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Keeping Kesler
by Alexandra Denton (adenton@cox.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: 1/2
Romantic/Comedy & Work in Progress. Eris and Kesler are two friends who went through high school together in the infamous Orange County. Trying to keep up with the fast paced life and beautiful people of this surreal paradise they held tight to each other and made it to college. The first two years were easy enough but when their third year comes around and Kesler puts in a transfer to a college in France, Eris is left feeling a little uneasy. With only a few months left, Eris goes through the stages of making him guilty for leaving, nonchalantly trying to get him to stay, blatantly begging and finally simply making the best of this already blossomed friendship. Eris and Kesler spend each waking moment with each other, making Keslerís soon to be departure even harder than anticipated.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Yachts, fishing boats, tour boats and ever other boat in
between run in and out of Dana Point Harbor. The ship yard
is packed with boats and people. A family sits on a dock
talking and drinking. A few men and their sons return and
unload from a fishing trip. They dump two chests of yellow
fin tuna into a larger chest to transport it home. A few
children run circles around their mother on a larger boat as
they pack to go out to sea for a few hours.

Five 18-21 year old adults casually board a large yacht as
if they have done this many times before. They are all well
dressed in the most fashionable designer clothing. The three
boys sport Hollister, Armani Exchange and Abercrombie &
Fitch t-shirts while the two girls wear giant Chanel
sunglasses and Loui Vuitton purses. They load the yacht with
two large ice chests and assemble themselves on the boat
before backing out of the dock. The yacht cruises through
the harbor and towards the opening. As the boat passes the
jetty, two figures are seen standing and watching the ocean

One of the figures is a man and the other a woman, Both of
which around the age of 21. The man is on the taller side
and has shorter dusty blonde hair and bright green eyes. The
girl is on the shorter side with golden brown, long hair and
pail blue eyes. Neither of them are extravagantly dressed or
have devistatingly good looks. They both fiddle with rocks
as the yacht passes by. The woman kicks a few rocks as the
man throws them at the sea below.

They look at each other simultaniously and begin to walk off
the ridged jetty and to the main land where an older Honda
Civic retires in a parking space. The man unlocks both doors
from the drivers side and they proceed to get in.
Credits role as the man and woman drive North up the Pacific
Coast Highway. A montage of people shopping, dining, walking
and surfing along the beachside city emerges through the car
window. Many "beautiful people" stroll the streets as the
title softly fades in.

The man and woman turn on a street heading inland to a much
less glamorous side of Orange County although still
maintaining the Southern California glow. They turn into a


neighborhood lined with palm tree clad lawns. Another turn
and they are in an appartment complex. They pull up to a
lone parking spot neslted between a wall and a dumpster.
They both get out of the car and head towards the door.
The woman unlocks the door and pushes it open. She walks
into the living room throwing her self-knit bag onto a
nearby couch. The man does the same, only with his own body.
She enters the kitchen adjacent with the living room and
reaches into the refrigerator. The man lays with his head
upside down off the couch and his feet over the back.
                       KESLER (man)
Do you have any beer?
                       ERIS (woman)
Kesler, you darn well know I don't
have any. Ya know, the first time
you asked, it was funny. The
second time was even funny... but
now its getting a little out of
Why don't you have any beer?
                       ERIS (woman)
You know why.
No really... why not?
                       ERIS (woman)
Don't get me started.
I just want to hear you say it,
Eris turns to face Kesler and throws him a water bottle.
Because I'm not quite 21.
Oh thats right. I remember now.
You're not funny.


Eris walks over to Kesler and throws herself onto the couch,
on top of him, as hard as she can causing him to groan.
That was definately your elbow in
my stomach.
      (looking up at
That was definately my plan.
The two of them sat up on the couch at separate ends. Eris
turns on the television and flips through channels playing
shows like "Laguna Beach", "The OC" and other various
Southern California themed shows. Finally Eris settles on
episode of The Simpsons.
So how ridiculous is it that we
can't go anywhere without being
Come again?
       Kesler's question)
I mean really, we can't even watch
TV without being followed by this
      (showing airquotes)
      (end airquotes)
Oh. Right.
Kesler lunges himself over the back of the couch to the
pantry. He searches for a snack of some sort. He looks at
his watch, shakes his wrist and looks again. Confused, he
looks to the microwave to check the time. His face grows
weary as he falls to the floor and crawls over to the base
of the couch where Eris is sitting. He moans a few times,
but Eris does not act intrested.
You have work in an half an hour.


Kesler rolls over to his back and lies with his tongue out
for a moment before responding. Eris is not amused.
Do I look sick to you?
      (places the back
       of his hand on
       his forehead)
I think I'm dying.
Eris looks down at him closely, arching one eyebrow.
How are you ever going to make in
the world if you don't learn to
stop complaining and earn a
I'm one of the beautiful people. I
shouldn't be required to work!
ERIS picks up the remote and flips quickly through a few
channels. She stops on a comercial for the "Laguna Beach"
DVD release. She points to the television as KESLER sits up
to look.
Kelser, THOSE are the beautiful
people. THOSE people don't have to
work for a living, in fact, they
LIVE for a living and saps like
you and me fund their life. I
could go outside and watch my own
life and be more amused.
KESLER flops his head back down on the floor.
I'm a beautiful people on the
ERIS stands up and taps KESLER on the forehead on her way
I'm sure you are.
I am.
      (jumping up from
       the floor)
I am. I AM!


ERIS begins to place her water bottle in the trash can and
looks at KESLER cynically.
Get out of my appartment.
      (points to the
You have a real job.
KESLER frowns and walks toward the door backwards.
You will make a WONDERFUL nagging
wife for some lucky workaholic man
      (Throwing the
       water bottle in
       his direction)
Get out!
KESLER throws his hands up in defense and continues out the
ERIS looks down to the trash can, realizing its full. She
reaches down and pulls the strings on the side tight, picks
up the water bottle on the way out to take out the trash.
KESLER steps out the front door of ERIS' appartment. He walk
over to a Yamaha street bike parked on the sidewalk by a few
unkempt bushes. He grabs the helmet connected to the foot
peg and straps it on. KESLER pulls a key out of his pocket,
places it in the ignition and turns it until the engine
revs. Smiling, he revs the engine a few more times. Kicking
up the kick-stand he rolls forward getting ready to pull

ERIS is standing on her front step with the bag of trash
still in hand. KESLER laughs and waves before screeching out
of the parking lot and onto the open street.

Simultaniously a small black Ford Focus pulls up into a


parking spot on the other side of the dumpster. ERIS heads
in that direction. A tall, thin, dark auburn haired woman
steps out of the car. She pulls a brief case out of the back
seat and nearly falls over as she catches her high heel on
the back of her long pants. ERIS laughs and throws the bag
into the dumpster.
That was lovely, Grace.
Ironic isn't it. You mother must
have loved cruel irony. How did
she know that your height would
cancel out your coordination?
GRACE takes a deep bow towards ERIS and they begin to walk
back towards the front door.
Well you know my mother. She's a
Oh right. (pause) Like you.
GRACE swings her briefcase lighty at ERIS' leg. ERIS laughs
playfully as the two walk into their appartment.
GRACE is standing over the stove stirring a boiling pot of
noodles. ERIS is standing over the sink washing lettuce
then chopping it up for a salad. They both set the small
dinner table and sit down across from each other.

GRACE, contrary to her name, stuffs her face full of bread
drenched in butter and garlic. ERIS shakes her head at the
      (mouth full,
       pointing her fork)
You know (chews and swallows) for
a paid attorneys lackey...
      (interupting with
       her mouth full)
Intern. I'm a paid intern.


      (stabbing her food)
Right intern. (pause) For a paid
attorney's intern, you're a mess.
What?! I'm a mess?
      (waving her fork)
I am employed. You work like twice
a week. You're lucky I let you
live here.
Let me live here? I put in my fair
share. And I'm in school thank
you. Third year of college. I need
to finish so that I can get to
medical school. I'm taking my
GRACE takes another bite of food and waves her fork
aimlessly. She picks up her glass of milk and takes a swig,
clears her throat and continues the brutality.
Medical school. Pshhfff!! You're
going to be a vet! I hardly call
that medical school.
      (taking a large
Now, Kesler, he's got plans!
Kesler doesn't know what he's
doing for school. He has
absolutely no angle.
Really? Hmm... he seems like
someone who would.
Ha. Not Kesler. He's a tad idiotic
when it comes to planning. He
never has any clue on what's going
on and what to do.
It's ok. He's cute.
ERIS gives a discusted face. GRACE shrugs at her reaction.


Grace, he's my best friend. My
best friend from high school. And
if we've made it this many years
without an attraction to each
other, there will never EVER be
Ah, but this year isn't over. It's
only the begining of August.
ERIS shakes her head. They continue to eat in silence.
GRACE and ERIS sit on the balconey of their appartment.
GRACE is holding a bottle of water while ERIS is reading
from a veteranary information guide. Both of them are
dressed in oversize t-shirts and sweats.

A loud hum comes from up the street, then a screech in front
of the house. The hum stops and footsteps are heard. Their
front door squeaks open then slams. GRACE jumps out of her
seat and hussels inside. ERIS follows slowly behind still
reading her book.
GRACE comes stomping into the living room staring at KESLER,
who just walked in, helmet still in hand.
Kesler, go home. You don't live
Nice to see you too.
The pleasures is mine.
      (still reading)
Hey, Kes. What are you doing here?
KESLER runs over to ERIS, pulls the book from her hands, and
shakes her by the shoulders. ERIS' eyes are wide with


Kesler stops shaking her and runs his eyes over her
You need to change. Um.. I'll help
      (sinking her
GRACE is standing behind ERIS with a bewildered look on her
face. She then laughs.
Are you gonna undress her too? If
so, me next!
GRACE raises her hand and shakes it in the air. ERIS hits
her in the arm with the back of her hand.
Kesler, calmly explain to me what
you are talking about.
KESLER has walked into a room down a short hallway. Clothes
begin to fly out of the room into where they are standing.
KESLER walks back into the room, wide eyed and bouncy.
Jeans, long sleeve shirt, jacket.
      (he thinks a
       moment then snaps
       his fingers)
Shoes. Duh.
GRACE and ERIS look at each other, confused by KESLER's
current attitude.
Kelser, what are you doing?
We're going.
I can't tell you. It's a surprise.


ERIS shakes her head and picks up her clothes that now lay
all over the floor. She heads into the bathroom and changes
quickly. She walks out and KESLER throws his helmet at her.
ERIS looks concerned.
Its ok, I have another one.
KESLER is standing next to his motorcycle while ERIS and
GRACE are still on the front porch. GRACE looks over to ERIS
and whispers quiety.
So if he seduces you, you've got
to tell me EVERYTHING.
GRACE! No, god. You know we're
just good friends.
Its not official till January 1st.
ERIS walks away and climbs onto the back of KESLER's
motorcycle. She wraps her arms around his waist in a death
grip. KESLER screeches, again, away from the parking lot.
GRACE watches a moment then walks into the appartment.
KESLER and ERIS pulls into a parking lot next to a boat
dock. He shuts off the bike and steps off, helping ERIS off
first. She pulls off her helmet and looks around. KESLER
grabs her arm and heads toward the dock.

Two kayaks are sitting on the end of the dock with two ores
next to them. KESLER runs to the end and motions for ERIS to
come quicker.
Check it out. I met this guy while
I was working, he said we could
use 'em tonight. The red tide is
in. It'll look like its glowing
underneath us.


I think you're crazy.
I think you love it.
      (smiling widely)
I think you're right.
KESLER pushes his kayak into the water and jumps in quickly.
ERIS is already in the water. They begin to paddle out. The
water glitters a neon blue where the paddles run through the

ERIS and KESLER begin racing and splashing. The water
reflects the moonlight as they continue towards the middle
of the harbor.
ERIS opens her eyes slowly. She's in a bed covered in white
linens. The room is of average size. The walls are white,
but covered in posters and pictures. The posters are of
bands and surfers. ERIS is featured in most of the pictures.
Some look like family, others are old friends, but the
majority of them are of KESLER. The floor is littered with
clothes and cd's.

ERIS slowly wakes up and stretches. She pulls down the
sheets and looks to the clock hanging on the wall across
from her. It's 7:15. ERIS stands up. She wearing an oversize
shirt and pajama shorts. She walks out of the room.
ERIS rubs her eyes and walks into the kitchen. GRACE is
sitting at the table, already dressed, with a bowl of cereal
in front of her. She has the newspaper folded back to the
business section. ERIS heads to the refrigerator and pulls
out the milk. She pores herself a glass and an orange. She
walks to the table and sits across from GRACE with her feet
pulled underneath her in the chair.


I don't believe in this so called
good morning.
Thats cute. Real cute. (pause) So
when did you get back last night.
I think it was about 11:30 or so.
You work today huh?
When does the vet's office open?
How many times have we been over
this. It doesn't matter. I'm the
late shift anyway.
When do you sign up for classes?
Soon.. I just have to decided what
to take. I need a history and a
humanities and something else...
So you could be done this
No. I have like a bunch more
english to finish. So it'll take
me all year.
GRACE had been reading her paper the whole time and finally
looks up at ERIS.


Ya know, I finished school in five
years. For a law student, thats
amazing. I'm aleady and intern and
should be getting into a practice
within the next year.
Grace, you're three years older
than me. And this whole vet thing
could take up to seven years or
more. Depending on what I want to
do with it.
You really need to get on track
with this.
You're starting to sound like my
Suddenly the phone rings. ERIS looks at GRACE with a worried
face. She stands up to get the phone. ERIS looks at the
caller ID first.
Speak of the devil.
      (answers the phone)
Hi Mom.
                       LISA (Mom, v.o.)
Hey honey. How are you?
Tell Lisa hi for me!
Oh, Mom, Grace says hi.
                       LISA (v.o.)
Oh hi back.
      (over her shoulder
       to GRACE)
Hi back.
GRACE smiles.


So, lovie. How are you doing.
Wait, we already did that. How's
school... no you don't start until
later. Hmmm.. what was I calling
ERIS paces around the appartment fiddling with things lying
around on the counters.
I don't know Mom.
Oh right. Well, I was going to
tell you... I don't remember.
Thats great Mom.
Uh, I'll just call you later when
I remember.
Ok. I'll talk to you later.
Bye sweetie.
The phone clicks and ERIS hangs up. GRACE is laughing at
ERIS distorted expression.
I think I should just go back to
Good idea. I have to go to work.
The phone rings again. ERIS and GRACE look at each other.
ERIS sighs and picks up the phone, checkin caller ID first.
She answers, but before she can say hello, a familiar voices
come blaring out of the phone.
                       KESLER (v.o.)
HEY!! Let's go to breakfast. I'm
getting gas in the bike right now,
I'll be there in a few.
Kesler. Crimony. I'm not dressed.


He could always dress you.
      (to GRACE)
Shut up Grace!
      (to KESLER)
Fine, but I'm driving MY car.
Oh fine, bye.
The phone clicks and ERIS stares blankly at it. She hangs it
back up on the dock and walks towards her room.
Its too early for this.
GRACE laughs at ERIS, and begins cleaning the table.
ERIS and KESLER sit quietly at a booth. ERIS looks half a
sleep and KESLER is playing with the salt and pepper shakers
humming John Mayer "My Stupid Mouth".

The waitress walk to the table and puts down two glasses of
water. She asks for their order.
How you two doing? What can I
The waitress talks out the side of her mouth and pops her
gum loudly after her initial question. ERIS laughs lightly,
looks away and tries not to let her know.
Uh, I'll have two pancakes,
hashbrowns, and orange juice.
Thats easy. Be back in a few.
The waitress turns away and yells to the cook in the


HEY BILL!! I need two flaps meals
with dirty potatoes!
ERIS can't hold it in any longer and bursts out laughing.
She lays her head on the table face down in the crook of her
arm, muffling her laughter. KESLER is motioning to be quiet
and laughing at the same time.

The waitress returns with two glasses of orange juice and
gives a boggled look. She turns and walks away, tripping
slightly on the rug which just encourages ERIS' hystarics.
KESLER breaks out laughing also, forcing the two of them to
look like raving lunatics to the rest of the restaurant.

Just moments later, their food comes to the table. The
waitress plops the plates down with ketchup. She glances at
their faces quickly and turns to leave. ERIS giggles some
more. KESLER begins to butter his pancakes. ERIS grabs the
syrup almost knocking over her orange juice. KESLER grabs it
before it falls off the table and glares at her.
You're embarrassing.
ERIS giggles some more and goes to poor syrup on her pancake
almost missing. KESLER drops his head and begins to eat
quickly. ERIS finally gets to eating. After a few bites, she
decideds she's done. KESLER laughs, grabs the check the
waitress placed on the table and they head to the cashier.
They leave quickly, while the whole restaurant watches.
ERIS and KESLER walk nonchalantly down main. ERIS has her
arm wrapped through his. Both of KESLER's hands are in his
pockets. ERIS has her head burried in his arm, her shoulders
are shaking with laughter. KESLER is laughing also. The two
of them continue down the street walking by various stores
and people. A man stops them and thrusts a brochure at them
that reads "God's Plan For You" in bold letters across the
God has a plan!!! Premarital sex
is not part of it!! Listen, read,
take this!
The man throws a few brochures at them and throws his arms
in the air.


A couple like you, should not be
even touching each other.
Uh, actually, we're just good
ERIS giggles and KESLER nods in agreement. The man looks at
them baffled, and walks away. He forcefully picks up a few
brochures from the ground and moves onto the next victims.
ERIS and KESLER break into horendous laughter.
ERIS sits on the couch staring blankly at the television and
swirling a spoon in a glass of chocolate milk. She blinks
hard and shakes her head. The front door slams and footsteps
are heard stomping into the living room. ERIS continues
twirling her spoon and doesn't look away from the t.v.
Hard day?
You would not believe.
      (takes a deep
First off, the guy I'm working
ERIS meanwhile has placed her her glass of chocolate milk on
the table. As GRACE reaches, "The guy I'm...", ERIS throws
her hands up in the air in protest.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. I DO
NOT want to hear your deranged
stories about your boss.
ERIS changes character a moment, and in a mocking voice and
swinging her hips and throws her hands around, delivering a
beautiful rendition of Grace.
      (high, exagerated
First off, the guy I'm working for
is horrendous. He's just crazy. He
keeps hitting on me, and staring
at me and its just driving me


                       ERIS (cont'd)
crazy. BUT THEN, he's got this
adorable face and a perfect butt.
Oh man, so I decided, if I suck up
a little he'll raise my pay, and
then keep me after my internship
is over....
ERIS changes back to herself, and stares intently at GRACE.
So I slept with him.
GRACE stands in shock. Her jaw has dropped, practically
hitting the floor. She shifts her weight a few times,
swinging her hips, with one hand on one hip and the other
hand in the air gesturing. She opens her mouth to speak a
few times but fails. Finally she relaxes.
Yeah, but I'm going to get the
raise and he'll keep me after.
(pause) Plus, I'm offended. I did
not sleep with him... I let him
sleep with me.
GRACE throws her hands up in defense.
Eris, I'm kidding. I was going to
say... that boss of mine, is
married to the most horrible
woman. She has a big head and bad
hair. She bossed me around the
whole day. I think she controlls
Most wives do.
The two of them stare at each other for a long five seconds,
they then proceed to burst into uncontrollable laughter.
Grace buckles and the knees, and drops to the floor with her
face burried in the carpet, still trembling with laughter.
ERIS begins to catch her breath and heads over and sits
herself down next to GRACE. GRACE crawls towards her, laying
her head in ERIS' lap. GRACE giggles a little more and ERIS
runs her fingers through her hair.


You've had a hard day, huh?
      (muffled in ERIS'
Ok sweetie. Check it out. We're
going out to dinner ok? My treat.
And then, you're calling in sick
tomorrow. We'll go surfing.
Ok, dinner, but I have to work
tomorrow. There's no way around
it. Plus I can't surf anyway.
Ok, but this is going to be a fun
GRACE sits up. ERIS stands and walks towards her bedroom.
GRACE stays, looking pitiful on the floor.
Hey, did you're mom ever call
No, she probably forgot.
They both laugh.
ERIS is standing in the back of her room as far away from
the door as possible. One hand is holding a cell phone to
her ear, then other hand covering the other.
Yeah.... yes tonight... no...
no.... yes everyone.... every guy
you know..... C'mon....
c'mmmoooonnn..... thank you.... k,
ERIS hangs up quickly and throws the phone on her bed. She
walks over to her closet.


ERIS and GRACE walk into the sports bar. A rowdy group of
men are occupying the entire bar, except for two seats place
awkwardly in the middle of them all. GRACE looks hesitant,
but ERIS continues forward anyway. As GRACE sits down,
KESLER turns to her, causing her to jump.
Well 'gooday.
God, Kesler.
ERIS smiles at KESLER and he winks back. GRACE looks shocked
but pleasantly. She begins to look around, seeming to
recognize people. ERIS interrupts the silence.
We thought we'd get a few people
together. Ya know, to end a day
off right.
You're kidding.
Not one bit.
GRACE smiles with a full set of teeth. ERIS laughs.
Hey, Eris, why don't you order us
a round of beers.
Hey bartender!
KESLER raises his hand then lowers it when the bartender
agknowledges him. KESLER leans forward and squints at his
name tag.
Well, Chris... this lady next to
      (points at Grace)
She's had a rough day. Get her
what she wants.
GRACE smiles and blushes a bright red.


Rough day, eh? First drinks free.
Thanks. Uh, martini.
The works?
KESLER smiles at ERIS, who returns the gesture. GRACE looks
genuinely happy for the first time all night.
KESLER, ERIS, GRACE and various other people are sitting
around in another appartment. There is a large sterio system
and a massive big screen. Everything is a mess. There are
clothes drapped over a few chairs and dishes stacked in the
sink. The pantry has been left open and is virtually empty.
KESLER, ERIS and GRACE are strewn across the living room:
GRACE on the couch, KESLER in a chair, and ERIS on the
floor. GRACE burbs loudly and the other two laugh another
man who is sitting up agains the wall. GRACE has obviously
been drinking, KESLER looks buzzed, while ERIS is completely

ERIS is laying on her stomach, looking at a few magazines
sitting under the coffee table. The man against the walls is
watching ERIS. He could easily be described as tall, dark
and hansome. He has dark hair, tan skin, and light brown
eyes. He looks Latino. He is dressed in a Volcom t-shirt and
straight leg jeans; he's as pretty boy as they come. KESLER
looks at him.
Hey, Jake. Do we have any water
Yeah, they're in the bottom of the
You want one?
Yeah, sure.


Cool. Think you could grab me one
when you get up?
You're an asshole.
Yeah well.
JAKE stand up and steps over ERIS.
Eris, you want one?
Yeah, thanks.
KESLER watches JAKE with an odd expression as he walks into
the kitchen. ERIS looks at KESLER, then to JAKE, then to
GRACE who has silently fallen asleep on the couch. ERIS
giggles, like she usually does. KESLER looks to ERIS with a
curious face. She simply points to GRACE.
I think this definately made her
day better, or night, or whatever.
I'm not thinking straight.
I noticed. (pause) How long have
you and Jake been friends?
Eh, since high school I guess. I
worked with him and then I quit
and then we ended up having a
class together in our first year
of college.
JAKE walks between KESLER and ERIS, throwing a water bottle
and KESLER and politely handing it to ERIS. He then takes
his original seat against the wall facing ERIS.
Thanks, Jakey-poo.


Shut uUp!
ERIS giggles again. JAKE looks at her inquisitively, studing
her movements.
Have you been drinking too? Aren't
you only 20.
No, she's always like this.
Yeah, and I'm almost 21.
      (in protest)
NO. Nah-uh, not gonna happen.
JAKE laughs. Suddenly GRACE wakes up and looks around as if
she's lost. Her eyes are wide and blood shot. JAKE
instinctively answers her un-asked question.
Bathroom's down the hall, don't
GRACE gets up quickly and stumbles down the hall. The
bathroom door slams shut.
Think she made it?
You better hope so. She misses,
you get to clean it up. Your
KESLER laughs obliviously.


The crowd of people in the appartment have left. All that's
left is ERIS, KESLER, JAKE, GRACE and a mess. GRACE is once
again asleep on the couch. KESLER is sitting in a different
chair tossing a tennis ball in the air. JAKE and ERIS are
sitting at the dinner table playing speed, the card game.
ERIS is laughing still. JAKE is just smiling. KESLER is
watching them from a distance, observing their every move,
as a brother would do. An uproar comes from the table.
Ha ha ha ha HA! I won! In your
JAKE leans back in his chair. They both laugh. JAKE leans
forward close to ERIS' ear, who is leaned forward on the
Wanna go on a walk?
Its past midnight.
I know. What's gonna get you? I'll
be there.
ERIS leans back, thinking a moment. She then untangles her
feet that she was sitting on, finds her sandles and looks to
ERIS and JAKE begin to walk out. ERIS first looks to KESLER,
who just stares. He finally shrugs and shakes his head as if
to say "Whatever you want to do." ERIS smiles and scrunches
her nose, then blows KESLER a kiss. KESLER rolls his eyes.
JAKE hold the door for ERIS and they step out.
ERIS and JAKE walk down the pavement in the full parking
lot. Most of the lights of the appartment windows are off. A


few teenagers are hanigng around outside one appartment
building, goofing off and skateboard.

JAKE walks with his hands in his pockets. He is wearing a
jacket he had grabbed on his way out. ERIS is walking
withher arms crossed, kicking a can she found in the street.
No one says anything at first.
Nope. Just don't feel like letting
my hands dangle.
Wanna pretend to be cold so I can
give you the jacket and make me
feel like I'm doing something
gentlemenly like?
ERIS looks up, cocks her head at him, and scrunches her
Nope. I don't fall for that kind
of stuff anyway.
Ya know, you're killing my chance
to woo you.
Woo me?
Yeah. Woo you. Its a perfect
night. Stars are out, cold breeze.
Perfect setting. I can see it now.
Perfect setting, eh? So how would
that play out.
JAKE thinks a moment, then suddenly jumps in front of her
with dramatic arms.
We walk down the street. You
      (in a deep voice)
Are you cold?
      (in a high voice)


                       JAKE (cont'd)
Yes, a little.
      (in a low voice.)
Here, take this.
JAKE takes off the jacket and puts it back on without his
arms in the sleeves.
So we continue walking. Small talk
mostly comes up and suddenly I say
something that you can extremely
relate to you with. You never saw
it coming
Like what?
Well. Orange County. I've lived
here my whole life. No one
understands it like a native. I
can see by your look. Obvious
Californian, but not in a rich
sort of way. You are one of those
who's grown up on these very
streets and beaches, among all of
the beautiful people. It never
occured to you that there were
more of you out there, except for
dear Kesler. Good guy he is. Best
friends I see.
Alright. So you have that figured
out. (pause) When's the wooing
come in?
Let me get there! (pause) More
talking and such, we've hit a
medium. Maybe even a road block, a
break in communication, somethign
of the sort. We stand staring at
each other idly. I wrap my arms
around your waist, one hand on
your cheek, just like the movies,
and kiss you lightly at first. You
can't help but respond. You're
weak at the knees. You can't
believe this is you standing in my
arms. You're charmed by me.


JAKE pulls himself out of his story telling mood and shrugs
to end the monologue.
Beautifully delivered, however...
ERIS stops a moment, while JAKE stares at her face, look
over every detail.
You've missed one thing.
JAKE turns his head, look at her from the side, inquiring
what she is going to say next.
Obviously, by this story of yours,
you've done this before. That,
right there tells me that YOU, my
dear, are a faker. This is not a
genuine story. Every girl that
comes over here get swept off her
feet by that story. I've gone
through those feet sweeping
moments with other guys only to
find their faults. (pause) I don't
play this way. You're in a whole
new ball game, Jake.
JAKE is dumbfounded. His mouth is hanging open and his eyes
are wide. ERIS giggles a little.
Oh, but don't get me wrong. You
are definately charming. (pause)
And no girl, not even me...
especially not me, can resist a
guy with charm.
JAKE looks at her with awe. ERIS returns with a smile. They
turn around and begin to walk back.
KESLER is throwing the tennis ball against the wall. He
begins pacing and is looking very nervouse. He looks to the
clock over the microwave. It read 1:27. KESLER begins pacing
furiously. GRACE is sitting on the couch watching him. She
shows small signs of being lightly drunk, and slighty sick.


Where are they?
      (slurring her
Maybe they got lost.
Jake lives here. He's my
roomate... you're drunk, you don't
know what's going on.
GRACE begins to protest, but just shuts her mouth and nods.
She knows its true.

The front door is hear opening and shutting. KESLER quickly
slides onto the floor on his back and begins throwing the
ball as to not look like he's been waiting for them. GRACE
begins to laugh uncontrollably and lays down on the couch
out of view. JAKE and ERIS walk in. JAKE hangs up the jacket
that he was still wearing. He looks intregued and slighty
tramatized by the walk. ERIS comes in and lays down next to
KESLER touching his arm with hers.
What's up?
You gonna stay here tonight?
Naw. I need to take GRACE home so
she at least wakes up in a
recognizable place. Plus, she's
supposed to work... but I think
she'll be calling in sick.


ERIS and KESLER look over the couch. From their angle all
they can see is two hands with the fingers pulled together
like mouths. GRACE is mumbling to herself. The two of them
begin to laugh. ERIS rolling over facing KESLER with her
face burried in his shoulder. These laughing fits seem to
happen a lot.

JAKE is sitting in a chair at the table. He looks on at the
two on the floor. He watches them.

ERIS begins to get up and KESLER follows. She grabs her
purse and GRACE's purse.
      (to KESLER)
Help me get her to the car?
KESLER walks over to the couch and picks up GRACE with ease.
GRACE is limp in his arms. He walks to the door where ERIS
has just walked out. JAKE follows.
Both doors to ERIS' car are open. KESLER is putting GRACE in
the passanger side, struggling with her seatbelt, since she
can't seem to sit up.

ERIS head back to the front door. JAKE is standing in the
doorway holding a black jacket. ERIS goes to take it from
him, but before she can get it, JAKE holds part of it,
pulling her towards him as if he is going to kiss her. ERIS
smiles and glances down, then back up to JAKE's face. She
bites her lip and JAKE rolls his eyes back giving a weak
That was too cute.
ERIS looks down, and does the whole thing over again,
unintentionally, however. She smiles, and pulls the jacket
from JAKE's hands.
You're killin' me, smalls.
ERIS laughs and leans in towards JAKE. JAKE comes the other
half and kisses her lighty and quickly. She pulls away and
raises on eyebrow.


ERIS turns to walk the other way only to see KESLER standing
blankly staring at his two best friends. She walks up to him
and wraps her arms around his neck.
He needed a taste of his own
KESLER puts his arms around her waist reluctantly.
What are you gonna do without me?
What do you mean without you?
Where do you think you're going?
KESLER pulls away and doesn't respond. ERIS' face fades from
a smile to worry.
Kesler, where are you going?
KESLER, agian, ignores her question. ERIS becomes frantic.
Answer me. Where are you going?!
I... I'm leaving in January.
       trying to explain)
I put in a transfer to a school
out there. European countries tend
to pay full ride for students to
do programs at their universities
if they're from out of the
country. I sent one to France....


                       KESLER (cont'd)
I got the transfer. (pause) I've
been offered to go for a full
semester... and an extra year. I
could finish my whole degree
there. Ya know, in linguistics. I
speak French fluently already. I
mean, I took four years of it in
high school and I've continued in
college and am working on German.
Its the perfect opportunity for
me. I'll be taken care of and
finally get to live among the
beautiful people. All of my money
I earn here will be for living
there, plus I don't pay for
tuition or anythign else. Its
ERIS stands in shock. She watches him talk emphatically
about his plans. When KESLER finally stops ERIS is still
silent. She looks back at JAKE who is looking on.
I, uh, wanted to tell you sooner.
I just didn't know how you would
take it...
We'll talk later.
ERIS turns and walks to the car dazed. KESLER watches her.
He turns and walks to the door where JAKE is standing.
KESLER stops in front of him.
So does this make her free game?
KESLER scowls and pushes forcefully past JAKE. JAKE winces.
JAKE stands and watches and ERIS backs out to drive away.
She take one last look at JAKE before leaving. JAKE turns
and walks into the house.
ERIS stirs two heeping spoonfulls of sugar into a mug of
coffee. The clock on the microwave reads 12:04. ERIS
proceeds into the living room. GRACE is sitting on the couch
with a cloth on her head. ERIS hands the coffee to her.


      (handing over the
I'm really sorry for all that
happened last night. I shouldn't
have let you...
No no no. Hush. I drank. It was
me. Thank GOD you didn't. Plus, I
didn't want to go to work anyway.
ERIS smiles, looking relieved. ERIS begins to walk away as
GRACE continues to talk.
I wasn't as gone as you think.
      (takes a sip)
I simply act like an idiot.
(pause) I knew you went on a walk,
and I...
... I heard what KESLER said. In
fact I think the whole complex
did. No matter...
ERIS stops in her tracks, as if she just now remember what
happened. She sits on the floor right where she was standing
with the same shocked look she had last night.
ERIS stops in her tracks, as if she just now remember what
happened. She sits on the floor right where she was standing
with the same shocked look she had last night.
He's really leaving.
Yeah. Didja think you were
dreaming? I mean you were sober.
I did think I was dreaming.
ERIS stands up and hurries over to the couch. She sits down
and pulls a pillow up to her face begins to sob into it,
shaking her head.


No, no no no no no no no no no no
      (look up)
Please tell me it didn't happen.
It didn't happen.
Oh, God, it did happen.
The phone suddenly rings. ERIS glances to GRACE quickly.
ERIS rushes up to the phone looking at the caller ID. Its
flashing "Owen K." over and over.
Its him.
Answer it!
ERIS drops the phone to the floor.
JAKE is standing with the phone to his ear. He makes faces
as it continues to ring. The answering maching begins to
pick up, and JAKE instantly hangs up. JAKE looks over to
KESLER who is sitting on the kitchen counter.
No answer.
Must be at lunch, or the beach.
JAKE nods his head slowly.
Can I have her?
Kesler, she's amazing. I don't
even know what to do with myself


                       JAKE (cont'd)
when I'm with her. I know I've
hung out with her before, but
something about last night. She
was raw, and brutal and tore me
What about that is desirable?
You tell me, You hang out with her
all the time.
KESLER scowls as JAKE continues in his rant.
No one ever talks down to me.
Especially girls. She's nothing
I've ever met. She totally used my
own logic against me and then
pulled it all together at the end
of the night.
Jake, if you haven't noticed. She
was trying to beat you at your own
game. She knows that you are just
another pretty boy. She doesn't
fall for that.
You mean she...?
Yes, Jake, she was just playing
with your head.
JAKE looks to the floor thinking a moment. His face quickly
brightens up and he continues, again.
That makes her even better!
KESLER pulls his hand to his forehead and shakes it back and
She's the first girl to beat me at
my own game. I have to have


Ya know, make her mine. Would that
bother you?
KESLER shakes his head no and JAKE practically skips into
his bedroom off the hallway. KESLER looks at the phone
sitting on the counter next to him where JAKE left it. He
picks it up and pushes redial.
The phone rings, startling ERIS. She looks at the caller ID
that it once again flashing "Owen K.". She hesitates a
moment, then answers.
                       KESLER (on the phone)
Don't hang up on me ok?
KESLER is still sitting on the counter with the phone up to
his ear.
                       ERIS (on the phone)
KESLRE stands up and begins pacing around the room trying to
I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I
really am. I should have. I
probably should have consulted you
first because I know that you
would have done that for me.
ERIS nods her head in agreement, still in silence and


                       KESLER (on the phone)
The problem was, I had a limited
time to get my resume in. I had to
do it fast. In fact no one knows
that I've done this, except for
you. Well, Jake too now, and I
don't know what Grace heard. But
you are the only ones.
When did you plan on telling me?
                       KESLER (on the phone)
Soon. I had recieved the
acceptance letter two days ago.
I didn't mean to keep it from you.
In fact, I wasn't sure I was going
to accept it. I decided that
that's what needed to happen
though. I needed to take the
initiative. I need to take
controll and do what needs to be
done in order get my life on track
because at this rate I'll be
working at the chopper shop for
the rest of my life.
The phone is silent. KESLER waits for a reply from ERIS, but
when she doesn't answer, he makes one last desperate move.
Please forgive me, Eris. I won't
be able to live with myself
without your support.
ERIS is sitting on the couch, thinking. She wipes her eys
with one hand. She look down to her hand; there's mascara
streamed across. A solitary tear falls from her one eye.


                       KESLER (on the phone)
Yeah you forgive me?
Yeah as in, yes I'm here. And
right now I don't know if I can
forgive you quite yet. I
understand that you need to go and
do something for yourself, but I
am sooo upset that you told me in
the way that you did. You really
didn't tell me, I just happened to
stumble upon it. We'll talk later.
No answer.
I'm not mad. I'm just not in the
ERIS pulls the phone from her ear and hangs up.
KESLER hears the phone click, and looks down as he drops the
      (to himself)
She'll never forgive me.
KESLER and ERIS are standing face to face having what seems
to be a serious talk.
I forgive you. I really do.


You do?
Yeah, I mean, you ARE my best
friend. I have to be supportive
You don't have to be.
Just let go. I forgive you.
(pause) Now tell me about this
transfer you got.
KESLER looks shocked. ERIS smiles at him, awkwardly, but
KESLER relaxes and begins to explain.
ERIS is stomping back and forth, pacing hard and throwing
her arms in all directions. GRACE watches her while eating a
bowl of grapes.
He's leaving. Even after FORGIVING
him, he's going to leave. I
figured if I did the whole,
      (changes the
       fluctuation in
       her voice)
I forgive you. Its ok. I support
      (returns to anger)
He would change his mind and tell
      (in a low voice)
Oh no, Eris, I couldn't leave you.
I can't do that to you.
      (returns to anger)
BUT NO! He goes on to give me
every BLOODY detail of that god
forsaken transfer and country
and... UGH!
ERIS flops onto the floor with her head burried in her


Now what?
GRACE half swallows and speak with her mouth full.
You could seduce him.
ERIS looks up with her arms still wrapped around her knees
on the floor.
Well, you could find out what he
likes in a girl. Well, I'd think
you'd already know by now, but you
could do that and become that, and
maybe he'd want to stay for you.
So he won't stay because I'm his
best friend but simply because
he's actually attracted to me?
GRACE nods.
That's pathetic.
GRACE and ERIS think a moment.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
GRACE and ERIS are walking towards a clasual restaurant from
the parking lot. ERIS stops GRACE and stands in front of
her, looking stressed.
Ok, so when we go in, we'll chat
like regular. Right after we


                       ERIS (cont'd)
finish eating I'll say "excuse me"
and leave for the restroom. You'll
have about five minutes to drill
him. I mean, DRILL him.
Personality, looks, clothes,
desires.. everything.
Eris, we've gone over this.
I know but...
Shhh... we've gone over it like
fifteen times. I know what to do.
I'm the queen of gossip.
ERIS looks down at her feet. She blushes and GRACE just
laughs. They walk into the restaurant together.
GRACE, ERIS, KESLER, and JAKE sit at a table. There are
empty plates with half eaten food sitting all over.
Multipule glasses of what are laying around. They are
leaning back like anyone would after a good meal. JAKE and
ERIS are sitting on the edge of the booh. ERIS begins to
shuffle in her seat. She gives a good hard stare at GRACE,
then begins to stand, clutching her purse at the same time.
Be right back.
ERIS gives one last glance at GRACE and begins to turn away.
No one gives a response. GRACE stares at KESLER while he
plays with his leftover food. JAKE looks to where ERIS
turned a corner towards the bathroom. He looks to KESLER and
GRACE, then stands and leaves without saying a word.
Where's he going?
So, Kesler... what kind of girls
do you like? Looks, personality?
The whole shi-bang.
KESLER was caught off gaurd. He stutters a moment, then
proceeds to answer the question.


ERIS adjusts her shirt in the mirror. She pulls out various
make-up items, trying to stall. She's shaking and nervously
looks to the bathroom door over and over again. She finally
finishes up with her make-up, smooths her hair and adjusts
her shirt one last time. She sighs in the mirror and turns
to walk out.
ERIS steps outside the door and is startled by JAKE who is
leaning on the nearby wall. She dropped her purse in the
process and begins to pick up the contents off the floor.
JAKE crouches down to help her. They stand up
Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
      (brushing herself
Its ok, I'm easily scared.
ERIS begins to walk out to where the tables are, but JAKE
grabs her wrist. She jolts to a stops and turns to face him
with one eyebrow raised.
Uh, Eris...
JAKE chokes on his words. ERIS leans towards him, slightly
Well I um, was wondering if you,
uh, wanted to... Well, I mean, we
could go, uh, get, ya know, food
or something.
Cut out all the uh's and the
well's and try again.
JAKE collects his wits and tries again.


Do you think you'd want to go out
to get dinner or something
For a charming guy, I'd think
you'd be more creative. Try again
ERIS turns to walk away while JAKE stays still. He forces
himself forward and catches up with her as they walk to the
table together.
Is it later yet?
ERIS laughs and continues towards the table.
...thats about it.
KESLER and GRACE look to ERIS and JAKE as they reach the
      (breaking the
Ready to go?
ERIS is sitting at GRACE's feet. GRACE is on the couch.
Will you stop torturing me and
tell me what he likes? I'm already
sacrificing myself for a
friendship.. this is just making
it worse.
Ok fine.
ERIS looks nervous and anxious all together.


Sophisticated, cultured, driven
and funny. He likes shorter girls,
which is good for you and...
Well what??
This is the part you're not going
to like.
ERIS looks nervous but is still wide eyed and dying to know.
He likes girls with short hair.
Oh, c'mon. It can't be that
He kept raving on and on about how
he loves girls with short hair.
Not like short short, but shorter.
ERIS sighs deep and leans back, laying on the floor.
Where do you get your hair done?
GRACE's jaw drops.
The HAIRDRESSER is working frantically on ERIS' hair,
although you can't see it yet. GRACE is standing nearby with
a hand underneath her chin. ERIS hasn't seen herself either.
The HAIRDRESSER grabs the hairspray off of the counter and
sprays wildly. GRACE coughs a little. The HAIRDRESSER spins
ERIS around so that she can see herself in the mirror. Her
hair is an adorable layered cut that sits at the lowest just
below her chin. Its styled and flipped out at the ends.
GRACE claps her hands and smiles. ERIS sits staring at the
image in the mirror.


ERIS is sitting in her car outside KESLER's appartment. She
is on the phone.
Yeah, Kes, I'm outside your
appartment... I told you I was
driving and I would be here
now.... Ok, ok. I'll just come
in.... Bye.
ERIS grabs her purse and steps out.
ERIS stands up and locks the car door. She is wearing a deep
brown a-line, knee length skirt, with a conservative jacket
of the same color, with a tan shirt showing through
underneath with inch and a half brown sequinced pumps. Her
hair is styled the same as at the hairdresser's.

She walks towards the door, and raises her hand to know.
After knocking, she smooths her skirt before the door is
opened. The door is heard being unlocked from the inside and
then opened. JAKE stands in the doorway. He stares a second
and then realized who it is.
Eris? Wow.
Oh, ha. Thanks.
You look beautiful. And you're
hair is...
JAKE stands admiring her and looks her up and down.
It suits you.
Thanks. I wasn't so sure about it
at first.
Oh no, its perfect.
JAKE leans in to give her a hug and kisses her on the cheek.
He then moves out of the way so that ERIS can step inside.


Come on in. You don't need to be
ERIS and JAKE walk into the living room just as KESLER comes
walking out from his room. He stops and looks at ERIS for a
moment. ERIS just stands there smiling and standing
unnaturally straight. KESLER smiles but doesn't say a word.
      (breaking the
Doesn't she look amazing?
Well, uh, your hair is... yeah.
You look good.
KESLER turns away and ERIS scowls. JAKE puts his hand on the
small of her back and whispers into her ear.
He just doesn't know what to say.
ERIS turns her head to look at JAKE and just nods. She then
steps away and begins to follow to where KESLER went, which
was into the bathroom. KESLER stands in front of the mirror
adjusting his hair. She smiles at him trying to be as
seductive as possible, but KESLER doesn't notice.
You ready?
      (caught off gaurd)
Uh... yeah. Yeah ok.
KESLER walks past ERIS into the living room to grab a
jacket. ERIS follows, looking dissapointed. While KESLER is
facing the other direction and JAKE is out of sight she
puffs her self up and gives her self a confidence boost. She
shakes out her hands and arms and rolls her shoulders. She
then maintains composure, grabs KESLER by the hand, and
leads him towards the door.


ERIS and KESLER sit awkwardly at a small table in a corner
of a dimly lit restaurant. KESLER is playing with his napkin
and ERIS tries making eye contact with him, unsuccessfully.
She then clangs her fork against her water glass. When
KESLER looks up she blushes and treats it like an accident.
She then rests her chin on her hand and smiles. KESLER looks
at her, smirking awkwardly and looks away. At this response
she sighs to herself and rolls her eyes.

They sit at the table for another moment without speaking to
each other. KESLER looks up as ERIS looks down, then the
rolls reverse multipule times. They finally reach eye
contact and smile sheepishly. ERIS looks down, then musters
up the courage to speak.
So, I was reading an artical in
the newspaper today that was
talking about how our economy is
down. It was blaming it on...
You don't get a newspaper.
ERIS looks at him with her mouth open. She shuts it and
looks up as the waitress places their dinner salads on the
table. They both poke at their salads.

ERIS tries to get a tomato on her plate. As she stabs it, it
slips and rolls off the table and into the middle of the
isle. She looks up to see if KESLER saw, but he was still
playing with his salad. She bites her lip and continues.
The main course is brought out. ERIS and KESLER sit looking
at the food that is presented so nicely neither of them want
to mess it up. ERIS pokes her fork into a piece of her stake
and begins cutting it with her knife. The stake slips off
onto her tan shirt, leaving a dark stain. She sits up,
trying to stay under controll. She looks at KESLER who is
desperately trying not to laugh. She stands up to leave.
Excuse me.
KESLER nods his head and smirks.


ERIS stomps into the bathroom pulling at her shirt trying to
see just how big the stain is. She mutters something as she
pulls out a bunch of paper towels from the despenser. She
turns on the water and dabs a paper towel under the faucet.
She then dabs the damp towel on her shirt, which sokes up
the water much more than she would have liked it to.

ERIS throws her hands around and then tries to fan the
silver dollar sized wet spot on her shirt. She paces in the
bathroom, catches her heal on a crack in the tile and almost
trips forward. She pulls her heal from the crack to see that
it has broken half of the heal. She grunts at the sight.
      (to herself)
So much for five dollar shoes from
the swap meet.
She continues to dab her shirt with a dry paper towel.
Suddenly the bathroom door opens and another woman enters.
ERIS perks up imidiately and smiles. The woman looks at her
oddly and walks into a stall. ERIS mouths "damn it". She
gathers herself and walks, unevenly, out of the bathroom.
As ERIS swings the bathroom door open she hits a waiter who
was carrying a tray of food. The food flies everywhere and
the waiter falls to the ground. ERIS tries to help but with
an uneven heal, she can't get any balance or leverage to
help him up. A manager comes over motioning her to be calm
and go sit down.

ERIS storms back to the table where KESLER is playing with
his leftover mashed potatoes. ERIS picks up her purse and
pulls out her wallet. She throws four twenties onto the
table. She grabs KESLER by the wrist and storms out of the
ERIS and KESLER get into her car. ERIS pulls off her heals
forcefully and throws them into the back seat. She pulls her
keys out of her purse, starts the car and throws her purse
in the back also. She grabs the angriest cd she owns and
puts it into the cd player.


She pulls out onto the street and is driving with no emotion
on her face, looking straight forward. KESLER looks at her,
then out his window and back to her again. He begins to
chuckle slightly. His chuckle grows to laughter and he is
soon howling with laughter. ERIS still looking very stern
does not find this at all funny. However, KESLER continues
to laugh. ERIS soon cannot help but giggle and is soon
howling with KESLER.
KESLER gets out of the car and walks over to ERIS' side and
opens the door for her. She steps out barefoot, still
giggling. KESLER smiles at her. He reaches out and fiddles
with her hair a little.
I like it.
You do?
It took a little getting used to.
But I do like it. What spurred the
sudden change?
Oh, nothing really.
KESLER smiles and ERIS returns the gesture. He reaches out
and gives her a hug. He heads to the door and she into her
car to drive away.
JAKE is sitting at the table as KESLER walks in. KESLER
pulls of the jacket he was wearing and throws it onto the
couch. JAKE jumps up and begins drilling KESLER on the
What happened? Why were you both
so dressed up? Was it a date? Oh
my gosh you're dating!
Jake! Slow down. It was nothing.
We went to dinner, she completely
flubbed up and it turned out being
really funny.


Flubbed up, like she ruined the
It wasn't a date Jake! She spilled
on herself and tried to fix it in
the bathroom and then broke a heal
and then opened the bathroom door
into a waiter carrying a ton of
Sounds like it was devistating for
her. Maybe I should call and
comfort her.
Crimony, Jake. Just drop it.
KESLER walks off into his bedroom, shaking his head the
whole way. JAKE is left in the middle of the room alone.
It was horrible. I spilled on
myself, made it worse, broke a
heal and ruined someone else's
dinner all in one night.
So did you seduce him?
Does it sound like I did?
Maybe he likes that kind of thing.
You were supposed to have found
that out already.
Yeah well.


We ended up laughing histarically
in car though. And he said he
liked my hair.
Thats a step forward.
I don't think seducing him is
going to work.
No, probably not.
ERIS scowls at GRACE. GRACE shrugs.
I'm thinking silent treatment.
GRACE raises one eyebrow in question. She sits in silence a
moment, then speaks.
Have you tried talking to him
about it?
No. No... no no no. I can't talk
to him about it! He won't listen
to my side. Its going to have to
be his idea. You know how men are.
Eris, this is different. Kesler is
not just any other man. You know
that. I know that. Of all people,
he'll listen to you.
Giving him the cold shoulder is my
solution. He'll come to me.
ERIS is standing over the stove with a spatula in hand. She
is making a grilled cheese sandwich and it appears that no
one else is home. The phone rings and ERIS licks her
fingers. She looks around the kitchen for a towel, but end
up wiping her hands on her jeans. She grabs the phone and
picks up, without checking caller ID.


      (answers phone)
      (on the phone)
Oh. Hi.
Um, I was wondering if you wanted
to look over the class schedule. I
got it like two weeks ago and so
we're running kind of late. I want
to get it done soon. When can you
do it?
ERIS is standing back at the stove flipping her sandwich
over. She looks to the dining table to see a large unopened
envelope addressed to her name from Saddlback College.
Uh, I already registered.
ERIS grits her teeth and stomps her foot, looking frustrated
that she just lied to her best friend.
Oh, well... uh, are there any
classes that I could take with...
Uh, ya know I'm really busy right
now. I need to go. I'll talk to
you later. K? Yeah, bye.
ERIS hangs up the phone without waiting for an answer. She
flips her sandwich onto a paper plate and walks over to the
dining table. She sits down, and directly in front of her is
the college envelope. She shakes her head.
      (to herself)
This is going to be harder than I


ERIS is pushing a cart through the grocery store. She has
only gathered a six pack of soda, a box of genaric cheese
crackers and a loaf of bread. She wonders down the frozen
foods isle when her cell phone begins to ring. She shuffles
through her purse, finally reaches her phone and answers.
I have work in an hour and
forty-five minutes. Wanna get
I'm at the store picking something
up. I'll just have to catch up
with you later.
                       KESLER (on the phone)
What about tonight?
Work, then Grace and I are hanging
out at the appartment.
                       KESLER (on the phone)
I'll come over tonight.
Sorry Kes. Its girls night.
                       KESLER (on the phone)
Eris, is this about me going to...
Hey, gotta go. At the market. Bye.
ERIS hangs up frantically and shoves her phone into her
purse. She pushes the cart to the end of the isle and turns
the corner.
ERIS is standing behind the receptionist's desk. There are
vets and assitants walking throught the lobby. THere's woman
sitting on a bench with her dog, who is barking wildly at a


cat in a kennel across the room. A little boy is holding a
white rat with his mother sitting next to him. ERIS is
answering phones, helping patients and taking payments.

The office door swings open and shuts lightly. ERIS doesn't
pay attention, because she is accustom to the sound. KESLER
walks to the desk and slams his hands onto the table. ERIS
looks at him, surprised. She breathes deep and looks dowm.
She begins to gather papers on the desk and organize,
turning her back from him.
Eris, I'm not playing games.
Me neither.
I know what you're doing.
ERIS turns around to face KESLER. She looks him square in
the eyes.
I'm working. If I mess up here,
I'll never be able to get a good
recomendation and I won't finish
school as a vet or have a job.
If you mess up here?
KESLER sighs and throws his hand up in the air, then back
down on the desk strongly. ERIS winces at the sound. A dog
is heard barking.
Eris, I have no where to mess up.
If I don't take this transfer, I
won't ever get out of this God
forsaken county, state and
Everyone in the office looks at him with crude faces. KESLER
puts up a hand in recognition and nods his head
apologetically. He then turns back to ERIS who is now filing
papers into a cabinet and is facing away from him.
Eris look at me.


I'm busy.
Eris, you have to look at me.
ERIS is heard sniffling while she is sitting on her knees on
the floor. She drops the papers to her side and stands up
ubruptly. She faces KESLER, just as he asked, with a tear
running down her face.
I don't have time for this right
ERIS turns around again to continue her job. KESLER stands
there helplessly for a moment; he turns and leaves.
ERIS is still dressed in her work attire. She is holding her
purse in one hand and keys in the other. She fiddles through
her keys to find one. She then slides it into the lock of
the door. She opens the door and steps inside.
ERIS enters the living room to find a bouquet of yellow
roses places carefully on the coffee table. She walks over
to find a note sitting next to them. She opens the note. It

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. We just need to
talk about this because I don't want to play games over
this. -Kes"

ERIS turns around to see if anyone else is in the
appartment. She takes the roses to the sink and cuts off the
ends, then places them in a vase of water.
ERIS is pacing outside KESLER's appartment. She walks to the
front door and holds her hand up to knock, but then swings
it down to her side. She mutters something, then tries
again, and fails. She finally quits trying to knock and just
pushes to door bell. Footsteps are heard inside and the door
swings open. Its KESLER standing in the doorway.


Can I come in?
KESLER nods at her question. She steps inside and KESLER
closes the door.
ERIS walks in clutching her purse. She places it delicately
on a chair and continues to the couch. She sits down with
her legs side by side and her hands resting on her knees.
KESLER walks towards her, and sits on the other side. The
sit quietly.
I, uh... wanna talk to you
ERIS pauses and looks around the appartment.
Is Jake home?
No. He's out.
Ok. Well, we need to talk.
I've been trying, you've been
avoiding me.
I know. But I'm here now.
Yeah, but...
Are you really leaving?
Is this all this is about?
Answer me. Are you really leaving?


Yes Eris. I've already sent in my
acceptance letter. Look, I'll be
here till January. We'll have
school together and then I'm out
of here. I'll be back to visit.
You leave in January?
Kesler, don't you get it?! I can't
let you leave. You can't leave me
here. I don't know what I'll do
without you around.
KESLER stands up and begins pacing around teh room rubbing
his head.
Eventually you were going to leave
But not until you did. I wasn't
going anywhere. I'm not going
Maybe you should! I've finally
found where I need to be and you
are just going to hold me back.
So now its my fault? I'm holding
you back?!
No, Eris, that's not what I meant.
ERIS stands up to face KESLER, eventhough she is several
inches shorter than him.
What did you mean then? Huh? What
did you mean?!


You're my best friend in the
world. I would never want to make
you upset but then I'd also assume
that you would be there for me to
fall back on. When I found out
what I wanted, I thought you'd be
there to celibrate with me, but I
was wrong. You just can't see
yourself without me around. I'm
starting to see that all those
times I thought I couldn't live
without you, it was really YOU who
could live without me. Well guess
what? I'm out of here, with or
without you on my side.
KESLER stomps into the kitchen. ERIS stands still, with her
eyes wide. KESLER maintains his composure and looks to ERIS
compasionately. She begins to cry silently.
Eris please.
KESLER walks over to her placing his hands on her shoulders.
She shifts her way out of his grip and walks behind him to
get away. He turns to face her. She has her back to him.
ERIS turns to face KESLER. She wipes the tears from her
So now I'm the one who can't do
without you. Its all my fault. I
see. Ok, well I'll do fine without
you. I mean, I've got from now
until January to get used to you
not being around right? I've got
The front door opens and JAKE steps inside. KESLER and ERIS
look over to him; he just smiles.
...and Jake. I'll be fine without
ERIS picks up her purse from the chair and walks to where
JAKE is standing.


I'll take up your offer to go get
something to eat.
JAKE smiles and nods.
I'll drive.
ERIS takes one last look at KESLER who is standing in the
middle of the room helplessly. JAKE glances at him just
briefly. ERIS and JAKE walk out the front door.
ERIS and JAKE get into her car. ERIS pulls down the visor to
look at herself in the mirror on the oposite side. She wipes
her fingers underneath her eyes to remove any unwanted
make-up. She pulls out lip gloss from her purse and applies
it to her lips quickly. The whole while JAKE has been
watching her every move. She puts her make-up back into her
purse and puts in on the back seat. She looks to JAKE and
Sorry you had to walk in right
Its ok. If I didn't, you two might
have killed each other.
ERIS giggles lightly.
So what can we go do that will
make you feel better?
The beach.
ERIS turns the key in the ignition and throws it into
reverse; again into drive and they pull away.


ERIS and JAKE cross the street to Main Beach in Laguna
Beach. They walk along the side walk a moment, passing a few
basketball courts. Both courts are full of sweaty men who've
obviously been playing a long while. Someone shoots a basket
and misses which is followed by a group "oh" from the other
players. ERIS giggles and Jake just gives a crooked smile,
not even looking at the players.

They step onto the beach. ERIS and JAKE both pull off their
Rainbow sandals and step onto the cooled sand. The beach is
unusually empty for a late summer's day. ERIS heads towards
the shoreline and JAKE follows. She picks up a stick on the
way, and sits on a pile of soft sand. JAKE hangs back a
moment, then finally joins her on the sand.
The sun will be going down soon.
      (looking down)
Its always nice to have someone to
watch a sunset with.
ERIS suddenly begins to cry. JAKE looks at her, not knowing
what to do. He moves his arm to put around her shoulders but
pulls it back again, unsure of her reaction. He sits
helplessly when she suddenly leans into him, crying on his
shoulder. He looks at her, and places his arm softly on her
shoulder, slightly stroking her short hair. ERIS continues
to convulse in sobs.
Hey. (pause) Hey. C'mon now.
(pause) Eris look at me.
ERIS looks up at JAKE with tears running down her face. JAKE
takes his other hand and wipes away the tears. He them
smiles softly.
Do you want to talk about it?
I don't know.


JAKE looks to the ocean waves crashing on the shore and
removes his hand from her shoulder. ERIS is still looking at
him. She sits up and moves herself so she is sitting closer
to him.
Why are you so nice to me?
      (looking to ERIS)
What does it matter?
      (looking away)
I don't know.
Maybe its because you're nice. Or
maybe its because you've got a
great personality. Or maybe its
just because that hair cut is so
damn cute.
ERIS laughs. She looks to JAKE again and smiles. He places a
hand underneath her chin and moves her head so that she is
looking into his eyes. He moves closer to her and closes his
eyes; ERIS does the same. JAKE suddenly removes his hand and
looks away. ERIS just sits staring.
      (without looking
I'm sorry. I know you're
vulnerable and I don't want you to
think I'm just using you.
JAKE looks up following ERIS' eyes. She smiles quickly. JAKE
just watches her lips, obviously wanting to kiss her.
Don't do this just for me.
I'm not.
JAKE moves in close to her. They kiss lightly at first. JAKE
places his hand around her waist pulling her as close as he
can to his body. ERIS kisses him in return. JAKE places his
other hand on the side of her neck. They pull away
simultaneously in an awkward fashion and smile.


ERIS and JAKE drive up to KESLER's appartment. She parks and
turns the car off. She sits there facing forward. She licks
her lips. JAKE watches her every move. JAKE suddenly turn
her head so she is facing him. ERIS turns away and laughs.
JAKE just smiles. She reaches into her purse and pulls out
chap stick. JAKE laughs loudly. ERIS does the same. She
holds up the chap stick in his direction after she had
applied some.
Want some?
Oh, I want some.
JAKE grabs her hand that is outstreched and pulls her to
him. He kisses her , rubbing his lips against hers. ERIS
laughs and pulls away.
No problem.
ERIS and JAKE sit staring at each other. They exchange
smiles and JAKE goes to get out of the car.
I'll call you.
JAKE smiles one last time. He shuts the car door, and ERIS
goes to drive away.
ERIS and GRACE are sitting at the dinner table. The both
have half full plates of food. ERIS is sitting with one foot
pulled up on the chair, showing her knee above the table.
GRACE is staring wide eyed at ERIS.
You did what?!


I know! I mean, I don' know what
to do.
Do you like this guy?
I don't know. I mean, yes I do,
but at the same time its like...
is this morally wrong?
No, but are you sure you're not
just trying to make KESLER
Why would I do that? We're best
You cannot sit here and tell me
that you've NEVER thought of you
and Kesler spending forever with
each other.
Its crossed my mind.
Is there a chance you're maybe
trying to get him jealous?
I guess. But I didn't do it on
ERIS and GRACE finish their meal in silence. ERIS stands to
place her plate in the sink. The phone rings at the same
time. ERIS grabs the phone. The caller ID reads "Owen K.".
ERIS gives a worried face.
      (answers phone)
Kesler, I don't want to talk to
you right now.


                       JAKE (on the phone)
Well that's good, because its
Oh. Hi. Sorry.
                       JAKE (on the phone)
Its ok. I just wanted to see what
you were doing tomorrow. I'm
thinking dinner and movie. We
never actually got to dinner last
night, because we were, ya know.
      (laughing and
       finishing his
Sharing chapstick?
                       JAKE (on the phone)
Yeah, sharing chapstick. So you up
for it?
Of course.
Awesome. I'll call you tomorrow.
Sleep tight.
You too. Bye.
                       JAKE (on the phone)
ERIS hangs up the phone and looks to GRACE who is eyeing
her. ERIS smiles a crooked smile.
Well maybe you do like him. I
guess you might as well see where
it goes. It could help you cope
with Kelser leaving.


Oh, don't bring that up.
GRACE shrugs and stands to put her dishes in the sink. She
continues over to the couch and sits down. ERIS follows.
JAKE is seen placing the phone back on the carrier. He looks
up to see KESLER standing at the mouth of the hallway
looking at him. KESLER slowly walks into the room. JAKE
turns away to grab a beer out of the refrigerator. JAKE
walks to the couch. KESLER watches him cross the room in
front of him.
What's going on?
Who were you on the phone with?
Oh.. uh... Eris.
Did she call here?
No I called her.
KESLER stands looking confused. He walks over the where JAKE
is sitting and sits across from him. KESLER looks into his
Why were you calling her?
We're going to dinner and a movie
tomorrow. I told you I would make
her mine.


God, Jake. Is this some kind of
game for you? She's not a toy.
She's got enough going on in her
head, she doesn't need you playing
with it too.
KESLER stands up and stomps towards the kitchen.
C'mon Kesler. You know that's not
what I'm after. (pause) What, are
you jealous?
KESLER stops suddenly. He turns to face where JAKE is
Jealous? You think I'm jealous?
She's my best friend!!! Come on,
Bro, we're just going to a movie.
We'll see where it goes from
It better not go anywhere from
there, Jake.
JAKE stands up and faces off to KESLER.
You can't babysit her, Kesler.
She's an adult and she can decide
what she does. She's decided to go
out with me.
KESLER's face contorts with anger. He raises a hand at JAKE
and clenches a fist, but drops it to his side and walks to
his bedroom, slamming the door.
There is a knock on the door. A silhouette of ERIS is seen
turning the knob and opening the door. JAKE is standing
there with a single white rose. He hands it to her and


You look gorgeous. (pause) You
didn't need to dress up for me.
ERIS is smiling. She is wearing a short jean mini skirt with
a teal long top that shimmers in the light and black heals.
She looks down, then back up at JAKE. She reaches over to
grab a black jacket from a coat rack by the door. They walk
out to leave.
KESLER is pacing around outside his appartment. He is in
long jeans and a jacket and carrying his helmet. He mutters
something, then gets onto his motorcyle. He turns the key
and revs the engine. He then peels out of the parking lot in
a rage.
KESLER drive furiously into the parking lot outside ERIS'
appartment. He parks and pulls off his helmet. He sees that
ERIS' car is still there. He gets off his motorcycle and
walks up to the door. He pounds on the door impatiently a
few times. The door opens and GRACE is standing there.
I need to talk to Eris.
She's not here.
Where is she?
With Jake. I thought you knew?
Damn it!
KESLER stomps around a moment and looks back to GRACE
standing in the doorway.
You want to talk?


No, I'm gonna go do something
GRACE watches him walk back to his motorcycle and then
closes the door. KESLER puts on his helmet and pulls away on
his motorcycle again.
ERIS and JAKE walk out of the movie theater. They are
laughing and imitating what they just saw on the screen.
JAKE puts his arm around her waist and she blushes. JAKE
laughs. She grabs his hand and they walk towards the parking
KESLER is standing on the jetty that ERIS were standing on
before, watching boats cruise by. He is throwing rocks into
the ocean. Waves are crashing against one side of the jetty.
KESLER's face is red as if he'd been crying. He sits down
and takes a deep breath then burries his head in his hands
as the sun begins to set.
The sun has just set and ERIS and JAKE get into his car.
ERIS looks to JAKE and smile. JAKE leans in and kisses her
lightly and quickly.
Where do you want to go to eat?
I'm not too hungry anymore.
That makes sense. You ate all the
ERIS laughs at herself and JAKE does the same. They sit
quietly a minute.


We can just go back to my place
and snack or something. Nothing
Is Kes home?
He said he was going out. (pause)
So my place?
KESLER is walking off the jetty. He walks to his motorcycle
and puts on his helmet.
      (to himself)
A little drive, and then I'll go
KESLER drives away from the jetty and onto a main street.
JAKE and ERIS walk into his appartment. No one is home. ERIS
puts her purse down on the floor and slips of her heels; she
still has her jacket on. JAKE walks in and throws his jacket
onto a chair. ERIS sits down on the couch. JAKE walks over
and sits next to her. He flips on the television to some
music videos.

They sit in silence a moment. JAKE looks to ERIS who is
sitting sideways with her legs full extended on the couch
and crossed. JAKE places his hand on her shin and begins to
carress her leg. She watches the television, biting her lip,
trying to ignore him. JAKe moves closer to her and adjusts
her legs so that one is on his lap and one is behind him.
ERIS continues to ignore him. JAKE leans in and begins to
kiss her neck. ERIS closes her eyes and sighs. She wraps one
arm around his shoulder. JAKE works his way up to her lips.


They kiss lightly, then more passionately. He slides her
jacket off of her arms and throws it onto the floor. He
gently lays her down so that he is on top of her, kissing
her. She places her hands on either side of his neck. JAKE
slides his hands along her thighs and then under her shirt
so that he is touching her stomach.

The front door opens slowly and KESLER walks in. He walks to
the living room to see JAKE laying on top of ERIS with his
hands up her shirt. JAKE stands up and ERIS sits up
adjusting her shirt. Rage sweeps across KESLER's face. He
walks furiously to JAKE and shoves him against the wall.
ERIS grabs her jacket and hurries towards the door. She
grabs her shoes and purse. KESLER lifts and arm to hit JAKE,
but stops when he hears the front door slam. KESLER backs
off and points at JAKE.
We're not done yet.
JAKE stands, pushed up against the wall. KESLER walks out to
follow ERIS.
ERIS is sitting on the curb shuffling through her purse.
KESLER walks out to her and sits down. She looks at him and
gets up and walks away. She begins walking down the street
with her hands full and no shoes. KESLER follows behind.
ERIS drops her jacket and stands frustrated. KESLER walks
over and picks it up for her. She begins to cry. KESLER
throws her jackets around her shoulders and wraps his arms
around her tightly. She continues to sob into his shoulder.
KESLER strokes her hair.
Eris, I'm sorry. I should never
have fought with you. I shouldn't
have shoved Jake. You can fend for
yourself. Whatever you want is up
to you.
ERIS' sobbing slows to a stop. KESLER lets go and she places
her purse and shoes on the ground. She then pulls her arms
through the sleeves of her jacket and wraps her arms around
KESLER's waist. He places his arms around her shoulders.
I'm sorry too. I was trying to
make you jealous. (pause) I think.


KESLER laughs a little and lets go so that they are looking
at eachother.
I shouldn't have let it come to
this. We can't be mad at each
other. We've got until January to
be with each other and I'm not
going to lose you over this.
I'd never let you lose me.
KESLER and ERIS walk back into his appartment. JAKE is
sitting on the couch and stands up quickly when he hears
them enter. KESLER puts his hands up. He walks over to JAKE
and puts a hand out to shake. JAKE takes it.
Sorry man. We're cool now.
      (breathing out
I was worried you were going to
kill me.
I was.
ERIS stands back smiling. She looks to JAKE who is watching
her eyes. KESLER sees them eyeing each other and begins to
head to the bathroom.
I'll be out in a minute. That's
how long you have.
JAKE and ERIS laugh as KESLER continues into the bathroom.
They wait until the door closes and JAKE reaches forward and
hugs her. He places his hands on her face and kisses her.
ERIS pulls away from his grip.
This isn't going to work Jake.
(pause) I'm sorry. I just don't
think that my heart was really in
it. I'd rather us get out of it
now, before either of us get hurt.


I know. You and him are more
important than me and you.
ERIS leans in and kisses him softly. JAKE smiles after.

The bathroom door opens and they both look. KESLER walks
out. They all stand looking at each other awkwardly. ERIS
begins to giggle, then laugh and is once again howling.
KESLRE can't help but join in and JAKE just looks confused.
JAKE walks into his room off of the hallway.
I need a ride home.
I'll grab the other helmet.
      (looks at her
...and a pair of sweats.
KESLER and ERIS pull up in front of her appartment. She
steps off the back of the motorcycle and pulls off the
helmet. Still sitting on the bike, KESLER pulls off his
helmet, also.
Thanks for the ride.
Of course.
I'm glad we're not fighting and I
want you to know that its ok that
you go to France to do what you
have to do. I fully support your
KESLER smiles widely and reaches out to pull ERIS towards
him. He hugs her tightly.
      (still hugging her)
That's all I wanted to hear.
ERIS giggles and pulls away. She waves and opens her front
door. KESLER drives away and she steps inside.


GRACE is sitting on the couch with the television on. She is
watching Comedy Central with a bowl of ice cream sitting in
her lap. She is laughing and eating. The front door opens
and before GRACE can see ERIS she asks her how the night
So, how'd it go?
ERIS begins speaking before she is seen. While answering she
is walking around grabbing a water bottle from the
refrigerator and then into her room.
The movie was good. Jake kissed me
a little. We went back to his
place instead of dinner because I
wasn't hungry. We sat on the
couch, then made out, and it
almost escalated from there.
Kelser walked in to see him on me
on the couch. He almost hit Jake.
I walked down the street and
cried. Kesler followed me. Jake
and I are done.
ERIS shuts her bedroom door behind her after he last word.
GRACE is left dumbfounded staring at her door. ERIS opens
the door and looks at GRACE.
Oh, but Kesler and I aren't
fighting anymore.
ERIS shuts the door again. GRACE shrugs and looks back to
the television.
A beautiful college campus is shown. One of the class doors
open and plenty of college students pile out; ERIS is among
them. She is dressed casually.
ERIS sits down on a bench, placing her books next to her.
She reaches into her purse and pulls out her cell phone. She
takes it off silent and almost simultaniously it rings. She


                       KESLER (on the phone)
Happy birthday! Sorry I didn't
call sooner. I knew you had a late
class and I had and early one and
I didn't want to wake you up.
How's it feel to be 21?
ERIS begins gathering her things and walking to a parking
No different than 20.
                       KESLER (on the phone)
Oh. Whatever. You have tonight off
from work right?
                       KESLER (on the phone)
I'm taking you out. Just me and
I know.
ERIS reaches her car and puts her books on the roof. She
pulls out her keys and begins to unlock her door.
                       KESLER (on the phone)
I'll pick you up at 9. You don't
have class tomorrow right?
Right. Where are we going?
                       KESLER (on the phone)
Ok, bye!
The phone clicks. ERIS looks to see that the call has ended.
She opens her car door and put her things inside. She climbs
in and starts the car.


ERIS unlocks the door and steps inside. She can see
streamers and balloons are all over the place. She smiles
and throws her things onto the couch. GRACE come rushing out
from around the corner where her room is.
Crap. I was supposed to surprise
ERIS smiles and pats GRACE on the shoulder.
Its ok. I'm surprised.
ERIS steps into the kitchen and glances around, seeming to
look for something. GRACE looks at her.
There's no cake. I didn't make one
(pause) or buy one for that
matter. I knew you were going out.
ERIS stops going through the cupboards and walks to the
couch. There is a knock on the door. GRACE goes to answer
it. JAKE walks into the room holding a bouquet of flowers.
ERIS squeaks with excitement. She runs over and looks over
the flowers. She hugs JAKE and kisses him on the cheak. JAKE
hasn't said a word yet.
Oh, Jake, thank you. Ya know
birthdays are never a big thing
for me, but everyone has made such
a big deal out of it! I'm so...
JAKE places a finger over her mouth so she stops talking.
Can I just say happy birthday?
ERIS nods with JAKE's finger still over her mouth.
Happy birthday and you're welcome.
ERIS throws her arms around JAKE's neck. She then hurries
over to the sink to put the flowers in water. GRACE just
stands watching.
What time is it?


GRACE looks to her watch.
Uh, 5:28.
Oh, work in a half hour. Eris come
here so I can hug you again.
ERIS puts the flowers on the table and hops over to him.
JAKE wraps his arms around her tightly, then leans back and
kisses her quickly; just a peck. ERIS smiles and waves. JAKE
leaves GRACE and ERIS alone.
Are you two going out again?
Oh, no. He just tends to kiss me.
I don't know.
GRACE laughs.
So where are you going?
Don't know. He's picking me up at
He's gonna rape you.
      (scolding her)
Grace Elizabeth Crawford.
Just saying.
ERIS scoffs and GRACE giggles.
ERIS is roaming around the house while GRACE is sitting on
the couch watching the t.v. and eating a banana.
      (without looking
       away from the tv)
Ya know, you've got ten minutes.
Knowing Kesler, he'll be late


                       GRACE (cont'd)
      (takes a bite of
       banana and speaks
       with her mouth
You've gotta come watch this show
Lost. Its so weird.
ERIS is looking underneath the couch and chairs and closets.
She's constantly moving.
Grace have you seen my black
      (without looking
       away from the tv)
The stilettos?
They're in my closet.
ERIS stands up and looks at GRACE angry, but slightly
Yeah. I had a date like two weeks
ago, and you weren't around to
ask. So I wore 'em and they ended
up in my room.
Oh Grace.
ERIS walks out of sight and is heard russeling through
GRACE's room. She comes walking through the room and picks
up her purse.
How do I look?
      (without looking)


GRACE turns around to look at ERIS. She is in a short black
dress that flows when she walks. It has a deep neckline.
ERIS is wearing a pearl necklace with diamonds set every
other one and matching earings. GRACE smiles.
Sweetie, you're just going to a
Too much?
The front door is heard opening. ERIS looks panicked at
GRACE. GRACE mouths "You look great" at ERIS right as KESLER
walks in. He is dressed in black slacks and a nice button up
shirt. He is carrying a single long stemed yellow rose. ERIS
smiles and walks towards him. They hug, and she takes the
rose. ERIS smiles to GRACE as KESLER and ERIS walk out.
KESLER and ERIS are driving down the Pacific Coast Highway.
They turn left on Ocean Avenue (there really is one), and
park. ERIS looks in the mirror behind the visor. KESLER
watches her.
You look great. Don't act so
Where are we?
Ocean Avenue.
I saw that.. but where are we
Ocean Avenue.
ERIS looks frustrated. She opens the door and so does
KESLER. He pulls her hand through the crook of his arm and
they walk up to a building. They flash their ID's at a woman
at then entrance and then enter the club and bar.


This is Ocean Avenue.
ERIS looks around and then to KESLER and smiles. They walk
in and sit down at the bar.
So, what do you want?
KESLER looks to his watch that reads 10:56. The place is
crowded with people. 80's music is heard playing. ERIS is
talking to the bartender and slurring her words. KESLER
laughs. ERIS looks to KESLER and smiles. Suddenly a new song
comes on. Its Bryan Adams "Summer of '69". ERIS begins to
move to the song sloppily and mouth the words.
I love this song.
KESLER laughs. When the first verse comes to an end, ERIS
grabs KESLER and pulls him onto the dance floor. ERIS begins
singing the song.
Come on!
Ain't no use in complainin', when
you got a job to do, spent my
evenin's down at the drive in and
that's when I met you
ERIS points at KESLER and continues dancing and singing.
KESLER looks around to see a few people staring, but he
smiles at her anyway.
Standin on a mama's porch, you
told me that you'd wait forever.
Oh and when you held my hand I
knew that it was no or never.
Those were the best days of my
ERIS throws her hands in the air. KESLER watches her almost
as if it were in slow motion with a smile creeping across
his face. KESLER moves in closer and wraps one arm around
her waist as they dance in the middle of the floor. They
continue singing together.


                       ERIS (together)
Man we were killin' time, we were
young and restless. We needed to
I guess nothin' can last forever!
                       KESLER (together)
Man we were killin' time, we were
young and restless. We needed to
I guess nothin' can last forever!
KESLER's face is calm as he seems to be thinking about what
he just said. ERIS pulls away and keeps on dancing to the
remainder of the song. KESLER watches her carefully. ERIS
looks to him and smiles as the song ends.
C'mon lets go.
KESLER opens his front door carefully. He is carrying ERIS,
with one arm behind her back and the other underneath her
knees. ERIS has her arms wrapped around his neck. KESLER
walks into the hall and towards his room.


He walks into a room that resembles ERIS's room. Posters and
pictures are everywhere; most of them are of ERIS. It is
cleaner than ERIS', however.

KESLER lays ERIS down on his full size bed and sits on the
side. ERIS rubs her eyes and looks to KESLER and smiles. She
looks around a moment then back to KESLER. KESLER smiles
back at her. ERIS scoots over and motions for him to lay
down next to her. KESLER laughs and lays down. They lay
there staring at the ceiling. They look at each other
simultaneously. ERIS leans in and kisses him lightly. KESLER
hardly responds, unsure of if this is just the alcohol
talking. ERIS pulls back and looks at him again. KESLER just
watches her. She leans in a second time and places a hand on
the back of his neck. This time KESLER responds.

ERIS pulls back and rolls over to the other side of the bed
and rushes into the bathroom. KESLER rolls onto his back and
      (to himself)
It was the alcohol talking.
KESLER pulls the sheets of his bed over her bare shoulders.
He walks out of the room, but turns and glances back into
the dark room.
I love you.


ERIS is laying on her side with the sheets and comforter
pulled up to her shoulders. She opens her eyes slowly and
looks to a clock sitting on the bedside table. It says
12:16. She rolls over onto her back and stretches. The door
to the room opens and KESLER walks in with just a pair of
sweat pants on. He walks to the bedside and hands her a cup
of coffee. He places a glass of water and two tablets on the
table. She rubs her eyes. KESLER turns away and grabs one of
his t-shirts from his drawer and tosses it to her. She looks
down and realized that she is litting in her bra.

She puts down the coffee quickly and slides on the shirt.
She stares at KESLER looking panicked. KESLER scrunches his
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Did we, uh...?
Oh my god. We slept together.
OOOHH.. no. No we didn't.
Then why are you.. and I'm like
this... and I'm here and... oh my
KESLER walks to the side of the bed and kneels down looking
into her eyes.
We didn't. I brought you back here
because I knew you'd be smashed


                       KESLER (cont'd)
and I didn't want to bug Grace. So
I brought you here to take care of
you. I put you down on the bed and
sat with you. You threw up... all
over yourself too. So I undressed
      (ERIS' mouth drops)
without hardly looking, tucked you
in, and your clothes are drying
right now. Don't worry, I read all
the tags to make sure how to wash
it right.
ERIS' lets out a deep breath that she seemed to have been
Nothing else happened?
KESLER stares blankly at ERIS.
They lay there staring at the ceiling. They look at each
other simultaneously. ERIS leans in and kisses him lightly.
KESLER hardly responds, unsure of if this is just the
alcohol talking. ERIS pulls back and looks at him again.
KESLER just watches her. She leans in a second time and
places a hand on the back of his neck. This time KESLER
Uh, you and I made fools of
ourselves dancing around at Ocean
Avenue to...
      (talking over him
       and staring
Summer of '69. I love that song.
      (half smiling)
I know.


ERIS looks around his room. KESLER stands up and grabs her a
pair of sweats and tosses them at her. She puts them on
underneath the covers. She looks up and smiles at KESLER. He
winks and walks out of the room. ERIS throws off the covers
and walks out.
[[Scene to be added]]
There is a montage of ERIS and KESLER spending the holidays
with each other. At one time they're with KESLER's family
for Thanksgiving, then ERIS'. They also spend Christmas
together at each other's homes. Everyone is smiling and
ERIS, GRACE, KESLER and JAKE are all in ERIS' car driving.
They are all dressed nicely, with the girls in glitter and
the boys looking hansome. They pull into a crowded parking
lot. They pull up to the valet who gives the old Civic a
double take. GRACE gets out, looking like royalty and just
smiles at the valet who has opened ERIS' door and asked for
her information. He gets in and drives away. They all stand
and the grand entrance to a luxury hotel.
Here's the deal. Everyone here is
going to be lawyers or family
slash friends slash girlfriends or
Or mistresses.
I'm serious. This is huge for me
to be invited to this. Not only am
I impressing my boss but also
trying to land another job. Ok?
We'll be good.


ERIS nods along with KESLER. They all enter the hotel.
GRACE leads the rest of them into another room of the hotel
which is named the Great Room. They step inside to see a
huge room with high vaulted ceilings and two stories. It is
decorated in silver and white. There are ice sculptures
placed in various places and music can be heard throughout
the entire room. Servers walk through the crowded room
carrying glasses of champagne. ERIS looks like she is in
shock, JAKE is laughing, KESLER is watching ERIS and GRACE
is giving off a phoney smile. They all exchange glances and
begin to go their separate ways.

ERIS walks towards one of the ice sculptures which is of a
tiger and KESLER follows. He stops a server and grabs two
glasses of champagne. He walks up behind ERIS and wraps his
arm behind her to hold the glass in front of her. She takes
it and turns so she is facing it. She smiles.
Trying to get me drunk?
No. You need to remember tonight.
I have a week left.
Kesler, come on. Not tonight.
We're here to have the best New
Years ever!
ERIS downs her glass of champagne and places it on the table
with the ice sculpture. She gives KESLER a strange look and
struts away in her high heels. KESLER breaths deep and
ERIS stops at the side of a packed dance floor at the foot
of the DJ's booth. The floor is lit up by blue and white
checker tiles. KESLER catches up and places his empty glass
on a servers tray as he walks by. ERIS looks at him and
smiles. KESLER gives her the "oh no way" face and shakes his
head. She nods and grabs his hand.


They walk onto the dance floor. ERIS begins dancing
imediately and KESLER just watches and looks around. She
puts her arms around his neck and pulls him in close. She
places her lips next to his ear.
You are going to have fun tonight.
They adjust their position so that he has his lips next to
her ear.
I don't want to look like a moron.
ERIS pulls back to look at his face and wrinkles her nose.
What does it matter? You're with
ERIS shrugs and begins dancing again trying to lure him in.
KESLER smiles and watches her. He shifts his weight a couple
times and finally gives in. He wraps his arms around her

Montage: They dance in the middle of the floor, laughing the
whole way.
ERIS and KESLER walk over to a bar just off of the dance
floor. They are both panting and smiling. They find an empty
spot at the bar and wait for the bartender.
Whatcha need?
Screwdriver, please.
The bartender nods and walks away. ERIS looks to KESLER
still looking out of breath.
Having fun yet?
Are you having fun?


Then I'm having fun.
ERIS smiles widely. The bartender returns with their drinks.
KESLER throws down fifteen and they walk away.
Upstairs balconey?
ERIS puts her arm through his.
Sure why not?
ERIS and KESLER work their way through the crowd and up the
ERIS and KESLER step out onto the balconey that overlooks
the pool and the ocean. The moon is out along with a few
You think its lonely to be the
No. I mean, its got all of the
stars around it, but it still
shines the brightest.
But wouldn't it be lonely?
You've heard of star gazing.
Well, what do you think the stars
are gazing at?
ERIS laughs, tipping her head back. KESLER puts his arm


around her waist. She looks up at him and squints her nose.
She downs the rest of her drink and puts it on a nearby
table. She then takes KESLER's drink and places it on the
table, after taking a sip, of course.
So the moon's friends are stars?
What can I say, they love the
KESLER looks at her eyes as she smiles brightly.

There is an uproar from the room inside. The music has
stopped and people are begining to count down from ten.
KESLER holds ERIS tight and leans in. He kisses her, but
ERIS pulls away to look at his face.
You're supposed to kiss someone at
      (quietly and
       leaning in)
I can't wait that long.
KESLER pulls her in tight and kisses her. ERIS wraps her
arms around his neck and they stand there as the countdown
continues. It finally comes to an end and the whole room
shakes with cheering. KESLER and ERIS are still kissing,
ignoring the world around them.
ERIS' car pulls up to the drop off zone of LAX. She pops the
trunk and gets out. KESLER gets out of the passenger side
and walks to the back. He pulls his luggage out of the trunk
and places it on the curb. ERIS steps up onto the curb and
looks at him. He steps off he curb so that his is eyelevel
with her. She smile with a few tears in her eyes. He wipes
the tears from her eyes. She wraps her arms around his neck
tightly and he does the same around her waist. They stand
there silently.

KESLER begins to pull back to look at her face. She wipes
her tears and forces a smile.
There's the girl I know.


Go do what you need to do.
KESLER smiles. She steps off the curb and closes the trunk
of her car. KESLER picks up his luggage and looks to her one
last time. She blows him a kiss. He smiles.
I'll write you.
ERIS nods once as KESLER turns towards the sliding doors of
the airport. She stands their watching him fade out of
ERIS is driving in her car with "You and Me" by Lifehouse
playing through the radio. She wipes a tear as she drive
down the freeway.

KESLER is on the airplane with "You and Me" playing on his
iPod. He stares blankly out the window.

ERIS pulls off the freeway and drives down a few streets.

KESLER looks to a couple who kisses and then begins talking

ERIS is driving down PCH by the beach.

KESLER pulls a bottle from his carry-on and stares at the
clear water.

ERIS is walking out onto the jetty at Dana Point. She sits
down and throws small rocks at the ocean.

KESLER mouths the lyrics "everything she does is beautiful"
with the song.

(Montage continues through the full length of the song.)
ERIS is seen stretching on the floor on a yoga mat. GRACE
walks in wearing profesional work attire. ERIS lays down and
arches her back so she is on her hands and feet looking at
GRACE upsidedown. GRACE cocks her head.
When did you pick up yoga?


Not yoga. Just the mat. I need to
learn to let go of negative
      (nodding her head,
ERIS untwists herself and straddles her legs, pulling
herself forward so her face is to the floor. GRACE steps
over her and sets her things on the table.
How was work?
GRACE picks up a mound of mail that was set down with her
things on the table and begins shuffling through them. ERIS
looks up excitedly and pulls herself together to stand up.
Ooh. Anything from KESLER?
      (thumbs through
There has to be something.
ERIS snatches the stack of mail from GRACE and begins
thumbing through it rappidly. ERIS places the mail back on
the table. She slumps back onto the floor to continue her
What's your deal?
I haven't heard from him in three
weeks. I sent him five letters in
that time.


What does it matter? You guys are
just good friends right?
ERIS winces a little, but continues stretching.
I mean, January first definately
came and went.
ERIS looks up to GRACE wide-eyed and mouth agape. GRACE
looks at her confused.
There is an uproar from the room inside. The music has
stopped and people are begining to count down from ten.
KESLER holds ERIS tight and leans in. He kisses her, but
ERIS pulls away to look at his face.
You're supposed to wait until
midnight to kiss someone!
      (quietly and
       leaning in)
I can't wait that long.
KESLER pulls her in tight and kisses her. ERIS wraps her
arms around his neck and they stand there as the countdown
ERIS is staring blankly at GRACE.
                       GRACE (v.o.)
Its not official till January 1st.
ERIS blinks hard and shakes her head. GRACE squints her
Are you ok?
Uh, yeah.


ERIS looks up to GRACE as her facial expression brightens.
I need to write him another
ERIS turns and walks into her room.
ERIS rushes to a desk in her room and shuffles through the
papers. She finally pulls a folder from the wreck and pulls
out paper. She pulls out a drawer and grabs a nice pen. She
lays on her bed and places a book underneath the paper. She
stares a moment, playing with her pen and then begins to
There is a knock on the door and GRACE goes to open it. On
the other side is a man holding a letter.
Can I help you?
Yes, um. I'm your neighbor and
this letter seems to have gotten
into my mail box rather than
The man hands GRACE the letter. She takes it and looks at
who it is addressed to. The top line reads "Eris Gallagher".
Thank you. We've been waiting for
The man nods and turns away. GRACE shuts the door behind


ERIS is still on her bed with a pen and paper in front of
her. The door swings open and GRACE throws the letter onto
the bed and turns to walk out. GRACE looks at the letter and
lets out a squeek. She tears it open and unfolds the paper.
                       KESLER (v.o.)
      (As ERIS reads the
Dear Eris,

France is beautiful. I know I tell
you that every time I write a
letter but it really is. I'm so
glad that I was able to take this
grant. I'm sorry I haven't written
to you more. I enjoy all of your
letters though. It's just that
I've been waiting so long to get
out of there that I can't get
myself to look back. I'm finally
out and I can't ever imagine my
life any better. I'm going to stay
the extra year I've been offered.
Some of the professors tell me
that I may be able to get a
full-ride grant until I finish my
masters! This is exactly what I've
been waiting for.

ERIS begins crying. She jumps off the bed and storms out of
the room.
ERIS stomps over to the table where GRACE is sitting and
throws the letter onto the table.
      (through tears)
He's wrote me to tell me how much
he bloody loves it there. He wrote
me to let me know that he'll be
there for another three years and
that he doesn't miss a thing!!
ERIS cries and points to herself as GRACE looks at her and
back to the letter.


      (pointing to
       herself and
He doesn't miss a thing.
GRACE stands up and grabs ERIS and holds her tight. ERIS
sobs into her shoulder as GRACE strokes her hair.
He's not talking about you. He's
not talking about you. He misses
you. He's just so caught up in
what he has that he can't see what
he's missing yet.
ERIS pulls herself back and picks up the letter and waves it
in GRACE's face.
He signed it "sincerely"!!!
      (she crumps the
I've signed every one of my
letters with "love" or "yours" or
any other MEANINGFUL signature.
ERIS drops the paper at GRACE's feet. GRACE watches ERIS'
face as it turns to deep silent tears. GRACE bites her lip
and nods her head. ERIS then stiffens her expression and
straighters herself up.
He has no idea what he's NOT
KESLER is sitting at a desk in a small cramped room. There
are two beds and two dressers. The entire place is a mess.
KESLER taps a pen on the table. A blank piece of paper lies
in front of him. He turns to look to the door. He stands up
and walks out.
KESLER steps out of the room and walks down the hall. At the
end is a pay phone. He reaches for his wallet and pulls out
a card. He lifts the phone to his ear and dials in a series
of numbers. The phone rings.


The phone rings and GRACE stands to answer. She looks to the
caller ID that reads "unknown number". She answers and holds
it to her ear.
If you're selling something, hang
up now. If you're not selling
something, explain in detail of
who you are. I won't wait either.
GRACE listens and ERIS looks on. GRACE looks to ERIS and
holds the phone in her direction. ERIS scrunches her
eyebrows and grabs the phone.
I'm going to buy you the ticket.
Just tell me when you have the
time. I'll pay for food and your
hotel and everything. You just
have to come!
ERIS sniffles and rubs her eyes.
KESLER is standing at the phone in the hallway.
Are you ok? Have you been crying.
                       ERIS (on the phone)


      (stumbling on her
Uh... no... no. I wasn't..
                       KESLER (on the phone)
I know when something is wrong.
Eris, why aren't you talking to
What do you know? Or care for the
matter? You don't miss a thing.
You got the letter I see.
      (waits for her
Well this is why I need you to
come here for a little while. I'm
way too excited not to show you
what I've been up to. Eris, I'm
finally where I want to be.
                       ERIS (on the phone)
Yes!!! Ok, call me.. no I'll call
you soon. Get your info together
and we'll plan it. Love ya, ERIS.
KESLER hangs up the phone and walks down the hall.
ERIS hangs up the phone and walks to her room.
ERIS struggles with a bag that she is pulling out of the


back seat of GRACE's black Ford Focus. She finally gets it
out and drops it on the curb. GRACE walks around to her side
to help.
Ok, you've got everything you need
right? Right. Umm... if you need
anything else airports usually
carry any essentials and...
Grace. Stop. You sound like my
mother. Oh my goodness. I'm fine.
I'm sure they have stores in
GRACE sighs and relaxes her shoulders. She reaches over and
pulls ERIS in for a hug. ERIS wraps her arms around her.
I wish I knew a guy like him.
I wish I didn't.
They let go of each other.
You'll be fine ok?
I know.
And you'll have fun.
I will.
They hug once more and then part their separate ways.


ERIS walks out of the terminal. She looks around for a sign
to let her know where she is and stuggles with her bags
again. She walks to a planter and drops her bags. She sits
on one of her larger bags and craddles her head in her
hands. ERIS lets out a long sigh and waits.

A small car pulls up and parks in front of her. KESLER jumps
out of the drivers seat and runs over to her. ERIS stands up
and wraps her arms around his neck. KESLER picks her up and
swings her around. He kisses her on the cheek. He places her
down on her feet and looks at her.
I am so happy to see you.
Me too.
      (grabbing her hand)
Get ready to have the time of your
ERIS smiles and throws her arms around him once more. They
grabs her bad and place them in the car.
The door swings open while ERIS and KESLER struggle to place
her bags inside the hotel room. ERIS instantly lays down on
the bed face down. KESLER puts her bag by the closet and
lays on his back next to her. He places a hand on her back.
Ok, today you get to sleep and eat
and do whatever you want. Tomorrow
we're touring Paris. The college
is near here. Its probably 15
minutes away. I'll call you at
about 10 am tomorrow morning. If
you need anything... well, there's
really no way of contacting me I
Eris looks to Kesler.
You mean you're not staying with
me today?


You want me to?
Well, I came here for you, not
Paris, so yeah. I do.
Ok. We'll lay around and sleep.
ERIS laughs into the pillow and KESLER smiles.
ERIS and KESLER sit in a small bistro in patio chairs. There
are assorted pastries and juice. In the distance the Eiffel
Tower stands small in the background. They sit accross from
each other both nibbling on whatever is front of them. They
exchange looks a few times. ERIS smirks and looks down.
KESLER watches her. She looks up and he looks away. This
happens a few times. Finally KESLER breaks the silence.
What do you want to do today?
I've got a week and a half.
There's no rush.
KESLER fidgets with a napkin accidentally knocking a fork on
the floor. He picks it up and dusts it off.
Who's rushing?
You are. (pause) Why are you
acting so nervous?
      (caught off gaurd)
I'm not acting nervous. I'm fine.
What do you want to do?
ERIS squints at him. KESLER looks up and shrugs.
So, what do you want to do?


KESLER and ERIS go through a series of activities that would
usually happen on any site seeing vacation. They make stops
like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Arc de Triomphe.
All the while they are taking pictures of each other in
funny ways and spontaneous motions.
KESLER drives up and pulls over in front of the hotel. ERIS
steps out and looks in the door at him.
I'll talk to you tomorrow when you
get up. We'll do more site seeing
and we can stop by the dorm
tomorrow night.
K. Goodnight.
ERIS shuts the door. KESLER waits for her to step inside the
hotel. Before she walks all the way in, she turns and waves.
KESLER waves in return and drives away.
It is dark outside the windows. KESLER and ERIS squeeze
through a crowded hallways filled with scattered people.
KESLER is holding ERIS' hand so that she doesn't get stuck
in a crowd. ERIS looks down at his hand safely craddling
hers. She can't help but smile.

KESLER opens a door to a room and enters, pulling ERIS in
behind him. He shuts the door and it is instantly quieter.
ERIS looks around in wonder looking at every nook and
craney. She smiles a picture she sees sitting on a desk. It
is of her and KESLER on New Year's Eve. You can see in her
eyes that she remembers every moment. KESLER clears his
throat and ERIS turns to him, hiding her thoughts behind a
So this is it?


This is where you sit and think
about home and how...
ERIS catches herself as her eyes widen. She smirks in
KESLER's direction and giggles at a poster, obviously
avoiding the confrontation of the statement she didn't say.
KESLER follows her eyes to the poster behind him but turns
back to her.
And how what?
What were you gonna say?
Huh? Oh, I don't remember now.
ERIS shifts her weight and reaches for the picture sitting
on the small desk. She smiles at it, trying to ignore the
questions to which she knows the answers.

KESLER reaches to her and places a hand on the picture frame
lowering it slightly until she looks up at him.
Yes you do.
      (putting the
       picture down)
It was nothing.
It was that letter wasn't it.
It was that letter. You were gonna
say that this is where I sit and
think about how I don't miss a
thing. That's what you were gonna
No, why would I say that?


ERIS, if you think that I don't
know what you're thinking after
all these years, you're wrong. I
know more than you think. I'm
perfectly capable of thinking on
my own, of making something out of
myself. I'm a linguistics major in
a foreign country. I'm doing
things and I'm doing well.
ERIS stares blankly at KESLER's lips as he speaks. He
pronounces his words exactly as you would think that would
be said in proper English. It must be all the other
influences in other languages. She looks down.
I know. I know you're doing
something great. Look, I gotta go
to bed. I'm gonna catch a cab back
to the hotel.
ERIS steps towards the door.
No, let me drive you.
I need to go alone. I'll call you
when I wake up.
ERIS leaves quickly so KESLER can't say anything before
she's out the door. KESLER stands facing the door with it
ERIS stands by the window looking out onto the street. The
skies are a dull grey. There is a knock on the door that
startles her. She turns and walks to it. ERIS opens the
door. KESLER steps inside after a brief hug.
What do you want to do today?
Its my last day, so it better be
Oh c'mon, don't talk like that.
Let's just have a good time.


You know I don't like days like
this. Too many clouds. I'm
starting to miss home.
ERIS turns to face the window again with her arms crossed.
KESLER stares are her carefully.
      (Under his breath)
I know what you mean.
KESLER sits down on the bed and falls back so that his knees
are bent over the edge. ERIS turns to look at him. She walks
over the bed and does the same, however her feet don't touch
the ground.

They lay there a moment, completely silent. KESLER glances
as ERIS and vice versa.
I want to apologize for the
ERIS sits up and twists around to look him in the eyes.
I don't want to talk about this.
I'm sorry.
      (turning away)
I DON'T want to talk about this!
I shouldn't have said the things I
did. I didn't want to make you
mad, but I wanted you to think I
was happy.
I knew you were happy. (pause)
Wait, what do you mean you wanted
to make me THINK you were happy?
KESLER lays there not daring to look her in the eyes. ERIS
stands up and looks down on him. He turns away.
You're not happy?


I didn't say that.
Then why do you need to make me
THINK you are happy? Kesler, tell
me the truth, are you or aren't
you happy?
Kesler sits up. ERIS stands squarely in front of him. He
looks down at her hands that hang at her sides. He reaches
out and grabs her hand holding it palm up. ERIS, thoroughly
confused, watches him as he traces the lines of her palm.
She watches intensely. He closes her hand into a fist and
wraps his hands over hers. He looks up to her face and
smiles, though still silent. ERIS inquires again, but
without pulling her hand away.
Are you happy?
Yes, (pause) becuase you're here.
ERIS pulls her hand from his in the shock of the sudden open
affection. He looks down shamefully. ERIS reaches forward
and ruffles his hair in her hand playfully.
I'm glad I'm here too. (pause) But
why would you lie to me about
truly being happy? Why would you
try and trick me into believing
something like that? You must know
that all I ever want of you is to
be honest with me, no matter what
the truth is.
Its nothing I can tell you about.
Kesler, I don't understand what
has happened to you, but these
past months I have been entirely
confused by you. You are not at
all who you used to be and I don't
like what you are now.
KESLER stands up in defense of himself, looking down on


Not who I used to be? What do you
care what I used to be? All you
think about it yourself. You
didn't want me to leave because
you were worried about what you
were going to do to pass the time.
Without me around you didn't have
anyone else. You tried replacing
me with Jake.
I didn't do that on purpose.
Oh, like I can't see through THAT
smoke screen. You really think you
can pull that one off? I know what
you were doing. I know that you
were trying to get me jealous and
ultimately get me to stay. Well,
it didn't work out that way. So
step off.
I let go of that. I let go of you.
I'm doing fine on my own. I don't
depend on you to entertain me. I'm
not that dependent on you, Kesler.
You can't stand here and tell me
that you didn't miss having me
around. You can't say that you
don't mind not having someone to
goof around with. Someone to
embarrass you. Someone to laugh
with you. Someone to cry with you.
ERIS takes a step back at the blast she recieved. KESLER
stands, stern faced with longing eyes. ERIS breathes heavily
waiting for more information, but looking to afraid to ask.
KESLER's eyes soften when he sees ERIS' eyes begin to well
up with tears. KESLER slowly reaches forward and takes her
hands in his.


I don't know how you don't know
ERIS looks down at her hands and back up to KESLER. She
stumbles over her words.
I don't know what?
I moved here because it was an
amazing offer. It gave me the
oportunity that I always needed.
I've got everything I could ever
I already know this.
Just listen. (pause) I didn't come
here because I wanted to leave
home or you for that matter.
Kesler drops her hands before he begins again. ERIS just
watches intently. KESLER takes a deep breath before starting
and even then manages to fumble his words.
I...I left to get closer to you.
KESLER begins nervously pacing around the room.
I knew you thought I was a goof. I
never seemed to take responsiblity
for anything and everything was
purely for fun. I knew you thought
that I wasn't going anywhere and I
had to prove you wrong because at
the end of the day, I knew that
you were all I was waking up for
in the morning.
You are a lunatic.
KESLER stops pacing and faces her.


You know what lunatic means? Its
more that crazy. They used to
believe that a full moon caused
people and even animals to act
insane. The latin word literally
means "moonstuck".
      (steps closer to
You remember the night that we
were out on the balconey looking
at the moon and the stars. You
asked me if the moon was lonely
and I told you it was merely being
admired by the stars. Eris, you
are my moon. I am entirely
That's cheesy.
And exactly what you wanted to
KESLER reaches around her waist and pulls her into him
quickly. He kisses her abruptly without letting her know it
was coming. ERIS seems to resist at first, but then gives


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From Paul Shannon Date 8/8/2005 1/2
A maybe script that is drama, not comedy. Not very funny.

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