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The Prodigy
by Peter English (silenthunter001@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

A down-on-his-luck private investigator is contacting by a mysterious criminal named Cypher. Little does he know that there is much more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The shot begins with the camera panning across a dimly-lit
room. The room is messy, with clothes piled in different
places. Comic books and comic book memorabilia is also
strewn around. As the camera is panning, every three-five
seconds there is a flashback. Between flashbacks the camera
pans to reveal BLAINE, sitting at his desk. There is a
single light on the desk, and many different papers. After
he is revealed, the camera slowly zooms in on him, and we
see that he is writing down numbers and schematics for a
strange microchip. During this shot we hear a V.O. of a
radio announcer.
In other news, a notorious
cyber-criminal known only as
Cypher has once again been
stealing hundreds of thousands of
dollars from large corporations
like In-Tech. His last known
whereabouts were somewhere along
the California/Oregon border, and
state and local police are keeping
a close eye out for him. Cypher's
first activity began several years
ago, but has just now escalated to
previously unseen levels.
Cut to C.S. of a surgeon. He is wearing scrubs and a
surgical mask. We are looking up at his face from the P.O.V.
of someone on an operating table. There is an almost
unearthly white light behind him. Suddenly in the background
                       SURGEON'S ASSISTANT
Sir, we're losing him!
FLATLINING sound effect.


Cut to M.S. of Surgeon. He is still in his medical gear, but
his mask is off. He is addressing the camera directly.
Sir, I am sorry to inform you that
the operation was a failure.
Cut to C.S. of Surgeon. There is a V.O. of Helix.
I want you to perform the
operation on a human subject.
But sir, the operation is too
I don't care. Word of our
experiments has gotten to the
government. It is only a matter of
days before they come in here and
shut us down. I cannot afford to
let that happen.
Cut to C.S. of Surgeon. V.O. of Helix.
Was the operation successful?
We know only that they survived.
Cut to same C.S. of Surgeon. V.O. of Helix.
And you are sure they will
remember nothing for three years?
Yes sir.
Sir, what are you doing?


Your services are no longer
Sound effect of GUNSHOT is heard. The Surgeon has been shot,
and blood trickles down the front of his shirt. He collapses
on the floor. Cut back to Blaine at his desk. He has dozed
off, but is woken up suddenly by a clatter outside.
Frightened, he stands up and grabs a tennis racket that is
lying around. He slowly starts approaching what we assume to
be the back door.
He...hello? Is...someone there?
Another clattering sound, and a cat yowl is heard. Blaine
relaxes a little. Suddenly, the phone rings, and Blaine
jumps. He runs over to his desk and picks it up.
      (Picking up phone)
Yeah...I mean...Henry Blaine,
private investigator.
Ah, Mr. Blaine. I'm sorry about
calling you at this hour, I hope
you're not too busy.
      (Examening tennis
Busy? No, of course not. Not NOW,
I'm glad to hear it. I have
some...business I would like to
discuss with you.
      (Tosses tennis
       racket across the
Business huh? Well, could I at
least know who I am talking to?


Yes, of course, how inconsiderate
of me. My name is Helix, and I
represent the In-Tech Corporation.
We'd like to enlist your help.
In-Tech, In-Tech... Don't you make
micro-chips and stuff? Almost went
bankrupt a couple of years ago.
You're very bright Mr. Blaine.
Thanks, I try my best. So you want
my help, huh? What makes you think
a little Private I. like me can
help a big corporation like yours?
Well, it so happens to be the case
that we both want to see the same
person brought to justice.
Really? So you think O.J. was
guilty too?
Mr. Blaine, we really don't have
time for triviality. The person
I'm refering to is Bruce
Cunningham, the notorious cyber
criminal who refers to himself as
"Cypher." Ring a bell?
We happen to know you've been
trying to catch Cypher for some
time now. As a matter of fact, so
have we.
And...you want me to help you
catch him?
We don't want you to help us, we
want to help you.


I see. And why would a big company
like yours want to help me? Why
not just go to the police?
We have our reasons for wanting
Cypher captured, besides the
obvious ones. And you have more
info on Cypher than the police do,
and the police are just
I'm not gonna argue those points.
So if we catch him, and that's a
big IF, what's in it for me?
Besides knowing that I've bettered
the world of course.
Let's say that if you can capture
him, the reward would be
sufficient enough that you
wouldn't have to stay in that
pathetic office any more.
Can't say that wouldn't be a nice
change. So what's the catch? You
gonna make me roll on my back and
beg for the info? Or maybe sell
you my soul?
Oh, nothing that drastic Mr.
Blaine. I simply want my agent to
accompany you on your way.
I usually work alone.
Fair enough, I guess I shall have
to find another, more willing,
detective to give this reward to.
No wait, that's ok. I'll do it. It
might be nice having a little
company for a change.


I thought you'd agree. Now, my
agent goes by the name of Al, and
if you have a sheet of paper and
pencil handy, I'll tell you where
to meet him.
      (picking up pencil)
I'm ready when you are.
Fade to L.S. of Blaine arriving on foot at the meeting
place. The meeting place is a park, with a few people
milling about. We see Blaine, looking uneasy, trying to
figure out which person could be the agent. Finally, he
makes a decision, and walks over to a guy whom he thinks is
the agent.
      (Quietly, unsure)
T'was brillig and the slithy
toathes, did gyre and gimble in
the wabe...
The man gives him a weird look and walks away. Blaine then
approaches another man.
All mimsy were the borogroves, and
the mome raths outgrabe.
Again, the man gives him a weird look and walks away.
Dejected, Blaine notices a man sitting on a nearby bench. He
slowly goes over and sits down next to him. The man is
reading a newspaper, and Blaine notices the rest of the
newspaper on the bench. He picks up and begins to look like
he is reading.
T'was brillig, and the slithy
The man lowers his newspaper and looks around, as Blaine
raises the newspaper to his face. After a few seconds the
man puts the newspaper back up and begins reading. Blaine
lowers his newspaper and begins to speak.
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe...


The man suddenly lowers his newspaper again, and Blaine
yanks his up. Looking confused, the man gets up and walks
away. Blaine is now officially depressed, trying to figure
out how he is going to be able to tell who the agent is
without making a fool of himself further. Suddenly he hears
a voice behind him.
All mimsy were the borogroves, and
the mome raths outgrabe.
Blaine spins around too see Cypher disguised as the Agent.
No, Picasso. Yes it's me.
I'm glad to see you showed up. I
wasn't exactly having a great time
making a fool out of myself.
Yeah, sorry about that. So, I'm
here to help you catch Cypher.
That's what I hear.
Well, do you know what he looks
No, not really. I mean, I've seen
some suspect sketches, but you
Ok, then these should be able to
help you out.
Cypher hands Blaine some pictures of a random criminal.
Where'd you get these?


He was in jail for some minor
charges a while back. We were
pretty lucky to find them.
Ok, what other info do you have on
Well, I've got a pretty good hint
to one of his recent hide-outs.
It's a few days old, but it should
turn up some clues.
That's a good start.
Did you bring the info you had on
Yeah, I've got it right here.
Can I take a look at it?
You mean right now?
If I may.
Shouldn't we go somewhere a little
Oh, yes, of course. My car is a
few blocks away, let's go.
They begin walking.
Do you mind if I ask you sort of a
strange question?
I guess not.


Have you been getting any kinds
of...strange memories recently?
Yeah, actually I have. Why do you
Oh, it's just that there has been
an abnormal level of radiation
from nearby stars, and I believe
it is causing some strange effects
on particular people.
Oh yeah? Like what?
Oh, just strange memories,
recalling weird words and numbers
that have no meaning. I've been
investigating it for a while now.
Really? Weird. But yeah, it's just
like you said. Over the last few
nights I've been getting all this
weird knowledge. Numbers,
schematics, it's crazy! I've never
even seen any of this stuff
Fantastic! This is exactly what
I've been looking for. You
wouldn't have happened to have
written anything down would you?
Well, yeah, actually. I've written
it all down in this notebook.
Blaine hands the notebook to Cypher. Cypher flips through
some of the pages.
Amazing. This is better than I
could have hoped for. Would you
mind if I kept this with me for a
while, in order to do some more
research on it?


Oh, uh...no, of course not. Go
Thank you! Thanks a lot.
No problem. Now, uh...aren't we
going to catch Cypher?
Oh yes, of course. I'd almost
At that moment Cypher's cell phone rings.
Hey, do you mind if I take this
call real quick?
That's fine.
Cypher begins talking on his phone, and walks a little way
I'm just going to be over here,
Cypher walks around the corner to where Blaine can't see
him. He does not come back after a few minutes, and Blaine
begins to get impatient. Suddenly, he hears a voice behind
You've been played for a fool, Mr.
Blaine spins around, utterly confused to find a woman
standing there.
What? Who're you?
I'm Al, the agent that Helix told
you to meet with.
You're not Al, he's Al!


Hate to break it to you, but he's
really not.
What do you mean?
I mean he was someone pretending
to be me.
But, why should I believe you?
What if he's the real agent, and
you're the imposter? Huh?
Ok, what did that guy look like?
I dunno, kind of tall, short brown
      (Handing Blaine a
       photo of Cypher)
Did he look like this?!
Yes! That's him!
And what is this?
That's...a mugshot.
Point proven.
Ok, if it's not the agent, who was
You really don't want to know.
Uh, yes, I do.
The Agent grabs him by the hand and starts dragging him


Ok, fine. Who am here to help you
The Agent shrugs.
      (realizing that he
       had been talking
       to Cypher)
You mean...(points to where Cypher
The Agent nods. Blaine thinks for a moment and brings his
fingers under his chin in the shape of a gun. He makes a
shooting sound effect and pretends to pull the trigger.
Blaine and the Agent are walking brisquely. The Agent is in
the lead, and Blaine is following her.
So he's been gone, what, fifteen
Yeah, that's about right. Where
are we going?
My car, if you don't object.
Lead the way. But tell me this,
why did Cypher want that
information? Why did Cypher risk
getting caught just to get it? I
mean, I don't think it was very


Which is exactly what he was
betting on. He knew that you
wouldn't think it was valuable,
but truthfully, people have killed
to know that stuff.
But what IS it? As far as I could
tell it was just a scramble of
numbers and some pictures.
Well, it's...plans.
Plans? For what?
Wow, this is
complicated...basically you and
Cypher were both part of an
experiment. You don't remember
this, but it's true.
Uh huh.
Three years ago there was a
project to put an implant in your
brains. It was called the Prodigy
implant, and along with the chip
in your brain, there was a sensor
put into your hand. Basically,
with the right translator, you
could download binary information
directly to your brain.
So basically, we could download
digital information like...to our
Yeah, pretty much.
I'm not buying it.
Blaine holds up his right hand.


Where's the implant?
Well, first off Einstein, it's in
your other hand, and secondly, you
can't see it under normal light.
Oh, you're hopeless.
No, no really, I believe you. So
we have invisible implants that
let us know anything instantly, is
that right? And how come I don't
remember this?
Your memory was wiped. You don't
remember it, but you actually
volunteered for the procedure. The
government was going to shut down
the program, but certain people
didn't want this technology to
fall into the wrong hands, so they
downloaded you with the knowledge
of how to duplicate it, and put a
timer so that you would remember
it after three years.
So what happened?
Turns out Cypher's timer
malfuntioned, and he remembered
the info a lot earlier than we
expected. Fortunately, you were
both given half of the knowledge
to duplicate the system. He was
given the knowlegde of how to make
the translator, and you were given
the knowledge of the chip itself.
So that's why he needed my info?
To complete his knowledge about
the implant?


Exactly. He used his knowledge
about the translator to build one,
and that's how he's gotten so
So now what? Now that he's gotten
everything he needs, what's he
going to do?
He's going to try to sell it to
the highest bidder. Thankfully,
we're the highest bidder.
Who's we?
Well, Helix, actually. Cypher
doesn't know that of course. He
thinks he's selling it to some
foreign ambassador.
So it's a trap.
We catch Cypher, and get the plans
in one fell swoop. Two birds with
one stone! Brilliant, isn't it?
Sure is. But, what's Helix going
to do with the plans?
He's going to use it. He's going
to create an elite force that will
unite the world under one rule.
Peace and prosperity will reign
supreme. There will be no more
wars, because no army will be able
to compete. Imagine, being able to
instantly download geography,
tactis, even entire languages! It
would be unstoppable.
I can imagine. But what if that's
not what I want? One world rule
might sound nice, but too many


                       BLAINE (cont'd)
sacrifices must be made in order
for that to happen. Sacrifices I'm
not willing to make.
      (Pulling out a gun
       and pointing it
       at Blaine's head)
I'm sorry, but you have no other
choice. If you comply willingly,
Helix will give you power beyond
your wildest dreams. If you
refuse, I'm afraid our little talk
ends right here.
So that's it huh? Join or die? I
pick option number three.
Blaine spins around and twists the gun from her grip,
pinning her arms behind her body. She knees him in the shin,
and hits him in the face with her left elbow, which is now
free. He recovers and grabs her arms again, this time making
sure she can't escape.
Sorry, but I really don't feel
like dying today. This is nothing
personal, I just have a world to
save, and I don't need you in the
Blaine and the Agent arrive at Cypher's hideout. He is gone,
but there is garbage and stuff left over.
This is where the coordinants sent
us. If this is the place, looks
like he's been gone for a while.
Yeah, no kidding. This place is a
Kind of typical really...


What was that?
Uh huh. Well, we'd better look
around for any clues to his
current whereaouts. But I highly
doubt we're going to find
But there's no harm in looking.
No indeed. I'll check over here,
you check over there.
Gotcha. I'll tell you if I find
I'll do the same.
Blaine and the Agent go to seperate rooms. Blaine enters a
room to find a computer setup. On the mouse there is the
same design as the one on his hand.
Well well, what have we here?
Blaine turns the computer on and sits down at the chair. The
camera switches to the Agent, who is searching another room.
The camera switches between Blaine and the Agent, as Blaine
tries to log onto the computer. It is password protected, so
he tries different passwords, to no avail. Suddenly he
hear's the Agent's voice behind him.
Try "Mushashi."


Miyamoto Mushashi, 1600's samurai.
One of the greatest Japanese
fencers who ever lived. Wrote "A
Book Of Five Rings." Eventually he
got so good he only used a wooden
Whoa, hey slow down turbo, no need
for the history lesson. I'm just
wondering why you said to put
Cypher is obsessed with Mushashi.
And you know this...how?
The Agent tosses a copy of A Book of Five Rings next to
Just a hunch. I found this in the
other room.
And that makes you think...
Just try it. For me?
Blaine enters "Mushashi" for the password, and nothing
See? Nothing. Now what?
Hmm...try Miyamoto.
It's not gonna work!
Just try it!
Fine! How do you spell it?


Ok. Like I said it's not gonna
The password works, and they are able to log on.
Ha! Who called it? Who called it?
All right, all right! You called
it. Now let's just see what kind
of goodies he's got on here.
He's probably erased any data, to
cover his tracks.
Now who's being pessimistic?
Not pessimistic, realistic. Any
good criminal would be careful not
to leave important data behind.
Yeah, unless he didn't have time.
Or else he was sure that no one
would find it, even if they gained
access to his computer...
But how would that be possible?
There's almost no way he could
have some way to get the info that
no one else could...
She pauses, and stares as Blaine has discovered that the
thing on his hand matches the thing on the mouse.
Exactly: Unless he has a way of
getting info that no one else
Do really think...?


It's too similar to be some kind
of coincidence. Now, if we can
only find exactly what it does...
Are you sure that's a good idea?
Well, it certainly couldn't hurt.
      (Examens the mouse
On second thought, yeah, it really
could hurt.
I don't know.
We've gotta try it. There's no way
around it.
Fine, but I'm not watching.
Suit yourself. Now, let's see if
we can figure out how this thing
works...Hmm...this looks
The agent is out of the room, and Blaine clicks on
Hey, I think I feel something!
Yeah, my hand is starting to
Suddenly, Blaine yells, and a large thump is heard. The
Agent enters the room to find Blaine on the floor, seemingly
Henry?!? Oh God, what happened?
      (She checks his
       pulse, and then
       gets out her cell
      (On phone)


Helix? This is Alison.
Alison, darling, how goes it?
Not good, I think Blaine just
discovered the implant.
Really? What happened?
It turns out Cypher has a download
pad on his mouse. Blaine touched
it and did something on the
computer, and now he's
I see. Well, of course you'll need
to kill him, as soon as possible.
Pitty, really. I rather liked his
innocent naivete.
Here? Now?
No, not now. We still need him to
help us catch Cypher. But once you
do, you WILL kill him. I don't
want you to dissappoint me.
Yes sir. Out.
      (Hangs up phone.)
She stands there for a moment, back turned to Blaine. She is
deep in thought, and obviously conflicted about what to do.
Right at this time, Blaine wakes up.
I know where he's going.


Cypher! I know where he's going! I
know...I know everything!
Wait! This is all too fast! Are
you all right? What do you know?
I'm fine. We have to go, now!
Blaine and the Agent are in the Agent's car.
So what exactly happened back
there? I mean I go out of the room
for one second and you get knocked
out! And then when you come to you
seem to have all this crazy
knowledge about Cypher.
Yeah, um, I'm not really sure what
happened. Clicked on this thing
that said "download," and my hand
started tingling, and then I
blanked out! When I wope up I
suddenly knew all this stuff about
What kind of stuff exactly are you
talking about here?
Where he's been, where he's going,
who he's hacked, and how he's been
so successful at avoiding
Yeah, apparently we both have this
implant in our brain that allows
us to download digital information
directly to our memory. He's been
using downloaded information, plus
his natural hacking skills, to


                       BLAINE (cont'd)
steal millions of dollars from big
companies like Int-Tech.
That's incredible!
I know. It looks like he's been
trying to get enough info on Helix
and Int-Tech to be able to shut it
down for good. But there's a lot
of info that's missing. I don't
think he can go through with his
plan until he gets all of it.
Then we need to find him before he
can get the rest of the info. Did
it say where he's going next?
Apparently he's meeting with
someone. A buyer. Of what, I don't
know. I'm taking us to the
rendevouz point now. The meeting
is supposed to happen in twenty
minutes. Hopefully we can find him
before it's too late.
Let's hope.
The missing info that Cypher
needed. I know it.
You what?
These last couple of weeks I've
been getting random bursts of
information--names, numbers,
things like that. Somehow, those
have to be the missing pieces. It
makes sense now.


So, you've been getting this
random information, and it's the
exact info he needs to take down
As far as I can tell!
Amazing. How does the implant
Ok, well, you know how all the
information in a computer is
actually made up of ones and
Binary, uh huh.
Well, the sensor in the mouse
translates those into tiny
electrical pulses, which are sent
at different frequencies to
represent ones and zeros, which
are then picked up by the implant.
Apparently, the implant in our
brain allows us to translate those
binary pulses into information
that we can understand.
So, it's kind of like Morse' code.
In a way, yes.
Incredible. So what happens if
someone else touches the mouse?
Well, I'm sure they'd get a shock,
but without the implant, they
wouldn't be able to translate the


The wonders of technology, eh?
Blaine and the Agent have arrived at the rondevouz point,
and begin searching for Cypher. Suddenly, Blaine stops.
How well do you know this Helix
Umm...I'd say pretty well. Why?
Are you sure? Do you know what
someone could do with this
Well...you could win on Who Wants
to Be a Millionaire...
No, you've gotta think bigger,
bigger! Imagine, you could make an
army of soldiers that would be
instantly download tactics,
battlefield geography, maps,
espionage info, even whole
languages!They would be virtually
      (Getting nervous)
What are you saying?
I'm saying that someone with this
technology could possibly take
over the world.
And you think Helix is trying


I'm not sure what I think right
now. But do we really know this
guy's intentions? Who he's working
I can assure you that Helix has
only the best of intentions. In
fact, that's one of the main
reasons he wants Cypher taken
down. He knows that if Cypher
learns how to use and duplicate
the Prodigy technology, he could
wreak international havoc.
Wait, what did you just call it?
Prodigy technology?
So, you knew about this?
Well, yeah...
What else do you know that you
haven't told me?
Nothing! Nothing.
Wait. You're not here to help me,
you're here to watch me! To keep
an eye on my while I blindly help
you capture Cypher, and then
you'll kill both of us so that we
don't pose a threat to your
precious company!
Is that true?!?


Tell me the truth!
Fine! It's true.
During this time the Agent has pulled a gun and is pointing
it a Blaine's head.
I didn't want to have to do this.
How typical. But before you kill
me, tell me one thing. Why are we
being tracked down now? Why were
we put back into civilization
after we got the chip implanted?
The project was deemed as a
failure. Helix didn't get the
immediate results he wanted, but I
pursuaded him to wipe your memory
and return you to civilazation,
instead of killing you right
How kind.
What we didn't know is that the
memory wipes weren't permanent. As
you said yourself, you're slowly
regaining memories of the process.
Unfortunately Cypher discovered
his implant before you did, and
also figured out how to duplicate
the downloader. Helix knew it was
only a matter of time before you
would be a real threat to him.
But...Cypher's proving a little
harder to catch than you thought.
So, since I was the one who
persuaded Helix to put you back


                       AGENT (cont'd)
into civilization, it became my
responsility to get rid of you
once and for all.
So that's it huh? Now that we're
this close to catching Cypher, you
pull the trigger, get him, and you
all live happily ever after?
Well, that was the plan.
But, you don't want to go through
with it because you've started to
like me.
      (Pulling hammer of
Don't give yourself that much
But it's true isn't it?
Fine. I guess you could say that.
Ha! I knew it.
Listen, I've got a plan that will
help both of us.
Oh yeah? What's that?
You play dead. Lay low for a
while, and then skip town when you
get the chance. I tell Helix I
killed you, take out Cypher, and
we're all good!
Blaine grabs her gun, twists it out of her hands, and points
it back at her.
Sorry, but that's not exactly what
I had in mind.


We start by seeing Blaine hurredly searching for Cypher.
Come on come on, he's gotta be
around here somewhere. I just hope
I'm not too late.
Blaine pulls a crinkled picture of Cypher out of his pocket,
and continues searching for him. After a few minutes of
searching, he spots Cypher.
Sudden cut to the Agent. She is tied up, but is slowly
getting the knots undone. Cut back to Blaine. Blaine
approaches Cypher, who looks nervous. Blaine stops, keeping
his distance from Cypher, but Cypher notices him. Cypher
checks his watch now and then, and Blaine tries to keep from
bringing attention onto himself. Eventually, Cypher starts
to leave, and Blaine starts after him. Cypher starts going
towards the parking garage, and Blaine follows. When Blaine
gets into the parking garage, he goes to where he parked the
Agent's car, but right before he gets there, the car starts
and drives away, with the Agent inside. Blaine starts to
panick, but decides to go after Cypher on foot. Blaine
catches up with Cypher, who is struggling to get his car
unlocked. Seeing that Blaine is closing in on him, Cypher
decides to forget the car and run on foot. They chase each
other for a while, until Cypher suddenly dissappears. Blaine
is baffled to where he has gone, when suddenly Cypher jumps
out of a hiding place and grabs Blaine, putting a knife to
his throat.
Who are you, and what do you want?
Finally tired of running, eh
How do you know that name? Who are
My name's Blaine, and I know a lot
about you, Bruce.
What are you, a cop?


No, I'm not a cop. I was hired by
Helix to track you down.
Then tell me why I shouldn't just
kill you right here!
Because I don't want to turn you
in! I want to help you. I'm on
your side.
Blaine takes his glove off and shows Cypher the implant in
his hand.
You're number 2!
Sure, whatever, just let me go and
we can talk this out. I promise I
won't do anything.
Cypher lets go of Blaine.
Thanks. Now listen. I'm a P.I.,
and yesterday Helix called me, and
told me he wanted to help me track
you down. Of course, being a
detective, I jumped at the
Cuts away, and then back. They are now in a different area.
So that's how you figured out how
I'd be here?
How'd you figure out my password?
So then why don't you want to turn
me in? You'd get quite an award
from the authorities.


Because I started to see things
from your point of view. Like how
Helix to could practically take
over the world if nobody stops
Oh yeah, that.
Oh yeah, that? This isn't
something to be taken lightly!
Look, I already tried to stop him,
but I couldn't get all the info I
needed to take him down.
Which is exactly where I come in.
I have the info you needed to
complete the picture. If we work
together, we CAN take Helix down,
I know it.
How is that possible? I searched
everywhere for that info.
And you know what's weird? I found
it without trying. It seems like I
got downloaded with it during the
procedure, and after the memory
wipe it's slowly started coming
back to me, piece by piece.
That's crazy.
It may sound crazy, but it's true.
So if you had all the info, why
didn't you take him down yourself?
Helix is not someone I can take
down by myself. Besides, I thought
this was your thing anyways.


You know what? You're right. This
guy's a monster who needs to be
taken care of. So, do you have all
the info with you?
Blaine smiles and waves his packet of information in the
Helix and the Agent are in Helix's office.
An interesting story, Alison.
So then, you're not mad at me?
Mad? My top agent just failed the
one task that she was assigned to
do, and now two very dangerous men
are running around, probably after
my skin. Why should I be mad?
Sir, your sarcasm is not
And your failure is not
appreciated either.
Sir, please! Give me another
What makes you think you deserve
one? If you truly wanted another
chance, you wouldn't have come
back until Blaine and Cypher were
captured or dead. Failure is
intolerable, and you have failed.
So then...
So then you're going to take a
vacation. A very long vacation.


Then what are you going to do? You
need my help to catch them!
Helix summons two henchmen, who come and take hold of the
Agent. He motions for them to take her away, and as he does,
he lifts up his palm, revealing that he has the implant.
Not any more my dear, not any
The Agent struggles against the henchmmen as they drag her
out, but to no avail. Once she is out, Helix turns on his
Mr. Primm, prepare my car.
                       MR. PRIMM
      (Over radio)
Yes sir.
In the next shot we see Helix walking towards his car, and
he cocks a silenced pistol he is holding as we goes. The car
is running, and someone tosses Helix the keys when he gets
close. Helix gets in, and pulls out of the garage. The shot
changes to inside the car.
And now, it's time our little game
was ended.
Cut back to the Agent, getting taken into a room by the
henchmen. The room is empty, except for a chair in the
middle. The henchmen are going to handcuff her to the chair,
but before they can, she twists out of their grip, and after
a couple of seconds of fighting they are knocked out. She
then handcuffs them to the chair while they're unconscious,
and takes their weapons.
This is when it gets good.
Cypher and Blaine are in Cypher's car, Cypher is driving.
They are on there way to Helix's office building.
So...where are you taking us?


To find Helix.
And how exactly are we going to do
I know where he's going to be.
How do you know where he's going
to be? What are you, some kind of
mind reader?
Well, it's actually a lot simpler
than that.
Oh yeah? How so?
Easy. I told him where to meet us.
Cut to the Agent carefully sneaking to where her car is
parked. Avoiding guards, she get's in and starts it up. When
the guards see this, they start running towards her car,
telling her to stop. She ignores them and speeds out of the
garage. Cut back to Blaine and Cypher in the car.
Are you insane?!?
Cypher shrugs. Blaine is flustered and incredulous.
What do you think is going to
happen when we meet him?
Well, he's probably going to try
to kill us.
And...that's a good thing?!?
Well, no...


Good, at least you're not
completely insane. Did you tell
him to come alone?
Of course I did.
But you know he won't be.
Uh huh.
So then what are you going to do?
Well, we have to convince him that
we're surrenduring. Tell him we
want to work for him. Then, when
the time is right, we pull the old
And you really think that's going
to work?
Look, you're just gonna have to
trust me!
      (Shakes head in
I have a bad feeling about this.
Cypher and Blaine arrive at the meeting place. They park the
car, and approach cautiously. They see someone whom they
suppose to be Helix, and approach. His back is turned to
them, but as they get closer, he turns to face him. Cypher
doesn't think it is really Helix, but Blaine does.
                       HELIX DECOY
Ah, Mr. Blaine and Cypher, I


                       HELIX DECOY
It's so good to actually meet you
in person. You told me to meet you
here because you wanted to
negotiate a deal, if I remember
                       HELIX DECOY
So evasive, Mr. Cunningham?
One does not open up one's mouth
unnecessarily if one values one's
life, Mr...Helix.
                       HELIX DECOY
Ah, street smart as always.
I didn't get to where I am by
being an idiot, Helix.
                       HELIX DECOY
No indeed, Mr. Cunningham. Mr.
Blaine! Strange company you're
keeping tonight. I thought we'd
made a deal that we were going to
capture this...criminal.
You broke that deal, Helix, and
you tried to have me killed. Then
I realised what you were.
                       HELIX DECOY
And what might that be?
A monster.
                       HELIX DECOY
Now now, Hank, let's not start
calling names. We all have our
different points of view.
Why you...
Blaine starts to charge at Helix Decoy, but Cypher holds him


                       HELIX DECOY
Now, before we do anything rash,
Mr. Blaine, I hope you will hear
my offer.
I don't listen to offers from
Hank! Calm down and let's listen
to what the man has to say. I'm
sure it's incredibly interesting.
No! Let's go Hank, now.
No! We listen to what he has to
Don't make me hurt you Cypher.
I'd like to see you try...
At that instant, Blaine bends down, flipping Cypher over his
shoulder. Cypher rolls towards Helix Decoy, and kicks his
feet out from under him. As he is falling forward, Blaine
spins and kicks him in the head. Helix Decoy falls on the
floor in a pile.
Hey wow, that was pretty cool!
Ow...you didn't have to flip me so
Sorry, I got excited.
Cypher and Blaine help each other up, when suddenly they
hear clapping behind them. They spin around to see Helix,
who slowly pulls out his silenced pistol.


Wait, that wasn't Helix?
No my friend, it wasn't. Although
I don't know if Cypher here was so
convinced. But now I'm afraid it's
time to end this game once and for
all. It's clear that you won't
join me, so I'm simply going to
have to eliminate you. Sort of how
I killed the agent who was
supposed to help Mr. Blaine here
track you down, Cypher.
You killed her?! You son of a...
I know, it was a pitty really. I
think she rather fancied you, Mr.
I'm gonna kill you...
No, I am going to kill you.
Helix raises the gun at Blaine, but at the same moment
Cypher tackles him, causing the shot to miss, and the gun to
scatter across the floor. Enraged, Helix knees Cypher, and
Blaine starts to go for the gun. Helix catches his heel,
tripping him, and flips Cypher over himself, causing him to
land on Blaine. They fight for a few more minutes, and
Cypher gets knocked out. Blaine and Helix fight their way
towards the gun, and right before Helix can grab it, Blaine
kicks it. It slids across the floor again towards Cypher.
Blaine is getting badly beaten, and Helix stands him to
deliver him a crushing blow. Before the blow can be landed,
however, two shots are heard, and Helix collapses onto
Blaine. Blaine pushes him off, to reveal Cypher, still
lying, with the smoking gun in hand. They both stand in
Is he dead?
      (Checking Helix's
Yeah...yeah, he's dead.


Blaine stands up from checking Helix's pulse. As he turns to
face Cypher, another shot is heard. Blaine winces, and falls
to the ground.
What are you doing? Agh...
Finishing Helix's job.
But you just saved me from him!
I know. I wanted the pleasure for
myself. And once you're both out
of the way, I'll finally be able
to do what I've been trying to do
for years.
Oh yeah? What's that? To take over
the world like Helix was going to?
Not nearly so grand. I'm going to
sell the technology to the highest
bidder. I'm sure Iran would give
me a pretty penny for it. I'm sure
that what I get will be more than
enough to set me up for a long
What about your country?
What ABOUT my country? America is
a lost cause. The values that it
was founded upon were forgotten
years ago.
I don't think so.
Oh yeah? What does America value
now? Possessions? Good looks? A
good job? Youth?


What about honor? Freedom?
Honor? Honor is a good way to get
yourself killed. It's survival of
the fittest my friend. And I'm the
bigger fish.
Are you afraid to die, Bruce?
What kind of question is that?
Well, are you?
Isn't everyone?
No Bruce, not everyone is afraid
of death. But you are. I can see
it in your eyes. That's why you're
hording so much in this world.
Because you don't know what to
expect in the next.
I've had about enough of your
sermon, preacher boy.
You can kill me Bruce. I'm not
afraid. You know why? Because I
have a hope. I know where I'm
going. That's something I wouldn't
give up for the world.
I'm glad to hear it, because
you're about to find out if you're
Cypher cocks the gun and aims it at Blaine's head.
You'll regret it Bruce.
Oh yeah? We'll see.


Cypher pulls the trigger, and the hammer goes, but the gun
doesn't fire. He is confused, and begins to look at the gun,
when the Agent comes up behind him and hits him on the head,
knocking him out.
The Agent runs over to Blaine, sits, and cradles him in her
It's so good to see you.
You've been shot!
But I'm alive. And so are you.
That's all that matters to me.
Oh Henry, I thought I was going to
be too late.
It's ok. Helix is dead.
Good. I called the police. They'll
be here soon.
Good. You'd better tie up Cypher
and that other guy.
Right! Of course. But what about
I'll be fine for a few more
You sure?
Positive. Oh, one thing though.


Check the gun. See if it's loaded.
      (Checking the gun)
Yeah, it is. There are four more
What is?
He pulled the trigger. I should be
Who says miracles don't still
As far as I'm concerned, that's
not the only miracle that's
happened to me today.
Almost in tears, Alison bends down to kiss Blaine. Blaine
sits up a little, and right before they are about to kiss,
he yells in pain. She apologises profusely, and Blaine
begins to laugh, and Alison joins him. Sirens are heard in
the background. FADE OUT.


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