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by k.j.diagostino (twelthofadime@comcast.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
Logan is a cold man,lost,lonely and violent.One woman would change that.Until the day she turned up brutally raped,and unleashed his terrible anger onto the cruel world that bore him.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



LOGAN stands in front of the punching bag,silent.He is a
young,muscular man with shortly cropped hair.He is drenched
in sweat,breathing as if exhausted.The punching bag swinging
back and forth in front of him,Logan is bearing his teeth
with an intense demeanor.
There is no sound except the CREAKING of the bag's chain on
the ceiling rafter above and Logan HEAVING breaths.The
basement is large and unkept. There is a weight bench
perpendicular to the stairwell with a shirt strewn on the
bar and free weights scattered randomly about the
floor.There is a small window behind the punching bag and a
foggy mirror to it's right.
Logan brings his right glove up and pulls it off with his
teeth,then yanks the other off with his freed hand.He
EXHALES,running his hand through his hair then WIPING the
sweat off onto his jeans.
Turning around,Logan grabs the shirt off the weight bench
and quickly puts it on.He bends down and picks up the
gloves,then TOSSES them on the landing next to the swinging
bag.He stands still like he's forgotten something.
He remembers and moves to the mirror.Staring into it he
turns slightly to the left,then slightly to the right.He
moves to a full on view,and flexs his right bicep.
Suddenly a voice is heard,suggested to be heard in Logan's
mind.As soon as the voice is heard,Logan stands
still,seeming to listen attentively.And as the v.o.
continues Logan slowly lowers his arm and stares into the
mirror with a deep look of loss.
Why do you work out so much?


You don't want me to?
No,I was just wondering.
Wondering what?
I thought maybe you got the idea
that I didn't find you attractive
I got to look rough honey.If I
don't I'm out of a job.
      (V.O. CONT'D)
Do you not find me attractive?
Baby,it's just...I love you and I
connect with you and always
will,but I can't accept the
violence.Not anymore.
Erin,your going to have to
baby,cause I got nothing else.
You got me,don't you?
Logan looks intently into the mirror.Quietly he says his
next lines.


Not anymore.
Logan takes a moment to let his thoughts soak
in.Then,reluctantly,he reaches into his right pocket and
pulls out a faded picture.Without looking at it he slowly
moves over to the weight bench and sits down.Resting his
head in his hand again he takes a moment,then looks at the
The picture is of Logan embracing a young attractive
girl.The girl is ERIN,Logan's girlfriend.
Logan DROPS the picture on the floor,obviously dealing with
some strong emotions.
Jesus Christ...
He gets up slowly and moves over to the hanging light,takes
hold of the dangling switch.He looks at the punching
bag,still swaying wildly.Logan YANKS the chain,turning the
light off.He walks past the picture solemnly and then
upstairs.Cut to credit screen.
Logan is sitting on the steps leading up to the church
door,blanketed in the light of a nearby street lamp.He's
biting his lip,obviously aggravated.It is late at night,so
only a few cars PASS by every so often and the parking lot
is devoid of random people.
Erin stands at an obvious distance.Her arms are crossed and
she seems equally discontent.The two stay like this for a
while.Reluctantly,as well as short tempered,Logan makes an
attempt to talk with her.Though he does not look in her
direction as he says his lines.
Tell me what's wrong.


Erin shuts her eyes tightly,unfolds her arms and rubs her
I don't want to talk about.
Logan retains his pose,though displaying a rising
anger.Interlaced with the action,we cut back to the previous
scene just before the fade in.Logan JABS the punching bag
Even with me?
Interlaced again we cut to later that night for a brief
moment,Logan in the same apparel though it is at this time a
little ruffled.Standing in the dining room he is SCREAMING
toward the kitchen at an o.s. Erin.
You don't talk to me about
anything Erin.I ask what's
wrong,then I hear
you,"Nothing,just leave me
alone."Do not want me to make you
feel better,cause I can easily
just sit and nod my head when you
speak to me,if that's what you
Cut back to the present,Erin looking at Logan intensely
now.She runs her hand through her hair as she begins to
      (trying to,but not
       quite managing to
       not hurt his
Even with you.I can solve this on
my own,baby,okay?It's stupid


Cut back to later that night,Erin in the kitchen by the
stove.Leaning on the counter she is looking ahead
blankly.She is trying to hold in her anger.
      (low,cold tone)
I don't need you to hold my hand,I
can take care of my own sht.
Cut back to Logan standing up on the stairs.He SCRATCHES the
side of his head,then puts his hands in his pockets,trying
to play it off that he couldn't be less bothered.
Cut back to later that night,Logan is further in the
kitchen.Erin is in his face,SEETHING.
Get out of my house.
Cut back to the Erin standing on the sidewalk.She looks at
Logan for a moment,then says her lines.
Cut to Logan SLAMMING the punching bag as hard as he
can.Then cut to the kitchen where Logan is face to face with
Erin.Erin seems hurt beyond words by what Logan has said.She
stares into his face,silently devastated.
That's how I feel everytime I say
I love you and you don't say it
Erin waits a moment,then SMACKS Logan across the face.Erin
is on the verge of tears as she says her next lines.


      (tearing up)
But at least I would mean it when
I said it to you.
She STORMS out the door,SLAMMING it soundly as she
leaves.Cut back to Logan SLAMMING the punching bag SEVERAL
TIMES in quick succession.Cut back to him standing in the
kitchen,staring at the door.Outside Erin is in the
driveway,violently emotional.She turns towards the
The worst part is you don't even
Logan's blank look dissolves to one of strong,aggressive
emotion.He jolts forward,grabbing the door and SWINGING it
awide.He SCREAMS back,furious.
All I ever did was care!
Erin keeps walking,eventually out of sight.Logan stands
holding the door,ever slowly realizing he might have made a
mistake.He inches slowly in the door,still looking out into
the night.Once inside,he waits a moment,then slams the door.
He backs up to the counter,gripping the edges with his
hands.As he looks forward,brooding,his hands tighten and
strain against the counters edge.He subtle begins to
      (quietly,as if
       he's trying to
       not succeeding)
I'm okay,I'm okay,I'm okay,I'm not
okay,I am so not fcking okay...


Logan swings violently around and CLEARS the counter off
with one quick motion of his arm.The items on the counter
CRASH to the floor.Logan puts his head in his hands.
Move to the clock which reads 8:45 p.m..CROSS DISSOLVE to
the same clock,only now reading 11:00 p.m.,then pan screen
right to Logan.He is lieing on the floor,passed out,8
bottles of beer lie around him;empty.In his hand there is
the picture of him and Erin.Fade out.
Logan wakes up,the first rays of sunlight are coming in
through the open side door.Hung over,Logan takes a moment to
fully get his bearings.He props him self up against the
cabinet doors.
He looks down at the floor absently,then notices the
sidedoor is open and the beer bottles are gone.The
picture,turned upside down,is the only thing that remains.
Quickly he SNATCHES the picture up and SHOVES it in his
pocket.He stands up,unsure of what's going on.As quietly as
he can,as he is not that coherent,Logan looks into the
dining room suspiciously.Turning around he looks at the
bathroom for a moment,then grabs a hold of his stomach in
obvious discomfort.
He waits a moment,trying to suppress the need to throw
up.Putting his hand to his mouth,he quickly moves into the
bathroom and kneels down in front of the bowl.He GAGS,then
vomits.BREATHING HARD he waits to see if he needs to throw
up more.
Logan slowly calms himself,SPITTING into the bowl and
holding his head.Suddenly in the next room,the CHATTERING
SOUNDS of a cartoon are heard.Logan,surprized,turns his head
quickly and SLAMS his head on the wall to his right.
Logan does not curse or make any real sign of pain,just
casually rubs his head and stands up.Logan STAGGERS into the
living room,looking at the tv.DEATON,Logan's street boxing
manager,is seated on the large white coach with the remote
in his hands.He is a stout young man,rough looking and


Why did you choose to do
that?Drinking alone is an awful
thing.Drinking period is an awful
They were your beers.
Yeah,thanks for drinking them.I
appreciate it.
Go home man.
Logan GRABS the remote out of Deaton's hand and THROWS it.
Go home!
Deaton stands up slowly.He turns to Logan.
You got a fight tonight.Did you
bother to take that into account
while you were self medicating?
Logan immediately SLUMPS down on the couch behind
him,rubbing his head as he remembers.
With who?


Dutch.He said he wanted a rematch
after last Wednesday's glass
match.Said you should have been
discounted as the winner after you
attacked him at the half.Rob
matched you up for tonight so he'd
shut his mouth.
Logan looks at Deaton with sincerity as he says his next
I'll swat at a fly for only so
long,Deaton.That kid fights me
tonight he'll have me pounding him
between rounds,till he bleeds from
the eyes.
We should get you drunk more
often.(pause)Are you
Logan looks off blankly.
No,not at all.
Don't beat yourself up over
it,there's plenty of people that
would like nothing better than to
kick a fella when he's down.
I have to be alone for a while.
Deaton walks over and PICKS UP the remote,SETTING IT DOWN
next to Logan.He then resumes his previous position.
That's fine.I will ask you to stay
away from the booze though,okay?


And go for a walk,anything to
sweat that poision out of you.I'll
see you there at ten,alright?
Deaton stands for a moment,looking concerned.He then turns
and walks out the open sidedoor.Logan turns toward the
door,a meaningful look on his face.
Logan,same attire as in the previous scene,walks down the
sidewalk.He stops when he comes to the bend,looking up at
the sky.
Logan looks at the foilage and the world with a strange kind
of mourning regard.He slowly makes his way to the church
steps,stands for a moment,then moves around the building to
the cemetary.
He moves across the lawn of the cemetary to the fenced in
playground area which is used by the daycare.Logan walks
over to swing set,staring off silently,taking a seat on one
of the swings.
He looks first across the street,then to the bend of the
sidewalk where he had stood,then finally to the roof of the
Logan is ROLLING UP the jumping rope,dressed in his usual


casual workout clothes.He is concentrating on his
actions,oddly CHUCKLING after a moment.He begins to speak to
himself as he ends his task and puts the rope on the
platform near his feet.
      (to himself)
Yeah right,I'd tear that kid
apart...one hit,right across his
jaw,he'd drop...see him run his
mouth then.
Logan STRETCHES his arms,then catches sight of something
outside the window.He drops his arms,mesmerized by the sight
just outside.After the shock wears off,he crouches down then
sneaks up to the window and looks out cautiously.
Erin is walking down the sidewalk toward Logan's house.She
is moving casually forward,rubbing her neck as if it were
stiff.Logan begins speaking to himself in excitement.
Just go out the front door,wave to
her...just wave.Who cares?People
wave to people they don't
know,right?God she looks
good.Okay,were going do
Logan makes no movement,just stares on in amazement.
Okay,that didn't help.Alright,this
time for real...one...okay,she's
gone,too late.Next time.She'll be
back,don't worry.
Cut to Logan ROLLING UP the rope,in different attire to show
the lapse of time.This time he's wrapping up the rope and
just staring out the window, obviously focused on the
After a moment he STRAINS his neck to look up,then he drops
the rope with no regard for doing so.Again he moves up to
the window slowly to avoid being seen.


Erin walks along the same way as before,this time slowing
breifly and looking toward Logan's house.Turning abruptly
back around,she continues slowly down the street,and very
casually checks her teeth for food with her finger.
Why's she walking past so
much.She's seen me getting into my
car.Yeah.Hmmm.She dosen't seem to
go anywhere,just walking past my
house everyday.I see you.Okay,were
going do this one...two...two...I
got a stain on my shirt,I can't do
it today.she'll think I'm
Cut to the basement a day later.The jumping rope is on the
ground and Logan is absent. Outside,Logan is seated on the
porch,shirt tucked in.He nervously adjusts his hair.
Logan looks up as he suddenly notices Erin,who is again
strolling down the street,appear.Logan stares
on,mesmerized.She flips her hair.Nervously he shoots up his
hand,trying to be casual.She immediately smiles,LAUGHING a
Logan smiles and his nervousness seems to wash away.He YELLS
to her as she continues on.
Logan RACES down the steps to the sidewalk,Erin still
walking down the street.Logan makes it to the walkway,but
stops as he doses.He says nothing,just stares at
her.Eventually she stops,turning around,LAUGHING playfully.
Come here!
Logan stuffs his hands in his pockets and jogs over to
her.She looks at him with a mockingly critical face.


It's not polite to make a lady
What lady?
Erin LAUGHS,Logan's smile cracks and he LAUGHS too.She
PUNCHES him in the arm playfully.
Ouch.Why the hell you do that?
For not being well mannered.Now
make it up to me and ask me my
What is your name fair lady?
Erin HITS him again in the arm.Logan holds his arm,smiling.
What was that for?
A real man would tell me his name
before he asked mine.
Okay,promise you won't hit me?
Erin bites her lower lip,her smile still plastered on her
face.She shakes her head 'no'.
Logan,Logan Stone.
Logan?What horrible parents you
must have.


I'm sure you have a much better
That's a beautiful name.
Erin HITS him again in the arm,still cracking a smile.He
MASSAGES his arm for a moment,looking at her with fabricated
Stop lieing!
I'm not lieing.I only lie to
pretty girls.
Erin SWINGS at him again but he DODGES her fist.
I'll scream!
Logan poses himself in a boxing stance.
I'll scream with you,come on.
Erin stares at him wryly for a moment,then stands up very
straight with a look of aloofness.
Logan straightens up as well.Logan looks at her for a


You shouldn't talk,it makes you
seem stupid.
Thank you.
There's a pause.Logan seems anxious suddenly.Erin looks up
at the sky.
Where are you going?
I don't know.Sometimes I just go
for walks,just wander and hope
something might happen.Someone
seemed to like that,I hoped one
day they would come tell me that
Erin looks at Logan seriously.Logan is looking at the
ground,disecting what she just said.
The next time you see me,your
going to take me somewhere.
      (in disbelief)
We'll see if second impressions
are better than first ones.
Erin turns and begins down the street.She FLICKS her
hair,then turns to look back at Logan with a sleepy eyed


smile.Logan stares on after her for a moment,smiles back
then walks slowly across the lawn to his house.He has a
sleepy look in his eye as well,and eventually,smiling,he
closes his eyes.
Logan opens his eyes.His nose is bleeding and he is on his
back,shirtless.Deaton,as well as a number of on lookers are
staring at him.As he seems to come to his senses,TABER;a
powerfully framed young man,leaps onto him.
Logan,what the hell are doing
Taber looks at Logan with mercy.Logan looks back
terrfied.The crowd starts to get LOUD as they try and urge
Taber on.Taber quickly turns to the man nearby who is
suggested to be the ref.
He's done!Call him out!
The ref shakes his head slowly.
This isn't round for round
boxing,we're playing mercy
rules.He calls himself out.
Deaton marches over to the two and leans over Logan's amazed
face.He cups his hands over his mouth and crouches down
close to Logan's face.
Get up,get up!He can see you,your
not hiding.Get up or call yourself
out,but do something!


The ref edges closer to the three as he goes to reprimand
Deaton.Taber is looking hestiantly at Deaton and the ref as
he still GRIPS Logan.Deaton suddenly notices the ref coming
and looks fiercly at him.
Deaton!Get away from the goddamn
kid unless you want me to throw
the fight!
Deaton turns back to Logan who seems to be recovering
slightly.Taber notices this and quickly raises his fist in
surprize.Taber now excitedly looks at the ref and Deaton for
some kind of ruling.
Deaton cups his hands and begins YELLING at Logan
again.Logan,ignoring Deaton as he says his next
lines,notices Taber's arm raised again and a look of crazed
fear appears on his face.
Logan,this is not the way to win
the fight pal,get off your ass and
tell the nice ref to-
Goddamit,I said get the hell away
from the kid!
Deaton,with a look of contempt,finally raises himself away
from Logan.Deaton backs away with his hands in the air as
the ref accosts him.
Go on,get over there.Don't mess
with my fights,I know what I'm
doing,okay friend?
Do your job then,do your job and
I'll do mine.


The ref ignores his remark but looks at Deaton distaste as
he approaches the two fighters.Taber,fist still raised and
ready to strike,is watching the Deaton.Logan turns his head
to look at Deaton.Deaton,now standing a good 10 feet away
quickly catches Logan's glance.
The ref makes his way over to the two,turning back to look
at them instead of Deaton.Taber shifts his excited eyes to
him instead.As the ref closes in on them,Logan glances at
Taber then back at Deaton once he's caught Deaton's
Fellas,just hold your horses here
for a second,I got some things I
need to warn you about doing.
Catching Logan's silent question,Deaton puts his hand over
his mouth casually and looks both ways to see if anyone's
watching.Logan is looking at Deaton then the ref nervously
as he waits for a reply.The ref sees that Logan's not paying
      (losing patience)
Logan looks at the ref quickly,then back at
Deaton.Deaton,seeing that the coast is clear,nods his head
Look at me when I say your
Logan looks wildly from Deaton,to the ref,then finally to
Taber.Logan,GRITTING his teeth,WRAPS his right hand around
Taber's throat.Taber GAGS and GRIPS Logan's strangling arm
in agony.
Logan then begins PUNCHING Taber in the rib cage violently
with his left hand.Taber LETS GO of Logan's arm with his
right hand and HITS him solidly once in the face.Though
stunned,this only makes Logan's grip tighter.


Face turning red,Taber TRYS TO HIT Logan in the face again
but Logan DEFLECTS THE BLOW with his left forearm.After a
few seconds,Taber seems to try and CHOKE something out.Logan
SCREAMS at Taber.
What was that?!
Logan PUNCHES him in the rib cage.Taber SPUTTERS again,what
he's saying still unknown.
Huh,what did you say?!
Taber looks at Logan the best he can,eyes cloudy.He then
RELEASES HIS GRIP on Logan's arm and CLENCHES his hands
together.Lifting them above his head,Taber makes a weak
attempt,but succeeds none the less,at SLAMMING Logan on the
forehead with his clamped hands.
Slowly,Taber UNCLENCHES his hands and tries to bring his
arms up again.Logan PUNCHES him again in the rib cage,and
Taber's arms slump to his side.Logan YELLS again at Taber.
What?!I can't hear you,check-check
1-2,I think the mic's broken
asshole,your just going to have to
speak up!
TRIES TO LOOSEN Logan's grip one last time.
Say it or I'll fcking kill you!
Taber SHAKES his head quickly,almost about to pass out,his
hands still CLAMPED on Logan's arm.Logan lets go.Taber FALLS
aside,holding his throat,COUGHING hysterically.Logan JUMPS
to his feet suddenly,looking down at Taber.


The ref RUSHES over to Taber,kneeling next to him.He looks
at Logan in disgust.
      (hoorified by
       Logan's violence.)
You almost killed him you sick son
of a bitch.
Logan looks suddenly at the ref with a piercing look.Logan
UPPERCUTS the ref,knocking him on his back.HEAVING,face
bloody,Logan says his next lines.
That was my intention,thank you
for clarifying.
Logan bends down and HELPS TABER UP,who is still CLUTCHING
his swollen throat.Logan helps him over to the curb and
HELPS HIM SIT DOWN.Standing over the COUGHING Taber,Logan
looks quickly over to the casually fleeing Deaton.He then
looks quickly back at Taber.
Logan SLAMS his chest,SCREAMING taunting at the GAGGING
Never lost a fight man,never!What
makes you think you could do
something to me kid,huh?What makes
you different?Nothing.You fight me
again,you better kill me,spatter
me all over the
sidewalk,muscles.Cause I never
stop.Not for no one.No one except
Taber stands up,WAVERING slightly.He stops nursing his
throat.Eyes bloodshot,Taber walks commandingly over to
Logan.Logan stands still,eyes fixed on Taber's.Eventually


the two come face to face.Taber does not seem angry,rather
he stares at Logan in wonder.The two are face to face for a
long moment.
Were you always like this?
I've come a long way to this dim
parking lot man,a long,long
way.I've lived through it
all,every last goddamn thing that
someone threw my way.Every
insult,every beating,every
fear,every dissapointment.Your
something in my way,again,and I
stopped jumpin over things in my
way a long time ago.Started
plowing through'em,and stopped
looking back.
And I don't give mercy to no
one.Because they sure as hell
never gave it to me.
I don't think you'd take it if it
was offered to you.
I don't care what you think.
Logan pauses.The two stare at each other for a long moment
until Taber looks up at the sky.Logan SHOVES him out of the
way and starts moving across the parking lot slowly.With his
back turned to Taber,who looks after him,Logan says his next
Don't look up there.Your not going
to see anyone.
Taber looks after Logan for a moment,then looks back up at
the sky.He begins to NURSE HIS SWOLLEN NECK as he doses so.


Logan is seated on the weight bench in casual attire.He has
five beer bottles standing near his feet and he seems to be
mildly drunk.Sleepy eyed,he stares off.Deaton,dressed as he
was at the fight,is seated on the floor with eleven beers
lieing around him.
Both are quiet for a moment,as if they are in deep thought.
       making eye
Where's Chicago?
Long way away.
Logan RUBS his face as if he's trying to wake himself up.He
seems mildly frustrated.
'Cause I thought he was coming
Deaton looks at Logan with sudden realization.
Oh,Chicago?I thought you meant the
Logan removes his hand LAUGHING stupidly.Deaton
smiles,CHUCKLING at his ignorance.
No,he's supposed to be here
late,like twelve.He said something
about Shannon.
Logan looks at Deaton with sudden interest.


Who's Shannon?
His girlfirend,man,didn't he tell
I thought he was going out with
that bitch Brittany.
Who the fck is Brittany?
Logan leans forward to explain,knocking a beer bottle on the
floor.It SHATTERS but Logan gives it little mind.Deaton
LAUGHS and Logan smiles in reply.
Come on now,man.
Logan looks at the bottle offhandedly,then looks back at
Forget it man,listen!
No,clean that sht up,I don't want
to be stumbling around drunk and
cut myself on that shit,clean it
Goddamnit you little bitch,give me
a second,Jesus man.
Logan picks up the glass by hand and walks o.s. into the
room behind him to throw it in a trash can.He remerges
wiping his hands on his shirt.Quickly he sits back down on
the bench to converse with Deaton.


Brittany,the girl who was with him
at Sean's party.
Sean who?
Sean Ricards,used to work with me
at Al's autoshop,remember?
Deaton opens his mouth as he remembers what Logan's talking
That wasn't his
girlfriend,dude,that was his
cousin you dumbass.
The brown haired one that was
hanging all over him upstairs?
Yeah man,that was Brittany Myers,
his cousin.
The two are quiet for a moment.Both seem very pensive.Logan
looks at the punching bag as Deaton stares off.Deaton picks
up the beer closest to him and takes a drink,goes to lower
it, but then quickly puts it to his lips and drinks the
Deaton turns the bottle upside down and holds it by the
neck.He starts to swing the bottle softly back and forth as
if it were a club.In a moment he tires of this ,lowers the
bottle and his arms to his side and looks at Logan.


Logan,keeping his eyes on the punching bag,begins to
speak.Deaton listens,sleepy eyed.
       tone of voice)
You ever lose anyone
Deaton looks forward as he goes to answer,thinking hard as
his brain works slower.
Oh sure,everybody has.
Logan turns to look at Deaton as he speaks.
People always seemed to lose me
though.Something about me drives
people away,just stopped trying to
chase 'em after awhile.
Logan looks back at the punching bag.
Never had nothing.Nothing that
meant anything to me,besides me.I
was very lonely for a long
time.People didn't think I was,I
didn't think I was.Not until it
got dark out.Not until the stars
came out and headlights would rush
by.Going somewhere,yeah,everyone
was going somewhere alright.But
not me.I used to sit on my porch
and watch people go by,cars and
lives that weren't mine.
Logan looks at Deaton.Deaton,sensing Logan's vunerablity
listens closely.


You should have seen her the way I
did.Those eyes,those goddamn
eyes.When they looked at you
man,they grabbed up everything in
you and wouldn't let it go.She's
somewhere now,living.Going
somewhere like those cars and
those people.Somewhere far
away.And I'm here.Alone again.She
loved me.That's all I ever
needed,needed it more than food
and air,happiness or hate.I just
needed that.
Logan is quiet.Deaton tries to find something to say,gives
up,and slowly CROWDS his empty beer bottles into a small
cluster to his right.Deaton then looks at Logan.
Were the two of you going out,or
Yeah.I met her in July.Fought last
night.Then I kind of shut down.I
think I chased her away for
good.You know why?


Oh it's a good one.Everytime I saw
her all I could think was 'God I
love you'.And everytime we were
together I told her that I loved
her because I did truly love
her.More than anything in the
whole time I've lived I loved her
the most.But she wouldn't say it
back to me.Every time I told her
she would just look at me and
smile.And last night she told me I
didn't mean that.That cut me
deep.So fcking deep.
Didn't mean what?
Logan looks fiercly at Deaton.
That I loved her.She thought it
was a game,like I was one of these
little dime a dozen assholes who
say shit like that to get into her
pants.All that time,all that
worry,all that fcking love is and
was a waste.Because she didn't
care.And I'm left alone again
cause I guess I wasn't convincing
Deaton puts his hand to his mouth.
Women do things,most of them are
bitches.They take a guy like
you,twist him up.Play with
him,manipulate him because they've
got something you want.Some are
dumb and get scared cause they
don't know what real love is.But
the smart ones wait to know if
it's the right kind.These girls
have been hurt before,and they
don't want to be hurt again.But


                       DEATON (cont'd)
it's someday of the week,it's dark
out,you got your old friends
coming over,those guys that know
you man,fellas that would never do
you wrong.You worry some other
Logan looks over at the punching bag.
I wish I could.
Deaton stands up,WIPING himself off.Logan looks up at him.
You ever met my sister?
Logan shakes his head.
She's locked up in her room.Bitch
is crazy.Won't eat,won't
sleep.Just sits,crying.Some guy
hurt her bad.She needs someone to
talk to,and it's not me cause she
don't operate on the same
wavelength as me.But I think you
should meet her sometime,maybe
help her,give you someone to talk
Logan's back is to the recreation hall of the church.He is
facing Erin whose back is turned to him.He seems anxious and
Erin has an amused smile on her face.
One question...


Logan looks at her.Erin turns to make eye contact as she
says her next lines.
Do you think showing me the
building you fell off of when you
were drunk is going to impress me?
Logan looks at her for a moment despairingly.He looks back
up at the ledge.Erin remains looking at him.Logan turns
slowly to her again.
Erin is silent as she looks at him.A smile creeps across her
face and she bursts out LAUGHING.Logan looks at her strangly
for a moment.
That's not funny.
Erin stops for a moment,still smiling but STOPPING HER
LAUGHTER.Logan looks back up at the building sour faced.Erin
looks back up for a moment,but starts to LAUGH against her
LAUGHING,Erin puts her hand to her mouth to try and stop,but
she can't.Logan,still peering up at the ledge,begins to
crack a smile.Erin looks at him and begins to laugh
more.Logan looks down at the ground,a little embrassed,but
smiling ear to ear.
Logan turns to her,smiling.Erin's LAUGHTER SLOWLY DIES
OFF,but she continues to smile.The two look at each other
for a long time.Logan turns to look at the ledge one last
time.As he looks up,Erin turns around to look up at the sky
behind her.Logan turns and sees this.Still facing the church
he says his next lines.
I'm sorry.
Still looking up at the sky with a strange kind of
wonder,Erin replys.Logan remains looking at the ground.


It's okay.You were trying to be
nice,that's all that matters to
Say I ask this cute guy to kiss me
and I've only talked to him
twice.But in those two times I had
a better time talking with him
then I've had talking to anyone
before in my entire life.Does that
make me a slut?
Logan turns quickly around to look at her.Erin remains
dreamily staring off at the blue sky.
Well are you just going to kiss
Logan silently curses behind her.In moment he answers her.
If you knew you'd regret not doing
it,no.People should start doing
what they want to.Most times they
don't,'cause their scared of
people and what they might say.And
people only say stuff to other
people because their tired of
people saying stuff to them.
That's no way to live your
life.It's the easy way out.


Erin turns to Logan nervously.
Say something else,you sound so
profound when you speak.
Logan walks over to Erin quickly,eyes locked on hers.He
stands close to her,Erin's eyes move down,then back up to
Logan's face as she nervously tries to avoid eye
contact.Logan slowly looks from her face to the clouds
That one looks like a pretzel.
Erin begins to BREATH HEAVILY.She does not look at Logan's
face,rather stares at his chest.She seems very
content,almost drowsy.She combs her hair back behind her ear
      (nervous yet
       strangly tranquil)
Logan peers up at the sky for a long while before he speaks
Something profound?
Erin looks up at him finally.
Sure,why not?
Logan looks back at her.His next lines are delivered
honestly and with dignity.
I never needed anything as much as
I need you.You,Erin,you mean
something to guy that hasn't found
meaning in anything in a long


                       LOGAN (cont'd)
time.I didn't know God could make
anything as beautiful as you.
The two stare into each other's eyes for moment,silent and
complete.Erin speaks softly.
Kiss me before I remember I should
know better.
The two KISS,Logan leaning in first slowly to do as she
asks.Afterwards,Erin opens her eyes wide and smiles.Logan
looks at her with suspicion of his performance.She bites her
lower lip.
Your breath is nasty.
Logan GRABS her by the shoulders and KISSES her again.She
STRUGGLES away quickly,backing away.She seems extremely
offended.Logan furrows his brow in surprize and confusion.
Fuck you,don't do that.
Erin looks fiercely at Logan,BREATHING HARD.Logan,staring
back,eventually breaks eye contact,awkwardly looking side to
side.He stuffs his hands in his pockets,and finally looks
back at Erin.
Erin's eyes have slowly drifted down to the ground,she seems
to be remembering something awful.The anger has gone from
her face,and a look of shame has replaced it.Logan looks at
the ground as well.With effort,he says his next lines.
I'm sorry.


Erin puts her hand to her mouth,still looking at the
ground.Logan looks at her for a long moment.
      (to himself)
Logan again looks awkwardly from side to side.He looks at
Erin quickly one last time before he turns to look back up
at the roof ledge.Once Logan's back is turned,Erin looks up
at him,hand still covering her mouth.
Erin slowly lowers her hand.Her eyes seem apologetic.She
opens her mouth to say something,but restrains herself after
thinking about it.Erin quietly looks at Logan for a long
moment before she decides to speak.
      (half ashamed)
It's not your fault.I'm alright,I
don't-I mean...I have a problem
with people grabbing me or trying
to be rough,even if they're just
messing around.
Logan EXHALES deeply,relieved.Erin does not see this.Logan
takes a moment,gathering his reponse,looking at the ledge
with a small smile on his face.He turns his head to his
left,half talking over his shoulder though his eyes are
aimed down at the ground near his left shoe.
Come here.
Erin walks over to him,adjusting her apparel,hair and the
like.She comes to stand a few feet behind Logan's left
shoulder.He keeps his head cocked to the side until she
stops.He looks back up at the ledge.She looks at him,almost
frightened of what he might say.
I'll say this once,and only
once.You can turn away from me
when ever you want,but I don't see
anything that could be wrong with


                       LOGAN (cont'd)
you that would make me think that
your not the person I want to wake
up and see every morning of every
day I live from this afternoon on
Erin smiles,flattered.Logan stares on up at the
ledge.There's a pause before his next lines,and the longer
the pause,the more Erin's smile widens.
I got a question.
      (smiling almost
       ear to ear)
Yeah?Well what is it?
      (smiling playfully)
Which one is your
favorite,hamburger helper or
Erin puts her tongue in her cheek and thinks,still with a
look of utter joy on her smiling face.After a pause,she says
her answer quickly.
Definetly hamburger helper.
Logan turns around to face her.She stares at him
smiling.There is a very powerful mutual joy between them.
Hamburger helper?!You suck!
Erin GASPS in jest,she raises her left hand
warningly.Logan,beaming,looks at her as the two argue in
this hightened,flirtous manner.
Tell me what,what is not going to
make smack that dumb grin off your


Hopefully the consequence,woman!
Erin SLAPS him quickly across the face.Logan jokingly
STIFFENS his back,then FALLS to the ground.Erin crouches
down quickly beside him,raising her hand again.Logan raises
up his hands to try and ward off the oncoming blow.
Now what did you want to say?!
Okay!Okay!Mercy,please!I wanted to
know because those are the only
things in my cabinets at home to
eat,and I thought it would be nice
if I cooked for you instead of pay
to make someone else do it.That is
Logan lowers his hands as Erin puts her hand to her
mouth,trying to cover her overjoyed expression.
Logan rises to a sitting position,Erin trying desperately to
keep eye contact with him.Logan begins to become a little
more controlled,seeing that this offer had more than it's
intended effect.
      (calming down,yet
       still obviously
Yeah,come on,I'll help you up.
Logan stands up,taking care not to dust himself off.He
offers his hand to Erin,who slowly lowers her hand from her
mouth and graciously accepts his help.Once she is
standing,Logan quickly DUSTS HER OFF.


Thank you.
The two look at each other for a long while.Logan eventually
extends his hand,and Erin instead wraps her arm around his
upper body and rests her head on his right shoulder.Logan
looks at her,and she looks up at him after a
moment,dreamily.She looks forward quickly,then back at
him,indicating he should move forward.
Logan,smiling,shifts his glance forward and begins to walk
slowly to his truck.After a few steps he wraps his right arm
around his companion.
Onward stallion,mush!
Logan LAUGHS.Once they're almost to the fence before the
sidewalk near the playground,Logan looks back toward the
cemetery for a moment.After a short pause he turns back
around again and gets his bearings,and walks out with Erin
to his truck.
Deaton is seated on a large couch in his living room CUTTING
his nails over the carpet,a television on directly in front
of the couch.He seems fixed on his work,biting his lower lip
as he preceeds to cut his left thumb nail.Before he can
complete the cut,he looks up at the television with a sudden
look of shock.A RAP MUSIC VIDEO plays across the monitor,and
Deaton freezes his actions to stare at the program.
Slowly Deaton begins to bob his head to the BEAT of the
song,and eventually his hands move apart and rise up,and
begin to sway slowly back and forth.Deaton begins to speed
up his movements and soon mockingly pretends to SING along.
Sha booga ooga,I got 40 to life
for raping a white girl,sha booga
ooga,the only thing I do is whine


                       DEATON (cont'd)
till the fiftenth of the month
when I get my welfare check,sha
booga ooga,lucky I'm in jail
because if I was out Deaton would
put a noose around my neck,sha
booga ooga.
Deaton,with a subtle expression of resentment evident on his
face,SNATCHES the remote which lays to the right of
him,DROPPING the clippers as he does so,and extends his arm
quickly and switches the channel.The view on the tv switches
to a small group of camoflauged men FIRING their shotguns
off into the air at a swarm of ducks.
Deaton does not retract his arm immediatly,rather slowly
lowers it to his side as he watches the monitor with sudden
interest.After a moment of watching the program,Deaton
tosses the remote to the left of himself and turns quickly
about looking for the nail clippers.Unsuccessful at
this,Deaton MUTTERS to himself in frustration as he turns
his head side to side slower for a closer examination.
He pauses for a moment,then YANKS the cushion to his right
quickly up by it's corner,takes a glance,then lets the edge
go so the cushion SNAPS back down.Deaton's eyes stray
defeatedly over to the floor to his left where he stares for
a mont in thought.Sternly he looks forward and stands
up,spinning around to face the couch.
Quickly Deaton PATS the legs of his pants to check his
pockets,then exams the couch for a moment longer with his
hands still clung to the sides of his pants.He suddenly nods
his head upwards in recognition and bends quickly over to
grab the clippers.Once,still leaning,he grabs the nail
clippers with his right hand,Deaton pivots around and sits
HEAVILY down in his original position.Looking at his thumb
nail,Deaton CLIPS it quickly off,then switches hands and
begins to CUT the index nail on his right hand.Once he
does,he steals a glance up at the tv,then looks back down at
his activity.He CUTS his middle,then third finger nail
before he looks quickly up again.
When he glances up again,Deaton's eyes move slowly to the
stairwell,his mouth dropping slowly open as he looks in
shock at what's before him.About two thirds of the way down


the stairwell a large framed man dressed in black creeps
forward,moving his left foot delicately onto the next step
as he supperts himself with one arm on the wall and one hand
gripping the banister.The intruder is so engrossed in his
foot movements that he doesn't bother even looking up.Deaton
stares at him for a long moment until the man steps on a
stair which CREAKS.The intruder snaps his head around to
look over his shoulder,and he remains still and vigilant for
a long while.Deaton,so shocked by what's before him,DROPS
the nail clippers in his awed state.
As soon as the clippers HIT the floor,the man jerks suddenly
around,eyes wild with fright.He stands still for a quick
moment,then,panicing,turns to run back upstairs,FUMBLES but
catches himself with his right hand,then turns
suddenly,crouched to face Deaton.Deaton's senses come back
and he stands up quickly.The intruder,hands in front of
himself and back bent,watches Deaton and prepares himself to
react.Deaton bends slightly as well,and both wait for a
moment for the other to make a move.Deaton POUNCES
forward,RUSHING the stairs.
The intruder,backs up a stair,watches Deaton quickly get to
the foot of the stairwell,then the masked man LEAPS
violently and desperately over the banister,LANDING hard on
his right hip as he tries to brace his fall with his
arms.Deaton SCREAMS half frightened,half enraged.
The gets to his feet and turns instinctivly around at the
demand.Deaton flinches as the intruder does so,then quickly
realizes his mistake and throws the remote at the man
below.The remote SMASHES against the wall to the right of
the man as he looks over his left shoulder at Deaton.The
intruder ducts as the pieces scatter,then,arms still up to
shield his face,takes a frightened glance at Deaton.Deaton
pauses,the intruder then takes off running into the basement
and into the room right below the stairwell whose door is
half open.
Deaton races after him.


      (to himself
       almost,but more
       audible than in
       most situations)
You better run you little bastard,
you better fucking run.
The intruder disappears quickly into the room he had
entered,turning to his left just before he was gone from
sight.Deaton races down the stairwell and BURSTS into the
room below,eyes wide and senses aware.He gets just past the
doorway and stops,looking hurriedly to his left,upright and
alert.He curses quickly to himself as he remains looking to
his left,then he turns quickly,SMACKING the back of the door
with his right palm as he runs out and quickly back up the
stairs.Deaton reaches the living room floor,rushes to the
front door,GRIPS the knob and pulls.The door doesn't
open.Deaton,SPUTTERING incoherent curses,undoes the top lock
and swings the door open,running outside and living it open
behind himself.
Once out the door,Deaton looks to his right,sees the
intruder running off down the sidewalk franically.Deaton
pauses,HOPPING on the balls of his feet as the panic runs
through him.Deaton looks around in sudden desperation,then
stops suddenly,mouth wide open as if he has remembered
something extremely important.
Deaton turns slowly toward the open door,a pale look of
horrible fear over him.Deaton marches into through the
door,eyes wide and almost paralyzed with fear.As Deaton
comes closer to the stairwell upstairs,the slower he moves
forward.His eyes are fixed on the upper level.Deaton stands
still for a moment,staring upstairs.


Deaton charges upstairs and moves mechanically to the right
and comes to the room at the end of the hall.The door is
half open.Deaton stands in front of it for a moment then
SWINGS it awide.He stares at the floor,face slack with
fear.On the floor beside the door a lamp lays on it's
side,light bulb broken.
Jesus Christ.
The light at the bottom of the stairwell and the light above
the weight bench are the only two sources of light in the
basement except for the small window behind the punching
bag.Logan,dressed in casual attire with his hands taped up
dances around the swinging bag,PUMMELING it with quick
For a moment the only thing heard is Logan's HEAVY BREATHS
and the CREAKING of the boxing bag's chain on the rafter
above.Suddenly a phone in the room above RINGS.After two
rings,Logan stops quickly.
Logan turns slowly around to face the stairwell,face
expressing an odd look of both trepidation and shock.As
Logan stands still,the phone RINGS for the third time,but he
remains fixed in his position.Suddenly the shock he was
experiencing wears off,and he steals a glance at the still
SWINGING punching bag,then races upstairs.
Logan moves quickly into the guest room where the phone
RINGS on top of the computer processor.He picks the phone
up,receiver as well,in his right hand.The phone RINGS once
in his hand,and Logan's left hand hovers shaking over the
phone.Logan quickly SNATCHES it off the hook,but in the
process he DROPS the reciever accidently.He bends and grabs
it before it hits the floor,then rears back up and puts the
phone slowly to his ear.It's a moment before he speaks.


Logan,it's me,Deaton.
Logan EXHALES as if he is at once relieved and horribly
disappointed.It is a moment before Logan replies.
Let me call you back in like ten
Logan SETS the receiver down on the computer processor
awkwardly,and Logan runs his free hand through his hair in
frustration.Looking at the floor,Logan waits for Deaton's
response.There is only silence on the other end.Eventually
Logan raises his head quickly,speaking sternly and with
Okay,if your still there
Deaton,I'll call you back in ten
Logan waits for a response.It's a moment before Deaton
He had to have been in the house
before I got home,must of
forgotten the tv wasn't on before
when he broke in my downstairs
Logan slowly loses his frustration,looking forward with an
almost blank expression as he now listens carefully to
what's being said.Once Deaton stops speaking,it's a moment
before Deaton begins speaking again.
But my little sister,my little
sister...she's been home all
day.Locked up in that room
upstairs.Must have thought it was
me knocking on her door for her to
open up.She must have screamed out


                       DEATON (cont'd)
for me to help when he grabbed
her,must have kicked and gagged
when he dug his fingers into her
throat to quiet her,she must have
been far far away when he finished
what he came there to do.
He knew which window didn't have a
lock on it,knew which stairs
creaked,which bedroom was hers.And
so he has to know who I am.
Logan is quiet for a moment,face almost expressionless.His
mind seems far off as he stares dead ahead,body completely
What do you want to do?
I want you to make him know who
you are.
Logan looks slowly to his wrapped fist,open and
pained.Slowly he looks back up.Slow push on Logan's
face.Stop a moment before he responds.
Logan picks the reciever up again and puts the phone back on
the hook slowly,staring blankly forward.
Deaton is seated at a large wooden table across from the


sliding glass window that leads from the kitchen to the
patio.Logan is seated on the counter parallel to the
table,almost completely absorbed in Deaton's behavior.
There is no light source in the kitchen except the daylight
reaching through the glass patio door.Deaton's head is
craned as so that his head is bent over the tabletop,eyes
aimed down and fixed on the articles on the table in front
of him.
Deaton's hands are laid on top of one another in his lap as
he stares distantly at the articles before him.On the table
there is a small red notebook,a purse and a cell phone.The
purse is laid on it's side and it's contents are strewn
around the other objects.
There is a long pause before anyone speaks,Logan waiting for
Deaton to speak first and Deaton hushed in his ebbing state
of shock.Slowly Deaton's face twists subtley with defeat and
disgust,but his expression remains for the most part
In two hours out in a car you
don't come back to this.This is my
home,supposed to be safe.My little
sister,she's supposed to be gone
when I get back,snuck out after I
told her not to.But the one time
she listens to me...
Deaton slowly looks up,eyes hollow,demeanor one of
emptiness.He looks out the patio window,and Logan's eyes
follow his movements almost mechanically.
I...I mean I can't even fucking
get it in my mind straight,it
won't fit 'cause there's no room
left for it up there.
And I'm starting to think that
when it finally gets jammed in
there,there'll be too much this


                       DEATON (cont'd)
time to keep it all in,too many
wrongs that I didn't deserve,and I
get to thinking that something's
going to break,something that no
happiness could heal.
Deaton pauses for a moment,assessing what he has just said.
Deaton's expression turns quickly into anger.As he first
starts to speak,Deaton's words are jumbled into a quick
snarling string of incoherent MUTTERINGS.As Deaton's
restrains his words as well as his wrath,his hands rise up
and push the items on the table into a tight circle,and his
arms encircle the collection almost defensively.
Deaton stares out the window still,his eyes seeming to be
looking at nothing,but are filled with anger and
alienation.Sneering he makes his ramblings audible and
19 year old girl beaten and
raped,bruises on her throat from
being strangled,arm about busted
out of the socket.Just lieing
there,crying like a little...like
a little girl,holding that damn
stuffed purple bear my mom gave
her.Crying her little eyes
out,ashamed and terrified and
alone.She didn't want her brother
to find her like that.
Logan looks down at the floor in silent respect.
Nobody should have found her like
Deaton bites his lower lip,eyes still staring off.He keeps
his arms around the items,face almost expressionless as he
quietly looks on.


Logan looks up at Deaton,his usual aggresion now evident in
his eyes once again.Deaton slowly lowers his gaze to the
articles before him and begins to take each in his
hand,turning them over seeming to look for some hidden value
which had before believed was there.As soon as Logan begins
speaking,Deaton immediatly retracts his hands and lays both
his right and left hand out before him on the table.Deaton's
eyes have a fierceness growing in them as he moves them back
up to look out the window again.
For every beer I drank,you drank
four.And a man usually tries to
kill pain,deny it,smoke it,drink
it till it feels like it's gone.
Deaton turns and looks at Logan,eyes smoldering.His lip
quivers as he speaks.
What are you trying to say?
Do I need to say it,do we have to
run in circles some more?
We ain't runnin' in
circles,goddamit,but your sure are
talkin in 'em.Now-
Logan leans forward,interrupting Deaton's speech
quickly,censoring his tone more now so he can try and avert
the impending agrument.Deaton desperatly defends
himself,though he knows his secret has been revealed.
How long have you know about this?
Known about what?


How long have you known?
Known about what,what the hell are
you talkin' about?
How long have you known?
Logan asks almost mechanically now,completely toning Deaton
out.Deaton begins to swing his hands about as he contests
Logan,becoming more and more animated.
Who the fuck are you talkin to
like that?
Deaton clenches his teeth,staring at Logan in guilt and
anger.Logan stares at him half blankly,half
understandingly,still leaning toward him.
       lowered,tone of
You self righteous son of a
btch,you high horse back stabbing
son of a btch,you act like your so
free of everything,moanin' and
whinin' about your sad little-
How long have you known he was
tryin' to fck your sister,answer
the fcking question!


Deaton's face contorts in anger and pain,and he suddenly
SWEEPS the items on the table onto the floor in one sudden
and violent motion of his arm.The items SMASH into a recycle
bin below the sink,knocking it over and sending a dozen or
more beer bottles ROLLING across the floor.
Deaton stares at the floor a long while,the fury on his face
slowly transforming into saddness.Logan glares at him
intensely,eyes filled with anger stemming from Deaton's
insult and the tension that he had to create to get the
answer he needed.Deaton slowly paces his heaving
breaths,then gets up very slowly and begins to pick up the
beer bottles.Deaton avoids Logan's piercing stare as he
collects the bottles in shame.
Deaton collects his first three in one hand,then moves over
to the recycle bin,kneels down and sets it back up.Deaton
slowly puts each in individually,and before he sets the last
one in,he turns to look at Logan who stares back.Deaton
can't hold Logan's glare for long,turning back ashamed to
drop the last bottle in.Staring off it's a moment before
Deaton speaks.
Long enough.
Deaton turn's back to the recycle bin and DROPS the bottle
in.Logan looks at him,a look of pity becoming evident on his
And it's why I've been drinking so
much.I told you I push people
away,but my sister,she always
thought it was because I...I don't
know why,but there wasn't anything
between us when we spoke.In our
hearts there is,but as two
people,we're strangers.So when I
heard about this,this guy getting
rough with her,I thought nothing
much about it.But she starts
locking the front door all the
time,and late last night when I
thought she was asleep,I was
smoking in the living room,and I


                       DEATON (cont'd)
guess she could smell it,so she
would came out from that room of
her's and told me to put it
out,and I could see the tears on
her cheeks,and that's when I
realized that for the past
week,those tears always seemed to
be there.
Deaton slouches back to sit on his rear,eyes distant as he
reaccounts his story.Logan sits back,trying to calm himself
down from his previous work up of anger.
I didn't ask her,I thought if it
was bad she would eventually come
to me,but I guess she was waiting
for me to come to her.I guess we
both got tired of waiting and
tried to pretend like life was
fine.Pretending is easier when you
got help,and a fifth of Jack
helped me pretend just
fine.Pretend all the way up to her
room,and even pretend I didn't see
her lying half dead on the floor.
Logan looks away from Deaton,running his hand across his
mouth as he stares off blankly.Deaton looks up at him
quickly,eyes darting away in shame after a moment.Logan
SLIDES off the counter,LANDING soundly on the floor.His eyes
sweep over the floor,looking at the beer bottles
everywhere.Logan's gaze fixes quickly back onto Deaton.
I don't appreciate you running to
me to solve your problems.You know
how much I've been trying to deal
Deaton looks up at Logan.
But I'm weak...


Logan looks at Deaton sternly.It's a moment before he
Yeah...yeah you are.
Deaton seems to be obviously hurt by Logan's comment.But
Deaton remains looking at Logan as if Logan is going to
rectify the comment.Logan only bends quickly and SNATCHES up
a beer bottle,then rises quickly bach up to his feet.Logan's
speech and demeanor after he does this are aggressive and
You think things are hard,don't
Logan looks at Deaton for a moment,eyes growing wider,body
language tense.Deaton's expression turns into one of
confusion and fear,and he backs up a bit,breaking eye
contact with Logan.
Well-I uh-I guess,I mean...
You know why they are hard,right?
Deaton looks up at Logan,mouth open but no reply coming
out.Slowly he shakes his head.Logan wraps his hand tightly
around the bottle and juts it out toward Deaton.
Because you made it hard.You see
Logan shakes the bottle in his hand.Deaton looks at it
It's a problem.


There's a pause as the two look at one another.Logan,keeping
eye contact with Deaton,THROWS the bottle across the
room,and it SMASHES on the wall to his right.Logan kneels
down to Deaton's level and look's him in the eye.
Now what if I do that to this
guy?Deaton,look at me.What if I do
that to this guy?Do you think the
police won't raise even more of an
eyebrow at you if they get
involved?Murder isn't going to
make your problem any easier,and
it's not going to help me,now is
it?I want to help you,but
me,well,you know me and I guess
that's why you came to me.But I'm
warning you,don't wind me up if
you don't know how much it'll take
to make me stop.
Beat.From behind the two,a young girl's voice is heard.As
soon as the words register in Logan's mind,his expression
goes slack and his eyes widen.He does not turn to look at
the speaker,rather his eyes seem to go blank and he remains
kneeling.Logan's eyes trail away from Deaton to the sliding
glass door.Deaton turns startled,a through look of shock in
his eyes as he looks at the speaker.
Murder?Jesus,Deaton,what are you
are you goin' do?
Deaton JUMPS to his feet quickly,look of fear on his face.He
remains bent slightly,YELLING loudly and swinging his arms
around wildly in his excited manner.Logan turns his head
away from the speaker,scratching casually behind his right
ear in his embrassment.He does not yet realize that the
speaker is Erin.Her face is adorned with bruises and cuts.
Get the hell outta here.


Erin looks at Deaton pleadingly,rubbing her hands nervously
together.Her voice shaking as she tries to explain her self.
Tamy said I should go back and-and
get my purse and maybe my
toothbrush cause she-
Get the hell outta here!
Erin looks at him pleadingly for another moment.Deaton
stares back,eye brows furrowed and mouth half open.
Erin takes a step back,looking away from Deaton and to the
Deaton begins to speak again,his manner losing it tension.He
stands up straight and pivots to look out the window then
back to Erin,trying to calm himself.As he says his next
line,Logan looks slowly up toward Erin,sees her,and his face
goes blank.Erin,looking down now at her hands as she fondles
them,feels the weight of his gaze.She looks up shyly,then
back at her nails.Slowly she looks up for a second
time,realizing who it is looking at her.The two remain
staring in amazement at one another as Deaton speaks.


Get your purse,it's on the
floor,and you can use Tamy's
toothbrush,I'm sure it's not that
nasty,even if it's Tamy's.And...
Deaton notices the two staring at one another and trails off
his lecture.Deaton looks from one to the
other,confused.After a moment,Erin's eyes widen
slowly.Trembling,she puts her left hand to her mouth to try
and muffle the gasp that is about to escape.Logan remains
still,daring not to even blink.Deaton becomes increasingly
disturbed by his sister's actions,the frustration in his
voice dissolving into shallow fear.Deaton steps toward
her,looking at Logan cautiously,then back at his sister.
What's wrong?
Erin looks at Deaton quickly,hand still covering her
mouth,then back to Logan.Logan stands slowly up,loses his
footing and almost falls as he's half way up.He catches
himself by GRABBING onto the counter quickly and slowly
hoisting himself up.Deaton looks at him quickly again,then
back to his sister.Erin takes another step back,horrified.
Logan is standing all the way up now,his mouth awide in
shock as well.Deaton turns his attention to Logan,looking at
him critically.
Logan,why's my sister looking at
you like that?
Suddenly,Logan's eyes grow very wide.He takes a step back
and his right hand raises up to his chest slowly,clutching
his heart.It's a moment before he speaks.


Tha-that's your sister?
Logan looks at Deaton quickly,then back to Erin.Erin,hand
still over her mouth,shakes her head quickly,eyes watering
up.Logan's eyes trail away to the floor,he is in a state of
utter shock.
Oh my God...oh my fucking God.
Logan shuts his eyes.Deaton stares at him in confusion and
growing fear.Erin takes her hand away from her mouth,steps
toward Logan,stops,then looks at Deaton.
      (to Deaton,stunned)
How could you?
Deaton looks at her with confusion and now
guilt.Understanding he has done something wrong,but not
knowing quite what,Deaton scrambles to reply.
What did I do?
Erin's expression quickly turns into anger as she looks at
Deaton in his ignorance.She remains standing where she is as
she says her next lines.
You didn't do anything,my own
brother and he couldn't even find
the guts to even do it himself.And
you handed it to him?Don't you
know who he is?


Deaton looks at her absently.There's a pause as she looks at
him critically.Logan remains still,eyes still clenched.He
begins to tremble mildly.Cut to him Logan SLAMMING the
punching bag,hands bleeding,YELLING furiously as he hits it.
Cut back to the previous scene.Erin's eyes remain furiously
locked onto Deaton's.Deaton only looks from her to
Logan,confused and frightened.He opens his mouth as if to
speak,but no words come out.Erin eventually breaks the
silence,leaning toward her brother as she SCREAMS.
He was my fucking boyfriend you
spineless freak!
Cut to Logan HITTING the punching bag,sand starting to shoot
out of the bag as his PUNCHES come in a quicker succesion
and with more force.The bag is starting to come loose from
it's support chain which is wrapped around a wooden support
beam overhead.Logan's YELLS also begin to rise in tenor.
Cut back to previous scene.Deaton looks at his sister for a
moment before furrowing his brow in angry protest.He SCREAMS
back at her.
Cut to Logan HITTING the punching bag.Now his hands are
drenched in blood,the boxing tape hanging in red stained
tatters from his bleeding hands.Trails of blood are running
down his forearm.He stops his punching suddenly,takes a step
back,and his lips form into a snarl.
Cut to the picture of Erin and Logan resting on the kitchen
counter,slow push on the worn image.Deaton's monolgue
earlier in his conversation with Logan will be heard in the
19 year old girl beaten and
raped,bruises on her throat from
being strangled,arm about busted


                       DEATON (cont'd)
out of the socket.Just lieing
there,crying like a little...like
a little girl-
Cut back to Logan standing a good three feet back from the
almost useless punching bag.With one great intake of
BREATH,Logan steps forward and SLAMS the bag with his
clenched right hand.The bag REELS aback and comes free of
the chain and FALLS HEAVILY to the floor.
Cut back to Deaton's kitchen.Logan opens his eyes
suddenly,anger quickly floods his face.He clenches his
fists.Erin and Deaton are SCREAMING at one another in the
background.Logan turns slowly toward the sliding glass
window,and Deaton stops yelling as soon as he takes notice
of Logan's movements.Deaton's expression becomes suddenly
Erin stops her ranting as soon as Deaton does,and her eyes
fall on Logan as he moves toward the door.Erin quickly
SCREAMS pleadingly to Logan.
No!Don't you dare touch my brother
or leave this house!Logan!
Deaton takes a step back for the oncoming Logan.
Logan reaches his hands out to grab Deaton and displace him
from his position.Deaton is too shocked to move,he only
whispers his next lines quietly.
A moment before Logan GRABS a hold of Deaton,Erin SCREAMS at
the top of her voice in fear for her brother and the
situation at hand.


Logan is seated on the floor of his kitchen,almost
expressionless.He is alone,and the only light on in the
kitchen is the stove light.In his left hand he holds an
almost empty bottle of beer.He looks at the photo on the
floor next to him.He turns his head back,and Erin is now
seated beside him,head on his shoulder.Her eyes are open,she
is silent and relaxed.Logan looks down at her for a
moment,then back up at the stove light.
I remember you used to ask,how are
we going to end this
conversation,but the truth is
Erin,I never knew how.
I never wanted you to know how to
answer it.I never wanted to have
to say goodbye and mean it.
Logan tilts his head up and takes a swig of the beer.Then
rests his head back down on Erin's.
I love you.
Logan takes a moment before he replies,SWALLOWING his spit.
I wish I had heard you really say
that.Just once.
Believe me,you will.
Logan shifts his eyes to examine the sincerty on Erin's
face.It's a moment before Logan replys.


I don't know if I can believe in
things anymore babe.
Logan looks at the stove light,then turns back.Erin has
vanished,and Logan is alone on the floor again.He SIGHS,then
tilts his head up.Logan raises the beer bottle up and goes
to pour the last few drops into his open mouth,but there are
none.Slowly,Logan lowers the bottle and sits a
moment.Eventually he stands up and TOSSES the bottle into
the trash.Logan walks back over to were he was sitting
before,and slides down onto his knees.
Logan bends over,keeping himself up with his arms.There's a
long pause.Logan begins trembling.Closing his eyes,Logan's
face contorts into a pained expression,and suddenly he
begins CRYING violently.He GASPS for breath as the tears
roll down his face,and soon even he begins to speak with a
quivering voice.
Why?Wh-why?Oh God,why?!You son of
a bitch,you-you...oh Jesus Christ
why?At least te-tell me why!
Logan takes a few DEEP BREATHS,still CRYING but trying
vainly to stop himself.After a moment of attempting to calm
himself,Logan suddenly goes into a fit of rage.He CLENCHES
his shirt as he remains doubled over,TEARING at it.MUTTERING
curses under his breath,Logan quickly TEARS the shirt in
half and RIPS it off.Logan rears up,arms raised up in the
air as he BELLOWS his next lines.
Logan sinks down to the floor into the fetal
position,HEAVING and voice hoarse.Lieing on the floor,Logan
takes a moment to try and catch his breath,then utters one
final,hoarse SCREAM.


Deaton is seated in the chair closest to the left side of
the kitchen table facing the patio door. His face is bruised
and the collar of his undershirt is stretched.Jacket
on,Deaton sits,staring at the table forlornly.Around him
stand three powerfully statured men,THUG 1,THUG 2,THUG 3,and
across the table a slightly smaller framed man is
seated;DUTCH.The table is absent of any previous
articles,and is now skewed from is original position.
A small note written on yellow legal pad paper lays faces
down diagonal from Deaton.Dutch looks up at his three
companions who stand silently behind Deaton.Slowly Dutch
shifts his gaze to Deaton,who returns his glare with
effort.Thug 1 lights a cigarette,BLOWING the smoke up toward
the ceiling.Dutch's demeanor is one of consolation once he
begins speaking to Deaton.It is obvious Deaton is hard
pressed to believe that Dutch's concern is geniune.
      (low tone)
Chicago told me up at Al's,not to
say he's spreading it around or
anything,cause he's not.But
still,it's fucking awful,a trajedy
you know?
Deaton does not reply right off,rather he looks uneasily
over his shoulder at the three men standing behind him.It's
a quick glance,then he turns to look back at Dutch.Once
Deaton's back is turned,Thug 2 looks down at him and smiles
malicously.Thug 2 then turns and looks at Thug 1 who returns
his smile with a knowing shake of his head.Dutch looks up at
the two,and they quickly resume their cryptic
expressions.Dutch looks back at Deaton when Deaton begins to
      (worried tone)
Chicago huh?Did he say how he
found out?
Dutch shrugs.


However people find out about
things,I don't know.But he
knows,and we're going keep it at
There's a pause as Deaton thinks.He SWALLOWS his spit before
he speaks again.
      (worried tone)
What do you mean 'we're'?
An insidious smile spreads across Dutch's face.Deaton
appears to be immediatly disturbed by this.Thug 2 CLEARS HIS
THROAT,and Deaton flinches.Dutch looks at Deaton,still
smiling,and then back to the others.The three stare at
Deaton,scowling.Dutch looks back to Deaton,smile receding
from his face to form his previous expression of concern.
We're here to help.
Maybe we need to clear the
air.Ok,in the past we've traded
some words,couple of
punches,nothing I would call a
deal breaker,but if that's the way
you see it,then that's the way you
see it.But just maybe,I might have
been as equally disgusted when I
heard about this as you were.And
some minor differences to me
seemed just that;minor.You got me
so far?
Deaton leans back in his chair,folding his hands in his
lap.He shakes his head nervously.
Dutch leans forward,arms folded on the table in front of


Now the last thing I need,you need
better yet,is the cops getting any
closer to us than absolutly
necessary.You know they might turn
a few files,see a few names that
maybe they would have
overlooked,stuff like that.But the
real reason I'm here Deaton,is
because I know things.
Deaton looks at Dutch for a long moment before he replies.
Dutch looks up at his companions,then back to Deaton.
      (with distaste)
Like Logan.
Deaton's eyes widen,and he SWALLOWS his spit again
nervously.At the mentioning of the name,the men behind
Deaton shift around,SNICKERING in contempt.
                       THUG 2
Fucking asshole.
Deaton half turns his head hearing this,a meek smile on his
face which quickly fades as he lowers his eyes to the table
again.He remains evading eye contact while Dutch straightens
up in his chair to speak to the others.
Guys,come on.
The standing men quiet.Dutch looks back at Deaton.Deaton
does not look up as he says his next lines,rather keeps his
eyes lowered and his demeanor meek.


Everybody knows
everything.Comforting fact.
Dutch's eyes slant,and the frown lines on his face become
faintly visible.It's a moment before Dutch replies.
What the fuck is that suppose to
Deaton looks up,surprized by the sudden change in Dutch's
tone.He opens his mouth to speak after a moment,but is cut
off by Thug 3.
                       THUG 3
He asked you a fucking question
Deaton seems not to hear the man's comment,rather stares at
Dutch,mouth still slightly awide in shock.Deaton SWALLOWS
his spit and shuts his mouth quickly,noticing it's still
open.Dutch stares at him,his look souring by the
second.Deaton quickly says his next lines,leaning back in
his chair and up turning his palms to further convince them
that he was not showing aggression by his comment.
Whoa guys.
Dutch leans forward,scowl still on his face.Deaton stares at
him wide eyed.
Did you say whoa guys to Logan
before he threw you over the table
and beat on you?You goin' say 'hey
guys,calm down' when that
slobbering psycho gets a gun and
starts asking questions about who
saw what and where,and then blows


                       DUTCH (cont'd)
away some innocent kid cause he's
got a hunch who did this?Then
maybe he turns the gun on
you,or-or that skank sister of
yours?What then?
Dutch REARS UP from his seat and SLAMS his hands down on the
table to hold him up as he leans across the table,very close
to Deaton now.Deaton stares at him in shock.Dutch SCREAMS
his next lines.
What the fuck then,huh?
Deaton STAMMERS his next lines,obviously afraid as he looks
up at Dutch.The others move in close behind Deaton chair.
Logan wouldn't do that.
Dutch smiles.
You don't really believe that do
you?I mean honestly?You were
unconsious when I walked in,and he
did that while he was still in
shock right?
Imagine what he'll do when this
all hits home,when he REALLY gets
to thinking about things.They
don't breed them crazier than
Logan,God bless him.You know
that,don't you?
Deaton stares up at Dutch for a moment before he replies.
Dutch looks at Deaton critically for a moment,his smile


fading.Slowly he sits back down in his seat.The three men
behind Deaton don't back off,Thug 1 grips the back of
Deaton's chair,leaning on it.Deaton keeps his eyes locked on
Dutch.Dutch looks at Deaton for a moment critcally,then
smiles again.
      (to his companions)
Oh man,some people,huh guys?
Dutch's companions MUTTER in agreement.Dutch leans forward.
Deaton,I'm going to find Logan,and
I'm going to kill him if I have
to,discreetly of coarse,and then
I'm going to find this man who
broke into your house and raped
your sister.I'm going to find
him,and send him on his way with
maybe one or two of his bones left
unbroken,and ask him nicely not to
come back.You leave now with your
sister for a few days,let the shit
blow over,come home,and the both
of you can bake cookies or knit
some sweaters,I don't give a fuck.
All I want from you is to tell me
where Logan is.Not in two
minutes,not after a few beers,but
right the fuck now.
Deaton takes SEVERAL RAPID BREATHS,eyes clenched shut.He
bares his teeth as they lock together as he tries to calm
himself.Slowly his BREATHING RETURNS TO NORMAL.Dutch does
not seem to find this unnatural,rather he looks at Deaton
calmly.Dutch's companions slowly raise their eyes to look at
Dutch,waiting for him to signal them.
Cut to Logan,balled up in the corner of his kitchen,HEAVING
and CRYING,BITING his clenched fist in agony.He is in the
condition we left him in the previous scene.
You should have seen her the way I


                       LOGAN (cont'd)
did.Those eyes,those goddamn
eyes.When they looked at you
man,they grabbed up everything in
you and wouldn't let it go.She's
somewhere now,living.Going
somewhere like those cars and
those people.Somewhere far
away.And I'm here.Alone again.She
loved me.That's all I ever
needed,needed it more than food
and air,happiness or hate.I just
needed that.
Cut back to Deaton.He opens his eyes,teeth still bared.His
speech is low and menacing.
Dutch leans forward,pretending to be only half interested.
I let my sister down,my friend
down,let myself down.I'm guessing
I'm going have to let you down
Dutch looks at the others,then at Deaton.Dutch smiles.
Oh really?
Deaton slowly closes his lips.The three behind Deaton are
looking at Dutch now,confused.Dutch's smile widens.Deaton
scowls.There is a pause as the two look at one
another.Suddenly,Deaton PUSHES his chair back,KNOCKING the
three behind him off balance.Thug 1,the man holding his
chair actually FALLS on his back from the force of the


push.Deaton LUNGES across the table.Dutch's expression turns
to one more of awe than fear as Deaton moves for him.Dutch
remains seated though,eyes following Deaton.Deaton GRABS
Dutch by his shirt and PULLS him over the table and SLAMS
him onto the floor.
The three thugs SCRAMBLE to their feet or try and gain their
balance.Deaton holds Dutch by the collar of his
shirt,pressing him hard onto the floor.Deaton's face is
contorted in anger,his BREATHS HEAVY and his teeth are bared
again,but this time in a malicous smile.Dutch does not try
and struggle,rather looks at Deaton,throughly surprized.
Thug 3 RUSHES into the living room.Thug 1 moves toward
Deaton.Dutch,seeing this,looks back then at Deaton with
contempt.Thug 1 GRABS Deaton by the shoulders,Deaton does
not try and resist,rather keeps staring at Dutch.
You just made a big mistake.
Thug 1 PULLS hard immediatly after Dutch says his
lines,pulling Deaton back to a standing position.Deaton
doesn't struggle as Thug 1 PULLS him toward the counter,away
from Dutch.Rather he smiles,a bemused look on his face.Dutch
sits up slowly,frowning hatefully at Deaton.Deaton only
smiles back as Thug 1 restrains him.
It's what I do best.
Thug 3 enters the kitchen,face serious.In his right hand he
carries an metal bat.He moves purposefully toward Deaton and
swings the bat,HITTING Deaton clear across the midsection.
The basement is dimly lit as Logan stands shirtless in the
middle of the floor.He is slowly putting the boxing tape on


his hands,the fabric of the tape is stained with dried
blood.Logan is staring blankly forward at the facing wall as
he performs this task.
*Deaton is heard in the background SCREAMING in pain as he
is STRUCK with the bat during the voice over.
Your were right Deaton,you are
good at this.
But I'm better.Vic,hand me the
*Deaton's SCREAMS INCREASE IN VOLUME,Dutch is heard
STRAINING as he swings the bat with all his power.
Logan,once finished applying the tape,looks slowly down at
his hands.He examines the palms,turns his hands over and
clenches his fists,looking at his knuckles.
Cut to Deaton's kitchen.Dutch is standing,BREATHING HEAVILY
and perspiring just above Deaton.In his right hand he is
holding the bat.Dutch takes a FEW BREATHS then squats down
next to Deaton.As he looks at Deaton,a smile spreads across
his face.Deaton,bruised and bloody,returns his glare with a
terrified expression.
Now,where's Logan?
Cut back to Logan's basement.Logan is seated on the weight
bench,legs straddling the bench.He is shirtless,wearing only
his shoes and a pair of black jeans.On the bar behind him,a
red tee shirt,a black tee shirt,and a black leather jacket
hang in this exact order,going from left to right.A number
of tools and a chainless chainsaw are littering the end of
the bench which Logan is facing.He is gathering the tools
with a blank expression and controlled movements.
Logan,with all the tools now in hand,looks at the chainsaw
for a moment.
*Another voice over picks up again as soon as Logan's eyes


fall on the chainsaw.The voice over begins with a PHONE
RINGING.It RINGS a number of times before it is actually
picked up.Once it is PICKED UP,there is a long pause as the
person answering the phone does not respond.Eventually on
the other end,Deaton's exhausted voice is heard.
It's me...Logan?
If you're there,I can't imagine
why this would help,but I'm going
to try.I owe it to you.As of five
minutes ago,Dutch left my house
with your address and three other
men.Where they're going isn't hard
to guess,but what they're going to
do when they get there,that's a
tougher question to answer.Holding
the phone with a broken arm's
harder than you would think,and if
he would do that to someone before
he would spend 79 cents calling
information,the idea that maybe he
wasn't lieing when he said he was
going to kill you becomes a little
more understandable.
I don't ask for your forgiveness,I
know now that too little too late
is a very true figure of
speech.But I also understand that
by throwing you up as a shield to
fight my fights,and by cowering
away from any kind of relationship
with my sister,I turned a blind
eye to her safety,and I might as
well have been up there strangling
her myself.But you Logan,you still
have a chance at redemption.Drop
the phone,get your keys and go.
You can't win this fight.
*There's a short pause during the voice over.


Logan,onscreen,returns from the adjacent room empty
handed.He moves purposefully over to the weight bench and
pulls the red shirt off the bar,putting it on slowly.Then
the black shirt overtop of the red.
      (V.O. sternly)
I don't intend to.
Logan looks in the mirror for a moment,then turns his back
to it and walks around the bench to the otherside.His eyes
fix on the weightbag as he stops and pulls his jacket off of
the bar.He slowly puts the jacket on and flips the collar
*There's a short pause during the voice over as Deaton takes
in what Logan has said.
      (V.O. pleading)
Protect my sister Logan,if it
comes down to that.That's the last
thing I ask of you,as a friend.A
friend who was there that night
you told me you loved her.Because
I heard you say.
And I heard you mean it.
The expression on Logan's face begins to darken as he now
stands,eyes locked on the weightbag.Push on both the
punching bag and Logan's face.
That's because I did.
*After Logan's says this line,the voice over ends.
The alley is deserted.There's a dim spotlight casting light
on the small strip of pavement cushioned between the rear of
the buildings and the road.A number of dumpsters line the


edge of the buildings,and small amounts of trash float along
the ground,carried by the wind.A car pulls slowly into the
alleyway from the road.Once it enters the alleyway,it's
headlights are shut off and the car DEACCELLERATES to a
crawling pace.Once the car has traveled ten or so yards
along the length of the alley,it comes to a stop.The car
remains running,sitting idle.
Logan,dressed in the same apparell as the last scene,jacket
unzipped,is walking along the second floor corridor of the
strip mall,around the frontside of the building.The shops
are deserted as well as the parking lot,but the service
lights light the walkway from overhead.Logan's pace is
steady,his back is straight,his eyes are facing forward.His
expression is stern,almost emotionless.His eyes blink rarely
and when they do,the lids close and open slowly.Hands at his
sides,he makes his way down the corridor.
The car is still sitting in the alleyway,ENGINE RUNNING and
the vehicle in park.The occupants remain in the car for the
time being.
Logan comes to the end of the walkway,rounds the corner and
begins walking down the stairwell which leads to the parking
The driver's side door OPENS,and Dutch steps slowly out,calm
expression on his face.In his left hand,he is holding the
metal baseball bat.In his right hand he is holding a
cigarette which he drops on the ground,slowly grinding it
out with the toe of his shoe.After this,he quietly SHUTS the
Logan has made his way into the parking lot and is moving at
the same steady pace as before.Eventually he rounds the
corner of the last building,entering the alleyway.Logan
stops walking once he sees the car sitting idle a few yards
in front of him.Logan's expression does not change,he just
stands in front of the car,eyes aimed directly at it,hands
still at his sides.There is a long pause as both the parked
car and Logan face each other,the only sound audible besides
the WIND is the HUM of the car's engine.
The car's headlights suddenly flash on.Logan's eyes do not
shut and he makes no effort to sheild his eyes from the
light.Rather he stares blankly at the car,no change in his


expression at all.Dutch,unseen by Logan,had been seated on a
shallow cement plateau about five feet to the right of
Logan.His expression is one of disgust,with his lower lip
overlapping his upper and his brow furrowed.His eyes are
trained on Logan.Across his lap,Dutch's hands clench the
bat.He looks at Logan this way for a long moment before he
gets up.
Dutch wraps both hands around the bat's grip as he quietly
moves toward Logan from behind.Dutch's eyes are fixed on
Logan the entire time,the look of disgust becoming more and
more evident the closer he gets to Logan.Once Dutch is
within striking distance,he slows to a stop.He looks at
Logan for a moment,a small amount of pity in his eyes as he
does so.Dutch brings the bat up,pulling it back behind his
left shoulder to gain sufficent power for the swing.Logan's
eyes suddenly narrow as if he has suddenly noticed
something.He begins to turn to look over his right shoulder
when Dutch swings the bat,STRIKING him soundly across the
back of the neck.
Logan bares his teeth and CRYS OUT in pain as his eyes
clench shut.His hands shoot up instinctively to try and
grasp the area of his neck where the bat struck as his knees
buckle.Logan falls to his knees,then falls forward onto the
pavement in front of the car.The headlights shut off a
moment after Logan falls.Dutch,bat still clenched in his
hands,looks down at Logan for a moment,the look of disgust
back on his face,and swings downward,STRIKING Logan again.As
if he suddenly remembered something,Dutch turns to look
behind himself quickly,mouth open in fear.Once he is
satisfied that no one witnessed what he has just done,he
turns back around and looks at the windsheild of the car.
Both the passenger and driver side doors OPEN at the same
time,and the three Thugs exit the car slowly,Thug 1 from the
drivers side,the other two out of the passenger side.Once
they all exit the car,they SHUT THE DOORS,again at the same
time.Thug 3 stays slightly behind Thug 2.The three move
casually forward,looking at Dutch,then,once he is within
Dutch's eyes are locked on Logan's body.Logan is on his
side,lieing still on the ground.His eyes are still shut,his
BREATHING HEAVY.Dutch's expression is distant as he looks at
the body.The other three remain looking at Logan until Dutch


begins speaking,at which time they divert their attention to
him.Dutch wipes his nose quickly,CLEARS HIS THROAT,and
begins speaking to Logan.
She killed you,Logan,not us.
And dead men belong in graves.We
don't need you haunting these
streets anymore.Your looking for
vengence,and so are we.All those
threats,all those beatings had to
catch up with you some time.And
here we are.
Dutch bends forward so his face is close to Logan's.He
lowers his voice to ALMOST A WHISPER,his eyes examining
Logan's pained face.Logan's eyes still remain clenched
shut,his BREATHING HEAVY,his fingers digging into the
pavement as the pain moves through his body.The three thugs
watch Dutch and Logan silently,a stern expression on each
one of their faces.
      (low tone)
Tell me,is Erin a screamer?
Dutch stands back up and looks at the others.Their eyes move
immediatly up to his,faces remaining expressionless.Dutch
      (CONT'D to his
We'll fix that.
Won't we guys?


Logan's eyes suddenly shoot open.Furious anger almost gives
his wide eyes a look of shock.The other three,still looking
at Dutch,smile in agreement.Dutch's eyes move slowly down to
Logan's body,his smile turning into a sly expression of
contempt.He takes the bat grip in both hands again,swinging
it slightly back and forth at waist level to loosen his
shoulders.Dutch brings the bat over his head,then says his
next lines.
      (to Logan)
We'll fix you all right up.
Dutch brings the bat down swiftly as the three thugs
watch.As the bat comes down,Logan ROLLS onto his back and
GRABS the bat with his right hand.Dutch,face contorted
in,not shock,but rather disgust,holds onto the bat.Logan
pulls the bat(and Dutch) toward him quickly.This causes
Dutch to STUMBLE toward Logan as both clench the bat.Logan
suddenly stops pulling the bat toward himself,and rather
pushes the bat.Dutch,STRAINING to hold onto the bat with
both hands,STUMBLES forward into the end of the bat as it is
pushed toward him.The end STRIKES him soundly in the
stomach.Dutch's eyes close and his cheeks puff,as he DROPS
the bat to grip his gut.Dutch DROPS to his knees in
agony,holding his wound.
Logan slowly gets up to his feet.The three thugs,eyes wide
in surprize,stand still,stunned,as they watch him get to
full stature.Logan's eyes are closed,his expression
calm.Half way up,Logan puts his right hand into his coat,and
a moment later produces a long chainsaw blade.Once he is
up,he looks back at the other men,his eyes full of
hatred.Slowly he draws his right hand across his
midsection,readying to swing the blade.
      (low tone)
If I'm fixed,
Logan PIVOTS quickly on his right foot,SWINGING THE BLADE at
a downward angle.The blade CONNECTS with Dutch's
face,SLASHING a gaping wound diagonally across Dutch's
face.Logan keeps his calm expression during all off
this.Logan watches as Dutch SLUMPS onto his side,holding his


face.Blood running down his hands,Dutch lies still on the
ground for a long moment before he starts TREMBLING
violently,legs KICKING awkwardly from side to side.The other
three look at Dutch in horror.Logan PIVOTS back around on
the same foot to his previous position.The three thugs look
at Logan in fear.Logan,expressionless,DROPS THE CHAIN,and
stares back at the other three,unblinking.
      (CONT'D low tone)
Then your fucked.
Dutch,holding his face,STOPS SQUIRMING on the ground behind
Logan.Instead,he tries to get back to his feet,using his
left hand as a crutch as his other holds his wound.Thug 2
looks at Dutch,then back to Logan.Thug 2's face contorts in
anger when his eyes fall back on Logan's stern
face.Seething,the man CHARGES toward Logan as the other two
thugs stare on,still in shock.
                       THUG 2
Once the man is within grabbing distance,Logan PIVOTS to his
left on his right foot.Thug 2,head down as he was planning
on tackling Logan does not slow his pace when he notices
Logan's move,as the speed at which he is moving is to great
to slow quickly down.Logan moves forward,jutting out his
knee,HITTING the charging man in the stomach with it.The man
now bent over his knee,Logan puts his left hand on the top
of the man's head then brings his right elbow down
powerfully so that it CONNECTS soundly with the back of Thug
2's neck.Logan retracts his knee once he lands the hit,and
with a PAINFUL CRY,Thug 2 SMASHES face first onto the
Behind this,Dutch is now on his feet,STUMBLING back and
forth as he holds his bleeding face with both hands.Fresh
blood runs down his forearms as he moves awkwardly down the
alleyway in the opposite direction of the fight.During
this,Logan bends quickly down and PICKS THUG 2 UP by his
shoulders.Bent,and with his back to Thug 3 who remains
standing,awe struck,just behind the passenger side
door,Logan DRAGS Thug 2 toward the passenger side of the
car.Thug 3 JUMPS on top of Logan's back once he gets


close,putting Logan in a headlock.Logan LETS GO of Thug2's
limp body and REARS UP,SWINGING around as he tries to get
Thug 3 off.
Dutch,because of his lack of sight,does not see that he is
moving toward the ledge between the alleyway and the
street.His right foot CATCHES the curb in midstep,and Dutch
FALLS forward over the ledge,into the the street below.
Logan makes two full rotations with Thug 3 on his
back,STUMBLING around the pavement a few feet from the
passenger side door.Logan's face is red and his teeth are
bared,as are Thug 3's.Logan's hands are trying to free Thug
3's grip vainly.At the end of the second rotation,Logan
walks toward the passenger side of the car with the man on
his back,leans down and YELLS loudly in anger.Logan quickly
spins in a counter clockwise,direction and stops suddenly
once his back is to the side door,letting go of Thug 3's
arms.Thug is THROWN off Logan's back by the force of this
action,and his body FLIES INTO the side of the car.Thug 3
REBOUNDS off the car and HITS the pavement limply.
Logan looks at Thug 3 for a moment,HEAVING and face full of
anger.Quickly,Logan turns back toward Thug 2.Thug 2 is
CRAWLING forward across the pavement,GROANING and nose
bleeding,DRAGGING his legs.Logan moves for him and GRABS the
man by the back of his shirt with his right hand.Logan rears
him up,and PULLING him up to a seated position.Logan lays
the left side of the man's head against the hubcap of the
tire.Thug 2's eyes are closed,his BREATHING HEAVY as his
body lays slumped against the tire.
Logan backs a few steps away,looking down at this,sweating
and breathing heavily as well.Logan juts out his jaw and
narrows his eyes in disgust.Logan brings his right leg
up,aiming the sole of his shoe at the side of Thug 2's
head.Logan begins KICKING Thug 2 repeatedly in the side of
the face.Thug 2 is assumed to have passed out after the
first kick,as his head remains slumped against the tire as
Logan kicks him.Logan's expression becomes more and more
disgusted with each kick.


Thug 3 gets up suddenly,teeth bared,moving toward
Logan.Logan looks up and wastes no time turning and PUNCHING
Thug 3 square in the face before he can react.Thug 3 FALLS
full onto his back,knocked out by the punch.Logan,as if he
had only been mildly distracted,turns his attention back to
KICKING Thug 2 in the face.
During all of this,Thug 1 has remained in his original
position,watching the fighting in horror.Now as he looks at
Logan wide eyed from across the car,he begins to back up.He
does this very slowly,hoping not to attract Logan's
attention.After a few steps backward,Thug 1 turns his head
cautious to his right to look for his route of escape.In
doing this,he accidently notices that there is a wooden
porch leading out of one of the business forming the side of
the alley.He sees that one of the thin wooden support beams
is loose.Thug 1 looks at Logan one more time cautiously
before he quickly turns and PULLS the beam free.
Logan takes no notice of Thug 1,he is too busy KICKING Thug
2 in the face.Logan STOPS for a moment,looking down at the
man.Thug 2's face is horribly bloody,and a moment after
Logan stops his beating,Thug 2's body SLUMPS forward,his
head moving from it's position on the wheel.Logan,BREATHING
HEAVY,looks down at this for a moment,his expression dulling
to it's previous stern expression as his BREATHING
SLOWS.Logan bends forward to reposition the body when Thug 1
moves within striking distance.More fear in his face than
anger,Thug 1 brings the wooden plank over his head and
SMASHES it over Logan's back.
The plank BREAKS in two,Thug 1 holding on to the smaller
fragment.Logan has makes no face of pain,just retains his
position,unaffected by the blow.Slowly he rises and looks at
Thug 1,and his eyes narrow.Thug 1 backs up,mouth gaping,face
full of terror.Thug 1 quickly THROWS the fragment at
Logan,STRIKING him in the chest.Again,Logan is unaffected by
this,he just remains looking at Thug 1 with his piercing
glare.Thug 1 turns quickly and RACES down the alleyway away
from Logan.After a moment,Logan CHARGES forward,his eyes
glued to Thug 1's running figure.
Thug 1 makes it about fourty feet down the alleyway before
Logan catches up to him,GRABBING him by the neck of his
shirt.Thug 1 FLAILS,SCREAMING wildly as Logan turns and


DRAGS him behind a nearby dumpster.Sounds of Logan BEATING
Thug 1 are heard for a long while,Thug 1's SCREAMS DIEING
OFF mere seconds after the two disappear behind the
dumpster.Logan remerges,walking back toward the car.He PICKS
UP his chain and walks back behind the dumpster.Brutal
sounds are heard as Logan hits Thug 1 o.s. with the chain.
Logan remerges,chainsaw blade in his right hand,car keys in
his left hand.He is walking at a steady pace back toward the
car.He stops casually to examine the blade.Carefully he
picks flesh off the chain,FLICKING it off his fingertips
with little regard.He then WIPES the blood off the blade
with his pant leg, and proceeds back toward the car.
Logan walks past the car toward the curb over which Dutch
fell.Chain still in hand,Logan moves up onto the curb and
looks down at the street below.A long streak of blood leads
diagonally across the street to Dutch's CRAWLING figure.On
his stomach,Dutch is using his forearms to pull himself
along the pavement,using his legs little to help aid his
movement.Dutch's progress is slow,and his expression is one
of utter exhaustion.Dutch continues to try and DRAG his body
across the street as Logan finishes looking and moves down
into the street him.
Logan TRUDGES down the decline with ease.He does not stop
once he gets down to the street,rather moves directly for
Dutch.Dutch does not seem to notice Logan's presence and
continues CRAWLING forward.Logan eventually comes to stand
over Dutch,stopping and looking down at him.Dutch STOPS
CRAWLING once he notices Logan's shadow on the street.Dutch
does not turn his head to look at Logan,rather his
long,tired stare moves down to the pavement.
At the church...he's at the
Who is?
Slowly Dutch turns his head to look at Logan.A long,ragged
cut runs diagonally across his face from the top right of
his head down to his lower left cheek.His left eye is


bruised shut.Blood covers his face.Dutch's BREATHING IS
HEAVY,his expression is exhausted.Yet his right eye is full
of hatred as he glares at Logan's standing figure.
Logan looks at Dutch a moment longer,then turns quickly and
walks back up the hill to the car.Logan moves around the
drivers side,GETS IN the car and backs slowly up.Thug 2
SLUMPS down onto the pavement as the car backs up as his
limp body is no longer supported by the side of the
car.Logan backs up,turns the car around,and exits the
alleyway through the same avenue the car entered at the
begining of the scene.
The church parking lot is vacant and dark.Few cars pass by
on the street nearby,and the lights are off inside the
church.Suddenly the exterior of the building is illuiminated
by the headlights of a car PULLING INTO the parking lot.The
car(the same one from the previous scene)moves from the
street straight up to the church.It sits facing the church
with it's headlights shining on the building.
Inside the church,the lights beam in through the windows
behind the ground level pews.There is a ground level set of
seats,and a balcony area with a number of seats as well.The
area of the church where the services are actually held is
stripped of everything.Only two podiums stand in this
are,nothing else.A man sits,head down,in the second row of
benches from the front on the ground level set of seats.The
light illiminates his back.We see that the man is
Taber.Orange light enters in from a row of windows to his
right,and in this light we can see that his hands are
crossed over the back of the bench in front.In his right
hand he is holding a pistol.
Outside,Logan sets the car in park,leaving the headlights on
as he EXITS out of the driver's side door.Slowly he moves
around to the front of the car,chain in hand,walking toward
the front door of the church.His expression is still for the
most part lifeless except for his smoldering eyes.Logan


stops before the steps leading up into the church,eyes fixed
on the door.He DROPS the chainsaw blade on the ground,then
walks up the steps to the church,OPENS the door and enters
the building.
Logan OPENS the door,light washing in through the door
behind him.He stands in the lobby,looking down the hallway
ahead.Seeing nothing,he looks into the room on his
right,cautiously entering through the door.Mouth open and
eyes searching,Logan takes a few steps into the service
hall.Suddenly he sees the man seated in the second row of
seats.Logan's eyes fix on him,they flash wide with what
seems like shock,even though he can't see who it is.He moves
slowly into the room,stopping halfway down the middle aisle
between both sets of benches on the ground level.He
stands,the shock expression still on his face,looking at the
seated man.
Look at me!
Logan's expression grows intense as the man does not
turn.This time Logan's voice comes from behind his clenched
teeth.His voice is full of hate.
I said look at me!
Taber turns and looks at Logan.Taber's expression is full of
sorrow and guilt,and he can't keep eye contact long.Taber
turns his head back,his eyes staring at the floor beneath
his feet.
I don't want to.
Logan's face is full of shock for a sudden moment,then
quickly it turns back to it's expressionless state,his eyes


      (low tone)
Taber looks up at Logan.Logan's BREATHING INCREASES even
more to the point he is ALMOST HEAVING.
Taber seems suddenly about to cry.He turns back
around,looking at his feet as he takes in a TREMBLING
BREATH.He looks up slowly to look out the window to his
right.Logan begins walking toward him now,BREATHING
HEAVY,his face twisted.Taber seems sorrowful as he starts
speaking,and the more and more he talks,the more and more
worked up he gets.He remains looking out the window during
his monologue.
That night,for a hundred bucks I
could have killed you.Beaten you
to death when you were out for
those few seconds.I could of.I
needed the money.Cause I don't
have a fucking home,I don't have
any family,or-or friends to help
me out.My life wasn't supposed to
be like this.But it is.And I
spared you.I pleaded the ref to
call you out.I gave you
mercy,something no one's ever
given me,and you threw it in my
face.So I could come back here and
stare at these blank walls and
these empty seats.Night after
night knowing that this absence is
God,this emptiness is all there
is.That in God's house,there is
nothing.Night after night,just
nothing.All I had was him.That
hope that maybe I was wrong.But
you said 'don't look up there,your
not going to see anyone.'I haven't


                       TABER (cont'd)
seen anyone.And that hurt so
fucking much.And I wanted you to
feel that pain,I had to make you
pay for that.
Taber,worked up to the VERGE OF TEARS,looks up at
Logan.Logan,now standing at the opposite end of the bench
where Taber was seated,is HEAVING,teeth bared,eyes insane
with anger.
We were two men with faith
once.Hope.Somehow all I can hear
now are her screams,and those
moments eat flesh and they
devour,not just my mind,but
everything.Before they swallow
me,I need to know.I need to know
if you were right.
I gave you mercy once.
Taber stands up with the gun in hand,holding the handle out
to Logan.
Now give me mine.
Logan remains standing for a moment,looking at Taber.Taber
looks back,TREMBLING,shame and guilt all over his face.Logan
advances down the aisle between the two benches toward
Taber.As he is walking toward Taber,Logan's hands raise as
if he is readying to strangle Taber.Taber remains holding
the gun out to Logan,but slowly his TREMORS STOP,and he
looks down at the floor again.
      (betwwen his
Where's my mercy?
Logan stands now immediatly in front of Taber.Logan waits
for a response.Taber looks slowly up at him,ashamed.Logan


takes the gun out of Taber's hand,leans over quickly and
PLACES IT DOWN HARD on bench.Taber looks down at this,a
terrified look on his face.Before he can look up,Logan comes
back up to full stature.He GRABS Taber's shirt with both
hands,PULLING Taber to him.Pulling him at a slightly
downward angle so that both of the tops of their forehead's
meet and Logan can look right into Taber's confused
eyes.Taber's mouth is shut tightly,his eyes are wide with
terror.Taber begins BREATHING RAPIDLY and TREMBLING again as
Logan stares at him.Logan's face is twisted in pain and
anger,his BREATHING HEAVY,teeth still bared.
Where's is it?!Huh?!
Taber averts his eyes again.Logan suddenly tightens his grip
on Taber's shirt and CHARGES forward,SLAMMING Taber into the
wall.Taber CRIES OUT,arching his back as Logan holds him
against the wall.Logan swings to his left,THROWING Taber
onto the floor soundly.Logan stands hunched over Taber,his
expression intense.Taber uses his arms to push himself up,as
he does this he begins COUGHING,the wind knocked out of him
from the impact against both the wall and floor.
Logan's expression turns cold again.He stands at full
stature,looking down at Taber.Taber remains holding himself
up,TRYING TO CATCH HIS BREATH.Logan moves quickly and GRABS
the gun off the bench.Logan moves back to his previous
position of standing over Taber.Logan aims the gun at
Taber's head.Taber does not look up,only now his BREATH
SLOWS and he slowly closes his eyes.The two remain like this
for a long moment until Logan's expression seems to show a
small amount of sorrow.
Staring down the sights of this
gun,I know that when I pull this
trigger,me,the goodness I had
once,it's goin' die with you.
If only I'd heard her say it,just
Taber opens his eyes and looks up at Logan,eyes full of
compassion.Logan's mouth deepens into a subtle frown.


Heard her say what?
From behind Logan a voice is heard.
I love you.
Logan closes his eyes and begins to TREMBLE.His legs seem to
give out,and Logan DROPS to his knees.He goes to fall
forward,but CATCHES himself with his right hand;the hand
still holding the gun.Erin moves forward quickly,bending
down to aid Logan.Taber watches the two,and he seems
somewhat moved by the scene.
Erin puts her arms around Logan's back,turns so she seats
her self with her back against the window ledge,and PULLS
Logan to her body.Logan's limp right hand still holds the
gun,and his head is still lowered,eyes shut and his
BREATHING HEAVY.Erin CRADLES him in her arms,looking at his
closed eyes as she speaks.
I love you Logan,I do.I love you
with all of my heart and soul and
I'm sorry I never told you.I was
so lost without you,I cried all
the time.Because I knew you
wouldn't be there to wipe away and
tell me it will all be all right.
My stepfather,he...he used to
watch me when my mom worked
nights,but after a while he
stopped just watching.Deaton left
home that summer and I hated him
for it.I wanted help but there
wasn't anyone I could talk to,no
one I could tell.I managed to get
away,but not without my share of
scars,scars that ran deep.


But then I met you,and you made
the scars go away.With your
touch,your smile,you helped me
when no one else could,and I
there's no way I can ever stop
loving you for that.
I love you.
Logan's hand easys it's grip on the pistol. Erin,seeing
this,reaches across with her left hand and SLIDES it out of
his hand and onto the floor.Taber begins to get up,looking
now as he gets up at his hands.As he gets to full stature,he
turns his back to the two,and now a kind of hard desperation
fills his face as he looks at his hands.Slowly Taber looks
up,then turns around to look at the two.Erin looks up at
Taber,her expression darkening as she looks at Taber.
You've hurt him enough.You all
Now go.
Taber looks at her for a moment,then backs away slowly.
Taber begins to turn,lowering his head as he does so.Erin
watches him with hateful eyes.Taber begins to walk away into
the darkness of the church,when Logan looks up at
him.Logan's expression seems peaceful,but not at all


Taber stops walking,but keeps his back to both Logan and
Erin,his head still lowered in shame.Erin looks at Logan
tenderly.Logan remains looking at Taber.
I was wrong.
Taber raises his head,slowly,then shakes it knowingly.
I know.
Taber walks off into the darkness,and out of the church.Erin
looks at Logan for a long while,and Logan looks forward.A
tiny smile inches across Logan's face as he looks
forward.Erin takes Logan's right hand with her left,a look
of concern on face.She examines his palm,seeing the cut
running vertically across it from the chainsaw blade.There's
a small amount of blood running from the wound.Looking at
the wound,she says her next line.
Your hurt.
Logan looks at Erin,the smile wider on his face now.
But it's starting to heal.
Erin looks up at him and smiles.
Deaton slowly gets up off the floor,portable phone in
hand,PUSHING beer bottles out of his way as he STRUGGLES to
his feet.Bent and weary,Deaton WIPES his nose as he
stands.Slowly he turns and walks over to the kitchen table


to set the phone down.Once he SETS IT DOWN,he notices the
small upside down note on the table.Deaton looks at it
curiously for a moment,then turns and HOBBLES over to the
Deaton OPENS the fridge and takes out a beer.He SHUTS the
fridge door,and moves over to the table with the beer in his
right hand.Deaton PULLS the chair out using his left hand
with effort,then slowly sits down.He SETS the beer on the
table casually and reaches for the note,SLIDING it across
the table with his right hand.He looks at it for a
moment,then TURNS IT OVER.
The note reads'I forgive you'and at the bottom Erin's
signature is written.Deaton's mouth TREMBLES,and his lower
lip raises over his upper as he begins to shake his head in
agreement.Deaton gets up after a moment of taking this
in,taking the beer in hand.Deaton moves over to the
sink,OPENS the beer,and POURS it out.He looks as if he is
trying to with hold the urge to cry.He DROPS the beer in the
recycle bin,and turns around.
Erin is standing in the threshold of the kitchen,smiling.She
seems too to be with holding the urge to cry.Deaton sees
her,and moves directly to her.Erin moves toward Deaton as
well.The two EMBRACE each other tightly.
Thank you.
Your welcome.
The two stop hugging and stand before one another,both
smiling.Erin looks up and down Deaton's body and concern
washes over her face.She looks at him worried.
What happened?
Deaton LAUGHS,looking down at himself.He looks back up at
his sister.


Took a nasty fall,that's all.
Erin,LAUGHING,looks back up at Deaton.
Christ,I didn't know we had that
many stairs in the house.
The two look at each other for a long moment,smiling.
Go on up to bed,you had a long
Sure you don't need help cleaning
My mess,I'll clean up.
Erin moves forward and KISSES Deaton on the cheek.She turns
and walks out of the kitchen and up to her upstairs bed
room.Deaton,watches her go,then looks at the
floor,thinking.He turns around slowly,bends down and begins
THROWING the scattered beer bottles in the recycle bin.
*This whole scene is muted except for the voice over.
Erin is walking down the street with Deaton,her brother's
arm around her shoulder.The two are laughing about something
as they walk toward the church up ahead.
What is life?Staring at that
punching bag in that cold
basement,staring into the darkness
of the night as I wonder,trying to
make sense of it all.Life is


                       LOGAN (cont'd)
progression,it's about moving
on,finding better.
Both Erin and Deaton pass around the right side of the
church,to the back parking lot.Beyond the parking lot,the
cemetary lies.Logan is knealt before a small grave,with only
the inscription 'MOTHER' written on it.As Erin
approaches,she stops talking,looking only at Logan.Deaton
walks her to the edge of the parking lot,and takes his arm
from her shoulder.
Erin walks slowly away from Deaton toward Logan.She turns
and looks back at Deaton.Deaton,smiling slightly,mouths
'five',then waves goodbye.Erin waves goodbye to Deaton.Logan
turns and looks at Deaton,and smiles slightly.Deaton smiles
back,then turns and walks back the way he came.
Sometimes I wonder how I've made
it this far,how I've gone through
so much and still can find it in
me to move on.
As Erin approaches,Logan turns to look back at the
gravestone.Erin stops behind Logan,resting her left hand on
his left shoulder.Logan remains looking at the
gravestone,but raises his right hand and rests it on Erin's
Somedays I wake up and I feel the
weight of this life,and it holds
me there.And I try to find one
more reason to keep going.One more
reason to press on.
Cut to Logan's basement.The basement is unlit.On the weight
bench is the picture of Logan and Erin.Logan stands before
the punching bag,looking at it with respect and remorse.Erin
stands on the stairs,watching him with the utmost
admiration.Logan moves forward and grabs the chain,taking
the punching bag down.Once he's untied the chain,he lets the
bag drop to the floor.Logan looks forward,the light from the
window behind the bag washing over him and the


basement.Logan turns and looks at Erin.Logan moves over to
the weight bench,grabs the picture of him and Erin,then he
moves to the stairwell.
Logan takes Erin's hand,and walks up the stairs first.Erin
looks at the scene and smiles before she follows him up.
Then I turn and look at the person
sleeping to the left of me,see her
flowing brown hair and that silent
smile resting on her face.
Erin and Logan are seen walking away across the neighbor's
yard,hand in hand,through the small window in the basement.
And I have all the reason I need.


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From Josh Echevarria Date 4/29/2008 *
The script may be alright but the film itslef looks horrific. I saw the trailer and it looks really bad.

From gene johnson jr Date 4/1/2008 ****
wow man awesome screenplay, hope to see more soon, great job.

From adam chrimes Date 1/3/2007 ****
I think that 0 stars is a ridiculous score to give this screenplay. It is superbly written given the writers age and the in depth directions just demonstrate the connection the writer has had with the screenplay. Lets see a little less OTT criticism and a little more of youre own work to back things up

From Landon Harris Date 1/12/2006 0 stars
Hmm.for a seventh script, this wasn't very good. From what I've read, your ego get's in your way. This isn't a very good film compared to other unproduced screenplay's out there. You aren't very good at description, the dialogue stinks, and as far as your trailer, the acting isn't that great, and the quality and the music is really bad. Now, if this was a first script, I would tell you that it was an awesome first try. But since it isn't, and you think you're some big scriptwriter man, it really stinks. Not trying to mean, just honest.

From Jack Fusilier Date 10/21/2005 0 stars
I read something very interesting today. But unfortunately, it wasn't your script. It was something that goes a little like this. ''Most young writers after completing their script think they've written the next Hollywood blockbuster.'' Don't let your ego blind you to fact. Your screen directions need improvement. Try to make them more condensed. As far as character development goes, I thought that Logan was one-dimensional. Why should I root for him, anyway? He can fight? So what, he's just another tough guy. The story is where this truly suffers though, and it started off so well too. The characters don't actually do anything. This needs a lot of improvement.

From Jason Calabro Date 10/19/2005 0 stars
I have to tell you I'm a little confused. The confusion doesn't stem from your overworked action descriptions, artificial dialouge, or your canonic and cookie cutter plot, but rather from the reviewing readers. Are these your friends? If they are that is pathetic, and I assure you there four star reviews won't help you. Your depserate need to study film and writing beyond something made or released in the last 10 years is apparant. I sincerely mean to be objective in my criticism. If the reviewers are not your friends then we have a problem. The fact that I see so many four star reviews, with purposeless intent, proves to me that this site isn't worth much and that everyone writing here needs to stop writing and start reading. Good luck. P.S. Goldman's Law - " None of us ever completely knows anybody, including ourselves."

From Larry Boodry Date 10/1/2005 ****
I just read this again, still think it's great...What's 'm. saddler' smoking, he gave you half a star after promising you 'YOUR ZERO'...Don't take his cheesy cliches seriously.

From Rex Macaroe Date 9/30/2005 ****
Since I'm reviewing the SCRIPT, it doesn't affect my rating, but the trailer does look pretty lame. The acting is really holding this great script. And the resources are obviously holding you back in ways that draw attention to themselves. I suggest doing something to the exposure to give it a grittier feel. Check out my script, A Limited Time Only. I could use more feedback.

From Nate Date 9/22/2005 1/2
the trialer was horrible the acting very poor the script is well written but is just to corny...and not orignal need more characters....better film shots in the trailer i thinkt he film could be good but fromt he trailer it looks like crap.....sorry

From Rex Macaroe Date 9/15/2005 ****
*spoilers* While I still think this is the best thing on the site, by far, upon longer evaluation, I think there is still a lot of room for improvement. Taber should've been a little better developed, especially with concern to his shattered faith. Without that development, his actions just seem to come out of nowhere. Something bothered me the first time I read it, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it at the time. At the end, everything falls too conveniently into Logan's lap. Erin shows up at just the right moment to make everything better again. I understand her motivations, but it could still use a little tweaking. Still, it's a great work, and you should be very proud.(I've been dying to watch the trailer, but it doesn't play on my comp. I'd love to see the final cut if you could hook me up.) PS: Ignore that m. saddler guy. He's the worst kind of hypocrit, and this was over his head.

From Joe Hansen Date 9/14/2005 ***1/2
I liked it. It's fun to read it, get to know the characters, and then watch the trailer! Good show!

From m. saddler Date 9/12/2005 1/2
I don't like how I see you voting .5 stars for Enigma JUST because you don't want it to be Top 5. I think it's sad, and you didn't even leave any REAL feedback about the script itself OTHER than "it doesn't deserve to be in "Top 5". So, guess what, here's YOUR ZERO stars, and I don't think YOUR script deserves to be in "Top 5"! (And here's MY feedback, this script is cheesy, cliche` and so is the trailer... "All you ever do is care"?, what the hell does THAT mean *l*)!

From Larry Boodry Date 9/8/2005 ****
Cool script, and preview, too...Can't wait to see it on the screen.

From Larry Boodry Date 9/7/2005 ****
Tremendous job, just like 'Twelfth of a Dime'...

From Rachel Date 9/2/2005 ****
Totally awesome! Oh yeah. Love it! Think maybe I might be a little biased? hahaha

From Tony Snider Date 8/30/2005 ****
Excillent just like twelth of a dime was cant wait to see it on screen

From Rex Macaroe Date 8/27/2005 ****
This script is in an entirely different league from everything else I've read on this site. Ultimately, though, the direction and acting will determine if this works onscreen. My one contention, and it's trifle, is that sometimes the characters say too much about themselves, but there are more than enough moments of silent revelation to make up for it. This script reminds me of two of Scorsese's best films, Bringing Out the Dead and Raging Bull. The inward journey Logan takes is one that could resound through the ages.

From J.J. Pardo Date 8/26/2005 ****
This script was really good in my opinion. So interesting and sad. Just one tip for ALL screenwriters----Agents look for IS's and ARE'S in descriptions as an error--take all the is's and are's out of the descriptions and your all set!

From Chris Jaramillo Date 8/24/2005 ****
I was only able to read the first 10 pages but only due to shortage of time. The whole thing looks awsome and welly thought out.

From KAR Catacomb Date 8/23/2005 ****

From Kevin Date 8/9/2005 ****
i told u this script is very well thought out, k.j. check out my script "A Ghost house" it's in the top five. i wish this was, it deserves number one, not enigma!

From dan dan Date 8/9/2005 ****
i love this script so much!!! i wish i can see the movie!

From Paul Shannon Date 8/4/2005 ****
very good script, all the characters are believable., the action keeps a good flow, very good

From Kevin Date 7/31/2005 ****
amazing, yet again.

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