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The Walking Cripple
by J.J. Pardo (walkingcripple@comcast.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ****
Steve is a dare devil willing to become a stunt man. His best, yet conniving friend Tom, dreams of becoming a director. When Steve's dreams come true, he makes it big in Hollywood, becoming a millionaire. But, one dark day, Tom comes to Steve with a screenplay featuring just one stunt for Steve to star in. Once the stunt goes awry, this leaves Steve in a condition where he is unable to do stunt work anymore. After days of depression, only one thing is on his mind for Tom--Revenge!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced.


WE SEE plenty of hills and mountains from a distance.

a Honda Z-R1. The speedometer increases as he increases

He approaches a one hundred foot drop at the end of the
cliff. He speeds over the cliff. The bike starts to spin in
the air, and he falls off the bike. He and the bike crash on
the ground. He slowly gets up, painfully. He starts to run
away from the bike. After a few moments, the bike blows up
as Steve tries to catch his breath. He looks at the
explosion with fear.
                       DIRECTOR (O.C.)
Two of the CREW runs up to Steve with panic. They help him
off the ground, as he gets up with mild pain. He walks
forward, full of dust and minor bloody scratches around his

He looks brave.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
      (bad mood)
See that guy right there? Thatís
me. Yeah thatís right, ďMr. Balls
of SteelĒ. I use to be tough shit,
and well, now, Iím working in a
minimum wage, dirty restaurant.
Steve sits at a seating booth waiting for customers in
boredom. His right arm, from shoulder down, happens to be
                       STEVE (V.O.)
It was called ďBig CrispĒ. They
served chicken and all the colored
you could get. It was the only job
they would let a one-armed low
life like me in.


                       STEVE (cont'd)
RESTAURANT, walks up to Steve.
      (angry, yelling at
How many times do I have to tell
your white ass to wash the
counters? I have waited on my ass
for severalÖ
                       STEVE (V.O.)
In case youíre wondering, thatís
my boss, Jonah. Heís the only guy
that would give me a job after my
incident and controversy, due to
the fact he don't know the half of
it because he lives in this
restaurant with no TV, no radio,
no air conditioning, nothing but a
cardboard bed and a public
Steve walks down the parking lot, holding his ďBig Crisp
ChickenĒ uniform in his left hand over his shoulder.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Sure, Iíll tell you the once-known
legend of ďThe Walking CrippleĒ.
Itís one of my favorites, just
enough to put me in a bad mood.
Steve opens the door to his cheap apartment. It appears very
messy and disorganized, stains all over the place, with
rotted walls and a water dripping ceiling.

He throws his uniform on the ground and walks toward the


                       STEVE (V.O.)
I had it good, but it went down
the drains due to one simple prick
that came into my life.
He walks to the refrigerator and opens it. He looks around.
                       STEVE (V.O.)(cont'd)
Heís getting all the fame and Iím
stuck in the life of shame.
On the top shelf of the refrigerator, he grabs a gallon of
milk. He opens it up, and drinks it from the bottle. He
drinks about half the gallon, and puts it back in the
refrigerator. He walks away and burps extreme.

He walks into his family room and lies slowly onto his
ripped up brown leather couch. He slowly closes his eyes.
                       STEVE (V.O.)(cont'd)
It all started when I was eight
years old, in a little
Kids play all sorts of different activities in assorted

Steve, 8 YEARS OLD, stands in the middle of the street,
holding a skateboard.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Thereís me, Steve Cane. I was
never a painful kid, just looking
for action.
He sets the skateboard in front of him on the ground. He
stands on it, forcing his way forward. He rides faster as he
goes, but stumbles at times.
                       STEVE (V.O.)(cont'd)
I never really knew how to
skateboard, just one screw up
after another. But, due to my
mother pumping me full of pain
pills, Demerol being one of them,
I never cared how much damage I
received. As far as my old man, I


                       STEVE (cont'd)
never really knew him, he was just
was around when he wanted to,
which wasnít much.
Steve speeds up. Suddenly, he hits a rather large crack on
the street, causing him to fly off the skateboard, landing
head first on the pavement, rolling sideways down the middle
of the road on his back.
      (grunts and sighs,
       to himself)
Oh, damn.
He lies down, holding his head in pain. Then, an
uncontrollable motorbike, going at least 20 miles per hour,
ride over Steveís stomach.
Kids stand quietly in shock. Steve struggles as he stands
himself back up. His t-shirt has a skid mark going across
the center. He winces in some pain and holds his rib cage,
feeling bruised, maybe broken. he also feels short of
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Iím all right! Donít worry!
Kids resume to make noise and play.

TOM KOHN, Steveís best friend, runs up to him from a large
Steve? Are you okay?
Iím fine. Iím just worried my mom
will get mad at me with a ruined
shirt. I got this last Friday.
Youíre not fine. You look messed
up. Now, for a mom that actually
cares, says that a little bit of
good Aspirin will fix those cuts
right up, and some ice packs may
do the trick.


A FAT NOSY BOY sitting in a chair in front of his house
                       FAT NOSY BOY
      (yells and laughs
       at Steve)
Ha! You dumb ass!
Steve looks at him with displeasure, but ignores it. He
turns back to Tom.
No it wonít. I heal very easily.
In fact, I canít even feel my pain
Youíre messed up.
They both walk away, laughing toward Tomís house.
Many kids play around the basketball court.

Steve and Tom, now 13 YEARS OLD, play basketball. They just
dribble it, and pass it back and forth.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
As I grew older, I learned that
the talent I had should be put
more into use, not just for
accidents, but purposely. It was
my special gift from God to make
me money.
Steve passes it quickly to Tom. Tom dribbles it.
You know Steve, I've been friends
since we were both shitting our
pants, right?
Well I was just wondering, after
all these years, why do you take
so much shit from all the other


                       TOM (cont'd)
Tom shoots the ball and it bounces off the rim. It falls
toward Steve. He catches it.
What are you talking about? I
donít take any shit from nobody.
Steve shoots the ball rather hard.

The ball bounces off the rim hard and slams Steve in the
face. He has no reaction. It bounces to Tom. He picks it up.

Exactly what I mean. Since you
think youíre immune to pain, you
think you can get more friends
just by getting hurt.
Tom passes the ball to Steve lightly. Steve smacks it to the
Look, my dream is to become a
stunt man. And a stunt man needs
practice for his movies, and I
canít feel any pain what so ever,
or at least when I do, I donít
give a shit that itís there. Iíll
do anything a person asks me to
do, just to make him happy. Itís
my big dream.
You know Steve that actually
sounds like a good idea. But, I
got an even better one. When weíre
old enough, I can be your manager.
My manager? Do you mean a director
or something?


Yeah, that sort of thing. Iíll
write the stunts for a movie, and
youíll do them. It would make us
all sorts of money, and, for the
kinds of stunts you do, we will be
the most famous people in the
Hollywood industry today!
Sounds like a great idea, when do
we do this?
When we go to college obviously.
behind him from a distance.
      (excited, yells to
Yo, Steve!
      (turns to Andrew)
Whatís happening Andrew?
The guys and me were wondering if
you wanted to play a little one on
Steve runs to Andrew. Tom remains to dribble the ball and
shoot it in the basketball net.

Behind Tom, we see Steve climbing on Andrewís shoulders,
sitting on them.

Kids laugh as Andrew raises Steve's head under a basketball


net. The boys cheer in excitement.
      (yells with
Come on you girls, letís see what
kind of arm you got!
A boy whips a dodge ball at Steveís face rather hard. Steve
shows no reaction.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Come on you little shit heads, I
know you guys can do better than
Another boy, JAMES, has a basketball in his hand. He
dribbles it with anger.
Prepared to be screwed up you ass
He throws it very hard, using all of his force. It hits
Steveís face harder than expected, but still no reaction
from Steve except a minor noise bleed.
Only queers make that hit!
PRINCIPLE STEW, A TALL, SEXY FEMALE, walks through the crowd
of kids toward Steve with her arms crossed.
                       PRINCIPLE STEW
Steve, what on earth do you think
your doing?! Go to the office
ASAP. This is a suspension for
Andrew kneels down as Steve jumps off of his shoulders.
Hey, it just makes my career a lot
He walks away grinning.


                       STEVE (V.O.)
And it wasnít just my Principle
who thought my life was stupidity,
it was my mom.
around the living room fast in anger. HIS DAD, BILL, A SHORT
wheelchair without a care.

Steve sits on the couch, yawning in sarcasm.
      (furious, yelling)
Are you seriously messed up in
then head? Why in the hell are you
doing the stupid shit you do?
Mom, the stupid shit I do is going
to make me rich and famous in
How? By breaking the record of
going to the hospital everyday of
your life? Do you want to look
like your retarded father?
Steve looks at Bill. Bill grins to him.
No, because Iím actually going to
make something of myself.
      (to Nancy)
Leave the little shit alone. He
can spend the rest of his life
with me for all I care. At least
the kid is thinking about his damn


      (to Bill)
Your not helping you loose dick!
She picks up a lamp on a coffee table next to her and throws
it at Bill. It shatters over his head.
He gets knocked out, lying his head back and eyes closed.
Mom, do you need some therapy?
Because at the rate youíre going,
youíre sick.
Iím not the one who needs therapy
here! You do! Now get your little
ass back into shape and stop doing
the stupid shit you do!
Steve gets off of the couch and walks toward the front door.
Screw you, mom.
He opens the door and walks out, slamming it, shocking
                       STEVE (V.O.)
But no one ever took my dream
away, and I never gave up.
We see Steve and Tom, now twenty-five, in the center of a
large party in his apartment. The apartment appears small,
with at least seventy people crammed. Rock music blares,
with people dancing and some drinking beer.

Steve and Tom hit their beer cans together, making a toast.
They open their beers.


Well Steve, this is where our
future starts!
      (also joyful)
It sure does.
They both drink their beers.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
So, I was thinking, maybe we can
apply colleges together.
What do you mean? Weíre both in
separate carÖ
I know that! What I meant was work
on some practice film.
JIM, A RATHER LARGE DRUNK, walks up to Steve.
      (stutters, excited)
Dude, Steve, you going to be
lighting your fucking face on fire
tonight so we freak the fuck out
of people?
Youíre damn right I am.
Jim laughs in insanity. He turns around and runs toward the
What do you mean practice film?
I mean that you direct my stunts
on film. We take it to our
colleges we want to apply to, and
have a better chance into getting
our career. That way, you say
action, and I fall for the rest of


                       STEVE (cont'd)
our lives making money.
      (thinks for a bit,
       sips his beer)
So far, sounds like a good plan.
Iíll write the stunts, you do them
with the best you got. Itís going
to be perfect!
Jim runs back in the room, sweating in excitement.
Come on dude, we got to light the
flame now!
Lets do it!
They run toward the balcony as people stare at Steve with

Steve turns to a little stool on the balcony floor and grabs
a can of ďAxeĒ deodorant on it. He opens the cap, and sprays
a lot on his face.
                       PARTY CROWD
      (cheering loudly)
People in the crowd repeat ďCrippleĒ multiple times.

Jim then lights the matched, giggling, and slowly places it
near Steveís face, quickly igniting in a large flame.

No one talks as they watch in shock.

From the ground stands a seventy year old women, staring at
Steve with insanity. Jim excitedly opens a beer.
      (yells, to the
Did I tell you this stupid fuck
would do it, or what!
Jim turns around quickly, whipping his hand with the beer in
the air. Some of the beer comes out of the can, landing on
Steveís face and igniting a large fireball from the flame.


Steve hits his face rapidly in fear.
       frantically to
Somebody! Quick! Get me a towel or
my face is done!
Dude, thatís gnarly!
Steve jumps up and down.

A person runs up to Steve and throws a damp towel quickly on
his face. Steve pats it down on his face hard. The flames go
out, and Steve takes the towel out and whips it on the floor
with anger.

His face appears to be bright red with peeling skin. He
walks off the balcony and in the house towards Tom.
      (shakes his head,
You know, that crowd gave me an
idea for a name for you and your
crazy stunts.
What? Cripple?
No. ďThe Walking CrippleĒ.
They both smile and nod their heads. They drink another sip
of their beer and throw the can on the floor.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Lets party, and grab me some
Lidocaine while youíre at it for
my face!


We see Steve in a desk around a large crowd of students. His
instructor, PROFESSOR VICTOR LENT, explains a lesson aloud.

Steve pulls out his wallet from his pocket and opens it.
Inside reveals a picture of MELISSA, HIS PRETTY, BLONDE
                       STEVE (V.O.)
I attended a low class college,
just due to grades, percentages,
bonds, those sorts of things that
messed me up. My dream was Harvard
though. I got stuck with a weird,
awkward teacher that goes by the
name of Professor Victor Lent. He
wasnít much of a bright teacher,
which goes to show you how bad I
was in schoolÖ
                       PROFESSOR LENT
      (to everyone)
And that is why you should never
get something like your hand
caught in a carís camshaft. The
making of ďDIE HARDĒ had good
action, but poor stunts. Now, our
next lesson will take us right to
amounts of air you can handle.
He looks around and points to MARK, A HIPPIE STUDENT.
                       PROFESSOR LENT (cont'd)
      (to Mark)
Mark? Will you please assist me as
I work this example out for the
Sure. What the hell? It's like,
flowers in the garden, dude.
                       PROFESSOR LENT
Thank you.
Mark walks up to Professor Lent slowly.


                       PROFESSOR LENT (cont'd)
Okay. First things first, to
resist the pain of choking, hereís
what you doÖ
He grabs Mark by the arm from behind, and grabs a meter
stick off the desk. He then places it around Markís throat,
choking him quite hard.

Steve's focus is still on the picture.
We see Melissa and Steve sitting at a booth across each
other in this SOUTHERN RESTAURANT. They look at a menu.
Steve's face has slightly peeled skin, but nothing major.
So what will you be having?
Probably the Fish and Chips. How
about you?
Probably the same thing. Iím
getting pretty tired of steak.
Suddenly, the WAITER, TEDDY, pops out from behind the booth,
causing Melissa to jump, and Steve to lean back in surprise.
What's sup! Are you ready to
      (shocked, scared)
Mother fucker, dude! Yes weíre
ready to order!
Steve points to Melissa.
Oh, okay. I am going to have the
Fish AND Chips.
He writes the orders on his note pad.


Anything to drink?
Just an iced tea with lemon.
I am going to have the same thing,
except with pink lemonade.
Right away!
He walks away.
So, what are you planning to do
since youíre out of high school?
Iím probably going to go to
nursing school in college. Either
that or vetenarian school.
I always loved that about you,
always caring for all of Godís
Yeah, well, I always loved helping
people, and I always loved being
around animals. I donít know why
but it just comforts me.
Teddy brings the drinks. He sets the pink lemonade by
Melissa, and the iced tea by Steve. He walks away.
      (deep voice)
Somebodyís on the reefer today.
He switches the drinks.


      (laughs, sips her
So, what are you planning on doing
with you career? Mechanic, doctorÖ
I told you this last week. I want
to work in the Hollywood business.
Oh, yeah. But you never told me
what you wanted to do there.
Well, maybe its better if I donít
tell you. My face should be a
slight clue.
Come on. How worse can it be,
Hollywood is one of the best
businesses on the planet, tell me!
      (sips his lemonade)
Well, you wouldnít like it.
What wouldnít I like about it?
You really need to know?
Yes, I really need to know if
weíre planning on spending our
lives with each other. And what
did you do to your face anyway, or
dare I ask?
Okay. Iím going to be a stunt man
with many dangerous levels of
suicidal stunts!


      (coughs, spills
       her tea on
       herself, outraged)
A stunt man? Are you crazy!
Actually Iím not. Melissa, thereís
something I think you should know.
Please tell me cause I think you
have some serious issues.
She grabs a napkin under her fork and knife, and wipes her
shirt a few times.
This is the only occupation that
physically suits me. Believe me,
its not dangerous! Iím almost
immune to this shit, plus, I have
      (stares with shock)
Iím practically dating a mental
patient! And yes, you do need
medication! Anti-Psychotic
She gets up and grabs her stuff.
Melissa! Sit back down, please!
Now I want to know why this makes
you so fucking upset?!
      (sits back down
       with fury)
You want to know why this makes me
so upset? The fact that I was
planning to spend the rest of my
life with you and be happy, or the
fact that Iím going to have to
spend the rest of my life with you


                       MELISSA (cont'd)
and take care of your wounds,
cuts, scratches. I could go on
forever with the list!
Well, give me my options! Tell me
what you want for me!
Itís either me and a good job, or
you and broken bones? You canít
have both.
Look, Melissa, you are trying to
push me away from my dream all my
life, and I am not going to let
you stop that.
      (grabs her purse
       and coat)
Fine. If thatís the way you want
it, go ahead. Just donít expect to
hear from me anymore.
She gets up, picking up her stuff.
                       MELISSA (cont'd)
Oh, the only time you can ever
call my house again is if you
choose the other option I gave
She walks away. Steve turns around to her.
Melissa, wait! I told you to buy
fucking tampons before we left!
He sighs as he turns back around with depression.


Steve walks around the store with a letter in his hand. He
looks around, grabbing a candy bar on a rack. He walks to a
refrigerator and pulls out a 12 pack of beer. He then walks
up to a MALE, CHINESE CASHIER and puts his things on the
                       CHINESE CASHIER
      (Chinese accent)
You look messed up.
The cashier scans the items.
What did you say? I couldnít hear
                       CHINESE CASHIER
Me say, you look messed up! You
He points at Steveís peeled face and third degree burns on
behind Steve with her arms full of canned food.
Oh! Youíre saying that I look
messed up. Okay. Yeah these scars
are just minor from me doing
                       CHINESE CASHIER
Yes, stunts, I do them to get me
into films.
The African American customer walks closer to Steve, looking
at him with insanity.


                       AFRICAN AMERICAN CUSTOMER
I never saw a stuntman do stunts
without putting them in film. Your
one messed up little boy!
      (turns to the
Excuse me, would you mind leaving
us alone? This is our
                       AFRICAN AMERICAN CUSTOMER
Bitch, are you going to pay for
those groceries or am I going to
be forced to charge your ass into
He hurries and throws a twenty-dollar bill on the table. He
grabs his stuff.
      (to himself)
Of all the lousy dirty respect!
He opens the door and walks outside. As he holds the cans of
beer, one falls out of a hole in the box, causing Steve to
step and trip over it. He falls and hits his head hard on
the hood of a red BMW. He leaves a large dent as he stands
himself back up, holding his head in mild pain.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Oh shit!
A MALE, 18-YEAR OLD PUNK comes out of the car with anger. He
walks toward the hood and looks at the dent.
What the hell are you doing! You
dented my car you asshole!
Sorry dude, itís just that my beer
can dropped on the ground, and I


Your paying the damages, you know
that, right!
Hear me out man, I don't even have
enough money to pay my rent. The
most money you'll see me have is a
few hundred stolen food stamps.
He looks around, cracking his knuckles.
                       PUNK (cont'd)
I see the way weíre going to have
to play this.
He curls his fist and socks Steve quite hard in the left
eye. Steveís head joggles back. He doesnít feel a lot of
pain. His eye appears red and blood shot. He looks at the
punk with anger.
                       PUNK (cont'd)
Holy Shit. Why arenít you? What?
Okay, now Iím just going to tell
you this once, you do not want to
fight me. I canít sense your pain.
The punk then punches Steve hard in the stomach. Steve
doesnít sense it, but quickly punches him in the testicles,
grabs him by the arms, and violently forces him back in the
car. He leans over angrily at him.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
When you fight with me, youíre
fighting with a zombie, bitch!
A woman walks by toward Steve.
                       FEMALE PEDESTRIAN
How can that not hurt?
Itís a birth defect. Now rememberÖ


He looks around.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
You didnít see anything!
He runs into his car next to the BMW and starts it. He takes
                       STEVE (V.O.)
I forgot to mention, that I never
took any shit from anyone. I
always came back for payback.
Steve enters in depression. It appears dark. He flips the
light switch on for the living room next to the door wall,
causing minor light to appear.

The phone rings in the kitchen. He walks in the kitchen and
flips the switch to the kitchen light. He answers the
cordless phone.
      (bad mood)
Whoís this?
                       TOM (O.C. FILTERED)
Hey Tom. Whatís up?
                       TOM (O.C. FILTERED)
Man have I got some great news!
Meet me at ďHOOTERSĒ in an hour!
Why dude? Itís eleven at night!
                       TOM (O.C. FILTERED)
Just do it! Itís going to be
fucking great!
Tom hangs up the phone. Steve slowly hangs up the phone in
confusion. He walks toward the front door and grabs his coat
from the floor. He walks out.


Steve sits at a booth, biting his nails nervously.

A BUSTY, HOOTERS WAITRESS approaches Steve. She wears short
jeans, and a tight tank top.
Hey there, hot dog. Anything I can
get yah?
      (nervously looks
       at her)
No thank you, just waiting for a
friend of mine.
She walks away.

Tom shows up and sits quickly across from Steve.
Sorry Iím late!
Right. So whatís so important that
you had to bug me in the middle of
the night?
Well, I made those stunts you
Stunts? You mean the one we were
talking about at the party?
But Tom! I meant that as a joke!
You weren't serious? I mean, come
on Steve, this would help us both!


      (thinks for a few
Well, I was thinking about it. Let
me see what you have.
Tom reaches into his pocket and pulls out a folded piece of
paper. He hands it to Steve as he unfolds it.
Let me seeÖ
Steve reads it. After a few seconds, Steveís eyelids open
widely in shock.
Are you seriously fucked up in the
head? These are death situations!
This isn't just bruises or
scrapes, it's a one way ticket!
Steve throws the paper across the table to Tom. Tom picks it
up and reads it.
What do you mean? These are what
stunt men do for a living, maybe
I know that! But what I need is an
example, not a fucking action
flick! Especially when weíre not
getting paid!
What kinds of stunts did you have
in mind then?


Skateboarding. People need to see
that stuff, they need to see the
pain I can do with skateboarding.
The tricks, to see if I am good
enough to take a persons place for
the scene. Not me riding up the
Hollywood mountain as fast as I
can and practically killing
myself! No, no, no. I wouldnít
even do that in the movies.
But see, thereís where we have a
problem. You canít skateboard
worth of shit! Every time you try,
you get into an accident.
Exactly my point! People have to
see what I can and cannot take.
Skateboarding is one objective. I
mean, come on Tom, you know every
stuntman skateboards, even if
theyíre the shittiest
skateboarders, like me, on the
face of this earth!
Well, whatever. Still, do the
stunts I gave you.
But those suck.
It would get you in for sure if
you do this! Donít you want to get
in to be a stunt devil faster?
Well, yeah.
Then you have to do some stunts
that are more dangerous than
anyone would attempt.


I donít know man.
Come on! This is going to be the
first time I ever seen you turn
down a stunt in your life. Youíll
blow a fireball off your face but
you wonít do this.
Stop man. I know I havenít turned
down anything, but those to me
werenít life threatening. This is.
Just one out of the four is!
No, actually...
He grabs the paper out of Tomís hands and reads it.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
3 out of the four. Thereís that
ATV stunt, a stunt that you want
your dog, which I may add, still
has rabies! And you want him to
bite the living shit out of me,
and if I may add again, heís a pit
bull! And finally, go downtown and
have me pick a fight with a gang
and have them hurt me, as if you
didnít know, gangs carry weapons!
Itís all for the money and
entertainment, bro. Believe me, if
you do these stunts, you will be
richer than ever! As a matter of
fact, I am so confident, that I am
going to do something even better
than your career. Iím going to do
you a favor. If you ever get into
an accident, I will pay for your
medical bill.


Gee, thanks. A medical bill will
help my death. I got a thing that
came out these days, Iím trying to
think of what itís called, oh yeah
itís called health insurance you
Okay slow down there, partner.
Thinks for a few seconds.
                       TOM (cont'd)
Okay I got another idea.
What is it?
If I ever die, I will have a will
And in that will, all my money, my
career, and my house will go to
you. Thatís an IDEAL promise.
Youíre willing to do that for me?
I sure am. What do you say?
Tom holds out his hand in front of Steve.
      (thinks about it)
Okay. Deal.
He shakes his hand.


      (mumbles to
Yeah, if I donít die first.
Tom pays no attention. His focus is on a waitress's breast
from across the room.
Whatíd you say buddy?
      (projects his
I said, ďHopefully you croak
No problem, man!
We see Steve driving down a dark, busy street and spots a
BEST BUY. He drives into the crowded parking lot, and pulls
up into a Handy-Capped parking space. He gets out and walks
to the entrance.
Steve walks around the electronics section. He looks at the
wide selection of video cameras. He finds one, a SONY DVD
RECORDING camera. He picks it up and walks shortly, and then
stops. He notices the sticker on the box. The price reveals
three thousand dollars. He turns back around and puts it
back. He continues to look.

He spots a sign that says ď$150.00 for ĎBig Blackí, A Great
Deal!Ē Over the sign reveals a rather large cardboard box.
He picks it up and walks away with it.

He walks down the isle of videotapes and finds blank VHS
tapes. He picks up two and notices Adult Movies next to it
in a glass cabinet. It catches his eye when he notices the
sign ďAdult Movies- 5 for $10, BUY NOW!Ē

Steve gets his items scanned at the cash register, holding
about ten Adult DVDs, a blank tape, and the camera. The
EARRINGS, smiles at Steve.


He scans the camera first, then the videos. He scans them
with a perverted smile. Steve looks at him with concern.

The Cashier then picks up one of the videos, which reveals a
buxom woman on the cover, and shows it to Steve.
                       BEST BUY CASHIER
This is a good one.
Steve nods irrationally.
                       BEST BUY CASHIER
One hundred and sixty-seven bucks.
Steve stands in front of the Hollywood mountain on the
street setting up his large camera on a tripod.

A Ford pick-up pulls up and parks in front of Steve. Tom
gets out of the truck, carrying a large, bass stereo.
Hey, Tom.
Hey, man. Did you bring all the
stuff we need?
Yeah. I got both the skateboards
and the camera. You think you can
handle it?
      (glances at the
       camera, surprised)
Holy mother of Mary! Thatís a big
camera. Why do I need it on the
tripod if Iím going to skateboard
with it?
Long shots for the ATV stunt. Plus
I'm cheap.


Let me take it in the car and
follow. I can dodge the traffic.
Okay. Whatís with the stereo? Are
we going to put some music in or
Yeah, I thought it would add some
extra spice to the work.
Okay. Lets get going!
Tom walks to his truck and gets inside. Steve stands next to
                       STEVE (con't)
Lets hear what we have!
Youíre going to love this!
He then starts his car and turns on the radio. Sonny and
Cherís ďI Got You BabeĒ starts to play.
                       TOM (con't)
      (enjoying, head
Isnít this just perfect for the
      (rolls his eyes,
Change that, man! Weíre not making
a fucking love story here!
We see Steve on a skateboard with no protective gear. Tom
follows Steve in his truck as Steve starts to go.


Steve starts out slowly, and gets faster. He stumbles a few
times, but manages to maintain riding the skateboard.
Steve and Tom stand by the exit of the store, looking
around. Tom has the camera at his eye. This store mostly
consist of breakable glass and ceramics.

Steve patiently waits, breathing hard.
Yah ready?
Steve nods his head with a confident, serious look.
                       TOM (cont'd)
Then tear the shit up!
      (raises his hands,
He runs to a row of assorted antique mirrors. He starts to
punch the glass out of each mirror, causing it to shatter.
Without a notice, on Steve's arm reveals a large, bloody

Next to the mirrors contains pottery (vases, pots, etc.), on
a small, round wooden table. He raises his fist and hits the
end of the table, causing the pottery to roll off the table
and shatter on the ground. Steve then bangs his head hard on
the table with enthusiasm.

He looks behind him, and notices a row of six manikins
wearing different types of antique clothing. He decides to
punch the heads off of each one of them. As he punches the
heads, blood from his wounded arm splatter on the manikins.

We see an antique, ceramic toilet next to the last manikin.
He kneels down next and raises his fist and slams it hard on
rim of the toilet.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Yeah! Yeah!
He feels minor pain in his hand. He holds it with pressure.


                       STEVE (cont'd)
Ow! Ow! I think it's broken.
He walks toward the exit, until he sees a person from behind
that looks like a manikin to Steve, and he gives it a big
whip in the head. The person, who happens to be the manager,
turns around furiously to Steve. Steve stares at him
The doors of the store swing open. Two guards have Steve by
the shoulders, throwing him out of the store. Steve lands on
his stomach to the sidewalk.
Steve stands a far distance away from Tom and his dog
kennel. The kennel seems to be large. The dog lies in the

Tom opens the kennel door, and his PIT BULL, JOEY, walks out
of his doghouse, growling with anger. Steve looks very
Tom points to Steve.
                       TOM (cont'd)
Just rip this fucker up.
      (screams fearfully)
Help me, God!
Joey barks and charges at Steve. He jumps on him, causing
Steve to fall back, panicking. The dog tears his clothes up.
Steve stands in anger. His face looks marred up, with a torn
up shirt, and bloodshot eyes.

Tom stands next to him, with the camera, laughing at Steve.
Steve looks at Tom, and swings a hay maker right on his


face. Tom stops laughing and holds his face, wincing in
We see Steve skateboarding down a hill on the sidewalk. He
tries to grind on a small fire hydrant. The stunt fails, and
he flies off the skateboard, falling on the soft grass.
Steve and Tom approach a Mexican gang dealing drugs. The
gang has at least six gangsters, all buff and with plenty of

Steve, looking confident, walks up to the LEADER GANG
slaps him in the back of the head lightly.

He turns around to Steve with anger. Everyone looks at him
with shock.
                       LEAD GANG MEMBER
Jump this skinny bitch!
Two more gang members come out from behind a large garbage
can, six more come out from behind a building, and two come
out from a building door, wearing only boxers. A sexy, Asian
woman comes out of the same door wearing only her bra and
panties. Now the gang contains fourteen members.
                       GANG MEMBER #1
They all run after Steve. Some knock him on the floor, and
all of them start to kick and punch Steve. One takes a
baseball bat and starts to whack him hard.
Hot damn it isnít going to get any
better than this!
The gang step away from Steve, as Steve wines and bleeds on
the floor in pain.


Steve has a chipped tooth. He feels it with his finger. He
has a bruised eye and is full of anger.

Tom standing next to him laughs at Steve. Steve slowly makes
a fist, and slams Tom in the testicles extremely hard,
causing Tom to slip back and fall to the ground.
Oh, shit!
Steve sits on an ATV, nervously. He turns the key and starts
it up. He wears a helmet, a pair of gloves, elbow pads, and
knee pads.
Tom stands with the camera on the tripod, looking at the
Hollywood Mountain waiting for Steve.
Steve starts to go up the mountain, increasing speed as he
goes. He puts it in full throttle as he gets near the top,
getting even more faster.

He starts to scream loudly as he gets near the top of the
Tom stands there, waiting. He suddenly sees Steve driving
off of the mountain and in the air high!
      (screams extremely
Holy fuck!!!
Steve flies off the ATV and crashes somewhere in the
mountain. The plan worked successfully, but painfully.
      (smiles, loudly)
And cut!


Tom walks out of his house in the subdivision, carrying two
eight by ten manila envelopes. It contains the video tapes
of Steve's stunts, addressed to Harvard University.

He walks to the mailbox and puts the letters in there,
raising the red flag.
We see Steve sleeping on his couch wearing an I.V. hanging
from his right arm. He has multiple cuts and bruises all
over him.

Suddenly, a knock is heard from the door, causing Steve to
wake up slowly. He stretches and gets off from the couch. He
takes the I.V. off quickly from his arm, and throws it on
the floor.

He limps as he walks to the door. He open it. MIKE, THE
LANDLORD, stands by the door. He looks exhausted.
What is it now, Mike?
You look like hell. What did you
do, piss on an electric out lit?
No, thatís planned for next week,
but good guess though!
He walks in.
Mike, have you ever heard of
Oh, donít worry Steve, I wont be
here for long, and neither will
you. Youíre evicted.


He reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a yellow
eviction notice.
Why in the hell did I get evicted?
There were a bunch of complaints
about you having parties, setting
the balcony on fire, and plus,
youíre overdue with you rent, for
five months!
Come on Mike! I told you, once I
get my job, I will have enough
money to pay this whole place off.
And who the hell complained about
Mrs. Hutters, the one who lives
below you.
Excuse me?
Nothing. So how long do I have?
Well, if you look at that paper
you have exactly one month to get
your behind out of here. Now, if
you donít mind, I got to go.
Mike walks outside and shuts the door.

Steve has an angry look. He walks toward the kitchen, and to
the cabinets. Before he opens it, another sudden knock
appears at the door, startling Steve. He accidentally swings
the cabinet doors fast, slamming on his head.


Damn it! I already have enough
fucking bumps on my damn head as
it is!
He quickly grabs a bowl from the cabinet and sets it on the
counter behind him.

He walks to his front door and opens it. Itís the MAILMAN.
He has five letters in his hand, including an eight by ten
manila letter, and a clipboard with a slip.
You couldnít put the mail in the
slot there?
No man, thereís a letter here
thatís insured from Harvard.
Harvard University?
I think so, but hurry up and sign
it. I got more than one apartment
to deliver mail to.
No problem!
Steve reaches in his pocket and pulls out his pen. The
mailman hands him the clipboard. Steve quickly signs it and
hands it back. He grabs the mail out of his hand rudely, and
slams the door.

He throws the mail on the floor except the manila letter. It
reveals "Harvard University" in the return address, and
addressed to Steve.

He rips it open fast, pulling out a large screenplay and a
letter on top.
      (repeats the
ďDear Mr. Stephen Cane,
We are proud to inform you that we
are accepting you into our
University of Stunt Work. We think


                       STEVE (cont'd)
that you are very talented, and
your video shocked all of us. We
enjoyed it so much, that we
decided to make you an automatic
Stunt Double. As a bonus, we are
proud to say that you will be in
your first film with your stunts
titled ďDeep Cover L.A. 2Ē,
starring Bruce Willis and Lenny
Ventrelow, written by Joe
Sampsonano. We have enclosed a
manuscript of this film. Please
talk to me for any more
information on this subject and
thank you for choosing ďHarvard
Sincerely, Dean of Administration,
Jerome Merano.Ē
He drops the letter and script on the floor with shock.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
This is awesome.
The phone rings in the kitchen, startling Steve. He quickly
goes into his kitchen and grabs his cordless phone off the
counter. He answers it. Itís JOE SAMPSONANO.
                       JOE SAMPSONANO (O.C. FILETERED)
Steven Cane?
This is him.
Steve walks to the cabinets in the kitchen.
                       JOE (O.C. FILETERED)
Hi this is Joe Sampsonano, calling
from Lawrence studios. Harvard has
sent me your video, and I was
amazingly impressed from your
work. I havenít heard from you so
I decided to call you personally
and congratulate you and ask if
you are still interested in taking
the part as a stunt double in our


                       JOE (cont'd)
Oh, yes, thank you very much! Itís
a coincidence, because I just got
that letter now. Anyway, I am very
happy that you chose me, and to be
in a film already!
Steve opens the second cabinet above him, pulling out a box
of ďFrosted FlakesĒ cereal. He then grabs his Demerol bottle
and opens it. He throws the cap on the floor, and sets the
bottle on top of a napkin holder next to the bowl on the
                       JOE (O.C. FILTERED)
And about that, in two day exact,
we are going to film this movie,
youíre aware of that, right?
He then resumes to making his breakfast. He walks to his
kitchen table and pours some of the cereal in the bowl.
He walks to another cabinet over the stove. He opens the
doors of it and looks around in it. He closes the cabinet.
                       JOE (O.C. FILTERED)
Good. We have the cast ready and
equipment. Read over the
screenplay, I know itís your
He walks to the sink, grabbing a dirty spoon, and washing it
under the faucet, scrubbing it hard with his bare fingers.
I am honored to be in your film,
no matter how bad it is. I mean
He then shuts off the faucet, not paying any attention, and
throws the spoon over his shoulder. The spoon hits the


Demerol bottle on the napkin holder, tipping over, causing
most of the pills to land into his cereal. The bottle rolls
over on the floor.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
All right, see you in a few days.
I got to hurry to the bank.
Good luck!
Steve clicks the phone off happily. He walks to the table
and sits in a chair.

He looks around for his spoon, and spots it on the floor. He
picks it up and puts it into his cereal.

He grabs the milk next to him and pours it in the bowl. He
takes a scoop of cereal and eats it. After his second scoop,
he crunches louder, chewing the Demerol, not noticing. He
shrugs his shoulders and continues to eat.
Steve carries his empty bowl of cereal to the sink, shaking
vigorously. He sets the bowl in the sink.

Steve looks sickly. His eyes are extremely puffy and red.
      (to himself, very
       deeply and
Lets get this party started!
We see Steve driving, going about eighty-five miles per hour
on an empty highway. The roof of the car is down.

Extremely high and hyper, he head bangs while listening to a
hard rock song on the radio.

After a few seconds, he stops slowly. He feels dizzy as his
head slowly moves in circles. He reaches to the glove box on
the passengerís side, opening it. Crumpled-up tissue paper
falls out, including a small bottle of hand lotion. He pulls
out a bottle of eye drops.


He chuckles out of insanity, and opens the bottle, throwing
the cap out the window. He lets go of the wheel, bending his
head backwards, and positions the bottle to his right eye.
Suddenly, the car swerves to the left, causing Steve to
accidentally squeeze the bottle hard, making the drops to
squirt all in his eye. Steve grabs the steering wheel,
closing his eye in pain.
What the hell?
His eye drips liquid.

He goes an extra mile faster, passing by a COP in his cop
car. The cop spots him and follows him with his sirens on.

Steve continues to head bang to the same song. He stops for
a second, and notices the cop behind him, but doesnít care
and resumes to head bang.

After a few seconds, the cop decides to drive side-by-side
to the left of Steve, rolling his window down. He is wearing
sunglasses. He looks mean and serious.

The rock song ends, and Steve looks at the cop. Steve gives
him the ďPeaceĒ symbol with his fingers.
      (yells to Steve,
Pull your damn vehicle over!
      (puts his head out
       the window, yells)
What's that officer?
Pull your vehicle over, now!
      (puts his head
       back in)
Oh, right! No man, I already did
the nasty at home!
Steve chuckles and winks at the cop.

The cop rolls his window back up. Steve looks straight


Suddenly, the cop swings his car to the right, hitting the
left side of Steveís car hard, denting it. Steve swings to
the right, and tries to control it until he gets straight on
the road. This shocks Steve.

The cop rolls his window back down. Steve stares at him with
Now pull your vehicle over now, or
all hell is going to break loose!
Steve drives his car to the shoulder and stops. The cop
parks behind him.
      (scared, to
Holy shit.
The cop steps out of the car and walks toward Steve. Steve
sits nervously.
      (calmly angry)
Now, what I need to know is what
the hell you were thinking back
      (looks to him with
Is there a problem officer?
Yes, as a matter of fact, there
is. You have broken five rules
here in just five minutes, you
speed over the speed limit, youÖ
He takes off his glasses, noticing Steveís eyes.
                       COP (cont'd)
Holy crap, son! Are you on drugs?
      (confused, looks
Who? Me? No, no, officer. It's
just my jolts are in a bunch and
alot of shit has happened to me,


                       STEVE (cont'd)
its hard to explain.
"Jolts in a bunch"? Get out of the
fucking car, boy! Now! Come on!
Steve hurries out of his car, tripping on the floor. He
stands up quickly and faces him.
                       COP (cont'd)
Hands against the car!
He puts his hands against the roof of his car. The cop pats
him down from top to bottom.
Look sir, I swear, I do not do
drugs! I donít "snort pot", or
"sniff crack", nothing! My eyes
are just this red because I poked
it with an eye drop bottle!
The cop reaches inside Steveís back pants pocket, pulling
out a small prescription bottle of Demerol.
Really? Then how do you explain
He waves the bottle in Steveís face.
      (acts confused)
Umm, medication?
The cop nods his head, pulling out handcuffs from his belt.
He violently grabs Steve's arms and handcuffs him behind his
Come on! You're going!
He grabs Steve by the cuffs and violently puts him in the
back of the cop car.


We see Steve locked up behind bars. He wears a white shirt
and white pants, along with a CELLMATE, A WEIRD, BIKER
LOOKING TYPE GUY reading a Playboy magazine.

Steve holds the bars of the door, banging his head on them
      (after every bang
       of his head, he
       says one word)
What, did, I, do, to, get, in
this, mess, I, am, not, going, to,
be a, stunt, man, any, more,
because, of, my, stupid, ness.
      (agitated, throws
       violently on the
Would you just shut the hell up?!
Iím trying to read!
      (bangs head faster)
I, am, sorry, but, I, got, to,
get, out, of, here, or, Iím,
fucked, for, the, rest, of, my,
Well at least talk to yourself!
      (stops banging his
No problem, bro!
The cellmate sits up and grabs his magazine from the floor.
He lies back down.

He takes a glance at Steveís butt, with a perverted grin.
Whatís your name?


Doesnít that hurt, Steven?
He sits up, throwing his magazine at the end of his bed.
Nope. I'm immune to pain. Plus, it
helps me think.
So what are you saying? You donít
sense pain?
Yeah, I guess so, buddy.
The cellmate has a devilish smirk on his face. Steve turns
around suspiciously and looks at the cellmate.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Oh, shit.
The GUARD, swinging his keys and whistling, walks down the
row of jail cells. He then confronts Steveís cell.

The cell appears to be quiet and dark with no sign of anyone
in it.
Steve Cane?
After a few seconds, Steve walks out of a dark corner,
scared. He limps and walks on his tiptoes.

Steve confronts the guard. Out of the same corner Steve
walked out of, the cellmate skips happily out of it to his
bed. He lies down and closes his eyes.

Steve sighs in disgust. The guard looks at the cell mate. He
then looks at Steve with concern, and chuckles.


You have a visitor here.
Really? Who?
Some Surpsinanny guy. I donít
know, let me get him.
He takes a few steps back.
                       GUARD (cont'd)
      (hollers down the
Yo! You can see him now!
as the guard leaves.
Hey man. Do I know you?
Yeah, I believe you do. Itís me,
Joe Sampsonano, youíre supposed to
be in my movie in a couple days,
and instead I find you here!
Listen, this whole thing was just
a big misunderstanding. AndÖ
A mild pause.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Wait a minute! How did you know I
was in here?
It was all over the ten oíclock
news! A helicopter chase showed
the crazy driving youíve done!
Really? On news, eh?


Exactly! And what I came here to
say is that if you want to be in
this movie, you got to stop acting
like this!
Stop acting like what what? I
didnít mean to do anything! You're
Quit your drugs! Theyíre messing
you up! We canít have bad
publicity like that in a film!
But Joe! I canít quit because Iím
not an addict to them! I need them
for my pain or Iím unable to do
the stuff I do!
Then it seems to me that it was a
bad idea persuading Harvard to
give you your diploma.
I have to take them or Iím in so
much damn pain. I canít help that.
Oh you canít help it, huh? Sounds
to me like youíre an addict. Just
admit it, you're a fuck up.
But Iím not! Something happened! I
remember it was during breakfast
and I was talking to Tom, you know
him, on the phone. Something
mustíve happened. I was washing a
spoon, andÖ thatís all I remember.
      (rolls his eyes)
Because you must have took them at
that time.


I swear to Jesus Christ I donít
take them to get high!
Iím Jewish.
I swear to Buddah, or whoever the
fuck you people believe in, Iím
telling the truth!
      (thinks for a
Okay. Then Iím going to lay down
some ground rules for you to
Iím going to bail you out on these
conditions. One, you go to Drug
Rehab meetings after the film.
Two, you get paid half on this
film of your total, and you quit
your drugs before the movie. And
three, you do exactly everything I
tell you to do in a movie, even if
it means risking your life.
Got it.
      (claps hands)
You're out!
So, your appointment starts eight
weeks from today.


Thanks Joe!
Joe walks away.

Steve smiles, holding the bars. He turns around. His clothed
butt reveals blood around it, due to the rape he received
from the cellmate.
Steve stands next to a bookshelf, taking a glance at a book
called ďHow to Ease Pain Without MedicationĒ

approaches Steve
                       STONED EMPLOYEE
      (talks slowly)
Hey dude, you need a book?
Um, yeah. Do you have anything on
drug rehabilitation, or anything
like that?
                       STONED EMPLOYEE
I can go check.
He stares at Steve, doing nothing.
      (strangely looks
       at him)
Ok, go.
He walks away. Steve sets the book back on the shelf, and
walks down the isle of books, looking at the names.

He stands next to a shelf of magazines, where a KID WITH
CRUTCHES reads a porno magazine.

A few seconds later, an OLD WOMAN EMPLOYEE walks up to the
kid with crutches in anger.

Steve looks at him with suspicion. He ignores it and
continues to look at the row of books.


                       OLD WOMAN EMPLOYEE
Young man, you canít be looking at
those dirty things, can you please
put that back?
                       KID WITH CRUTCHES
Bite me, bat.
                       OLD WOMAN EMPLOYEE
Excuse me? Put that back, right
this instant! Now!
She grabs the magazine, trying to force it out of the kidís
hand as he tries to fight it back. Steve notices, running up
and separating the fight. The kid grabs the porno, both
looking angry.
      (to the kid,
Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop that now!
Respect the elderly!
Steve grabs the porno out of the kidís hand and gives it to
the old woman employee. She walks away with it in grief.
You shouldn't be looking at that
stuff yet!
                       KID WITH CRUTCHES
I cant get wood anyways, moron!
I'm crippled!
The kid coughs and spits a big, green booger on Steveís
face. He walks away. Steve is appalled and disgusted. He
wipes it off with his shirt.

The stoned employee walks up to Steve with a book.
                       STONED EMPLOYEE
Hey man. I found that book you
wanted. It's right here. It tells
you everything about drugs, and
how they affect your lifeline.
And, dudeÖ
He approaches Steve closer.


                       STONED EMPLOYEE (cont'd)
I threw in a surprise baggy,
because I like yah.
Steve nods his head without a care. He hands Steve the book
and walks away.

Steve's cell phone rings. He answers it. Itís Joe.
                       JOE (O.C. FILTERED)
Steve! Excellent news! We got our
full cast today, and weíre filming
in one hour!
What? You told me yesterday that
it would be tomorrow! Iím at a
bookstore for Godís sake!
Well you better haul ass! Itís
going to be one hell of a film!
Joe hangs up quickly, along with Steve in confusion.
Steve starts his car and hits the gas pedal fast, causing
the wheels to burn rubber and screech. He drives off.

As he drives, he puts his hand in the plastic bookstore bag
next to him. He pulls out a folded up brown paper bag. He
unfolds it and puts his hand in there. He looks confused,
and pulls his hand back out, revealing white cocaine
powdered all over his hand. He looks at it.
      (angry, to himself)
That fucking crack head!


The lot has many of streetlights, but no cars. The cast and
crew are talking, and the movie equipment's all set in front
of the lot.

Steve walks quickly down the center of the parking lot
towards the cast/crew. He walks up to Joe, who sits in his
directorís chair.

dressed as a police officer for the film. Steve waits
patiently, but anxious.
      (to Christi)
Okay. First you have to visualize
the scene. You are to run fast out
of Rayís way to kill Will, yet,
you find out that he has a gun,
and will shoot. So, as you get out
of the way, Ray gets shot in the
Excuse me, Joe, you wantedÖ
      (to Steve,
       concentrated on
Hold to that thought one second,
So, all I do is just jump out of
the way during a shooting?
      (smiles, gives
       thumbs up)
Got it.
She walks away.


      (to Steve)
Hey Steve. I needed to see you.
Thatís why I came.
He stands out of chair, and walks down the parking lot set
along with Steve.
                       JOE (cont'd)
I just wanted to let you know to
not be nervous, and all you have
to do is go in front of the camera
when I say ďCutĒ or ďStunt
doubleĒ. So donít worry.
Ok. Whatís the scene today?
Oh, right. Well, youíre just going
to be shot in the leg with a nine
      (rubs chin)
Yeah, yeah. Thatís going to be
tough but Iíll do it.
All right. Lets make us a film!
Joe pats Steve on the back. Joe turns around back to the
cast and crew. Steve stands there, looking around the set.
                       JOE (cont'd)
Hey Pete! Whereís my hand
sanitizer? Everyone! Get in your
Everyone gets in their positions and ready for the film. In
the center of the parking lot contains the actors- LENNY
ACTOR, and Christi grouped in three, all holding handguns.


MEAN, An actor also. Behind Will we see a large duffel bag.
Everyone seems ready.

Joe sits in his ďdirectorís chairĒ, next to the CAMERA MAN.
Roll! Speed! Marker!
One of the CREW MEMBERS runs out in front of the camera with
a slate.
                       CREW MEMBER #1
Scene 19-Parking Lot! Take one!
He snaps the slate and runs behind the camera.
All the actors hold their guns out at Will, acting
      (yelling with
You! Youíre under arrest!
Will yawns irrationally.
                       LENNY (cont'd)
On the floor, ass wipe! With your
hands behind your head!
Will chuckles. Christi steps out in front of Lenny, cocking
her gun and pointing it at Will.
      (screams, full of
Do as he says you shit bag! Now!
      (sarcasm, chuckles)
What the hell are you going to do?
Arrest me?


      (calmly, to Will)
That is precisely what we are
going to do! That, and lock your
ass up.
Well, you can kiss my ass, because
I got a little present for you!
Please, hold your fire, or things
will get messy.
Will turns around and kneels to his duffel bag, unzipping
it. He reaches in it and pulls out a large shotgun. He turns
it around and points it to the three.

Steve stands next to Joe by the camera. Joe smiles with a
      (shocked, quietly
       to Joe)
I thought you said it was only a
nine millimeter?!
      (watches the cast,
       to Steve)
Yeah, well, nine millimeters are
expensive, and Will offered to
bring his gun for free. Now, I
didnít know up until now that it
was a shotgun, so now we don't
have time to get a nine
millimeter. Plus, the nine
millimeters the cast has are all
      (rolls eyes, to
Oh shit.
      (to everyone)
Cut! Stunt double for Lenny!
Lenny walks away toward Joe, as the cast pause in their


                       JOE (cont'd)
      (to Steve)
Thatís you, bro.
Steve trustfully walks toward the parking lot in the
position Lenny was.

CREW MEMBER #2 runs up to Steve handing him an unloaded nine
                       CREW MEMBER #2
      (to Steve)
Okay, the boss says to just keep
this pointed at Will till you get
shot. Got that?
Yeah, sure.
Crew member #2 walks away.

Crew member #1 runs in front of the camera with the slate.
                       CREW MEMBER #1
Scene 17! Stunt double, take 1!
He snaps it and runs behind the camera.
Ready and Action!
Steve closes his eyes with panic. He holds the nine
millimeter towards Will.

Will quickly aims the shotgun at Steveís right leg. He
shoots, making a loud gun shot noise. His leg squirts out a
bit of blood, hitting an artery. In shock and pain, Steve
sheds a few tears and falls to the ground.
Cut! Somebody! Get him some towels
and the first aid kit! Hurry!
About five crew members run up to Steve with towels, one
with a First Aid Kit. They kneel down, wiping the blood off
his pants with the towels.

Joe runs up to Steve.


                       JOE (cont'd)
Steve? Steve? You ok?
Steve tries to stand himself up.
      (moaning in pain)
Yeah, yeah, Iím fine. Fine.
Thatís the spirit, cowboy!
We see Joe and the team at another set recording the movie.
Steve drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee, alongside with another
person in a Red Corvette. They race down a long, dusty road.

We also see a large, three hundred foot cliff nearby the way
theyíre headed. The guy in the Corvette slams his brakes, as
Steve continues to go.

Suddenly, Steve makes it to the end of the cliff, driving
off. He crashes hard on all four tires. The Jeep rocks and
lands on the passenger side.
Another scene for their movie.

Steve runs down a set of railroad tracks as fast as he can.
From behind, a person on a Honda Motorcycle comes up,
driving toward Steveís direction. Steve runs to the left of
the person on the motorcycle. The guy on it has plenty of
protective gear on. He has a thick, metal bar in his left
hand. As he drives next to Steve, he whacks the metal bar
hard on the back of Steve's head. Steve painfully falls
forward on the track.

Joe stands up and gives Steve thumbs up with a smile, as
Steve stands up and gives Joe the middle finger.
The last scene of their film for his stunts.

It appears to be a very hot day. Steve just stands there
nervously and sweating. After a few seconds, unexpectedly, a


red brick hits Steve in the head. Steve grunts and falls to
his side. Joe stands up from his chair in excitement.
      (loud, excited)
We see all sorts of people in this club, mostly white, and
other cultures, men and women alike. Everyone dances and
drinks alcohol, dancing to rock and roll. The place has
plenty of colorful strobe lights. In the back of the club
contains a large stage with nothing on it but a microphone.

Steve dances his way through the large crowd with excitement
and full of energy. He wears small, sexy sunglasses, a
baggy, silver silk button up shirt and jeans. He holds a
martini. At one point, he head bangs real hard for a few
seconds, and continues to dance through the crowd.

Hey, Cripple! How you doing?
Fine as can be, buddy!
Steve walks his way toward the stage. He stands next to it
and drinks his beer.

microphone on the stage. He talks in the microphone,
projecting his voice.
                       HIPPIE FRIEND
Hey, everyone!
Steve and everyone else quiets down and has their attention
on him.
                       HIPPIE FRIEND (cont'd)
Give it up for Steve! ďThe Walking
Fucking CrippleĒ. We wouldn't be
having this big ass party without


Steve smiles and raises his glass to him.

The Hippie runs forward off the stage doing a stage dive.
Everyone catches him and brings him in the back of the club.

A WOMAN IN THE CROWD next to Steve drinks a margarita. She
points at him and looks around.
      (yells with
Hey everyone! Itís Steve Cane!
Heís going to make a speech on his
first hit film!
Steve shakes his head nervously.
                       CLUB CROWD
      (chanting loudly)
Get on stage! Get on stage! Get on
stage! Get on stage!
Steve continues to shake his head. A black, muscular guy
behind Steve pushes him toward the stage in excitement.

Steve finally decides to climb the steps on the stage as
everyone cheers for him loudly. He walks up to the
microphone. He blows in it to check it. Everyone quiets down
as Steve stands nervously.
Hello? Hey. I donít know what you
want me to say. So I guess Iím
here to say that Iím a
millionaire, and I would've never
seen this day coming. Everyone
has put me down for what I want,
even my mom. Well, she can look at
me now cause I made more money in
a year than she has ever made in
her life. And, I'm proud of
myself. So anyone who wants to put
me down, eat me! Cause youíre
worthless! I made a life!
Everyone cheers louder and claps. This makes Steve less
nervous and more excited.


                       STEVE (cont'd)
Oh, and even better news. Iíve
been off drugs for over a year now
and Iím feeling great!
Everyone continues to cheer. It suddenly gets quiet. A
person rudely yells in the crowd.
                       RUDE CLUBBER
Only pussies are quitters!
Steve looks around with concern, but ignores the comment.

Two guys, one BLACK, and the other WHITE, both talk to each
other in the center of the crowd.
                       WHITE CLUBBER
      (whispers, to
       Black Clubber)
You ready?
                       BLACK CLUBBER
Yeah, lets blast the bitch up.
They both reach into their jacket pockets and pull out
Pistol BB Guns. They aim it at Steve.
                       BLACK CLUBBER
      (loudly, to
Blow the mother fucker away!
About thirty more people take out the same type of gun, and
another thirty with paintball guns. They aim it at Steve
      (fearfully to
Oh, shit.
They all shoot multiple times. Steve quickly turns around,
trying to cover himself. He gets hit with many paintballs,
covering his back.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
      (extremely loud,
No! My eye!
Everyone stops with worry. They whisper.

Steve turns around toward the crowd, covering his right eye.


It has been hit with a BB. He uncovers his eye, revealing it
to be extremely bloodshot.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
      (smiles and laughs)
Got yah! Ha!
Everyone sighs in relief and laughs.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Okay, I got one more stunt, itís
sort of clichť but itís one of my
favorites. I need one woman to
come up here, I got an itch in my
pants and I need it taken care of!
All the women scream, wanting to be on stage. Steve looks
the crowd and points to her to come on stage.

Full of shocked and excited, she jumps up and down, hugging
her girlfriend. She then runs through the crowd, climbing on
stage. She stands next to Steve, smiling.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
      (to Melinda)
Hello, babe. Whatís your name?
      (happy, loudly
       with excitement)
Okay, Melinda. Iím wearing very
loose jeans right now, and
everything is hanging!
Everyone starts laughing.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
And I needed a women to kick these
bad boys back in place, can you do
Everyone shrieks and there is a slight applause.
      (blushes, chuckles)
Oh course!
Okay? Ready.


Melinda nods. Steve drops the microphone and faces Melinda,
spreading his legs wide. Everyone start to get quiet. Before
she kicks between his legs, she steps back. She gives Steve
a powerful kick in his groins. Steve shows a slightly
painful reaction, holding his crotch. As soon as he lets go,
unexpectedly, Melinda kicks him again, even harder.

Steve falls to the ground, painfully.
Feel better, Steve?
      (moaning in pain)
A little, except you kicked my
shaft instead of my jewels!
He stands up slowly. Everyone quietly watches. Steve faces
the crowd. He slowly lifts up his shirt, and right below his
bellybutton reveals a red imprint of Steveís penis. Melinda
kicked it upward, smacking his penis against his intestinal

Everyone laughs and claps. Steve stares at the imprint in
shock. He then takes off his shirt and gives it to Melinda.
Melinda walks off the stage.

Steve looks at the crowd and smiles.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
      (screams joyfully)
Stage dive!
Everyone continues to cheer. Steve whips the microphone on
the floor and runs toward the end of the stage, doing a
stage dive. Everyone catches him and pulls him to the back.
Steve laughs hard.
We see Steve sitting in a large, expensive fur chair,
reading a magazine in his large, new house. He wears a blue
bathrobe. The house has red and white painted walls. He has
a big screen plasma TV, antique furniture, and other
beautiful expensive stuff.

The magazine, called ďEntertainmentĒ, and the cover has
Steve smiling with a bruised eye. The headline says, ďFirst
Stunts On a Motion Picture, a Star is Created!Ē

Steve throws the magazine on the floor. He stands up with
joy and walks toward the bathroom. His NEW, SEXY GIRLFRIEND,


ANDREA, walks by him, wearing a tight t-shirt and a skirt.
She hugs and kisses him.
Bye, hun. Iíll be back tonight at
eight, I got a rehearsal.
See you tonight, babe.
She walks out of the front door. Steve slowly walks to the

The bathroom seems to be large, decorated with Greek ceramic
tiling, a large bathtub/shower, and three sinks with a large
mirror in front.

He walks up to one sink and grabs his toothbrush next to it.
He puts the toothpaste on the brush, and brushes his teeth
hard, wincing in mild pain. After a few brushes, he spits in
the sink, revealing a chunk of blood. He turns on the faucet
and washes it down the drain.

Steve takes off his robe and walks into the shower. He has
many cuts and scars all around his body. He turns on the
shower and grabs a bar of soap, washing his body. His cuts
on his body start to bleed. The blood washes down the drain.

He then decides to take the bar of soap and rub it on his
groin area, nervously. He rubs rather hard, causing him to
wince in some more pain as his face squints. There reveals
more blood going down the drain from his groin.

A few minutes after his shower, Steve walks into his large
living room, drying himself with a towel. He throws the
towel on the floor and puts on a t-shirt and jeans. He walks
to his computer. Before Steve sits down in his chair,
somebody knocks on his front door. Steve gets up and walks
to the door and opens it. We see the BELLBOY holding a large
envelope in his hand.
Hey, new scripts today?
Oh, just one today, by Thomas
Thomas Kohn? I havenít heard
from him in a while. It must be a


                       STEVE (cont'd)
new film he made. Did he mention
why he didnít deliver it himself?
Nope, Iím guessing he didnít want
to bug you. Anyway, here you go.
No tips today.
Steve grabs the envelope in concern and closes the door. He
opens the letter, pulling out a thick screenplay.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
ďCentury MuggerĒ by Thomas Kohn?
We see Tom sitting at the bar drinking a beer.

A few seconds later, Steve shows up, walking to the stool
next to Tom quickly. Tom stands up and gives Steve a hug in
joy. No matter how rich or poor Steve appears to be, he
always seems to wear his usual clothes - blue jeans and a
Steve! Long time no see pal!
I know! Itís been a while!
They both sit down. The bartender comes up and hands Steve a
beer. He takes a sip of it and sets it down.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
So, you finally made a film?
Yeah man, it took long as hell. I
had to get through directing
school and literature, but it was
worth it.
Awesome man, so what are my big


Well, you have one major scene in
this film. I wouldnít read the
script, itís a waste. But, come
tomorrow, I will shoot your scene
Tomorrow is soon as hell! But I
figure I can do it. With all the
money and movies Iím making, I
could buy your film!
I have to say, that was fast!
Extremely fast! So far in one
year, fifteen screenplays were
sent to me, and I became the
worlds number one known stuntman.
He looks at his watch and jumps out of his chair, startled
by the time.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Oh, damn! I have to split, or Iím
going to be late for my meeting.
No, AA meetings. Iíll see you
Steve pulls out a pair of sunglasses out of jeans pocket and
puts them on. He pulls out his wallet and throws a
twenty-dollar bill on the bar. He walks away.
                       TOM (cont'd)
      (to himself,
AA meetings?


Steve walks to his new, red mustang, parallel parked in
front of the bar on the street.

He takes out his keys and gets ready to open the door, until
a YOUNG TEEN across the street recognizes Steve.
                       YOUNG TEEN
      (to Steve with
Holy shit! Youíre ďThe Walking
CrippleĒ, arenít you?!
      (nervously, to
Shit, not again.
Steve hurries up and opens his car. He gets in and closes
the door. The boy runs up and pounds on the car window.
                       YOUNG TEEN
Get your crippled ass out of that
car and give me an autograph,
Steve ignores him and starts his car. He drives away.
Steve walks in his large room, with a king size bed and a
twenty-seven inch plasma TV. He smiles and a sigh. A lamp on
his nightstand lights his entire room. He throws his jacket
on the floor and jumps onto the bed, lying on his back. He
stares at his ceiling. He then turns and shuts the lamp off
next to him, making the room entirely dark.

After a few moments, we hear sudden knocks coming from
Steveís front door. Steve then sits up and turns on his
Who the hell could this be?
Steve stands up and walks out of his room, going to the
living room. He then walks to the front door and opens it.
Standing behind the doorway are TWO WOMEN, DIRTY SHERRI, A


WOMAN, AND MILDLY CHUBBY. They both appear to be dressed in
black lingerie, with fur overcoats.
      (nervously, gulps)
Who are you?
They walk in Steveís apartment. From behind them enters Tom.
Tom appears to be stoned and laughing hard. He has a small,
cardboard case in his hand. He walks in and hugs Steve.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Um, yeah. Tom, what the hell do
you think your doing coming in my
house this late with hookers?
      (high, cheerfully)
Look man, weíre going to
celebrate! You made it to be a
stuntman, I made it to be a
director and writer. Youíre
staring in my film, so lets have
fun. And these aren't hookers,
they're porn stars. They think
we're shooting a movie here.
      (looks closely at
       Tom's eyes)
Tom, youíre high, arenít you?
Yeah Iím high. High on life!
Tom starts to laugh harder. He pats Steve on the back
multiple times.
                       TOM (cont'd)
Lets party! I brought a case full
of vodka and whiskey. Weíre going
to get drunk and laid, my good
No, no. I got to get up early for
your film tomorrow!


Exactly, we should celebrate this
special moment! You get Funky
Marie and I get Dirty Sherri.
Why ďDirtyĒ and why ďFunkyĒ?
Sherri likes to get down on me
He thrust his waist as a sexual gesture.
                       TOM (cont'd)
And ďFunkyĒ cause she just, well,
smells funky. But that doesnít
mean she isnít good!
Steve looks at Tom with a strange look. He thinks for a few
Okay, those actresses aren't
sanitary. But I will have a few to
drink with you just to celebrate.
Of course their sanitary! They get
tested monthly.
All four walk into the living room and sit on the couch.
So, which one of you is Funky
Marie? And tell me something about
                       FUNKY MARIE
      (deep voice,
Right here. Um, I was thrown in
prison for a few years for
statutory rape, Iím a drug addict,
and I had crabs since I was
seventeen and just got rid of them
Everyone pauses, staring at her with shock.


      (shocked, smiles)
Well, you got a bonus cause you
wont have to have sex with me
How about that drink?
Tom opens the case and pulls out two bottles of vodka, both
being fifths, and a large bottle of whiskey. He sets it on
the coffee counter in front of him. He also grabs four
glasses from the case and sets them on the counter.
Just give me straight vodka.
Tom opens up the vodka and pours it in all of the glasses,
filling one glass to the top. He slides that one over to
Steve, will you get me some soda
or something? I canít drink my
vodka straight.
Sure, hold on.
Steve stands up and walks toward the kitchen. Tom smiles as
he walks away.
      (serious, quickly)
Okay, Marie. Youíre going to date
rape him. You got a ruffie on you?
                       FUNKY MARIE
Yeah, but how? Itís impossible to
do to guys?
Tom reaches in his pants pocket and pulls out a bottle of
I always come prepared.
He laughs. He opens the bottle and a pill in Steveís glass
of vodka. Funky Marie then reaches in her overcoat pocket,
pulling out a Rohypnol. She then quickly drops it in Steveís

Steve comes back with a two liter pop. He hands it to Tom.


Yíall ready to party?
They all raises their glasses.
To Hollywood!
Steve takes a big drink of his vodka. He puts the glass
down. Everyone starts to laugh.
We see Steve driving and pulling up next to a very tall
building with glass windows all around. He steps out of his

Tom and his cast/crew discus in front of the building. Tom
turns around and recognizes Steve and runs up to him.
      (anxious, talks
Steve? Where have you been? This
was supposed to start an hour ago!
I was gettingÖ
Just screw it. Come on. Let me
show you your scene and only
scene. Remember, Iím the boss.
Hey, man. How could you let me
sleep with that girl? Andrea
caught me waking up with her this
Look, Iím sorry. I was a little
messed up, you know? But you
should at least be thankful for me
getting you laid.
You got me drunk and I cheated on
my girlfriend, why would I thank


Donít worry about it, lets start
Steve nods irrationally. Tom turns around and walks back to
the cast and crew.
                       TOM (cont'd)
      (to everyone)
Okay, people! Weíre going to the
top of the building now! Lets go!
Everybody appears to be up on the large roof, including the
camera and a crotch-rocket motor bike at the near edge of
the right side. The building leads to another one next to it
on the left. It is about a fifty foot distance from each
other. The second building seems to be a bit shorter than
the first.

We see Tom standing by Steve and the cast/crew scattered,
getting set up.
      (uses hand motions
       in explanation)
Okay, Steve. Your main objective
in this scene is to visualize this
stunt as a can. The only way to
get the soup out is to bust the
What the hell does that mean?
It means you are going to go 70
miles an hour off the building
through that sugar glassed
building. Got that?
Thatís it? Piece of cake.
Good for you. Get on the bike.
Weíre going to shoot.


Tom turns around and walks toward the camera. He sits in his
chair. Steve walks to the motor bike. He picks up the helmet
from the floor, puts it on his head, and carefully sits on
the motor bike, nervously.

JOHN, THE CAMERAMAN, takes his eye off the camera and turns
to Tom.
      (to Tom)
Thatís it? Sugar glass? Heís been
in better movies that make his
balls blue, rather than going
through sugar.
Oh, John. Thatís what he wants to
know, but what he don't know is
whatís on the other side of the so
called ďsugarĒ glass.
John shrugs his shoulders.

Steve then gives Tom thumbs up, being ready.
                       TOM (cont'd)
Great. OkayÖ
John turns the camera on quickly.
                       TOM (cont'd)
Roll cameras! Speed!
      (to John)
No time! Action!
Tom clasps his hands together.

Steve starts the motor bike slowly. It loudly starts.
      (nervously, to
Come on Steve, baby, you can do


He cranks the gear, and takes up quickly. The scene happens
to be in slow motion.

Steve then rides off the building, screaming fearfully. He
then goes to the next building, crashing through a glassed
window hard, shattering consistently .

He remains on the motor bike. The building has no floors due
to construction. The drop happens to be large. He goes on a
downward angle. Ahead of him, appears to be a large, fifteen
foot sharp metal beam sticking out of the wall on the right
side. Steve's right shoulder happens to be lined up for it.

Steve screams louder in panic as he notices it. He gets
closer and closer to it. He comes to close contact with it.
The scene cuts there, implying that his right arm has been
sliced off from his shoulder.
The room appears to be dark. We see Steve under his covers
by the window in a hospital bed, wearing a blue hospital
gown. Reflected light from the window shines on Steve's
face. He stares at the ceiling in depression.

His right arm appears to be severed from the end of his
shoulder. Gauze covers the wound, along with an I.V. in it.

He grabs the remote control on the left side of him off of
the nightstand. He turns the TV on. Flipping through the
stations, he notices Tom on TV, dressed up in a tuxedo on a
red carpet for a premiere, doing an interview. Tom happens
to be standing next to Andrea, Steve's ex-girlfriend,
wearing a beautiful dress.

Steve stops and looks at it with anger and confusion.
                       TOM (ON TV)
I donít know, I guess this has to
be the best one anyone has seen.
With all the controversy going
around about Steve Cane getting
his arm sliced off, this is going
to hit big I think.
                       INTERVIEWER #1 (ON TV)
This scene will certainly shock an
audience, I take it.


                       TOM (ON TV)
Well, actually, our editors are
going to have to cut it, or else
it's just going to create problems
with the MP AA. Itís just too gory
for movie-goers.
      (angry and
       shocked, to
Cut it? What the hell!
                       INTERVIEWER #1 (ON TV)
Well, I certainly feel bad for
him. Any other new news floating
                       TOM (ON TV)
Most definitely. I like to tell
the world that I am getting
married in three months, to my
fiancť, Andrea Banks.
He puts his arm around her. They both smile.
What the fuck is going on? What is
that back-stabbing prick doing to
Steve grabs the remote off his bed and turns the TV off with
anger. He turns his side quickly to the left. This causes
his I.V. bag to drop from its hanger and hit Steve in the
                       STEVE (cont'd)
      (sighs, careless)
I hate my fucking life.
The day appears to be rainy and scarce.

A few days after Steve's release from the hospital, we see
him walking down the sidewalk slowly and depressingly. He
has a prosthetic arm connected to his right shoulder, and
holding a newspaper in his left hand. The newspaper has a
picture of Tom on the front from the interview on TV, and
the headline states ďNew Writer Makes Big Bucks With New
Upcoming Flick!Ē


He walks by garbage can and throws the newspaper away.
Steve lies down on a couch with his PSYCHIATRIST, JACK,
behind him sitting in a chair taking notes.
      (to Jack)
You know? I havenít gotten any
request for me to star in a film
for the past month , and I used to
get two in three weeks. And on top
of that, I had to move out of my
nice apartment into a very shitty
place I can't even call an
apartment! This guy ruined me! I
had to go back to drugs for my
pain, so I dropped out of
meetings! What the hell am I
suppose to do here, Jack?
      (calmly, to Steve)
Well, it seems to me that you are
over reacting about this
situation. And maybe if you accept
that he is more famous, you can
get on with your life making
hamburgers, or frying taco meat.
Who knows, you may invent a way to
get your new arm moving normally.
Remember, there are plenty of
other jobs than Hollywood.
Meditate on it for a while.
What kind of fucking psychiatrist
are you? Hamburgers? I was a
Lighten up, Steve. It's a big
world out there. Your not the only
problem I have to hear in my
office everyday.


There appears to be a loud thunderstorm heard from inside
the apartment. The apartment has cracks in the walls, and
the water drips from the ceiling.

We see Steve in his room, sitting in the corner with his
knees crunched up to him, looking crazed.
      (voice ascends
       louder as he
How is water dripping from here
when I'm under four other fucking
Thunder cracks loudly, startling Steve.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
      (to himself,
       slowly and
That asshole stole my life. I was
the famous one first, but he just
couldn't accept that. I was better
and braver. Now, heís rich, and
Iím stuck here sniffing glue. What
the hell am I going to do with a
plastic piece-of-shit arm?
He rests his head down between his knees.

After a few seconds, he lifts his head up in realization. He
hears a voice in his head, previously from Tom in their
visit at ďHootersĒ.
                       TOM (O.C., VOICE)
If I ever die, or if something
happens to me, I will have a will
prepared for you. And in that
will, all my money, my career, and
my house will go to you. Thatís an
IDEAL promise.
Steve has a devilish smirk on his face.
It's time to take care of this the
old fashioned way. Iím going to
get my payback, his life. I am
going to kill the rotten bastard,
even if it takes me to prison.
Heís going to go down the drains.


                       STEVE (cont'd)
All the shit he stole from me, is
coming back to me.
Steve sits at the bar, looking tired and angry with
bloodshot eyes.

The BARTENDER (#2), stands behind the bar cleaning glasses.
      (to the Bartender,
Three shots of bourbon, please.
Sure thing, pal.
The bartender sets out three shot glasses in front of Steve,
pouring bourbon in each glass. Steve drinks each of them

Steve and sits next to him.
      (to Steve,
Rough night, pal?
The roughest in my life, buddy.
I can help you loosen up, if you
need? Iíll give you a discount on
one of the finest hookers I have.
No thanks. Last time I slept with
someone my girlfriend left me.
Youíre Steve Cane, arenít you?
Roger that.


Yeah, I knew it was you. Your arm
was a dead give away.
That's a nice way to be
You want revenge, donít you? I can
see it in your eyes.
Iím going to kill the dick.
Thatís not a bad plan, but why
donít you have fun with him for a
little bit? You know, mess with
his mind before you kill him?
Advice from a pimp?
It happened to me, bro. Itís just
more exciting and you feel less
bad about it. Trust me.
So, what do I do?
Fuck up his career first, get him
out of the movie business.
Interesting. Plus he's got a
will, everything in my name.
There you go! I got a hooker for
him, a nice one. The thing is, she
has gonorrhea, and hasn't had sex
in years. You can give this
disease to Tom. Hereís her number
and address, Iíll leave the rest
up to you.


He pulls out a card from his pocket. On it has the hookerís
name, Nancy, with a phone number and address. He hands it to
Steve. Steve glances at it.
Just one question, why are you
doing this for me?
I loved your work.
Adam stands up and walks away. Steve smiles.
      (to the bartender)
Three more shots.

Steve parks in front of Tomís house at the end of the
driveway. He shuts his headlights off.
Okay, Tom is expecting you. Are
you excited to meet him?
Yeah! Itíll be fun!
Okay, well, heís expecting you
tonight cause his fiancť, my
ex-girlfriend, is gone for
tonight. You did call him to make
plans, right?
Oh yeah, heís dying to see me. He
thinks Iím the stripper he met the
other night, whoever that is.
Nice. And I just have one
question. How long have you had


Well over six years. Itís
      (evil laugh)
Go get him!
Nancy steps out of the car and walks toward Tomís house.
Steve starts his car and drives away slowly. He listens to
rock music on the radio, singing along joyfully.
We see Steve lying down on his old, scruffy couch. He flips
through the channels, watching TV. Suddenly, he spots Tom on
TV. He leaves it on that channel. He sits up with concern.
Tom stands next to Andrea, being interviewed by an
INTERVIEWER (#2). It seems to be taken place in front of
Tomís house. Andrea hugs Tom with sorrow, crying.
                       TOM (ON TV)
Well, Iíve been diagnosed with
gonorrhea. Donít ask me how I got
it, it mustíve been a dirty toilet
seat or something.
                       INTERVIEWER 2 (ON TV)
We are all really sorry for whatís
happened. What are you going to do
to help this situation?
                       TOM (ON TV)
Well, thereís not much I can do.
Me and my fiancť set up a charity
to help fight STDís, so hopefully
that helps me and other people
infected around the world.
                       INTERVIEWER 2 (ON TV)
We all are in gratitude, Mr. Kohn.

Steve looks at the TV with shock and agony.
                       TOM (ON TV)
But this will not affect my movie
career, the shows must go on!


                       INTERVIEWER 2 (ON TV)
Thank you dearly, Mr. Kohn. And,
weíre very sorry.
The news reporter looks toward the camera as Tom and Andrea
walk away.
                       INTERVIEWER 2 (ON TV)(cont'd)
Everyone can give their donations
to our news station, and other
news stations.
Steve shuts off the TV with the remote control.
      (to himself,
What the fuck? I infected him, but
that donít even seem to bother
him! It made everyone feel bad for
him! Oh, he has not seen the last
of me!
Steve drives fast down an empty highway.
That bastard has a dinner date
scheduled with the director, maybe
itís time I take his film away
from him first so he donít think
He picks up a bottle of powdered Lye next to him and looks
at the bottle with a smirk.
We see Tom next to the dryer. He opens it and pulls out his
brown sweater. It seems to be a little damp. He smells it
quickly and throws it back in the dryer. He digs through his
pants pockets for change, feeling nothing.
Damn it, out of coins.
Tom shuts the dryer door and walks away quickly.

Suddenly, Steve runs to to Tom's dryer, trying to be as


stealthy as he can. He looks around and opens it. He takes
the sweater out and lies it down on the table to the side of
the dryer.

This process goes rather slow as he tries to do it all with
only one arm. He turns the shirt inside out. He reaches into
his pocket and pulls out the Lye. He opens the bottle, and
sprinkles a lot on the sweater. The cap comes loose and
falls off, spilling the lye all over the sweater. This
startles Steve as he drops the bottle.
      (to himself,
Oh, shit!
He then picks up the sweater, spilling most of the powder
off it.

He laughs to himself. He quickly takes the shirt, flips it
back outwards, and crumples it up. He throws it back in the
dryer and closes it fast. He runs away quickly.

Tom then walks up to the dryer with $1.75 worth of change in
his hand. He inserts it into the slot and turns it on.
Steve flips the switch to the lamp and walks toward his
dresser, opening the top drawer. He pulls out a paper bag
out of the shelf and opens it. He sets it on his artificial
elbow and stinks his finger in the bag, revealing white
cocaine on his finger, given to him by the stoned employee
from the bookstore. He folds the bag back up. He looks next
to his dresser and grabs a potato sac. He puts the cocaine
in there.

He continues to look in the drawer. He pulls out a box of
matches and drops that in the sac also.

He turns around and walks toward his couch. He pulls the
pillows off and puts his left hand in between the
mattresses, pulling out a handgun. He stares at it.
This should get my job done much
He checks the barrel for bullets. There happens to be a full
round. He puts it in his jacket pocket on the inside.

He walks into his kitchen to his sink. He kneels down to the


cabinet under the sink and opens it, pulling out a two
gallon gasoline can. He walks away with it and grabs the
potato sac, both in his left arm/hand.
It appears to be raining outside.

Steve walks toward his car outside his apartment, getting
soaked in the rain. He goes to the trunk and sets his stuff
on the ground. He takes out his keys and opens the trunk,
picking his stuff back up and putting it in there. He gets
ready to close his trunk, until he notices something glowing
in the back of the trunk. He reaches for it and grabs it. It
looks like a banged up hockey mask. He carries it with him
as he closes the trunk.

He gets into his car and takes off slowly.
The rain settled a little bit.

Steve parks his car at the corner of a sidewalk and gets
out. He goes to his trunk and opens it, grabbing the potato
sac and the gasoline tank with his left arm, closing the
trunk with his prosthetic arm. He walks towards Tom's house.
That dick is going to wish he
never fucked with me.
He walks up Tom's driveway, approaching the steps of the
front door.

He sets his stuff on the porch and rings the doorbell. He
ducks to the side, waiting. With no answer, he stands up and
sighs with relief.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Restaurant, forgot all about that!
He notices a small note pinned to the door. He pulls it off
and unfolds it.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
      (repeats note,
       quietly to
I am not home right now. In
Hollywood putting the finishing
touches on my new film, be back at


                       STEVE (cont'd)
eleven P.M.
He drops the note on the floor.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Thatís about to be over.
Steve looks at his watch on his prosthetic arm, which reads
10:00. He smiles as he pulls out a pocketknife from his
pants. He slides the knife in the keyhole on the door
handle, and jiggles it around until he hears a loud click.

He pulls the knife out and opens the door with caution. He
walks in, dragging his stuff in as he closes the door

It appears to be very dark. Steve flips the switch next to
him, causing the chandelier in the center of the front room
to light up. The house has many exotic paintings, and a
large staircase. A very nice, but expensive home.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Time to get the bastard out of my
He picks up his sac and gasoline can. He walks up the
stairs. On the second set of stairs lies a large antique
lamp. Steve hits it with his hand without a care, causing it
to fall on the ground and shatters down the steps.
The place happens to be very fancy, with many people around.
Mellow music plays.

Tom walks in the restaurant with his brown sweater on. He
walks up to the HOSTESS.
      (to hostess)
Iím meeting Emilio Nestavas, party
of two.
Right this way.
She walks Tom to a table in the far back of the restaurant.



reading the menu. He appears to be dressed up nicely in an
expensive tuxedo. He notices Tom. The hostess walks away.
Hey, Emilio Nestravas! Howís it
Great, Tommy man! Great! About the
Tom sits in a seat across from Emilio.
Ah, yes. What do you think of
Itís all right, nothing special.
Iím debating on it. Itís no
ďScarefaceĒ or ďGood FellasĒ.
Those are the best Italian mobster
movies around!
Think good Nestravas, itís a great
Tom starts to itch his sweater. The lye seems to be kicking
Steve walks in the dark room towards Tom's bed. He pulls out
the paper bag of cocaine from the sac. He tears it open and
spreads it all over Tomís sheet on his bed, covering most of
the sheet.

He drops the empty bag on the bed and turns around. He comes
across a picture on the dresser of Tom and Andrea kissing on
a beach. Steve looks disgusted as he grabs it and furiously
whips it across the room, causing the frame to shatter when
it hits the wall.

He then kicks the dresser hard with full force. He grabs it,
and fiercely tips it over on the ground.

He turns around next to his sac and picks up a gasoline
tank. He opens the cap and pours it as he walks a complete
oval around his bed. He throws the gas tank on the floor,
leaking out the remainder of the gas.


Steve takes his gun out of his pocket and sets it on the
chair next to the long dining room table. He then decides to
flip the table over fiercely, and punches the walls behind
him hard, causing holes.
      (yells furiously)
Son of a bitch!
Tom and Emilio talk, drinking a glass of wine. Near the
bottom of Tomís neck seems to be a dark red rash. He itches
it consistently.

The waitress walks up to them with a writing pad and pen.
Hi, Iím going to be your waitress
for this evening. What can I get
for the both of you?
Yes. Iíll have the stuffed snails
with a side of Cole slaw. Also,
some more wine.
The waitress records it in her pad and looks at Tom.
      (sounds dehydrated)
Yes, Iíll just have a simple
cheeseburger. And can you bring a
pitcher of water and plenty of
moisturizing towelettes? Thank
She writes that down. Emilio looks at Tom strangely. She
walks away.
You alright, Tom? You donít look
so hot.
      (breaths heavily)
Iím fine. Itís just so hot in
here! Iím burning up!


It seems to be just fine to me,
buff up! In Italy, we never had
air conditioning!
Yeah, I'm normally not this hot
though. I think it's me.
He feels his sweater, pulling it away from his body.
                       TOM (cont'd)
I cant take it no more, I'm taking
off my sweater if you don't mind.
He takes his sweater off. All around his bare body is red,
with a few blisters. Emilio looks at Tom with shock.
I'd appreciate it if you put your
shirt bad on! We are in a public
place, and this isn't quite
helping your chances with the
Tom looks at his chest and notices the redness and blisters.
He stands up quickly in shock.
      (loudly, to the
Hey, waitress! Whereís my damn
Everybody looks at him with concern. They all get quiet.
Emilio stands up from his seat.
The deal is off! I'm done!
He walks away.
Emilio! Get back here!
Steve walks and looks around at the damages he did to the


He will just ďdieĒ to see this.
He hears a car pull up in the driveway. Steve looks worried.
He walks toward the door and looks out the window next to
it. Tom parks in the driveway. Steve backs away from the
                       STEVE (cont'd)
He's early!
As he turns the light switch off, it blows sparks due to an
electrical problem, startling Steve as he jumps back. The
light remains on.

                       STEVE (cont'd)
Holy shit!
He looks around the room in panic. He spots Tom's fireplace,
and next to it is a fire poker. He runs to it and grabs it.
He then throws the fire poker at the chandelier, shattering
the light bulb and other glass around it. The light shuts
Tom has a white t-shirt on. He takes out his keys and
unlocks the door.
      (muttering to
Tore up my script just because I
have a problem with my skin!
He opens the door and walks in. He flips on the light switch
next to him, but it won't turn on due to the broken light
                       TOM (cont'd)
What the hell?
Tom walks up the stairs. There seems to be a little
reflection from a window nearby, so he can be seen very
little in the dark. Suddenly, a glass shatters from a
distance. He turns around quickly with suspicion. After a
few seconds, he ignores it and continues up the steps.


He walks down the hallway toward his bedroom. He flips the
switch. His room lights up and he looks around. The room
looks trashed.
                       TOM (cont'd)
      (shocked, angrily)
What the hell happened in here?
He sniffs the air.
                       TOM (cont'd)
Is that gasoline?
He grabs his cell phone from his jacket pocket and dials
911. A WOMAN answers.
                       WOMAN ON PHONE (O.C. FILTERED)
911 Emergency, what is the
Yeah, I had a break-in here
tonight, and everything isÖ
Before he could finish, the lights go out. Tom turns around
and he suddenly sees Steve in the glow-in-the-dark hockey
mask next to the door. Tom drops the phone in fear,
breathing deeply.
                       TOM (cont'd)
Who the hell are you?
You already know me.
He pushes Tom furiously onto the bed. This causes the
cocaine to blow in the air and around Tom. Steve walks to
the front end of the bed, grabbing Tomís arms and
handcuffing them to the bars on the back of the bed. Tom
breathes deeply, causing him to breath in the cocaine also.
What is this? What are you doing
to me? Whatís on my bed?
You know, you would die easier if
you would shut up from this point


Steve walks away from the bed. The cocaine starts to kick
into Tom.
      (laughs mildly)
Are you from the DEA? Because this
isnít mine officer!
      (cocks head,
No, Tom, Iím here to kill you.
Steve takes out his handgun from his jacket pocket and
points it at Tom. Tom laughs harder.
Oh no! Officer! Help me!
Shut the fuck up! You stole my
life away from me, and now Iím
going to take yours! I was in the
money, had the girl, everything!
Until your idiot self swept it
      (stops laughing)
Steve? Is that you?
You bet your ass it is!
Tom resumes to laugh hard. Steve then takes off his mask in
anger and throws it on the ground.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
See you in hell!
Steve pulls out a match from his pocket and swipes it
against the wall next to him. It ignites. Steve drops it on
the floor, causing the flames from the gas to go up. It
travels on the floor around the bed.
What are you? Crazy? Itís my
Steve walks closer to Tom pointing the gun. He sheds a tear,


You ruined me, look at my arm.
You will not pull that trigger for
a fact!
What makes you say that?
He cocks the gun.
Because I didn't ruin you, you
ruined you. You wanted to be a
Steve stares at Tom, shedding more tears. He drops his gun
on the floor and slowly walks backwards sitting against the
wall with his knees crunched up to him.

Suddenly, the door swings wide open, crashing against the
wall. Three S.W.A.T. team members run in with AK-47ís. Steve
stands up quickly in shock.
                       S.W.A.T. GUY #1
Stay calm, get on the floor!
      (yells to the team)
Heís over there! Next to you!
Thereís your crazed killer!
      (looks confused,
       to Tom)
You're fucking crazy!
S.W.A.T. guy #2 grabs Steve furiously.
                       S.W.A.T. GUY #2
I got this guy! Take care of the
flames and that guy on the bed
fast! Call the fire department!
Steve tries to tug away.
      (to S.W.A.T. team)
No! Iím not nuts! Heís the crazy
one! Help me! Get him! Now! He


                       STEVE (cont'd)
sliced my arm off my shoulder!
                       S.W.A.T. GUY #2
Shut the fuck up and keep idle!
He pulls Steve out the room, as the other 2 stay, running
across the flames to the bed, UN-cuffing Tom.
We see Steve inside a prison cell, sitting on his bed
      (sorrowful, to
Maybe this is how my life was
meant to be. A prisonor.
TWO DETECTIVES sit in this room wearing rubber gloves.
DETECTIVE #1 holds Steve's handgun, and DETECTIVE #2 holds
the damaged cocaine bag, examining them closely.
                       DETECTIVE #1
This equipment didnít even mean
any harm to Steve. This gun was
never even loaded, plus, it was on
safe the entire time.
                       DETECTIVE #2
Yeah, same with this shit. Itís
good crack, but it doesnít match
the fingerprints. This belongs to
a guy by the name of Mac
McGuillan, a former gang member.
You know the DEA is going to be on
our ass on this one.
                       DETECTIVE #1
Yeah, but lets face it, Steve was
a genius. His work was amazing, I
mean, we can help the guy. We have
enough evidence.


Steve sleeps on his bed.

A GUARD (#2)walks up to Steveís cell and bangs on the bars
with his fist.
                       GUARD #2
Steve wakes up slowly with a surprise.
The guard takes out his keys from his belt and unlocks the
                       GUARD #2
You are sentenced on probation for
five years, and any evidence of
murder or attempted murder will be
held against you.
He opens the gate. Steve has a confused expression as he
walks out.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
So, there you go. Thereís my
messed up life.
We see Steve sitting down at the seating booth, looking
tired and depressed. The place looks empty.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
There was no other job than this I
could apply to. Jonah did me a big
favor, which is pretty sad. I
guess, all I can say is that I was
once happy. But I guess destiny
chooses where it wants to go.
A man enters the restaurant, QUINCY BARTER. HE CARRIES A


Hello. Iím only myself today.
No problem.
Steve grabs a menu on the side of
his booth and walks to a booth in
the near back. Quincy walks to the
side of Steve.
Steve grabs a menu on the side of his booth toward a booth
in the back. Quincy walks quickly to the side of him,
probing his eyes curiously.
You know, you look very familiar.
Would I happen to know you from
Not that I know of.
Steve sets the menu on the table. Quincy sets his briefcase
on the seat and sits down.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
Iíll be back, I forgot my note
Wait a second. I know you. Arenít
you that guy who got arrested for
killing a director?
Almost killing a director.
Yeah, because he cut that arm off
of you.
They both look at his prosthetic arm.
                       QUINCY (cont'd)
I don't blame yah. You took huge
nuts to do what you did!


Well, if you see it that way. I
got to get the pad, Iíll be backÖ
Steve gets ready to walk away, but Quincy stops him.
Wait a second!
I know your busy, but sit down
here for a second. I got a
proposition for you.
Steve looks around in distress and sighs. He sits across
from Quincy.
Make it quick.
I saw how brave you were in a
re-enactment on Court TV, and I
think you were courageous as hell.
I think you deserve a better place
to work than a shit hole like
this, which is why Iím talking to
you. I made a television show
called ďInsane Asylum TheoryĒ for
Discovery, and thought you were
perfect for it the second I saw
Yeah? Well, bad news, I quit
entertainment a year ago, and
donít want to start my life all
over again.
Will you at least think about it?
      (thinks for a
Do you have a transcript of the
first episode?


I sure do!
He opens his briefcase and pulls out a small screenplay, and
a contract.
Give me a little inquiry on this.
Sure thing. It is about this guy,
Nick Bernard, a wrongfully accused
tax attorney, thrown into solitary
confinement. While in there, he
goes totally bananas, as his
buddies try to help him out of
there. Itís a really excellent
show. I think it will be a hit.
Can I get in contact with you?
Whatís your name?
My name is Quincy Barter. Hereís
my card. It will be at ďBarter
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a miniature card
with his contact information on it. He hands it to Steve.
Steve puts it in his pocket.
Thanks. Nice doing business with
Thanks for your time.
They shake hands.
Anything you want is on the house.
Quincy smiles also.
Steve walks down the sidewalk, looking and concentrating on
the contact card Quincy gave him. He looks at the buildings


next to him. He comes across one large building and he looks
at the sign, reading ďBarter ProductionsĒ. He walks up and
opens the door.
Quincy reads a letter at his desk. We hear a sudden knock on
the door. Quincy looks up.
Come in.
Steve opens the door and walks in.
Hey, Steve! Glad you showed! So,
you finally agreed to star on the
No, I just want to try it out.
Well, you canít just try it out. I
give you contracts, you either do
it or donít.
What are my options?
Okay, one contract contains one
season of ďInsane Asylum TheoryĒ,
with one full paycheck. Or, the
second one consists of doing the
show for five years, and getting
paid weekly. What will it be?
Um, Iím probably going to have to
pick number two. I donít want to
waste my life on one contract.
After my five years, can I get the
contract renewed?
If you wish, or you can cancel.
Should I get your contract now?


Yeah do that, please
Quincy pulls the top draw of his desk and takes out 2 sheets
of contract papers. He sets it on the desk passing it to
Okay, you sign all of the required
signatures with a star, and the
other ones are optional. And I do
have to remind you that before
shooting this film you have to
take two suppositories for medical
      (confused, but
       ignores it)
Oh yeah. Right.
Quincy grabs a pen from his desk draw and gives it to Steve.
Steve starts to sign.
We see Steve driving down the highway, listening to an
emotional rock song.

He looks at his rear view mirror. Hanging from the mirror
reveals a picture of Melissa. He stares at it with
Why do I always feel responsible?
He quickly makes a U-turn and drives faster down the empty
Steve pulls up and parks his car on the street. He gets out
and walks in front of Melissaís small, but nice house. It
sounds very peaceful.


This dumb trick better get her
We see Melissa in her P.J.ís, lying on her bed with her
nightlight on reading a book on vets.
      (to herself,
       repeating from
ďTo give a certain animal proper
rabbi shots, you must- A. Find the
problem. B. Check his or hers anus
for bleeding bacteria. C. Do a
We hear a sudden notion coming from the outside. It
interrupts Melissa. She listens carefully, and outside plays
an emotional song, with Steve singing along to it, horribly.
She gets up in concern and walks toward her window.
      (over song)
Melissa, come out here, please!
Melissa opens her curtains and looks out her window. From a
high angle, she notices Steve singing in a microphone with a
mini karaoke machine, but doesn't recognize him.

She opens her window in anger.
Who the hell are you? Go home and
bother some other skank!
      (stops singing,
       yells to her)
Melissa! Itís me! Steve!
      (can't hear him,
Steve turns around and kicks his karaoke machine, causing it
to crash against his car. It breaks and the music stops. He
turns back to Melissa.


      (lowers voice)
Melissa! Itís me! Steve! Your ex!
What the hell are you doing here?
Are you crazy? I broke up with you
over a year ago!
Please, Melissa, give me another
I gave you options, but you chose
to kill yourself. I seen you on
the news, your insane. Look at
your arm for Christís sake!
I quit stunt work! Never again! I
learned, and you were right. Just
bear with me.
No! Your nuts! What kind of guy
just comes to his ex-girlfriendís
house, and plays one of the
stupidest songs I ever heard?
I only did it cause I seen this in
almost all dumb romantic movie!
Itís clichť, but I did it.
Why are you here?
I came to see you. I quit my
career and moved on. Iím not crazy
any more. You were right all
along. Now, my life is soap opera.
Now, if you donít mind, Iíd like
to ask a simple question Iíve been
trying to ask you.


      (waits a few
       seconds, thinks)
Okay, now that was harder than
shit to say, but this is harder.
She waits patiently with a smile.
                       STEVE (cont'd)
MelissaÖ will you be my girlfriend
      (stares at him,
This is too soon.
Iíll prove I changed.
      (thinks a few
       seconds, sighs)
Sure. As long as you donít do
crazy stunts on your show.
      (smiles largely,
       shakes head)
You're Fucking-A right!
Iíll be right down!
She walks away from her window. Steve stands, waiting.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
I have to say, as I went along in
the future, my life didnít turn
bad one bit. It actually got
better as it rolled along.
Quincy sits in a chair with the cameraman and other crew
members. Steve sits on the floor in front of the camera,
looking crazy wearing a straight jacket.
Steve stands up quickly.


      (yells, angry
Where the hell am I?
He screams as he runs into the padded wall behind him,
bouncing him back. He repeatedly does this a few more times.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
After the first season of my show,
it hit number one around America.
I had some fun with that.
Steve stops feeling dizzy. He falls to the ground breathing
                       QUINCY (cont'd)
That was perfect! Great work!
                       STEVE (V.O.)
And in that same year, Melissa and
I, got marriedÖ
Steve wears a tuxedo, standing next to Melissa, wearing a
Wedding Dress. The PRIEST stands in the center, reading the
vows from the Holy Bible.

Steve and Melissa look at each other happily.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
At one of our favorite churches,
the one my parents used to go to.
I think that this will be
something I will remember most of
all from the experience I went
I now by pronounce you, husband
and wife. You may kiss the bride.
Steve and Melissa share a five second kiss.


                       STEVE (V.O.)
And if luck may serve, one of the
best things of all happened on
this miraculous adventure of mine.
Tomís lifeÖ
We see Tom getting handcuffed outside of his house by two
cops next to the K-9 unit automobile and police car.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
He was charged for stealing
screenplays from other writers and
selling them without any
solicitation. He erased the
writers name and put his names on
the script.
      (yells with fiery)
I didnít do anything! Those were
my scripts sold to me by those
                       COP #2
Just shut the hell up!
The cops put him in the police car furiously.
                       STEVE (V.O.)
And two weeks later, Nancy, the
hooker with gonorrhea, pressed
charges against Tom for statutory
rape. It turns out she was
seventeen years old. He's going to
be away for a while.
We see Steve sitting down with a cheerful expression. He
reads a magazine.

The magazine has Steve in a straight jacket on the cover,
smiling. The headline states, ďOne Crazy Sucker Turns
Millions In A Week, Once Again!"
                       STEVE (V.O.)
Well, I got to tell you, life was
now perfect. Itís what Iíve been
dreaming for. My career is hot, my
girlfriendís back, and my worst


                       STEVE (cont'd)
enemy is behind bars. It seems
that ďThe Walking CrippleĒ didnít
bring me the joy I wanted, but,
what I learned from him was to let
destiny choose your path. Itís
either going to turn out for the
better, or for the worst.
Steve closes the magazine and throws it to the side of him.
We see Tom behind bars, along with the same cellmate Steve
was teamed up. Tom bangs his head viciously on the bars. The
cellmate appears to be sleeping.
       banging head once
       after every word)
Why, did, it, have, to, happen,
to, me?
The cellmate wakes up with fiery.
      (yells, angrily)
Will you shut the fuck up?! I got
to sleep!
Tom stops banging his head and stares forward.
Sorry, Iím just in a lot of
The cellmate then sits up passionately on his bed. He smiles
What's your name, man?
Tom, why?
Tom turns around and looks at the cellmate. He notices the
smile on his face. The cellmate stands up slowly. Tom
nervously looks away from him.


                       TOM (cont'd)
      (quietly, to
Oh, shit!


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From Dustin Martin Date 9/2/2005 ****
Great stuff man. Keep up the good work. Since you really liked my work in my Sin City script you should check out my latest one "Almost Home". Keep up the good work.

From KAR Catacomb Date 8/28/2005 ****
funny, i found this extremly filled with potential. you tell me u haven't sold it, well trust me, keep trying i will love to see this movie the ending was hilarious

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