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Kingdom Hearts:The Motion Picture (Work in Progress)
by manuel hernandez (manuel22390@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Animation   User Review: *1/2
Kingdom Hearts is based on the popular videogame franchise by Square Enix and Disney. Sora is an ordinary boy who lives a normal life in St.Ivalice,alongside his friends Henry and Kyrie. But fate throws him a curveball and one night,evil creatures invade his hometown. Meanwhile,Court Wizard Donald Duck and Captain Goofy are looking for the missing King and someone called the Keybearer. Stranded in another world,Sora now holds a mysterious Keyblade and,after a series of events,he meets Donald and Goofy. Thus,their journey to save the universe and find their friends begin. (Note:This screenplay is still a work in progress. The finished product should arrive pretty soon ;))

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A gentle breeze is coming from the sea,the water is calm.
There comes a boy,SORA,strolling down the beach and drawing
lines in the sand with a stick. Suddenly,the screen turns
BLACK. White writing appears on screen:"Thinking of
you,wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end,and
hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to
realize this wish. And who knows;starting a new journey may
not be so hard,or maybe it has already begun. There are many
worlds,but they share the same sky--one sky,one destiny..."
The screen is still dark,but we hear Sora's voice.
                       SORA (V.O)
I...I've been having these weird
thoughts lately. Like is any of
this for real...or not?
He notices something ahead,so he runs and sees a RED-HAIRED
GIRL. He kneels and looks at her.

CLOSE UP on the girl's left eye. She wakes up.

GIRL's POV:She's seeing Sora,but it's all blurry.

Sora tries to reach out his hand on her. All of a sudden,a
STRONG WIND blows,the ocean turns PURPLE,the sky turns into
starless dark skies,and the clouds are now thick,grayish
SMOKE. He looks around and sees that the girl is now a
CORPSE with blonde hair. He stands up in disbelief. The
ground RUMBLES,and from the sea,a HIDEOUS BLACK CREATURE

                       NAMINE (V.O)
Don't be afraid...
The creature places his hands in the sand,and buries them in
the ground. Sora stumbles and looks at it terrified. A BLACK
CIRCLE appears under him. The circle engulfs the corpse,and
it starts to engulf Sora.
                       NAMINE (V.O)
You hold the mightiest weapon of
them all.
Sora's body turns dark,he closes his eyes. He opens them and
his eyes are PITCH BLACK. He's completely devoured by the


                       NAMINE (V.O)
      (voice fading away)
You're the one who will......
Sora's hit in the head by a BALL. He's on the top of a
tree,but he falls down. He had a bad dream. He gets up and
sits on the grass. And then he lies,staring at the blue sky.
KYRIE,Sora's friend,suddenly appears,scaring the heck outta
She laughs happily.
Awww,gimme a break,Kyrie.
I knew i'd find you sleeping
'round here.
Sora freaks out.
NO! W,wait! This big...no,HUGE
black thing popped out all of a
sudden! A-and then it started to
swallow me up!!
      (hands on his
I couldn't breathe!! I could-
He feels something on his head,and he puts his hands on his
Ow,my head.
You were having a bad dream,right?
No,it wasn't!! Or was it? I dunno.
What was that place? So weird.
Kyrie sits next to Sora.


Say...Kyrie,do you remember what
was your hometown like? You
know,where you grew up.
I don't know a thing.
At all?
Well,do you ever want to go back?
Well...i'm kind of happy where I
am now.
Oh really...
But you know...I wouldn't mind
going to see it.
Well,I wanna see them too.
Sora stands up.
Along with any other worlds out
there. I just wanna see 'em all!
We hear a VOICE,it's HENRY,another friend of Sora.
                       HENRY (V.O)
Say...aren't you forgetting about
He appears carrying a LOG in his arms.
Guess i'm the only one working on
the raft.
Henry throws the log at Sora. He tries to catch it,but it
landed on Sora's arms. He approaches Kyrie.


And you're just as lazy as he is!
So you noticed it. Alright,how
about we finish it together? I'll
race you,boys!
You kidding?
Okay. On your marks...
The two boys get ready to race.
Get set...
She runs just before saying "Go!". Sora and Henry realize
she cheated,and they follow afterwards. The three kids laugh
and smile. Camera PANS AWAY from the park to show the city
of Saint Ivalice.

SUPER:City of St.Ivalice.
The three kids are sitting together in a bench. The two boys
drink Soda,while Kyrie is drinking a bottle of water. All
three stare at the sunset.
So,Kyrie's home is out there
It could be,but we'll never know
just by staying here.
Yeah,but how far could a raft take
I dunno. If we have to,we'll think
of something else.


Imagine you arrive in another
world. What would you do
Well,I haven't really thought
about it. It's just...I've always
wondered why are we here in this
place. If there are any other
worlds out there,why did we ended
up here? How did we ended up
here,anyway. And if there are
other places out there,then ours
is a piece of something much
bigger. We could've just as easily
ended up somewhere else,right?
I don't know.
Exactly. And that's why we have to
get out of here and find out. Just
staying here won't change a thing.
It's the same old,boring stuff,so
let's go.
Sora wonders what Henry just said.
                       SORA (V.O)
Wow,Henry. You've been thinking a
lot,haven't you?
Well,if you hadn't come here,maybe
I would've never thought of any of
Sora just stares away from the other two,looking worried.
So,Kyrie...um,from the bottom of
my heart...thanks.
Sora gets up,shaking off the sand on his pants.
Guys,let's go home.


The children are proceeding to their homes.
Hey,Sora. Catch!
Sora stops,Henry throws a STAR-SHAPED FRUIT at him. He
catches it.

You wanted one,didn't ya?
A Paopu fruit?
They say that if two people share
one,their destinies become
intertwined. They'll become a part
of each other's lives no matter
what. C'mon,Sora,I know you wanna
try it.
What are you...?
                       KYRIE (V.O)
Hey,you guys! It's getting dark.
Let's go.
Think about it.
Henry laughs and walks away. Sora slowly drops the Paopu
without Henry knowing,and just walks home,as if nothing
An enormous castle,probably the biggest in all the
land,featuring statues of KING MICKEY,and a beautiful



PAN AWAY to reveal Court Wizard DONALD DUCK. He happily
walks towards the throne room,holding the King's breakfast.
He eventually reaches the TWO GIANT DOORS leading to the
He knocks the door,and a MUCH SMALLER DOOR opens. Donald
goes through there.
He proceeds to the throne,still holding the breakfast tray.
Good morning,your majesty! It's
nice to see you this morn--
He opens his eyes,and suddenly drops the tray. He sees...

DONALD's POV:The King's Throne. It's empty.

PLUTO appears behind the throne holding a LETTER in his
mouth. Donald gets closer. He grabs the letter and reads it.
He just stares at it for a while.
Donald goes quackers and rushes around the corridor,yelling
in craziness.
Donald is still gone quackers,but he sees someone.
GOOFY,captain of the Pluto Knights,is peacefully sleeping in
the garden. Donald approaches him.
Donald is still gone quackers,but he sees someone.
GOOFY,captain of the Pluto Knights,is peacefully sleeping in
the garden. Donald approaches him.


Wake up,Goofy! Wake up!! This is
Goofy dosen't wake. Donald has his arms crossed and taps his
foot,frustrated. He walks away. Goofy is still asleep,until
moments later,a LIGHTNING strikes him. He wakes up,and looks
around. He sees Donald holding a staff. He casted that
Hyuk! Hey there,Donald. G'morning.
We got a problem,Goofy! But don't
tell anyone...
Queen Minnie?
Not even the queen!
Nooooooooo!! It's top secret.
Um...good morning,ladies.
He looks back to see QUEEN MINNIE MOUSE and her good friend
DAISY DUCK. Daisy clears her throat and crosses her arms.
Donald tries to say anything,but ends up laughing
Sora is looking out in his room. He pulls out a CAPTAIN'S
HAT,and he puts it on,but it's a bit too big.
Sora and Henry are talking near the recently built raft.
Now,we oughta think about a name
for this raft.


Well,how about I name
it...Highwind. Kinda mighty,huh?
Well,I'll call it...Excalibur!
Hmm. How 'bout we solve it with
the usual?
The usual?
Kyrie appears.
You guys at it again? Alright,i'll
be the judge. Take any route you
want,and the first one to reach
the statue at the mall wins.
If I win,then i'll be the captain.
And if you win-
I get to be the captain,and share
this Paopu with Kyrie.
Henry takes off Sora's hat and puts the Paopu in it. He then
puts the hat in the raft.
Huh? What?
It's settled,then. Winner gets to
share a Paopu with her.
Hey,wait a minute!
Okay,on my mark...


Get set...
Wait a minute!
Henry starts running,Sora has little choice but to race.
They run through the pier,across the people. Henry looks
pretty confident.
You'll never catch me,Sora!
The two boys reach the streets of downtown.
Henry is still running through the streets,he dosen't seem
tired. Sora is way behind him,all tired up. He steps on a
skateboard and rides it by accident. He's going at high
speeds! Henry is tired,so he rests against a wall,but he
suddenly sees Sora on the skateboard. He immediately rushes
without even resting.
Sora,still on his skateboard,tries to evade people but he
crashes on a lamp post. Henry is running as fast as he
can,he takes the lead. He sees the STAR-SHAPED STATUE Kyrie
mentioned. When he was about to reach it,Sora is right next
to him. They both stretch out their hands,trying to reach
the statue,but they both crash on it. Sora and Henry are
both on the ground. Kyrie appears with a first-aid kit.
Are you two alright?
I think so.
Henry realizes something.
Hey,you cheated!


What?! What did I do?
You were riding a skateboard.
I did?
Henry stands up.
Yeah you did,actually!
Why are you so mad,anyway?
Come on,Henry. Give him a break.
Why? I wanted to name it
Henry starts to walk away. Sora and Kyrie look at him
Sora and Kyrie are walking.
I wonder what's wrong with Henry.
He was pretty mad back there.
I don't know. He hasn't been
really himself lately.
Sora keeps thinking.
Say,can you do me a small favor?
Huh? Uh,yeah.
She hands him over a shopping list.


Could you go and get me these?
We're gonna get some provisions
for our trip. Could you go the
kwik-e-mart to grab all these?
Here. I have about $100. Meet me
back at the pier when you're
ready. Okay?
She gives him the hundred dollars.
Sora is carrying two bags filled with stuff. He then looks
at a boat nearby. He looks at both sides,and approaches the
Sora is on DESTINY ISLAND. His provisions are on the boat,he
walks a few steps forward,and spots a hole. He walks forward
and goes through the hole.
He reaches a place filled with drawings. He spots a carving
at the lower right corner. Sora gets near it and sits
indian-style. It's a carving of Sora and Kyrie. He looks at
it very nostalgic.
Sora and Kyrie are carving something on the stone. They look
at each other happily. The two finished carving it.

CLOSE UP on Sora and Kyrie's Drawing.
Sora is now carving something else. We see the carving,only
that Sora is giving a star to Kyrie. He looks at it happily.
But then,we hear a VOICE...


                       HOODED MAN (O.S)
I have come to see the door to
this world.
He sees a strangely hooded man standing there.
                       HOODED MAN
This world has been connected.
What are you talking about?
                       HOODED MAN
Tied to the darkness. Soon to be
completely eclipsed.
Well,whoever you are,stop creeping
me out like this. Where did you
come from,anyway??
                       HOODED MAN
You do not yet know what lies
beyond the door.
So you're from another world!
                       HOODED MAN
There is so very much to
learn...you understand so little.
Oh yeah? Well,we'll see about
that! Me and my friends are gonna
get out of here,and find out
what's out there.
The hooded man laughs.
What's so funny about?
                       HOODED MAN
A meaningless effort.
The man points his finger at Sora.


                       HOODED MAN
One who knows nothing can
He magically pushes Sora against a wall. Sora falls to the
ground. Then,he sees that the hooded man is gone,and there
is a big keyhole in the door.
Sora pops out of the hole. Kyrie is there,tapping her foot.
What are you doing here?
What?! Um,nothing. Nothing at all!
Let's just get back home,okay?
I know you were doing something.
Well,I was just looking for some
mushrooms here,alright?
The two kids reach the dock. Kyrie sits there.
You know,Henry did change back
What do you mean?
Sora sits right next to her.
Are you alright?
Sora,let's do it. Why don't we
take the raft for ourselves and
leave? Just the two of us!


Whoa! What?!
      (she chuckles)
Just kidding.
What's gotten into ya,Kyrie?
You're the one who's changed.
Maybe. I was a bit afraid at
first,but now i'm ready. No matter
where we go or see,I know we can
always come back here. Right?
That's good.
Sora and Kyrie are staring at the sunset.
Sora. Don't even think about
Huh? What?
I just can't wait.
She stands up.
Once we set sail...it'll be great.
It's empty and with the lights out. Pluto is peacefully
sleeping there. White lettering appears,it's the King's
letter as it follows:"Donald. Sorry to rush off without even
sayin' goodbye,but there's big trouble. Not sure why,but the
stars have been blinking out,one by one. And that means
disaster can't be far behind. I hate to leave you all but
i've gotta go check it out. Now,there's someone with a
Key,the key to our salvation. I need you and Goofy to find
him and stick with him. Got it? We need that key or else
we're doomed! Go to Traverse Town and look for someone named


Leon. He's a good friend of mine,we worked together in the
war. He'll point you in the right direction. Sincerely.
P.S.:Would ya apologize to Minnie for me? Thanks,pal."
The room lights up. Donald,Goofy,Minnie,and Daisy (in that
order) are entering the room.
Oh dear. What could this mean?
It means exactly the same thing.
We'll just have to trust the king.
Gawrsh,I sure hope he's alright.
Your Highness,don't worry. We will
find the king and this Key.
Thank you. Both of you.
Donald grabs his hat and approaches Daisy.
Um,Daisy? Can you take care of-
Of couse,sweetie. You be
careful,now. Both of you.
Especially you,my little rubber
She kisses Donald right in the cheek. He chuckles.
Oh! And to chronicle your
travels,he will accompany you.
Suddenly,a little character is jumping up and down at the
table,holding an umbrella and hat. It's JIMINY CRICKET.
Over here!
A MAGNIFYING GLASS pops out of nowhere so that they (and we)
can see him better.
Much better. Cricket's the name.


Jiminy jumps and lands on Donald's hat.
Jiminy Cricket,at your service!
Hey hey! Get off my head!
We both hope for your safe return.
Please help the king.
Donald salutes. Minnie bows,so does Daisy. Goofy salutes
next to them. Donald grabs his arm and drags him.
You're coming,too!
Donald and Goofy walk down the stairs,while Jiminy is on
Goofy's hat.
Gawrsh,Jiminy. Your world
It was horrible,we were scattered.
And as far as I can see,i'm the
only one who made it into this
Oh,right. I gotcha. You mean while
we're in other worlds,we just
can't let on where we're from.
Yep. We gotta protect the World
Yeah. World Order.


Goofy laughs whereas Donald sighs disgruntled as always.
There's lots of machinery in that room. A ship is there as
well. Donald reaches a pipe and speaks through it.
Hello up there! Donald Duck to
launch crew! Anytime you're ready.
Chip understands and Dale pulls the lever. All of the
machinery turns on. A hand crane grabs Donald first by the
tail,and then Goofy. They are both on the ship's cockpit.
Minnie and Daisy appear. Donald and Goofy waves them
goodbye. Pluto suddenly appears.
The door leading to the exit opens. The ship's propulsors
ignite,it's about to take off. Pluto hops inside the vessel.
Blast off!!!
But an arrow lights up,pointing down. Donald,Goofy,Pluto,and
the ship fall below through a tunnel and out of this world.
Camera CREEPS on a peacefully sleeping Sora. He wakes up,and
looks on a TOY BOAT on the ceiling. He keeps wondering about
                       KYRIE (V.O)
I just can't wait. Once we set
sail...it'll be great.
But then,Sora hears some rumbling coming from outside. He
gets up and looks out the window. Outside,a storm is
Oh. Just a storm.
He walks away as if nothing. But he quickly looks again.
A storm?!
(gasp) Oh no!! It's the raft!


He opens the window and jumps out
of it.
He quickly grabs his bike,opens the gate,and rides the bike
The room is empty. DIANA,Sora's mom,is calling out for him.
                       DIANA (V.O)
Sora! Dinner's ready. Come on
down,dear. (beat) Sora? Sora?
Sora desperately rides the bike across the street corners.
He notices a BIG,DARK SPHERE in the cloudy sky. He looks at
it dumbstruck.
What is that?
But he falls out of his bike,and hits his head on the
ground. It starts to rain. Sora puts his hand on his
forehead,and his nose is bleeding. He walks towards his
bike,but he then hears some WEIRD NOISES. The noises get
more louder. He covers his ears.
What's that sound?!
And from the ground,several CREATURES emerge. Sora looks and
stumbles down. Two of the creatures grab Sora's bike from
both sides and just tear it into pieces. Sora looks
terrified. One of the creatures looks at him,and then
another,and another. They all look at him. They all look
hungry,Sora starts to run away. The creatures follow him. As
Sora runs,more and more creatures appear. Around him,several
buildings fall. Tornadoes land on the far side of the city.
Sora eventually makes it to the pier.
Sora makes it to the dock,only to see the boats all wrecked.
The creatures are closing near him. He jumps to the water
and starts swimming. But there are creatures in the
waters,as well. One of them grabs Sora's leg. He struggles
to get the being off of his leg. A tidal wave rises,and
washes Sora and the sea creature away.


Sora coughs. He looks up and sees someone just a few meters
from him. It's Henry,only that he has a sinister look on his
face. Sora gets up.
Henry,what are you doing here?!
Where's Kyrie?
We gotta get out of here. There's
something really weird going on
'round here!
He grabs Henry's arm,but he won't move.
Come on,Henry!
The door.
A black circle,the same one from Sora's dream,appears on
both their feets,and starts to engulf them. Sora tries to
pull his legs free from it,but Henry is doing nothing. He
stretches out his arm towards Sora.
Come with...me. Sora.
Henry!! Help!!!
It's all right...buddy.
The dark circle engulfs them whole. The screen is completely
There's nothing here at first,but then,we see Sora floating
down unconscious. He can barely open his eyes.
Where am I? Ugh...who am I?


He sees someone coming towards him. It's female and it seems
made out of light.
Who is she? It's so dark in here.
The "woman" gets closer and closer to him.
As she gets closer to Sora,she transforms into an ugly
monster. The monster embraces Sora.
No! Let go!! Hey! Help!!! Help
me!!! Somebody HELP!! MOM! DAD!!!
Then,the monster bursts into pieces of light,and Sora falls
down. He lands on a platform,where he sees nothing but a BIG
DOOR. Kyrie is standing in front of the door.
She slowly turns around,she's in bad shape.
Sora. Will feeling pain...make me
whole again?
Suddenly,the door opens behind her. Black winds blow,and
Kyrie is blown closer to Sora. He tries to hold her but she
disappears through him. Sora is blown away afterwards. He's
now on another platform...above a ravaged St.Ivalice. He
looks down to see the city. Suddenly,his arm reacts
What? What now?
A Keyblade magically appears in his hand. He grabs it with
his two hands and looks at it.
What is this thing?


Then,the creatures emerge behind Sora. He looks back and
he's frightened. But he has the blade in his hand. He
gulps,takes courage,and holds the blade with his hands and
in combat stance.
Alright. Have it your way.


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Leave Feedback
From Alyssa Brewster Date 7/11/2019 ****
I loved it. Kingdom Hearts was my favorite video game series to play. I would definitely want to see this movie if was actually made. Keep up the good work.

From Kelsey Date 1/11/2008 1/2
I'm a pretty big fan of Kingdom Hearts myself, but you didn't really do it justice. I apologize if I'm leaving feedback twice--I forget these things. You changed the names of people (Riku=Henry?) and you plagurised the whole game. This could be better, and I hope you don't get sued.

From Giancarlos Calderon Date 10/22/2006 1/2
I'm a fan of the Kingdom Hearts saga. But this script does not stick to the game. You changed Riku's name to Henry and mispelled Kairi's name. It was completely pointless. I play this game everyday. So this screen looks like a Uwe Boll movie. This story is completely and absolutely pointless.

From Matthew Rosen Date 2/21/2006 1/2
I'm surprised by the reviews I'm reading here. Everyone's either praising or condemning based on accuracy to the game. No one has yet made the obvious point that Kingdom Hearts (along with most video games) has no potential for a film adaptation. You might as well write Alien Vs. Predator 2 (please don't) because the Kingdom Hearts story exists as a thin shell to support its terrific gameplay. Once you get to the other worlds, all you can do is line up opponents and meander through uninteresting and pointless subplots. Come back when you have a real story.

From Josh Chambers Date 1/22/2006 **
Having never played this game, I can't really comment on how close this screenplay follows it, but I'll give my opinion otherwise. Your overall forms seems to be good, but your writing seems to be a little choppy. Your writing, especially the stage directions, could be a lot smoother. Also, when it comes to the copyright issues. I don't think it's as much of a deal as some are making it to be *IF* you say in your copyright notice, explicitly, that you don't own the story, characters, etc (and give credit to those who do). As it is now, your copyright notice makes it sound like this is an original work which, gauging from the other comments here, it is not.

From Richard Date 1/20/2006 0 stars
Hopefully no one from Square or Disney reads this because you might have a potential law suit on your hands due to plagurism of the original dialog.

From Christopher Date 1/6/2006 *
What is this? Henry, what happend to Riku, what happend to the Destiny Islands! What the heck is St.Ivalice! You took what could have been a good film and turned it into something that had nothing to do with the rpg.... Except Sora, Kairi(Not Kyrie),Donald, and Goofy from what I see you put no effort whatsoever into this... I'm sorry but there is nothing good with this script... You need serius work...... You didnt even get the keyblade recieving scene right... I am sorry but this is like something John Woo would do(no offense)... Fix what ive told you,and it will be a good film. But I give you 1 star for trying, not everyone has the guts to do so...

From S.M. Krause Date 1/5/2006 0 stars
"Kingdom Hearts" was one of the best PlayStation 2 games of all time, with the combined elements of "Final Fantasy/Disney films." My nephew plays the game like crazy, as have I. However, this script is terrible. The original game characters names are changed, certain plot elements remain the same, however, you rip the dialogue off the game. Original, no. Plagurism, yes. It's not your own original work.

From Zach Shevich Date 1/1/2006 **
I happen to be a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and I don't really like some of the changes you've made so far, as some seem unnessessary (Riku is now Henry?) but you basically stuck to the game's dialouge and actions so I can't say that part was bad. I'd clean up some of the writing as there are mistakes and I would replay the beginning of the game so as to see how you can maybe make a better transition from the game to a script but otherwise, it's not a bad start.

From Ryan Date 12/29/2005 ***
Pretty accurate! Keep up the good work! I want to see this movie! ;)

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