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The Butchering Bastards
by Duane Gabriel Walker (sportforredneck@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: **1/2
The story of the Seven Hedgerow Butchers, and their lives after deciding to "clean up" after hitmen do their "business". This is the last time I'm publishing it, since no ones reading it, before I do my massive re-write of this story. The massive re-write will be almost completely different, besides the basic premise. Please give me critisism on this, I really need to know how to make it better while I'm beginning to make ideas for the re-write.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

TOM PLANT is standing behind the counter reading a
comic book. The door opens with the
sound of bell ting. Inside walks DONNIE, Donnie sits down at
a table.
You ain't even gonna say hello?
Do I have to? Itís not
like you canít see me come inside
Well I was reading, so it
coulda been anyone.
It coulda been but it
Okay Donnie forget I ever
said a word.
Tom goes back to reading his comic book and Donnie
pulls out a cigarette.
You got a lighter?
Yeah, my Father-in-law
gave it to me.
Well I need a light.
You never said ďhiĒ.
(Throws Donnie the
lighter) Youíre lucky.
Donnie uses the lighter and throws it back to Tom.
Tom misses it.


Nice one.
Tom bends over and picks it up. The door opens and
MANFRED steps in.
Hey guys.
You see that Donnie, he
said ďheyĒ.
Thatís because thereís two
of us, if only you were here then
he would of just sat down and say
Is that true Manfred?
I donít know, I just said
Exactly he was just being
poe-lite and said ďheyĒ.
Then I guess thatís a
difference between us then ainít
Before you start killing each
other where is everybody?
Theyíre coming Manfred,
just sit down.
Manfred walks over and sits down across from Donnie.


So Donnie, you know
anything to pass the time.
I ainít gonna make out
with you, I ainít like that.
Youíre a douchebag you
know that.
Whatever Liberace.
I ainít a homo, just
because my name is Manfred doesnít
make me a homo.
The door opens and OZZY walks in.
Hey ladies, howís it
See, dammit! He said ďheyĒ
I already told you, if you
were here alone he would just sit
Ozzy wouldnít do that.
Would you?
I donít know, all I did
was walk in. I didnít think about
it I just said ďhiĒ.
Fine, Iíll prove that
youíre supposed to say ďhiĒ even
to just one person. All your asses
in the


No come on.
Yeah go into the backroom,
Iím gonna prove this.
The door opens and BILLY walks in.
Dammit! All of you
backroom, you too Billy.
gig.....gi...going on?
Iím proving that people
say ďhiĒ even when youíre alone.
no life Ti...Tom.
I just wanna show that I
know what Iím talking about.
Tom ushers them all up and they mumble as they walk
into the backroom. Tom looks at his comic
and begins reading. The door opens and RONNIE walks in.
Hi Tom, where the hell is
Boo yah! (Walks to the
backroom and sticks his head in)
(stops yelling) You heard that he
said ďhiĒ and I
was here alone.
Well he wouldnít of said
ďhiĒ if he didnít have a question.


What are you both bitching
Tom thinks that I should
say ďhiĒ when I come in even
though he was alone.
Of course you do that its
called being polite.
I told you!
The 4 leave the backroom and sit down at the table.
Ronnie stands in front of them.
Itís been two years today
gentleman, since we saved this
Butcher Shop, by..... changing it
So what's going on?
We're discussing the daily
business Tom. You know like we
started doing like 9 months ago
after Lucas left.
Well it could of been something
Down to business, now.


The Seven Butchers are sitting around the table.
Ronnie is smoking. A pile of money is sitting in
the middle of the table.
Okay, weíre dead, the
business is gone if this is all
the money we got. (Throws some
Iíve searched all over
this place, its all we got.
Then itís over gentlemen,
after six months in business,
weíre in the toilet.
Well itís because this
city is mostly crazy vegan
I knew this was a stupid
idea! I shoulda found another way
to make money. Hell I donít even
eat meat!
Yeah you do.
Shut up.
Iíve got an idea of how to
make money, but itís less than
Less than legal?
We have all the equipment
for it.
What is it?


My cousin Roy Collins, is
a....well....a gun...a
soldier.....a mercen....a hitman,
heís a hitman. And
during the summer he would pay me
to cut up the bodies of his hits
and dispose of them. I was a
What are you a meshugina?
Weíd be a bunch of butchering
Yeah, I wonít have any
part in it.
Shut up Lucas. Lets all
not be too quick to judge this. We
could get paid a lot to do that
We all have other people to
support, even though only one of
us has a wife, we have other
to take care of. Tom you have your
wife. (Tom nods) Manfred you got
your sister and cousin that
live with you.
Not to mention the lover
Iím sure you have.
Iím getting damn tired of
you Donnie! Iím not what you think
I am!
What do I think you are?
You know damn well what
you think I am! But Iím not is
that too hard for you to


Hey Manfred, he wants you
to be like that so he can get with
Fuck you Lucas!
Shut the hell up everyone!
Ozzy call up your cousin, ask him
for some work, weíre doing this.
Alright, once I make this
call we canít take it back.
Then I guess weíll all be
a bunch of butchering bastards
soon then.
Ozzy gets up and walks into the backroom.
We canít seriously do
this. I will not take part at all,
all I want to do is work in with
the meat.
Thatís what youíll do. You
are head butcher, Tom (Tom looks
up) since you seem reluctant to do
this, you will work with customers
still, customers of all kinds
Okay, I can do that.
Ozzy is pacing around the backroom, he shuts the
door and pulls out his cell phone. He dials the
number. It rings and after two rings ROY answers


Roy itís Christian.
Christian what do you
I got a favor to ask.
Hey you helped me out,
Iíll do whatever, ask away.
Speaking of what I helped
you out with, Iím gonna need you
to give me a job.
Please, I donít have
anything, the wellís dry out here.
But if thereís anything going on
out there in
Condulmer City, then Paul Dharmaís
the man you go to.
Paul Dharma? Whatís his
860 Walken Street.
Thanks Roy.
Bye Christian.
Goodbye Roy.
Ozzy hangs up and shoves the cell phone in his
pocket he walks out the backroom.
They all look at Ozzy.
Well Ozzy?


860 Walken Street, thereís
supposed to be a Paul Dharma there
that can help us out.
Alright everyone letís
move out to the Crap-mobile.
Why I gotta go, I ainít
doing nothing?
Tomís going, youíre going,
everyoneís going.
Ronnie is driving, Donnie is in the passenger seat
and everyone else is piled in the back where
there are no seats.
Alright Ozzy whatís the
address again?
860 Walken Street.
Guys Iím wondering why do
you call me Ozzy when my name is
The name Christian sucks
how about that?
Okay but why Ozzy?
I donít remember it was
six years ago when Donnie called
you Ozzy.


Donnie do you remember?
Okay. (Ozzy pulled out a
cigarette and lights it with a
Hey do you gotta smoke, I
like my lungs?
How come you donít care
when I smoke back at the shop?
Thereís fans in the shop,
this deathtrap doesnít let air
ever escape unless the doors open
and even
then its so thick it barely goes
You just like to bitch
No, I just donít want to
have to smell that shit.
Are you going to fight
like little kids all the way
Well I still donít
understand why I have to go. I
ainít having no part of this.
We are all going, because
I said so, thatís why. I donít
care that you ainít taking any
part in it.


                       RONNIE (cont'd)
You will still know about what
weíre doing, so if one of us gets
caught you and you alone Lucas
will be the scapegoat.
Hell no!
Itís how it has to be
No! I could just go to the
cops right after tonight and you
all are going to prison.
We ainít done shit yet, we
only passed around the idea, and
you have no proof the idea was
passed around.
I just donít wanna go
alright. I donít like this area.
Why cause itís ďdarkerĒ?
Is that it you racist son of a
You donít have to put it
like that but, yeah them black
people are all over this place and
afraid Iíll get shot.
Good to know the Klan is
alive and well.
Fuck you Tom!
Calm yourself Lucas, or
Iíll make you into Soylent Green.


Dammit enough fighting!
Weíre here. Everyone get the hell
out of the Crap-mobile.
Ronnie walks around to the back of the van and opens
the doors. The 5 jump out the van. They
follow Ronnie up to the front door and Ronnie knocks on the
                       DHARMA (os)
Who is it?
Ozzy makes his way past the other Butchers to the
Iím Christian a Roy
Collins should of told you we were
                       DHARMA (os)
Oh, you all came? How many
of you are there?
                       DHARMA (os)
Jebus, youíre lucky I can
accommodate you all for a while.
Dharma opens the door.
Come on in.
The Butchers walk in and they follow Dharma to the
living room.
Sit down, sit down. Make
yourselves comfy, since youíre
gonna be working for me, or at
least I
hope youíll be working for me.


Weíll be working for you,
why wouldnít we?
I donít know. (looks at
Tom playing with remote) You can
turn the t.v. on if you
want...uh...(points at Tom)
Tom, Tom Plant.
Okay Tom. Well Iím gonna
need all your names so go in order
from Tom, over (swings his arm
Manfred Clapton.
Donnie DeYoung.
Lucas Altamont.
Billy Allman.
Christian or Ozzy Collins.
Ronnie DeYoung.
Wow, thatís gonna be a lot
to remember.
You should probably only
remember Tomís name since heíll
talk to you when ever you need a
clean up.
Iíd much rather know every
single person I work with. Itís
just how I am, maybe itís cause
old fashioned, I donít know.


So what can you do for us
Mr. Dharma?
Donít use Mister, you can
just call me Dharma. And what I
can do is...(begins pacing around,
Tom moves his head around as
Dharma gets in his way) I can give
you jobs whenever you need
them, I control pretty much
everything in this town.
And you work in a place
like this?
I choose to keep a low
profile, (puts his hand on his
chest) its my choice, you donít
have to have
a low profile. (takes his hand off
his chest)
Well I mean this place is
barely better than Tomís
(not paying attention) Uh
huh. (Tom keeps moving his head to
see the tv)
Am I in your way Tom?
Uh huh.
Dharma takes a step to the side and Tom stops moving
his head, and watches the tv.
Alright, I'm going to need one of
you, you all decide amongst
yourselves. I'm going to need one
of you to go to the Winston Gun
Shop, and inside is Jai "Jaimoe"
Peters. Well he'll be dead in his
office I need whoever to go in


                       DHARMA (cont'd)
there, cut up his body and remove
his body from the Earth without
any suspicion.
We'll all go, one will clean and
we'll make sure everything 'ill be
I'll clean up.
What? I should I've done it
Don't fight over this, this is
traumatizing stuff to people.
Ozzy you'll have plenty of clean
ups. (turns to Manfred) Manfred
your turn.
Whatever lets just go.
I'll swing by the shop tomorrow
and give you the money, if you
don't get caught.Um...where's the
You know where the cemetary is?
Well its down the street from
there. It's 439 Parker Lane.
Alright, well you're wasting time,
go, go.
The Butchers walk in and look around.


I gotta take a piss.
Thanks for the information.
Lucas opens a door and JAIMOE is sitting in a chair. Jaimoe
looks up at Lucas.
Sorry I thought this was...
Jaimoe pulls out a M1911 and shoots Lucas in the chest 3
times. Billy runs to Lucas and holds him up. Billy is shot
once in the stomach.
Ronnie grabs a shotgun off the counter and walks over to
      (yelling, angry)
Put the gun down!
Alright, Alright. (puts his gun on
his desk and slides it off) There
it's gone.
Guys take Billy and Lucas back to
the van and put them in the back.
Donnie and Tom pick up Lucas and Billy.
Look my life has been threatened,
and I was just protecting myself.
I just got in a fight with some of
Dharma's goons and that's what I
thought you were.
Well you were kind of right.
Ronnie fires the shotgun killing Jaimoe.


Tom is carrying Billy and Donnie is carrying Lucas. Manfred
runs out and open the crappy van door and they lay them in
the back.
      (in pain)
Oh, gi...gi...God! Err.....it
Lucas begins to shake and squeal.
Donnie you gotta put pressure on
his chest or he'll just bleed to
Donnie puts pressure on Lucas's wounds and tries to hold him
What about you Tom, aren't you
gonna do it?
I'm getting on it!
Tom puts his hands on Billy's chest.
      (in pain)
Ahh....stop! Stop! (Billy shakes
violently) Stop it!
Stop shaking, you'll only make it
hurt more.
      (in pain)
Bu...but...I'm gonna di..die!
No you won't you'll be okay, here.
(moves his arm over to Billy) just
grab my arm and squeeze it as hard
as you can.


Billy grabs Tom's arm and screams and shakes in pain.
Lucas can you hear me say
      (slowly, in pain)
(coughs) It hurts soooo much. Just
please....kill me.
It's fine, you'll be fine just
keep talking.
      (slowly, in pain)
You could just end it...instead of
wasting time with me.
I won't you'll be fine. (looks at
Tom) Where the hell are they?
The camera is facing Ronnie, you can hear Manfred cutting up
God this is sick.
                       MANFRED (os)
What are you still doing here? If
you don't get out there and take
them to the hospital, they're
going to die!
What about you?
Turn to open sign out there to
closed I'll be fine, and Ozzy's
here to help me.
Ronnie walks over and turns the sign, then runs out the


Ronnie runs over to the back of the van and puts his hands
on the doors.
      (turns to Ronnie)
Come on they're dying back here!
Alright I'm going! I'm going!
Ronnie shuts the van doors and runs past the side and gets
The van begins driving down the street.
Tom is pushing on Billy's chest and Donnie is pushing on
Lucas's chest. Ronnie is driving frantically.
Oh shit! Oh shit! Lucas keep your
eyes open! Come on talk to me man!
Tell me about Tom's wife.
Fuck you Donnie!
Hey I'm trying to help him!
      (slowly, dying)
You can't....you can't let me
(breathes in deep) die. I need to
see Natalie again.
      (shaking his head)
Lucas, Natalie wouldn't give a
Tom looks over at Donnie and Donnie is shaking his head and
mouths the words "quiet". Tom stops talking and looks at
Billy again.
Billy talk to me or something, you


                       TOM (cont'd)
gotta keep doing stuff so I know
you're at least still breathing.
I...I'M....A.. A...LI...LITTLE
Good, good, Lucas you wanna join
Natalie! (begins screaming from
the pain) Natalie! Natalie!
Tom lunges at Lucas but Donnie holds him off.
Let me kill him! He'll die anyway!
Get the hell off! You're gonna die
no matter what Lucas!
Donnie throws Tom into the wall, Tom slides down and glares
angrily at Donnie.
Calm yourself and help out Billy.
Ozzy is sitting down reading a newspaper and Manfred steps
out from the backroom with a trash bag.
These dirty deeds better not be
done for dirt cheap.
Where are you going to take the


You and I are going down to my
brother's car lot, he has a
smasher thing-a-ma-bob in the back
we'll throw him in there and turn
him into a cube.
Why I gotta go?
Where else are you going to go?
I could go home.
Too bad you're coming with me.
Fine but I'll be reluctant the
entire time.
Fine but just know I'm not
"reluctant" to the idea of tying
this bag to you stapling a
confession to your forehead and
throwing you in the back of a
police car.
I'm usually was on a different
shift at the butcher shop than you
so I'll ask are you always this
much of a dick?
Only on weekends.
It's Tuesday.
Fine only on weekdays.
Ozzy holds his arms out.
What? You wanna hug?
No, help me up ass.


Get up yourself, if you're too
weak to get up on your own then
I'll just leave you here.
Ozzy pushes on the chair and gets up.
Wow, that must of been hell.
      (fake panting)
Oh yeah I need to sit down.
Stop dicking around, we got a body
in a bag.
No you have a body in a bag, I
just nonchalantly walked in the
gun shop to find you with the bag
in question.
(pushes Ozzy towards the door)
Lets go.
They walk out of the Gun Shop and they walk left past a
window, the camera follows them from behind the window.
Manfred is carrying the bag and is walking next to Ozzy.
Do you think they'll be okay?
Billy and Lucas.
One of them'll die, that's what I
think. I'm leaning towards Lucas,
he got shot more than Billy.
That's sick! You don't even care.


I don't know them, I've seen them
maybe ten times in six months, so
I don't care.
Well I want them to be okay, I
mean no one deserves to get
Everyone deserves to be killed for
something, one time or another. Or
else no one would die.
What about crazy people that go on
a killing spree?
What about them? They have as good
a reason as anyone to kill
someone, and if the people are
there where someone goes insane
and starts killing they deserve to
die, because they were there in
the first place.
How can you say that?
I can say it by moving my mouth.
You know what I mean.
You know I don't care.
I can't believe how much of a dick
you are.
You'll learn to love it.
You are a homo.
(sighs) I fucking hate you all.


You know I don't care.
Ronnie is driving the van. Tom is still with Billy and
Donnie is still with Lucas. Lucas is whispering Natalie but
it's too quiet to really be heard.
We're almost there just keep 'em
Billy, keep singing.
Donnie is Lucas even breathing?
He's whispering.
Whispering what?
Nothing you'd like to hear.
What is he saying?
He's pretty much trying to whisper
the song "Valarie" but he's saying
"Natalie" instead.
I'm tired of his shit. You should
just let him die.


You will do no such thing and
that's final! We need all the
butchers we can get.
I don't like him thinking about
Natalie at all.
It doesn't matter what he thinks,
Natalie does no.... We're here,
get 'em out.
Ronnie turns the van off and gets out. Ronnie opens the van
doors and Tom slides Billy out and carries him. Donnie picks
up Lucas and gets out of the back of the van.
Ronnie, Donnie, and Tom are sitting in chairs. Tom looks at
his watch.
I gotta call Natalie, I'm sure
she's pissed at me, her parents
are at the apartment for dinner
tonight, and it's like 10.
I think before you go home you
need different clothes.
What? Why? (Tom looks down and
sees his clothes covered in blood)
Oh, dammit! I'll figure something
Tom walked over to the pay phone and reached in his pockets
they're empty. Tom turns to Ronnie and Donnie.
You got money for this?
Ronnie reaches into his pocket and holds out some coins. Tom
walks over and takes the coins needed, and puts them in the
phone. He dials his home phone number. Natalie answers.
Tom this better be you.


You are correct, what does she win
Where are you?
I'm at the hospital.
Are you okay what happened?
There were some problems alright,
so I'm covered in blood, and I
don't have anyway of coming home.
Will you come get me?
Covered in blood?
Yes there was an accident okay, so
will you come get me?
I'll send dad over.
No not Mr. Fallon.
You can call him dad we've been
married for a year and a half.
I've had enough dads already.
Okay, bye.
Tom hangs up the phone and sits down.
Oy, Mr. Fallon.


Manfred and Ozzy are walking up to the "compaction machine
thingy". Ozzy pulls out a cigarette and lights it.
And here it finally ends.
Good dump him in, and kick the
cube somewhere.
We'll throw the cube in a car's
glove compartment so it'll get
crushed again. How about that?
That should work well enough.
Manfred dumps the bag in the "cmt".
Ozzy go in that building over
there. (points to a shed-like
building) The controls are in
there, just hit the green button.
Then when I tell you hit the
orange button.
Okay, and now that you're making
me your bitch the safety word is
Just get in there.
Ozzy runs over to the shed. The "cmt" turns on and churns
and crushes the body into a cube.
Hit the orange button.
The "cmt" stops and moves apart. Manfred reaches in and
pulls the cube out, Manfred walks over to a beat up car and
opens the door. He opens the glove compartment, and places
the cube inside. He closes the compartment, and it makes a
squish noise.
Oh Jesus of Nazareth. (yells) Okay
we can go now Ozzy!


Mr. Fallon is sitting in his car next to Tom.
Thanks for the ride.
                       MR. FALLON
No problem son. Tom I want to give
you something.
Whoa we're related and I don't
like that stuff.
                       MR. FALLON
I just want to give you something
my father gave me. He fought in
Vietnam and he got this from a
It's not an uncomfortable piece of
metal that was up two guys asses
for seven years right?
                       MR. FALLON
(pulls out lighter) This is what
it is.
I don't smoke.
                       MR. FALLON
Neither do I and neither did the
friend that gave this to my
Thanks I guess.
Manfred is walking down the street, and Tenenbaum looks out
of his car window at Manfred. TENENBAUM sees a gun handle
sticking from Manfred's pocket.


      (to himself)
He's a butcher, he'll crack for
me, he's gotta be the weak one.
Carrying a gun out in public, what
a dumbass.
Tenenbaum gets out of his car and walks over to Manfred.
Tenenbaum then throws Manfred against the wall.
You're under arrest.
What charge?
You are in possession of a
concealed weapon. Do you even have
a permit for this gun?
I guess getting one slipped my
I'll slip your mind, get in the
back of the car!
Tenenbaum handcuffs Manfred, and throws him in the direction
of his car. He opens the backseat door and throws Manfred
This ain't gonna be your day
How do you know who I am?
I know all. Before this gets
interesting down at the station do
you want to tell me anything?
Ronnie is sitting on the couch and ICARUS is standing to the
side of Dharma.


What did you call me here for?
I have someone that wants you to
work for him.
The brute behind you?
Yes well, this brute is Icarus,
your new employer. Not your as in
everyone of you butchers but your
as in you alone Ronnie.
I requested you, is that hard for
you to understand?
How much work do you do?
I'll step out so you and Icarus
can get to know each other better.
Dharma gets up and walks out. Icarus sits down in Dharma's
I'm Icarus Daedalus, who the hell
are you?
I'm Ronnie DeYoung, I own the
Hedgerow Butcher Shop.
So you feed people to your
No we dispose of people in other
ways, not in food at all.


Too bad, I have a lot of enemies
that I'm sure would enjoy eating a
nice slab of "meat" and then after
the meal finding out it's their
wife or husband or son or
I have a job for you. I will be
done at 6:15, you must be there at
by 6:25. If you are not finished
by 7 the police will arrive and
you will be shot, do you
Where is it?
I'll call you later and tell you.
When is later?
6 o' clock.
Okay. I think I can do that.
I want less thinking and more
doing, Ronnie.
I'll do what I can.
You better do more then you can,
because if you take too long ever.
Cops will hunt you down.
How would cops even know I'm there
unless you do shoddy work?
Because if you take to long I call
them and tell them you have


                       ICARUS (cont'd)
hostages and have undoable
demands, so they'll cut you up.
I could call cops on you.
You could, but that's exactly why
I don't tell you where I am until
I'm almost done. So if you called
them I'd be long gone before they
got there. Hell you'd be dead
before they got there.
So I shouldn't ever try to mess
with you?
Donnie is sitting in the front pew, watching FATHER SQUIER
highlighting his bible.
You've been doing that for an hour
                       FATHER SQUIER
Do you have a problem with that?
Well I want to have
reconciliation, before Christmas.
                       FATHER SQUIER
Before you reconcile, I want to
tell you something. The people all
around are messing with me. They
are sending me death threats, and
they are sending death threats to
anyone that enters this church,
well dammit I ain't having it! I
apologize lord. I know you provide
some kind of services that the
lord would not approve of. Well I
just want you to know, one of
these days I may need you.


No you don't wanna get into this
stuff I'm in.
                       FATHER SQUIER
I have no choice. These people are
threatening me because I have a
different vision for the Catholic
Church than that of the Vatican. I
don't care about the Vatican!
People treat the pope like a God!
And in doing that they break one
of God's holiest commandments! So
when push comes to shove, I'll be
shoving with a shotgun. Now lets
go into the confessional shall we.
Donnie gets up and walks with Father Squier to the
confessional. They get inside.
I'm not going to say any of that
starting bull because I'm not
really religious, okay Father?
                       FATHER SQUIER
Whatever my son.
Well I've been cutting up for a
year now, and it's disgraceful.
It's completely and totally
sickening. I want to stop but I'm
sure they won't let me.
                       FATHER SQUIER
Just tell them you're out and
leave, I'm sure they'll
I don't think they would.
The sound of the doors opening can be heard.
Ay Padre where are you? Donnie
needs to stop playing around, and
come back to the shop, he's got
work to do!


                       FATHER SQUIER
Young Thomas...
My mother, the greatest woman in
the world named me Tom, not Tommy,
not Thomas, just Tom, Padre. And
you will call me Tom, just because
you're a man of the cloth don't
make you special.
Father Squier steps out of the confessional.
                       FATHER SQUIER
Donnie leave with this ruffian,
before I take my anger towards the
community out on him.
I'm coming Father.
Donnie walks out of the confessional, and walks towards Tom.
Thanks for your time Padre.
                       FATHER SQUIER
Just get out.
      (fake british
Shove off tosser!
Tom and Donnie start walking out.
You're such an ass.
Thanks, that's what I like to
Tom is sitting on a bench. Melissa, carrying a jar of
pickles. Tom looks up and Melissa turns and looks at Tom.
Melissa drops the pickles, Tom jumps up and goes to her


No, no, no, I don't need your
Oh come on, I'm trying to be
polite. For once.
(angry sigh) Fine.
Tom grabs a broom and comes over to her and begins sweeping
up the glass. Melissa grabs a dust pan and Tom pushes the
glass into the dust pan, as Melissa is throwing the glass
away Tom talks.
Why the sigh?
Why the sigh?
I sighed?
Yeah in a loud and pissed kind of
I'm sorry it's just been a bad
How about I clean this pickle
juice and you tell me about it?
Pickle juice?
Would you rather use a synonym
like "wang cheese", prevert?
No it's okay.
Tom grabs a bucket and a mop. Tom begins mopping up the


My boyfriend broke up with me a
month ago, and I'm still mad,
because I caught him cheating.
Cheating what kind of nazi would
do that?
Yeah, exactly. Are you single?
I will be soon, just give me the
order and I'll knock off my
pregnant wife.
No don't do that.
Why'd you ask? Are you interested?
Are you going to flirt with me all
the time?
I'm married I forgot the concept
of flirting a while ago.
So your wife is pregnant huh?
What's the luckly lady's name?
Natalie, and she's not lucky she's
screwed she's stuck with me.
She's pregnant she had to be
screwed at one point or another.
Hey I'm just saying. So is it a
boy or a girl?


Her name is Natalie so she's a
girl, in fact she's actually a
The baby inside of Natalie who's a
Oh, we don't know. But we've got
names for each just incase.
Gary Dennis Plant, Christine
Roberta Plant.
Whoa, I just realized we've been
talking this whole time and we
don't even know each other's
Tom Crenshaw Plant.
Melissa Angela Redwood.
Ooo, Redwood very exotic.
Yeah well at least if I had
children one of them wouldn't have
an obvious Led Zeppelin reference.
Eh, it was a choice.
Yeah I'm sure.
It's not my fault my mother's name
was Roberta, so if its a girl,
it'll be Roberta.


Oh, so she wouldn't actually be a
Led Zeppelin reference.
I guess so. (looks at his watch)
Oh crap I gotta go!
It's October 7, it's been a year
since we....uh....revamped the
butcher shop.
Oh I see, fine leave me.
Okay I will.
Tom walks away, as he exits the door he looks back at
Melissa and smiles.
Icarus is driving, and Ronnie is sitting next to him.
How long have you been working for
me now Ronnie?
Two months since it's December 7
Okay, well I've decided to expand
my work, are you following me so
What do you want me to do?
That Ozzy fellow he works for me
too correct?
You want me to kill Ozzy?


No, I want you and Ozzy to start
doing more "in depth" work for me.
"In depth"?
I want to take Dharma out of the
picture soon, so I can run
Condulmer City correctly, unlike
the bull shit way he's trying to
run an operation as important as a
whole god damn city!
I can't kill Dharma.
Don't worry you won't. But I need
hit men to work for me. You and
No I don't knock off people I just
clean it up.
Cleaning doesn't make that much
Ronnie, and you know that! You
will make so much more if you help
me. Will you help me Ronnie?
I don't want to kill people.
Is this about morals Ronnie?
Because in the bible no sin is
worse than any other, so you
cleaning up a muder scene to
assist a criminal is just as bad a
crime as murder. So really you
aren't losing anything you already
lost in God's (points to the top
of the car) eyes.
I'll have to find out Ozzy's


Well I have a request for you, a
Swanson Birch, has stolen a
suitcase of diamonds from my
safety depsoit box, in a bank out
in California. Well he's come to
Condulmer City and he's got
diamonds, the diamonds. I want you
to take the diamonds from him. Use
force even if you don't have to.
(Icarus stops the car) Get the
hell out of my car.
Where is Birch?
How should I know ask around?
Ronnie gets out of the car and Icarus instantly drives away.
Where the hell am I?
Ronnie steps away from the phone and leans against the wall.
Well Ozzy better be here soon.
Ronnie closes his eyes. Ozzy walks down the sidewalk and
taps on Ronnie's shoulder. Ronnie jumps.
What the hell?
That couldn't of scared you.
I expected you to take longer.
You called me twenty minutes ago,
how long did you think I would
I guess I fell asleep.


Well what do we have to do?
We have to ask around for Swanson
He stole diamonds from Icarus so
we have to kill him.
Kill? What the hell did you agree
to? Butcher's don't kill.
I never was much of a butcher
You can't seriously want to kill
Ozzy we're already going to hell
for cutting up people, sins are
all the same in God's eyes. So
killing and cutting make no
difference to him.
I don't talk with God that much so
he doesn't care.
Dammit Ozzy you're going to this!
We'll get extra money, so we take
the cutting fee out of the money
and put it in the butcher shop,
then we can keep the rest. Then
after a while we'll stop! Alright
Shut the hell up you're going to
freak people out!


I don't give a fuck! Let's go.
Where is Swanson Birch?
We gotta ask around, do you know
anyone who's got information?
Roy could know something.
Call Roy and ask him.
Ozzy pulls out his cell phone and dials a number and holds
it to his ear. Someone answers.
Who is this?
Roy? Is that you?
Yeah, this is Roy.
Roy, its me Christian. Do you know
anything about a Swanson Birch?
Swanson Birch?
The camera pans up Roy and it reveals it is really Swanson,
due to a "Swanson" nametag.
Why do you need to know about
Swanson Birch?
I've gotta kill him.
Do you now? Interesting.


Where are you I'll come pick you
up and take you to him?
I thought you are in Washington
You called me a year ago, I came
back to Condulmer City in that
And you never called to tell me?
Why should I of it's not like
we've ever seen each other during
good circumstances?
The only reason that is, is
because you're a criminal.
So are you. You shouldn't get into
the killing business, it's a bad
Just come get me. I'm on Harrison
Street, I brought my car but I can
come get it later.
Yeah....of course you can.
Tenenbaum is sitting at his desk looking through missing
people files.


      (reading over
Okay let's see. From the last
people that saw Jaimoe Peters,
they say they saw the entire
butcher shop crew head in, after
closing time.
Tenenbaum walks over to the file cabinet and unlocks the top
      (flipping through
Let's see.....which butcher has a
nice criminal record I can check
out. (pulls out a folder) And here
we are Manfred Clapton.
Tenenbaum takes the file and sits back down at his desk. He
opens it and starts reading.
Manfred Clapton was arrested for
DUI four months ago. He is an
owner of many firearms. Why would
a butcher need firearms? They
gotta be doing something (picks up
a stack of files) Each one says a
damn butcher was nearby when they
went missing! What are they doing?
Butchers? Butchering, they're
killing they are butching bodies
beyond any possibility of finding
their identity.
Tenenbaum picks up Manfred's folder and starts pacing
All I have to do is catch Clapton,
who I'm sure will fuck up somehow.
Once I catch him he'll squeal like
a barnyard pig, and I'll be rich
and famous for catching criminals
that have gone under the radar for
so long.
(pulls out a cigarette and lights
it) Clapton, you and your butcher
friends may of been hidden from


                       TENENBAUM (cont'd)
police work before. But now you
will all have to go down, and I
will bring you down.
Billy is behind the counter and Lucas is walking around in
the background. Dharma enters, and walks up to the counter.
He...he....hi Di...Dhar...Dharma.
Where is Tom, he's supposed to
always be behind the counter?
Ti....Tom is at his
apar....apartma...apartment with
the wi...why...wife.
Doesn't he have a kid yet?
Ni...ni..no, Dammit!
Does him not having a kid make you
Ni...no its....its this
di...di...DAMN sti...stuttering!
It...its fi...fiking pi..pissin'
me off!
Calm down Billy. It's okay
alright. And did you say fiking?
Never heard anyone use fiking


Thi..they didn't ha...have it
di...di..during the gre...greatest
Trying to be funny are you,
stuttering stanley?
Ni..not workin'?
Well I ain't laughing but you
know, I'm from the greatest
generation, so I don't understand
your new jokes.
Well whi..what you want? Yi...you
ni...never come her just fi...for
Well I wanted Tom and only Tom, no
one else actually.
Wi...what's so si...spi...special
'bout Tom?
Well I want to talk to him about
something, he controls the whole
business part of this shop and its
activites. So where does he live?
Ummm....I di...don't know.
Well thanks for the help, and the
short talk. (points over to the
door) I'll be mosying on out now.
Hi...ha..he..have fun mosying.
Dharma walks out.


Ronnie and Ozzy are leaning against the wall on opposite
sides of the pay phone. Swanson's car pulls up and Swanson
stops the car and gets out.
Hey Christian, and uhh... your
name is?
Ronnie DeYoung.
I see. Well let's go gentlemen.
Swanson, Ronnie, and Ozzy get in the car. Swanson starts the
car and drives off.
Swanson is driving the car, Ronnie and Ozzy are sitting in
the back.
(Ozzy leans over to Ronnie) You
got a gun?
Yeah why?
That ain't Roy, that's someone
else. I remember what Roy looks
like, maybe not what he sounds
like but Roy definately doesn't
look like him.
Swanson glares at Ozzy and Ronnie through the mirror then
looks back at the road.
Are we gonna shoot him now?
We can't he could drive us right
off the road and kill us.


What are you guys talking about?
Just....uh...business at the shop.
Did you have to hesitate
No I have memory problems.
Of course.
Camera pans to Swanson's hand which is in he other seats
cushion, part of a pistol can be seen sticking from the
cushion. The camera turns back to Ronnie and Ozzy.
So where is Swanson?
Why do you care?
What? You know why I have to see
Well I don't approve of one thing.
What is it Swanson?
Swanson slams on the breaks, pulls the gun out of the
cushion and points it at Ozzy's head.
How do you know who the hell I am?
I have a picture of me and Roy in
my wallet, and you are no Roy.
I am Roy dammit! People say I'm
not but I am! (waves pistol
around) I'm Roy I have done more
than any Roy you may know has ever
done! He quit like a puss bag, and


                       SWANSON (cont'd)
ran to Green Hills! Well I'm not
going to because I am Roy the only
Roy! Do you understand?
What is wrong with you Swanson?
Are you mentally retarded? You're
trying to be better than Roy by
bringing Icarus's wraith on you!
Who's Icarus? What are you talking
You stole Icarus's diamonds and he
wants 'em back!
Diamonds? There are no diamonds!
Icarus just wants me gone because
I'm gaining favor with Dharma!
Horns honk from cars behind Swanson's car. Swanson fires a
shot randomly out the back window.
Stop your honking!
Just give up the diamonds and
we'll leave.
(Swanson rests his head against
the pistol) There are no diamonds
(sigh) I told you. Can you not
believe me? I told you a motive,
and everything.
Ronnie shoots and Swanson's head falls into the chair,
Ronnie and Ozzy get out the car. Ozzy ducks back in the
window and pulls a ring off of Swanson's finger. The camera
stays at the back of Swanson's head.
                       RONNIE (os)
You're stealing now?
                       OZZY (os)
It's just proof we killed him
incase Icarus asks.


                       RONNIE (os)
I think a bloody car with his body
in it left in the middle of the
road is proof enough.
Tom is watching tv sitting on a couch next to Natalie. There
is a knock at his door. Tom gets up and walks over to the
door and opens it.
Hello Tom.
What do you want Dharma?
Tom exits his apartment and stands in the hallway with
Dharma. Tom shuts the door behind himself.
My wife is in there, she know's
your a crime boss, she's not
I didn't want to bother you at
home with your lovely wife but, I
needed to talk to you and you
weren't at the butcher shop.
Then answer my earlier question.
I think some of your guys are
planning on helping Icarus kill
me. I'm such a fool to introduce
Ronnie and Ozzy to him!
Wait who is Icarus?
He's a hitman, but now I suspect
the three are going to kill me and
He will take my place as the
businessman of this city.
The businessman? Whatever, why are
you telling me this?


I want you to stop Ronnie and Ozzy
from helping Icarus do anything,
or else you'll lose your cash
flow, and raising a family costs
money, Tom.
I can't do anything it's their
choice to mess up the whole deal
not mine, I'm barely involved in
But you are involved.
Look I'm pretty much done in two
weeks when the kid is born. I'm
going to try to scrap together
money and move out to Green Hills.
Green Hills? That's in North
Carolina, do you know how far that
is from Condulmer City?
About 1,400 miles, for the
shortest route, I looked it up.
You can't leave you'll be brought
right back, for one thing or
Once I'm gone there'll never be a
reason to return.
Well you've lost my cash flow, so
you won't be leaving anytime soon
Tom. Have fun.
I plan to.
Tom goes back inside and sits down with Natalie.
Who was that?


Some bum asking for directions.
Where'd he want to go?
All seven butchers are sitting at the table, they are
discussing random things.
Alright guys quiet, quiet! What's
going on guys, profits are way
Dharma pulled away on us. He
wanted me to stop you from helping
some Icarus guy, but I said I'm
leaving soon so I ain't doing
You're leaving?
Yeah I'm done, or I wanted to be
before Dharma pulled on me.
Well it wasn't that long ago when
we were in this situation,
bankrupt. It's over unless we do
something. Something not so
different than we were already
I ain't doing nothing, I did
nothing before I'm not doing
anything now.
Exactly, you understand. You're
fired Lucas.


Fine I don't give a damn! I can
find jobs easy out there!
Lucas gets up and slams his chair in. Lucas walks out.
Okay, well we have to start doing
hits too. So not only will we have
to clean up, but we'll have to hit
the people we clean up.
I ain't murdering no one.
Yi..yeah that's so...some sadist
Listen I've used this arguement a
hundred times before. All sins in
God's eyes are the same, so murder
is just as bad as cleaning up, so
we won't be in any different spot
in hell, since there's only one
big fire pit.
But it's sick murdering in cold
blood, we got no reason to kill
someone's son, or daughter, or
wife or husband.
Stop trying to be noble Donnie, I
know it's total bull shit.
I'm not going to do any of it,
other than take orders. Then I'm
leaving after we get the money.
Guys we have to do this or else
we'll never be able to stop.
What if we turn to blood thirsty
monsters? We need to kill or else
we will feel pain, actual pain. I
can't take that chance.
That's just foolish Manfred.


It doesn't matter.
Well it's my decision and we're
doing it!
Then you're losing three
What? No, fine God dammit! We
won't do it! We'll just go
bankrupt and you'll all live on
the streets.
I gi...gi...guess we will.
Fine, I'm not destroying this
whole thing over a little fight
about the direction of this place.
It doesn't matter. You can all go
now. But from now on we're
planning the day in the morning.
They all agree and they start to filter out of the Butcher
shop. Donnie stays behind, and pulls out a cigarette. Donnie
gets up and walks behind the counter.
Hmm...one of Tom's comics.
Lucas enters through the back door, Lucas grabs a butcher
knife, and sneaks towards Donnie. Donnie turns around and
Lucas lunges on Donnie.
Lucas begins stabbing Donnie excessively.
None of you will make me do
anything! Do you hear me? Natalie
and I will run away together and
you can do nothing! And I know you
envy me Tom!
Lucas looks at Donnie's face.


Donnie? (Lucas stands up and drops
the knife) Donnie you I'm sorry, I
thought you were Tom!
I should of listened to Tom, in
that van over a year ago. But
who's the fool now. Burn in hell
Lucas runs to the phone and dials 911. Before anyone on the
other line says anything Lucas speaks.
I just stabbed my friend he's in
the Hedgerow Butcher Shop in
Condulmer City! I'm sorry, so
Lucas drops the phone and runs out of the butcher shop. The
camera goes back to Donnie. Donnie begins to struggle to get
up. Donnie curses to himself and falls again. Donnie then
stops trying and wipes his face off with a small hand towel
that was on the floor.
Tenenbaum is in the front seat and he is driving Manfred.
Are you sure you don't want to say
anything, you've been awful quiet?
I ain't saying nothing, let it get
interesting down at the station,
I've got nothing to hide.
All the people that do have
something to hide always say that.
Then I have something to hide
don't I.


Fine we'll find out soon, won't
I guess so.
Tom is sitting at the kitchen table. Natalie walks in and
sits down she is holding GARY.
He's a strapping young lad ain't
Yeah and I have no idea who he
gets it from then.
Thanks, you're so nice to me.
I know, well I'm going to put Gary
in the crib I'll be back in a
Natalie walks out of the kitchen and into the nursery, she
puts Gary in the crib, she looks out the window and Lucas is
standing outside, staring at her. Natalie runs out and taps
on Tom's shoulder.
Tom! Tom! Lucas is out there! Tell
him to go away!
What? I'll take care of him.
Tom walked into the nursery and opened the window and poked
his head out.
What are you doing Lucas? If you
don't get away I will kill you!
Lucas flips Tom off and Tom goes over to his closet and
reaches up at the top self and pulls a pistol down, he walks
over to the window and sticks his head out.


I will count to three now Lucas,
if you don't leave I will start
(waves his arms around) Come and
get me! I'm outside in the open
you won't do shit!
Go ahead!
Just one more number before you
have to puss out!
Tom holds the pistol out the window and points it at Lucas.
Oh big man with a gun! Oh no what
ever will I do?
Stop Tom, if you kill him the cops
will take you away. Just call the
police Tom, they'll take care of
Tom pulls in from the window and shuts it. He puts the gun
away, and walks over to the phone and dials 911.
Hello 911, yes I need the police.
(pauses) Hello police. There's a
man outside who is stalking my
family his name is Lucas Altamont.
(pauses) Okay I'll try to keep him
here as long as possible, bye.
Tom hung up the phone and ran to the window, the street was
empty, Tom sat in a chair and hit himself in the head a few


I should of killed him before he
got away, now he's gonna do
He won't do anything.
Do you know what happened to
Donnie after he got fired? He
stabbed Donnie almost to death
because he thought it was me!
He... dammit, he thought it was
Natalie sat in Tom's lap and played with his hair.
You'll be fine.
I'm not worried about myself. And
get of you're crushing my legs.
Natalie gets up and pulls Tom off the chair, and she walks
him over to Gary.
Don't be worried everything will
be fine.
Nothing will be fine, nothing's
been fine, everything's wrong and
everything will stay wrong. It's
all gone to hell.
What happened Tom? What's been
going on?
Nothing, nothing at all. (Tom
walks away from the crib and sits
back down) (sighs) Christ.
It's gonna be okay Tom.
No it's not! (Tom stands up)
Natalie sit down.


Natalie sit down! (Tom punches the
Natalie walks over to the chair and sits down, tears are in
her eyes.
Natalie, there's something wrong.
I've fallen in love with someone
else. But I'm not going to ruin
us, I'm going to avoid her as much
as possible. And these feelings
should go away.
Natalie begins to cry, Tom walks over to comfort her but she
pushes him away.
How can you do this we have a son?
I love you so much and you do this
to me!
Natalie I'm sorry but I said I'm
going to stay with you. And I'm
not going to act on any feelings
towards her.
Just get away! Just get away! Who
is she! Who is she!
Tom kind of freaks out and stutters random things.
Who is she?
I'm not telling you, you could
hurt her and I don't want you to
do anything.
I want you to leave forever! Go to
her and be with her! Don't expect


                       NATALIE (cont'd)
to see Gary again! Just go and
leave us alone!
Tears are in Tom's eyes.
I'm sorry Natalie, I can't leave
you don't make me leave. I can't
live without you.
And yet you can fall in love with
someone else.
I can't keep feelings from
happening. But I can keep from
acting on those feelings. The
feelings will go away I promise
just let me stay.
Just leave Tom, I don't want to
see you know.
I...I.... still.....
I still don't give a damn! Just
get out! (Tom looks vacantly at
her) Just get out!
I still love you Natalie.
Tom walks out and wipes his eyes as he exits. He opens the
door and exits he looks back in, and throws the lighter on
the floor. Tom sits in the hallway and puts his head in his
arms and between his legs and crys.
Lucas is sitting on the floor up against his chair. There


are empty cans and bottles of alcohol all around him, he is
covered in tequila, and is looking at a butcher knife
Natalie, they can't keep me from
you. I know they try even though
I'm sure you protest and tell them
no I love Lucas let me see him.
But those bastards don't listen,
and they make us both suffer by
keeping us apart. Well not for
long. (yelling) Do you hear that
Natalie? Not for long, soon I'll
be coming! I'll be coming to get
you! Coming to hold you! Coming to
love you, like no one else could
ever understand! They are jealous
of us Natalie! We will be
Lucas grabs the knife and cuts into himself. He starts
dragging the knife down his arm and he moans Natalie as he
does it. Blood drips down his arm. Lucas rubs the side of
the knife on his face, which makes his face bloody. Lucas
cuts down his leg and moans Natalie louder and louder. Lucas
licks the blood off the knife, and drops it. Lucas reaches
over to a bottle and drinks the rest of it.
Natalie, ahh it burns Natalie! It
burns! It burns like my love for
you! Do you feel the pain Natalie?
Do you understand my pain? Do you?
STEVE THE TRAILER PARK OWNER knocks on the door.
Fuck off Steve! I'm in love!
Dammit Lucas you better stop
whatever the hell you're doing!
It's freaking out the neighbors.
Fuck 'em, I don't need neighbors
Steve all I need is Natalie.
Look blow up dolls can't love so I
don't think it counts.


Lucas opens the door and Steve sees the bloody, tequila
soaked Lucas. Steve begins to freak out, but Lucas grabs him
on his shoulder.
Come on in Steve, please we need
to talk!
Hell no! What have you done to
yourself Altamont?
I've done nothing but love a woman
that they won't let me have! She
wants me I know it but they won't
let me near her!
Lucas you need help, you need
something, a quickie, I don't know
just something!
Are you saying there's something
wrong with me Steve?
I'm saying there's something wrong
with you, that's all I'm saying.
What's wrong with me? (Steve
doesn't reply) Steve come on tell
me! (Steve doesn't reply, and
Lucas takes the knife in his hand)
Steve if you dont tell me (Lucas
waves the knife around) I will cut
you down in front of God and
You're mind is messed up that's
what's wrong. Maybe this girl
doesn't want to be with you
because you are completely
mentally unstable!
Steve I know. There's something
missing in my life, so I cling to
anyone that looks at me. Natalie


                       LUCAS (cont'd)
looked at me one time in that
special way, and I've been a fool
the entire time. (Lucas looks back
at his trailer) Jesus Christ, this
place is dirty as hell! Steve will
you please help me clean up while
I grab a trashbag to throw all the
bottles and cans in?
Sure Lucas as long as you're okay.
I'm great, finding out your
purpose in life is a complete
sham, is just great.
Steve goes in Lucas's trailer, Lucas pretends to walk away.
Lucas runs back and slams the trailer door shut. Lucas locks
the door behind himself. Steve turns around.
What is with you Lucas?
The camera pans to the window and looks outside at the
                       LUCAS (os)
What's with me? ME? You're one of
them trying to keep me from
Natalie! Well it ain't gonna throw
down that way!
                       STEVE (os)
Don't say that, I don't even know
who this Natalie is!
                       LUCAS (os)
That's bullshit and you no it!
                       STEVE (os)
It isn't, I swear Lucas, just let
me leave!
A long struggle can be heard, and then Lucas can be heard
screaming. Lucas stands up and walks over to his sink which
is in front of the window. The camera turns around an
reveals that the knife is lodged in Steve's eye.
                       LUCAS (os)
Well murder, that's some messy


The camera turns and looks at Lucas's face, it is vacant.
Lucas walks forward and pulls the knife out of Steve's head.
Father Squier is sitting in the front pews, Ronnie and
Donnie walk down the aisle and sit next to Father Squier.
Oh Father you have no idea how bad
it's gotten.
                       FATHER SQUIER
I could say the same about you.
Those traditionalists are getting
violent, and I need you
both,(pauses) all of you butchers
to help me. They will attack one
night, and after that attack I
will need you all to help me kill
them where they live.
How do you know this is going to
                       FATHER SQUIER
I've heard, I've had people sneak
into to their planning, and they
tell me everything.
There are only four of us that can
help. Me, Donnie, Ozzy, and Billy.
                       FATHER SQUIER
Why not anyone else?
Manfred's disappeared, and Tom
isn't Catholic, so he doesn't care
what happens.
                       FATHER SQUIER
Fine I'll accept you four. The
attack is going to happen during
our midnight mass in three days.
During the attack we are going to
hide in the cellar with all our
weapons. Once the fire department
and police come we sneak out and
we kill each and every


                       FATHER SQUIER (cont'd)
traditionalist. They all are going
to meet in C.C. Park, and that's
where they will die.
Okay Father, we'll do it.
Ozzy and Billy don't even know are
you sure they'd do this?
Yes they love Father Squier they'd
never let anything happen to him.
Will you excuse us for a moment
Father Squier?
                       FATHER SQUIER
Of course.
Father Squier gets up and walks into a backroom.
Maybe they won't let anything
happen to Father Squier, but what
if Father Squier just sacrifices
us in the name of his cause?
Blasphemy, what is wrong with your
head? He is a holy man he won't
let his people die.
He's human just like everyone
else, he could just be sacraficing
us just so he can live, and have a
radical catholic church, in his
own beliefs.
Blasphemy again. Why do you doubt
Father Squier, what has he ever
He hasn't done anything wrong, but
that means he's due.


I cannot believe you're my
I'm just trying to stay safe
alright, I'm just making sure that
everything will workout right.
Well you don't have to, it'll be
okay, just have faith Donnie.
I have more faith than you can
comprehend Ronnie. I was dying on
the floor of that butcher shop,
all I had was faith and the dream
of killing Lucas.
Okay Donnie, it's okay. After this
we'll find Lucas and you can do
God knows what to him.
Don't worry I will.
Well we better go tell Billy and
Ozzy what's going on.
There is a close up on Billy's face.
The camera then shows Ronnie and Donnie are on one side of
the table and Ozzy and Billy are on another.
Don't be so shocked you knew this
would happen one day.
I ki..I ki...ki can't. Killing is
wi...wrong and I won't do it!


Will you Ozzy?
I guess.
Yi...yi...you are all
in..in..insa..insane! You can't do
so...something like that! It's
ji....just im....im...
pos...impossible. The po....police
will kill you fi..for sure.
The police would be shooting at
both, and the traditionalists are
larger, so more fire power will be
directed at them.
Ni...no, I ain't di...di...doing
it. I refuse.
Fine Billy, just go home then, we
have to plan.
Oh...ki..kay. You sons of
Billy gets up and walks out and slams the door behind
Alright when we go to the park
they'll be..(Ronnie pulls over a
salt shaker) over here. (He moves
it towards Donnie) Well when we
come through we'll be
here..(Ronnie moves the pepper
over to Ozzy) So hopefully the
won't be paying attention, and we
can swoop in and start picking
them off. They will move forward
after after awhile. (Ronnie moves
the salt towards the pepper) So we
have to get them killed before
they get all the way to us, or
else we're dead.


There'll be like forty of them we
can't kill them all.
We each kill ten then it's over.
This ain't gonna go well, the
cops'll get us for sure.
Don't worry guys, we'll be fine.
Tom stumbles in drunk. Tom walks over to the counter and
Have a bad day Tom?
      (sad, drunk)
Ayeeeeee.... she's gone, its over
she hates me!
Ronnie gets up and pulls Tom up and holds him against the
What happened Tom?
      (sad, drunk)
(Tom stumbles out of Ronnies arms
and opens the cash register) 69
dollars? I can't buy her a gift
with 69 dollars!
What happened Tom?
Ronnie throws Tom against the wall again.
What is it Tom?


      (sad, drunk)
She's done with me! I told Natalie
I fell...I fell in love with
Melissa... and she's done with me!
I said I wouldn't do anything with
Melissa..ba...but she didn't
listen. She's done Ronnie, she's
Tom falls into Ronnie's arms, and Ronnie pulls Tom and sits
him in the chair.
It'll be okay Tom just calm down,
she'll take you back just stay
away for awhile.
      (sad, drunk)
She won't she's done she'll take
Gary and go to Green Hills, and
leave me here.
It's gonna be fine Tom, like
Ronnie said she'll take you back.
      (sad, drunk, angry)
I told you its...its over! She's
done and I quit dammit! I quit! I
won't try, I'll just let her go!
I'll let Melissa go! I'll let it
all go!
You can't you have to do
      (sad, drunk)
I told you its over! I am done!
Forget it, I am
compete...completely done!
Donnie take Tom to your house and
let him stay for awhile.
No way he smells.


Do it!
Donnie walks over to Tom and helps him up. He helps him walk
out of the Butcher Shop.
Err...come on Tom, Tomaroo,
      (sad, drunk)
Just take me where ever, I just
want to sleep for awhile or
Okay Tom.
Manfred is sitting in the cell, and Tenenbaum walks up to
the cell, and puts his arm on a bar.
Ready to talk now Manfred?
Nope, I'll just sit here and wait
til you let me go.
To bad you aren't being let go,
unless you squeal piggy.
Then I'll just be stuck here, at
least I get better meals than at
the park.
You want to stay, is that it?
It's better than living in the
gezebo, since I gave my family my
house and all my income.
Then you just won't eat until you
tell me, how about that?


I don't usually eat for two days
so I think I can stand not eating
for a long time.
We'll see then won't we.
Tenenbaum walks away from Manfred. Manfred lays down on the
slab and closes his eyes.
Natalie is sitting in the living room the crib is in there
and Gary is inside. Natalie is looking at a photo album of
her and Tom, she is crying.
Three and a half years how can he
just easily throw that away, what
is wrong with him! I can't believe
he did this, he has a son and he's
in love with another woman.
(Natalie gets up and stands over
Gary's crib and rubs his head) We
ran away to Condulmer City four
years ago. We waited a half a year
and then me and your dad got
married. Dad, Tom, he always hated
nicknames. He wouldn't want to be
called Daddy or Tommy or anything
else. He was a good man Gary. Then
he had to ruin my life. I've been
in love with him for six years and
then he does that. I don't know
why I'm telling you about this.
This is nothing you ever need to
hear. I love you Gary, and I loved
your father, that's all you'll
ever need to know.
There is a knock at the door.
Go away Tom I never want to see
you again!
                       MR. FALLON (os)
Natalie its me Daddy.


Natalie runs to the door unlocks it and throws the door open
and runs into Mr. Fallon's arms and cries.
                       MR. FALLON
It's okay Natalie, it's gonna be
fine. I'll stay with you and in a
few days I'll take you and Gary to
Green Hills.
I can't believe he'd do that to me
another woman, he's so sick.
                       MR. FALLON
(pats her on the back) Tom isn't
sick, he just has no idea of where
his priorities are. He needs to
get his life together, and figure
things out, once he gets that
done, I'll take him to you and
we'll see if this all can be
worked out. Okay?
No! He's sick I never want to see
him again! I can't...I won't ever
see him again! He's just horrible
for doing this to me and Gary
and...(pauses) the new baby.
                       MR. FALLON
New baby?
Yes, new baby, while he's been out
and about in love I found out I'm
pregnant again. I can't do this, I
can't keep this baby it could be
like him and destroy someone
else's life!


                       MR. FALLON
You know you can't do that
Natalie. Everything will be
alright, just listen to me, Tom'll
change, he'll pick himself up and
fix his life, and I'll bring him
back to you, and we'll see what
happens okay?
Are you not listening Dad? I don't
want to be with him I never want
to! I loved him but he ruined it
by being a sex hungry bastard!
                       MR. FALLON
When you called me earlier you
said he never did anything with
this other woman.
Well love leads to sex, because
he's a complete asshole! And pig!
I mean he has a perfectly good
life here and he goes out and
falls in love! Am I not important?
What is wrong with me?
                       MR. FALLON
There's nothing wrong with you.
Then there's no excuse for it! And
why are you defending him anyway
he doesn't deserve it?
                       MR. FALLON
Natalie, you don't understand what
Tom came from, he was taken away
from his mom, and was sent to an
I know that and thats no excuse
for doing what he did!


                       MR. FALLON
Just think before you throw it all
away, there could be something
worth saving.
Stop defending him! It won't work!
(backs out of Mr. Fallon's arms
and steps back) Just go home Dad,
I don't want you here right now.
                       MR. FALLON
(sighs) Fine, I'll be back later
Whatever just go!
Natalie slams the door and continues to cry.
Dharma is sitting in his office, he is holding a shotgun. He
is shaking and staring at the door. There is a loud slam and
Dharma looks all around, he is completely paranoid.
"Who....who...who?" asks the owl,
the owl continued "Who...who..who
the fuck are you, standing outside
my door? I try to sleep and
you...you...you bother me. Well
I'm tired you dirty
jew...jew...jew. I hear you
coo...coo...coo, and I'm tired of
it. Let me alone you jew who coo
in the night."
Dharma looks around the room scared. The door is knocked on
and Dharma aims at the door.
Who art thou?
                       LUCAS (os)
It's Lucas, the butcher you saw
once maybe twice.


What do you want?
                       LUCAS (os)
Can I come in and tell you?
Just know I'm ready to shoot you
at anytime.
                       LUCAS (os)
Oh don't worry what I'll tell you
is something that will make you
jump for joy.
Come in then it's unlocked.
Lucas comes in and sits down and looks at Dharma who is
pointing the shotgun at him.
You don't have company much do
I don't like to entertain.
I can tell. Well here's my plan. I
want Tom dead, hell all the
butchers can be killed now. They
try to attack me whenever they see
me. So if I kill the Icarus man
for you, I want you to kill the
butchers for me.
Icarus's is a hitman they are
special in what they do they know
when they're being hunted down.
I'll accept your offer, so go find
Icarus and take care of him.
That I will.
Well I gotta take a slash, I'll be
back in a minute if that's okay
with you?


Slash away Paul.
Dharma gets up and leaves the room. Lucas turns around he
gets up and closes the door. Then sits back down.
Natalie, I'll be there for you
when you hear the news of Tom's
death. You can hold me and love me
forever after your heartbreak.
Everything will be right when
you're in my arms, and we are
together forever. Soon Natalie my
love, I know you cannot wait. I
can't wait either. I'll soon be
with you my love, to give you my
dawn surprise. I'll be with you
darling soon, I'll be with you
when the stars star falling. I
love you so much Natalie and I
know you know.
The door opens and Lucas turns around, Dharma walks in and
sits back down.
Why Lucas, why did you only say
Tom first?
You know what I said, answer the
I gotta go.
Dharma points the shotgun at Lucas.
(sigh) Tom's wife Natalie. I love
her and I know she loves me, and I
want to be with her but Tom is in
my way, and all the other butchers
would be in my way after Tom is
Okay you can go.


Tom is standing by the door looking at Melissa, who is at a
cash register with a customer.
      (looking at the
God this is bad, I haven't seen
Natalie in three days and I can't
take it. God I know I don't really
believe in you that much or follow
your cult that well, but I need
your help. (sigh) I need you to
get Natalie back for me somehow I
know you can change her mind
right? Don't you have those
powers? Just help me, help me like
you never helped anyone before.
That means actually listening to
me. This is the second time I've
prayed to you in my whole life,
the last time I did it, my Mom
could never get me, then she died
of fucking cancer! Well this time
I need you to just bring Natalie
back to me and let Melissa
understand I have to break her
heart, if she even feels the way
about me that I do about her. That
doesn't mean she should God or I
should, it just means we both
could feel for each other in a way
that is forbidden. Okay.
Tom clears his throat and walks over to Melissa.
Howdy Tom.
Melissa will you come with me, and
sit down?
Tom walks Melissa over to a bench and they sit down. Tom
looks over at Melissa.


                       TOM (vo)
She looks so beautiful, I can't do
this. No I have to.
Melissa, I love you, and I
shouldn't because it's horrible. I
love my wife and I cannot love
you, I don't know if you feel this
way about me but I'm just telling
you. I have a son and a wife I'm
sorry but I can't and I won't.
It's not horrible Tom. (she holds
Tom's hand) It's sweet, and you
say you can't but I can change
your mind. (she leans forward to
kiss Tom)
Tom jumps up and swings his hand out of Melissa's.
ni..ni..no! This ain't going to
happen Melissa, I'm sorry,
I care about you so much doesn't
that matter to you?
It does matter because you caring
keeps me from being happy with my
wife. So just stop Melissa,
But I love you.
Dammit just stop Melissa! Nothing
has happened between us nothing
I can't believe the man I fell in
love with is acting like this.
What happened?


I realized I'm a complete idiot
that's what happened. Goodbye
Tom walks away, and tears can be seen in Melissa's eyes.
Donnie, Ronnie, Ozzy, and Father Squier are sitting in the
cellar holding weapons.
When should this be happening
                       FATHER SQUIER
Any minute now, just keep quiet or
they'll look down here.
Donnie turn out the light.
Donnie gets up and hits the light switch and its black. Soon
chanting can be heard and glass shattering can be heard and
explosions. Sirens then can be heard and people start
running and shots can be heard fired. Donnie flicks on the
light switch and the four sneak out with their weapons and
run into the night.
The four are crouched in bushes as they watch a barn fire
and the Traditionalists standing around it. There are around
fifteen of them.
There's barely fifteen of them!
(pulls Ronnie over away from the
others) (whispers) See I told you
dammit! He never needed us, I
could kill fifteen people myself!
He just wanted to make sure he was


That's not true dammit! He
wouldn't do that he's a priest for
christ's sake!
No one is blameless expecially
priests. He's going to fuck us
over, the cops themselves could
take these guys out.
Father Squier and Ozzy raise their guns up to fire, Ronnie
raises his. Donnie does nothing. The three fire and three
drop dead. The Traditionalists try to run.
They're completely unarmed!
                       FATHER SQUIER
(Father Squier is looking through
his gun's sight)Wait there's one!
Donnie looks at the person and sees it's Billy.
Shit Father wait stop!
Father Squier pulls the trigger and blows the top of Billy's
head off in a mist of pink.
You son of a bitch!
Donnie runs out into the open and picks up Billy.
Shit! Billy! God dammit! Billy say
something anything!
Billy doesn't respond and Donnie lays him on the ground.
Donnie pulls a pistol out of his pocket and starts shooting
at Father Squier.
Stop it Donnie! You're gonna hurt
the Father!
Father Squier fires another shot, hitting Donnie in the leg,
dropping him to the ground.


(grabs the gun) That's enough
Father! Jesus Christ what's wrong
with you?
                       FATHER SQUIER
They destoryed my church! They
should be hunted down! And they
will be!
Father Squier grabs the gun back and runs into the night
after the Traditionalists. Ronnie runs up to Donnie and
looks at his face.
He killed Billy. Ronnie, he shot
Billy. That son of a bitch!
I should of listened to you. What
the hell was I thinking?
Lights start flashing and sirens can be heard.
Fuck the dramatics....ahh damn!
Lets get the hell outta here.
Ozzy runs up, Ronnie picks up Donnie and Ozzy pick up Billy
and they begin running away.
A POLICE OFFICER 1 is sitting in a chair across a steel
table from Manfred.
I like this room what shitty cop
movie did you steal it from?
                       P.O. 1
Are you trying to be funny?
The door opens and POLICE OFFICER 2 sticks his head in.
                       P.O. 2
Hey Ben you there was a gunfight
type thing at the park and a fire
in the church you wanna come?


                       P.O. 1
No Dees, I gotta stay with this
guy while Tenenbaum is working on
something. If you get Tenenbaum to
get his ass back here then I'll be
                       P.O. 2
I'll give a quick talk to him
                       P.O. 1
Now where were we?
You are nowhere so far, you
haven't got shit out of me except
my name is Manfred Clapton, you
don't even know my middle name.
What a cop you are.
                       P.O. 1
Hey I don't interrogate I just
file a whole bunch of paperwork,
and make an honest living.
Make an honest living what a lie.
This city is completely corrupt.
                       P.O. 1
Be that as it may I'm still
Tenenbaum is looking on the computer at Butcher's files and
P.O. 2 opens the door.
Is knocking too hard for you
Officer Nuts?
                       P.O. 2
No but will you go to the
interrogation room, Officer Fried
is needed and he can't leave the
guy in there alone.


Fine I'll get off my ass and go
see him it's not like I ever have
anything to do. Just go out and
leave I'll go tell Fried to leave
when I'm ready.
                       P.O. 2
P.O. 2 leaves and Tenenbaum looks back at the computer.
Tom Plant, wife? Wife Natalie
Plant? Son? Son Gary Plant? Well I
guess I don't need Manfred anymore
all I have to do is talk to
Plant's family, and hopefully his
wife'll know everything I need to
know. If she doesn't I'll just ask
where he is and I'll get him
myself, and I'll lie to him and
say I got his family hostage.
That'll work, but I would of never
guessed one of these butchers
would be a family man. I should of
looked at this much earlier.
Tenenbaum gets up and the camera follows him as he walks
through the halls to the Interrogation Room. Tenenbaum opens
the door.
Tenenbaum is standing in the doorway, he turns on the light
and sees only P.O. 1 sitting in a chair. Tenenbaum walks
over to P.O. 1 and lifts up his head and sees a bullet hole
in the middle of his head.
Well hells bells. I was gonna let
him go anyway, but he got away.
Well once I get his ass later, he
ain't gonna get away.
Tenenbaum puts P.O. 1's head back down and Tenenbaum pulls a
cigarette out of his pocket and puts it in his mouth. He
lights it and takes a puff.
Natalie Plant, I'll see you
tomorrow, Manfred I'll see you


                       TENENBAUM (cont'd)
after I see Tom, then I'll see the
Manfred is sprinting to Dharma's office with the pistol in
his hand. Manfred dodges cars and keeps running. He gets to
Dharma's office and throws the door open. And walks inside.
Where's Dharma?
Manfred walks over and lays on the couch. Dharma is then
seen creeping through the halls with his shotgun. He swings
around the corner and sees Manfred. Dharma fires a shot in
Manfred's chest killing him.
Oh no! Oh God no! Manfred shit I'm
sorry Manfred!
Dharma runs to his office and Icarus is sitting in his
Hello Dharma long time no see.
You can't do this to me! I'm
powerful dammit! You never had to
work hard, you don't deserve my
empire if you don't work hard! I
will not let you take it from me!
The closet door slowly opens and Lucas peeks his head out.
Empire? Empire? It's not an empire
Dharma! It's a pile of shit! A
pile of shit you've been beating
into the ground for too damn long!
So it's over Dharma.
Then it's over for you too.


Lucas throws himself out the door and points a pistol at
Icarus, Icarus pulls two pistols out and aims them at Dharma
and Lucas.
An old Mexican stand off,
bea-utiful. Why don't we countdown
then. 3...2...
At two Icarus fires the gun pointed at Dharma fires and
shoots Dharma in the heart. The one pointing at Lucas
backfires and blows up in Icarus's hand. Lucas then fires
four shots into Icarus's chest and drops the gun, and runs
over to Dharma.
Dharma, you can't do this, I did
my part now you have to do yours!
I can't.
You asshole!
Lucas puts his hands around Dharma's throat and strangles
him to death. Lucas stands up and walks away stepping on
Dharma's chest. Lucas looks back and spits on Dharma.
I'll have to take care of Tom and
the rest of them myself.
Lucas walks down the hallway and turns to the couch and sees
Manfred dead on the couch.
Well that makes my life easier.
Lucas walks over to Manfred and picks him up and the camera
goes to shots of each dead body in Dharma's office. First
Manfred as he is carried out, then Dharma, and finally
The two dead butchers coffins are sitting in there graves
about to be lowered. FATHER GREGORY is standing between the
two. The other butchers are standing around, and so are some
other random people.


                       FATHER GREGORY
Today we are here to say goodbye
to William Tell Allman, and
Manfred Vincient Clapton. Instead
of Father Squier who should be
here for the service I am Father
Gregory and I have taken his
place. Does anyone have anything
to say about either of these two?
PATTI CLAPTON raises her hand and walks over to Father
Gregory, Father Gregory takes a step over from Patti.
      (sad, holding back
Hi I'm Patti Clapton, Manfred's
sister. Manfred was blameless, he
gave up his home and all his money
for his family, for me, and after
all that I can't believe he was
shot by a mugger, because he
refused to give up his wallet.
(she begins crying) Manfred you
never deserved to have to live in
this world. You were too selfless
and....wonderful, I love you
Manfred, and I know I never said
that to you often enough. I'm so
sorry Manfred.
Father Gregory walks forward and comforts her, Father walks
Patti back to her seat. Donnie walks up to the front with a
crutch and pulls out a ball of trash, and unravels it.
I'm Donnie DeYoung, I worked
with.... Billy (sigh) for
sometime. (reading) Billy's death
wasn't natural and it wasn't
deserved. He never did anything,
he was just trying to stop someone
from destroying something holy,
that shouldn't be disregarded.
Billy began his studder a...after
he was (sigh) shot. Something
happened in his brain right after
he was shot and it just started.
We saved him the...that time, but
this time, there was nothing
possible. I can easily blame
myself or throw the blame on
others but for once the blame


                       DONNIE (cont'd)
should be planted squarely on one
person. That person isn't here and
that probably would be his reason
why. Billy was such a good friend
he never acted like a jackass he
was just a good (sigh) good
friend. Thank you.
Donnie walks over and as he walks he looks at Ronnie who has
tears in his eyes. Donnie stands next to him and Father
Gregory starts talking about random things.
You could of said it was my fault
too, I know it was.
You didn't make him go.
Neither did Father Squier and yet
you blamed him.
Father Squier didn't stop, I said
don't shoot, but he didn't listen
so I can blame myself much easier
than you can blame yourself. But
Father Squier pulled the trigger,
so it was his fault and his fault
But if I never agreed in the first
place he wouldn't of done
What are you talking about Billy's
been a traditionalist the entire
time. He was in the group whether
you agreed or not.
You can say what you want but I
know what I did.
Ronnie, you didn't do anything,
stop saying you did.


Exactly I didn't do anything. I
should of realized and stopped
Father Squier, but I couldn't, I
didn't think he would do that.
He pretty much had a cult over his
people, and we believed everything
he said.
You didn't you knew better.
b.g. The coffins are lowered in the graves.
I did for a long time, but then I
started thinking for myself for
Well I should of realized too, it
wasn't that hard to figure out and
yet I was completely oblivious.
Dammit Ronnie it doesn't matter.
It's over now, we'll have to go on
with our lives okay. We have to
find Lucas.
We will.
Shhh... the God man's about to
They all close their eyes as Father Gregory leads in prayer.
The remaining butchers are in the van. Ronnie is driving and
Donnie is sitting next to him, and the rest are in the back.
That was a nice service right?


Yeah touching.
They just died, damn mugger shot
How do they even know it was a
mugger? I mean just because you
got a bullet hole and you're in an
alley doesn't mean it was a
Why would you say something like
Well Manfred lives in the park and
everyone knows it, so why would a
mugger choose to mug him?
Muggers are desperate, they'll
attack anyone.
Go ahead and think that if it
makes you sleep at night.
Whatever lets just get back to the
butcher shop and just calm down.
Fine by me, I couldn't go through
another funeral, that stuff is
Funerals are supposed to be sad,
it's saying last goodbyes to a
dead person.
They're supposed to be sad? Damn I
now know why I felt stupid for
wearing a party hat.
Thanks Tom.


I have nothing else to do other
then cry about my life, so It's
kind of easier to make jokes.
The four are sitting around the table, in any order.
Listen I'm just saying it's
suspicious that Manfred, Billy,
the Icarus guy, and Dharma all
were killed on the same night.
That's why I'm saying I don't
think it's no mugger. Especially
since Manfred was found in a
fucking alley near Dharma's
But Icarus and Dharma shot each
Dharma has a shotgun, Icarus had
one bullet hole in his head.
Dharma had one bullet hole in his
Then Icarus shot Dharma and killed
That makes no damn sense, if
Icarus was trying to take over
Dharma's uh..."business" why would
he kill himself?
Are you saying there was someone
Yes Donnie, does it usually take
you an hour to infer something so
Shut up Tom!


(points at Tom) Don't say anything
Tom. How Manfred died doesn't
matter right now, we have to find
He owns a trailer, out at the
trailer park.
Go to the trailer park Donnie, the
rest of us'll stay here.
I ain't staying here I'm going to
see if Natalie is okay yet.
Have fun.
Yeah watch out Tom, she could be
packing heat.
Tom gets up and starts walking out.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Tom exits the elevator and Mr. Fallon walks out of his
apartment, he is holding Gary.
                       MR. FALLON
It won't be Dad for long, unless
you fix what you've done.
I told the woman that I love her
but nothing's going to happen
anymore. Isn't that enough for
                       MR. FALLON
You have to stay away from her,
let me take her and Gary out to
Green Hills. I'll live with you


                       MR. FALLON (cont'd)
back here and when she's cooled
down and you're completely
together, I'll take you out to
Green Hills.
But I can't wait that long she
might never cool down.
                       MR. FALLON
But if you go in now you could
ruin any chance with her. So come
on walk with me and Gary around
the park.
Alright let's go then.
Tom and Mr. Fallon go into the elevator, and hit the button.
The elevator door opens and Tom and Mr. Fallon walk out,
they are laughing and discussing what's been happening.
                       MR. FALLON
I still don't think you should
come in.
Just let me poke my head in for a
                       MR. FALLON
Natalie is sitting on the couch watching tv. There is a
knock at her door and she gets up and opens it. It's
Mr. Fallon opens the door and Tom walks in ahead of him. Tom
walks over and looks at the couch and sees Natalie's dead
body laying on the couch. Tom runs to her side.


Natalie is sitting on the couch watching tv. There is a
knock at her door and she gets up and opens it. It's
You are?
I am Detective Verne Tenenbaum,
CCPD. Will you tell me about the
activities your husband have been
involved in?
What activities?
May I sit down?
Umm...sure there's a couch right
there. (points to the couch)
Natalie walks over to the couch and Tenenbaum follows
Natalie stays standing but Tenenbaum sits down.
Well your husband is quite a man,
isn't he?
I'm done with my husband. I'm
going to divorce him once my dad
stops trying to find ways to keep
us together.
So you'll tell me everything about
what Tom's been doing?
What has Tom been doing?
You're his wife you should know.
What did he do?
Enough to bring me out, so he's
done a lot.


Exactly what I'm trying to figure
out from you. What has he done?
you have to know you've been
married for a few years. I'm sure
he must have told you.
All he does is work at a butcher
shop, and....and... goes around
talking with some harlot! (Natalie
begins to cry)
Harlot? Whatever, please stop
crying, I can't work with tears.
He fell in love with some woman,
over me! Over me, I am his wife!
He's not allowed to fall in love
and he does this to me!
What's the mistress's name?
I don't know what the whore's name
Too bad, it would of helped you
out a lot.
I need to send a message to Tom,
that we have to meet. No little
note nothing like that something
more. And since I can't do
anything with his mistress, I'm
sorry Mrs. Plant.
Sorry what?


I have to tell you something sit
Natalie sits down.
I'm sorry, that you have to be the
message, if you cooperated
earlier, then it would of been the
mistress who would be the message.
But alas, goodbye Mrs. Plant.
Tenenbaum stands up and begins walking out. Natalie stares
at him puzzled. Tenenbaum pulls a gun out of his pocket and
turns around and fires all six shots into Natalie's chest.
Tenenbaum pulls out a note and crumples it, he throws it on
Natalie's dead body which has fallen over onto the couch.
I guess a note will do just fine.
Tenenbaum walks out and the camera turns around Tom is
crying holding Natalie's bloody body in his arms, he is
crying. Mr. Fallon is talking off camera to the hospital.
Natalie, Natalie, Natalie! Why
would anyone do this to you?
(turns and looks at the ceiling)
Why God? Jesus fucking Christ,
Lord, why did you do this? I don't
deserve this, she never
deserved...ahh GOD!
Tom puts his head down on the bloody couch and keeps crying.
He moves his hand around and comes across the note.
What the hell?
Tom grabs the note and wipes his eyes. He uncrumples the
somewhat bloody paper and reads aloud.
Dear Tom Plant, I'm dearly sorry
it had to come to this, but I want
you butchers in prison, so I will
do what I must. And if killing
someone you love is how I have to


                       TOM (cont'd)
do it then so be it. Come and find
me Plant, (slowly) I'm around
somewhere. Sincerely Detective
Verne Tenenbaum, CCPD.
Tom rips apart the note in anger. He goes on a rage through
the room breaking things, and punching the wall, etc. He
stops and looks down at Natalie.
I'll fix this all for you Natalie.
That I promise.
Donnie has a shovel in his hand and is carrying it. He is
walking to Lucas's Trailer.
He's said it was in parking spot 7
Donnie sees spot 7 he goes up to the trailer and knocks on
the door. No one answers, Donnie opens the door and walks
inside. He hears the toilet flush. Donnie swings the
bathroom door open and jabs the shovel forward stabbing into
Steve's corpse.
Holy Shit!
Donnie pulls the shovel out and runs out, he looks out and
sees Lucas standing out there with a knife in his hand.
If you think the people around
here will help you out Donnie you
are wrong. They run this part of
town pretty much. That means no
cops, no questions, you dead.
You are a sick son of a bitch
Quiet wanker! I had a full day a
few days ago and now I'm ready for
some more fun.
What are you talking about?


I killed Dharma and Icarus, and
Dharma killed Manfred. So I
dragged Manfred out into the
alleyway so he'd look less
suspicious, just helping out a
good butcher, unlike you or Tom.
What the hell is wrong with you
Lucas? You killed them,
how...why...I...its over now
Donnie swings the shovel, but Lucas backs up. Lucas runs
forward at Donnie. Donnie swings the shovel again hitting
Lucas in the arm, which hacked into it somewhat. They are
talking to each other as they fight. Donnie swings again,
but Lucas moves out the way. Lucas throws the knife which
stabs Donnie in the arm. Donnie charges at Lucas, and as
Lucas jumps out the way Donnie swings the shovel, the shovel
flies and cuts into Lucas's skull killing him. The camera
shows their shadows. Donnie pulls the shovel out then stabs
into the body again and again.
Donnie looks at his left arm and pulls the knife out of it.
He cringes in pain and throws the knife into Lucas's body.
Donnie takes the shovel and begins walking out.
You should all get to cleaning
that mess up, you hear me?
Ronnie and Ozzy are sitting at the table.
This is all completely falling
apart Ozzy. I think we should just
shut down the butcher shop and
skip town right now.
We can't just leave them, we can
at least wait til they come back.


There's no point in waiting, the
police'll catch us if we wait.
Where would we go?
Drive straight to Mexico, then
once we're there, we can part ways
and go where ever.
We can't do that not right now.
It's not like anyone's after us.
What do you mean no one's after
us? Two butchers are dead! We're
going to drop like flies if we
don't just leave now.
Then just go Ronnie, I mean Jesus
H! Why do I have to go with you?
You don't. (Ronnie gets up and
slams his chair into the table)
And you won't have to. I'll be
packing I'll be back tomorrow
morning, if you wanna go be here.
If you don't, then don't fucking
get in my way when I'm leaving, do
you understand?
I got it Ronnie.
Good, great, wonderful, grand.
Ronnie walks out, and Ozzy slams his fist on the table. Ozzy
stands up and throws his chair into the corner.
Dammit! I can't believe this all
fucking fell apart! I'll call Roy
maybe he can take me to out to
where he lives.
Ozzy pulls out his cell phone and calls Roy.


Roy? Is this really you? Where do
you live?
What? Who are you? I'm in Green
Hills why the hell do you care?
It's me Christian, your cousin.
Christian? What do you want?
Here it is. Look I'm sorry, I got
into the crime business. First we
started out just cutting up
bodies, then we started killing
people, and now it's all gone to
hell. I know you quit, well some
guy took your place and pretended
to be you. I just want you to come
out here and get me. Please!
Please just get me!
(sighs) You got into crime, you
can get yourself out. I had to get
out of crime hellishly okay. I had
to kill every single member of the
Oliver Crime Family before I could
escape without ever being hunted
down. And if someone's hunting me
we have to stop talking now or
else they'll know I'