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Shades of Grey
by Spencer LoSchiavo (behereyes@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***
To win the affections of a girl, a super villain becomes a super hero.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The sun lights the city behind tall skyscrapers. The city
resembles New York, but has a classic timeless feel to it.
All is quiet in the bank as people peacefully make
Okay so you want that deposited
into your--
The Teller stops cold in her sentence and screams at the top
of her lungs. A tall man dressed in a dark costume and mask
decorated by lightning bolts hovers in the air playing with
electric bolts that circle his hands. He laughs eerily. He
is Adam Grey, also known as Shockforce.
Shocked to see me?
Chaos erupts in the bank as Shockforce zooms to the vault.
He cracks his knuckles and emits electricity from his hands.
The electric force pulls the vault door off. Just before
the door hits the ground he pushes a bystander out of the
way of getting crushed. The bystander falls down but is
okay. Shockforce walks into the vault and grabs a bag of
money. Suddenly, a boom and a stranger's voice is heard in
the background.
It's Speed!
Adam turns his head to see Speed, the city's Superhero with
the power of high velocity and strength. Adam's face turns
to an angry scowl.


Stop right there Shockforce! You
don't want this to get ugly!
Or do I?
Adam sends a bolt of lightning towards Speed. Speed dodges
it and jumps toward Adam. Adam uses his lightning to zap
Speed and send him flying. Speed quickly gets up. Adam
grabs a young woman and holds her hostage.
Be careful! You don't want anyone
to get hurt now, do you?
                       YOUNG HOSTAGE
Please don't hurt me!
Don't worry this gets him
Okay, just take it easy!
Adam takes a bag of money, lets go of the hostage, and
starts to run. Speed, while running at light speed runs
toward Adam and knocks him over spilling the money. Adam
stands up and gives Speed a bolt of lightning to the chest.
Speed is knocked down. Adam quickly grabs the money and
heads for the door. Speed throws an abrupt punch at the
villain and grabs his bag of money as he falls. Adam gets
back up as Speed throws the bag in the air. Before Adam can
get a chance to jump up and get the bag Speed throws him ten
lightning fast punches to the chest and one more hard punch
which sends Adam flying. He lands on the ground and escapes
by punching a hole in the wall. He disappears in a flash of
Justice is quick.


Everyone around Speed cheers. Speed smiles and waves. The
young woman that Shockforce held hostage comes up to Speed
and kisses him on the cheek to thank him.
Speed is being interviewed by the press.
Yes...well...I don't want to brag
but I had the whole thing planned.
I knew he would grab that
hostage, but he's got a soft spot
for the innocent.
Mr. Speed, what is your secret?
Well, if I told you now it
wouldn't be a secret, would it?
The butt kissing reporters laugh.
I hear your new line of cologne is
coming out. Care to comment?
Yes I call it..."Scent of Speed"
You don't have to be a hero...to
smell like one. No further
Speed dashes off into the distance as the reporters watch.


From the outside, Shockforce's Fortress looks like a dark
and sinister place, but on the inside it's a nice and cozy
bachelor pad. Brute; a big villain with more muscle than
brain, The Magician; a super villain with a cape and top
hat, the Plague; a nightmarish figure with a cloak and an
insect-like mask, and Shockforce are all watching the
interview with Speed at this moment.
Turn it off.
At this moment Shockforce is maskless. We realize that he
is just a normal guy. He slumps over in a chair at a table.
The Magician runs to comfort him.
Hey man, it's happened to all of
But I had the money in my hand
this time. (beat) Maybe I'm just
not the villain I used to be.
You're the best villain, Adam!
He puts a huge hand on Adam's shoulder, hurting him. Adam
winces in pain.
Thanks Brute.
Brute and the Magician both look at The Plague with the look
of death, as if to say, "Say something!"
Oh..uh..Do not worry about it.
The Magician and Brute both sit down. The Magician pulls
out a deck of cards and some poker chips from his hat.


So let's do what we came here to
do: play some poker!
All right. Hold 'em?
The Plague now sits down for the poker game.
      (To The Plague)
You want to deal?
The Plague nods and grabs the deck of cards. He deals two
to every player.
So, Shockforce...That girl you
held hostage today was pretty
Oh yeah. I'll be sure to get her
number next time I see her. "Hey
remember me! I held you hostage
once and I was just wondering..."
The guys laugh. Adam throws down his cards.
I'm out.
Everybody else in?
The villains place their chips in the middle of the table.
I'm not too worried about that
girl though. She'll just be
another girl to Speed.


      (Analyzing his
Yeah...Mr. Hero. Always does the
right thing (beat) as long as it
gets him women and lots of
celebrity endorsements.
The Plague throws down his cards.
I'm out.
The Magician deals out cards from the deck and places them
on the table.
Hey...when's the last time any of
you guys had a girl over your
The Villains laugh.
What? That's a serious question.
Not since Brute was very young.
Before Brute was super villain.
We're villains. We'll never get
the girl. It's just a rule man.
Well, why does it have to be a
I came to that realization when I
first became a villain. We're
just scary, man.
Well, I am the youngest of us. I
think I could still get a girl.


Oh! Okay.
No Really!
As Adam Grey or as Shockforce?
The Magician puts his cards down.
You ready? Full House baby!
Grrr! Brute only have two pair!
You use trick cards!
Hey! How dare you accuse me of
cheating! I'm nothing but honest.
He points his wand to the cards and the chips as both
magically come to him. Brute pounds the table in anger.
Be Careful. It's not wise to
upset a Wookiee.
All right, I'll tell you what,
Adam. I will give you all of my
winnings tonight if you can go out
tomorrow as Adam Grey OR
Shockforce and get just one REAL
girl's phone number.
You're on!
Adam and the Magician shake hands.


Brute? The Plague? You guys are
both witnesses here.
What if he does not get a girl's
phone number?
Well then guess what, Mr. Grey?
You have to clean my evil lair!
And you have to buy the drinks
next poker night!
All right. No problem!
Adam Grey is walking the streets in normal clothing. He
stops to look at his reflection in the mirror to fix his
hair, which is quite disheveled. He then turns and starts
All right. All I gotta do is get
a phone number, right? How hard
can it be?
He walks down the street further, past all the stores. He
walks by several women. He looks at a rich woman in a fur
coat. She is walking her little poodle. Adam shakes his
head. He passes an attractive girl on the road. He sees
her look at him. He smiles and starts walking toward her.
Just then a big, buff guy comes and puts his arm around her.
Adam frowns and continues walking. He walks into a coffee
Adam walks in and looks around at all the girls. He walks
up to the front counter.


Hi, can I have a hot chocolate?
The female server looks at him strangely.
Hot chocolate? We only have
coffee. You know, like Mocha,
Frocha, Choka, Locha, Tocha,
Cappaccino, Frappaccino,
Crappaccino, Al Pacino,
Whackaccino. Latte, Fratte-
Okay! Nevermind.
Adam walks to a table and sits down. He looks around for
girls to ask out. Unfortunately, all he sees are girls with
their boyfriends and old ladies reading books. Suddenly, a
beautiful girl walks in, alone. She has dark brown hair and
green eyes covered by black rimmed glasses. She is carrying
several science books in her arms. She sits down at the
nearest table and starts to read. He studies her beautiful
features. One of her books reads "Property of Alice" on the
                       ADAM (V.O)
All right, this is..too good to be
true. A beautiful girl that likes
science books. She seems perfect.
What are you waiting for! Go
talk to her now!
Adam suddenly finds himself sprouting up by himself and
walking towards the girl. He walks over to her nervously.
Hi, I'm Adam.
She looks at him strangely.
Hi, I'm Alice. Can I help you?


Well, I just um..I just saw that
you...that you liked science and
um..I like science too. It's
um..one of my things, you know?
So...what are you doing here?
Oh, I like reading...too.
Well, I should probably get back
to this. Nice meeting you and
Yeah, likewise! I'll leave you
alone then.
Adam winces. He leaves the coffee shop.
Adam walks out into the streets. He starts talking to
I like science too? It's one of
my things? Ugh, what was I
thinking? Oh crap! I didn't get
her number.
Adam runs back to the coffee shop and looks inside. He sees
that Alice no longer occupies the seat that she was in. She
is nowhere to be found.


All right. So she didn't like
Adam. Maybe she likes Shockforce.
Alice walks home from her job holding her books with a death
grip. Adam(as Shockforce) hides behind a park bench ready to
come out. He lets out a sigh. He points to her. As she
walks, the streetlamps behind her start to go out. She looks
behind her cautiously, and continues to walk faster. Each
light starts to go out behind her. She starts running.
Shockforce pops out of nowhere. He is floating with
lightning surrounding him. Alice screams and drops her
books. She takes out a can of mace and sprays him in the
eyes. His electricity starts to go hay-wire as he falls to
the ground. She runs. As soon as he recovers, he opens his
eyes to see her books on the ground. They have "Property of
Alice" written on them.
The Plague, Brute, and the Magician are all laughing at
Shockforce. Shockforce is suffering heartbreak.
      (Still laughing)
Oh man! She sprayed you! The
mighty Shockforce's only weakness:
Thanks guys.
I'm sorry dude, but that's funny.
Okay! Okay! You've suffered
enough. You don't have to clean
my lair. Don't worry about the
drinks either.
Yeah yeah.


Brute say don't worry.
Like I said, Adam, we're super
villains. It's just not in the
She just seemed so perfect.
They all do. Then, they're
spraying you with pepper spray and
slapping restraining orders on
Or calling Super heroes on you.
Maybe you guys are right.
Of course we are.
Adam walks the villains to the door.
I'll see you guys.
See you.
Bye bye.


Adam is looking through Alice's books. He nods his head.
Suddenly, he stumbles across a magazine of "People". The
cover says "Super Heroes and the Women who Love Them". He
sits up in intrigue. He opens up to the article. He sees a
part about Speed and the women he's been with. He turns the
pages. On every page there is a caped hero and a long list
of the women they've been with. He looks up in thought.
Adam walks up to The Magician's door. He knocks and waits.
The door opens to reveal The Magician standing at the door
in boxers, a t-shirt, and his top hat.
I've got it!
He holds up the magazine and points to it.
Women dig the heroes!
I thought you'd given up this
I may not have to!
The Magician eyes him suspiciously.
You're not thinkin' of going hero
are you?


Well look here...Captain Charge,
Superfly...Even Rainbow Man hooked
up with that super model..uh..
what's her name?..
Let me see that.
He snatches the magazine from Adam.
I always thought Rainbow Man was a
Oh come on, that was just a rumor.
Just because he's Rainbow Man
doesn't mean anything.
So what are you thinking of doing?
I don't know yet.
Well you can't go hero.
Well...Why not?
That's dangerous thinking, man.
People won't accept a reformed
Super Villain.
They'd never have to know.
The Magician shakes his head and walks away.


Adam gets home and puts his coat on the rack. He walks over
to his answering machine and presses the button. A beep
                       VOICE MAIL
You have one new message. First
new message...
                       ADAM'S DAD
Hey Adam, it's Dad. Uhh I hope
you remembered that it's your
mom's birthday today...
Adam stops dead in his tracks.
                       ADAM'S DAD
Uhh she's expecting you over
today. So just uhh.. call me
back. Bye.
Adam turns right back around and grabs his coat and leaves
his house.
                       VOICE MAIL
You have no more messages.
Adam peaks his head in the door with flowers in his hand.
Hey...I hear it's someone's
birthday today.
He walks into the house and gives his mother the flowers.
She kisses him on the cheek. She is a woman of about 65.
Silver hair and big glasses.


                       ADAM'S MOM
Oh Adam it's so great to see you.
It seems like ages.
Uhh mom I just saw you last week.
Adam's dad walks in. He has a big beer belly covered by a
plaid shirt.
                       ADAM'S DAD
Well you know your mother, Adam.
To her, a week is ages ago.
Hi Dad.
Adam's mom places the flowers on the table.
Uhh mom..don't you want to put
that in water?
                       ADAM'S DAD
I'll get it.
He picks up the flowers and walks into the next room.
                       ADAM'S MOM
You know that Mary's daughter
asked about you the other day?
The girl with the hump on her
                       ADAM'S MOM
I'm sorry. Uhh what did she say?
                       ADAM'S MOM
Oh she wanted to know if you were
still single.


Oh I see.
                       ADAM'S MOM
You two should go out sometime. I
hear there's a nice restaurant
Thanks mom, but..it's okay.
                       ADAM'S MOM
What? Everytime I try to fix you
up with someone you bitch about
I just..I don't need...I'm sorry
                       ADAM'S MOM
When are you gonna get married..or
settle down?
I don't know.
Adam's dad walks in the room with the flowers in the vase.
                       ADAM'S DAD
Leave him alone, Barbara. He'll
find someone when he's damn good
and ready. Right Adam?
Adam scratches his head uncomfortably.
                       ADAM'S DAD
He's got the Grey genes. He'll do
just fine.
                       ADAM'S MOM
Well I'd like to become a
grandmother before I croak.
Mom! Don't talk like that!


                       ADAM'S MOM
Sometimes I feel like I have to.
To get you motivated.
Adam is sitting back on his parent's back porch. He is
looking through an old photo album. He sees a picture of
himself as a 12 year old wearing a white coat, goofy glasses
and holding an award for the science fair. Adam laughs. His
dad walks out holding a beer.
                       ADAM'S DAD
Hey, son.
                       ADAM'S DAD
Sometimes I wonder. With your
mother's health the way it is..our
financial problem the way it
is...how much longer we'll have as
a family...to do things like this.
Have you been able to get a loan
for her surgery yet?
                       ADAM'S DAD
No luck with that.
      (Holding back
Adam, I know you can't afford a
whole lot...being just a science
teacher and all..but--
Dad I'm trying. The bank denied
my loan two days ago.


                       ADAM'S DAD
You went two days ago? The same
day that damn Shockforce tried to
rob the bank?
Uhh..that happened...after I was
                       ADAM'S DAD
Look, son, I'm not asking much.
But just to keep your mom happy
for the time being. For as long
as she has left. And for God's
sake, bring a girl here for
dinner, for once. You don't know
how happy that would make her.
Adam nods. His father walks inside.
Adam walks in to the fortress. All the lights are off. He
hangs up his coat and turns the light on. To his surprise,
the Magician, Brute, and The Plague stand there waiting.
Adam yells in shock.
Ahh! What? How did you guys get
in here?
That's not important. What IS
important, however is WHY we are
This is an intervention.
The Magician tells us you are
planning to go hero on us. Is
this true?


Yeah..well no...I was thinking
about it.
You're wussing out for a chick,
Did you ever think that maybe
Heroes aren't necessarily bad
people? Maybe they just have a
different philosophy on life.
Speed is bad people.
Maybe. Look I was just throwing
the idea around. I don't see it
as a big deal.
You don't see the big deal? You'd
be on the other side WITH the
heroes...fighting against us.
Maybe we can work out a truce or
something. If I see you guys at
work, I'll stay away.
Do you not think that they will
eventually find out who you really
Look guys. I just feel like maybe
the villain thing isn't working
out for me anymore.


So retire. Go get an everyday
I can't let my powers go to waste.
Look. I just want to try this
out. If it doesn't work out then
I'll come back.
And if it does you'll be our sworn
enemy for the rest of our lives.
We know where you live, we know
your deepest darkest secrets. We
will become your worst enemies.
      (He smiles)
But what if my enemies became my
What do you mean?
I could become a superhero. Do
all the superhero things. Hang
out with the heroes...Find out
their weaknesses, their
secrets...their true identities.
The Magician and the Plague smile.
Brute confused.
Keep your friends close and your
enemies closer...


It's so crazy it just might work.
There's just one problem.
People are going to wonder why
Shockforce has disappeared and a
new hero with the same powers has
come out of nowhere.
True. How DO we get rid of
We kill him!
I like your thinkin' Mr. Grey.
It is a quiet, sunny day in Coropolis. People walk and ride
bikes on the side walk. Suddenly, they start to turn around
one by one, staring at something. A bike rider starts to
look and crashes into a car. What they are looking at is
Brute in a big sunday dress with a blonde wig, holding a
purse. WHISTLING can be heard from a contruction site
Brute not feel comfortable like
this. Everyone staring at him.
The Magician is hiding next to him in a disguise.
HER, Brute, HER. Stay in
The Magician tears off his disguise and points his wand to


All right lady hand over the
He hovers, Brute screams, everyone screams. Panic ensues in
the street.
Shockforce appears out of nowhere and steals his purse just
as he's about to hand it to Magician.
Hey! This one's mine!
He points his wand to Shockforce. A ray of light comes out.
Shockforce moves, the ray hits a lamp post. The lamp post
turns into a deck of cards.
Last time I checked. It didn't
have your name on it!
He sends a bolt of lightning to The Magician. The Magician
ducks and the bolt hits Brute. Brute falls to the floor in
shock(no pun intended).
                       ADAM (MOS)
Sorry Brute!
This is the end for you, my old
He takes off his hat, putting his hand into it. He pulls
out a knife and throws it at Shockforce. The knife lands in
Shockforce's chest. Electricity comes out of him and he
violently spasms until he falls to the ground. The Magician
smiles and floats over to Shockforce and picks him up. He
floats higher for everyone to see.
God as my witness! The almighty
Shockforce is dead!


Shockforce opens his eyes, slightly to see all the people in
the streets gasp in wonder.
They're really buying it.
Shockforce takes off his armor. The Magician, Brute, and
the Plague gloat in their acheivement.
Oh man, that shock thing you did
to yourself at the end was so
dramatic. No wonder they bought
What about you? Spitting out
those hateful one-liners! "This
is the end for you!" I got chills
all over!
Oh and of course, let's not forget
the star of the day. Brute, here.
You actually are a convincing
Thank you.
You have all done an acceptional
job. Now, Adam, we all have a
surprise for you.
He brings out a box.
Oh guys, you shouldn't have.


Now we had this made especially
for you.
He opens the box and inside is his new hero suit. More
brightley colored than his Villain suit, and with a new
cape. Adam's jaw drops.
My hero suit! You guys made it
for me.
Of course we did. We're your
buddies. Never forget that.
Adam looks at the "TS" symbol on the chest of the suit.
"TS"? What does that mean?
Well you can't be called
Shockforce anymore. You're now
Oooh! I like it.
We thought you would.
Thanks guys.
He brings them all in for a group hug. The Plague tries to
pull away and fails.
All is silent as the moonlight shines through the window.
Suddenly, the glass shatters as TWO MEN IN SKI MASKS break
into the store.


Adam stands in his new THUNDERSTORM suit. He closes his
eyes and takes a deep breath.
The masked men put massive amounts of jewelry into a sack.
                       BURGLER 1
Keep up with me. Let's try to
avoid any heroes.
A voice comes from the darkness.
It's a little late for that boys.
                       BURGLER 2
Ah Crap! Is that Speed?
                       BURGLER 1
I don't think so.
Thunderstorm walks out of the shadows.
                       BURGLER 2
Well whoever you are you. You
won't be around for long.
The Burgler pulls out a gun and fires at Thunderstorm who
disappears in a bolt of electricity.
                       BURGLER 1
What the...is he...dead?
Suddenly, the Burgler's gun is kicked from his hand by
Thunderstorm. They fight. Thunderstorm sends a bolt of
lightning at the Burgler, knocking him down.
Now are you going to hand over
that jewelry?


                       BURGLER 1
The Burgler grabs the gun and shoots it at Thunderstorm.
Thunderstorm dodges it and sends a lightning bolt towards
him, knocking the gun out of his hand. The other burgler
kicks him in the face and runs away with a bag.
Now that was not cool.
He teleports to the door and kicks the Burgler in the face,
catching the bag of jewels.
Doesn't feel so good, does it?
                       BURGLER 1
Hey, Aren't you Mr. Electricity?
                       BURGLER 2
Nah he can't be. Mr. Electricity
retired a while back. I think
this is The Bolt.
                       BURGLER 1
What do you know?
The name's Thunderstorm, boys.
The Burgler's laugh.
                       BURGLER 1
That's the best you could come up
It's more of a working title
Thunderstorm ties the burglers up and dusts his hands. He
then uses his lighting to shoot himself off of the ground.


Thunderstorm watches as the police arrive and load the
burglers into the car. He smiles in approval.
A high speed chase. The cops are following a suspect in a
white car. Thunderstorm jumps on the car and sends
electricity running through it, making the car break down.
He flies off. The police run and catch the theif in the
A cute blonde woman is walking when a mugger comes out of
the dark and points a gun at her. Thunderstorm comes from
behind and knocks him out. The woman smiles at him.
Thank you.
She runs up to him and kisses him on the cheek. Thunderstorm
smiles and disappears into the air.
Speed watches. He clenches his fists.
The Magician sits at Adam's table as Adam recalls the events
of the night before.
And then she kisses me on the
cheek! Like I'm some kind
You are a hero now.


Yeah...I guess I am.
Don't let it get to you too much.
You have a job to do.
I know. But hey I'm enjoying it
while I can.
The Magician turns on the TV while pretending to listen to
Hey what are you doing?
Looks like you're a celebrity
Turn it up.
      (On television)
And so this new stranger calls
himself, Thunderstorm. Look out
Speed you've got some competition.
      (On television)
He came out of nowhere and saved
my life. He was so hot too.
Adam smiles.
                       BURGLER 1
      (On television)
I would've gotten away with it too
if it weren't for that meddling
      (On television)
And there you have it. Reactions


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
to this new hero known as
Thunderstorm. Who is he? Do we
really need him? Only time will
Thunderstorm peers below on any suspicious activity. He
leans over putting his head in his hands. He taps his
fingers. Alice comes out of a store carrying a bag.
Thunderstorm focuses on her. He sees a SUSPICIOUS MAN start
to follow Alice from behind. He stands up straight.
                       SUSPICIOUS MAN
Hey Lady!
Alice keeps walking. Thunderstorm rushes down to save her
as he sees the man reach in his pocket for something.
                       SUSPICIOUS MAN
Alice turns around.
                       SUSPICIOUS MAN
You forgot--
Stop right there criminal!
                       SUSPICIOUS MAN
..Your change..
Oh uh..I'm sorry.
Alice and the Man stare at Thunderstorm.
      (Taking her change)
Thank you, sir.


She walks away, ignoring Thunderstorm. He kicks a rock on
the ground in frustration and floats back up to the roof
Thunderstorm looks at his watch waiting for anything to
happen. Suddenly, he perks up at the sight of two people in
ski masks pull up to a convenient store.
He slumps back down when they pull skis out of the trunk.
Suddenly, a voice appears from behind him.
Slow night?
Thunderstorm spins around to see Speed right behind him.
That's because I've been out here
doing all the work.
Oh, really? Well, good for you.
      (Using his
       Superspeed to get
       in TS's face)
No NOT GOOD! This is my turf,
sir. I'd appreciate you to stay
off of it.
If people's lives are getting
saved, why does it matter?
I'll tell you why....um...I just
don't feel like telling you.


Wait a minute...This is all about
me stealing your thunder isn't it?
Speed's nostrils flare.
You're so used to being the big
Hero in town.
You're jealous.
That's not
true...I...just...I...have nothing
more to say to you sir!
He zooms off. TS smiles.


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From John Fortin Date 7/18/2006 ****
It was amazing but how come he never got that alice chick? That's the only part I was dissapointed with. It was funny, smart, whitty. I loved it.

From Michael Jones Date 7/3/2006 **
Comedys are always hard to write, pretty average but a good idea

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