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Mind Games
by Jordan Bowers (wvjordanb@comcast.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
William Benson (main character) is a man that lives a perfect life until one day when he was at work his wife calls him with disturbing news. While he is rushing to her aid he gets into a wreck that puts him into a coma. When he wakes up from the coma he finds his wife is cheating with his best friend. He vows for revenge and lets nothing stop him, except his own mind.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



William's room is darkened by curtains over the windows and
rays of light shining through at the bottom. Birds are
Waking up to the alarm he reaches over to shut it off.
William stretches and YAWNS then puts his arms around
                       WILLIAM (VO)
This is me, William Benson, lying
next to my beautiful wife
Christine. We have been married
for about nine years. We have two
wonderful children and Christine
is also two and a half months
After getting out of bed and putting his suit and tie on
William walks down the stairs past the living room and into
the kitchen where his children are eating cereal at the
table, still dressed in pajamas.He walks up to the children.
                       WILLIAM (VO)
I am a very successful lawyer, in
fact, I just became partner for a
major firm in the city.
                       WILLIAM (vo)
Those are my children. ZACK is age
nine and likes anything having to
do with comics. ASHLEY is age
seven, and the princess of the
Good morning Zack


      (holds his spoon
       in his hand and
       looks up at
Good morning dad.
      (Zack continues
       eating and
       William sits down
       next to Ashley.)
Good morning princess. How are you
this morning?
      (Looks up at
       William with the
       biggest smile on
       her face.)
Morning daddy.
William gets up from the table and walks over to the
cabinet, grabs a bowl and POURS his cereal, then he walks
over to the table and sits down as the children are
finishing their breakfast.
Are you kids going to be ready in
time for school?
                       BOTH CHILDREN
      (getting up from
       the table and
       walking out of
       the kitchen
       towards the
       living room.)
                       WILLIAM (vo)
      (while eating his
You can say my life is the way
everybody wants theirs to


                       WILLIAM (vo)
      (William finishes
       his cereal, puts
       his bowl into the
       sink and walks
       into the living
I have many friends, I am
financially stable and I love my
home life.
William walks over to the coffee table, picks up the remote
control and turns the TV on. He walks over to the couch,sits
down, and watches the news for the weather. Christine walks
softly down the stairs fully dressed in blue jeans and a
white T-shirt. She walks over to William and runs her
fingers through his hair.
Good morning handsome. Thank you
for letting me sleep in today.
      (gets up, turns to
       face her, hugs
       her and gives her
       a kiss.)
I love you Christine, But I have
to get to work early so I can
prepare for a really big client.
      (she sighs and
       makes a sad face)
I love you too. Will you be home
late today?
William walks to the closet under the stairs to get his
trench coat, then he walks over to the front door where his
car keys hang



Well I hope I am home on time
today. Oh, by the way, SCOTT will
be coming home with me today so we
can discuss our new client. Make
sure there's enough dinner.
Alright, I'll see you when I get
home. I love you. Bye.
      (As William walks
       out the door.)
I love you too. Have a good day.
William shuts the door and walks to his red Porsche 911,
OPENS the DOOR and gets in.He puts the key in the ignition
and STARTS the car. The engine PURRS like a kitten.)
                       WILLIAM (vo)
This is my everyday life, but it
doesn't stay that way. Everyone
knows that all good things come to
an end. My life is about to get
turned upside down.
The office has a library of law books, the licenses of the
partners, nice brown leather furniture, gold clocks on the
wall that show the time all around the world and a secretary
that sits at a large desk.
                       THE SECRETARY
      (sitting at her
       desk taking phone
Good morning. Arburn and Partners.
How can I assist your call today?
                       THE SECRETARY (cont)
      (looking at a
       schedule book
       starts to fade
I'm sorry but it looks like Mr.
Benson is booked for the day. Can


                       THE SECRETARY (cont'd)
I take a message?
INT. William's office - DAY
I love him very much but he
doesn't know how to keep his dick
in his pants and he slept with my
sister and every whore maid in our
mansion. I feel that I should be
entitled to his estate for the
suffering that I had to put up
      (disgusted but
       looking down at a
That man did a lot of wrong to you
and I agree that he should have to
pay. I'm seeing that his estate is
valued at 1.7 billion dollars. I
Williams intercom BUZZES.
                       WILLIAM (cont)
Im sorry just excuse me for a
William walks over to his desk and pushes a button on his
                       WILLIAM (cont)
      (irratation in his
Im busy right now!
                       THE SECRETARY (OS)
Sir your wife is on the line


Ask her to call back later or take
a message.
                       THE SECRETARY (OS)
She says its an emergency.
      (looking towards
Im sorry but can you give me just
one minute
Sure go ahead all women need the
attention they deserve.
William picks up the phone
      (speeking into the
Whats wrong sweetheart.
                       WILLIAM (cont)
      (With worry on his
calm down are you sure its a
                       WILLIAM (cont)
Have you called the doctor yet.
                       WILLIAM (cont)
Ok I'll meet you at the doctors in
about 30 minutes.


                       WILLIAM (cont)
Dont worry I'll be fine, It will
be ok.
                       WILLIAM (cont)
Ok I love you too.
Willim hangs up the phone and walks over to Mellissa.
Is everything ok?
      (speeking fastly)
No, if its ok I need to see if
another partner can take over?
That's fine.
William walks out of his office, into his senior partners
office, and KNOCKS on the door.
                       SENIOR PARTNER (OS)
      (In a deep voice)
Come in.
The senoir parnter sees William walk in the door.
                       SENIOR PARTNER (cont)
How are you doing today William?
How's that big case coming?
Not to good,but that's not while I
am here. Christine just called and
let me know that she thinks that
she had a miscarriage.
                       SENIOR PARTNER
Sorry to hear that is there
anything I can do?


Well, there is something you could
do for me.
                       SENIOR PARTNER
Yes, what is it?
I would like to know if you could
cover for me with Mellissa Dunkun
so I can meet Christine at the
                       SENIOR PARTNER
Sure, go ahead. Tell Christine
good luck and that I'm sorry to
hear the unfortunate news.
Thank you sir.
William walks out the senior partner's office, shuts the
door and walks back into his office.
My senoir partner, Mr. Arburn,
will take over the case until I
return from my emergency.
Thats fine. I hope everything goes
William grabs his jacket, walks out of the office and
proceeds to walk out of the building
William is driving. He is PASSING cars swerving from lane to
lane. He is thinking to himself. Not watching the road.


      (screaming in
The sound of TIRES SQUEALING and a big CRASH. William has
run a red light
      (CRASHING through
       the window of his
SIRENS are BLAIRING. Crowds are gathering POLICE arive
followed by AMBULANCES.
THE FIRST POLICE OFFICER runs over to the scene and looks
around. He sees a young mans body laying on William's hood,
with his head through the glass.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
Hey, over here!
                       2ND POLICE MAN
      (running over to
What do we have here?
                       1ST POLICE MAN
Looks like a teen driver that
wasn't wearing a seat belt. He was
flung from his vehichle.
The first police man checks to see if the teenager has a
                       1ST POLICE MAN (cont)
He is dead. Get the EMTs over
                       2ND POLICE MAN
Yes sir.


2nd POLICE MAN runs from the scene to get the EMTs. The
first police man looks in William's car and sees William.
William appears to be dead
                       1ST POLICE MAN
      (sees William and
       he checks his
Sir? Can you hear me?
William does not respond.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
Get me an EMT over here now! This
man is still alive!
      (running over to
       1st police man)
This man is unconscious if we
don't get him to a hospital soon
he will die.
                       EMT (CONT)
      (Talking on his
I have a man in critical
condition. Pulse is low and
falling, he has many cuts to the
face. We must get him to Denver
General immediatly.
William was put into an ambulance and taken to the hospital.
The hospital is cluttered with sick/trauma patients, nurses,
emts and doctors There is a lot of panic from doctors and
nurses. William is wheeled very quickly to a room where they
begin to work on him. William is hooked up to a heart
monitor and a breathing machine. As the doctors and nurses
are trying to keep him alive the heart monitor FLATLINES. He
is put onto a defibulator.


Dr. SANDS putts jelly on the defibulator paddles, he waits
for a charge and lowers them to William's chest
                       DR. SANDS
ZAP! Nothing happens, machine RECHARGES he tries it again.
                       DR. SANDS
ZAP! BEEP.. BEEP.. BEEP.. William's heart is pumping again
but he does not wake up.
                       DR. SANDS
We need to get this man on life
support! stat!
One of the nhurses runs out of the room to grab the
eqiuptment needed for life support.
                       DR. SANDS
      (towards another
I know this man his name is
William Benson he is a friend of
mine i need you to call his wife
                       NURSE 2
Ok. What his his phone number?
                       DR. SANDS
Look it up in the hospital files.
William Benson that is B e n s o n
                       NURSE 2
Yes sir right away.
Disovle to


CHRISTINE enters the room and walks to the the nurse sitting
at the desk.
My name is Christine Benson. I
recieved a call from the nurse
letting me know my husband was
brought here.
                       NURSE 2
Yes ma'am, that was me. Let me get
Dr. Sands for you.
Great. Thank You.
Nurse 2 picks up the phone and pushes a button
                       NURSE 2
      (Over Intercom)
                       NURSE 2
Paging Dr. Sands to the ICU. Dr.
Sands please report to nusrse
station in ICU
Dr. Sands walks down the hall and up to Christine.
                       DR. SANDS
Hi Christine. I am glad you came.
I don't know how to tell you this,
but William was in an accident.
He's in a coma and on life
Christine starts to CRY.
      (in tears)
Is he going to be ok?


                       DR. SANDS
      (voice gets quiet)
I am sorry, but I don't think he
will make it. We will keep him on
life support for as long as you
like. I can have him put on a
machine that will pick up any
brain activity, sometimes the
brain can dream while the body is
in a coma.
      (in a soft, sad
I would like that very much Dr.
Sands. Please, just don't give up
on him.
                       DR. SANDS
That would be the last thing I
would do.
Would like to see him?
Yes, but can I go alone?
                       DR. SANDS
Sure, take as much time as you
William is lying lifelessly in a bed with many wires running
from his body to machines that are next to him. As the heart
monitor BEEPS the door SQEAKS and Christine walks into the
dark room.
      (Crying and
William, sweatheart, I am very
sorry. I feel this is my fault. I
love you very much. Please don't
give up on me, no matter what Dr.
Sands says, I think you can hold
on, I think you can pull out of


                       CHRISTINE (cont'd)
this. The kids and I really need
you, but untill I can find a
sitter I can't be here for long.
The kids are to young to
understand, and seeing you will
scare them.
Christine grabs Williams hands, stands up, and kisses him on
his cheek.
William I am very sorry, but I
really must go. The kids need me
just as much as you do. Please
hold on, and please understand
that I love you. I will try to
come see you when I can.
Christine walks out of the room CRYING.
I love you.
She opens the door, walks out and closes the door behind
Three months later.
The room is quiet. Machines are BEEPING. Christine walks in
Hi baby. I can't stay long this
time. I just had to come and talk
to you. I have no one else to turn
to. We are broke. We are loosing
the house if I can't make a
payment. All bills have turned
into shut off notices. I don't
know what I am going to do, but I
think I am going to have to turn
to your partner, SCOTT. I think
this will be the last visit for a


                       CHRISTINE (cont'd)
while. I have been getting
depressed and have turned to
drinking. The doctor said that you
have started showing brain
activity, so I know you are alive.
William, I love you very much, but
I can't be here any more. this
hurts me too much. I love you, but
I must go.
Christine grabs his hands and stands up to kiss him on the
We all love and miss you very much. Goodluck Will I love
you.When ever you wake up I hope you can remember where we
She walks out.
The room is dark. You can only see the lights from the
Nurses come running into the room.
                       NURSE 1
Mr. Benson, sir?
      (William SCREAMS
                       NURSE 1
      (Towards nurse 2)
Hurry, go call doctor Sands.
      (turns to William
       and starts
       checking vitals.)
Mr. Benson calm down. I am here to


                       NURSE 1 (cont'd)
help you.
Where am I?
                       NURSE 1
You are in the hospital and you
have just awakened from a coma
that you have been in for many
What happened to me?
                       NURSE 1
You were in a car accident.
Is my family ok?
                       NURSE 1
Yes sir, they where not in the car
at the time.
Where is my wife?
                       NURSE 1
She is at home, she doesn't know
that you are awake yet.
I want to go home.
                       NURSE 1
Sir that is up to the doctor, but
I am sure that he would not be
willing to let you go home yet. He
probly needs to be sure that you
are ok.
Dr. Sands walks in the room.


                       DR. SANDS
Hi Will. How are you feeling?
I am scared Tom. I want to go
home. I want to see my wife.
                       DR. SANDS
Being scared after that long of a
coma is highly understandable, but
I am very sorry I can't let you go
home, at least not yet. We are
going to run a few test then start
working on getting you better.
Maybe in a month or two we'll have
you in top shape.
Damn it, I said I want to go home!
I don't want to be here!
                       DR. SANDS
If I let you go now there is a
risk that you may get hurt or pass
out and fall back into the coma,
but next time you might not live.
You got very lucky this time that
you didn't loose your memory or
life for that matter. If you don't
want to hear this from a doctor
than please listen to me as your
Ok Tom I'll stay, but I don't know
for how much longer. Just get me
better so I can go the hell home.
                       DR. SANDS
We will start testing tomorrow,
but for now you can calm down and
watch t.v. or you can rest till
morning. If you need a nurse just
hit the call button on your


Thank you Tom. Do you know what
time my Wife comes in?
                       DR. SANDS
I am sorry William but she hasn't
been here for about three months,
I will try to call her.
      (with a sad voice)
Ok thank you.
One month later.
Dr. Sands speaking to William while sitting on a chair next
to him.
                       DR. SANDS
Well Will all the tests have come
back normal. I have never seen
such a tremendous recovery like
yours. You are very fortunate.
Has anyone been able to get a hold
of Christine?
                       DR. SANDS
I am sorry but no, But I think she
is fine. She is probly still
pretty depressed. She doesn't even
know you are awake yet. But for
good news I am releasing you today
so you can surprise her when you
get home.
There is just one thing, I keep
hearing Christine's voice saying
we love you, we miss you and we
want you to come home. then it
feels like she is holding my hand
and I feel a kiss on my cheek.


                       WILLIAM (cont'd)
What could that be from?
                       DR. SANDS
Well it is common that when
someone is in a coma and they wake
up they can hear the last voice
they heard before they woke up,
and the feeling is probably the
things that she physically did
while you were in the coma. That
is all that is, nothing to worry
about. It's just a game that your
ming will play with you.
That's good to hear. So when can I
blow this joint?
                       DR. SANDS
Now is as good as time as any. I
will draw up your paper work and
the nurse will be giving you any
instruction. I want you to make an
appointment with me in two weeks
so I can check you out.
ok Tom, thank you. I will do that.
                       DR. SANDS
Ok Will I will see you in two
weeks. Oh and Will I will send you
up some clothes, I'm sure you
don't want to go home in what you
were wearing when you came in.
Dr. Sands walks out of the room.
A yellow taxi cab pulls up to the house and William steps
out. He notices a brand new sports car sitting in his


                       WILLIAM (vo)
      (to himself)
Whose car is that in my driveway?
Maybe Tom got a hold of Christine
and let her know I was coming home
and called some friends. I'll just
go in and see what's going on.
William walks to his front door and opens it.
Hello? Is anyone home? Christine?
Sweetheart? It's me William I am
William hears nothing so he walks through his house and
looks in the kitchen, looks out the back door and sees no
                       WILLIAM (vo)
      (to himself)
Maybe she is in the room sleeping.
William walks back toward his bedroom, and he starts to hear
something.It sounds to be like Christine moaning.
what the hell is going on in my
William opens the door and drops his jaw. He sees Christine
in bed with his best friend Scott
                       WILLIAM (cont)
      (with anger and
       irritation on his
I am sorry I didn't know I was
going to interupt anyone.
Oh shit. Will what are you doing


Don't you remember that I live
here this is my god danm house and
that bed is my god danm bed. You
are my god danm wife.
Will slams the door and runs out of the house. Yelling back
to Christine.
You both will fucking pay if it is
the last thing I do.
Christine gets dressed and runs out of the house.
William is gone and no where in sight.
William I am sorry please come
back, let's talk about this. I
love you!
24 hours later
William is standing on the ledge about to jump off. A POLICE
MAN is negotiating with William. A crowd has formed at the
base of the building. Plice and rescue units are on the
                       1ST POLICE MAN
      (to william)
Mr. Benson please don't jump we
can talk about this I can get you
some help. Whatever it is I am
sure it is not worth it.
How the hell do you know it's not
worth it? I think it is. Has your
wife ever cheated on you before?


                       1ST POLICE MAN
Yes she has but it's not worth
dying over there is always another
      (looking down at
       the ground)
To me it is worth it I have
nothing. I have not a god danm
thing left for me.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
Sir can you try to talk to me if
you don't like what I say you can
Are you going to arrest me if I
move away from the ledge?
                       1ST POLICE MAN
No I just want to talk to you. Can
you please step away?
I don't know why I should care I
won't like what you have to say
any ways, but I'll try you have
three minutes.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
Step down very easy and very
the officer takes out his cuffs and sets them on the ground.
                       1ST POLICE MAN (cont)
See my cuffs are down I will not
arrest you.
William steps away from the ledge and the officer brings him
down to the ground with a quick tackle.


You said I wasn't going to get
arrested. You lying piece of shit.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
I didn't lie to you. Your not
being arrested your being taken to
the hospital for help.
                       1ST POLICE MAN (cont)
      (turns and talks
       into his radio)
Unit 1 all clear. Bringing patient
to ground level. Please alert
adult mental health unit before
The Unit is loud with screaming patients that are being
strapped to beds and other who just can't controll their
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In williams head
       repeats three
We love you, we miss you and we
want you to come home.
William looks down at his hand as if he feels her touch then
he puts his hand over his cheek as he feels her kiss his
cheek. William starts to SCREAM in panic.
Later that night a Nurse walks by the room while doing her
rounds and see that william has used a blanket to choke
himself and is blackedout on the floor.


                       MENTAL HEALTH NURSE
Someone get in here we have a
suicide attempt in bed 3. Please
call security and prepair straps.
William wakes up with his body strapped to a bed. The room
is very dull there is only four white walls to look at.
William panics.
Help! Help Get me out of here.
Help! I swear to fucking god if
you don't get me out of here I
will kill all of you.
A nurse and a doctor comes running in.
                       MENTAL HEALTH NURSE
Sir calm down we can not let you
out of there until you do.
Why don't you calm down you bitch.
Mr. Benson that was completly
uncalled for.
Who the hell are you.
I am your phsyiatrist.
Good then get me out of here.
Mr. Benson I am going to give you
a shot that will calm you down it
will not make you sleep but will
put you into deep thought.


                       PHYSIATRIST (cont'd)
NO, I don't want it
The phsyiatrist walks over to William with a large needle
and pokes William with it.
Damn it you asshole.
We will return soon.
The nurse and the phsyiatrist walk out of the room.
William is totally calm he is staring at the wall.
      (To hiself.)
I need to get out of here. I think
I know an alternate way other than
death. I must get revenge. I must
kill Christine, Scott and anyone
else who stands in my way. ineed
to make the phsyiatrist believe
that I am not a mental freak so
that I can be let out.
Three months later.
William is sitting in the phsyiatrist's office with the
phsyiatrist looking over paperwork.
William, I have been reviewing
your file. I must say that I am
amazed at the turn around in your
behavior over the last three
months. I knew that in time it


                       PHYSIATRIST (cont'd)
would get better.
Well, I have had help and time to
think things through. I realized
that killing myself was the wrong
thing to do.
I am very pleased to hear that. I
have talked to the judge that put
you in here about your release,
and he agreed under strict
What do you mean?
You must start and maintain visits
with a theripist.
That is reasonable. Anything else?
      (handing a paper
       to William)
You must sign this release form
and then you can go.
William is dropped off by a taxi cab.He walks towards an OLD
WIDOW'S house directly across the street from his house. He
walks up her driveway passed her silver LaCross and up to
her back door. He opens the door and walks in through the
kitchen. He sees a large knife laying on the counter and
picks it up. He then walks to her living room where she is
sitting at her window looking outside.


      (In a deep voice)
Hi Carrol, see anything strange
                       OLD WOMAN
      (startled by the
       voice she turns
William!!!! I thought you were
Now where would you get an idea
like that?
                       OLD WOMAN
Christine has been telling
everbody that you killed yourself.
NO I didn't kill myself. I'm going
to kill her and if you get in my
way I'm going to kill you too.
                       OLD WOMAN
Oh, lord.I'm calling 911.
Carrol picks up the phone and before she could dial any
number William walked over to her and slashed her throat and
took the phone away and hung it up. he then stabbed her in
the chest until she was dead.
I told you I would kill you old
He picks her up out of the chair and carries her to her
room. He puts her in her bed and covers her body to make it
appear as if she was sleeping. William then walks back out
to the living room and sits in her chair. He sits at the
window watching his house until nightfall.


Night falls and it starts to rain heavily.William walks out
the back door with the knife in his pocket.He walks around
the block and over to his house.As William is walking
lightening strikes a tree above his house making a huge
branch fall beside his house. William walks up to the house
and looks in his living room window and sees Christine
cuddled with Scott watching a movie with his children.
William walks around to the back and notices that the branch
fell near the house's emergency electrical shut off box. He
decides to cut the power.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (From inside the
The storm must have blown out the
electricity.Go grab the
flashlights Scott and check the
                       SCOTT (VO)
      (From inside the
Ok, honey I will.
William breaks off a long pointed piece of the fallen
                       SCOTT (VO)
      (From inside the
       house after a
       couple of minutes
       of silence)
NO it's not the inside breaker.
I'm going to check outside.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
OK sweetheart. Be carefull and
please hurry.
William hides behind a bush near the emergency shutoff. The
back door opens and Scott walks out shining a flashlight.
Scott notices the branch that had fallen. He walks over to
the emergency shutoff and sees that it was shut off. He
turns it on and turns around. He sees a pointed stick


comming at his head. The stick enters through his forehead
and he drops to the ground. William stands over him dripping
You fucking piece of shit!! I
thought you were my friend! When I
was injured all you could do was
fuck my wife.............
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (From inside the
Honey the electricity is back on.
Hurry up so we can watch the
William walks in through the back door and SLAMS it then
continues through his kitchen and into his living room.
What are we watching, HONEY?
The kids jump up excietedly and run to William and hug him
as Christine is in shock.Her jaw drops and fear fills her
                       BOTH CHILDREN
      (To William)
Daddy!!! Daddy,I love you!! I
missed you very much!
William bends down with a smile and hugs them both.
      (To the kids)
I love you both very much, and
missed you both very much.
Are you going to live with us
again, daddy? You can sleep in my
room if you want to.


That's very sweet of you princess,
but daddy's not going to stay.
Mommy told us that you were dead
and you were not comming back.
      (loses the smile)
I know mommy did, but she didn't
know. Can you two pleases go to
your rooms so that mommy and daddy
can talk?
                       BOTH CHILDREN
Ok, I love you.
The kids hug him and begin to cry as they walk upstairs to
their bedrooms.
I love you two.
What happened to Scott?
I killed him.
Christine SCREAMS, William pulls the knife out of his
                       WILLIAM (CONT)
Shut the hell up, unless you would
like to die. Now be quiet or I
will slit your fucking throat.
What do you want form me?


First I want your explanation then
I want your life.
Christine starts to cry.
Your insane.
Well that's not what the Doctors
think. Now start talking bitch.
OK. While you were in the hospital
the bills began to pile up, I felt
very alone, and I had turned to
drinking. I felt that I needed
some company and help. Scott ended
up helping me pay the bills and he
was my shoulder to cry on. Scott
lost everything of his own while
helping me, and I offered him a
place to stay. Then one day I
started drinking when Scott was
over and he drank with me. Things
got a little out of control and we
woke the next morning in bed
together, we didn't evan remember
the night before but we knew that
we felt something for each other.
This is when I decided not to come
see you anymore.I was too scared
to tell you. We didnít think that
you would be out so quickly.
But why with my best friend?
I don't know, but when you came
home that day and caught us I felt
so guilty. I told Scott to go stay
with a friend and that I didnít
think it was good to be with each
other, but that only lasted a week
because we had fallen in love and


                       CHRISTINE (cont'd)
couldnít stand being away from
each other.
William becomes irate and holds the knife up to slash
Christines throat.
Bitch I am going to fucking kill
you now!
Christine looks up and sees Scott behind William with a
stick in his head holding a frying pan raising it in the
air. Christine screams. William turns around. CRACK! A
bloody almost dead Scott hits William in the head with the
frying pan. William falls to the floor unconscience from the
      (struggling to
       talk to Christine)
Get help.
Scott falls to the floor and dies.
She begins to cry uncontrolably as she falls to her knees.
She then musters up the strength to get up and grab the
children and get out of the house. Christine drives to the
police station in Scott's sports car. The police station is
about 15 minutes away.
The police station is not very busy when Christine arrives.
There is an officer at the desk in front by the door.
Christine walks in the building in a panic.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
What's wrong ma'am?


My husband just killed my
boyfriend and tried to kill me.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
Calm down. Now first tell me where
this took place.
It happened in my home.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
What's the address?
      (Still sniffling)
138 maple street.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
What is your husbands name and
      (Still sniffling)
My name is Christine and my
husbands name is William Benson.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
William Benson the attorney?
Yes, why?
                       1ST POLICE MAN
Great. I had to deal with him when
he tried to kill himself a few
months ago. Ma'am please tell me
where your husband is now.
Before Scott died, he knocked him
out on my living room floor. That
is where I left him.


                       1ST POLICE MAN
Ok ma'am I will have an officer
arrest him. You should stay in a
motel tonight. Do you have
anywhere to go, incase he is gone?
Yes, my mothers.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
How far away does she live?
About fifteen-hundred miles north
from here
                       1ST POLICE MAN
i suggest that you stay at a motel
until morning with police escorts
then head to your mothers house,
and don't worry we'll get him.
      (talking into his
attention all available units
please respond to a homicide at
138 maple st. Suspect might be
unconscience but still consider
him armed and dangerous
Police flea from the police station and rush to the Benson
Police arrive blairing their sirens and flashing their
lights they quickly surround the house. One officer looks
inside the livingroom window to see if he could see
                       2ND POLICE MAN
I see two possible bodies on the
living room floor.


The police then rush in through the front and the back door.
When the police enter the living room offercer two is the
first to say anything.
                       2ND POLICE MAN
OH my God, this guy is one sick
human being.
William had cut the limbs off of Scott's body and scattered
them through the living room. he put some of the body parts
near each other to make it appear that it was two bodies
instead of one.
                       1ST POLICE MAN
We have ourselves a very clever
man. We must search for William
Benson. If anybody finds this man
please you are to not make the
arrest alone you must call for
backup. William is armed and
extremely dangerous.
William is watching from the window of the old woman from
across the street. Officers start leaving the house. Officer
1 walks to a neighbors house in hopes of a witness. William
watches as the neighbor points over to the old womans house.
William hides as the police officer walks over to the old
womans house. The bell RINGS William is totally silent. The
officer RINGS the doorbell again.
                       1ST POLICE MAN (CONT)
Mrs. Rosenburg this is the police
are you home?... Hello?
The offer walks away from the door and around the house
flashing lights through all windows. When he gets to the old
womans bedroom he looks in the window and sees what appears
to be an old woman sleeping. He walks away.
                       1ST POLICE MAN (CONT.)
      (As walking away)
I guess I will try in the morning.
William watches for most of the police to leave. He walks
into the kitchen and sees some keys hanging by the back
door. He makes sure his knife is in his pocket, grabs the


keys, and walks out the door. He gets into the old womans
car and tries the keys. The car starts and he drives away.
William drives to a motel,gets a room and falls asleep.
William wakes up in the next morning and turns on the T.V.
He changes the channel to catch the wheather. While watching
the news a report came on offering a reward for the where
abouts of William Benson. The news report stated that
william was wanted for the murders of 30 year old male and
an 87 year old. The news also stated that William was
driving the old womans silver LaCrosse
                       WILLIAM (VO)
      (To himself)
Oh my GOD!! I really need to get
out of here. I bet Christine is
going to her mothers house. That's
where I must go.
The motel manager is watching the same report he nitices the
car and calls the police by this time William has already
left. He heads East towards the main highway.
William gets to the highway and heads south towards his
brother's house. He pulls off at the first rest stop and
hides his car in some bushes near the parking lot being
carful not to be seen. William waits for night fall watching
cars come and go all day long untill about 11pm. William
sees a car pull up and sees Christine driving the car.
      (to himself)
Gotcha bitch.
Christine parks and gets out then heads over to the
restroom. William pulls the car out of the bushes and parks
near the other car. He checks for his knife then he gets out
of the car and gets into the back of Christine's car, and


hides in the shadows. He waits for Christine to come out of
the bathroom and walks out to the car. She looks at the car
next to hers and relizes that the car was on the news
earlier today. She hurries and gets in her car an put the
car in reverse. William puts his arm around her neck and
puts the knife to her throat.
I have been waiting for you
I am not Christine I am Jennifer.
Don't lie to me Christine
I swear I am not Christine please
William stabs Jennifer three times then she dies. William
gets out of the car and opens the front door ans looks down.
Oh! Shit! She isn't Christine.
William takes her body and puts it in her trunk, then gets
into her car and drives away. He looks around the car and
sees a purse and a scarf. William takes the next exit and
goes to the nearest gas station. He looks through the purse
and find $600.00 cash, so he grabs the scarf and wraps it
around his head and pulls up to a gas pump. He fills the car
and pays then goes to the payphone and calls 911.
                       911 OPERATOR (VO)
      (over the phone
       very quiet)
911 What's your emergancy?
I seen the car that was on the
news earlier for that guy you are
looking for.


                       911 OPERATOR
Can I have your name please.
NO I wish to remain annonomous
                       911 OPERATOR
ok very well where did you see the
On the first rest stop going south
on I-25
William hangs up the phone and gets back into the car and
drives off and gets back on the highway this time heading
William drives past the rest stop where he killed Jennifer.
Police are already on the scene. William speeds up to pass
      (To himself)
I hope this works, I hope I fooled
those bastards.
After driving past the rest stop William starts to hear
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In Williams head.)
We love you. We miss you. I am so
sorry. I feel this is my fault.
Please come back home to me. I
need you.
William feels Christine's hand over his and then he feels a
kiss on the cheek. Then it stops.
      (to himself)
I think I need to rest.


William pulls off at the next exit to find a motel to sleep
at. He finds a motel and checks in. He is very paranoid.
There is a loud KNOCK on the door. He looks out the window
and sees another woman that resembles Christine. He opens
the door. Realizing it's not Christine.
Can I help you?
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
I seen you come in and I noticed
you were alone. And I wanted to
know if you had a girlfriend.
William gives thought into his answer.
No I am single. Why? Are you
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
Maybe. What's your name stud.
Will.. um Jeff Benson and yours.
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
Call me Chrissy
Is that short for anything?
Yeah Christine.
Really I once knew a Christine but
she died.
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
I am so sorry to hear that. Hey
would you like to come to my room
to play some cards or something.


Sure. Give me a minute I need to
grab something.
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
Ok. I am just next door. Just come
right in.
Ok. I'll do that.
Chrissy walks out of the room and shuts the door. William
grabs his jacket with the knife in the pocket and walks out
of the room.
William walks in the room, and sees that Chrissy is naked.
What are you doing?
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
I just want to have fun. Don't you
like my body?
Yes I do.
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
Then come over here and let me
take your clothes off.
William walks over to Chrissy and she undresses him. They
lay on the bed and start having sex with covers over their
bodies. William then start to hear Christine's voice again.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In William's head)
We love you. We miss you. We want
you to come home. I am so sorry.
This is all my fault.


William then feels Christines hand on his and a kiss on his
cheek. Then he gets off of Chrissy and walks over and picks
up his jacket. He pulls out the knife and walks over to
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
What the fuck are you doing?
It's time to die Christine.
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
What the fuck did I ever do to
You cheated on me when I needed
you the most.
                       WOMAN AT MOTEL
I never even met you before
tonight you fucking phsyco.
Chrissy SCREAMS.
Shut the fuck up you fucking
Then he slashes Chriissy in the throat.
See you in hell Christine.
William takes the knife and stabbs her in the chest several
times until she dies. William goes back to his room after
getting dressed. Then he lays down and goes to sleep.
William is back on the highway heading North. He fills his
tank with gas before getting going. While William is driving
he begins to think about Christine, and the images that he
seen when he walked in his house. Then he starts to hear
Christines voice again.


                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In Williams head.
       repeat until
       fades away.)
We love you. We miss you. We want
you to come home. I am so sorry. I
feel this is all my fault.
      (to himself)
I can't wait to kill this bitch.
A horn starts to BLOW, William is swerving in and out of his
lane nearly hitting a tractor trailor. William decides he
should just pull off somewhere and wait until nightfall when
there is less traffic on the road to continue. He finds the
nearest rest stop and pulls off. he parks his car and walks
in to use the restroom. He comes back out and gets into the
car and waits for nightfall. He falls asleep.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In Williams head)
We love you. We miss you. We want
you to come home. I am so sorry. I
feel this is all my fault.
William wakes up. It is now nightfall. He starts to look
Who said that? Christine is that
There is no answer.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In William's
William I love you, Please come
back to me.
William gets out of his car and looks around.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In a ghostly
I am here William. I will always


                       CHRISTINE (cont'd)
be here.
Where are you Christine?
William starts heading toward the bathroom.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In a ghostly
I am here William.
WIlliam turns around and looks behind him.
Show yourself damn it.
He hears nothing else.
                       WILLIAM (CONT)
      (To himself.)
Get a grip man.
William walks into the restroom.
William walks out of the restroom, and back towards his car.
He walks passed a woman that in his eyes looks like
Christine. He watches the woman walk into the restroom. He
runs to his car and grabs his knife. Then he runs back into
the bath house and waits at the restroom door. He is waiting
to hear a FLUSH from the restroom. The door begins to open
William pushes the door open the rest of the way and swings
the knife forcefully into her skull.
Die whore!!!
The woman drops. William drags her to a stall, and realizes
that it's not Christine.
Oh shit!! Fuck!!


William sees a necklace on her neck. He pulls it out from
under her shirt and at the bottom of the necklace dangles a
detectives badge. William starts to panic.
      (To himself.)
Oh shit!!! This bitch is a cop!
I've got to get rid of her body.
William leaves her on the toilet. He walks out of the stall.
He grabs all the paper towels that he can grab, and grabs
the trash can liner out of the trash can and heads back to
the stall. He takes her clothes off and puts them in the
trash bag.William begins to cut off her limbs and sticks
them in the trash bag. He cuts the rest of her body into
flushable size pieces. He then puts the remains of her body
in the bag. He uses the paper towels to clean up the area
and himself. He takes the bag and puts it in the trunk of
his car. William gets into the car and drives away.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In Williams head.)
We love you. We miss you. We want
you to come home. I am here for
you. I will always be here for
you. I am so sorry. I feel this is
all my fault.
Leave me alone!!
William turns on the radio to drown out Christine's voice.
During a song that William likes the music cuts off.
                       RADIO VOICE
We interupt this broadcast to
bring you an update on the lookout
for William Benson. Two days ago
william was seen at a rest stop
heading south. He is believed to
be heading to a brother's house
police are investigating. At the
same rest stop on the same day
police found blood samples of a


                       RADIO VOICE (cont'd)
local collage student her name was
Jennifer was 22 years old. Police
say that the two are related and
William is the prime suspect. As
we get more information you will
be the first to know. If you have
any information about either case
please call your local police
William turns off the radio and focuses on his driving. He
looks down and realizes that he needs gas again. So he pulls
off at the next exit to get gas. He puts the scarf around
his head again and pulls up to a gas station. He pumps his
gas and walks inside. He goes to use the restroom. When he
comes out of the restroom he sees a gas can.
      (picking up a
       small gas can)
I could use this.
He walks up and pays for the gas and the can. He gives the
woman an extra five dollars.
I'll be putting gas in this can
to. If there is any money left you
can keep it. Oh and can I get some
The woman gives him matches and he walks out the door. He
pumps $2.50 in the can and gets in his car. A car that pulls
up it is Scott's sports car.
William observes the car and sees Christine get out of the
car and pulls out a little girl It is Ashley
      (to hinself)
I got you now, but this time I
will follow you to see if you are
goint to the right place.


Christine comes out of the gas station with Ashley and gets
back in the car. She drives away and William follows her but
close enough but not to be noticed. They get on the highway
Heading north on I-25 William remains behind Christine
within a safe distance.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In Williams's
We love you. We miss you. We want
you to come home. I am so...
      (Inturrupting his
Shut the fuck up and leave me
alone. I can't wait to kill you,
Because that should take you
funking voice out of me head.
                       BOTH CHILDREN (VO)
      (In Williams head,
Daddy we love you very much, we
just want you safe and we want you
I love the both of you two. I
swear this will be over soon.
William starts to cry softly.
Get a hold of yourself man you
need to focus on getting even with
William watches Christine exit the highway.


Well so far so good.
Christine continues to travel in the right direction. She
drives straight to her mothers house and parks.
      (while driving
       saftly past.)
I got you this time bitch.
William drives past as he notices the house is made of wood.
He drives to a nearby river to find a place to camp untill
night fall. William finds a nice boat ramp to park at. he
pulls in.
                       THE FISHERMAN
      (Comming out of
       the bushes.)
Hey you can't park here. This is
private property.
Don't tell me what I can and can't
                       THE FISHERMAN
If you don't leave I will be
forced to call the police...Hey
aren't you that guy the police are
looking for.
You must be mistaking me for
someone else.
                       THE FISHERMAN
Well you look a lot like him. Well
anyways you need to leave my


Ok I'll go but can you help me I
am lost.
The fisherman walks over to William looking at the map that
William is holding. William grabs his knife and stabbs the
old man in the chest then he throws him in the river and
drowns him.
I fucking told you not to tell me
what to do.
William pauses for a minute.
                       WILLIAM (CONT)
What is that smell? Oh it must be
the car I need to get rid of it.
William puts the car in nuetral and pushes it in to the
river. The car only goes about halfway then stops.
                       WILLIAM (CONT)
Fuck it.
William walks away from the car and hides in the bushes
untill it becomes dark.
William is seen walking away by a night fisherman who calls
the police. William arrives at Christines parent's house and
walks in. Christine is the only one in the house.
Hi Christine.
Christine reaches for a lamp next to her. She starts to
What do you want from me.
I want you to die.


William hears SIRENS coming down the road. He looks outside
and sees them park in front of the house. As he is looking
out the window Christine hits him with the lamp and knocks
him out. Christine runs out of the house.
Help me my husband is trying to
kill me!
The police rush in and get William. POLICE OFFICER 3 talks
with Christine as William is being taken away.
                       POLICE MAN 3
Ma'am he will not be bothering you
anymore he is going away for a
long time I wouldn't worry about
him anymore.
That sure is a relief.
William was put into a car with no protective sheilds since
it is a small town and he was knocked out.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (in William's head)
We love you. We miss you. We want
you to come home.
Leave me alone.
                       POLICE OFFICER 4
What did you just say?
William doesn't reply.William is cuffed in the front, right
behind the officer. William reached up and chokes the
Stop this fucking car right now.


                       POLICE OFFICER 4
Alright but you are making a very
big mistake.
No I am not, but you will be.
The officer pulls over and William snaps the cops neck
killing him.
I told you I wasn't making a
William climbs to the front and gets out of the car on the
passenger side. He walks around to the driver's side and
opens the rear passenger side door pulls the cop out and
throws him in the back seat. William get's in the front of
the car and notices that his knife is on the front seat with
his gas can. William drives away.
William is standing outside. He notices that all the lights
are on in the house. He walks in the house and sees
Christine sleeping on the coach in the living room. He walks
over to her and kneels down, he puts his hand over her
throat and with the other hand he is shaking her to wake her
up with the knife in that hand.
Wake up Christine
Christine wakes up and tries to scream but she can't.
I am going to remove my hand so
you can talk but if you scream I
will kill everyone else in this
house, aqnd I will make you watch.
William removes his hand from her face. Christine begins to


Why are you doing this? You need
I am doing this because I love you
Christine and if I canít have you
no one can. Once you are dead I
can continue to live my life
without your voice haunting me.
      (begging while
No plaese just leave me alone.
A lot of people have died because
of you, now it's your turn.
He takes the knife and rams it in to her throat then takes
the knife and forced it through the top of her head. He puts
his hands back on her face until she takes her last breathe.
William gets up and grabbed his gasoline. He pours the
gasoline all over Christineís body then he pours gas leading
to the other rooms, when he got to the room where the
children are sleeping he walks in.
Please forgive me for what I am
going to do. I love the both of
you. This is for the best.
Then William walks back to ChristineThen he lit a match and
through it on, then quickly left the house.
He walks down the street far enough where he could still see
the house burn, but not be seen by others. As he watches the
house he hear loud SCREAMING coming from his dying children.


William hears SIRENS coming and he ducks out of site. He
sees Firetrucks arrive at the house and they put out the
fire within a half hour. Firefights start to walk out of the
house. One of them talk to a police man arriving at the
There are five dead bodies inside
and one of them has a knife
through the skull.
                       POLICE MAN 3
So do you think this was fire was
Definatly.there's one more thing.
Two of the bodies are children.
                       POLICE MAN 3
Man I got a real nut on my hands.
William start to cry. He walks back to the ploice car and
gets in. He pulls up to the crime scene and reaches in the
back of the car and grabbs the gun out of the cops holster.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
      (In William's head)
We love you. We miss you. We want
you to come home.
William starts to have a flashback on all that has happened
within the last few months. William get out of the car with
the gun in his hand, and walks up near the police officer
talking to the firefighter.
                       POLICE MAN 3
Man I wish I could catch this
mother fucker.
You don't need to look no further.


William puts the gun to his head and the officer draws his
gun and pionts it toward William.
                       POLICE MAN 3
Put the gun down William. I can
help you if you let me.
Bullshit. You don't want to help
me. I have killed to many people.
You can't help me.
                       POLICE MAN 3
Put the gun down now!
Listen, there is a car in the
river about a mile down the road
you will find a bag of bones that
belongs to a female detective and
the body of the woman I killed at
the rest stop.
William pulls the trigger, and drops to the ground. The
officer runs up to William and checks his pulse.
                       POLICE MAN 3
      (into his radio)
I need an ambulance, I have a man
with exstensive head trauma. He is
still alive but needs oxygen.
An ambulance arrives and William is put into it. The
ambulance speed to the hospital with a police escort.
                       CHRISTINE (VO)
I love you, we all love you, we
miss and want you back.
William is in a hospital bed and he opens his eyes.


      (fighting to speak)
Leave me alone
Christine is standing over his bed holding his hand.
      (yelling out
       toward the door)
Come quick, he is awake.
He turns his head briefly and thinks he sees Christine, the
room then becomes cluttered with nurses and a doctor
                       DR. SANDS
Can you hear my voice?
                       DR. SANDS
What is your name?
You know that Dr. Sands I am
William Benson.
Doctor Sands turns to Christine
                       DR. SANDS
This is the miracle that you had
been praying for. Now it will be a
while but William will be ok.
Who are you talking to.
Dr. Sands moves aside and there stands Christine with the
biggest smile she has ever had.


This canít be real, youíre
supposed to be dead, and the kids
      (confused but
William I don't understand we
never died, I have been here with
you the whole time.
I must be dreaming because I shot
myself in the head.
                       DR. SANDS
You were in an accident that put
you in a coma for two years. You
were dreaming the whole time that
is why you were never taken off of
life support. You were a Victim of
your own mind games.
My mother had moved up here to
help me with the bills and to be
with the children while I was with
you. you were on life support and
the only reason we didnít give up
was because you were showing brain
while I was in the come I heard
you talk to me. Was that real?
What did I say?
You would always say. I love you,
we all love you, and we miss and
want you back.


I told you that every day then I
would hold your hand and kiss you
on the cheek.
Where is Scott?
Scott took over your accounts
until you are to return to the
firm. You know I never stoped
talking to you nor did I ever give
Thank you but, this is too much to
deal with all at one time.
Christine bends down to hug him and kiss him.
I love you and I am glad your
I love you to. Thank you for not
giving up.
Then he closes his eyes and goes to sleep.


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From Julio Weigend Date 3/4/2006 ***
It was good but you gave away the entire story in the synopsis. Don't tell us everything in the synopsis or we're going to know what is going to happen too soon. So that made it a little boring to read. Otherwise it was okay.

From Sharleen Bowers Date 1/25/2006 ***1/2
This has a good story to it. I was really into it when i was reading it.

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