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Crushing Kingdoms
by Mandey (26251@students.olatheschools.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Prince (later king) John is planning something corrupt. How will he be stopped? It will take teamwork.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

A well-dressed man and an equally well-dressed young man
enter the room, the girl following them dressed in servant's
clothing. There is silence as the man sits down on the
throne. He is King EDWARD and the young man standing in
front of him is his son, Prince JOHN. They appear to be in
the middle of an argument.
So you do not deny this murder,
Aye, I do not. It was a matter of
necessity, for she hath created
plots against you.
      (Voice is firm and
       leaves no room
       for argument.)
Stop with this insolence!
There is a brief pause, tensions remain high but EDWARD
relaxes somewhat.
      (Almost pleadingly)
End this childlike game so that we
may be done with it, for I know
that your mother hath loved me
‘Tis not so! You make yourself a
fool in light of her misdeeds. You
cannot pretend she was truly
loyal, you cannot!
      (Getting angry
       again, nearly
Admit you know not what you speak,
John, lest you prove yourself a
Father, listen to the servant
girl. She was there!


The servant girl approaches the king's throne. Her name is
Highness, she want for bad things
happen to you. I had not know of
this before, but is all true.
Do you not see? Mother was guilty
of treason. Even this girl, who
used to work under Mother,
supports what I hath telled to
      (Stares hard into
       JOHN's face)
She may backeth your claim, but
who can say by what means she hath
chosen to do so?
Father, I have not any dark
promises to my name. Who am I to
seize the support of the world and
rise up against you?
You are my heir, and I know well
the ways of an heir. Your motives
lie in gaining what is not yet
yours in the quickest time
possible. Do you deny it?
      (Getting defensive)
I tell you, I hath acted to spare
you and not to harm you!
                       DEVONA (OS)
Here you are, Father, at last.
Princess DEVONA enters. She is younger than JOHN but is very
      (Enters and
       curtsies to
       EDWARD, then
       leaning in to
       speak a bit more


                       DEVONA (cont'd)
I fear that to take him at his
word would beget destruction. As
he hath soiled his hands with
murder, he hath surely soiled his
tongue with a falsehood.
      (CHUCKLES lightly,
       as if he expects
       no better of her)
You say this in ignorance for you
do not know of this, sister.
      (Turning to leer
       at JOHN)
I know weller than you think! It
is an innocent woman who lie in
the royal tomb, and you besmirch
her golden name to serve your
selfish purpose. May comeuppance
yet swoop down, John, and put end
to this madness!
Madness? If that is what you
believe, who am I to assess your
views but a madman? Our mother’s
name is not all that lies
besmirched, my dear sister, but I
will no longer attempt to show you
the innocence I possess!
      (Brushes past
       DEVONA to LEAVE
       the room in a
EDWARD and DEVONA are sitting at a table. JOHN is standing
in the doorway, eyes locked with EDWARD's.
EDWARD breaks the eye contact. JOHN makes his way over to
the table.
Good evening.
      (Seats himself)
A good evening but for a murderer.


      (Looks up again)
DEVONA and JOHN stare at each other for a while as the
EDWARD begins to eat.
The farmer Mr. Branstrum hath
confessed and is penned. He is a
widower and has admitted his
children to our castle staff. They
will arrive after they set all
other affairs in order.
Do they speak English well?
Aye. They be of a Scottish
descent. Both are of the working
variety, having raised under a
farmer's roof. They seem of good
sense and good breeding.
      (Glances at JOHN)
The eldest hath a particular
beauty about her.
Is this an attempt to make me a
commoners' wife, Father?
Perhaps. Will it not add a sense
of connection to the people? Will
it not show my faith in our
Aye, Father, it will.
I wonder what she look like.
You will have seen soon enough,
son, and all shall be arranged if
you find her fitting.


For a murder he'll find her
fitting enough.
I know your only reason to kill
mother was her unwillingness to
submit to your cause, and you
might have will to remove Miss
Branstrum in the same way!
The only cause I defended was the
greater good. If you have now
finished with this grave
insinuation, I tell you that I
only do what doth need be done and
do so in the name of justice.
Justice! You say its hands saw fit
this fearsome deed, but the mighty
hands stilled when yours did not!
Stop this, child! We do not sit
here to claw at each other but to
eat. Not another word from your
DEVONA silences. She still looks up to glare at JOHN.
Your mother's main lady-in-waiting
belongs now to you.
JOHN looks like he's about to say something but doesn't.
What be her name?
Devona, personal involvement with
the help be nothing but a confuse
of roles. Emotion hath no place in
a work relationship.


Nice of you to concern yourself,
John, but I see no wrong in the
query. Her name, John, do you not
know it?
I do. Her name be Kimimela. She
come from Africa land and is
unskilled with language.
Verily so. I may have a Branstrum,
A Branstrum?
I see no reason to the contrary.
Thank you, Father!
      (Brushes off the
So, John, have you recoveréd from
your wear?
Aye, I nearly have.
      (Places comforting
       hand on EDWARD)
How are you faring? I worry about
the pain doth felt.
Ah, my John! I be of better
spirits, but not by far. This
thing will take its grisly toll,
and take ten-fold by the time of
its end.
What time doth the Branstrums
They sayeth by tomorrow's moon or
by the one that follow.


I am done eating, Father. Where be
She still hath tasks. Patience
will prove a fortuitous virtue for
you, my young one. She be in the
garden, but I pray you not disturb
I go now. Fare thee well and good
till morn's light.
Aye, and the same.
The sun is setting. KIMIMELA is working away in the royal
garden as JOHN comes out to see her.
Your act was good, Kimimela, he
now believes my word.
Is glad to hear. John, you act was
the good.
You think so?
      (Considers proudly
       before going on)
We're going to receive two more
servant girls within the next two
JOHN holds up two fingers and KIMIMELA sees this,
They is of England?


Nearly so. They be from Scotland.
KIMIMELA nods but says nothing. There is a silence between
the two. KIMIMELA begins to work again.
The camera fades this scene into black.
Two girls are sitting at a worn wooden table, eating a meal.
They are Mr. Branstrum's daughters. BONNIE is the prettiest
of the two, and also the oldest. Her sister's name is
It won't be all that bad.
      (Looks up at
Oh yes it will. You know it well
as I.
We'll be kept safe and cared for.
We can't even expect that of our
only relatives, Earlene. They need
less worries, for they be getting
on in years.
'Tis true. Aw, but stop bringing
it up. I know it, Bonnie, really I
Right. Well I'll say no more about
it, shall we head on up to bed?
      (A pause)
And the coachman comes at dawn?
Aye. Get yourself ready for bed,
Earlene, and do it quick. The
later our bedtime, the smaller the
night between us and dawn.


      (Gets to her feet)
But dawn has to come eventually!
      (Brief silence)
That it does. I'll be with you
soon, but I'm going to clean up
the table first.
I don't see why you'd bother.
I don't know what you've done with
your pride, Earlene, but I've
still got ahold of mine. I can
control my destiny for this one
last night, and that'll be enough
to hold me.
      (Gives EARLENE a
       little push)
Now, go on.
EARLENE walks out of sight. BONNIE sits down at the table
again, looking worried. She cleans up the dishes, then blows
the room's only candle out.
The sky can be seen through an uncovered window, and it's
the kind of blue that comes just before sunrise. BONNIE can
be seen as she lies asleep upon a small bed. Her body only
occupies half of the bed, as if she had been sharing it.
BONNIE wakes and can make out the fact that EARLENE is
missing. She sits up and lights a candle, getting to her
feet. She leaves the room.
BONNIE looks around in the room, which is the main room of
the farmhouse, and sets the candle down on the table when
she sees no EARLENE. She leaves the room, and returns a few
moments later with a bible. Sitting down near the light, she
genuflects, then opens the bible.
BONNIE flips a couple pages, but the camera stops its focus
on her in order to zero in on the simple, glassless window.


The sky is still the deep blue of almost-dawn. FADE this
shot into one of the same angle, but of the early stages of
a sunrise.
In that same shot of dawn, a horse-drawn carriage pulls up.
The camera zooms out and BONNIE is seen looking at the
carriage through the window.
Camera angles for this scene start from up on the carriage.
BONNIE steps out of the house and approaches the carriage in
her nightclothes.
Would you be Miss Branstrum?
Aye. The king sent you, did he?
      (A beat)
Why aren't you dressed, lass?
      (Looks down at
       herself before
       looking back up)
I lost track of the time.
Hmph. Well, do you have a trunk or
something of the like?
I do. And you're not here for just
myself, I have a sister you're to
take to the castle as well.
      (A little annoyed)
Well I don't have all day. Go
fetch her!
I will, sir. I'll give you a
farthing for your trouble too.
Ah, well thank you, lassie!


I'm going to dress, and then I'll
fetch my sister. She ran off this
morn, but I think I know just
where she would've went.
EARLENE's back is to the camera and she is kneeling on the
ground, already dressed for the day. BONNIE walks into the
camera's view from the side. She kneels next to EARLENE,
putting an arm around her.
Camera ZOOMS IN to the backs of the two girls, not fixing on
either one of them in particular in order to get both girls
in the same shot for the entire scene.
You were right.
EARLENE sniffs and leans her head against BONNIE's shoulder.
Dawn came.
      (Starts to gently
       stroke EARLENE's
You thought you could run away,
but it caught up to you. Didn't
It...it's not fair!
Aye. Life isn't fair.
      (Sits up, frowning
       at BONNIE)
No, Bonnie. Don't you dare act
like you're not afraid!
I never said I wasn't. Do you
think that anyone lives without
fear in this world? Anyone at all?
It's a terrifying place.


      (Pulling away from
       BONNIE's arm)
Well, we should escape! Why not,
if you're afraid too.
      (Turns to look at
Because my worries are in God's
hands now, Earlene. And you know
that staying is the right thing to
do. You might even like it. You
never know.
You're not Mother, Bonnie! Stop
trying to be her.
I'm not. But you're welcome to
think whatever you like on the
      (Gets to her feet)
Come on, Earlene, there's a driver
waitin' for us.
      (Offers EARLENE a
EARLENE ignores the hand, but stands. Now the tombstone
comes into view. It says:

EARLENE takes one lingering glance at the tombstone, and
nods, silently allowing BONNIE to lead her.
BONNIE is watching the landscape and seems to be deep in
thought. EARLENE is fidgeting somewhat.
I hear the Prince be looking for a
common lass to wed.
Oh really?


Well why would he do that?
Who knows, lass.
This king be an odd man. He
doesn't do things the normal way
at all.
Aye, if that ain't the
understatement of the year!
      (Looks up,
       speaking softly)
Well, this does seem like a big
opportunity for many girls.
Oh now I see it, Bonnie! This is
why we're going to the castle
afterall, isn't it? You want to be
able to marry the prince yourself
so that you won't have to work
ever again!
Well, what be the wrong in that,
Earlene? You tell me to quit
acting like your Mother, and you
chastise me when I do! Can't I
grasp a single opportunity for
It isn't like I have much of a
choice in the first place. I was
summoned! What would you do in
this same circumstance?
I'd think of how unfair I was
being to my sister!


Unfair? Earlene, without this
marriage we'd both be on the
streets. Is that what you want? Do
you want that, Earlene?
      (A beat)
You'll never be as good as Mother!
Well good then, because I'm not
trying to be! I was never supposed
to be responsible for you, you
know. I'm just doing the best I
can with our options!
EARLENE buries her face in her hands and starts to cry.
Oh, what now? Poor little jealous
Earlene, she'd rather live life as
a beggar than feel inadequate. For
once, she doesn't have the best of
everything around her, so she's
going to throw a fit and ruin the
opportunity for the rest of her
      (Picks her head up
       out of her hands)
Close your mouth, Bonnie! You
don't know anything! You are no
sister of mine, all my family is
Oh, well is that was you want,
Earlene? Do you, perhaps, want me
to jump out in front of this
carriage? Tell me, Earlene, just
what will you do when my body is
I will be glad!
BONNIE glares at EARLENE and turns away from her, starting
to watch the countryside again.


The carriage has just parked when the late queen's brother
LANGSTON Forbes is escorted out of the castle's front doors
by ELMO, a male worker in the castle.
Don't listen to that boy, Edward!
He's bad news, he is. You know
that Arella would have gave
anything for you!
      (looks at the
Try and talk some sense into him!
Into whom?
The king! He's willing to conform
to the notion that his late wife,
my sister, was plotting murder! He
hath no evidence, yet he believeth
the liar!
What liar?
Why, the prince, of course! He was
found to have killed his mother,
admits to it.
This be the prince that is set to
soon marry?
Aye, there be only one prince.
Make the king come 'round somehow!
Make him see truth!
That be enough of that, sir.
      (Leads him farther
       from the door)
I beg you leave the castle now.
      (Nods to ELMO and
       then turns to the
Ever since the king woke up today,


                       LANGSTON (cont'd)
he coughs. I worry this be the end
of his rope. Mark my words, you
who witness: if this be by any
hand but God's, it be by prince
LANGSTON leaves. The DRIVER steps down from the front of the
carriage and helps the BONNIE and EARLENE get down as well.
      (To ELMO)
There be any truth to what the man
spake of?
I don't rightly know, sir.
Well surely you must have an
opinion on the matter!
Let me help you with that trunk,
Miss Branstrum.
      (Helps BONNIE get
       the trunk down
       and then turns to
Good day, sir.
ELMO leads the girls into the castle and firmly shuts the
      (To himself)
This kingdom be heading for ruin.
DRIVER laughs in a daunting way and climbs back up into the
ELMO is leading BONNIE and EARLENE through the castle. ELMO
is also carrying their trunk.
Is it true that the king be
getting sick?
It is.


                       ELMO (cont'd)
Would you like your room to face
the East or the West?
East. I do love a sunrise. And
what of Earlene?
What about me?
      (To EARLENE)
She speaketh of your quarters, of
      (To BONNIE)
She can room with you, if you
      (Turns to BONNIE)
Yes! I can't sleep alone.
Shh, calm yourself. I know that.
ELMO walks through the doorway of the girls' new room, puts
the trunk down, and comes back out.
      (Looking at BONNIE)
Would you like a tour of the
Thank you, but I would like to
meet the prince first. I am
certain Earlene would love to be
shown around, though.
      (Pushes EARLENE
       gently toward
Yes, I would!
      (To BONNIE)
Are you certain you don't want to
join us?
Very. Now, to the prince, if you


ELMO nods with a bow, and then starts to lead them again.
JOHN is sitting at a desk and is reading a book in the light
from the window.
      (Doesn't look up)
I brought the Misses Branstrum.
      (Looks up)
Welcome to the castle.
It's very lovely.
      (To BONNIE)
Not as lovely as you are.
      (Takes BONNIE's
You will marry me?
It would be an honor.
EARLENE leaves the room. BONNIE looks after her, but turns
back to talk to JOHN. ELMO takes this chance to follow
EARLENE's example by exiting.
KIMIMELA is changing the bedclothes. She looks over at the
door as EARLENE enters the room.
Hello. Are you of Scotland?


What get you so sad?
      (Sits down in the
       room's CHAIR)
I guess I am merely jealous.
      (Stands in the
I wouldn't feel so bad if I were
you, Miss Branstrum.
      (Enters the room)
Prince John is a very selfish man.
There is a lot that you should be
made aware of, now that the
marriage is bound to occur. She is
your sister, afterall.
      (Stops making the
This sister marry the prince?
Pardon me.
He might be trying to take over
the castle. Mind you don't let
that slip out, though.
Trying to take over? What hath he
done for you to say so?
Well, you have heard his claim. He
sayeth that the queen, who seemed
of pure heart, plotted against the
king. I suspect that he said this
only to excuse her death. He slain
her himself, miss, and Kimimela
saw him do it.


Who be Kimimela?
The servant girl that maketh the
Why did she leave in such bad
spirit just now?
She cares about the prince a great
deal. Do not ask me why this is
so, for I do not know.
Running, KIMIMELA finds JOHN walking through a hallway.
Good morning, Kimimela.
No good morning! John, Scotland
girl say you marry!
Well of course I'm getting
married. I should have a queen,
should I not?
But you kiss me!
Aye. But that's in the past. Why
don't you run along and continue
to ready their room?
KIMIMELA looks stunned and then starts to walk back toward
the room.
                       DEVONA (OS)
You should learn to practice what
you preach.
      (Walks into
       screen's view)


Aye, John, 'tis me. You told me
not to set close to Kimimela, but
I heard about how you kissed her.
I did nothing of the sort.
Denial can only get you so far,
It can get me a kingdom.
You admit to plotting, then?
I admit to nothing. You cannot
change father's mind, Devona.
I can! He be a smart man.
He be a blinded man. And now he
hath attracted some sickness.
The one who blinded him is
yourself! I will not let you win,
John, mark my words.
You can do nothing, for when I am
king I will first lock you in the
Of that we will see.
Aye, we will. And soon.
      (Walks into
       camera's view)
Hello, John.
Be this your sister?


Aye, she be. Her name is Devona.
Devona, this is Miss Bonnie
Not Miss Branstum for long, eh?
Aye, for we marry soon.
Have you checked on Father's
condition, Devona?
I have. He looketh in bad health.
His death may arrive very shortly.
EDWARD is dead. He lies in an old-fashioned coffin and there
is a line of VILLAGERS who each say a silent goodbye.

Behind the coffin, on the opposite side of it from the
VILLAGERS is JOHN and DEVONA. They say nothing, but both
appear to be very saddened.

BONNIE and EARLENE are in one corner of the room, watching
the villagers file past the body. They are wearing elegant
dresses. They start to whisper to each other.
      (Leans in a little
       closer to BONNIE)
The servant boy says he also
thinks the prince is lying about
his late mother.
      (Leans in a little
       as well)
Aye, the princess seems to agree.
There was a servant girl with him
at the time of his kill. She
defendeth him.


The princess said he had blinded
the king, but I don't think she
meant it literally.
Did not the king die at the
prince's hand?
Perhaps...but how would he get him
I do not know.
JOHN is sitting at his desk again, writing. He looks up when
EARLENE enters the room.
Miss Branstrum?
Evening, highness. Where be my
Preparing for the wedding.
Bring me a glass of wine, will
I won't.
I beg your pardon, Miss.
      (Puts down quill)
Might I remind you that I am now
the king?
I know that. Your father hath been
Murdered? He was merely sick.


You did something to make him that
way. We all know you did.
Yes, we. It's true that you're a
killer, then, is it?
Perhaps. Though, no one outside
the castle would dare believe you.
In fact, I'm locking you away
before you can ruin anything else.
Do it, then. I know Devona is
going to finish you off, once and
for all!
      (To ELMO, in the
       next room)
ELMO enters the room.
Take her to the tower and put her
in a cell.
Yes, sir.
JOHN is seated at the head of the table and BONNIE is at his
right. DEVONA is at his left. LANGSTON is also there.

Both ELMO and KIMIMELA are standing against the wall and are
watching them all eat, serving trays in hand.
Thank you again for inviting me,
Miss Branstrum.


It is of no trouble. I still am
sorry about your sister.
Aye. Though, I am sorry for your
sister as well.
Thank you.
Don't you think it rather strange
that she would refuse to work for
such a well-raised man?
Earlene is a strange girl, Devona.
She does not take kindly to any
sort of work under another man, no
matter what.
Ah. Perhaps it was poor reasoning,
It's likely. Why don't you go talk
to her to see?
That idea is of merit. I shall go.
Langston, would you like some more
Yes, thank you.
Kimimela, get another bottle from
the cellar.
KIMIMELA nods and leaves the room. ELMO follows her until
JOHN stops him.
There be no need to follow her.
I would like some brandy myself.


Yes, sir.
      (Walks over to
       JOHN's side and
       pours some brandy
       into his glass)
I would have some too, Elmo.
ELMO pours her some brandy.
      (To ELMO)
Come with me to visit Earlene,
will you? And stand guard. I do
not have the key.
Aye. Do you wish to come with us,
Miss Branstrum?
      (Looks over at
      (Glances at JOHN)
No. I wish to speak with Kimimela
about the wedding plans.
KIMIMELA comes back in with a glass of previously poured
wine on her tray.
      (Stops next to
       LANGSTON and puts
       the glass in
       front of him)
      (Takes a sip)
This has a distinguished flavor.
Aye, it does.


      (Walks over to
Come with me to my rooms and help
me get into the new dress for more
KIMIMELA nods and when BONNIE stands she starts to follow
I think we should visit Miss
Branstrum now, Elmo.
KIMIMELA and then BONNIE enter the room, BONNIE shutting the
door behind her.
Did you put something in the wine
you gave Mister Forbes? Tell me
What you speak?
You know what I'm talking about!
It was poisoned, wasn't it?
KIMIMELA stares at BONNIE for a moment.
Kimimela, I would like you to lead
me to the tower she spake of. I
would like to speak with Earlene.
Yes, Miss.


ELMO, DEVONA, and EARLENE are all inside the cell with the
door opened.
How have you been, Miss Branstrum?
Fair. The prince is planning
something else, though. He locked
me away so I would not interfere.
He wanted to do the same with me.
Why did he not?
It was an empty threat. He thinks
I can do nothing to thwart him.
What has he been doing on the last
couple times he left the castle?
I think he has been forming a
stronger military.
Well that is good.
Not necessarily. I worry about the
kind of beeks he has been reading,
one in particular includes
horrific wartime illustration.
Then it is as I feared. I wonder
how he hopes to receive the
support of the country.
He be planning a war, then?
KIMIMELA enters the cell, BONNIE entering just after her.


John hath been poisoning Lanston
and also the old king.
      (Looking at
It is the servant girl that
witnessed his attack.
So the poison hath made them sick?
Aye. And tell us the truth,
Kimimela, what happened the night
John killed the queen?
Everyone turns to look at KIMIMELA.
There...no treason. He stab her. I
ask why he stab her and he no say.
I knew it! And Bonnie, he's
planning a war.
War? How do you know this?
From the books he is reading and
the fact that he has been working
with the army.
And the people will support him?
Most probably.
I am not certain.
      (Turns to ELMO)
What else has he been doing?


Well, he has been preparing a
speech for the countrymen. You can
read, Princess?
Aye. We should investigate it, and
with haste.
There is a view of the inside of the door as it is unlocked
from the outside. First ELMO, closely followed by DEVONA,
enters. Then enters EARLENE, BONNIE, and KIMIMELA.

All five, led by ELMO and DEVONA, gather around king John's
      (Picks up a scroll
       of parchment that
       has been written
This be it.
What say it?
Shh. I am trying to figure it out.
      (Accepts the
       scroll and begins
       to read)
He is planning to lead an attack
on some of our own villagers,
posing as an army of Scotts!
It is worse than I feared! We must
remove him from power.
Worry not, we will figure
something out after the wedding.
      (Places the scoll
       back on the desk)
We should take our leave. It would
not do to be found in his den. Ten
he might lock me up afterall.


                       DEVONA (cont'd)
Elmo, return Miss Branstrum to the
JOHN stumbles in, clutching at his side. His nightshirt is
stained with blood. He hovers at the side of the bed.
      (Wakes up)
      (Sits down at the
       edge of the bed
       with a groan)
I've been st-stabbed.
      (Gets out of the
Who was it?
      (Lays down on top
       of the rumpled
Miss Bra-anstrum.
Miss Branstrum?
Nevermind, I will be back shortly
with bandages.
JOHN nods and then rolls over and groans, clutching at his

ELMO stops watching him and exits the room.
EARLENE is sitting on the floor in a corner of the room,
looking frightened.

There is a large basin of bloody water on top of the range.


This is where EARLENE placed the knife.

ELMO enters the room and immediately spots her.
Earlene! I should not have allowed
you escape of your imprisonment.
I do not want him to kill the
None of us want him to kill the
villagers. But now he will know I
am plotting against him.
He may not. Perhaps he will blame
Devona or the other servant girl.
      (Moves over to
       wherever the
       cloth for
       bandages is
I hope, for all our sake, he does
blame the other servant girl.
      (Grabs some cloth
       for bandaging)
I have to get back to the king.
Remain in this spot.
ELMO is seated in the chair near the bed and DEVONA and
BONNIE are sitting upon the bed.
Stabbed him? Oh my brave, foolish
I am hoping he does not conclude
that we let her escape.
Oh did you, Elmo? You disobeyed


She promised me she would not do
anything rash.
It is sad to see her lie so.
I found her in the kitchens late
last night and I told her to stay
where she was. She did not listen.
She is probably back to Scotland
by now.
I think John will suspect that I
let her out. What do you suppose
he will do?
I suppose he will lock you away.
We need to end his rule soon.
We must wait until after the
BONNIE is talking to ELMO. ELMO is once again seated on the
chair and BONNIE is seated on her bed.
I will rejoice when this day is
Aye. The sooner it ends, the
sooner he ends.
KIMIMELA enters the room.
Hello, Kimimela. Help me to get


I am sure you will be beautiful. I
have to ready the prince. Good bye
for now, Bonnie.
Good bye, Elmo.
JOHN is asleep on the bed.

ELMO enters the room. He unwraps the bandage on JOHN's side.
It appears that you have been
attended to already.
      (Rewraps the
      (Opens his eyes)
The wedding is today.
Some of the VILLAGERS are gathered in a crowd at the front
of the castle.

JOHN and BONNIE exit through the front doors and JOHN steps
forward, his hand on her shoulder, to make an announcement.


We all know the treason that the
Scottish farmer Branstrum
committed with the rebellion he
organized, led, and admitted to
creating. He has been killed
already, rest assured. And today I
do not merely marry any woman. The
countries of England and Scotland
shall be united in strength,
united in purpose, for that is my
dream. I hath married this girl
who previously was called Bonnie
Branstrum in hopes that peace will
prevail. May we not have another
falling out like the last
The VILLAGERS cry out in agreement.
JOHN and BONNIE are lying in bed together, asleep.

JOHN wakes up, sitting up because he is coughing pretty
      (Opens her eyes
       and sits up as
      (Places a hand on
       his shoulder)
Are you alright? Perhaps you
should stay in bed for the day.
I think it is nothing.
      (Starts coughing
I am worried. Perhaps you have
caught whatever your father and
Mr. Forbes died of?
I do not think I could have.


Why not?
JOHN does not answer her.
I think I may know why.
      (Turns to look at
JOHN starts coughing again.
      (Wraps her arms
       around him)
It is alright, John. I know about
      (Coughs a single
      (Starts to run a
       hand through his
       hair gently)
Yes. I know of your false
accusations and your plans to
start a war by killing the
innocent villagers and your
poisoned wine.
JOHN stares at her.
It be alright, John. All of it is
now over. I suppose you are dying
The poisoned wine!
      (STarts coughing
I cannot believe I did not
recognize its effect. I do not
remember drinking any wine.


KIMIMELA enters the room.
I put wine on you.
      (Coughs twice)
On me?
KIMIMELA approaches the bed.
      (Places her hand
       on the bandaging)
On you.
Elmo told me that my bandages had
already been changed before the
Yes. You no king any more.
JOHN starts one final coughing fit and then falls
unconscious. He is dead.
JOHN lies in an old-fashioned coffin and there is a line of
VILLAGERS who each say a silent goodbye.

Behind the coffin, on the opposite side of it from the
VILLAGERS is BONNIE and DEVONA. They say nothing, but both
appear to be very saddened.

ELMO and KIMIMELA are in one corner of the room, watching
the villagers file past the body.
                       VILLAGER 1
      (Reaches out and
       pats the back of
       BONNIE's hand)
It be very sad. First king Edward
and now John's death so shortly


                       VILLAGER 2
He was always a sweet boy. His
death is such a shame.
      (With tears in her
Aye, it is.


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