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Roll The Dice (Not Complete)
by Charles J. Brokaw (CharlesBrokaw@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Action/Comedy about a hitman on the run. Still in the middle of working on this one.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


CHASE (Black hair, 5’8”, around 30 years old, hitman) pacing
with a gun in front of an UNKNOWN MAN (bald, 5’6”, mid 20s).
Unknown man is tied to a wooden chair and bleeding. The
room is filthy and empty. The wallpaper in the room is
peeling off the walls. The wooden floorboards of the room
are old and rotting. A window is behind Chase.
                       UNKNOWN MAN
      (scared but angry)
You'll never get away with this.
I'm an important man. People will
be looking for me.
Chase stops pacing and turns to the unknown man. He is
silhouetted by the light coming threw the window. His
features are in shadows. Chases shadow is casted over the
Unknown man.
What does a rich man like you know
about killing? Nothing that's
      (leans in closer
       to Unknown Man.)
A murder is committed once every
twenty-three minutes in the United
States. That's around sixty-three
murders a day. Four hundred and
thirty-eight a week. Now add in
cases that appear to be accidental
deaths, such as falling off
buildings , car accidents,
mishandling of machinery, and so
on. This adds about another
thousand five hundred deaths. This
brings the grand total to around
sixteen-hundred deaths a week that
could be murder. Think about this
for awhile. Do you really think
they all get solved?


Chase looks the unknown man in the eyes as he brings up his
black Glock Model 38 gun.
Not even close.
Unknown Man shuts his eyes tight as Chase COCKS his gun.
Chase turns his head away from the man as he is about to
fire his gun but right as he is about to pull the trigger
his cell phone RINGS. Chase pauses and lets out a long
frustrating breath and starts to shake his head in
Damn it.
The Unknown man slowly opens one of his eyes. His teeth are
clenched tight and sweat is beading on his bald head.

Chase takes the phone out of his inside pocket and he flips
it open and puts it to his ear. Chase breaths in and lets
out a long breath before he says anything.
      (angry but hiding
What can I help you with Charlie?
Charlies voice can be heard bun not understood. As Chase
listens to Charlie talking he starts to pace in front of the
Unknown Man. Chase uses his gun to scratch his head. The
Unknown Man is watching with disbelief. His eyes dart from
Chase phone to the gun in Chases hand.
Charlie I can't. I'm kind of
still in the middle of fixing that
certain something that you
insisted on me taking care of.
Charlies voice gets louder but is still not able to be


All right, all right. I'll finish
things up here and then I'll be
right over.
Charlies voice gets even more loud. Chase pulls the phone
away from his ear and looks at it with anger.
What do you want me to do Charlie?
Just leave him here? Don't you
think that's a little careless.
The Unknown man looks less scared. He smugly looks up at
Chase. Chase points his gun at the unknown man and makes a
face of frustration at him. The Unknown man stops looking
smugly at Chase.

Charlies Voice screams out of the phone. GET OVER HERE NOW!
can barely be made out of the distorted voice coming from
the phone.
Alright, alright. I'm on my way.
Chase hangs up the cell phone and puts it back into his
inside pocket.
God I hate that guy.
      (Looks at the
       Unknown Man)
Never do business with stupid rich
James Bond wannabe Villains. It's
just not worth it.
Chase walks back over to the Unknown Man.
Just so you know you are one lucky


Chase puts his gun back in his jacket pocket and bends down
next to the unknown mans chair. The Unknown Man smiles to
himself and lets out his breath as Chases back is turned.
Chase reaches inside of a duffel bag that is next to the
chair and he pulls out a roll of duct tape. He stands up and
looks at the unknown man.
I'll see you later.
Chase pulls a long strip of duck tape off of the roll and
wraps the duck tape around the unknown mans head and mouth.
The man starts to jerk around and tries to scream.

Chase puts the rest of the roll back in the duffel bag. He
zips it up and throws it over his shoulder. He walks over
to the window and closes the old ratty curtains. The room
turns almost completely dark. Chase walks over to a door
and opens it. His silhouette is seen walking out of the
house. The sound of keys locking the door can be heard as
the unknown mans muffled screams start.
Opening Credits and Title

Chase opens the back door to his old rusted out station
wagon and sets his duffel bag down on the back seat. He
looks around to make sure that no one is looking then he
opens a small hidden door that is under the back seat. A
lot of different styles of guns are inside of the hidden
compartment. Chase pulls out his Glock from his pocket and
puts it inside of the compartment. Chase closes it up and
gets into the front seat of the car. He puts on a pair of
sunglasses and starts up the station wagon. The car sounds
a lot more powerful then it looks. Chase pulls away from
the abandoned house and starts to drive.

The inside of the car looks clean and well maintained. There
are very few personal items inside of the car. As Chase
drives through the city he stops at a light and a a group of
young kids cross the road. He looks at them and smiles.
Chase pulls down his visor and looks at a picture that is


taped to the inside of it. The picture is of two teenage
boys in leather jackets sitting on a porch. One of the boys
is Chase. The other boy is skinny and tall. The light
turns green and Chase starts to drive again.
Chase pulls into the empty parking lot of Charlies hangout.
The hangout looks like an old factory. The building is
gray. He parks his station wagon close to the front door of
the building. Chase steps out of the car and looks
confusedly at the empty parking lot. He opens up the back
seat of his car and puts his Glock back into his pocket then
walks inside of the warehouse.
Chase walks down a darkly lit hallway. The little light
that is in the hallway flickers on and off. Charlies voice
can be heard screaming at someone.

Chase pauses next to the open door and listens to what
Charlie is yelling about.
                       CHARLIE (OS)
My money better still be there. I
swear if anything happens to it
you're dead old man. And don't
think I'm joking you understand.
Chase stops snooping on Charlie and walks into Charlies
office. CHARLIE (5’3”, 56 years old, big black glasses,
grey hair, Boss of a gang called The Crats, he’s a jerk.) is
sitting behind his desk yelling into his phone. The desk is
huge and made out of a dark wood. It looks expensive. The
whole room looks out of place. It is well furnished and
reeks of overly spent money. On the walls are framed
posters of old James Bond spy movies. On the desk is a
little black book. Charlie is flipping through it.


Lock all of your doors. If
anything out of the ordinary
happens you call me immediately
Mr. Griff.
Charlie slams the phone down and looks up at Chase angrily
as he starts to stand up. It takes him a couple of tries
but he finally gets on his feet.
So what's the crises?
Charlie picks up the little black book and puts it into his
inside pocket. He walks by Chase and walks out into the
Nobody steals from me. Nobody!
This punk is in for a world of
pain. It's the tank for him.
Chase looks frustrated but doesn't say anything. He follows
Charlie out into the dimly lit hallway.
Charlie what the hells going on?
Two stupid assholes just stole
thirty grand from one of my safe
houses that's whats going on.
Well, I guess keeping all of your
money in the basements of old
geezers houses might not have been
such a great idea after all.
I'm not in the mood right now.
These two punks got lucky. All my


                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
other locations are safe. A lot
safer then it would be if I kept
it around here. All of my guys
are nothing but thieves and liars.
Charlie opens a set of metal double doors at the end of the
hallway. Charlie and Chase walk into a warehouse with
nothing in it but a giant fish tank. In the fish tank can be
seen a lot of mean looking fish. A man is hanging above the
fish tank from his feet. He is bloody and his hands are
tied behind him. He's skinny and is tall.
My guys got this lanky prick and
they're all out looking for his
partner right now.
Jesus Christ
Unfortunately the other one had
the money, so it looks like my new
friend here is going to be in a
new world of pain less he smartens
up and tells me where the hell my
money is.
Charlie looks up in disgust at the man hanging.
You've ever had your flesh eaten
off of your face? Have ya?!
Charlie grabs a controller and pushes down a button. Slowly
the hanging man is lowered closer to the water. Chase looks
up at the hanging man and gets a stunned look on his face.
Black and White. Close up of the picture of Chase and the
other teenage boy. The boy is the same person hanging above
the fish tank.


Johnny John?
Johnny John looks at Chase for the first time. His eyes
Charlie stops lowering down Johnny John and looks up at him.
What the hell did you just say?
Chase hesitates as he looks back and forth between Charlie
and Johnny. Chase pulls out his gun right as Charlie turns
around to look at him.
What the hell do you think you're
I'm Thinking.
About what you little shit. Put
that gun down now.
Or what? Take a look around
Charlie. Your whole crews out
looking for my friends partner.
Charlie takes a step back and looks surprised.
This guys your friend?
Chase looks up at Johnny John.


Yeah, an old one.
You're going to put your life in
danger for some old friend? You're
stupider then I thought kid.
Chase takes a couple steps closer to Charlie and looks him
in the eyes.
I'm not going to kill you for an
old friend Charlie. I'm going to
kill you for this.
Chase puts his hand inside of Charlies coat pocket and pulls
out Charlies little black book.
If you touch my money you're...
I'm what?
Charlies face gets red and he starts to shake.
Chase fires the gun. Charlie falls to the floor. Blood
pulls under him as he quickly dies.
Chase... a little help?
Chase grabs the controls from Charlies dead hand and lowers
Johnny to the ground. He starts to untie him.
What the hells going on? One
minute me and my friend are
robbing some old woman's house,


                       JOHNNY (cont'd)
the next I'm hanging from my feet
and looking down into a tank of
hungry looking fish, and now I'm
getting rescued by a guy I
thought was dead. I'm loosing it
here man.
You haven't seen me in over ten
years. A 'hello' would be nice,
or maybe a 'how you doing'.
As Chase is untying Johnny there is a loud bang and the fish
tank explodes. Fish wash over Johnny and Chase as they both
find separate hiding places.
Damn it.
Chase hides behind a giant crate and pulls out his gun.
Jesus Christ, what the hell now.
Johnny hides behind a gutted out car. From the direction of
the gun fire they both hear a female voice.
Absolve, we beseech Thee, O Lord,

the soul of Thy servant N...,
from every bond of sin,

that being raised in the glory of
the resurrection,

he may be refreshed among the
Saints and Elect.

Through Christ our Lord.



Two more shots are fired, both at the crate that Chase is
hiding behind. Chase ducks and looks frantically around
him. His eyes widen when he sees a side door.
                       CHASE (MOS)
Chase points at the side door of the warehouse. It is
around 10 feet away.
                       CHASE (MOS)
Chase stands up and points his gun at the front of the room
where the shot came from. He shoots twice then turns around
and starts to run with Johnny. As they run outside Chase
turns and sees the back of a woman running through the
double doors that leads to the hallway. She is 6’ tall,
upper 20's, red hair, and is wearing a backless shirt. A
large tattoo of angel wings can be seen on her back.
Chase and Johnny are speeding away in Chases car. Chase
keeps checking his rear-view mirror looking to see if they
are being followed. Chase drives through the city and takes
a lot of turns in hope of shaking off anyone following them.
Chase and Johnny John are both soaked from the exploding
fish tank. Chase looks alert and ready for anything while
Johnny John looks as if he is in shock. Johnny John is
still bloody from the beating he got by Charlies gang.
Johnny John seems to be in a daze. He is looking out of the
window and shivering.

Chase looks over at him. And struggles to find something to
say that might snap Johnny John out of it.
Are you OK man?
After a long while Johnny John snaps out of his daze and
looks over at Chase. At first he looks at him like Chase is
a stranger but then he comes out of it and looks like he is
starting to remember where he is and who Chase is.


      (Still a little
I would be if I knew what the hell
was going on.
Chase turns back to looking at the road and the rear-view
mirror. He takes a sharp left right and heads down a back
ally way.
Well. From what I can gather it's
like this. You and whoever your
partner is unknowingly stole money
from Charlie and as we speak
Charlies gang is hunting your
friend down. I don't know how
long it will be till they find out
that their boss is dead but as
soon as they do their not going to
be happy.
What do you mean when? We almost
just got our heads blown off. They
have to already know.
No. That wasn't someone from
Charlies gang. That was Angela.
She's in the same line of business
as me.
Johnny John turns his head away from Chase and looks out the
window. His eyes don't look at anything in particular but
rather just stare off into nothingness as if he is thinking.
And that would be?
A hired hitman.
Johnny John looks stunned and slowly turns his head and
stares at Chase.


No shit?
I shit you not. But unlike me
she's a little crazy. In fact
some would say she's really crazy.
She thinks she's a fallen angel
sent to cast away the unholy or
something like that. But don't
worry. I don't think she's going
to clue Charlies gang in on the
fact that we just killed him.
Why not?
Chase reaches in his pocket and pulls out Charlies little
black book and tosses it onto Johnny Johns lap.
Because of that. Charlie doesn't
trust anyone so he keeps his money
in old peoples houses. All of the
addresses of these houses are in
that little black book. Charlie
was the only one that had this
list and he wouldn't let anyone
look at it. So I'm figuring that
Angela saw the whole thing go down
and she knows we have this. She
might be crazy but she isn't
stupid. She'll want this more
then any reward that the gang can
give her.
Johnny John stares at the book on his lap and swallows hard.
What the hell have I gotten myself
Around 15 million dollars after
the fifty fifty split. That is
less you want me to drop you off


                       CHASE (cont'd)
where ever your partner is hiding
out and you two can get the hell
out of town. I wouldn't blame you.
Johnny John gets a big smile on his face.
15 million each? I can handle
Well that is if we can steal all
the money, not get caught by
Charlies gang , and out smart the
insane hitwoman that is no doubt
hunting us down as we speak.
The smile on Johnny Johns smile starts to fade along with
the coloring in his face.
Oh, is that all.
Well lets go get a different car
since our hounding angel knows we
are in this one and then we're off
to visit some senior citizens
banks... oh and Johnny John. It's
good to see you again.
Yeah, you too. I think.
Johnny John and Chase are walking through a parking lot and
checking out the cars. The parking lot has very few people
in it and most of them seem not to pay any attention to
Johnny and Chase. They pass some really high class cars and
don't even look at them.
Damn... doesn't anyone buy used


                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
cars anymore. I hate all these
newer models. We need something
low key.
You always were the practical one.
      (Mock Upset)
Someone had to be. If it wasn't
for me you would have been kicked
out of school before your freshman
      (Playing along)
Yeah yeah yeah. I seem to
remember it being you who set fire
to our old math class room.
      (Still playing at
       being upset)
And I seem to remember doing so
because someone was failing the
class and needed to get rid of
Mrs. Castles grade book.
Johnny John shakes his head and laughs.
Those were some good times.
Chase stops in front of an older looking car. It has some
rust on it and it doesn't have hardly anything in it.
This looks like it will do. You
want to do the honors. I'm sure
you've been keeping in practice.
      (Mild distaste)
Of course.


Johnny John pulls out a small pouch and unrolls it to review
an on sought of different lock pics and jimmys. Chase shakes
his head and smiles. Johnny looks up at him and acts
Oh what, like your a model
citizen, Mr. Corleone.
      (Mildly upset)
Hey screw you. I'm not in the
mob. I just occasionally work for
Johnny laughs and starts to get to work on breaking into the
car. It only takes him a few minutes. He opens the door
and turns to Chase.
Well that was easy enough. Now
it's your turn to hot-wire it.
Chase gets inside the car and opens up the covering under
the steering wheel. He looks up at Johnny John.
      (With a small
I really do feel like a kid again.
Chase takes out two red wires and crosses them. The car
starts up after a couple of tries.
Alright now we just need to get
some things out of my car and put
them in here and we will be ready
to go.
Umm.. ain't you forgetting


                       JOHNNY (cont'd)
something. We have to get rid of
these plates man.
Oh no, don't worry about it. This
is my car, well, one of my back
Johnny looks at him with disbelief.
Then why the hell did we just
break into it?
I thought it would be fun. You
know, like old times.
Johnny laughs and shakes his head.
Well, OK then. But just so you
know, you're an asshole.
Fair enough. Lets go.
Johnny John gets into the car and they drive off.
Chase pulls into a parking spot on the side of the street.
Johnny John and Chase are in a small suburb that looks nice
and quite. All of the houses are the same and all the yards
look as if they are attended to at least once a day. Chase
and Johnny get out of the car and look across the street at
a house with no lights on and a car parked in the driveway.
Lets see if you still remember
anything from our high school
days. What do you think is our
best bet to getting in?


Chase looks over at the house across the street for a little
while then turns back to Johnny John.
Well. First off there isn't a
fence so I'm guessing there isn't
a dog. There are no lights on but
a car in the driveway so they must
be asleep. there can only be one
or two elderly people in there so
we shouldn't have to worry about
them putting up much of a fight if
they do wake up. I'd say the back
door is our best bet due to the
fact that the back lock is always
weaker then the front. What do
you think?
Chase looks over at Johnny John with a smug look on his
face. Johnny shakes his head and turns his attention back
on the house.
I think that open window on the
right hand side of the house is
our best bet. But you can go
ahead and try the back door buddy.
Johnny pats Chase on the shoulder then starts to walk to the
house. Chase watches Johnny walk away.
Smart ass.
Chase jogs to catch up with Johnny John.
Johnny John slides into the house without making a sound.
Chase comes following soon after. He gets in the window and
into the house pretty quietly but definitely not as well as
Johnny John did. They are in the living room of the house.
Right as they start to make their way farther into the house


a light turns on in the room ahead of them. It is an open
doorway into the kitchen. They both freeze. In the kitchen
an old woman in a nightgown walks over to the sink and gets
herself a glass of water. She is oblivious to the fact that
Chase and Johnny John are in the house. Johnny John is in
the middle of the room and starts to sneak behind the couch
to hide himself from the old womans view. As he is trying
to hide he bumps into an end table and knocks a little glass
figurine off of it. It hits the hard wood floor and it
SHATTERS. both Johnny John and Chase freeze and look up at
the old woman in the kitchen. The old woman doesn't even
flinch. She is completely oblivious. Johnny John looks
over at Chase.
      (loud whisper)
The old bags deaf.
Chase flinches at Johnny Johns brazen boldness.
Shut the hell up man. We don't
want to push our luck.
The old woman doesn't hear a thing. She finishes her glass
of water then starts to slowly walk back out of the kitchen.
She turns off the light and goes into her bedroom and shuts
the door. Johnny John stands up and laughs quietly. Chase
stands up and punches him in the arm.
      (Normal volume)
Oh lighten up. So wheres the
I'm guessing in the basement. Lets
Johnny John and Chase walk into the basement and not before
long they find a couple of boxes full of cash. They both
stare at it in disbelief before starting to hall it out of


the house. Knowing that the old woman wont hear a thing
they use the front door and get out of the house in no time

As they drive away Johnny John picks up the little black
book and starts to flip through it.
      (Pumped up)
So about how many houses are there
on that list anyways?
Johnny John starts to count up the houses in his head. When
he is finished he lets out a long breath and leans back in
his seat.

Chase looks over at him impatiently.
Well? How many?
Oh, ummm... just a little over a
shit load. That's all.
Johnny John tosses the book to Chase and closes his eyes.
Chase looks down at the book on his lap and opens it with
one hand.
Looks like it's going to be a long
couple of days my friend.
Montage with music.

Shots of Johnny John and Chase robbing the houses on the



Chase and Johnny John sneaking up the side of a house. The
house is old. The paint is slightly peeling and the lights
are off. There isn't a car in the driveway.

Chase and Johnny John standing out side of a side door.
Johnny John is crouched in front of the door picking the
lock while Chase is watching to see if anyone is coming. The
door opens and Johnny John and looses his balance. He falls
into the house. Chase turns around and holds back a laugh
as he walks into the house and shuts the door.
Chase and Johnny John are standing at the back of a house.
The lights are all off. The yard they are in is big and
closed in with lots of shrubs and trees.

Chase pulls out a small pellet gun out of his pocket. Johnny
John looks confused and slowly backs away from Chase. Chase
aims the gun at the bottom of the window and SHOOTS. Where
the pellet hits the window there is a small hole. Chase
pulls out a pen and slides it through the hole and unlocks
the window then turns to Johnny John. Chase is smiling and
holding the gun up. Johnny John looks amazed.
Chase is driving the car and Johnny John is nodding off in
the passenger seat. Johnny John has the pellet gun in his
lap. They are driving through the city.

Chase looks over at Johnny John and sees that he is falling
asleep. Chase looks down at the radio and turns it up.
Johnny John wakes up with a scream and grabs the gun on his
lap. Chase Laughs at him. Jokingly Johnny John points the
small pellet gun at Chase. Chase looks at him and smiles.
In Chases hand is a Desert Eagle 5.0. Johnny John looks
down and then sets the small pellet gun back on his lap and
holds up his hands.

In the back of the car are a lot of closed boxes. One of
them is open and inside of it can be seen 100 dollar bills
neatly packed.


Chase and Johnny John are in a basement. It is crowded with
lots of boxes and old decorations. They walk over to the
side of the basement where the Christmas decorations are and
sit down cross legged in front of them. There is a Santa
cutout in front of them as well as a fake Christmas tree
leaning in the corner. There are boxes all around them and
they start to open them up like presents. In each box is
loads of cash.
Chase is on a pay phone on the side of a city block. In
front of the pay phone is Chases car. Johnny John is inside
of it but ducked down as if he's nervous.
      (into phone)
Hello Jake, it's Chase. I was
wondering when I should come in to
collect my money for the job I did
for your boss the other day.
Chase looks down at Johnny John in the car and gives him the
thumbs up then turns back around.
      (mock surprised)
He's what? How the hell. Not
Charlie. Son of a Bitch. Do you
need me to do anything? Anything
at all.
Chase puts his hand in front of his mouth and tries not to
smile. He watches the people go by and looks as if he is
only half listening.
      (mock depression)
Jesus Christ man. I can't believe
it. Who did this to him? I'll
get them whoever it was. Charlie
was one of my best customers.


Johnny John looks around nervously. Every time he sees
anyone walk close to his window he flinches.

Chase starts to shake his head at the voice on the phone.
A tall lanky bruised up guy and an
unknown partner. Got it. I'll
check my connections and see what
I can find out. I'll keep you
posted. Good luck.
Chase hangs up the phone and walks over to the car. He gets
in and looks over at Johnny John. Johnny looks as if he's
scared out of his mind.
Well? What did they have to say.
Well there's good news and there's
bad news. What one you want
Just tell me already God damn it.
Alright, alright. The bad news is
that they got your description
going out to all their
connections. They think you and
your partner killed Charlie and
stole his black book.
Son of a Bitch.
But the good news is I'm still in
the clear. Well other then the
fact that we still have no clue
where Angela is and if she's close
to finding us or not.


Chase looks over at Johnny John with a sly smile but Johnny
John doesn't seem too happy.
Listen we only have one more house
to tackle, then we split the money
and boom, we are out of here. It's
going to be OK man.
Chase and Johnny John are standing outside of a gray drab
house. The houses yard is well kept but there are no
flowers or any bright colors at all.
So this is the last house and it
has the biggest score.
Johnny John looks over at Chase with a look of confusion.
Any idea why Charlie would keep
this much money in one place?
Chase looks at the house and bites is lower lip.
No clue at all. Well lets get
this over with. You take the back
door and I'll take the front. I'll
knock to see if any ones home.
You work on finding another way
Chase walks up the drive way and up onto the front porch.
Johnny John sneaks around the house. As he goes from window
to window he checks them out, trying to find a way inside.

Chase KNOCKS on the front door. He waits for a while but no
one answers. Chase KNOCKS again then he RINGS the door


Hello? Is anyone home?
Chase is about to give up and leave when the door opens.
Chase turns around and is surprised to see Johnny John
standing there. At first he thinks that this is a good
thing till he sees the look of fear on Johnny Johns face.
You OK man?
Johnny John looks like he is about to answer but before he
can a voice sounds from behind him.
                       MR. GRIFF (OS)
Don't you even think of speaking
you maggot.
Johnny John's hands go up into the air. He backs back into
the house. Behind him is MR. GRIFF, 60s, old ex-military.
He is wearing a pair of camo-pants and a white t-shirt. He
is holding a shotgun to Johnny Johns back. He looks like he
can barely keep the shotgun up. Mr. Griff turns and looks
at Chase.
                       MR. GRIFF
Get in here you worthless thug or
your friends going to be worm food
because of you.
Chase stares at the old man in disbelief but does what he
tells him to. He walks into the house and the door closes
behind him.


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