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by Justun Helman (Mog488@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: *

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Kelly is standing in front of the mirror and fixing her
hair. She glances at her young face and takes a deep
breath. She couldn't believe it,she had finally made it to
state. Smiling once more and touching up her hair she left
the small room.
"Oh my god you look so pretty!
Let's hurry here we are almost
Kelly said nothing more and followed her friend to the room
where all of the cheerleaders met.
Walking into the room everyone seeme to notice her as she
came in.
After a short while she was outside staring at thousands of
people. She could barely hear herself breathing.
"Aren't you excited?"
"Yeah I guess..."
Kelly followed her to the blue mat where the rest of their
team stood. She could feel the eyes of the croud on her and
she felt her heart beating.
She stood in her position that she practiced so many times
at school and waited for the music to come on.
Suddenly the music came on and she immediatly burst into her
dance as if she was being controlled by something. The
croud went wild as a cheerleader in the back did a backflip.
Sandra was now near the back of the group as well hoisted
up 25 feet in the air. Kelly seemed to hit all of her moves
"Mom I couldn't believe it! I hit
all of my moves and the croud went
crazy as if they where watching


Kelly was in the kitchen helping her mom mke dinner,her
brother Donnie was seated near the front of the table along
with her father who was seated behind Donnie.
"Your mother and I are very
impressed with how far you are
taking this cheerleading dear."
"Im suprised that you didn't fall
on your ass this time."
"Now that is enough Donnie! Don't
use that language at this table."
Kelly felt anger rising in her and it reminded her of her
last competition of where she fell. She never liked to
think about it and it upset her when she did.
She finished her dinner quickly and went off to bed without
another word to anyone at the table.
Kelly slammed her locker hard and began walking down the
hallway when Sandra caught up with her.
"Hey what's wrong?"
"Oh nothing,I have a huge math
Kelly walked down further in the hallway when she was
stopped immediatly by a very pale boy.
He looked up at her in amazment and his white face seemed to
light up to a red color when she looked at him
"I...I...um...seen you
yesterday...at the um...
competition. You where...great."
"Well thank you,um..who are you?"


"Oh me? Um...it's Vincent but you
can call me Vince."
Soon after there was an large uncomfortable silence and he
said nothing for quite awhile. Sandra nudged her and they
began walking away saying nothing at the pale boy.
Kelly looked back and noticed Vincent still staring at her.
"What a freak!"
"Come on Sandra,he was just being
nice that's all."
"Yeah but still...didn't you see
the look in his eyes? he looked
like a crazy man."
Kelly ignored Sandra and went down a different hallway.
Kelly sat up straight in her seat and stared at Mr.Jenkins
as he wrote equations on the blackboard. She couldn't help
but wonder why the strange boy had come up to her like that.
"Ladies and gentleman,when you
write the equations with variables
you must put where the variables
auctually go."
"How about you Miss Kelly."
Kelly looked up from her desk in amazement. She hadn't been
paying attention at all.
"Kelly? Are you listening?"
"Um yes..."
"Then can you tell me the answer?"
There where several giggles in the class.


"Variables are letters used to
show what a number is."
There where more giggles in the class.
She could feel herself getting angrier and angrier.
"Kelly,I think we all know what a
variable is. I was asking where
we put these variables."
Mr.jenkins pointed to the board where the equation was. She
immediatly felt as if she was sinking through the floor.
There where more giggles in the classroom.
The bell rang and students began leaving the room.
Kelly began to leave the classroom and Mr. Jenkins stopped
"Are you ok? Something is
bothering you I can tell."
"No it's nothing i'm just tired."
He remained looking at her then looked away.
"Have a good day..."
"Kelly listen to this new song
that I downloaded."
"Oh yeah I heard this."
They where in Sandra's room going through cd's and listening
to the radio.
"Oh my god I can't get over that
freak coming up to you today!"


"Sandra,c'mon he was just being
nice...why are you still on this
"I'm not on anything."
"Oh I forgot to tell you. I'm
going out with Ronnie now."
"Are you serious? That's great!"
"Yeah he asked me out yesterday,I
didn't know what to say at first."
The phone rings.
"I'll get it."
Sandra picks up the phone.
Suddenly Sandra's face went to a pale white color. She
looked up at Kelly.
"It's for you."
"Who is it?"
Sandra looked down and then back up at Kelly.
"It's Vincent."
She didn't know what to say or think. Why did he call her?
What did he want?
Kelly grabs the phone out of Sandra's hand.
There was a long pause on the phone and she almost hung up
when a small nervous voice stopped her.


"Um...is this Kelly?"
"Hi it's Vince from school. Do you
remember me when I talked to you
in the hallway?"
Kelly looked up at Sandra and tried not to laugh.
"Yes I remember..."
"Is there something you wanted?
And how did you get my phone
Sandra nearly fell off of her bed from laughing.
"The phone book and I just wanted
to say hi to you. I think your
Kelly let out a short laugh.
"Why are you laughing? Am I not
good looking? I just wanted to
ask you out on a date."
"Oh,well um..."
She had to think of something. She couldn't go out with him,
he was weird.
"I'm sorry i'm dating someone
right now."
There was a long and uncomfortable silence.
"Ok well bye."


He hung up immediatly before she could respond.
"Wow that was a little weird
"I know! Who looks up people's
numbers in a phonebook anyway?"
"I think he is obsessed with you."
"No...I doubt it."
"Wow I can't believe he asked you
out on a date too."
"I did feel bad though. I had to
lie to him."
"Kelly seriously,people like that
don't need sympathy."
"How can you say that Sandra? Just
because we are cheerleaders
doesn't make us any better than
"Ok ok calm down I was kidding."
"Well I have to go home,it's
getting late. I have to study for
a science test too."
"See you tomarrow."
"Oh and try not to laugh when he
is around you. He seemed really
upset on the phone when I


Kelly sat on her bed and opened her science book to page
352. She began studying and writing down facts.
Donnie came into the room and switched off the light.
"Donnie you really need to grow
up. I'm trying to study!"
She got up and switched the light back on.
The phone rings.
"Is it possible for me to study?"
Annoyed she picks up the phone.
"Is Kelly there?"
She couldn't believe it...he had called her again. Maby he
was obsessed.
"It'd kind of late. What did you
"I just wanted to say hi and I
also wanted to know if we could be
She couldn't help but let out a small laugh again.
Before she could answer he had hung up.
Kelly hung up the phone not caring and remained studying.
The phone rang again.
Now she felt more angry than ever. She picked up the phone.
"What do you want?"
"Um,is this a bad time?"


"Oh i'm sorry Sandra. That Vincent
kid is annoying the hell out of
"Did he call you again?"
"Well anyway,I was going to ask if
you wanted to go to the movies
with us tomarrow. You know since
it is friday night."
"Who are you going with?"
"Me and Ronnie are going. We
wanted you to come as a double
date sort of thing."
"I have no one to go with right
now. I was thinking about asking
Jake Myers."
"Ask Vincent to go."
"Oh well haha. Seriously Sandra I
am going to ask Jake if he wants
to go.
"Go for it. He's cute,and he's on
the football team."
"Yeah I know,I wanted to ask him
last saturday."
"Well I have to go,my cell phone
is dying."
"Ok see you tomarrow."


She hung up and shut her science book.
Kelly made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. A sweet
smell overwhelmed her. There on the table sat a full plate
of eggs and a half a plate of bacon.
"You hungry dear?"
Kelly took a seat by Donnie and began reading the newspaper.
"Yeah this looks great."
"You want eggs or bacon or both?"
"Just eggs is fine."
"Oh your a great cook! Look at
Her father had entered the kicthen holding his crammed
"It's too bad I can't eat any of
"And why not?"
"Because they want me in early
He grabbed a piece of toast and left.
"Mom,did you know Cindy Mullens
got in a car accident?"
"Your kidding."


"Nope look page 2."
"Well that's too bad."
Kelly finished up her eggs and went to school."
Kelly could see Jake from a mile away. She knew that she
was sort of nervous.
"Well,go for it what are you
waiting on?"
She began walking up to him until she stood three feet from
him looking him into the eyes.
"Hey Jake,how are you?"
He smiled at her.
"I'm good,how are you?I haven't
seen you in awhile."
"I'm doing fine."
"We should hang out sometime."
Her heart beat faster and faster. She couldn't believe that
her had asked her.
"How about tonite?"
"Sounds good."
Kelly wanted to leap for joy at this point.
"Well,tonite me and my friend
Sandra and her boyfriend want to
go to the movies as a double


"Cool what time?"
"How is eight?"
"Ok i'll be there."
She smiled at him and left to walk with Sandra.
"We are going out now! Can you
believe it? He even asked me."
"I know! I'm so happy for you."
Suddenly a very pale face came around the corner from the
back end of the hallway. Kelly knew that it was Vincent.
"Look who's coming Kelly."
"I know don't remind me."
Kelly pretended to look the other way but Vincent showed up
right behind her.
"Hi Kelly."
She turned around and looked into his pale face which looked
both nervous and excited at the same time.
Suddenly Jake came around the corner.
"See you at the movies tonight."
He smiled at her and walked away.
Vincent looked angry as ever.
"I have to go."
Then he stormed off.


"What was that all about?"
"I don't really care,i'm getting
tired of it."
"Do you think he's obsessed?"
"Probably,I don't know."
"Well I have to go,see you
Kelly put her favorite jacket on and started downstairs
toward the front door. It was 7:35.
"Where are you going dear?"
"Oh i'm sorry,I forgot to tell
you. I'm going to the movies
tonight with some friends."
"Don't lie to me."
She started to smile.
"Why are you smiling mom?"
"Because! you got a boyfriend
don't you?"
Kelly started to smirk too.
"Yes I do. He's so cute too."
Suddenly a car stopped from outside and a door shut.
"Oh is that him?"


"Yes bye mom."
"You aren't even going to tell me
his name?"
Kelly yelled "Jake" and shut the door behind her.
His car was very warm and he had the radio up.
"You look nice tonight."
"Oh sorry."
He turned down the radio.
"I said that you look nice
"Oh thanks."
Jake pulled in to the parking lot.
Jake held her hand as they walked to the front doors.
As they got closer they noticed Sandra and Ronnie.
Kelly noticed Ronnie standing beside Sandra. He seemed
Sandra's face suddenly turned ice cold.


"Hey what's wrong?"
Sandra pointed and Kelly turned around.
Far out by the parking lot they noticed a very pale boy
coming closer and closer toward them.
"Are you kidding me? Let's go
"Why what's wrong?"
"Nothing let's go."
Kelly pushed on toward the door before VIncent could catch
up with them.
Inside the theater there was a cool draft which made Kelly
Jake looked at her with concern.
"You ok?"
"Yes im fine."
He took off his jacket and gave it to her.
She gave him a kiss and the lights dimmed and the movie
Kelly looked over at Sandra who looked bored.
She thought she heard them arguing for a second but she
payed no attention.


After the movies all four went to the parking lot. Sandra
looked upset and didn't speak to Donnie.
They where almost to the car when Vincent stopped them in
the middle of the parking lot.
"Hi kelly."
Kelly didn't know what to say or think. Jake looked
Vincent looked at Jake curiously.
"Who is this?"
Jake almost seemed to laugh.
"Vincent,what do you want?"
"I wanted to see how you where
"Listen man why don't you just
leave. She's with me."
Vincent's eyes flashed with anger.
His pale face seemed to glow to a bright red color.
"Why don't you shut up before I
tear you apart."
Jake laughed again and Donnie seemed to chime in also.
"I would really really like to see
With lightning speed Vincent pulled out a knife and drove it
deep into Jakes chest. Sandra screamed and Donnie grabbed
Vincent by the waist and dragged him down.
All Kelly could do was watch in horror as blood spattered
out of Jake's mouth.


Vincent was now wrestling with Donnie on the ground and
Donnie seemed to pin him down.
"Someone call 911,don't just stand
Sandra immediatly pulled out her cell phone and called 911.
Kelly made her way over to Jake.
His face began to go pale and his eyes which where once blue
seemed to be a dull gray now.
She couldn't help but cry by just staring at him. She wiped
the blood from his lips and the sides of his mouth.
"Help is coming! Don't worry!"
Vincent began to get the best of Donnie and pushed Donnie
off with such force that Kelly couldn't believe he had that
much power for being so tiny.
Donnie grabbed him by the waist again and spun him around.
Vincent took a swing at Donnie and missed by inches.
Donnie punched back with a blow knocking him on the ground.
He then jumped on Vincent pinning him down.
She leaned closer to his mouth and listened for breathing.
Kelly looked back at Jake who was now very pale. His white
T shirt was now stained with large ammounts of blood.
She listend hard and there where very shallow breaths.
Suddenly she heard Vincent roar with anger and swing at
Donnie's head knocking him out.
Vincent stood up and wiped the dirt from his cloths.
Suddenly Kelly heard the sirens.
Vincent took off running through the trees and out of sight.
Soon the ambulance came along with two police cars.
                       POLICE OFFICER
"What happend here?"


"He was stabbed! Hurry and help
                       POLICE OFFICER
"Please calm down,he is being
taken care of."
Kelly didn't realize that Jake and Donnie where both in the
ambulance already.
Kelly couldn't help but to keep crying. She looked at
Sandra who looked very scared and was asking the paramedic
questions about Donnie.
                       POLICE OFFICER
"Please tell me what happend
The other police officer was now getting out of the car and
observing the scene.
A large pool of blood sat where Jake was once at.
"I told you. We came out of the
movie and some guy came over here
and stabbed my boyfriend."
Kelly tried to remain calm but she couldn't help it.
                       POLICE OFFICER
"What is this boy's name?"
                       POLICE OFFICER
"Vincent what?"
"I don't know!"
The police officer seemed frusturated and walked off toward
the other police officer.
After a few minutes the police officer came over to her
                       POLICE OFFICER
"Where going to need you to come
down for questioning please."


Sandra came over and gave her a big hug.
"Listen,that freak is still out
there! You should probably try and
catch him before he hurts anyone
                       POLICE OFFICER
"Don't worry about that right now.
We are working it out."


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From Molly Date 4/18/2008 **1/2
I enjoyed it, but it sounds alot like the movie "Prom Night". I don't know if you wrote this script before or after it came out, but it sounds just like that movie's plot line.

From Brian Chidueme Date 6/30/2006 1/2
Take the quotation marks off.

From J.J Date 4/5/2006 0 stars
I'm sorry, but this is terrible. I suggest you read a real script on www.simplyscripts.com and learn how to write script.

From Kai Date 2/2/2006 *
i think you should be an author rather than a screenwriter...

From Primrose Date 12/30/2005 0 stars
It needs to be in the present tense. This reads like a novel???

From Kevin Hollinshead Date 12/19/2005 1/2
The dialogue was boring and generic, along with a lot of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. You are supposed to put stage direction in present tense. The ending felt very abrupt and the whole thing felt rushed. The concept is decent, but I don't think this screenplay capitalized on the idea to its full potential.

From Johann Warnholtz Date 12/4/2005 1/2
the dialogue is very un-realistic and a bit choppy. and you dont put the dialogue in quotation marks.

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