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In The Life (Pilot)
by Troy Zapata (simpleflame8@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
8 teens face everyday life events, overseas, with the military life. Troy, Christal, Callie, David, Cody, Brian, Lychelle, and Brad, live in Baumholder, an Army Base. This is there story.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Coach busses pull into the school parking lot already filled
with the cars of teachers and the principle.
When the busses stop in front of the school teenagers begin
to pour out in a frenzy just to get inside the orange and
white school. Surroundded by fence. 3 gates, one for the
buses to come in, the ohter for the teachers to come in, and
let the busses out. and a small one that the students can
walk through to get in and out of the fenced in school. As
the scene plays out, our 8 main characters start a VO.
                       TROY (VO)
Here we go, a new chapeter in my
                       CHRISTAL (VO)
Oh my God I just want to scream,
no more school please!
                       DAVID (VO)
Another year here in old
Baumholder Germany. Great.
                       LYCHELLE (VO)
Senior! Yes this is it! One more
                       CALLIE (VO)
Are you ready Baumholder American
High for the best southern thing
to happen since a peach tree was
                       BRIAN (VO)
Who ever said change was simple,
well they just weren't me!
                       CODY (VO)
Great another school, damn the
                       BRAD (VO)
Oh yeah! Football, Basketball,
Soccer here i come!
Fade into opening credits.


                       TROY (VO)
Ok first day of school! No biggy I
mean I alrady have an awesome
seminar teacher! Only thing is
having to wait to see whose in it
with me. Yeah thats my life.
Waiting! Yeah Right!
Diolouge will VO as the following scene is set.
The playhouse has a front lobby, passed that its a stage
with rows of seats for people to watch the school plays.
On the side of the theater is a class room filled with desks
for students of Mrs. Rudd.
The room is decoreated with comic strips and a chalk board,
computer and shelfs full of plays, videos and history books.
The lights are on in the Lobby and Classroom, Lights off in
the Theater.
Troy walks through the Lobby and theater and enter through
the door of the side classroom and stares out into the room.
Wow, not much has changed since
last year.
                       TROY (VO)
No, nothing much at all. Well I've
only been here for a few months
Troy wonders through the rows up and down, then decides to
sit in the front row.
As Troy sits Mrs. Rudd enters through the door wearing a
bright purple top and black skirt, holding a pile of binders
and papers.
                       MRS. RUDD
Good morning Mr. Zapata, I see we
will be having seminar this year
Yup, looks like it. So who else is
in this seminar this year?
Scene cuts to David Bryan walking into the pplay house. As
he VO's...


                       DAVID (VO)
Hmmmm, Laaa, ok, so I'll just walk
in and say like yo to ever is in
this room. But why am I in the
Playhouse? I dont do Drama. Oh
well, might be fun in here.
David walks in. David is taller that Troy and thin too.
Hey T-rizzle!
Hey it's David!
Cool, we're in the same seminar
this year!
                       MRS. RUDD
Good morning David.
Good Morning Mrs. Rudd!
David sits.
Other Students Start to enter through the door TALKING and
start to fill the seats. One of them is Lychelle. She is a
fairly average hight girl. Tan skin and long shinny black
hair. David begins another VO
                       DAVID (VO)
Doesn't seem to bad, Troy's here,
and a few cool other people. I
wonder what Hayley is doing right
Hey man can you belive this our
junior year?
I know right. We only have two
years left in high school. Hey
your dad left in the last
deployment right? So he won't be
going soon again?
                       TROY (VO)
Right, that again! God, the army
and it's ways!


Yeah, he left like three weeks
after we got here. He was also the
last group for Baumholder to come
home. That was like in August.
Lychelle enters un-noticed.
At least hes home now right? Thats
all that matters.
I know, but they said that they
might deploy again, and if he
goes, he won't be here for
Other students start to file in.
                       LYCHELLE (VO)
Ok, not to bad! Just gonna sit
here and be cool, like chillax! So
yea, Senior year starts here. With
Mrs. Rudd! Not to shabby! Seiously
could be worse!
                       MRS. RUDD
      (To Class)
Ok, now that everyone is here,
I'll go ahead and get started.
Some of you I have had before,
others I have never seen before!
But we will get to know eachother.
I'm Mrs. Rudd for those of you who
dont know. I will be teaching
Drama and A.P. U.S. history. Now
since we are out here away from
the school, we will not do fire
drills because well if they are on
fire, we will be fine. Also, I
understand that your lockers are
far out and so are your classes.
So i will give you the benifit of
the doubt, when you are coming
here, I will be waiting out by my
door and if the bell rings and I
see you running accross the street
I will not count you tardy. But
when I get in this room, and you
are not in here, then you are
tardy. So I'll pass out yall's
scheduals. If there are any
problems you need to go see the


                       MRS. RUDD (cont'd)
counsler soon, because if you
don't, well sorry but you will be
CALLS out names of the students and they RESPOND and she
passes the students there scheduales.
                       MRS. RUDD
David, Lychelle, Alex, Samantha,
Troy, Guy, and Stephen.
Wow, this is crazy, I got both my
A.P. classes back to back!
Same here, ugh its Mauldin for
Never had him.
Lucky, Oh my God he was a pain
last year in A.P. english.
Thats what I heard. Some of us had
him our freshmen year too.
                       MRS. RUDD
Ok, well its going to be about 10
minutes before the bell rings to
let you guys go, so just stay in
your seats and talk. But don't get
too loud!
So, this looks like a good
So how was everyone's summer?
Great! I got to go to Texas and
see my girlfriend Hayley. Its been
Six months since we have seen
eachother till I went down there!


                       DAVID (cont'd)
It was awesome!
Well I spent mine with Lj, oh by
the way tomorrow hes flying out to
Fort Hood in Texas!
Thats right! How are you taking
I'm ok, a little sad cause i mean
its my best friend! Hes like my
little brother! But hes not here
today cause he didn't see a point
in coming today so he spent the
day with Ashley from work.
                       TROY (VO)
Truth is, I can't stand the fact
that the one person i met here who
actually helped the most and means
alot to me has to leave!
He better come to say bye!
He will, he said he would come at
the end of the day.
Well I'm sorry hes leaving and you
will be ok!
Yeah I know, I'll be ok. I'll be
spending the rest of the night
with him tonight till he leaves.
Well you still have me! Your
buddy, Lj is just your other
Thats true. But you know what I
mean David.


Yes I know, I was just saying that
cause of that one day last year
when I said i was your buddy and
that L.J. was your other buddy!
I remember cause Paul was my other
Do we have any classes this year
                       LYCHELLE (VO)
Hes, sweet, really, some classes
would be awesome! But hey i can
only handle so much of this guy!
      (Takes her
Let me see... Oh hey we got M.U.N
and Video Com. together!
Aw c'mon its not that bad, I'm a
good guy! Well then again you did
turn me down last year!
                       LYCHELLE (VO)
What?! Oh my God, will you just
let go, it was last year!
Wow, wait a minute, you asked her
out? How come I didn't know that?
I thought I told you. Let me paint
you a little picture.
      (Sits Up)
All right, last year when I got
here around December I asked out
Cassie to Homecoming and she told
me it was her and Lychelle, a two
for one deal.


That was her idea not mine, you
can't blame me for that one!
Ok, anyway, last slow dance of the
night I dance it with Lychelle and
I ask her if she will go out with
                       LYCHELLE (VO)
Great hes going to make me sound
like the Bitch!
Silent Pause intrupted by Sam.
She starts laughing at me and says
Class reacts with a sympathetic awe.
Poor Troy, its ok we still like
It wasn't like that! I didn't
laugh at you, it was the
Yeah you did, I remember it cause
that was my 1st rejection! It all
went down hill after that!
What do you mean down hill?
Bell rings to end the class. All exit except for Troy and
      (As students leave)
I'll tell you about it someother


I want to know... oh you mean...
ok nevermind I gotcha! Oh man you
might actually get to meet Callie
cause she has History now with us!
Cool, she better be as great as
you set her up to be!
Cut to Playhouse Lobby
Christal walks into the Playhouse lobby has she starts her
                       CHRISTAL (VO)
Ahhh! Two AP classes back to back!
How am I supposed to do this?
Espicially with Mauldin! Rudd no
problem, its the other one! Ewww!
At this point Christal walks in. She is a little on the
short side and has long black hair.
      (Walking In)
Troy!! David!! Oh my God, i can't
belive my classes this year!
I know, this is crazy, theses two
AP classes back to back!
Christal crosses to sit.
So David is Callie going to be in
this class with us?
David is about to answer when Callie walks in. Callie is a
short little southern girl. Short brown hair.
Doth my ears decive me? I heard my
So this is Callie. Well I'm Troy.


I'm Christal, you know the cute
one! Just kidding.
So, these are all the people David
couldnt stop talking about. Well I
can't really see why.
Ouch, ok. Oh You're kidding! Well
any ways so where are you from?
Somewhere over the rainbow! From a
place called South Carolina. Im
very southern! Hmmm just think
about that sweet iced tea!
See isn't she awesome, I told
Hayley about her and they hit it
off right away.
Emily ent.
Hey everyone.
      (very happy)
Hi Emily! How was your summer?
                       MRS. RUDD
      (Walking in)
Ok, looks like this is going to be
a very small group.
                       TROY (VO)
Krystal Jones runs in late.
Sorry sorry! I was caught in the
office for my classes.
                       MRS. RUDD
It's ok, just take your seat. Ok
well this is APUSH, get it? Ok any
way, well since we had our meeting
in the summer how many of yall
have actually read all the


                       MRS. RUDD (cont'd)
chapters I asked you to do?
      (No one raises
Well at least you all did the 3
essays right? I got the 2 from
email and you know the 3rd one is
due today. So I'll hand back your
other ones as you turn in this
This is going to be a crazy year.
The hall is covered with tan colored lockers smaller than
the rest of the high school. The light seems brighter here
cause the windows face the sun most of the day and the floor
is also a lighter color then the high school side. The bell
rings to signal the switch to 3rd period. The little kids
rush out in a frenzy.
Brian walks out with his head down not looking to happy
while some kids push past him. Brian is a little boy, pretty
thin and as just changed his stlye to a prep. He is
approached by Michelle.
                       BRIAN (VO)
Great, why? Who the hell cares
what I do? Why does it matter to
everyone that i changed over the
summer? Not many of them were my
real friends to begin with! God!
So why the big change!? What
happened to being Gangsta!?
Just leave me alone Michelle, I
dont need this right now I got it
all 1st and 2nd period!
Just tell me why.
Why so you can make even more fun
of me? This is who I am now! I
feel like myself when I act like
this only its not acting ok! So


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
just mind your own business for a
change and piss of!
      (Spots Cody
       looking at him)
What are you looking at?
      (To himself)
Stupid kid.
                       CODY (VO)
Wow, hopefully everyone is not
like him.
Brain speeds up his walk to get to his 3rd period class
bumping Cody in the shoulder. Cody is a little tall for his
age. Hes very thin and has blone short hair.
Um, hi can you help me find my
next class?
Yeah, oh you have to walk around
the corner and drop dead. Ok?
Michelle leaves and Cody just looks around lost as the kids
file into their classes. Kiersten walks up to him.
Hey are you new here?
Well my name is Kiersten. Do you
need some help finding your class?
Um, yes.
Let me see, oh man you got math
with me this period. C'mon I'll
take you. What was your name by
the way?


The highschoolers have lunch while the Middle School has 3rd
period. Troy and Christal are the only two in the hall right
      (Leaning on window
So what do you think of the new
      (Opening lunch)
Callie? Well is it just me or does
she seem a little to much like
I know! I didnt want to say any
thing cause I didnt want to sound
weird but she does. I mean did you
see them in History? They were
laughing at things that we had no
idea what they were talking about
and that is usually what David
does! None of us ever got it but
it seems like she does!
Yeah, i was like wow! So where are
they right now any way?
I think David said somthing about
taking her to the lunch room to
meet some people. Is it to far
fetched to say they should go out?
Well I wouldnt be surprised at
this point, they did spend a lot
of time together in the summer in
Switzerland. But David goes out
with Hayley.
She lives in Texas! The 1st time
he saw her since they have been
going out was this summer after


      (Walking up)
Hey guys! Sorry i had to go to the
lunch room to get some food.
      (To Emily)
What do you think about Callie?
They go out right?
No, he goes out with Hayley.
But I thought she was in Texas?
She is, thats why I think that
David and Callie might have
Well, it would be good for him. So
where's Lj?
Out with Ashley today, still cant
belive hes leaving.
Its going to be ok. What do you
guys think of Mauldin?
All that reading? Well he seems
pretty cool, I mean he tried way
to hard to get us to laugh, but I
think he will be an ok teacher
this year.
Oh oh! Look look!
      (Pulls out picture)
This is Zach, hes my new
Christal shots a look of sympathy to Troy, who dosent look
to happy about this new boyfriend.
                       TROY (VO)
Boyfriend?! Boyfriend?! What?


Wow, hes cute! You met him in the
Yeah, I cant get enough of him hes
just soo ah! and he plays guitar!
hmmm just so wow!
Troy gets down from window sill trying not to make eye
I have to go to the bathroom Ill
be back.
Troy leaves.
Is he ok?
Yeah. So tell me about him.
Ok, oh Christal you wouldn't
belive how awesome this guy is.
He's in a band and he plays the
guitar for them. He lives near my
dad, so when I was there to visit
him i met him. Turns out we went
to kindergarden together. He is
the one who remebered me. So we
would hang out and well it just
Sounds just like a movie. When am
I going to meet a guy like that?
Like just a good guy. I'm not to
worried though, not like Krystal!
I've got to many Ap classes this
Oh I know! But see thats what
makes it even better that he is in
the states. But I do miss him! I
can't just see him when I want
either! Why can't there be someone
like him but here?
Troy comes up behind her.


I'm back.
The tables have been set out in the gym, the school uses one
side of the Gym as a lunch room. Students always hang off
the rims from the basketball hoops. The noise is very high
and its like you almost have to shout just to get urself
Brad is sittin at a table with some friends. He is a tall
guy built very well. Dirty blonde hair.
Ok ok ok, well I broke up with her
cause man she was just too wierd!
Well at least its not your fault.
I know, can you belive she had the
nerve to come up to me when school
let out last year to ask me if we
could take a break because she
would be in the states?
Thats stupid man. No wonder you
ended it.
Brad just had to cut off the fat.
But you have to admit you going
out with here kinda put a lable on
you cause lets face it, she wasnt
the most attractive girl.
I know, I've been getting all
these looks from people cause I
went out with her. But hey I was
just a stupid freshman last year
what did I know? Besides I can
have any girl i wanted. I'm sexy
and everyone knows that! You know
i could probably get some tonight
if I really wanted it!
David and Callie walk over to Brad.


Hay B-Rad, this is Callie shes new
Hi, nice to meet you. David you
going to be at football practice?
Honey, this boy needs to practice,
Shes just kidding but yea man I'll
be there! This is James and Kevin.
Oh, Hi to you too! Much love for
this school! Plus I love the way
you turned this MPR into a lunch
room! Fabulous!
Thanks. So are you in the same
class as David?
Yup! 06 were the shi-
Well we better be going! Talk to
you guys later!
David and Callie Leave
I know, they seem perfect for
eachother. If only he wasnt going
out with Hayley!
If he dosent see it soon hes going
to be pulling somthing like you!
What are you talking about?


Where your going out with somone
who you shouldnt be with, when
somone so good is willing to!
Man if you're talking about
Tiffany, no just cause she likes
me dosent mean I like her!
Cmon man at least think about it!
Shes athletic, smart, pretty-
      (Getting up)
And not to mention obsessed with
me! Im sorry guys im going to play
the field as long as I feel like!
As Brad goes to throw away his trash Lychelle walks past him
talking to Liz.
God, Liz we are Seniors!! Can you
belive it!?
I know, we made it!
The two of them are now walking out of the gym to an open
area that leads to the school, they will enter a door that
is straight ahead and enter the downstairs floor of the
school since it is built on a hill.
      (While Walking)
Its about time too, but I cant
help but miss Andrew, we never
really did leave on a good note
last year.
But hey he was an ass sometimes,
but you will find somone new! Look
at the good points we are about to
be in the senior hall!
Please I've been there since last
year! But that was with Andrew.


Its going to be fine. I'm sure hes
thinking about you right now!
                       LYCHELLE (VO)
Right. He's in college, im just
here in Baumholder.
They enter into the door.
Now the room is filled with all the Middle schoolers who are
ready for lunch. The noise seems to be louder then the
Highschoolers but kids are not hanging off the rims. Brian
is walking around with his tray looking for a place to sit.
                       BRIAN (VO)
No where to go, old friends don't
even look at me. Feels like the
start of a new school year at a
new school. I thought establishing
myself last year would of been
enough to hold a status i guess
He looks around and notices that there is no where in his
old crowd that he can sit, so he wanders over to see if he
can sit with Michelle.
Look I'm sorry about what I said
earlyer but can I sit here?
Yeah I dont care.
Still, its not you thats the
problem. Its those guys!
Cody walks in with just a quick glance around.
Hey did you see the new guy?
The skinny guy with blonde hair?
Yeah, he is kinda weird. Dosent
talk to much but looks kinda cute.


Thats sick, look at him hes just
too skinny.
                       CODY (VO)
Not even gonna try.
Cody Ext.
Wonder what his problem is. So
honestly what do you guys think of
the new me?
Its better then the gangster look
cause now you've got the long hair
and well nice clothes.
I agree, plus you dont act like a
jerk like you did last year, I
dont see why you have been getting
alot of crap about it you look
Well its all my old friends. They
got really mad at me saying I was
turning white on them! Hello I'am
white,I dunno who I was kidding
last year when I dressed like
that. I guess I was just trying to
impress somone with somone I
wasnt. But now I feel like me and
I lost all my old friends cause
they dont accept me for who I'am.
Well you will still have us.
Yeah I know but still you know its
hard to just lose friends
especcially since its cause who
you are.
School is now out for all students and they all come out
usually by this side door unless they are ridding the bus
home. The street is inbetween the school and playhouse where
Mrs. Rudd teachers her classes.


Troy and Christal walk out in a pair, through the crowd.
Can you belive Emily got a
Look at these classes can you
belive we have our hard ones all
in the same day!
I mean she had just broke up with
Glen and now shes got Zach! I mean
honestly can a guy catch a break?
Well, next time you might just
need to watch out for any signs
cause with him being in the states
I don't see this lasting long.
Hopefully I can see it this time
and not be shocked that shes going
out with somone else before I know
it! I need to wait here for L.J
cause he said he was coming here
after school.
Aww, L.J. i forgot he leaves
tomorrow. Thats going to suck not
having him here. Well I guess this
is your last chance to tell him.
Yeah, about that, I'm still not
sure if thats the best thing to do
right now.
No! Troy you have to do it
tonight! If you dont you're going
to regret not ever telling him and
then never knowing how hes going
to take it.
I dunno do I really want to know
what hes going to do? Cause I told
you what he said he would of done
to his uncle!


Well, I know, but your his best
friend! He won't kill you if he
had to chose somone to kill other
then himself.
Yeah, but still, do I want to ruin
all that we have made? Anyways he
leaves at 4 in the morning and im
going to stay with him till
then.But the only thing that sucks
is that i have to work tomorrow
after school! All on 2 hours of
I have to work too, God this is
going to be like mad hard! I'll
talk to you later cause i have to
get to work! Tell him!
Yeah bye!
                       CHRISTAL (VO)
Poor Troy, but he needs to tell
him. It will only help him get
through it all.
Troy stand out by the gate of the playhouse as Brian passes
alone on his way home. Cody comes out of the building looks
around and starts to walk towards Troy. On his way over he
gets intercepted by Ramey.
                       CODY (VO)
Ok I did it! One day down, 179 to
Hey! You're new here right? Im
                       CODY (Vo)
Is he talking to me? no why would
he. Just say something.
Cody. Uh yeah I'm new.


Well where do you live? Cause I
live here, down the street in
Yeah me too.
Great walk with me! So where are
you from? Im from Arkansas!
                       CODY (VO)
Hey look at me, I met someone!
Troy watches as Cody and Ramey pass by. Troy looks back at
the school when Lj comes up from behind him.
                       TROY (VO)
God how do I do this? How do I
tell him? He said he would kill
his uncle for the exact same
reason! I just tell him to his
Hey buddy!
Hey! How was your day man?
Man it was great! Me and Ash just
walked around base and I took her
to our spot behind the Shoppette
and talked. We took alot of
pictures at work. Man I'm going to
miss her, and sucks that she
dosent date younger. I mean I
talked to her and she said that if
I were older she would date me!
Shes only 18 im 15!
Thats illegal man! Ha, well c'mon
I told people you would say bye to


This is the locker room where the football players are
getting ready for their practice. David is in there along
with Brad.
                       DAVID (VO)
Yay for everyone liking Callie.
So David, this Callie girl. Are
you gonna go for it with her,
cause you too seem really good for
What are you talking about! Shes
really nice but I can't date her.
Yeah you can all you gotta do is
dump that Hayley chick. Then you
can ask her out.
Brad its not even like that, cause
shes the best girl I have as a
friend right now and why ruin
If you have the potential to get
Is that all you think about?
Yeah! Look at me who could resist
this sexy body?
I can! But I'm sure that Tiffany
Aw c'mon not you too? I dont like
her! shes just so, I dunno weird
and she tries to hard to show that
she likes me!


So? If she shows it this much dont
you think that you should at least
give her a chance?
      (Grabs helemt,
       starts heading
       out locker room)
When you do that I'll ask out
I thought you weren't going to ask
out Callie!
As David walks out from the locker room to the gym he heads
out the doors to the outside area that connects the gym to
the school again. He spots Lj and Troy heading over.
                       DAVID (VO)
Ha I know he will never ask out
Tiffany so I have nothint to worry
      (Does in deep
Well if it isn't my
D-Dog! just coming here to say
David makes a big grab around Lj making this scene more
comic then sentemental.
Well, man its been great getting
to know you and I'll miss you man.
      (Pretending to Cry)
Well I'll miss you to man! I'll
cya at the reunion! Sike we arent
even in the same class! Ha!
Ha, yea, so whats this I hear
about you and this Callie girl?


What? How did you hear about that?
Well that would be me. I explained
everything to him on our way over
What, so what your saying is that
somone who dosent even know her
thinks so, and Troy you do to?
Well yea think about it David,
shes here and Hayley isnt, but
then again you guys seem to be
good friends aswell.
Well thats all I want. Cause I
have a girlfriend who I love! So
I'm happy the way I'am. Thank you
very much.
Ok David well as long as you're
happy I guess everyone here will
be too. I'm leaving though gotta
go say by to some others too. Take
care of your self man! Write me!
Ramey and Cody walking home. They are along the street that
Ramey lives on.
So then this is where I live.
Where exactly from here do you
Well uh from here I live the
street down.
Cody makes an attempt to leave.
Wait! Dont you wanna hang out or
somthing? Its not like you have
friends right now and I don't have


                       RAMEY (cont'd)
much to do this afternoon.
I prolly should tell my parents if
im going to go out. You do know
what grade I'm in right?
No but thats only a number so what
does it matter. Here I'll come by
and get you. Actually meet me here
in about half an hour. ok?
Um, ok.
                       CODY (VO)
He's a little weird.
Troy and Lj have just come out of the side gate to the
school and are getting ready to head out for a walk to
troy's house which they will walk through Wetzel and reach
Champion Village go though the base gate.
Here goes our last walk to my
Yeah, Baumholder is the kinda
place you know that I'm going to
miss when I leave but can't wait
to get out of here!
I'm going to miss you! Oh man do
you remember all our good times.
Especially just walking around!
Oh yeah! Remember all the improve
situations we would make up! Ha,
you wanna try one right now?
Yeah, ok well you set everything
up for us and I'll start.


Ok, umm lets see. Ok we are in
Chicago. The less industrial area,
and we are best friends walking
around and you live with me but
your from Maryland!
Wow, man this is crazy, just 2
weeks ago I was in such a
depressing place.
I know, but hey you know its you
who got us to this point.
What do you mean? You know me and
my mom have been having problems!
Yeah man I know but still there
are a lot of better ways you could
of handled the situation!
Dude don't even go there its not
that easy to get out of that!
You stabed your mom!
      (Stops Acting)
What? I did what? Why did I stab
my mom?
Aw man you broke character!
I know, its cause I didn't expect
you to be saying I would stab my


I know I didn't know either it
just came out and I wasn't even
sure I said it right!
Well at least we made it to the
gate and just gotta walk downtown
and get to my house for a while.
Its just so weird that this is it
for us walking home from the
Dude stop saying that!
                       TROY (VO)
I can't, i can't even accept the
fact that your leaving...
Cody is standing in the intersection where he was with Ramey
when he told him he would be back. The sun is starting to
fade but the kids are still out running around after the 1st
day of school. Cody decides to sit on the curb and wait for
Ramey. Who shows up just as Cody takes a seat.
      (Getting up)
Hey are you ready to go?
Where are we going?
Not to far we are going to stay
here in the base but its over
there at the slide.
They start to walk towards the near by slide known as the
Wetzel slide. It starts at a top of a hill and continues
downwards along the hill. The slide is about 10 meters long,
but it twists on its way down.
So where did you move here from?


I came from Gerogia. You?
Originaly I came from Arkansas,
but ive been here for about 2
years now. I like here all the
while i hate it here too. My best
friend moved in the middle of last
year, he was like the closest guy
friend I have ever had.
Well that sucks. I really haven't
had any best friends before. Just
Well now thats just sad. Well this
is the slide that some people hang
out on. Do you see that area down
the hill in all those trees? Thats
where all the smokers and drinkers
go to well you know smoke and
Dont they get caught?
No cause cars cant go down there
and well here in Germany the legal
drinking age is like 14 and there
are tons of smoking machines all
over the place that all you have
to do is put money in and u get a
pack. No I.D. or anything.
So do you smoke?
No, I have tried it but nothing
else. I drink everynow and then
but I don't go binge every
Well, I don't either and I haven't
tried either. Ive always wanted to
but never really got around to it.


Well you are with me now so thats
all goning to change.
Ok, um I better get going.
Ok meet me here tomorrow morning
and I'll walk with you to school
Sure, I guess.
Before Cody could answer Ramey takes off running and leaves
Cody just standing there.
Brian's room is a good sized room being an only child living
in Champion Village. Its pretty bare, the walls only have
few pictures on the wall. His bed and desk are the only
major things in his room, and a closet. The room is lit by
the main light as he is sitting on the floor on the phone
talking to Keirsten.
Do you honestly think its ok?
                       KIERSTEN (VO)
Really Brian its ok. There really
isnt anything wrong with the new
I wish other people felt the same
about it. Why are people so
worried about what I'm doing?
                       KIERSTEN (VO)
Its only because its such a huge
change from last year. But look
dont worry about them. Why do you
care what they think? If they were
really your friends they wouldnt
be acting like this towards you.
All they care about is what people
will think of them espesially
since you changed they think its
going to hurt their gangsta image!


But now I have to go and
reconstruct a new set of friends.
                       KIERSTEN (VO)
Look you still have me! And I'm
sure Michelle is still your
Yeah, but still, I'm glad you guys
are still here for me, its just I
                       KIERSTEN (VO)
Look, what about any of the new
kids. They need friends too, and
they are new so you guys are
pretty much in the same boat.
Look, how about that Cody kid?
Oh my god! Dont even go there. Hes
just got some problems he needs to
work out, like staring!
                       KIERSTEN (VO)
Brian come on hes new he dosent
know any better, He was just
trying to figure out what was
going on with Michelle and you
yelling at each other.
Are you defending him?
                       KIERSTEN (VO)
Well I'm just saying don't be so
harsh on him. Plus hes kinda cute.
What? I cant belive this! You know
what you go for it ok!
                       KIERSTEN (VO)
Brian I didnt say anything about
going out with him!
Just forget it ok just im going to
      (Hangs Up)
God, shes already all over the


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
guy! Whats so special about him?
Brian out to his living room and sits on the sofa with his
I dont like this year so far.
Well whats wrong with it right
now? It is only the 1st day. Im
sure tomorrow will be better.
I dunno mom, I don't have many of
my friends again from last year
and well Kiersten likes the new
guy Cody. She still has no idea
that I like her!
Look honey its going to be ok. Im
sure if you just tell her how you
feel she might not react as bad as
you think and who knows she might
even not do anything about Cody.
I dunno maybe, just have to find
out tomorrow.
Burger King is where Christal works and the dinner rush has
been really slow for this night. All the kids are back at
home working on their 1st assignments for the next day.
Christal is behind the counter just standing there looking
out to the emtpy restuant as beeping sounds come from the
                       CHRISTAL (Vo)
Wow, this is so boring. Why do I
even have to be here. There is
like no one here and I'm doing
absolutly nothing. The place is
clean, the food is just sitting
there waiting for anybody to walk
in. God, why me? Why all this
stupid stuff. Seriously! Ok maybe
if I talk to my boss he might let
me go he has Jamieka and Tyson
still and if no one comes in they


                       CHRISTAL (cont'd)
can be out of here by like 9 its
only 6, wow and its drak outside!
I hate Germany when it gets dark
so early! Hmm why am I talking to
my self?
Her cell phone rings.
      (Into phone)
Hello? Oh Hi Krystal! Whats up?
What are you serious? Cmon its
going to be ok. You're not going
to be alone forever. Look at it
this way it was just the 1st day
of school. There were alot of new
guys there today and they will be
there tomorrow. Im sure you will
have a chance with them once its
time. I mean cmon we are managing
the football team. We are around
guys all the time. We get to see
them all sweaty and hot and be the
ones to give them thier towels!
Tell me that dosent make you
smile. You see! Well look girl I
need to go cause im going to try
to see if i can get off work early
so I can go home and do some Ap
work for Mrs. Rudd. Ill talk to
you tomorrow! Bye.
Christal hangs up her phone and starts to walk to the back
room where her boss is sitting playing a game on the
Sir? Since its really slow right
now and dosent look like its going
to pick up any time soon...
                       C. BOSS
      (Jumping In)
Nope, you are going to stay just
like everyone else! Go and stand
up there and wait if you have to.
Why not clean something while you
Christal leaves the room stomping her feet and goes and lays
her head on the register trying not to blow up or even watch
if there are any customers.


                       CHRISTAL (VO)
I swear if I wasnt getting 8.50 an
hour I would be so gone right now!
The food court is a place where 3 places to eat are in one
buidling. This one on the military base has the 3 places
that have a contract with AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange
Services). Those are Popeyes, Baskin Robbins, and Taco Bell.
Callie and David are here because they decided to walk home
from school but the two live far outside Baumholder and are
now just sitting waiting for Davids mom to show up so she
can take them home which is about a 30 min drive. They have
just finished eating and are now just talking.
Kinda sucks that we have to wait
to get picked up to go home.
Its totally fine with me right
now! A little price to pay for
living so far out, but we dont
have to be involved in all the
drama! Sweetness i think!
So what did you actually think of
the 1st the day?
It was fabulous darling! I got to
meet all the people you were
talking about all summer! Granted
they said we should go out! But
what do them high school kids
Yeah, they just saw a new girl
here and well you know what its
all like. Its just high school! So
you what do you think about them
all and the school?
Its marvelous! The people are
little quarky, well compared to
Cambden! I mean it was more of a
southern place but still. The
school is alot smaller then i
thought it would be. What the


                       CALLIE (cont'd)
graduating class of 2005 has about
34 people?
YEAH! I mean seriuosly we aren't
that big of a school. We just get
people from around the areas.
The rest of the scene is all done as a voice over as images
of all the people Callie and David talk about are shown as
what they are doing at that exact moment.
Troy is sitting in the living room of his house watching tv
with LJ.
                       CALLIE (VO)
Well see like i said a small
school. That Troy kid seems a
little off. Is there somthing more
to him then he lets out.
                       DAVID (VO)
Not that I know of. He's just
Troy. He moved here last year
around December. Dad left for Iraq
soon after in January.
Christal is sitting at the register in BK.
                       CALLIE (VO)
Ok, ok. Hm what about Christal?
                       DAVID (VO)
Well Christal came in around our
8th grade year. She lives with her
step-dad, I'm not sure if he was
deployed or not this time around.
Brad is laying on his bed throwing a football in the air.
                       CALLIE (VO)
Who was that Brad guy you took me
to during lunch?
                       DAVID (VO)
Ha, B-rad. Well hes on the
football team. His dad went last
time to Iraq and well his dad is
an officer so hes got the money.


                       CALLIE (VO)
God, them people, but hey I can't
really talk im a preacher's kid!
So anyway i see we are mixed
together with the Middle School.
We see Cody doing homework and Brian sitting with his mom.
Go back to the food court.
Yea thats just the way they made
the school. But hey at least your
here now and thats all that
matters right? A new begining.
Brad's room is pretty small. It doesn't have a whole lot in
it. There is a bed and a dresser, a closet, and some weights
on the floor. Brad is laying on his bed throwing a ball up
in the air.
                       MRS. LANE
      (in other room)
Brad! The phones for you. Some
girl named Tiffany said she needs
to talk to you about school.
Mom, tell her I'm asleep already!
Why can't she just leave me alone.
I've given her enough hints. Maybe
shes just so dumb to realize that
she makes me so annoyed. Oh well,
she should get over it. But then
again who could get over this sexy
boy? Huh? Thats right no one!
He throws the ball in the closet.
Lychelle's room she has alot of bright colors. Flowers and
pictures of friends all over the wall. Guys from magazines
she cut out and taped up. Right now she is working on some
college applications.


                       LYCHELLE (VO)
God, this stuff is so long and
boring. Why even go to college?
Because I need to grow up! Yea
whatever! Lets see, full name.
The phone rings next to her on the desk. She answers it.
      (Into Phone)
                       LIZ (VO)
Hey Chelly! Whats up?
Not to much. Just working on these
stupid college papers. I mean like
they really want to know alot
about you. Why do they need to
know year I graduated from
                       LIZ (VO)
Well they just want to make sure
they are getting smart people I
guess. Anyways, so whats it feel
                       LIZ (VO)
Don't play dumb with me! We are
Oh, that, yea I know!
                       LIZ (VO)
Well then whats wrong?
Well, this is it. It's our final
year. No more always being able to
go home when you feel sick.
Especcialy not here cause I'll be
applying to California and well my
family will still be here in
Germany! God, stupid army! Well
I'm at least glad my dad dosen't
work for the military and is just
a civilan job. Cause if he were in
the army I would not be able to


                       LYCHELLE (cont'd)
handle it! But besides that, I
dont want to go away from home
yet! I want to stay here where all
the things are the same. Its small
tiny Baumholder! I know I say I
hate it alot but really I don't
want to leave!
I want to see Andrew.
Troy's living room is set up with the dinning room in the
same room. A computer desk at the far end of the room. The
dinning table is near the computer. The living room has a
couch, a lounge chair, and a love seat. An entertainment
unit with a t.v. in the center of the wall with all the
chairs facing it. Troy's mom has a thing for bears. She has
bears of all kinds, especially a shelf full of bear
figurines. Troy and L.j. are sitting the the room talking.
Well, can you belive that this is
our last night?
Yeah, I know. Just seems weird.
Plus this night will end in a few
minutes, it's almost 12. But yeah,
so are you ready to get back to
school this year?
Yeah, cause last year I got here
in the halfway point. So now i get
to start off new. Today went
really well too. Its going to be
weird without you though. Because
of you I know all that I do about
Dude, shut up! C'mon we need to
get back to my house. That way I
can finish up and we can talk our
last walk, or do our last walk
talk, or-
I know what you are talking about.
Lets go.


Troy and L.j. will walk from Troy's Buliding and head down
to L.j.'s house which is down the hill from Troy's.
The last walk.
Dude are you going to do that the
entire time?
Well, no its just I dunno it's
hard to think that you won't be
here any more. Man do you remember
all of what we did?
Yes, like when we would just leave
your house and walk to the
shoppette and spend hours just
looking in that small little
Do you remember that one time we
sat outside the Burger King and
just did improv?
Yeah! It was so much fun. Do you
remeber that castle? With that
dead girl in the walls?
Oh yeah! We tried to scare Tristan
and them. Hey do you remember when
we kept telling James that his
doll would come to life?
Dude! He was so scared! Man good
times. Oh what are you going to do
about Emily?
Emily. I dunno man cause well I
thought this year would be the
year we get to hook up, but now
shes with this guy named Zach.
PLus she dosen't even know that I


                       TROY (cont'd)
like her at all.
Make her know! Dude she is never
going to know that you like her if
you never tell her! If thats one
thing you can do for me while I'm
gone, it's that!
I'll try. Look L.j. theres
somthing I need to tell you.
Ok what is it?
Uh I'm going to wait till you are
about to leave.
What? Then why did you tell me
that you had something to tell me
if your not going to tell me till
Cause, if I forget then well you
will remember and I'll tell you.
They reach Lj.s house which looks on the outside like
Man, fine. Are you going to come
                       TROY (VO)
Don't have a choice any more. This
is it. When I come back down
everything could be different.
Everything can change. Lets go.
Lj is finishing up with his room, putting things in bags
that he will be taking with him.
So the rest of your stuff will go
back with your dad?


Yeah. I'm just packing what I will
need when me and my mom get there.
I still can't belive that your mom
is really leaving your dad. I mean
we both know how it's been since
he you know did what he did.
I know. But still, hes the only
dad i know. My real dad left
before I was born. So for the last
15 years I've only known this guy.
At least I thought I knew him. I
thought he would never cheat on my
mom, let alone get someone else
pregnate and go with her before
telling us. But hey I'm proud of
my mom for getting us out of this.
Sure I will miss all my friends,
but I'll be away from all this
other drama with my parents.
I'm going to miss you.
Same here man. You've helped me
through it all. When I met you I
had no idea that this was gonig to
happen with my parents, and when
it did you where here to help me
with it all. Its going to be hard
to just conitune through this when
your not right up the hill any
I won't be able to just come down
either. Your the closet thing to a
brother I've had here. Before I
met you I didnt know anyone or
anything about this place. Now I
know loads of people and I can get
around easy. But what of all the
new places I can go when I can't
go to them with out you any more.
All the places I know is because
of you. So going to all those
places is gonig to be hard.


But you will be fine. I know you
will. Its not hard for you to talk
to someone or be friends with
anyone. Dude you can't even hold a
grudge. I got all my things
together in here. Looks like its
time to head out.
I guess so.
Oh wait, that thing you needed to
tell me!
Right, close the door.
Lj's parents are in the car with his sister and baby
brother. Lj and Troy walk out from the stairwell. Troy
stands by the steps as Lj puts his bags in the car. Lj meets
Troy back at the Stairs.
Man I dont care! I'm not going to
throw away our friendship because
of what you told me! Your Troy
still and you always will be!
Thats what I love about you. Don't
ever change for anyone. Be careful
man, take it slow ok. I love you.
They have a long hug. When they let go they both wipe tears
off thier faces and Lj walks back to his car. Takes one last
look and waves. He gets in and Troy stands there as they
drive off. Troy walks slowly back home.
Troy is still upset, red eyes and gloomy. He walks into the
playhouse to meet Emily. Where she takes him in her arms.
And holds him while he cries.


While all the students are running around getting food, Cody
gets waved over by Kiersten, he sits next her and starts
talking. Brian comes in from the door way and looks around,
sees them and leaves.
Brad is sitting with his friends when Tiffany walks by. She
waves at him, he looks at her, and just smiles back.
Christal walks in with Krystal. They look around and
Christal points her in many directions of what she thinks
are cute guys. They laugh and go sit down at a table and
start talking to David and Callie.

Lychelle walks in very slow. She looks at all the lockers as
she passes them. She stares at the Senior couch for a
minute. Turns slowly and sits on it. She looks around, then
begins to lounge in the couch.


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From Collin Lane Date 1/30/2006 ***
Wow, this is a very nice starter. It seems to have some typos but easily fixed! Nice solid story line for each character! I hope to see more as time progresses! CL

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