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The Night Hate Died
by Kelly McKenzie (napsterfelons@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This is my first true script. It is a short and I would like to hear what you, the community, think about it. All criticism is welcome.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


On the side of a lake sits "Stars and Stripes park." JANE is
sitting on a blanket looking at the lake. She is an
attractive black woman in her late twenties.
Jane frowns as a tear falls from her eye.
in the darkness a HEART BEATS slow fading in and out. Sounds
of HEAVY BREATHING come in over the HEART BEATS.
CHILDREN PLAYING fade in from the background of the
In slow motion, blurred and obscure, focusing in on the face
of HAL TURNER. Hal is running, looking back at something.
Time catches up as Hal and now a man both leap into the air
still looking back at something. Hal knocks a football out
of the air.
Both men hit the ground and laugh and smile. The men get up
and dust their self's off.
Nice block, now you go get the
Yeah, you know it. I am the best.
Hal walks over to a blanket where JANE is sitting. The
football is on her blanket.
Jane has her head stuck in a book. She does not even look at
the football.
Hal looks at Jane.
Excuse me.


Jane does not look up.
Excuse me.
Jane keeps reading.
Can I help you?
I was just going to say, sorry
about the football. I know it has
hit your blanket twice now.
No problem.
So...What are you reading?
It's called a book.
Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude.
Jane finally looking up from her book.
No, I am sorry. I shouldn't have
snapped at you.
It is OK. I was the one that was
bothering you.
You are right, but that still
doesn't call for rude behavier.
Hal takes a seat on the ground next to the blanket.
Do you mine it I talk to you for a
bit? I need a break from football.
Well, since you already took a
seat, I guess so.
Hal grabs the football and throws it back to the guys.


So...Whats your name?
Jane, what about yours?
Hal, Hal Turner. Nice to meet you
Hal stretches out his hand. Jane's hand meets his and they
I was wondering if you would like
to have dinner with me tonight?
Tonight? I can't.
Oh, well what about friday night?
Hmmmm, well let me think.
      (puts finger on
Hal frowns.
                       JANE (cont.)
I have no plans. Friday it is.
Hal smiles big.
Great, I will pick you up at
How about I meet you where ever
you want to eat.
It is OK I can pick you up.
No, really. I hardly know you. I
think it would be better for both
of us just to meet there. That
way, if we don't mesh, we can


                       JANE (cont'd)
leave and not worry about a long
and sad drive home.
Deal, I will meet you at eight. Do
you like Italian?
      (Smiling big)
I love it.
Great, meet me at The Macaroni
I'll be there. Now, I am going to
continue reading. Nice to meet you
You too. Enjoy the book.
Hal gets up and heads back to the football game.
Welcome back.
Hal just smiles then looks back at Jane. Jane is looking at
Hal. Her book up to her mouth.
A clock on the wall reads 8:05. Hal is all dressed up and no
Hal is looking at the parking lot. A car pulls into a
parking spot. A man gets out. Hal looks down at the floor.
                       HOSTESS (OS)
Would you like to be seated now?
No I will give her 10 more
The door to the restaurant opens and Jane walks in. Jane is
wearing a fancy dress. Hal's chin drops.
Is it too much?


Hal just looks her up and down.
You are gorgeous.
Thank you.
Hal motions to the hostess.
Fallow me please.
The hostess walks them to a dark secluded part of the
restaurant. He pulls out Jane's seat.
Thank you.
Hal pushes it in as she sits down. Hal takes a seat across
the table.
I have to say, you are the most
beautiful woman in this
Well thank you. I am glad you
think so.
I have to admit, I was worried you
stood me up.
Sorry, traffic.
The waitress walks over.
May I get you something to drink?
      (to waitress)
I will just have water.
      (to Jane)
You can order anything you like. I
just don't drink.


Water is fine. I am not a big
drinker either.
The waitress walks off.
I am glad you decided to meet me.
I haven't stopped thinking about
you since we met.
Same here. I was hoping you would
be here too. I wasn't sure you
would go through with it.
Why wouldn't I?
I am a black woman. Most white men
would never date me.
I am not like most white men. I
think of people as God's children.
Not what color they are.
Good, I was hoping you would say
that. I feel better knowing this
isn't just some silly bet, or you
just trying to get lucky with a
black woman thing.
I would never do something like
The waitress walks back to the table and gives both of them
their water.
Have you decided on dinner?
Hal motions to Jane.
I would like your Chicken


I will have the same.
The waitress walks off. Hal and Jane continue their
Jane is walking up to her house as her cousin DERICK walks
Where have you been?
Out on a date.
Cool, whats his name? Do I know
His name is Hal Turner, and no you
Hal, he sounds white.
Does that matter?
Yes, you know how I fell about
white people.
Well don't worry about it. I am
dating him not you.
Oh, I see how it is. A black man
ain't good enough for ya. You are
to good for the black man.
It has nothing to do with color. I
wish you would relize that.
Jane heads in the house. Derick stands in the yard looking
down the street.


Damn crackers.
Jane walks in and heads for the telephone. She picks it up
and dials Hals number. Hal answers.
                       HAL (O.S.)
Hi, it's Jane. I just got home.
                       HAL (O.S.)
Good, I was starting to worry.
No need. I had a wonderful time
                       HAL (O.S.)
Me too. Lets do it again. What
night is good for you?
Do you really think we should?
                       HAL (O.S.)
Why yes, I had a great time, you
had a great time. What seems to be
the problem?
It's just...Well...What do your
family and friends think about you
dating a black woman?
                       HAL (O.S.)
They are all for it. As long as I
am happy, they don't care what
color you are. They agree that
people should not be judged by us,
but by God. My family, friends,
and I don't want to meet the maker
and have him say, "you may not
pass. You were hurtful to one of
my children."


You're right. How about Tuesday
night. We can go bowling or
                       HAL (O.S.)
Sounds great. Call me and let me
know what time to meet you. Good
night Jane.
Good night Hal.
Jane and Hal bowling. At the arcade. At the Ice Cream Shop.
At the movies.
Jane is talking to Hal on the phone.
So you will pick me up tomorrow?
                       HAL (O.S.)
I will be there with bells on.
Great see you then.
Jane hangs the phone up. Derick walks in.
So you have another date with
I wish you wouldn't call him that.
His name is Hal.
Whatever, he is still a cracker.
So, what time is he picking you
You'll be at work, so quit
worrying about it.
Jane walks off down the hall and into her bedroom. The door
SLAMS shut. Derick just looks down the hall, shakes his
head, then walks to the kitchen.


Hal drives up and heads to the door. A spring in his step.
Hal knocks and hums to himself. He checks his breath.
Jane opens the door.
      (smiling big)
Hello gorgeous.
      (returns the smile)
Hi. Are you ready for some fun?
You know me all to well.
Hal escorts Jane to the passenger side and opens the door.
Jane sits and Hal closes the door. Spring back in his step
he hums to himself again.
Hal gets in the driver seat and they head out.
Jane and Hal are in the food court. Both are eating hot dogs
and sharing a soda. Hal looks at Jane. Emotionless.
Jane, I have to talk to you about
Jane see his face and quits smiling. Jane looks Worried.
What is it?
It's not bad. I just need to know
How do you feel about god?
Jane's worry is replaced with a smile.


I believe in god, and yes I am a
Hal relieved, smiles.
I was hoping you would come to
church with me this sunday.
Yes I will.
Jane reaches over and wiggles Hal's nose.
Great, Church starts at eleven. I
will already be there. Sunday
school you know.
I will be there. I am looking
forward to it.
Good, lets get out of here.
They get up, grab their trash, dump it and walk away.
Hal's car pulls into the driveway. Hal gets out and opens
the door for Jane. Derick walks up to the front of Hals car.
Jane's exits the car and Hal closes the door. Hal notices
      (to Derick)
Hi, my name is Hal. Nice to meet
Hal extends his hand, Derick just looks at it.
I ain't shaking your hand cracker.
Derick stairs at Hal. Hal loses his smile.
OK, will it is nice to meet you


Look whitey. I ain't here to be
your friend. I am going to tell
you this one time. I don't like
white people, this includes you.
Now if your're done here, leave.
Derick, be nice to my friend.
It's OK, I will take you to the
door and be on my way.
No, why don't you just hop back in
that car of yours, and head on
down the road.
I will as soon as I make sure Jane
is safe inside the house.
She is safe with me. Now why don't
you take a hint, and leave.
Hal start to move towards Derick. Jane stands in the way.
It's fine. He is my cousin. I will
be fine. You can go ahead and
leave Hal. We don't need any
I would never cause any trouble
for you. I will see you sunday.
Jane shakes Hal's hand and turns to go inside. Hal gets in
his car and drives off. Derick stops Jane.
Hold up.
I think you have done enough, so
you hold up. I own this house, I
choose who I date. I choose what I
do. You choose who you date, I
will let you do that.


Look I am not trying to be a bad
guy. You know why I don't like
white people. So why are you
rubbing this in my face?
You know what? You never talk
about what happened, so I don't
want to hear it from you. When you
want to talk about it I will be
there for you. Until then, lets
not talk about race.
Jane turns and heads inside.
Jane. Jane!
Jane and Hal are seating in the middle of a row of pews of a
medium sized auditorium. Jane is holding Hal's hand.
The PASTOR is standing in front of the stage singing along
with the congregation.
Hal whispers in Jane's ear.
you're right, we should join this
As the congregation finishes singing the pastor asks.
If any one would like to come
forth today and ask god to come in
their heart...Please come down
now. Will have one more song
before we end the worship.
The congregation starts singing again. Jane and Hal stand
and walk to where the pastor is standing. The pastor greets
them with a hand shake, but does not let go.
How may I help you two today?
Pastor, we would like to join your


Are you saved?
Yes we are.
Then welcome. I will get someone
to help you get your letter moved
after the song. Shall we pray
We would love to. I have one
request though.
What is that my dear?
Before you end the prayer, would
you add something for me?
What would you like me to add?
Would you ask God not to let the
hate win tonight?
That is a beautiful thing to ask
God for. I will do it.
The pastor, Hal, and Jane bow their heads. The pastor
Dear Lord, Thank you for bringing
these two people into your home.
Thank you for asking them to join
your fellowship here with us.
Thank you for touching their
hearts with your love. Help us to
worship you dear Lord. Let us help
spread your word everyday. Help us
to touch the lives of those that
need you most. Dear Lord, Please
don't let hate win tonight. Amen.
Hal and Jane together.


The song finishes a beat after Hal, Jane, and the Pastor
raise their heads. The pastor points to the front pew. Hal
and Jane take a seat.
Thank you for that beautiful song.
I would like to welcome two
wonderful people to our church. I
ask you to welcome them too. If
you would like them to become
members of our congregation please
say Amen.
The congregation as one says, Amen.
Now let us close in prayer. Please
bow your heads.
Everyone bows.
Dear heavenly father. Thank you
for another great fellowship.
Thank you for bringing these two
people into our family. Help us
all leave here today and spread
your words. Please watch over us
until we meet again. Please don't
let hate win tonight. In Jesus
name we pray, Amen.
Fifty percent of the congregation respond in, Amen. Hal and
Jane are greeted by a lady with a clip board.
Hal is filling up a work truck. Hal is wearing work clothes.
He seems rather happy.
Derick pulls into the gas station. He spots Hal fueling up
the truck. He pulls up to the pump on the other side of Hal.
He leaves the radio on as he leaves the car.
He walks up to Hal.


Well, well, what do we have here?
A cracker filling up his truck.
Derick I really don't have time
for this.
Well I will make it quick then.
      (a beat)
Derick starts laughing.
Here's the deal Hal.
      (a beat)
I don't want to see you with my
cousin again.
Derick looks at Hal with hate in his eyes.
Whatever Derick. I really don't
have time for this.
Good, so you wont bother her
Hal replaces the handle to the pump. He gets in his truck
and looks dead at Derick. He starts the truck.
No, I will be seeing her again,
and again, and again. until she
says to stop.
With that Hal just drives off. Derick yells.
You had better hope I don't see
you with her. I will kill you! You
hear me? I will kill you cracker.
Hal does not hear Derick.


Hal and Jane are placing items from a picnic in the back of
Jane's car. Jane is patting herself down. She looks around
the car.
Hal I think I left my book back on
the beach.
Hal looks up from the trunk.
Do you want me to go back and look
for it?
Please. it was from the library,
and I can't aford to replace it.
OK, I will be back in a matter of
Hal grabs a flashlight out of the back of the car and heads
back down to the beach.
Derick drives through the park and spots Jane's car. He does
not notice Hal with her. He looks down at the beach and
See's a light pointing at the ground.
      (to himself)
I knew he wasn't going to listen.
Derick speeds up to where Jane's car is parked. Angry he
jumps out and grabs something from his glove box. It is a
gun. He places it in the back of his pants.
Jane notices Derick and walks over to confront him.
Derick? Derick is that you?
Derick does not answer, he continues towards the beach.
      (Yelling to Derick)
Derick, what are you doing?
No answer.


Derick answer me! I said what are
you doing?
No answer. Jane becomes worried and starts running at
Derick! Look at me! Derick, What
are you doing? Look at me Derick!
Hal hears the commotion and looks back at where Jane was. He
see Derick walking towards him. Hal just stands there.
      (to Hal)
Hal, I think Derick is going to do
something to you!
Hal still standing there, he see Derick grab for the back of
his pants. Hal See's Derick's gun and starts running in the
other direction.
Jane is still running to Derick. She stops when she sees the
gun. She looks at Hal who has started running. She breaks
down in tears and covers her mouth.
See cracker? I told you if I seen
you with her I would kill you. Now
you're a dead man.
Derick pulls the trigger, BANG. Hal falls down in the sand.
Derick looks at Hal.
Jane starts running again, this time towards Hal. She is
      (screaming and
Hal... Hal...Oh my God what have
you done? Derick, you killed Hal!
Hal...Answser me! Hal!
Derick looks at Jane. He notices her crying and frantic. He
drops his gun.
Jane falls down where Hal is lying. She grabs him and
caresses him. She frantically reaches for her cellphone and
dials 911.


Hello, 911? My boyfriend has been
shot. Please send help. We're at
Stars and Stripes park. Hurry he
looks bad.
Jane drops the phone. She see Derick looking at the two of
them. The anger has been replaced with concern for Jane.
Look at what you did...
..Look at what you did. I loved
him and you took him from me! Get
out of here! Get out of here
Derick grabs his gun and runs back to his car. He starts the
car a speeds off tires SQUEALING.
Jane is still caressing Hal. She kisses him.
Hal, please don't leave me. I need
you baby. I love you.
Hal opens his eye. He looks at Jane.
I love you too. I love you---
Hal passes back out as SIRENS are heard in the background.
Derick is sitting alone in the dark, he is looking at the
window. Lights shine through the window as a car PULLS into
the drive. The car door SLAMS shut.
Jane enters the house. Jane has tears running down her face.
Her hair is out of place. She SLAMS the door and proceeds to
the hallway.
Jane looks at Derick. She frowns and turns to walk away.


Please stop. I want to talk about
what happened.
Jane stops again. This time she turn around, and heads to
the couch. She does not sit, just stands there.
Do you really think I am in the
mood to talk to you?
Please. You have to hear this.
I feel bad. I need you to
understand why I did what I did.
Why you did what you did! You
might have killed him. He is in I.
C. U. hanging on for his life.
What reason could you have for
shooting someone?
I said I feel bad..
A tear rolls down Derick's face.
..Well I hope you feel bad.
Please, you said if I would talk
you would listen.
Jane takes a seat on the edge of the couch.
Fine, Tell me the story. Tell me
what happened.
Two years ago I was attacked. I
was all alone and dying. White men
beat me half to death. I would
have died that night.


A long bridge over the Gulf of Mexico. One his way to
Galveston, Derick's car stalls in the middle of the bridge.
He looks at his watch, it is four AM.
man I don't need this.
He turns the key, but nothing happens.
Come on start..Come on...Please
Rain starts gathering on the window.
Great, now I have to walk in the
As Derick gets out of the car, the rain falls harder. Derick
looks at the falling rain and starts walking.
As he is walking down the shoulder of the bridge, he notices
headlights coming from behind him. He turns just as a truck
pulls up behind him. He cannot see with the lights blinding
Two figures get out of the truck. He tries to hide his eyes
from the light to get a better look at the figures. The
figures approach the front of the truck.
Hey you alright?
Ya, my car just stalled.
You sure you didn't just run out
of gas?
No, it just died and wont start
You sure about the gas? I know how
you people like to only put about
two dollars in the tank.


Derick, confused, still tries to get a look at the figures
behind the lights.
What do you mean by, you people?
You know, you niggers. Lets get
Derick turns to run, but slips on the wet ground. The two
figures rush him and start kicking him. The beating
continues until one of the men see lights coming at them.
Someones coming. Lets beat it.
The two men run back to their truck and leave in a hurry.
The lights get closer and pull almost all the way up to
Derick. Derick is laying on the ground bleeding. His eyes
are swollen shut.
A man gets out of the car. Derick cannot see him to well.
His vision is blurred by the blood. The man runs up to him
and grabs him. He caresses Derick and holds his hand.
It's going to be OK. I have
already called for help. Can you
hear me?
Derick nods his head.
Good. I will stay here until help
arives. What is your name?
Derick nods again.
Tell me your name. I need to hear
you say your name.
Derick spits blood out of his mouth.


Great. Derick can you tell me what
happened? Like what kind of car
they were in.
Derick shakes his head.
A truck? They were in a truck?
Derick nods.
The dark figure of a man puts something up to his ear.
He said it was a truck.
No he didn't get a good look at
Derick still cannot see, his vision is still blurred.
Derick hears SIRENS approaching. The man is still holding
Derick's hand.
Lord, please don't let hate win
tonight. Lord, please don't let
hate win tonight. Derick can you
pray with me?
Derick nods.
Lord, please don't let hate win
Derick just MUMBLES. His words are muffled. His mouth is
enlarged and bloody. The man does not stop praying.
The SIRENS and flashing lights pull right past Derick.
Derick fades out of consciousness.
Voices are all around for a beat.


Everyone is still in the same spots.
I know that the guy that helped me
was black. White men tried to kill
me, thanks to the black man I am
still here. See white people don't
care about black people. That is
why I have been so tough on you.
Jane gets up and walks over to a bookshelves. She takes down
a photo album. She takes it over to Derick and drops it in
his lap.
Whats this?
These are news clippings about
your accident.
Jane kneels down beside Derick.
That black man you say saved you,
was really a white man.
Your lying!
Open it and see for your self.
Derick opens the album. The first page is a newspaper
clipping with a picture of Derick and a White guy named
Robert Reid. The title reads "Local Samaritan saves young
mans life".
The black man was really white. He
held your hand all the way to the
Emergency room.
Derick begins weeping.
He joined your moms church, he
asks about you all the time. Your
mom tells him whats going on and
how you are doing. She says that
they pray for you all the time. No


                       JANE (cont'd)
one was going to bring this up to
you until you was ready to talk
about it. Now that your ready, I
want you to realize that you have
been lying to yourself for two
years now.
Derick grabs Jane and pulls her close. He cries on her
What have I done? What can I do to
help Hal?
Pray, pray like you mean it. Ask
god to help Hal. Ask god to help
you. Pray the hate will not win
tonight. Pray like Robert prayed
for you.
Derick wipes his face, kneels down takes Jane's hand, and
prays for Hal.
Dear lord, please watch over Hal
tonight. I know what I have done
was wrong. Please forgive me.
Please don't let hate win tonight.
Please don't let hate win tonight.
Jane looks at Derick, she grins and bows her head in prayer.
      (with Derick)
Please don't let hate win tonight.
Please don't let hate win tonight.
Jane is still looking at the lake. The tear is still rolling
down her cheek.
A football rolls over to Jane's leg. Jane looks down at it
and smiles.
                       MAN (O.S.)
I am so sorry. I know this is the
second time the football has hit


Jane picks up the football and looks at it. She throws it in
the air and catches it.
I guess I will just have to keep
it this time.
Jane looks over to the man. It is Hal, he is better. Hal
just smiles at her. Derick walks up.
Come on Hal, I know we can beat
these guys.
We'll have to wait a minute. I
have some unfinished business over
Hal walks over to Jane and kneels down on one knee. He grabs
her hand. She starts crying happy tears.
I love you. This is the place I
meet you one year ago. I think it
is the best place to ask you...
Hal reaches in his pocket and grabs out a box. In the box is
a ring. Modest but sweet.
Jane, will you marry me?
Hal jumps up, grabs Jane and twirls her. Derick smiles and


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