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Operation Saturday Night
by Jason Presutti (kingofsherwood@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This is another episode to my untitled TV series. It is about a group of high school kids and their lives. The pilot episode is also published under the title First Period. Any feedback would be great. You can contact me at kingofsherwood@yahoo.com. Both works are works in progress.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Bob, Larry, Megan, Eric and Brenda are in the cafeteria,
waiting on line to get their lunch. They continue to move
forward throughout the conservation.
I wonder what they have today.
It's Friday. They should have
      (To Bob.)
Like it matters. He'll eat
I'm not that hungry.
                       CAFETERIA WORKER
      (To Bob.)
What'll it be?
      (Looks over the
I'll have two pieces of pizza.
Me too.
The cafeteria worker gives each of them their two pieces of
pizza. The pizza is store bought square pizza. Larry and
Bob get their food, each pick up a soda and proceed to the
That'll be three dollars each.


Bob gives the cashier a five-dollar bill. The cashier gives
Bob two dollars change. Larry gives the cashier three
dollars. They both go and sit down at the second table.
They sit by the windows. Rich is already sitting there,
eating his lunch that he brought from home. Bob is sitting
the closest to the window. Rich is sitting two seats down
from him on the same side of the table. Larry is sitting
across the table from Rich.
What are we gonna do tomorrow
I don't know.
We can hang out at my house, my
parents are going away for the
weekend. My brother will be going
out, and we can dump Chris on
Jennie, or see if Mrs. Foster will
take him.
Sounds good I guess.
Brenda and Megan come over to the table with their lunches.
Brenda sits in between Bob and Rich. Megan sits opposite
Bob. Eric is behind them at the cashier. He pays and then
walks over to the table. They are all eating their lunch
through out the rest of the scene.
What are you girls doing tomorrow
We are going out with John and
      (Looking at Bob.)
Yeah. You know I always go out
with John on Friday nights, but
because of the football game we
are going out on Saturday night
this week.
I know.
Eric sits down next to Larry in between Larry and Brenda.


      (To Larry.)
Can you scoot down a bit.
Larry moves down a seat away from Eric so Eric can fit
comfortably in between Larry and Brenda.
I hope they take us out to eat.
Not just going to the mall again.
They would probably take us to the
movies if you didn't have to be
home so early Meg.
I hate when I have to work nights
on the weekend. I have to work
tomorrow night because of the
football game tonight.
So what are the rest of you guys
gonna do tomorrow night?
Probably hang out at my house or
something. You should stop by.
We'll see.
Matt walks up to the table. He walks up to Eric.
What's going on guys?
Bob, Rich and Larry all look at each other then look at Matt
and say.
                       BOB, LARRY AND RICH AT THE SAME TIME
It's (slight pause) Matt O'Brien
Everyone laughs. Matt sits down on the other side of Larry.
Do you have enough room there
I'm fine. Thanks for asking.


      (To Larry.)
He squeezes in there like he has a
shot with her or something.
      (Laughing. To
I know.
What are you doing tommorrow night
Gotta go with my Mom and Dad to
visit my Grandmother after the
game tonight.
Sounds like fun.
Yeah. Tons of fun.
      (To Rich and
Like Eric.
How is your grandfather doing Bob?
He's holding on, but doesn't look
like he is gonna be along much
That sucks man. I remember what
it was like when my grandfather
died. It was hard on me, but it
was really hard on my grandma.
That is why I don't mind giving up
a weekend to go and see her,
besides her neighbor has a really
hot daughter.
Let me guess she is gonna be yours
this weekend.


She just doesn't know it yet, but
she is gonna have a little (slight
pause) Matt O'Brien this weekend.
Little being the operative word.
Everyone laughs, except for Matt.
I guess I left myself open for
that one. Kind of like how her
legs will be this weekend. I
gotta get going back to anywhere
but here. Later.
Matt gets up and walks out of the cafeteria.
Rich, Bob, Eric, Brenda and Megan are in their band
uniforms. They are walking from the concession stand back to
the bleachers. There are other people in band uniforms
there as well as other people walking around. Bob has a hot
chocolate and popcorn. Brenda and Megan each have a hot dog
and hot chocolate. Rich has just a hot chocolate. Larry
comes up to them. He is in regular clothes. They stop
Hi guys. Nice performance.
Fuck you.
No serious, it was good. You
know, for a marching band and all,
especially you Brenda.
Whatever Larry. We don't need you
busting on us.
I wasn't busting on you guys.
Just forget about it.


I am just glad this in the last
game of the season. It is really
getting cold.
Yeah. Life will be easier.
I guess. Then we will have two
nights on the weekend to hang out.
And if things go right tomorrow
night, when you and John go out,
Chip and I will be going out too.
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah I will now have every Friday
night open to hang out.
                       LOUDSPEAKER VOICE (O. C.)
It is almost time for the
fifty-fifty. Everyone get your
tickets out.
Let's get back to the bleachers. I
left my tickets in my case.
Yeah we better get back.
Eric, Megan and Brenda go off to the bleachers. Larry, Bob
and Rich stay where they are and start talking after Megan
and Brenda are out of listening range.
I hate when they talk about John
and Chip.
I know. We gotta do something
about this.
It is worse for Bob. Him and
Megan kinda got something going


I wish we could go down the park
and do something to fuck up their
Yeah. But it is gonna be fucking
cold down there.
Too bad we don't have a hose down
there, to squirt them with.
Yeah. That would be hysterical.
I got an idea. We should go down
to the park with water balloons
and throw them at them.
Yeah. It will be like a
top-secret mission or something.
Yeah. Operation Saturday Night.
Bob, Rich, and Larry walk into a convenience store. They
split up, each looking for water balloons. Larry finds
regular balloons.
      (Loud enough for
       Rich and Bob to
Guys here.
Rich and Bob walk over to where Larry is. Rich gets there
first and takes the bag of balloons from Larry.
These are just regular balloons.
So, they should do the job.
Are you sure they are still gonna


I don't see why not.
Ok. Let's get a few bags.
I just hope that the water doesn't
Paul walks in the store and sees the guys. He walks over to
Hey guys.
What's up?
Nada. Why are you guys buying
Should we tell him?
Why not?
We have a plan for them.
Yeah? What?
Come outside with me and I will
fill you in.
Bob and Paul walk outside, while Rich and Larry walk up to
the counter with the balloons.
I am gonna hit Chip.
Yeah. Me too. Especially if I
see him and Brenda together.


The counter person takes the three bags of balloons, scans
them and puts them in a bag.
                       COUNTER PERSON
Will that be all?
                       COUNTER PERSON
That'll be $2.12.
Rich gives the counter person a five dollar bill. The
counter person takes the money and makes change and give it
to Rich. Rich and Larry walk out of the store.
      (To Bob.)
Your guys are really gonna do
Yeah. So do you want in?
I gotta see this.
It's gonna be pretty fucked up.
Let's get going to my house.
They all start to walk to Larry's house.
Why are you guys doing this?
What else are we gonna do?
Besides, it is a good way for us
to get John and Chip.
Who are they?


John is the other guy that Megan
is going with, and Chip is the guy
that Brenda wants to go with.
Oh. Ok. I think I met them at
O'Brien's party.
Yeah. I can't believe we are
going to do this.
What's so hard to believe? It'll
be fun. We just better find the
right park.
It is a fifty-fifty shot. And the
two parks aren't that far away
from each other.
We just better be ready to get the
fuck out of there quick.
We can always run and hide among
the trees.
And hope that there are no cops
around when we do this.
Do we know who's car they are
gonna be in, John or Chips?
I think it John's car, that is who
Meg says usually drives when they
all go out.
You know what would be fucked up?
If there was a Taurus parked down
there and we start throwing shit
at them and it isn't their car.
That would make it all the more


It is late afternoon. The sun is still out, but already
starting to set. Paul, Bob, Larry and Rich are standing
outside of Larry's house. Larry opens the front door and
they all walk in the front door. After everyone is in Larry
closes the door.
Don't say shit to my brother or
I thought you said they weren't
going to be home.
They get to the kitchen. Jennie and Chris are sitting in the
TV room, which is set slightly lower than the kitchen. There
are three stairs to walk down from the kitchen to the TV
      (Raising his
What are you guys dong here? I
thought you were going out?
Mrs. Foster wasn't home yet to
take Chris. She is on her way to
pick him up, and my friends are
meeting here before we go out. I
don't see how it is any business
of yours anyway.
      (Slight pause)
Wait a minute. What are all of
you doing here, you are supposed
to go out too.
We are.
Where are you going?
None of you fucking business.
Whatever, I am going upstairs to
get changed. If any of my friends
come over, just send them up.


Jennie gets up out of the chair she was sitting in, and
walks past everyone and out of the kitchen. Larry gets up
and starts walking to the refrigerator.
Does anyone want a drink?
Vodka on the rocks.
A beer.
Don't have any beer, and no
drinking drinking, at least not
now. Maybe when we get back
What do you have?
Larry opens the refrigerator.
Just diet soda. Damn.
The doorbell rings.
Hopefully that is Mrs. Foster.
      (Running past
I'll get it.
Ok. Make sure you look to see who
it is before you open the door.
Larry closes the refrigerator door. You can hear Chris open
the front door.
Hi Chris. Where's Jennie?
Paul pokes his head through the doorway to see who it is,
then brings his head back in the kitchen.
She's in her room. Go up.


Ok. Thanks.
Samantha goes upstairs and Chris comes running back into the
Who was that?
Samantha Woofer. I'd love to make
her go woof woof.
Yeah like you would have a shot
with her.
Whatever dude. Like you do?
Didn't say I did.
The doorbell rings again. Chris gets up and runs to answer
the door again. Paul pokes his head through to see who it
is again, as Chris opens the front door.
Hi Chris.
Jennie is upstairs with Samantha.
Thanks Chris.
Allison goes upstairs and Chris comes running back into the
TV room. Larry picks up the bag that has the bags of
balloons in it and walks over to the kitchen table and pulls
out the balloons.
Ok. Let's get focused on our
mission. I am thirsty though.
Why don't we go back to the store
real quick and get some drinks?
Yeah, might as well.


Who's gonna stay with Chris?
Jennie is upstairs still right?
I'll just tell her to do it.
Dude, she is just gonna give you
an attitude about it. Why don't
you and I just go, and leave Paul
and Bob with Chris.
That's fine with me.
Yeah, just go. We'll be fine.
Just bring us back some drinks.
Ok. Chris, I'll be right back.
Just sit there and watch TV and
leave Bob and Paul alone.
Chris nods his head and Larry and Rich leave.
Jennie has some good looking
The next one that comes is mine.
Yeah. Ok.
The doorbell rings. Chris runs to the door and Paul follows
him. Bob stays in the kitchen. The camera follows Paul.
Chris opens the door and Robin Flame is on the other side of
the door.
Hi Chris. Is Jennie still here?
What's your name?
Robin Flame. Who are you?


Paul Castle. I'd light your fire
Miss Robin Flame.
      (Walking in the
Thanks for the offer, but no
thanks. Is Jennie home?
Paul turns and walks back to the kitchen.
She's upstairs.
As Paul reaches the kitchen, you can hear Robin walking up
the stairs. Paul walks into the kitchen.
Nice going.
At least now she knows my name.
Chris walks into the kitchen and back into the TV room. Paul
walks toward the living room again.
I gotta take a piss.
Paul leaves the room. Bob gets up and sits in the chair
that Jennie was sitting in before she went upstairs.
Hey Chris, what are you watching?
Chris holds up a TV Guide.
Did you ever read this book?
Chris throws the book and hits Bob in the forehead with the
corner of the TV Guide.
What book? Why did you throw that
at me?
I don't know.


Well it hurt.
Jennie, Samantha, Allison and Robin all walk into the
What hurt?
Bob gets up and drops the TV Guide on Chris's lap. Chris
picks up the book and throws it at Bob again. This time the
book hits Bob in the back. Bob just keeps walking into the
I'm sorry about that Bob. He's
just a kid.
Yeah well, I'm ok. So no big deal
Where is Larry?
Paul walks up behind the girls.
Larry and Rich went to the store
to get something to drink.
Oh. Well we are going out now.
Bob sits down at the kitchen table. Samantha, Allison and
Robin all move out of the way of Paul as they turn around
and walk past him. Jennie pushes Paul out of her way and
walks out of the side door with Robin, Samantha and Allison.
Paul walks into the kitchen and sits down at the kitchen
Do you think we are gonna get them
I don't know, but what the fuck
else are we gonna do?


I guess.
The doorbell rings. Chris gets up and runs to the door. Bob
goes and follows Chris to the door. Chris opens the door.
Mrs. Foster is standing there.
                       MRS. FOSTER
Hi Chris. Who's your friend?
Hi Mrs. Foster. He's not my
I'm Bob, Larry's friend. He ran
to the store for a minute and I am
staying with Chris until you got
Mrs. Foster comes into the house.
                       MRS. FOSTER
Go get your things.
      (Chris goes
How do you know Larry?
We go to school together.
Larry and Rich come walking in the door. Larry walks around
Mrs. Foster and stands by the bottom of the stairs.
Hi Mrs. Foster.
                       MRS. FOSTER
Hi Larry. What do you got there?
Larry opens the bags.
Just some juice and soda.
Chris comes down the stairs. He jumps down the last few
stairs and lands right on Larry's foot.
Ouch! That f (slight pause) hurt.


Sorry. I'm all ready.
                       MRS. FOSTER
Ok. Let's go. You boys stay out
of trouble now, you hear.
We will. Thanks for watching
Chris tonight.
                       MRS. FOSTER
It's no problem. See you
Mrs. Foster and Chris walk out the door. Larry closes the
door and they all go and sit around the kitchen table.
So how are we gonna do this?
Rich takes out a 20-ounce bottle of soda and starts drinking
it. After taking a sip, he reaches into the bag and gives
one to Bob, Paul and Larry, and they open them and start
drinking them throughout the conversation.
Well, we all have some water
balloons and when we find the car
we start throwing some of the
balloons at the car.
Yeah. Then when they come out we
throw the balloons at them.
Then what?
What do you mean? We get the fuck
out of there.
It would be good if we had Eric to
drive us.


Yeah, but he would just get in the
way anyway. Give me the balloons.
The balloons are right in front of Paul. Paul takes the two
bags of balloons out of the shopping bag and gives them to
Larry opens one of the bags of balloons. He gets up and
goes over to the sink. He takes out a balloon and starts
filling it with water.
Someone come over here and help me
with this, and bring some more
bags to put them in.
Rich gets up and grabs a few bags that are on the table. He
walks over to the sink.
This is gonna be great. What time
should we get there?
Megan said that they were probably
going out about 6 or 7.
Where are they going?
Larry takes the balloon after it is full and ties it and
puts it in the bag that Rich is holding. Then takes another
balloon out and starts to fill it. He continues to do this
throughout the conversation.
I donít know, probably either the
movies or out to eat or the mall
or something like that.
What time does Megan have to be


Her curfew is ten. You should know
that by now. Every time we all go
out, she has to be home by ten,
making us come back early.
Even I knew that.
Larry goes to drop a baloon in the bag that Rich is holding
and he drops the balloon on the floor.
Oh shit.
Everyone laughs except for Larry.
At least we know they will break.
Yeah. So whatís the plan when we
get down there?
I think we should either team up
or each go out on our own and get
them from all different sides.
They canít go four ways after us
I think the teaming up thing works
better. Just in case something
goes wrong. What do you think Bob?
Yeah, I agree.
Rich puts down one bag of filled water balloons and picks up
an empty bag.
Hold on a minute Larry. I need to
switch bags.
Rich opens up the other bag.


Ok. I am ready now.
Larry drops a balloon in the bag and the balloon goes
through the bag and breaks on the floor.
Fuck! Thatís two.
Maybe we shouldnít use those
plastic shopping bags.
What else can we use to carry them
We can use a book bag to bring
them down. But I think we should
use the plastic bags to put them
in when we are down there.
Sounds good. Iíll get my book bag
when we are done filling up the
The four guys are walking on a sidewalk. It is dark out.
They are all dressed in black, with black gloves. Larry is
carrying his book bag over his left shoulder. They approach
an intersection. There are a lot of high school students
hanging out there.
I hope no one gives us shit here.
I wouldnít worry about it.
They get to the corner and Scott comes up to them and they
stop to talk.
Hey guys. Whatís up?
Not much. Whatís going on here


Nothing. Same shit. You know. Why
are you guys all dressed in black?
I donít know. We were playing
manhunt. We figured it would be
better to hide in black. At least
I did. I donít know about these
What are you guys on? Are you
guys are fucked up?
Neal comes over to where the group was talking.
Who died?
No one.
Neal slaps Bob in the back of the head.
Then why are you all dressed in
black? I know you are all in the
Navy Seals. So whatís the secret
mission dumbasses?
How did you know? We gotta get
going back to the mission. You
know Operation Saturday Night. We
were playing manhunt.
Scott and Neal start laughing. After seeing them laugh,
Rich, Larry, Paul and Bob start laughing too.
Whatís in the book bag?
Everyone laughs again.
Ok. Shitheads keep your faggot
secrets. Whatever.
      (Grabs the bookbag


                       NEAL (cont'd)
       and opens it.)
Balloons? What the fuck?
Manhunt with balloons? That's
Different and these guys. Hmmm.
What else would you expect?
Neal gives the bookbag to Larry.
Weíll see you later.
Ok. Go and find someone for me.
Fuck you.
Rich, Larry, Paul and Bob walk across the street as the
light changed.
See you guys later.
I canít believe that. Good cover
Rich. I never would have came up
with manhunt.
I impressed myself.
Bob. You shouldnít have told them
about Operation Saturday Night.
Relax. They thought we were
fucking around. Besides, it isn't
like this is a war mission.
This is just a goof Lar. Calm


Rich, Bob, Paul and Larry are standing by the entrance to
the park. The park has a road leading to it from the street.
There is a parking lot at the end of the road, with a play
ground on one side, and grass and softball fields on each
side of the road. There are trees spread out throughout the
park. There are lights sporadically down the road and two in
the parking lot.
I hope this is the right park.
Yeah. Letís divide up the
Larry goes to open the book bag and a car drives past the
I think we should move into the
park a little more so that no one
sees us.
They all take about four or five steps into the park. Larry
goes ino the book bag again. He pulls out two plastic
shopping bags and hands one to Bob and the other to Rich.
Larry starts putting water balloons into each bag.
How do we even know they are down
They are. Trust me. Unless they
are down the other park.
Larry finishes putting the balloons into the shopping bags
and zips up the book bag and put the book bag down next to a
I will leave this here, so it
doesn't hold me up.
You better not forget it. The
girls will know your bookbag if
they see it.


Yeah. It should be ok here for
now. Just remind me in case I
forget it.
Now all we need to do is figure
out who is gonna team up with each
Bob, you go with Paul. You guys go
from that side. Rich and I will
go down this side. We will hit
them from both sides.
Ok. Letís go down further before
we split up.
They all continue to walk down the side of the road.
We all meet up at Larryís house
I left the side door unlocked, so
just walk in if you get there
before I do.
At this point they are about three quarters of the way down
the road to the parking lot. They spot two cars, one parked
at each side of the parking lot. Neither car is parked
directly by a light, but there is enough light to see the
It looks like there are two cars
down there. The one down there
looks like it is too big to be
Johnís car. Does Chip have a car?
I know he has a car, but I am not
sure what kind it is.
Yeah. I remember Brenda saying he
had a car too, but I think that


                       RICH (cont'd)
car is too big to be it. Besides
the other car looks like Johnís
Yeah it does.
Ok. Letís split up now. Stay in
contact when you plan on throwing
and are planning to get out of
here. Keep the phones on vibrate
though, because we donít want to
give away anything. We should
attack at the same time.
Ok. Letís go Bob.
Bob and Paul jog across the street and continue down the
I hope that is them.
If not, someone is gonna really
get pissed off. This is gonna be
I just hope we get out of this
without pissing off the Brenda.
Yeah, but then again, part of me
wouldnít mind hitting her once.
She deserves it for being down the
park with Chip and not me.
Screw you man. She should be down
here with me.
They both stop running as Larry pushes Rich.
She would be here with me, not
Rich tackles Larry. Then they start wrestling. They both end
up on the ground. Larryís cell phone rings and they stop


You should put that on vibrate, we
don't need to make any exta noise.
      (Answers his
                       PAUL (O. C.)
Are you ready? We heard a noise
from over there, and just wanted
to make sure everything was ok.
Yeah we are here.
Larry and Rich both get up off the ground.
                       PAUL (O. C.)
What took you so long to pick up?
Nothing. We are not in position
                       BOB (O. C.)
Tell them to move their asses.
                       PAUL (O. C.)
Bob said to move your asses.
We are moving. Where are you guys?
                       PAUL (O. C.)
We are hiding behind a tree, about
20 yards away from John's car.
Ok. Weíll get back to you when we
are ready. Stay put.
Larry hangs up the phone.
Paul hangs up his phone and puts it in his pocket.


They aren't there yet. I wonder
what is going on over there.
Knowing them, they are probably
trying to decide who will hit Chip
first. I see four people in the
car, but I canít tell if itís them
or not.
You would know better than me.
Yeah I know. Give me the cell
phone. Maybe they can get a
better look from their position.
Paul gives Bob the cell phone. He calls Larry.
                       LARRY (O. C.)
We see four people in the car, but
I canít tell if it is them or not.
                       LARRY (O. C.)
Where exactly are you?
We are behind the tree closest to
the front of the car.
Ok. Since you guys are in front of
the car, stay where you are. I
will try and sneak up to the car
from behind to get a closer look.
Rich will contact you when I find
      (He gives Rich the
       cell phone.)
Ok. I will shine the flash light
once if it is them, twice if it
isnít them. Then you let Bob know.


      (To Bob.)
Hold on a minute.
Larry starts walking slowly towards the car. He crouches
down so that he is close to the car. He gets up about ten
feet from the car. He sees Brendaís silhouette and flashes
the flashlight to Rich one time.
John and Megan are fully clothed laying down in the back
seat kissing. John is on top of Megan. Brenda is sitting in
the front seat with Chip. Chip is changing the stations on
the radio.
Leave that one. I like that song.
I donít.
Chip continues to switch through the channels.
Did you hear something? I could
see more if we were still sitting
in the back.
Brenda looks around, through the windows, and sees nothing.
Who is gonna be down here, outside
of a car? It is freezing, besides
they need the room more than we
Larry is running crouched down back to where Rich is. He
slips on a big patch of ice. He falls down on his backside.
He gets back up and slips again, but regains his balance and
gets back to Rich.
      (On the phone.)
It is them.
                       BOB (O. C.)
      (Over the phone.)


      (To Larry.)
Are you ok?
Yeah. Letís move, but be careful
for that patch of ice. Give me the
cell phone.
Rich gives Larry the cell phone. Over the cell phone.
Stay where you are. We will flash
the flashlight when we will start
to throw the balloons.
Bob hangs up and puts the cell phone in his back pocket.
Here we go. I canít believe we are
doing this.
Yeah. I just hope they donít
figure it out that it was us. Take
a balloon.
Paul reaches in the bag and takes a water balloon.
Ok. After we throw the ones at
the car, I am gonna take a few
then throw at them.
Ok. Cool. Iíll keep the bag with
me. Good luck see you at Larryís
Yeah. Cool.
Brenda leans up onto Chip.


I am a little cold.
Maybe I should turn on the car so
we can put the heat on.
No. Just hold me.
Chip puts his arms around Brenda.
Does that help?
Brenda turns her head and looks at Chip. She leans into kiss
him. Chip leans back and accidently opens the car door,
turns his head and looks at the door and closes it real
quick. He turns his head back and focuses his attention
back towards Brenda.
That must be the signal.
Paul takes out a water balloon and throws it and hits the
car. He grabs another one while Bob throws a water balloon.
What are they doing? I didnít
flash the light. Shit. Letís go.
Rich and Larry start moving faster down towards the car.
They each start throwing balloons at the car. The camera
focuses on the outside of the car. The car is getting hit
from both sides. Chip gets out of the driverís side of the
car and gets hit by a balloon from Paul. John gets out of
the rear driverís side door, and gets hit by a balloon from
Bob. Rich and Larry start hitting John and Chip too. Brenda
gets out of the car, and gets hit by a balloon thrown by
Larry. She goes back into the car.
You go over there, and I will go
this way.


As they both start going in their respective directions,
balloons pummel them. They both head back to the car.
Paul takes off and starts running. Bob sees this and takes
out the cell phone and calls Larry.
Paul took off. I am leaving too.
See you at the house.
All right. See you there.
      (He hangs up and
       puts the cell
       phone in his
Letís get out of here.
Yeah. Letís split up. See you at
the house. Don't forget your book
Ok. See ya.
They take off in different directions. Rich cuts through the
trees in the park. Larry runs parallel to the road. As he is
running up the street, Johnís car starts coming up the road.
A police car comes down the road at the same time and puts
his lights on. Larry sees the police car coming down and
dives into the park where the trees can cover him. He gets
up and runs through the trees. Johnís car pulls over and the
police get out of the car.
Rich and Bob are sitting in the television room at Larryís
house. Larry comes in the side door. He walks into the
kitchen and into the television room.
Whereís Paul?
I donít know. Heís not here.


Where's your book bag?
I left it down there. The cops
showed up and I just got out of
Yeah. As I was running back up to
the street, they were coming down
the road. I had to run into the
woods to get away. Johnís car was
coming up the road at the time
Do you think the cops got Paul?
I hope not.
I donít think so. He probably just
went home or something.
Do you think we should give him a
It is kind of late.
I have his cell so maybe we should
call him tomorrow.
Sounds like a plan. We will have
to go get my book bag too. I just
hope that it is still there.
Yeah and that the girls didn't see
The phone rings. Larry picks up the phone.


The screen splits into two parts, the guys in one part and
Brenda in the other.
Where were you guys tonight?
We were here all night. Why?
Megan is on three way.
The screen splits again. This time into three parts, half
the screen for the guys, one quarter for Brenda and one
quarter for Megan.
Hey Meg.
We got attacked in the park
Who is at your house?
Just me, Bob and Rich.
Put us on speaker. I want to tell
Ok. Hold on a minute.
      (He puts his hand
       over the speaking
       part of the
Itís Brenda and Megan. They want
to go on speaker.
Larry takes his hand off the speaking part of the phone and
puts them on speaker phone.


Ok. You are now on speaker.
Yeah, Whatís up?
We were in the park and got
Attacked? What happened? Are you
Well we werenít attacked attacked,
but had water balloons thrown at
the car when we were down there.
Larry, Bob and Rich all start to laugh.
Thatís fucking funny. I wish I had
thought of something like that.
Itís not funny. I got soaking wet.
How did you get wet if the car got
attacked? What did you have the
windows open?
No. I got out to see what was
going on.
That was a brilliant idea.
I just wanted to see what was
going on. Besides, Chip and John
were out of the car. Then I got
hit out of nowhere. And it hurt.
I think the water was starting to


So because they went out of the
car meant that you had to.
Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.
Bob. Stop picking on her.
Like itís my fault she got hit by
a water balloon.
Whatever. So did Chip and John get
wet too?
They were soaked. They got it
really bad. They were pissed. But
what really got them pissed was
when we got pulled over by the
cops when we were leaving the
The cops? Oh shit. What happened?
The cops thought we up to
something. They didnít believe us
that we were attacked by water
balloons. They thought that we had
a water balloon fight in the park.
Only an idiot would do that in
this weather. But John got a
ticket for being down in the park
when it was closed.
      (Her phone clicks.)
Hold on, I have another call.
Megan's part of the screen fades a little darker.
I was scared at first. We didnít
know what it was being thrown at
the car. It could have been rocks
or something.


Rocks probably would have broke a
window or something.
Megan's part of the screen come back to normal.
That was John. He said that both
him and Chip think that you guys
did it.
Well we didnít.
Are they gonna come after us now?
They have no reason to. It would
be different if you guys were the
ones who threw the balloons at us.
Well Iím gonna go, he wants to
talk about it. Talk to you later.
Megan hangs up and the screen goes back to being split
between Brenda and the guys.
Iím gonna go too. Talk to you guys
Good night.
Brenda hangs up, and the screen goes back to regular. Larry,
Bob and Rich all start laughing. Larry hangs up the phone.
This was a classic. We canít tell
anyone about it though.
Yeah then they will find out.


We should go and get your bookbag
It should still be there in the
Not if John and Chip went back and
found it.
I didn't think of that.
Do you think they would go back?
Never know. I would if I were
them, but might wait until
tomorrow. Or worse, the cops
could have gotten it.
Ok. Let's go.
The doorbell rings.
Shit. It's the cops with your
book bag.
      (Stands up.)
Well let's go and see.
Wait. If it is the cops they will
go away after no one answers the
Yeah, besides it is late.
      (Sits back down.)
You guys are right.
The side door opens and shuts real quick. The three of them
all jump up and go over to the door.


Now that can't be the fucking
They get to the door and open it and Jennie falls into Bob's
arms because she was leaning on the door.
      (Slurring her
Thank you sir.
No problem. Glad to help.
How much did you drink tonight?
      (Trying to stand
       up on her own.)
None of your fucking business. I'm
Jennie falls back into Bob's arms.
Time for bed.
      (Standing on her
       own again.)
Fuck you. I'm fine.
Are you sure?
Yes, thanks again.
No problem.
Jennie goes to go up the steps into the kitchen. She takes
her first step and falls backwards and into Bob's arms
again, almost taking him out this time.
Can you help me to the TV room?
Let's just take her upstairs.


I want to watch TV.
Let's just put her in the TV room
and go look for you know what.
Good point.
      (To Larry.)
I'll help her there.
      (To Jennie)
Hold onto the railing with one
hand and me with the other one.
Bob and Jennie walk up the stairs and through the kitchen
and down the stairs to the TV room.
Thanks for the help.
No problem.
Bob turns and walks up the stairs into the kitchen. Jennie
goes to flop on the couch, but misses the couch and falls on
the floor.
Should we leave her here alone?
Are you ok?
      (Now on the couch.)
Yeah. I am fine.
We will be back in a little while.
If you need us call me on my
If Paul shows up or calls, have
him call us on Larry's cell.
Ok. Whatever. Where did you guys
put the remote?


We left it on the couch. You are
probably lying on it.
If it was up your ass you'ld know.
Wait a minute, it is under my ass.
      (She starts
See you later.
Bob, Larry and Rich are standing on the sidewalk in the
front of the park.
Where is it?
I left it right in front of a
Which tree?
There are a ton of trees down
here. I think it was down this
They start walking down the park on the grass.
I guess we should just look in
front of every single tree.
Sorry guys, it was alittle dark.
A car drives down the park with it's high beams on lighting
up the whole wooded area enough to see that there is no book
bag by any of the trees.
Shit. Who the fuck would be
driving down here at this time?


I don't see the book bag. Let's
get out of here.
The guys run into the woods.
Bob, Larry and Rich walk in the side door. They walk up the
Who the fuck could have taken my
I just hope that John and Chip
didn't find it.
That wouldn't be a good thing.
Bob gets to the stairs down to the TV room and slips and
falls down the three stairs into the TV room.
What the fuck was that?
Bob looks back and sees that he slipped in a puddle of puke.
That was Jennie's puke.
Paul is sitting in a chair with Larry's book bag sitting by
his feet. The couch is empty. The TV is on.
Where is Jennie?
She got up and puked where Bob
found slipped and I think ended up
in the bathroom.
Bob stands up. He takes off his shoes and puts them down by
stairs to the side door and goes back into the TV room.
Larry gets some paper towels and starts cleaning up the
puke. Bob and Rich go into the TV room and sit on the
Paul you got the book bag?


Yeah. I was half way here, then
decided to run back and see if you
guys were ok. Then I saw the book
bag and grabbed it.
Dude, the fucking cops showed up.
Yeah. I saw them with John, Chip,
Brenda and Megan out of the car.
It looked like they were searching
the car.
The girls didn't say that the car
was searched.
I am just glad I got out of there
without being caught.
Jennie comes walking into the kitchen from the living room
heading towards the TV room.
      (Still slurring
       her words
       alittle, and
       sounding sick.)
Didn't get caught? What were you
Nothing. Don't you think you
should get to bed.
Yeah I guess. Why did Paul have
your book bag?
None of your fucking business. But
if you have to know, I left it at
his house yesterday.
Ok. I'm going to bed.
Jennie walks out of the TV room and goes out through the


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