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The Turning Point
by Dark Knight (rob72345@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ****
The continuation of the Return of Darth Vader series.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The scene is set in a dark dungeon where you see Kasak
chained to the floor. The camera pans and shows the door
which opens showing Darth Vader.
Who are you, where am I and what
happened to me.
                       DARTH VADER
I am Darth Vader, you are on my
fortress on the planet Shabana.
Shabana, I came here with other
Jedi to save the twins. What
happened to the other Jedi.
                       DARTH VADER
The other Jedi left you for dead.
No that's impossible they would
never do that.
                       DARTH VADER
The other Jedi might not but Jace
What are you talking about?
                       DARTH VADER
Jace saw his perfect opportunity
to get his revenge on you. He
thought by leaving you here that
you would die.
Jace would never do that revenge
is not the Jedi way.
                       DARTH VADER
Is it really that hard to believe
that after all you have done to
him that he would not want to get
revenge on you.


I don't believe you!!!
                       DARTH VADER
Search your feelings Kasak you
know this to be true.
The camera shows Kasak shaking with anger.
The Jedi betrayed me.
                       DARTH VADER
You have two choices. 1. You
could join me and get your revenge
on the Jedi or 2. you can die.
What will it be.
I will join you and I will kill
the Jedi one by one.
                       DARTH VADER
Good, your training begins.
Yes, Lord Vader
The scene shows Jace and Salia in a room together talking.
Jace, I have just got word from
our home planet...
What's happened?
I've just been elected a
representative for our planet for
the senate.
Congradulations. I'm so happy for
Thank you, they our calling an
emergency session today to discuss


                       SALIA (cont'd)
something very important so I have
to leave soon.
I have to leave soon also the Jedi
want me to check out a lead on the
Sith holocron I told you about. So
I have to go for a briefing in
about 10 minutes actually. I have
to go I will talk to you later.
They kiss briefly and Jace runs out the door. The scene
switches to the Jedi Council room.
I see your a little late what have
you been doing.
Nothing Master.
The Masters are waiting for us
lets go.
The two Jedi walk into the room with 5 Jedi masters sitting
in the chair. Luke is sitting in the middle.
Samarian and Jace we have an
important mission for the both
you. A contact on the planet
Shoru has contacted saying he has
the map to the caves of the
holocron. He says he will give it
to us for a price. We want you
two, to go to Shoru and retrieve
the map. But beware Darth Vader
and his agents are also looking
for this map also. May the Force
be with you.
Thank you Masters.
The two Jedi walk out the room.
Get your things ready we leave
Yes Master.


The scene switches to the Galatic Senate.
I called this emergency session
today to discuss what I have just
learned. Today I got a message
from the new Darth Vader declaring
war on the New Republic. So far
none of the planets under Republic
rule have been attacked but our
intellegience has picked up heavy
concentrations of Star Destroyers
around the Outer Rim. We must
decide if we want to go to war or
try to negotiate peace with this
                       SENATOR JANSEN
I say we go to war. This empire
which you speak of isn't as nearly
as powerful the one we defeated.
So lets make an example of this
new empire showing those who mess
with the Republic mess with their
The senate erupts with applause after Jansen's speech.
I say we try to negotiate a peace.
We just got out of war with the
Galatic Empire. Is our army even
ready for another war. I say we
try to negotiate a peace.
                       SENATOR JANSEN
Darth Vader has made his choices
clear that war is the only
solution. We must strike now
before they become a threat. We
have no choice but to crush this
so called Empire into submission.
War is our only solution to this
We have heard arguements about
whether we should go to war or
not. Now we must vote.
The votes are in we will go to


The scene switches to Luke meditating in his chambers when a
hologram pops up in front of him.
Luke the senate has just voted to
go to war against the Darth Vader
and his new empire. I want you
and the Jedi to help lead our
armies into battle against the
empire. Will you help us?
We will try our best.
Thank you Luke and May the Force
be with you.
The hologram fades out.
(Darth Vader walks into the room and sittingin front of him
is the six dark prophets.)
                       PROPHET KADAAM
Lord Vader we wanted to talk to
                       DARTH VADER
Make it quick Kadaam. I have an
empire to run and I have no time
for your games.
                       PROPHET KADAAM
Then Lord Vader I will make it
brief. Why are you training this
Jedi. He is trouble.
                       DARTH VADER
I sense much darkness in this
Jedi. He has great potential for
the darkside of the force.
                       PROPHET KADAAM
How do you know that he is fully
committed to our cause?
                       DARTH VADER
He has been broken. He believes
that the Jedi betrayed him. He is
fully committed to my cause.


                       PROPHET KADAAM
How can you be sure?
                       DARTH VADER
Do not question me Kadaam. I will
not suffer your intolerance.
                       PROPHET KADAAM
And I will not have all that I
have worked for be destroyed by
your belief that a Jedi has turned
to the darkside.
(Before Darth Vader can respond the Ghost appears.)
(The room hushes quickly Darth Vader bows to one knee and
Kadaam bows his head.)
Let me remind you both that you
belong to me. It is not your
cause but my cause you are
striving for. Understand?
                       PROPHET KADAAM
                       DARTH VADER
Yes my master.
Good. How does are plans in the
senate go Kadaam?
                       PROPHET KADAAM
We have successfully inflitrated
the senate. We have key positions
locked up in the senate that is
under are control.
Good. Lord Vader and you are
going to train this young Jedi.
                       DARTH VADER
Yes Master I will. He has great
potential for our cause.


Good I also since great potential
in him as well. We have alot of
work to do to win this war. Young
Kasak will make a great soldier in
this war. I will contact you
again later when the time comes.
(With that the Ghost disappers and Darth Vader gets off of
one knee and walks out of the room.)
Samarian's ship pulls and the first thing you see is Star
Destoryers surronding the planet.
Oh this can't be good.
The ship flies toward the planet and lands on a docking bay.
Our contact says we need to meet
him at the Shoran bar. Keep an
look out for Imperial troops.
Yes master.
The two Jedi head off toward the bar. They walk into the
bar and see it full of thugs, bounty hunters, and a Dathomir
There's our contact. But what is
he doing talking to the Dathomir
Master I sense a disturbance in
the force.
Samarian whips out his lightsaber and cuts off the
stromtroopers hand.
You told the Jedi about the map.
I was going to give to the highest
bidder. He wasn't supposed to be
here yet.


The witch shoots force lighting at the Janteg and he flies
and hits the wall.
I'll take care of the Jedi myself
The bar is cleared out and Samarian and Jace have their
lightsabers ignited and the Witch is staring them down.
You shouldn't be here Jedi. The
map belongs to Lord Vader.
No it doesn't it belongs to the
All the Jedi will do is destroy
the Holocron, because the Jedi are
nothing but weak minded fools.
The witch shoots lighting st the Jedi. Samarian blocks the
lighting but Jace is not so lucky. Jace catches the
lighting in the chest at full force he is slammed against
the wall. The Witch pulls out her lightsaber and swings at
Samarian. Samarian blocks the blow easily. The witch's
blows are slow and poorly trained. Samarian blocks all the
blows easily.
You maybe powerful in the force
but not at lightsaber combat.
Samarian goes on the offensive the witch can't handle his
speed and power. Samarian chops the blade in half. The
witch shoots force lighting at Samarian blast is powerful it
knock Samarian to the wall.
Time to die Jedi.
She raises her hand about to use force lighting until you
see a blue blade going through her chest. She crumples to
the ground and you see Jace behind her.
Master are you ok.
Yes I am. Owe you one for the


It was nothing Master. Let's go
get that map.
The two Jedi walk where toward the body of Janteg. Janteg
is dead. The two Jedi search his body for the map. They
find the map in his pocket in a data pad. The Jedi run back
to their ship and take off.
We must contact Master Luke to
tell him we found the map.
Yes master I'll patch you through
to him.
Luke is in his room meditating when Samarian's hologram
Luke, Jace and I have found the
Good, where is the holocron
located at.
The data pad is password
protected. So we haven't been
able to crack the code to gain
access to the map.
Well, you got the data pad that's
what counts. We can have somebody
crack the code here at Coruscant.
Samarian there is something I must
tell you. Today the Senate voted
to go to war with Darth Vader.
Chief of State Solo has asked the
Jedi to help lead the Republic's
army. I wanted to let you know
that you will be one of the
General's leading our troops to
I am honored Luke that you would
pick me to do this. Where will we
be going first.


We will discuss this when you get
Yes, Luke.
(Across the screen flashes three years later.)
(The scene is set in a training room. Kasak is sitting
cross legged on the floor. Ten mechanical assult droids walk
into the room. Their electro staffs set on kill. Kasak
stands up and activates his lightsaber. The organeish glow
filled the room. He attacks the droids furiously he cuts
down three without the other droids registeing it. Kasak
cuts down the next six with ease. But the last droid is the
most difficult. The droid knocks Kasak down on the ground.
Kasak roars furiously and charges the droid. He slices the
droids hands off and then slices his head off. Kasak is
standing there panting heavily. Darth Vader steps into the
                       DARTH VADER
Good Good. You are using your
anger as weapon.
Thank you Master.
(Sakara walks into the room.)
                       DARTH VADER
What is it Sakara.
The Jedi have gotten hold of the
map to the holocron.
                       DARTH VADER
Very Well. I will handle this
situation. Sakara, Kasak here
needs a worthy oppenent to spar.
How about you battle him.
I will gladly battle him Master.


                       DARTH VADER
(Darth Vader walks out the room.)
I've been waiting to see how the
little Jedi fights.
I am not a Jedi anymore.
(With that Kasak charges at Sakara. Sakara spins and kicks
Kasak. She whips out her two lightsabers and activates
them. Then she charges at Kasak. Kasak is having a hard
time keeping up with Sakara's strikes. Not being able to
keep up with Sakara's attacks Kasak gets angrier and starts
to overpower Sakara. Sakara wide eyed has to concentrate
heavily to keep up with Kasak moves.)
You knocking me unconscious the
first time was a fluke. It won't
ever happen again.
(With those words Kasak kicks the lightsabers out of
Sakara's hands. Then he punches her. Sakara falls to the
You will never beat me again.
(Kasak deactivates his lightsaber. Secretly Darth Vader and
the ghost are watching the duel with great intrest.)
It is time for young Kasak's final
test. To see if he is really with
our cause.
                       DARTH VADER
Yes Master.
The room is dark and you see a shadowy figure sitting on the
floor meditating when Darth Vader walks into the room.
                       DARTH VADER
Kasak, your training is complete.
You have completed all the tasks I
have given. You have one last


                       DARTH VADER (cont'd)
test before you become a Sith
What is it Master.
                       DARTH VADER
I want you to bring me the head of
the Jedi General Jaron. He is
located on the planet of Sharon.
He is causing trouble for our
troops in this sector. I want his
head. Then will you become a Sith
Yes, Master.
                       DARTH VADER
You have a fleet of Star
Destroyers under your command.
They leave when you are ready.
Yes, Master I won't let you down.
Darth Vader exits the room and the scene switches to a
battlefront. AT-AT's are walking and firing at the
Republic's forces. Jedi and Republic forces are fighting
the stromtroopers on the ground. The scene switches to a
Republic command ship.
We have the enemy on the run
gentleman. Keep applying pressure
against the enemy and they will
crack by nightfall.
Master Jaron, coming out of
hyperspace is a huge fleet of Star
That's the reinforcement that they
were calling for. This planet is
to important for the empire to
lose. And looking at those Star
Destroyers are luck just might
have changed.
What should we do Master.


We call for our reinforcements.
Patch me through to Coruscant.
Yes, Master.
Luke Skywalker's hologram appears before General's Jaron.
Luke the empire has sent heavy
reinforcement here. There sheer
numbers will overrun us very soon.
We need reinforcements now.
Jedi Knight Jace Mandane has just
returned from fighting I will send
him to your sector immediately.
Thank you Luke. May the force be
with you.
May the force be with you.
Master, a strange ship has pulled
out from the main lead Star
Destroyer. It's trying to board
with us.
What! Something is not right
here. Who ever is on that ship
the force is strong with him.
The scene switches to Coruscant where Jace gets out of ship
and Salia is waiting there for him.
Salia, I have missed you so much
since I left over six months ago.


I have missed you more. But I
have disturbing news. This war
has been going on for three years
and it doesn't look like it's
going to stop anytime soon. It's
like the empire was more prepared
for this war then we are.
Hush... We will not speak about
this war. I've been out there to
long. All I want to talk about is
I'm very concerned about the
Senate. It seems that Senator
Jansen has used the wars to gain
influnce in the Senate. I don't
like him, he seems so evil.
Yeah, I don't like that Senator
either. Every time I'm around him
I since darkness around him.
A beeping sound is heard and Jace reaches into his pocket
and pulls ot his communicator.
Yes, Master Skywalker.
Jace, we need you and your troops
to reinforce Geneal Jaron's troops
at Sharon. He needs the
reinforcements quickly.
I am on my way.
Jace shoves the communicator back into his pocket and turns
to Salia.
I have to go now. They need me
and my troops to reinforce at the
planet Sharon. It should only
take a couple of days. But
promise me one thing... that you
stay away from Senator Jansen.


Because I get uneasy feeling
around him and I just think you
should stay away from him ok.
Ok. I love you Jace.
I love you to Salia.
Jace embraces Salia they kiss briefly and he leaves. The
scene switches to the a republic command ship where it's
under seige.
Stromtroopers have boarded onto
the ship Master. What should we
do Master.
We fight. Prepare yourself for
battle my padawan.
The door is blown down. And a shadowy figure walks through
the door lightsaber drawn.
Surrender Jedi or you will die.
We will never surrender.
I was hoping that you would choose
that option.
Jaron and Jovan attack Kasak at the same time. Jaron tries
to corner Kasak but Kasak kicks him to the wall. Kasak goes
on the offensive against the Padawan Jovan. Kasak's blows
are fast and hard. with one swift move Kasak slices Jovan's
head off.
Who are you?
Can't deny a dead man's request.
Kasak removes the hood and he reveals his face.


No it can't be you. You died back
on Shalon.
No the Jedi betrayed me there and
left me for dead. Now you and the
rest of the Jedi will pay for the
treachery against me.
Jaron charges at Kasak. Kasaks blocks the blows easily.
Kasak cuts off his hand that holds the lightsaber and then
slices off his head. Kasak picks up the head puts in a bag.
Then he walks out of the Command center.
(Jace's fleet pulls out of hyperspace. The scene is total
destruction. ship debris everywhere.)
It looks like a mechanical grave
yard out here. Look there's
Master Jaron's command ship. It's
just sitting there. Pilot move us
closer to the ship so we can board
the ship.
Yes Sir.
(The ship docks with the other ship. Jace walks through the
ship with lightsaber in his hand. Jace walks to the command
room and sees the ground littered with bodies. Jace walks to
the body of Jovan he touches the heads and picks up the
Whoever did this killed Jovan. He
will pay for this. It's a
massacre. Who could have done
something like this. Engineer
there has to be security tape of
what happened here. Try to see if
you can play it.
(The engineer works at the video disc and he finally able to
pull it up. He beckons for Jace to come over. And Jace
watches the tape with horror.)


He moves so fast and so merciless.
The way he moves reminds me of
somebody I just can't think of it.
Engineer pack the disc up and
let's bring back to the temple.
(the scene switches to Kasak walking into Darth Vader's
I got what you asked me to get
Master. I present you the head
and lightsaber of General Jaron
                       DARTH VADER
Excellent. Your journey to the
dark side is now complete. Kneel
before me.
(Kasak gets done on one knee.)
                       DARTH VADER
No longer shall you be called
Kasak. But now you will be called
                       SHADOW CHILD
Thank You Master.
                       DARTH VADER
Here is the crystal of the Sith
Lord Darth Jemron. Let it serve
you better than it did him.
                       SHADOW CHILD
Thank You Master.
(Kasak puts the crystal in the lightsaber and igntes it. The
glow of the lightsaber is a sinister red. Kasak then
deactivates the lightsaber.)
                       DARTH VADER
Now we must talk about your next
(The scene switches to Jace giving a report to the council.
Jace shows them the security tape of Kasak killing the


As you see we have a new enemy who
took down a Jedi Master. He
dispoesed of them easily meaning
he is very well trained.
This is very disturbing news. The
Council must plan our next
Yes, Master Luke.
(You see Jace walking down the corridor when you see two
Jedi twins down the hall.)
Ti, Ki it's been awhile since I
have seen you two. How have you
Yeah it's been awhile. We have
been out fighting the wars with
our masters.
We are actually heading back out
now. We have heard that your a
Jedi Knight now.
Yeah it took me awhile but I got
there. Pretty soon you two will
be there to.
Hopefully we'll be there soon.
We have to go now. Nice talking
to you Jace.


(Jace walks to the Senate chambers. He walks into Salia's
Going somewhere?
Yes I have been sent to handle
peace negotiations at the planet
Can't they send anybody else.
No they voted for me to go. So
I'm going.
Who voted you to go?
The committee led by Senator
Jansen are sending me because of
my great negotiating skills.
I'm going with you.
You can't you have your duty here
with the Jedi.
Your security is not that strong.
I'll just escort you there and...
Hush... My secrutity is fine. And
who would want to attack me. I'll
be back in a week.
I have a bad feeling about this
Salia. Remember the time we were
at Hamalon. You were almost killed
by an assassin.
I remember the event well. I
remember that the assassin was
also after the other senators
there as well.


And the only reason your still
alive is because the council sent
me on the mission to protect you
Don't forget Samarian he helped
saved the Senators as well.
Please let me go with you. I
don't know what I would do without
I'll be fine I promise. Nothing
will happen to me.
(The two embrace and she walks out the door.)
We are ready to leave when you are
I'm ready to leave now Pilot.
(The ship takes off into space. The ships zooms into
hyperspace. The ship pulls out of hyper space when you two
Star Destroyers waiting for the ship. Shadow Child appears
on a hologram.)
                       SHADOW CHILD
You will surrender or your ship
will be blown out of space.
What should we do M'Lady.
We are in no position to fight
him. Do as he says.
(The scene switches to the Jedi Council where Jace has been
We have a new mission for you


Ok Master Luke what is it?
We have figured out who the new
Sith is. His name is Shadow
Child. We have just recieved a
message from him saying he has
kidnapped Senator Salia.
We want you to rescue the Senator
and bring in Shadow Child for
questioning. Understood.
Yes Master.
(Jace walks out of the Council room and Samarian follows.)
Jace I you need to calm down. I
can feel your anger and your hate
for this man.
You have no idea how I feel.
I know you have feelings for this
girl. But you need to let them
go. They are leading you down a
path that will destroy you.
Your right Master I do need to
calm down. Do we know where this
Shadow Child is located.
We don't have much intel on him at
all. Just that he has killed
several Jedi generals and their
padawans. Jace he's even more
dangerous than Sakara. You must
be careful.
I will Master. Nothing will make
me happier then bringing him in.


May the Force be with you.
May the force be with you as well,
Samarian we finally been able to
pinpoint the location of the
holocron. It's on the planet of
Shivice. It was the location of a
sith temple thousands of years
ago. Master Coran found the
planet just a few minutes ago. He
hasn't landed on the planet yet.
But he is requesting back up
because the Empire seems to have
found it to. So I'm, sending you,
Mayan, Ti, Ki, and myself.
It will be an honor to serve with
you Luke. When do we leave.
Immediately. I have already
informed Mayan, Ti, and Ki. They
should already be loading their
stuff onto the ships.
I will go pack my things and meet
you at the docking bay.
(You see the docking bay and equipment is being loaded into
the star cruisers. Mayan, Ti, and Ki are talking.)
Looks like the old group is back
together again.
Yeah, except for Jace and Trey.
Yeah how is Trey doing?


Well, last time I talked to him
his father is training him to take
over the family business. That's
why he had to leave the academy.
Mayan do you know where we are
headed. All Master Luke told us
to pack warmly because we are
going someplace cold.
What I heard is that we are going
to go hunt for the Sith Holocron
we've been looking for the last
three years.
Yeah, it's about time we've gotten
an important mission.
Master Luke thought you would
contribute greatly to the mission.
Uh Master Samarian how long have
you been standing there.
Long enough to hear that last
We need to leave know. Get
onboard and get situated because
we leave immediately.
(The ships take off and some off into hyper space. The
scene switches toward the command center of Jace's ship. And
Shadow Child's image appears in front of him.)
                       SHADOW CHILD
Jedi Knight Jace Mandane. They
have sent you to rescue the
How did you get this frequency.


                       SHADOW CHILD
A little birdy told me.
(Shadow Child pulls Salia into the frame.)
                       SHADOW CHILD
Have anything to say Senator. No.
Then back to your cage then.
(He smacks her and pushes her out the frame.)
I'll kill you for this.
                       SHADOW CHILD
Anger is not an attribute a Jedi
is suppossed to have is it Jace?
Mark my words I will kill you.
                       SHADOW CHILD
I look foward to meeting with you.
But you are going to have to find
me first.
(The image goes to black and Jace slams his fist onto the
I will find you.
Don't let him get to you.
He has the woman I love and he is
hurting her. How do I not let
that effect me.
By being calm and not to let him
distract you.
This is frustrating I can't figure
out where he is. Somehow he keeps
eluding my grasp.
I have confidence that you will
find him Jace.


You are a good friend Gen. Thanks
for the support. I'm going to my
room to contact General Samarian.
Do not have anyone distrub me.
Yes Sir.
(Jace walks down the corridor towards his room. Jace sits
down and pulls out his communicator and Samarian appears.)
Master we need to talk.
What is troubling you Jace.
I can't locate Shadow Child. Every
time I get close to finding him
he's gone. It's like he's toying
with me Master.
He's making you frustrated and
it's angering you. Which is
disrupting your connection to the
I know Master but he has the girl
that I love. If I don't rescue
her I have no doubt that he will
kill her.
You must trust the force. Let it
lead you and guide you. The force
will tell you where he is.
Thank you Master.
Your welecome Jace. We are about
to land on the planet Shivice. As
you know we have found the
Yes I do Master.


Your brother is with us on this
mission. Would like to talk with
No master I will talk with him
Very well May the force be with
May the force be with you to
(The hologram fades out and Jace is left in his room all by
himself. Jace puts the communicator back in his pocket. And
he starts to meditate.)
Samarian told me that I need to
trust the force. Let it guide me
and flow through me.
(Jace starts to meditate about Shadow Child. You see flashes
of the battles with Jaron and Jovan and him taking down
other Jedi. Then you see him kidnapping Salia. Then Jace
sees the true face of Shadow Child and where he's located.
The camera pans to Jace he is shaking with anger and rage.)
(His anger has reached the boiling point. His anger is so
powerful that the ships starts to shake.)
Are we under attack.
No sir there is no ship in sight.
(Gen realizes what is and rushes to Jace's room.)
Jace calm down what is it.
I figured out who Shadow Child is
he's a former Jedi named Kasak
that we thought was dead.


How did he survive?
I don't know.
Do you know where he is located
Yes set a course for the planet
(The scene switches to the planet of Shivice.)
Did you feel that Luke?
Yes the disturbance in the force
is great. Something terrible is
about to happen.
(The ship lands on the planet. The planet is covered in
snow and ice.)
The temple is located about a few
miles from here. Look out for
imperial troops.
(The Jedi and the troops start walking when blaster fire
erupts. The jedi pull out the lightsabers and start to
deflect the bolts. Snow troopers appear and start firing.)
Well we know that the empire is
Look the Sith temple is just ahead
that must mean Darth Vader is
already here.
Where's Coran at?
He said he was already at the


We need to dispatch these troops
quickly. Coran is no match for
(The Jedi go on the offensive and take out all the
Troops set up perimeter here make
sure nobody enters.
(The Jedi walk into the temple. Coran is facing off against
Sakara they battle for a few moments and Sakara stabs him in
the chest.)
Oh look more Jedi to kill. Fett.
(Boba Fett comes flying out of nowhere and starts firering.
Stromtroopers pop up and start firing as well. And the cave
is alive with blaster fire.)
I got Sakara.
(Mayan races off to fight Sakara, Ti and Ki follow to.)
Where's Vader?
He has to be in that cave ahead.
(Luke and Samarian enter the cave and You see Darth Vader
with Holocron in his hand.)
                       DARTH VADER
You are to late Jedi. The
holocron is mine.
(Vader tucks the holocron away and ignites his lightsaber.)
Not if we have anything to say
about it.
(The scene switches to the command ship of Jace. Shadow
Child appears on the screen.)


Well, Kasak I see your not dead.
                       SHADOW CHILD
Oh you finally figured it out.
About time you did. I was
wondering if you would ever figure
it out.
I'm coming to see you and this
time you will stay dead.
                       SHADOW CHILD
I look foward to the meeting Jace.
(The fleet pulls out of hyperspace and a fleet of star
destroyers are there to meet them.)
                       SHADOW CHILD
A little welcoming gift from me to
(The air erupts in explosions. Tie fighters and X-Wings are
going at it.)
I'm going down to the planet
Not alone your not. I'm coming
with you.
I'll be fine. And plus the troops
need you here to command them. So
you will stay.
I'll see you when I get back with
the senator
May the force be with you.
May the force be with you.


(Jace hops into his ship and takes off. The planet is red
with volcanoes erupting. Jace lands down on a landing
platform. Two of Shadow Child's mechanical body guards are
there to meet him. Jace pulls his light saber out and
disposes them easily. He walks into the compound and a
garrison of stromtroopers stand in his way into the
Men set your guns on kill mode.
(The men set their guns and Jace draws his lightsaber out.)
You have to the count of three.
(Jace ignites his lightsaber and keeps walking.)
(Jace jumps into the air and lands in the middle of the
troopers. He swings visiciously at the troops. Killing
them without mercy. He disposes of the last troopers
effortlessly. His eyes are yellow. He walks into the
Where is Senator Salia located.
I don't know I just work here.
Tell me!
I don't know honest.
Fine then, there's is no reason
why I should keep you alive then.
(Jace raises his lightsaber up ready to deliver the killing
She's located in the prison wing


Thank you.
(Jace walks toward the prison wing. There are guards around
her cell. Jace disposes of the stromtroopers immediately.
He takes his lightsaber and destroys the chains that are
holding Salia.)
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
(She hugs Jace and she is crying.)
I need to get you back to the
(As they move out of the cell three of Shadow Child's
bodyguards enter. Shadow Child enters from behind Jace and
(Salia runs and is grabbed by the body guards.)
Let her go this has nothing to do
with her!
                       SHADOW CHILD
Fine let her go. She has served
her purpose.
(Salia runs out of the corridor to the docking bay. Jace
takes off his cape as well as Shadow Child does.)
                       SHADOW CHILD
I have been waiting for three
years for this moment. The day I
kill you has kept me going for
these last three years.
(Shadow Child signals for the body guards to attack Jace.
Jace does a backflip and slices one of the droids in half
and force pushes the other into wall. Jace stabs the droid
in his control panel.)


No more bodyguards, no more tricks
Kasak. This has always been about
me and you. And it ends tonight.
(Shadow Child ignites his lightsaber. Jace swings and
Shadow Child blocks the blow. The two lightsabers are
locked together. Shadow Child shoves up and pushes the
blade back. Kasak goes on the offensive pushing Jace back
out the hallway. Jace kicks Kasak back and they pause.)
I don't know why you turned to the
darkside but you will pay for all
the crimes you have committed.
(The scene switches to Darth Vader dueling against Samarian
and Luke. Samarian goes high while Luke goes low. Vader
blocks the blows and delivers a force push to Luke. Luke
smashes into the wall. Samarian starts to push Vader back.
The scene switches to Sakara versus Mayan.)
The last time we fought I was not
prepared but now I am.
The last time we met I said I will
kill you the next time you crossed
me. I intend to fufill that
(Sakara swings at Mayan with both blades, but Mayan back
flips out of the way. Mayan swings but Sakara blocks. And
she goes on the offensive against Mayan pushing him back
towards a cliff. Mayan back flips over the cliff and lands
on the other side. Sakara jumps over the ledge as well. The
scene switches to Jace and Shadow Child fighting down the
hall. Jace is on the offensive now. Jace manuvers Shadow
Child into a room with more space.)
                       SHADOW CHILD
You want to know why I turned to
the darkside. I'll tell you it's
because you betrayed me and left
me to die.


I never betrayed you. You were
the one who tried to kill me.
Darth Vader has twisted your mind.
                       SHADOW CHILD
Darth Vader showed me the true
path. Now Jace you will die.
(The fight b/w them continues. Jace uses a force push and
Kasak as well. Jace's force push is stronger and Shadow
Child slams into the wall. Shadow Child recovers in time to
block Jace's blow to his head. Jace punches him in the
face. Jace pushes Shadow Child outside. Jace kicks Shadow
Childs lightsaber out of his hand. The lightsaber lands in
the lava. Jace moves in for the killing blow but Shadow
Child pulls out his old lightsaber. He ignites and an
orangeish glow comes out of the shaft.)
You kept your old lightsaber.
                       SHADOW CHILD
Only to remind me how the Jedi
betrayed me.
You were a disgrace to the Jedi
order. They should have never let
you train there.
(The fight between them intensifies. Jace and Shadow Child
continue their fight across bridge. Below them is a river
of lava flowing. In the background volcanoes are erupting.
The camera circles around both Jace and Shadow Child both
eyes are yellow.)
                       SHADOW CHILD
This is the end for you Jace.
(Shadow Child swings at Jace. Jace ducks to avoid the blow,
but Shadow Child catches Jace with a punch to his face which
sends Jace over the edge of the bridge. Jace calls a
platform using the force to land on. He lands on the
platform. Jace looks up to see Shadow Child coming after
him. The scene switches to Sakara facing off against
Little boy you are no match for
me. Put down your weapon and I
will spare you.


I will never surrender to you.
(Mayan pounces attacks Sakara furiously. The sudden barrage
of attacks send Sakara on the defensive. She is having
trouble with meeting the ferocity and the speed of the
attacks. She ducks just in time to miss a slice toward her
head. Sakara puts the lightsabers together and they become
one dual lightsaber. She notices that Mayan is starting to
tire. She goes on the offensive. Mayan slices the blade in
half and Sakara a swift kick that send hims oof the ledge
onto the cavern floor unconcious. On the floor Ti and Ki are
facing off against Boba Fett. Ti notices that Mayan is
laying unconscious on the floor.)
We have to get Mayan to safety.
How do we do that we are in a
middle of a fight with Boba Fett.
You have to last a few minutes
against Boba Fett alone.
What!? Are you crazy I can't do
Just trust in the force it will
help you. I'm going after Mayan.
(Ti runs toward Mayan. While Ki faces off against Boba
Come here Fett.
(Ki sends a very powerful force push towards Boba Fett. Fett
slams into the wall dazed.)
                       BOBA FETT
Vader doesn't pay me enough for
(Fett flies out of the cave. The scene switches back to
Vader against Samarian and Luke. Darth Vader uses a strong
force push against Luke and kicks Samarian. Darth Vader
uses the force to rocks to fall on Luke.)


(Samarian runs to Luke and Darth Vader runs to go get
                       DARTH VADER
Sakara it's time to leave. I've
got what we came for.
Yes Master.
(Samarian force pushes the rocks away. Luke is very badyly
damaged. Samarian picks up Luke and runs to the entrance.)
Where's Ti?
He took Mayan to the ship he was
knocked unconscious in a fight
with Sakara. What happened to
Master Skywalker.
He was injured in the fight
against Darth Vader. Come on we
have to get back to the ship.
(The scene switches to Jace and Shadowchild fighting on the
lava. Jace backflips onto a catwalk. Shadowchild follows
Jace and the battle continues.)
                       SHADOW CHILD
Don't worry Jace I won't kill you
now. I will first recapture your
girlfriend and then torture her
until she dies and let you watch
her die. And knowing that there
is nothing you can do to save her.
Then I will kill you slowly but at
that point you would be dead
without your Salia.
(At those comments Jace goes beserk. The pure hatred and
rage for Shadowchild explodes into a flurry of motion.
Shadowchild is on the defensive backing up a steep hill.
Jace punches Shadowchild in the face hard. Shadow child
slips and falls to the ground. Jace uses the force to choke


I said I would kill you and I will
fulfill my promise.
(Back on the command ship Samarian is meditating and sees
Jace force-choking Kasak.)
No Jace don't kill him.
(Jace hears Samarian's words and realizes what's he doing.
He drops Shadowchild and Shadowchild grabs onto a ledge
dangling. Jace rushes to help him.
What have I done. Kasak grab my
                       SHADOW CHILD
I will never except help from you.
If you don't you will die.
                       SHADOW CHILD
Better death than being saved by
Take my hand Kasak.
                       SHADOW CHILD
Only with my lightsaber.
(Shadowchild ignites his lightsaber and swings at the hand
Jace is holding on to him with. Shadowchild chops off
Jace's hand and Shadowchild falls into the darkness with a
scream. Jace is lying on the ground in pain. Jace's ship
touches down on ledge not far from him.)
Jace your going to have to jump to
make the ship.
(Jace gets up and jumps and lands by the ship. Salia helps
Jace to the ship. Back on Jace's command ship he is getting
a robotic hand put on. His communicator buzzes and Salia
picks it up.)
Master Samarian.


M'Lady glad to see your safe from
harm. Where's Jace I need to talk
to him it's urgent.
(Salia hands the communicator over to Jace.)
Yes Master.
Jace, I felt what happened to you
on Hellion. I felt your rage and
hatred for Kasak. You killed him
didn't you.
Why would you think I would commit
a crime like that Master. I tried
to save him he chopped off my arm
because I was trying to save him.
(Jace lifts up his arm to show Samarian.)
I'm sorry Jace. I didn't know.
Master I need to get my rest good
(Jace turns the communicator off. The scene switches to
Darth Vader meditating when a familiar ghostly prescence
                       DARTH VADER
Master I have gotten the holocron
as commanded.
Good Lord Vader good. You have
done all that I have asked you
                       DARTH VADER
Master I still don't know who you
are. And why I was appointed for
this glorious position.
It is time that I explained who am
I and why you were chosen. As I
have said before I'm a Sith Lord


                       GHOST (cont'd)
of old. My name is Sidious but
most people call me Emperor
Palpatine. The reason you were
chosen is to bring the empire back
and myself from the dead. The
reason you became Vader is your
hate for the Skywalkers. With
that hate I was able to bring back
the power that Darth Vader had and
put it into you. Now for are next
phase we must plan a full scale
assult on the Republic.
                       DARTH VADER
Yes, my Master.
(The scene switches to Samrian on the command ship.)
Master Samarian who will lead us
now that Master Luke is out of
I will since I was Luke's second
in command. But I feel something
big is about to happen.
(Scene switches to Jace and Salia.)
Salia there's something I want to
ask you.
What is it Jace.
Ever since you were kidnapped my
life was empty. If you would have
died I wouldn't know what to do.
So Salia I wanted to ask you will
you marry me.
Yes Jace I will marry you.
(The planet is fresh with vegatation and pleasant to look
at. Trey is standing on top of the hill looking into the
distance. His father walks up to him.)


What's the matter Trey. Is
something bothering you.
The galaxy is at war and my
friends are sacrificing their life
to protect people like me and you.
Trey you are here to learn the
family business. That's your
No, my destiny is far greater than
running the family business. I
should be out there with my
friends. Saving people and
protecting the Republic.
You really feel that strongly
about this.
Yes, Father I do. I'm supposed to
be a Jedi. That is my real
Son, I'm going to let you decide
what you want to do. And your
going to have to live with your
decisions and accept the
Yes Father.
So what is it that you want to do.
I want to be a Jedi.
Ok son. Go contact Master
Skywalker that you are coming back
to the academy.
Thank You Father.


(Trey hugs his father.)
Son know this that I will always
love you and always be proud of
Yes, I know it father.
Now go pack.
(Trey runs off to pack his things.)
(The scene switches to the Jedi Council briefing room.)
Master Skywalker has been severly
wounded. He is in a coma and
won't be able to lead this war.
From this moment on I will be
commanding these war efforts.
(The scene switches to Jace and Salia standing before a
minister. The crowd is filled with delegates and Jedi.
Mayan, Ti , Ki, Trey, Samarian, Leia, and Senator Jansen are
in the crowd. Senator Jansen is in the back of the crowd
You may now kiss the bride.
(Jace and Salia share their first kiss of their marriage.
Jace is holding her and they are both looking out into the
sunset. The scene switches to Luke's room. The scene is
set in his mind it's dark and a small little green hermit is
sitting on a log.)
Where am I.
In your mind you are.
Master Yoda! What's going on?
In a force coma you are in. Talk
we must.


What do we need to talk about.
The future we must talk about.
What about it?
Darker the universe is growing.
Troubled I am about the galaxy's
safety. In motion are a chain
events that will be devastating.
The darkside moving it is. In
trouble are the Jedi. Much we
have to talk about we do.
(With that the camera zooms out and fades to black. Then
the credits roll.)


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From Sven Date 7/14/2008 ****
I have not read the other ones, but this was a great script to read. Keep it up!

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