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by Lynn Smith

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ****
Jake Able's life has been filled with loss and betrayal, losing the mother he loved, and being betrayed by the father he was left with. Forced to secure his pain deep inside, he feeds upon it now, and delivers it to others in fierce blows. love and loyalty are strangers, solitude and hurt are all he knows. For Tommy Mccain life has been filled with love and protection. Protection from his family and community, and the love of a beautiful girl. Never wanting for more than what was meant for him, life comes to him in an easy flow. Tommy knows who he is and where he comes from, nothing can change that. When these two lives come together a connection is made. They see in each other things they don't recognize in themselves. It draws them closer and threatens to tear them apart. They learn sometimes in life, you just can't get it twisted.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Jake was only nine years old when his mother died. Jake was
a mommas boy, where ever Anna was, Jake wasn't far behind.
Jake and his father had never been close. Jake wasn't sure
what it was, but he could feel it when his father looked at
him, and it didn't feel good. After Anna and Adam were
married he moved her to the base, far from her family.
Anna's husband spent most of his time at the base, leaving
her alone, she missed her husband. Anna wanted a baby, but
she knew her husband had never wanted children. Anna
couldn't help but think that once her husband saw their
baby, held it in his arms, that he would change his mind.
Adam loved Anna, she was probably the only thing he did
love, other than the base, of course. Adam knew she wouldn't
let this go. Anna became pregnant. The pregnancy was hard on
her, the baby was born premature, requiring alot of Anna's
attention, Adam resented this, as he knew he would. Adam had
been satisfied with his life, Anna, the base, he didn't need
or want this child. As Anna grew closer to her son, her
husband drifted further from her. Anna longed for her
family, they had never even seen her child. Anna had told
her son many stories of her family, his family, and her
childhood, so many that Jake felt as if he knew them
already. Jake was almost more excited to meet them than his
mother was to see them again, almost. Adam didn't want his
wife to leave him, but he knew, she wouldn't let this go
either. Adam wouldn't take time away from the base, so he
arranged for a car and driver to take Anna and Jake to the
airport. Anna packed her and Jake's things and kissed her
husband good bye. On the way to the airport Anna is singing
to her son.
Suddenly, the blare of horns, tires screeching, his mothers
screams, then silence. Jake was the only survivor of the
accident. Jake is standing by his mothers coffin crying. The
General is standing by the door.
Jake....Jake!,that's enough, it's
time to go.
Jake turns and looks at his father, the General turns his
eyes from Jake .
The General turns to walk out the door. Jake looks down at
his mother again, tears fill his eyes, this will be the last
time he sees her. Jake turns and walks toward the door.


The General lights a cigar, Jake hates that smell, he turns
his head to look out the window. The drive is long and
I've been reassigned, I'm due at
the base tomorrow, you will pack
and be ready to go tonight.
Jake begins to cry.
I....I don't want to go, I don't
want to leave her.
Your mother is gone Jake, what you
want is of no concern to me, do
you understand.
The General stubs out his cigar as the car comes to a stop.
Yes what?
The General gets out of the car, Jake follows.
The General and Jake have arrived at the new base, this is
Jake's first day at his new school. Jake is at the front of
the classroom as the teacher introduces him.
Class this is Jake Able, his
father is General Able. Everyone
make sure you help Jake get
adjusted to his new home. Jake you
can take a seat.
Jake makes his way to a seat at the back of the classroom.
Jake sits down, the kid behind him leans up and smacks him
in the back of the head.


Don't think you're big shit 'cause
your dads the General, punk.
The other kids laugh and whisper.
The McCain farm has been here as long as the town itself.
Tommy's family have worked this land for generations. Making
a living on raising tobacco wasn't always enough to support
a growing family, so the people in these parts would
supplement their income with the second biggest cash crop.
The McCain's where no different. Tommy was born with a green
thumb, especially when it came to bud. Hell, if growing herb
would have been in the 4-H competition Tommy would have won
the blue ribbon every time. Everyone liked Tommy, he had his
dad's charm, and his momma's good looks, he was kind hearted
and easy going, never wanting for more then what was meant
for him.

Tommy's dad is teaching him to drive the tractor.
                       TOM SR.
Alright son, now let her out real
easy...whoa!..whoa!, I said easy
Sorry pop.
                       TOM SR.
I think that's enough for today
son, you're moms probably got
supper ready.
Tom SR. hops up on the tractor, they go back to the barn to
put the tractor away.
Maggie rides up on her bike, Tommy runs up to meet her.
Maggie and Tommy have known each other all their lives,
their parents grew up together, if you didn't know them
you'd swear they were brother and sister. Tommy jumps on his
bike and they head into town.
Hey sweetheart.


I ain't your sweetheart,...what
took you so long?
Had to help mom with the
Maggie and Tommy ride through town, everyone knows them,
there's waves and hello's all around as they pass by.
After school, on the play ground, Jake is getting a beaten
by the kid from the classroom. Jake is finding out how hard
it can be to be the new kid, unfortunately this won't be the
last time Jake is the new kid, over the next several years
the General will be assigned to many different bases. The
General will gain the reputation for being a problem solver,
and every base has it's problems.
I told you punk, you ain't shit.
The kid gets up, kicks Jake in the stomach and walks off.
Jake lays there, he decides then that this will be the last
beating he takes. Jake gets up, walks up to the boy, the boy
turns around.
What, you want some more?
The kid starts to laugh, Jake kicks him in the nuts as hard
as he can. The kid drops to his knees, Jake knows he can't
let up now, he jumps the kid and starts whaling on him until
one of the teachers pulls him off. Jake looks at the kid,
lying there crying, he thinks to himself, Yeah, this is how
it's going to be. This is how it has to be if Jake's going
to survive.
Tom Sr. is giving Tommy another lesson on growing herb. Tom
Sr. is one of the biggest suppliers in the county, he's fair
on his prices and he has good product. Tommy has been raised
knowing that growing herb is just as important as growing
tobacco. Herb has keep food on the table at the McCain farm
many times when tobacco alone couldn't.


                       TOM SR.
Just trim them back enough to keep
them the size you want, they need
room to grow, but you have to be
the one to decide how much.
Tommy looks at the plant with intent, then tops just a few
of the leaves.
Like this?
Tom Sr. walks over to his son and looks over his shoulder,
to check out his work.
                       TOM SR.
Yeah, that's right. When your
finished there hang these others
to dry.
Tom Sr. scrubs Tommy on the head and smiles.
Jake is packing, the General has been assigned to another
base. Jake reaches up to his necklace, the one his mother
had made for him. The necklace is the only thing Jake has
left of his mother, other than her memory.
Why did it have to be you, why
couldn't it have been him. I hate
him. I hate you. I'm sorry momma,
I don't hate you, I love you,... I
miss you. It should have been me.
The lake, it was the place where all the kids meet to party,
hang out, make out, it had been that way for generations.
The lake was special, it was a place for first times, first
time you got piss drunk, first time you got blistered, first
time you got laid, they all happened at the lake. On this
night Tommy and Maggie are having their first kiss. Maggie
never thought she would feel this way about Tommy. Maggie
knew him to well, Tommy McCain could charm the horns off the
devil, but she couldn't help herself, she was in love. Tommy
on the other hand wasn't sure what in love was, but he knew
it sure felt good.


The principal has called the General in, Jake has been in
another fight. Fighting has become a regular thing for Jake,
it's the same story different place, he's the new kid, and
someone always wants a piece of the new kid.
The boy has been a problem since
the death of his mother. I assure
whatever it takes, this won't
happen again.
Jake's father glances over at him. Jake can feel the look,
and slouches down in his chair.
General if I could suggest
The General gives a nod, yes.
Boys of this age sometimes need a
little help channeling their
aggression. We do have a program
here at the base that I think may
help Jake channel that aggression.
And what program would that be?
The principal pulls some paperwork from his desk drawer and
hands it to the General.
Boxing. If he's going to fight it
might as well be in the ring.
Jake liked the idea, this would be the only thing about the
base that he would ever like. Jake started training right
away, it came easy to him. Jake was born premature, he was a
small child, always protected by his mother, but now he had
grown, he was bigger, stronger, he guarded his emotions as
he guarded his body in the ring, it helped him feel in
control, and he liked that, he needed that, he would never
let that go.
Sophomore year of high school,Tommy McCain, definitely


quarterback material, long and lean, curly blond hair and
pools of blue for eyes,with charm to spare, every boy wants
to be him, every girl wants to be with him. Tommy has earned
his spot on the team, he has been waiting for this night all
McCain, you're up, let's see what
you got.
Tommy runs onto the field.
Jake has trained hard, he's body and mind have become
stronger, locking out all the pain of the world that he
feels, in the ring he is invincible. A intimidating force,
his body is solid, his eyes dark and deep, lack of emotion
on his face, to his opponent means lack of emotion for their
well being. Jake was here for one reason, to take care of
business. Jake's last five matches have been TKO's. Jake's
earned his shot at the champ in his weight class, this is it
time to go to work.
Able, get in there.
Jake jumps into the ring.
Tommy in the huddle, the play is called, the team breaks and
gets in formation.
Jake in his corner, Jake is sweating, breathing hard, he
takes some water then spits it out.
This guys got you're number Able,
how bad you want this?
The bell rings for the next round. Jake jumps to his feet,
he does want this.
Before Tommy can through the ball he is sacked , he calls
for defense.


Jake is taking alot of body hits, his opponent is taunting
him, the bell rings ending the round. Jake goes back to his
Tommy in the huddle, this is the last chance to score, the
team breaks and gets back in formation.
Bell rings to start the round, Jake steps up to his
Let's get this over with boy.
Tommy snaps the ball.
Jake throws a hard right.
The receiver catches the ball, Tommy is tackled.
Jake lands the blow square on his opponents chin, he goes
down hard.
The final touchdown is scored winning the game, the crowd
goes crazy.
Jake's opponent is counted out, the ref holds up Jake's arm
in victory.
After the game, everyone is celebrating and congratulating
each other.
Jake sits alone unwrapping his hands.


Maggie and Tommy at the lake with all their friends
celebrating the win. Maggie goes off to talk to some of the
other girls. A few of the other boys come up to Tommy offer
him a shot of shine and tell him the latest news.
                       BOY ONE
Hey man hear about Jones?
Tommy lights a joint, tokes and passes it.
No man, what's up?
                       BOY ONE
He was popped, bustin' into the
                       BOY TWO
Dumb ass, what the fuck, did he
think he could just walk in and
say where's the smoke.
That sucks man, what ya think
they'll do with him?
                       BOY ONE
I don't know man, but it can't be
good. You got to give it to him
though, you know we've all heard
the rumors, but Jones, he had the
balls to try to find out if they
were true.
Yeah, no shit.
                       BOY TWO
Well hell, then this ones for
The boy's finish passing the joint around til it's gone.


Jake is walking home from the gym when a group of guys start
following him. The leader of the group is on a dirt bike, he
pulls up in front of Jake blocking his path.
                       LEAD GANG KID
This is my street, you got to pay
to walk down my street.
Sorry man I'm busted.
                       LEAD GANG KID
you're gonna be busted if you
don't come off with somethin',that
around your neck, give it to me.
The lead gang kid reaches for the necklace, Jake grabs his
Not gonna happen man
                       LEAD GANG KID
Oh it's gonna happen...get him!
The other two kids come at Jake. The first kid takes a
swing, Jake ducks landing a body blow, doubling the kid
over, the second kid grabs Jake from behind, Jake smashes
the back of his head into the kid's face, the kid let's go
of Jake and covers his face with both hands, blood streams
from between his fingers. By this time the first kid has
slightly recovered and approaches Jake again. Jake shakes
his head and smirks, pop, pop, pop, this kid's head feels
like the speed bag to Jake, the kid falls back. Jake turns
his attention to the leader. Jake walks slowly toward the
kid, the kid is stunned and stumbles backward.
Now you have a price to pay, your
ass or your bike.
Tommy has taken Maggie somewhere to be alone. Tommy's been
trying to get Maggie to give it up for awhile now, he thinks
maybe tonight. Maggie has other thoughts.
Cool down Tommy, I'm not that
kinda girl.


Yes you are.
Fuck you Mccain.
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Come on Maggie, it's inevietable.
Do you even know what that word
That's cold sweetheart, and so are
you, why don't you let me warm you
Look I want our first time to be
special, you know a bed,
pillows,... married.
First off anything, anywhere we do
it will be special, two, if we're
getting married anyway why not get
some practice.
If we get married?...get your
practice on the field sweetheart.
Maggie gets up to leave, Tommy's still has hold of her hand.
Oh shit Maggie...come on.
Maggie pulls her hand away, Tommy falls backwards on the
Jake pulls up to his house at the base on his new bike. Jake
enters the house, the General is never there, but Jake's not
complaining. Jake goes to the kitchen, grabs the milk from
the frig, drinks it down, goes to his room. Jake lays on his
bed, his hand goes to the necklace, he shuts his eyes.


Jones one of the young growers in the town has just been
caught breaking into the base. Jones is a cocky bastard, so
they have worked him over pretty hard, or so they think,
hell he has gotten worse beatings from his older brothers.
Besides he's on a natural high from what he has seen, he may
have got caught this time, but Jones is no quitter. They
know they can't hold him here forever, they also know
turning him over to the local authorities will draw even
more unwanted attention. The powers that be decide the best
way to handle this is to put a scare in him, release him,
but keep the pressure on, he saw too much, and he has a big
mouth, but after they are finished with him, he'll be lucky
to remember his own name. The base has a problem, and they
know just the soldier to take care of the problem. The call
goes out, bring in Able.
The base in West Virginia, a research and development center
for biological study, by definition. There has long been
rumors of what actually goes on there, some believe it's a
cover for alien investigations, some believe they are
developing some new weaponry, and some simply think they
grow government weed there. No matter what you choose to
believe, the truth is the government has it's reasons for
keeping each one of these things from the people. The brass
are giving a tour to potential backers. The backers have
become nervous over the incident with Jones, and without
their money the base can't move forward with it's project.
                       OFFICER ONE
So as you can see gentleman we are
well on our way to the goal, with
your contribution we could be
there in a matter of months.
                       BACKER ONE
It's true the facility looks
great, but we do have some
                       OFFICER TWO
And those concerns are?
                       BACKER TWO
The recent break in has been all
over the local news. We prefer a
low profile, I'm sure you can
appreciate that.


                       OFFICER TWO
We can assure you the situation
was a rare one and is firmly in
                       OFFICER ONE
We have one of our best coming in
to take control of security. Look,
it was just a kid pulling a prank,
no real threat.
                       BACKER ONE
Real or not a threat is a threat,
I believe we will need some time
on this, maybe after your man gets
here we will discuss this again.
The backers are escorted out, leaving the two officers to
discuss the situation.
                       OFFICER TWO
When is Able arriving?
                       OFFICER ONE
                       OFFICER TWO
So..is he as good as we said?
                       OFFICER ONE
He better be.
Tom Sr. and a couple of regular customers are having a toke
and discussing the situation with Jones and the base.
                       MAN ONE
They sure glad to have their boy
                       TOM SR.
Pitiful what that boy has put his
folks through, maybe this taught
him something.
                       MAN TWO
Yeah, taught him not to get caught
fuckin with the gov'ment.


                       MAN ONE
I heard they was real hard on him,
worked him over good.
                       TOM SR.
I hate to hear that, but he'd been
told to stay the fuck away from
there. His ass shoulda been busted
a little harder a little sooner
you ask me.
                       MAN ONE
Talkin' 'bout bustin' ass's, you
took care of yourn yet?, that boy
don't keep his pecker in his
pants, some pretty little things
big ugly daddy gonna blow it off
for him.
                       TOM SR.
Hey now, he's a true McCain, can't
punish the boy for that.
                       MAN TWO
Bet that's not what momma says.
                       TOM SR.
And speakin' of momma, I gotta
Tom Sr. passes the joint and gets up to leave.
The General and Jake have just got off the plane, the
General is walking toward the car that was sent for them by
the base. Jake is waiting for his bike to be taken out of
the cargo hold. An officer approaches the General.
                       OFFICER TWO
General Able, welcome sir.
Take the boy to the house, I'm
going to the base.
                       OFFICER TWO
Yes sir.
The officer turns to Jake.


                       OFFICER TWO
Hey son, need some help with that?
Jake shoots a glance at the officer then cranks his bike.
                       OFFICER TWO
If you want to hang out till we
get your stuff unloaded, you can
follow us to your new place,
The officer turns around just in time to see Jake ride off.
                       OFFICER TWO
Hey!..hey kid!, great the Generals
gonna have my balls for this,
fuckin brat.
The base in West Virginia was established a few years ago,
as a research and development center, it is a minimal
security facility, the base consists of a three buildings.
One building houses the lab, one building is administrative,
and the third building is a warehousing unit. To the town
the base is shrouded in secrecy, the only thing they really
know is it's government, and to them that has never meant
anything good. The base conducts studies, they put out
advertisements offering pay for participation in their
allergy testing programs. Alot of the younger locals are
drawn in by this, the admission policies into the program
are stringent, lots of paper work to be signed before you
get paid, and most of the participants can barely read, they
need the cash so they sign, no questions asked. The base
knows the circumstances of these people and they target
them, abusing their weakness, being poor and uneducated.
Some of the participants have developed adverse reactions to
the tests, but unfortunately they signed waivers stating
that the base could not be held accountable, for such
reactions. The participants also signed confidentiality
agreements, so when the base would hear of a participant
complaining, they would pay him or her a visit, and remind
them of the terms they had agreed to. Needless to say the
base wasn't the most popular with the locals.
Ever wonder why the government is so against the research
and development of marijuana? They aren't, they just don't
want the public to know about it. The government has been
trying to develop a strain of marijuana to use in biological
warfare, it's not a war on drugs, it's a war using drugs.
The government needs something that will control a mass
population with little or no trace evidence, make


individuals more susceptible to suggestion, induce high
levels of paranoia, create chaos in the mind, feeling like
their comrades are their enemies, thy will kill each other,
from a distance the governments hands are clean. The
government has tried before with minimal success, using
crack, cocaine, LSD, PCP, and most recently meth. But,
marijuana, this plant has real potential, they just need to
develop a strain that suits their needs, that is the agenda
of the base in West Virgina.
The General has arrived at the base and is being debriefed
by the commanding officer.
                       OFFICER ONE
General Able, good to have you on
                       OFFICER ONE
You've got your work cut out for
you General, your already familiar
with the details?
Yes, is the boy still under
                       OFFICER ONE
Of course, he was underage so we
couldn't hold him for long. He
didn't see much, and what he did
see no one will believe.
Well, I have my orders, if you
don't mind I'd like to get to
                       OFFICER ONE
By all means General, you're
Jake decided to find his own way to the house, on the way
his bike breaks down. A truck pulls up beside him. Jake sees
a blurry of blond hair out of the corner of his eye, there's
a guy hanging out of the passenger side window.
Hey man, nice bike, looks like you
could use a hand.


No thanks.
I'm Tommy this is Maggie.
Jake tries to ignore Tommy. Tommy jumps out of the truck,
cut off shorts, no shirt, carrying a beer he walks over to
You must be the new kid, we've
been hearing rumors that the base
was bringing some bad ass in,
after what Jones did.
Yeah, I'm the new kid, and I guess
the bad ass is my dad. I don't
know shit about any Jones, and I
don't know you either man.
Yeah, I told you, I'm Tommy, and
that sweet thing is my girl,
Maggie, but I didn't catch your
Jake can't believe this guy, what is he Mr. fuckin'
sunshine. Jake agrees his girl is a sweet thing, her hair is
long pulled back in a thick braid, she's wearing cut off
shorts too, and a bikini top, her and Tommy have been at the
lake, a regular hang out around here.
Jake, Jake Able.
Alright Jake Able, how bout that
lift, I know the house they
puttin' you up at, and it's quite
a ways.
Before Jake can refuse again Tommy grabs the handlebars of
the bike and heads to the back of the truck. Jake grabs the
handlebars back.
Cool man, I'll get the back, you
get this thing runnin' again you
gotta let me try it out.


Jake looks at Tommy, they get the bike in the back of the
truck. Tommy and Jake walk around to the passenger door of
the truck, Tommy leans in.
Maggie, this is Jake the new kid.
Hey Jake, the new kid.
Tommy and Jake get in the truck.
So what's your story man?
It's a long one.
That's o.k., it's a long ride.
I'm not big on small talk.
Maggie lights a joint and passes it to Tommy.
Your not big on manners either.
Jake thinks maybe she ain't such a sweet thing, Tommy takes
a long drag and then passes the joint toward Jake.
It's cool man, consider it the
welcome wagon...welcome.
Jake takes the joint and inhales, he starts choking on it.
Tommy pats him on the back, and laughs.
Alright brother, you don't cough,
you don't get off.
Hey, toke, toke, pass.
Jones is drunk, running his mouth about what went down at
the base. Jones hasn't been the same since then, no one
takes him seriously, but hell they never really ever did.


You mutha fuckers, you don't know
what I saw.
                       BAR PATRON ONE
You don't know what the fuck you
saw Jones.
                       BAR PATRON TWO
I heard they fucked you pretty
good son, that asshole still soar?
Jones gets up from his bar stool, and stumbles over to their
Fuck all ya'll, you bitches wish
you had the balls to do what I
The bar patron shoves Jones back.
                       BAR PATRON ONE
Why don't you shut the fuck up
Jones, cause what you did the
heats on all us. you can't do shit
round here without one of them
                       BAR PATRON TWO
Yeah man, you need to keep that
big mouth shut.
come shut it for me, asshole.
Jones gets up, stumbles, picks up his hat.
fuck you,...bitches.
                       AGENT ONE
He's on the move.
                       AGENT TWO
Stick with him, lets see where the
party goes.


Tommy has talked the coach into letting Jake try out for the
team.Jake is in great shape from his boxing training, the
coach recognizes this, but can he play ball.
Able, you're up.
Jake runs onto the field. Tommy throws the ball, Jake
catches it, runs it down the field, no one can touch him.
The coach is impressed, so is the rest of the team. The new
tag team is made, McCain and Able.
Tommy and Jake are sitting at a table, Maggie comes in and
joins them.
What's up guys?
What's up with you sweetheart?
Tommy leans in to kiss Maggie.
Hey Mags.
Ya'll ready for the game?
You know it, McCain and Able.
Tommy gives Jake respect knuckles across the table, Jake and
Maggie laugh.
                       BOY ONE
Tommy, your dad's looking for you
man,he's over at the store.
Thanks man, I gotta go, Pops needs
me to help with the plants, time
to score my sack for the weekend.
Tommy leans in and kisses Maggie again then leaves. Maggie
looks over at Jake and smiles.
Well, I got in.


You got in, I knew you would. Why
didn't you say something when
Tommy was here?
Oh, I'm not going.
What?, why not?, you got a full
ride, right?
Yeah, full scholarship.
Then what?, isn't it what you
Tommy is what I've always wanted
Jake, I'm satisfied just knowing i
could do it if I wanted to.
Bullshit, if you didn't want it
you never would have applied.
Mags, have you ever thought you
may not be what Tommy has always
Wow, I can't believe you said
that, you know Tommy would never
say something like that about you,
he loves you like a brother.
Yeah, and how does he love you?
Maggie starts to tear up.
Tommy loves me.
look Mags, I didn't mean anything,
I know Tommy loves you. It's just
Tommy will always be here, he
ain't going no where. Your
special, you have real talent, I
just hate to see you throw it
away, that's all.


Well, I appreciate your concern,
but it is my decision to make.
Besides you should be worried
about what your going to do after
graduation. Your dad still on you
about joining up?
Yeah, but fuck him, I want as far
away from him and his precious
base as I can get.
So, what are you going to do?
I'm going to do a little
traveling, find my moms family.
Maggie smiles and reaches her hand over and puts it on
Jake's hand.
I still have these dreams, you
know, I think she's trying to tell
me something.
I think that's exactly what she
would want you to do, you need to
do this Jake. Hey i gotta be
getting home, you want to ride
with me?
Jake takes any chance he can to be with Maggie, especially
if Tommy isn't around.
Jake and Tommy are shooting ball.
Rejected!, ha! ha!, mutha fucker.
watch yourself McCain.


What ya afraid of man?
Jake shoots and scores, Tommy rebounds and takes it up.
Swoosh!, game brother.
Jake and Tommy take a beer break.
You tell her yet?
Tell who what?
It's not cool to dick her around
like that man.
but I like dickin' her... around I
Your a real asshole.
chill man, I'm gonna tell her.
If you wait to long she'll miss
her chance, then you'll be an
asshole and a jerk.
If your so worried about it, why
don't you tell her for me.
Jake looks at Tommy like he could beat his ass, truth is he


Jake, don't get it twisted bro, I
love Maggie, I don't want to marry
her or anybody, I'm too young for
that shit man. That don't change
the fact, she ain't gonna wanna
hear it. I don't want to hurt her,
but I know it will, I'm just not
looking forward to that you know.
Hell man, I'm going with you, trip
around a bit, see what's out
That's cool bro, but she deserves
to know so she can do her own
I know. She's gonna be pissed
though. That girl can hit, broke
my nose when we were seven.
No shit,what for?
Stuck a firecracker up her baby
dolls ass, come on, you got
another ass whooping comin'.
Jones is behind the bar taking a piss, the agents walk up on
                       AGENT ONE
What man, can't you see I'm busy.
The agents grab Jones and shove his face against the wall.
                       AGENT ONE
You've been talking too much again
Mr. Jones, it needs to stop.
Fuck you!


                       AGENT TWO
Sounds like you need a refresher
Get off me man!
The agents knock Jones out and put him in the back of the
The agents pull Jones out of the car, they had worked him
                       AGENT TWO
Now maybe you can remember to
Agents throw Jones on the ground and get back into the car.
As the car pulls away, Jones stretches up one arm, then one
finger, then his arm drops down.
There's a party at the lake, Tommy decides to tell Maggie
about his plans.
Tommy it's going to be so
wonderful, I've already started on
my dress, it's beautiful..
I'm sure it is sweetheart, Maggie
I need to talk to you about that.
About what?
You know the wedding thing, I was
just thinking, you know, maybe we
should give it a little more
A little more time...we've been
planning this forever..


You've been planning it
sweetheart. look we can still do
it,just later. I mean, I was just
thinking i would take off with
Jake for awhile, you know, keep
him out of trouble.
I seriously doubt you would be
keeping anybody out of trouble
Tommy. Well, looks like you've
made up your mind.It doesn't
really matter what I want does it,
as long as you get yours right. Go
ahead Tommy, take off for awhile,
and while your at it, go fuck
Come on Maggie, it's not the end
of the world. Jake told me you got
in to that school, you should go
for it.
Don't worry, I will.
Maggie starts to cry, she struggles to get the ring Tommy
gave her off. The ring comes off, she throws it at him, she
runs away, she passes by Jake.
Mags....hey mags!
Tommy is running after Maggie and runs into Jake.
I told you man, she's pissed,
whatever, she'll get over it.
Jake shoves Tommy back.
Smooth man.
Jake runs to catch up to Maggie.
Maggie wait.


Jake grabs Maggie by the arm and turns her to him, her face
is wet with tears, but all he can think is how beautiful she
is right now.
Well, you we're right, happy?
No, it doesn't make me happy.
Maggie leans into Jake and puts her head on his chest. Jake
slips his arms around her.
How could I be so stupid, I feel
like a complete jerk.
Your not a jerk mags, your the
best, too good for Tommy that's
for sure.
Maggie feels Jake kiss her head, she leans back and looks
into his eyes. Jake runs his hand down Maggie's cheek and
wipes away the tears. Maggie reaches up and they kiss.
Maggie stops, pushes away and runs to her truck. Jake is
left standing there alone wondering what the hell just
happened and if it would ever happen again.
Maggie is in her truck driving home, she has to stop, she
pulls over. Maggie sits there thinking of what just
happened, between her and Tommy, between her and Jake.
Maggie didn't want to hear what Tommy told her, but if he
hadn't she never would have been in the position to share
that kiss with Jake, she had wanted to do that since the
first time she saw him. Maggie can't deny to herself the
feelings she has for Jake, and maybe Tommy has given her the
excuse she needs to pursue Jake. Maggie wipes her eyes, this
is too much, she can't think about it right now, she pulls a
joint from her purse and lights it, she starts the truck,
cranks the radio, and drives home.
Jake is having another one of his dreams about his mother.In
the dream Jake is a young boy again, his mother is there
with him, she puts the necklace around his neck. Suddenly
she is gone, replaced with a vision of the General standing
over him, he seems like a giant. Jake runs crying for his
mother away from the general, then he is at the chapel
beside her coffin, she isn't in it. She appears to him arms


outstretched, she says, "you only need to seek to find".Jake
wakes up, he is drenched in sweat, his hand goes to the
The ceremony is over everyone is walking around celebrating.
Maggie and Tommy's relationship has changed since that night
at the lake, they are more friends now than anything else.
Maggie's relationship with Jake has also changed, they are a
little more distant, neither one of them wanting to bring up
what had happened between them that night, not that it was a
bad thing. Maggie makes her way over to Jake and Tommy, she
hugs them both.
We made it!
Hell yeah, thanks for
understanding sweetheart, I know
your gonna kick ass, make us
Yeah, don't forget us when your
rich and famous.
Forget you two, impossible.
You gonna be at the lake later?
When have I ever missed a party at
the lake, besides this ones
special, it may be our last one
Our last party together,
                       GIRL ONE
Hey Maggie come on the girls want
a group picture.
I'll see you guys later o.k.


Jake is sitting at the bonfire, Tommy is doing a keg stand,
Maggie comes up and sits next to Jake. Jake can smell her,
she always smells like vanilla and pot, not a bad
combination. Jake feels his heart race, it always did when
Maggie was near him.
Hey there.
Hey, wheres Tommy?
Jake points to the keg. Tommy is upside down, being held up
by two of the other football players, one on each leg. The
crowd is going wild, Tommy aims to please his adoring fans.
Mags about that night...
It's o.k. Jake, don't give it
another thought, really. You know
I need to thank you, things are
better this way, everyone gets
what they want.
Jake thinks that's not true, if it were he would have her
right now.
You don't need to thank me for
anything, I'm just glad you're not
mad anymore.
Hey, I got one to burn, you want
to take a walk?
Jake nods yes, they start walking toward the lake, Maggie
sparks the joint and passes it to Jake.
So, when you guys taken off?
A couple more weeks, need to get
some more traveling cash, how
about you?


The same, I'm already registered I
just have to show up. have you
told your dad about your plans
No, I think it's better if I wait
until the last minute, less drama.
You think so?
I hope so.
Tommy stumbles up to them, he throws an arm around Maggie.
Holdin out on me sweetheart?
Tommy reaches for the joint in Jake's hand, he goes to hit
it and falls forward, Jake catches him and throws him over
his shoulder. Jake carries Tommy up to Maggie's truck and
lays him down in the bed.
We should probably get him home.
Maggie and Jake drop Tommy off at the farm, then Maggie
drives Jake home. Jake starts to get out of the truck,
Maggie grabs his arm, she kisses his cheek.
I meant it, thank you.
Your welcome, just remember don't
forget me.
I could never forget you, besides
it's not like will never see each
other again...right?
Jake gets out of the truck, Maggie drives away.


The General is home and waiting for Jake for a change. Jake
enters the house and walks toward the kitchen, the General
steps out behind him and begins to talk.
so, this is how you start your
adult life, staying out all
night,stumbling in drunk.
No ones stumbling, dad.
It's time Jake.
time... time for what?
Jake opens the frig, the General stops in the doorway.
Time for you to get it together
Don't call me that, you don't have
the right!
I don't have the
right...unfortunately son, I do,
your mother made sure of that.
Jake steps toward his father, and points his finger at him,
he is full of rage.
don't!...talk about my mother.
The General steps closer to Jake.
And what are you going to do about
it son...cry.
Fuck you...dad.
Jake takes a swing at the general, the General dodges it.
The General punches Jake in the gut, bringing him to his


Like I said it's time for you to
get it together...
The General punches Jake again, this time in the face,
knocking him completely to the floor. The General leans down
to Jake's ear.
The General steps over Jake, leaving him alone on the floor.
The next morning,Jake gets up and goes to the bathroom, he
checks his black eye out in the mirror. Jake is careful
putting on his t-shirt, his ribs feel broken, the old man
can sure deliver a punch. The phone rings, it's Tommy.
Man, what the fuck happened last
night?, I fell like shit warmed
You're not the only one.
Well get your ass over here and
we'll start the healing process.
And what would that be?
Hair of the dog man.
Jake laughs and hangs up the phone, then the laughter turns
to a sick feeling in his stomach about the general, then
it's replaced with the memory of Maggie's lips on his cheek,
the night wasn't a total loss. Jake finishes getting dressed
and heads over to Tommy's.
Tommy is on the front porch waiting for Jake with a cooler
full of cold beers.
Damn man, what happened to you?


A difference of opinion.
With who?, we'll hunt that sum
bitch down and bust his ass.
Won't have to look far, the
General was waiting up for me last
night, wanted to have a heart to
Looks more like a fist to head.
He wants me to join up.
Fuck that!, your not gonna do it
are you?
Hell no, I want as far away from
him as I can get, the sooner the
Bro, your pops got some real
control issues, someone needs to
put a foot in his ass.
I don't think there's a foot big
enough for that asshole.
Seriously man, he shouldn't be
able to get away with this shit.
He's gotten away with alot worse,
hey i thought we were going
cool, you know me, ready and


Jake and Tommy have been at the lake for the better part of
a twelve pack and a half ounce. Tommy starts in about the
Have you ever wondered if the
rumors are true man?
What rumors?
You know, about the bases secret
ah man don't start with that
I was just thinkinhg...
Hey, I've told you about that.
Fuck you man, I'm serious, what if
what Jones says is true?
Oh, now your taking Jones serious,
Jake gets up to take a piss.
Just hear me out damn it, if what
Jones says is true, they got a
shit load of smoke in that place,
and not just good old home grown,
they got the bionic chronic. You
know if what Jones has been saying
isn't true why would they have
fucked with him so hard about it?
And why bring the General in on
Man I don't know, and I don't want
to know.


I'm just saying if it is true,
what better way to fuck the
General for beating your ass.
Jones had the right idea man, he
just sucked on the follow thru.
I don't like where your going with
You have no idea where I'm going
with this.
I don't want anything to do with
this one bro.
That's cool, I can understand you
being scared and all, but what
harm would come from just finding
out if the rumors are true?
I'm not scared, and I'm not stupid
either. I mean you think it's so
easy, just walk up and ask for a
Well, you do kinda have the inside
connection, I mean what would make
daddy happier than to see his boy
take an interest in his work.
That's it you've officially fried
your last brain cell.
Listen man, you tell the General
the ass whooping he gave you
knocked some since into you...
You keep saying he busted my ass,
I'm gonna bust yours.


O.K. calm down big-un, like I was
saying, tell the old man you
changed your mind, put you still
got cold feet...
Yeah, your the one who knows about
cold feet.
Yeah, that's a good one man,
whatever, you tell him you want to
test the waters see if it's for
you before you commit, you know,
you wouldn't want to washout and
embarrass daddy. So he gets you
in, you know some lacky intern
He'll never believe that bullshit.
I've never asked him for anything,
he'll know somethings up.
If that's the case, what harm is
it to ask?
A couple of weeks have passed, Jake still can't believe the
General went for it. So far there's been no sign of any
government weed, but it's not exactly like Jake has the run
of the place, he's on janitor duty, collecting trash,
mopping floors, shit like that. Then one night it happens,
Jake is recruited to pull a double for one of the regulars.
                       GUARD ONE
Able, come with me.
Jake follows the guard. The guard stops at a door, punches
in a code, then the door opens, Jake can't believe his eyes.
                       GUARD TWO
Who's this?


                       GUARD ONE
Jake Able, the Generals son, he's
taking Smiths place tonight. Able
what happens at the base, stays at
the base, we clear?
Yeah, I know the drill.
Jake spent the night cutting and hanging stalk after stalk
of pot to be dried, he couldn't believe the size of these
buds, Tommy would be in head heaven. Then he got that sick
feeling in his stomach again, this was too easy, what if the
General knew, what if this was a big fucking set up.
                       GUARD TWO
Able, that's it, we're done for
Jake stops at Tommy's after he leaves the base, he is about
to bust, he has to tell Tommy about last night.
                       TOM SR.
Jake your up early, come to work?
Actually I just finished a double
at the base. I'm still kinda wound
up, thought I'd stop by.
                       TOM SR.
The base huh, well sit down have
some breakfast. Tommy you get done
come on out and get to work.
O.K. pop.
Hey man, lets take this outside.
You found something didn't you?, I
know it, I can see it in your eyes
Jake and Tommy go out back and spark a joint, Jake proceeds
to tell Tommy the news.


It's all true man, it's just like
Jones said, I just spent the last
six hours with the shit.
You're blowin' my mind bro.
Your mind, what the hell do you
think happened to my mind last
night.Jesus man, it was
amazing,but I couldn't help but
think it was too easy, I think he
might know we're up to something.
man, he don't know shit. If he did
there's no way he would have given
you access.
Yeah, you're probably right.So
what now?
The fuck if I know, I need some
time to think about this shit.
Alright, let's just play it cool,
I'll get some more info, scope out
the place a little better, I think
I'm going to be covering for this
guy the rest of the week.
That's sounds good bro,look get
with me in a few days, I'll have
come up with something by then.
Hey man, Mccain and Able.
Tommy goes to give Jake respect knuckles.
Damn, you are cheesy man.
Come on now, don't leave me
Jake gives up the respect knuckles to Tommy.


Jake's been working the room all week. The guards have
become real comfortable with Jake, this is a minimum
security facility after all, research and development
mainly. Jake is finishing his last trash run before he goes
to work in the room. Jake knows the guard likes to take his
break around now, and letting him in the room takes away
from that. Jake stops by the guard with his trash buggy.
hey man, hows it going?
                       GUARD ONE
It's going,Damn you always catch
me just at break time.
The guard starts to get up. Jake stops him.
You know I can let myself in, it's
no problem.
The guard hesitates, and looks at Jake.
                       GUARD ONE
What the hell, sure. I mean you
are the Generals son, if I can't
trust you, who can I trust, right.
Jake looks at the guard and half smiles.
                       GUARD ONE
You got the code?
Yeah, I think so, four zero two?
                       GUARD ONE
Four two zero. Remember that, if
you put it in wrong the alarm will
go off, and we'll both be in a
world of shit, got it?
Four twenty, got it. Look, I
should get going, have a good one.


The guard leaves out the side door lighting a cigarette, and
waving behind him. Jake pushes the trash cart to the
security door and punches in the code. The door opens, this
is it, Jake pushes the cart through the door.
                       GUARD TWO
Able you're late, what's up with
the cart? you're not suppose to
bring anything in here.
Hey man, if I took this thing to
the dump I would have been later
than I am. I'm going to dump it
after my shift.
                       GUARD TWO
Whatever, we got to get to work,
we've got deadlines to meet you
Yes sir.
Jake parked the cart where he knew he would be passing by it
all night, and as he did, he would casually drop a few
stalks in and cover them with trash. At the end of his shift
he would push the cart out to the dumpster empty it. The
trash collector came just after Jake's shift, early in the
morning. Tommy would be waiting for the truck, follow it to
the dump, then he would have the prestigious job of hunting
through the bags to find the treasure. Over all it was a
good plan, not like Jones. There would be no breakin', it
was an inside job. What could go wrong.
                       GUARD ONE
Able, come with me.
What? I'm beat man, I'm going
home, two shifts is enough for me.
                       GUARD ONE
The General wants you in his
office now, let's go.
Fuck, the rs that sick feeling in Jake's stomach again, he
knew this was to good to be true. Jake's heart was racing,
he could feel the sweat forming on his upper lip, the
General knew. The guard opened the door to the Generals
office. The General was sitting at his desk, back to Jake.


Sit down Jake.
What is it? I'm real tired and
I've got to be back here in a few
The General turns around in his chair to face Jake.
I said sit down.
Jake sits down.
You want to tell me what happened
last night?
I worked my ass off..
The General stands up abruptly and slams his hands down on
the desk, looking straight into Jake's eyes.
You didn't really think you'd get
away with this did you?
That was the plan.
If you think I'm going to let your
behavior reflect on me, you're
dumber than you appear, son. The
plan, well here's the new plan,
you're signing up, no discussion,
unless you'd prefer to live out
the rest of your sorry life in
federal prison.
You can't do this to me.
You did this to yourself. Jake you
had a choice to make and you made
it, now you have a another choice
to make, it's as simple as that.
Jake gets up to leave.


Oh, by the way, I know your friend
is in on this, I have to guards
waiting for him at the dump. If he
so much as touches those bags his
ass is mine too.
Jake has to get to Tommy. Jake runs out the door, down the
hall and out the door. Jake jumps on his bike and hauls ass
to catch up to Tommy before he reaches the dump. Jake sees
Tommy just ahead, he shifts gears. Jake is side by side with
Tommy, Tommy thinks Jake is just fucking around and wants to
race. Tommy revs his engine and takes off, Jake follows.
Jake catches back up to Tommy. Tommy looks over, Jake is
cussing and yelling for Tommy to pull over, Tommy can see
now Jake ain't playing so he pulls over. Jake jumps off his
bike and jerks Tommy's door open.
What the fuck man?
It's over, he knows, I told you
this shit wouldn't work!
Calm down man, no harm done.
No harm done, thanks to you that
bastard has me by the balls Tommy,
you and you're fucking selfish
Wait, Jake brother, what the fuck
are you talking about?
Jake grabs Tommy and slams him up against the truck, with
tears in his eyes.
He gets what he wants man, he
always gets what he wants, I got
to join up, or my ass will rot in
federal fuck you in the ass prison
for this shit! And he was going to
do the same to you if I hadn't
stopped you.
What? How?


He has guards waiting for you at
the dump, the minute you got your
hands on the bags they would have
busted you.
Jake lets go of Tommy and turns his back on him. Tommy's in
shock, he won't let Jake go down alone. Tommy goes to Jake
and puts his hand on Jake's shoulder.
There's no way I'm going to let
you do this alone brother.
Jake and Tommy are telling Maggie that they are going to
You've both lost your fucking
minds. I don't understand, why the
sudden change Jake, I thought you
wanted as far away from that shit
as you could get, and Tommy, give
me a break, you in the forces,
It's not that big a deal Mags, he
is my dad.
What do you mean please? I'm
Your a dumb ass Tommy, Jake are
you sure about this?
You told me once that the decision
was yours, well this decision is
mine, o.k.?
Tommy is telling his folks about his plans to join up with


                       TOMMYS MOM
Are you crazy?
                       TOM SR.
We didn't raise you this way son.
I can't let Jake go through this
                       TOMMYS MOM
Sometimes it's best to let people
work things out on their on son,
it can make them stronger.
His been through enough alone
already mom, his my friend, I owe
                       TOM SR.
What do you mean, you owe him?
He's been there for me pop, I need
to be there for him, it's what
brothers do, you know?
                       TOM SR.
Yeah, I know.
Besides, you never know I might
learn something.
                       TOMMYS MOM
Son, there's nothing you need to
learn from the gov'ment.
Maggie's dropping the boys off to catch the bus for boot
Well, this is it...
Maggie hugs each one of them.
Be safe, be smart, and take care
of each other o.k.


You gonna wait for me sweetheart?
Yeah, hold your breath.
Don't let the big city change you
too much Mags.
I would tell you the same, but
that's kinda the point of boot
camp right, to change you.
It won't change us Mags, McCain
and Able remember.
I remember, you just don't forget.
Maggie watches and waves as the boys get on the bus.
The boys start boot camp.
Maggie starts college.
The base leans on Jones for information about the local
growers., Jones won't give it up, instead he starts a
resistance with the locals.
At boot camp Tommy is steered to mechanics. Jake is steered
to special ops. The Generals way of separating them. Divide
and conquer.
Maggie graduates college and interns at a top fashion house.
Jones resistance grows in numbers, he makes connections all
over the state.
Jake and Tommy grow apart. Jake becomes consumed with the
forces, Tommy is consumed with going home.
Maggie is successful but longs for home and the boys.
Jake decides it's time to confront Tommy about his disregard
for the forces.
Maggie moves back home and opens her own shop, and waits for
her boys to come home.


Jake shows up at the mechanics shop and catches Tommy tokin'
Hey brother, long time no see, you
musta felt like slummin.
You know after all that's happened
i'd think you'd quit that shit.
What, I thought you knew me
better, I'm no quitter.
Some things never change I guess.
Sure they do, you have.
If changing means growing up, I
guess i have, maybe you ought to
try it.
Is that right, no thanks man. You
know they really got you twisted
brother. I remember a time when
you hated everything this place
stood for, what happened, daddy
get to you/
Jake throws a punch and lands it on Tommy's chin knocking
him backwards.
Fuck you, brother.
Your no brother of mine.
Tommy lunges at Jake, catching him around the waist. In the
struggle a fire is started. Jake throws Tommy against a
supply shelf the shelf comes down on Tommy knocking him out
and trapping him underneath. Jake tries to free Tommy but
passes out from the smoke of the fire.


Tommy wakes up in pain. Tommy's been out for a few days, the
shelf that fell on him had broken his leg. Jake and Tommy
had been pulled out by a couple other soldiers. When the
General heard what went down he had Jake reassigned. this
was the opportunity the General needed to separate the two .
Tommy and Jake haven't seen each other since.
Alright, settle down sunshine.
What the hell, my leg is fuckin'
killin me.
That's what happens when you break
it in three places.
You'll be fine, a little limp
maybe, but that will give you
character. besides now you get to
go home, your a free man soldier.
Your real lucky your dad pulled
some strings, otherwise you and
McCain would be in the middle of
the biggest shit storm you ever
saw soldier. You've got your
orders Able, get the hell out of
Tommy's getting off the plane, Maggie is there with his
parents to puck him up. Maggie can't help but notice the
limp, and wonder if he'll ever tell her what really
happened. Tommy comes off the plane and sees Maggie, he
immediately flashes that smile, the one that got her in the
first place.
Hey there sweetheart, damn you
look good.


It's been too long, good too have
you home.
                       TOM SR.
You can say that a few more times,
hey son.
                       TOMMYS MOM
My God, did they feed you a thing.
look at you skin and bones. Come
on I'm gettin' you home. I got all
your favorites, pot roast with
taters and carrots, slaw, baked
beans, and blackberry cobbler, and
your gonna eat every bite.
Tommy kisses his mom on the forehead. tom Sr. takes Tommy's
bag. Tommy throws his arm around Maggie.
I knew you'd be waiting for me.
You miss me sweetheart?
Not as much as you'd like to think
Hear you a big business women now.
Got your own shop in town, I'd
like to see it.
O.K., I'll take you over after
Maybe I should start my own
business, I'm gonna have alot of
time on my hands, being a vet and
And what kind of business would
that be?
You know me sweetheart, plants of


Tommy's new business. Tommy's doing some speciality work out
of the basement. With the loan he gets for being a vet, the
irony is the government is paying for it all. Jones stops by
for a visit and a little something extra.
Sure good to have you back Tommy.
Thanks man.
I don't know how you do it man,
this is the shit, and pretty too.
Natural born grower.
I heard that, hey man what
happened to your boy, Jake, heard
from him lately?
I don't know man, and I don't care
Sorry man, I didn't know you
It's cool man, he just got it
twisted, that's all.
Shit, that happens sometimes man,
hay I hate to toke and run, but
the old ladys waitin.
On a short lesh huh?
Fuck man, she don't trust me far
as she can throw me, can't blame
her, but that don't mean I want to
hear about it, you know what I


I'll take your word for it.
Oh yeah, you know there's worse
things than that sweet thing you
Hell yeah man.
Yeah that's my girl man.
Lucky man, Later man.
Jake gets his new assignment.
The General has personally
requested you for this assignment
Able. Your flight leaves in one
hour, here's all the information
you need to get up to speed. The
General will debrief you when you
get to the base, any questions?
No sir.
Maggie's apartment over her shop in the city, Tommy is over
for dinner. Maggie's clears the dishes and takes them to the
sink. Tommy leans back in his chair and stares at her ass,
rubbing his stomach.
Damn sweetheart, a meal like that
makes me wonder why I never
married you.
Maggie turns around and shoots Tommy a glance like she could
choke him.


Speaking of regrets, talk to Jake
Maggie walks out of the kitchen into the living room, Tommy
follows, he stops and turns up the stereo. Maggie sits down
on the couch and pulls her rolling tray from under it.
Pretending doesn't make it go
away, after all here you are.
Tommy sits down next to her on the couch and pulls out his
bag, he throws some buds on the tray.
Is that right, look we've all made
decisions that we regret, why
dwell on them. Let's just
concentrate on tonight, on you, on
me, just us, that's enough for me.
Huh, I remember a time when it
Things change sweetheart, people
change. I love you Maggie.
I know.
Maggie lights the joint she just rolled, and passes it to
You know huh... that's all I get?
That's all you deserve.
Tommy reaches for Maggie, grabs her around the waist and
starts kissing her neck. Tommy may have broken her heart,
but with each touch, each kiss, it mends a little. Besides
this was Tommy, he was familiar to her, he felt like home to
her, and that's a hard thing to resist.


Jake is being escorted to the Generals office. Jake has deja
vu remembering the last time he walked down this hall. The
guard opens the door to the Generals office. There was the
General same as before sitting behind his desk. The General
got up and extended his hand to Jake.
Jake, I've heard excellent reports
on you son. Seems you may have
finally found your niche.
Seems so.
Sit down Jake, you know the
situation, think you can remain
It's what I've been trained to do
sir. I am curious to why you chose
me. Is it you that's not being
I'll admit I want to see how you
perform under pressure, if you're
the soldier I've heard you'd
become.You know the history, hell,
you're apart of it.
knowing that, and knowing what
happened between Tommy and myself
the last time we meet, what makes
you think he'll trust me?
It's in his nature.He's small
town, it's what they do. Forgive,
forget, all that shit. I could
never understand the friendship
between the two of you. McCain was
an influence you didn't need, he
was holding you back from your
true potential, you see that now.
We we're friends.


And you see where that got you. I
guess it wasn't that bad, after
all if it hadn't been for McCain,
you wouldn't be where you are now.
Hell, you might even owe him a
thank you. You could have ended up
being stuck in this shit hole.
You're stuck in this shit hole,
I run this shit hole, there's a
difference. It sounds like you may
still have some attachment, are
you sure you can handle this?
Maybe it would be better to get
someone with less emotional
I can handle this, if there's one
thing I've learned, the job comes
first. People are expendable, they
just get in the way of true goals.
Good...we've got you set up in an
apartment downtown. The sooner you
get started the better, time is of
the essence. I will expect routine
reports on your progress. We can't
proceed without backing. We won't
get that backing until the backers
are secure in the fact that
they'll be no more
Understood, sir.
Jake is thumbing through his files. Jake is remembering the
past with Tommy and Maggie. Jake's thoughts go to his
mother, funny he hasn't really thought of her since boot
camp, it hurts, he stops. Jake looks down, there is a recent
photo of Maggie in front of her shop, it's not far from


here. Jake decides to take a walk, he finds himself outside
Maggie's shop, he can see her through the window, she's as
beautiful as the last time he saw her. Jake decides to go
in, the tiny bell on the door rings when he enters. Maggie
has her back to him, she is helping a young girl with a
Hey there, I'll be with you in a
minute, feel free to look around.
Maggie didn't recognize him, she had called out over her
shoulder. Jake looks around, his stomach in knots, as he
listened to Maggie's conversation with the young girl.
O.K., this looks great. Come back
in a couple days for a final fit.
That boy won't know what to do
with himself.
                       YOUNG GIRL
I think he'll have some ideas.
Maggie and the young girl laugh. The young girl goes to the
dressing room to change. Maggie approaches Jake, still not
realizing who he is.
Is there something in particular
your looking for?
Jake turns to Maggie.
As a matter of fact there is.
Maggie can't believe her eyes, she throws her arms around
Oh my God, Jake!
The young girl comes out of the dressing room, she walks
past Maggie and Jake. The young girl looks Jake up and down
and smiles.
                       YOUNG GIRL
See ya later Maggie.
Bye now.
Maggie steps back a bit, and looks Jake up and down herself.


It's been a long time Mags.
Too long, let me look at you. I
can't believe you're here.
Me either, your place is great,
you're great... I mean you look
Maggie stands with her hands on her hips, smiling.
So do you. When did you get in?,
have you seen Tommy yet?
I just got in today, and no I
haven't been to see Tommy, somehow
I get the feeling he won't be
nearly as happy to see me.
Hey, I was just about to close.
I'm going to lock up, and we can
go upstairs and catch up.
Maggie walks to the front door flips the sign and locks the
You live here?
Yeah, got an apartment upstairs.
Roll out of bed, brush my teeth,
come down stairs, and I'm at work.
Saves on rent too.
Jake follows Maggie up the stairs to her apartment. Maggie
goes to the kitchen to get a couple of beers, Jake looks
around. Jake sees a picture of the three of them on
graduation day. Maggie comes up beside him, hands him a


So, fill me in, why'd you come
Jake turns his attention to Maggie, is it possible she's
gotten more beautiful since he last saw her. Jake walks
toward Maggie.
I missed you, why else?
Sure... I missed you too.
Maggie turns up her beer, Jake gets closer to Maggie.
I mean it, I really did miss you.
Maggie reaches out and puts her hand on Jake's cheek. Jake
grabs her hand and slides it to his lips, he kisses her
palm. Jake looks into Maggie's eyes. Maggie never thought
she'd see Jake again much less like this. Maggie won't let
this opportunity pass her by, she's dreamed to many times of
what it would be like. They kiss, soft and gentle at first,
then deep and hard, Maggie slides her hands under his
I want this, I've always wanted
You can have it.
Jake pulls his t-shirt off, Maggie starts kissing his bare
chest, he picks her up, and she wraps her legs around him,
he carries her to the bedroom.
Jake and Maggie make love, afterwards Jake tells Maggie what
happened between Tommy and him. Jake wants Maggie's help
talking to Tommy, he thinks it will be easier with her as a
go between. Maggie and Jake agree it would be better to keep
thier relationship from Tommy for the time being.
Maggie shows up to talk to Tommy about Jake. Tommy's outside
working loading some plants onto the truck for delivery.
Hey there.


Hey there sweetheart, how bout a
little help?
How about no.
Maggie helps Tommy anyway.
Thanks sweetheart,what's goin' on?
I wanted to talk to you about
What's on your mind?
I got a visitor the other night.
It was Jake, Tommy.
Tommy stops working and looks over at Maggie, then turns
around and starts working again.
Wow, Tommy McCain with nothing to
say, this is a first.
There's nothing to say.
Come on Tommy, what would it hurt
just to hear what he has to say?
What do you want me to say
Maggie?, Hey that's great, bring
him by, we'll have a fuckin'
family reunion. Fuck that, and
fuck him.


Jake told me what happened between
the two of you, it was an accident
Tommy.He's changed, he wants to
Tommy stops and walks over to Maggie.
You don't know what happened, you
weren't there. Changed huh, wants
to talk, the last time he changed
and wanted to talk I came out with
the shit end of the stick
sweetheart.So good old Jake told
you what happened, and of course
as usual you sucked it up. We both
know Jake could never do any wrong
in your eyes Maggie.He's a liar,
he lied to me and he'll lie to
Things change Tommy, people
change, you told me that remember?
You wanted me to believe you
changed, to give you a second
chance, well what if I hadn't? A
second chance is all he's asking
for, he deserves that.
He doesn't deserve shit. Look
Maggie i don't need your pity and
I sure as hell don't need his. You
can do what you want, hell fuck
him for all I care, it's what you
two have always wanted anyway.
Hell he already fucked me, you
fuck him, then we will all have
fucked each other, one big happy
fuckin family right, Mags...
Maggie slaps Tommy with tears in her eyes, then turns to
You're a fucking asshole.


Yeah, well I've heard that before
sweetheart, and I've never denied
it. At least with me what you see
is what you get.
Fuck you Tommy.
Yeah, you did that already.
Maggie is telling Jake what happened at Tommy's.
Where are you going?
This is between him and me, I
should never have gotten you
As Jake is leaving Tommy is coming in.
Surprise, surprise.
What are you doing here Tommy?
I come to make up sweetheart, but
it seems like your old reliable
shoulder to cry on is on the job.
That's enough man,this is between
you and me, I asked her to talk to
you and I shouldn't have, don't
take it out on her.


Between us, just like in the shop,
I never meant for it to go that
far, I never wanted to hurt you,
you got to belive that.
I ain't got to believe shit,
except this fuckin limp you left
me with, you got it twisted man.
You're right, I did have it
twisted. Tommy, you and Maggie are
the only family I've known, since
my mom died. Look I fucked up, I
don't know how to make it right,
but i want to try, brother.
So now your looking for me to make
you feel better?
I'll never feel better Tommy,but I
can't feel any worse, so where do
we go from here?
The phone rings it's the General.
I don't think it's a good idea for
me to be seen coming and going
from the base, it could jeopardise
what I've accomplished.
                       GENERAL (o.c.)
Agreed, but time is of the
essence. We need to know the
players,we have got to gain
control of the situation,
It takes time to regain trust once
it's been lost, you understand
that right, sir.


Jones stops by to by a bag.
What's shakin man.
Hey Jones.
The place looks great, business
With customers like you, couldn't
be better.
I heard that, speakin of, you got
somethin' for me?
Yeah, come on in man.
There's been a buzz in my ear man,
bout your boy Jake.
What's the buzz?
The buzz is, Jake's still a worker
bee for the hive, and he's gettin
ready to sting.
Love the metaphor man, but what's
that got to do with me?
Everything, you're the object of
their affection my man. I'd keep
my eyes open if I were you,
especially around Jake.
Jake's made mistakes, hell we all
have. He's just like the rest of
us man, trying to make it right.


I don't know about him being just
like us, I'm just saying watch
yourself, and watch him closer.
Alright, I hear you man.
Cool man, I'm outta here, you
gonna be at the lake after the
Yeah man, I'll see you there.
Jake is waiting on Tommy outside to pick him up for the
game. Tommy pulls up, Jake gets in the truck. Tommy hands
Jake a cold beer.
Ready to relive those glory days?
Hell yeah, just like old times,
McCain and Able, the game, the
lake, let's do it.
Look at them brother...
Jake points to the high schoolers and puts up his beer.
...too old times...
...too young chicks...
...too old friends...
...too new times...
Maggie walks up on them, grabs a beer out of the cooler and
sits down.


Too cheesey muther fuckers.
Jake's at his computer, he received an e-mail from the
General, it's time to report to the base.
Jake enters the conference room. The team has been assembled
and are waiting for Jake.
Jake, we've been waiting for you.
Gentlemen this should be as easy
as one, two, three, with all the
information Able has provided.
Let's have a full run through,
Yes sir, O.K. here's how it's
going down...
Jake has called Tommy and Maggie to meet him, at their usual
spot down at the lake. When Tommy and Maggie arrive Jake is
sitting on a cooler drinking a beer, Jake watches them as
they walk toward him, a million memories at once flood his
Hey guys.
What's up man?
Yeah, what's so top secret?
Jake stands up, opens the cooler and hands each one of them
a beer.
You're going to be pissed, but
just hear me out.
I already don't like this.


This isn't easy for me.
Jake downs the rest of his beer then reaches in the cooler
for another one.
Spit it out man.
I've been lying to you both.
Tommy turns to walk off.
I don't want to hear this.
Jake grabs Tommy by the arm.
You said you'd hear me out ,I was
assigned here.
Tommy pulls his arm away from Jake and turns up the bottle
of beer. Tommy reaches in the cooler and grabs another beer,
he cracks it open and takes a drink, then wipes his mouth
with the back of his hand.
Let me guess, I'm the assignment.
Jake hangs his head and looks at the ground, then starts to
Man, there's more going on at the
base than you know. Their interest
in pot is more than just casual,
they want to use it as a weapon,
and they want to keep it on the
down low, people like you and
Jones are making that difficult
The base sees you as an obstacle,
and I've been trained to remove
obstacles. You're a threat to them
Tommy walks up to Jake, they are almost nose to nose.


Brother.. you're gonna call me
brother in the same breath as you
tell me you're hear to take me
out, nice man.
Maggie pulls Tommy away from Jake, Tommy turns his back and
then turns up his beer.
So everything has been a lie? How
could you do this?
Maggie starts to back away from Jake, he grabs her hand and
stops her.
No Mags, everything hasn't been a
lie. I'm not going to do anything
to hurt either of you again, I
can't, you two are my family. It
has taken me too long to realize
that, I'm sorry.
Tommy walks up behind Maggie and throws his arm around her
So again we're just suppose to say
gee, Jake that's o.k., group hug.
Jake what do you expect us to do?
Trust me, I have a plan.
Once bitten, twice shy Jake.
Maggie slides out from under Tommy's arm and sits down on
the cooler, she is digging through her purse. Maggie pulls a
fat joint out and lights it.
Tommy when we were in basic they
had me twisted, I wanted so much
to have with my dad what I have
with you two. I was so pissed at
you for putting me under his
thumb, you had a plan, and I
trusted you. I was blinded by my
anger, but coming back here, it's


                       JAKE (cont'd)
like I can see again, see what
really matters. I know now what I
want, what I need. There was a
time once were all we needed
between each other was our word.
You changed that Jake, that's on
Tommy walks over to Maggie and she hands him the joint.
You're right, it is on me, this
time. The question is are you
going to trust my plan now like I
did yours then.
Shit man, when you put it like
that...hell no, don't you remember
how my plan turned out?
Yeah, I remember, that's why you
owe me this.
Hold on just a fucking minute.
What the hell are you talking
about, this has something to do
with why you to joined up doesn't
Yeah, it does.
Look I deserve to know everything,
and you're going to tell me, why
would you continue to fuck around
with the people who tore you two
apart, haven't they done enough
we'll tell you everything Mags,
but they're going to do what they
want with or without me. I can't
stop it now, but I think I can
change the outcome this time.
Tommy passes Jake the joint.


What's your plan?
Tommy shows up at the bar looking for Jones. Tommy takes a
seat at the bar next to Jones.
Nice place.
Suits me. What brings you here?
That buzz in your ear.
You were right, it's coming down,
and Jake's the one who's bringing
it. I need your help man, in the
mood for some pay back?
Brother, I'm always in the mood.
Tommy is sitting alone smoking a blunt listening to Stevie
Ray Vaughan, "the sky is crying", he's waiting, he knows it
won't be long now, they're coming for him and Jake is
leading the way. Tommy can't help but think maybe he's the
one getting it twisted now, can he really trust Jake, well
it's a little to late to worry about it now. Tommy takes a
long draw off the blunt, it has an ash on it about an inch
long. Tommy flips the ash off the end of the blunt, and
before it hits the floor, the door is kicked open. Jake is
the first one through the door, Tommy and Jake's eyes meet,
Tommy gives Jake a half smile, it's on.
The bust.
You sure about this?


Sure as shit darlin'. These guys
are crazy, but they're the best
demo men to come out of the
jungle, we need 'em.
Yeah, but do they need us?
Trust me, these guys are always
ready to blow some shit up,
'specially gov'ment shit.
Are you sure you know where your
Damn girl, if there's one thing I
know it's these woods...
As Jones is finishing his sentence he is snagged up by a
booby trap and is hanging upside down from a tree.
Yeah, you sure know these woods.
Just get me down darlin'.
And how the hell do I do that?
                       VET ONE
You don't...
Maggie spins around, one of the vets is standing there
shotgun in hand. The vet is in camo, looks like he just
stepped out of the jungle. Maggie can't help but feel
intimidated, these muther fuckers have seen alot of shit and
it shows.
                       VET ONE
What you doin' in these woods
Looking for you, I think.


Hey man, how 'bout cuttin' me
                       VET ONE
Jones... that you?
Hell yeah it's me.
                       VET TWO
Cut him down, what the fuck you
doing here Jones, and why'd you
bring the girl?
Vet one cuts Jones down, he hits the ground hard.
Thanks man,...Jesus!
Jones gets up and dusts himself off.
                       VET ONE
                       VET TWO
You gonna answer my question,
Jones? What do you need?
Your skills man, I'm calling in a
Well, that went well.
Yeah, it did. The round up
continues, we need all the eyes,
ears, and hands we can get.
We can get in, it's getting out
that will be the problem.
No problem darlin'. If it's one
thing I know it's the people in
this town.


Really, that sounds familiar.
Jake gives Maggie a look then lights a joint.
Jones and Maggie are rounding up the other people that they
need. Maggie and Jones stop by the biker bar and talk to the
strippers, they go to a few of the local farmers and explain
the situation, it isn't hard to find people to get involved,
this was their town, these were their people, and they all
had a hatred for the base in common.
Jake and the General are watching Tommy being interrogated
threw a two way mirror.
He's not giving in.
He won't.
Sounds like that impresses you.
I just know him.
Like he thought he knew you, no
matter, he's destiny is planned,
as is yours. There's no sense in
wasting anymore time. We have what
we want, he'll be transported
tomorrow and that will be the end
of it.
Jake is on the phone with Maggie.
It's on Mags, we've got to move,
everything ready on your end?
                       MAGGIE (oc)
Yeah, we're ready to go, how about


I've never been more ready for
anything in my life. Look I got
the General to allow you too see
Tommy before he's transported. Let
him know the best you can that
it's going down. Mags, they've
worked him over, so prepare
yourself, o.k.
                       MAGGIE (oc)
Jake...you're not going to let
anything happen to him are you?
No Mags, I won't. No matter what
happens, I'm getting Tommy out of
                       MAGGIE (oc)
I don't want to lose either of you
Jake... not again, you understand
I understand Mags, look I better
get off the line.
                       MAGGIE (oc)
You know...I love you.
I know.
Maggie is at the base to see Tommy.
Hey sweetheart.
Baby, what the fuck did they do to
Beat my ass, what's it look like.
Fuck it's no worse than what I'd
catch from you on a bad day.


That's not funny, Tommy.
Sure it is, why don't you come
over here.
Maggie goes over to Tommy. Maggie sits down on Tommys lap
facing him, she puts her arms around his neck and her lips
close to his ear.
It's going down baby, be ready we
got your back, we're coming for
you tonight, and you're gonna love
Can't wait sweetheart.
                       GUARD ONE
O.K., that's it.
Come on man, you may only need
five minutes, but I like to take
my time.
                       GUARD ONE
Let's go ma'am.
Maggie kisses Tommy then gets up and leaves.
Jake has arranged to be the one to escort Tommy to the
transport van. Jake is walking down the hall to where Tommy
is being held.
Local strippers are distracting the guards by pretending to
be drunk and lost.
Jake stopping at the security station, he relieves the guard
on duty he loops the cameras and turns off the motion
sensors around the perimeter.


Jones is cutting through the fence letting the others in at
the base.
Jake continuing down the hall.
The vets entering the base.
The strippers keeping the guards distracted.
Jake at Tommy's holding cell.
Jones and the others cleaning out the stash.
The vets setting the explosives.
The towns people blocking the road into the base.
Jake and Tommy making their way to the exit. Everything is
timed out to precision, they have to make it out in time.
Jones and the others finishing up and getting out.
Jake and Tommy just a few steps from the exit. The General
steps from around the corner into their path.
Going somewhere son? I feel like
we've had this conversation before
Jake. Did you really think you two
numb nuts would get away with
this? You never learn son, just
like you're momma.


Jake pulls his gun on the General. Tommy leans against the
wall.The General advances on Jake.
Not this time, one way or another
I'll be free of you...just like
What are you waiting for, son?
Jake hesitates, the General lunges at Jake, they struggle.
They hear the first explosion. The General gets the upper
hand over Jake. The alarms start to sound. Jake is on his
knees the General has the gun pointed at Jake.
What the hell have you done?
Decisions, decisions, which one of
you pieces of shit to flush first.
The sound of a shotgun being pumped, Jones steps from around
the corner.
Eeny, meany, miney, moe, looks
like it's you who has to go.
Sound of another explosion. Jones has the shotgun aimed at
the General.
You boys best get to steppin',
wouldn't want you to miss the
Jake has Tommy back on his feet.
Fuck that Jones.
You don't have to do this Jones,
you take Tommy and get out of
You're right, I don't have to do
this, I want to do this. Me and
poppa got some catchin' up to do.
You two get the fuck outta here, I
got this.


Jake and Tommy pass Jones and head toward the exit. As Jake
and Tommy bust through the door they hear the sound of the
shotgun, then another explosion, the last one, the biggest
one. Jake and Tommy are grabbed and thrown into the back of
a pickup truck, the truck speeds away, Jake pulls Tommy
The General is being balled out by the brass, Jones had only
shot him in the leg. The base is a loss.
Jones is going to take the boys on the underground head
railroad till the heat cools down. Maggie, Tommy and Jake
are saying their goodbyes. Nothing will happen to the town
or the others involved, it's the last thing the base wants,
more publicity. Besides it's not like anyone would do any
talking anyway. Don't ask, don't tell.
Jones, how the fuck did you get
out man?
Jones lights a joint and hands it to Jake.
Ancient stoner secret.
I'm gonna miss you sweetheart, you
gonna wait for me?
Maggie hugs Tommy, puts her lips to his ear.
As long as it takes baby.
Mags, thank you.
For what?
For everything.
Jake puts his hand on Maggie's cheek, Maggie puts her hand
on his, slides it to her lips and kisses the palm.


We got to scat boys.
Take care of them Jones.
Darlin', if there's one thing I
know, It's how to take care of my
Maggie grabs Jones by the collar and kisses him, then let's
him go.
You sure do, darlin'.
Hey know, if it's like that...
Jones steps toward Maggie, smiling.
Tommy grabs Jones by the shoulder.
Let's go man.
Maggie watches as her boys get in the van and drive off. She
remembers, and hates this feeling, but she knows one day
they will be back, and she'll be here waiting for them.
Jones is driving, he reaches for a blunt and sparks it, he
passes it back to Jake and Tommy.
Well brother, it's been a long
time coming, but we're finally
doing it.
Yeah, we kinda took the long way
around, huh brother.
Just goes to show ya what can
happen when you put a few good
heads together.


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From Mika Date 12/8/2005 ****
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