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Lost to the Drugs
by Cody McCulloch (65756@students.olatheschools.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
Harvey's best friend Asley turns her life around with a new style of living. The drugs and alcohol enter her life and completely change her. Harvey tries to stop her but fails. Then she picks up a more dangerous habit...

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Ashley sits on the floor next to her bed of red sheets and
pink pillow cases, writing in her journal about the ups and
downs of her week. She has a big smile on her face as she
starts to write about Harvey, a guy that she loves. There is
a bright happiness in the air as if nothing could go wrong.
The clock turns to 7:30am and she grabs her backpack and
leaves her pink and red bedroom to go to school.
Harvey is sitting in the hallways playing his black and dark
blue acoustic guitar as people walk by talking and laughing.
Then Ashley walks in the door. He looks up and sees her. She
finally sees him through the small crowd and smiles and
Hi Ashely. How are you?
Fine. I have two tests today. One
for Spanish and the other for
History. I think I am going to
bomb them.
Youíll be fine. Who needs Spanish
and History anyways right? Hey
todayís Friday, so what are you
doing tonight?
Going to hang out with Lynsey and
Sara. We might go to this party
Sarah keeps talking about.
Sweet. Donít know what Iím doing
this weekend. Never plan Ďtil the
day happens. Iíll find something
though. Well Iím going to go to
class. Donít want to be late. The
teacher is strict on the tardy
policy. Donít have time for
detentions. See you later.
Bye Harvey.


Camera follows Harvy as rushes to his English class and
Ashley goes to her algebra class.

Harvey takes his seat behind an overweight kid in a black
hoody that smells of cigarettes.

      (whispers to
Another day of stupid math.

Lights fade and goes to nighttime.
Ashley is sitting on a light brown couch by herself at a
party. Sara comes over to talk Ashley.
Ashley come on. Get up and have
some fun.
No, I think Iíll stay here on this
couch. There are so many people
here I donít know. And they are
all drinking and smoking stuff. I
donít want to do any of that. I
donít want to get in to trouble.
Relax girl. Are you afraid that
you might like it? You felt the
same way about sex. Now drugs and
alcohol canít hurt you like sex.
That canít even give you a std. So
come on and enjoy yourself. Enjoy
these people. Woo hoo!
I guess I can enjoy this.
All right thatís the spirit. Here
try this.
What is it?


Donít really know. The guy who
gave it to me called it a ruffie
or something.
Ashley takes the ruffie. She smiles and starts wondering
around the living room of the house. After a few minutes she
starts yelling that she loves drugs.
I love drugs! I love drugs! I
She trips over a couple making out on the floor. She tries
to get up slowly, but fails and falls back down on the
floor. There she falls asleep.
Harvey is sitting on a bench playing his black accoustic
guitar. People are randomly stopping by and listening. Some
even drop small change in his guitar case just to be funny.
There is a good feeling in the air. The feeling fades away
slowly as Ashley walks enters the scene. She has dark
circles under her eyes.
Hey Harvey, how's it going?
Ashley? Are you okay?
      (talking really
I'm fine Harvey. You missed a
great party. There were so many
people there. This guy named Mark
got so wasted. He went up to a
tree and acted like he was humping
it. It was so funny. I have some
pictures of it on my cell phone.
And then there was this fight
between these two girls. I don't
even know who they are. But they
were both fighting over this guy
that was there. And they started
hitting each other. It was great.
So what did you do?


Sounds like fun. I went to a movie
with a girl. Her name is Kelly.
Then Saturday I went to work from
eleven to five. And then I went
home and recorded some of my songs
on tape. Didn't come out so well.
But just got to keep practicing.
Then Sunday I went to work. Yep,
that's my great weekend.
Aww, poor Harvey. You should have
called me.
I called your cell phone a few
times, but I always got your
Aww. Sorry. But hey guess what?
There's another party this
weekend. Me and Sara are going.
It's going to be so great. And
there's this cute guy that is
going to be there. He just broke
up with his girlfriend a couple
weeks ago because she was cheating
on him. I might ask him out. He's
so cute.
Harvey kind of looks down at his feet and tries to smile. He
slowly looks up.
Sounds good. Hope you have fun.
Well I am going to go to class
now. See you later.
Okay, bye Harvey.
Harvey walks to his first class with his head down.


      (whisper to
I'm so confused now because Ashley
likes another guy. I've been
friends with Ashley for two years
now, and all she ever talks about
is other guys she likes or is
going out with.
Harvey sits down in his desk and lays his head down on his
      (whispers to
Doesn't she know how I feel about
Harvey sits down with his food at a table in the middle of
the courtyard with a couple of his friends.
His friends Charlie and Jake are laughing at one of
Charlie's jokes. Harvey just sits there in silence unmoved
by Charlie's humor.
Ashley enters the scene with her Sara and Lynsey. They sit
down at another table across the courtyard from where Harvey
and his friends are sitting. Harvey looks up as she walks
by, frowns, and slowly looks back down at his food.
Are you okay there Charlie? You
seem look real down.
I'm fine. Don't worry about me.
      (leans in close to
Come on Harvey. What's wrong. Is
it a girl. 'Cause if it's a girl I
can help you out. They don't just
call me Charie. They call me Mr.
Sexy Stud Pie.
Damn it Charlie. I don't need your


Harvey gets up from the table and walks back into the

Ashley sees Harvey walk off into the school and follows him.
Harvey sees an empty bench in the hallway and sits down on
Are you okay. I saw you walk away
from Charlie out there. What did
he say to you?
Guys don't get mad at guys when
nothing is said Harvey.
I'm fine.
Fine you don't have to tell me. Oh
guess what? Me and Sara are going
to another party this weekend.
It's going to be so awesome. And -
I know. You told me earlier.
There's going to be a guy there
that you think is cute. And you
want to go out with him and you
don't even know his name.
Oh yeah, I did. Well anyways. I
want to ask him out, but I'm
nervous. What should I do?
Well you should probably figure
out what his name is.


Come on seriously Harvey.
Then you should probably figure
out who the hell he is.
Harvey gets up and gives her a hug and then walks away down
the hallway towards his locker.
Ashley watches him walk away. She is not sure what to say if
anything at all.
A) After this, Tuesday through Friday go by fast.

B) Camera shows scenes of Harvey walking alone in the
hallways with his head down, sitting quietly at lunch with
Charlie telling jokes and Jake laughing.

C) Camera flashes to scenes of Ashley talking to Sara and
some of her other friends.

D)The camera ends with a scene of Harvey sitting on a bench
in the hallway near the exit to the courtyard playing his
black accoustic guitar.
Scene fades to Friday night.
All right Ashley, second party.
Moving on up girl.
Ashley and Sara enter the house and start walking towards
the kitchen.
Oh my god! Sara look there he is.
I want to ask him out. Help me
Camera moves to the guy Ashley is looking at. He is drinking
from a red plastic cup.
Ashley go up there yourself and
ask him. He's not going to bite.
Maybe he's a nibbler. Haha!


Ashley, you know what you need?
Here have a Morgan.
Sara grabs a Captain Morgan out of the refridgerator in the
kitchen and hands it to Ashley.
Ashley takes a drink of Captain Morgan. Looks at the bottle.
I like it.
Ashley raises the bottle to her lips again and drinks it
until it is completely empty.
Whoa girl! Save some for the rest
of us. Oh come with me I almost
forgot. Derek brough some cocain
with him. He said he was going to
bring some mary jane too. You've
go to try it.
Sara grabs Ashley by the left hand and Ashley drops the
Captain Morgan bottle from her right hand. She quickly walks
over to Derek who is sitting on an old couch in the living
room. There are four guys sitting around the table that
Derek is making a line of cocain on. Derek finishes a line
and a guy in a red t-shirt leans forward and sniffs it. Then
he leans back in aw.
See Ashley, it's completely
harmless. In your nose and
hopefully not out your mouth. Hey
Derek give this girl some of the
good stuff. She's never tried it
All right I'll line you some right
now. What's your name?
Okay Ashley. You're in for some
good stuff right here. All right
now lean over and take a sniff. It
won't hurt.


Ashley slowly bends down over the table. She tries to remain
calm, but ends up inhaling it quickly with one quick sniff.
      (cough cough cough)
Whoa. My head feels weird. Ah the
room is spinning. Sara help.
Ashley faints and falls to the floor and doesn't move.
Sara gets on her knees next to Ashley and starts shaking
Ashley. Come on Ashley wake up.
Crack doesn't kill. Come on
Ashley. Wake up!
Sara keeps shaking her trying to get Ashley to snap out of
it. After a couple of minutes Ashley finally wakes up.
Ashley you stupid idiot. Don't do
that again. Don't sniff so hard
next time. How do you feel?
Dizzy. That was some good stuff
Here have another Morgan.
Ashley takes the bottle drinks half of it in a matter of
Sara, I think I have a new best
friend. Hooray for beer!
Camera shows a view of Joe's Italian Restaurante. Camera
moves inside and shows Harvey cleaning a table. Then zooms
out and shows busy waiters carrying food to tables. The
place is packed.


Hey Harvey, can you grab those
glasses from the table you're
cleaning and bring them to me real
Yup. Here you go Bob. Man it's
busy today.
Yeah. All these people need to go
home. That way I can have a nice
easy day and relax. Maybe go home
early. Yes sir, what can I get
Bob helps a costumer with beer and Harvey goes back to
cleaning the table. He is just about done when Ashley walks
up to him.
Hey Harvey. I'm kind of sad right
now. Blake told me he had a
girlfriend. I freaking like him a
lot, but he has a girlfriend. That
sucks. After he told me, I cried
for like five minutes. But we are
hanging out tonight. His
girlfriend left for North Carolina
yesterday. She'll be gone for
three weeks. I get off at 2 today.
What time do you get off?
Well there is always some other
single guy you can date. Besides
he works here. I've never know two
people who work together to have a
relationship that actually lasts a
long time. Or you could wait until
Blake breaks up with his
girlfriend. But I get off at
three. Why?
No reason. Dude, the party I went
to last night was sweet. I drank
three bottles of Captain Morgan.
And Sara introduced to this guy
named Derek who brought some crack
and maryijuana. I did some of the
crack and I fainted. Then I woke


                       ASHLEY (cont'd)
up a couple minutes later and my
head was dizzy. But the crack was
good. Harvey, have you ever been
to a party?
You should. It's fun.
I don't want to do drugs. Don't
want to drink either. Never have.
Don't want to start.
You don't have to do drugs or
alcohol. And not all parties will
have that stuff there. Besides it
doesn't hurt to do the stuff.
Have you ever been to a party
where there wasn't drugs or
alcohol involved?
Good point. But still you should
go to one. You might like it.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Harvey pauses for a moment and looks down. Then he looks
back up at Ashley.


      (Looks like he's
       about to cry)
You might be able to hide these
dark eyes from everyone else, but
not me. Going to a party everyone
once in a while is fine.
Especially if there is a good
reason for actually having one.
But for the past three or four
weeks, that is all you have been
doing on the weekends is partying.
You've been getting drunk and now
you're getting high. That's the
only reason people go to these
parties you are going to Ashley.
It's not cool.
Gosh Harvey you don't have to be
mean about it. Relax. My parents
don't even know I'm doing it. So
I'll be fine.
That's not the point. You said it
doesn't hurt Ashley. It does hurt.
We hardly ever talk anymore
because you hang out with these
people that don't have a real
life. They live for thier weekends
of getting drunk and high. I can't
believe you are one of them now.
Please stop before you get caught.
Don't worry. I'll be careful.
Harvey grabs his rag off the table and walks off. Ashley is
left standing there not knowing what to say.
Harvey is sitting on his bed playing his guitar.
      (whispers to
I wish she would understand. She
used to be so innocent.


Harvey continues to play his guitar. He starts making up a
slow song on his guitar. His thoughts on still on Ashley. He
begins to sing a song about her.
Give me the drugs
So I can fit it
Give me the beer
So I can be interesting
Please it's all that I need
Don't take them from me
Lights fade and transition to school.
Harvey is sitting on a bench in the hallway and is playing
his black accoustic guitar. He is playing an upbeat blues
rock song. Charlie is sitting next to him singing random
words to Harvey's music.
Oh I Harvey a bad day
And his mom got mad at me
Harvey is a sad man
Always playing his guitar
With songs that he made
Plays way too damn much
I tell you that boy needs to get
There are other students gathered around the two laughing as
Charlie is singing and Harvey is playing his guitar. Ashley
walks in after Charlie sings that Harvey needs to get laid.
Charlie continues to sing and Ashley begins to laugh too.
Harvey spent last night
With my friend's sister
She got a little scared
When he leaned over
And tried to kiss her
The students continue to laugh. Harvey looks around at the
crowd and sees Ashley behind four students diagonally to his
right. She notices him looking at her and he fakes a smile.
She smiles back and waves at him. Her eyes have dark


halfcircles under them. Harvey looks back at the people in
front of him and Charlie starts singing again. Slowly
students start to leave as it is almost time to go back to
class. Several others start looking at their watches and
cell phones and start heading towards their lockers. After a
few minutes Charlie, Harvey and Ashley are the only ones
there. Harvey stops playing.
Well Harvey, that was some pretty
funny stuff huh?
Yup. Dude like everyone was
laughing. Could used some else to
make fun of man. Now everyone is
going to give me a hard time.
Dude nobody cares. You're Harvey.
It doesn't matter. So nobody's
going to care. Well I got to go.
Class is going to start in five
minutes and I have to go to my
All right. See you later dude.
Ashley steps towards Harvey and spreads her arms out
expecting a hug. She smiles and tries to appear innocent.
Harvey ignores her plead for a hug. He starts playing a slow
song on his guitar.
What, are you going to ignore me
now. What's wrong? Are you mad at
I'm not going to answer that.
Harvey, come on! Tell me what's
wrong. You seem like you are mad
at me. Did I do something wrong?
Figure it out yourself.
Is it because we aren't hanging
out much anymore?


Don't be so pathetic. Stop doing
the drugs Ashley. And the alcohol.
You aren't...you anymore. You're
someone else.
People change Harvey. There's
nothing wrong with the stuff that
I do.
You're not even eighteen yet, and
you're already trying all these
different drugs every week. You're
not even twenty one yet and you've
been drunk more than once already.
You think I'm the only way who
looks you in the eyes. You look so
tired all the time now. And worst
of all you don't even care about
what you are doing to yourself.
And me.
Harvey. Come on, that's not fair.
Later Ashely. I'm going to class.
Harvey walks off with a mad look on his face. Ashley sighs
and turns around and starts walking towards her class.
      (In Harvey's mind)
I can't believe I just did that.
But she needed to know how I felt.
Great. Now she probably hates me.
Screw it. She did this to herself.
If only I had stopped her from
going to the first one. No that's
impossible. Maybe if I had stopped
from going to the second party,
she wouldn't be so addicted. She
wouldn't have changed. She would
still be Ashley. Now I don't know
who she is. She hardly ever talks
to me anymore. I've tried calling,
yet she still tells me to call
her. What does she even bother,
she never answers her phone for me
anymore. I'm not the one throwing


                       HARVEY (cont'd)
the parties. Maybe if I changed
too, everything would kind of be
back to the way it was. Hm, I'm so
Harvey is sitting in the courtyard with Charlie and Jake
during lunch. Instead of eating, Harvey is playing his
guitar, while Charlie and Jake eat and listen.
Harvey loooks up for a moment and sees Ashley going over to
sit down at one of the tables in the far right corner of the
courtyard next to the bushes that have red roses growing
around them.
      (whispers to
Hm, there she is again. Just
another bad reminder of a better
      (sings aloud while
       playing his
Give me the drugs
So I can fit it
Give me the beer
So I can be interesting
Please it's all that I need
Don't take them from me

I need the drugs to
Make me like the rest
And I need the alcohol
I want to drink it all
So I can be as cool as
Everyone else

The feeling's so good
Never felt so good before

Don't you take this away
This is my new life
If you don't like it
You can leave me now


                       HARVEY (cont'd)

I need the drugs
So I can fly
I need the beer
To have a good time

Don't take this away
Don't take it from me
I can't live without it
Makes me feel complete
It makes me feel complete
Harvey looks down with after he plays the last note.
I think I'm going to cry man. Need
a tissue. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey.
Do you need some drugs right now
to make you feel better.
No Charlie and I don't do the
Good, 'cause I don't have any. But
I know some people, who know some
people, who know this one guy,
that stole some drugs from this
other guy, who got the drugs from
this dealer who is from Japan.
I'm lost.
That was a good sad song Harvey.
Who was it about?
This one girl I used to know...who
knew this guy who looked like a
girl, and he knew this one girl
that knew a French girl who was
dating this American guy, who was
cheating on her with this other
girl from Kansas with a drug and
alcohol problem.


No you dork. But it is about an
old friend of mine that I used to
Well that does suck man. Enough
about stupid girls dude. Time to
scope out some new ones.
Untainted. Fresh meat. Like that
one over there in the red t-shirt.
Look at the long brown hair. You
could wrap yourself inside of it.
She is so hot. You should go get
her number dude.
No. That's all right. You can have
her Charlie. Show her what the sex
machine is made of.
Suit yourself. Here I go. See you
later Harvey.
      (thinks to himself)
That kid is a man prostitute
Charlie worries me sometimes. I'll
laugh if that girl slaps him.
Charlie is talking to the girl in the red t-shirt. She gets
up from her chair and pulls a pin out of her right pocket.
She grabs Charlie's right hand and starts writing her phone
number on his palm. Charlie looks over at Harvey and winks.
He is a man prostitute. He'll be
with someone else next week.
Dang. He's my hero. Wish I could
get a girl like that.
Well later Jake. Got to go to


      (to himself)
Charlie is my hero.
Scene ends with Charlie walking through the courtyard doors
back into the school hallway.
Harvey is driving on an empty road near a railroad track. He
efeels his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. He grabs it out
of his pocket and flips it open. It shows a text message
from Ashley telling him to come to work because she has
something important to show him.
Harvey turns his truck around and heads towards Joe's
Italian Restaurante.
Scene flashes to Harvey walking in the restaurant and Ashley
is cleaning a table. He slowly walks over to her.
Hey Harvey. I need to show you
something important.
Ashley lifted up her right arm and pulled back the sleeve
and revealed the scars on her arm she had been hiding.
Ashley slowly starts to smile as Harvey stands there staring
at the wrist not knowing what to say. Camera looks at
Ashley's face and then slowly turns towards Harvey.
Hmm. Why are you cutting yourself?
I've been really depressed lately.
About what?
I don't know.
If you don't know what you're sad
about then why would you cut
I don't know, I've just been
really sad lately. You wouldn't
understand if I told you. Sara


                       ASHLEY (cont'd)
cried when I showed her. And I
showed Blake. Then he cried.
Does this have to do with Blake?
Does his girlfriend know that he
is cheating on her with you?
No she doesn't know. And it kind
of deals with Blake. He has a
girlfriend and I like him. It
makes me mad. I wish they would
break up so I could have him.
Why doesn't he just tell her. This
secrecy won't last forever. It
never does. Better to get it over
with now then to do it the hard
way later.
I know. But he doesn't want to
tell her yet. I'm not sure he
wants to tell her at all. Well I
will talk to you later, I have to
wait on these people. Bye Harvey.
See you later.
Harvey stands there for a moment and watches Ashley walk
over to a table and start taking their orders. After about
ten seconds he turns around and walks towards the door. As
he opens it bright sunlight flashes through.
      (sings softly to
On the verge of a breakdown
My world turning inside-out
And I am reaching out
But there's no one to hold my hand
The scene fades to the credits. The song that Harvey was
making up continues to play in the background with an
acoustic guitar playing along with it.


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From Roman Date 9/14/2006 ****
I loved it great caracters

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