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Star Wars: Super Nova
by Kevin Jordan (kevjordan13@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: **1/2
This was just a small script I wrote for my friends who wanted to do a Star Wars fan film. The general storyling is that Darth Sidious created a book that could resurrect the sith and the heros must find it first.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The familiar music begins as the movie officially starts.
Star Wars:
Super Nova

"It has been many years since Anakin Skywalker fulfilled the
prophecy and brought balance to the force. In the time
since, the Empire has resurrected and become known as the
Empire Remnant. The Republic has become known as the United
Colonies of the Rebellion (UCR). Luke Skywalker opened a
temple to train Jedi and help restore the name of the Jedi.

It soon became known that Darth Sidious, sensing Anakin's
emotions', created a book which contained the secrets of the
Sith. While looking for the book Luke ran into a powerful
dark jedi. He found valiently, but in the end, fell to the
dark side. A bounty hunter has surfaced, killing many Jedi
in the process.

It has become clear to the Rebellion that the Jedi must find
the Book of the Sith before it falls into the wrong hands,
and the Sith become a terrible reality once more."
As the text fades away the camera moves down to the planet
of Tattooine where the evil bounty hunter and his
mercenaries are chasing two Jedi Knights.
Two Jedi are running through the sand dunes, periodically
turning and blocking blaster fire, which kills one of the
five mercaneries.
                       HODIM BALAK
We can't flee forever, we have to
                       ARDE TON HAZAN
The jedi turn to engage the mercaneries and the manage to
kill another of the mercaneries by deflecting a blaster
The Jedi's look up as the bounty hunter Lucian Atrais jumps
out of his ship and lands in fron of the mercaneries in cat
like pose. He slowly rises straight up.


                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Time to die, Jedi.
The remaining mercaneries engage the jedi. The mercaneries
are very skilled and avoid many of the lightsaber attacks
while shotting at the jedi. They manage to deflect the
fire. After about a minute, Balak slices the head of a
mercanerie off. They continue to fight. Hazan kills
another mercanerie and finally about 3 minutes into the
fight, the jedi kill the 3rd and final mercanerie. Lucian
is watching the fight the whole time.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Lucian pulls out his blaster and fires multiple shots
wounding one of the Jedi.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Too easy.
A lengthy battle ensues between Lucian and the healthy Jedi.
Lucian dodges multiple lightsaber attacks and manages to
knock the lightsaber out of the jedi's hand. They engage in
hand-to-hand combat for a while until the jedi kicks Lucian
away and force grabs his lightsaber. Lucian shoots the jedi
in the hand and then kills him with a headshot. This fight
lasts about 3-5 minutes.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Jedi are very overrated.
Lucian walks over the wounded Jedi and pulls out his
blaster. He smiles and then shoots the Jedi.
Lucian begins to walk away as the camera shows a shadowy
figure watching the action from a mountaintop.
Lucian enters the cantina and goes the the bartender.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
A single.
The bartender gives him the drink and he goes sits at a
table in the corner. As Lucian takes a sip of the drink, a
hooded figure sits in front of him. The figure is Darth
Beliar, but the audience doesn't know that.


                       DARTH BELIAR
You're very gifted.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
And you are....
                       DARTH BELIAR
I guess you could say I'm a fan.
Lucian takes a drink and the camera shows him put his hand
on his blaster.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Lucian, I can see the ability you
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
How'd you know my name?
                       DARTH BELIAR
I know alot of things.
Lucian finishes his drink.
                       DARTH BELIAR
The force is strong with you
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
The Force? Are you a Jedi?
                       DARTH BELIAR
Sith is the correct term.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
That really doesn't make a
Lucian pulls his blaster and goes to shoot, but Beliar force
pushes Lucian's hand into the wall and pulls the blaster
over to him.
                       DARTH BELIAR
I'm not as easy to kill as the
other prey you've been hunting.
Beliar hands Lucian his blaster back.
                       DARTH BELIAR
I want you to become my
apprentice, with my training you
could be unstoppable.


                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
                       DARTH BELIAR
Yes, unstoppable.
Beliar stands up.
                       DARTH BELIAR
My ship is in docking bay 112. If
you're interested, meet me out
Beliar leaves the scene as Lucian looks intrigued.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
      (To Self)
Lucian gets up and he goes out front where the figure
(Beliar) is waiting.
                       DARTH BELIAR
You made a wise decision.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
You better not be lying.
Beliar and Lucian walk off together.
The Camera shows five Jedi sitting in a semi-circle with a
female and male jedi standing in the center of the room. The
five sitting jedi are Kejor Evac, Magre Hart, Mibar Lak,
Lorit Gund, and Malor Vin. The two standing in the center
are Jedi Bastilla Shan and Master K'tarr.
                       KEJOR EVAC
Master K'tarr, the council has
chosen you and your apprentice
Bastilla Shan for a very important
                       LORIT GUND
As you know, we believe Master
Skywalker was killed by a Sith.
                       MIBAR LAK
You also know that Darth Sidious
was a very powerful Sith lord.


                       MASTER K'TARR
With all due respect, what does
one have to do with the other.
Darth Sidious was killed when
Anakin turned against the dark
                       MAGRE HART
The rumors are true. Darth
Sidious created the Book of the
Sith. We believe the sith that
killed Master Skywalker is after
the book to resurrect the sith.
                       MALOR VIN
If he was to find the book, he
would become more powerful than
anyone alive. He would also be
able to pass that power on to his
                       BASTILLA SHAN
The sith would return and rule the
                       KEJOR EVAC
That is why you two must search
out the book and destroy it.
                       MASTER K'TARR
Does anyone know where the book is
                       LORIT GUND
It is believed to be on on the
planet of Korriban.
                       MALOR VIN
This mission must be a success. We
can't afford to fail.
                       KEJOR EVAC
You must go to the planet of
Brentaal. There you will meet up
with Captain Tobin and Commander
Onidia. They will then take you
to Korriban.
Master K'Tarr and Bastilla Shan bow and turn to leave when
Junn Galon slams the doors open and barges in.


                       MIBAR LAK
Junn Galon, what is the meaning of
                       JUNN GALON
Have you heard two more jedi were
killed by that bounty hunter?
                       MAGRE HART
                       JUNN GALON
When are we going to find this
bounty hunter and bring him to
                       MALOR VIN
      (To Shan and
You may leave.
                       JUNN GALON
I came here to request permission
to seek out this bounty hunter.
                       MIBAR LAK
What will you do if you find him?
                       JUNN GALON
Bring him to justice.
                       MALOR VIN
What kind of justice would that
                       MAGRE HART
We sense that the death of Master
Skywalker is still bothering you.
We also sense the anger within
                       KEJOR EVAC
There is no doubt that if you were
to find this bounty hunter, that
you would kill him.
                       LORIT GUND
It is for that reason, that this
council denies your request.


                       JUNN GALON
This is ridiculous. Someone is
killing jedi left and right, and
we act like nothing is happening.
                       MIBAR LAK
That is enough!
                       JUNN GALON
I apologize, I hope the council
will forgive me.
Galon turns and exits the room. He walks down a hall and
sees Bastilla Shan and Master K'Tarr waiting.
                       JUNN GALON
The council could care less about
this bounty hunter. They won't
allow me to search for him.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
The council has their reasons. For
one, you wouldn't know where to
                       JUNN GALON
But I do, I've heard that he's on
Brentaal. I have to go there and
stop him before any more Jedi die.
Galon leaves the scene.
                       MASTER K'TARR
I guess it's a good thing we have
to meet Tobin and Onidida on
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Yeah, that way we can make sure
Junn doesn't get himself killed.
Shan and K'Tarr walk off.
We see Lucian standing in front of the figure, who is
sitting down.


                       DARTH BELIAR
You already have many of the
necessary skills, the force comes
natural to you.
Beliar stands.
                       DARTH BELIAR
      (Pointing to a
Move that rock across the cave.
Lucian begins to use the force and the rock levitates and
then moves across the cave.
                       DARTH BELIAR
The force is a deadly weapon when
used correctly. You are very
skilled. However....
He grabs a lightsaber and tosses it to Lucian.
                       DARTH BELIAR
you must learn to fight with a
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Before we start, are you going to
tell me your name.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Darth Beliar, now begin.
Dozens of droids enter the cave and circle Lucian. Lucian
powers up the lightsaber and fends off the first few less
than smoothly. he contiues to defeat the droids, gaining
skill with each stroke of the saber. This scene lasts a few
minutes and it shows the amazingly quick progression of
Lucian. In the end, Lucian destroys all of the droids.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Beliar grabs a blaster and fires three shots at Lucian,
Lucian deflects them all.
                       DARTH BELIAR
You are very advanced. It takes
men years to master the jedi arts.
You have done it within hours.
A droid comes up behind Lucian and he force pushes it away.


                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
What's next?
                       DARTH BELIAR
Next my youg apprentice, we take
over the galaxy. Come, we have
much to talk about.
Beliar and Lucian begin to walk in darkness.
The camera shows Junn Galon in his ship soaring through
space and then shows another ship following him. The camera
zooms into the second ship to reveal Master K'Tarr and
Bastilla Shan.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
I have a bad feeling about this
whole thing.
                       MASTER K'TARR
So do I, but if we don't find that
book then evil will retake the
                       BASTILLA SHAN
I just hope Junn doesn't cause any
major trouble.
                       MASTER K'TARR
I think that is pretty much
guaranteed. Junn has never been
known for sutilty.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
What if he's right and this bounty
hunter is there?
                       MASTER K'TARR
Well, then let's just hope that he
doesn't see us coming.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
I don't think that's an option for


The camera shows Darth Beliar sitting acorss from Lucian at
a table.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Have you ever heard of Darth
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Bits and pieces, history of the
sith wasn't really a priority.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Well, now it is.
Beliar walks up to a small round piece of metal and force
picks it up and an image of Sidious appears.
                       DARTH BELIAR
This was Darth Sidious. He was a
very powerful sith lord. He was
able to turn young Anakin
Skywalker against the Jedi Order.
He was able to break the strong
bond of friendship that held
Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi
The image switches to Darth Vader.
                       DARTH BELIAR
He turned Anakin into the
personification of the dark side.
However, it didn't last.
The image switches to Luke Skywalker.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Anakin soon found out that he had
a son, Luke. Sidious could sense
the new emotions running through
Anakin. He knew that it was only a
matter of time before Luke turned
his father away from the dark
The images switches again to the deathstar.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Sidious tried to turn Luke before
Anakin turned against him. On


                       DARTH BELIAR (cont'd)
this space station, Anakin turned
against Sidious and destroyed him.
In the process, destroying the
heart and soul of the sith.
The image turns off and Beliar puts it down and sits back
across from Lucian.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Sidious feared Anakin and created
a book that contained all the
secrets, all the techniques, all
the power of the sith. That is
what we must find.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Why do you need this book? I
thought you were already a sith.
                       DARTH BELIAR
I am a sith, but since Sidious
fell, the sith are not as powerful
as they once were.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
And this book will give
you....what exactly?
                       DARTH BELIAR
Power. Not just me though, you
being my apprentice would also
learn everything. We would rule
the galaxy.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Where is this book.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Korriban. It's a sith planet. At
least it was, with the fall of the
sith, Korriban has become shell of
its former self. Many sith live
there, but few make their presence
known elsewhere.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Well, let's get the book.
Beliar gets the look as if he feels something.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Do you feel that, my apprentice?


                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
I feel something strange, the same
feeling I used to get before I
engaged a Jedi.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Soon you will be able to control
those feelings, but that is the
force. There are some jedi on
this planet. I would guess their
looking for you.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
I guess they found me.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Go and find them, but make
yourself hidden. Find out what
they want.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
My pleasure.
Lucian stands and proceeds offscreen.
Beliar pulls up a hologram of two military looking people.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Admiral Kavos, General Vice.
                       VICE AND KAVOS
Yes my lord.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Go to the planet Korriban and
round up some of the locals. Then
await my orders.
                       VICE AND KAVOS
Yes sir.
The hologram vanishes.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Soon, the jedi will once again be
Beliar gets up and exits the scene.


Junn walks into a cantina and goes up to the bartender. The
bar is very loud.
                       JUNN GALON
      (Drowned out by
I'm looking for a bounty hunter.
                       JUNN GALON
I'm looking for a bounty hunter.
The bartender motions that he still can't hear him.
                       JUNN GALON
      (screaming as loud
       as he can)
The bar goes quiet and close to twenty people stand up and
prepare to draw their blasters. Junn looks at all of them
with a "wow" look on his face.
                       JUNN GALON
      (To Self)
Okay then.
Junn begins walking around looking at each bounty hunter. He
looks unsatisfied.
                       JUNN GALON
      (To Self)
They bounty hunters sit down, but one walks up to Junn. The
bounty hunter has a snake like voice.
                       BOUNTY HUNTER
You're looking for the jedi
killer, aren't you?
                       JUNN GALON
How did you know that?
                       BOUNTY HUNTER
I noticed your lightsaber.


                       JUNN GALON
Do know where he is?
                       BOUNTY HUNTER
No, but I can tell you about him.
information about one's prey is
sometimes stronger than even a
                       JUNN GALON
How much will this cost me?
                       BOUNTY HUNTER
We'll discuss that later, do you
want my information or not?
                       JUNN GALON
Let's talk.
Junn and the bounty hunter sit at a vacant table.
                       JUNN GALON
First, what's your name?
                       BOUNTY HUNTER
Vard Crecian.
                       JUNN GALON
Go ahead.
                       VARD CRECIAN
The jedi killer is known as Lucian
Atrais. He was raised by a jedi
after his parents were killed by a
group of sandpeople.
                       JUNN GALON
He was raised by a jedi, but he
hunts them like banthas.
                       VARD CRECIAN
That's because Lucian has no sense
of morality. He killed the jedi
when he was fifteen years old.
                       JUNN GALON
A bounty hunter with no sense of
right and wrong, how stange.
                       VARD CRECIAN
Lucian is not like the rest of us
bounty hunters. We have some


                       VARD CRECIAN (cont'd)
morals. We won't kill children,
he will. He gets off on killing
jedi. You would be no match for
                       JUNN GALON
You'd be surprised.
Junn pulls out his saber and points it at the throat of
                       VARD CRECIAN
I think your outnumbered.
Junn looks behind him and sees the bar empty except for all
the bounty hunters who are now ready to fight him.
Junn backs off and gets ready to fight them all.
                       JUNN GALON
      (To Self)
How hard could this be?
K'tarr and Shan walk in and draw their lightsabers and take
out a few of the bounty hunters. They jump over to Junn.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
When will you learn?
                       JUNN GALON
A big bar fight breaks out and it involves the jedi dodging
blasters and eventually killing all of the bounty hunters
including Vard. The jedi finish the fight standing in the
center of the cantina and they withdraw their sabers.
                       MASTER K'TARR
Next time you feel the need to
attack a bounty in a bar filled
with bounty hunters...don't.
K'tarr, Bastilla, and Junn start walking out of the bar when
the camera shows Lucian standing in a dark corner with a
deathstick in his mouth.. He turns and begins to leave. We
see smoke from his deathstick go around his head in a really
cool fashion.
The three jedi are walking to a ship that can be seen in the


                       MASTER K'TARR
Junn, you'll come with us to
                       JUNN GALON
Why? For what?
                       BASTILLA SHAN
So you don't get yourself killed
when no one is around, and you
could be helpful.
                       JUNN GALON
Helpful? Why are we going to
The ship gets clearer and we can see two figures standing in
front of the ship.
                       MASTER K'TARR
We'll explain on the way there.
The jedi continue to walk towards the ship and it becomes
clearer as do the two figures standing there.
                       JUNN GALON
.....I could've taken those bounty
hunters you know.
The jedi reach the ship and are greeted by the two men.
                       COMMANDER ONIDIA
I'm Commander Onidia and this is
Captain Tobin.
                       CAPTIN TOBIN
                       COMMANDER ONIDIA
We understand we're to take you to
                       MASTER K'TARR
That is correct.
                       CAPTIN TOBIN
Let's get going then.
All of the people walk onto the ship and it lifts up and
leaves the planet.

The camera moves from that point to a small mountaintop
where Lucian and Beliar are standing.


                       DARTH BELIAR
They're heading to Korriban.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
The book?
                       DARTH BELIAR
Yes. Get your ship.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
We're just going to follow them?
Shouldn't we have a trap or
                       DARTH BELIAR
I'll make sure they get a very
warm welcome when they reach the
Lucian exits the scene, Beliar pulls up a hologram Admiral
Kavos and General Vice.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Admiral Kavos, General Vice.
                       VICE AND KAVOS
Yes my lord.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Are you on Korriban?
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
Yes sir. We've recruited many of
the locals here as you requested.
                       DARTH BELIAR
A ship will be landing soon. Three
jedi will be on it, as will Captin
Tobin and Commander Onidia. Make
sure they do not get far.
                       GENERAL VICE
Don't worry my lord. They won't
last long.
The hologram vanishes and Beliar looks off in the distance
as Lucian's ship hovers in front of Beliar.
We see Tobin and Onidia flying the ship as K'tarr, Bastilla,
and Galon are sitting around.


                       MASTER K'TARR
This mission is very important. We
can't afford any mistakes.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Agreed. The less confrontations
the better.
                       JUNN GALON
A little confrontation never hurt
anyone, Bastilla.
                       MASTER K'TARR
They will hurt us. We have to get
that book before it falls into the
wrong hands.
                       JUNN GALON
I understand, but I'm not
                       BASTILLA SHAN
You shouldn't have even been here.
You're lucky we saved you back in
that cantina.
                       JUNN GALON
Saved? I call it interference. I
had the situation under control.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Being surrounded by bounty hunters
is under control.
                       JUNN GALON
It depends on your point of view.
Besides, how many times have I
saved you?
                       BASTILLA SHAN
                       MASTER K'TARR
Enough! Save the bickering for
when we get back to the temple.
Onidia turns to face the three jedi.
                       COMMANDER ONIDIA
We're about to enter the planet's
atmosphere. We should be on the
ground shortly.


The camera shows the ship flying into the planet and the
screen fades into the inside of Lucian's ship.
Lucian is flying the ship and Beliar is sitting next to him.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Now my apprentice, if we run into
those jedi, do not allow them to
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
I wouldn't even consider that.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Good, once we have the book, we
will become more powerful than
anyone in the entire galaxy. The
Sith will return to their rightful
place in the universe.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Yeah, the book. What if the jedi
get it first.
                       DARTH BELIAR
They won't.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
But what if....
                       DARTH BELIAR
They won't get the book.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Okay, no need to get upset master.
                       DARTH BELIAR
How much farther to Korriban?
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
We'll be there in a few minutes.


The ship sets down on Korriban and the door opens and the
three jedi along with Onidia and Tobin step out. They begin
to walk when they see many different figures coming towards
them. The figures reveal themselves to be Admiral Kavos and
General Vice along with numerous dark jedi. The dark jedi
ignite their lightsabers.
                       GENERAL VICE
I suggest you five give up your
weapons and come with us.
                       MASTER K'TARR
I'm sure we could....
                       MASTER K'TARR
I'm sure we could....
                       JUNN GALON
      (Interrupts K'Tarr)
You'll have to kill me before I
cooperate with your scum.
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
As you wish.
The Dark Jedi get into fighting positions as K'Tarr, Galon,
and Shan pull out their sabers.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Nice going you idiot. Didn't we
just have a conversation about
avoiding confrontations?
                       JUNN GALON
Get off my back already. This was
the only option.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
This wasn't the only option until
you opened your mouth.
The dark jedi attack.


Tobin and Onidia are killed early on as they tried to fight
but the dark jedi were just too much for them. Shan, Galon,
and K'tarr are back to back to back fighting off the dark
jedi. They fight strongly for many minutes until the
numbers are just too much and K'tarr gets his leg cut with
the saber. He falls to one knee and Shan tries to check on
him but a dark jedi force pushes her into Junn and they fall
to the ground. The dark jedi circle them as Vice and Kavos
enter the picture again.
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
Now, you have no choice. General.
                       GENERAL VICE
      (To Dark Jedi)
Pick these jedi up and follow us.
Kavos and Vice lead the way as the dark jedi escort Shan,
Galon, and K'tarr behind them.
They reach a large cave and enter.
The Dark Jedi throw the good guys into a cell and close the
door. Kavos and Vice walk to the cell.
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
It appears you've failed. I guess
you jedi aren't that powerful.
                       GENERAL VICE
Yeah, just a bunch of weaklings.
Shan force pushes Vice into a cave wall.
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
Enjoy your time now, because soon
you'll be dead.
Kavos and Vice exit the scene.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Hell of a job Junn.
                       JUNN GALON
                       BASTILLA SHAN
It's your fault we're in here. If
it wasn't for you, we might've
come to a different conclusion.


Junn looks mad and just sits down and stares a hole through
                       MASTER K'TARR
Calm down, we'll figure a way out.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
I hope so.
The last shot of the scene is of the three jedi sitting in
the cell.
Lucian's ship lands on Korriban as Kavos and Vice stand
there waiting for the arrival. The door opens and Lucian
and Beliar step out.
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
My Lord, we have captured the
three jedi.
                       DARTH BELIAR
And what of Onidia and Tobin?
                       GENERAL VICE
Dead, sir.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Good. General, take my apprentice
to the prisoners.
                       GENERAL VICE
Yes, my lord.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Lucian, when you take care of them
come to the cave just east of the
holding cells.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Of course.
Lucian and General Vice exit the scene.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Admiral, come with me.
Beliar and Kavos exit the scene.


The jedi are sitting in the cell when Lucian and Vice enter
the scene.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Three Jedi, sitting in a cell. How
Junn gets up and walks toward the front of the cell. Lucian
force pushes him back to the wall.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
If you knew how many jedi I've
killed, you would think twice
about doing that again.
                       MASTER K'TARR
      (Getting Up)
The famed bounty hunter. It looks
like yo've gotten some training.
No doubt you are of the dark side.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
You're very smart K'tarr. I have
a deal for you.
                       JUNN GALON
Screw you and your deals.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
I suggest you keep that little
fool quiet before I cahnge my
Shan punches Junn in the arm.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Knock it off.
                       MASTER K'TARR
What do you propose?
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
one of you fight me. If you win
then you can obviously leave. If
I win though, well, that sucks for
                       JUNN GALON
I'll take you on, you....


                       MASTER K'TARR
No, I'm the most experienced. I'll
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
General, open the cell door.
Vice opens the cell and K'tarr steps out. Vice closes the
door again.
Lucian gives him a lightsaber.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
You're just another dead jedi to
They both ignite their lightsabers.
                       MASTER K'TARR
The dark side never wins.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
I fear that's just a bedtime story
to help the younglings sleep.
Lucian attacks but K'tarr is able to defend from Lucian's
strong blows.
                       MASTER K'TARR
You'll have to do better than
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Very well.
Lucian attacks again but this time manages to just catch
K'tarr with the saber. He clucthes his arm in pain.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Oh, I missed.
Lucian again lunges at K'tarr and K'tarr defends the attacks
again. K'tarr takes the offensive and backs Lucian to the
wall. Lucian dodges a fatal lightsaber blow and stabs
K'tarr in the leg. He falls to the ground. Lucian stands
over him.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
I'm disappointed.
Shan force grabs Lucians lightsaber and slices the cell
door. She kills Vice and then sttacks Lucian. Lucian


dodges the attacks and hits Shan with an uppercut that
throws the lightsaber up in the air. He grabs it and stabs
K'tarr in the chest. Junn remains seated in the cell as
Shan realizes that K'tarr is now dying. Lucian smiles and
exits the scene.
Shan kneels down by K'tarr.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
You can't die. You have so much
more to teach people. So much
more to teach me.
                       MASTER K'TARR
You are the best the temple has. I
have taught you as much as I
could. It is up to you to get the
book. Remember your training. May
K'tarr dies and Shan stands up and turns to Junn still
sitting in the cell.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
I'm going to get that book. What
you do, I don't give a damn.
                       JUNN GALON
Maybe the dark side isn't as bad
as everyone thinks.
Junn gets up and walks past Bastilla exiting the scene.
Junn is walking on the desolate lands of Korriban and he
finds a log and sits down on it.
                       JUNN GALON
      (To Self)
No respect, I am far more skilled
than Bastilla ever will be.
Junn stands up.
                       JUNN GALON
      (To Self)
I'll show her and I'll show the
jedi council. I'll get the book


Junn walks back in the direction he came from and the scene
Beliar and Kavos are standing outside of a cave when Lucian
walks into the scene.
                       DARTH BELIAR
I sense you killed only one of the
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Yes, the other two borke free and
killed Vice.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Disappointing. I guess we'll have
to care of them when they come for
the book.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
My thoughts exactly.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Admiral, take the dark jedi and
make sure the jedi meet a gruesome
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
Yes my lord.
Kavos exits the scene.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Now my friend, we must go get the
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
What are waiting for, then?
                       DARTH BELIAR
Beliar and Lucian enter the cave.
The Jedi Council Members are sitting when a hologram of
Bastilla Shan appears.


                       BASTILLA SHAN
I'm sorry to interrupt, but Captin
Tobin and Commander Onidia are
dead. My Master has also been
                       MIBAR LAK
Are you okay?
                       BASTILLA SHAN
For now, I'm about to go and try
and get the book.
                       KEJOR EVAC
Is Junn Galon with you?
                       BASTILLA SHAN
No, he left. I don't really know
where he is.
                       LORIT GUND
This is terrible news indeed.
                       MALOR VIN
Bastilla, you must try and get the
book. May the force be with you.
The hologram disappears.
                       KEJOR EVAC
I fear all hope may be lost.
Bastilla is walking and the cave is visible in the distance,
when Admiral Kavos and the dark jedi come into view.
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
All alone my dear.
Kavos walks closer to her.
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
You're no match for these
individuals. Just surrender.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Maybe you're right.
                       ADMIRAL KAVOS
Yes, give me the lightsaber.


                       BASTILLA SHAN
Whatever you say.
She ignites the lightsaber in the direction of Kavos and it
goes straight through him. She pulls it out and he falls to
the ground, dead.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
I'm really not in the mood.
The dark jedi attack and they circle Bastilla. She begins
defending numerous attacks from every angle. She jumps out
of the circle and kills two of the dark jedi. They start
attacking again and Bastilla holds them off again, killing a
few more in the process. There are 10 dark jedi left.
Bastilla charges into the group of dark jedi and kills three
more. She uses the force to throw another head first into a
rock, killing him. There are six dark jedi left. The
circle her again and two charge from opposite directions.
Bastilla jumps out of the way and they stab each other.
Bastilla throws her lightsaber and kills two more of the
dark jedi. She duels with the remaining two until another
falls to her blade. It is now a one on one fight which
lasts for about 2 minutes, which has Bastilla cutting his
head off.
The zooms out to show her standing in the middle of a
massacre. She puts the saber away and walks toward the
We see Lucian and Beliar walking through the cave and a
bright light in the distance.
                       DARTH BELIAR
The book.
They walk towards the light and enter a large room within
the cave. In the middle of the room is a podium holding a
large black book. Beliar walks up to it and lifts it up.
The cover has no words or pictures on it.
                       DARTH BELIAR
This is it.
                       BASTILLA SHAN (OS)
Drop the book.
Lucian and Beliar turn to see Bastilla Shan standing in
front of them with her lightsaber out.


                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Stupid. I thought you would've
learned after your master fell at
my hand.
Lucian ignites his saber.
                       DARTH BELIAR
You're too late. The book is
Beliar puts the book down and pulls out his saber.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Killing me is the only way you'll
get that book.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Lucian attacks and Beliar joins in soon after. They fight
for about 3 minutes before Shan force pushes Lucian into a
cave wall. Her and Beliar then begin to fight one on one.
Shan is on the defensive as Beliar is just too powerful. He
clips her with the saber. Lucian is back up and enters the
fray trying to attack her from behind. She turns and cuts
off his non-dominant hand. He falls into the podium and the
book falls to the ground. Beliar and Shan continue to fight
as Beliar again clips her with the saber. The fight
continues and they move toward Lucian who force pushes
Bastilla into the wall which stuns her and the lightsaber
falls out of her hand. Beliar moves closer and goes for a
fatal blow when a lightsaber appears out of nowhere and
stops the killing strike. The camera pans to show Junn
                       JUNN GALON
Not this time.
Junn and Beliar begin to fight with Beliar again getting the
upper hand. Lucian comes over and is now fighting with one
arm. He begins to fight Bastilla, who is now back up.
Lucian and Shan continue to fight and they bump into Beliar
and Galon who are fighting. Shan goes for a killing blow
but Lucian ducks and she cuts off Galon's arm. He falls to
the ground and Beliar grabs the book. Lucian then stabs
Bastilla in the leg and he begins to run from the cave with
Suddenly another lightsaber ignites and the camera shows
Kejor Evac standing in front of Beliar and Lucian.


                       KEJOR EVAC
This book will not exit the cave.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Lucian, take the book.
Beliar hands the book to Lucian as Beliar and Evac begin to
fight. Evac is Beliars equal and manages to cut Beliars
hand off. He goes to kill him but Lucian stabs him from
behind straight through the chest. Evac falls to his knees
and then on his face as he dies. Lucian helps Beliar up as
the run out of the cave.
The camera zooms out and we see Junn and Bastilla lying in
pain on the cave floor along with the dead body of Kejor
The ship is on automatic as Lucian and Beliar are looking
over the book. Lucian has a new mechanical arm and Beliar
has a mechanical hand now.
                       DARTH BELIAR
This book contains everything. It
even tells about eternal life.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
We'll be unstoppable.
Lucian goes to the front to check on the ships course. He
exits the screen.
                       DARTH BELIAR
Peace is a lie, there is only
Through passion I gain strength.
Through strength I gain power.
Through power I gain victory.
Through victory my chains are
The Force shall set me free.
Junn and Bastilla are getting fixed with new body parts and
what ever else they need.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
We have to find those two before
they become too powerful.


                       JUNN GALON
You're no match for them. If you
wouldn't have screwed up at the
cave, I'd have killed them both.
Bastilla looks pissed. She punches Junn of the table he was
sitting on.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
Your attitude is going to get you
killed sooner rather than later.
Junn slowly gets up as Bastilla leaves the scene.
                       JUNN GALON
      (To Self)
Bastilla is standing in front of the council.
                       MAGRE HART
The death of Master K'tarr and
Master Evac are unfortunate, but
the bigger picture is about the
                       MIBAR LAK
Darth Beliar and his apprentice
Lucian Atrais have the book. If
we allow them to keep it for any
amount of time, the galaxy is
                       LORIT GUND
They must be taken out and the
book must be brough to the jedi
temple where it can be guarded.
                       MALOR VIN
Bastilla, we understand that
Beliar and Lucian are heading for
the planet of Hoth. You must go
there with Junn and make sure the
book is gotten.
                       BASTILLA SHAN
With all respect, I don't think
Junn is....


                       MAGRE HART
Junn Galon is a very skilled jedi.
He will be a great asset.
                       MIBAR LAK
You two don't get along, we
understand that. However, the big
issue here is not your personal
relationships. It is about the
safety of the galaxy.
                       LORIT GUND
We've already informed Junn about
the mission. You two are leaving
                       MALOR VIN
Good luck.
Bastilla bows and exits the scene.
                       MAGRE HART
This is the last chance we have.
Beliar and Lucian are inside an ice cavern on Hoth and
Beliar is teaching Lucian techniques from the book.
                       DARTH BELIAR
You learn very quick.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
Thats because I'm the best.
An explosion suddenly busts down one of the walls and
Bastilla and Junn walk into the scene with their lightsabers
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
I've got the girl.
The camera follows Lucian and Bastilla as the begin to
fight. Lucian shows some of his new techniques as he uses
force lightening which sends Bastilla into a wall cracking
the ice.
Beliar and Junn are fighting on the other side of the cavern
and Junn manages to get the upperhand early on as he backs
Beliar into a wall. Junn goes to stab him but Beliar moves
and his saber goes through the ice and the camera can see
the ice melting from the heat of the saber.


Lucian and Bastilla continue fighting as Lucian clips
Bastilla's leg with the saber. She falls to one knee and is
defending strong blows from Lucian. The blocks a shot and
slices one of Lucians feet off. He falls to the ground as
Bastilla limps to her feet. She walks over to Lucian and he
sits up and backs away. He blocks some attacks and uses the
force to hit Bastilla with a piece of ice.
                       LUCIAN ATRAIS
You're puttin up a better fight
than your so called master.
Lucian is somehow on his...foot and he picks Bastilla up by
the throat and throws her through a wall.
Beliar and Junn remain evenly matched as they continue the
fighting. Beliar stabs Junn in the arm, but Junn slices
Belars non-dominant hand off. They contineu fighting as
Beliar makes another fatal blow as he stabs Junn in the
stomach with the saber. Junn falls down and appears dead.
Beliar leans back clutching his arm.
In a different location, Bastilla and Lucian are fighting
when Bastilla cuts off Lucians arm. He goes back to an ice
wall as Bastilla puts the saber to his throat. It appears
that Bastilla is thinking twice about the situation when
Lucian force pushes her away. While in mid-air she manages
to throw the saber and it stabs Lucian in the chest. He
slouches down the ice wall and dies.
Beliar enters the room and sees Lucian dead, he also sees
Bastilla knocked out from the force throw. He goes over to
her and gets ready to stab her with his lightsaber. When
all of a sudden a saber goes through his throat. Beliar
drops his saber and falls to the ground as he dies.
The camera shows Junn with a burnt hole in his chest holding
his saber. He also has the book in his other hand. He
falls to his knees next to Bastilla and lays the book next
to her unconcscious body. He dies after doing the heroic
The camera zooms out to show the destruction that was caused
by the book.
The camera shows Junn Galon, Master K'tarr and Kejor Evac in
the cermonial burning that they do alot in movies. The
camera shows Bastilla Shan standing there and a tear rolls
down her face.


We see Malor Vin placing the book in a vault. He sets it
down and leaves the scene. The vault closes.
The camera goes from the jedi temple and goes up to space
when the screen goes black. The credits roll.


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From Shaphan D. Seiders Date 11/14/2012 *
You write too much words. Your idea is good but is too much a central theme. add another plot idea to the script, rewrite your contrived and unrealistic dialogue and you have something. Too many hands are cut off, too many chests are stabbed. The characters have no voices of their own either. This is Star Wars buddy, don't write it half way.

From Armando Barnairtto Date 8/15/2005 ***
Not bad. Not bad at all. I really digged the final battle scene. It was well thought out and well written also. I can tell you are a big star wars fan. The characters are really well built and the story isn't bad either. The only thing that is off about it is it does kind of leave the star wars effect out but no one other than GL can be expected to have that. Otherwise, I enjoyed reading this script alot. Please check out my star wars script called Rise of the Dark Side and leave me some feeback. I would really appreciate it. GREAT SCRIPT!

From Molly Date 8/10/2005 ***1/2
It really didn't have the Star Wars effect, but it was very creative. That should count for some bonus points.

From Paul Shannon Date 8/8/2005 *
it barely seems to follow the star wars line, you could not sell it, but it is written well for what it is. Well Thought out.

From Roy Kaiser Date 8/8/2005 ***
Good story. I recognize a few names from KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 (eg. Bastilla Shan, Tobin). You should read my two Star Wars fan films: Star Wars: The Shadow Threat and Star Wars: Fall of the Sith.

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