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The Journey
by liz Mauzy (psiloveyou488@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

A man who has put on massive amounts of weight no longer has to eat to survive. Can he overcome the pressures of being away from his family and have the will power he needs to lose the weight. Great Story give it a run through! thanks!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


CARMELA is sitting in her kitchen with a journal in her
hand. On the front of the journal it reads "The Journey."
She is the only one in her house and she is crying.
Carmela's nephew walks into the room curious as to what she
was writing.
Auntie Carm, what are you reading?
OH!, Bambino I didn't know anyone
was around you scared me. Oh this?
Carmela looks down at her journal and a tear flows down her
This is a journal I made to
remember your uncle.This tells his
Zietta will you tell me about him.
Oh, Bambino of course I will. I
named this story, "The Journey"
because nobody could argue that it
was indeed a journey he had to
Carmela starts to tell Moltisantis story to Robbie. We
flashback to Moltisantis 38th birthday party.
Moltisanti and his whole family go to the Happy Eats Buffet
Restaurant to celebrate his 38th birthday. His wife Carmela
and his sister JANICE are at the hostess booth letting the
waiter know it is his birthday and to bring him a cake.
I think Moltisanti is going to
love this.


Of course he will Jan!
Carmela and Janice walk over to the table,both of them start
to sing happy birthday in Italian which cues the rest of the
family to chime in.
il compleanno felice a lei
(Happy birthday to you)
Hey! Look at this! Thank you all
so much. And a cake too, Chocolate
cake. Man let's not keep me
waiting. I'll cut the cake.
After cutting the cake and paying the bill everybody rounds
up and they all head home. Moltisanti and Carm walk to the
car and head home. We flash back to present time with Carm
and Robbie.
Zietta? Was he sick at this time.
I don't understand. What exactly
Well later in the story you'll
understand. But you see, your
uncle had a bad eating problem.
Bless his soul. But he used to eat
and eat. His whole life. It
finally caught up to him and it
lead to his death. You weren't old
enough to understand anything
then. But i'm telling you this
story so you can truly know your
uncle and respect him for the
great man he was.
Oh. Well Zietta can you tell me
what happens after you both head
Of course. So after we leave the
restaurant, your uncle and I go


                       CARMELA (cont'd)
home. He had a doctors appointment
that I made him because I was
conserned about his weight.
We flash back to Carm and Moltisanti at their home in New
Bambino, don't forget you doctors
appointment tomorrow.
OK...sure. what time?
2:00. please don't be late,your
always late and then I have to
hear it from the doctor. He's our
friend to so please...ya know...be
on time.
so are you going to nag all night
about this. God I swear you stress
about the most stupid things.
im going to bed!
Carmela heads up to their room and lays down to go to bed.
Meanwhile Moltisanti heads to the refrigerator for another
slice of cake. The next morning Carmela gets up to go to
work ad tries to wake up her husband.
Wake up!
wha- what? what time is it?
I can't believe you? Its almost 12
o clock you need to get ready!
Carm! I'm up. please!


Moltisanti gets in the shower and gets ready to go to his
appointment. Carmela upset that he has been in such a bad
mood leaves him without saying goodbye. We find him at the
Hello, Moltisanti, I have a 2:00
Ah yes, please have a seat and the
doctor will be right with you.
So Moltisanti what are we here for
We'll Carm made the appointment
for me. A check up maybe. Nothing
I see. Ok well let's begin.For
starters lets begin with your
height and your weight. If you
wouldn't mind Mol, jumping on the
scale for me?
you got it doc!
Moltisanti jumps on the scale scared by the results, him and
the doctor have an intimate sit down together. The doctor
talks to him not as a professional but more as a friend.
Mol, we, I should say you have a
serious problem on your hands
here. Your weight is up to 500
pounds. Not only is this not good,
but your setting yourself up for
serious health problems in the
future. Diabetes for one. And if
this weight increases you may have
a hard time walking. We need to do
something about this.


Well I don't know what to say.
I've been cutting down on some
foods. Sodas and carbs. But doc
you know us Italians,we love our
pastas you can't deny that.
well your going to have to do a
lot more than that. Have you ever
thought about excersing?
I do. Sometimes
Alright, just to throw this out
there have you ever thought of
going to a home?
A retirement home. C'mon doc I got
more years on me before that!
No, no. Like a Home for the obese.
At the house they help you get a
fresh start on life. Ya know its
easier to do tough things like
this with a big support group and
people going through it with you.
go there. I can lose this like
nothing. Thanks for your help but
no thanks I can do this on my own.
Flash back to present day with Carm and Robbie.
Auntie, so what happened? Did he
lose the weight? How did you take
all of this? Tell me!
AYE Bambino, slow down there. Were
getting to that. Maybe if you
would sit your butt down and
listen instead of interrupting I
could get to it. Huh? what do ya


OK OK. continue.
So as you can imagine your uncle
was to too thrilled with the news
he got. And being the hot head
that he was you know who got the
brunt of his anger when he came
Flash back to the past at the Moltisanti home.
      (slamming the door
       behind him)
Carm! Carmela?!
I should tell you I think we need
a new doctor. This one is out of
his tree house.
Oh yea. And uh, why is that?
I didnt get any good news today.
Well what? Hunny what is it?
He said that I have a weight
Ha! honey no offense but I don't
need a PHD to tell you that.


Oh carm fuck you then. I don't
need to tell you.
Ok yes, that was mean. No No I
want to know what did he say?
Ok I don't exactly know what this
means so bear with me. According
to him, I'm morbidly obese. And
I'm at risk for serious health
problems. Carm, I'm in a serious
pickle here. I really dont now
what to do. He told me a good
thing to do would be to go to a
home. Its a place where they help
you lose weight and put you on
this whole program.
Well I dont think we need to go
that extreme and bring you to a
home or whatver he wants to call
it. How about a personal trainer?
      (not convincigly)
Uhuh ill get right on that babe
The next day Moltisanti and his friend STEVE go to a
restaurant for lunch. Moltisanti has not yet even thought
about getting help.
Hey! man thanks for lunch. Its
good to catch up with you.


Hey you know me! I actually wanted
your help with something. Your my
best friend so I know you'll be
honest with me. As this is
probably going to be no surprise
i'm weighing in at 500. I went to
the doctor and he said all this
stuff to me. I'm lost I don't know
what to do.
Mol, to be honest you have put on
some weight. Maybe it'll be good
for you. Obesity is a huge
problem. If you want we can go to
the gym together. You don't have
to do this alone.
Thank you.
Moltisanti gets up and hugs Steve.
Back at his house Carmela and Moltisanti sit down for
dinner. Moltisanti, swearing that he is going to start a
whole new life, junk food free. But to everybodys surprise
over the next few weeks instead of losing weight he is
gaining massive amounts. He is sneaking snacks whenever he
can so nobody can see him do it. Carmela being as concerned
as she is calls the doctor to discuss his problem.We hear
the phone ring in the doctors office.
Hello? doctor? I'd like to speak
to you about my husband he's
gained so much weight he can
barely walk or support his own
weight. He has missed so much


Ah yes my dear friend Moltisanti.
I told him this would happen. In
my professional opinion he is an
addictive eater. He no longer eats
to survive he eats for comfort.
Most likely this branches off from
his childhood. He is what is known
as morbidly obese. I wouldn't be
surprised if he keeps this up that
he may never walk again, even for
he may die.
What I suggest is that I make him
an appointment to come see me and
to talk to me. I feel it would be
better for me to tell him what he
is facing here. Hows tomorrow?
That sounds good. And again, thank
you so much, really.
Carm, anytime.
At home Carmela tells her husband that he should go to the
doctor tomorrow. Moltisanti is hesitant about the whole
Carmela just forget it i'm not
going. Thats final.
Aw you poor Bambino i'm sorry.
I've already made it so go!


Moltisanti I hate to tell you this
but with all the weight that you
have put on and your inability to
walk you are at a great risk of
losing your life. You need to get
help. Listen to me, i'm not just
saying this as a professional
man...i'm saying this as your
Moltisanti of course being taken back by this doesn't say a
word to the doctor. He looks down almost ashamed of himself
and what he was done. With a simple wave Moltisanti leaves
the doctors office. His doctor understands why he does not
say anything back and is not offended by this. Moltisanti
does not drive home that evening. Instead of driving home,
he walks. But not to try and lose weight he wants to think.
He cannot fathom everything that is happening and is not
sure what to do. When he finally arrives home Carmela is not
there. Moltisanti calls his mother.
Hello? ma? hey what's going on.
( he tries to act as if nothing is
wrong speaking with a positive
Hello. how are you. Say...how's
life treating my mol?
Ma, I have something I want to
talk to you about. I don't know
what to do i'm lost i'm confused I
need your help.
Moltisanti lets his guard down and begins to cry. He doesn't
know what has came over him. He is scared.
oh honey i'm here for you anything
that you need. you can tell me ill
help you.


mom im going to die. I need to go
to a nursing home. they'll help me
there. Mom I cant even walk
anymore. I have a problem, they
diagnosed me with diabetes. I cant
work All I do is sit home and
watch TV and just wait for me life
to start. I never thought that
this would happen to me. I had it
under control. I really did.
Honey, honey, please call down. we
can get through this down you
worry. for now go lay down rest,
relax and tomorrow we will talk
more about this and we'll figure
out exactly what road we should
mom i'm scared i really am I don't
know where I went wrong. god I
feel like i'm 5 again crying to
you like this.
oh please.Now go lay down well
talk later. Honey, I love you.
I love you mom.
Moltisanti hangs up the phone and heads up to his room. He
is struggling it takes him a while to get to his room. by
the time that he gets there and falls on the bed. He lays in
his bed awake for a while until he hears foot steps in his
house. Carmela just got home and is eager to talk to him.
Honey?! where are you?
I'm in the bedroom. hey come here
I wanna talk to you.
whats up?


I talked to the doctor. I'm not
going to be here any more. i'm
going to the nursing home. i'm
going to get help. sweetheart, I
don't want to die. goddamn I don't
want to die. but I need you. Honey
I need you so much. I can't do
this without you. I love you so
much. I want you to know that. You
mean everythingto me, come here.
I'm right here bambino im not
going anywhere. you don't need to
worry 'bout that.
Carmela and Moltisanti lay down in there bed cuddling. Both
of them fall asleep.
Flash back to the present time with Robbie and Carmela. At
this point Carmela is having a hard time telling her story.
She is very upset and tears are running down her face.
Don't cry, you dont need to tell
me the rest right now.Lets go get
ice cream,or something. What do
you say?
that is an excellent idea. How
about we go to Lickers ice cream.
They have the best ice cream in
what can I get ya?
yes um..i'll have rum raisin and
for my nephew, cotton candy.


thanks auntie
so do you want to hear the rest of
the journey. I think i'm better
are you sure?
Yes ill be fine. So to start this
was Mol's favorite place to get
ice cream. I love coming here
because it reminds me of him. Some
good and some bad memories. Laying
with him that night was the
happiest and saddest I have ever
been in my life. He never knew
this but I was so confused. I was
sad and I just didn't know what to
do but i knew i had to be strong
for him.
we flashback to the past, Carmela begins talking about what
mol is going through.We see Moltisanti on the phone again
with his mother discussing what they want to do.
Its where?!
sweetheart I know I know. Its far
away its the only place, the only
But Ohio. Can I do that. I cant go
by myself what am I going to do?


Now you listen to me you are a
grown man you need help and if
this is the only way and the only
place you have to do it I will not
lose my only son do you understand
me! I will not I swear to the
great lord you will live you can
do this.
mom. i-im sorry. I know i'll go.
now call up the home and talk to
them you need more information.
and talk to your wife. I havn't
told her where it is, knowing
her,bless her soul she'll be
I know. God do I know but she'll
understand. I havn't exactly
figured out how i'm going to break
it to her either.
Moltisanti is very upset by all the news that he has
received. He goes up to their room preparing him self to
talk to her.
Carmela my sweet heart I need to
talk to about something. It's
about me. I don't know how much
longer I am going to be around
for. I have to go to Ohio if I
ever want to get better, but it is
killing me because I don't want to
leave you. Bambino I don't know if
I can make it with out you.
       shocked and take
I-I dont know what to say.
Just tell me that no matter what
happens you ll be supporting me. I


                       MOLTISANTI (cont'd)
cant do this alone. Even tho you
wont be with me just knowing that
you are supporting me will help me
get through this.
I love you!
Carmela runs up to Moltisanti and grabs him. Telling him
that she loves him and will be with him. Together they get
his suitcase ready and head for the long road that they have
a head of them.
Are you scared?
Are you fucking kidding me? Ive
never been so scared in my life. I
dont know what to do what to
think.But hey listen enough with
the drama the stress and the tears
how bout we go out to dinner. My
treat will go to the nicest
restaurant in all of New Jersey.
Now go, go get ready.
well what should i wear?
idea! I'm going to buy you a new
dress. your going to lok stunning
Carmela and Moltisanti head to the mall. Moltisanti wants
her to be as happy as he can make due to the stressful
times. So they go to the mall and he buys her the nicest
outfit at the mall.
After getting ready they head out to Zenatuccis. One of the
finest Italian restaurants in New Jersey.


Hello and welcome to Zenetuccis.
My name is Alfonso and ill be your
waiter for this evening.
Why hello Alfonso.
May I start you off with something
to drink this evening?
We will have a bottle of your
finest champagne
Yes sir coming right up.
Honey look at you. You never do
this ordering champagne getting
all dressed up, buying me clothes.
Im liking this.
Moltisanti leans over to kiss her.
Here you are sir, enjoy. Ill be
right back over to place your
Thank you Alfonso
Carmela and Moltisanti place their order and head back home.
None of them say a word on the ride back to the house
because they know what there going to have to do next and
there just not ready to face that.
Are you almost finished packing
Moltisanti looks down at his suitcase and takes a deep
breath. and puts the last of his clothing into the suit


Yeap just about. I'm putting the
last of my clothes in here.
Just as Moltisanti is ready to close up his suit case he
sees some candy and chips sitting besides his bed.He figures
since he wont be able to have any of these for a long time
or in that case never, he thought it wouldn't hurt to bring
some with him. He takes a quick look around to make sure
know one is near him and then shoves the candy in his
Ok lets go honey were going to
miss the plane. We still have an
hour drive before we even get to
the air port.
Moltisanti and Carmela drive to the airport holding
eachothers' hand the whole way there. The atmosphere in the
car is awkward they don't really say too much to each other.
Moltisanti is in disbelief about the whole situation.
I cant fucking believe this. Its
ridiculous. I have to go all the
way to fucking Ohio. They couldn't
have something like this closer.
And to top it off i'm terrified of
planes. I hate 'em hate 'em, hate
Oh stop it you'll be fine. OK were
here lets go get you situated and
find out what gate we need to go
Ok honey.
Moltisanti and Carmela go and find out what time there plane
leaves and which gate they are to go to. They find out that
they have a few minutes left to spend with eachother before
they go. The whole time they sit on the chair with Carmelas
head on his shoulder. It was the best 10 minutes they've
ever shared, and the hardest.
In the background we hear a lady speaking to announce their


Flight 417 for Ohio is now
boarding, please have your
baroding passes ready.
Oh no Mol don't go we can work on
this down here please don't leave
me, oh my God.
Baby,baby please you have to be
strong for me.Its the only way i'm
going to get better, And is not
like I'm going to be gone forever
you know that. And besides you can
come and visit me. Don't stress it
will all be ok.
I dont want you to leave me
Honey I love you but I have to go.
Ill call you as soon as I land.
PLease be stong for me.
I love you to.
Moltisanti boards the plane and takes one look back at
Carmela, she is in hysterics. Moltisanti takes a deep breath
and walks towards the plane.
      (talking to
How am I ever going to do this
with out Him? God, please watch
over my husband and help us get
through this.
And with that Carmela grabs her purse and walks out of the
airport to go home, alone.
At home Carmela sits at the table and makes her self a cup
of tea, that always seems so sooth her. She calls livia,
mol's mother to talk to her about her husband leaving.


Hey! livia how are you, its
Oh, sweetheart how are you doing?
Did my son leave yet?
Oh unfortunately, I just dropped
him off at the airport, it was the
hardest thing I think I have ever
I could imagine, but its for the
better though, this is the only
way that he can get help. And if
it is the only way than my god he
will do it. And you will be strong
if not for you than for him.He
needs to right now.
I Know that I really do. I just
worry about him. I wonder how he
is doing.
      (frantic, speaking
       to himself.)
Im gunna freak the fuck out! Holy
shit we are so high up. Why didn't
I drive here again?
Janice is here she wants to talk
to you.
Ah! Carmela we havn't talked in
so, long how are you girl?
Well you heard Mol left right? so
you could only imagine, I talked


                       CARMELA (cont'd)
to ma though so I feel a little
bit better.
How long is he out there for?
I'm not exactly sure. I never
really asked him that.
Are you going to go see him at
Yea we all are you me and mom.
I didn't know that. Well hey I
gotta run but when you talk to him
tell him to give his big sister a
call. I love you.
Alright Jan, I love you to, tell
ma I said good bye.
Moltisanti arrives in Ohio completely confused on where to
go and what to do. Moltisanti grabs his luggage and goes to
find a cab. The DRIVER meets him at the door.
      (holding up a sign
       that says
Hello! Moltisanti?...I'm your
driver ill be bringing you to the
"Twin Oaks Nursing Home".
      (a little shy)
Oh. Ok thank you. Where do we go.
Well twin oaks isn't really that
far away from here. About 30-45
minutes away.So if you would
follow me to the car.


Thank you sir.
No problem
The driver and Moltisanti pack the car with Moltisantis
things, and head off to the nursing home. When they arrive
Moltisanti is very nervous and doesn't know what to think.
Alright here we are.I'll get your
things from the trunk.
Thanks ill help you with that too.
Alright your all set.
Thank you for your help.
Moltisanti walks in to the nursing home with his knees
rattling in his boots he has no idea what to expect. He
walks into the lobby and gives the receptionist his name.
Hello. Moltisanti Sipriani, i'm
scheduled to be here for awhile.
Ok let me look up your name in out
computer one moment please.
Ok thank you.
      (to himself)
Thank you? What am I saying that
for i'm not thankful damn I wanna
get the fuck outta this joint.


Thank you for waiting. OK,
Moltisanti I see you right here.
If you would just follow one of
the nurses she'll bring you to
your room and get you all
Thank you. And since i'm probably
going to be here for awhile whats
would your name be.
That's such a pretty name well I
gonna be going now.Bye for now
Moltisanti? Follow me and I'll
show you to your room. So how are
you today? Did you have a nice
flight down here? It must have
been really long huh? New jersey
to ohio. Oh jeeze.
You better believe it it was so
long and on top of it, between you
and me im terrified of planes.
Well here is your room make your
self at home we just have one
requirment of you.
Ok...whats that?
We have found in the past that our
patients bring things to the home
they shouldn't really have. Like
gameboys, psp's anything that is
portable and food. You wouldn't
believe this but they bring food
with them.


Oh...is that so no I didn't know
So if I could just see your
The nurse checks Mol's luggage to find all of the things
that he brought with him. She quickly took them away and
explained how things worked at twin Oaks.Moltisanti already
didn't like where he was and was concerned about what was
going to happen while he was here.
The phone is right over there on
your dresser. I could imagine that
you have someone at home waiting
for a phone call.
Alright, thank you. I do have
someone to call and if you didn't
mind Id like to be alone.
I'll be right around the corner if
you need anything.
Moltisanti decides to call Carmela he is so excited this
will be the first familiar thing that he has come across
since he got here and it feels so good.
OH honey! hi how are you I just
got here.
BAMBINO! Oh I'm so glad you are
ok. How was the plane ride?
OH man it was horrible you know me
and planes, Jeeze, we do not mix
well. And then I get here, don't
even get me started I hate it.
Why what's wrong with it. It
seemed like a nice place when I
looked it up.


Well I mean the actual place is
nice but there rules are fucking
ridiculous I swear. OK get
this...I had one bag of chips, and
they took them away. You'd think
that since I am going to be here
for so long I could at least have
one bag of freakin' chips...oh but
Well Moltisanti, you are trying to
lose weight and I don't think that
those chips are going to help you
at all. So more power to them for
doing that. Someone has to.
Yea yea, whatever you say. Alright
well I gotta go there having some
meeting that all of the new comers
have to go to. But don't you worry
my little Italian princess keep
your chin up and pray for me. Ill
call you later.
You know I will I love you honey.
bye see ya around.
bye my love.
In the background we hear a lady speaking over a loud
      (muffled loud
Hello, and good afternoon to all
of our new comers here at the Twin
Oaks Nursing Home.Here at Twin
Oaks we have some rules and
protocol, if all of our guest will
please report to the auditorium at
this time please, thank you.


      (to himself)
oh my god. This is bullshit, what
the hell did I sign up for?
At the front of the stage the NURSING HOME DIRECTOR is
preparing to talk to the residence and explain to the how
they do things.
                       NURSING HOME DIRECTOR
Hello all. My name is Karen and I
am the director here at Twin Oaks.
Today we are going to be
discussing the rules at our
nursing home and then we are going
to send you off with a nurse so we
can discuss you own personal
exercise and eating plans. Here we
do not aloud any junk food to be
brought in from your homes or from
your family members that come in
and visit. What we do here is at
the end of the week if you follow
all the rules and stick to your
designed plans we give you one
piece of junk food as a reward.
That is the only thing that you
will get. If you do not follow
these rules you will have to work
harder and you will not get any
rewards. OK so now what were going
to do is split you up with a nurse
so you can discuss eating plans
and excersise programs.
All of the residence get assigned a nurse to discuss meals
plans and things with. Moltisanti goes with his nurse.
Hello Moltisanti
Hello. so what are we supposed to
be doing here?


Well what I am going to do is
design a customized eating plan to
fit your physical characteristics.
And then we can discuss your
Alright lets get started then
shall we.
We flash back to Carmela and Robbie. At this point in
Carmela's story things get emotional and she starts to have
a hard time telling the story to him.
Carmela starts to cry a little but keeps her composure for
Are you ok Zietta? you don't have
to finish if you don't want to. Or
we could do this another time.
No no we have gotten this far my
gosh we might as well finish it.
I'll be ok you don't worry about
me this is just when things start
to get really tough for you uncle.
Why? Did he have a lot of problems
Nope he did that just
fine. See what your uncle did was
he found away to sneak a lot of
those rewards I was talking about.
So whenever he got a chance he'd
sneak a couple of those. But the
problem with that was not just
that he was not supposed to do
that, it was that he was so
overweight and was having such a
problem that all of those things
were just making his condition so
much worse.


Oh! Wow well did the people at the
nursing home find out that he as
doing that?
Oh you better believe it, they
threatened to almost kick him
out.They told him that if he was
not going to take this seriously
and be committed that they didn't
want hi there.
So what happend next?
Well, your uncle started to feel
very sick. His health was
diminishing and fast. He knew it
though he would call me all the
time and tell me that his time was
near. Those are the words that
killed me to hear him say. I
couldnt stand to hear it.
We flash back to the nursing home with Moltisanti sick in
his bed. With a nurse by his side to monitor him.
How are you feeling? Do you feel
any better?
Not any better than I felt
yesterday or the day before that.
I can't even walk at all. I feel
very weak. I can tell that my end
is near for me. I just know it.
Could we call my family to come
down here I want to see them
before it is too late.
      (Holding his hand)
Sure its no problem I'll take care
of everything and make the


The Nurse makes the arrangements for Carmela and his mother
and sister to come see him. The nurse also explains to them
his condition and that they should try to get here as soon
as they could because they weren't sure how much time he had
to live.
Carmela wastes no time getting the plane tickets and getting
things organized to go see him. She got the whole family
together and they arrived at the nursing home.
Hi,im here for Moltisanti. I'm his
wife, and this is his mother and
his sister.
Oh yes. You got here so quick,
good thing though I don't think
that he is doing so good. I'll
have a nurse bring you to him.
Thank you very much.
The nurse brings Moltisantis family to him. As soon as they
walk into his room and see him in the condition that he is
in they immediately break down into tears. Carmela is the
worse of them all and runs up to him and gives him a hug and
a kis and whispers into his ear, I love you.
I love you to. Be strong bambino,
be strong.
Hi mol, how are you doing lil bro?
Janice you came. I'm so happy to
see you. We'll I'm not doing so
hot. I think god has plans for me.
I have accepted this.
We flash back to the present with Robbie and Carmela.
Oh my God.


Yes, it was pretty horrific. I
only got to spend 2 days with him
before he died. It was the worst
two days of my life. It was
amazing he knew he was dying and
i'd like to think that he was
holding out and waiting for me to
see him one last time. He put up
sucha fight, but he just wasnt
strong enough, he coudnt win.
Im so sorry.
Oh sweetheart its ok. You know the
one thing that he said to me that
I will never forget. He told the
nurses that it wasn't that he had
no will power, he had no wont
power. Ill never forget that.
where did you have a funeral?
Since all of his family was there,
the once that mattered l, the most
we had a funeral for him right
there. But we didn't want him
buried there because we didn't
live there. We had a empty casket
ceremony and we had him cremated.
It was so sweet all the nurses
came to the funeral to give there
regards. It was beautiful, he
would have been proud, and
thankful for all that everyone did
for him.
While Carmela is speaking in the background we see the
funeral and the ceremony we hear her voice in the back
He sounded like a wonderful
man,I'm glad to say that he was my


He was an excellent everything,and
just know he's looking down on
you. Whenever you are lost or
confused and you can find a way,
just think of Moltisanti, he'll
help you get through it.


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