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by Mark Johnson (markjohnson_32@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
OK, i'd much more accurately class this as a thriller if I had the option. Erin Pryce and her friends attend a typical English 6th Form college. One day at school, Erin begins to date a classmate, but as the relationship advances she becomes more and more uncomfortable with her boyfriend until she realises that something is seriously wrong. This is a story of obssession, played through not just by the principal characters but having the suspicious relationship observed and challenged by the other characters as part of a kind of ensemble cast. The tone begins like a teen movie, but plays out quite differently as it progresses.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A WINDOW. It is dark outside, the curtains are open. A
silhouetted character apears on-screen and draws the
curtains shut.
A CAMERA on a shelf, there is a pile of camera films and a
case beside it.
A TV SET, silently displaying static

A half-full cup of coffee


A DESK LAMP switches on, dazzling the camera for several
seconds, linger until focus returns. Music begins to create
an atmosphere of unease.

A DESK DRAWER is opened, and inside there is a blue
PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM with a blank cover on top of a pile of
papers and books. The album is lifted out of the drawer
lightly and the drawer is closed again.

THE PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM is placed down on a desk. A hand
strokes down the spine of he album before flipping it open.
The first page displays the name "SIAN" and is full of
pictures of just one girl.

CU- a finger taps on the side of the book

THE ALBUM, the first page is turned and we see another page
full of pictures of "Sian". Another page-turn reveals anothe
page of photographs of the same girl.

CU- A hand scratches/strokes idly at a cheek

THE ALBUM, after several more pages of pictures of "Sian",
another title page is revealed, showing "Rachel". More
photographs are shown.

CU- a mouth turns from a smile into a yawn, returns to
smiling again


THE ALBUM, after several more pages of "Rachel", we reach a
blank page. A hand moves slowly but deliberately, then
stops. Linger for a few seconds, until the hands close the
book and slide it from the desk and back into the drawer.

POV, the character stands and walks toward the camera on the
shelf. Checks inside for film, then shuts it and heads out
towards the door.

The door shuts behind the character, still not identified.
tilt downwards and FADE TO BLACK
CU- THE BLACKBOARD. A piece of chalk in a small, delicate
hand writes ‘The Media- questioning the information we are
provided with’.

Zoom out slowly to the sounds of the class settling in their
seats. The teacher (MRS. FERN WALLIS, 22) turns to the
class. She is smaller than would be expected, with a very
youthful face. She is, in fact, the youngest member of the
staff. She displays a rather muted enthusiasm, her passion
for teaching somewhat clouded by her meek manner.
MCU- Students. Track sideward across the faces of the
classmates. These are of their second to final year at
school- of 16 and 17 years old. Most appear to be
disinterested, some mildly displaying curiosity about the
subject, and the rest politely but transparently falsely
paying attention.

WS- The classroom from the very back, left hand corner.
Tilting downward at a slight angle so as to further diminish
the size of MRS. WALLIS. Very slow tracking motion across to
the right.
                       MRS WALLIS
Firstly, who here reads the
Approximately half, perhaps more, raise their hands
                       MRS WALLIS (Cont.)
OK. Now, which of you read the
Less than a quarter of the class raise their hands


                       MRS WALLIS (Cont.)
      (Placing a
       emphasis on
       certain words)
Who can tell me the difference
between the broadsheet newspapers
and the tabloid newspapers?
CU- An arm being raised. Student’s face is not visible.

MS- The front of the classroom, including the teacher,
obscured slightly by the student’s head in-frame. MRS.
WALLIS nods in student’s direction.
Tabloid newspapers have topless
Class laughs
                       MRS WALLIS
Hardly the answer I was looking
for, Gavin, but actually it gives
a good indication of what I’m
trying to say.
CU- another hand, that of a girl. Similar shot to that of
Gavin’s hand being raised.

MS- The front of the classroom, as before, only a slightly
different angle and now with the girl’s head in-frame.
                       MRS WALLIS
Yes, Erin?
       playing with her
       hair through
Tabloids are the kind of trashy
stuff you read when they tell you
about celebrities and whatever,
and broadsheets are, like, the
kind of stuff that tells you
about, I dunno, business…or like,
the stock market or whatever


                       MRS WALLIS
      (placing an awed
       reverence about
       the word
Yes, to some extent. Of course the
broadsheets are much more
informative than that. Tabloids
are focused around entertainment,
and are the kind of awful
newspaper that will
sensationalise- remember that
word- stories to get their own
views put across. That is, in
between as you say pictures of
topless women and celebrity gossip
articles. Broadsheet newspapers
are much more reliable and
accurate. They are free of
propaganda. They tell us about
politics, about art, about…
CU- same shot of hand being raised. Yet another different
                       MRS WALLIS (Cont.)
Yes, Daniel?

CAMERA PAUSES, text is displayed- 'DANIEL'. Play resumes.
I thought we were meant to discuss
what we can trust, how to question
the information we’re told.
                       MRS WALLIS
Yes. I’m telling you to question
the tabloids
But we should accept from your
word that everything the
broadsheets tell us is gold?
                       MRS WALLIS
I’m here to teach, Dan. I’m aware
you like to speak your mind in
these lessons, but I would prefer
it if you listen to me when I


                       MRS WALLIS (cont'd)
teach you. You don’t have to
question everything I tell you.
      (A little
Don’t you think that’s kind of
relevant to what we’re talking
                       MRS WALLIS
We’re talking about the difference
between reliable newspapers and
pop culture trash magazines that
disguise themselves as News
No, we’re talking about
questioning what we’re told and
getting a reliable account of the
truth. If you surrender your free
thought and take everything to be
true then you’re going to have in
your mind what they WANT you to
have in your mind.
                       MRS WALLIS
I wasn’t aware that this was a
conversation about paranoia,
Paranoia? This has nothing to do
with paranoia. People have
agendas; they are out to influence
everyone else. Just because the
tabloids are a little less subtle
about their views and put it
across to the lower class doesn’t
mean that you can totally trust
high-class propaganda.
                       MRS WALLIS
      (Clearly irritated
       by the discussion)
Well read The Times or The
Guardian this evening, and tell me
tomorrow if you think it’s all


You’re missing the point. I’m not
saying that it’s all false, I’m
saying that we can’t take it all
as unquestioned truth
                       MRS WALLIS
I have had enough of this Mr.
Leebrick. I’m ending this
conversation. If you really feel
the need to discuss the
reliability of our country’s most
respected newspapers then feel
free to come to me after class.
For now, we’re talking about what
I want us to talk about.
She begins to search through her desk for a set of
worksheets, the class start to talk quietly.

MS- Dan and the boy sitting next to him- (BLAKE GUILD, 17).
Blake turns to Dan.
Whoa, Dan. You need to calm down
Well, she was being so blatantly
hypocritical. I had to say
Well, I suppose. It’s just, well,
who cares if the media are handing
us propaganda and Mrs. Willis
thinks it’s all reliable?
I don’t care if she takes it all
as truth, it’s the fact that she’s
teaching us that it’s all true. I
mean, if we’re being brainwashed
of our own free will then that’s
fine, but to tell a class full of
kids to unthinkingly subscribe to
whatever someone says just seems
so wrong.
Well, whatever. It’s not like I
read newspapers anyway. I’m with
you –maybe a little more passive


                       BLAKE (cont'd)
on the matter- but I don’t trust
that someone trying to get a big
profit by selling as many
newspapers as possible can be
totally unmotivated to indulge
once in a while. You know, make it
a bit more fun to read?
Exactly. Or just report the story
in whatever way that supports what
they think about it, not giving
just an account of it so we can
judge ourselves.
                       ERIN (O.S)
That’s, like, really deep you two
CU- ERIN's face
                       BLAKE (O.S)
Yeah, Erin. It’s totally fucking
From within a school locker. The door is closed and there is
little to no light
                       ERIN (O.S)
So I said, ‘Mum I don’t care if
he’s loaded, it’s just wrong to be
sleeping with a guy who’s
practically as young as I am!
The locker opens, and ERIN (ERIN PRYCE, 16) is stood looking
into it. Beside her are 2 friends. CAMERA PAUSES, ‘ERIN’ is
displayed in text. As the text fades, play resumes.
You can’t have your mum dating
someone young and hot
I know, seriously Erin that is
      (Takes a purse
       from inside the


                       ERIN (cont'd)
I know. But she won’t listen!
Parents just shouldn’t be allowed
to date.
It is rather empty, as class has already begun though some
stragglers are still wasting time.
                       ERIN (Cont.)
      (walking down the
       corridor with her
But enough about that, it grosses
me out
As ERIN finishes her line, her eyes meet with a boy she
walks past (JACK NICHOLLS, 17)
                       ERIN (Cont.)
      (Once out of
I heard he’s dating Faye
What? What’s he doing with HER?
No, you got it all wrong- he’s…
                       JACK (O.S)
Hey, uh, Erin?
Erin turns around quickly.

CU- JACK’S face. Similar CAMERA PAUSE, and name is
displayed. Play resumes.
Are you doing anything tonight?
CU- Behind Erin and Friends’ heads. Erin turns to her
friends excitedly.
      (To her friends,
I’m so not doing anything tonight


                       ERIN (Cont'd)
      (To Jack)
Not unless you’re planning
Erin winks
MS- ERIN approaches JACK and then walks past, and as she
does he turns with her. They begin to walk off.
So yeah, there’s this party at…
A crash is heard off-screen. The camera turns quickly and we
see a boy has fallen to the floor, clearly having fainted.
Two others rush to his side and try to help him up.

MCU- BLAKE and SARAH walking side by side have just stopped.
Who's that?

Fast-track rewind now of another scene- The girl and boy
walk along the corridor, in a continuous rewinding shot, the
camera turns to a short shot of a couple stood very close in
the corridor, then returns to the boy and girl with whom the
shot began, resuming normal play as they leave the doorway

The boy and girl step through the door.
So you’re the new kid, eh?
Yeah, that’s me. Sarah.
CAMERA PAUSES. Beside the faces of the characters the names
‘Sarah’ and ‘Blake’ are displayed. The names disappear and
play resumes.
I’m Blake.
It’s real nice of you to show me
around, y’know.


Nah, it’s nothing. So yeah, here
are the art rooms, and those are
the tech rooms. By the way, I
would avoid taking EITHER of those
      (After recieving a
       puzzled look from
Well the art staff is all on heavy
drugs –prone to ‘creative’
outbursts-, and the tech equipment
is so old it’s dangerous.
They pass through a set of double doors
Up there is the common room. As
long as you secure a regular seat
up there it should be a good way
to spend your frees. Watch out for
the dodgy hot chocolate machine.
Those two over there are Kate and
Gavin. Never off of each other
Camera turns temporarily to show MS- a couple stood very
close, looking into each other’s eyes as though about to
kiss. CAMERA PAUSES to display the characters’ names-
'GAVIN' and 'KATE'. Play resumes.
                       BLAKE (Cont'd)
      (as the camera
       turns back to him
       and Sarah)
OK through here are the lockers.
Ask the fat receptionist at the
secretary’s office for a key. My
locker’s over there…
Camera follows his pointed finger to the other side of the
room, where a boy is stood by a set of lockers.

CU- The boy’s face. His eyes roll back into his head.


MS- the boy collapses to the floor, and from behind where he
stood we can now see Sarah and Blake.
Who's that?
      (Totally calmly)
Sick boy. No, not in a cool
‘Trainspotting’ reference kind of
way. More of a ‘gets randomly ill
and faints a lot’ kind of way.
SICK BOY is brought through the door, being propped up by
two people. As they struggle to drag him through the
doorway, SARAH and BLAKE pass by on the side of the screen.
SICK BOY is placed down, laying across several chairs- still
unconscious. The people around him groan and roll their
eyes, clearly very used to this type of occurrence. One
slaps him lightly across the face. His eyes open slowly.

Camera now strays to the other side of the common room,
where SARAH and BLAKE find seats.
So did you pick up Film Studies?
Yeah, and I've already been set
homework. Took all morning trying
to find the room and when I got
there the teacher suggested a tour
of the building- where you came in
handy- and set me an essay.
Yikes. Is this the standard essay
on a film of your choice, or
something a little more original?
Aparently the same as the essay
your set was given, so yeah on a
film of my choice.
So which film did you choose?


Battle Royale- Kinji Fukasaku.
It's an amazing film
Yeah I keep getting told to see
it. I chose Kill Bill
      (Sitting down)
I just didn’t like Kill Bill. I
don't get what the big hype was, I
got the impression that Tarantino
didn’t really know what he was
Oh, come on! How could you...?
There's homage and there's
downright plagiarism. He even
admitted in interview that he
stole every single piece of that
film from somewhere else
I'm not exactly his fanboy, but I
think he deserves more credit than
that. He came up with the whole
idea with Uma Thurman years ago
But it wasn't the most original
idea. Besides I'm not talking
about the plot, he messed about
with lame camera techniques and
gimmicks for the whole of Volume
1, and I felt like none of them
had any purpose. He just thought,
“That would look cool” and had the
money and notoriety to do it.
It wasn't meant to be original,
it's meant to be a tribute...
...a theft of...
      (pretending to
       ignore her)


                       BLAKE (cont'd)
...all the film and TV influences
of his childhood. And the
techniques were fun, it's what
made the film have pace, made it
entertaining. Besides Volume 2 was
nothing like that.
Well I accept that, Volume 2 was
generally a stronger effort. But I
still stand by disliking it.
What about his old stuff then?
Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction,
Oh no you can't deny that they
were good. Overrated perhaps, but
I can't say they were bad films.
Besides, calling Tarantino a hack
is too fashionable these days- I
don't want to come off as a
GAVIN approaches, looking down and slumping into a seat
Hey, Blake. Hi...uh...
Sarah. I'm Sarah. You are Gavin,
What's up?
Well it's Kate. I don't know why
but I think she wants to break up
with me. She won't tell me
anything, just saying I should
already know.
Well, have you done anything to
upset her?


Well I kissed Claire at that party
last week but she doesn't even
know about that... unless she
does. That would explain a lot.
Sarah gives Blake a confused look and shrugs. Blake shrugs
                       GAVIN (Cont'd)
I don't know how she'd have found
out though... I mean Claire's best
friend is Kate's sister, but why
would she tell her?
Bit of advice, Gavin. Girls tell
each other everything. Girls in, I
dunno, Singapore will know this by
monday whether it concerns them or
Why Singapore?
First place that came to my head
So you're saying she will have
found out?
      (short, quickly)
ERIN enters through the doorway, walking over toward BLAKE,
SARAH and GAVIN. She is about to reach them, when she turns
around having heard her name being called. DANIEL is in the
doorway, waving to her. She jogs back to him, and as she
passes him, he turns to BLAKE, SARAH and GAVIN and gives an
unfriendly stare. The three look to each other in confusion.
ERIN, MADISON and HELEN step from the pavement onto the
road, crossing over towards the woods. They approach and
enter the gate into the woods for a quicker route home.


So, you and Jack made any plans?
Yeah, go on spill Erin.He seems
totally into you
Of course he's into me- he asked
me out. When did you get so
retarded, Helen?
Helen looks offended
Don't avoid the question! What are
you guys up to? Have you organised
a first date? Ohhhh this is so
      (Smiling cheekily)
Well there's a party next week
that he's supposed to be taking me
You have got to tell me what
happens...I mean, everything
      (Pushing Madison
Oi! Do you mind?!
I'm only joking...So when are you
gonna see him next? After school?

(in a cutsie voice)
Is he going to walk you to school
in the morning?
So your first date is to a party
next week? hardly romantic...


Are you still pissed, Helen, cause
I called you retarded? Jesus, just
grow up. Besides, he wants to take
me out to dinner tomorrow but I
can't make it. That's not his
That's totally fine. Besides, you
will be seeing him this weekend,
Oh...yeah, sorry I meant to
mention that. I won't be able to
go to town with you on saturday-
Jack wants to take me out
Awwww, that's fine. Definitely.
Bless him.
Oh come on Helen what's your
problem now?
You're blowing us off for your
boyfriend already. This is just
Kate all over again, if you're not
careful then you'll end up out of
the group like her. She's a total
nobody now cause she spent all her
time with Gavin.
That was less about her spending
time with him and more about the
fact that he's my cousin. I mean,
that's gross, i don't want her
dating my cousin. Serves her right
she's unpopular now they've broken
Gavin and Kate broke up? They
always seemed so close.They were


                       MADISON (cont'd)
never off of each other in the
Again, that's my cousin. I don't
want to hear about it.
MADISON performs a zipping motionon her lips. HELEN groans.
ERIN brushes her hair through with her hands. Her phone
      (Answering the
Hello?...Hey Jack!
MADISON squeals excitedly. ERIN shushes her. HELEN rolls her
eyes and turns away.
      (Into the phone)
...Yeah. yeah that's great...
Tonight? Yeah I can make that.
I'll have to ask my....yeah,
sure...ok, cool. I'll phone you
when I'm ready...uh huh...6.30's
So what did he say? What are you
doing tonight?
He's taking me out to a
restaurant... Hope it's classy
See, Helen. That good enough for
you now?
I bet it's cheap...
ERIN's phone rings again. She answers it.
Hello?...Hi again...Yeah, like I
said 6.30's fine. I'll call you
when I'm ready...Yeah, Ok. Bye!


What did he want?
Just confirming tongiht again. I
think he's nervous
...Or just a creep
Oh leave him alone, he's fine.
He's just excited, and like I said
nervous by the sounds of it.
What is your problem anyway,
Helen? Did your dog die or
      (Breaking down)
Well, my hair straighteners broke
this morning, then I broke my shoe
on the doorstep, and then Kyle
didn't notice me in English today,
      (Starts to sob)
It's not fair!
      (Rolling her eyes
       to Erin)
Come on, Helen. It's ok...
Camera starts to retreat,the dialogue begins to get distant.
We hear ERIN's phone ring again.
He's phoning AGAIN?!
JACK is walking home, seeming distracted. he picks up his
phone, dialing a number.


      (Into the phone)
Hey, I... yeah I know this the
fourth time I've rang you it's
just I wanted to know, uh, do you
want to get a taxi there tonight?
Rather than walking I
He begins to walk along silently again, when GAVIN appears
from behind.
Hey, there. Jack, right?
You've just started dating Erin,
      (Doesn't wait for
       an answer)
She's my cousin. I'm sure you're a
great guy and everything so I
won't need to warn you...
I'll treat her fine
OK, it's just I'm quite protective
of her. She's my cousin, and I
don't want her to be messed around
or hurt or anything, that's all.
You have nothing to worry about.
See, in the past...
Look, i told you I'll treat her
fine, Ok?! Just back off, I don't
need some over-protective loser
who's just been dumped by his own
girlfriend to tell me how to deal
with mine!


      (After Pausing)
I didn't mean to offend
you...Look, just take care of her
man, Ok? I don't want to have to
hate you
Look just shut the hell up right
now and back off, you got me? If
you start to hate me that's you're
problem not mine, cause I'm not
afraid of you. Just get off my
back, I'm dating Erin, not you for
christ's sake
      (Dropping back)
No need to be so hostile.
Accompanied to music, Jack places headphones in his ears and
begins to speed up, walking down the road. We watch him walk
for some while, allowing for some of the song to play.
Behind him Gavin looks concerned and a little offended. He
picks up his phone and the music cuts out.
      (Into the phone)
Hello? Hey, Erin wait it's me,
Gavin. I just spoke with Jack...
Yeah, he was a little angry with
me...He got kind of
aggressive...Well...I don't wany
you to get involved with someone
so....Yeah, I know....Yeah, i
don't mean to interfere with your
life and...Look, I'm sorry. I'll
back off ok. It's not my decision
to make, who you date and who you
don't...Of course...Just, phone me
if he is doing anything he
shouldn't ok?....I'm not being
overprotective! Just...promise me,
ok? I don't trust him. Bye.
GAVIN sighs and puts his phone back in his pocket. He stays
for a second, then continues to walk.


It is a typical school breaktime. ERIN, MADISON, BLAKE,
SARAH and GAVIN are sat on and around the swing set.
Inaudible chatter as the sound fades in.
      (To Blake)
So your brother just stood up and
left? Just like that?
Yeah, he was just talking to mum
like normal, and then he said
"pass the remote." Mum was like
"'Pass the remote?' That's very
polite of you! A little please or
thankyou might do!" and then he
was like "Well 'pass the remote
thankyou' doesn't make any sense,
now, does it mum?". So then mum
just groans and says "I'm sick of
this attitude", real calm like,
and then without any big argument
or discussion, he just stood up
and left. Like that. I think he
stayed at his girlfriend's. Or
boyfriend's. Never been too sure
about him...
As Blake continues to talk we move away from these two and
Observe Erin and Madison's conversation.
So, how was your date? Where did
you go?
Well, after I got home he phoned
me another twenty or so times, it
was really sweet. Then he came and
we took a taxi...
Where did he take you?
To 'Augustus'. It was really nice,
there were candles and everything,
and he was really protective. When
the waiter asked me what I wanted
he got really angry with him, he


                       ERIN (cont'd)
was all like "let me be the
gentleman and order for my date,
you don't know anything about
waiting on, don't they train you
guys", and all that. It was like
he really wanted it to be perfect.
So what did you talk about?
Oh just about everything. He
wanted to know everything about
me. We must have been there ages
cause he just kept on asking
questions...It's great having
someone so interested in you!
I an imagine... So what time did
you get home?
Well we left the restaurant at
about half 9, but instead of
taking me home he had a great
idea. We took a taxi down to the
river and walked along past the
docks. It was freezing cold but he
gave me his jacket, and it was
just so sweet! Out ther by the
river and all it was just so
So...did you kiss him?
That's none of your business!...
      (She smiles
Yeah, while we were out by the
But it's not just like that. I
mean, he's really sweet. He kept
askinjg what I wanted to do, and
taking pictures of me and asking
if I was ok. He's so great.
Madison screams excitedly and Looks over Erin's shoulder;
Jack is approaching.


                       MADISON (Cont'd)
Speaking of loverboy...
As Jack approaches, Erin and Madison look over and exchange
glances. Jack takes out a camera and, gesturing for Madison
to move out of the way, takes a picture of Erin. While
Madison opens her mouth to speak, we move back to Blake,
Gavin and Sarah.
      (in disbelief)
You did NOT just say that!
Why? What?
That is just so typical, you're
becoming ever the clichéd film
buff, Blake. Or WANNABE film buff
for that matter
All I said was...
...that the original japanese
versions of the recent horror
movies were better. That phrase
just sets off my warning signals.
It's just the easy way to sound
like you know about films
Not when you genuinely DO know
what you're talking about
I thought The Ring was...
Well how many people say that kind
of thing to make them sound
smarter? it's almost as bad as "I
like indie cinema". It's too much
of a statement.
I think you should know by now,
Sarah, that I'm a bit more relaxed
than that. I was just offering an


Well fine. But just don't say it
so often. It makes you sound like
all the amateur film fans out
Man, you're worse than Daniel.
Sorry...if there's one thing that
really irritates me, it's people
pretending to be smarter or cooler
than they really are...
Is this all you guys ever talk
about? Films, and film FANS?
      (Coughs and points
       out of the park)
Emo Cliché!
Camera turns to the edge of the park. Someone disappears
behind a wall so we do not see them
Damn, I missed it!
Oh, so you're the same with music
Sarah turns around and sees Madison standing alone,
shrugging to herself. Erin and Jack are leaving Madison and
walking out of the park. Madison turns to the group.
Well, fine then!
Madison turns away and walks off angrily, slamming the gate
to the park. The others look at each other and shrug.


All of the students are in their seats, but there is no
teacher present. Track along past the student's faces as
several check the time on their watches or phones, other
starre blankly into space. Total silence. At the end of the
row, Gavin stands up.
      (Standing up)
It's been 15 minutes, let's go.
The class mumble in agreement and start to move off out of
the classroom
Thank God, I don't think I would
have been able to take that
lesson, I'm destroyed.
Yeah, I know the feeling. I was up
all last night trying to get it
out of mum why my brother left.
Then when I finally got round to
going to bed I got a phone call
from Daniel saying that Pete quit
the band. How are we meant to
survive without a guitarist?!
Don't you play while you sing?
No, I gave up on that. Couldn't
co-ordinate it right. I mean, we
have a rhythm guitarist, but we
need a lead guitar- Pete was
really kinda central to the band.
Jack plays the guitar.
Oh.. I...
Really? Would you want to join our
band? We're in a major crisis
right now without a guitarist.


I'd be so impressed... I mean that
like makes a guy about 5 times
hotter if they're in a band.
Uh...Yeah i'd love to.
Cool, I'll go tell Daniel and the
      (to Jack)
Well I'm glad the teacher didn't
turn up. I wanted to get home
early today.
Well I can walk you home if you
Sure, I just have to get something
from my locker. I'll meet you
outisde in a minute
Jack nods in agreement and Erin walks out of the classroom.
Jack pulls his bag onto his shoulder and starts toward the
door. Blake is following Erin out of the door. Jack gives a
rather uncomfortable look from Blake to Erin and back again,
then reaches out a hand and takes Blake's shoulder. After
pulling him back and giving an angry look in his face, Jack
pushes in front of him. Blake gives a confused look in his


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From spencer Date 10/21/2005 ****
It's scary. I liked it a lot.

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