) Mia was
right, ever since this cocksucker
came around you've been stuck on
We're losing focus Biancaaaa....
At this point Bianca is perturb by the comment Sammy made
about her. And points the gun at Sammy.


      (upset but calm)
Sammy I run this racket here, and
you're disrespecting me. Mia was
nothing but a jealous bitch....
We're talking about my Raven here
fuck this other bullshit.
I can't do that......
You're fucking the enemy. Mia was
right all along......you sent her
on her way with just crumbs....Mia
didn't kill Tammy you killed
Tammy....all because you couldn't
control THIS RACKET!
Shut the fuck up Sammy....
Chad stares straight in the eyes of Emirs knowing if he says
the wrong thing Sammy will kill him. Emir meanwhile enjoys
the stir that he has caused and stares back.
      (emotionally upset)
The old Bianca would've laid this
faggot to rest.....but the new has
her gun to MY head?...I don't know
who you are anymore...(beat)
Bianca you're nothing but a
As the last word comes out of Sammy's mouth we see both
Sammy and Bianca's trigger finger tighten. Chad
instinctively uses a disarming technique as both Sammy and
Bianca's gun goes off but in the process Chad takes a fatal
shot to the head. Both Chad and Sammy's limp bodies hit the
floor. Bianca who is visibly shaken and very upset points
her weapon towards Emir.
I'm gonna ask you once and ask you
one time


You did the right thing
Bianca....don't let this ruffle
your feathers.....To have ultimate
victory you must be RUTHLESS!
Bianca tightens her finger on the trigger and aims at the
right leg of Emir.
Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821. And
you're right, but enough with your
From Emir's POV we see Bianca pointing her weapon and before
she can let off a shot someone shoots and kills her from
behind. The identity of the shooter is not revealed.
We see aerial shots of the city, the water, and expensive
homes. Camera lowers onto a street lined with expensive
homes. Camera passes several homes and stops in front of
one. Camera goes up the walkway and to the door
As the camera makes it's way around the home, we stop and
enter a room where Bianca's daughter Raven is seated in
front of a computer with headphones on. The little girl
smiles and moves her head to music. We see a female
approaching from behind, but we can only see her from the
waist down. She slowly walks up from behind Raven. When she
is directly behind her, the female playfully grabs the
headphones off Ravenís ears. Raven jumps at first, but as
she turns to see the face, she smiles.
                       RAVEN (smiling)
Aunt Mia!
Mia kisses Raven on the forehead
Everything okay princess?
Raven nods and smiles
Love ya


Back to you
Mia rubs her head and then replaces the headphones on her
ears and exits the room. The camera follows Mia through the
house and into the kitchen where she grabs two already
prepared drinks from off the counter. She then continues out
to the pool. As she approaches from behind, we can see a
man's legs laying on a reclining lounge chair
      (passing drink)
Here ya go honey
The man leans up and we realize it's Emir.
Thank you, my dear..I was
beginning to thirst
Emir takes both drinks from her and places them on the
But not for wine
Emir grabs mia and pulls her down on top of him and begins
kissing and groping her. Mia stops kissing for a second to
You're so nasty
You know, you're right
The two smile at each other and continue kissing and
rubbing. and the picture begins to fade out. Suddenly, the
doorbell rings from inside the house and picture quickly
fades in. It's the front door. The couple looks at each
Who the hell could that be?..and
why did they have to come now?
It's probably the first of many
several and expensive items you
ordered..Or did you forget?
                       MIA (smiling)
Oh, yeah


Mia gets up off Emir and Emir gets up and heads into the
home. He stops in a hallway at an intercom and presses it
      (pressing intercom)
Yes, who is it?
                       MALE VOICE
UPS delivery, sir
Emir just shakes his head and approaches the front door. He
opens the door in slow motion. Upon opening it, a gun is
raised by a gloved hand, and Emir is shot once in the face.
He falls backward in slow motion and hits the floor. As he
hits the floor, Mia comes running into the house as a result
hearing the shot. Her face has a look of horror as she sees
Emir laying dead on the floor. The camera then slowly
goes up the gunmanís arm to reveal that the shooter is
actually Lee Love, the street bum from Biancaís old
neighborhood. He is clean-shaven and handsome. As the gun
still smokes, the camera shifts back to Mia's face. Her
horrific expression slowly transforms into a smile. Lee Love
lowers his gun and approaches Mia
                       LEE LOVE
Wassup Baby, show a nigga some
Mia runs over to Lee Love and the two lock lips
As the two kiss, we see flashbacks: Mia getting in contact
with Vladamir and Emir. Mia acting as if she was annoyed
with the presence of Lee Love, Lee love plotting with Chad
as Mia watches from afar. Mia meeting with Emir. Mia sending
Emir and crew to get Benny. Lee Love searching through glove
box of Biancaís car the day he washed it, Lee Love having
Bianca and crew under surveillance, etc. Between each shot
the credit rolls. Square Biz by Teena Marie plays as in the
                       LEE LOVE
We did it baby, you said we could
do it and we did..we fooled
everybody and now all this shit is
ours..They would have never
believed it..Us? .
That's the whole beauty of the
game..It's square biz baby
The two nod at each other and smile




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