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Lost Boys
by Julie Nelson (julie7737@sbcglobal.net)

Rated: PG   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: *

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Bus is shown taking detour due to mudslides and heavy rain.
Bus heads down steep mountainside road. Earth starts to
shake and busdriver tries to steer around mudslide but skids
off the road. Bus is seen flipping down the hillside.
Bus comes to stop at bottom of hill. Shots of interior of
bus show many casualties. Also shows several boys starting
to move abount and head for the back of the bus
      (kicking escape
       door open and
       jumping out of
hurry up guys I think this bus is
going to blow
I can't breathe. It's my asthma I
think I am having a brochial spasm
      (reaching for
       piggys hand and
       helping him out
       of the bus)
Come on you have go get out of
there NOW! Just jump I've got you
      (grabs first aid
       kit and gently
       pushes piggy out
       the back of the
Come on man just jump you can do
      (pushes his way
       past Justin)
Come on man get out of the way.
Quit being such a pig. You are
hogging up the doorway. Just GO!


      (shoves past piggy)
Yeah get out of the bus piggy,
yeah thats your name now piggy.
Rest of boys that survived get out of the bus and run for
cover as flames are now leaping all around the bus. Loud
explosion is heard behind boys as bus blows to pieces.
I'm sorry marcus I couldnt
breathe. I didn't mean to get in
everybodys way. It's this asthma
it is horrible. I just couldn't
Its okay Piggy. We are out of
there now. We will be okay. Quit
crying you have to be strong. My
dad is in the Army. He will find
us we will be out of here in no
      (cruelly laughing)
No we won't piggy. Didn't you see
the detour the bus driver took.
Nobody knows where we are. We are
going to all die out here and you
are going to be the first to go
and then we are going to eat you.
Daniel, Randy and some other boys chanting...piggy, piggy,
were going to eat piggy!
      (Blows whistle he
       found on bus)
Shut up! We need to decide what to
do. We need a leader. I think
Marcus should be our leader.
(hands whistle to Marcus)
      (takes whistle and
       addresses all the
When you want to talk you need to
have the whistle. Now I have it
and you need to listen to me. It


                       MARCUS (cont'd)
is going to get dark soon. We need
to find some shelter and we need
to find some water soon.
      (speaking to
I will find us shelter and water.
I am good at hunting. I will be
the hunter.
      (to daniel)
This is not a game Daniel. We need
to have rules. There are no adults
here. We have to take care of
Boys climbing to top of hill. Sun is starting to go down
      (talking to boys)
We need to start a fire. When they
look for us they will see the
fire. The fire needs to be big and
needs to be watched all the time
so it doesn't go out!
      (grinning evilly)
Yeah we need the fire to keep the
beast away too. There are huge
Sasquatch's who live in these
mountains and they will get you if
you don't watch out
                       THE TWINS
We will get some wood to get the
fire going. We dont want the beast
to get us.
Does anyone have any matches or a


      (Everyone looking
       through pockets)
No noone. What about in the first
aid kit
      (rumaging through
       first aid kit)
No, nothing in here like that.
Nothing we can use
      (takes glasses
       from Piggy)
Hold on let me try this. (holds
glasses up to kindling and sun
shines through soon there is a
      (looks unbelieving)
Wow I don't believe it! (grabs the
alcohol from first aid kit and
squirts it on fire. Soon fire is
blazing out of control and
catching surrounding trees and
grass on fire) (all boys yelling
and trying to stomp out fire.
After several minutes fire is out)
That was stupid Randy. You are an
Shut up piggy or you'll be on a
Marcus, Daniel and Randy arise and start another fire using
Piggys glasses. Piggy awakens when his glasses are removed
from his face
Try not to wake the Little uns.
We need to get some food and water
and find some shelter


I will go get us some food and
water. That is the most important
Daniel calling to several boys. Who wants to hunt for food
with me?
We do Dan. We want to hunt
Okay come on; but you must do
whatever I tell you to do. I am
The Hunter. You will do what I say
Daniel hears pig in underbrush and rushes at him stabbing
repeatedly with his knife but comes up with nothing to show
for it
      (To Randy and
Don't worry I WILL get him next
Justin and Marcus trying to construct huts in a clearing in
the woods. Piggy sits nearby watching. Daniel starts a game
of tag and wrestling with other boys nearby.
      (gleefullly shouts)
We have no rules, no grown ups we
can do whatever we want. Come on
little uns you better run...watch
out for the beast (Daniel chases
the younger boys)(they run from
him shrieking)


      (yelling angrily
       and blowing
Daniel you do nothing to help out
here. We need shelter and order
here. The fire needs to be guarded
and all you can do is goof off. We
all need to work together if we
want to survive.
All we need is food and I will
provide that for us. You and your
stupid huts. They will not protect
us or help us to survive. What
makes you think you are the boss.
That whistle does not give you any
special rights!
Daniel stalks off to gather the boys who want to hunt
In the distance Twins find a baby bird that has fallen out
of the tree.
                       THE TWINS
      (to boys nearby)
Look at the baby bird. It must
have fallen out of the tree. We
should put it back in it's next.
Before The Twins can scoop up the baby bird Randy runs up
and steps on it smashing and killing it.
The twins and The little uns look on helplessly and
Its for its own good. The mother
bird would not have fed it if you
put it back in its nest since you
touched it. It is survival of the
fittest in these woods
      (to Randy)
Randy come here. (Paints Randy
face with mud and berry mixture
and Randy paints Daniels
face)(Boys are shown sharpening


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
sticks to go hunting with) Lets go
hunt! (Daniel, Randy and the
Hunter Boys leave camp and head
into the woods)
Marcus and Justin finish building hut and are drinking water
at nearby creek when hunters come back with their kill. They
carry a small pig between them; as they come out of the
woods Everyone notices a helicopter flying overhead.
      (running up the
       hill where the
       fire is supposed
       to be)
(arrives at fire to find out that
it is abandoned and fire is out)
(Helicopter passes over but does
not see the boys and heads back
out over the mountains)
Where are the Twins...they were to
be watching the fire! We could
have been saved
                       THE TWINS
      (crying to Marcus)
Sorry Marcus. We wanted to hunt.
Daniel said it was okay. He said
we didn't have to watch the fire.
Its okay Twins. Hunting is more
important than watching that
stupid fire. We brought food back.
We are the best hunters. I will
make sure we survive. Just stick
with me.
      (upset to Daniel)
You are the idiot. If the fire was
still going we would have been
saved! We wouldn't need your
hunting skills.
      (yelling back and
       forth ensues)
Stop it guys this isn't helping.


                       PIGGY (cont'd)
(piggy steps in between Daniel and
Marcus just as Daniel swings at
Marcus. Piggy is hit in the eye
shattering one of his lenses in
his glasses). Ow...(crying) I
can't see now!
      (soothingly to
Its okay Piggy..just close one eye
(makes piggy laugh)
Pig is cooked and Daniel is showing off
Who is the man now? (everyone
eating hungrily) Who needs a
whistle when you can hunt like me.
I am the greatest hunter alive!
                       THE TWINS
      (very frightened)
Daniel do you think that thing we
heard in the woods is going to
come to our camp tonight? Do you
think it was the Sasquatch thing?
The beast?
You saw something in the woods?
                       THE TWINS
No, we didn't see anything but we
did hear something. It sounded
Well I DID see it and it was the
beast. It was big and hairy and
had huge fangs. And it smelled
like rotting flesh. I think it is
hungry. We need to be ready for
when it comes. We need to have our
weapons ready to defend ourselves!
We must kill the beast, kill the
beast kill the beast. KILL THE
BEAST (all the hunter boys start


hunters get up still chanting. Push a young boy in their
path..he's the beast. Little boy runs terrified. Everyone
chases him chanting Kill the Beast Kill the Beast)
      (grabs whistle
       from Marcus)
(blowing whistle loudly) STOP IT!
STOP IT! Someone is going to get
hurt. (boys come back to their
senses and stop chasing the little
un. They sit back down and finish
      (to everyone)
Last night was scary. Chasing one
of the little kids and acting
crazy was not right. We need to
work together to get rescued. We
need to work and set rules. Above
all we need to keep the fire lit.
Without the fire we are doomed
Several boys come running out of woods.
      (panting and
       breathing hard)
come quick. we saw the beast. We
found where he lives. (everyone
follows trekking through the
woods. They find a cave in the
side of the mountain they peer in
but can not see anything)
See there is no beast here. If
there were an animal of some kind
he would be more afraid of us than
we are of him.
                       THE TWINS
No, we saw it. It came into this
cave. It lives here.


Yes it is here and we must kill
it. We must prepare to kill it
before it kills us
There is no beast. The only beast
that there is is in ourselves. We
are acting like beasts
Justin is right. Beasts can not
exist in this day and age. If they
did there would be scientific
proof. Someone would have captured
one or killed one. There are not
even good pictures of
Sasquatch..or "The Beast"
      (to all)
Don't listen to those girls. They
don't know anything. Marcus can't
even hunt. He can't protect you
from the beast. He shouldn't be
      (looks challenging
       at Daniel)
Alright everyone under 10 you go
back to camp with Piggy. Me,
Daniel and the Hunters will search
for the beast. IF there is one we
will find it and take care of it.
Hunters with Daniel head off to the woods in search of the
beast. While Marcus is searching woods JDaniel heads back to
towards the cave. He hesitantly enters cave and sees that
there is nothing in it; but it is warm and dry. A plan
starts to form in his head
There is not anything out here
      (puts finger to
shhh dont you hear that?
      (creeping through


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
Its a pig!..(to Marcus) Come on
show us you are a hunter. Kill the
Ralph sneaks up through the brush and tries to stab the pig
but misses sending it running through the woods.
You jack ass. You let that pig get
away. Any girl could have killed
that pig. It was RIGHT THERE in
front of you!. You are worthless
      (calls everyone to
Well we are going to be hungry
tonight. Your fearless leader
could not even kill a pig. He is
worthless. I am leaving. I can not
stay here and listen to a total
moron. Anyone who wants to survive
can come with me. Or you can stay
here and take your chances with
idiot boy.
Marcus stares on in shock as most of the boys follow Daniel
out of camp and head into the woods. But Piggy stays loyal
to Marcus. Piggy, Marcus and Justin and a few of the young
boys are all that is left in this camp
We are going hunting and we need a
sacrifice to the beast.
(heads out with the hunters to the
woods soon they spot a pig and her
three piglets. Roger spears the
mother pig through the head. They
drag her back to the entrance of
the cave where the beast is
believed to live)
      (to all)
We are lucky I am such a good
hunter. (cutting through the sows
head) We will put this head


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
outside of this cave and it will
keep the beast away. It is a
sacrifice to the beast. If we did
not get this pig..one of you would
have had to be sacrificed
(laughing) (little kids cower in
It is now safe for us to enter the
cave. We can live here and as
long as you follow my directions
the beast will not get you; but if
you do not listen to me you will
be in great danger from the beast
we are having a feast to celebrate
our new home. you are welcome to
come if you want. I have provided
food for everyone
Back at Daniels camp boys are dancing around fire and
telling stories about killing the pig. Everyone is eating
and having a good time
Meanwhile Justin heads into the woods to visit the cave
where the beast is said to live. He sees the pig head
hanging in front. He is frightened at first until he
realizes that it was put there by Daniel. He cautiously
enters the cave and realizes that there is no beast in
there; but that the boys from Daniel's camp have moved in.
He lays down on a a bed of grass inside the cave that one of
the boys have left there. He dozes off and while he is
sleeping he dreams of the pig and the beast. They become
intertwined. They speak to him and tell him of the fun they
will have on the island of how he is them and they are him.
He dreams that if he speaks of this dream the other boys
will kill him. He wakens to the sound of thunder in the
distance and with a sense of foreboding heads out to tell
Marcus and Piggy of the cave and its lack of a beast
                       THE TWINS
      (to Daniel)
Daniel show us how you killed the
pig. Here Randy is the pig.


      (on his hands and
       knees acting like
       a pig)
      (chasing Randy
       around fire)
Kill the pig. Kill the pig. Kill
the pig. Heres how I kill the pig.
(all the hunter boys join in
chanting and chasing Randy.
Spearing the ground around Roger)
      (to Marcus)
Come on Marcus....since you cant
kill a real pig; maybe you can do
better with a pretend pig!
Marcus hesitantly joins in the game as does Piggy. They
become very involved and caught up in the chant. Laughing
and chanting they also spear the ground. Randy does not move
quick enough and is speared in the side causing a skin
wound..noone seems to notice and keep on chanting and
jeering at the pig almost in a trance
Justin comes running and stumbling out of the trees while
the wind whistles around his head. Thunder echos in the
background and rain starts to pour. Visibility is bad and
Justin slips and falls
      (looking up and
       seeing Justin)
it quick before it kills us.
(incites the boys still in a
trancelike state into near
hysteria. The boys rush Simon
stabbing him repeatedly over and
over and over)
KILL the beast, kill
Realizing the big mistake the have made several of the boys
carry Justins bloody body into the woods to leave as another
sacrifice to the imagined beast in the woods.


      (to piggy)
I can't believe what happened last
night. It was like everyone was
possesed. It was horrible. We were
Don't say that Marcus it was an
accident. Nobody meant to kill
Simon. It was horrible but it was
an accident. They didn't mean to
do it.
Rustling is heard outside the hut.
Marcus did you hear that?
Hear what? Go to sleep Piggy you
are having a nightmare. There is
nothing out there.
Rustling gets closer. Hut is attacked and someone grabs
Piggys glasses. Boys screaming and cheering. And then they
were gone
Marcus they have my glasses and
the fire is almost out. What are
we going to do? I can't see...
I know piggy. We will go negotiate
with them tomorrow. They are not
savages. They know we need to work
together to get through this. They
will listen to reason. Now go to
sleep. It will be okay tomorrow.


Marcus and Piggy head to the new home of the hunters. The
Cave. As they approach a warning is called out from one of
the boys. Marcus and Piggy are soon surrounded by the
Hunters and jeered at.
Stop. Do not come any closer (from
atop the cave)
      (blows the almost
       forgotten whistle)
I am calling a meeting and a
truce. I have the whistle so you
have to listen to me. That is the
rules. We want Piggys glasses
back. He can't see without them.
If you wanted to use them all you
had to do was ask. We would share.
We still need to work together to
survive until we are rescued
We don't have to listen to you.
You are nobody. Right Daniel
      (approches Ralph)
You are weak Ralph you show it
time and time again. I will show
you where to put that whistle. It
means nothing. If you want the
glasses you will have to fight for
them. They are mine now. It is
survival of the fittest.
      (in ralphs face)
Come on Marcus. Lets see what you
got. Do you thing you can take
these glasses from me? You'll end
up like Justin...Food for the
Daniel sucker punches Marcus in the face. Marcus swings back
and a fight breaks out! Boys jeer in the back ground


      (stepping in
       between Daniel
       and Marcus)
Stop it! STOP IT! This is no way
to act. We are all friends. We are
not savages. Wouldn't it be better
to get along than to fight. There
has to be rules.
      (sharpening his
       spear on top of
       the cave.)
      (all of a sudden
       Roger throws his
       spear spiking
       piggy right
       through the eye.
       killing him
Well it looks like he won't be
needing those glasses anymore now
will he? Get out of here now
Marcus or you are next! I have a
spear with your name on it!
Marcus runs as fast as he can through the woods and into the
thickets. He hides in the dense woods. He can hear the boys
looking everywhere for him. He is very frightened but can
not more. The boys are all around him. He knows he will be
killed if he is found. Unable to locate Marcus the boys
start a fire to try and smoke him out of his hiding place.
The fire burns for several hours. Marcus can't breathe and
his eyes are stinging him but he stays still as long as he
can. He now knows how Piggy felt when he had his astma
attack. Finally unable to stand it any longer he breaks
cover and runs as fast as he can.
Look there he is..he is getting
away. Get him!
The boys chase after Marcus. They run through the woods,
gaining on Marcus as they run. Marcus is coughing and
gagging but still running as fast as he can. He reaches the
hill where the bus crashed and begins to run up the hill.
The road is still covered with mud and impassable. Marcus
knows he has no where to go. He falls to the ground and


waits for the inevitable; but instead of a spear in his side
a hand gently touches him on the shoulder and he looks up.
It is his father. The other boys in hot pursuit of Marcus
stumble out of the woods and are astonished to find a
helicopter filled with supplies and two army officers
waiting to take them back to civilization.


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From Greg Baldwin Date 10/29/2005 0 stars
At first I thought this would ripoff "The Lost Boys," then as I read, this was a clear ripoff of "Lord of the Flies." It's funny how I thought it was a ripoff of TLB" at first because there's NO DESCRIPTION OF THE SCRIPT! How do you expect people to know what they're reading without a description? Anyway, this is a case of plagerism and a really poor one at that. What's with putting all of the action in the ()? That's what description is for, and you only write what the camera can see. "Justin uses a whistle that he found on the bus." If this was a movie(God forbid a remake of LOTF comes out), how would the viewer know that? The dialogue was just awful, in fact I don't think there's one shread of reason to read this thing. Just picture how a 7 year old would write Lord of the Flies, and this is pretty much it. You even used Piggy, wow. Sorry man, better luck next time.

From Adam North Date 10/29/2005 *
I didn't like the plot, and you need to work on punctuation.

From Adam North Date 10/28/2005 0 stars
Too short. Also, you need to work on your cApItAlIzAtIoN and spelleeng.

From Kelly McKenzie Date 10/26/2005 *1/2
I really couldn't get past the first two lines. I am not mean mouthing your skillz. I am telling you to by the scriptbuddy. Spend that money and read that well (10 or more times.) Formatting is everything. Sorry to be so blunt, but someone has to tell you. I had the same problem until I got scriptbuddy.

From Bob Date 10/26/2005 0 stars
This is a complete rip-off of Lord Of the Flies. Why can't anyone come up with origanal ideas anymore? You also need to work on your writing and spelling.

From Deviltry Date 10/26/2005 0 stars
Are you serious? These kids become absolute savages in a matter of hours? The contraction-free dialogue is pretty stiff coming from kids. It is also highly unlikely that there would be no adults on board a school-sponsored bus except the unfortunate driver. What's the overall moral or message? That kids become animals when left alone for a short while? Unrealistic and forced. An accidental fire (from isopropyl/rubbing alcohol no less) is put out, but an intentional fire is set to smoke Marcus out of hiding? Come on...

From Mandey Date 10/25/2005 ***
Ooo, that really wasn't that bad. You need to work on your spelling and grammar, though, definitely. Learn to tell your "it's" from your "its" and also put a space between no and one in "no one" and "Sasquatch's" is wrong unless it refers to something the sasquatch owns. Kind of confusing, but I really liked some of the things they did that marked them as childlike.

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