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by james payton (james444420022000@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***1/2
In Clearview everything seems peaceful on the surface but under, there is an unimaginable evil about to break out. For Elizabeth Barrett, the new guidence counsleor at the school, she is going to have conquer her fear of the night all over again. I have now added more scenes. still not done

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Elizabeth Barrett is driving her car along the highway. She
focuses on the road while in heavy thought.

Pat Benatar's song "Hell is for Children" is playing on the
radio. She turns onto another highway toward a town named

Elizabeth looks around at the scenery while she gets closer
to town. She looks to the right and sees a little boy
standing on the side of the road.

He glazes at her with a menacing stare. She continues to
watch him. His eyes go white and blood runs out of his
mouth. Elizabeth becomes scared as she watches him.

A LOUD HONK makes her turn head back to the road. Her car
is on the wrong side of the road and is going to collide
with a semi. She screams as she whips her car out the way.
Her car dodges the truck and swerves on the road hitting a
fence. She is still breathing hard when her phone rings.
Hello. Oh hi mom. Yes I'm on my
way now. Yes everything was
packed. No I gave the cat to
Mr.Tulley so he would not have to
adjust to a new environment. Yes
everything is o.k. I love you too.
Elizabeth hangs up the phone and steps out of her car. She
looks at her front end which has knocked out her headlight
and dented the hood.
Damn!(calling for help) Hi my car
just ran off the road and I need
someone to come and tow me.
She hangs up her phone and looks around.She walks back to
where she saw the little boy. There is nothing there.

Elizabeth walks back to her car. She stops when she hears a


sound in the woods. It is the sound of children laughing.
Elizabeth turns around in a 360 degree turn as the laughter
gets louder.

The SCREECH of the tow truck startles her. She looks at her
car being lifted and then back to the woods. No sound is
heard except for the tow truck. Elizabeth cracks a smile and
heads toward her car.
Keep this up and you will be the
one on prozac.
Elizabeth gets into the truck and leaves with the driver.
Elizabeth looks around at the town as the driver takes her
home. She watches the people on the streets as they pass.
Elizabeth looks over at the driver and smiles. They pass the
school and the stores. The driver pulls up to the old farm
house that Elizabeth purchased. She gets out of truck and
looks back to the driver.
So it will be ready tommorrow
The driver shakes his head in agreement.
Thanks again.
Elizabeth turns around and walks toward her new home. She
looks over toward her neighbor's house. She sees no one. She
walks up the steps,unlocks the door, and enters the house.
She shuts the door behind and looks around the place.
Elizabeth walks through the living room to the kitchen. She
looks in the fridge and in the oven. She walks down the hall
into the utility room. The washer is covered in mud.
Beautiful! Now have to wash the
washer before I can wash any
She picks up one of the boxes on the floor and heads
upstairs. She walks into her bedroom and places the box on


her bed. She opens the box and begins to unpack. She picks
up some of her files and puts them in a filing cabinet.

A picture falls out and Elizabeth picks it up. It is a
picture of Richard Meitz one of her first patients. She
closes her eyes and cries. She can hear his laughter. The
doorbell rings causing her to snap out of her daydream.

She sets the picture on the night stand beside the bed and
goes down stairs. She opens the door to find a middle aged
woman standing there. Her name is MARIE OLDHAM. She is
wearing a flower patterned dress and flip flops.
Hello. Can I help you?
Oh, my name is Marie Oldham. I
live next door and saw that you
were moving in tonight and thought
I bring you some peach cobbler.
You know, as house warming
Marie hands the cobbler to Elizabeth.
Thanks. Won't you come in for a
while? Peach cobbler is only
served good with nice company and
a tall glass of milk.
Ok. I guess I could stay for a
Marie comes inside and goes over to the couch in the living
room. Elizabeth goes to the kitchen to get plates and the
milk. Marie sets down and looks around.
I like how you redecorated. It's
very modern.
Elizabeth carries in two plates of cobbler and two glasses
of milk.
Thanks. I like to think that this
is my post tramactic stress relief
motif. Studies show that the
combination of green, navy and


                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
cream colors trigger more happier
times in people lives.
Oh, you must be a shrink.
Actually the term is psychologist
and I specialize in behavioral
problems in children.
Oh. (Taking a bite of her cobbler)
Is that why you're here as the new
guidence counselor at the school?
Yes it is.I guess what they say
about small towns is true too.
Word travels fast.
Honey, you could have a wet fart
tonight and by morning it would be
on the front page of the
A town with no secrets! I guess I
better hide my underwear drawer.
Elizabeth and Marie finish off the cobbler and continue to
I know every town has secrets. The
key is how the town folk reacts to
Well here at Clearview, we have no
Oh come on. I know there has to be
a few secrets here. Tell me about
one of the juiciest secrets like
the preacher having an affair with
the deacons wife or the mayor's
son robbing the convenient store.


We don't have anything like that
here and I don't appreciate you
trying insinuate that we do!
Marie gets up and storms to the door. Just as she passes the
stairs, something darts past her up the staircase. Marie
cries out. Elizabeth rushes to her.
Marie! Are you ok? What happened?
Marie is shaking still looking upstairs.
Marie looks back down to Elizabeth terrified.
Listen, drop the whole town secret
babble. Secrets destroy people
even kill them sometimes. Leave it
alone or you will have the whole
town down your throat.
I didn't mean to offend you. I was
just making conversation.
Save your apologies. Just watch
what you say around here. You
never know who is listening.
Marie walks out the door and toward her house next door.
Elizabeth watches her as she goes into her house. Elizabeth
shuts the door and locks it.
Great! Here one day and already
one person is pissed off with me.
They are going to think I bought
my license at a yardsale. Way to
go Liz.
Elizabeth walks upstairs to the bathroom and cleans up. She
comes out in her t-shirt and sleep pants. She climbs into
bed and turns her light off. She closes her eyes and drifts
off to sleep. She opens her eyes to find that she is in a
field surrounded by woods. Elizabeth looks around to view
the scenery.


All is quiet around Elizabeth. Everything is beautiful. Two
children skip past her singing and playing. Elizabeth smiles
and follows them. The children skip off into the woods with
Elizabeth close behind.
Wait children, you'll get lost!
The children act as if they don't hear her and move quickly
through the trees. Elizabeth tries to follow but can't keep
Wait! I don't see you anymore.
Elizabeth darts back and forth throught woods, frantically
trying to find them.
Hello? Can anyone hear me?
Elizabeth turns around in a full circle. She is now lost can
not seem to find the children or the a break in the woods.
Behind her, laughter is heard and Elizabeth takes off
running that way.

She smashes her way throught the woods having tree limbs
smack and cut her face. She comes to a clearing where the
ground is dead and black. There are old pieces of tombstone
lying on the ground where tombs should be. This was a dark
grave yard.

The two kids have stopped singing and moving. They seemed to
be fixed on one particular grave. Elizabeth moves toward
This is no place for kids. Move
away toward me before you fall and
get hurt.
The children don't move or look at Elizabeth.
Did you not hear me? Hello?
Elizabeth walks over to the kids and whirls them around. The
children's eyes are whited out and blood pour out of their


mouth and nose.

They hiss and stare evilly at Elizabeth. Someone whispers
her name and she turns around but noone's there. She turns
back to the kids who are laughing with a sinister voice.

Hands come up from under the ground and grab hold of ankles
and thighs. Elizabeth fights frantically to break free from
the hands but they are to strong and pull her into the

She manages to grab a root to hold onto but one final hand
comes up, grabs her by the neck, and pulls her under. She
screams as she is pulled under ground. She screams again and
wakes up in her bed.

She looks over to her alarm clock for the time. It's 4:30
am. She gets up looks out her window at Marie's house and
notices the light is still on and there are 5 cars out
front. She walks over to her closet for clothes.

Her alarm radio kicks on with the news. It broadcasts that a
little girl named Syndee Moorman was missing. Elizabeth
listens to the broadcast. She turns it off and leaves the
Elizabeth pulls into the school and parks. She gets out and
walks into the school.Students are busy moving down the
hallways and teachers are getting them into their
classrooms. Elizabeth enters Principal Givens's office and
stops at his secretary's desk.The secretary looks up at her.
                       MRS. LOCKHART
May I help you miss?
Elizabeth Barrett. I the new
guidence counselor here. Principal
Givens told me to meet him here
before I settle into my office.
                       MRS. LOCKHART
Really? The new one.


Mrs. Lockhart smirkes at Elizabeth and lays her hands on the
desk while leaning forward.
                       MRS. LOCKHART
Well it is easy to see why you
were hired.
Excuse me! I need to see him and I
have an appointment!
She looks down at her books and looks back still smirking.
                       MRS. LOCKHART
Not according to my books you
don't which means you'll have to
wait. Why don't you have a seat
and look pretty while I'll tell
him you are here.
Oh no! I wouldn't want you to get
off your ass to do anyting. That
would be wrong.
Principal Givens walks through the doors and looks at both
of them.
                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
Oh, great you two have met. Mrs.
Lockhart, why didn't you page me
when Mrs.Barrett arrived? I wanted
to introduce her to the faculty.
                       MRS. LOCKHART
She was not on the schedule so I
detained her.
                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
Thank you Mrs. Lockhart. That will
be all. Elizabeth if you please.
Mrs.Lockhart and Elizabeth exchages mean glances as
Principal Givens and her leave.
                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
So how do you like here so far my
Other than dealing with and
egomaniacal, bitchy attitude this
morning, it's been great.


A loud SLAM from the office let Elizabeth know she was
heard. Both she and Principal Givens look back and then at
each other. He shakes his head and walks on.
                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
I want to apologize for her. She
is out of control sometimes. I
think she cares a lot about the
school and thats why she feels
it's necessary to protect it and
the students.
I understand. (pauses) They are
not all like that are they?
                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
No my dear they are not.
They walk all over the school and he shows her the
playground plus the bus pick up spot. They walk back to the
teacher lounge. Two teachers are inside.
                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
Good! I am glad both of you are
here. Elizabeth this David Ewing,
our P.E. Teacher and this bird is
Janice Parker, our third grade
teacher. Elizabeth is our new
guidence counselor.
Hello. Nice to meet you both.
Hello. Finally we have a counselor
who acts like she knows what she
is doing.
David you just want to get laid.
Will you leave the poor girl
alone. Pay no attention to him
he's just extremely horny. Have
you met anyone else yet.


                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
She had run in with Mrs. Lockhart
this morning.
Charles, why must you put the new
hires through that bitch's stupid
bullshit. Honey stick with me and
you'll be fine.
                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
Well, I better get you to your
office so you can begin work.
Ok. Nice to meet you again.
You too honey.
He takes her to her office and opens the door for her.
                       PRINCIPAL GIVENS
Now if you need anything, dial
extension 46, ok?
Ok. Thanks for the tour and
introducing me. Time to officially
Principal Givens walks down the hall and Elizabeth enters
her room. She opens her briefcase and sets out her paper
work. She glances at her appointment book and sets down in
her chair. A couple of hours past when Mrs. Lockhart buzzes
                       MRS. LOCKHART
Your first appoinment is here.
Thank you Debra.
She looks back down to her paper work. She signes a document
and looks up to find a little boy standing there watching


Come in. No need to be shy.
The little boy seems hesitant but comes in and sets down in
the black chair.
Hi. My name is Mrs. Barrett but
you can call me Elizabeth. What's
your name?
Isacc. Isacc Morten.
Well it is nice to meet you Isacc.
How are you doing today?
I guess ok.
That's good. What did you want to
talk to me about?
I don't know.
I bet you like school don't you.
You get to play with your friends
and have fun in class.
I guess so.
He looks down in shame at the floor. Elizabeth gets up from
her chair and walks over to him. She kneels down beside him.
So why do I get the feeling that
you aren't having any fun.
Nobody likes me. The kids make fun
of me, call me a sissy.


I don't believe that for a second.
I know some grown ups who was too
scared to come and do what you are
doing now. Why do the kids call
you names?
I don't know, maybe...
He stops mid sentence and stares at the floor again.
Elizabeth puts her arm on his shoulder gently.
Hey! It's ok. You can tell me. I
promise I won't laugh or make fun
of you.
Isacc looks up at her, trying to see if he can trust her.
I promise.
The kids make of me because I
still sleep with my night light
How old are you Isacc?
I'm 8 years old.
And why do you still sleep with
the light on?
Because I'm scared. Scared of the
She looks at him with concern.
Isacc what if I told you I was
afraid of the dark too when I was
your age?


Yeah. When I got few years older I
realized there was nothing to be
afraid of and I know you will too
when the time is right.
Isacc looks at her with sad eyes and looks back down at the
But there is something to be
afraid of in the dark.
Like what?
That's when they come out.
When who comes out.
The bad children in white with
white eyes.
Elizabeth stands up and looks at Isacc becoming worried.
Who told you about the children?
Noone. I see them in the dark
coming for me. They want me to die
so I can be one of them.
He looks right in her eyes with fear and remorse.
Who told you that?
The chilren did.
She stares at Isacc with fear. The buzzer on her phone goes
off causing both of them to jump. Elizabeth leans over and


                       MRS. LOCKHART
Your next appointment is here,
Thank you Debra! Now where were we
She turns around to talk to him but he is gone her door wide
She walks over to the door, looks down the hallway, and up
by the office in heavy thought about Isacc. She smiles when
a parent walks into her room.
Hi! Come on in.
She shuts the door behind her.
Elizabeth stops by the office. She picks up her schedule.
David is in there and starts to have a conversation with
Hi David! How is your day going?
Great with the exception of the
net ripped on the basketball goal,
two kids puked on the floor, and
we had a bird flying around the
lights. Other than that,
everything went fine.
Wow! Rough day. I bet you are


Exhausted. How is your first day
on the job?
It has been interesting for sure.
Davis walks over and pats her on the back.
It will get better. Give it time.
He smiles at her and they walk out into the hall and head
for the doors. The janitors have already started cleaning
the floors when David and Elizabeth exit the front doors.
David let me ask you something.
What do you know about the Morten
kid Isacc?
Morten? Hhm.... Oh the boy that is
real quiet and keeps to himself.
What do you know?
Not much. He was awarded to the
state after his parents died a
year ago. Really stopped talking
after that. His foster parents
live down 3rd street. I had to
make the kids quit picking on him
because it was getting out of
Why was the other kids picking on
Because of how he acts when he is
put in the dark.
What do you mean? How does he act?
As David tells about Isacc, Elizabeth pictures it.


Completely terrified. One time we
had a relax time as I call it
where we all pull out our mats and
lay down to rest. I turned off all
the lights except the back light
by the door and played some kid
songs for them to relax to.
Everyone was calm until he started
screaming and thrashing on his
mat. I turned the lights on and
there he was clinging to his mat
crying. All the other kids began
to stare and laugh. Isacc was so
upset that he ran out the door.
Did you go after him?
After a few minutes of getting
everyone calmed back down, I went
out after him.
How we was he then?
They walk over to the playground as they continue to talk.
He was still shaking and he was
crying. I asked what was wrong and
at first he wouldn't answer me. So
I tried to make him calm down by
talking about anything. He finally
spoke and said he was being
punished. I asked what for and he
said he didn't know. And thats
when I saw the marks on his arms
and neck.
Elizabeth shudders as David tells the story. The swings move
back and forth by themselves and the merry-go-round begins
to spin while noone is riding.
What marks?
They were like scratch marks all
over his arm and neck. I asked him
who did this to him, but all he
said was the bad kids did it.


The swings stop swinging and the merry-go-round stops
moving. The winds dies down and the birds stop their
singing. Elizabeth looks around and then back to David.
I talked to all the kids. No one
had a clue as to what I was
questioning them about.
Do you believe him?
I don't know what to
believe.(looking at his watch)
Well, I need to go. I have a date
tonight and I need to clean up.
Oh, sorry to keep you so long.
Good luck tonight. Tell me all
about it tommorrow.
David walks away from her and gets into his car. She waves
goodbye as he leaves. As Elizabeth walks over to her car,
the wind picks up hard again and the playground rides begin
to move again.

Children's laughter sounds all around Elizabeth. She looks
around but doesn't see anyone. The wind blows harder and the
rides go faster as she gets closer to her car.

The laughter gets louder causing Elizabeth to move quickly.
As she grabs th door handle, the winds suddenly dies, the
rides stop moving and there is no laughter.

She looks back at the playground and then breathes a sigh
of relief. When she sticks the key in the key hole, the evil
ghost girl SLAMS the window from the inside.

Elizabeth screams aand falls down. She scoots back from the
car. The ghost laughs and smiles evily as blood begins to
pour out the key hole and from under the door.

The doors all unlock, scaring Elizabeth to her feet as she
stare in horror at her car. The doors fly open as Elizabeth
runs back inside the school to grab her purse and cell


She dials 911 and walks back out to her car. The doors are
shut and no blood is anywhere. The operator comes on the
I... Sorry I dialed the wrong
Elizabeth walks slowly over to her car. She opens the door
with caution but there is no sign of the girl or the blood.
Elizabeth shakes her head , gets into the car, and drives
Elizabeth is typing on her laptop computer. She writes down
some notes on a pad of paper. She flips through her book and
writes more notes.
Elizabeth stares at the screen as she works on her notes.
She reads the newspaper article about Isacc's parents.
      (reading out loud)
Parents died today mysteriously in
fatal house accident. Little boy
only survivor.
Elizabeth continues with her notes as she flips through more
Little boy awarded to the Wades of
3rd Street. Rev. Johnson giving
little boy his blessing in face of
She looks at the picture of Isacc.
O.K. Isacc, I will find out why
you are so afraid of the dark.


She writes down some more notes and flips down her laptop.
She turns off the lights and goes to bed.
David walks down the street toward the bar. He is talking to
his girlfriend on his cellphone.
So which one do you have on? OOOH!
The little green one. My favorite.
Did you order drinks yet?
The street lights behind David start go out one by one.
David turns around and watches them blow out.
Uh no. Miller Light is fine. Get
some hot wings too. Yes I know I'm
The lights in front of him start blowing out out. David
stops under one light.
Babe let me call you back. Yes
everything is all right.
The lights continue to blow out until the light David is
under is the only one on.Childish laughter fills the air.
Hello? Is someone there? (pauses)
Who is this? Is this a joke?
The light above David blows out.
All we hear is David's terrfied breathing followed by
children laughter and joy.
                       DAVID (o.s.)
Oh Lord, help me!
The laughter goes in and out like it is flying around David.
                       DAVID (o.s.)
Stop Please! Stop!


The laughter stops and the lights in front of David come on.
They come on in a row. He watches them come on all the way
behind him and breathes a sigh of relief.
He turns to the bar and four ghost children are there. David
jumps back.
They HISS at David and leap at him. They slash his face and
arms. David screams out and falls to the ground. He punches
and kicks at them to get away.
A dark figure appears and David crawls toward them.
He reaches the dark figure and extends his arm out for help.
The dark figure pulls out a long knife with a crucifix on
David tries to back away but the figure swings the knife and
slashes David's throat.
The figure begins to whistle " Jesus loves little children"
as they drag off David's body. The children skip and play
down the street until they disappear from sight.
David's cellphone covered in blood, begins to ring.
Elizabath walks into the school and into her office. She
lays her files out of briefcase onto her desk when Mrs.
Parker walks in.
Good morning Janice! Has David
filled you in on how his hot date


                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
went last night? He is supposed to
tell me all about it.
Did you not hear honey? David is
Missing! What?
Yes! He didn't make it to his
date. When he didn't show, Stacy,
his girlfriend went to look for
What did they find? Did they call
the police?
All they found was his cell phone
covered in blood. The police just
left. They are hoping he's just
hurt somewhere and he will turn


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From Sean Elwood Date 8/31/2005 ***1/2
I didn't have time to read all of it, but I think it is pretty good. But for descriptions on what people are doing or what happens to them, you need to cut them into smaller pieces. Don't make them large paragraphs. I made the same mistake. Hehe.

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