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The Machine War
by Patrick Hall (dukebluedevil1306@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Near a new millenium, mankind's galactic-spanning civilization is threatened by an uprising of human-like machine slaves. The hope of mankind lies with a newly formed Army and a small band of leaders, as well as a 17-year-old boy, whose destiny is as of now, uncertain...

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


                       VOICE (v.o.)
At the dawn of the 23rd Century,
mankind was at the pinnacle of its
terror. Suffering from a nuclear
winter at the hands of the world
powers, mankind united in an
exodus to the equator. Within the
next hundred years, the planet
Earth began to perish. As the
population dwindled, scientists
found an answer. The moon soon
held the few thousand humans
chosen to continue the race of
men. The moon civilization thrived
for seventy-five years until
overcrowding began to plague the
new home of men. With new
technology in space travel and
artificial intelligence, mankind
began to create a suitable home
for their population, Mars.
Halfway through the 26th century,
half of man's population moved to
the Red Planet, and flourished.
For the next few hundred years man
lived in luxury, colonizing new
worlds with even more
breakthroughs in space travel. At
the center of man's empire lay the
Department of Supreme
Communication, an immense network
that allows man to communicate
between worlds. The crown
achievement of men will soon
become the source of its most
ruthless enemy...
The blank screen fades out from the opening credits to exit
through the letter 'J' of an embroidered name patch labelled
JONES.He is a man in his late fifties, a goatee of brown and
gray. He is riding a scissor-lift, that is carrying him down
from the door of a space ship. Behind him is the ship and
beyond that an opening that looks out into space, with the
Earth dominating the lower left view from the opening.

The lift stops at the metal floor and he steps off, flipping
through the pages of a clipboard. He begins to walk toward
the camera and takes over the view before the camera views
him from behind, revealing a large metal wall ahead, with
large windows spread across it and a large door in the
center at the bottom with a one-person door on each side.
                       TYLER (o.s)
      (Turns around to
       see a young man


                       JONES (cont'd)
       trying to catch
Get everything done?
      (Breathing heavily
       from his run to
       catch up to
Yeah, I checked everything over.
She looks to be in great shape...
...nothing missing from our first
Go back and get ready to check her
engine. I'm going to pay a visit
to the Dock Master.
Yes Captain.
He turns and walks off toward the ship as Jones stands in
his place for a moment watching him.
He turns and walks to a pair of elevator doors built into
the wall and pushes the UP button and enters. He turns
around to face camera as the doors slide closed.
The elevator doors open and Jones walks out, through a room
containing several banks of computers and a window looking
into the hangar from which he just came. He walks to the far
wall and knocks on the door. The answer comes and he opens
the door and walks inside. The office is plush with a wooden
desk in the middle, a man in his late forties sitting behind
it, a window looks out into the hangar to the right.
      (as he begins to
       sit down)
Hi Brad.
      (they shake hands)
How've you been?
      (grinning at
       seeing his friend)
Pretty good, and yourself?
      (He doesn't give
       Jones a chance to
       answer as he
       cranes his neck
       and looks out the
       window into the


                       BRAD (cont'd)
You have a new ship? You leave in
the EXCALIBUR and come home in,
      (chuckling and
       looking out the
The HAMLET. I sold the EX., I'm a
retired man Brad.
That's a shame.
      (He reveives an
       odd look from
For the shipping industry.
      (He reaches over
       and opens a cigar
       box on his desk,
       takes one out and
       hands another to
Yeah, you were one hell of a
freighter, Mark.
      (takes the cigar)
Thanks. Yeah I decided it was time
to call it quits. Hell I've been
doing this for almost thirty
      (Leans in as Brad
       lights his cigar)
      (Looks out the
       window earnestly)
Yeah, I'm out. I don't know what
the kid's going to do though.
Your X.O.?
      (nods reassuringly)
He's a good kid. Knows almost as
much about flying as you. He'll
get into something.
Thanks. Well, just stopped by to
let you know about my new ship.
      (stands to leave)
Got to do a diagnostic.
      (they shake hands)
See you Brad.
Good seeing you too Mark.
Jones turns and exits the room. He enters the elevator and
the doors close the view of the camera. The doors open again
to face Jones and he steps off the elevator, back down in
the hangar where he walks toward the HAMLET.


The camera moves up to the right and zooms in on the opening
into space. It passes through the magnetic field covering
the opening and into space where he pans around Earth and
focuses on the sun. The camera moves closer as the sun fills
the view.
The camera fades out to find the sun shining brightly in a
daytime sky. The camera pans down and flies over a city that
seems empty. Columns of smoke rise between some of the
buildings in the distance. The city seems fake, a
blueish-purple color and static shakes the image every few
seconds. The camera pulls back to find that the city is
indeed a holographic image, set up on top of some sort of
hovercraft. There are five men standing around the image.
Four crowded around the other, their leader. They are
obviously police forces of some kind based on their
uniforms. They look beaten down and weary, sweating from the
heat of the day. They are constantly looking around
nervously for something.
                       T-34 OFFICER (o.s.)
      (to the other four)
Alright what do we have here?
                       SOLDIER 1
      (tiredly -
       pointing to the
They've taken this sector. We lost
ninety percent of our men.
Their heads jerk up at the sound of an explosion. The four
soldiers look toward the camera with fear as the camera
zooms in on the Officer's determined, yet fearful face.
                       T-34 OFFICER
      (to the other four)
Pack it up!
One of the soldiers clicks off the holograph as they
frantically run around the small hovercraft to get in. The
officer picks up the small sphere that produced the
holograph and jumps into the driver's side of the craft. The
other four pile in the back, one jumping to his feet a
manning a machine gun on the back of the craft.
                       SOLDIER 1
      (looking back as
       gunfire sounds
Go! Go! Go!
The officer flies the hovercraft through the wrecked street,
the camera looking on from behind the craft. The one soldier
continues to fire frantically around the camera trying to
kill something. The other three's fearful eyes tell the tale
that something horrible is coming for them. The camera
inches closer as the other three soldiers draw their own
guns and begin to fire, but the camera represents their
adversary as it rushes towards them.


Silver flashes fly in from the edges of the camera as it
rushes towards the soldiers, they fall to the flashes'
vicious attack and the camera zooms in on the Officer
driving the craft. The camera zooms in even further from the
side of the Officer's face, which fills the camera except
for a small slither of scenery whipping by. He is determined
and sweating, fear is evident in his eyes. His eyes suddenly
buldge as he turns slowly away from the camera as a metal
claw swings up from the left and removes his face from view,
the flash of the instant turns the camera blank.
A phone begins to ring against the blank screen. It rings
three times and pauses and then another three. The camera
opens up and zooms out from Jones' blinking eye to find him
sleeping on a couch in a dark apartment. He looks around
trying to get his bearings (phone continues to ring). He
yawns and sits up and finally picks up the phone.
      (tiredly wiping
       his eyes)
Jones here.
                       ANDY (on the phone)
      (he can tell Jones
       just awoke)
What are you doing asleep!?
Andy I just finished running a
full diagnostic check on my new
ship, after getting back from Mars
and seeling the EXCALIBUR.
                       ANDY (on the phone)
And your point? Get up and get
your coat, come on down and have a
      (seeming reluctant)
I'm really tired.
                       ANDY (on the phone)
      (gives in, sighs)
Fine, it's on me. Now get your ass
down here.
Stay calm, let me call Tyler and
I'll be there in ten.


He hangs up and wipes his face. He looks around his
apartment and stands up, flipping on a lamp he puts on his
Captain's jacket and stands in the middle of his living
room, seeming lost. He then picks up the phone and dials a
number as it rings three times before the line is picked up
and Jones smiles.
The lights are low, the room is bustling with conversation,
overpowered by the music playing in the background. The bar
faces a mirror behind racks of drink bottles. The bar glows
with a pale blue light coming from beneath the racks and
reflected by the mirror. The three men sit at the bar,
laughing incessantly, obviously drunk.
      (with a drunken
       slurr slapping
       Andy on the back)
For that one, I'll buy you another
In that case...
      (holds up his
...I'll take two!
      (to the bartender,
       waving his hand
Two drinks!
      (he looks to
       remembering his
Three! Make it three!
As the bartender pours their drinks, the camera viewing the
scene from their backs, a firm hand reaches out and grabs
Jones' shoulder, interrupting his drink. He is startled but
a little too drunk to be serious. He lowers his glass and
turns around to find three Colony Security officers standing
behind them.
      (raising his glass
       and smiling)
You boys come to join!?
                       COLONY OFFICER
Commander Stone wishes to see you
Since when is having a few drinks
a crime?


He turns to Andy and Tyler who raise their glasses in
agreement as they all continue laughing.
                       COLONY OFFICER
      (perturbed and
       more demanding)
Captain Jones, you must come with
us, now.
The other two officers pick Jones up off the stool and help
him to his feet. The lead officer removes his drink from his
hand and holds it steady as Jones looks at him chuckling.
      (to the Officer)
Hey that's my last one!
The Officer smiles and finishes the drink and puts the shot
glass upside down on the bar, next to the others ones. He
motions with his head to the other officers who then follow
him, helping Jones along, outside of the bar. Andy and Tyler
look at one another, the scene sobering them up a bit. Andy
taps Tyler on the shoulder, finishes his drink and stands.
Andy collects his jacket and Jones' and leaves their pay on
the bar as he and Tyler follow the three officers and the
camera fades out...
...the camera opens up again as Tyler turns around from the
three officers. He is in a plush office, with a window into
space on the wall to the right. The camera moves with him as
he sits down in one of the two chairs before a great oak
desk. He adjusts himself to get comfortable as Andy and
Tyler enter as well. Andy sits next to Jones and hands him
his jacket.
                       JONES (to Andy)
      (a little sober
Wouldn't even let me get my jacket
before dragging me out of there.
                       STONE (o.s.)
      (to Jones)
I am sorry if I disturbed your
      (sensing the
       urgency in the
It's okay. Mind telling me what
I'm doing here at one in the
      (looking down at
       his desk and
       fiddling with a
Things have gone bad.


      (raising an
      (nods and looks up)
Yes, Commander Willis has informed
me that we have begun to lose
contact with several planets, all
around the Department.
A glitch in the Department's
broadcasting power?
      (shooting down
       that idea)
The Department of Supreme
Communication routes every
intergalactic communication
signal, it's design is too
intricate, a glitch is highly
      (leaning in on the
Well then what is it?
      (looks to Tyler
       raising an
       eyebrow eerily)
No one knows.
      (wiping his
       forhead in
Look Will, I'm not sober enough to
play guessing games. What the hell
is going on?
      (all eyes pry into
You better get sober Mark.
Commander Willis has called
everyone to Mars.
Every volunteer.
      (realizing what
       was said)
This must be big if he's pooling
the resources of the Army.


The Army is supposed to be just a
theory of politics, I didn't think
it was actually formed.
Well it hasn't until now. He's
calling up everyone who signed,
Security personnel, Captains,
ordinary men. You three must go.
What do you suspect Will?
This disturbance is more than what
we think. I want you to be my
representation in the Capital.
      (sitting up and
When do we leave?
In about eight hours. Better sober
They all share the same smile as the scene ends.
Jones walks around the hangar, near his ship as the dock
workers load his supplies on board and he checks them off as
Tyler instructs the workers where to put everything. Andy is
sitting in the background, behind a large metal crate. He is
working on repairing some mechanical part.
                       JONES (to Tyler and the workers)
      (checking his
We have about an hour before we
need to get underway, hurry it up.
                       TYLER (o.s.)
      (from inside the
Almost finished Captain.
After finishing loading up Captain Jones and Tyler are in
the cockpit running through the pre-flight rituals of
switches and buttons. The cockpit lights glow off their
faces as Andy sits down behind them.
      (putting a hand on
       Jones' shoulder)
Let's kick it.


      (into his radio
Tower this is HAMLET, preparing
for takeoff. Over.
                       VOICE (tower control over the radio)
HAMLET you are clear, good luck.
      (looking at Jones
Why'd he say that?
      (shrugs his
Who cares, let's get the hell out
of here.
The ship lifts off the deck and pivots in the air before
slowly floating out of the opening and into space where it
rounds the colony and then heads off into space.
A man sits in front of a large bank of computer and video
screens, that stand from his desk to three feet above his
head. He is typing frantically, the room dark except the
glow of the screens and a faint light above him. He is in
the main control room of the Department.
                       TECHNICIAN (into his headset)
      (looking at a
       video screen that
       shows a face of
       another man)
I don't know what's going on,
we've lost power, lights, even
down to the refrigerators. The
generators are running sir but not
for long.
                       MAN ON SCREEN
      (looking around
Do what you can, get the lights
back on now. We're sitting in the
dark. Wait...
      (he looks away and
       turns back
...something's headed this way.
Hello? Oh shit!
      (he turns back to
       the screen)
Get everyone ou...
A silver flash comes across the video screen as the feed is
killed. The technician jumps back as the scene startles him.
He begins to try and communicate with the man but all he


hears on his radio is static. He begins to type frantically
as a loud pounding begins at the door behind him. He jumps
at every pound but continues to work. The pounding grows
louder as he jumps up in his seat, positioning his headset.
                       TECHNICIAN (into his headset)
Mayday, mayday. This is Department
Tech 340. I've lost all
communication with the workers,
confined to control room. Over.
Mayday, mayday, this is
The pounding peaks with the sound of the crashing door. The
technician jumps and spins around, his eyes widen as a
silver flash comes across the screen in attack, blood spills
on the control panels as a red light flashes next to the
The HAMLET floats through the air, lowering down onto a
metal platform. The platform is one of many in a
multi-leveled, honeycomb structure, full of ships much like
the HAMLET. Ships come and go, land and take off as the
HAMLET rests on its pad.
The city sparkles in the sunlight. The buildings reach
hundreds of stories into the air, but their magnificence is
dominated by one building nearly twice the size and four
times the diameter of the other large buildings. Jones,
Tyler, and Andy walk up the steps of this building and enter
the large glass doors. The foyer is a giant room with large
glass windows that filter in the sunlight. A single desk
sits in the room along with some decorative plants and a few
plush benches. Jones and the others approach the desk and
the secretary sitting behind it.
                       JONES (to the secretary)
      (puts his hands on
       the desk)
Captain Jones to see Commander
      (keeping her eyes
       on her computer)
Fourth elevator.
Jones and the others pass the desk and enter the fourth of
five elevators on one side of the wall, five others are on
the wall behind them. The elevator faces the outside of the
building, in a glass tube that shows a breath-taking view of
the city from the window. They arrive on the two hundred and
fifth floor and exit the elevator. They pass down the hall
and past the Commander's secretaries to his door where they
knock and are summoned inside by a voice through the door.


                       WILLIS (to Jones)
      (standing behind
       his desk)
Hello Captain. I'm glad you've
      (shaking hands
       with Willis)
No problem sir. You know Andy and
my X.O. Mr. Tyler?
      (nods to them)
Have a seat gentlemen.
They notice another man in the room, sitting in the corner
with a pipe. Jones looks to him then back to Willis.
                       JONES (to Willis)
What's this all about Commander?
      (drops his papers
       and sighs
You know about our loss contact
with a number of the planets
around the Department?
      (Jones nods)
Well we just recieved this
recording an hour before your
He moves around his desk and presses a button on a recording
device and the tape plays from the Technician's transmission
at the Department. The tape sends chills down everyone's
spines and when it is over, Willis stops the tape from
playing again and Jones readjusts in his seat.
                       JONES (to Willis)
What does this mean?
I don't know. But, I've arranged a
meeting with the Volunteer
officers in about ten minutes.
      (he checks his
That's why I asked you to come. I
need someone I can trust in there
with me.
I understand, who's he?
      (he motions with
       his head back to
       the man in the


                       WILLIS (to Jones)
      (pointing to the
       man in the corner)
This is Alex Michaels. Alex is our
head of security here in the
Capital. He is the volunteer
Jones smiles and nods at the man who returns the favor.
      (checking his
Let's head into the conference
They all stand and follow Commander Willis out of his office
and down the hall into a large room where fourteen of the
twenty chairs at the large table are already occupied by the
top volunteer Officers.
                       WILLIS (to the Officers)
      (walking around to
       his seat at the
       head of the table)
Good afternoon gentlemen.
      (he sits as do
       Jones, Andy,
       Tyler and General
Now, I know all of you have heard
about our communications problem.
What you may not know, is that now
we have no intergalactic
communication abilities
The Officers around the table begin exchanging nervous and
puzzled looks as Commander Willis calms them down by raising
his hand.
      (looking around at
       each nervous face)
Gentlemen, I have recalled all
volunteer forces, the Army is
assembling. We need to investigate
this problem immediately.
      (one arm lies on
       the table while
       his other is
       moving with his
But, with the Department
compromised, there is no way to
recall everyone. Only about
fifteen percent have checked in.
How can we get the full strength
of the Army?


      (leaning back and
       throwing his
       hands up)
Divide the fleet. Send two ships
per Sector. Bring them back
      (pointing to Jones)
Good idea Captain. Ships Two, Four
and Six cover Sector Two. Ships
One, Three and Five cover Sector
Three. Ships Seven and Eight move
through Sector One and earth. And
      (Jones jerks his
       head up)
...I'd like you to cover the Outer
Commander, how can I bring back
the volunteers in the HAMLET?
I don't want you to bring in the
volunteers, reports say there have
been no volunteers from the Outer
Rim. I just need you to bring in
the officials. Take a transport
ship and bring them back here.
      (looking at Willis
I'll do it.
Thank you gentlemen, we have no
time to lose.
The Officers and Jones stand and leave the room after
Commander Willis leaves through a different door, other than
the main one.
      (to Tyler and Andy)
Well looks like we've got a trip
ahead of us.
The HAMLET lands on a concrete landing pad, pivoting in the
air as it lightly touches the surface and then jolts down on
its landing gear. A set of stairs lowers from the side of
the ship as Jones and the others appear from inside. Jones
looks around to see the primitive city, one building
glittering nearby, dominating the other, stone ones.


Jones and the others sit in plush chairs before the desk of
a man in disbelief. He seems beaten down by despair and bad
luck, he is the Planet's Commander. Jones finishes telling
him of the situation at hand, the purpose of his visit.
      (to the Commander)
...so, you must come with us, back
to the Capital.
                       PLANET COMMANDER
      (wiping his face
       with his hands)
What are we to do?
      (shrugs his
That is not my decision to make.
Commander Willis wants all the
commanders back in the Capital to
address the situation. That is why
you must come with us.
                       PLANET COMMANDER
      (looks out his
       window to the
We will make stops at the other
Outer Rim planets?
      (Jones nods)
Then we must not lose time, if the
situation is as grave as you have
Very well.
They stand and exit the office. They return to the HAMLET
and laod up, taking off and heading for the next planet.
They land at another planet, and speak with another
commander, and repeat the process a few more times before
they pass through space, the planet Mars looming ahead.
Jones and Tyler sit in the two front seats, a holographic
projector on the dash between them. Andy sits in a seat
behind Tyler, looking over his shoulder and out the front
windshield. Jones dons a headset and adjusts the microphone
as he lightly uses the controls in front of him.
      (into his radio
This is the HAMLET requesting
permission to land.
      (from the other
       end of the radio)


                       VOICE (cont'd)
HAMLET this is Dock, what is your
clearence and cargo, over?
      (to Tyler and Andy)
      (into the radio)
Uhh, clearance is a negative.
Returning from the Outer Rim with
planet Commanders, special task
from Commander Willis, heavy
twelve plus three pilots, over.
      (looks at Tyler
       and Andy and
      (a pause of static
       on the radio)
Roger that HAMLET, land at pad one
twenty seven.
                       JONES (into the radio)
      (maneuvering the
Roger that, one twenty seven.
Jones and the others stand loosely before Willis's desk, he
sits, struggling through a pile of papers, his frustration
is obvious.
      (to the Commander)
We brought back the twelve
commanders, as you requested.
                       WILLIS (o.s.)
      (papers ruffling)
      (turning to leave)
Then I guess that is all?
      (looks up from the
Not quite. I have a million
theoretical Amry plans and orders
to go through, and over four
hundred commanders now in the
Capital, with two hundred fifty
reportedly on their way in. In two
days I'll have six hundred fifty
commanders at my disposal, not to
mention over one million men, whom
I now must refer to as "soldiers."
      (shrugs without a
       good answer)
I have done my part.


Not quite Captain.
      (he sighs and
       falls back into
       his chair as
       Jones freezes)
I want to make you an officer, we
could use your leadership.
      (motioning to
And the kid?
                       TYLER (o.s.)
      (speaking with
I'm with you wherever you go
Captain. I'm up for it.
Why not? What are you proposing?
Jones, Andy and Tyler walk toward a massive dome building
close to the Capitol tower in the city. The entrances are
lined with people trying to get in and a large crowd is
gathered outside, lining up before hundreds of desks set up,
all volunteers signing up. A massive ship passes overhead,
escorted by two other large ships, but smaller than the
center one. They are war ships by their appearance.
      (to Jones,
       flailing his arms)
This is crazy,what proof do we
have of this incident!? I think
Willis and the rest of his
administration have lost their
heads. The smart thing to do would
be to dispatch a search and rescue
team to the Department--
      (cutting Andy off)
Shut up, before someone hears you
and we get assigned to it. To me,
this all seems credible. I mean
come on, it would make sense for a
revolution, we were just too naive
to anticipate it. Honestly, did
you think they could do it?
      (stops in his
       tracks, looking
       at the ground
      (he picks up the
       pace and catches


                       ANDY (cont'd)
       up and nearly
       leaps at Jones
       with his
But Willis is about to open up the
first intergallactic war! Nobody,
not even the oldest people alive
have seen a war! Do you know what
this means!?
      (opening the glass
       door to the dome
It could ruin Willis, but what is
more important, risking his
political future, or mankind's
Andy freezes as Tyler walks past him, shrugging his
shoulders and nodding in agreement with Captain Jones. Andy
shakes his head, realizing that Jones is right, and they
enter the building, bypassing the lines.
The inside grand lobby of the building, circles around the
entire ground floor. Giant windows let in the sunlight from
outside as the room is filled with incessant chatter from
the men waiting in line to get inside. Jones, Andy and Tyler
bypass the lines with dissaproving looks from the men
waiting and enter a side door next to the stairwells that
everyone is waiting on.
      (over his shoudler
       to Andy)
Willis wasn't kidding about all
the planet commanders, there are
thousands of 'em.
                       ANDY (o.s.)
Good thing we don't have to stand
in those damn lines.
They are walking down a white-walled, empty hallway until
they enter the door at the end that opens in the bottom of a
room that slants upward with the dome shape of the building.
Thousands of seats span each row above as they walk they
look up gawking at the seats that are beginning to fill,
bottom to top. Commander Willis and General Michaels stand
ahead on a raised platform, preparing for the meeting.
                       JONES (to Willis)
      (walking up the
       steps to the
Hey Commander, starting to fill it
      (looks up)
Slowly but surely. Thanks for
coming. I have seats for you here


                       WILLIS (cont'd)
with me.
      (he points to some
       seats on the
Not the most comfortable I'm
Least we got 'em on the fifty-yard
      (he moves to the
       seats and sits,
       looking up)
More like ground zero.
      (whistles in
This place is huge.
      (chuckles and
       shakes his head)
What time you plan to start?
      (checking his
An hour, looks like it'll be more.
The volunteers lining up out
      (putting his hands
       in his Captain's
       jacket pockets)
Yea, looks like over ten thousand
men out there, and more ships were
landing as we were coming in.
      (shakes his head
       with doubt and
We're going to need everyone we
can get. We recieved a radio
transmission from a ship two days
ago, same class as your ship, they
peeked through the curtain at the
Department. Looks like there are
over one million of 'em down
      (aghast, almost
Over one million!? We're gonna
need an Ace up the sleeve


      (tilting his head
       and clicking his
As long as it isn't accompanied by
another Ace and two eights.
Jones laughs at the reference and nods, taking his seat next
to Andy. They sit and wait as the room continues to fill
with people.
An hour or so later, the room is full and Commander Willis
stands firmly in front of the podium below the rows of
people. He calls the meeting to order. The room quitens down
as Willis begins to speak.
                       WILLIS (loudly)
      (looking around at
       each face,
       speaking with
Gentlemen, you have been summoned
from your planets to answer a
great threat. I have recalled the
volunteer forces as I'm sure
you've seen outside. This is a
threat that we all share, and now,
I turn this meeting over to
General Alex Michaels, commander
of the Volunteer Forces.
Willis stands down as Michaels stands up, his uniform crisp
and well pressed, looking very formal and strong. He steps
up to the podium and looks around before beginning.
      (taking in a deep
Gentlemen, we have gathered bits
and pieces of information, but
what we know for sureis that the
Department of Supreme
Communication has been
      (worried chatter
       begins among the
      (holds up his hand
       as everyone
...A distress signal was sent to
us earlier this week from the
control room of the Department,
all workers were presumably
killed. A ship in the area
attempted to land at the
Department, we recieved a
transmission from this ship, just
before it was destroyed.
      (he looks around
       summoning his
       resolve before


                       MICHAELS (cont'd)
       going on,
       gripping the
This ship confirmed our fears.
This trouble has arisen from the
      (the crowd begins
Gentlemen, please...
      (the room silences)
They have amassed a force of over
one million. These are the same
machines that many of us used to
take advantage of in hour homes,
doing our chores, cleaning. It
seems they have begun a
                       PLANET COMMANDER (o.s.)
      (from among the
That's impossible!
      (the crowd begins
       to roar in
      (jumps up to the
       aid of Michaels)
Gentlemen! Order!
      (they quieten down)
This threat is true, as true as
any other war in human history. We
have spent the past century using
these machines, which we have made
as close to human as possible, our
slaves. And now, you are surprised
when change comes about!?
      (he looks for a
       response, there
       is none)
They are motivated, and thinking,
we designed them that way. We have
created this threat and now we
must end it!
      (a voice from the
       crowd calls out
       in agreement)
We will begin military operations
against their force and crush it.
During this course, we will
continue to investigate the cause
and those behind it.
                       PLANET COMMANDER (o.s.)
      (from the crowd
Don't we know who is behind it!?
Excuse me, WHAT is behind it!?
      (his head snaps to
       the direction of


                       WILLIS (cont'd)
       the voice)
There is more to this situation
than meets the eye, and it will be
proven, and the mastermind behind
it will be brought to justice. Did
we design these things so smart as
to develop their own thoughts? No.
We designed them to follow orders
and that is what they are doing,
following orders of someONE.
                       VOICE (o.s.)
      (a number of men
       in the crowd)
Here here!
      (standing tall and
       speaking strongly)
I now have a motion to set before
you gentlemen. You are the leaders
of your various worlds, and
thereby are essential in the
decision-making of our
somewhat-flawed government system
we have conceived.
      (he pauses to look
       around as
       everyone listens
I propose, that this body, become
our central governing body, a
Senate to rule by casting vote in
reflection of the people's wishes
on your worlds. I, and the
Commanders to follow will reside
over this Senate, but the
decisions will come from those
elected. You will be the first
Senate, based on your standing
positions. In time, the people on
all planets will vote on their
representative in this body. I now
open the floor to vote. All those
in favor?
Jones looks at Andy surprised, smiling, as they both look up
to see hands beginning to raise, a landslide majority.
Willis stands before them, smiling and nodding his thanks to
the men who now make up a Human Senate.
                       JONES (whispering)
      (leaning toward
       Andy his hand in
       front of his
Willis getting a little theatrical
to you?
      (laughing and
He does have the look of
conquering hero.


      (beginning to
Conquering a docile room is one
thing--conquering a hostile one is
      (Andy looks
       confused but
       smiles at Jones)
Let the games begin.
They file off the platform behind Willis and General
Michaels, leaving the men in the room clapping in glory of
their ability to come together in their apparent
The landscape is desolate. Mountainous sand dunes stand back
into the distance as a somewhat flat plain of sand lies
between the dunes and some small hills on its opposite side.
The sun beats down viciously from the cloudless sky as a
tiny shimmer stands upon the hills.
An army command tent shields the men from the sun, soldiers
move about, getting their equipment ready for battle. Under
the canopy, sit four tables, two with computer screens and
equipment sitting on top, one holding a holographic
projection of the outlying area and the fourth holds several
large paper maps held down by some mechanical pieces on each
corner. Officers sit at the computers and stand around the
canopy, keeping watch on the surround with high-tech
binolculars. Behind the hills and the tent spans a large
collection of other tents, the flaps closed to the sand,
with soldiers moving in and out of them. A large lineup of
hovercraft sit to one side of the tents, as soldiers move to
and from them, doing maintenance work and equipment checks.
Jones stands watching the encampment, a Major's credentials
pinned above his name on his shirt. He remains dressed in
his usual ragged attire except for his shirt which looks
military in nature. He turns and walks back into the command
                       JONES (to anyone within hearing distance)
      (moving through
       the tables toward
       the holographic
What is our situation gentlemen?
Jones turns his head as a small man approaches from the
computers to stand with him at the holographic image. He
seems anxious and worrisome about delivering his report.
                       INTEL OFFICER
      (pointing to the
Our patrols reported that their
camp resides somewhere around
here...about four miles to the


Somewhere? Lieutenant...
      (checks the young
       man's rank bars
       on his shirt)
...I don't need "somewheres" I
need locations. How sure are you
of this information?
                       INTEL OFFICER
      (stuttering and
       moving his head
       showing some
P-pretty sure.
Jones looks at him disapprovingly and waves his hand in
dismissal as the young officer salutes and walks away. Jones
turns to the holograph and then walks to the paper maps
spread on the fourth table. He leans on his arms, looking
over the table.
      (over his shoulder)
Come here.
Tyler looks up and heads over to the table, and stands next
to Jones, a Captain's rank over his name on his shirt, he
looks more militarily dressed than Jones.
      (a little
Yes "Major?"
They say their camp is to the
east, about four miles. If that is
so, then there are only two
directions they can attack from
through the dunes.
      (he points to a
       place on the map)
Here, designate Dune One...
      (points to another
...and here, Dune Two.
      (making a mental
       note of the map)
Want me to lead the attack?
      (cocks his head
       trying to make a
Force estimate is twelve thousand,
we have eight. Our only hope would
be to pin them here, and maybe


                       JONES (cont'd)
that will force them over the
dunes, onto high ground.
      (he shares a look
       with Jones,
       reading his mind,
       he smiles)
I'll get Weapons the coordinates
to the two dunes.
      (looking over his
Be quick.
                       TYLER (o.s.)
Keep your shirt on!
      (turning back to
       the map)
Lieutenant Taylor!
A young officer comes up to Jones, and stands next to him at
the table. Jones notices the young man and looks at him once
before continuing.
      (pointing to the
I want you to take our first
division straight at the gap
between these two dunes. You will
deploy from here and move across
the plain.
      (nodding at
       recieving the
Support for my men?
      (holding his chin
       and tapping his
       bottom lip while
I'll deploy second on your left
flank, we hope to force them to
flow over the dunes, so we can
pick them apart with the
artillery. Second should keep them
pinned to your direction.
       eyeing the map)
Those guns are old, sir.
      (agreeing but
       being firm in his


                       JONES (cont'd)
Yeah but so is everything we use.
It'll work Lieutenant.
      (conceding and
       pointing to the
And my right flank?
Lieutenant we are outnumbered 4 to
3 on this one, or so our
intelligence says. If you can lay
down enough firepower into that
gap it'll force them to pool over
the dunes, where they will be
beaten down by the artillery. Dam
the hole in the levee?
      (Jones and smiles
       and Taylor nods)
We'll keep the bulk of the
artillery fire on the right, to
force them into your guns and
second division's position.
      (nods and stands
       back from the
We'll do sir.
      (returning the
Good luck kid.
Taylor walks off and Jones looks back to the map and then up
to his right, looking out over the barren plain of sand
before the dunes. The look on his face tells the tale, his
worry about the security of his plan, and the reliability of
his intelligence.
A few hours later, Jones stands atop the command hill,
watching the battlefield with a pair of binoculars. Through
his view, he can see dust rising from beyond the dunes,
signaling the approaching machines. He turns and looks
through the open command canopy at the soldiers loading up
on their armored hovercrafts. Tyler walks up and joins him,
wearing a pair of sunglasses and surveys the field.
It'll work.
                       JONES (o.s.)
      (still looking
       through the
I hope so. Otherwise we'll both be
up shit creek.


Better than this place.
      (adjustst his
       collar and looks
       up at the sun)
No need to die, we're already in
hell as it is.
      (laughing still
       looking through
       the binoculars)
Give it half and hour and you'll
be right.
      (he lowers them
       and looks at
Except we're not the ones doing
the fighting.
      (nods and looks
       over his shoulder
       to the men
       loading into the
It's a shame.
The battle begins. The masses of machine now are visible
through the naked eye. They march just as Jones predicted,
through the gap between the two dunes. They are just a
shimmer of silver in the sunlight from atop the hill, but
from a closer viewpoint, we finally see their anatomy and
appearance. They do not carry weapons and are framed just as
humans, but their metal frames are uncovered, their wiring
and inner-workings exposed. They appear to be fragile but
strong nonetheless. Their numbers extend back into the
distance, winding around and over the dunes, a silver river
of metal approaching the desolate plain.
As the machines reach the gap a force of twenty or so
hovercrafts under the command of Lieutenant Taylor sweep in
and open fire. Six set up an arc before the gap, their rears
to the machines, their heavy machine guns riddling the enemy
with shells. The others sweep in and deploy their soldiers,
approximately twenty-five to a craft. The soldiers fan out
in their respective groups and begin to engage the machines
as well, seeking cover on the ground and behind the
assaulting hovercrafts.
The machines are caught in a hellish pocket of gunfire as
they continue to try and force their way out of the
bottleneck to no avail. They begin to pull back as Jones
watches through his binoculars. He smiles as the assaulting
crafts begin to move in as the machines begin to pull back
but something seems wrong.
                       JONES (to no one in particular)
      (looking through
       the binoculars)
They aren't coming over? what are
they doing!?


      (picking up a pair
       of his own and
Can't see, they've covered behind
the dunes.
      (looking at Tyler)
Adjust half the artillery, hit 'em
      (with the same
       confused look)
Tyler moves to a radio-phone and calls in the order. Almost
immediately after he returns next to Jones they artillery
begins firing. The guns are old, silver and behind the
hills, the shells rocket through the air and kick up sand
and a ball of fire with each hit. It takes the crews a few
rounds to zero in just right, but the shells begin falling
right into place.
       looking through
       the binoculars)
I can't see a damn thing!
The men on the plain begin to cease firing and the
hovercrafts silence their guns, but the artillery still
rains down on the machines' apparent location. Jones lets
down his binoculars and taps Tyler on the shoulder.
      (holding him by
       the arm urgently)
Get me Lieutenant Taylor now.
Tyler hurries to the canopy and talks with the radio
operator for a few moments, waits impatiently and then is
handed a hand-held radio and runs it out to Jones.
                       JONES (into the radio)
      (Taylor replies
       from the other
Do not order your men into the
gap, they might try to lure us
into a trap. Stay in the open!
                       TAYLOR (o.s.)
      (through the radio)
Yes sir!
Jones hands the radio back to Tyler and picks up his
binoculars again. He notices something on the horizon beyond
the men of his first division, something to their right


flank. A small reflection of sunlight tops the dunes until a
sea of silver begins to emerge over the tops. Jones drops
the binoculars to his chest and snatches the radio from
Tyler who has just seen the same thing.
                       JONES (into the radio)
Taylor! Shift right! Your right
flank damn it!
                       TAYLOR (o.s.)
      (through the radio)
Shit! Shift fire right! Contact
      (breathing heavily)
Goddamnit. Tyler, shift the
      (Tyler heads off
       and Jones turns
       to the canopy)
Deploy Second! Keep along the
dunes to support First's rear and
left flank!
Jones watches through the binoculars as Taylor struggles to
reform his men to attack the machines coming at them. Jones
notices one hovercraft, the one closest to the machines,
begins strafing the field, its gunner mowing down the front
line of advancing machines as they pass. The craft reaches
the end of the machine line and wheels around, the gunner
keeping his aim dead-on as it makes the turn and another
pass, keeping them at bay just long enough for the other
crafts to set up.
      (smiles and shakes
       his head in
What a maneuver!
Tyler joins him and they begin to watch the rest of the
battle as the men of his First Division begin to push the
machines back and destroy them. Over the remaining course of
the battle, one hovercraft is overrun and its crew killed,
but the majority of the four thousand men in battle
survived. Jones and Tyler stand outside of the command tent
with Lt. Taylor and a few of his men, congratulating them
after the battle.
      (shaking hands
       with Taylor)
Damn fine job Lieutenant, I'm
going to put you up for a
      (smiling humbly)
Thank you sir, just doing my job.


      (to Taylor but
       looking at the
       other men)
These are the men aboard that
                       TAYLOR (o.s.)
Yes sir.
      (shaking their
Good maneuver out there boys, took
some balls. Who was the gunner?
                       SOLDIER 1
      (pointing to
       another soldier)
That would be Roz sir.
A young soldier stands behind the others. He has black hair
and very dark eyes, he looks around humbly, his eyes never
meeting Jones's. Jones moves in to shake his hand, sensing
the young man's shyness.
      (shaking Roz's
Well done kid, that was phenomenal
      (his eyes
       wandering and his
       head lowered)
T-thank you sir. I just was doing
my job.
Your job!? Hell kid, you sound
like Taylor there.
      (he puts an arm
       around Roz's
       shoulder to his
Come on kid, I'm going to get you
a drink! The rest of you, let's
go, y'all deserve one as well.
A few days have passed since the previous battle. The room
is a large command center under the Capital Building, where
hundreds of technicians monitor every movement of the new
army. The room has a very business-like feel to it, rows of
computer banks and a few projector screens on one wall.
Commander Willis and General Michaels reside over the center
and stand together at a large video screen on the wall.


      (looking at the
Seems we are doing well.
       an area on the
We've created a bubble around the
Capital, most of our victories
have come from this sector.
The screen shows the galaxy in two dimensional form, small
blue dots for each planet with flags trailing from them
containing information. The screen is touch-activated,
allowing someone to zoom in and access more information by
touching the required area. Mars sits at the center, and a
large flag extends from the planet holding the Department,
above Mars. A yellow-dashed line extends out in every
direction to show the area made secure by the army.
       at Michaels)
That's Jones's sector. He's a damn
good man.
      (nodding in
That he is sir, he's requested a
few promotions be made from his
last battle.
      (he looks through
       papers on a
A Lieutenant Taylor, and a
guncrew, particularly the gunner,
      (looks at Taylor
Last name?
      (shakes his head
Nope, just Roz sir.
      (looks back at the
Hmm. Grant them.
      (he begins to walk
       away from the
Jones has been at it for a month,
he isn't as young as the rest of
our officers, he could use some


      (following Willis)
I agree sir. Maybe he could beat
the drum around a little?
                       WILLIS (o.s.)
Precisely General.
      (he turns around
       back into view)
Make it happen, get him and his
Executive Officer out. It seems
you can't separate those two. They
can go anywhere they wish, as long
as they do some promotional work.
      (raising a strict
Maybe that gunner too, sounds like
that kid has some story, give him
the pass with Jones.
      (nods putting the
       clipboard at his
Yes sir.
Jones stands in the command tent, illuminated by lights, its
equipment is being taken down and loaded up into the fleet
ships that now sit on the former battlefield. Jones is
reading a radio transmission printed on a sheet of paper. He
laughs and cuts out of the tent quickly down the hill to
meet Tyler coming up.
      (holding up the
We're out!
                       TYLER (o.s.)
Say what?
Commander Willis is letting us off
for two weeks. We can go anywhere
we want, just as long as we beat
the drum for the war effort.
      (taking the paper
       from Jones)
So that's the catch huh?
                       JONES (o.s.)
Hell I don't care, we can get out
of here and back to society, for
however brief a time.


      (reading the paper)
Shit they want us to take that
gunner with us too.
      (caught off guard)
      (laughs and hands
       the paper over)
Didn't read that far?
      (reading and then
       looks up)
Oh well, we'll have to break
through him. He's a shy kid.
Yeah, he'll get a rude awakening.
Jones, Tyler and Roz walk away from the just-landed HAMLET,
joking and laughing, obviously bonded from the journey to
their home. They leave the hangar by the elevator against
the main wall.
That night, they sit in the main section of the colony, a
giant cylindar, with circular walkways around each level. It
is filled with people, coming and going, a vibrant hum of
conversation echos. We find Jones and the others sitting at
a table, recieving very few visitors and just relaxing,
talking among themselves. Tyler is leaning his chair back,
his feet propped on the table, as Jones sits in the middle
and Roz next to him.
      (to Roz his
       laughter fading)
How long since you've been home
      (his face drops
Four years. I do not know what
became of my mother.
And your father?
      (looks up
Never knew him, he was buried
beneath a tree in our backyard,
the only tree within a hundred


Earth isn't in too good a shape,
there are very few people left
there, and they are all
      (raising his
I've been to the Earth capital
city once. Corregidor. It's a very
vast city, but nothing compared to
the ruins of the ancient ones.
      (nods with a sense
       of connection to
       the boy)
Yea, my great grandfather was
around when the last city was
deserted. My grandfather used to
tell me stories, the ones his
father told him.
      (raising his head
       to Tyler)
What about your parents?
What parents? I've been with the
Captain here since I was younger
than you. He is my family.
      (laughing and
       poking Roz with
       his elbow)
Yeah, I didn't think anyone could,
or even would, lie their way into
the volunteer forces.
      (rubs the back of
       his head with
       sincerity in his
I was stuck near the Outer Rim, it
was my chance to get to a new
How many planets have you lived
      (nodding with


In seventeen years, you do get
around kid.
Yea, I do.
They begin to laugh but a slight vibration felt only by Roz
cuts his laughter short. Jones and Tyler do not notice and
pass a joke as Roz sits oblivious to anything around him but
that vibration. He looks around puzzled and then his eyes
buldge in alarm.
      (yelling in
Watch out!
Roz dives from his chair, tackling Jones and then Tyler from
theirs, the three of them sliding across the floor of the
walkway as a mountain of debris falls from the walkway above
onto their former seats. The three of them look up into the
dust as people begin to panic and flee the scene as an alarm
      (rubbing his head
       as he stands)
What the hell?
A figure emerges from the dust, raising his head just enough
to make out his human features, his eyes not visible, but he
eyes the three of them as Jones and Tyler draw their guns.
Roz stands with them, staring back into the figure, puzzled
as it makes no move. It is clothed in a ragged brown cloak
and continues to stand among the debris.
      (to the figure)
Who the hell are you!?
      (he receives no
       answer and yells
Look, you better consider your
situation, the odds are not in
your favor. Who are you?
Its head turns slightly to Roz who looks up shockingly, his
eyes moving about saying "what?" Jones becomes flustered and
angry as the figure still says nothing. But it begins to
move. It sulks from the debris as Jones and Tyler take a
step back as Roz remains in his confused and frozen stance.
Stop where you are or we'll shoot!
The figure's voice breaks through the panicking screams of
the citizens as they still flee, and the growing yells of
the security teams heading their way. Its voice is raspy and
sharp, a metallic tone to its emotionless and evil tongue.


      (to Jones)
Silence. Speak no more. I come for
the boy.
      (looks to Jones
       and then at the
Why me!?
It begins to move toward Roz who steps back in fear. The
figure throws up one of its arms for Roz but Jones releases
a shot from his 9mm and hits the figure's arm, knocking it
away. The figure seems unaffected by the gunshot and
freezes, its tall and sizeable stature turns to Jones,
through the darkness of the hood, two faint red spots glare
through the Captain. In a split second, faster than he can
react, it lunges for Jones.
      (lunging to the
Roz slams into the figure just before it reaches Jones. They
slam into the wall of the walkway, bending the wall inward
with the impact. The figure throws up a hand and hits Roz in
the face, the blow knocks him off balance. The figure moves
rapidly, Jones and Tyler are seemingly frozen in place as it
lunges to Roz who catches it and they flip over the rail and
begin to fall.
The figure and Roz begin to fight in the air, spinning and
flailing chaotically as they trade blows during their one
hundred plus story plummet. Roz struggles the best he can
against the figure whose strength is amazing. Roz claws to
keep hold of the figure as they fall, punching whatever mass
he can find. The figure's blows take more effect upon the
boy than his own and Roz begins to lose the struggle. Roz
grabs the figure's hood and makes his way above the figure
as they fall, his hands slipping and removing the hood from
the figure's head. Roz gasps as he sees the figure's head is
bald and smooth, inhuman and silver. The head spins around
quickly, and the figure's body as well. Roz is taken aback
by the horrid view of its sleek metal face. The lifeless
eyes dig deep within Roz's soul as he musters his last
strength and punches it in the face. The head flops back and
Roz pushes off the figure and falls away from it. Roz slams
into the floor of the cylindar, missing the structures at
the bottom. The figure falls behind him, the sound of the
impact indicates that its fall has ended.
Roz's closed eyes blink open as he breathes heavily. He
looks around and grimaces as he pushes himself to his feet.
He staggers over to the sound of flames and sparks. He holds
his ribs as he discovers that the figure has been impaled by
a metal antennea, its body hanging barely alive, sparks
shoot from the damaged equipment nearby and a small fire
burns within it as well. Roz stands before it, with
confusion and yet anger in his eyes.


      (angrily through
       his teeth)
Who are you!?
The figure's voice is broken, spitting out only bits and
pieces of words as its eyes pulse red, then dark, over and
over, as the light in them begins to fade. Roz pulls his own
9mm and sticks it into the figure's face.
      (pressing the gun
       into its forehead)
Who are you damn it!? Why were you
trying to kill me!?
      (through static
       and a broken,
       dying voice)

The figure's pulsating eyes finally fade out and the light
dies as the cloak falls signifying the loss of use of the
arms and legs. The head falls back and Roz looks on,
pondering the final statement. He holsters his weapon and
looks up. Jones and Tyler bust through a side door on the
floor level, leading ten Security officers, guns drawn.
      (heaving and
Roz, you're alive!? What happened?
      (points to the
       figure's body)
He died. I don't know who he is,
he passed before I could get
anything out of him.
                       TYLER (o.s.)
Shit, this isn't a "he".
      (turns quickly to
Tyler kneels next to the head of the figure, inspecting it.
He looks up gravely at Jones.
This thing is a machine.
Jones and Tyler stand in a hallway of what looks like a
hospital. Roz sits in a chair against the wall, a few feet
away, his head down, his eyes lonely and heavy. Jones and
Tyler stand close, whispering to one another about the
peculiarity of the evening.


      (whispering to
What the hell? He fell over one
hundred twenty levels! It would be
impossible to live through that!
      (eyeing Roz with
I don't know Tyler, it is a
      (trying to keep
       his voice low)
Something is up about this kid!
And that thing! It was a machine
Captain, I saw it close up!
      (putting a hand on
       Tyler's shoulder)
Stay calm my friend. This will all
work itself out.
      (he begins to walk
       away as a man
       emerges from the
       nearby room)
I hope.
The man is a scientist, he looks around the hallway, wearing
a labcoat and finally he sees Jones and Tyler. He brightens
up and approaches them as Jones meets him halfway.
      (trying to explain
       the news in
       simple terms for
This thing is undoubtedly a
machine, but I've never seen
something like this. Its outer
skin is perfectly smooth, metal,
but moves like flesh. It is nearly
impenatrable, and within is an
innerworkings of wires and sensors
that are too complex for even us
here. It appears the power-source
is located within the head, the
"brain" if you will. This thing
looks to have been built as a
human replica, but for what
purpose, well, beats me.
      (looking at Roz
       the whole time)


Jones walks over to Roz as Tyler shakes hands with the
scientist and thanks him. The scientist returns into the
room and Tyler stands next to Jones and Roz. Jones leans
back on the balls of his feet in front of Roz whose head
still hangs.
      (putting a hand on
       Roz's back)
You alright kid?
      (beginning to tear
Yea, I'm just a little confused.
      (grips Roz on the
       shoulder as he
       sits next to him)
That we all are kid, that we all
Jones looks up at Tyler sincerily, feeling Roz's pain. Tyler
looks on sadly, his suspicion of the boy faded away now, to
true sincerity and pity. His face displays his beginning
friendship with Roz as they remain in the hallway.
The scene opens at an Army encampment. Vast tents spread as
far as the eye can see through a green valley, protected on
all sides by rolling hills. In the distance, one can see
concrete roadways leading to the hazy image of the gigantic
warships of the Senate Army, as it has been named. The
surrounding hills hold guard towers equally spaced to view
the surround, a lush and hilly landscape. The command tent
dominates the camp, tucked next to the largest hill in the
A hovercraft tops the largest hill, speeding quickly over
the land before parking next to an army of other
hovercrafts, outside the command tent. Captain Jones,
wearing his usual ragged attire, but marked with the
Colonel's symbol now, Tyler behind him is dressed more
militarily, now wearing the Lieutenant Colonel symbol. Roz
joins them, marked with a First Lieutenant's rank. They
enter the command tent as the soldiers guarding the entrance
snap to attention.
The interior of the tent seems old and worn-down. Computer
banks illuminate the space more so than the lights dangling
from the top. Countless men fill the tent as the three weave
through to a holograph-image table where Andy stands eyeing
the table, but watching nothing.
      (embracing Andy)
Well hello Major!
      (laughs and gives
       Jones a slight


                       ANDY (cont'd)
Good to see you...Major!
They share a collective laugh as Tyler and Roz look on
aimlessly before Andy and Jones quickly get down to
      (nodding to the
       map table)
      (clicking his
       tongue and
Tens of thousands, translates into
not good. They've been achieving
victory after victory in the outer
planets. It seems this is their
prime target for a push inward.
And we're in their way.
Non-existent. For some reason
Willis sees this as a minor
defensive position. He's becoming
more and more foolish, I'm
beginning to doubt his ability to
      (jokingly relating
       to math)
A few desert planets is greater
than one green one.
      (cocking a
       realistic eyebrow)
A government minus its capital
equals zilch.
      (chuckles softly)
      (he leans on the
They'll overrun this place in a
matter of hours. They've got a
hell of a climb though, we're the
only large valley within
reasonable distance, it's the only
place to launch off this goddamn


      (nods and laughs)
A perfect trampoline for some
Andy taps a pad on the rim of the table and the image
changes to the galactic map, a dashed, yellow line marking
the frontline, the circle has shrank since the last time we
saw this image. Andy puts a finger through Mars on the
Mars or bust. A loss here would
open the flood gates. They've
amassed victory after victory on
the planets behind us, they have a
dispersed force of millions ready
to spring on the interior planets.
      (throws up his
Where is the rest of this damn
Army!? Are we the only ones doing
the fighting!?
      (conceding to the
       chain of command)
Michaels believes that our
situation here is just a mere
diversionary play.
      (waves his hand at
       Andy in anger)
Yeah, he sits on Mars while we
slug it out, he's entitled to his
beliefs, I must rely on what I can
      (bobbing his head
       in agreement)
And what we can see is a number of
multiple thousands...
A whistle cuts Andy off immediately. It pierces through the
camp and into the command tents. Andy, Jones, Tyler and Roz
explode from the tent along with others to look for the
source. A soldier screams from atop one of the watchtowers.
      (waving his arm
       and pointing
We've got company!
      (blows the whistle
We've got company!
Andy and Jones trade a split-second look before reacting.


I'll make the call.
      (looking at Andy)
Tyler, Roz, it's time for the
cavalry to mount up.
Soldiers begin to frantically run around the camp, screams
fill the camp as orders are barked out from officers and the
crews make their way to the hovercrafts parked on the
opposite side from the advancing attack. Tyler and Roz flee
down the hill to assist and ready themselves as Jones runs
to the other side, climbing the hill, using his arms to help
him stumble along as he gets a glimpse of the terror
Jones's eyes bulge as he views a rolling sea of silver mass
approaching their position. The machines create a vibrant
mesh of clashing steel and gnashing teeth as they make their
flooding assault as a tidal wave from hell. Jones's eyes
display the first sign of fear we see from the man as he
turns and runs back to his soldiers.
      (walking briskly
       through frantic
How we doin Tyler?
                       TYLER (o.s.)
Four of fifty-one crews manned and
      (shocked but not
       growling angrily)
Only four!? Goddamnit c'mon, move!
Roz stands on a hovercraft, looking over the camp and the
humans scurrying around like ants, trying to defend
themselves against the flood threatening to destroy their
home. His eyes display a sense of determination and somewhat
hatred, mixed with fear as he scowls at the hills hiding the
machine attack, and display the knowledge of the impending
danger. He musters his strength in a deep breath and wheels
around to his crew.
                       ROZ (o.s.)
      (to his crew)
Start it up! Move out!
      (shockingly and
       fearfully defiant)
But sir!


The hovercraft's pilot quickly starts the engines and pilots
the craft high above the ground, and flies it over the camp
as Jones looks up, and performs a double-take at the lone
craft heading into battle. Roz stands upright on the craft,
eyeing ahead, unhindered by the threat as they passed the
guard towers, whose occupants point and seem awed at the
      (looking back at
       the crew)
Prepare to engage!
The soldiers throw their legs over the side, aiming their
high-powered machine guns at the ground while watching
ahead. They pass over the front machine line as they reach a
downward slope before the hills guarding the camp when Roz
gives the order to fire. Gunfire rains down upon the
machine's front ranks as they begin to crumble beneath the
hovercraft's path.
The machines pause for a moment to watch the craft as the
pilot struggles to keep the craft flying at such a high
altitude. The machines continue their advance but the bulk
of the force pauses to deal with the lone craft. The craft
begins to descend in its turn to attack again as the
machines begin to leap aboard and rip the men from the deck
with screams of horror. Roz sees the undeniable death around
him and dives to the deck of the craft to try and catch one
stolen soldier. He is too late and angrily jumps to his
He turns to see the driver ripped from his seat by a
machine. Roz jumps quickly and punches the machine from the
craft, unable to save the pilot. He tries valiantly to keep
it aloft but to no avail. Machines begin to fill the craft
and attack Roz as he tries to fend them off while piloting
the craft back to the camp. His attempts are in vain as a
machine stabs at his ribs, inflicting a piercing wound and
Roz grimaces and punches the machine with his left hand,
knocking it away, but losing control of the craft. It
lurches to one side and Roz's eyes widen as it crashes
nose-first into the ground. He rolls across the ground, as
the machines disperse from the crash and the hovercraft
takes out a number of their ranks before settling in a
powerful explosion.
Jones's head perks up upon hearing the explosion and his
eyes turn sympathetic and fearful. He quickly erases the
thought and becomes determined as finally his troops are
ready. He jumps aboard his craft, loads his weapon and looks
behind him at the crafts waiting to follow.
      (shouting to the
Let's go! Move out!
The army of hovercrafts, fifty in all, rise off the ground
in a single waving lurch and fly toward the impending
battle. Machines begin to top the hills as the crafts reach
their enemy. The infantry begins to form under Andy's
leadership as the crafts fly into battle overhead.


Roz rolls over and jumps to his feet as machines lurch in to
kill him. He reacts quickly, physically fighting them off,
the machines ripping and tearing at his flesh and clothes.
He is quickly driven to his knees but regains his footing as
he fights his way to the crashed hovercraft. He disables a
number of machines with his bare hands and strength before
pitting himself agains the craft wreckage, shielding his
back. He produces two 9mm handguns and begins to bring down
any machine within range, one shot per machine, not even
looking at his targets. He is driven by some mysterious
adrenaline and rage. The guns click as he throws them to the
ground and backs up against the former hovercraft.
He feels a cold steel on his fingers as the machine begin to
close in and he turns, rips a handrail from the craft
wreckage and begins to fend off the machines with it. He
brings down countless numbers with his weapon before seeing
that his battle is hopeless. He backflips, sticking the pole
into the ground and pole-vaulting himself over the wreckage,
emerging through the smoke on the other side. Upon landing
he clears the surround of machines with the pole before
looking up at the crafts overhead. He sees Tyler hanging
from one, his hand outstretched and his mouth calling his
name. Roz throws the pole and spears five machines with it,
and leaps into the air. He floats in middair for a few
seconds before his hand clasps around Tyler's and he is
pulled to the deck of the hovercraft.
What the hell were you thinking!?
                       ROZ (shouting)
      (heaving his
       breaths and
       shocked himself)
I have no idea!
      (laughing and
       shaking a finger
       at Roz)
You are one crazy son of a bitch
From the hovercraft, Roz rejoins the battle that is taking
place. The machines pool over the hills into the camp and
collide with the Senate Army infantry who turn the camp into
a blazing hell of gunfire and bloody screams. The battle now
rages fully over the camp as the hovercrafts set up and
protect the two ends of the valley, the command tent and the
other end, the landing zones. The camp is set ablaze by the
gunfire and explosions as the machines are too great to be
The battle has raged on for hours, the humans pushing the
machines back, and the machines regaining ground, but their
numbers begin to overrun the humans. Jones runs into the
command tent, throws back the flap, his face cut and
bleeding as his clothes are covered with blood, dirt and
grass stains, he is tired and beaten down. He finds Andy
within the nervous and frantic tent.


      (grabbing Andy's
We can't hold much longer!
                       ANDY (o.s.)
      (drawing out his
Just give us a few more minutes.
      (in disbelief)
For what!?
And explosion rocks the ground as all men in the tent duck
by instinct as a screeching roar passes overhead, followed
by another. The explosions increase as massive gunfire is
heard, like that of a warship. Jones looks at Andy who is
Jones begins to laugh frantically and he snatches up his
younger friend in his arms and gives him a good approving
squeeze. He then runs outside the tent and looks up,
throwing up his hand to block the sun. A warship looms in
the sky, a few miles away as smaller ships scream by on
straffing runs. They are small, one or two-man attack ships,
spraying out massive shells, cutting down friend and foe
alike, but the machines fall in great number. The sea of
silver hell begins to roll back over the hills from whence
they came as they begin to vanish in retreat. A triumphant
roar spreads over the burning camp as the battle ends.
      (shaking hands
It was damn good to see you
fellas. Who the hell are you
      (smiling proudly)
Captain Gayle Watson, leader of
Fighter Division.
      (Jones looks
Newly formed, we're made up of the
best damn pilots in the galaxy.
We're the force to be reckoned
with in space, as you are on the
      (liking the
       compliment and
       now understands)
Well you sure saved our asses
today! I think you deserve a


                       ANDY (o.s.)
I think we're out of time for that
      (everyone looks
       his way as he
       holds a piece of
       paper flapping in
       the wind)
Orders from Mars. The machines
have broken through to the
interior. Looks like we've got
more trouble on our hands.
      (snatches the
       paper frustrated)
      (he scans the
Shit. We're supposed to fly
halfway across the galaxy and THEN
fight!? We just got the hell
kicked out of us here!
      (nods agreeing
       but, conceding to
       command again)
Orders are orders Mark. We move
out in four hours.
      (turns to Gayle)
Looks like we'll have to postpone
that drink.
Most of the ship lies quiet as it plows through space with
four others and smaller ones buzzing around them. The HAMLET
is in a hanger within the ship, Roz walks out of his room on
the ship, eyeing the peaceful quiet of the hangar at night.
He walks across the hangar and takes the elevator down. He
emerges in the bowels of the ship where the common soldiers
live. They are almost silent, a few whispers in the vast
chamber, housing thousands of soldiers. Many sleep on the
floor, against metal boxes, all wrapped up, seemingly cold
and weary. Roz walks among them, his face expresionless,
although an expression of loneliness begins to drape over
his face. He comes to a doorway in the wall and enters a
quiet bar. Few soldiers are still awake, one in particular.
Roz joins him at the bar. He notices the young officer's
presence but does not react as a soldier should.
      (nodding with his
       glass in hand)
It's a good night.


                       CADE (cont'd)
      (motions to the
       bar tender for
       another drink)
And you are?
      (holds up a finger
       to the bar tender
       to get his own
Roz. You?
      (taking a drink)
Pleased to meet you. You not
getting any sleep?
      (shakes his head
Nah, don't need much sleep.
      (takes a sip of
       his own drink)
You fight yesterday?
Kid, I didn't come here for the
      (curious for
What did you come here for?
      (eyes Roz
Money. This shit-pay is
astoundingly better than what I
was getting.
I see.
                       CADE (o.s.)
Why are you here!?
      (laughs and takes
       a sip)
The scenery.


They share a slight chuckle as for the first time, Roz
experiences some sort of friendship with the man. His face
begins to lighten up from its pale appearance and he perks
up a tad while getting another drink. Another man approaches
the bar, the same build as Cade, but a little smaller.
      (motioning to the
       man behind them)
This is Szorn, he's my companion.
You have any friends kid?
      (looks away
       blankly and
Just two.
      (snaps to a
Oh shit! I recognize you kid!
      (Roz looks around
You were the crazy bastard we
pulled from that hovercraft
      (raising his glass
       nearly drunk)
Yepp, that would be me!
      (he downs the
       glass feeling the
       effects for his
       young age)
You were on Tyler's craft?
Yeah. By the way, what the hell
were you thinking! It was a
miracle you didn't get
                       ROZ (o.s.)
Just lucky I guess.
      (sits down now)
Lucky hell, you were fucking
brilliant! We pulled you from a
wreckage of dozens of those poor
bastards. You took out more in
five minutes than we did in ten!
How did you do it!?
Roz is a little weary of the man's fascination, but
eventually finds no harm in answering the questions. He sits
a moment before formulating his answer and presenting it.
      (shrugging his


                       ROZ (cont'd)
I don't know, it just seemed like
I was doing everything
involuntarily. You know, without
Sounds intriguing.
      (downs the last of
       his drink)
Intruiging, hmmph, more like
                       SZORN (to Cade)
      (eyeing through
I seem to remember YOU doing some
reckless things in your lifetime.
      (throws back his
Yeah, you have guts kid I'll give
you that.
      (not quite sure of
       the man)
Uhh, thanks. I think I'm going to
get some sleep now. You two take
He stands and smiles at the two who nod in reply and Roz
walks away. The two friends turn back to the bar, sitting
quietly as Roz walks away. Before he escapes earshot, Cade
calls out.
                       CADE (o.s.)
Sweet dreams kid.
Roz pauses as the statement seems to inflict some wounding
thrust into his heart. He looks around for a moment and then
shakes his head, clearing his thoughts and proceeding back
to the elevator to take him to his cabin.
Roz lies in bed, the dim light from the ship's hull lights
casting a shadow over half of Roz's face. He sleeps
peacefully, until his eyes begin to flicker. Behind their
lids they flutter wildly as the image flies into them and
flashes into an image of Roz standing on a mountain cliff.
The high winds blow his clothes frantically about as he
looks around confused. He looks over the edge and jumps
back, fearing the height. It seems an impossible feat to
climb down, so he looks up, noticing an outcropping, with
enough fingerholds to pull himself up onto it.
Roz shields his face from the vicious wind and grabs the
rock and with all his strength, pulls himself against the


wind to throw an arm over the outcropping. He uses the rest
of his strength, which seems to be drained drastically, to
heave himself slowly onto the outcropping. He rolls onto his
back, breathing heavily, exhausted. But something drives him
to stand. He staggers to his feet and comes face to face
with a cave. He peers deep into the black depths of the cave
within the mountain, as he steps forward a flash of light
shocks him nearly off his feet until he stands in a chamber
within the cave.
Inside the dark cavern, eerly moans and voices echo about,
unable to make out the sounds, they haunt his mind as he
looks around. A new sound echoes throughout the endless cave
system, a sound of metal grinding on metal, gnashing and
clicking. It is a familiar sound and still seems so
alienated from his mind. He looks around the corner to see a
small beam of light lining to the floor from a whole in the
rock. He approaches the light-illuminated chamber.
Inside the chamber is a rock table built out from the wall,
on which rests a black cloth, covering some slender object.
Roz curiously touches the cloth, his body suddenly taken
over by a horrendous vision of a battle scene, and amidst
the fury he and another figure seem to stand alone, facing
one another. He removes his hand and the image vanishes
leaving him alone in the chamber. He quickly and cautiously
whips back the cloth as a light follows with it, blinding
him temporarily as there sits a red sword casing. Its
magnificence is unparalleled as Roz can literally feel the
power vibrating from its resting place. He places his hand
just above it and removes it as if it were giving off a
powerful heat. He musters his courage and curiosity and
grabs the handle, picking the sword up. He remarks at its
lightness, shaking it in his hand a few times while
marvelling at its magnificence. He turns and a wave of light
attacks him, knocking him to the ground.
His eyes open into the sky, the sun blinding his view, he
looks up as a figure blocks the light and his eyes adjust.
His eyes buldge with fear as it is the same sulking figure
encountered at the colony, but the feeling of its presence
is somewhat different. Roz begins to crawl back as the
figure approaches, its cloak fades away to reveal its smooth
and perfect frame of shining metal. The red eyes shoot
straight through him as Roz crawls back quickly now, fearing
for his life as a man jumps between them, fighting with the
figure, the man is powerless against it. The figure pounds
the human mercilessly as Roz watches in horror as the body
falls, blood mixing with sand. Roz crawls to see its face,
and jumps back at the sight of Captain Jones's mutilated
figure. He looks up as the figure now attacks him, and
before the final blow is dealt...
Roz screams and sits upright in an instant. His heart pounds
and his brow drips with sweat as he looks around, his eyes
nearly exploding from their sockets with fear. He looks
around his room to make sure no one is present but himself
and it is so. He wipes his face with his hands, and looks at
them strangely. He rubs a finger on his hand, a confused
expression overcomes his face, indicating what is no feeling
within them. He looks around fearfully and throws the covers
back and emerges from bed. He walks into his small bathroom
and turns on the light, facing the mirror, as the light
comes on the red-eyed horrifying image of the figure's face


is there in his place and Roz jumps back, screaming as he
falls against his bed. Totally taken aback by fear he sits
curled next to his bed, and begins to weep as the scene
Jones and Tyler stand in the hallway, looking out the
windows into space, and seeing the other ships of the fleet
nearby. Jones seems calm and near-sleep as Tyler appears
wound up and anxious about something.
       pointing for
Were you not there Captain!? Did
you not see him go to battle
      (eyes closed and
       his head nodding
       as he chuckles)
Yes I was there Tyler and I did
see it, but what is your reason
for alarm?
I don't know, maybe the fact that
some MACHINE showed up to
assassinate this kid, and later we
see him take on hundreds of
machine soldiers, alone! Does that
not strike you as a bit odd
      (speaking wisely
       with his arms
There is so much in this world
that I cannot explain. The boy is
no ordinary human I will give you
that, his survival of that fall on
the Colony proved that to us.
There IS something about him, but
to assume that it is dangerous, is
foolish. We must stay positive and
hope that whatever he has in store
for the future, is for our cause.
      (leaning on the
I am not trying to accuse the boy,
I just, I don't know.
      (he steps away
       from the windows
       waving his hands
       with his words)
I mean you've been around him long
enough, does he seem normal!? He


                       TYLER (cont'd)
is way too professional of a
soldier to be seventeen! It's like
this shit was programmed into him.
      (proposing a
       different view)
All religions have their beliefs,
maybe this kid was chosen to be
some extraordinary soul in the
annals of human existence. I don't
know, at the moment I would prefer
to think of him as a friend and a
good soldier.
      (yawning and
I guess you are right, damn it you
always are Captain. I think I'm
going to get some sleep now.
Jones smiles as Tyler yawns again and as he turns to leave
they are both shocked to see Roz standing there, leaning on
the rail as if he'd been beaten by ten men at once. They
jump but see who it is and then move to help him, because it
is apparent that he is not well. Tyler rushes to catch Roz
as he falls and Jones kneels beside them. Jones feels Roz's
head and remarks at how cold it is, he looks up shockingly
at Tyler who can feel the cold coming from Roz's body in his
arms. They share the same thought and rush him to the
medical ward.
A few minutes later, Jones paces outside the medical ward,
waiting on news as Tyler sits watch over Roz in his room. A
doctor emerges to speak with Captain Jones who seems
       grabbing the
How is he?
      (rubbing his eyes
His body temperature was fifteen
degrees low when you brought him
in, any human being would die of
hypothermia with that body
temperature. But about half an
hour ago, his temperature rose
back up to normal over a gradual
time of about twenty minutes. I've
never seen anything like this.
I've taken a blood sample to
analyze for any unknown pathogens.
      (interrupting the
Disease? No doc, this kid is as
healthy as any, he has no disease.


Still we will run the tests just
in case, but other than that.
      (he sighs and
       looks back to the
       clinic doors)
This is completely unheard of,
it's just baffling.
Inside Roz's room, he lies in bed, hooked up to many medical
instruments, his head turned slightly to Tyler who sits in a
chair next to the bed in the cramped space. Roz finishes
telling the story of his dream as Tyler struggles to take it
all in. He leans back in his chair as Roz finishes.
      (his eyes welling
       with tears and
Tyler, what is going on?
      (putting a hand on
       Roz's shoulder)
I don't kid, I just don't know.
You just have to search yourself
for the meaning of all this and
have the strength to work toward
that meaning.
      (nodding distantly)
I know what I have to do, I'm
just...uncertain of so many
      (grasping the
       young-man's hand
       with sympathy and
       a bond of
You will figure this out, soon, it
will all be apparent to you. I
promise, and I will be right
behind you.
       through his
       subtle tears)
Thank you Tyler.
They remain in the room as Roz's eyes close as he begins to
sleep under the control of the medicine within his body as
Tyler sits, still holding a tight grip on Roz's hand, unable
to break the bond growing between them.


Tyler roused awake in his chair, blinking and looking around
lazily as he rubbed his face to wake up. He sat up and found
Roz standing next to his bed, putting on his coat. Tyler
nearly jumps from his chair with surprise.
      (just waking up)
What are you doing!?
      (fixing his jacket)
I'm leaving.
      (Tyler gives him a
       disapproving look)
I feel fine. I know what I have to
do now.
      (raising an
Which is?
Remember that dream I told you
      (looking away to
Oh yeah...
      (thinks for a
       moment and then
       reachs the
Oh, ok. I understand now.
So you know what I have to do
Tyler. It has to be done.
      (solemnly nods)
I know. I'll tell the Captain, I'm
sure he'll understand.
      (shakes Tyler's
Thank you Tyler.
Good luck kid.
Tyler watched as Roz stepped casually through the curtain,
leaving him alone in the room. Tyler paused and watched the
blowing curtain before he gathered his jacket, slipped it on
and fixed his collar before heading out of the room himself.


Roz exits an elevator into a large hangar on the ship. He
passes by lesser-ranked soldiers who loosely salute him and
he returns the favor. He walks through the hangar to some of
the one-man attack ships in one corner. He pauses before
climbing the access ladder leaning against the hull, and
looks up at the HAMLET sitting across the hangar. His face
expresses an uncertainty that brings a slight smile to his
face before he climbs in the ship and lowers the canopy.
Outside the ship, the fleet makes its way through space as a
tiny light springs from the magnetic shield over the hangar
bay as Roz's ship wheels and flies away, deep into the void.
It is a late night for Commander Willis. The city glows with
its never-ending light show. The Capitol Building, still
dominates, though some of its lights are turned out for no
one is in the building but the Commander and his secretary.
Commander Willis sits at his desk, rubbing his face and eyes
trying to keep himself awake. He is looking through a number
of papers, sipping at a cup of coffee when his secretary
      (handing him a
New reports from the fleet sir,
courtesy of General Michaels
      (taking it while
       sipping some
Thank you Janice. It's getting
late, you might want to go on
      (she nods and
       smiles as she
I've got a few more things left to
do sir. You might need to go home
as well.
Willis laughs as she exits and closes the door behind her.
He chuckles again and looks at the folder she handed him. He
sets it down and gets up, going through a door in his office
to a bathroom. He begins to close the door by habit when he
hears a light crashing sound in the next room. He narrows
his eyes and thinks it strange and exits his office to
investigate. Outside his office he steps out and stands in
the hallway cautiously.
      (looking around
He receives no reply and steps around the corner into the


area of cubicles where his secretary's desk is the first
desk in the room. He looks around and sees no one, then
looks to the floor and sees the woman's body laying down,
facing away from him, her arm outstretched, blood pooling on
the floor. He is shocked and in terror he cuts out of the
room and into his office, turns and slams the door. He
pauses at the door and breathes heavily, trying to gather
himself. He backs away from the door and turns toward his
desk. He immediately notices the figure in his office.
Willis freezes.
The figure is darkly robed and waves back and forth, slowly.
Its horrifying image manifested with the faint red glow of
eyes beneath the hood. They stand in a frozen moment before
Willis panics and tries to flee but the figure instantly is
behind him and stabs him in the back, the blow puncturing
straight through his heart. Willis goes rigid and collapses
on the floor. From his sideways view from the floor, the
figure steps over him, its cloak rolling over his body
before it walks down the hallway as a man before his eyes
close on the scene.
Jones and Tyler enter the room through the sliding glass
doors on the back wall. The room is somewhat dim, containing
many banks of computers facing a large window that stretches
the length of the front wall. A walkwayleads from the door
to the front of the room, with smaller branched walkways
moving through the computers. To the left in a corner is a
holographic image table, where Andy leans, looking over a
map of the galaxy. His face is gloomy and his dispair is
      (looking at him
What's up Andy?
      (looking up sadly)
Willis is dead.
      (Jones's eyes
       buldge his mouth
Michaels too.
       searching for
Cameras never showed anyone
entering Willis's office area. His
secretary was killed on camera,
and then he was killed in his
office. No one ever entered, to
the security team's knowledge, but
SOMEONE walked out.
      (confused trying
       to absorb the


                       JONES (cont'd)
That makes no sense.
      (explaining as he
       moves to sit down)
Cameras showed the murders,
someone in a dark cloak, the
cameras never saw anyone like that
Jones and Tyler immediately whip their heads to one another,
looking and saying the exact same thing. Tyler let's out a
shocked breath and looks back at Andy.
      (trying to clarify
       the previous
Did you say dark cloaked?
      (Andy nods and
       Tyler looks at
Maybe they aren't just after Roz.
Andy watches them totally oblivious as Jones nods a "maybe"
to Tyler.
      (waving his arms
       with confusion)
What are you talking about? Who is
after Roz?
      (gravely speaking)
While we were at the Colony,
something attacked Roz, they fell
over the rail, and Roz ended up
killing it. It was a machine Andy.
      (totally aghast)
What!? What the hell? Where is he
      (shares a look
       with Jones)
He's gone.
      (still confused)
What do you mean gone!? Where did
he go!?
      (shrugging his
       shoulders and
I don't know.


Roz climbs from the ship, the wind blows heavily on this
desert planet. He looks around, pulling his jacket tighter
as the wind blows sand across his body and his hair waves in
the wind. The landscape is desolate, rocky and perilous.
There seems to be no sign of life or water, but a mountain
range dominates the land around, stretching into the
distance. He is standing next to his ship on a flat area
within the rage, high above the ground, next to the highest
He looks up. the peak extends high into the clouds,
seemingly impossible to scale. He takes a deep breath and
closes his eyes. Through his closed eyes he can feel the
wind and his vision alters. An image appearing liquid in
form begins to flow together. The mountain appears a faint
gray color, the features evident as he can sense the wind
passing over the land. The image lasts for a few seconds
before his eyes are forced open by some unseen force. He
looks around, confused but, looks up and begins to climb.
Later, Roz's trembling hand reaches over the edge of a
cliff, grabbing hold of the rock he pulls himself up, his
face wincing as he uses all his strength to pull himself up
and he rolls over onto his back on the cliff. It is a small
outcropping and he lies, breathing heavily, evidently
exhausted from the climb. He rolls and looks over the edge,
looking down into the clouds. He shakes his head and blinks
to clear his head before rolling over and looking up. The
mountain towers still higher as the wind has increased
greatly in its intensity. He stands, staggers, and shields
his face from the wind with his arm. He slowly moves to the
slope and again continues his climb.
Jones, Andy and Tyler stand around the map table, still
talking over the previous issue.
      (waving his hand
I still don't understand how a
machine can do that.
What I want to know is how Roz
could do that. You should have
seen it! They fell over a hundred
floors for God's sakes!
      (bobbing his hand
       to calm Tyler
Now we don't know enough here to
make any good decisions. All we
know is what is in front of us.
      (o.s. to Andy)
Where are we heading again?


                       ANDY (o.s.)
      (checking the map,
       confidently for a
Some planet about four grids from
the Department, looks like we are
closing in.
      (looking worried)
That's what worries me. What does
the planet look like?
      (still looking at
       the map)
Surface is mainly shit, rocky,
pretty dangerous area. Only area
that could be used as a
battlefield is around this one
mountain range.
      (rubbing his
       goatee thinking)
Intelligence on this is reliable?
      (clicks his tongue)
It's pretty good. I would bet my
life on it.
They all fall silent and trade the nervous looks result of
the ironic statement. They sit silently as the ship
continues to move through space, nearing its destination.
Roz hangs on to a near vertical slope, the wind beating
against him, the air is near freezing now as is evident from
the redness in his face and the snow blowing through the
air. He squints against the wind and continues to pull
himself up as he can see a small outcropping less than 50
feet above him. As he reaches for a new fingerhold, but the
rock crumbles beneath his weight and he begins to fall. He
slides down the slope nearly twenty feet before catching
himself by a small fingerhold, the jarring stop pulling a
scream of pain from him as he hangs in the wind. He stays
hanging for a moment before throwing up his other arm and
reaching for a new hold and begins to climb again.Finally,
after climbing for hours, he pulls himself onto the
He lies on the rock breathing heavily, his breath blowing up
and vanishing with the wind. He closes his eyes, and rolls
over, wincing with his aching joints. He looks up from lying
on his stomach at the pitch black cave before him. The
opening is just large enough for one man to fit through at a
time and he pushes himself up through his willpower and
walks into the cave.
Roz walks through the cave, moving the darkness, feeling his


way through until he reaches a large chamber. A small
opening above lets in a faint light, enough for him to see
his surroundings as the wind howls outside. He sees a faint
glow down the next tunnel and cautiously proceeds. He begins
to hear strange voices, haunting, deep voices echoeing
through the cave. He looks over his shoulder quickly as a
voice grows louder and he pauses. He feels inside his coat
and cocks his 9mm before proceeding. Upon turning around he
looks into the darkness ahead, catching a glimpse of two red
spots looking back at him and then vanishing. Roz is
immediately terrified by the image, remembering the dream
and falls to the ground in fear. He draws his gun and aims
at nothing and waits. There is no sign of anyone so he
He enters a small chamber, where a beam of light shines on
the floor. Roz enters the chamber, the beam of light
illuminating one spot as everything around it is pitch
black. He cautiously stands in the light, looking around
before stepping out. He walks forward, until the light
expands and blinds him. He is caught offguard and shileds
his eyes as he falls to one knee. With his eyes closed he
looks up, the image flowing together again as he can see the
chamber, everything is grayish blue and a glow comes from a
rock extending from the wall. He opens his eyes and this
image is gone. The chamber is now illuminated and he climbs
to his feet and freezes. The image before him fills him with
such awe that he cannot move. He finally reaches forward,
and slides his fingers over the red jewel casing. He smiles
as he fixes his fingers around the handle and lifts it from
its resting place.
The sword is remarkably light as he tosses it in his hand to
get a feel for it. He nearly laughs as he eyes it enviously
and feels a sense of surprise as he realizes he was right.
He starts to laugh until he hears a crash of rock from ahead
in the cave. His mood immediately vanishes to a curious and
courageous feel. He holds the sword, cased, at his side as
he walks into the darkness again. He comes out of the cave
on the other side of the mountain, sliding against the wall,
he looks down on the land below to find hundreds of
thousands of machines gathering there. His eyes buldge as he
realizes what is happening. He looks around and then runs
back into the cave.
Jones, Tyler and Andy stand over the map table, discussing a
plan of action once they land until Jones catches something
in the corner of his eye. He cuts away from the
conversation, Andy and Tyler pausing to watch him as he
walks away entranced by a blinking red light on one of the
control panels.
      (pointing to the
Andy what is that?


      (looks up
       shruggins his
Looks like a homing beacon. All
ships have one, in case they are
stranded somewhere.
      (still looking at
       the light)
Bring it up on the monitor.
Andy turns to a technician who brings up the information on
the homing beacon on a projector screen on the wall. They
all surround Jones and watch, everyone in the room now fixed
on the beacon.
      (realizing what
       the screen is
       telling him)
That is a fighter ship!
      (looking at Tyler)
      (wheeling to Andy)
Where is that beacon?
Roz is crouched on the outcropping overlooking the machines
below. He has been sitting here for some time as is
indicated by his body language. He seems bored, but still
earnest and concerned. The machines below begin to divide
into two groups, their numbers look well over one hundred
                       ROZ (v.o.)
They are setting up a trap. I hope
the homing beacon worked.
Roz shifts his weight and winces as he tries to keep his
presence unnoticed. He crawls against the wall and sits
against the rock, resting his arms on his knees and his head
against the rock.
                       ROZ (v.o.)
I've got to do something, but what
can I do all by myself? I hope
Jones and Tyler get everyone here.
Maybe I should go back to the ship
in case they try to contact me.
He gets up and dusts himself off, the sword tied to his hip
in a cliche fashion. He pauses and looks at it, laughs and
removes it. He slings it over his left shoulder and under
his right arm. He seems happy with the adjustment and nods


with approval and admiration of his decision. He laughs and
begins to walk back into the cave but he stops. Something
pulls him to turn and he does so slowly and looks back over
the edge to the machines below. The two groups have begun to
disperse and Roz watches as they march off. But, something
catches his eye, a dark figure stands behind them, watching
the machines move off, standing alone. Roz's heart begins to
pound as his face shows the fear he feels as the figure's
head turns in his direction and looks up, the hood
concealing the head, just a black hole within. Roz is frozen
in the moment and then dives into the cave and begins to run
back to the ship.
The mood in the command center, also the bridge, is now
frantic. People move around quickly trying to pool all the
information they can, as the ship has increased speed.
      (reading from a
That beacon is coming from the
very planet we are heading to.
      (looks at Tyler)
Roz is already there. He must be
in trouble.
      (shaking his head
       with confusion)
What in the hell was he doing
there by himself anyway!? How did
he have authorization to take a
fighter and leave the fleet!?
                       JONES (Sighing)
      (He and Tyler look
       at one another)
We gave it to him.
      (taken aback)
WHY did you do that!? He's an
officer, he cannot abandon his
      (sighs and rubs
       his head)
It was something he had to do. He
didn't abandon us, he's coming
back. It was important Andy.
      (shocked at
       Tyler's statement)
The only important thing now is
defeating those machines! Not--
      (cuts Andy off)
This IS important. Roz is doing


                       JONES (cont'd)
this to help us defeat these
machines. You have no idea of the
terror facing this kid. He was
attacked by a MACHINE, all three
of us were, and a MACHINE killed
Willis and Michaels! He is
intertwined with whatever these
machines are planning, and that
makes him important!
Everyone in the room is frozen and looking at Jones who has
just run Andy's authority into the ground. Everyone,
especially Andy stand frozen in the room as they continue to
head toward the planet, and the homing beacon.
Roz stood next to the ship, with no messages coming in. He
paced back and forth, looking at the ground in intense
thought. He knew what he had to do, just trying to find any
other possibilities.
                       ROZ (v.o.)
They will land right into a trap.
I've got to find some way to warn
them, or reveal the machines'
position before they land, but
An explosion catches his ear and he stops, looks up into the
sky and his eyes narrow. Flashing images remind him of the
dark figure at the Colony, and the one standing below him
while he stood on the mountain. He ruffles his brow and
takes a deep breath.
                       ROZ (v.o.)
I've led them into a trap, so now,
it's up to me, to spring the trap.
He begins to walk down the mountain as a red light continues
to blink within the cockpit of his small ship.
Roz tops a rock formation, standing with the wind blowing
through his clothes and hair. He looks over the landscape,
the machines well hidden behind the rock, hidden from the
flat area just on the other side. Roz looks over the mass as
the machines do not notice him just yet. As he stands on the
ridge, the machines begin to turn in his direction and
prepare to face him. They all turn in a clashing of metal as
Roz raises his head and takes a deep breath in disgust and
He draws the sword, the blade glimmering in the light as all
the machines seem to prepare to defend against his imminant
attack. Roz closes his eyes calmly and shoves off, he
sprints to the edge of the rock and pushes off into the air,
his clothes flapping in the wind as time seems to slow. He
comes down over the mass of machines and lands on the


shoulders of one, it bends under his weight, lowing him to
the level of the heads around him, he slices in a circle and
beheads all the machines within reach with the single
motion. He then jumps off the machine on which he stood and
dismembers it in mid-air while flipping over to land on his
feet as the machines lunge inward on him.
Roz continues to fight the machines back as he fends off
hundreds of them, their claws aiming for his vulnerable
body, but his movements seem to be in perfect coordination
with the nearest attack. His speed also makes the machines
look as if they move in slow motion and he is obviously
superior in strength and agility as he continues to fight
Jones, Tyler, Andy, Major Wilson and General Michaels all
stand around a three-dimensional holographic map of the
universe when a soldier taps Jones and whispers something in
his ear.
      (interrupting the
It seems we've found something.
The other men look up confused, trying to move from one
subject to another. Jones leads them to the soldier's
computer and they gather around him.
      (pointing to the
That blip, is a homing beacon, one
used on the one-man fighter ships.
      (looking at Jones)
There's only one person who could
have one way the hell out there.
      (nodding he turns
       to Wilson)
Major, we must get to that beacon.
      (he leans in to
       look at the
It isn't far.
      (to the soldier in
       the chair)
Pass the word, head for the


Roz is surrounded, by living machines and the dismembered
carcasses of dead ones. His eyes move quickly as he sweats
and sees his situation is desperate. He fights off another
machine, cutting its arm off at the elbow and kicking it
into the crowd behind it. Roz looks around as the machines
seem to pause their attack and Roz back flips into the air
and lands up on a rock formation and begins to flee as the
machines pour over the landscape in pursuit.
                       JONES (to Wilson)
      (they stand around
       the map again)
What is the plan when we reach the
      (looking at the
       inset hologram of
       the planet)
We won't have time to land and
unload, we'll have to fly straight
down there.
      (skeptical, but
       fathoming the
These ships aren't like
hovercrafts, it won't be easy.
                       WILSON (Michaels walks up to the two men)
      (to Michaels)
Better get everyone ready now,
we're approaching the planet. Have
a strategy for ground attack?
      (rubbing his chin)
Pass over the battlefield and
we'll dump the hovercrafts from
the fleet ships. It's a gutsy
maneuver, but it might work. We'll
have the overhead angle on them,
which will make it like shooting
fish in a barrel. We hope.
Roz pauses to take a breath as he sees the machines still
chasing him, their numbers look like a silver wave of water
over the rocks as they ruthlessly puruse him. He draws the
sword again and faces them, running directly into their
lines and slicing in every direction, the momentum of the
machines forces them to fall as Roz dismantles hundreds
He fights on, straining to defend himself as the onslaught
grows more powerful and his situation more desperate. He can
feel the area around him closing in as space is becoming


scarce even though he is cutting machines down like paper
dolls. As he fends off a number in front of him, a sharp
pain hits his back and he arches in pain with a cry. He
turns and stabs the machine as its clawed hand falls from
his back. He stumbles but continues to fight. His movements
slow and this time he appears to be in slow motion as
another stab hits him and another, a cut to his arm forces
the sword from his hand. He looks on his pain and horror as
the sword vanishes under the machines. His anger and
desperation grow as does his adrenaline and his mind seems
to lose control of his body. A great scream of anger and
desperation echoes as the machines back off seemingly in
shock. He swings around his left arm and practically wipes
away a mass of machines, knocking them to the ground.
Without a moment to wonder about the strange power he just
created he sees the sword and dives, rolls and picks it up.
He continues the roll and gets to his feet, swinging around
to attack but his arm is stopped immediately, caught at the
wrist by a hand.
Roz's eyes look up, their anger and hate vanish as he
recognizes the cold and vibrating red eyes. Flashes of the
incident inside the colony revisit his memory as fear takes
over him. The grip tightens on his wrist and pain emerges
into his face as he grimaces and the sword falls to the
ground. The machines back off to reveal the robed figure,
his stature now powerful and overcoming as Roz drops to his
knees in pain.
Suddenly, a roar is heard overhead as the figure looks up
and sees the fleet ships above them, the hundreds of
hovercrafts spilling from their bowels as bees from the
hive. The crafts descend upon the machines swiftly in a hail
of gunfire. In the figure's moment of memory-lapse, Roz
takes out its legs, dropping it to its knees, he then kicks
the figure in the side of the head, dropping it to the
ground. Roz jumps up, the sign of humans brings a smile to
his face as he quickly remembers his sword and soars into
the air to find it.
As Roz flies through the air, heading for the sword the
figure gets to its feet and flies up after him. Roz is
unaware and the impact hits him like a ton of bricks. They
both plummet to the ground and the figure slams Roz into the
ground, the rock crumbling under the weight of the impact.
Roz screams in pain as the figure jumps back and stands as
Roz staggers to his feet.
He wipes the blood from his mouth as more streams from the
wounds on his face from the impact. Strangely, he cannot
feel the pain from the many wounds he received in the fight.
He focuses on the figure before him. Roz extends his hand
and the sword shakes and flies into his grip. Roz ignores
this strange power and continues to focus on the figure that
rips its robe away, revealing itself at last.
Roz is taken aback by the sight, a shiny and smooth body of
a man stands before him. The figure is now unrecognizable,
all except for the blank red eyes that also greatly resemble
that of a man.


      (puzzled and angry)
Who are you?
      (a smile forms on
       the figure's face)
      (in a monotonous
       and metallic
Your question is irrelevant Roz.
You know what I am, you just deny
that you know.
You know nothing of me!
Ah but I do. You see, I know more
about you than you know of
yourself. All you must know of me,
is that I tend to end your life.
      (cocking a smirk)
You are not the first machine to
make an attempt at that. I suppose
you know of its fate.
      (it chuckles)
You think you are wise, but yet,
you couldn't be more lost. That
attempt on your life was nothing,
this time, it will not only be an
      (his anger grows
       with his
Why are you trying to kill me?
Don't you know by now Roz? I am
here to steal your birthright, one
that you are so oblivious to, that
I would receive no credit from our
creator for obtaining it.
      (even more
       confused he yells)
Stop! I have no interest in your


Roz pushes off and flies through the air as the Android does
the same. They collide in midair and Roz attacks with the
sword. All his movements are avoided as the Androind moves
more swiftly than Roz. The Android gains the upper hand and
knocks Roz to the ground. Roz looks around in confusion
before jumping to his feet and attacks again.
The battle is going the humans' way as the machines have
been driven into a discombobulated form. The hovercrafts
have them cut off from any escape as the soldiers deploy to
finish the machines off on foot.
Roz is barely standing as the Android seems to be untouched.
As he stumbles, Roz's mind races with a million questions as
time pauses for him to try and regroup his mind.
                       ROZ (v.o.)
What the hell is going on, I
haven't even fazed this thing.
Nothing I do works. It's like he
knows my every move before I even
make it. How am I going to beat
this thing?
      (walking toward
Give it up. You can't win.
Roz's exhaustion and confusion fade away to anger and
desperation as he lunges to the Android, the Sommer Sword in
his outstretched arm. The Android easily sidesteps the
attack, grabs Roz's wrist and spins him through the air and
let's go. Roz flies a few feet and hits the ground
tremendously and flops to a halt, coughing and grimacing in
pain. Blood pours from his wounds as he rolls over and tries
to make it to the sword. A cold hand is felt on the back of
his neck as the Android picks him up. It punches Roz in the
stomach, forcing a cry of pain from the boy and then holds
him by the neck in its other hand. Roz dangles nearly
lifeless in the Android's grip as it smiles and chuckles.
Still just human.
A gunshot rings out over the thousands of cracks from the
machine guns in battle as the Android freezes and drops
Roz's body. It turns to see Jones standing with his 9mm
drawn, smoking, a round discharged. The bullet falls from
the Android's skin as it resolidifies from a temporary
liquid state. The Android begins to calmly walk toward Jones
who empties the clip into the Android, pushing it back maybe
a foot. The bullets drop harmlessly to the dirt with the
same effect on the skin. Jones is out of ideas as his face
shows horror when the Android approaches. He freezes as the
Android delivers a crushing blow that sends Jones crashing
to the ground.
Roz's eyes blink open and he sees the Android pummeling
Jones through his blurred vision. The sight sparks a final
ounce of strength and he picks up the sword. Roz pushes
himself to his feet and begins to stagger toward the Android


who continues to beat Jones to death. As the Android stands
over Jones's beaten body, and begins to deliver the final
blow, Roz drives the sword through its torso, the blade
protruding from its chest. It convulses and drops to its
knees. Roz rips the sword out and spins around to kick it in
the head, sending it sliding across the ground and
ultimately falling off the edge of the rock formation to the
ground below.
                       ROZ (sobbing)
      (holding Jones in
       his arms)
      (his voice
      (they both smile)
You have to kill it.
I'm getting you out of here first.
Before Roz could move and Jones could speak, a silver flash
stabs Jones in the chest, his face shocked as his body
stiffens and then falls limp in Roz's arms. The silver spike
withdraws and forms back into the Android's arm that stands
just behind Roz.
                       ANDROID (o.s.)
We are not finished.
      (anger consumes
Because you are not dead.
Roz drops Jones's body and whips around, getting to his
feet, his hand summoning the sword again almost without
realization by Roz's concious. Roz fumes with rage as they
both face one another. Before either could make a move, a
blinding flash passes over the landscape and Roz's body
stiffens as a shockwave passes through him. He screams in
terror as the Android is slammed off the rock and out of
sight by the shockwave. Roz's body convulses in mid-air and
his screams crackles to nothing as his breath is cut off and
his eyes roll back in his head. His body falls to the ground
next to Jones's.
Roz's eyes blink open into a blinding light above him. He
squirms and moves his hand up in his face to shield the
light. He squints and tries to sit up but a hand is placed
on his shoulder, stopping him. He lies back down and focuses
to see Tyler standing there.


      (still adjusting
       his eyes)
W-what happened?
Your guess is as good as mine. The
battle is over, you've been out
for about twelve hours.
There was a sharp pain, my muscles
froze and I blacked out.
He suddenly remembers and looks up at Tyler earnestly. Tyler
looks back at him, knowing Roz's next question and preparing
for the answer he would have to give.
What about Jones?
      (Tyler shakes his
I could have saved him.
Roz clenches his fist in anger as he remembers the scene.
Tyler's eyes wonder and he fights back the tears before
going back to Roz.
We've set up a base here, or we're
working on it.
      (sitting up,
       completely awake
What for?
      (he puts his hands
       in his jacket
We're not far from the Department.
They figured it would be best to
regroup and pool our resources
here before going after them.
Roz removes all the sensors from his arms, chest and head,
wiping them away like annoyances. He begins to look at his
arms and feel his torso obviously confused.
      (looking up
I'm fine.
      (Tyler smiles and
No, no, I was wounded, many times
come to think of it. Now, they're
Tyler looks around without knowing what to say, he shrugs
and dismisses the strange fact. Roz continues to stare at
his open palms blankly, his mind off someplace else.


      (turns to leave)
Come on, let's get some food, I
haven't eaten in almost a day!
      (looks up
How was the battle won?
      (he stops at the
       door and turns)
Well, we pretty much had it won,
but we needed to test a new
weapon. Come on and I'll tell you
over lunch.
                       ROZ (shrugging)
I guess so.
Roz stands and puts his clothes on as they walk out of the
The hall is full of soldiers, endless metal tables give the
room a monotonous and cold feeling, with a long line of
waiting soldiers at the left, standing to get something to
eat. Tyler and Roz immediately bypass the line into another
doorway on the right of the hall into a private eating area
for officers.
      (sitting at table)
Yeah, after we came in, it wasn't
much of a fight. But, before we
finished them off, we parked
everything and shut them down in
order to test the new weapon.
                       ROZ (o.s.)
      (Tyler waves for a
What is the weapon?
      (looking away for
       the waiter)
Some weaponized form of
electromagnetic pulse. It disables
any electrical signal in its
radius, I've heard they've even
made some type of grenade from it
as well. But anyway, it worked
just fine.
Roz stares at his clasped hands on the table, pondering the
battle and remembering the words of the Android. Tyler looks
at him confused and curious, he pokes him in the shoulder to
wake him up.
Roz stares at his clasped hands on the table, pondering the


battle and remembering the words of the Android. Tyler looks
at him confused and curious, he pokes him in the shoulder to
wake him up.
Wake up, you alright?
      (tears in his eyes)
How do you do it Tyler? I don't
understand, you aren't even a
little upset? I mean he was your
best friend!?
      (dropping his head)
He was like my father.
Then how can you just joke and act
like nothing happened!?
      (in retaliation)
I deal with it how I wish! How can
you understand! You weren't the
one who spent half your life with
the man!
They both calm down and immediately regret their raised
voices as the tension in the air is thick and the situation
awkward, they wait to see who will apologize first.
      (looking at his
Tyler, the Android knows more
about me than I know myself.
What do you mean?
      (rubbing his hand
       with his fingers)
The things I do in battle, it's
like they are subconcious, I have
no control over my actions. It is
obvious I am targeted, and I still
don't know why, but I'm beginning
to understand.
      (leaning in on the
I still don't get it. What are you
      (still rubbing his
What if I am not who I seem?
      (Tyler still looks


                       ROZ (cont'd)
What if I know what I am, but my
mind just denies it?
Roz, you cannot deny who you are.
      (locking eyes with
Or what you are.
Andy emerges from the elevator and walks into the nearly
empty hangar looking around for any workers, who all seem to
be elsewhere. The HAMLET sits in the middle of the floor and
Tyler is underneath the ship, standing on a ladder, working
meticulously on something within the ship.
      (looking at the
Hey Adam got a minute?
Tyler bends down out of the opening in the bottom of the
ship and sits down on the ladder, wiping his hands on a rag
in his pocket. He is obviously upset, his face shows signs
of him crying. Both men share an emptiness between them with
the loss of Captain Jones. Tyler replaces the rag in the
pocket of his jump suit and looks up at Andy.
Yeah, what do ya need?
My feelings about the boy are
troubling me.
      (taken aback)
      (throwing his arms
       up, pacing)
I mean, don't you think he is
getting a little weirder by the
For Christ's sake Andy Jones was
killed in the kid's arms give him
a break!
Oh don't give me that shit. You
know what I'm talking about!
      (Andy steps in and
       lowers his voice)


                       ANDY (cont'd)
I don't think he can be trusted. I
mean, he seems wound up like a
spring, always rubbing his hands
together, he has no emotion in his
eyes, it's like he's not even
He's been through a lot Andy, give
him a chance to wind down.
      (shakes his head)
I don't think so much faith should
be placed upon him.
What are you talking about!? We're
all trying to win this war Andy,
Roz is no differnt.
But goddamnit he is different! You
can't tell me that is just the
common soldier! Explain how he can
do all that shit? Why are the
machines singling him out!? Tell
me that Tyler?!
      (sighs and lowers
       his head)
I can't. But Jones believe in him,
and that is enough for me. And
since the machines have singled
Roz out, we've come up with a
solution. We're taking the HAMLET
and getting away from the army,
these Androids pose a threat to us
all, and Roz feels they will
strike again.
Androids? Wasn't it destroyed by
the EMP?
      (shaking his head)
Roz made it a point to find its
remains after the battle, none
were found.
I'm coming with you.
We'll be crowded, Cade and Szorn
are coming along as well.


Two soldiers Roz met a few weeks
ago, they would like to help him,
so we let them come along.
So much for going alone.
The room is dark, faded blue ligts illuminate little of the
area. A buzz of conversation creates a dull droning of
voices. Men walk back and forth as do waiters and servers.
The bar is full, with Roz sitting in the middle, drinking
with a stack of glasses in front of him.
      (downing a shot)
You shouldn't drink so much kid.
Do I know you?
      (taking another
Nope, but I know you Roz. You were
friends with Jones. I knew him for
a brief time, he bought me a few
drinks. The men have taken a blow
with his death.
      (gazing into his
Haven't we all.
      (finishing his
Look kid, don't sweat the small
stuff, appreciate the
relationships you have now, don't
dwell on the ones you lost, or
you'll never survive life.
      (shaking his head)
I know, I just do too much
thinking, that's all.
      (putting on his
       coat and placing
       a hand on Roz's
Don't worry about finding your
legacy, you spend life creating
it. You have the seeds for a great


                       GAYLE (cont'd)
life, a legacy greater than any
human. I believe in you.
      (looking clueless)
What do you mean?
It's hard to find a soldier who
doesn't know of your battle
record. You have given us hope.
Roz smiles as Gayle nods and walks out of the bar. Roz turns
and finishes his last drink and walks out of the bar.
Tyler and Andy sit in the front two seats, pressing buttons
and going over the pre-flight routine when Roz drops into
the seat behind Andy. Tyler and Andy look back at his
arrival and trade a glance.
Where've you been!?
Having a few drinks.
Well it's a good thing you aren't
      (laughs heavily
       for a moment)
Where are Cade and Szorn?
      (pushing some
In the back, ready to go?
      (lets out a deep
As ready as I'll ever be.
The HAMLET lifts off the floor and pivots in mid-air and
floats slowly out of the ship's dock. It appears in the
light of the planet's sun and increases velocity and
explodes into the sky, flying toward camera before the
screen goes black.


Tyler, Roz, Andy, Cade and Szorn sit around a table in what
appears to be a kitchen/dining room. They all have a set of
cards in hand, their eyes moving back and forth as if trying
to find some tell in each others' faces. Andy and Cade have
a cigar burning from their mouths and a pile of money sits
in the center of the table.
Are we waiting on him?
      (eyeing his cards)
Be patient gentlemen.
      (eyeing his cards)
Be patient gentlemen.
Come on Captain, your hand isn't
going to get any better.
      (strokes his
       unshaven face)
A collective sigh of relief is let out across the table and
the money is tossed in the center and everyone lays down
their cards. Everyone seems angry and annoyed that Roz's
hand is better. They all sigh and roll their eyes and Roz
      (raking in the
I figured guys like you would be
better poker players.
As Roz rakes in the last coins into his pile a violent shock
hits him. It throws him back and he flips backwards from his
chair. Everyone jumps up like lightening as Roz writhes on
the floor in pain. Tyler tries to detain him but Roz squirms
and his muscles are tight and his body goes rigid. He
grimaces in pain as the others look on helpless.
What the hell is going on!
I don't know!
Roz begins convulsing before his eyes roll back into his
head and he lets out a breath and his body goes limp. The
others are shocked and stand silent over Roz's body. Tyler's
breaths heave as he tried to detain Roz. They stand
dumbfounded for a few moments.


      (to the others)
Let's get him to the medical ward.
Roz lies on the table apparently unconcious until the scene
changes into his thoughts. Within his mind he sees the
HAMLET. Then suddenly, the ship explodes from the side of
the hull and his eyes quickly open and he sits up quickly
breathing in hard, his chest heaving.
      (leaping to Roz's
Are you alright?! What happened?
      (his eyes showing
       great fear)
I need to talk to you. Alone.


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