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Ragnarok, Twilight of the Gods
by Lynn Smith

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: *1/2
This is a work in progress. This is a full length CG epic, based on Norse myth. The story takes you from creation to the final battle of the Gods.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Before all, there was the great void.
The land of ice lay to the north, Niflheim, and to the south
was the land of fire, Muspelheim.
The two could only come so close to one another before the
ice of Niflheim would melt, and Muspelheim's fires would
freeze. The result of this collision of extremes would
create the great frost giant, Ymir, and the sacred ice cow
Audhumla gave forth her milk to sustain Ymir, in return Ymir
cared for the sacred creature.
As Ymir gazed into the great void, he felt lonesome, he
longed for companionship other than that of Audhumla. Ymir
thought to himself, I shall take from myself and create that
which I long for.
Ymir took from his left arm and created a male frost giant,
and from his right arm he formed a female, bringing them to
consciousness with the milk from Audhumla.
These two would breed Ymir a village of frost giants, and he
would never long for companionship again.
Meanwhile, Audhumlas constant licking of the salty ice
created a beautiful, iridescent being, and he was called
Boreas loved Audhumla and was grateful to her for bringing
him to this place. Boreas loved also to travel across the
lands and explore. In Boreas exploration, one day he came
across a group of frost giantess'. They were spellbinding,
one in particular was appealing to Boreas, she was called
      (flying in circles
       around the
What creature are you, made from
the puriest snow?


      (with a smile)
We are from the frost, our father
is the great Ymir.
                       FROST GIANTESS' 1
      (looking at Bestla)
Tell this thing nothing, for all
we know he is an evil one.
      (smiling, watching
       Boreas as he flew
       about her)
He is no evil, he is to beautiful.
Boreas swoops around Bestla, as if to dance with her, she
laughs and reaches to touch him.
                       FROST GIANTESS' 2
      (grabbing Bestlas
Bestla!, no, we must go!
The frost Giantess' start to rush away, Boreas flew up to
When shall you return?
                       FROST GIANTESS' 1
      (turning toward
Is none of your concern spirit.
      (calling out to
If I am not to know when you will
return, I shall wait here then
until you do.
Bestla looked back at Boreas smiling, she waves to him.
At the next moon Bestla could wait no longer, she rushed to
the spot to meet him. Bestla looked all around, he was not
there, the smile faded from her lips and she turned to go.
Then she felt a breeze brush her, she looked up, it was him,
he streaked the sky in many beautiful patterns, then came to
rest in front of her.


I am glad to see you have
returned. I am Boreas, son of
This made the male frost giants angry, they thought Bestla
should be with one of her own, not some outsider, they
decided to bring this union to the attention of Ymir.
                       FROST GIANT 1
      (approaches Ymir
       at his throne and
       lowers his head)
Father, I have news of a great
misdeed, by one of your daughters,
Bestla, what news is this you
speak of?
                       FROST GIANT 2
      (steps forward)
Father, Beastla has taken a mate.
That is fortunate news, and which
of my sons has she chosen? We
shall plan a great celebration of
the event.
                       FROST GIANT 1
She has not chosen one of your
sons father.
                       FROST GIANT 2
She has chosen a ..a spirit of
some sort, he flew upon her and
enchanted her. Now she will have
no other.
This spirit, who else has laid
eyes on it?
                       FROST GIANTESS' 1
      (stepping forward)
I have father... it is true.
And what did you see?


                       FROST GIANTESS' 1
It.. it is like the clouds, it is
like a rainbow, it..mesmerizes,
flying about, I too was almost
A great rumble echoed from the frost giants. Ymir stood.
Bring them...both to me.
Boreas and Bestla were called before Ymir. Bestla told Ymir
she would be with no other, that she would drown herself in
Muspelheims fire before she would be with another. Boreas
challenged any and all frost giants that would attempt to
take Bestla from him. As a few of the frost giants stepped
forward Ymir held up his hand to cease them.
      (to Boreas)
You are son of Audhumla.
I am proud to say, I am.
      (to Bestla)
You should be with your own.
Let me finish,...you should be
with your own, but you will not,
so you must decide, if you are to
chose one other then your own, you
must leave your own.
I do not wish to leave my family..
      (touching her
Bestla, my child, the decision is
yours, and it must be made.
Ymir loved his giants, and it hurt him to see Bestla in such
sorrow, he declared Bestla could remain with Boreas, on one


condition. Bestla would never be allowed to be with her own
again, so if their love was so strong, she would have to
make that sacrifice.
Bestla made her decision, Bestla and Boreas were together,
alone, and happy.
Boreas and Bestla had a son, Odin. Their son had a hatred
for frost giants and Ymir. Their son was always thinking of
ways to kill Ymir and the other giants that had hurt his
mother and father so deeply.
One day as Odin was surveying the land he felt was
rightfully his, he came across a lone frost giant. Enraged
that the creature would disobey his order to leave his land,
he advanced upon him, striking him down blow after blow.
      (to the frost
You there! what business do you
have on my mountain.
                       FROST GIANT 1
Your mountain, who are thou, these
are my father Ymirs mountains, it
is you who trespasses!
I am Odin, son of Boreas...
Odin advances on the frost giant, taken his arm off with one
blow, the other arm, then his head.
      (picking up the
       frost giants head)
...killer of giants.
Word of what Odin son of Bestla and Boreas had done quickly
came to Ymir. Odin was called to Ymir, and if he refused his
parents would be killed.
                       FROST GIANT 2
      (to Boreas and
Your bastard creature has
committed the highest of crimes,
slaying one of our own, Ymir
wishes him be brought to the


      (to the frost
Our own?...My child is no bastard,
and you are not my own, remember,
I made that decsion!
                       FROST GIANT 2
It is your choice, but Ymir will
demand atonement, if not from
your...child, from you.
Odin returned home to his parents and found them distraught.
Mother what is it, what has
You know what has happened, how
could you do this thing!
The frost giant is what you speak
of? I shall not bow down to them
as you have made my mother.
Odin, respect your father, he is
right you had no claim to that
frost giant, you have brought
chaos to us.
Ymir has sent for you, and if you
do not go to him, he will slay us
Don't be concerned father, as my
mother before me, I shall protect
you from the great Ymir.
Boreas expanded into the sky filled with hurt and flew out
into the great void.
Odin by all means would go to Ymir, he would honor his last


Odin sought out the sacred cow, Audhumla, he drank from her
milk, slaughtered her and drank from her blood, this gave
him immense power, he flew back to his parents to show them
his gifts and assure them that he would be victorious over
the evil Ymir and his frost giants. Odin looked into the
void and yelled out to his father.
Father!..look at what I have
become, you and mother shall not
fear, I will for once and all take
care of the great Ymir, and secure
what is rightfully ours!
Boreas flew down to where his son stood and looked upon him.
What is it that you have done
I have gained great power and
strength, from the sacred cow.
No! Odin, no!
Mother, it was the only way, would
you rather have seen me crushed at
the hands of Ymir!
It would have been what you
deserved for your acts, it is what
you deserve, leave from us, and do
your deed!
After hearing what their son had done to their beloved
Audhumla, Bestla and Boreas were inconsolable, especially
Boreas for he was created by the sacred cow. Boreas demanded
that Odin leave them and never return. Boreas in his sorrow
slayed himself, and at that moment flew out into the great
void to light it forever in honor of Audhumla. Bestla
realizing what Boreas had done keep to her promise and drown
herself in the fires of Muspelheim.
Boreas essence will forever cover the skies, as a blanket of
sorrow, a reminder of the sacrifice of his beloved Audhumla.
Odin overcome by emotion, came upon Ymir so ferociously
nothing could be said or done, he slayed Ymir spilling his


blood in huge waves drowning all but two of Ymirs beloved
frost giants. Bergelmir and his wife escaped deep into the
Bergelmir and his wife would start a new race of frost
giants, who would forever hide from fear of Odin son of
Boreas and Bestla. One of their children would be Loki, God
of Mischief.
After the massacre, Odin began to look around. He realized
in the destruction as he ripped Ymirs body apart and flung
it into all directions his flesh became a new world. Ymirs
blood, rivers, lakes and oceans, his bones and teeth were
mountains and rocks, his skull became the sky, and his mind
was the clouds.
Father! Father!.. see what I have
done.. this is truly my land! Made
of the being that was ..Ymir!
Odin called this new world Midgard.
While walking upon the beaches of Midgard, Odin came across
an uprooted tree. He decided with his new acquired powers,
he would create new beings for this land.
Odin breathed life into them, gave them wits and
consciousness, and gave them sight and hearing. Odin decided
to call these creations Ask and Embla.
My children, it is I your father,
Odin. You are to be the first. You
shall have all the knowledge you
need to teach the ones that will
come forth from you. In my absence
you shall rule this land.
Odin told Ask and Embla that Midgard was theirs too care
for, and if they needed for anything to ask for it from
Odin, their God.
Midgard grew and the stories of the Gods were passed down
from generation to generation of Midgardians. The elders
told of how the light in the sky was the ancient one Boreas,
the father of the great God, Odin. Of how the Odin had
slayed Ymir and the race of frost giants, how that act had
created Midgard. And of how Odin now protected them, because
he had created them and loved them.
The elders told of how the sun and moon came to be, and of
the eventual coming of Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods.


It is prophesied, that Ragnarok is punishment for the
sacrifice of the sacred cow Audhumla. A time of three
winters will come, most Midgardians will perish in them. The
three cocks shall crow, and the dead shall rise. The Gods
shall come together in a great battle that will destroy all.
Satisfied with the creation of Midgard, Odin turned his
efforts to creating a world of his own.
Odin ascended high above Midgard, and even beyond the
essence of Boreas his father. Odin created Asgard, land of
the Gods. Asgard was immaculate, with many palaces and great
halls.Odin decided to create a bridge from Asgard to Midgard
connecting the two worlds, this bridge they called Bifrost.
After the completion of the two worlds there was a golden
time were all was well. Emerging from this time was another
race of Gods, the Vanir, they were rejuvenating Gods of
fertility. The Vanir lived in a place on the same level as
Asgard called Vanaheim.
So it goes their was a Vanir called Frigga, she was
intrigued by the land of Asgard and it's ruler the great
Odin, she wished to visit there, and know the God that lived
there, and that had created the world of Midgard.
      (entering Odins
You are the one that created the
land below, the one called Odin.
I am.
I am Frigga, of the Vanir.
And what is it, Frigga of the
Vanir, that you want from me?
      (walks close to
       the throne)


Then nothing and everything you
shall have...but what shall I have
in return?
      (smiling still)
Lord Odin..you shall have my
nothing and my everything.
Odin stood and walked close to Frigga, he took her hand and
lead her to the banquet table. Frigga sat at Odins side, she
listened as he wove his tales, he lost himself in her
Frigga did visit the Aesir and became enchanted with this
God, Odin. Odin soon found that like his mother he would
sooner throw himself into the lake f fire than be separated
from the beautiful Goddess. To Odins delight, Frigga felt
the same and could not bring herself to leave Odin and
But as with any love there is a price to pay. You see the
Vanir loved their Goddess too, and did not want to lose her
to Odin.
                       VANIR 1
      (counsel hall)
The goddess must return, there is
no discussion.
                       VANIR 2
      (council hall)
It has been decided, she will be
in her palace by nightfall.
                       VANIR 3
      (council hall)
I can't imagine why she would even
consider staying there with that
barbarian God.
      (As she kisses the
       back of Odins
My Lord, my escorts will arrive


They will never make it to the
gate, if that is your wish.
No my Lord they mean me no harm,
they just want me to be with them.
And what of my wants?
Family comes before all..
Then become my family, stay here
with me in Asgard.
Frigga returned home to the Vanir. Friggas people saw how
miserable she was without Odin and pleaded with her to tell
them what to do to bring her happiness again. The only reply
she would give was to let her go back to her beloved one.
                       VANIR 1
Dear Goddess, it pains us to see
you this way.
                       VANIR 2
Frigga how can we bring the smile
back to your face?
I can have no smile on my face,
when my love holds it in his
Odin missing Frigga so, prepared for battle he would bring
her home, home to Asgard, at any cost. The Vanir knowing
Odins plans and not wanting to hurt their Goddess any
further, decided that if Odin were to have Frigga he would
have to give them something of equal importance. A treaty
was formed from the union of Odin and Frigga.
I thought with the creation of Ask
and Embla I would be full filled,
but I was not, I created Asgard
and was content. Then the fates
brought her to me, and fate has
taken her, but destiny...destiny,
she is my heart, she was meant for
me, and she shall come home.
Prepare the Valkeries we shall


                       ODIN (cont'd)
bring our Queen home on the
                       VANIR 3
The barbarian God has assembled
his army.
                       VANIR 1
We are a race of love not war, we
shall perish as Ymir and his great
frost giants did at the hands of
                       VANIR 2
And you suggest, what?
The Vanir and Odin agreed to exchange leaders of each others
races to ensure a balance of peace between the two races.
                       VANIR 1
Njord, you and your family shall
go with our Goddess, insuring her
safety and happiness.
My trusted warriors, you make a
great sacrifice for me, and for
this I will be forever in debt to
you. For you shall bring me joy as
no other, with the return of my
heart, the Goddess Frigga.
The Vanir sent Njord and his children Frey and Freya, to
watch over Frigga. Odin sent Mimir the wisest of his Gods
and Hoenir a simpleton, but still considered one of the
greatest of Gods of the Aesir.
Hoenir was named leader of the Vanir, with Mimir as his ad
Soon the Vanir realized that Mimir was in fact the leader
behind Hoenir, they felt betrayed. The Vanir feeling as they
did, cut Mimirs head off and sent it back to Odin. Odin so
valued Mimirs wisdom and advise he enchanted the head to
keep it from decay, allowing it to speak to him forever.
                       VANIR 1
Odin has practiced much treachery
against us, with his deceitful


                       VANIR 2
Attonement is due.
                       VANIR 3
And attonement there shall be.
      (talking to the
       head of Mimir)
My warrior, my friend, I honor my
word, and I honor you. You my
friend shall be held in the
highest regard, your wisdom I will
seek and abide by.
Although the Vanir did not trust Odin after this, they would
still join forces with the Aesir at the time of Ragnarok for
now they were connected as family by Frigga, Njord, Frey and
Life in Midgard for the people there was hard, but
rewarding. Beliefs were strong, loyalty to the Gods was of
most importance. The Gods ruled the lives of the people of
Midgard. The stories of the Gods and their lives were
intertwined with the people of Midgard.
The women of battle, their leader the great warrior Goddess
Freya, they decide who among the warriors will go with them
to Valhalla. They float across land and sea gathering those
who have died in honor. They will train this warriors to due
battle for the Gods of Asgard at Ragnarok.
Freya enters the great hall of her Valkyries. The Valkyries
are preparing to leave, there is a battle ensuing and there
will be valiant souls to gather.
Valkyries, it is time! Let us go
and claim what is ours!
The Valkyries stand and cheer, filing out one by one,
passing their Goddess, as they put on their helmets.
Floating across the battlefield, arms outstretched to the


fallen, the Valkyries are a welcome sight. To the chosen
ones the Valkyries meant they had fought valiantly and now
would go to Valhalla to prepare for Ragnarok.
                       VIKING WARRIOR
Oh, great Goddess Freya, with your
angels of war, take me to my
destiny, Valhalla!
The viking warriors final prayers answered as they were
spirited away.
Although the lives of the people of Midgard revolved around
the Gods, the lives of the Gods revolved around their own
world. They had their adventures which often included the
people of Midgard, they played their games, and they trained
for the inevitable, Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods.
The Gods lives effected the mortals of Midgard profoundly,
the Gods felt no consequence of whether that effect was good
or bad for the people of Midgard, for they were servants of
the Gods.
Thor God of Thunder, lord of the skies, a brute by most
accounts, but still the prevail er and protector of Midgard,
a son of Odin. Freya, Vanir Goddess of Love and Beauty,
Warrior Queen of the Valkyries. Frey, Freya's twin brother,
God of Fertility. Tyr God of War and Justice. Loki the
Trickster, never to be underestimated for his mischievous
Heimdall the guardian God of Bifrost. Balder the Beautiful,
God of Light said to be the most handsome of all the Gods,
son of Odin. Hoder, the God of Darkness for he was blind
twin brother of Balder and Hermod brother to both, all sons
to Odin.
Skadi Goddess of winter and the hunt., The Norns, the
keepers of all destiny, the Valkyries warrior women under
the command of Freya to gather up the souls of slain
warriors from the battlefield. Hel goddess of the dead,
ruler of the underworld, and to them all, Odin, the all


The frost giants who had escaped the wrath of Odin, lived
deep in the land, hiding in fear that if they were know that
Odin would come back to finish them as he did their father
Ymir. These two however did have children one of which was
Loki had been told the stories of Odin, just as the
Midgardians had passed them down to their children. Loki
hated hiding out, for he did not fear Odin, in fact he vowed
that one day he would bring as much pain to the great God
Odin, as he had brought to his family.
Odin!, Odin!, Odin!...oh, how I
tire of the name. The great God
high in the skies with his palaces
and warriors. While I direct
descendant of the great Ymir who
first created, am to hide in fear.
I think not, Odin... the day shall
come my ...friend.
The day did come when Loki would get this wish. Loki had
come across Odin in a very precarious position with some
dark elves, which by the way Loki was know to associate
with. Odin was know to take different forms to be amongst
the dwellers of the nine worlds. On this occasion he had
transformed into a small vermin and was trapped by the
elves. Loki realizing who the vermin was convinced the elves
to give him the creature, therefore helping Odin to escape a
certain death.
      (to the dark elf)
There, what is it you have there?
                       DARK ELF 1
Master Loki, it is but meat for my
      (walking over to
       the elf)
Let me see that.
                       DARK ELF 1
      (handing the
       vermin to Loki)
Master, it is but a morsel,
nothing to concern yourself with.


      (holding the
       vermin up by the
You are right, it is but a morsel,
and nothing for you to be
concerned with.
                       DARK ELF 2
      (jumping at Lokis
Surely master would not deny us
this small pleasure.
      (spinning on his
Know your place, or I shall put
you in it.
Loki walks away holding the vermin by the tail, looking into
it's beady eyes. Loki knew who this was, he placed the
vermin on the ground. Before Lokis eyes the vermin
transformed itself. It was Odin.
      (to Loki)
I owe you a debt.
You...are the great Odin...are you
      (brushing himself
I am. And you are called?
      (with a half smile)
I...I am called...Loki.
And this is your domain?
      (Taking a seat on
       a rock)
Some say.
A man of few words. None the less
I am grateful to you for your


                       ODIN (cont'd)
assistance. You should return with
me to my home and be honored by
Such a request...how could one
refuse, you the great God Odin.
Then it is settled, we shall go.
In return for Lokis assistance Odin vowed allegiance to him
and offered acceptance to him in the halls of Asgard. Loki
knowing exactly who Odin was and Odin not knowing who Loki
was, accepted. Loki was delighted that now he had access to
the great God Odin, and he truly delighted in the fact that
Odin was none the wiser of who he was. Now Loki could take
all the time he wanted to make the great God Odin pay for
his indiscretions against his people the frost giants.
Loki returned with Odin to Asgard, he was introduced to the
other Gods. Some were wary of Loki from the start others
found him amusing and harmless. Odin relayed to them how
Loki had saved him from the hands of the dark elves, and
that he would be welcome in Asgard from here on out, in
doing this the other Gos welcomed Loki as well. Loki now had
complete access to the land of the Gods.
      (to Odin)
Father I mean no disrespect of
your judgement, but I must tell
you this one has a smell about him
that I do not trust.
      (to Thor)
My son, you do not trust in my
      (to Odin)
Aye, father I trust your decisions
wholly. I only wish my concerns
      (to Thor)
And as I value your intuition, I


                       ODIN (cont'd)
do take heed of your words my son,
know this thing.
Odin places his hand on the shoulder of Thor. The laughter
of the Goddess Sif, Thors wife draws their attention,
apparently Loki was telling a very amusing tale.
Lord Loki, you have many colorful
words, they do amuse.
      (leaning over
       taking Sif's hand
       and kissing it)
And your laughter, my Goddess,
amuses me.
Aye, but our new friends lips on
mine wife's flesh does not amuse
Loki is to his feet so quickly, some of the Gods and
Goddess' actually gasp. He swaggers over in front of Thor,
shooting each of the Goddess' a smile on the way.
Thor God of Thunder, surely you
are not over come with emotion. is
it thous hand that wishes to be
touchd by these lips?
Loki extends his hand and bows to Thor. The hall erupts with
      (to Loki)
You are under the grace of Odin,
it is hand you should be kissing.
      (A darkness comes
       across his face)
Excuse me...my friend, I believe
you may be confused. You see I
..am a guest...of your father..the
great Odin.


      (standing to toast)
Yes, my friend Loki, he is a
welcome guest in my home. He saved
my tail you know.
Odin began to laugh, then the hall erupted again in laughter
and then music. Loki returned to his seat among the
Balder is in his bed, he wakes suddenly, sitting straight
up. Balder wipes the sweat from his lip. Balder very
distressed by his dream seeks the counsel of his mother.
Frigga knows as soon as she sees her son something is wrong.
What is it child?
I have been unsettled by visions..
Visions, as real to me as you are,
here and now. I was on surrounded
by all, there was much sorrow, I
saw it all from above it all. It
was the oddest sensation. I was
being prepared for a voyage to
      (trying not to
       show her concern)
My child, it was but a dream, give
it not another thought.
Freya leaned over her son and kissed his forehead. Balder
smiled at his mother then stood and walked out of her room.
As soon as Balder was out of sight, Freya rushed to Odin,
pleading with him to speak with Mimir's head and inquire on
this matter.
      (almost in tears)
My Lord, Balder has come to me and
prophesied his on demise, I must


                       FRIGGA (cont'd)
know the source, so that I can
thwart it!
Calm yourself my Queen, tell me
Frigga told Odin of their sons dream. Odin agreed to speak
with the Mimir's head.
My friend..
                       MIMIRS HEAD
Again my friend I come to you
seeking your knowledge, in hopes
that you shall grant it to me once
                       MIMIRS HEAD
What knowledge I have is
your's...what question have you no
answer for?
My son Balder has been burdened
with visions of his on death.
                       MIMIRS HEAD
Balder...Balder shall perish, my
Tell me how, to halt this thing.
                       MIMIRS HEAD
There is no way.
No!...I will not accept this
thing!..You are Odin the greatest
of all Gods and creator of men,
and you tell me you can not save
our son!


      (visibly angry)
I am Odin, woman! and it would
fare you remember that with your
Odin storms out leaving Frigga with herself. Frigga is
frantic, she gathers her cloak and leaves Asgard, she goes
to the Nourns.
Frigga approaches the nourns, they are chanting swaying back
and forth, she disturbes their trance.
      (in one voice)
Who is there?
It is I Frigga..
      (in one voice)
...Queen of Odin?...
Yes..but also mother of Balder..
      (in one voice)
..Balder the light..Balder the
Yes..he is my son...he is why I am
here...I wish..
      (in one voice)
We know what you wish...mother of
Balder...Queen of Odin...has he
not given you the answer to your
question already?
He did give me an answer, but I
can not accept it...there must be
something I can do to stop the
fate of my son!


The Nourns remained silent. This infuriated Frigga, she
screamed at them.
Please!...I Queen of the great
Odin beg you!
      (in one voice)
Frigga...to ensure harm not come
to your light, your son, you must
ensure nothing living will ever
harm him. Frigga you must ask of
everything living to love the
light one Balder as you do, and to
bring no harm to him.
      (hanging her head)
...thank you, for your counsel, I
shall do as you say.
But alas Frigga did not do as the Nourns had said. There was
one small insignificant plant, the mistletoe, it grew just
outside of the walls of Asgard, Frigga gave the small plant
not another thought. Satisfied with her work, her mind was
at ease.
Rumor had spread through Asgard of Balders dream, and of the
lengths Frigga had went, to protect her son. Rumor touched
Loki's ear, and as always he was ready to take advantage of
the situation.
Loki transformed himself into an old handmaid to gain access
to Freya, he struck up a conversation with the Goddess
concerning her most prized subject, her son, Balder. As any
proud mother, Freya told all, she even let it slip from her
lips the secret of the mistletoe. That was all Loki needed,
he now had what he needed to bring the destruction to the
Gods that he had longed for. Loki was giddy with
      (sitting in a tree)
Balder,..Beautiful Balder. Light
in the eyes of all who ...look
upon him, is enough to blind a


Loki stretches out on the limb of the tree.
And where there is light...there
must be dark. Dear
brother..forever in the shadow of
the light. How nice it would be to
feel the heat of that light...yes.
Loki jumps from the limb, softly to the ground one foot at a
time. Loki prided himself on his gait, it really was all in
how you carried yourself after all.
But alas, ..what would be come of
this paradise...without his
That dark look comes across Lokis face again, he cracks his
neck. and smiles that wicked half smile, that never led to
any good.
      (closing his eyes)
It would darken...decay...be in
ruin. All that would remain would
be...destruction. Sounds like a
Loki looks on as the Gods play their games, one of their
favorites was to attempt to injure Balder, considering
Balder was impervious to death, it was quite sporting to all
concerned. Loki had waited and plotted along time for this
moment, the death of Balder the Beautiful, oh how they will
all weep, Loki is giddy with anticipation, as he approaches
the unassuming Hoder. Hoder was the perfect vessel for
Loki's plan, blind, and in this situation easily
      (to Hoder)
Brother way do you not join in the
      (to Loki)
What sport would it be for one
with no sight to aim with?
      (to Hoder)
If that is all that discourages


                       LOKI (cont'd)
you from the game, here let me be
your sight, I will guide your
hand, all you must do is set it to
flight, I assure you, they will
all be amazed with your accuracy.
Loki steadies the arrow in Hoder's hand.
      (to Hoder)
now, brother, let it fly to it's
Hoder never realizing he was being used by Loki, let the
arrow fly, and it did find it's destination, right through
the heart of Balder. Balder shocked at the feeling of the
arrow go through him, stood there a moment before,
collapsing to his knees. At once all the others ran to
Balder, a screams of disbelief, Hoder is left in his blind
confusion as Loki runs to hide. A silence falls, as it is
known that Balder the Beautiful is dead.
                       FRIGGAS MAIDEN 1
      (rushing to the
My lady!...my lady!...
Frigga had been brushing her hair, she dropped the brush and
clasped her chest, just over her heart, right where the
arrow had pierced her beloved Balder.
      (tears filling her
No..it can not be!, my son I have
failed you, I have lost you
forever, trying to keep you
forever. The fates have deceived
                       FRIGGAS MAIDEN 2
      (in a panic)
Goddess!, Goddess!, what would you
have us do?!
      (eyes closed)
Odin...I need him.


Even though Freya was no where close to her beloved Balder,
as soon as the arrow pierced his flesh, she felt it. Freya
knew at once Balder was gone, she was inconsolable, she
racked her mind to think of what or who would have done
      (presiding over
       the funeral)
Balder, the light of the Gods. As
you flame away and burn the night
sky, your essence shall burn
within us.
      (Placing Balders
       horse on the ship
       with it's master.)
Little brother, shall your journey
be a swift one.
Golden one, from here to then all
Valkyries shall ride with helmets
closed to signify the loss of your
great beauty.
      (laying a shield
       on the ship with
       his brother)
My regret brother, is I not had
this for you sooner, my mind is of
one thought, to bring you home
      (placing her
       necklace over his
I have no words...for what fills
me. You are my light, with out you
I surely will be blind.
      (assisting Balders
       wide onto the
       ship with him)
Go daughter, and care for my


                       ODIN (cont'd)
beloved son. Your kingdom awaits
you my son, til your return.
As the Gods bid their far wells to balder and set him a
drift, Hermod steps forward full of rage and insists Odin
allow him to travel to Hel and beg her return Balder to this
world. Odin agrees knowing Hermod is the only one with the
strength to endure the charms of Hel, he gives Hermod ,
Slepnir his eight-legged horse to ride knowing this creature
is the only one that can leap over the lake of fire and
walls of Nieflheim to reach Hel.
Hermod arrives at the throne of Hel, he begs for the return
of Balder. Hel agrees to return their God on one condition.
Every living thing in every one of the nine worlds must shed
a single tear for the Beautiful one.
      (approaching Hel's
Goddess, I beg an audience with
      (a creaking sound)
And, who might you be?
I am Hermod son of Odin, brother
to Balder, who has been delivered
to you. That my Goddess is why I
wish your audience, I wish to beg
you for his return.
Hel leans forward on her throne so the sparse light flashes
across her. Hermod glance at it, she is stunning, it can't
be true. Hel stands and comes into the light, she is
stunning, she sees Hermod notice her beauty, she grins and
slips back into the darkness.
Return, from my world, he must
have come here by purpose, or
      (standing and
       approaching her)
He did not my Goddess, he was the
victim of trickery.
Hel steps back into the light in front of him. She is
beautiful again.


Trickery...you say..
Hel circles around Hermod sliding her hands over him. Hermod
feels uneasy, he must remain steadfast and achieve his goal,
to bring Balder home to Asgard.
      (whispers in his
...am I really your Goddess?..
Hermod pulls away, bringing her with him into the dark, he
sees her truly for the first time. She is transformed to a
wretched rotting walking corpse. Hel smiles at him and slips
back into the light.
      (returning to her
Of course, you know there is a
Name your price, the Gods and
Goddess of the Aseir and Vanir are
prepared to pay it.
      (she smiles)
Are they?..But it shall take more
than just these Gods and Goddess,
it will take the tears of every
living thing to prove the need for
Balder to return.
      (bends down on one
Thank you my Goddess, when the
thing is done I shall come back
for my brother.
      (leaning back in
       her throne)
You do that.
Hel watches as Hermod leaves. Hel finds this very amusing,
she detected the touch of her father had something to do
with this thing.


Hermod rejoins the other Gods in the great hall of Odin and
tells them of the condition. All the Gods split up and
travel to each of the nine worlds on their mission, all are
successful but one. Freya herself, could not convince one
lone frost giantess to shed one tear for her son, saying he
had never done anything for her, with no use for him why
should she shed any tears for his return. So Balder was kept
with Hel, til the coming of Ragnarok. Unknown to Freya at
the time was that the frost giantess was but Loki in
disguise, to ensure his plan not be foiled.
It had been sometime since the death of Balder, and there
had been no celebrations in the great halls and palaces
since. It was decide to elevate some of the grief they felt
they would have a grand feast to honor their lost God.
It was still unknown that Loki was the hand that led to the
death of Balder, so he of course was in attendance at the
feast. all the Gods were there, they drank, ate and told
stories of their lives with Balder. The more they talked,
the more infuriated Loki became, even in death Balder was
held to high. The night went on they drank more, ate more,
and talked more, until Loki could no longer contain himself.
Loki rose to his feet an announced he would make a toast to
all the great Gods that had accumulated in this hall. Loki
went around the room, one by one, he flagrantly pointed out
each Gods flaws with as much fervour as they had pointed out
the goods of their Balder. The more Loki spoke the more
infuriated the Gods became, until Thor stood hammer in hand
and threatened to finish Loki for good for his insolence.
      (standing, drink
       up in his hand)
...and there shall be no greater
light!...to Balder!...
Thor drains the mead from the horn and sits down. Loki
stands abruptly drink in hand, calls the attention of the
Marvelous speech...and from a man
of many grunts, quite impressive.
Do not start twisting your tongue,


Loki stares Thor in the eyes then leans down to kiss one of
the maidens.
But, alas... Thunder God...it
is... my specialty.
The maiden laughs and turns her head. Loki walks slowly to
the center of the room, being sure to catch the glance of
each God and Goddess. Loki raises his drink, in gesture to
Shall we not honor all the
Gods..and Goddess,...for all that
they have done..as well?
      (walking slowly)
...we have among us...Heimdall,
great keeper of the bridge
Bifrost...all that standing, and
pacing, and...watching...such
loyalty,... well I guess it's just
one of those jobs...somebodies
gotta do it. Frey brother of our
Warrior Goddess Freya, a strong
woman..to bad it didn't rub off on
brother, I mean really you can
hardly call a man, who must
purchase his woman...a man, can
As Loki talked and walked, fury filled the hall, it was so
intense it could be felt hanging in the air. What secrets
did Loki know, what secrets would he tell.
Sweet Sif, wife of Thor... Thunder
God, huh?..who could blame you so
young and nubile, and with a
mentor like our Queen..
      (turning to Odin)
I have offended your sensitive
side my God?....


It is your sensitive side you need
worry with!...
Loki jumps up onto the banquet table in front of Thor.
I do not fear you,...it is you who
fear...it is you that would not
face Hel, on behalf of your
beloved brother!
Thor raises his hammer above Lokis head, Loki springs away
in time to miss the blow.
..the fire that burns you
now...will consume you, all of
you...and your precious land.
He has gone to far, Odin.
Odin nods his head in agreement.
Loki over come by fear, fled the hall, cursing the Gods,
that they be consumed in fire forever. The Gods demanded of
Odin something be done about Loki, that he had gone to far
this time, Odin could not deny the voices of the many, so
Loki was hunted down so he could receive his punishment.
Loki was captured by the Gods and taken deep into the earth,
he was bound. A giant venomous serpent was placed over him
forever to drip it's venom upon him , to remind him of the
pain he had brought to so many. Sigyn his wife loving Loki
as she did could not stand to see him in such pain. She
stayed by his side and held a bowl over him to catch the
venom only leaving when she had to empty the bowl. When she
did have to leave , Loki's screams from the venom burning
his flesh made the earth above shake.
The only thing that elevates Lokis pain is the thought of
Ragnarok, when his binds are broken. Loki shall spring
forward unleashed and ready to lead, against the Gods of
      (as the bowl of
       venom fills)
My love...


      (head hung, eyes
I know my sweet.
      (eyes filled with
...I will make haste my love...
Sigyn removes the bowl from the drip of the serpent's venom,
and rushes away to empty it. Venom continues to drip, but
without his loving wife to catch it, Loki feels every drop.
      (head flung back,
       eyes wide open,
       loki pulls at his
       chains and
       writhes in pain)
      (sigyn returns,
       begging Loki to
       forgive her)
My love, please forgive me, if I
but had wings...
      (feeling the
       relief sigyn
       brought him,
       hanging his head
       and closing his
       eyes again)
My sweet...it is I that should
seek your forgiveness...you
forever by my side...you don't
need wings...you need a larger
Sigyn can't help herself and laughs aloud, Loki looks at her
and gives her his half smile.
      (looking at sigyn)
The pain of this serpent,...does
not compare...to the pain of not
touching you.
Sigyn wants so badly to reach out to her love, but to do


that she would have to lower the bowl of venom. Instead she
starts to cry, each tear that drops from her eyes is matched
by a drop of venom. Loki is infuriated at the situation the
Gods have put him in, and soon that fury turns to madness.
Some time has passed, now when Sigyn leaves to empty her
bowl, the dripping venom hardly interupts Loki's train of
thought. The destruction of the Gods.
      (swinging back and
       forth from his
Odin...the time is near...my
brother...I can feel it...I can
smell it...I can taste it...as you
and your hord shall...Odin!
The Fenris wolf was the son of Loki, he was raised by the
Gods in Asgard. The day came when Fenris grew to strong for
the Gods to handle none but one , Tyr could get close enough
to even feed him without fear of losing their life. It was
decided that he would be bound but as of yet there was
nothing that could restrain him. the gods sought the help of
the dwarfs, they made a rope. The rope consisted of six
things, the sound of a cats footsteps, the roots of a
mountain, the beard of a maiden, the dreams of a bear, the
breath of a fish and the spittle of a bird. The dwarfs
guaranteed it unbreakable.
The Gods took the rope, they dared Fenris that he could not
break it, Fenris wary of the Gods, agreed to be bound by the
rope only if one of them put their hand in his mouth as a
show of good faith that he would be released if he indeed
could not break the bind of the rope. Tyr was the only one
brave enough to agree, so he placed his hand in the Fenris
wolfs mouth as the other gods slipped the rope around the
creatures neck.
As the Fenris wolf struggled and realized he could not break
the rope the Gods had placed around his neck , he became
angered by their betrayal and bit off Tyrs hand,. As Tyr
fall away in pain, Thor grabbed the rope and drug the Fenris
wolf deep inside a mountain and tied the loose end of the
rope to a boulder. as Fenris wolf gaped his mouth trying to
bite anyone of them he could Tyr placed a sword between his
open jaws, forever holding them open. Fenris wolfs rope
shall break at the time of Ragnarok so he can join his
father Loki in the fight against the Gods who had tricked
him and left him here to suffer for eternity.


At seeing what the Gods of Asgard had done to Loki, his
mistress the frost giantess, who had bore him Hel the
Goddess of Death, Fenris wolf, and the Midgard snake
Jormungand, she will let lose the wolves, Hati, Skoll, and
Managarm. They would seek out the sun, Sol and the moon,
Mani, and slaughter them bringing on Ragnarok.
My Lord do not fret, this
imprisonment is but a brief one.
They have not ended you, but
instead, brought about the
begining of thier own end.
First Skoll the wolf that chases the sun will catch her,
kill her and splatter the world with gore.
Next his brother Hati will capture the moon tearing him
apart. In fear the stars will vanish and the earth shakes
terrifying the people of Midgard, bringing to them fear,
chaos, and darkness. This would last until the end of
Ragnarok leaving the people of Midgard in distress while the
Gods battled.
The three cocks shall crow. One in Valhalla, alerting the
Valkyries, one in Midgard, and Hel's dark red crow in
As this begins Loki and the Fenris wolfs bonds are broken.
Loki hears the cocks crow and knows this is the time he has
waited for. Loki with one motion pulls at his chains and
they come free from their fastenings with little effort.
Sigyn watches in delight as Loki stands and turns around,
that half smile on his face. Loki rubs his wrists and walks
over to his wife. Loki grabs his wife by the waist and the
back of her head and kisses her deep and hard, he releases
      (walking from the
...free...at last...
Jormungand the Midgard serpent will let go of it's tail. The
sea will erupt in huge waves bringing from the depths the
fatal ship Nagilfar.
Heimdall, hearing the cocks crow will blow his horn alerting
all the coming of Ragnarok.


Hearing her cock, Hel will gather her army of dead, and
travel to meet her father Loki on the battlefield. At this
same time Loki will board the ship Nagilfar, followed by the
serpent Jormungand. They will be joined by the army of frost
giants on their own ship. The Frost Giants have been waiting
a long time for this they are ready for redemption.
As Loki arrived at the battle site he was overcome with
pleasure to see the forces that had joined him and he gladly
took his place as leader.
The Gods of Asgard were gathering as well, they donned their
armor and gathered their weapons.
The Valkyries and their army of fallen warriors meet up with
the Gods, and they proceeded to the battlefield to confront
Loki and his army.
Odin will consult Mimirs head for wisdom as the Valkyries
gather their warriors of Valhalla, and the Gods of Asgard
arm themselves for battle at Vigrid.
Yagdrassil, the world tree will begin to shake as the battle
starts. The people of Midgard will run and hide in fear.
Surt had also arrived, and took his place with Loki, the
Frost Giants and Hel's army of dead. all had assembled now,
the time had come, the Twilight of the Gods.
Odin and Fenris wolf will face off first, followed by Thor
and Jormungund. Tyr and the hound of Hel, Garm come to
blows, Frey goes against Surt. Loki and Heimdall engage in
combat. As well the remaining Gods, Valkyries, Frost Giants,
and Warriors of the dead fought.
But alas, fate had already been sealed. The All Father and
his children shall fall, succumbing to Loki and his minions.
This must come to pass, so the rebirth of the world can
The battle proceeded and Odin was the first to fall, at the
mouth of the Fenris Wolf. Surt's flaming sword would be the
end of Frey. Loki and Heimdall embraced death together. The
same fate was dealt to Tyr the great God of War and Garm the
hound of Hel. Thor and the serpent fought ferociously, Thor
gave one last swing of his great hammer ending the serpent.
Upon the death of the great snake, he spewed such amounts of
venom, that it drowned the God of Thunder.
Vidar son of Odin, seeing his fathers demise, rushed upon
the Fenris Wolf tearing him apart at the jaw. Avenging his
father's death, the sole purpose of his birth.


Now that the battle was done Surt stepped forth. Surt set
all the worlds to fire with his great flaming sword. The
seas boiled, the earth was scorched, the land of the Gods
was consumed in fire, the life tree smoldered, but stood.
All was silent.
Before being eaten, the sun will have had a daughter, who
will take her rightful place in the skies. She was the first
to emerge, she drove her chariot across the skies,
rejuvenating the land. Soon all was fresh and green again
Two mortals, the sole survivors on Midgard had taken refuge
in the life tree. They emerged from the tree unharmed. They
would be the new creators of the new race of peoples in this
land. They would retain all the knowledge of what had
happened at the Twilight of the Gods and pass it from
generation to generation.
Balder was released, full of life, and free to return to the
land of the Gods. Balder was joined by Vidar, and Modi and
Magni the sons of Thor, who had retrieved their fathers
hammer. The children of the Gods saw the destruction around
them and were greatly saddened. Until Balders eyes meet the
only surviving palace in Asgard. It was at the highest point
of their world, they traveled to it, and with great joy
found it had been refuge for the virtuous. They gathered
together and rejoiced. They would stay here together and
forever watch over the new world.
As with Ask and Embla before them, the new peoples of
Midgard shall forever, pass the legends of the Gods. They
will teach their descendants of the Gods, the creation, the
frost giants, the son, the moon, and of the great battle of
Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods.


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From Roy and Matt Date 2/11/2006 *1/2
This is good, but it seem more like a book than a screenplay. Maybe you should use more action instead of one big voice-over. Otherwise, it is a good story.

From Patrick Scatamacchia Date 1/14/2006 *1/2
Perhaps you should read "The Legend of Midgard" by Roy Kaiser, and others. It is based of Norse Mythology. This follows Norse Mythology very accuratley but almost to accuratley, it is just rather boring to read...

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