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First Period
by Jason Presutti (kingofsherwood@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: *
This is a pilot episode to an untitled series I am writing. If anyone has any feedback or wants to contact me, email me at kingofsherwood@yahoo.com. Thanks.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Mike is walking down the main hallway. There are students
going through their lockers, getting ready for the first day
of school.
Another summer has come to an end.
Back to school for another fun
filled year of learning. At least
that is what they will try and
have you believe, but we all know
different! High school isn't
about all the stuff you learn in
the classroom. It is about you
and what you do. Here in good old
Lyndhurst High School we have all
kinds of students. You have your
jocks, your nerds, your
cheerleaders, your musicians, your
freaks, and so on. Now it is time
for you to meet a group of
students just doing what they do.
Mike walks past Larry. Larry is looking into his locker.
There are students walking back and forth throughout the
hallway. Eric, walks up to Larry.
Hey man, what's up?
Eric extends his hand to shake Larry's hand. They do a
secret handshake.
What's going on?
Larry closes his locker, turns and faces Eric, and leans his
body on his locker.
I can't believe the summer is over
already. I feel like we just left
this place.
      (Pauses and looks
Next week I'll get my license and
pick you up in the morning.


That beats walking. Ya know dude,
if you took some time off from
work in the summer, you just might
have enjoyed it yo.
Rich walks over and stops to talk.
Enjoy what?
Rich does the secret handshake with Eric, then with Larry.
Nothing. Why'd you miss practice
yesterday dude?
I had to go to the doctor. I told
Coach the other day.
Do you have a note from your
No, I have one from yours. With a
thank you note saying she never
had it so good.
Anyway, we ran our asses off
The cycle?
A damn good practice to miss.
You aint kiddng, yo.
What's the cycle?
You run until you can't run


Then you run another mile or two.
We ran so much yesterday he gave
us today off from practice.
Brenda is standing at her locker, five lockers down on the
other side of the hallway. She turns and sees Megan walking
past Eric, Rich and Larry.
Megan. Wait up.
Megan stops and Brenda catches up to her. They continue to
walk down the hallway.
Hey B. What's going on?
Not much. How was your Labor Day
Good. I didn't want to come back.
Another Jersey shore romance?
No. Just, like, another friend,
that if he lived closer, you never
How did you meet him?
I was laying on the beach, trying
to enjoy, like, the last rays of
the summer, when a volleyball
comes over to me. I picked it up
and a hottie came up to get it. We
spent, like, pretty much the rest
of the weekend together talking.
And nothing happened?
No, just alot of talking.
Not even one kiss?


There was no chance. We were
never really alone enough. He was
down there with his buds.
You could always hook up down the
shore again.
Doubt it, but you never know. It
was Labor Day weekend, the end of
the summer. Besides, he is from
Philly or somewhere around there.
Too far for anything to really
What about John?
What about him? We are only,
like, seeing each other. It
isn't anything serious, at least
not yet.
Oh. Are you sure he feels the
same way?
We never talked about not seeing
other people, so as far as I am
concerned I can both still see
other guys.
I didn't get that from him when
him and Chip stopped over the
other night.
Really? Hmm. He told me that
Chip made him take him to see you.
So what's the deal with you and
Nothing yet.
      (acting surprised)


Yeah yet. Like, I think something
is gonna happen, but we haven't
had the chance to be alone
together yet. Maybe if the four
of us hang out and you two go off
somewhere, like, you never know.
Megan opens the door to the Band Room. The Band Room is set
up with the concert band rehearsal area set up with chairs
and music stands when you walk into the band room. Past
that is choir risers. There are two rooms off of that main
room. The first room is the Mr. Capella's office and the
second room is a lounge area that has all of the
instruments, uniforms and couches for the band members to
sit on.
Matt and Bob are standing talking to each other in front of
the choir risers.
What time is the party going to
Whenever people show up. My
parents are going away Saturday
morning and won't be home until
Sunday afternoon or night.
I'll be there.
Kate walks up to Bob and Matt.
Hey Bob, can I talk to you?
      (He looks to Matt.)
I'll talk to you later.
Alright bro. Later.
Matt walks into the lounge area.
What's up?


I think Tony is cheating on me.
He hasn't even been gone for a
week yet.
Yeah, but still.
You need to relax. You have to
trust him alittle.
I wouldn't worry so much if I had
someone watching him, like he has
you watching me.
Still I wouldn't worry about it.
The bell rings. Mr. Capella walk in the rehearsal area from
his office.
                       MR. CAPELLA
Hello everyone. Sit in your seat.
I hope you all enjoyed your
summer, because now it is time to
Bob walks into a classroom. The classroom has tables with
computers on top of them. The tables go in the direction
from the door to the window. There are four rows of
tables. There is one row against each wall and two back to
back in the center of the classroom. Each row is made up of
two tables. Each table has three computers on it. Bob
walks down between the center row and the row against the
left wall. He sits in the last seat in the center row, by
the windows. Megan walks in and sits opposite of Bob.
Neil comes and sits next to Bob.


Hey there little brother.
Hi Neal.
Who are you talking to over there?
Neal, this is Megan. Megan, my
twin brother Neal.
Megan extends her hand to shake Neal's hand. He takes her
hand and kisses it.
Nice to meet you.
The pleasure is all mine.
I didn't know you were in this
class. Why didn't Mom tell me?
      (Smacks Bob in the
       back of the head.)
Because I am not in this class,
dumbass. I was passing by and saw
you in here and wanted to bust
your balls, stupid. Gotta go now.
Bye Megan.
Neal gets up and walks out of the room.
Sorry about that.
He seems nice. (Slight pause.) I
never realized that you two were
brothers, let alone twins.
Yeah. Well, we are fraternal
twins, not identical, so I can see
why you would think that.


Your names are weird though.
Weird? How?
You know, Neal and Bob. Well,
sounds kind of funny.
Oh yeah. Well, my Dad said that
is what my Mom should have done
and they wouldn't have had us. He
only says that when we fight or
piss him off.
      (Megan laughs.)
It took me so long to get what he
How long has he been saying that?
As long as I can remember.
The bell rings and Mr. Hudson walks in.
Matt, Kate, Bob and Larry sitting together in the bleachers.
Mike is sitting on the opposite side of the bleachers.
There are many other students sitting around in the gym
bleachers. The gym teachers are standing on the gym floor.
There is one male and one female gym teacher. The male
teacher's name is Mr. Johnson. He is dressed in a school
sweatshirt and sweat pants. The female gym teacher is Miss
Gibson. She is dressed in a blouse and long skirt. They
start calling out their attendance roster. As they call
each name, the corresponding student walks down the
bleachers and lines up in rows on the gym floor.
I hate gym class.


I don't like having to change into
my gym clothes, having to run
around and get all sweaty for
                       MR. JOHNSON (O.C.)
Michael Ullnick
I'd rather do this than go to
I'd rather just go home and like
watch TV.
Dude, I just want to start
changing in your locker room.
I bet you would. It's not what
you imagine it to be.
Maybe, but I wouldn't mind finding
                       MISS GIBSON (O.C.)
Caitlin Smith
Yeah, I hear that, dude.
Are you guys coming to my party
Saturday night.
You know it. Your parties are
sick as hell.
Yeah I'll be there.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Kate Johnson
That's me.


Kate gets up and walks down the bleachers and goes into her
row. The gym teachers continue to call out student's names.
      (When Kate gets to
       the bottom of the
       bleachers. Turns
       to Bob and Larry.)
Man, What I would do to her.
She's spoken for dude.
Yeah, she's still with Tony.
So what bro. She's here and he's
there. Besides, we all know Tony,
do you really think he is gonna be
faithful to her being so far away?
None of that matters anyway. You
have to remember one thing that I
have going for me and he doesn't
What's that?
I'm Matt (slight pause) O'Brien.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Robert Leonardo.
Bob gets up and walks down the bleachers to his spot on the
      (To Larry after
       Bob gets to his
Dude what's his problem? She's
gonna do what she's gonna do.
Yeah, but Tony did ask him to keep
an eye on her for him.


So what.
                       MISS GIBSON
Matt O'Brien.
Matt gets up and starts to walk down the bleachers. As he
gets down to the bottom of the bleachers he trips on the
last step. As he is falling, he puts his hands out to brace
his fall, and touches Miss Gibson by her hips, grabbing and
pulling down her skirt and underwear. Miss Gibson stands
there in shock for a moment. He looks up and his head is
even with her crotch. He notices what is in front of him
and sticks out his tounge and shakes it up and down.
Most of the students are laughing. She then pulls up her
skirt and underwear.
                       MISS GIBSON
I hope you enjoyed the show
O'Brien. Now get up and get in
Clean shaven, I like that. Anytime
you need help shaving, you know
where to find Matt (slight pause)
Matt gets up and starts walking to his spot on the floor.
                       MR. JOHNSON
That's it! O'Brien go to the
Matt walks out of the gym.
Larry, Rich, Brenda, Mike, Scott and Paul are in this class.
They are sitting towards the back of the classroom in the
two rows furthest away from the windows. Brenda is sitting
in front of Larry. Scott is sitting behind Larry. Rich is
sittin in the row next to Larry in the seat. Paul is
sitting behind Rich. Joey is sitting in the front row,
right in front of the Mr. Doyle's desk.


                       MR. DOYLE
Are there any questions? (slight
pause) Then, you may have the
rest of the period to yourselves.
Mr. Doyle sits down at his desk.
Did you hear that O'Brien felt up
Miss Gibson in front of the whole
gym class?
That's not what I heard bro. I
heard he went down on her until
Mr. Johnson threw him out.
Yeah, only O'Brien could get
suspended on the first day of
school. I wish I was there to see
him do that to that dyke.
Dude I was there, and he didn't
touch her anywhere, except for her
skirt when he fell.
      (Turns around.)
Did you say that O'Brien got
suspended already?
Yeah, it's a school record.
      (Laughing. She
       then looks at
You are in this class too.
      (She ten looks at
You too? What are you guys like
stalking me or something?
Please, like I want to be in any
class with you.
Who are you again?


Your worst nightmare.
No serously, I don't know who you
That is Paul. I thought having
you in gym class the last few
years was bad enough. Now I have
to see your face all day but gym.
Another fucking reason to hate
school this year.
Feeling's mutual.
I hope O'Brien's party is still on
this weekend.
It's Matt (slight pause) O'Brien,
the party will still be on.
When is O'Brien having a party?
Saturday night. Why you wanna go?
I might stop by. I've heard about
O'Brien's parties, but never been
to one.
You should go. It'll be a good
Yeah. You should go Bren.
Ok. Maybe I will.


Mr. Capella is sitting at his desk in his office. He is
leaning back in his chair and has his feet on his desk. Kate
and Eric are sitting in chairs facing Mr. Capella.
                       MR. CAPELLA
Now you two are seniors. I
remember when you two first
started out as freshmen. Boy have
you two come along way.
Yeah. Seems like so long ago.
But it also seems just like
                       MR. CAPELLA
      (Takes his legs
       off of his desk
       and sits up in
       his chair.)
You guys remember how awkward it
was when you started here and had
to learn how to march and get used
to how we do things here?
Yeah. Like it was rough in the
beginning, but I was able to
adjust quickly.
                       MR. CAPELLA
Why do you think that was?
I don't know. You don't make a
big deal about marching. But Jane
was a big help, she made me feel
comfortable. I knew I didn't have
to be perfect, but just try my
best. That, like, made it easier
for me to feel comfortable. The
next thing you knew I was doing
just as well as everyone else.
Yeah, Dave helped me out with that


                       MR. CAPELLA
Yeah. That was a great senior
class. Anyway, I hope that you
two can help out the freshmen and
eighth graders this year like Jane
and Dave helped you.
No problem Mr. C. I think it is
something that we already do.
Yeah. I'll do it.
      (Turns around and
       looks at the
       clock behind him.)
I gotta go. I don't want to be
late for work.
                       MR. CAPELLA
Ok. See ya.
Eric gets up and walks out of Mr. Capella's office into the
band room.
                       MR. CAPELLA
Do you have anything else that you
want to talk about?
No. I'm just waiting for Bob. I
told him I would give him a ride
home from school.
                       MR. CAPELLA
                       MR. CAPELLA
I didn't know you two were going
We're not. We're just friends.


                       MR. CAPELLA
Do you want to take out your
clarinet and practice?
      (The bell rings.)
I would but Bob should be coming
in at any minute.
                       MR. CAPELLA
Ok. No problem.
See you tomorrow Mr. C.
Kate gets up and walks into the rehearsal part of the
                       MR. CAPELLA (O.C.)
See ya.
Rich and Bob walk into the band room.
What time do you want to start
I think Scott and Larry will be
there about 3:30.
      (As they get to
I'll be there at 3:30 then.
Where are you going?
We got a stickball game today.
Can I come?
I don't see why not. It is gonna
be like us, Scott and Larry.
We are playing at Columbus School.


I guess it is a good thing I got a
Megan walks into the band room.
      (To Megan)
Megan looks up at Bob and walks into a music stand, which
falls down and knocks over a row of music stands. The last
one falls and Bob catches it.
      (Embarrassed. She
       picks up the
       music stands that
       hit the floor.)
Hi. Sorry about that.
      (He helps Megan
       pick up the music
No harm done.
Can you give me a ride home too,
Yeah let's go.
See you tomorrow.
Megan walks into Mr. Capella's office, while Rich, Bob and
Kate walk out of the band room.


                       MR. CAPELLA
      (On the phone.
       Puts his hand
       over the mouth
       part of the
Megan. I'm glad you could make
it. Give me a minute. Sit down.
      (He points to the
       chair in front of
       his desk with the
       hand that was
       over the
       receiver. Megan
       sits down.)
Ok. I've gotta go. See ya.
      (He hangs up the
Sorry about that.
It's ok.
                       MR. CAPELLA
I just wanted to talk to you about
what you are in for by doing both
the color guard, on the field, and
playing with the band, in the
I can do it. I've done color
guard for a year, so now I just
have to play in the stnads instead
of just sitting with the girls.
                       MR. CAPELLA
I'm not worried about durring the
games. I know you will do fine.
But you have to remember to bring
your instrument and your flag.
Also, you will still need to be at
every color guard practice after
school, even though you are lining
up with the band every morining
while they practice.
I know. I figure I should learn
the routine quicker by being at
both practices.


                       MR. CAPELLA
I was just gonna say that.
Great minds think alike.
                       MR. CAPELLA
Well if you have any problems,
just let me know. Ok. Let's get
to practice.
Mr. Capella and Megan get up from their seats and walk out
of Mr. Capella's office.
A group of football players are standing on the practice
field talking to each other.
Do you think any of us will play
JV or Varsity?
You might, at least JV. Probably
backup QB if not start there.
Coach asked me to try out for
kicker and punter.
When are you supposed to do that?
Today or tomorrow.
Mr. Johnson walks over.
                       MR. JOHNSON
We have been scouting you freshman
for a few years now. Many of you
will only play with the freshman
team. Some of you will play with
the freshman and JV team. You are
the future of this program. Work
your asses off and hopefully you
will be able to help out in the
future. Mc Mullin come with me,
the rest of you stay here and wait
for your coaches.


Mr. Johnson and Danny leave the rest.
                       MR. JOHNSON
Are you ready Mc Mullin?
I guess Coach.
                       MR. JOHNSON
If you want to play varsity, you
better be.
Her bed if facing the televison. She has a desk with a
computer on it right next to her closet door, next to her
bed. Brenda is sitting at her desk looking at the computer
monitor. She is on Myspace.com. The phone is on her desk
with her cellphone right next to it. The phone rings. She
picks up the phone her cellphone and looks at the caller ID,
and the phone still rings. She then puts down the cellphone
and picks up the regular phone. The screen splits when
Brenda picks up the phone. Brenda is on one side and Megan
is on the other side.
Hi B. What are you doing?
Nothing. Just checking myspace.
I didn't see you in the band room
after school today.
Yeah. Umm. I was so pissed. It
seemed like every class I had
today, damn Larry Stone was in,
and some other kid too. I can't
remember his name.
Oh. What's wrong with them?


Larry is so annoying. Like no one
really likes him. I don't know
the other kid, but I was just so
Why would Larry be in the band
room anyway? He isn't in band.
I know, but sometimes he is there
with Bob, Rich and Eric. I wish I
had more classes with Rich,
instead of Larry.
He isn't so annoying and is easier
on the eyes.
Yeah, he's ok.
I hooked up with him last year.
You did? I don't remember you two
going out.
It was at a party. We were both
drinking a little, well at least I
was. He was sitting on the couch,
watching TV, and I sat next to
him. I forget what was on, but
anyway, we were sitting there
right next to each other in the
middle of the couch. I moved over
a tiny bit, and he moved closer to
me. The next thing I knew, we
were kissing.
Wow. I am surprised you never
told me that.
Well, that was before we really
started talking. I don't know.


So what else happened?
Nothing. Friggin Bob came and got
Rich, and they left. Nothing
happened after that. We talked on
the phone a few times, but never
really hung out or anything. I
really hadn't even thought that
much about it today, until I had
Rich in a few of my classes.
Bob who?
Leonardo. You know him. He's in
Oh yeah. He is in a few of my
classes this year. He is cute.
He's ok, I guess. Never really
thought of him like that.
I didn't know his brother was Neal
Leonardo. I never would have
guessed they were brothers, let
alone twins. I mean they look
like they could be related, but
Neal is so popular, and Bob, well
Yeah, well Bob is in band and Neal
is on the football team. Not
there is anything wrong with being
in band, but just not as popular
as the football team. But I like
Bob, he is cool.
I don't know him that well, but he
seems like a nice guy.
He will be at O'Brien's party
Saturday night.


O'Brien is having a party on
Saturday night?
Yeah, do you want to go? Rich and
Larry were telling me about it
Sounds like it should be fun.
I have never been to one of
O'Brien's parties. I hear they
are hot.
Sounds like fun. The only problem
is that my curfew is ten.
You should sleep over and we can
go to the party?
Sounds like a plan.
      (Megan has another
       call beep in.)
Hold on. I have another call.
The screen now splits into three sections. One is Brenda,
and that fades alittle. One is Megan. The third is John.
Hey Babe. What's up?
Not much, just talking to Brenda.
How was your day?
Ok. Something's come up and I
gotta work on Friday night.
But we were supposed to go out
Friday night.


Yeah, I know, but Manny has to go
to a wake on Friday night and said
he would work Saturday night for
me, if I worked Friday night for
I'm sorry. (Slight pause.) We
can go out Saturday night.
I just made plans with B to go to
a party Saturday night.
I'm sorry. I really wanted to
hang out this weekend.
It isn't my fault you are breaking
the plans we had.
I know. Maybe I can go to the
party with you and Brenda.
That wouldn't be too awkward for
Yeah. I can see if Chip wants to
That could work. Hold on, I will
ask Brenda.
Megan clicks over to Brenda. Brenda's part of the screen
gets light again and John's part of the screen goes dark.
I'm back.
I'm here. Who was it?


It was John. I still have him on
We were supposed to go out on
Friday night, but he switched at
work, so he wants to go out on
Saturday now.
But I thought we were going to go
to the party?
We are. I told him about the
party and he said he would see if
Chip wanted to go and the four of
us can go together.
Sounds good to me.
Ok. Hold on. Let me tell him, so
he can call Chip. Hold on.
Megan switches back to John. As she does that, the darkness
shifts back to Brena and away from John.
She said it's cool.
Great. Let me call Chip, then
call you back.


John hangs up. The screen goes back to two halves as Megan
switches back to Brenda and the darkness goes away.
Ok. He's gonna call me back after
he calls Chip.
I just thought of something.
What if I want to hook up with
someone else at the party? I
mean, I like Chip, but what if
something can happen with someone
You two are going to the party as
friends. There is no pressure on
you two hooking up.
True. But hooking up with him
isn't a bad thing.
You need to make up your mind
girl. (Brenda laughs.) Besides,
how do you know he is gonna want
to hook up with you? He might see
someone there that he might want
to hook up with instead of you.
I never thought of that.
There is a knock on Brenda's door. Right after the knock
you hear Brenda's mom's voice.
                       BRENDA'S MOM (O.C.)
Dinner's done.
      (To her mom.)
I'll be right there.
      (To Megan.)
I gotta go and eat dinner.


Ok. Do you want me to say
anything to John or Chip?
No. Don't say anything. Let's
see how things work out. I'll
talk to you later. Bye.
Brenda hangs up the phone.
Matt is standing in his living room talking to two girls.
There are a bunch of other kids all around Matt's house
sitting and standing around eating, drinking and smoking.
There are a few tables set up in the kitchen that have some
food and chips on it. There are two big coolers up against
the stairs. Next to the coolers is a small table set up
with plastic cups and different bottles of alcohol on it.
The doorbell rings and Matt goes and opens the door. When
the door opens Eric, Paul, Larry and Rich are on the other
      (As he opens the
Gentlemen. Welcome one and all to
Matt O'Brien's Back to School
Missed you in school these last
couple of days.
You must be the only person to
ever get suspended on the first
day of school.
Hey. That's me. I'm (slight
pause) Matt O'Brien.
Yeah. Jerk off.
He doesn't have to do that, he has
Miss Johnson for that.
      (They all laugh.)


Ah, you're still a jerk off.
Are you gonna let us in, or are we
gonna have to stand out here for
the whole fucking party?
Matt moves over and they all walk into the house. Paul
walks through the door first. Then Rich and Larry walks
through, then Rich. Then Eric turns sideways to go through
the door.
So how did Miss Johnson look?
She looked good. After I fell, I
saw two wood floors.
That's messed up.
You think that is messed up? I'm
telling you she enjoyed it.
How do you know?
My nose never lies. Besides, why
wouldn't she? I'm (slight pause)
Matt O'Brien.
Bob and Kate walk in the open door and walk up to Matt,
Eric, Paul, Larry and Rich.
Glad to see you survived your


Yeah. Well, I'm going to go
mingle. Help yourself to any food
or drink that you want.
Matt walks away and starts talking to Ann and Caitlin.
I'm gonna get something to eat.
Anybody want to come with me?
I'll go with you.
Rich and Eric walk over to the table that has the food on
      (After Rich and
       Eric walk away.)
When isn't Eric hungry? He
probably needs Rich to go and hold
another plate for him. I can't
believe he works at the
I know. If I owned the store, I
would be afraid that he'd eat me
out of business.
Say that a little louder and he
will come and eat you.
He would love to eat her in more
ways than one.
I'm gonna go and get a drink.
They all start walking towards the coolers.
Sounds like a good idea.
Yeah a buzz will do me some good
about now.
They get to the coolers. One cooler has "beer" written on


it and the other has "not beer" written on it. Bob opens
the "beer" cooler and grabs one and hands it to Larry. He
opens it and taks a drink. Bob then grabs one and gives it
to Kate. She opens it and takes a drink. He grabs another
one and goes to hand it to Paul.
None for me.
Paul reaches into the "not beer" cooler and pulls out a
soda. Bob stands up and opens the beer and takes a sip out
of it.
      (To Paul.)
Why, you're not driving?
I just don't want to.
Ok. More for us.
Kate starts to hang on Bob. Matt walks up to Bob, Kate,
Paul and Larry.
Hey, does anyone want to play some
strip poker?
I'll play.
Yeah, me too.
No, I'll just watch.
Yeah, me too.
Cool. That makes six players.
Who else is playing?
Me, you, Kate, Scott, Caitlin and


They go and sit at a round table. Bob sits next to Kate,
who sits next to Matt, who sits next to Ann, who sits next
to Scott, who sits next to Caitlin, who sits next to Bob.
The camera focuses on Ann's face and pauses as wrting
appears on the bottom of the screen.
Ok. Here are the rules. The one
with the weakest hand has to
remove a piece of clothing. We
will play five card draw.
We should play seven card stud.
Stud, like me, (slight pause) Matt
Seven card stud is annoying. It
is just luck of the draw.
Who cares? Let's just play five
card stud.
Ok. Whatever. Any other
questions? (Slight pause.) Ok.
Throughout the scene, they are all drinking beer. Caitlin
and Scott smoke cigarettes while playing cards. Scott now
shuffles the deck of cards and deals them. They all look at
their cards.
All right. Let's see what
everyone's got.
      (They all lay down
       their cards.)
Caitlin has a pair of deuces. Bob
has ace high. Kate has a pair of
kings. Matt has seven high. Ann
has three fives. I have a pair of
tens. So that means that O'Brien
is the loser. Strip stud.
Here you go.
Matt takes off his hat.
That's not a piece of clothing.


Yes it is. I can understand you
want to see more.
Yeah it does count.
That's bullshit. No one else is
wearing a hat.
But he was (emphasizing the word)
WEARING a hat.
Caitlin, your deal.
Matt collects the cards and gives them to Caitlin.
I can't shuffle.
I'll shuffle for you.
Matt takes the cards back and shuffles them. He then hands
the cards back to Catitlin. She deals the cards out.
Ok, let's see what we have.
      (Everyone puts
       down their cards.)
Bob has a full house, kings over
If only we were playing for money.
Kate has Jack high. Matt has a
pair of fours. Ann has ten high.
I have a pair of aces. And
Catilin has a pair of threes. Ann
take it off.
Ann bends down under the table.


Oh yeah. Take off your pants.
Bob gives Matt a high five. Ann sits back up with her shoes
in her hands.
There you go.
What is that. You have to be
kidding me.
If you can take off your hat, she
can take off her shoes.
Ok. Ok. Bob, your deal. Do you
need me to shuffle them for you
I can handle it thanks.
Bob picks up the cards and shuffles them. Then he deals
Ok. Let's see what we have this
They all put down their cards.
Kate has a Jack high. Matt has a
Jack high. Ann has a Jack high.
Damn Bob, you can't shuffle for
shit. I have, guess what, a Jack
high. Caitlin has an eight high.
And last but not least Bob has a
pair of deuces. So Caitlin, this
means it is your turn to take
something off.
I know this is what you have been
waiting to see for a long time
Scott, so I wouldn't want to
disappoint you. I'm going to take
off my top.


Now that's what I'm talking about
Caitlin starts to lift her shirt slowly. As she does, a
flesh color is appering from where she lifts. As she gets
to her breasts, everyone can tell she is wearing a flesh
colored sleeveless shirt under the shirt she is taking off.
Everyone at the table starts to laugh, except for Scott.
Very funny. Ok. Kate's turn to
      (Scott gathers the
       cards and hands
       them to Kate. She
       shuffles them and
       deals them.)
Ok. Who has what? That is the
question. Let's get the answer.
      (They all show
       their cards.)
O'Brien has a pair of deuces. Ann
has a pair of threes. I have
three kings. Caitlin has a pair
of queens, how fitting. Bob has a
pair of five. O'Brien strip.
Damn you.
      (He bends down and
       comes back up and
       has his shoes in
       this hand.)
There you go. My deal.
Matt takes the cards, shuffles them, then deals them.
What do we have now?
      (Everyone shows
       their cards.)
Ann has an ace high. I have a
pair of fours. Caitlin has a jack
high. Bob has a king high. And
Kate has a pair of kings. Caitlin,
take it off.
      (She puts her feet
       on the table and
       kicks off her


                       CAITLIN (cont'd)
       shoes, one at a
She grabs her shoes and put them on the floor. Neal walks
What are you guys up to?
Playing strip poker.
      (Finishes his
I'll be right back. I need
another beer.
I need another one too.
Why don't you just bring one back
for everyone.
      (He gets up and
       starts to walk
      (Sits down in
       Bob's seat.)
I will play your hand until you
get back.
The door opens and Brenda, Megan, John and Chip walk in.
We finally made it.
If John had listened to me, we
would have been here five minutes
We would have been here earlier if
we didn't have to wait so fucking
long for you to get ready.


Enough already. John, can you get
me a drink?
I'll go with you.
Chip and John walk over to the coolers.
Let's go and sit on the couch.
Brenda turns around and starts walking. As she takes her
first step, she walks into Larry, who was walking in her
direction, but had his head turned toward the strip poker
game. At the game Caitlin had taken off her shirt and is
sitting in her bra.

      (Not realizing who
       he bumped into.)
Excuse me. I'm sor
      (He looks to see
       if was Brenda he
       bumped into. He
       sits up.)
I'm sorry too. I'll have to be
more careful.
Rich walks over and helps Brenda get up.
Are you ok?
I am now. You gotta watch where
you are going Stone.
You too.


Larry gets up and walks away. Brenda hugs Rich.
Thanks for coming to my rescue
John and Chip come back. Each is carrying two drinks.
Chip hands a drink to Brenda as she releases from Rich's
hug. John hands a drink to Megan.
That was messed up. At least you
didn't hit your head or something.
It would have taken you forever to
pick what hospital to go to.
Megan takes Brenda's hand.
Stop. Come on Brenda, let's go
and sit on the couch.
Megan and Brenda walk over to the couch. Eric is sitting on
the right side of the couch eating and drinking. Brenda
sits to his left and Megan sits to the left of Brenda. There
isn't enough room for anyone else to sit. John and Chip
start to drink their beers. Bob passes by with two hands
full of beer bottles. When he gets back, Neal is sitting in
his place playing for him. Neal is only in a pair of
boxers. O'Brien has on only his pants. Caitlin is wearing
her bra and pants. Kate is fully dressed except for her
shoes. Scott and Ann are sitting with no shoes or socks on.
Bob hands everyone a beer.
Ok Neal, I'm back.
Neal picks up the cards and shuffles and deals them.
So, I'm playing now. You will
have to wait your turn little
Ok. Let's see what everyone has.
Kate has queens over tens. Matty


                       SCOTT (cont'd)
boy has a pair of jacks. Ann has
a queen high. I have a ten high.
Caitlin almost has a straight, but
not quite
      (Caitlin has a
       2,3,4,5 and 7.)
a seven high. And Neal has a pair
of deuces. Sooooo. That means
Miss Caitlin, STRIP!!!
Caitlin stands up and takes off her pants. Now she is just
in her bra and panties.
I bet you like what you see.
      (He takes a big
       swig of his beer.)
Yes I do little lady.
      (She takes a swig
       of her beer.)
Yeah, well you're not looking too
bad yourself.
Really. You think?
Maybe we should do something about
this mutual likeness?
Maybe we should.
Let's go upstairs then.
Caitlin grabs her clothes and starts walking toward the
stairs. Neal gets up and follows Caitlin upstairs.
Don't make a mess upstairs. I
guess that ends this game.


Everyone at the table starts to put their clothes back on.
John and Chip, who are getting more drinks at the coolers.
They each grab a beer, open it and start drinking, and
walking back toward the girls.
This party is pretty cool.
Yeah, I'm starting to feel really
good, and besides there were girls
taking off their clothes. But you
know if this party ahd been in
Oakville, more girls would be
showing some skin.
No doubt.
So what's going on with you and
We are having fun for now, nothing
serious yet.
Oh ok. I got ya.
John and Chip get to the couch.
Chip, why didn't you bring me back
a beer?
You didn't ask.
Oh yeah.
      (She giggles.)
Rich, will you get me a drink?
Yeah, sure. I need a fresh one
Rich walks to the coolers.
Does anyone know where the
bathroom is?


      (He takes a
       mouthful of food
       and he mumbles.)
Third door on the
      (He swallows his
Ok. Thanks.
John starts to walk toward the stairs. Chip sees John go
and follows him.
I gotta take a leak too. Hold on.
John and Chip start walking up the stairs.
Can you believe how much that guy
can eat?
I know. Well, look at him. What
door on the left did he say?
They get to the top of the stairs.
I don't know. I couldn't
understand him. Let's check them
John opens the first door on the left. It is dark inside
the room. You can hear Caitlin moaning.
                       NEAL (O.C)
      (Voice coming from
       the dark room.)
Shut the fucking door, you pervs.
John shuts the door.
Someone is getting lucky tonight.
Yeah. Let's try this door.


Chip opens the next door on the left. When the door opens a
whole bunch of smoke comes out of the room.
                       STONER VOICE (O.C.)
Duuuuuuuuude, like close the door,
Chip closes the door.
They are getting fucked up in
It has to be this door.
John opens the third door on the left. As he opens the
door, Paul walks out.
It is gonna stink in here for a
John walks fast past Paul into the bathroom.
I gotta go too bad to wait.
John closes the door behind him. Chip stays in the hallway
with Paul.
Sorry man.
Don't sweat it man, when you gotta
go, you gotta go.
John comes out of the bathroom.
That room smells like ass.
Get out of my way or I am gonna
piss on you. Damn that fucking
room stinks. You weren't kidding.
John moves out of the way and Chip walks into the bathroom.
He closes the door behind him, then he opens the door and
steps into the hallway for a second and takes a deep breath
then goes back into the bathroom. John looks at Paul.


      (Extending his
How's it going? I'm John.
I would shake your hand, but I was
didn't get to wash my hands. My
name is Paul. You don't go to
Lyndhurst, do you?
No. I go to Oakville. I'm here
with Megan Light.
Oh. I don't know her.
Chip comes out of the bathroom.
Paul this is Chip. He goes to
Oakville too.
      (Extends his hand.)
Hey. What's up?
I gotta wash my hands.
Yeah, you better after you did
what you did in there.
Paul walks into the bathroom and closes the door. Chip and
John start walking back toward the stairs. They stop as the
come to the second door.
I'm going in for a little bit.
Yeah, let's go.
Chip opens the door and smoke comes out again. They both
walk in.
                       STONER VOICE (O.C.)
Shut the door, man.
John closes the door.


Eric is sitting there eating and drinking. Next to him is
Brenda. She is drinking occasioinally. Next to her is
Megan. She is also drinking occasionally. Standing next to
them is Rich. Bob and Kate walk up to them. They both have
a bottle of beer. They are occasionally drinking.
My fucking brother always tried to
ruin my good time.
What happened?
Neal took Bob's place in the strip
poker game when Bob went to get us
all more beer.
And when I got back, he wouldn't
switch again. I knew I shouldn't
have gone for the beer.
Then it would have been you
sitting there in your underwear
instead of Neal.
That would have been interesting,
wouldn't it have been Meg?
I guess.
What happened to the game?
Caitlin and Neal went upstairs
when they were both down to their
See, I would've been upstairs with
Caitlin instead of Neal, if I
wouldn't have gotten the drinks.
No, you probably would be sitting
over there


                       BRENDA (cont'd)
      (She points to the
       table they were
       playing poker at.)
and either been in your underwear
or less, while Neal went upstairs
with Caitlin.
Larry walks up to the group.
Has anyone tried the dip? It is
really good. I'm gonna go and see
if there is anymore in the
Eric gets up and walks towards the kitchen. Rich and Kate
sit down to fill the couch. Rich sits next to Brenda and
Kate sits next to the right arm of the couch.
Bob, sit here.
Kate wipes off some crumbs from the arm of the chair, then
pats on it. Bob sits on the arm of the chair next to Kate.
She puts her arm around his waist and leans her head on his
Is anyone surprised that Eric went
to search for some more food?
Leave him alone. It isn't his
fault that he is as big as he is.
His whole family is that way. It
is in their genes.
Those are some big jeans.
Especially if they're for his
whole family.
Yeah. Where is your boyfriend
Brenda? Did he leave you here?
The guys Meg and I came with are
upstairs. They had to go to the


First Neal and Caitlin go
upstairs, then two guys. Hmmmm.
Very interesting. Nice boyfriend
you have there Brenda.
He's not my boyfriend. I'm not
going out with anyone. Chip is
just a friend. He goes to school
with John. John and Meg are going
We aren't going out. We are just
You two are alittle more than
Yeah, I guess but not much more.
Where did they go anyway?
      (She looks at her
It is getting close to my curfew.
It is too bad you couldn't stay at
my house.
I know. But my mom is a bitch
We should go find them. Be right
Brenda and Megan get up and walk towards the stairs.
Why did you say that?
Say what?
About me and John.


It isn't like I said anything that
isn't true.
I know, but I don't know.
They get to the top of the stairs.
Oh relax. Which door is it again?
I don't remember. They should be
out of the bathroom by now. Right?
Let's try this one.
Megan opens the door that Neal and Caitlin are in. It is
dark. They can hear Neal and Caitlin having sex. The bed
stops squeaking and Caitlin stops moaning.
                       NEAL (O.C)
We have plenty of room in here if
you want to come in and join.
No that's ok.
                       NEAL (O.C)
We will be in here if you change
your mind.
Megan closes the door.
I guess that was the wrong door.
Yeah, I guess so. Let's try this
Brenda opens the second door. Smoke comes out of the room.
John, Chip are you in here?
                       STONER VOICE (O.C.)
Thy aint in here. Close the
fucking door.


Sorry. I guess they went into
this room.
Brenda closes the door. Megan opens the third door. It is
the bathroom. Paul comes walking out.
Hey. Just had to wash my hands.
It's all yours.
Ok. Damn! What is your name
John and Chip come out of the second room. Megan turns
around to see John and Chip.
I thought you guys were coming up
here to go to the bathroom.
We did. Right dude. What are you
doing in the bathroom again?
I didn't get to wash my hands, you
rushed me out of here so fast.
Well, just so you know dude. Your
shit stinks man.
Ok. Whatever.
Paul walks past them and goes down the stairs.
So how did you end up in that
We just kind of did.
I gotta get home, I don't want to
be late and deal with my mom's
Fine then. Let's go.


They all walk down the stairs and walk out of the house.
Mike is standing there and they just continue to walk past
This is one of many fun and
exciting times here in the Hurst.
Come back and see us soon.
Mike walks into the house.
End of Episode.


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From Rachel Date 10/23/2005 *
It's great that you have such a clear idea of who you want the characters to be, but you need to show that through their dialogue and actions, not through words on a screen. Maintaining a set of index cards with all that information you had written on the screen and more may help you keep track of what you intended your characters to be without relying on a crutch. Remember, the audience doesn't need to know everything about each character right away. Many if not most things should be revealed as the script and/or series develops. Give the audience just enough to pique their curiosity and keep their interest. I know it's hard to let go of complete artistic control, but unless you plan to produce and direct on your own, it is inevitable the finished product will not match precisely your internal vision as you wrote it. Leave the camera direction to the directors; that's their job, not yours. Similarly, keep parentheticals and exposition to a minimum. I think you need to develop a more distinct conflict/resolution. What happened here? What are you trying to achieve? This looks like an exaggerated stereotype of a day-in-the-life of a high school student, but there is nothing exciting going on to grasp the audience's interest. Think about whether your situations are realistic. For instance, have you ever seen a female gym teacher wear a skirt while teaching? I know I haven't. What age group is this series intended for? Is this age appropriate programming, if you intend it to be watched by the peer group depicted? Dialogue is very important, and shouldn't "sound" the same from character to character. The way a character talks, their choice of words, speech patterns, etc can help tell the audience more about him or her. One thing that may help you with this is to "people watch." Next time you're on the bus, train, or in a public place, just listen to the conversations around you. Can you hear a difference in the way people of different backgrounds speak? Listen in particular to high school aged kids, and see if you can write dialogue the way they actually speak. The biggest hurdle in writing anything is actually sitting down to do it, and you've already crossed that bridge. I think it's time to sit down and do a little more planning, though. Ask yourself if this is something you would want to watch, and if not, why not? Best of luck, SSO

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