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by Angela

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: **
Vampire Drama..work in progress

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It's morning. Seth is in Rachaels bed just waking up. It's
dim in the room. All the blinds are shading the windows. He
turns, looking for Rachael who isn't in bed. He stretches
and gets up to open a blind. Just as he is about to open
one, he hears Racheal's voice.

Rachael is standing in the doorway wearing Seth's white
dress shirt.
Hey you.
      (startled, he
       turns toward her)
Oh hey!
      (walking over to
       Rachael, wrappin
       his arms around
       her waist)
Did I tell you...
That you were amazing?
      (still grinning)
Oh..I was, was I?
Uh huh..
And, what do you remember that was
so amazing?
I remember..you...me...
God Rach..I'm throbbing again just
thinking about it.Mmmmm...             (MORE)


                       SETH (cont'd)
How do you do that to me?
You want me to show you?
      (Backing up,
       turning and
       walking towards
       the bathroom)
Oh right! Then I'd never get to
work! Geez..I'd better get ready.
What time is it anyway? It's so
dark in here.
       back..on his way
       to the bathroom)
      (sitting down on
       the bed)
You love me right?
Rachael..you know I do.
If you could, would you want every
night to be like last night?
If every night was like last
night, I'd have to quit my job.
I love you, you know?
I know. And I love you too. It's
been an incredible six months.
Mmmmm...it has.
Heading for the bathroom.


I have to hurry. Come join me if
you like.
Seth turns the water on in the shower.
What time did you say it was?
      (looking troubled)
Uhhh 7:30! I'll be there in a bit!
Rachael slumps down sitting on the bed. She brings her knees
up to her chest, leaning against the headboard. Her hands
come up to her forehead.
      (speaking to
What have I done to you Seth...oh
my God..what have I done...
                                         FADE TO: BLACK
In the bathroom, Seth quickly takes off his boxers and jumps
into the shower. He lathers up and reaches for the shaving
cream. He's in a wonderful mood. He stops to turn on the
radio, and continues foaming, rubbing it on his face and
neck. A song is playing on the radio. He's dancing as he
reaches for Rachael's razor. He's laughing as he looks at
it and begins shaving.
Heyyyy...this is nice! I feel so
silky smooth. Why do I suddenly
feel like shaving my legs?
Dancing and singing along to the music, carelessly he cuts
himself under the chin.
      (his hands
       move to the cut)


                       SETH (cont'd)
I KNEW I shouldn't have trusted
these gurly razors!
Seth pulls his hand away from his chin to look at how much
damage he's done to his chin, examining his fingers to see
how much blood there is. Seeing the blood, suddenly he
feels woozy. He leans against the shower for support.
Taking a deep breath, shaking his head, he closes his eyes
and re-opens them..not quite sure what to make of his sudden
      (Laughs with an
       English accent)
Afraid of a little flesh wound
Seth laughs, but as the blood runs down his chin, he sees it
dripping onto the shower floor. We can hear the beating of
a heart. He stands in the shower trying to steady himself.
Christ..what's going on?
      (breath quickening)
Still sitting on the bed, Rachael hears him call out. She
jumps up and runs to the bathroom. Upon reaching the
bathroom, she sees him in the shower looking wildly at the
blood, hyperventilating.
Seth! It's okay...everything's
Rachael..what's wrong with me? I
don't feel very good.
Come..let's get you out of the
shower. Let me have a look at
that cut.


Yes..I'm bleeding..I..uh..saw the
blood..started feeling funny. It's
weird Rach..I need to sit down.
Grabbing a towel from the bathroom rack, Rachael helps Seth
out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist she
leads him back to the bedroom to sit on the bed. She quickly
grabs a tissue and dabs his chin. She bites her lip as she
gently dabs his wound, taking a peice of tissue and placing
it on his chin to let it dry.
I don't know what happened in
there. I was feeling great till I
cut my chin..saw the blood..and
just felt this HUGE adrenaline
rush Rach!! My god..I think I was
starting to get hard...whoa!!
      (laughs a little)
Ya think I'm allergic to ladies
      (laying back on
       the bed)
What is it Rachael?
I've been trying to tell you...
Rach..tell me..what's up?
Rachael looks at Seth, tears starting to form in her eyes.
She starts to cry.
Last night..was incredible...
I know that!! It was one of the
most intense experiences of my


                       SETH (cont'd)
entire life Rachael. I've never
felt anything like that before.
Sooo passionate, I've never seen
you like that..you drove me crazy!
      (puts his hand on
       her cheek)
So why the tears you? I thought
you were happy?
Seth..I've never been so happy.
I've been delirious about the two
of us. I've never felt this way
about anyone...and that's the
Problem? Why is that a problem?
What am I missing here Rachael?
I didn't want to hurt you..but I
think I have. I wasn't given a
choice and I swore I would NEVER
do that to any human being. But I
couldn't HELP it!! Dammit!! I
was so weak Seth!! Oh god..I'm so
sorry! You'll never forgive me..I
can't forgive myself. You are so
beautiful Seth..so
caring..giving..how could I do
that to someone like you?
       now..pacing the
It's just so overpowering!! One
minute you think you have control,
and the next it's like you're
possessed and someone else is
controlling your actions.
Seth stands up and is facing her.
Just what are we talking about
here? Are you trying to tell me
you're not on the pill?
I wish I were telling you that.


Then what is it? What are you
saying? What's all this about
hurting me and choices?
Come sit again..maybe I need to
show you. This is hard to
They sit down together facing.
Show me?
You don't remember last night...
Rachael takes Seth's hand and coaxes him back to the bed
where they sit facing each other. She brings her hand up
slowly to his face and gently pulls off the peice of tissue
that's stopping Seth's cut from bleeding. In a few seconds,
a tiny droplet of blood appears. Rachael leaning in towards
Seth, kisses it gently, letting the blood stay visible on
her lips. Seth, still confused pauses, trying to understand
what's happening. Looking at the blood, he starts to feel
excited again. His heart, his breathing increase. He's
looking puzzled, but feels himself getting hard again under
his towel.
I..uh..I..don't understand
Rachael. Why do I want to kiss
you so bad? You have blood on your
lips you know..
Yes I do Seth..come here...
Ignoring all the unanswered questions, Seth leans towards
her, throwing her back on the bed. Kissing her hard,
tasting the blood on her lips, biting harder, tasting hers
as he pierces her skin. Kissing passionately, they are both
wild..rolling around on the bed. He sees Rachaels exposed
neck as she throws her head back, arching her body towards
him. He stops momentarily, not sure what to make of this
feeling..this impulse..urge to sink his teeth into her?


      (breathing heavily)
Rachael..what's happening??? I
don't want to hurt you.
You won't hurt me Seth..do what
comes naturally. Do it.
Naturally??? What???
Now Seth, pleeeezz!
Overcome with passion, some unknown force, excitement, Seth
bites down hard on Rachael's neck. He's excited and repulsed
as he draws in his first taste. Hovering over her, holding
her hands above her head, chaining her there like an animal,
he pushes himself hard into her. Rachael lets out a yell.
Not of pain..but of pleasure. She looks up at Seth seeing a
trace of blood on his lips. She's excited too. As he
pushes his weight onto her moving up with his chest against
her breasts, making love to her, Rachael bites down hard,
sinking her teeth into him.
You just bit me.
You just BIT ME!
      (sits up, putting
       his hand to his
OH MY GOD!! You BIT ME!! What's
going ON?! What the hell IS
I wanted to tell you last night
Seth...but you were so happy. I
didn't mean to...
      (stands up)
Tell me what Rachael..that you're
a god damn Vampire?!! That


HA!! Right Rachael. God. How much
did we have to drink last night?
It's true Seth.
Would you STOP that already?
You're being a little weird Rach.
This is crazy. I need to get out
of here. I'm so late for work now.
I need to get dressed. We'll talk
Stooping to pick up his clothes and trying to find his
I can't find my watch, damn I'm
Seth moves to the window to open the blinds. Rachael
suddenly sees Seth reaching to open the blinds.
Wait Seth! Don't open...
Seth opens the blind to reveal the sun shooting straight
into the bedroom. He's looking into the sun. As it hits
his eyes and face, he let's out a cry of pain and holds his
hand and arm up to his face to shield himself. Rachael is
also yelling and quickly runs to the window, obviously in
pain too, but more concerned about getting the blinds shut.
She's fumbling blindly as Seth stumbles back completely
dazed and confused. The blinds are finally closed. Seth is
examing his hands and feeling his face which is slightly
burned like a bad sunburn. He backs up and sits on the bed
looking exhausted with a blank look. Rachael walks to his
I wanted to tell you.
I lost control last night Seth. I
bit you. I didn't mean to.
Well...maybe I did.I love you so
much Seth. I wanted this to last
forever. I couldn't control myself
last night. I'm so sorry.
We hear a cell phone ringing. He ignores it. It continues to
ring as Seth continues to sit there staring blankly.


Everything is sinking in now. We see Rachael sitting behind
Seth on the bed looking at him worried, not saying anything.
It's around noon. Seth is laying on the couch watching t.v.
looking very bored and disheveled. The room is dim even
though it's sunny out. Hw still has the same blank look on
his face the night Rachael told him he was a vampire. He's
flipping through the channels with no expression. He stops
on a commercial for a travel company. They are advertising
sunny vacation spots, showing bright sunny beaches and
Sunny huh?
Causes skin cancer ya know.
Why not stay home and have pastey
white skin like me?
Seth finally sits up with remote in hands, gazing at the
t.v. You can see the anger slowly building. He looks down,
head hung for a sec..looks back up. Suddenly chucking the
remote at the t.v.
Damn you!
There is a knock at the door and Seth's attention is quickly
taken from the t.v. Wondering who it is, he walks down the
short hallway toward the door. He hears another knock.
Hang on a sec!
Seth stops at the door peering through the peep hole.
Quickly he recognizes the short balding man on the other
side. He's scrawny and is holding a large brown paper bag.
Come on Seth! I don't have alot
of time here!
      (opening the door)
Sorry, is it Tuesday already?


The man walks hurriedly past Seth and into the kitchen to
drop the bag onto the counter; walking past the living room
he quickly looks around.
Don't you ever get out? Look at
this place, it's a mess!
Who are you? My mother?
If you were my kid, I'd smack you.
I gotta get going, so listen up.
They're getting suspicious down at
the clinic lately.
We've pulled alot of blood from
the screening lately saying it's
infected with HIV. They say the
numbers aren't matching with the
stats from the hospitals, too many
donor labels are going missing.
Last month we said it was
Hepatitis C. The bank is running
low Seth, we're going to have to
allow alot more through for a
while till everything calms down.
      (looking worried)
Hmmm. Okay, so what about in the
I've got some numbers you can
call. You'll probably have to go
pick it up if you can find any at
all. Everyone's looking Seth.
There's a shortage.
What are you gonna do? Thanks for
letting me know.
      (hands Jeff some
       bills from his


      (takes the money,
       hands him a slip
       of paper with
I better scoot. I have a couple
more deliveries today. No one's
going to be happy with me when I
tell them what's up.
      (He leaves. We
       hear a voice
       trailing down the
       hall before the
       door is closed)
Call those numbers!
Seth shuts and locks it. He walks into the kitchen. He
tosses the paper with numbers aside. Opening the bag, he
pulls out 7 pints of blood. They still have their labels on.
Seth opens the fridge and puts them beside a full one and
one half empty one already there. He closes the fridge,
walks back into the living room and lays back on the couch.
He looks at the clock on the wall. It's only 12:15 p.m. He
lays there for a bit. We see him closing his eyes, drifting
off to sleep.
Seth wakes up hungry and goes to the fridge to drink some
blood before heading to the shower. He gets dressed and
decides to go out. He shuts out the light as he closes the
door behind him.
Seth is walking down a busy street a bit aimlessly. He's
thinking about the events leading to his becoming a vampire.
Flashes of memory are playing through his mind.


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From MARCUS FIELDS Date 6/28/2007 1/2
Excuse me please but you may need to change the title of your piece which already exists CHOICES a screenplay by Marcus Fields. Please be sure to verify the placing date of the piece and it's content. Thank you. Peace & Love.

From Joshua Logan David Dyer Date 9/18/2005 *1/2
I couldn't read it all because I was distracted by all the parentheticals. These should be used sparingly and only if nothing else in the scene suggests how a line should be read. You should never say "we see," and there's a part when the screenplay says something like Rachael asks if she should get it. This line should be in diaglogue without something like (looks questioningly) because she's obviously asking a question.

From steve Date 9/15/2005 ***1/2

From Chantell Monique Date 9/14/2005 ***
I'm quite captivated. Please continue, I want to know more about Seth and the world he's been thrust into. Great job!

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