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La Squadra
by Caroline De Luca (woggirl10@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: *1/2

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Fade In:
Different shots of the soccer field, the net, the corners,
the center circle and the penalty box, etc. Some boys come
out of the locker room for training. The have many soccer
balls with them and are doing different tricks like headers,
leg and chest tricks. They are also taking shots at goal and
doing drills.
Cut to:
A big stadium and two teams come out onto the field. One
team in red a color and the other in blue. They go into two
straight lines and prepare for the anthem to finish. Then
they run into their positions. Play starts and they are
doing very magnificent passes and headers to their
Cut to:
A few players have come out at half time to entertain the
crowd by doing different tricks.
Cut to:
The game. They boys are really playing their best and giving
it all they got. Then the blue team goes for goal and
scores. They boys are jumping up and down and over the
sidelines and getting the crowd really into it.
Cut to:
The game is finished and the blue team has won. They are
jumping up and down, putting their tops over their heads,
sliding across the grass, doing dancers and shouting OLE'
Cut to:
Flash In:


Itís a real crappy soccer club. The facilities are old,
dirty and rusty and it looks like it hasnít been clean for
10 years.
Cut to:
There is a man who is sitting on a bench overlooking the
field. His dog is sitting next to him. He takes a puff of
his cigarette.
      (Looks at his dog
       and blow out the
       smoke from his
Looks like we lost another one.
Cut to:
      (Smaking his hands
       down on the table)
What the hell are we going to do
now? That is the third coach we
have lost in the past two seasons.
      (Looks up from his
Look I know how many coaches we
have lost, but no one can handle
you guys. The whole team is a
disgrace to the championship. You
don't show up to practice, you
barely manage to get sixteen
players onto the field when you
play and when you guys do get a
new coach you treat them like
      (Sits down on the
       chair infront of
       his desk.)


                       GIANCARLO (cont'd)
I promise this time that won't
happen. You have my word. Would we
be getting another coach or will
we have to sit this year out?
I better have your word. If this
is the second time you guys are
planing on staying at the bottom
of the ladder, then I'll shut you
down myself.
Ok, ok, ok, we just really need a
coach that will boost up our
confidence and get us to the top.
I have already sent out
applications to different coaches
in the area. I can't really
promise you anything but we should
get some action in the next week
or so. Hopefully!
Any coaches that I would know
Well there are a few familiar
faces that I have sent
applications to. There are a few
new people. I'm mean it really
could be anybody. When I find out
you will be the first one to know.
Cut to:
Music is coming from the house. Inside a woman is singing
and dancing to the music, while holding a wooden spoon as a
microphone. The phone rings and she dances over to get it.


      (On the phone)
Hello, yes this is she. Hi how are
you? That's good. Yes I did.
Really? No, I mean that as in a
good way. Yeah, sure no problem.
Thank you so much. How about
Friday at eleven. Ok then see you
then. Ciao.
Cut to:
Adamo and a few other people from the soccer board are
interviewing people for the new coaching job. A man is
already in there and waiting for their response.
Well thanks very much. We will
ring you if anything comes up.
The man gets up and leaves the room.
      (Puts papers in a
Next please!
Alessandra walks in. Everyone's looking at papers and
      (Talks with his
       head down.)
Mr Rossi, you want to apply for
the new coaching job? I can see
that you resume is excellent!
Ahh, it's actually Miss Rossi!


      (Looks up at her
       in shock.)
Youíre a woman!
      (Looks down at
Well last time I checked I was.
It's just that this an opening for
a coaching position for a men's
soccer team. You must be mistaken.
I don't think I am mistaken. I was
called up by one of your employees
and I was told to come down here
for an interview.
Giuliano gets up.
      (Shaking her hand.)
I was the one who you spoke to.
      (Looking strangely
       at her.)
We sent out applications for male
coaches to coach our men's soccer
team. How did you get a hold of
It came in the mail. I just filled
in the application and I got a
call yesterday to come in. So here
I am.
I didn't know that it was just for
males only.


Well your good!
Look I know that you thought it
was just a simple coaching job,
but your just not what we are
looking for.
      (Looking a bit
It's because I'm female, isn't it?
Well, yeah!
Look, I really, really want this
job and I know that I won't let
you down. Just give me a chance.
Slight pause.
I will do anything to get this
job...even lie out of my teeth.
Everyone in the room laughs.
How are you actually planing on
doing that? Charging us?
Everyone goes silent.
I could charge one of you guys
with sexual harrasment. It would
be my word against yours. I will
win the case, you will lose and
you club will be in jeopardy.


You would'nt!
You be suprised!
Slight pause in the room.
Look all I'm saying is that just
give me a chance. I know I can
change these boys in to champions.
Give me a go. Please.
They all look worried. The camera turns to Alessandra and
she smirks.
Cut to:
Giancarlo and Antonio are in the front of Giancarlo's car.
Roberto and Paolo are in the back. The guy, besides
Giancarlo is just shaking his head throughout it.


I like lips and eyes and mouth and
smooth soft skin
I got long fingers, gonna draw you
So put on my moan and take off
your clothes
Slide down slow, beneath your
belly I go

I'm going down, down, down, down,
down, down, down
down, down, down, down, down, down
down, down, down, down, down,
down, down

to pussytown!
The guys laugh. Antonio then puts the volume down.
      (Getting up from
       the back)
So anyway I heard that the new
coach is pretty good. Apparently
he has coached for a few different
clubs and other shit like that.
Well all I have to say is that he
better be good. Otherwise will
loose this season again.
(Pause) For the fucken third time
I might add!
Slight pause in the car.
Hey, what are you guys doing
tonight? Because I thought after
training we could go out and get
something to drink. What do you
guys say?


I'll come.
Count me in!
What about you Giancarlo?
Nah, I don't really feel like
coming tonight. After practice I
just want to go home and relax.
Come on Brunello, you've got to
get out more! If you stay inside
all the time your never going to
get laid.
Slight pause in the car.
      (Looking at him
By the way, when was the last time
you got laid???
Shut the fuck up! Do you honestly
think I'm gonna tell you when the
last time I had sex? What's the
matter with you?
Sure, why not. We tell you
As women say, I'm not the type to
kiss and tell.


We really need to take you out.
You need to meet some hot looking
Better yet we're going to make you
talk to the next girl you see.
Get fucked. You guys are fucken
sex freaks. What's the matter with
Paolo get up from the back seat and goes near Giancarlo.
All we're asking you to do is talk
to the girl in the next club that
you see. Better yet talk to the
next girl in the next car. How
hard could it be?
As soon as he says that, they pull up to a red light.
Alessandra is in the car beside them. The boys in the car
are now taking notice of her.
      (Looking at
Minkia, Madonna MIA!!!
Alessandra looks in their direction and smiles. The boys
smile back.
Wouldn't you just want to stick
your teeth into that?? Brunello
call out to her?
Get real, I'm not gonna call out
to some woman for you guys, who
want to have some gang bang.


Paolo then goes to the front of the car where Giancarlo is.
Hey, my friend Giancarlo thinks
that your're fucken sexy.
Giancarlo hits him on the head. He then screams.
      (Looking at
So sorry, about my dickhead of a
      (Starts to laugh.)
That's cool. Maybe i'll see you
around some time?
The lights go green and she takes off. They follow behind
her. Back to the guys car.
      (Still looking at
       Alessandra's car.)
How hot was she?
      (Rubbing his head.)
Well I would of had a better look
if it weren't for Brunello.
Shit! She was hot! Ok, what would
you do if you saw her again?
Probally stick my tongue down her


      (Pats him on his
       back from the
       back seat.)
There you go, that's the spirit!
They boys start to laugh. Giancarlo just shakes his head in
Cut to:
The boys are now in their locker room and are waiting for
the new coach. They still don't know who it is yet. Everyone
is dressing in silence. Then Adamo walks inside the locker
Hey boys, how are you holding up?
      (Getting up from
       his seat.)
Yeah, not bad. Has the new coach
come yet?
Not yet! Can you come outside with
me Brunello?
Adamo leads the way out of the locker room. Giancarlo
follows him outside.
      (Brings him closer
       to him.)
Look about the new coach. I just
want to tell you that you'll get a
bit of a suprise from who it is?
      (Looking worried.)
How big is the suprise?


Well lets just say that...the new
coach...well. Ok one word to
discribe...a bit feminine.
Giancarlo is just standing there in disbelief, with his
mouth opened.
What, when, what, why! What the
fuck? You mean he's gay?
Adam looks at him weird.
Well what then?
I mean feminine in a more physical
Giancarlo finally gets it.
Ohhhh!... Shit!
I know. I thought she was male
until I had to look down to make
sure that it was true.
Actually her name is Alessandra
Rossi, who is infact Giacomo
Rossi's daughter.
      (looks puzzled)
Hold on Giacomo Rossi! THE Giacomo
Rossi? THE same Giacomo Rossi who


                       GIANCARLO (cont'd)
played in four world cups, scored
146 goals and won the best and
fairest 3 times in a row?
Giancarlo's eyes go wide
Look, I brought you out here
because I wanted to tell you to
tell the boys to take it easy on
her. Don't get me wrong she is a
hard ass, but I just want you to
warn her about the boys. Just tell
her what they are really like!
      (Puts up his
It's all good. I'll give her the
Cut to:
      (To Alessandra
       from the
So what time do you have to be
      (Sitting on her
Around eleven. I just came around
to see if you wanted to come


I can't today. I'm really busy at
Comes out of the bathroom.
      (Looking sad.)
I really need some support. I
think these guys are going to kill
me! They are one of the worst
clubs in the history of soccer and
they have gotten worse after each
and every coach that has come in.
The last thing they need is a
woman to tell them what to do.
Can you just stop for a moment and
think about where you are going to
work for the next couple of years?
I wouldn't go that far. I'm only
working there for the rest of the
season. Anyway what is so good
about where I'm going to work?
      (Her eyes go wide.)
What planet are you living on? You
are a WOMAN coaching for a MENS
soccer team. Work it out!
      (Rolls her eyes.)
Is that all you think about?
      (Sits down next to
I'm only human.
Cut to:


They boys are now waiting in silence. Then they here a car
pull up into the club driveway. Antonio is the closet to the
window. He looks out and sees a woman get out of the car.
      (Looking very hard
       out the window.
       To himself.)
Shit she looks fimilar.
The woman starts to walk towards the club. Antonio still has
a strange face on him. Luca goes up to him.
      (Walking up to
Rocco, are you ok?
      (Looking up[ at
Yeah, I'm cool. I just thought
that I have seen that chick
before. That's all.
The woman starts to walk up to the club doors. Adamo meets
her at the doors.
      (Shakes her hand.)
Nice to see you again Alessandra.
      (While shaking his
Nice to see you again too.
Well before you meet the guys we
have to go the press would like to
ask ou a few questions and also do
a few interviews for the local
newspaper. Because you are the
first ever female coach in the
history of mens soccer. Then the


                       ADAMO (cont'd)
boys should be trainning on the
field with the other coaches. So
you will get to meet them there.
Sound good?
She nods her head in argeement. They now go into a big room
and heaps of people and cameras are there. They are taking
pictures of Alessandra as she makes her way up the stage and
sits down behide the desk. Adamo follows her and stands next
to her. He indicates everone to be quite.
Goodmorning everyone, I'm the Adam
Cavalieri and I am here to
introduce you to the new face of
soccer, Coach Rossi.
The people clap.
She will now answer any questions
that you may have.
He picks the first person and then sits down next to
                       INTERVIEWER 1
      (To Alessandra.)
Coach Rossi, how does it feel to
be the first female coach in the
history of mens soccer?
Well it feels great. I mean I was
very surprised when I got the call
, but Iím very ecstatic about the
whole thing.
                       INTERVIEWER 2
      (To Alessandra.)
Do you feel that you are now a
role model for young girls out
there that would want to be a
coach or do any other masculine


Well, I have loved soccer ever
since I was little. My dad
actually influence me to play it
since I was the only one that was
interested in the sport. I had no
brothers, only two sisters and
they weren't into that and I was,
so I thought I go to my dad and
give it a shot. The answer to your
question is that I really do feel
like a role model to other women.
I really think that we need more
women coaches out there. They just
need a leader!
                       INTERVIEWER 3
I actually heard a rumor that the
boys don't know about you. They
think that your a male coach. How
are you going to deal with there
Well, as everone knows, this club
is not going too well as it is.
They have lost three coaches in
the past two seasons, or somthing
like that. I really think I can
bring them to victory. If there
not happy with me there then what
can I say. There is the door,
don't let it hit you an the ass on
the way out.
Everyone laughs.
Cut to:
They boys are now on the field training. They are with the
other coach assistants. Some of them are doing drills and
some of them are doing sprits. The other boys are in groups
doing drills like passes and headers and the other groups


are taking shots at goal or taking corner kicks. In the
background Alessandra and Adamo are walking towards the
field. None of the team have nocitce them yet. They are
talking as they are walking.
We are also out of money so we
really can't fix the facilites
here. As you can see they are very
bad, but you'll have to make do
with what you've got.
      (Looking worried)
No problem!
Look, they are really a bunch of
great guys. They might seem that
they don't like you but they will
grow on you. Trust me.
So none of these guys know that I
am here? Do they really think that
I'm going to be a male coach?
Basically, yeah! They think that
your a man, which will make it a
little hard for you to ajust to
them because your a female. Just
be the hard ass that you are and
give them the instructions.
Now some of the guys are stopping what they are doing and
looking in Alessandra's and Adamo's direction. They have
strange expressions on their faces.
      (To Matteo but
       looking in their
I don't like the look of this!


Back to Alessandra and Adamo.
Ok, so I got all I need to know.
Is there anything else you need to
tell me?
      (Worried look on
       his face.)
Good luck!
They are now at the front of the group of guys. More of the
guys turn round.
      (Rasing his hands
       to make them by
Ok guys. Can we have some quite
please. I'd like you to meet
In the corner Giancarlo, Antonio, Paolo and Roberto are
taking to themselves.
      (To Antonio.)
Shit, she does look familar!
I told you.
Where have we seen her before?
Giancarlo has a strange look on his face.
Oh fuck!
Back to Adamo.


Now this may come as a shock...
Back to the guys.
      (Just getting it.)
Oh fuck!
Back to Adamo.
...I'd like you to meet your new
Back to the guys.
      (Just geting it.)
Oh fuck!
Back to Adamo.
...Alessandra Rossi.
The rest of the team is in a state of shoch and can hardly
believe it.
Back to the boys. The rest of them know who she is but Paolo
doesn't have a clue.
      (To Giancarlo,
       Antonio and
What the hell are you guys
'Fucking' about?
Giacarlo, Antonio and Roberto quickly turn their heads and
look at him in a strange way. After about a couple of
seconds, he finally gets it.
      (To them.)
Oh fuck!


Back to Adamo.
      (To the boys)
She will be your new coach for the
rest of the season.
The guys can't believe what they are hearing. Then David
gets up.
      (To Adamo.)
Is this some sort of joke?
      (To David.)
I'm afraid not.
Back to Giancarlo, Antonio, Paolo and Roberto.
      (To Giancarlo.)
Brunello, I guess you will be
doing some major tounge sucking?
Giancarlo's eyes are still wide. He can't believe it. He
finally snaps out of it and hits Paolo over the head.
      (In pain.)
OWWW!... twice!
Back to Adamo.
      (Waves his hands.)
Giancarlo, can you come here a
Giancarlo starts to walk over to Alessandra and Adamo. They
rest of the boys are talking among themselves. They still
can't believe it.


      (To Alessandra.)
Coach Rossi, this is the captian
Giancarlo Brunello. Giancarlo this
is coach Rossi.
They both shake hands.
Nice to meet you.
Well I'll leave you to get to know
your boys. Just get to know them
and have fun. The real training
starts tomorrow. Ciao.
He walks off leaving Giancarlo and Alessandra staring at
each other. Then she finally snaps out of it.
I've really been looking forward
to meeting you. I mean I just
heard about you this morning, so
I've been dying to meet you... I
mean looking forward to going
out... I mean working with you!
He shakes his head in embarrassment.
      (Smiles to him.)
That's cool, don't worry about it.
Ummm... lets meet the guys.
They walk over to the rest of the boys.


      (Pointing to a
       little group.)
Ok well... this is Ciro, Dino,
Gianluca, Giorgio, Marco and
Pietro. These guys play in our
defence area.
A few of the guys wave and she waves back. They walk over to
the next group of guys.
      (Points to them as
       he says their
These are our goalies Damiano,
Giovanni and Luca.
Moves over to the next group.
      (Points to them.)
This is Domenico, Giuseppe,
Marcello, Massimo, Luigi, Paolo
and Antonio. They all play in the
midfield area.
Moves over to the next group.
      (Points to them.)
And in our forward area we have
David, Mario, Matteo, Roberto,
Valentino and Me.
Points to himself.
Nice to meet you all. OK well I
think the first thing we should do
is play a game so I can see how
you guys are on the field. Will
leave the hard training for
tomorrow. So everone get into
groups of five and show me what
you can do.


They all get up and start to get into their groups fo five.
Then Alessandra turns and gets a soccer ball from the bag.
She then walks up to the centre circle. Valentino walks up
behind her.
      (From behind)
Hey coach, I'm Valentino. It's
nice to meet you.
She turns around and shakes his hand.
It's nice to meet you too. What
can I do for you?
Well you see our skills are really
all that not bad. I don't see why
we have to do this bullshit
anyway. We are just wasting
valuable time.
Valentino, you play in the forward
position don't you?
Well why don't you worry about
scoring the goals and let me
worring about coaching. Sound
But I can asure you. We are really
not all that bad.
Will see.
Valentino runs off to get into position. Alessandra then
blows the whistle to start the game.


Go, Go, Go.
The two groups are Valentino, Ciro, Damiano, Domenico, Mario
and on the other team there is Luca, Marcello, Massimo,
Marco and Matteo. They are playing really badly. They keep
on falling and tripping over the ball. They miss the ball
when it comes to them and they can't dribble with the ball,
can't do any sort of skills. Alessandra can't believe what
she is seeing.
      (Shaking her head.)
Not all that bad huh!
Cut to:
Alessandra is doing some work on her coffee table about the
up coming training sessions. Papers are everywhere and she
can't find anything. The phone on the table then rings. She
puts down everything and picks it up. Maria is on the other
Maria is on the computer at home aswell as talking to
Hey bella, how are you?
Yeah not bad. What have you been
up to?
Never mind what I have been up to.
How was today?
Well you know how it is. Heaps of
the press was there. Local
newspapers. Everywhere I looked


                       ALESSANDRA (cont'd)
people were asking me questions
about how it felt and what do I
plan to do. A bit of a ballbreaker
but still cool.
How was there performance?
Not bad!
So your really going to have to
work with them?
They can't do anything. I'm gonna
have to really work with them.
I'll have to go over time with
these guys. They are just really,
really...how can I put this?
Bingo! I really don't think they
like me at all.
Don't worry about it. In a couple
of weeks they will be looking up
to you like your a goddess or
Yeah... hopefully.
Ok, Ok, Ok, enough with the chit
chat, spill it. Who's hot?
I'm telling you, you and Olivia
need to go to sex therapy classes.


Well what do you want me to do.
I'm only human.
Exacty what she said.
Tell me. Who do you think is a bit
of a looker?
Well to actuall tell the truth,
there a few hotties, but I can't
do anything. I'm there coach.
      (Starts to smirk.)
That dosen't mean I can't do
You sick freak. Anyway I better go
I have to get some sleep. I have
an early start tomorrow. Ciao.
See ya bella.
Alessandra hangs up and starts to smile.
Cut to:
It is the next morning and the team is on the field trying
to pass the ball to one another but can't. Alessandra is on
the sidelines of the field and has blown the whistle for
them to come in so they can have a team meeting.


Ok guys. Lets start with a bit of
a warm up. Lets do five laps
around the field. Then will do
some foot work and some shots at
Some of the boys groan but still get up. They all start to
walk to the end of the field and all line up. Alessandra
then blows the whistle to go. While running David turns to
Thinks she so fucken good. Taking
over the team.
Whats your fucken problem? Don't
you like her?
David starts to laugh.
You got to be kidding me!
Your being a dickhead. Why don't
you just suck it up and deal with
it like the rest of us. You don't
see anyone else complaing, do you?
Shakes his head.
Well then deal with it!
Now they are doing corner shots with two forwards, one
defender and a goalie. Then the sence switches to them doing
headers in a cirle. They are in partners. Even though they
are all over the place, they are getting better as a team
and as individuals.
Cut to:


Giancarlo, Antonio, Paolo, Roberto, David, Luca, Massimo,
Valentino and Matteo are all in a crowded bar. They are all
having beers and talking.
So what do you guys really think
of coach Rossi? To me I don't
think she is all that bad.
Same, I think she's cool!
      (Taking a sip of
       his drink.)
I'll add to that.
She's not all that bad.
You guys make me sick.
He gets up and walks off.
      (To Giancarlo.)
What's wrong with him?
Can't stand her. Don't ask me why.
Do you reckon she's had even more
experience then what we have had?
I would think so.
I was actually reading the paper
yesterday and I found an artical
about her father Giacomo Rossi.
Apparently she has won the under


                       VALENTINO (cont'd)
23 womenís championship league
last year and played for the
counrty in the womenís team, two
years in a row. Sheís become a
coach for little league as well. I
think that she would be pretty
experienced. Don't you think?
Shit! Compare that to what we have
Which is?
Fuck all!
They all laugh.
Then Matteo looks at his watch and gets up.
      (Looking at him)
Where are you going?
Ummm... just going out for a
He starts to walk away.
      (Looking worried.)
Hey, are you OK?


      (Walking off.)
Yeah, why would there by anything
Cut to:
Matteo is having a smoke just outside the front door. Walks
towards the back of the bar and takes another puff. A car
rolls up and another man gets out of the car. Matteo walks
up to him with his hands in his pocket. Matteo pulls out a
large wad of cash and gives it to the other guy. The guy in
his hand then gives Matteo a little plastic bag, with white
powder in it. They then shake hands and the man then heads
back in the car and drives off. Matteo then walks back to
the bar. Drops the smoke, steps on it and walks in the door.
Cut to:
They guys are now in different groups. They are passing the
ball from one end to the other and thern switching sides.
Alessandra is behide one group who has Pietro, Gianluigi,
Marcello, Marco and Mario. Mario passes the ball to Marcello
who misses the ball completely. He then shakes his head in
Shit, shit, shit!
Take it easy Sempione.
I know how to take it easy but
it's just really hard to keep
control of the ball.
Next time when you get the ball
try bringing it back a little when
you recieve it. Take it with the


                       ALESSANDRA (cont'd)
Nods his head. She then walks to the other group who has
Luigi, Giuseppe, Giancarlo, Roberto, Luca and David. Luca is
the goalie and Roberto is taking a shot at goal. He takes a
shot but the ball goes over the crossbar. He looks in mid
Why god why?
Having a bit of trouble?
      (Using his hands.)
Why won't that bloody ball go in.
It is as almost I have to force it
to go in. You know, tell it what
to do.
Well maybe that's what you will
have to do. Next time when kicking
the ball, tell it to go your way,
push it around a bit. Keep it
close to your feet. Don't make it
go more then a metre away from
you. Ok I want you to try it with
a defender and Luca I want you to
go in goalies.
Roberto looks at her. He thinks she is crazy but he does
what she said. Roberto starts from just outside the box. He
does brilliant foot work and gets passed Marco. He shots for
the goal but misses it totally. He then collapes on the
floor breathing heavily.
See I told you I couldn't do it.
She gives him her whistle.
Hold this please.


She walks over to Luca who has the ball.
Can I please have the ball?
He gives it to her and she starts to walk towards the
position where Roberto was which is just outside the box.
Marco, come and defend me.
Marco thinks it will be easy and starts to smile to himself.
He walks up to her and stops about a metre away from her.
The whislte blows and she takes off with the ball. She does
brilliant foot work with the ball and tries to get around
Marco. Finally she tricks him into going one way and she
sprints off and goes the other way. Then she finishes off
with a hard kick in the top left corner of the goal. Luca
tries to save it but he doesn't even get a touch of the
ball. He is just left there stunned. Everyone else can't
believe what tehy have just seen.
      (Looking in
What the hell was that?
      (Taking her
       whislte back from
Focus more on the shot, not on
your ego!
She walks away to talk to Carlo, one of the assistants.
Cut to:
Itís that sunday and itís their game against The Stallions.
The boys are getting ready for there game in the locker
room. They are making a lot of racket and playing around.
Then Alessandra walks in.


Are we ready for the game today
YEAH!!! They are the easiest team
out there. We bet them once and we
will do it again.
Yeah right! That goal we scored
against them was a fluke.
It came off Dino's back and hit
Matteo's chin. God only knows how
that went in!
Well this time all that hard work
which was put into this week might
pay off. So lets get out there and
kick some ass.
They boys cheer and run out of the room followed by
Alessandra. When they get outside on the field the crowd
goes wild. Alessandra waves to the crowd and walks to bench.
The Stallion's coach and Assistants cut her off.
                       STALLION COACH
Look at that. Send in a women to
do a mans job.
They all laugh.
Do you have a problem with me or
do you have something loged up
your ass?
She walks off. They call her again.
                       STALLION COACH
Little girl, I'm not finished with
you yet.


Yeah well I'm finished with you.
In the background Giancarlo and Antonio are looking at these
two talk to each other. They have heard everything that he
has said to her.
Man, I feel so sorry for her.
Bloody dickhead!
Do you think we should help her?
I can tell you now she can kill
him on the field and even off.
Back to Alessandra and the Stallion Coach.
If we don't beat you here, then we
sure beat you when we meet in the
finals. So I think that you
shouldn't put your nose into other
people's business. OK!
                       STALLION COACH
Why don't you put your money where
your mouth is?
I don't like betting. Even when it
involves pricks like you!
She walks off leaving the Stallion coach in anger.They boys
start to run to their positions. Alessandra meets the other
substitutes and other assistant coach on the sidelines. They
boys are on the field getting ready to start the game. The
fans are screaming and then the whistle blows and the game
starts. Paolo passes the ball to Antonio who then travels
down field with the ball. He crosses it to Massimo and he
goes for the ball but the opposition pushes him out of the
way. He gets a free kick. He then passes it to Matteo who


runs down field with it but then gets tripped by opposition
and falls to the ground and is hurt on the floor.
      (Clapping his
       hands together.)
What bullshit!
What the hell! Come on ref! Give
him the free.
The first aid come in and helps Matteo get back on his feet.
Alessandra is cracking the shits on the sideline.
      (Calls out to him.)
Matteo, you alright?
He nods his head.
You have to wonder if Coach Rossi
had any tricks up her sleeve
because her boys are getting
totaly wiped by the Stallion
defence line.
Play continues with the ball in the air and Giuseppe doing a
scissors kick towards the goal, but the goalie saves it. The
crowd boos. Roberto is then seen push the opposition and
gets a yellow card. Play continues. Marcello runs for the
ball and passes it to Giancarlo who then starts to kick it
towards the goal but is tripped by the opposition. The crowd
boos. Giancarlo runs up the referee to complain and to give
him a free kick, but he is not given one.
Are you blind ref?
He then gets a yellow card for complaning.
Don't complain Brunello.


                       ANNOUNCER 2
That's right! They are totally
getting creamed by the Stallion
defence area. They have already
two yellow cards. This is not a
good day for the Knights!
Back to the sideline Alessandra indicates for Giorgio to get
He gets up. They then wait for the ball to go out of play.
Then the change up goes up and the announcer says the
Number 16, Giorgio Fontana coming
into the midfield area for Number
7, Marcello Sempione.
Come on Boys, come on boys!!!
Marcello comes off and Giorgio comes on the ground. He
kisses the floor and does the sign of the cross. Play
continues. Giorgio has the ball and passes it to Roberto who
then headers it to Paolo who kicks it towards the goals but
is then stopped by the goalie. Itís half time now and the
boys and Alessandra are in the locker room.
What the hell are you guys doing
out there? There are creaming you
out there? All of you are not
playing like a team. What the heel
happened in practice this week.
You were all coming together. You
have had plenty of shots at goal
and you have missed every one of
Were trying you know!


It's not easy out there!
Look I know it's hard, but come
on. Talk to each other. You have
voices, use them. Now get out
there and kick some ass.
They boys start to head out of the locker room and
Alessandra follows them. The players of both teams now are
on the field waiting for the referee to blow the whistle to
start play. It starts Giancarlo with the ball. He travels
down fields with it and passes the ball to Antonio who the
chips it up to Massimo but the goalie saves it. Alessandra
takes a deep breath in and makes the sign of the cross. The
game starts again and the opposition start with the ball and
pass to one another. They are talking to one another. One of
them gets the ball and passes it to another player of their
team. One of their players passes the ball to another player
who then kicks the ball straight to our goalie. The balls
speed is so fast that he falls down on the floor.
      (Getting the crowd
Ole', Ole', Ole'!
      (Making the sign
       of the cross.)
Madonna Mia!
The whislte blows three times. The game is over. The score
is nill all. Every player shakes hands with the opposition.
Then the players head down to the locker room. Alessandra
follows them down. Down in the tunnel before the locker room
she is stopped by interviewers.
                       INTERVIEWER 1
Coach Rossi, how do you think your
first game against the Stallions


Well we didn't win, but I can
admit that we have improved
dramactially. Will just have to
work harder.
                       INTERVIEWER 2
Are you apset with the loss?
Yeah of course I'm a upset with
the loss. Any coach would be!
Cut to:
A car pulls up to a nice little suburban house. Alessandra
gets out and walks up to the front door. Giacomo answers it.
      (Giving her a hug.)
Bella mia!
      (Whiling hugging.)
Hey dad! How are you?
      (Pulling away.)
Not bad!
      (With a straight
Dad, you always say that! How are
you, REALLY?
Don't worry about me. Now come in
before you catch a cold.


      (Walking in.)
Me and you, later for a talk
      (Closing the door.)
Your giving me orders now. I'm the
father here.
In the hallway she meets her mother.
      (Kissing her twice
       on the cheek.)
Alessandra, come stai?
Alright, what about you?
Cosi, cosi! Ventio con me.
She takes her into the kicthen where Alessandra's sisters
Marisa and Sonia are setting the table.
      (Kissing Sonia.)
Hey girls, how are we?
      (Putting down the
       glasses on the
Your late! You should of been here
and hour ago.
Do you know how hard it is to get
to here from the other side of
town, in peak hour traffic. Plus I
was really busy today. Hey cicca!
      (Kissing her.)
How did it go?


      (Near her ear.)
The stories that I have for you.
I'll talk to you later about it,
but I would'nt think that your
husband would aprove, and it's way
too hot for your kids.
Just then five little kids come running up to Alessandra.
Zia Alex, Zia Alex, how are you?
      (Hugging them.)
Hey guys! Look at them, there
growing up by the day. I never get
to see you guys anymore! What do
you say if you guys came to my
house for a sleep over. How would
that sound?
      (Four running off.
       One staying
Alessandra picks up the little girl.
      (Looking innocent)
Can I sleep with you Zia Alex?
      (Giving her a kiss
       on the cheek.)
Of corse you can!
      (Facing Marisa.)
Where are the guys?
Outside! Doing somthing with
Gianpaolo's car. Go have a look,
maybe you know more about what


                       MARISA (cont'd)
there doing then they do!
The scene changes to outside. Two men are working on a car.
Gianpaolo is looking inside the bonnet of the car and Franco
is reving up the car.
      (Still with
The guys still can't hear her. They continue doing what they
are doing.
      (A little louder.)
They still can't hear her.
      (Acting smart)
Hey ladies!!!
They men look up and they have a shocked expression on their
      (Wiping oil off
       his hands with a
Hey Alex, how's it shaken?
      (Rubbing his hands
       through his hair,
       then putting on a
How are the men treating you?
No problems so far, just a couple


Smart asses!
You got it! Not all of them are
but you do get the occasionall few
bad apples.
Sonia comes out of the door.
Guys dinner's ready.
The scene changers to the dinner table. Everyone is sitting
down and having a good time. People are passing dishes to
one another. Giacomo tells a few jokes and everyone starts
to laugh.
The scene changers to Alessandra walking into her old room.
There are posters up on the walls of different soccer
players. The leagedary Gianfranco Zola and many more
players. Then Giacomo walks in with a soccer ball.
      (Throwing the ball
       to her.)
Heads up!
You kept the room the same way! I
thought that you would have
changed it 20 mins after I moved
Don't be silly! I'll never change
this room. (walking towards her)
Alot of memories in this room.
It all goes quiet for a moment. She looks like she is about
to cry.


      (Going up to her
       and putting his
       hand on her
What's wrong?
I just can't believe that it has
actually happened. I mean I have
been waiting for something like
this for years, and it's finially
here. I just happy that I haven't
had a nevorus breakdown.
Well we are all very proud of you.
You just keep up the good work.
Cut to:
The scene is switched to two days later and the guys are
back at training and Alessandra and the trainers are setting
up different drills for the players. All the players come
out of the locker room. Giancarlo in Valentino are talking
to one another while walking to the field.
I really need to work on my corner
kicks. I want it to go one way and
it goes the other way.
You'll be fine. Just work on it.
Hey, you know what?


After the game on Sunday, Massimo
and I were walking out of the
locker room. We saw Coach Rossi
getting changed. She was in her
bra! Good Damm!!!
Giancarlo's eyes widen.
And you just stayed there and
watched her?
No we didn't watch! All I got to
say is...what a fucken body!
      (Puts his hands
       together and
       shakes them at
       the same time.)
I'm surrounded by sex freaks.
Valentino starts tio laugh. They finally reach the field.
All the players are out in groups.
Today we are going to do some
corner work and we are going to
mainly work on the defence,
because you guys slacked off the
first game. Ok lets go.
The guys start to head to the places. Alessandra looks
      (Looking around.)
Hey Dino, where's Matteo?
I last saw him in the change room.


Matteo's head is down and he is breathing heavily. He gets
up and he wipes his nose and then cleans the place a little,
just as Alessandra walks in.
      (At the door.)
What are you doing out here? You
were suppose to be out training by
now. Go!
      (Fixing himself up
       and running out.)
It will never happen again.
Alessandra watches him go and then turns back to where he
was sitting. She then looks outside the door and shakes her
head in wonderment.
Cut to:
Now they are doing different drills. The people who take the
corners are lining up and taking shots. Valentino takes a
shot but misses the front of the goal completly. Alessandra
walks up to him. She gives him a few pointers. He nods his
head, lines up the ball and takes the corner. In the goal
area Giancarlo gets over the defence and headers the ball
in. Valentino cheers by doing a little dance with Giancarlo.
Alessandra shakes her head, but she is smiling at the same
Cut to:
Before the game they are in the locker room getting ready.
Alessandra walks in.
Guys we have alot of work to do
today and I'm not going to be easy
on you either. I think you've been


                       ALESSANDRA (cont'd)
getting it easy from me. So get
out there and make me proud.
They are playing against Tiger's and the score is 1-1 and
itís the second half of the game. Mario shoots for goal but
the opposition trips him. The Knight's bench is really upset
and cracking the shits. Alessandra is in panic. The referee
calls the stretcher to come and get Mario and to take him
off the field.
What the fuck! What kind of call
was that?
As soon as Mario gets off the fiels she calls up Roberto.
Coming on for Number 13, Mario
Bianca is Number 15, Roberto
Makes the sign of the cross.
The free kick is given and Roberto takes it. They ball is
given to Matteo who then switches to Domenico in the
midfield position. He then runs with the ball down the line.
Then he chips it back to Matteo. He then shoots for goal,
but the goalie saves it right it front of him. The goalie
from the other team then trips Matteo when the referee is
not looking. The crowd boos.
                       ANNOUNCER 2
OHHHH!!! That was a cheap shot! He
better not do anything I wouldn't
Matteo then gets up and pushes their goalie to the ground.
This time the ref sees it and gives him a yellow then a red
card. The crowd boos. The Knight's team are craking the
shits. Alessandra is yelling at him.
I think you spoke to soon.
Then Alessandra comes up onto the field.


                       ANNOUNCER 2
Now this is somthing that I've
never seen before. Coach Rossi is
actually running onto the field
and talking with the ref.
You saw that. It was a cheap shot.
You just turned you back at that
moment when my guy fell.
Look Coach, I don't tell you how
to do your job, so don't tell me
how to do mine. I saw the hit and
his out of the game. Play with 10
players or I'll kick you all out
of the game!
The rest of the Knight's players are going up to the ref and
trying to complain to him. They give up and move away.
Matteo comes off the field and walks down to the locker
      (Giancarlo is
       behind her.)
I just want to know, how the fuck
do you sleep at night, knowing
that you are an inconcedrate
      (Holding her back.)
Take it easy Coach!


It's the other teams goalie kick. He takes it. Their defence
line really picks up and they start to get thought the
Knight's team. They run faster and faster. They get though
the midfield area, then slowly though the Knight's defence
area. One of the players chips it into the middle. Then they
pass it to one of the forwards who then headers it in. Their
team is going wild. They are cheering their heads off. Then
the whistle blows. The Tiger's have won. Alessandra and the
boys are left hanging their heads in grief. On there way
they see Bobby who is hanging from the fence.
      (Slapping them on
       the backs.)
Man you guys really sucked out
there! Better luck next time.
Alessandra then slaps him on the back of the head.
      (Feeling the back
       of his head.)
Back in the locker room Alessandra is really giving it to
I canít believe you guys. What the
hell were you doing out there? You
had them and you blew it. They
slipped right through your
fingers. I told you to keep your
heads up and you put your heads
Hey, go easy on us. Were trying
our best! Donít give us such a
hard time!


Luigi, that's my job. I can't
treat you like babies. I saw you
today and you slacked off. Look at
training the other day? You guys
were going off, now what happened?
We just lost it out there.
Yeah you lost it out there. About
four yellow cards, one red and all
the free kicks you gave them. I'd
say you lost it quiet a bit. We
trained for this. You guys were
getting better and better. No
problems there. Is there some sort
of problem now?
David gets up.
Maybe youíre the problem!
Alessandra turns around and looks at him. Everyone goes
quite and looks he waiting for her response.
Is that what this is about! Iím
sorry that you feel this way about
me, but there is nothing I can do
about that! It was never my
intention to make you guys feel
imitated. I didnít realize I was a
treat to you. Maybe David, your
the problem, maybe ever since I
have been here you in particular
have been giving me shit, with
those smart ass comments! You
donít think I here you. Iím sorry
you feel this way. I think you
have to get over it and deal with
it. Does anyone else have a
problem with me being here?


Everyone just sits there in silence.
I didnít think so.
A long pause in the room.
If anyone wants me Iíll be in my
officeÖ(pause) tying not to be a
She walks past David and gives him a dirty look. Then she
walks out of the room. They boys are now getting undressed
and heading to the showers. Giancarlo is getting unchanged
and puts and towel around his waist and to the showers.
Roberto does that same and heads to the shower next to him.
I canít believe that we lost!
Hey it wasnít a total loss. We
were just slack today. If we lose
the next two games, then were
Cut to:
Alessandra is on the phone talking to the board of the
champions league.
I know we were shit out there
today. Well what do you want me to
do about that?
Just then Giancarlo comes in. She looks up and smiles and
indicates him to sit down.
Can you just relax? It was my
first game. Iíll talk to them.
Look Giancarlo has just walked in


                       ALESSANDRA (cont'd)
so we will talk about the game and
any other mishaps that we had
today. Ciao. (pause) Ballbreaker!
She hangs up the phone and looks at him and gives him look
to say that she canít be bothered. Giancarlo smiles.
Ruff day?
Tell me about it. I canít wait to
get out of here. What about you?
Yeah Iím not bad, but Iím a bit
shitty with the way we played
today. I feel sorry for you
because youíre the one whoís
getting the blame for this. I mean
you have the press on your back
every time you turn around, Mr.
Cavalieri is giving you shit and
David with that smart arse comment
in there. I seriously thought that
you were going to bitch slap him.
Can you image my doing that!
Actually I can see you going for
They both laugh.
So how are you really holding
I'm alright! Why?


Nothing. It just seems these past
couple of days you've been really
upset and worried. Is there
anything wrong?
Alessandra is about to speak when he cuts her off.
It's cool if you don't want to
tell me. It's problaby none of my
business anyway.
Nah, thanks for asking anyway! But
nothing's wrong.
There is along pause.
Well I guess I better go. I've got
a wog party tonight. All the
relo's. I really can't be
He gets up.
Yeah, I know the feeling! Just get
pissed before it and just put a
'NOT COPING' sign on your top!
That's actually a good idea. I
think i'll do both! Anyway see you
He starts to walk out.
He stops and turns around.


Have a drink for me!
      (Smiling and
       pointing to her.)
You got it!
He walks out of the room.She nods her head while smiling.
Cut to:
Two days later and the guys are back at training and
Alessandra and the trainers are setting up different drills
for the players. Antonio and Marco are the first to come out
of the locker room and onto the field. They meet up with
Hey Coach!
Antonio waves to her.
Hey guys, whatís been happening?
Not much...what about you?
They keep on talking to each other when Giancarlo and David
come out of the locker room followed by Massimo, Giorgio and
Luca for training. Giancarlo can see Alessandra talking to
Marco and Antonio. He then turns to David.
Can I ask you something?


Why do you hate Coach Rossi? I
mean she hasnít done anything to
you, so why do you keep on giving
her shit?
Fucken hell! Youíre going to start
this shit again. Youíre the forth
person that has said that to me
ever since she came here and took
Relax man.
He stops Giancarlo.
Come on man, donít just stand
there and tell me that when you
heard she was coming you didnít
feel the slightest bit upset or
OK, You just stand there and
ďummmĒ for a while and you might
be at the level where I am right
about now.
He starts to walk off.
At first I was, but I got over it.
Iíve been talking to her, and
really sheís not that bad.
David turns around to him.


Well thatís just you! It will take
me that whole season to get over
You know what your problem is. You
can't stand a women taking control
of what you do and it kills you to
know that you can't do anything
about it.
He rols his eyes and walks away leaving Giancarlo standing
The guys are now running up and down and Alessandra is
running with them. Back and fourth, back and fourth. Then
she steps and sets them up again for sprints. She blows the
whistle and they start to run even faster. Twice up and
down. The coach assistant comes to them and Alessandra tells
him to take over for her. She goes over to another group. In
the group there is David, Luca, Marcello and Domenic. They
are taking shots at the goals with Luca in the goals.
Marcello goes the goal but Luca saves it.
Nice try Marcello.
Then David has his go. He aims for the goal and gets it into
the back of the net.
Keep up the good work David!

David looks up at her and tries to force a smile at her, but
under his breath he says.
She smiles to herself. Then she turns around and sees
Giancarlo looking at her. She winks at him and he smiles
back. She then walks off to the other assistants. She is
talking to them agree with somthing with them and walks over


to the boys and blows the whistle. Everyone besides
Valentino and Antonio come into a group.
Ok guys, we really need to work on
our defence line. Last game we
were really sloppy. We have to
become more stronger and more
Valentino and Antonio are still kicking the ball to one
another. Alessandra blows the whislte.
Rocco and Alessi, get your asses
here now.
Not listing they still keep on playing.
Also our midfielders can't do all
the work out there they...
Valentino and Antonio are still mucking around with the
Don't kick it to high!
Just as he says that Antonio kicks it up and it heads right
to Alessandra.
      (Calling out.)
Heads up!!!
The ball heads straight to her and she stops the ball
traveling by killing the bounce. She then juggles the ball
on her feet then flicks it up into her hands. The guys can't
believe what has just happened. There mouths are wide
      (To Valentino and
You guys are in deep shit now!


We are so sorry! We didn't mean
for it to go in your direction.
Enough with the near death
experience. Where the hell did you
learn that?
Learn what?
      (Imitates her.)
That juggely thingy??? Where did
you learn it?
Oh that, when I was a kid. My dad
taught me what I needed to know
about soccer from a really young
Is it easy?
Yeah all you have to do is just
practice. It's really easy.
Do us a bit of a demo.
Ok then. Well all you do is you
have to get a really good grip
underneath and flick it up. When
it comes back down, flow with it
and bring your foot down as you
recieve it.
While she is saying this the boys get a soccer ball for
themselves and try it. Some of them get it yet some arn't.


Just go easy. Slowly, slowly. Take
you time. You'll get it.
Soccer balls are flying everwhere. She starts to laugh.
Cut to:
Now the guys are becoming a team. They are working together
as a team and using there skills wisely. They are doing
different warm ups and drills. Alessandra is giving them
Hustle, hustle, hustle!
Cut to:
Alessandra is taking Adamo out onto the field. Explaining
that they need new faciltes.
How do you intend to raise the
Trust me!
Cut to:
Little kids are paying money to get into the soccer clinic.
They are getting advice from Alessandra and the team. They
are learing new skills and drills like the big boys.
Alessandra is walking around to the different groups. Two
players are with a group of ten children. Alessandra walks
up to Giancarlo's and Marcello's group. They are copying the
boys on every skill they do. Alessandra and Giancarlo make
eye contact. They smile at each other and he winks at her.


Cut to:
The boys are now in circles, one small one on the inside and
one large one on the outside and doing headers to one
another. Alessandra is walking up and down giving them
encouragement. Alessandra then walks over to Valentino,
Paolo and Matteo who have gotten a ball and are trying to
fix up their hair in the reflection. Alessandra just buries
her head in her hands.
Cut to:
They are putting up the new goals and fixing up the club
making it all brand new again. They are painting the new
sign of the club. Alessandra and Valentino get into a bit of
a paint fight. There is paint flying everywhere.
Cut to:
They are back at training doing laps on the ground. They are
jogging from side to side, left to right, back to front and
doing twists down the field. Alessandra is talking to them
as they train.
Come on guys, keep it moving.
Where not getting any younger.
Cut to:
The ball heads down to Paolo. He passes it to Massimo who
then passes back to Giancarlo. He belts the ball into the
back of the net. The sideline and the crowd are going wild.
He then runs to one of the sideline poles, puts his hand on
it and the raises his other hand. The guys start to jump on
Cut to:


Alessandra is talking to the team. They are all lying on the
floor listing to her.
You know how I was saying that we
needed someone up into midfield
that can run the full lenght of
the game and not get tired like
some people I know!
(Looks at a few of the guys)
Well, I'd like you to meet Fabio
Del Torro (Comes in)
our newest player to the Knights.
Fabio this is the team. Get out
there and show them what you
showed me.
She meets up with Marco and Massimo.
Coach, is he that good?
Just watch this!
A qiuck game starts and Fabio takes off with the ball. He
zooms past each and every player, practically just playing
on his own. He then shots for goal and Luca can bearly even
see if the ball went in. Everyone can't believe it.
      (Looking shocked.)
I'll take that as a yes!
Cut to:
The whole team is now in one big line like a train. They are
dancing to the music which is being played over the speaker.
Cut to:


Valentino from the sideline throws the ball in. Domenico
then kills the bounce. He the does brilliant foot work
around the opposition and then passes to Mario. Mario then
goes for goal, but it's too high. Roberto who is at the back
post headers the ball in. Roberto then does a little dance.
Some of the players join him. Back to Alessandra who is
smiling but shaking her head.
Cut to:
Valentino kicks the ball into the goals and then runs
towards the stands. While running he does a cart-wheel, then
a flip and then runs up to the stands, goes on the fence and
screams out loud. The crowd goes wild. They are jumping up
and down wanting more.
Cut to:
All the guys are now sitting down on benches and listing to
Alessandra talk at the front of the room. She is writing of
the whiteboard and explaining the different positions and
explainations to the boys. Some of them are nodding and
agreeing with her. Then Alessandra cracks some joke which
sends they guys laughing.
Cut to:
There are two line. One line is sitting down the other is
standing up. The boys standing up are throwing the balls to
the guys that are sitting down. They are doing sit-up at the
same time they are headering the ball.
Cut to:
The score is nill all and there is about five mintues to go.
Damiano in goals kicks it out to Dino who runs down the
centre with the ball. He then goes passed the opposition
team and passes the ball to Luigi. He the chips it to


Giancarlo. He then passes it to David who then gets tripped
in the penalty box.

Come on ref!
      (To the referee)
What the fuck! That was a cheap
shot! Give me the free.
The referee gives David a penalty kick. Everyone takes a
deep breath in as he takes the kick. The ball goes straight
threw the goalies hands and into the goal. The team on the
bench goes wild and everyone is celebrating. David runs away
from the goal and pulls his top over his head and runs
around. Then he slides on the grass, followed by his other
teammates who jump on top of him.
They are now in the locker room screaming and yelling
because they have just one. Alessandra comes in and some
guys pick her up.
We want to feel like this again
donít we?
Ole' Ole' Ole' Ole'.
I guess that answers my question.
Then they put her down. She then has gone outside and talked
to the press about the game. Inside they are still prasing
David for there win.


      (Holding up a
       bottle of water.)
Even though this is not a real
drink, but let's here it for David
who saved our asses.
Hip, Hip, Hooray x3
Alessandra walks in the room.
      (Joining in)
And Three cheers for Coach Rossi.
Hip, Hip, Hooray x3
      (Pulling a man
       inside the locker
Thanks guys. Hey I want you all to
meet sombody. Everyone this is my
dad Giacomo Rossi. Dad these are
my boys.
All the guys are so suprised. They all go up to him and
shake his hand and pat him on the back.
So I here that you have been
giving her a real hard time?
Are you kidding me! She's the
Carlo comes into the picture.
      (Bringing them
Come on everyone get together.
Lets get a group shot.


They get together and take a picture. After that Alessandra
catches up with David.
Congratulations David, you have
put us threw to the next round.
She walks off and Giancarlo comes over.
What did I tell you?

Yeah you were right!
Luca steps up onto a bench.
Listen everyoneÖ Party tonight at
my place!
Hey Coach Rossi, your coming too.
Don't think that your going to get
out of it.
I would love to but I have heaps
of work to get through. Plus you
guys have your fun.
Come on coach, everyone wants you
there. Am I right boys?


Fine Iíll come but only for a
little while.
Cut to:
Alessandra is looking at some paper work. The phone rings.
She picks up the phone.

                       OLIVIA (V.O)
Hey how are you?
What's up?
                       OLIVIA (V.O)
What straight to the point huh,
Sorry, it's just that I'm a little
on a high today.
                       OLIVIA (V.O)
I thought that you would of been.
I watched the game on T.V today.
You guys played so well. I guess
all that work paid off.


                       OLIVIA (V.O)
What are you doing tonight?
I got ivited to a party. One of my
boys is having somthing at his
house. Why?
                       OLIVIA (V.O)
I was gonna take you out, but if
you wanna go out with the boys,
which I would too, then go.
Hey, you come to. It's one of
those parties. I'll pick you up at
around 9?
                       OLIVIA (V.O)
Yeah alright. Where does he live?
      (Getting up)
Shit, that's what I forgot to ask.
Anyway I better go before he
leaves. Ciao.
She hangs up the phone and heads down the corridoor to the
locker room. She walks in and some of the boys are getting
      (Looking around.)
Have you guys seen Luca?
      (Yelling out.)
I think his in the shower.
Cut to:


She walks toward the shower room and then swings the doors
wide open. The guys who are having showers all look at her
a try to cover up.
Shut up! God you guys are like
little girls! You haven't got
anything that I haven't seen!
Where's Luca?
      (Trying to hide.)
Right here.
      (Looking down.)
I need you address for tonight!
See me in my office after your
down...I mean done!
He then turns around in embrassment. She then starts to walk
out of the door. She walks past Giancarlo and winks at him.
He smilies back. Then he shakes his head and goes back to
the shower.
Cut to:
There are people everywhere. All the players from the team
are there. Some people are doing shot and have drinking
contests. There is a knock at the door. Luca runs to get it
and it's Alessandra and her friends Olivia and Maria.
Coach Rossi, hey how are you?
Not bad. How about yourself?
Great! And I see you have brought
two lovely ladies with you!


Yeah, these are my two best
friends, Olivia and Maria. Girls
this is Luca. One of our goalies.
Nice to meet you girls. Come in
and make yourself at home. Drinks
are over there and just make your
own fun!
They walk in and give him their coats.
Who the hell is here? It looks
like that you have invited the
whole neighborhood!
Pretty much. Basically itís just
the boys and they bring their
friends and they bring their
friends and so on. You know how it
Then they here a loud crash.
Shit!!! Will excuse me.
He runs off. The three girls walk to the drink stand. The
are all standing close together.
      (Looking at the
       table full of
So what are you drinking girls?
Can you make me a quick fuck!


What about you Alex?
I can't, I'm driving!
Losen up! At least have one!
      (Takes the drink.)
      (Looking around)
Well if you girls don't mind, I
think I am just going to go off
and wander around. Ciao!
She walks off.
She mean's that she is going to
check out the goods before she
They all look around the room. Then they all stop at
Giancarlo who is talking to Massimo.
      (Pointing to
Who the hell is that?
That's just Massimo!
What, just Massimo. What a
stunner! I'd just love to sick my
teeth into that. Who is the guy
that he's talking to?


Olivia comes back.
I heard guys names.
He's an other one which I would
love to...well you know! Figure me
Didn't have to.
Mmmm, Mmmm!
Just then Giancarlo turns around and looks in their
direction. He smiles at them and waves. The three girls look
the other way in a flash. Then they look again and they see
that he is coming in their direction.
Coach, how are you?
Not bad. How about yourself?
Yeah, not bad at all!
Looks at Maria and Olivia and starts to smile at them.
And who are these two good
looking ladies?
The girls start to blush.


Ohh, these are my too friends
Maria Del Posso and Olivia
D'Alessandro. Girls this is
Giancarlo Brunello.
      (While shaking
       their hands.)
Pleasure to meet you two beautiful
Trust me the pleasure was all
Giancarlo smilies at them and Maria and Olivia again blush.
The scene changes. It's still at the same party. Olivia is
talking to Antonio, until they are interrupted by loud
screaming and cheering. Olivia and Antonio walk up to a loud
crowd of men. They are trying to see what os going on but
the can't. Olivia sees Maria on the other side, so Antonio
and her meet up with Maria.
What the hell is going on?
She's killing him!
      (Looking around.)
Alex and Roberto. She's got three
more and he's got five.
      (Looking confused)
She pushes her infront of her and points at Alessandra.


She looks at Alessandra and Roberto drinking shots one at a
time. There are ten altogether. Alessandra has drunk eight
glasses and Roberto has drunk five glasses. They are still
going until Alessandra is up to her last drink. She drinks
it so fast. Roberto is still up to his seventh. Everyone
cheers when she has finished.
      (While getting up.)
I kicked your ass big time.
Roberto is stuffed and he drops the glass on the table and
the falls on the floor.
The scene switches to Giancarlo walking up to Maria who is
talking to Olivia, Antonio, Paolo and Massimo.
Hey guys, do you know where Coach
Rossi is?
They all look around and shake their heads, but Antonio is
looking up.
      (Pointing to
Ahh guys!!!
They all look up at Alessandra who is dancing on a table
pissed out of her brain. She is dancing with Valentino,
Marco, Roberto and Marcello. They are all going out of there
brains. Back to the guys looking at her just start laughing
there heads off. Fade out to black.
Fade in.
There are many drink bottles on the floor. Then the camera
drives past Giancarlo, Anotnio, Paolo, Luca, Massimo,
Olivia, Maria, Roberto and Alessandra. Alessandra then wakes
up. She then rubs her head. She then gets up and gets out of
bed. She walks out to the kicthen and sits down at the
kicthen table. She has her head burried in her hands. Then
she looks up to see where she is.


      (Looking around.)
Where the fuck am I?
Behind her is Giancarlo. Only in his Boxes.
Goodmorning! How are we feeling?
She groans out loud.
I guess that answers my question.
Do you want some coffee?
Yeah, thanks.
He gets the coffee maker and starts to make the coffee.
So did you have fun last night?
Yeah it was good, but I didn't get
that pissed like you did! How
about you?
All a blur to me. Can't even
recall what I did.
      (Putting the
       coffee on the
Would you like me to refresh your
      (Getting up and
       walking to
Save it please.


They just stand there for a second in silence.
      (Looking outside.)
Can I ask you somthing?
As long as it does not involve
another drink, then I'm all ears.
That's cool. (Pause) Ok well this
is a question about relationships!
And you bring this up with me!
I figured you because if I ask
anyone of those guys they would
give some sex answer. Am I right?
      (Shaking her head.)
You got a point!
OK well you see, I have a friend
who's name is (Pause) Bob!
      (Looking at him
      (Shaking his head.)
It works!
Keep going!
      (Looking at her)
Well you see, Bob likes his boss
who of course is a female. I mean
really likes her. Anyway he


                       GIANCARLO (cont'd)
doesn't know what to do about it.
I mean if he tells her she could
laugh in his face or he could get
fired. (Pause) What do you think
he should do.
Well you should tell your friend
(pause) Bob that if he really
likes this women he should tell
her how he feels about her. I mean
she does have a right to know.
So he should go up to her no
matter what!
Yeah (Pause) Or better yet just do
it. Yeah that's it. He just needs
to go up to her and express what
he is feeling towards her. Just
kiss her!
      (Strange look on
       his face.)
Just go up to her!
Just kiss her!
And not be responsible for his
actions. Just do it!


Slight pause.
      (Looking back
There is a slight pause in the room. Then Giancarlo turns
around and kisses her on the lips. She is very suprise. Then
she wraps her hands around his neck and her wraps his arms
around her waist. They are still kissing until they hear a
loud cough. They pull away. Antonio comes into the room.
      (Looking around
       for the sugar.)
So how many sugars was that?
      (Looking busy.)
Ahh two thanks.
      (Smiling at them.)
What are you guys doing?
They look at each other, then at Antonio.
Ok, well I just came in to let you
know that Olivia wants you for a
      (Runs out in a
Giancarlo is left with Antonio in the room. It is very
quite. Antonio is just standing there with a big smile.


      (Looking at him.)
Cut to:
The guys are now getting ready for there game against the
Dragons. Alessandra walks in looking more sober. Everyone
starts to applause her and she doesn't know what is going
OK,OK,OK. You can get over it now!
I don't think that you'll see me
like that again.
Everyone is still smirking at her.
Just wait until tonight!
Everyone cheers again.
We got alot of work to do today!
When your ready go out on the
field and start to warm up.
A few guys start to walk out because they are ready.
Alessandra goes into her office and is looking at some
papers. There is a knock at the door.
Come in.
The door opens and Giancarlo comes in. He is smiling and she
smilies back.
      (Closing the door
       behind him.)
You busy?


Nah, come on in.
Now before I do somthing wrong,
again. I just want to say that
what I did the other day wasn't
Yes! I don't know what just came
over me.
      (Moving closer to
I hope I didn't do anything to
make you feel uncomfortable and
out of place.
      (Moving closer.)
You didn't do any thing of the
Giancarlo does not hear her and he keeps on talking.
      (Holding his hands
       up to his face.)
I can't believe what I just did! I
hit on the coach. I made out with
the coach! What will the guys
think? I think that we are going
to have to figure this one out
She grabs his hands from his face and grabs his neck with
her other hand and kisses him.


That was well thought out.
The start to kiss again when there is a knock at the door.
They quickly pull away.
Come in.
Salvatore walks in.
      (Poking his head
       through the door)
He coach. Giancarlo. Umm the Fila
people are here. There ready when
your are.
He closes the door behind him. Alessandra and Giancarlo
start to laugh and shake their heads.
Cut to:
Two days later Alessandra is on the field with the boys.
They are in groups and are doing different drills. One of
the assisants Carlo comes up to her.
Alex, there is a call for you in
your office.
      (Not looking at
Tell them to leave a message.
It's reguarding this weeks match.
I think that you really need to
take this!


Cut to:
      (On the phone)
You got to be kidding me! Well
what the hell am I suppose to do
about it? This was suppose to be
our match with our home ground not
there's. Fine i'll tell them but
they are not going to be happy!
Cut to:
She goes back outside to see the boys doing sit-ups.
Now there is a sight that every
girl wants to see!
The guys stop.
I've got some news. Our game this
week which is here had changed to
up north. So we need to pack our
bags and go up. Any questions?
The guys all look at each other in wonderment.
      (Getting up.)
Road Trip!!!
Everyone joins in the screaming.
Cut to:


Alessandra is at the door of the bus and is ticking each of
te guys names as they get on.
      (Getting on)
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
      (Getting on)
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
      (Getting on)
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
      (Getting on)
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
She smiles at him and he winks back at her. He then gets on
the bus. Roberto, the last one, comes up to the door.
Hey coach, I've got a bit of tunes
that we could listen on the bus.
Maybe you could give me a private
screening session?
      (Coming close to
Everyday you keep on getting
sicker and sicker in the head.
He gets on the bus followed by Alessandra. She then travels
down the aisle to see if everyone is there.


      (Calling out.)
Hey Fiorelli, where's that music
that you promised me?
She walks down the aisle and grabs the tape from a hand. She
then puts it on. Then looks up with a strange look on her
How the hell can I dance to this
when there is no beat!
      (To himself while
       clicking his
Yeah, this is the stuff.
She grabs a tape out of her bag and then walks up to the
front of the bus and changes the tape. Roberto gets up.
Come on Coach give it a chance.
      (While changing
       the tape.)
I'm think that we better change it
before we start singing this on
the field and we go down.
She changes the tape to her tape.

      (While starting to
Now this is what I call music!
They guys cheer.
Cut to:


The bus reaches to the front of the hotel. Back in the bus
Alessandra is trying to get everyone to shut up.
Guys, shut up! Ok there are a list
of things that I want you to
follow before we go in.
      (Getting up from
       his seat.)
Is there a strip search involved?
Yeah sure, just for you, Vale!
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
Anyway as I was saying, we have a
game tomorrow, we all know that.
What we don't know is that there
is a special dinner after the game
and we gotta go even if we lose.
But before that Giancarlo, the
assisants and myself have a press
confrence to attend to. Then the
next morning we head straight back
home. Any questions?
They shake their heads.
If there are no questions i'll
give you your keys to your rooms.
You all know who you are staying


They all get off the bus and stay in a close huddle.
Alessandra and Paolo are the last ones to get off.
      (Being smart.)
So coach, who are you staying
I'm by myself. Why? Unless anyone
wants to stay with me?
All of the boys put up there hands.
Not a chance in hell! I'll see you
tomorrow at 7am.

Cut to:
The guys are now getting ready in the locker room. They are
all quite and nervous. Alessandra coes in all pumped up and
ready to go.
Guys, you have one hell of a crowd
out there.
They guys are all silent.
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
Don't tell me you guys are getting
cold on me now? Come on guys, I've
seen you play and I know that you
can be these pussys out there! Now
lets go!


The guys are now out on the field. Domenico recieves the
ball from mid air and then kills the bounce. He then takes
off. A member of the other team then trips Domenico and he
falls to the floor. The bench is going wild.
      (Yelling out)
Oh Dio! Don't tell me that there
was nothing wrong with that? He
went half way across the field.
Some of the boys are helping Domenic get up from the ground.
Alessandra looks at the bench. She calls Matteo up.
      (Pointing to him)
He gets up, walks to Alessandra and looks out onto the
Stay infront of Giuseppe and
behind Mario. If Marco needs any
help, tell Mario to push back into
your position and you push up. Got
He nods his head and then runs on to the field. He starts to
cough a little when he gets to position.
      (To herself.)
What the hell is up with that boy?
Play starts and David passes the ball back to Massimo who
then chips it to Marco. Then Marco passes it to Matteo.
Matteo runs with the ball.
What the hell is he doing. No
Matteo stay infront of Giuseppe
not behind him.
Cut to:


Matteo is running behind with the ball. Giuseppe is infront
of him.
Giuseppe saty infront. Run it, run
Matteo is trying to get passed the opposition.
Back to:
What the fuck is he doing out
Back to:
Matteo is still running with the ball. He looks back and
tries to pass it to Mario but he trips and falls to the
floor. The crowd grows wild. The siren goes. It's half time.
Matteo gets up. He is puffed out very much. He is breathing
Back to:
      (Calls him)
Matteo, come here.
He comes running over. He stops infront of her still
breathing heavily.


What the fuck was that about? What
did I say to do? I told you to do
something as simple as that and
you totally fucked it up. Big
He rolls his eyes and walks away down into the locker room.
      (Screaming out)
Get your fucken ass back here now!
He goes downstairs. Alessandra in rage follows him.
Cut to:
All the boys are in the locker room being loud. Matteo
bursts into the room. Some of the guys look in his
direction. The followed by Alessandra brusting into the
Don't even think about doing that
again. Tell me why the fuck you
didn't obey my rules out there?
He turns around. Everyone is now listing to them.
I play the way I want to play out
there. It's not up to you to tell
me what to do.
Then what the fuck am I here for.
For good looks. Look, I'm the
coach and your the player, so if I
were you I'd deal with it, or
fucken leave.
Is that a promise?


You better believe it! It's your
He looks around. Then he walks out of the room. The door
slams behind him.
Ok well. Let that all be a lesson
to you all. If you don't go by my
rules and you think that one day
that you want to be king dick,
then your going to end up like
She points to the closed door.
Now, we have spent so long getting
here. If we win this, this
garentee's us a spot in the
semi-finals. Let's get out there.
Come on.
Cut to:
Massimo goes down. The whistle blows. Alessandra has craked
it again.
Come on! You can't tell me that
was a fake trip.
The boys help him up and he gets the free just outside the
pently box. Massimo takes his shot. Valentino is at the back
corner of the goal. Valentino goes in for the header but the
ball goes right over his head.
      (Clentching her
So close!


Back on the field. The boys all come into a huddle.
So what now?
Ok, well I guess we can switch it
down field, pass it back to the
defence and then back to the
forward who is at the corner.
I guess that could work. Ok break.
Valentino goes up to Paolo.
      (Rubs his hair)
Looks like your not dumb after
The two get into their positions. Play starts again.
Valentino passes to Giancarlo who passes it back to Marco.
He then chips it down field back to Valentino who runs with
it. A defender is one on one with Valentino. He does his
best to make the opposition think he is going one way, but
he's going the other way. He does this succesfully. Passes
it down to Ciro who passes forward to Giancarlo who passes
back to Ciro. He chips down into the right hand side of the
goal box to David. The ball lands right at his feet.
What ever happened to your quick
The goalie looks at him with wide eyes and dives from the
other side to save it. David smashes the ball so hard in
that the net nearly breaks.


David runs across the field and slides across the grass with
his top over his head. The guys follow him, cheering and
jumping up and down.
This just keeps on getting better
and better. I wonder how much time
we have left?
She looks at her watch and the whistle blows three times.
Turns back to her assistants.
Oh yeah!
Cut to:
Alessandra walks into the big dining hall and the down a
staircase. She meets up with Giancarlo who is on the bottom
of the staircase.
      (In her ear.)
You are looking fan-fucken-tastic
      (Putting her arm
       around his.)
Why thankyou sir.
They head down to their seats and are joined by the other
team members.
Later on in the evening. Alessandra is at her table with all
the team. They are talking and having fun.Everynow and again
Alessandra and Giancarlo swap glances. Then they are called
to look up at Adamo who is on the stage talking into a
And now I would like to introduce
the new face of men's soccer, even
though she doesn't fit in that


                       ADAMO (cont'd)
catergory...The Knight's Coach,
Alessandra Rossi.
Everyone clapps and cheers. She gets up and heads towards
the front of the room. She shakes Adamo's hand and turns to
the mic.
Well...thanks so much Adamo.
Well...I really didn't have
anything ready for
tonight...Um...I'd just really
like to say...Ok...first off,
thanks to Adamo and the
international soccer board for
giving me this outstanding job.
It's been great. Really... I just
would like to thank the guys...I
mean they have been so great all
year and the club has actually won
a few games. (People Laugh)
But...really the guys have made me
have the tome of my life...I mean
I didn't really think that they
wanted a women to tell them what
to do...They get enough of that at
home! (People Laugh)
I just want to say that you really
are a great bunch of guys and I
love you all to death. Keep up the
good work!!!
She heads back down to her table. Press is taking pictures
of her and Adamo for the paper.
Cut to:
They guys are at a bar and are all drinking and having fun.
Alessandra is on the stage and is singing a song with Paolo
and Valentino. The rest of the guys are cheering. While she
is singing Giancarlo walks into the club. He is looking
around for the guys. He stops at Alessandra and starts to


laugh. When the song has ended she steps down from the stage
and sits down with the rest of the team. She takes a seat
opposite Marco.

      (Raising up her
Waiter, over here!
A waiter comes over and pulls out a pen and pad ready to
take her order.
Can we get a round of beers.
The waiter leaves.
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
Look guys, I meant what I said in
there. You have all made my year
here actually been a great one and
yeah, I'm just thanking you for
The guys break out in fake tears. Alessandra rolls her eyes.
She grabs a tissue from her bag.
      (Throwing it to
Get over it!
      (Stops his fake
Nah, your the best thing that has
every happend to this team. Were
just really glad that your here.


                       PAOLO (cont'd)
      (Gets up.)
Three cheers for Coach Rossi.
Hip Hip Hooray! x3
Ok Ok Ok, enough with the sappy
bullshit, who wants to go one on
Looking at Roberto.
      (Putting his hands
Hey, I'm not falling for that
      (Looking around.)
Fine, any other takers?
I'll have a shot!
The guys cheer and Marco calls the waiter over again.
Could we please have three
cocksucking cowboys and three
quick fucks.
Sure, anything else?


Marco can see that Paolo is getting ready to kick some ass.
Turns back to the waiter.
Actually, this ought to be good.
You better make that four each.
The waiter winks at Marco and she walks off. Marco then
looks around to see Giancarlo at the door.
      (Yelling out.)
Giancarlo sees him and raises his hand. Marco heads towards
Hey I thought you wern't gonna
come tonight?
      (Looking at
Yeah well somthing made me change
my mind.
Well come quick cos, Coach Rossi
and Paolo are gonna to have a
showdown. It should be good! What
do you say?
      (Walking towards
       the rest of the
Man that chick can pull off


Back at the table the waiter has come and given Alessandra
and Paolo their drinks.
      (To Alessandra)
Your goin down!
      (To Paolo.)
I'll do it once and i'll do it
      (To both of them.)
OK you guys ready?
      (Still looking at
Ya huh!
      (Looking at
Yeah but can you hurry up, just
the look of this women makes me
wanna piss my pants.
The two of them start at there drinks. Giancarlo who is at
the bar is watching them. Finally Alessandra comes down to
her last drink and Paolo is still at his third. She then
smacks down the last glass and puts her hands up in the air.

I win, you suck!


Paolo slames the glass down. Peolpe are comforting him.
Alessandra gets up and heads to the bar.
      (To the waiter.)
Can I get a towel please. Thanks
Turns over to Giancarlo. Walks up to him.
      (Pointing to the
What number?
First! I can see you've had more
then one.
      (Grabbing the
       towel from the
Well, it wouldn't be like the
other night.
      (Looking deep into
Yeah, the other night.
He looks away and takes another sip of his drink.
      (Sitting down next
       to him.)
Are you OK?
Nods his head.
      (Looking at him
       and the dance
You wanna dance?
Shakes his head.


      (Grabs his hand
       and drags him to
       the dancefloor.)
Nah, I'm not going to take no for
an anwser. Your dancing.
As soon as they start dancing a slow song comes on. They
look at each other.
      (Swinging her
Well isn't this great!
      (Starts to smile.)
Yep! Are you still up for it?
      (Comes closer to
What the hell.
He takes her hand and they start to move to the music.
Slower and slower they mover closer together. Look up at
each other. Giancarlo about to kiss her when there is a loud
crash. David has fallen on the floor. They run to him.
      (Tyring to pick
       him up.)
He's gone. I think we better take
him home.
      (Walking away.)
I'll get a taxi.
Cut to:


The three of them are now in a taxi Alessandra and Giancarlo
on each side and David passed out in the middle. The taxi
stops and they are trying to get David out of the car.
Cut to:
Alessandra opens the door to their room. Giancarlo drags
David inside. He drags him over to his bed and throws him on
it. He then goes out of the picture and brings a bucket and
puts it on the side of the bed.
There you go buddy.
Just in case!
Walks into the room where Alessandra is.
Is he going to be alright?
Yeah he'll be fine. You know what
a few drinks can do to you?
Sadly I do!
A long pause.
Well I better go.
Sure, Umm, you sure you don't want
to stay?


I better not, I mean I have to get
up early tomorrow.
Well, see you.
She walks over to the door, opens it and starts to walk out
of the room. Giancarlo who has his head down looks up and
then quickly grabs her hand, swings her back and kisses her.
Alessandra is shocked when she pulls away. Giancarlo shuts
the door behind him. He then runs his hands threw his hair
and over his face.
Cut to:
Alessandra walks into her room. Shuts the door and walk to
the bedroom. Puts her coat on the chair, takes off her
earings and starts to undress. There is a knock at the door.
Walks over to anwser it. Giancarlo on the other side.
      (Looking at her
Slight pause.
You busy?
Not really.
He moves in and kisses her. He moves in and his hand shuts
the door. He makes her walk across to the nearby wall.
Pushes her up against it. Her hands are running through his
hair. He leg raises slightly around his waist. She takes off
his jacket and then starts to un button his shirt. He takes
off her top and starts to kiss her chest. She takes off his
shirt and lets it fall to the floor. In the bedroom.


Giancarlo on top and a thin sheet over their lower half of
their bodies. He is slighty up on his hands. Her hands run
up his chest and around his neck, then up his back. Changes
to Giancarlo kissing her stomach and licking it. Her head
tilts back. Kisses his way up, up her neck to her lips. Then
he bites her bottom lip. They turn around. Alessandra is on
top. She moves down from his lips to his neck to his chest.
She moves back up. Slowly and slowly with each kiss.
Giancarlo gently raises himself up. Alessandra sits up.
Close up of their mouths. Each kiss is hesistant and their
lips just touching each other.
Cut to:
Fade In-
David's eye slightly opens up. Then we get a whole view of
his body. He gets up and then buries his head in his hands.
Never again!
There is a knock at the door. He gets up and walks over to
the door.
Hey, you totally hung over!
Just a tad! Come in.
Antonio walks in and looks at him strangly.
      (Picking at his
Your still in the same clothes?
Didn't you change?
I don't even know how I got here,
let alone if I got changed. Maybe
Brunello took my home.


      (Looking around.)
Speaking of Brunello, where is he?
Cut to:
The camera is on the opened window of the hotel room.
travels across the floor where piece's of clothing and shoes
are. Camera raises to a bed. Alessandra and Giancarlo are
together, with her hand on his chest, his hand on her back
and her head resting on his chest.
Cut to:
Guys are getting on the bus, one by one. Alessandra ticking
off as they go. Giancarlo comes up behind her and puniches
her ass. Before he gets on and she slaps his ass. She gets
on aswell. While driving back home Antonio, Roberto
Giancarlo and Valentino are playing cards. Giancarlo wins
the game.
      (Rasing his hands.)
Yes!!! I win again. You guys
really need to learn how to play
He takes the cards and starts to stuffle them. The boys are
looking at his strangely.
      (Looking around.)
You look like you had a good night
last night.


      (Comes in closer.)
Yeah! It looks and sounds to me
that you got laid?
      (Come in closer.)
Shit! He shoots and he scores.
Come on prettu boy (Giancarlo
smiles) who is she?
      (Dealing the
You can beg all you want, but I
ain't telling you!
Cut to:
It's rainning and the guys are really working hard. They are
doing fast and hard laps up and down the field. The camera
foucses on the players faces. Mud and water is flying
everywhere. The boys are a mess. Then scene changers to the
guys playing a friendly game against each other. Alessandra
is wearing a thick coat and trying to keep dry. She is still
encouraging them to keep going even though it's pouring.
Cut to:
Giancarlo is wearing a white towel around his waist and is
dripping with water. He is on the phone.
      (Walking around
       with the phone.)
What the hell are you talking
about?...No, no, no! We said it


                       GIANCARLO (cont'd)
was going to be on Monday and that
was it!...Look buddy don't stuff
this one up for me, I'm not in a
good mood today!...Ok then see
what you can do and fix it up,
The puts down the phone, sit down on the bed and then falls
back. The camera is on his face when a women comes into
view. Alessandra lips touch his and they kiss. He then
changes his expression on his face. She stops kissing him.
      (Looking at him
What the?
Shhh, don't say anything. You
might make it go away!
The both laugh.
Cut to:
Play starts. Giancarlo wins the ball and heads down field.
He is then triped and falls head over heels on the ground.
The crowd boos. Giancarlo looks up at the other player. The
player from the other team spits on him, kicks him in the
stomach and walks off. Giancarlo tries quickly to get up. He
does and charges at him. Marco and Antonio hold him back.
      (Screaming out.)
Don't do it!
He breaks away from Marco and Antonio and runs up to the
other player. He jumps on him and they fall to the floor.
Giancarlo start to punch him up. They swap positions now and


the other player is on top of Giancarlo. They are still
punching each other.
      (Shaking her head)
He did it!
The referee then comes into the picture and is trying to
break them apart. Both of the teams are now trying to break
them up. Alessandra then runs onto the field.
Cut to:
The crowd are booing and cheering at the same time. Nearly
everyone is up to the seat trying to see what is going on.
Back to:
The boys fighting. Alessandra and the other coach are in the
picture now.
      (Screaming to the
       other coach)
Look what your animal did to my
Bullshit, he was the one that
started it.
Alessandra grabs Giancarlo away from the other player. The
other coach does the same to his player.
      (Holding him still)
Brunello, stop it!
The referee blows his whislte. He holds up a red card. He
blows it once for the other player.
What the hell kind of call was
that? He was the one that threw
the first punch.


Your boy made contact first with
him. So he's off. NOW!!!
Everyone breaks away from the pack. The other coach and the
players are still arguing with the referee. Alessandra is
still holding Giancarlo back. She lets go of him. They start
walking to the bench. Giancarlo has a cut lip and is
bleeding from the head.
      (Walking behind
What the hell is the matter with
you? What the FUCK made you do
something like that?
Giancarlo sits down on the bench and the first aid help are
checking him out.
Did you see what he fucken did to
me. He was asking for it.
Yeah, but that doesn't give you
the right to do something so
ridiculous childish as that! Your
lucky he didn't send you off. I
don't want you to sit out for the
quarter finals.
She walks up to the aid members looking at Giancarlo's face.
Just clean him up the best you
The first aid are finished with Giancarlo. He gets up and
heads out onto the field. Marco walks up to her.
Coach, we only got a couple of
minutes left. What do you want us
to do?


Try that play that we have been
working on last session. You know
the one with switching and
He nods his head and runs to the center of the field. He
gets the guys in a huddle.
Coach told me to try that new play
taht we have been trying to do
last training session.
The one with the sliding and side
Ok, then. I want you to kick the
ball to Massimo, then Massimo I
want you to run down with the
ball. I don't care if your've got
20 men on you, you just run.
                       GIANCARLO (CONT'D)
Then I want you to do what your
good at.
He nods his head.
Vale, I want you to back up
Gianone. He's going to pass it to
you. Then spin around and kick it
as high as you can. David well
finish it off. OK.
David looks up stunned.


What, why me?
Because you know how to fucken
handle these situations. Everyone
got it?
Everyone nods. Giancarlo puts his hand in.
1, 2, 3...LET'S GET IT ON!!!
The guys break away from the pack and get into their
positions. Play starts. Giancarlo passes the ball to Marco,
who gets pastes the opposition. He then passes the ball to
Massimo, who turns around very quickly and then heads in the
right hand corner of the field. Some of the opposition are
chasing him down the field. Then Massimo fakes a trip and
then some how kicks it back through the opposition to
Valentino. The ball is high up in the air and is heading
straight for Valentino. The ball lands straight at his feet.
He stops it. He then flicks it up with his feet and then
does some foot work. On the other side David is running to
the corner of the goal square. He then side kicks it to
David. David has two players on him, then he breaks through
the players and gets the ball. It bounces infront of him,
but he does a sissor kick and the ball heads straight for
the right top corner of the goals. The goalie does not even
have a chance to save it. David sees it go in and he gets up
and starts to cheer.
      (Throwing one hand
       in the air)
He runs to the left corner of the field. While running he
does a flip. All his teammates ruh up to him hugging and
jumping on top of him.


      (Giving Carlo and
       Salvatore a high
Two more, only two more baby!
Cut to:
The guys are changed and are heading out the door. Matteo is
left sitting down. Giancarlo is the last one to leave.
      (To Matteo)
Ey, you coming?
      (Looking around
       for something in
       his bag.)
Yeah, you go. I'll catch up.
Giancarlo leaves and Matteo gets back to his bag and pulls
out a plastic bag of cocaine. Back outside, the boys are
getting into there cars and driving off. Giancarlo stops.
      (Looking at
What's wrong?
I left the keys in my locker. You
go ahead, i'll see you tomorrow.
Antonio gets into his car and leaves. Giancarlo runs back to
the locker room. He stops because he can hear noises coming
from the locker room. He then opens the door to find Matteo
sniffing cocaine.


      (Looking at him.)
What the fuck are you doing?
      (Cleaning up his
      (Walking towards
Don't bullshit to me! It doesn't
look like nothing!
      (Starting to run
Look just get the fuck away from
Giancarlo then grabs him and tries to stop him.
No way. What the fuck have you
Get away from me!
The two boys are fighting. Giancarlo is trying to calm him
down but Matteo is fighting. The boys are now fighting with
each other and pucnhes and kicks are flying everywhere. A
punch hits Giancarlo in the face. He goes down and Mattwo
runs away through the door. Giancarlo is on the floor in
pain and is bleeding from the lip and nose.
Cut to:
Adamo has parked his car, gets out and rushes to the club
room. He openes the door to Alessandra's office. Giancarlo


is sitting down with a bloodly face and with a ice pack on
his right eye. There are also police interviewing
What's going to happen to him?
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
We not really sure about the whole
thing. We need to take him down to
the station for questioning and we
need to search the premisses just
in case of anything that he's left
      (Running up to
Is everything OK? I just heard
what happend.
      (To Adamo)
I can't believe it, Mondi bloodly
belted up Giancarlo. I still can't
believe that he would do something
like this!
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Look we need to get back at the
station to question him. If you
need us, see or hear anything
related to this just ring the
      (Walking the two
       cops to the door.)
Yeah, sure no problem. Thanks for
coming. See you.
They walk outside and Alessandra shuts the door. Adamo is
observing Giancarlo's face.


      (Looking in there
What are we going to do?
      (Turning to her.)
Well there is really nothing much
we can do. You heard the cops.
They need him for questioning so
obviously he is not elgatble to
play the next game.
      (Walking over to
Yeah I know! It might be for the
rest of the session. He was asking
for it. I mean every single
session he came late. Very unfit
and didn't listen to a thing I
said. I think it's for the best.
Adamo walks over to the window he can see that the press are
all at the front of the club and interviewing different
players as they walk in.
Shit the press!
      (Walking over to
       the window.)
You've got to be shitting me!
Antonio bursts into the room. Everyone turns to the door.
Guys, it's getting really ugly out
Look I better get out there before
this gets out of hand.


He walks out of the room with Antonio. Alessandra turns away
from the window. Walks over to Giancarlo. Goes between his
legs and checks his head more closely with her chest right
up to him.
You know even with a headache, I'm
still getting turned on by this!
      (Looking at him.)
Where does it hurt?
      (Pointing to his
Right there.
She kisses him on the lips. There is a loud moan. Giancarlo
then screws up his face in pain when he pulls away.
      (Looking at him
       with a worried
Are you OK?
      (Starts to smile.)
I didn't say stop!
She pushes him playfully.
Cut to:
Alessandra, Adamo and Giancarlo are talking to the press
about Marco's sudden retirement from the team.
                       INTERVIEWER 1
      (To Adamo)
What is actually going to happen
to Marco Tommasi?


Well, all we know is that Mr
Tommasi has left the squad under
extreme curcumstances. We actually
can't talk about the reason why he
has left.
Marco has brought shame to our
name, but all we can hope for is
the best for him wherever he ends
Cut to:
It's half time and the players are jut about to get off the
field to go into the locker room. Alessandra follows the
      (Looking worried)
Come on guys, look alive! We still
got another half to play.
She pats Massimo on the shoulder.
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
You ok.
No! This is really starting to
shit me.
He runs off down into the locker room. Alessandra looks back
onto the pitch. She calls the referee over to her.
What's wrong NOW coach?
I couldn't help noticing that the
boys on the other team are taking
very bad falls and are getting
many more offers than us? What's


                       ALESSANDRA (cont'd)
that about?
      (Pointing his
       finger at her.)
Look coach, if I were you I would
keep my mouth closed even if it
was true. Your skating on thin ice
already. Don't let me do the
He walks off leaving Alessandra in shock. She snaps out of
it and then walks down to the locker room. She stops walking
and the starts to walk back to the pitch. She hides on the
side of the grand stand. She sees the other coach shaking
hands with the referee and in the other the coach slipping
him a wad of cash. Alessandra shakes her head and heads down
to the locker room.
Cut to:
The boys are fighting and throwing things. Alessandra brusts
through the door.
Shut the fuck up guys!
They stop and look up at her.
Why, what's wrong?
It's fixed! The game is FUCKEN
Some of the boys bow their heads in dissapointment. A few of
them are angry. All the boys turn quite and sit down.
What the hell are we going to do


Alessandra then gets from her jacket pocket a packet of
smokes. She takes one, gets her lighter and lights up the
smoke. She then takes very quick puffs. Over and over again.
You can see that she is stressed. Over and over again.
Domenico looks up.
      (Getting up)
What the hell are you doing coach?
Everyone looks up. Giancaro gets up.
      (Getting up and
       walking towards
Coach! Give me it!
      (Moving away from
      (Getting up and
       walking towards
Coach, give it to us.
She runs to the other side of the room, still with the smoke
in her mouth. The guys keep on following her.
      (Still running)
Come on guys. Give me a break.
She is running all over the place and they are following
her. Finally the catch her. Giancarlo grabs her hands behind
her back, Massimo grabs her legs and Paolo, Roberto and
Valentino are trying to hold her still.


The guys do. She then takes the smoke from her mouth, throws
it on the floor and squashes it with her foot.
We need something. We can't let
these pricks bet us. We have come
so close to this that they are not
going to take it away from us.
                       ALESSANDRA (CONT'D)
      (Pacing up and
Alright, now we need something
that is going to kill them out
there. Any idea's?
The boys go quite again. Valentino looks back up again.
I got something. You know that
thing that you taught us a couple
of weeks ago, you know miss
We can make them think that the
ball's going one way, then change
it around.
Yeah, how are we going to do that?
It's not easy out there.
You got an idea on how to do it?


      (Nodding his head)
I've got an some idea.
      (Putting her hand
It's a long shot! Ok guys let's
get out there and let me see some
      (Putting her hand
It might just work. Guys this is
the last game before the final.
Let's give it our best shot. So
let's get out there and let me see
some dust.
Everyone puts there hands in.
1, 2, 3...LET'S GET IT ON!
Cut to:
The guys run out onto the field to their starting positions.
Alessandra is checking out the players on the bench. She
looks at the field.
Bring it home boys, bring it home.
Play begins. The oppositon have the ball. They are playing
very well against them. Then out of the blue the other team
scores from half the lenght of the field.
      (Sitting down on
       the bench)
What the fuck was that.


The other team are celebrating by jumping on one another and
waving their hands in the air.
Come on guy. Don't let them have
the satisfaction. Heads up!
PLay begins again and the Knight's have possesion of the
ball. Massimo passes to Antonio who then passes it along the
line to Mario. He then stops the ball and then turns around
to pass it to Marco who then kicks the ball so hard that it
lands at Luigi's feet. He runs with it chips it over the
defender to Giancarlo. Giancarlo gets the ball, controlls it
and boots the ball straight into the goal. Everyone is
cheering and jumping up and down on one another.
      (Clapping her
Cut to:
Play begins again. The other team shoots passed the guys
like a bolt of lighting. They are really fast. Marco quickly
steals the ball from them, passes to Marcello who passes
back to Marco. Who then passes it down the side to Roberto
who then is in the pentaly box and tries to kick it in. The
other team member pushed and triped him out of the way.
Roberto rolls over and over the grass. Giancarlo helps hm
get up.
      (Helping him up)
You ok mate?
The referee comes up to them and blows the whistle.
Penatly kick to number 22.
He calls over the other player from the other team and
raises the yellow card then the red. He starts to complian
to the ref. He tells him to get off the gound. He looks at
his watch and then blows the whistle three times. The game


is over but Roberto still has to take the shot. Alessandra
meets her team in the center of the ground. They are waiting
for Roberto to line up the ball and take the shot.
Come on Roberto, come on.
He lines up the ball and stands up. He takes a deep breath
and closes his eyes. He then takes the shot. Slowly, slowly
the ball goes towards the goal. The ball is headed for the
right hand side of the net. Slowly, slowly. The ball goes
in. The goalie falls to the floor. Roberto turns around to
his team mates and runs up to them. All of then get up and
start to celebrate.
Cut to:
All the boys are at a crowed bar. Alessandra walks in with
her father Giacomo. Fabio greets them at the door.