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Am I Crazy?
by John Smither (Bigfunpants@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A man walks up to the sink and looks out a window into the
darkness then down towards the sink. He turns the tap on and
fills a glass with water. When he looks up there is a face
in the window. He Jumps back and drops the glass.
He looks down when the glass hits the floor and shatters.
When he looks back nothing is there. He opens a drawer and
pulls out a gun. He walks to the door beside the sink and
goes outside. The gun up and ready. There is a crash behind
him and he spins around quickly.
Oh my god.
A cat is sitting beside a plant it knocked over. A dark
figure appears behind him. He senses it and spins around
quickly again nothing. He lowers the gun and stars into the
sky, closes his eyes and lowers his head. When he opens his
eyes, right in front of him is the dark figure.
John sits up in his bed very fast breathing heavily. He
looks around and then notices the clock on the nightstand.
It reads 4:00am. He looks around again and swings his feet
off the side of the bed and rubs his eyes. Suddenly a loud
honking noise comes from outside.
John walks out the door pulling it closed behind him. He has
on a black coat and dark sunglasses. He walks towards the
car at the end of his driveway. Suddenly he hears something
coming from the shed behind him. He slowly turns around and


heads to the shed. A hand grabs his sholder and out of
instinct he spins around and pulls out his gun.
Whoa! Shit Man!
Brad raises both hands above his head.
Whats the fuck is wrong with you?
More noises come from the shed. John turns back to face the
Theres something in the shed.
What are you talking about?
Theres someone in the shed!!
Another loud noise comes from the shed. Brad quickly pulls
out his gun. John using hand signals motions for Brad to
cover the other side. They walk slowly towards the shed.
When they reach the doors of the shed John goes to the left
and Brad takes the right.
On three we open the doors.
John takes off his sunglasses and nods at Brad.
1 (beat) 2 (beat) 3.
They swing the doors open and something dives out. Both John
and Brad jump back. Brad begins to laugh but John just
stands thinking to himself.
A racoon. A goddamn racoon. What
great cops we are. Getting
scaredof a racoon.


John doesn't smile. He turns and heads towards the car.
Let's go.
Brad looks confused, but shakes his head and puts his gun
back in its shoulder holster and follows John to the car.
When he gets to the car John is already in the driver seat
ready to go. Brad gets in and the car pulls out fast.
There is nothing but silence in the car. Brad looks over at
I'm sorry about your family man. I
mean I (beat) I couldn't imagine
what that would be like. Losing
your whole family.
John looks over then slams on the brakes causeing the car to
skid to an abrupt stop. He gets out and walks around to
Brad's door.
What the hell is he doing?
John pulls the door open, yanks Brad out and slams him up
against the side of the car.
Let's get one thing straight.
(beat) No talking about my family
(beat) ever.
Alright man. Sorry I didn't know.
John lets go and walks back to his door. Brad waits a second
then gets back in the car.


I'm sorry man for bringing that
up. I didn't mean to.
Brad stops talking in mid-sentence and looks out his side
Why don't I call in. See what we
got for today?
Brad looks towards John for approval. John nods and looks
out the window towards the forest.
He sees his wife and daughter playing at the edge of the
forrest. Then the same dark figure from his dream appears
walking up behind them. It grabs both of them. John then
snaps back to reality.
John looks towards Brad and notices the scared look in his
eyes. He turns and looks out the windshield to see a
Mac-truck coming straight for them. Brad grabs the wheel and
cranks it hard to the right. They narrowly miss the truck,
spinning out of control onto the side of the road. When the
dust clears they both sit, staring out the window.
What just happened? What the fuck
is wrong with you?
John pays no attention to Brad. He just sits staring out the
You've been acting strange latley.
Is everything alright?
John turns and looks towards Brad.


I'm fine, I just (beat) I didn't
get much sleep last night.
John puts the car into gear. Brad looks at him for a moment
and nods. The cars tires spin in the dirt as it drives away.
John stops the car infront of an old blue and white house.
They bothe exit the car and head towards the side door of
the house.
What are we doing here?
We're here to see the captain.
Why, here?
John looks back over his sholder with a grin on his face.
Because (beat) he lives here.
John rings the doorbell. Inside someone walks towards the
door which swings open.
Hey guys, come on in.
They enter the living room and Brad and John take a seat.
So, what did you want to see me
You want something to drink?


I'm fine.
The captain grabs a bottle of rum from the shelf and fills a
glass. When he puts the glass down on the table at the
moment it hits a loud bang sends John into another vision.
The dark mask of the man who killed his family appears.
Hey, are you alright?
Brad reaches over and taps John on the shoulder bringing him
back to reality.
I'm fine. Captain, what do you
wanna talk about?
John leans forward and puts his head in his hands.
You aren't fine. You haven't been
fine for a while now. For godsake
look at how you've been acting the
past couple of weeks. I hate to do
this, but until you get yourself
together, I'm gonna have to
suspend you.
John stands up, and looks suprised.
What? Your suspending me. Whose
going to take over my families
I thought that case was closed.
The captain gets up, and walks towards John.


It is, and it has been for over a
year now. Come on John, you know
The captain leans in closer to John.
Get help, its been almost two
years. Let it go. We hate to see
you like this.
Let it go? Let it go? would you
let it go? If your family was
taken from you (beat) would you
just let it go? My family was
murdered. You expect me to just
forget that?
John stares straight into the captains eyes then shifts his
eyes towards Brad.
No one wants you to forget.
We want you to be happy. Like you
used to be. You used to be the
best. Now.
Brad stops talking in mid-sentence. John walks to the door
and turns around.
Now what?
John walks back from the door.
Now what?! Now I'm not the best?
Do you think I care about being
the best anymore? Do you think
that I wouldn't give up being the


                       JOHN (cont'd)
best in a second if it meant I
could have my family back?
The captain walks over to John.
No ones saying that.
I'm different now. Don't you
understand. I can't just forget
that my family was taken from me.
Knowing that I wasn't there to
protect them. Knowing its my
fault. I can't explain the feeling
I get every time I think about it.
You'll never understand. You will
never understand what thats like.
Your right (beat) I won't. I will
never understand. But that doesn't
mean I can't try to help you.
John sits down on the couch.
Maybe you should take a break.
Christ, you almost killed us today
when you just (beat) well I don't
know what happened but you weren't
there and I need to know that my
partner will be there if and when
I need him.
I saw her.
John looks up at the captain. Then at Brad.
Well we were driving. She was
right there and he was right
behind them. Then she was gone. It
felt like I lost them all over


                       JOHN (cont'd)
The captain puts his hand on John's shoulder.
Look take the next couple of weeks
off and get yourself together. If
you can find anything to prove
that the person responsible for
this is back than we can talk
about re-opening the case, but
until then I want you to forget.
The captain stops but not in time. He closes his eyes and
looks as though he regrets finishing his sentence.
I didn't mean forget. I meant just
move on and be happy again. Thats
what she would have wanted.
John stands up and heads for the door again.
Don't be angry. I have to do my
I know. You just be ready to
re-open the case.
John walks out the door.
John is sitting on his couch. Files and papers cover the
coffee table in front of him. He flips through them with a
frusterated look on his face. He sits back and rubs his
eyes, then picks up the remote for the television and turns
it on. He flips through the channels until he finds the news


      (From The TV)
In other news, a tradgic car
accident claimed the lives of 3
John sits staring blankly at the television. Without warning
it starts to rain. He glances out the patio door window were
there is nothing but black. All of the sudden a huge thunder
clap fallowed by lightning illuminates the patio window. An
outlined siluette of a man is standing there.
John grabs his gun off the table and walks slowly towards
the patio doors. It has gone dark again. He can't see
anything. Another huge thunder and lightning light up the
outside again. Nothing is there.
      (From Television)
A severe thunder storm warning has
been issued for all of this
John glances back towards the tv. More lightning lights the
outdoors and John turns his attention back to the patio
windw where he sees the man walking away. John pounds on the
Hey! (beat) Hey!
Another bolt of lighting illuminates the yard but nothing is
there. He runs towards the front room but slows when he
hears creaking noises coming from inside the room. He grabs
the remote and turns off the television.
You can't stop me.
John waves the gun around wildly at the sound of the voice.
He hears someone walking up the stairs. He regains himself
and slowly walks into the other room. The front door is wide
open and swinging in the wind. He closes the door, and then


hears a creaking noise from upstairs. He raises his gun and
walks slowly up the stairs.
John pauses for a moment after hearing his dead wifes cry
for help. Another huge thunder seems to shake the house.
John swings his gun towards the bottom of the stairs, but
quickly turns it back towards the end of the hallway.
Looking around he notices some muddy footprints on the
What the hell do you want?
More loud thunder echos through the house as he walks
towards the other end of the hallway. As he reaches the
halfway point the power goes out and he is plunged into
total darkness.
Creaking noises continue to come from down the hall.
Lightning lights the hallway for a few seconds. John looks
down the lenght of the hall trying to get his bearings. He
sees nothing. The hallway again is plunged into darkness.
More lightning lights it up. The killer is now at the end of
the hallway.
Oh fuck.
John fires at the killer as the hallway is plunged into
darkness once more. He fires 4 shots and then turns to run
but trips and falls into the end corner of the hall. As the
hallway is lite once again by lightning he notices the
killer walking slowly towards him. The light fades away
again. He can't see anything. Then lightning lights up the
hallway again and the killer is standing right in front of
him. John points his gun at him and pulls the trigger. He
begins to fire until the hallway is completely dark again
and his clip is empty.


I'm going to finish what I
started. (beat) I hope you enjoy
the ride.
The killer smacks John in the head and he slumps to the
floor. Then the doorbell rings.
Brad is standing at the front door in the pouring rain and
lightning. He pounds on the door.
John! Open the door. Come on, I'm
getting soaked.
Brad pounds on the door with all his strength this time and
it pops open. He looks at it for a second stunned that it
opened. He decides to step inside.
Brad pulls the door shut him. He flicks the light switch a
couple of times but nothing happens. He pulls out a small
flash light and shines it towards the other end of the room.
Nothing. He slowly makes his way into the kitchen and then
into the living room. He shines the light onto the table
where he sees all the files and papers thrown around.
John? Are you here? Hello?
Brad slowly makes his way to the bottom of the stairs. He
sees that the front door is open and he closes it. As he
walks up the stairs a loud thunder and crash of lightning
startle him. Out the front door window is the siluette of
the killer walking away. Brad continues to walk up the
stairs and shines the light on John who is slumped in the
corner of the hallway. Brad rushes up to him.
Oh shit. What happened?


John doesn't move. Brad pulls out his cell phone quickly
dials a number.
                       911 OPERATOR
      (from phone)
911, whats the emergency?
We have an officer down officer
down. I repeat officer down. Looks
like a break and enter. There may
still be someone in the home. I
need back up to 19 Edgehill Rd.
Brad flips the puts it away and slowly walks down the hall.
He looks inside every room when he finds that there is no
sign of and other person he walks back towards John.
What happend?
He was here. (beat) He's back to
finish what he started.
Who? Who's back?
The man who killed my family. He's
wants to finish what he started.
He's here for me.
Brad shines the light on the other end of the hallways and
notices the bullet holes in the wall.
Tell me you at least hit him once.
You shot enough times.
I couldn't tell you. It was to
dark and I couldn't see a thing.


John slowly gets to his feet. Brad helps him walk down the
stairs. Suddenly the doorbell rings. John quickly swings his
arm up and stops Brad from moving.
It's him.
It's probably just the back-up I
called for.
John looks at Brad.
Why'd you do that?
I thought you were hurt. I didn't
know if someone was still in the
house. What did you want me to do?
The doorbell rings again. John spin's around towards the
other room.
You'd better be right.
John slowly heads for the door. When he opens it a big flash
of lightning lights up the dark siluette of the killer. John
leaps and tackles him to the ground. Brad grabs John and
pulls him off.
What the fuck are you doing!
That's the killer!
The man gets up off the ground he is covered in mud. John
sees that it is a paramedic.
                       PARAMEDIC WORKER 1
What the hell is your problem? You
crazy son of a bitch.


The paramedic storms off towards the ambulance and drives
off. Brad slams John up against the wall.
What's wrong with you? (beat) Look
at yourself for godsakes
(beat)your so damn paranoid.
The man who killed my family was
in my house tonight. I swear to
god that when I opened that door I
saw him (beat not that paramedic
guy. He killed my family.and now
he's after me. It's the same guy I
know it. I saw him that night, The
night I came home to find them.
He's the exact same. Nothing's
changed, I saw him then and I saw
him tonight.
John flashes back to the night his family was killed.
A car pulls into the driveway.
It was raining. I came home late
and noticed the door was open.
John walks up to the door where he stops and looks at it for
a moment then slowly pushes it open.
Hello! Anybody here.
He slowly walks into the kitchen.


I began to worry. I couldn't have
imagined what I was going to find.
John slowly walks into the Living room.
Then I found them.
John closes his eyes as pictures of his murdered family
flash by. John opens his eyes, and looks at Brad.
John wipes his eyes and slowly walks over to the couch and
sits down.
I can't make the images stop.
Those horrible images of my wife
and daughter murdered. They haunt
me ever day and now he haunts me.
Brad walks forward and leans on the door frame.
I know this must be hard. I can't
begin to imagine.
No you can't. Everyone keeps
telling me that. They all want me
to get over it but I can't. I
can't stop seeing the dead bodies.
I can't stop seeing his face.
Until I catch him I won't be able
to even begin to get over this.
Alright. Are you gonna be ok
tonight? You want someone to stay
with you?


John waves a hand towards him.
I just need some rest. I'll be
alright. Oh hey, why did you stop
Everyone at the station is
worried. I came to make sure you
were still alive. I guess I'll
talk to you later then. Oh some
guys are going to come buy and
check up on things a little later,
so don't kill them. There going to
see if they can get some evidence
we might have missed and see if we
can't get an I.D. on this guy Ok?
John thinks for a second then nods his approval. Brad walks
out the door. John sits thinking.
Brad walks towards his car.
                       COP 4
Excuse me, Sir.
Brad turns as he lights a smoke.
What is it?
                       COP 4
I thought you'd want to know that
(beat) the power never went out.
The breaker was switched off in
the basement.
What do you mean?


                       COP 4
Well , he said that the power went
out when he was in the hallway and
the perp was in front of him. The
power never went out it was
switched off. So either there was
two people in his house or he
isn't telling the truth.
Yeah, (beat) Uh thanks alot. You
guys ok to finish up here?
                       COP 4
Yeah, we'll handle it.
Brad jogs towards his car and speeds off into the night.
John is laying in his bed. Suddenly the alarm clock starts
going off and an arm reaches out from under the blankets and
pounds the off button. John sits up and swings his feet over
the side of the bed. The phone rings and his head snaps
towards the noise. He sighs and picks it up.
Hello? What do you mean they found
John bursts through the front doors and walks into an open
elevator. He stares at the level indicator and when it
reaches floor 3 he quickly walks off. He walks up to an
office door with the words Capt. Millar on the glass and
enters. He slams the door behind him.
Nothing? How could they have found
nothing? There was mud everywhere.
I saw it. There got to be
something there. Get them check it


Captain Millar looks up from the papers he was looking at.
Mud? There was no sign of
anything. No forced entry, no mud
and there were no signs that
anyone except you were there last
night. Are you sure someone was in
your house last night?
For christsakes of course I'm
sure. What about fingerprints?
They had to have missed something.
There is no way that there is
nothing there.
There is nothing there.
John stares at the Captain in disbelief.
So what are you saying? Do you
think I'm crazy?
I'm not saying that your crazy.
But maybe you imagined it (beat)
maybe you just think there was
someone there. It's happened
before. Your under a lot of
I know what I saw! He was there.
I'll get the evidence myself.
Look, I don't have time for this
now. Oh and any evidence you
collect, we can't use.
Why not?


Because, we can't trust it. Not
with the way you have been acting.
You think I would fake evidence?
John turns around and storms out of the room. He stops in
the doorway.
I thought you knew me better than
Its been almost 2 years. Don't you
realize how crazy this sounds.
Listen to yourself.
John walks back to the desk and pounds his fist on it.
I'm not crazy!
John looks straight into the Captain's eyes.
He's back and he's not going to
stop until I'm dead. I'm the only
thing standing in his way of a
perfect score. This time I will
stop him.
John turns and walks out of the office.
John walks in the front door and tosses his coat on the
couch. He begins scouring the bottom of the stairs for any
evidence. He finds nothing and walks upstairs and begins
searching the hallway.
Theres got to be something they


A shadow covers the floor behind John and slowly creeps into
his line of sight. Out the corner of his eye he sees it and
spins around with his gun out and jams it into the person's
gut. Its Brad. John lowers his gun.
You know (beat) thats the second
time you've pointed a gun at me
this week?
I was thinking of making it a
regular thing.
Brad looks a little stunned.
Was that a joke? Ladies and
gentlemen there is hope afterall.
It won't happen again. I promise.
John walks to the bulletholes in the wall at the end of the
hallway. He runs his fingers over them and then inspects
them carfully with his magnifying glass.
This doesn't make any sense? How?
How can there be nothing?
I don't know. But look, if he's
out there, we're going to find
him. I promise.
Brad puts his hand on John's shoulder.
If? So you don't believe me?
It's not that I don't believe you.
It's just. Well what do you expect
me to think? Theres no evidence.


Thats alright (beat) no one
believes me.
John walks to the stairs. Three quarters of the way down he
stops and looks back.
I'm not crazy. I know what I saw.
I saw the man who killed my family
right at the end of this hallway.
I didn't imagine it. I saw it. It
John continues down the stairs until he is out of sight.
Brad stares blankly for a moment and then heads for the
Johns walks up to two grave stones. The inscriptions read
Mary Boyd, wife and mother 1969-2002. The other one reads
Hailie Boyd 1998-2002. John kneels down beside the graves,
lowers his head and begins to cry.
I know I don't come see you guys
enough. Its so hard. God I miss
you guys. I'm sorry I didn't
protect you. I will make it right.
I promise (beat). I am going to
catch the man who did this and I
am going to kill him.
John has another vision. He see's his family. Mary is giving
Hailie a bath. The door bursts open and there stands the
killer. Mary and Hailie start to scream. The killer walks
closer. John comes back to reality but still hears the echo
of the screams. He stays kneeling with his eyes closed.
I will make him pay. I love both
of you more than you can know.


John opens his eyes. He puts a hand on each grave and stands
John is a the back and picks a drink out of the
refrigirators. Well John is closing the door, he hears a man
talking the clerk.
Give me the money. Put it in a bag
and no one gets hurt.
The cashier acts as though he doesn't understand the man.
I do not understand. Please leave
us alone.
The man at the counter pulls out a sawed-off shotgun and
waves it around.
Alright, everyone get on the
ground now! Get on the ground.
Everyone in the store starts to scream and begin scramble
around. The robber fires a couple of shots into the roof and
debris falls to the ground.
Get on the fucking floor now!
Everyone drops to the floor except John. The robber points
the gun at him.
You too, hero.
John slowly drops to the floor. He is in the back still near
the refridgerators and slowly makes his way out of sight.
Well, don't I just have the worst
fucken luck.


John looks down the isle. When he looks back, he sees the
killers reflection in the door of one of the refridgerators.
He jumps back. The robber hears the noise and runs back to
Get the fuck up, hero!
John looks back at the refridgerator. Nothing is there.
He slowly gets to his feet.
Look, you really don't wanna do
this. I'm a cop. Put the gun down
and you'll still have some
options. If someone here gets hurt
you can kiss your ass goodbye. I'm
talking serious jail time.
The robber thinks about it for a second.
Fuck, no way man. There is no way
I am putting this gun down.
The robber looks out the store window.
Look, theres no one there yet. If
you put the gun down, you can go.
When the robber looks outside, John hits the gun out of the
his hand and tackles him to the ground.
Someone call the police, tell them
theres been an attempted robbery
and that an Officer needs
John then has another falshback. He sees the killer standing
over the dead bodies of his Mary and Hailie.


The robber sees his chance and kicks him in the chest. John
flies off the robber and smashes through a display of canned
beans. The robber runs out of the store. John slowly gets up
from under the pile off knocked over bean cans. A couple
minutes later the police arrive. Two officers run in with
their guns drawn.
                       COP 1
Where is he?
John walks over to the officers.
He got away.
                       COP 2
How? What happened?
                       CIVILIAN 1
Well this guy.
The civilian points at John.
                       CIVILIAN 1
But then he freaked out or
something, and the guy got away.
                       COP 1
Alright, we're are gonna have ask
you some questions and see if we
can't get a description of this
                       COP 1
Yeah sure.


The room is empty except for a desk, and a chair. John sits
and waits for the officers. The door opens and John falls
backwards out of the chair. In the doorway is the silhouette
of the killer. Slowly he walks towards John.
Sit down.
John runs full speed at the killer, but he steps out of the
way and grabs John by the neck. John gasps for air.
I said (beat) sit down.
The killer throws John towards the chair. John gets up and
runs at him again. The killer again moves and grabs him.
You put up way more off a fight
then your wife.(beat) Your
daughter (beat) she didn't fight
at all.
John's eyes start to water.
What the fuck do you want? You've
already taken everything from me.
The killer turns him around and looks right into his eyes.
I want you to remember. You know
who I am. (beat) Remember.
The door handle starts to shake and the killer looks back.
Then he leans forward until is is close to Johns ear.


The killer turns his hand into a fist and punches John in
the face breaking his nose. John opens his eyes just as the
door opens. The word "rememeber" still in his head. Two
officers rush in towards him.
                       COP 1
What the fuck happened to you?
A small stream of blood is trickling from John's nose. The
Officers help him up and out of the room. They carry him
down the hallway.
John's face is all beat up from the other night. He pulls
into the police station.
John sits in the chair across from the Captain's empty desk
and looks around. The door handle starts to turn and John
gets a scared look on his face, then he swings open the
Oh shit! What the hell are you
doing here? Is everything alright?
John looks at the Captain with a puzzled look.
No evidence?
Nothing. No evidence that anyone
was in that room with you. This is
the second time you said someone
attacked you with no evidence to
back up your story.


No evidence? No evidence!? Look at
my goddamn face. Is this not
evidence enough for you?
How do I know? Right now we have
no evidence that anyone was there.
How would he even get in there?
Killers don't just walk into
police stations.
You think I did this to myself?
John looks down at the ground.
You have to be missing something
or someone is not telling you
something. There has to be some
evidence. Let me check the room.
Look a video tape. What about the
security tape?
The Captain gets a concerned look on his face.
The tapes weren't on yet. We
searched the room. There was
nothing. I am not going to let you
search that room, we already went
over that the other day. Get help,
don't let this ruin your life.
Ruin my life? My life was ruined
when my family was taken from me.
My life ended that night.
The Captain walks over and sits in the chair beside John.
Here take this.


The Captain hands John a business card. It reads Erik
Benson, Psychologist.
He's a friend of mine. He helps
people who have lost loved ones.
Give him a call, get yourself
together. Next time make sure you
have evidence.
John looks at the card, shakes his head and puts it in his
inside jacket pocket. He stands up to leave.
You say he's your friend?
What happened to you being my
John leaves the office. The Captian sits and shakes his
John walks up to the interrogation room. It is blocked off
with caution tape. He ducks under the tape and steps in. The
inside is all taped off. John places a small box on the
table. He opens the box and takes out some small tools.
I know theres something here.
He starts to look around. Then the door whips open and a
police officer is standing in the doorway.
                       COP 3
Hey! What the hell are you doing
in here? No one is allowed in


John reaches into his pocket and pulls out his badge. He
shows it to the officer without even looking at him.
Its alright, I'm a cop.
The cop doesn't even look at it.
                       COP 3
Sorry, no one is allowed in here,
especially you. Captains orders
and he told me no one no matter
John looks up at him. Then goes back to what he was doing.
If you have a problem with this,
then arrest me. (beat) Otherwise,
I will be done in a minute.
The cop walks up to him and closes the tool box.
                       COP 3
Your done now.
John looks at the tool box and then at the cop.
I said, I'll be done in a minute.
                       COP 3
Leave, or I will have to arrest
John continues what he is doing. Paying no attention to
what the cop is saying. The cop walks out of the room.
A couple seconds later the cop comes back with two other
officers. They walk up and grab John. He puts up a fight. It
takes them a while to get John out of the room.
I have the right to be here! Let
me go!


John fights to get away but can't. The Captain walks up the
Stop fighting. I told you that if
you caused anymore proplems I
would have to do something. Don't
make this any harder.
John continues to struggling but can't get free. The Captain
follows behind as the officers push him towards the front
exit. The people in the lobby all stop what they are doing
and start staring.
Why are you doing this? Why can't
I be here? What am I going to do?
I can't have you around here.
We've already discussed this. You
could plant evidence to help your
case. If you screw up, then it's
my ass on the line. I am the one
who gets in trouble. I am the one
who gets fired. You can't do
anymore here. Go home.
John is just about to be pushed out the doors.
You know me, I wouldn't do that.
For godsakes come on.
The Captain waves his hand at the officers.
Alright (beat) alright, let him
go. I'll talk to him outside.
The two cops let go of John and step back. The Captain walks
outside with John close behind.


The Captain and John come out the front doors.
Sit down.
The Captain points towards the steps. John sits down and the
Captain takes a seat beside him.
I know you wouldn't do anything,
but other people don't know that.
How would it look if I broke the
rules just because your my friend.
I.A. would be all over me, when
they found out.
John picks up a stone off the ground and tosses it away.
I know. I just (beat) I don't
understand how they didn't find
John I've got my best people
working on this. If there is
something to find they will find
it. Go home (beat) get some rest.
John looks at the Captain and nods. They both stand up at
the same time.
Fine. You call me if you find
anything, even if its nothing.
Call me.
I will.
John heads for the parking lot and the Captain heads inside.
He's not going to call.


As John nears the corner of the police station. He stops
right at the edge, and closes his eyes. He looks down
towards the ground. He sits like that for a couple seconds
and then he continues to walk towards his car which is still
out of sight. He sees it slowly coming into veiw around the
What the hell?
There is spray paint all over the car. It says "your next".
John turns and runs back towards the front entrance of the
John runs into the main foyer.
Captain!(beat) Captain!
The Captain pokes his head out of his office door to see
what all the noise is about. He sees John and shakes his
What now?
John runs to the Captain's office and points at him.
I've got your evidence.
The Captain's look shifts from sympathetic to suprised and
he darts after John who has already taken off towards the
parking lot.
As the Captain and John come around the corner John stops
dead in his tracks.


What? (beat) No! No! No! I am
telling you that there was writing
all over it.
There is nothing on the car. John turns around and grabs the
Captain by the sholders.
It said I was next. This isn't
possible. I swear it was there.
The Captain pulls away from Johns grasp and starts to walk
back inside.
You need help, seriously. Until,
you work this out, your done. Call
Erik he'll help you with this.
Theres nothing else I can do.
The Captain walks around the corner and out of sight. John
stares in the direction of the car for a second. Then turns
around and kicks it.
Then he jumps in the car and speeds out of the parking lot.
The Captain still isn't inside, and turns around when he
hears the sound of spinning tires. He watches as John speeds
past, and shakes his head.
There is nothing around just endless sand. John's car speeds
down a small highway, when all of the sudden his cell phone


You can't get away from me.
John gets a angry look on his face and slams on the brakes
making his car skid to a stop half on and half off the road.
He gets out.
Why don't you just kill me!? You
stupid son of a bitch!
John hangs up the phone, and throws it into the sand. Just
when he is about to get back into his car he hears the phone
ringing. He runs towards where he threw the phone.
Fuck you!
John starts pounding the phone with his foot and then bends
down and tries to break it with his hands. He pulls his gun
out and holds it under his chin. He starts to shake, and
cocks the gun.
You not going to win this time.
In the back seat of his car a head pops up. John turns when
he hears the door open. He looks at the car but nothing is
there. He slowly heads back towards the car.
Come on motherfucker. (beat) Come
out and finish what you started.
He looks into the backseat. He sees nothing there. Behind
him the killer stands waiting. John turns and again there is
nothing. He lowers his gun and gets back into the car.
Maybe I am going crazy.
He begins to drive he hears what sounds like a phone
ringing. John slams the brakes on again this time he almost
loses control. He jumps over the seat into the back, there
is a cell phone tucked under the passenger side seat.


Leave me the fuck alone!
John? It's Brad. Is everything
How did you get this number?
What the hell are you talking
about? You gave it to me. Where
are you? I called your house and
no one answered. We couldn't find
you anywhere, you just
John's look goes from confused to suspisious as he looks out
the window.
This isn't my cell phone? How did
you get the goddamn number. And
how come you always show up right
after I see him?
After you see who? Do you hear
yourself? Do you realize what you
sound like?
John gets a terrified look on his face.
I know exactaly what I sound like.
John throws the phone out the window. He puts the car in
gear, spins the car around and speeds back towards


A car pulls into the drive way. John gets out and rushes
towards the door. He stops in his tracks when he sees that
the door is slighty open. John turns around and goes to the
back of the house. He slowly opens the back door.
John makes his way to the edge of his office door. Inside a
shadowy figure is bent over his desk. John raises his gun
and walks towards the figure. When he is close enough he
presses the gun into the back of the figures head.
Don't move.
The figure stops but doesn't answer.
Slowly turn around.
The figure slowly turns around.
Why am I not suprised to find you
Brad raises his hands to show that he is unarmed.
The Captain said you drove off
like a fucken crazy person. I came
to make sure you were alright.
John frisks Brad for weapons. He finds nothing.
Where's your gun?
I didn't bring it, goddamnit.
Where the hell have you been? I
came over to talk. You sounded
like you thought I had something
to do with this guy. Is that what


                       BRAD (cont'd)
you think?
John begins to lower his gun, until Brad suddenly transforms
into the killer.
I knew it. You son of a bitch.
John presses the gun into Brads foreheads and forces him
back until he hits the bookshelf behind him.
What the fuck are you doing?
Turn around.
Brad doesn't move.
I said turn around. Fucken turn
John whips Brad around and pushes his face into the books on
the shelf.
Why'd you do it?
John's eyes start to water, and he presses the gun hard into
the back of Brad's head.
Brad says nothing and then quickly elbows John in the chin
causing him to drop the gun which slides under the desk.
Fuck this.
Brad runs for the door. John slides arcoss the floor and
grabs the gun from under the table and aims it at Brad while
he is still on the ground. He fires a warning shot into the
wall beside Brad. Who comes to a sudden stop.


Don't move!
John can't see Brad's face because he is in the shadows. He
slowly walks towards Brad.
This is for my family.
John smashes Brad in the side of the head with the gun.
Brad grabs his head and falls to the floor, face first.
This is just the begining of what
I am going to do to you, you sick
John grabs the back of Brads head and pulls it up but it is
no longer the killers face. Brad is bleeding badly.
Fuck man. I didn't kill your
John lets go of Brads head and sits with his back against
the wall. Still holding the gun he starts to tremble.
I'm not crazy. He's back I know
it. I saw him, you were him. You
transformed into him. I can't
explain it.
John looks over at Brad who is still laying on the floor.
I won't let him win.
John pulls back the gun putting a bullet in the chamber. He
places the gun under his chin.


I won't let him win. Not this
John closes his eyes, Brad looks over to see whats
happenening. He leaps towards John and hits the gun just as
John pulls the trigger.
We aren't going to let him. We'll
find him.
John sits leaning up against the wall. Brad rolls over onto
his back and lets out a deep breath.
John stands on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette, looking up
at a large building.
What the hell am I doing here?
He tosses the cigarette to the ground and stamps it out.
The elecator doors open and John walks out looking lost.
      (Under his breath)
What the.
The receptionist behind the desk looks at him seeming to
notice his confusion.
May I help you, sir?
John slowly walks towards the desk.


Ah yeah, I'm looking for a Dr.
The receptionist looks down at her notebook.
Alright sir. If you want to just
take a seat right over there he
will be with you in a few minutes.
John slides into a seat, feeling uncomfortable. He looks at
a few of the other people waiting.
                       DR. KNOX
Hello, I'm Dr. Knox, How are you
doing today?
John steps forward and shakes Dr. Knox hand.
I'm not doing so good.
Dr. Knox points towards the door of his office and motions
for John to enter.
                       DR. KNOX
So Mike told me you've been
freakin' out.
Dr. Knox motions for John to take a seat.
Is that you professional opinion?
Dr. Knox smiles.
                       DR. KNOX
Sorry, So why don't you tell me
whats going on?
John looks down at his hands.


The person who killed my family
(pause) Hes back and he's after
me. That's the short version.
Dr. knox writes something on his paper then points at John
with his pencil.
                       DR. KNOX
Well, let's get started on the
long version. It might help me
help you.
John looks up at Dr. Knox.
Alright, My family was killed 8
months ago.
                       DR. KNOX
I'm sorry to hear that.
I was working late that night, and
when I came home, I noticed the
door was open.
Its raining outside. The front door of the house is slightly
open. A hand reaches out and grabs the handle.
Dr. Knox reaches over and puts his hand on John's shoulder.
                       DR. KNOX
Are you alright?
John stares blankly at the ground.


John sits in the middle of the living room floor holding his
dead wife and daugther.
John hears something run past the doorway. He quickly turns
I saw him that night, and he's
haunted me ever since.
John slowly walks to the doorway. A black shadowy figure
runs out the front door. John takes off after it.
Hey! Stop!
The figure turns down a dark alleyway. John slides around
the corner, stumbling, almost losing his balance. When he
regains his footing he looks down the alley. No one there.
                       COP 3
Hey! What are you doing down
John gets startled by the noise and turns quickly.
John rubs his eyes.
They found nothing, and now he's
out there (pause) trying to finish
what he started.


Dr. Knox looks at him sympathetically. The alarmclock
sitting on a nearby table nearby rings loudly, startling the
                       DR. KNOX
Oh, well thats all the time I have
for today. I think you need to
talk about what happened in much
more detail. I have another
patient right now, but I think I
can squeeze you in next week, same
Sure, whatever.
John gets up from the seat and shakes the hand of Dr. Knox.
John walks out of the revolving doors of the office
buildingand stops at the curb. He pulls out a pack of
cigarettes and takes one out, lights it, and takes a long
drag. Then a bus comes to a stop infront of him.
John sits next to a window with his eyes closed. He is alone
on the bus. He faintly hears the sound of footsteps on the
metal floor. They continue to get louder and louder. He
slowly opens his eyes. The killer is standing right in front
of him, he quickly raises his hand but just before the
killer makes contact John wakes up and falls out of his
He looks around, no one else is on the bus. He turns and
looks towards the back.


                       BUS DRIVER
Hey, buddy? This is the last stop.
John spins around at the sound of the voice.
John steps off the bus and again pulls out his pack of
smokes. He brings the lighter to his mouth then stops. The
smoke falls out of his mouth. He jumps off the curb, darting
out into traffic, quickly making his way across the street.
Hey! Someone stop that guy! Stop
John runs up behind the black shadowy figure he saw from the
farside of the street. John grabs him from behind and spins
him around.
Fuck! (Pause) Sorry.
John turns and kicks a street sign.
John walks up the front walkway.
John walks into the kitchen, and tosses his coat on the
table. The house is silent. John heads into the washroom.
What a damn day.
He turns on the cold water and splashes it it his face. When
he is finished he looks into the mirror.


What the hell is wrong with me?
For a split second his reflection turns into the killers
face accompanied by a loud screaming noise.
Godamnit, Get out of my head!
John grabs his head then looks down towards the running
water. It has turned into blood.
Holy shit.
John falls backwards knocking over a trashcan. He calms
himself down and slowly gets up and looks at the sink. The
blood has turned back into water again. John lets out a sigh
of relief.
The kitchen is filled with people. They are celebrating
Hailies birthday. John kneels down beside his daughter and
whispers in her ear. She giggles and gives him a big hug.
John opens the fridge, and pulls out a beer. Then an image
of Dr. Knox holding a knife over his dead family flashes
quickly in his mind. The beer falls from his hand and
smashes all over the floor. Everything seems to go into slow
It can't be.
John gets a worried look on his face.


John's car skids to a stop. He jumps out and runs to the
John starts pounding on the front door.
Dr. Knox! Open the fucken door.
A light beside the door turns on and the door opens. A Lady
stands there with an annoyed look on her face.
                       MRS. KNOX
Can I help you?
John looks at the ground trying to catch his breath.
I need to talk to your husband.
                       MRS. KNOX
He's sleeping right now, you'll
have to wait til tommorow.
She begins to close the door. John grabs it with his hand.
                       MRS. KNOX
Excuse me! Let go of my door.
It's an emergency.
Mrs. knox sighs.
                       MRS. KNOX
Malcom. It's for you.
                       DR. KNOX
      (From upstairs)
I can't come right now tell them
to call the office.


John pushes past Mrs. Knox causing her to almost fall over.
                       MRS. KNOX
Hey! Get out of our.
John ignores Mrs. Knox.
I need to fucken talk to you!
                       MRS. KNOX
Hey! Watch your language in this.
John turns to Mrs. Knox.
Shut up!
Dr. Knox comes down the stairs.
                       DR. KNOX
I thought we had an appointment
next week, John. What are you
doing here?
I need to ask you something.
John and Dr. Knox walk into the kitchen a sit down.
                       DR. KNOX
John looks embarrassed.
I (pause) I saw him.
Dr. Knox looks at him puzzled.


                       DR. KNOX
Who? Who did you see?
John stares at Dr. Knox.
I saw you.
Dr. Knox stares at him confused.
                       DR. KNOX
I saw you (Pause) standing over
them (Pause) with a knife.
Dr. knox sits back in his chair.
                       DR. KNOX
I think I know why you are saying.
(Pause) You feel guilty. You think
that because you weren't home when
it happened that its your fault.
So you are seeing people you know
so you can blame them instead of
John looks down at his hands.
If I had just been there (pause) I
could have done something,
                       DR. KNOX
Its not your fault. You can't be
mad at yourself the rest of your
John stands up and pounds his fists on the table.
Yes I can! It's my fucken fault. I
wasn't there, I didn't protect
them (pause) and they paid for it.


                       DR. KNOX
I didn't kill your family
(pause)You didn't kill your
family. Some sick bastard did.
It's not healthy for you to think
John sits back down.
I miss them so much.
The second John finishes his sentance, a crashing noise
comes from the other room.
                       DR. KNOX
What the hell was that?
Dr. Knox gets up and walks towards the other room.
                       DR. KNOX
Then a hand weilding a knife comes from the doorway, slicing
Dr. Knox throat. He falls to the floor. Dead.
Oh Shit!
John stumbles backwards, almost falling over the chair.
You bastard.
John immediatly jumps towards the killer, who sidesteps out
of the way. John crashes into an end table. He scrambles to
his feet with his gun in hand and looks back. No one is
there. He runs to the front door a small knock comes from
inside the closet.
I've got you now sick fuck!
John grabs the Handle and whips the door open. Mrs. Knox
falls into him. She is dead. John falls against the wall
dropping his gun.


No, oh no.
Johns lays Mrs. Knox on the floor and runs to the phone.
Police cars line both sides of the street. Corners wheel the
bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Knox down the walkway on strecthers.
John sits on the trunk of a cruiser with a cigerette in his
I told you (pause) he's back. You
didn't listen. This is on you
This is no ones fault. Don't go
blaming people.
John jumps off the trunk and grabs the captain, throwing him
against the car.
This is someones fault! This is
his fault. This is your fault. I
told you (pause) I told you he was
back. You didn't listen and now
their dead.
John releases the captain from his grip and walks away.
What the hell is wrong with you?
John looks back.
I'm going home. If you find
anything call me.


John has his hands in his pockets and his collar up. Out of
nowhere a siren starts blaring. John slowly turns to look in
the direction it came from.
Hey, man.
When he turns back there is a homeless person right infront
of him.
Hey, buddy. Got any spare change?
John shakes his head and keeps on walking. The bum looking
angry picks up a stone and throws is at the back John.
John pauses then snaps. He pulls out his gun and runs back
towards the bum. He puts the gun under the bums chin.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Do you want to die? Leave me
Johns eyes seem to glaze over and widen.
John is kneeling on the ground. He has gloves on. Leaning
closer to the ground he just sweep with his little brush he
searches for evidence.
Damnit, find something.
The Phone rings and John gets startled. He sits there and
breaths deeply for a second.


Goddamn phone.
He puts down his brush and picks up the phone which is hung
on the wall.
It's your fault.
Who the fuck is this?
Its' me. (Pause) We've found
John turns to look at the caller I.D. screen. It displays
the captains name and address.
What is it?
You'd better get over here.
So who is this guy? What are we
waiting for? Let's get him.
The captain looks at him.
He's (pause) it's your uncle.
John looks confused.


My uncle? What?
The captain tosses a folder on the desk infront of John. He
picks it up and flips through it. The pages slowly fall to
the ground.
I can't believe this. How? This
doesn't make any sense.
The captain looks at John, concern is written all over his
Are you going to be alright?
John closes his eyes for a few seconds.
Let's go get him.
John opens his eyes and looks up at the captain.
Let's get the bastard.
The front door smashes inwards off its hinges. A bunch of
cop run into the house. They are soaking wet. Outside it is
pouring rain. When all the officers are finished entering
the house, John and the captain come in the house.
Hey, Jimmy you stupid fucking
weasle. Where are you?
Jimmy slowly appears at the top of the stairs and starts
walking down towards John.
What the fuck is going on?
The police tackle him to the floor.


                       COP 1
Stay down! Don't move!
What the fuck?
Jimmy resists and tries to get up. John walks towards him
with the captain close behind.
                       COP 2
Stay the fuck down!
The cops push Jimmy's face into the floor. John walks over
and grabs his head by the hair.
Why'd you do it?
Jimmy keeps struggling.
Why'd I do what? What the hell are
you talking about?
John pulls Jimmy to his feet. He stands face to face with
him looking straight into his eyes.
You know what the I'm talking
about. Don't play dumb with me.
Jimmy stops struggling.
I don't know what your talking
about, John. I promise I don't
With an ice cold look on his face John pulls out his gun and
puts it under Jimmy's chin.
You don't know? Fuck you don't
know. Say it again and I will blow
you face all over this shithole
place of yours you sack of shit.


John, its not worth it. Put the
gun away.
John keeps the gun to Jimmys chin for a few seconds then
lowers it.
Get this piece a shit out of here.
The cops drag Jimmy out of the house. The captain looks at
I didn't do anything! I'm innocent
for christ sake!
John turns to look at him. He walks towards Jimmy.
No, my family was innocent. My
little girl was innocent. You
(pause) your a fucking piece a
shit! No, your a monster! Can you
give me my little girl back. Can
you! No, you took her from me! You
John punches Jimmy square in the jaw and continues to punch
him until the captain pulls him away. The cops drag a beaten
Jimmy out to the awaiting cruisers.
How do you live with yourself?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
The captain walks up beside John.
Its over. We got him.
John sighs.
It's never gonna be over. I'll
never get my family back.


John sees his little girl being pulled away by the killer.
Hailies screams echo through Johns head as the vision ends.
Go home, get some rest.
John is sleeping on the couch, his chin is covered with
stuble and the tv is on. A shadow slowly crosses his body. A
hand reaches out and just before it grabs hold of John, he
bolts upright. A relieved look appears on his face.
For christsakes.
John slumps back onto the counch. Brad sits down across from
So you still think it was me? Or
am I cleared?
John flips up his middle finger and points it a Brad. He
smiles and looks at him, the killers mask flashes on top of
Brads face. Brad notices John's reaction.
John shakes his head.
It's nothing, I'm just glad its
finally over.
Me too. I was getting a little
tired of you thinking I had
anything to do with this, you
know? Pointing guns at me all the


                       BRAD (cont'd)
time and stuff.
John reaches out to shake Brad's hand. When there hands
touch, John has a vision. It is Brad killing Dr. Knox.
Come on, what is it? Something's
John looks at him. Then shakes his head.
It's nothing. Honestly, don't
worry about it.
John gets up off the couch and walks into the washroom.
Look, I got the trial today so
what you want?
I just wanted to see how you were
John leans out of the washroom.
I'm fine, are you satisfied?
John leans back into the washroom.
Ok, whatever you say. I just
wanted to make sure. I guess I
will head out then I've got a
shitload of paperwork to do.
yeah see you later.


John is sitting in the front row, beside him is the captain.
An angry, stonecold look is on John's face. He looks towards
the ground.
So you are denying that you had
anything to do with the murder of
these people?
Jimmy is on the witness stand. An Image of the killer
stabbing his wife flashes before John's eyes. He sits back
in his chair.
You can sit here (beat) under
oath(beat) and say infront of this
The prosecutor points towards John. An image of his daughter
being dragged away by the killer flashes by.
That you didn't kill his family?
You didn't enter that mans house
and kill his family? Say it once
more to make sure the jury heard
Yes, I can. I will scream it. I
had nothing to do with this. I
didn't kill anyone!
Another image flashes past Johns eyes.
Mary and Hailie stand infront of John.
why weren't you home? You didn't
protect us. It's all your fault!
Hailie looks up at John. Tears forming in her eyes.


Why weren't you there daddy? Why
didn't you save me?
John stands up in his seat quickly, making a fair amount of
noise. Everyone in the courtroom turns and looks at him.
Is everything alright, sir?
John looks at him with tears in his eyes.
I just (pause) need some fresh
John slowly makes his way out of the row of seats, and walks
towards the exit. When he turns around Jimmy has transformed
into the killer. John turns quickly and runs out of the
John bursts out the doors. He walks up to a large pillar and
leans against it. He starts breathing heavily, tears
streaming down his face.
you alright?
John turns to see the captain standing behind him.
I didn't think this would be so
It must be hell to sit in there
and listen to that. But.
I saw them again. Its my fault
this happened. They blame me. They
asked why I wasn't there to


                       JOHN (cont'd)
protect them.
The captain walks forwards and stops right beside John. He
leans to his ear.
Listen to me. Mary was like a
daughter to me. You know, the same
as I do that neither of them would
blame you for this. Don't give me
this shit about them blaming you,
don't do that to them, don't do it
to yourself. You hear me.
I don't think I can ever forgive
myself for this.
John slowly slides to the ground. His head down and tears
fall hitting the ground beneath him. John lifts his head and
sees something across the street.
What the hell?
The captain looks at John strangly.
I think we have the wrong guy.
John starts running towards the street.
What the hell are you talking
John looks over his shoulder at the captain while he is
He's the wrong fucking guy!


He runs into the street, cars in both directions slam on
there breaks and skid to a stop, with there horns sounding.
He pulls out his gun and takes off down an alley.
John runs to the middle of the alley. The shadowy figure
jumps and grabs onto the fire escape. John fires the entire
clip at him but hits nothing.
While he is running for the ladder, he quickly reloads and
holsters his gun.
John gets to the top of the ladder and jumps onto the roof
just in time to see the Killer leap off the other side of
the building.
John runs to the edge and looks over. He sees nothing but
empty alley at the bottom.
John paces around the top of the building. From behind him
on top of the other building the killer stares at him.
John bursts into the courtroom like a crazy person. He walks
towards the front everyone stops and looks at him.


He's innocent! We have the wrong
You cannot just walk in here and
start yelling. This is a cout of
law, you obey the rules of this
courtroom or you will be held in
contempt and put in jail.
You don't understand!
John points at Jimmy.
This is not the right guy. I just
chased the killer onto a roof
across the street where he jumped
off and dissappeared. I tried to
find him but I couldn't. Fuck.
The judge points towards two officers standing in the
Baliff! Get this man out of here.
Two officers walk towards John.
Listen, please you have to listen
to me, he's still out there.
You are out of order, and I hold
you in contempt of court. Get him
out of here.
The officers grab onto John. He trys to get away but the
officers overpower him. He grabs onto a chair and pulls it
along with him. Everyone is staring at the events unfolding
in disbelief.


More people are going to die if
this guy isn't stopped. I already
lost my family. How many people
have to die before you believe me?
Anyone else who dies will be on
you conscience.
The officers finally pry the chair out of his hands and
escourt him out of the courtroom.
Due to this series of events this
trial is postponed until furthur
notice. Everyone get out.
The judge raises his malet and slams it down.
The jail from outside looks like any other building. Cop
cars are coming and going all the time. News vans line the
driveway out front the doors. Reporters stand waiting for
the next big story.
                       JOHN (V.O.)
Look, I'm telling you he's out
John is standing at the bars of a cell talking to the
John, we caught the guy. He's
guilty everybody knows it. Look
your just paranoid. Maybe you
should think about taking a
John punches the bars with his arm.


I don't need a fucken vacation! I
need you to believe me. I saw him.
We got the wrong guy.
The captain sighs and begins to walk away. He stops just
before he is out of veiw.
I talked to the judge, he isn't
going to press charges for your
little scene in the courtroom. But
if we have anymore problems with
you I swear to god.
you'd rather more people die?
what was that?
I said you'd rather more people
die!? Instead of believe me?
The captain storms back to the bars infront of John.
No one else is going to die! we
have the right guy ok. Your living
in some goddamn dream world.
You think this is a dream? Fuck
you I know what I saw, soon as I
get out of here, I'll find him and
I'll show you that I'm right.
The Captain begins to walk out.
Whatever, just don't get yourself


Hey, wait. When do I get out of
      (out of view)
You'll be outta here in a couple
hours. Why don't you get some
John sits down on the little bench.
John walks into a pay phone booth. He dials a number an
Hey, is the captain there? (beat)
Ok well tell him I said thanks for
bailing me out last night (beat)
Yeah. (beat) Yeah you too.
John hangs up the phone and walks out of the booth. he pulls
out his pack of smokes and lights up a cigarette.
      (In John's head)
You killed me!
John drops the cigarette at the momment the voice in his
head stops. He fallows it down until it hits the ground.
Oh shit
John turns around slowly and looks at all the people on the
street. He looks nervous. He drops the pack of smokes and
starts to run down the sidewalk.
      (in John's head)
You Killed us!


John closes his eyes and starts to shake his head. While he
is running he runs into an old lady.
                       OLD LADY
Hey, you bastard!
John turns and looks at her. She flinches when she sees that
his eyes are completely white.
I'm sorry.
                       OLD LADY
John turns and keeps running. He stops and looks at himself
in the reflection of a store window. He slowly moves towards
the window. He notices that his eyes are completely white.
What the hell?
At the same momment he finishes his sentence his reflection
slowly transforms into the killer. John stares wide eyed at
it. Then the reflection jumps out at him. he stumbles
      (to himself)
What the hell is happeneing to me?
John quickly gets up and hails a cab. When he finally gets
one to pull over he hops in.
Victoria Hospital. Fast!
      (In Johns head)
You can't win!
Get out of my head!
The cab driver looks back at him then speeds up.


John comes running into the Hospital.
Somebody help me!
Everyone in the lobby of the hospital stops and looks at
him. Some begin to scream when they see his eyes. Others
just stare. He runs up to the reception desk.
I need to see a doctor.
I (beat) I ok just hold on a
second, sir.
Barley able to take her eyes off John. She turns and picks
up a phone.
      (Over PA)
Doctor Diaz. Doctor Diaz Please
report to reception.
John runs to the doors when he sees them open. He grabs onto
the doctor that comes out.
Whats wrong with me? Why are my
eyes like this?
Slowly Johns eyes begin to go back to normal.
                       DR. DIAZ
Its ok. Hold on. You fine. Look.
Dr. Diaz points towards John's reflection in a sign. John
slowly walks forward again. He notices his eyes are normal
again. Then when he is really close they turn red.
Dr. Diaz rushes towards him.


                       DR. DIAZ
What is it? Whats wrong?
My eyes! There red.
Dr. Diaz looks confused.
                       DR. DIAZ
Your eyes are fine. Are you
alright, sir?
John turns and looks in the window again his eyes are
Why did my eyes turn white?
Dr Diaz looks at him with an puzzled expression.
                       DR. DIAZ
I'll run some test and we'll see
what happened, alright?
John nods his head.
A man is sitting at a table with a microscope. He is looking
at a blood sample. He raises his head and gives it a shake.
                       BLOOD TESTER
It can't be.
He looks back in the microscope. He raises his head once
more then walks over and grabs a book off of a shelf. He
quickly flips through the pages. Then he points his finger
at a title half way down the page. It reads "Selective
The blood tester walks through the door. Dr. Diaz is slumped
over on his desk. It looks like he is dead. The blood tester


walks over and taps him on the shoulder. Nothing. He pulls
him off the desk and when his back hits the chair he sits
bolt upright. The blood tester jumps back.
                       BLOOD TESTER
Holy shit!
Dr. Diaz blinks a few times then looks at the blood tester.
                       DR. DIAZ
I'm sorry. I must have dozed off.
The blood tester tries to calm himself down.
                       BLOOD TESTER
Your not going to believe what he
The blood tester tosses the file onto Dr. Diaz desk. he
picks it up and opens it.
                       DR. DIAZ
Selective amnesia? There's only
been 3 reported cases of that.
                       BLOOD TESTER
I know.
John is sitting in a chair looking at the ground. Dr. Diaz
comes storming into the waiting room.
                       DR. DIAZ
We know whats happening.
Dr. Diaz and John walk into the room. Dr. Diaz sits behind
his desk.
                       DR. DIAZ
You have selective amnesia. Do you
know what that means?


John sits in a chair opposite Dr. Diaz.
It sounds pretty self explanitory.
(beat) I have amnesia that only
makes me forget some things.
                       DR. DIAZ
That's sort of right. It makes you
forget really tramatic things.
Anything that might have put a
huge weight on your mind or on
your emotions. It might cause you
to forget something of that
John sits back in his chair.
What does that have to do with my
eyes turning white, and the
visions, and the voices?
                       DR. DIAZ
The eyes could have been cause by
an extreme amount of stress. As
for the voices and visions, it may
be a way of your sub conscience
trying to help you remember
This is a load of horse shit.
John stands up.
                       DR. DIAZ
This isn't horse shit. This is the
real thing. If you have a serious
case it may need to be operated
on. It could cause serious brain
Thanks doc.


John walks out the door.
John walks out to the edge of the road. An ambulence pulls
up in front of him. Paramedics jump out and begin taking
someone out of the back. The face of the body is his wifes
face. She sits bolt up right.
Why did you do it?
Johns eyes get wide and when he looks at her again it is a
lady he has never seen. The paramedics act as though they
have seen nothing.
John turns and walks down the street. He buries his hands
deep in his pockets and begins to think.
What the hell is wrong with me?
Brad jumps out of a dark alley as John walks by.
John jumps back.
You bastard. What the are you
doing here?
I was talking to a guy in a store
when I saw you walk by. How you
John shrugs.


I haven't been that great. I am
having more and more visions
latley. At the start they were
short and far between now there
getting longer and they are coming
close together. I think it means
something. I (beat) can we go
somewhere and talk.
What do you think it could mean?
We already caught the guy.
John takes a sip of his coffee.
I dunno. I think you have the
wrong guy. Actually I know you
have the wrong guy?
Brad turns and looks at him.
What are you talking about?
In (beat) In the visions (beat) at
the start it wasn't anyone. Just a
black shadow really. But now
(beat) Now its people I know. As
soon as I see the person killing
my family a couple days later that
person dies.
Brad turns and lets out a deep breath.
There just visions. There dreams
for godsakes.


John slams his coffee on the table and it spashes all over.
There not goddamn dreams! They
mean something!
John notices that people have stop and are staring at him.
Look, They mean something. The
visions might tell me who killed
my family and if there is any
chance that he is still out there
I am going to take that chance and
hunt him down. I will find out the
John gets up and trows a 10 dollar bill on the table. while
walking towards the door he turns back to look at Brad.
I told you he's not getting away.
As soon as John finishes his sentence he runs into someone.
What are you doing here?
I was driving by and I saw you
guys in here. Thought I would stop
in and say hi.
Theres a lot of that happening
latley. You come to tell me I'm
crazy too?
John shoves past the captain.
No. (beat) I'm here to tell you
that he's out.
John stops just before the door.


What? Whos out?
Your uncle.
John turns around and walks quickly over to the captain.
I told you he was the wrong guy.
What made them change there minds.
The captain walks over and sits down beside Brad.
They found out that the
prosecuting attorney was
witholding evidence.
John walks up to the edge of the table.
What was it that he was
It was an appoinment book. It
turns out your brother was also
seeing Dr. Knox.
How the hell could they have
missed something like that.
The captain looks at Brad.
I don't know. Theres going to be
an investigation. Until then we
can't hold him.
John leans on the edge of the table with both his hands.
Its good that hes out.


The captain looks at him puzzled.
How is it good? How is it good
that a killer is out on the
street. He killed your family for
godsakes how can you be glad he's
he didn't kill my family.
you don't know that. you (Cut-Off)
He didn't kill anyone!
John pulls a seat over from a table across from them, and
sits down.
I know it wasn't him. The dreams
are coming closer together now. It
not him in the dreams. Its (beat)
its someone else.
The captain sits back and sighs.
I'd like to believe you, but even
if I did there still just dreams.
Its your imagination. They don't
mean anything.
I think, (beat) maybe we should
listen to him captain. He wouldn't
make this shit up.
The captain looks from Brad to John.
Look, I cant go to the judge and
say "its ok he's innocent Officer
Boyd had a dream about it". Look
if you too can find evidence that


                       CAPTAIN (cont'd)
he is innocent then maybe I will
believe you but until then (beat)
I'm gonna do everything I can to
get Jimmy back behind bars.
John looks down at the table. He runs one of his hands
through his hair.
I know it sounds crazy but you
gotta beli (stops).
John looks up and sees the killer standing outside the
window. Then there is a huge explosion outside. All the
windows of the building smash inwards. Everyone is thrown
from there seats.
Is everyone alright? Shit.
John slowly rolls over and bunch of little glass shardes
fall off his face. He crawls over to Brad and taps him on
the shoulder.
You alright?
Brad slowly sits up and nods his head. John gets up and runs
towards the broken windows.
Where are you going?
John looks back over his shoulder.
Get the captain and make sure
everyone is alright. Hes here. I'm
going to get him.
Brad gets up and runs outside to where John is looking for
any sign of the killer.
You need back up. Don't be stupid.


John turns and looks at him.
Get the captain. I have to finish
this. I can't live like this
The black shadowy figure runs across the street John follows
a few yards behind.
Chefs are working away in the crowded kitchen. There are
pipes and hot stoves everywhere. A short fat man is slowly
making his way to the back door with some garbage bags.
                       SHORT FAT GUY
This job sucks.
At that exact momment bullets rip through the back door. The
short fat man falls backwards and scrambles behind one of
the counters. Everyone begins to run around and then leave.
                       SHORT FAT GUY
When the last bullet rips through the door an erie white
light comes out of the bullet holes. Then from left to right
the light dissapears and the doors burst open the killer
runs trough.
John comes and stops in the doorway. All the lights in the
kitchen turn off except for some emergency lights. The
kitchen becomes dark.
John slowly walks forward. He spins quickly around and
points the gun at the short fat guy.
Where did he go? Which way?


The short fat man slowly raises his shakey arm and points
towards a dark walk in freezer.
John slowly walks towards the freezer.
The freezer door flashes into the front door of John's house
on the night he came home to find his dead family.
Sweat begins to form on John's forehead and shakes his head
to get the image out of his mind.
John reaches into the freezer slowly and flicks on the
lights. They flicker on and off for a second then come on.
John puts on foot into the freezer and the killer swings
down from his ceiling hiding spot and kicks John square in
the face. John's gun flies across the room and lands beside
the short fat man. John slides to a stop near a counter. He
slowly gets to his feet and grabs a knife that was sitting
near by.
Alright, you stupid fuck. Lets
finish this.
The killer slowly walks out of the freezer there is white
light from the freezer all around him making the killer look
outlinded. The killer pulls out a knife and throws it at
John who dives out of the way. Then the killer runs towards
him. John turns to face the direction he is running and
nothing is there.
John has another flashback and sees Dr Diaz now standing
over his family with a knife. John shakes off the vision and
runs outside.
John walks up to the front counter there is no one there. He
walks to a corridor and slowly walks down it.
Hello? (Beat) Anyone?


John walks past a half open door. He stops and walks back
and slowly opens the door.
Oh my god.
The receptionist he talked with earlier is dead on the
floor. There is blood everywhere. John grabs a phone off the
wall and dials a number.
Captian? Yeah you should get over
here right away.
John stops suddenly and stares at something offscreen.
John walks out the doors to the side of an ambulance. The
captain is standing there looking at a body on a stretcher.
He slams his arm against the side of the ambulance, then
plants his hands firmly on the side and looks towards the
She was only 22 years old for god
He turns quickly to look at John.
If this is who you say it is
(beat) then get him I don't care
what you need, what you have to
do, (beat) You bring this guy


So you believe me.
I don't relly have a choice.
(beat) There are five dead bodies,
and that tells me someone is going
around killing people.
I need to tell you something.
The captain hops in a nearby police car.
I don't have time for this right
now. I have to go explain to the
mayor that there is a killer lose
in his city.
The captain pulls the car out. At that momment John has a
vision. It is the same as the other two except this time the
captain is standing over his family with a knife. John's
eyes get wide and he runs out to try and stop the captain
but it is too late. He sees the tail lights from his car a
ways down the road.
John runs over and smashes the window of a car on the side
of the road. He hops in and hot wires it. The car speeds off
in the same direction as the captain. John see's the
captains lights at the end of a dark isolated road. he pulls
up behind the car as it waits for the light to change.
John gets out and slowly walks towards the captains car
without closing his door. As he gets closer he sees the
captain looking straight ahead. He steps to the window.
The body slumps forwards and hits his face on the steering
wheel. John grabs him then notices its not the captain, but
a different body with a bullet hole in the back of its head.


What the fuck?
John reaches in to see if the body has a pulse. Nothing. He
reaches in pulls out his phone and dials a number.
Brad, Fuck listen (beat) the
captains find out where he is, and
send backup I found a body.
The Road is being lite only by a few small spotlights and
the flashing lights of the cruisers. Uniformed officers rope
off the area with police tape. Brads car pulls up to a line
of Police tape.
Brad steps out of his car and walks under the police tape.
He sees John sitting on the hood of a cruiser. John turns
and sees Brad. He says nothing he just looks back towards
the ground.
You Alright?
John just continues to stare at the ground.
What the hell happened?
John looks up
I thought he was only going after
people I know, but now he is going
after everyone, and its my fault.
Sometimes I see (pause) I see the
people who die. I saw Knox, I saw
Brad turns around.


John the you don't know if this
has anything to do with the guy
your talking about, alright.
Enough of this paranoid bullshit.
People are being killed. We need
to find this guy and we need to
stop him. We don't need fucken
conspiracy theories. We need this
guy dead!
No, Fuck you! People are dying and
I'm the reason for it. I have to
finish this. I'm going to find
him. I'm going to end this and I
am going to do it alone.
John Slowly gets up off the cruiser and gets in the drivers
side. The Car starts up. An officer turns his head to look
back at the sound of the engine. He runs over to the car.
                       COP 1
Where the hell do you think your
doing with my car?
John turns away from the officer at the window and looks
towards Brad who hasn't moved from his previous position.
I'm going to stop a killer. Now
get the hell out of the way.
John guns the engine and the tires spin as the car takes off
through a line of police tape and out of veiw. Brad stares
in the direction of the car. He turns around and kicks a
Brad then runs and hops into his car and speeds off after


John walks towards the front of the building, his gun is
drawn. He reaches for the door handle and a bunch of bats
fly out of a hole in the door. They fly right at him, he
puts up his hands to cover his face.
Real good idea John.
When the last bat has gone, the door slowly opens on its
own. Slowly John walks in.
The rooom is in total darkness. John flicks on his lighter.
The killer appears in the flickering light of the flame.
John begins to breath heavily. The lighter goes out and the
floor boards begin to creek under someones footsteps. The
lighter ignites again. John is kneeling on the floor. He
frantically waves the lighter around looking for the killer.
WHere the hell are you?!
The lighter blows out. The floorboards begin to creek again.
He lights the lighter again. In the flickering light of the
small flame he sees the killer. The killer raises his hand
John's eyes slowly open. He looks around. There is a stream
of blood running down his face from a huge gash on his


What? Where the fuck?
John shakes his head. He looks up and sees that he is hand
cuffed to a support beam. He looks towards a small window,
which is providing the only light in the room.
Help! Anybody!
John stands up and looks out the window.
JOhn slides down the post back to the floor. He turns his
head quickly to look in the direction of the footsteps which
he hears.
A door to the left of him slowly opens, making a creeky
noise. When the door stops The killer is standing with a
large knife in his hand. The light from the little window
reflects into John's eyes. John turns away from the blinding
light. He looks back with an angry look on his face.
You sick mother fucker!
John jumps up and tries to attack the killer.
      (Slowly getting
You sick son of a bitch!
John can't reach the killer so he gives up and looks at the
Kill me (pause) Kill me.


John slowly looks up. The killer is gone. The doorway is
Where the fuck did you go? You
A car pulls into the parking lot and parks beside John's
John is still sitting on the ground. The sounds of creeky
floor boards slowly gets louder and louder. He slowly looks
up towards the door. Then Brad appears in doorway.
What the hell happened to you?
How did you find me?
I followed you. I waited outside
for backup as long as I could.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Brad walks up to John. He puts on a glove and takes off the
hand-cuffs. John slowly stands up.
He was about to kill me. You must
of scared him off or something. I
don't understand it.
What don't you understand?
Brad places the hancuffs in a plastic evidence bag.


Why no one else, not a single
other person has seen him.
I don't know, man. I'll take these
to the lab, and we'll see what
comes up. But if nothing shows up,
maybe (pause) maybe you should
think about seeing someone.
John looks at the Brad in disbelief.
Fuck that! I'm not crazy. You
Seriously think I set this up?
I don't know what the hell is
going on! But I am going to find
out, believe me.
John slams his arm against the wall.
Fuck, someone's trying to kill me
and everyone thinks I am crazy. Do
I have to die before someone
believes me?
Look, I know someone is killing
people (Brads words fade away)
John gets a scared look on his face. There is a loud bang
and John sees Brad. Brad lifts a large knife above his head
and plunges it towards Johns wife, right before impact John
flashes back to reality. He has a darkness in his eyes.
What is it? Whats wrong?
John turns around without saying anything and walks out into
the hallway.


Brad walks a few feet behind John. John suddenly stops in
the middle of the hallway. He is right under an old light
fixture several others line the length of the hallway.
What is man, come on tell me whats
John doesn't move. Suddenly the light above him bursts and
sparks shower over him.
What the hell?
Then the light at the farthest end of the hall bursts and
then the next one and the next one. Brad covers his head
with his arms and looks towards John who still hasn't moved.
The Light right above Brad burst and he looks up towards it.
When he looks back towards John he sees that he is slowly
turning around.
Come on! We gotta get outta here
somethings not right!
The final light in the hallway bursts which plunges the
entire hallway into total darkness.
      (Very Deep Voice)
Are you Ready?
There is a loud Slashing noise and everything goes silent.
John sits bolt upright in his bed. He looks around
frantically. He begins to breath deeply trying to get
control of himself. He lets out a loud sigh and gets out of
his bed and heads for the washroom.


John walks in and looks in the mirror.
      (quietly to his
Whats wrong with you?
John walks out of the washroom, he doesn't notice the bloody
hand print that he left on the counter.
John grabs onto the railing and begins down the stairs.
There is a light dripping noise coming from the washroom.
John stops and slowly creeps back to the washroom. He pushes
the door which slowly opens.
Oh my god.
John turns and bolts for the stairs he clumsly makes hims
way down and grabs the phone. He taps the phone on his
Whats the damn number?
The Phone begins to ring. It is sitting on a small table
near the door. The Phone rings again.
John paces around the kitchen. Then throws the phone at the
John Bolts for the door with just his t-shirt and shorts on.


John Jumps into his car and speeds out of the driveway.
John dials a number into his cell phone.
Come on.
The phone rings several times, but no one answers.
Pick up the goddamn phone!
John throws the phone onto the seat beside him.
John drives his car right up onto the front lawn and hops
out and bolts to the door.
Be home. Please be home.
John pounds on the door. He slowly looks down at the door,
and notices that there are a bunch of scratches around the
lock and handle. It looks like some one was trying to break
John squats and looks at the marks he runs his fingers over
them, then stands back up and runs to the front door. He
peers in the window and notices a person's head sticking
over the top of a lazy-boy chair at the far end of the room.
John pounds on the window trying to get the persons
Hey! Open the door!


John continues to pound on the door. He grabs the door
handle and and turns it furiously. He looks down towards the
door handle and grabs on with his other hand trying to open
the door with all his strength. He looks back into the
window to check on the person. The killer is standing on the
other side of the door right in front of him.
Whoa! Shit.
He stumbles backwards and falls over. He stares right into
the killers eyes and the killer just stares right back. John
begins to rise and runs towards the front door. John stops
right at the door and stares deep into the killers eyes.
I'm going to kill you.
The killer stands there for another second then walks away.
John tries to see where he is going in through the window.
Right before John is about to hit the edge of his viewing
area he sees Brad laying face down on the ground.
oh no.
John's eyes start to get wide and glaze over, sweat is
pouring from his head. He grabs the door handle and is
suprised when it opens. It is unlocked. John pushes past the
door and rushes to Brads side.
Wake up, Come on, Wake up!
John begins to roll Brad over onto his back, when he does he
reveals a bullethole in Brad's forehead. John begins to pull
his hand away, but Brad's hand grabs onto his arm. John
turns and looks at Brad with his eyes wide and a scared
look. Brad's eyes are open and his head is raised off the
You did this (pause) You killed


John pulls his arm away from Brad, whose body becomes
lifeless and falls to the floor like it was when he was
found. There is a loud crash from upstairs and John turns
his head quickly in the direction of the noise. The killers
feet appear on the stairs, and then the rest of his body as
he desends the stairs.
You stupid bastard.
John stares at the killer, whose black mask sheilds his
Who are you? What do you want?
The killer begins to walk towards John, who reacts by
pulling out his gun and pointing it right at the killers
head. The killer stops within feet of John.
How could you not have figured it
out! I thought you were smarter
than that. Think about it? You
know who I am.
John stares into the killer's familiar eyes.
Fuck you, coward!
The Killer suddenly reaches out and hits the gun out of
John's hands. He grabs John by the neck.
Fuck me? Thats not very nice to
The Killer pushes John back until he hits a bookcase.
Think about (pause) When you found
your family.


John sits in the middle of the floor holding his wife ad
daugther. They are both dead.
they only found your fingerprints,
your blood, they never found any
evidence that pointed to someone
else as the killer.
John prys the killers hand off of his neck.
You'll notice the same thing if
you look back at all the murders.
That's right John, (pause) all the
evidence points to you.
John stands there thinking hard trying to remember. The
murders flash past his mind too fast to make out.
Your begining to understand.
John slowly turns around to face the killer. he has a
realizing look on his face. He realizes something he didn't
I think your ready.
John slowly turns and stares into a mirror near the front
door. He sees his own terrified face. Then as he looks
farther to the left he sees his own face with an evil smile
on it. He jumps backwards.
John slowly looks up fromt he killers face. When he gets to
the top he can't believe what he sees. The killers face is


exactly the same as his. The killer gets a huge grin on his
face. The Killings flash by at normal speed. and John's eyes
begin to water. The killer begins to laugh, as John sees
himself killing all the people who have died.
(sigh) How? How is this possible?
how could I not remember?
and...and who the hell are you?
Why do you look like me?
The killer walks closer to John. He towers above him. ON the
last footstep towards him John falshes back to his families
Mary and Hallie are in the washroom. Mary is giving hallie a
bath before bed. Mary turns to see John standing in the
Oh, jesus, John I didn't hear you
come in.
Hallie jumps up from behind her mom, and begins to wave.
Hi daddy!
John just stands there with a black look on his face. He
slowly raises the gun. The images of the flashback freeze.
The sounds in the backgroud continue.
What the hell are you doing?! Put
He hears Haillie scream and then a loud gunshot which snaps
him back to reality.


John collapses to the floor.
No (Pause) No, way I don't believe
it. It can't be.
John looks up at the killer.
This is all your fault. You did
this, you started it.
John stands up and looks right into the killers eyes.
You killed my family. Didn't you?
Didn't you!?
The killer swings his head back and begins to laugh.
Don't give me that Bullshit you
know exactly what happened that
night. Now your trying to blame it
on me just like you have with all
the other people you've killed.
John takes a few steps towards the killer.
John gets a wide grin on his face. The killer stares into
his eyes for a momment. Then he looks down towards his
stomach. John has his gun pressed into the killers gut.
You can't kill me. I am you. The
only way to get rid of me is to
get rid of you.


John begins to back away from the killer.
You watch to many movies, asshole.
I am not you, I'm nothing like
you. Now I am going to kill you.
John points the gun towards the killers head. The killer
suddenly bolts forward John pulls the trigger a loud gunshot
echos through the room. The killer flys backwards as the
bullet hits his forehead.
Told you so fucker.
John slowly walks towards the killers body. He kneels down
and rolls the body over. There is no trace of a bullet hole
anywhere. He takes the killers pulse nothing. The killers
eyes bolt open. John jumps backwards and slides behind the
I told you. I can't be killed. We
are the same person. we are one
being. I am you.
John jumps up from behind the couch. He empties his entire
clips towards the killer. Each and every one of the bullets
go right through him, and into the wall behind him, one
shatters a lamp and another goes through a window.
As long as your alive I'm alive.
It all works out. No one else has
seen me because I don't exist,
except of course for in your mind,
in that little brain of yours. You
killed those people, it wasn't me,
it was you. your the sick fuck you
have been chasing all this time.
John drops the gun and stares at the killer.


You know its true. you can't deny
it any longer. Its time you
The killers eyes turn red, and then he runs past John, too
fast to make out, then he is gone.
It can't be true. This makes no
John's eyes get wide and an image of the outside of his
closet falsh past in his mind. Then one flashes past of the
inside of the closet.
I remember.
He runs out of the house.
John runs up to his closet. He whips the doors open and
pulls a bunch of stuff out so he can get to the back. When
all the stuff is out of the way he pulls a boards off the
back wall. He reaches his hand inside and pulls out a
plastic ziploc bag. He dumps the contents onto the floor. A
gun, and a letter with blood on it.
oh shit.
John slowly reaches for the letter. He opens it up it is in
his own handwriting. He reads it to himself.
If your reading this you have
foudn out the truth. The god awful
truth, I don't know what happened
but I can't deal with this. I need
to find out whats wrong with me
and what would make me do this. I
am sorry for what I have done and
I know there is no way I can make
up for this. I killed them. I


                       JOHN (cont'd)
stored the gun here. If you run it
for prints and match it with the
bullets they found in mary and
haillie you will know the truth.
Again I am sorry. John Boyd
John lets the letter drop to the floor. Then he grads the
gun and bolts out the door.
John walks up to the front door, pulls his gun and shoots
out the front door the glass smashes to the ground and an
alarm immediatley sounds. The people in the front lobby
begin to scream and run in all directions. John just walks
right through the broken glass window with his gun out.
A couple of officers run out and confront John. They see the
gun and slow down.
                       COP 1
Sir, put the gun down and we'll
let you talk to the him.
                       COP 2
No one needs to get hurt.
John hears a noise behind him and swings the gun around and
directs it straight at the captain.
Jesus John, what the hell are you
doing? Do you have any idea what
kinda trouble your in?
John looks relieved at the sight of the captain and slowly
begins to lower the gun but swings it back up when one of
the officers begins to move in.


Stay the fuck back.
John turns back to the captain but keeps the gun aimed at
the officer.
I did it. It was me. I fucken did
The captain looks confused and slowly walks towards John.
You did what? Oh god John, What
did you do.
I killed them.
A suprised look appears on the captains face which slowly
turns into sympathy. John looks exausted as though he is
about to give up.
Look, whatever it is you did,
we'll work it out. Just put the
gun down and we'll talk in my
John outstreches his hand to give up the gun but inches from
the captains hand John pauses.
What are you doing?
John looks to see if anyone else notices the voice. No one
You can't escape it. Wherever you
are, whatever you are doing you
will always know that you are the
one who killed your family. Can
you live with that? Do you want to
live with that?


The officers slowly start to mve forward but the captain
outstreches his hand and signals them to stop. He stares at
John who hasn't moved. Johns eyes begin to water and tears
form in his eyes
The captain slowly moves forward towards John.
No body move.
John stares blankly at the captain tears now streaming down
his face.
You know the only way out of the
pain. The only way to forget.
John clumsly tries to wipe the tears from his face. He
closes his eyes and remembers his family. As images of his
his wife and daughter pass through his mind time seems to
stand still and a small smiles appears on his face. Then the
killers dark mask appears. Johns eyes snap open.
Kill me.
The captain stares at him. Not knowing what to do, again
waves off the officers who are slowly making their way
towards John.
Shoot me! Godamnit!
Nobody has to die here. Put the
gun down and we can talk.
The captain angrily waves his hand at the officers who again
attempt to approach.
Stay the fuck back!


John slowly raises the gun and places it to his temple.
If you don't do it (pause) I will.
Wait, John I can't help you unless
you tell me whats going on. What
the hell happened.
I already fucken told you (pause)
I already told you. I killed them
(pause) both of them, and everyone
else. I can't live knowing what I
know. So please (pause) shoot me
or I will do it.
You killed who? I don't
John cocks the gun.
You will.
What are you waiting for? Do it
already you pussy. You have
nothing. You are a killer (pause)
a no good (pause) killer. The
lowest of the low. Do it already!
Go to hell!
The captian looks at him then at the other officers then
back towards John.
John, Don't do it!
John can no longer hear the captian. He doesn't move he just
sits almost lifeless. More images of his family pass through
his mind.


You think remembering them will
save you. Do you think it will
help you. You are alone. Just you
(pause) no one else. You killed
them now pull the fucken trigger.
John begins to shake. He slowly rises to his feet.
If I die you die remember. I
created you. No me (pause) no you.
Are you threatening me? Do you
think I care. You forget that I
was never alive. You created me
(pause) so you wouldn't have to
deal with what you did. I can't
die because I was never alive. I
don't exsist, I never exsisted.
You and you alone killed your
family there is no one to blame
but yourself.
John slowly turns and faces the image of the killer he has
If I created you I can get rid of
John removes the gun from his temple and points it at the
killer and fires several times. The killer crashes to the
floor. John looks closer at the body. It is not that of the
killer but on of the police officers.
See you in hell.
John spins around to face the direction of the killers voice
and comes face to face with the barrel of the captains gun.
Why'd you make me do it. Why?


John stands motionless.
I'm sorry.
The captain fires only once and John falls to the ground.
The other officers rush towards the lifeless body and kick
the gun away. The captain lowers his weapon and looks down
at his old friend. The other officers begin to holster there
weapons now that they are satisfied John is dead. The
captain notices the corner of a piece of paper sticking out
of Johns coat pocket. He bends down and pulls it out.
Get this to the lab as soon as
The captain flicks on the lamp in his office and closes the
door. He tosses a folder on his desk. He opens the file and
looks through the papers. He begins to read and looks
My god.
The captain still stunned at what he has just read walks out
of his office.
The captain walks up to a man sitting infront of a computer
Why didn't anyone mention this to
me earlier?
The man turns away from his computer and faces the captain.


It didn't seem relavent I guess.
How could it not seem relavent?
They found out that his gun at
home had blanks in it, and that
the scene at his house was all
staged. Someone could have set him
up. they could have made him
believe he killed his family.
Thats highly unlikly, sir. The
amount of time and accuracy you
would need to pull something like
that off. Its just not possible.
Well we are going to find out.
The Captain turns and heads back into his office where he
grabs his coat and heads outside.
The Captain enters his office and notices a brown envolope
on his desk. He tosses his coat on a chair and heads for the
envolope. He takes it out and reads. A look of shock appears
on his face and he drops the papers to the floor and falls
into his chair. The papers read DNA/Fingerprint Results: -
John Boyd - negative. After a few moments the captain stands
up and goes to look out his window. He notices a shadowy
figure standing outside. He walks to a shelf on the wall and
grabs a pair of binoculars but when he returns to the window
the figure is gone. He uses the binoculars to try and find
the figure but he is unsuccessful. He lowers the binoculars
and at that same moment he hears his door creek slowly open.
He turns quickly and nothing is there, but now behind the
captain stands the killer. The captain slowly turns and the
killer raises his knife and slashes it down. Everything goes


The shadowy figure of the killer slowly walks away from the
building, and into the darkness of the night.


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