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Zombie Millipedes: A Love Story
by April Hirsh (aprilmay13135@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: **
Zombie millipedes do various destructive things to humans. Only an intro.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

CHRIS, an attractive young man in his early 30s with light
hair and dark eyes, and KATRINA, an equally attractive woman
in her late 20s with dark hair and dark eyes, examine
various table settings. The store specializes in wedding
settings, and soft, romantic music plays in the background.
Other happy couples stand close and talk about settings in
the background.
Chris walks towards a set table.
I like this color for the
Katrina walks quickly towards Chris and the table. She
reaches for Chris' hand.
I don't know, it kinda reminds me
of male ballerinas...
Chris moves his hand away from Katrina's and looks her in
the eyes.
It's rust colored. We're having a
fall wedding. I don't see what
doesn't make sense about it.
Chris and Katrina look away from each other and stare at the
table for a minute.

Chris looks down.
Well, I'm starving. Can we go get
something to eat?
Katrina rests her forehead in her hand and lets out a deep
Katrina and Chris leave the store, Chris opens the door for
Katrina and she leads.
Two saleswomen are taking apart a table further back in the


SALESWOMAN #1 takes china teacups and saucers off of the
table. Simultaneously, SALESWOMAN #2 gathers up plates and
silverware and places them in storage wracks. Saleswoman #1
picks up half of the table cloth, and saleswoman #2 joins
and picks up the other half. They bring it together to fold
it in two.
                       SALESWOMAN #2
I don't understand why some of
these couples come in here. A lot
of them look like they have
millions to spend. And look at
this table! It's practically
rotted through!
Saleswoman #1 brings out a black table cloth and lays it out
on the table.
                       SALESWOMAN #1
Well, they never look underneath
the merchandise. Everything's laid
out for them all nice. Nobody's
going to think about what they
can't see.
Saleswoman #1 turns around to gather new plates to set on
the table and accidentally knocks over a glass. The glass
shatters abruptly on the floor next to the table, some
pieces have gotten underneath the table.

Both saleswomen groan and head towards the cleaning
materials closet.

Although the glass is clear, a greyish green color is
reflected in the pieces of glass. The color is minute but
increasingly noticeably as it nears the underside of the
table, towards one particular leg.

From base to top, nothing is unusual about the leg. But the
cause of the reflection of the greyish green color becomes
apparent as we see the underside of the table.

Green, abnormally large termites very slowly and
methodically eat the underside of the table. The women's
voices are faint but discernible over the sound of the

The saleswomen return with broom and dustpan.
Saleswoman #2 leans towards the other with her right hand on
the table.


                       SALESWOMAN #2
Well I sure as hell wouldn't be
buying from here!
One gooey termite drops to the floor. The women's high
heeled shoes click away as the termite takes what appears to
be a standing position and slowly and methodically climbs
back up to the underside of the table.
KATRINA and CHRIS walk quickly down the sidewalk. Chris
stops to look at one of many Qdoba restaurants that are in
the city.
Chris calls to Katrina, who walks ahead.
Hey, why don't we just stop here?
I'm really hungry.
Katrina continues walking down the street.
Chris half-assedly jogs towards Katrina.
Hey! I'm trying to talk to you!
Katrina turns around, still quite a distance away from
I don't want to eat there. If I
wanted to eat there, I would have
stopped, turned around, walked
back towards you, opened the door
for you, walked in, gone up to the
counter, and ordered some crappy
taco by now.
Chris begins to turn around, but stops halfway through. He
walks slowly towards Katrina, who is standing with both
hands over her mouth, taking a deep breath.
Chris moves his hand to the height of Katrina's shoulder,
but keeps it a distance away.
I know you're very busy with all
of the wedding plans. I'm sorry


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
honey, I know you're stressed. I
just want to sit and eat lunch and
talk with you. Where would you
like to go?
Chris gages her reaction, and places his hand on Katrina's
Katrina buries her face further into her hands and takes
another deep breath.
I don't know. I can't do this
right now. I can't deal with this.
Chris cocks his head and moves in closer to Katrina.
Honey, I'm sorry, I didn't hear
Katrina looks up at Chris. She puts her hands to the sides
of her head and takes a deep breath in.
Nevermind. I can't do this right
now. I'll call you later.
Katrina takes a step backwards and gives a single wave
goodbye. She turns around and walks away without looking
Chris looks down at the sidewalk for a few seconds. He looks
up at the Qdoba and walks in. He walks up to the EMPLOYEE at
the counter.
Ah, Mister Penn! The usual?
Chris nods his head and looks at the floor, then back up at
the menu.
Three men, BRAD, PRESTON, and TOBY wait in the dark in
Chris' apartment for Chris to arrive home. Brad, a man with
a cute impish smile, who looks to be the youngest of the
bunch is crouched behind a recliner.


Ok so right after he turns the
lights on, we're jumping out.
You'd better jump out with me.
Toby, who is about the same height and build as Chris, but
has lighter feature, is crouched under the kitchen table.
Have we ever let you make a fool
of yourself like that before?
Preston, a tall man, thinner than the others, dressed in
dockers and shined shoes stands next to a bookshelf.
No, he does that all on his own.
Brad wiggles around and has difficulty staying crouched.
Yeah well, all I know is you'd
better jump out or I'm cancelling
the stripper that I paid for.
What stripper?
Dammit Brad I told you NOT to get
a stripper. What the hell is Chris
going to do with a stripper?
CHRIS puts his key in the door, relocks, then unlocks the
door and walks in. He shuts the door, but holds onto the
handle for a few seconds.
I know you're in here.
Brad, Preston, and Toby casually walk out from their
crouched positions.
Chris turns away from the door and faces his friends.
Guys, you parked your cars in the
Brad, Preston, and Toby all groan at their own juvenile
behavior. They're at a loss as far as what it is they should
do now.


      (Laughs a little.)
But hey, it really was a great
idea. Who'd expect a surprise
bachelor party 3 months before his
It was all Toby's idea.
And Brad parked our cars... Hey
and now that we're all set, let's
Yeah, get to the party!
And it wasn't exactly my idea to
let me park the cars... Preston!
Jesus let's just go.
Chris smiles.
Toby sees Chris smile for the first time in a long time and
inflates his own smile.
First we're going to head to your
favorite bar, you know, the usual,
the Crow's Nest...
Brad hurries to put on his cowboy boots. Preston hurriedly
grabs his coat.
Then we're gonna knock back a
couple of drinks and click our
heels to your favorite country
tunes! Yeeee-haw!
Because we got none other than the
infamous, your favorite, best
country band of all time, The
Yokel's Lament, to play at the
Crow's Nest tonight. You can thank
me later.


Chris is knocked back by his own excitement. He drops his
coat and looks at his friends as though he seeing his long
lost brothers for the first time in 30 years. He is almost
in tears.
How did you... Wow! I haven't seen
those guys since college. I'm so
glad you're here guys, it's been
so long...
Brad opens the door and steps out.
Alright, cut it. Let's get going.
Brad and Preston walk out the door towards a waiting taxi.
Chris hugs Toby before they grab their coats and walk out
the door.
KATRINA sits by the river's edge, smoking a cigarette. Her
knees are pulled in tightly to her body. Her legs aren't
unusally long, but they are unusually attractive; not too
thin, not too thick. She looks like she could have been a
Rockette if she were taller. She inhales while looking down
at the grass, and exhales looking out towards the lake. The
moon is almost full. Katrina sees a fish jump.
Katrina tilts her head up towards the stars and looks up at
the sky. Behind her, fireflies are lighting up, and allowing
their lights to go out. Her dark eyes reflect the light of
the stars, moon, and fireflies.

At first, the patterns of the fireflies are random: one
flicks on and off to the right, another to the left. Then
two, then three. Slowly the number of fireflies grows to
about thirty.
Katrina inhales and looks down. She exhales and looks out
towards the lake. She sees a smaller fish jump, and looks
away. We see that this time, after the fish has jumped it
appears to be floating, dead. It floats down the river.
Katrina puts out her cigarette, and leans back on her hands.
She lay her legs out flat in front of her. She tilts her
head back and looks at the sky again. Behind her, the
fireflies are glowing in random patterns. Slowly they become
more methodical, until they are all blinking on and off at
the same time.


      (From across the
Katrina snaps her head in front of her, viewing the river in
front of her. She sees no one. She gets up and turns
The fireflies have disappeared. The sound of crickets grows
louder as Katrina walks away from the river, onto a lit
sidewalk, and out of the park.
The Crow's Nest is a bright red, barn looking building in
the middle of an otherwise normal looking city street. There
are quite a few motorcycles and Chevy trucks parked in
front. There are no big windows, just small ones near the
building's ceiling. The parking lot is not paved, but is
gravel. Dust is kicked up when Chris, Toby, Brad, and
Preston arrive in their taxi.
CHRIS, TOBY, BRAD and PRESTON walk into the bar. There is no
bouncer at the door. There's no need for one; the bars
patron's will suffice. They take their time, examining other
people at the pool table, bar, dartboards, and dance floor.
They give each other knowing glances. To those new to the
bar, they look like they own the place. To folks who haunt
the Nest often, they look like jerks. To a bartender, they
look like money.
I'll procure a table.
I'll get a couple of pitchers.
Toby and Chris head over to the Jukebox. Toby gives Chris a
look with the utmost sincerity.
Let's get a good lineup going.
Toby flips through the pages of the jukebox.
Latest Brooks and Dunn?
Yeah that's great!


Chris reaches in his pocket to grab some change. It's empty.
Looks like I forgot my quarters.
I'm gonna go get some up at the
bar. You get the lineup ready.
Chris struts towards the bar. There are several attractive
and busty female bartenders.
The BARTENDER turns her head towards Chris, but her body
still faces the top shelf liquors. She is replacing a few
empty bottles with full ones.
What can I get you to drink?
Chris looks down at his fingernails.
The bartender looks confused, but vocally remains pleasant.
Well, ok then.
The bartender turns wholly towards the shelves of liquor.
Chris looks at the back of the bartender's head where her
eyes would be if she was facing him.
Well, not nothing. Just not a
The bartender turns and wholly faces Chris. She moves in
closer and leans on the bar.
Well that's a horse of a different
color. What is it that you want?
Quarters. Just quarters. I need
some good music to tide me over
until the band gets here.
Well that's easy enough.


The bartender gets quarters from the register and hands them
to Chris. She takes Chris' hand as he reaches for the
quarters. She looks him straight in the eyes and smiles.
You must be the bachelor.
Chris returns her gaze, though the expression on his face is
different from hers.
He cocks his head at her.
Yes I am. How did you know?
The Bartender lets go of Chris' hand and his quarters. Chris
pulls out a twenty dollar bill, but the bartender waves it
The bartender returns her eyes to the business of the bar.
Well you four that are here for
the bachelor party are the only
ones that know about the band. And
I've seen those three other guys
when they were here to make the
arrangements. The jukebox is on
the house. After all, you're
bringing us a band!
Right. Well thanks!
The bartender watches as Chris walks away, then moves on to
take care of other customers.
Chris and Toby configure the jukebox, then stand next to the
table and pour themselves cups of beer from the pitcher.
A motorcycle speeds down a road that runs through an
uncommon stretch of woods in what is otherwise cityscape. As
in most wooded areas, there are a number of fireflies about.
Visually, they are sparse.

The motorcycle moves out of its lane to pass an unusually
slow-moving pick up truck with only one headlight.

The motorcycle driver, JIM, glances into the truck's cab as
he passes. Jim's appearance is hidden by his motorcycle


There is nothing unusual about the pick-up DRIVER; he does
not appear to be falling asleep, there does not appear to be
any out-of the ordinary reason for him to be driving slowly.

He gives Jim a friendly wave.
Jim continues on, passing the truck, and speeding down the
rest of the road.
The Driver stares intently forward. Music plays and he hums
We see his profile, and through the right side window. There
we see the very occasional firefly light up. They are small.
The Driver turns up the volume on the stereo and sings
louder and louder. The windows of the truck fog up. The
Driver opens his window. He moves to open the window
between the cab and the back.

Through the newly opened window to the cab, we can see that
it is full of mulch and composting soil.
The road he's driving on is like any other. It's not new,
but it's not in terrific shape. Old yellow lines are still
visible under the new ones. There are no white lines, there
is no curb. It is still surrounded by woods. There are a
few specks of glowing orange in the road every once in a
while. It looks like out of place fluorescent paint.
Aw what is this?
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER
And here's the latest from Brooks
and Dunn! I'm playin something
The Driver quickly changes the station.
The Driver gives the stereo a sour look.
The Driver looks down at the stereo and searches for a new
radio station, looking back at the road every once in a
while. We see what he sees; stereo, road, stereo, road,


The Driver looks at the road again, the orange speckles have
become more common.

The Driver sniffs twice and scrunches up his nose. He gags
and coughs a little. The Driver looks back down at the
He finds a station with a song he likes.
      (looking up at the
Now that's more like--
The Driver loses control of the truck. The orange 'specks'
have taken over the road and the depth of them on the road
is quickly becoming thicker. They same effect on the trucks
wheels as wet leaves and ice.


The Driver winces and scrunches up his nose.
Aww what is that?
The Driver shakes his head as though he's trying to shake
something off of it.

The orange specks in the road have risen to a depth of 3
inches. A close look at the see of orange reveals tiny
flourescent orange moving bodies with thousands of legs, all
moving and weaving together as if they were creating a think
blanket of themselves.
The truck flips over and lands on its top, half on the curb,
half in the road. The contents of the back of the truck
have spilled onto the road. Tiny glowing orange specks come
out from inside the mulch and decaying soil to join the
orange glowing road.
The orange specks flicker as they move their segmented
bodies. We view them closer and closer as they all move
towards the inside of the truck, accelerating and a constant
As they approach the body of the Driver, he opens his eyes.
He manages to move his hand slightly, but is unable to prop


himself up.

His eyes roll backk in his head and he collapses back to the

The millipedes overtake the body of the driver.
The sound of eating live flesh slowly overtakes the sound of
peaceful crickets in the woods.
JIM slows down and turns into the parking lot at the Crow's
Nest. He unstraddles his bike, and takes off his helmet. He
reveals a head of shortly trimmed hair, though it is not
neatly trimmed, and it looks as though he may have cut it
himself. He has a ten o'clock shadown and he is wearing
ripped and faded jeans, and a T-shirt advertising a
motorcycle race in August, 1998. He leaves his helmet on
the seat, and walks to the door.
Many PATRONS smoking outside give him a familiar, friendly
nod. Jim does not nod back.
Jim walks confidently towards the bar, but stops about 5
feet before it. He raises his right hand near his head and
opens his palm. The theme from "Shaft" begins to play on the
The BARTENDER throws him a roll of quarters, overhand, right
into his palm, and then repeats, twice, very quickly.

Jim salutes her and heads towards the dart board.
CHRIS, TOBY, PRESTON and BRAD are using the only two
dartboards in the bar. They are in the middle of what looks
like a very long game of cricket.
Jim takes a seat and tries to wait patiently, but this only
lasts about twenty seconds before he stands and approaches
the guys.
Hey how long you think you're
gonna be?
Toby laughs.
Looks like we'll be here all


Yeah you all kinda suck.
Jim walks away.
HEY! Who the hell do you think
you're talking to?
Jim turns and gets in Brad's face.
Brad fidgets and stomps, agitated, and puffs up, full of hot
Well you won't be talking for long
after I knock out all your teeth!
Brad lunges towards Jim. Preston moves in to separate the
two before any damage is done.
Chris' phone RINGS, and he leaves the group to answer it.
Knock it off. There's no need.
Jim and Brad step away from each other, Preston remains in
the middle.
Hey, yeah. I just want to get in
on some darts.
How's about a friendly competiton?
Brad extends his hand for a shake. Jim meets it, and they
shake hands.
Sounds good. How much?
How much you got?
CHRIS stands near biker men who are smoking. They are
holding back their laughter at his conversation.


It was a surprise Katrina, what
was I supposed to do?
KATRINA is sitting in front of her fireplace in a chair,
with a wine bar set up next to her. Two glasses are out, and
an array of fruits and cheese is displayed.
Not go.
Chris walks away from the men, towards the woods.
Look. I'm sorry.
Katrina picks up an "I'm Sorry" card, opens it and glances
at the inside. It is addressed to Chris.
      (Throws the card
       in the fire.)
It's a little late for that.
Katrina hangs up.
It's not too late for--
Chris realizes that Katrina has hung up. He holds back a
scream of frustration to save face in front of the biker
dudes. He walks down further into the woods, following a
well beaten path. It's summer, the stars are bright, and he
can see fairly well, even though it's night.
He gazes at the stars for a minute. He picks up his phone
and dials Katrina's number.
Katrina picks up. Before she can say anything, Chris begins
to talk.
Remeber that time we went camping
at the lake? Well, this is kind of
like that.
She is seated in the same place as before.
Chris, we're getting married...


I broke our tent, but we shared
sleeping bags and slept underneath
the stars. Everything worked out
fine, even though it wasn't what
we planned.
Katrina rests her forhead in her hand. She is smiling
It was fun.
Chris stands up and walks over to a nearby oak tree.
This is the same thing. I didn't
plan on this being so stressful,
but we'll work it out. It'll be
Chris it is not the same. You
didn't break anything... We're
just not working.
Don't say things like that.
Firefies off in the distance are traveling to where Chris is
I really am sorry. It was wrong of
me to miss our engagement
anniversary. But I had no choice--
Katrina shoots all of her anger into a glance at a painting
in her house.
There's always a choice.
You're right. Just, listen. I love
you. I'll fix this. Just give me
the chance ok?
Katrina takes a deep breath.
Ok. I'll see you. Soon. Bye.


Chris exhales deeply and rests against the tree. He places
his phone back in his pocket. SIRENS ring out in the
distance. Chris glances deeper into the woods. There is the
orange glow of a fire in the distance.
JIM and BRAD are playing Cricket. Jim throws his last
bullseye to end the game.
Come on man. Five out of seven.
Jim laughs.
Whatever you say pal. It's your
money. Well, it was your money.
Jim teases Brad. Brad takes it well. The two act like old
friends, or brothers.
How much can you afford to lose
this time?
More than you!
TOBY and PRESTON finish their own game, and laugh at Brad's
boyish behavior.
All right you two. Play nice.
We're going to check out the bar.
Alright. Let me know if there's
anything, or anyone, good over
Jim gives Preston and Toby a wink, and they depart.
How's thirty bucks for a bet?
How about I'll match what I've won
from you, and winner takes all?
Brad pauses and looks down for a second. He brings his head
up with a sly smile.


Sounds good.
TOBY and PRESTON are seated and paying for their drinks.
They are seated next to TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. CHRIS returns
and walks up to his friends.
He sits down on a stool and drops his head to the bar.
They're not even playing good
Chris looks up questioningly, not looking at anything in
Where is our music? We paid good
money for it.
Chris drops his head on the bar again.
I hate my life.
Toby and Preston look at each other with knowing glances.
It'll be ok, man.
Pull yourself together.
The BARTENDER skips over from the other side of the bar.
Hey! You break the bar, you bought
Chris looks up at her, confused.
Oh hey! The bachelor! How's about
a drink, on the house? The band's
due to get here soon, take this to
hold you over.
She hands him something colorful, but strong smelling.


Chris downs the drink in one throw.
The truck remains turned over in a see of otherwise
undisturbed forest. The sound of FIRETRUCKS is in the
distance, approaching. The sea of orange is seperating and
subsiding into the surrounding areas.
Firetrucks approach the scene of the accident. FIREMEN AND
WOMEN descend the trucks and rush over to what is left of
                       FIREMAN 1
FIREMAN 1 looks down at what appears to be a half-decayed
corpse, and sharply snaps his head back in the other

One side of the Driver's face remains recognizable, though
certainly not in good shape by any means. The other side,
which is turned towards the pavement, has been worn down to
the bone. Even parts of the bone are missing.
                       FIREMAN 2
Holy shit.
FIREMAN 2 brings his radio slowly to his mouth.
                       FIREMAN 2
902 calling for backup. This is
902, calling for backup. And get
the coroner down here. Over.
                       FIREMAN 1
Man, I can't believe this.
Sparse, small specks of flourescent orange move through the
woods, towards the city. A closer look at the tiny orange
specks reveals a thousand parts shimmering and reflecting
flourescent light as a thousand legs move in an robotic
Where's that damn band?


BRAD throws a dart and scores 20 points. He jumps into the
air and yells.
Nice job.
JIM and Brad shake hands, while doing so they are looking
each other in the eye, a slight smile on each face.
Looks like you win. Nice comeback,
by the way.
You're not gonna beg for more?
No. Clearly this isn't my night.
I'm cutting my loses--
That'll be $130.
Jim looks at the ceiling, then at Brad.
Yeah. About that... I don't have
that kind of money on me.
Brad gets agitated. He puffs up in anger.
So what were you planning,
jackass? Just gonna run up a tab
with me all night?
Jim is not phased by Brad's physical agitation and subtle
threats. He remains standing calmly in the same spot.
Hey I'm not trying to cheat you.
Look, I may not have the cash, but
I think I can do something for
you. You said this is something of
a bachelor party? What if I helped
you out with a present for the
Jim leans on the nearest stool, one hand on the stool, one
hand on his hip. He crosses one foot over the other.
Depends on what it is, I guess.


Well, I'm a professional guide.
People pay me to get them up
mountains. I've been to Everest,
and you've got a pretty nice set
of mountains here. What do you say
I offer you guys a free trip?
Brad smiles and slowly nods his head.
Awesome. We'll do it. You're so
lucky I think you're cool.
Don't you want to check with--
Yes! The band's here!
Brad runs towards the stage where the band is setting up.
TOBY, PRESTON, and CHRIS get off their barstools and head
towards the stage as soon as they see Brad running.
THE BAND stops at the edge of the stage, seeing four men run
towards them, and put down their equipment. DANIEL walks
towards the four with an outstretched hand.
You must be our four biggest fans.
Nice to meet you.
Chris shakes hands with Daniel first. Danial appears to be
in his fifties. He resembles a mixt between Tom Petty, Hank
Williams, and Willie Nelson. His voice sounds more aged
than he looks.
Thanks for being here.
Chris continues shaking Daniel's hand, holding it for an
extended period of time, smiling at Daniel. Toby, Preston,
and Brad scoff at him.
I'm Chris. It's my party.
Chris realizes what he's doing and lets go.
Nice to meet you Chris. It's
always a pleasure to meet our
fans. Not that we have a lot. And


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
you must be Chris' dedicated
All three shake hands with Daniel as they introduce
Well I'll tell you what. Why don't
we all go have a cigarette while
these guys set up. We made a deal,
if I drove, they would set up. Now
they're gonna grumble about it,
that's for sure, but I earned it.
Daniel tips his hat and heads to the door before getting the
approval of the group.
The others look at each other, faces glowing, and follow
close behind Daniel.
Daniel stops abruptly, the others run into him.
Daniel laughs.
I'm gonna grab my acoustic, case I
get a hankerin to play something.
You never know.
Jim walks over to the group. He looks kind of confused.
Hey, so when are we going?
Jim's confusion transfers to the rest of the group. The
group remains bewildered, glancing at each other for a few

Brad snaps his head up in a moment of recollection.


Oh yeah guys, we're going mountain
climbing with Jim.
Wait, what are you talking about?
Brad you know I have the wedding--
Daniel walks through the group and heads out the door.
All right I got her.
Daniel walks out the door.
We'll talk about this later.
Brad walks out the door, and motions for Jim to follow. Jim
looks sympathetically at Chris and walks out.
Preston lights a cigarette and walks out, looking straight
ahead while walking. Looking none of his friends in the
Just relax for right now. Worry
later. Let's go.
Toby leads Chris out the door. Chris looks like he's about
to rip his hair out, and shakes it off before stepping
KATRINA opens a liquor cabinet, selects a bottle, and pours
a large glass of brown liquor. She tops it off with about a
shot of sour mix. It does not appear to be her first glass
this evening.

The phone RINGS.
Katrina remains seated. The phone rings again, and she
continues to be seated. It rings yet again. She reluctantly
gets up and stumbles towards the phone.
She trips over a beer can.


She picks it up and holds it to her ear. Thirty seconds pass
before she speaks into the can. The phone rings again, and
she realizes she's speaking into a can. She heads towards
the actual phone, having been sobered up a little from the
can incident.
Hey. How are you doing?
Honey the band's here! You should
come down. We'll dance and have a
couple beers.
Fireflies are becoming visible from Katrina's third story
window in a high rise city building.
Are you okay? You sound like
you've been drinking... Have you
been drinking?
Okay well maybe you should go to
bed. I love you.
I yov lou.
Katrina hangs up. She stumbles over to the window and opens
it. There are an unusual amount of fireflies outside her
window. She collapses on her bed, which is next to the


The guys are laughing and smoking. Daniel is in the middle
of a story about a show when Chris rejoins the group after
his phone conversation.
...And then, I just picked it up
and ate it. Ta heck with it!
The group laughed heartily.
What's the matter Chris? You look
pretty down. How's about a song?
The group cheers at this decision.
Alright now, I got a good one for
He strums the guitar and begins to sing.
Well I woke up in mid-afternoon
cause that's when it all hurts the
I dreamed I never know anyone at
the party, and I'm always the
If dreams are like movies then
memories are films about ghosts.
You can never escape you can only
move south down the coast.
Toby turns to Chris. Daniel continues singing and playing
the guitar.
How was your conversation with
her? Did you tell her the band is
Chris kicks a little dirt off of his show. The kick reveals
and unusually bright orange bug in the earth.
Yeah it was all right.
Toby leans in closer to Chris so he can speak to him more


You know, we all know the
relationship is going through some
rocks, and we really wouldn't mind
if she's here at the party.
Daniel is thrown into a coughing fit and has to stop his
playing for a minute.
Darn it, I known we shouldn't a
stopped at that diner. Got a
little indigestion fellas, hold
      (to Toby)
No it's not that. She's been
Toby laughs.
That's hard to imagine.
Toby laughs again. Chris cracks a smile.
Daniel shakes off his illness and begins to play again.
Here we go.
Well there's a piece of Maria in
every song that I sing...
Chris turns to Toby.
She told me she loved me, just not
in so many words.
Daniel begins coughing again. He coughs so much that his
face turns red, and he has trouble breathing. He throws up
on his guitar.

Everyone rushes over to him, trying to help him control his
coughing and breathing. Preston runs inside the bar.
Everyone gives each other worried looks.
Daniel hunches over and grabs at his chest. His eyes bulge
as though he's choking.


I can't breathe.
Daniel falls onto the floor. He claws at his chest. His
chest caves in on itself forming a concave shape.
The eyes of the rest of the group widen. Brad turns away
from Daniel and puts his hands over his face, and screams.
He runs into the bar.
Worried patrons run out of the bar to see what is going on.
Sirens are heard in the background.
Daniel makes a last grasp at his throat, then his body goes
limp. His throat collapses into a concave shape. Shortly
after, the top of his skull shrinks into his head, and his
eyes sink into his head. His face takes on a concave shape.
Slowly, small orange insects crawl out of his tear ducts.
The surrounding patrons of the bar scream and some run to
their cars. The ambulance arrives.
Jim, you haven't been drinking
tonight. What did you drive here?
Chris throws his keys at Jim.
Here's my keys, you're driving,
let's go. We need to get out of
Toby searches frantically for Brad and Preston. His voice is
shrill and worried.
Brad, Preston, we're going!
Brad and Preston hear Toby and come running. The groups runs
to the car and jump in. They speed off, without any
particular destination.


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From Scott Patrick Date 3/15/2006 1/2
There is nothing to keep me interested in the story. If you are going to do something like this wait. This seems a lot like the movie "Slither" which is coming soon. I am sorry, but it is way wrong. There are improper grammar statements used in your direction and that is a bad sign. I can understand if characters speak using improper grammar, but in direction that is bad. Well do better.

From S.M. Krause Date 12/18/2005 0 stars
The concept is not authentic nor is it an interesting read. It's a cheesy B movie plot that has many spelling errors and a plot with a giant hole in it. Not scary, not funny.

From Davey Date 12/9/2005 ****
Hmmm... I like it. I like it alot. It reminds me of my wife's sister.

From Orbin Walcott Date 12/7/2005 **1/2
from what i've read...it seems like an interesting concept. a few spelling errors though. nice job!

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