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by casey (ckarny7@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: ***
Post teen angst drama. About finding yourself and what makes you happy. A guy learning to deal with what he has left behind and what he is moving toward. It's a sappy love story.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Nick is laying out on the street on his stomach.
                       NICK (VO)
The definition of rock bottom is
the fact that you cannot go any
lower. The fact that you have
fallen so far that this is the
lowest point you can reach. There
is only one way to go from rock
bottom and that is up. What if you
find a way to go through the rock.
You find the drill of life and
manage to burrow through rock
bottom. Then the only way you
could go is up.
Nick gets up slightly and sits leaning against a wall. He
reaches in his pocket a pulls a cigarette and begins to
                       NICK (VO)
If you managed to drill through
the rock bottom then you can still
move back up. Then eventually you
reach a point on the upward motion
that you hit the rock ceiling
again. Then you have to find a way
to push through and keep on your
way up.
Nick begins to slowly get up and walk away at a very tired
                       NICK (VO)
Well all metaphors aside this is
my story on how I got to this
point in my life as of now. It is
not a very good story, but it is a
story. This may or may not be rock
bottom. It really just depends on


                       NICK (VO) (cont'd)
how you look at the situation.
Nick is handing Jamie a box. As he is handing it to her she
examines the contents and she begins to walk away.
                       NICK (VO)
I believe to my knowledge that
this is where it all started.Some
one once told me that life comes
at you from all different
directions. Sometimes you have to
stop and look around you to see
what is really going on. Also that
you should savor these moments
because, they will never happen to
you again. What I have learned in
my ever so short time on this
earth is that moments do come and
go before you can realize what is
going on. Some of these moments
though when they are over you are
glad that they are over and you
never want to go through them
again. Like this one right here.
See that girl right there taking
her stuff, well that is Jamie my
girlfriend. Well at least she was
until this very moment. That is me
and I am having kind of a shitty
You don't have to leave right now.
We can still talk about this and
work through this.
Talking always gets us nowhere.
You should know this by now.


We can't leave it at this after
all we've been through. I can't
just see how your willing to throw
us away this quickly.
All I said is I need some time and
some space away from us, and you
cannot do that for me. I need a
break to sort out my life and you
are refusing to give that to me.
"It's either we're together or
not" there is just no in between
for you.
                       NICK (VO)
Somehow this should be upsetting
me a lot more than it is.
I just don't know how I feel
anymore. We fight way to much and
I don't need that in my life right
now. I need to be selfish for a
change and do things for myself.
                       NICK (VO)
That is a blow to the ego.

Alright here is the deal right
now. In ten seconds I am going to
walk out that door and I am not
coming back. When I walk out that
door I am walking out of your life
for good. Unless you say or do
something to stop me I will be
gone for good and you can write me
out of your life for good. You
have ten seconds starting now.


Jamie stands in silence
Well if that is how it is then
Nick walks out of the room and to his car. Jaime stands
there holding back tears trying to look strong.
                       NICK (VO)
That is how this all began. I am
going to wake up tomorrow and this
will all be over. For so many
reasons she will be gone. I am
going to walk away and leave
everything that is sweet in this
world. I know I'm not going to be
alright. How did it come to this?
How could I let another person
make me feel like this? What am I
going to do now ?
Nick is walking out of the apartment as the camera zooms in
on Nick fighting back tears.
Nick and Allister (Ally) are sitting at the bar talking.
Dude her bullshit is the last
thing you need right now. All a
"break" means is that she has some
other dude on the side that she
wants, and to keep you around if
things don't work out. Then when
they don't work out she can always
use the excuse that you were on a
break. Chicks pull this shit all
of the time.
Yeah, but maybe we do need some
time to figure things out.


I believe you need sometime to get
laid again and see there are more
girls out there than just.....Do I
dare say her name so soon? Dude
you are on the rebound. Do you
know how many sympathy lays you
can get for that?
I'm just not ready for anything
right now.
It's not like you all were
married. Plus don't they always
say that the best way to get over
one woman is to get underneath
another one ?
Who are "they" exactly ?

(Looking puzzled for a second)
Shit I don't know those people
over there. (Points to a random
group in the crowd) They do.....
Just start drinking until you
can't feel your body and that will
begin the moving on process.
Nick looks even more puzzled than he did before
See look over there at that girl
sitting all by herself.


Yeah because she is probably
waiting for a boyfriend
Or girlfriend (A big smile crosses
his face) What I am trying to say
that is you have never put
yourself out there since I have
know you. In fact the girl that
shall remain nameless is the first
time I have seen you date someone.
I was waiting for the right one to
come around.....
Well how are you going to know if
someone is the right one unless
you have someone else to compare
them to? I know you are not going
to go over there and talk to her,
because you are a huge pussy that
is going to die a born again
virgin. Just 'cause you have some
major issues and fears involving
women or something.....Oh shit we
are running low on beer. How long
until last call
We have about ten minutes. Thatís
about time for about two more
Bullshit, that is enough time for
at least four. The Nick I used to
know would already be on top of
the bar night now chugging two
pitchers at the same time. Order
us another round I got to take a


Alright man.
Nick signals the bartender
(Begins to mumble under his
breath) What in the hell did
happen to me, I was the guy that
had a slip and slide covered in
beer at my twenty first birthday.
God I am hammered if I am talking
to myself like this. I need some
more beer.
Bartender walks up
Who were you talking to ?
Um, just myself
You must be having a shitty day
Yeah no shit, could you give me
two more beers.
Sure man
Bartender starts pouring beer into two pint glasses as Ally
sits back down on the barstool mid sentence.
....damn breaking the seal. It
doesn't help that I've got the
bladder the size of a walnut ,
then I have to drink till I can't


                       ALLY (cont'd)
feel stuff.
Hurry up and finish your beer
before Emma gets here.
Hey man I for got to tell you I
got a job!
No shit? Where at?
As a greeter for the town.
Everytime someone new moves into
town I show up with a jello mold
or something to welcome to our
great metropolis.
You mean the first greeting
someone will get when they move
here is you?....I would just move
Yeah no shit....Oh shit! It is
time to go.
Nick and Ally chug their beers.
Nick and Ally come stumbling out of the bar. Trying to act
sober laughing and talking to each other.
.....so half way through the date
she has to take me to court. It
turns out that her brother's
murderer was on trial and we had
to go see his sentencing.


That sounds like a wonderfull
time. (Gives a half grin.) So are
you going to call her again?
Nah... Something tells me she has
issues and plus I think she has a
boyfriend anyways.
Well jesus christ man lets hope
you stay away from that.
Nick and Ally laugh.Headlights shine on Nick and Ally, they
stop laughing and look up.
Emma is here. Act sober dude we
are not out of the woods yet.
There are cops around.
Nick gets in the front seat of the car while Ally stumbles
and falls into the back of the car.
Emma is driving with Nick in the passenger seat and Ally is
laying down in the back seat.
So did you guys have fun boozing
it up ?
Oh Yeah!
Yeah it was alright. I assume you
have heard the news?


Yeah, you deserve so much better
than her. I should be
congradulating you.
Nick lays his head back in the seat closes his eyes and
cracks a smile.
You're a sweetheart. For lying to
me, but I am not so sure about
Emma pats Nick on the leg.
Don't worry gorgeous you will soon
be over this and it will all hit
you like a ton of bricks.
You know you are to good to
me,right ?
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, no shit!
Nick slowly drifts off to sleep.
Nick jumps out of bed and fumbles with his alarm. He gets
out of bed and walks out of to his room and walks to the
                       NICK (VO)
So this is what life has become
yet again. I used to long for
these days now I can't stand them.
God I am hungover.


During the naration Nick takes a shower, brushes his teeth
and gets ready for the day. He comes out of the bathroom and
runs into Ally in the hall.
I feel like shit.
(Smilling) Are you hung over?
.....oh yeah....(give a sarcastic
That is awesome. Do you want to
drink tonight?
Of course.
Nick walks into his room and closes the door beind him.
A montouge of scenes happen with a voice over from the
narator. The scenes are of Nick going about a normal day of
class, paying bills, grocery shopping, and going to work.
                       NICK (VO)
These are the things I do
everyday. I have done them
everyday for the past twenty two
years. I will do them for the next
god knows how many years. Thinking
the same thoughts. Having the same
conversation. Nothing new nothing
exciting. I used to not really
mind this as much. For some reason
it has been bothering me alot more
than usual. I guess what you can
say is I am bored with life. I've
come to a point where I have
gotten so jaded that nothing
excites me, because I know that
crap that is going to happen in
the end. How can I find happiness


                       NICK (VO) (cont'd)
in anything in life when I know
that I am going to end up here yet
The scene ends with Nick getting home from work. he walks
straight to the fridge and grabs a beer. Ally comes downs
the stairs.
Alright, lets go get drunk.
Well since your twisting my
arm.(cracks a smile)
Nick walks into an apartment full of people drinking,
talking, and laughing. The people at the party are around
the age of twenty. Nick walks in without saying high to
anyone and walks straight to the fridge and grabs a beer.
His friend Eric comes up from behind Nick and startles him a
Holy shit! Look who it is.
(Gives half grin) What the hell is
up man? (Hugs Eric)
I heard the news man.
Yeah thanks for reminding me about
her....Shit never mind I can't
really stop thinking about it.
You are such a whiny ass


Yeah, bite my ass.(smiles)
Lorrie walks into the party.
                       NICK (VO)
Wow, who is this?
Nick stands with his jaw dropped.
                       NICK (VO)
I did not expect this to
happen.... No i did not expect
this at all.
Nick sitting on the couch with Eric.
... yeah man that is why I love
weed so much. It gives me the
extreme apathy where I just don't
really give a shit.
Apathy is exactly what I need
right now.
Yeah it makes me not hate and not
care that she cheated on me. Just
alot less guilty that I was
cheating on her the whole
time.(Smiles, then takes a draw
off of a joint. He then hands it
to Nick) Sure you don't want a
Nah man, I'm cool.
Shit, it just means more for me
them.(takes another hit then gets


Nick sits there drinking a beer for a minute. Lorries sits
down with Amy on the couch next to the couch that Nick is
sitting on.
                       NICK (VO)
Alright just play it cool.
Lorrie and Amy sit there and talk for a minute. As Nick sits
in silence drinking trying to think of something to say.
Then Amy gets up and leaves.
Hey there... I am Lorrie. What is
your name.(She reaches over to
shake Nick's hand.)
(Looking shocked and puzzled.) Who
me ?
(Smiles) Yeah of course, I am
Oh sorry, I am Nick.
Nick reaches over and shakes her hand.
                       NICK (VO)
Nice hands..
So who do you know.
Oh...my roomy Ally is friends with
some of the guys that live here.
Oh yeah I know him. He is such a
cool guy.
Just please don't judge me off of
you impression of him.(smiles)


(Laughs) I'll try to form my own
opinions. So what is your major?
The party goes on as Nick and Lorrie talk.
Well I think I need to head out
now. I have to be at work early
Yeah I have to be there at five in
the evening.
(Laughs) Wow! That is so
early!Well it was nice meeting
you. (Lorrie gets up to leave and
starts walking away. She stops
midstep and turns around.) So are
you going to ask for my phone
number or are you just going to
let me walk away out of your life
like this?
(Looking shocked for a minute then
very calm) Well I was thinking
about it but I couldn't think up a
smooth enough line to use at the
moment.(Stands up and walks over
next to her.)
Shew... I was getting a little
scared there for a minute.(she
pulls out a piece of paper out of
her purse and write her number on
it and hands it to Nick.)
Well I guess I will call you


That would be nice.
Nick puts the paper in his pocket then it spins around
slowly going into slow motion of Lorrie walking away. Lorrie
walks out the door.
                       NICK (VO)
Can anyone tell me please what in
the hell just happened?
Nick and Ally come out of the door drunk and stumbling.
Holy shit man! She gave you her
phone number!
Shit yeah man. I acted like a
total jackass to. She just came
out of no where.
Oh well. It leave you to an air of
mystery. So who is coming to get
us tonight?
I called Emma earlier. She should
be here soon.
Alright here is where I am
confused. You have all of the
ladies in your life. Yet you
always walk around like a little
turd. Like the world owes you or
something. You need to cheer up
Hey... I have had a shitty week.


You have had a shitty past six
months, but that is no excuse to
act like this. Cheer up man you
are starting to get on my nerves.
Why do you say that?
Because my friend there will
always be beer. There's Emma. Lets
get going.
Nick and Ally stumble into Emma's car.
Hey beautiful...
Whoa someone has been drinking
haven't they?!!
Hell yeah! We both have!
Dude I think that is what she was
Yeah no shit!
Did you guys have a fun night?
Hell yeah we are drunk aren't we?
Ask Nick about his big number.


So what about this big number?
(Turns around and looks out the
Well I....
....this chick gave him her digits
tonight. Look at our boy hookin'
it up.
yeah well....
Hey I didn't do anything she just
came out of nowhere.
                       NICK (VO)
I'm not complaining though.
That is good... I am happy for
(Laughs) That is a good one.
Oh nothing....
So are you going to call her?
Eh... I don't know I'll just have
to see what happens.


Yeah I guess we'll just have to
Yeah, I guess so.
The car pulls into the apartment and the three get out. Ally
heads inside as Emma and Nick stay behind talking.
You know you deserve better than
her, right?
Yeah that's what everyone keeps
telling me. I keep on trying to
tell myself. Somehow though I
refuse to believe it.
You'll see it one day. The perfect
girl will come along and it will
hit you like a ton of bricks.
Emma leans in closer to Nick.
She may even be right in front of
you and you don't even notice it.
Yeah, and where in the hell is
Emma slowly leans in to kiss Nick, but is quickly
interuppted by Ally swinging open the door.
Are you two love birds done yet.
We still have some beer that we
need to drink.
Nah man, she is like my sister.


                       NICK (VO)
Something in my gut just told me I
am going to regret saying that
Well I am going to go inside now.
Would you like to join us?
Nah, I am kind of tired (fakes a
yawn). I think I am just going to
go home.(Gives Nick a hug and
slowly backs away holding his
hand) Don't worry you'll get
through this I promise.(She begins
to walk back to her car.)
And what if I don't?
Emma stops mid pace and turns around and looks at Nick
Well you will still have me.
She turns around and gets in her car and drives off. Nick
heads back inside of the apartment.
                       NICK (VO)
Well it just hit me like a ton of
bricks. Some one once told me that
life happens while you are making
other plans. I did not plan for
this to happen. Something is
telling me that things are not
going to be the same.


Nick is sitting on a bench on the middle of campus stiaring
at his phone.
Alright it has been two days since
she gave me her number. She wants
me to call her. So why can't I?
                       NICK (VO)
Because I am a big pussy that is
Ok she wouldn't of given you her
number if she didn't want you to
call her.
                       NICK (VO)
Come on and just do it.
Nick dials the phone and it rings until he gets Lorrie's
(From Phone) Hey this is Lorrie.
I'm doing something else so just
leave a message and I will call
you back.
                       NICK (VO)
Shit, voicemail, I always sound
like such an jackass on voicemail.
Hey this is Nick... we met at the
party the other night. I was just
seeing how you were and all that
stuff. I guess just call me back
when ever you get this.
Nick gets up and starts walking and his phone rings.


That can't be her already. (Looks
at phone.) I guess it isn't.
Answers the phone and smiles.
Hello Jaime.
We need to talk.
Nick's smile quickly goes away.
About what, I thought it was over.
Yes but I need to tell you
..oh yeah I am at the edge of my
seat. Even though I am standing up
right now.
I just need to tell you something
to get it off of my chest.
There is another guy. And I have
been seeing him since before you
and I broke up.
Why in the hell are you telling me


I thought you should hear the
truth. I also needed to clear my
mind. This is eating up at me to
Well thank you very fucking much.
Please Nick don't be mad. I just
thought you should know.
Thats great... the girl I am still
completely in love with, already
moved on before we even broke up.
Listen get over it and move on.
Because I already have.
Jaime hangs up the phone.
What a stupid whore!
Nick and Eric are sitting at a table near the bar having
some drinks. Nick is chugging is beer and has several more
in front of him.
Someone is on a mission tonight.
Hey man can you blame me?
Nah man, I am proud of you. it is
you are just making me look like a
pussy over here.


Well then cowboy up and start
A woman at the bar gets up on stage and begins to sing.
Dude you need to get your ass up
there and sing your little heart
Ummm... I don't think I am that
drunk yet.
Well then cowboy up and start
I like the way you think.
Nick and Eric start drinking beers and Eric begins to stand
up and walk away.
Where are you going?
I'll be right back man. I got to
go grab a shot.
Eric leaves Nick to himself at the table.
                       NICK (VO)
Yeah I could get used to this.
Shit what am I thinking? I have to
get used to this. This is all that
I have. It's not that bad.
Eric sits back down with two shots, and places them on the
Here you are going to need one of


For what? I've already got a good
buzz going on.
Next we have we have Nick coming
up. Then we will be taking a short
Oh shit....what did you do to me ?
Go on up and sing your little
heart out champ.
Nick grabs both shots and takes them both and heads up on
stage. Then begins to sing.
Nick stumbles off of stage and sits down laughing finishing
off his beer.
                       NICK (VO)
This isn't that bad I deffinately
get used to this. Or I think I'm
Eric and Nick are walking home from the bar holding each
other up both very intoxicated.
Dude that was totally awesome.
Yeah I didn't think you were going
to go up there.
We should of got someone to pick
us up man I don't want to walk all
the way home.


A friend of mine just lives around
the corner. I want to try and
score some bud before I get home.
..shit... He dude I tried calling
that one chick from the party
Did she have anything interesting
to say?
Nah dude...
...Oh shes boring then.
No dude...Let me finish my
sentence. She didn't even answer
the phone.
Oh well...don't even worry about
it then. The ball is in her court
Oh damn what is it now?
I'm beginning to wonder what's the
point? If I will be if I will just
end up like this again.
Well see that is the thing man.


Eric stops in his tracks and turns around and looks at Nick.
See with chicks man, is that they
come and they go. One will come
along a restore faith in their
kind for you. Then she screws you
over and you will lose all faith
in them. You'll quit for awhile
until all of a sudden you are over
it and there is another one in
your life. Then she will restore
the faith that you lossed.
And what happens when that one
turns crazy and screws you over?
Then another one will come along.
They will keep coming over and
over until...
....you die?
Nah man, you meet the right one. I
always assumed the right one would
be the one that doesn't screw you
over in the end.
What if it's to late by the time
she gets here?
You shouldn't let that happen man.
Don't let yourself become so jaded
that you will refuse to let anyone
else in.
Pulls two beers out of his pocket and gives one to Nick.
Where did you get those?


I stocked up before we left the
They both sit down on the curb and start drinking.
Plus man you will always have
beer. Unless prohibition... then
we are both screwed.
Yeah no shit....
Plus you got your boys.
How is that supposed to cheer me
Shit head
They both finish their beers and throw them off in the
distance and begin to get up and walk on.
You being the sage of wisdom is
really starting to freak me out.
Hey, I can spit out some knowledge
ever now and then.
Yeah it's starting to really creep
me out.
Don't worry man I can see things
looking up for you from this
moment on.


Shit why did you have to say that?
Blue lights flash and a cop pulls up next to Eric and Nick.
The cops get out of the car and talk to Eric and Nick for a
minute and turn them both around and put them in the
                       NICK (VO)
I once heard life is what happens
while you are making other plans.
Most of the time you have no
control over this or anything that
happens to you. SO in theory if
you don't make anyplans you won't
have a life. Living day by day is
the only true freedom we have.
That is a bunch of shit for all I
am concerned. Stuff can come out
of nowhere and completely hit you
out of left field, and it will
completely mess up any plans you
had going on.
Nick wakes up on a jail floor leaning his head on Eric's
shoulder. They both look at each other shocked for a minute.
Eric falls back asleep and Nick begins to look around.
Waking up on a jail floor....this
has to be a new high.
                       NICK (VO)
...or low...
One of the other people in jail notices Nick waking up and
looks over at Nick.


(laughs)... So he finally wakes!
Well this isn't the most
comfrotable of accomidations by
any means.
What would you rather have. This
or waking up in your bed to some
cute little number.
Nick looks over at Eric and shrugs.
Will he do?
Nick points over at Eric.
(laughs) Whatever floats your
boat. So what is it that made you
wind up in here.
Drinking and walking...you?
Being drunk standing outside of my
house. I was trying to push my
lawn mower home.
Does that count as a D U I or A I?
Eh... I don't know. This is my
third time in here this week. I
think they were starting to miss
me or something.
I'm surprise they haven't given
you your own suite.


Yeah.... So I know you were
drinking I can smell that. What is
it that caused you to drink? It's
not some girl is it?
...nah man...
Oh jesus it's some girl isn't it?
No I swear..... call it a crisis
of faith where the world has let
you down.
Sounds like girl trouble to me.
Alright..fine then... Have you
ever been in love.
The man laying next to Bishop wakes up all of a sudden.
I have and it is the sweetest
thing I have ever experienced....
It is also the most painfull.
Well shit...look who's up.
Is college boy over here in love?
That's what I am trying to figure
Well it is pretty easy to tell
whether or not you are pussy
whipped or in love?


Ha! And how is that?
Well see the thing is....
... The thing is you can tell
without having to look to deep. If
she makes you jump through hoops
you are pussy whipped. If she will
just accept you for who you are
then you are in love.
Well then what are you then?
Shit....I don't know.
(laughs) I guess he is pussy
Nah man..... well shit I guess I
                       NICK (VO)
Not bad from two random drunk guys
in the drunk tank.
Nick falls back asleep and wakes up to see that Eric is
nowhere in the cell.
Nick walks out of a building and begins to walk down the
sidewalk. He walks by a coffee shop and gives a quick glance
through the window. He sees Jaime sitting at a table with a
guy drinking coffee and laughing. Nick takes a couple steps
before what he saw sinks in. Nick walks back over to the
window and begins to stair with his jaw dropped. Jaime
begins to turn her head around to look out the window. Nick
sees her head turning and ducks right before Jaime can see


him. Nick is sitting on the street next to the widow as
people walk by.
After sitting there for a moment Nick's phone begins to
Nick slowly crawls along the edge of the window. When he
reaches the edge he quickly gets up and starts walking.
Hey I just saw where I missed your
call. This is Nick isn't it?
Yeah this is sorry. I'm just kind
of shocked by your timing.
Yeah sorry I know it's a little
early, but I have class all day.
That's not what I meant, but oh
So what is going on...why are you
up so early?
Eh, long story. Sorry I was just
calling you to say hi and all of
that stuff.
What's a bummer?


I was hoping you were calling to
ask me out.
Yeah... so are we going to have
some bullshit banter back and
forth or are you going to go ahead
and grow a pair?
I was planning on on going on some
rant for a minute as I built up
the courage then I was going to do
Alright that is cool with me.
Ally walks up to a door with a plate in his hands and rings
the bell. A man answers the door.
What do you want?
I just wanted to welcome you to
our town on behalf of the town
What in the hail are you holding?
Just some goodies to welcome you
to our community
Man takes the plate from Ally and lift up the plastic and
looks inside. The gets an angry look on his face and begins
to shout.


What in the hail is this?
AS the man gets angry a worried look comes over Ally's face
and he decides to run away before anything can happen. The
man begins to chase Ally down the road screaming until Ally
rounds the corner as the two catch their breath.
Something tells me I should have
used the erotic cake pans on this
Nick and Lorrie are walking down the street talking to each
other and laughing. They stop and sit down for a minute and
talk to each other.
So what is going on in that head
of yours?
Eh nothing.. just your basic
everyday crap that goes on.
Oh come on, didn't you ever hear
that secrets don't make friends?
Well a lot has been going on
recently and I haven't been able
to stop and process it recently.
Yeah... tell me about it. Me and
my boyfriend have been on the outs
recently and it has been stressing
me out.
Wait you never mentioned you had a


I just did, didn't I? Plus I
usually only hang around until I
find something better anyways.
What is that?
Gee I wonder? Plus I'm trying to
figure out if you are just using
me anyways.
Who says that you are not using
Who says I'm not?
Nick and Lorrie get up and begin to start walking again.
It's just that I usually stay with
someone until I find something
Who is your someone better?
Gee... I wonder.
Gee... I wonder.
Lorrie smiles then walks ahead of Nick. Nick catches up with
her then they proceed to walk on a joke around. Until they
stop at the door of Lorrie's apartment.
Well this is where I get off.


Is this the part where I say I had
a great time and we should do this
again soon?
Sure why not?
Lorrie kisses Nick then backs up and smiles then she turns
around and enters her apartment. After the door closes
behind her Nick begins to walk away. After walking a couple
feet he looks around to see that no one is looking. After
seeing that no one is around him, Nick jumps up in the air
and begins to dance and celebrate. After a couple seconds of
celebration Nick begins to walk on holding his hands high up
in the air.
Nick, Eric, and Ally are all sitting around in Nick's
apartment hanging out and drinking beer.
So I take it that your date went
Yeah, dude she toatally kissed me.
Yeah, dude she totaly kissed me.
Did you do her?
Nah, man it was only the first
time I've hung out with her.


I think I've reached a snag
What? have you finally realized
that you are gay?
No....not yet. She told me she has
a boyfriend.
Bummer man, that is going to cause
some problems down the road.
Don't worry about that shit man.
Do you want to hear something I
have learned.
Yes, please lay your words of
wisdom upon me.
All boyfriends are just a minor
set back, and all husbands are a
minor convienence.
I don't even want to know how you
came to this realization.
Well not all of us are whiny
little douches like you, and
actually go out there and get a
Or a lot.
Or a lot.


We're just trying to say that not
everything is going to be a story
book romance. Sometimes you got to
get out there and take some
....Even if it means certain
...Or getting your ass kicked.
Wow.....I really need to make some
new friends.
Well sorry bastard. We are the
only ones you have right now and
you are just going to have to deal
with it.
It just sucks.
Yeah tell me about it.
How did your job and the people
greeter or whatever go?
I got fired.
Shit man, what for?
Remember those erotic cake pans we
had from awhile back.


Well I decided to get really drunk
the night before I was supposed to
go on my first greet. Bad Idea! So
while I was hammerred I decided to
use the erotic pans for the greet.
At the time I thought it would be
So I take it you were the only one
that found it funny.
So what are you going to do?
Just look for another job.
Something is bound to come up
Yeah man. Just don't use this last
one as a reference.
No shit.
Emma walks into the apartment.
How are you fellas doing?
Nothing just sitting here talking
about Kyle's big date.
Nick gives Eric a dirty look. Eric shoots the same look back
then smiles afterwards.
Ohh...a big date huh?


Eh it was nothing.
Nothing my ass.
What's that supposed to mean?
Nothing really...
Well alright then. I just stopped
by to see how you were doing,
because I haven't talked to you in
awhile. I can see why now. I'll
see you guys later.
Emma leaves and lets the door slam behind her.
Well shit!
Nick is laying in bed and is woken up from his phone
(on the phone) I have the day off.
What are you doing?
What time is it?
It's somewhere around one. Don't
tell me I woke you.
Nah...I've been awake for hours.


Yeah stop lying. Get ready then
meet up with me.
Where at?
Just get ready then call me when
you are leaving your apartment.
Nick gets out of bed and begins to get ready.
Nick and Lorrie are both sitting on swings talking to each
So the park huh?
Come on it is a beautiful day. Why
would you want to spend it all day
in bed?
Because it is nice there.
Come on, there is more to life
than laying around in your room
pissing and moaning about life.
And what is that exactly?
Well you got me now.


What about some of the positive
aspects of my life?(Smiles)
You ass!
Lorrie smiles then jumps of the swing and begins to run
toward a jungle gym. Nick walks toward her and stands at the
end of the slide.
So are you going to catch me when
I come down?
Hey don't worry, I'll catch you.
Lorrie takes a running leap down the slide. When she reaches
the end of the slide she knocks Nick over. Nick and Lorrie
are both lying on the ground and Lorrie moves around to be
face to face with Nick.
What happened to you say that you
were going to catch me?
Well in order for me to catch you
you have fall at a rate to where I
can catch you.
Who says I haven't fallen already?
Lorrie leans in and her and Nick kiss. After the kiss Lorrie
stands up and pulls Nick up.
Alright we have to go home and get
ready for tonight.
Why? What is going on tonight?
Nick and Lorrie both proceed to walk back to the car.


We are going to a party.
Awesome, I like parties.
I don't know how you will feel
about this one. I just need
someone to go with me.
Lorrie begins to walk faster ahead of Nick.
What about your boyfriend?
Lorrie looks back at Nick right before she gets in her car.
Haha, that is not funny. Just call
me when you are ready.
Lorrie gets in her car and begins to leave as Nick slowly
walks to his car and gets in.
                       NICK (VO)
Life is what happens why you are
making other plans, right? I still
am confused on what is really
going on right now.
Nick begins to start up his car as Lorrie pulls next to him
and rolls down her window.
Oh and by the way. Make sure you
wear something cute tonight.
Before Nick can get a word in Lorrie rolls up her window
smiling. When she is done rolling up her window she blows
Nick a kiss and waves goodbye, then drives away.
                       NICK (VO)
Still no clue what is going on,
but I am enjoying what ever this


Nick pulls out of the parking lot and drives away.
Nick and Lorrie are walking towards an apartment building.
You can music and comotion off in the background.
So what exactly are we doing?
I told you we are going to a
Yeah...I know that much. The whole
concept of the party is what is
confusing me.
I told you someone I knew from
highschool died last week and some
people are throwing a party in his
memory. This I already told you on
the way here.
Yeah that is all understandable.
The part that is really getting to
me is that they're throwing a
party. You know with general
drinking and a whole lot of
different other ways to get
Oh!!! God forbid I thought you
knew that is what people do at
I just think it seems kind of


Why do you say that?
Nick and Lorrie arive at the door and Jaime knocks.
Well he did overdose didn't he?
Well that is.....
The door swings open with Amy standing in the door opening.
What the hell is up girl.
She gives Lorrie a big hug then back away and looks at Nick.
Oh I see you brought this loser
with you.
Amy smiles then gives Nick a hug.
Well enough with the talk come
inside and get loaded.
Amy grabs both Nick a Lorrie by the hand and pulls them into
the apartment.
Nick and Lorrie walk into the party toward the kitchen.
Lorrie walks ahead of Nick talking to people for a second
and moving on. The music is loud and you can barely
understand what is being said.
Where is the beer?
You do only have a one track mind.


Well we are at a party. I thought
you told me you had a boyfriend.
Isn't he going to get pissed when
he finds out you are at a party
with another guy.
Well who says I am interested you
in the first place.
Nick looks confused for a minute.
Your boyfriend..... he does
Lorrie turns around and grabs two beers out of the fridge
and hands one to Nick.
Well about that exactly...
A drunken guy walks up to Lorrie giving her a hug while he
stumbles almost pulling Lorrie down with him.
                       DRUNK 1
Lorrie!!! What in the hell have
you been doing?
Well obviously not drinking as
much as you.
                       DRUNK 1
Who in the hell is this guy?
Hi my name is Ni....
Nick holds out his hand and the drunken man slaps Nick's
hand away.


                       DRUNK 1
I don't really care man. I'll
probably just end up forgetting it
in like five minutes anyways.
Another man stumbles up to Drunk 1 and falls on him fumbling
all over.
                       DRUNK 2
Dude! Justing just puked all over
your bathroom man.
                       DRUNK 1
Are you fucking kidding me?
                       DRUNK 2
Yeah man you should see it. It
looks like someone cover your
whole bathroom in spaghetti.
                       DRUNK 1
Eh shit! Well it was nice meeting
you whatever you name was. But I
have to go clean some shit up.
Drunk 1 storms off while Drunk 2 stumbles toward the counter
and pulls a cut open milk jug off of the counter.
                       DRUNK 2
So do you want to donate some
To what?
                       DRUNK 2
To Mike of course.
Didn't he overdose and die?
                       DRUNK 2
Yeah...we are having this party to
raise money to help his family


Isn't that kind of morbid and
twisted that you are throwing a
party with drugs and alcohol
involved for a person that
overdosed and died?
                       NICK (VO)
Something tells me that I should
not of said that.
Drunk 2 drops the milk jug full of change and punches Nick
in the face.
Yeah I definately should not of
said that.....
Nick hits the ground and everyone crowds around to see what
is going on.
Nick is laying on a bench with his head on Lorrie's lap. She
is holding an ice pack on his eye and looking very upset.
How and the hell did I get here?
Well it started off with a not so
smart comment.
Well I know that much.
I dragged you out of there and
brought you here to let you come
Nick sits up and still looking bewildered.
You dragged me?


Whatever... I'm a lot stonger than
you think I am.
Lorrie leans in and kisses Nick.
Plus I need my strapping young
hero to escort me home.
Lorrie and Nick kiss.
Don't be confused that you will be
getting a piece tonight.
The thought didn't even cross my
Yeah whatever.
Nick and Lorrie are laying next to each other facing inward.
After a second Nick wakes up and see's Lorrie lying there
and he lifts his head up slightly and smiles. Lorrie lets
out a small sigh and he puts his head back down and closes
his eyes. Lorrie wakes up and looks at Nick.
Wake up....
(groans and sighs)
Oh come on I know you are awake.


Come on I have to go to work and I
know that you have class sometime
today. And as much as I enjoy you
being here. You have to get up and
get moving.
Class what is that?
That one thing I know you have
been skipping since god knows
Alright, alright I'll get up.
Nick gets up slowly and looks around to room trying to look
for his clothes. He begins to get dressed and Lorrie puts on
a towell and proceeds to walk out of the bedroom.
                       NICK (VO)
Yeah you all can pretty much
figure out what happened there.
This is not a porno and I am not
giving any details.
Nick and Emma are sitting at a table eating inside a diner.
So I take it things are starting
to go well?
Yeah I'm pretty sure they are. I
just am unsure of a couple things.
What kinds of things are those?


Sometimes she acts kind of
distant. Plus sometimes I get the
impression that she has a
boyfriends or some type of other
Listen I doubt if she really does.
Plus if she does then she is a
retard for doing so.
I don't know really I just hopped
into this really quickly and I
don't much of anything right now.
I know exactly how you feel....
What is that supposed to mean?
Eh... nothing really. It's just
that I am starting to get a little
confused here now to.
About what? Guys?
Yeah... I know how surprising that
really is.
Do you want to talk about him?
Eh... not really. I'll just
everything plays out and hope that
everything works out in the end.
That is a good attitude to have.


Yeah I just figure why bother. If
I have no control over a situation
then if I try to do something I
will only make it worse.
Wow, when did you become so
profound and deep?
There is a lot of things that you
don't know about you that could
surprise you.
And what would those be?
Well that would really take the
element of surprise out of the
situation wouldn't it?
You have a good point there.
Nick, Ally, and Eric are all sitting around in Nick's living
room drinking beer are joking around.
So did you do her?
Yeah man, did you do her?
Ummm it is none of your all
business really.
That is a big fat no!


Yup.... How does it feel to be a
complete and utter fag?
Shut up jackass!!
Oooohh we hit a nerve. I think
this may be his coming out party.
This coming out is explaining a
lot to me really.
Alright....fine.. yes two nights
Eric reaches up to give Nick a high five.
How was she?
Congradulations on not being gay.
It was nice. What do you want all
of the horny details?
Shit you know it.
Well to bad I'm not going to tell
But here is the big question that
has been troubling us at the


And what is that exactly?
If you got this new woman now.
Then why aren't you with her now.
Yeah, it's got to be better than
hanging out with us.
Fucking go to her man!
Yeah chicks dig that shit man.
It's all romantic and shit.
Well shit what do I have to lose?
Nick gets up and proceeds to walk out the door.
                       NICK (VO)
You will see why the last comment
I made is so funny here in a
Nick runs up to Lorrie's apartment. He looks up to her
window and sees her silloutte in the window. Then he runs up
and knocks on the door. After a minute Lorrie answers the
door with a blanket around her.
What are you doing here?
I just thought I would stop by and
surprise you.
This is not a very good time.


Why? What in the hell is going on?
You here footsteps and you see a guy come down the stairs.
Baby come back to bed it's getting
What the fuck?
Derek this is my friend Nick from
one of my classes.
What are you doing here so late.
He came by to get some notes from
Alright just hurry up and come
back to bed.
Alright sweety, I'll be there in
just a second.
Derek walks back upstairs.
You need to leave, now.
What in the hell is going on?
That is my friend. You need to
listen. That party that we went to
the other night was my boyfriend.
He died a couple weeks ago. I


                       LORRIE (cont'd)
needed you to get over him.
When were you planning on telling
me this?
I was planning on calling you
tomorrow. I felt I owed you an
                       NICK (VO)
That sounds familiar.
Listen just never speak to me
Nick turns around a walks away from Lorrie.
Listen I still want to be friends
with you.
Lorrie closes the door behind her. After a couple seconds
the front door comes swinging open and Derek comes running
toward Nick.
You need to stay the hell away
from my girl.
Derek hits Nick and kyle falls to the ground.
Nick is walking down the street and throws his cigarette


                       NICK (VO)
So this is where we left off. I
wouldn't really say this is rock
bottom, but I do feel like I just
had the crap kicked out of me.
Nick's phone rings and he sees that it is Jaime on the
phone. He rejects her call and keeps walking.
Nick walks into his apartment and slowly walks his way up to
                       NICK (VO)
I need to do something. This is
happening way to much. I just need
some sleep. Tomorrow is another
day. At least it cannot get any
After Nick lays on the bed he hears a loud knocking on the
Jesus,who could it be now.
Nick walks down the stairs to his front door and opens the
door. As he opens the door Jaime comes running through the
door and wraps her arms around Nick as she is crying.
                       NICK (VO)
What in the hell is going on.
What are you doing here?
(sobbing) I'm so sorry.
What are you doing here? What is
going on?


I'm sorry what I did. I just need
you more than I thought I did.
Jaime moves her head up and proceeds to kiss Nick.
                       NICK (VO)
Well I didn't expect this to
Nick and Jaime kiss.
Nick and Jaime are laying in bed. Nick looks over to at
Jaime and begins to smile. The smile is shortly ended with a
shock look on his face.
Oh crap.
Jaime wakes up up smiles and kisses Nick.
Good morning sweety.
Hey what is going on.
Nothing sweety, just happy to be
Nick and Jaime kiss and then proceed to get out of bed and
get dressed. After they are ready Nick walks Jaime to the
door and they give each other a kiss goodbye.
So call me later?
Yeah, definately.


Alright, I will talk to you later.
Jaime opens the door. As she is walking out Ally is walking
in the door.
Hello there.
Uhh what's up?
Jaime leaves.
Dude what is going on?
Please tell me, because I sure as
hell would like to know.
Looks like to me is that someone
is playing the field a little to
What are you ding home so early?
Aren't you supposed to be at your
first day at work?
Yeah that did not work out so hot.
Do you want to talk about it?
Not really, there are more
important matters at. What in the
hell is going on?
I would like to know.


What happened to Lorrie?
Well I went to visit her last
night and I met her boyfriend.
Boyfriend? So she used you? That
is awesome!
Not as great as you think.
Yeah I can notice that now.
So long story short he comes to
the door and me and her will no
longer be speaking.
Then why is she over here?
I get home drunk off of my ass
Yeah, what is new?
Then Jaime comes over in tears
wanting me back.
And I can see what happened there.
Well it is not that easy.
What is so complicated?


Well look how things ended the
last time. Who knows that will not
happen again? Plus look what it
took me to get over her. Do I
really want to go through that
That is kind of deep man.
Plus I don't know how I feel
anymore. There is some negative
feelings that I still harbor that
I'm not one hundred percent sure
that I can look over.
Wow sounds like you have some
issues man.
I would just like for once that
things work out and I don't have
to worry about stuff like this.
Just take a break for a little bit
man and just figure some things
Just take a break for a little bit
man and just figure some things
Now you are giving good
relationship advice. I'm going out
for a bit. I need some air my
world is to much askew right now.


Nick is sitting on a bench on campus. His arms are spread
out and looking very stressed out. Emma walks by and shakes
him to see if he is awake.
Are you alive?
Wha ?? Huh?
Emma sits next to Nick as he is kifting his head back and
returning to the world.
What is wrong there gorgeous?
Life has taken a very nasty turn
on me and I am trying not to think
about it.
How is that working out for you?
Not very well.
Do you want to talk about it?
Well it turned out that Lorrie was
just using me as her rebound till
she got back with her old
boyfriend. Who is dead by the way.
Wow that is a bummer.
Then that night Jaime came back.
And you sent her packing?


Not exactly....
God what happened?
I think you can pretty much figure
that one out.
Nick dear what are you doing? You
are just getting back into the
same things that destroyed you in
the first place.
What are you talking about.
You are getting involved with
these girls. And frankly you don't
even know what you want anymore.
You could have something great
right in front of you and you
wouldn't even see when it is as
clear as day!
That is not true. You know as well
as I do that I just want this
drama to be over and to finally
just be happy.
No you don't Nick. You like this
drama. It helps you from dealing
with what is really going on.


What on earth are you talking
You are just afraid!
Afraid of what?
Being happy. you get yourself in
these impossible situations where
there is no possible way that you
will be happy unless some miracle
comes. You just hold on to that
thought that something great is
going to come along and take you
away. Listen that is not going to
happen, life is real and it is
happening now.
Why are you getting angry about
Because you would rather just sit
around and sulk about what you
have lost and what could of been.
Which makes you just end up just
making the same mistakes over and
Why are you getting so angry about
this? I thought you would be the
one that had my back and supported
me through out this.
Listen maybe I am getting sick of
waiting around for you.
What are you talking about?


Listen I need to go this is just
upsetting me.
Emma stands up and proceeds to walk away. Nick jumps up
after her and attempts to stop her by grabbing her arm. Emma
spins around looking upset.
What is going on with you today?
If you can't figure it out then I
don't have the time to explain to
you what is right in front of your
Emma breaks away from Nick and walks away. Nick stands there
with a startled look on his face.
                       NICK (VO)
Alright this is getting really
Really old.
Nick, Eric, and Ally are all sitting at the bar drinking and
So what in the hell is going on?
Dude lets stop talking about that
Dude, this is killing me. Everyone
is acting like a retard recently
and freaking out one me.


Maybe it's not them and maybe it
is you.
I went talk to Emma earlier and
she just freak out one me
Well duh.
What does that mean?
Umm dude it is as clear as day.
What are you talking about?
Dude, listen. Who is always there
when you need a ride home when you
are to drunk?
Who is always there when one of
your girls leave and you need to
talk about it?
Emma, that is only because her and
I are always going through the
same stuff.
Listen dude you need to stop this
moping around and make up your


Whatever man...
Listen lets stop talking about
this and proceed to drink more.
That sounds like a great idea.
Yeah no shit.
Nick, Eric, and Ally drink there beers and order another one
they begin to joke and laugh.
Nick is sitting down watching television by himself.
                       NICK (VO)
Ok brain we have to figure this
one out together. Things have not
been working out so hot for you in
the past couple of months.
Yeah no shit.
                       NICK (VO)
I mean really Emma. It cannot be
she is your best friend. Why on
earth would you want to ruin it
she is your best friend. Of course
she is beautiful. Wait a minute
what did I just say?
There is a knock on the door. Nick walks to the door and
opens it. Jaime walks in.
So thanks for calling me.
Sorry I got kind of busy.


Eh no worries. I'm over it.
Jaime goes in to kiss Nick then quckily pulls back with a
dissgusted look one her face.
You smell disgusting.
You smell like beer and
Well I have been at the bar all
You need to quit that.
Why, you know I love going out
with my friends and having fun.
Come on lets go to bed I am tired.
Fine whatever.
I can't stay long I have some
stuff I need to do tomorrow.
Yeah so do I.
Well this is kind of important.


Nick and Jaime go to bed. Jaime falls asleep and Nick lays
there wide awake.
                       NICK (VO)
What in the hell is going on with
me. This is the samestuff that was
happening before and I am allowing
myself to get suck right back into
Nick sits up and turns around and looks at Jaime. He gives a
half grin and leans over and kisses her on the forehead.
                       NICK (VO)
I'm sorry my love but there are
more important things going on and
this is where we are going to have
to part.
Nick sits there for a second smiles then lays back down.
Nick's phone rings and he sees that Lorrie is calling. Nick
hangs up the phone and deletes her number. He turns around
so he is not facing Jaime and falls asleep.
Nick is walking through campus trying to call Emma on his
phone. People on campus are packing up and leaving. You can
see that it is the end of the school year and everyone is
going home.
Come on pick up. You know you want
to pick up.
Nick stands there for a minute then he hangs up the phone.
Stupid voice mail. I hate
Nick proceeds to walk on then he meets up with Eric.
Dude, what is going on man?


Nothing just trying to get a hold
of Emma.
What? I thought you and old girl
were trying to get back together.
Dude it is not that simple
What? Has our fallen hero finally
come to a moment of truth and
realized what he wants?
Yes I have. You haven't seen Emma
at all have you.
Yeah I just saw her loading up her
car and getting ready to go home.
Did she say anything?
Nothing really. She said just said
goodbye. And that she would call
me when she got back in from
summer break.
What about me? Did she say
anything about me?
Not really she just said that if I
saw you to tell you goodbye. And
some stuff about how she was sorry
for blowing up on you and that she
will call you when she gets home.


Yeah, she looked kind of upset
when she said it though.
Are you serious?
Yes! Do you know what that means
don't you?
Shit you know you are a retard.
Come on she wants to see you
before you leave. To make up and
become friends again. Come on just
go see her man.
What do you have something else in
mind? Come on just kiss and make
up and be friends again. You know
you all cannot live without each
Well there is more.
What you want more than


Well shit man. Go to her before
she leaves there may still be some
I can just talk to her when she
gets home and calls me.
Come on man where is your since of
adventure. Go to her now and be
all romantic and shit.
Shit why not.
Nick begins to walk briskly away from Eric then begins to
pick up his pace and start running. Nick pushes people as he
is running through the crowd jumping over boxes and running
past people. Then Nick slows his pace and he gets closer to
Emma's dorm. Ally is walking in front of the dorm talking
with some friends.
Dude, have you seen Emma at all?
Yeah man I just saw her putting
the last of her stuff in her car.
What is going on man?
Nothing I just really need to talk
to her.
Foget about it man. We are all
going to the bar. You should come
with us.


Not right now man this is really
Alright, I'll just see you when
you get back tonight.
Alright man.
Nick slightly pushes Ally out of the way and proceeds to run
a little faster this time. He runs through a parking lot
trying to find Emma. Nick is abruptly halted when he runs
into Jaime.
Hey sweety what is going on?
Nothing really, have you seen Emma
at all?
Yeah I just saw her put the last
of her stuff in her car and she
was going to go check out and
leave. She did not look to happy.
What is going on?
Listen, alright.
You know I do care about you
Yes...where is this going?
We just cannot go back to the way
we were.


What I tought things were going
really well. I finally figured
that it is you that I want to be
with. I've never had what we have
Jaime begins to tear up.
Listen, we had our chance and one
of us blew it. Things happened
that we both regret doing. And for
my part I am sorry but I think we
would just be better off as
I don't want to lose you, I still
care about you.
Listen I am impossible to get rid
of but for now I have to find
Nick kisses Jaime on the forehead and begins to walk away.
Do you have feelings for her Nick?
Nick stops dead in his tracks and turns around.
I'm pretty sure I do. All I know
is that I have a chance at
something great and I do not want
to let this slip by me.
Nick gives a smile and turns around and begins to walk fast
then proceeds to run. Nick begins to run back to Emma's dorm
at the same time trying to call her. After giving up on
calling her he looks up and runs into Lorrie almost knocking
her over.


Hey you....
I'm in sort of a rush.
I just wanted to apologize for
what went down the other week.
Nick is starting to look very anxious wanting to not to
Lorrie at the moment.
Can we talk about this some other
time. I really am in a hurry.
I just miss hanging out with you
and spending time together.
Can this please wait I really need
to get going.
Alright that is fine. Just promise
you will call me soon and well
will talk, okay?
Yeah....sure... whatever...
Nick gently pushes Lorrie out of the way and starts to run
the fastest he possibly can he makes it to Emma's dorm just
in time to watch her walking away. He stops about ten feet
behind Emma and pauses for a minute and gets and upset look
on his face. A second later the upset look turns into a
You aren't going to leave without
saying goodbye are you?


Emma stops dead in her tracks turns around and begins to
stat walking slowly toward Nick. Nick is exhausted and tired
from running.
I just thought it would be easier
with all that has happened. I
thought if I just left I could
finally get over you so we would
both be happy and friends again.
What if I don't want that?
Then I guess then I am just
wasting my time aren't I. Goodbye
Emma turns around to leave. Nick runs in front of her
cutting her off from leaving.
Listen just hear me out for a
minute. That is not what I was
trying to say.
Nick bends over with his hands on his knees panting trying
to catch his breath. He stands up and looks Emma directly in
the eye.
Listen okay?
I have a done a lot of soul
searching and thinking these past
couple months about what all I


                       NICK (cont'd)
have left behind me and what I am
moving toward.
Yeah and I have been around for
every twist and turn that has
happened with your journey.
That is exactly what I am trying
to tell you.
That no matter what has happened.
No matter what I have been
thorugh. All of the changes that
have happened to me in the past
couple of months even years there
has been one things that has been
constant through out everything.
And what is that?
Well I'm sorry that I have been
boring to you and not changed in
order to spice up your life.
That is not what I meant. Through
all that has happened my feeling
for you have not changed and I
have realized what they really
were until just recently.
And what are those feelings?


That no matter what has happened
there has always been you. No
matter what crap anyone give me I
always had the thought of you in
the back of my mind to help pull
me through whatever I was going
Emma begins to smile, because she is starting to understand
what Nick is trying to tell her.
The thought of you is what I held
onto in order to keep me from
completely slipping into utter
dispair. When things turned there
worse You were always the first
thought in my head that kept me
pushing through everything. You
are the first theing I have always
thought of in the morning and the
thought that gets me to sleep and
night is jsut the fact that I am
excited to see you the next day.
Nick and Emma move in close together.
What I am trying to tell you is...
well shit
Nick kisses Emma and after a minute Emma pulls back.
Why did you have to wait till I
left to tell me this?
I have really bad timing plus we
have the whole summer to work
things out.
Nick and Emma both look at each other smile then begin to
kiss again.


                       NICK (VO)
Tomorrow I know she will be gone.
If I ever see her again or this
will even work out, I have no
clue. But that is not what is
important right now. She is here
now and that is all that matters
to me. We are happy now and that
is all that is really important.
Even if this fades away some how
in the future I will not be
destroyed anymore. We have this
moment and that is what will
always be important to me.
A group of scenes tied together. Nick, Eric, and Ally are
out at the bar laughing and joking around. Nick driving and
visiting Emma over the summer. Nick and Emma eating dinner
and laughing. Nick and Emma walking through the park at
night holding hand then turning around to kiss each other.
Nick helping Emma pack up her stuff to move. Nick helping
Emma move into her apartment.
So we made it this far huh?
Yeah, you are not bored with me
yet are you?
Nah, I've put up with you for this
long I think I can stand you a
little bit longer.
Emma smiles and her and Nick kiss.
                       NICK (VO)
Life is what happens while you are
making other plans.Some one once
told me that life comes at you
from all different directions.
Sometimes you have to stop and
look around you to see what is


                       NICK (VO) (cont'd)
really going on. Also that you
should savor these moments
because, they will never happen to
you again. Never would I have told
you that I would be here right
now. I could get used to this and
as far as I am concered this is
the best that it will get.


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From Troy Zapata Date 12/21/2005 ***
Dude this is really cool, love the whole teenage story, feels like a real thing, which is good! You should check out my tv pilot called Here and Now, teenage drama! Troy

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