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Untitled Soccer Project - Episode 1 "OFFSEASON 2005"
by Joseph Ilia (acrosswateragain@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Sports   User Review: ****
Fame. Fortune. Celebrity.So is the life of a proffestional athlete. Unfortunately, for soccer players in America, these things are rarely achieved. These athletes do the work and put their well-being on the line yet are in the one country where their sport is not treated as "the beautiful game," like it is so many other places. Join the New York Knights, a team in the American Soccer Association, as their members struggle with not being known, not being respected, and not getting great pay. This is the first episode of a 12-part series.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The New York Knights are moving the ball up-field. As they
push forward, all defenders move up towards F.C. Detriot's
goal. When the ball gets close to the corner, PETER 'THE
BEAST' SWANSON, a tall, well-built, 28 year-old goalkeeper,
leaves his goal and runs to midfield.
                       COMMENTATOR GOLD (O.S.)
Oh, Swanson leaves his goal. He's
at midfield.
ALEX JACKSON, 38 year-old midfielder, slowly works the ball
down the left side until he is at the goal line and then he
crosses the ball high into the box.
                       COMMENTATOR PRUSSIN (O.S.)
Here's Jackson with the high
The ball floats in and BRIAN CONRAD, tall 24 year-old
Knights defender, rises above all F.C. Detroit and New York
players and strikes the ball with his head. The ball just
misses above the crossbar. The crowd's roar heightens and
falls as the play develops and ends.
                       COMMENTATOR PRUSSIN (O.S.)
Conrad rises up and mishits the
ball, it goes high.
Detroit's goalkeeper chases down the ball out of bounds and
places it on the ground for a goal kick; however, before he
can take the kick, the ref blows his whistle and signals the
corner kick. Immediately, he picks up the ball and runs
toward the ref. Many more Detroit players surround the ref.
                       COMMENTATOR PRUSSIN (O.S.)
Kelly tries to set up the goal
kick but a corner is called. What
a horrible call! I don't think a
single person in the stadium
thinks that was the right call.
Alex Jackson attempts to steal the ball from Detroit's
goalkeeper but is pushed off by another Detroit player. A
couple Knights players defend their teammate. The ref
immediately yellow cards the player who just pushed Jackson.


                       COMMENTATOR GOLD (O.S.)
Right Mark, Detroit's whole team
is surrounding the ref. They
should be careful not to get a
stupid call, giving up a goal now
will let New York in the playoffs
and based on their record against
New York this season, that could
lead to disaster in the playoffs.
A Knights player is able to steal the ball and throws it to
Jackson who is now running towards the corner. All but two
Detroit run into the box awaiting the corner kick. All of
New York's players, including Swanson, run into and around
the box, looking to score.
                       COMMENTATOR GOLD (O.S.)
Jones and Clinton need to calm
down and start paying attention,
they're allowing New York to
outnumber them in the box. With
the score only 1-0, this is the
golden opportunity for the Knights
to even the score.
As Jackson sets up the corner the crowd roars. Jackson
doesn't waste much time and takes the corner. The ball bends
in. Swanson jumps up and the ball skims off of his head and
continues on falling outside the box at the feet of Knights
wing defender, 22-year-old, LUKAS MARQUEZ. He plays the ball
to Knights 22 year-old midfielder, JOSH GRIFFIN, but in the
process is tackled by a F.C. Detroit player and is sprawling
on the ground hurt.
                       COMMENTATOR PRUSSIN (O.S.)
Oh! Knights goalie Pete Swanson
goes up and can't get quite enough
on it and it'll fall to Lukas
Marquez. He'll play the ball to
Josh Griffin.
Griffin crosses the ball back in over the crowd to Jackson
who is running in. At the edge of the box, he slides to hit
the ball but it goes out and hits the side of the goal. The
crowd's roar dies out and Detroit's goalkeeper sets up for
the goal kick.
                       COMMENTATOR PRUSSIN (O.S.) (cont'd)
The ball is sent in by New York,
to the other side, and Jackson
misses wide! Goal kick Detroit,
and that could be the last play of
the Knights' season!


We CUT BACK TO Lukas Marquez, who is still injured and on
the ground.
                       COMMENTATOR GOLD (O.S.)
It looks like Marquez is hurting
on the ground, that tackle must've
been worse than we thought. He
looks like he's in a lot of pain.
Detroit's goalkeeper kicks the ball up-field as Knights
scamper to get back in position, but before the ball can
land, the ref blows his whistle three times to signal the
end of the game. Detroit celebrates but not
enthusiastically. The Knights are scattered, some on the
ground, face in hands, some standing, looking at the ground
                       COMMENTATOR GOLD (O.S.)
And that ends the game.
We see BARAK INBAL, 34 year-old athletic trainer, rushes
onto the field to attend to Marquez. He calls on an intern
to bring a stretcher and the two roll Marquez onto it.
                       COMMENTATOR PRUSSIN (O.S.)
And you can see the disappointment
on the Knights' face. A tie would
have guaranteed a playoff birth
but now a win by Pittsburgh over
league-worst Seattle Storm will
give New York a no playoff season
and the third overall pick in the
Amateur Draft.
The commentators are sitting next to each other looking at
the camera.
                       COMMENTATOR GOLD
A truly upsetting thing to see
after a 5-1-1 start to the season.
The Knights ever since have been
struggling to find a real rhythm
and now they are on the brink of
                       COMMENTATOR PRUSSIN
Sad indeed. Stay tuned for
analysis of today's game or watch
the New York Soccer Report
tomorrow at 7. Until then, I'm
Mark Prussin, he's David Gold,


                       COMMENTATOR PRUSSIN (cont'd)
thanks for joining us for this
Knights broadcast. Have a great
Entire team walks slowly into the locker room. Trainer Barak
and the intern walk in first still carrying Marquez. They
put him down on a bed.
                       TRAINER BARAK
      (pointing to
       Marquez, talking
       to intern)
Take care of him.
Trainer Barak walks away. HEAD COACH JIM FIELDS, mid 50s,
walks a little ahead everybody else. Players begin to move
to their lockers.
                       COACH FIELDS
Nobody leaves until the Pittsburgh
game ends. I don't care what you
have to or want to do, I don't
care if the game is 20 to nothing
at halftime, we stay until the
last three whistles are blown.
Coach Fields walks into his office as we turn to Alex
Jackson is lying on the floor and Trainer Barak is holding
his leg up.
                       TRAINER BARAK
You sure you're okay?
      (mad and upset)
I'm fine.
                       TRAINER BARAK
Okay, get ready, this is really
going to hurt. One, two, three.
Barak pushes Jackson's legs into a more than ninety degree
angle. Jackson yells in pain. Barak looks upset. He holds
the leg up for ten seconds.
                       TRAINER BARAK
I told you it would hurt. You


Jackson breathes heavily through his teeth.
      (in pain)
Just do the other one.
Barak eases the leg down and picks up the other. The intern
approaches Trainer Barak.
      (taps Inbal's
Barak. I think Lukas is gunna need
an MRI.
                       TRAINER BARAK
You think?
I'm sure.
                       TRAINER BARAK
You sure?
I'm sure.
Pause. Barak sighs.
                       TRAINER BARAK
Okay, gimme a couple minutes, I'll
be over there.
The intern leaves.
                       TRAINER BARAK
Okay. One, two, three.
Barak pushes the other leg in the same way as he did the
first. Jaskson yells in pain again. The camera turns to
Swanson who is hiding the cell phone he's talking on in his


      (quietly and
Look, I don't care if my goals
against average rose by more than
a goal. It was my crap defense's
fault. That's what you got to tell
other teams.
Swanson looks around and pauses, listening to the person on
the phone.
      (quietly and
So what if clubs only want youth?
I'm twenty-eight years old Ari!
Swanson pauses again.
      (quietly and
You're my agent, I want you to get
me to a club that'll prove my
talent is up to England's
Swanson takes a quick pause and begins to speak again as if
interrupting his agent.
      (quietly and
You're in charge of my contract!
You shouldn't tell me that
something isn't possible because
you're responsible for it. Just
fix it or I'll get someone else
He hangs up the cell phone. He pauses to take a couple of
deep breathes and then turns toward his locker and throws
his cell phone in the locker. He takes a couple more deep
breathes and then we turn to Coach Fields emerging from his
office approaching ASSISTANT DAVE TIDDWELL, mid 30s.
                       COACH FIELDS
Let the reporters in!
                       ASSISTANT DAVE


                       COACH FIELDS
The sooner we get 'em in, the
sooner we get 'em out. Go!
The players moan and Assistant Dave walks hastily and
nervously to the locker room doors. He opens them and
reporters walk hastily to various players. Many approach
Josh Griffin who is now being surrounded by the press.
A loss is always disappointing,
but its only my first season, so
even if we miss the playoffs, I
still have many more years to
dedicate to New York and the
                       GROUP OF PRESS (O.S.)
Griffin! Griffin!
Griffin points to someone in the swarm of media.
                       REPORTER #1
Hi, Leo Thurman, Daily Letter.
Josh, you have registered only two
assists and one goals in the final
six games of the season. Do you at
all blame yourself for the team's
0-4-2 skid to end the season?
Well, I believe that there's no
way to reject a correlation with
stats like that, but soccer isn't
a one man sport. There are
twenty-one other guys out there
and each one has the power to
completely alter the game.
However, no one player is solely
responsible because soccer is a
team sport and more than one
person needs to be relied on to
step up. I don't mind the
criticism, but I think that its
hard to point fingers in a team
                       GROUP OF PRESS
Griffin! Griffin!


As the reporters vie for Griffin's attention we turn to
Jackson, who now is being stretched out by Trainer Inbal.
Some reporters are around him, but there are notably less
around him then Griffin.
Look, I realize I'm 38 years old.
I realize that I'm not as good as
I once was, but regardless, I've
earned a starting spot, I led the
team in assists, and served as
captain. I'm very happy to still
be playing the game and have the
ability to play the game at this
level, and I'll know when I'm
ready to retire.
                       REPORTER #2
Uh Alex? Michael Craines,
Soccerfanatic.com, in the ten
minutes of the game you took four
shots after averaging about three
and a half shots per game all
season. Three of the shots went
wide and one which went directly
at the keeper. How would you
explain this inaccuracy at such a
crucial moment?
Well, as all of you know, one
paint would guarantee a playoff
spot, and we were one goal down.
One goal is created off of one
shot, so I put in 110% and tried
to get as many shots in as
possible. Unfortunately, they
weren't very good hosts and as a
result, we'll have to just root
for Seattle and cross our fingers.
We see Conrad with only three reporters around him.
Are there any more questions?
Pause. The reporters move on. Conrad shakes his head and
walks over to Jackson who is on the ground stretching his


Josh gets six goals and seven
assists all year and the press
can't get enough of him. You lead
the team in assists while missing
half the season and get half of
what he has. I anchor our D, and
I missed less than half the season
and I wouldn't exactly call you an
Still, he's more hype than bite.
It isn't about being a star, its
about becoming a star now.
I'm only twenty-five. I haven't
hit my prime yet. Where's my shoe
contracts and media coverage. He
doesn't deserve that much.
I guess you're right. But he's the
poster-boy, that's just how things
You okay?
Yeah, it just gets really sore.
No but I'll take your word for it.
Talk to you later man.
See ya.
Conrad walks away and Trainer Barak walks up to Jackson with
an Ice Pack.


                       TRAINER BARAK
Alex, times up.
Thank god.
Jackson stops stretching and lays out flat on the floor.
Help me up?
                       TRAINER BARAK
No problem.
Barak helps Jackson get up. Jackson sits on the chair next
to his locker.
                       TRAINER BARAK (cont'd)
      (handing the ice
       pack to Jackson)
Okay, here's your ice pack, I want
you to apply it ten minutes on,
ten minutes off for an ho-
I know, I know. You know I know
the drill. Thanks.
                       TRAINER BARAK
Welcome, I got to go.
They shake and Barak leaves.
Coach Fields stands in front of a T.V. screen on wheels with
Assistant Dave. The other three coaches and 20 of the 22
players on the team stand across from him listening to the
                       COACH FIELDS
      (counts people in
       front of him)
Who's missing?
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
                       COACH FIELDS
Just Ali.


                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Yes. Wait, no, Marquez too. He's
getting that MRI.
                       COACH FIELDS
Now? Jesus. Okay, just get Ali in
here. Now guys, we're goin-
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Uh...Jim, he's uh...praying right
                       COACH FIELDS
I don't care, get him the hell in
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Jim, he has to pray. He's Muslim.
                       COACH FIELDS
He's also a Knight, get him in
here! Now!
Assistant Dave angrily swallows his next words and leaves.
                       COACH FIELDS
Now, all you guys really let down
everyone in the past month. We
should've been in easy. Now, we're
hoping the worst team in the
league wins against a team they
didn't score on yet this year. I
hope you all are happy.
CUT TO ASSISTANT DAVE finding YOUSUF ALI, twenty-seven years
old, praying on a mat in a side room of the locker room.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
I'll pretend I had trouble finding
you, just finish up.
Dave begins to watch Ali pray.
CUT BACK TO Coach Fields lecturing the team.
                       COACH FIELDS (cont'd)
Now, you all know what I think of
your play. I've been yelling at
you for the past 5 weeks about it
and the media isn't exactly
softballing to you guys.
Assistant Dave walks back into the locker room with Ali.


                       COACH FIELDS (cont'd)
Honestly, I'm tired of saying it.
So you all are going to sit here
and wait for the end of this game.
Then I'll decide what you can do
for the rest of the night. Okay? I
don't have anything else right
now, lets just watch the game and
get this over with.
Assistant Dave walks over to the T.V. but Coach Fields bumps
into him.
                       COACH FIELDS
What took so long?
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
I couldn't find him, please don't
bother him, its his religion.
                       COACH FIELDS
I'm the coach, I'll do what I
want. Your the assistant, watch
Assistant Dave waits for Coach Fields to move on and then
turns on the T.V. to the game featuring F.C. Seattle versus
Pittsburgh Panthers. The national anthem is halfway done.
The team is still watching the game, which is in its 14th
minute. On the T.V., F.C. Seattle player Jose Torres gets
the ball.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
Jose Torres collects the ball. He
looks good pushing forward.
Torres beats a couple players.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #2 (O.S.)
Torres is one five players making
their debut tonight for Seattle,
who looks to be making a youth
movement. He was selected in the
first round of last year's draft
but couldn't get healthy enough to
earn a starting spot.
Torres cuts back and bends a ball into the corner of the
goal, just out of the goalie's reach. The crowd goes wild.


                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
F.C. Seattle players begin to celebrate on the field and the
New York Knights celebrate in the locker room.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
CAREER GOAL! What a beautiful
shot. And FC Seattle goes up 1-0.
NY Knights players are now moving around the locker room,
happy. The five staff members, including Coach Fields, stand
closest to the T.V., fixed on the screen along with Jackson,
MICHAEL CHUNG, late teens, and EVAN TAYLOR, mid 20s. Coach
Fields turns around and sees other players goofing around.
                       COACH FIELDS
You all better get the hell back
here, this is the last time I'm
telling you. Stop horsing around.
Hey, Davis, get away fr-
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
Pittsburgh ties the game at one!
Coach Fields turns around to see what has just happened. The
team looks on mortified as their playoff hopes become
diminished. The T.V. shows that Pittsburgh is tied 1-1 with
F.C. Seattle in the 81st minute. Pittsburgh celebrates they
are now one goal away from the playoffs.
                       COACH FIELDS
Okay guys, Pittsburgh still needs
one more goal to get our spot. ITS
The team looks around at each other, a couple are still
smiling but for the most part the team looks upset. On the
T.V., Pittsburgh quickly counter attacks and draws a penalty
kick. Pittsburgh is overjoyed as many F.C. Seattle argue
with the ref. Knights players sulk and some sit in chairs.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
Pittsburgh gets a penalty!
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #2 (O.S.)
Wow, in less than a minute, the
Pittsburgh Panthers are a goal
away from stealing a playoff spot
from the New York Knights.


On the T.V., Pittsburgh gets ready to take the kick as FC
Seattle players finally leave the ref alone. The Knights
crowd around the T.V. to see what's happening.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
It looks like Matt Liguz will step
up to take the kick.
A Pittsburgh Panthers' player steps up to the spot to take
the kick. He turns around, throws up, and wipes his mouth.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #2 (O.S.)
You can really see the nerves
getting to Liguz.
He collects himself and takes the kick. It goes to the left
and F.C. Seattle's goalkeeper makes a beautiful finger tip
save to push the ball to the side.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
Here comes the shot and...OH! WHAT
A SAVE! One of the best PK saves
I've seen as Howard pushes the
ball off to the side for a corner
The Knights erupt in cheers as the Pittsburgh PK taker falls
to the ground in shock. Another player helps to pick up the
PK taker while the Panthers set up for a corner kick. They
take the corner and it swings in and a Pittsburgh player
heads the ball into the goal.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
And a goal. Pittsburgh takes
advantage of Seattle who got lost
in celebrating the save and if
Pittsburgh now can hold on to the
lead, they will be in the
The New York players slowly realize that Pittsburgh has
scored and they stop celebrating.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #2 (O.S.)
Seattle got too caught up in their
penalty kick save and forgot to
cover all of Pittsburgh's threats
and as a result, Michael Butler
has scored the go-ahead goal.
                       COACH FIELDS
Turn it off.


Assistant Dave slowly walks to the T.V.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #1 (O.S.)
It was truly a beautiful play.
Donadoni hit the in-swinging
corner and found Michael Butler
right in his route.
                       F.C. SEATTLE COMMENTATOR #2 (O.S.)
Your right Max, Donadoni was
displaying the type of playma-
Assistant Dave touches the screen and we CUT TO BLACK.
"OFFSEASON 2005" appears on the screen. Newspaper headlines
read "End of Season Collapse Leaves Knights on the Outside
Looking In," "Is the Knight's Future Dim," and "Pittsburgh
Sneaks by Knights." The standings show the Washington Eagles
in first followed by the F.C. Detroit, then Miami Monsoons,
Pittsburgh Panthers, New York Knights and the Boston
Banshees. The West is aligned Los Angeles Showtime,
Sacramento Stars, F.C. Las Vegas, Pheonix Pride, Houston
Heat and F.C. Seattle.
We see Alex Jackson in his mid-sized suburban home. He is in
his kitchen preparing a salad for a family.
The words "Draft Day '05" appear on the screen.
The phone rings and Jackson lets it ring once before
dropping what he is doing in order to get the phone. He
picks it up.
The answering machine picks up and a recording of Jackson's
wife, STACY JACKSON, late 30s.
                       STACY JACKSON
Hi, you've-
I'm sorry, if you're talking I
can't hear you! Just wait 'till
the recording stops!
Continues preparing salad.


                       STACY JACKSON
reached the Jacksons. We're unable
to reach the phone right now but
please leave your name and number
after the beep and we'll be glad
to get back to you.
Okay, sorry, go ahead.
The man on the phone is JOE WILLIAMS, 39 years old. He is an
outside back for the New York Knights and a long-time close
friend of Jackson's.
Turn ASN4 on now.
When did you stop saying hello,
I wouldn't be worried about that.
I would be worried about my job.
What? They replacing you?
No, you! Channel 68.
Stops preparing salad.
      (looks around)
      (turns on T.V.)
Its the weather.
Damn, you don't have satellite.
Uhh...its ASN4.
Wait, wait, wait...since when are
there more than two ASNs?
Forget it. You know that Pierce
Jackson begins to channel flip.


Charlie Pierce, UCLA?
Oh shit, how'd he drop down to
Griffin is driving in his car talking on his cell with his
agent, ROBBI WEINSTEIN, late 40s.
                       GRIFFIN'S AGENT
Seattle picked Johnson first then
Boston traded Chicklis to Vegas
and got Ruiz. After that, Boston
drafted a goalie to replace
Chicklis and Houston needed a
stricker so they got Juskowiak.
Fuck. Why the hell did you tell me
this was good news, Robbi?
                       GRIFFIN'S AGENT
Because it is. This means they're
getting rid of Jackson. You'll be
in command of the midfield.
They're filling the gaps for you.
If they wanted to fill the damn
gaps, they'd draft a fucking
goalie, or fix the piece of shit
defense. Hell, even a forward but
not the midfield.
                       GRIFFIN'S AGENT
Josh, Josh, calm down, this is
shouldn't bother you. You'll see,
you'll be guiding this guy and Ali
as soon as Jackson's done.
Did it ever occur to you that
Jackson may not be done for
another few years!?!
Griffin hangs up the phone.


JEFF DAVIS, early 30s, Knights defensive midfielder, sits in
his apartment with his girlfriend, SARAH HUGHES, late 20s.
They are sitting on a love seat watching the television,
tuned to ASN4 (American Sports Network). They see CHARLIE
PIERCE, twenty years old, receiving a New York Knights
                       DAVIS' GIRLFRIEND
Its okay, you'll get another
Davis gets up and begins to walk to a different side of the
small apartment.
      (quietly and
Sarah gets up to follow Davis into the next room. As she
gets up, we zoom in on the T.V. where Coach Jim Fields is
being interviewed by a reporter about drafting Charlie
                       COACH FIELDS
      (on T.V.)
I feel that no matter how this
plays out it will be interesting.
Currently our midfield is among
the best in the league, but when
you consider the combined
potential of Josh and Charlie,
they could lead the Knights to
success for years to come.
Coach Field and a reporter are standing just off to the side
of the stage.
                       REPORTER # 3
Coach Fields, you mentioned that
both Griffin and Pierce have
immense potential. Do you mean to
say that this is officially a
project in the works?
                       COACH FIELDS
I wouldn't say that. Ali and
Jackson are both top notch
midfielders and will continue to


                       COACH FIELDS (cont'd)
help lead this team. However, Josh
is entering his third year so he
should play well.
Jackson is still channel surfing while on the phone with
Williams. He stops when he sees Coach Fields's face.
Got it!
                       COACH FIELDS (cont'd)
      (on T.V.)
If Charlie can come in and make an
instant impact then this is
something we'll kick into full
gear right away.
                       REPORTER # 3
Coach, Jeff Davis has been a
regular piece of the starting
lineup for three years. How does
this affect his role with the
                       COACH FIELDS
I'm not in a position to answer
that right now. I can say that if
you compete and play well enough
to earn a spot, you'll get it.
That's how I chose my eleven.
                       REPORTER # 3
Thanks for your time Coach.
                       COACH FIELDS
No problem.
Coach Fields walks out of the way of the camera.
                       REPORTER # 3
That was Coach Jim Fields of the
New York Knights. I'm Karen
Knauff, lets send you back up to
Marcelo and Rob for more on the
draft. Back to you guys.
The cameraman put the camera down as Coach Fields walks to
New York Knights general manager, NICK KOSCIELNY, mid 50s.


                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
You better make this work.
                       COACH FIELDS
Don't worry, the kid's great. It
Michael Chung paces in his apartment on the phone. On the
other end is his mother, YEONHEE CHUNG. The T.V. in his room
is ASN4's draft coverage, which is currently on mute.
Mom! I don't wanna work for Dad!
                       CHUNG'S MOTHER (O.S.)
Michael, please, you've kept this
up long enough. We're tired of
paying for your expenses. Get a
job that pays more than 15,000 a
year and maybe I'll be satisfied.
Satisfied? Are you saying that I'm
supposed to just satisfy what you
want all the time. This is what I
want, Ma, and I'm going to keep
doing it.
                       CHUNG'S MOTHER (O.S.)
Fine! You don't want to for for
Dad, pay the bills yourself. Lets
see you do that on 12,000 a year.
Fine, I will.
Michael hangs up. After a little bit of time the phone
begins to ring again.
                       CHUNG'S MOTHER
Michael, please, I know you only
have one year left on your
contract. I'm not going to pay
your bills, so maybe you'll see
what its like to not have any
money to spend. This time next
year, I expect you to get a real
job or come and work with Dad.


I play with more heart than
anybody on this team. I work my
ass off everyday. I'll get a shot,
and when I do, I'll take a spot.
Michael hangs up and paces angrily. The phone begins to ring
and Michael grabs the phone and throws it against the wall
breaking the phone. He almost immediately follows the phone
to the wall, nervous and upset that he broke the phone.
We zoom in on the T.V., which is showing a breakdown of the
five rookies that the New York Knights have taken in this
draft. They are Midfielder Charlie Pierce, 5'8", born on
June 29th 1987, Wing Back FELIX RODRIGUEZ, 5'4", October
13th, 1986, Striker CHAD JONES, 6'1", April 18th 1984,
Goalkeeper CHRIS JOLLEY, 5'9" October 22nd, 1982, and
Outside Back MALLIK DIOP, 5'9".
Twenty-nine players are gathered in the middle of the field.
Most are chatting but Jackson, Chung, Taylor and NESTO
PEREZ, mid 20s, are stretching.
      (to O'Shea)
Yo, what happened to Brian?
He's right over there.
No, not Conrad, Nugent.
Oh, he retired.
He was 25!
Yeah, and he played in one game in
three years.


Off to the side of the field, Griffin pulls up, music
blasting. He is already in workout clothes though is
obviously not in an attitude to work.
Golden Boy's here.
      (to Jackson)
Yeah I am Old Man. You ready to
get burned or you too old for that
      (to Griffin)
Watch what you say, these old
legs'll be running circles around
you in few minutes.
Coach Fields and the other four staff members, plus Spanish
translator RAFAEL MORALES, approach the group of, now,
thirty players. As the coaches speak, Morales translates
into Spanish.
                       COACH FIELDS
Listen up!
The chatter stops. The words "Preseason Training 2006" FADE
IN and then FADE OUT.
                       COACH FIELDS
All of you returning know who I
am. All of you who are new better
know who the fuck I am. If you
don't, you better find out soon
and don't bother asking me. All
I'll tell you, is that I'm the guy
that's gunna whip you into the
shape. I'm here to separate the
sissies from the saviors. We
finished one point out of the
playoffs last year. One fucking
point out of the spot that WE had!
I'm lucky that my higher ups
realized that it was a twenty-two
man roster of people not named
Coach Jim Fields who let me down.
0-4-2 when we haven't clinched is
unacceptable. Some of you will
lose your jobs because of it. Some
of you will get jobs because of
it. But you better not let it


                       COACH FIELDS (cont'd)
happen again, or else it'll be
your ass and mine. Now, lets see
if you're ready to bring anything
this year.
Conditioning Coach WILL FORSTER, late 20s, steps to the
front of the pack of coaches,
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
Alright, I want y'all to get in
two lines, now! Jackson! Griffin!
Take the leads.
The team begins to form two lines slowly.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
They begin to hustle into two lines.
      (joking quietly to
       other players)
I missed Will.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
Y'all better move a little faster
if you like your jobs. This ain't
no summer camp, its spring. Here
you get your job, and you do that
by earning it.
Now move, two laps!
The team begins to job away as the staff gathers.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
I love spring.
We see a montage of the New York Knights field players doing
suicides, dribbling drills, shooting drills, a Knights
player (who will be cut) throwing up, passing drills, and
sprints. We also see the New York Knights three goalies,
Peter "The Beast" Swanson, JOSH MOORE, mid 20s, and rookie
Chris Jolley being worked by Goalkeeping Coach, TONY HOWARD,
mid 20s, getting shots taken against them, doing
catching/throwing drills on the ground, having balls thrown


at the sides of their goals, forcing them to dive
shamelessly for the ball. After the sequence is over, we CUT
TO a Knights player enter Coach Fields's office and we see a
similar scene with six other players. Coach Fields's clothes
change for each player to indicate a change in date. We then
CUT TO the seven players separately leaving Coach Fields's
office, some in rage, some in sadness, some in worry, some
in acceptance.
CUT TO TRAINING FIELD - NEXT. Coach Fields's is addressing
the team, which is now down to twenty-three players. Shortly
after he begins talking, CUT TO a montage of four new
players arriving at camp escorted by Assistant Dave. Two of
them are RAFAEL MARQUEZ and RYAN HERNANDEZ, both are early
20s. After seeing them arriving, we see a montage of more
training. At the end of his monologue, we CUT BACK TO Coach
                       COACH FIELDS
Okay guys, as you can all see,
we're down to twenty-three. I can
honestly say that its the best
twenty-three out of the
thirty...but its still not good
      (montage begins)
We're getting four new players
into camp in the next couple of
days. With them, five more need to
go in less than two months. We got
a week more of practice and then
the preseason will start. You may
all think the preseason means
nothing, but you're wrong. Giving
the other guys...the slightest
fucking idea that they are better
than us can make the entire season
fall apart. Its one thing to have
a lack of confidence to start the
season, but its a bigger deal to
let everyone else get confident.
      (montage ends)
We have five people to cut and if
you don't prove that you're in the
top twenty-two, your ass is grass.
So lets see what you guys can do.
The Knights are playing the Miami Monsoons in a preseason
game. Its on a college campus and not in a stadium. The
teams aren't even wearing jersey, simply different colored


pinnies. There are very few people other than the staff and
players, and some of them are media. After a little bit of
the players playing without much effort, the referee blows
his whistle three times to signify the end of the game. The
players of opposite teams greet each other on the field.
Coach Fields walks over to the opposing team's coach and
shakes his hand and then walks back to his bench with his
hands on his head. Coach Fields walks over to the opposing
team's head coach and then walks back to his bench with his
hands on his head. The other Knights coaches meet with
people from the other team and then follow Coach Fields back
to their bench.
                       COACH FIELDS
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Yeah Coach.
                       COACH FIELDS
I want everyone over here. Now!
Assistant Dave turns and walks a bit toward the team.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Yo, guys, Coach wants you on the
bench now.
About half of the team begins to walk toward the bench,
while the rest of the team looks like their lengthily ending
their conversations.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
      (begins clapping)
Let's go, let's go. You guys don't
wanna get Coach pissed and I know
The rest of the team begins jogging toward the bench where
Coach Fields is pacing back and forth slowly running his
hands through his hair. He waits for the entire roster of
players to arrive. The Panthers head toward their bus.
                       COACH FIELDS
I want everybody to look down at
the ground. Now.
Most of the team looks out. One exception is Jeff Davis.
                       COACH FIELDS
Don't fuckin' dare keep looking up
Davis, you spent the whole game
looking at the ball don't honor me
with your eyes.


The whole team now looks at the ground except the staff.
                       COACH FIELDS
You really should be a little more
passionate than you look Davis,
with you possibly losing your spot
in the starting eleven. All of
you, before you look at me, you
better look around during the
games. Stop ball watching and look
for better options around you.
They're there, you just can't see
them when you look at your feet.
0, 2 and 1 to start the preseason?
This was supposed to be a year
where we make a cup run. If you
can't take the preseason seriously
don't expect me to take your
position on this team seriously. 2
lines, 10 laps, go!
Some moan as the entire team except Lukas Marquez, who is on
crutches, starts running.
                       COACH FIELDS
      (yelling, to the
Want me to do anything Coach?
                       COACH FIELDS
I don't know, do a lap.
Marquez looks a bit confused at Coach Fields and then slowly
turns around and starts his lap on crutches. Coach Fields
turns to his staff.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
I liked that one Coach.
                       TRAINER BARAK
Shut up Will.
      (turns to watch
       the team across
       the field)
You guys see Jackson?


                       G.C. HOWARD
Over there, three from the back.
Next to O'Shea.
Trainer Barak and Coach Fields sigh.
                       COACH FIELDS
JACKSON! Come here for a minute!
Jackson starts sidestepping to keep up with the team's laps
and then begins to jog across the field to the coaches. He
arrives across the field.
Yeah Coach?
                       COACH FIELDS
How you doin'? How's the leg?
Quick flashback of an EXTREME CLOSE UP of Jackson's scarred
left knee with a needle injected in it.
Its doin' well, its really good.
                       COACH FIELDS
Well, I thought Barak didn't clear
you to play until next week.
Quick Flashback to INT. LOCKER ROOM - DAY, Jackson is
sitting on a table while Trainer Barak injects a needle into
his knee.
Well I feel pretty good. I thought
I could do a couple laps.
                       TRAINER BARAK
10 laps isn't a couple. And its
even more when you're not clear to
play. Surgery isn't something you
should just come back from
whenever you feel like. Its
something you need to give time
It was just corrective surgery. I
feel good, I feel ready.
                       TRAINER BARAK
You'll still be ready on Tuesday.
Its only five more days.


                       COACH FIELDS
You're still have a spot for the
first game. Don't worry about
that. You can go home.
Okay Coach.
Jackson turns around slowly and walks to his car, with his
head down.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
Head up!
The staff turns to Conditioner Forster.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
What the hell, Will?
Head Coach Jim Fields, Assistant Coach Dave Tiddwell,
Goalkeeping Coach Tony Howard, Conditioning Coach Will
Forster, and General Manager Nick Koscielny all are gathered
in Coach Field's office. None of them are sitting and some
begin pacing and stop pacing randomly.
                       COACH FIELDS
We just need to figure this out.
Its preseason, but 0, 2 and 1 is
inexcusable. We lost to the
fucking Banshees! How much more
can we change, we have two games
left before the season starts!
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
You have your eye on any players
in specific? I mean, we have two
weeks left to deal before the
window closes, if we need help we
get it now or we don't get it at
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
Ali's playing like shit.
                       COACH FIELDS
He's playing with no heart right


                       ASSISTANT DAVE
But he's got talent. Let me talk
to him, I'll try and get him in
check. But Griffin...Griffin's a
prick and I don't see the
potential from his scouting
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
No way!
                       COACH FIELDS
You wanna give up on Griffin after
one year!
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
When he insults us, the rest of
the guys, including Jackson, plays
inconsisently, and shows off.
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
Josh Griffin is going to be the
face of this franchise. Even if he
had one mediocre year, he's got
almost twenty more years left and
I intend to see him play them out
in no other A.S.A. uniform other
than that of the Knights!
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Fine...I guess it stops with you.
What about Swanson? He's acting
like a bigger hothead each day and
its not like we've controlled him
in the past.
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
But he's in his contract year, no
one's gunna give us his worth now.
Plus, he's playing for his future
                       COACH FIELDS
He's playing for Europe right now.
He thinks the Knights are shit.
He'll still play hard but I doubt
he has any intention of staying
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
I like Pete, he plays with heart.


                       G.C. HOWARD
But he also doesn't play with his
head. He's an idiot and he's going
to become a cancer, I can garuntee
                       COACH FIELDS
I don't wanna risk keeping him. He
could just implode halfway through
and then we're fucked.
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
Look, we can't trade him, his
value's down because the only way
he's going to resign is for more
money than other teams are willing
to give. We're gunna take a hit
for that.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Y'know, he calls his agent every
five minutes.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
He's acting like your girlfriend,
They chuckle. Pause.
                       G.C. HOWARD
What about Nesto?
                       COACH FIELDS
Coach Howard nods.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
He plays harder than every other
guy out there.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
Yeah, but he doesn't do much with
the effort.
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
And if we cut him if frees up room
to bring another international on.
I don't think you're planning on
playing him much, if at all, are
you Joe?


                       COACH FIELDS
No, not really.
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
So we get two of our trial players
to sign on instead of just one,
and we stay under the five
internationals limit.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
I still think he deserves one last
                       COACH FIELDS
He's had one last chance for the
psat year and a half. The longer
we keep him, the more time we give
other clubs to grab our guys up.
                       G.C. HOWARD
It's a smart move.
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
It's done. Coach? Will you do the
                       COACH FIELDS
Well, he was your signing.
                       G.M. KOSCIELNY
He's on your team.
                       COACH FIELDS
Okay...after practice tomorrow.
He'll be gone.
Nesto Perez pulls up to his house in the passanger seat of
Felix Rodriguez's car. Nesto gets out of the car and leans
back in the car through the open passanger seat window.
Thanks, man.
No problem. See you later.
Rodreguiz makes a U-Turn. Perez sees this and runs after the


Hey! Hey! Hey!
Rodriguez stops.
Felix, don't tell me you're going
to Tab's house. You better fucking
turn around and go the other
direction, your house.
Don't tell me your gettin' high
Shit Nesto, not so loud.
C'mon, man, the season's about to
start. Don't start up with this
shit now.
Why? What the fuck will they do?
They'll throw you out of the damn
league, Felix.
Yeah right.
And how the hell are they gunna
catch me.
Listen rook, you ain't got no
idea. The piss man will come and
get you, you hear? Didn't they
warn you in the combines?
Yeah they did Nesto, they warned
me about random testing and they
warned me that he only comes a
couple times a year. I like my
Rodreguiz drives off.


Don't fuck up!
Felix Rodriguez pulls out in front of TAB ALVAREZ's, late
teens, house. He parks his car and walks to the back of the
house. He knocks on the back door. After a pause, he knocks
again and then Tab comes to the door.
Yo, what the fuck man, what's the
Sorry man, just come in.
As Felix enters, he handshake-hugs Tab.
So how you doin'?
Pretty good, man.
You got the stuff?
Hell yeah I got the stuff.
Tab walks across the room to retrieve a small bag of
Shit yes, dude.
Felix and Tab are sitting passing a joint. They are high.
The team is jogging over to the water coolers. They begin to
pass around water bottles and drink from small water cooler
Hey, you guys hear that Coach is
cutting someone.


Where'd you hear that?
Coach was having a State of the
Union. Even Koscielny.
Anytime they call the G.M. down,
they're making a move.
How you know that?
Personal expierience.
Yeah, trust Davis, he knows.
Hey, fuck you man.
Fuck yourself, you know it's true.
Shut the hell up Grif'.
Davis pushes Griffin and Griffin starts to fall back.
Griffin comes back at Davis but Pierce grabs him and holds
him back while Swanson holds Davis who starts at Griffin.
                       COACH FIELDS
HEY! What the hell are you guys
doing!?! Get back to your drills.
Griffin and Davis calm down and the team gets back to what
they were doing. We then see the entire team doing drills.
As the team jogs back to where they were doing drills,
Marquez stops to adjust the brace on his ankle. Griffin
begins to backpedal.
Hey, don't worry Luke, you keep
milking that ankle injury and they
can't cut you.


You're lucky you drafted so high,
team's to embarrassed to cut you.
Marquez rejoins the rest of the team. Nesto Perez obviously
working harder than anyone else. We follow him as he does
the drills well. Coach Fields watches him intensely.
Assistant Dave then approaches Coach Fields.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Jim. Jim. Jim, c'mon, look at
Nesto. He's working so hard. How
much trouble can it be to keep him
for five more days. Five days
gives him two games.
                       COACH FIELDS
Five more days gives him his next
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Part of the 12,000 dollars he'll
make all year. If he was going to
be here all year.
                       COACH FIELDS
You're really trying to get me in
trouble with Koscielny, aren't
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Tell Koscielny its me. If he's
that fucking pissed about
it...tell him he can take it from
my pay.
                       COACH FIELDS
Dave...Dave, I know you can't
afford that.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
If he can live on 12,000 a year, I
can pay a part of his paycheck.
                       COACH FIELDS
Five days, that's all he gets,
five days.
Y'know, I'm doing him a favor by
cutting him. He'll make more doing
other things. Don't feel so bad.


Conditioner Forster watches the team playing a short field
scrimmage without goalies. The goalies are working on the
other side of the field with Goalkeeping Coach Howard.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
C'mon, you pansies gunna move that
slow against Pittsburgh? They'll
run circles around you. The
fastest team in the league and you
this is how you prepare for the
game? Oh my god! HUSTLE!
Forster shakes his head in disbelief.
It is very late, and Yousuf Ali is lying in bed, staring at
the cieling. His wife, AVNI ALI, mid 20s, approaches him and
nudges him to get up. He doesn't move.
Are you going to get up?
I've been thinking...my entire
life, Allah has been something
spoonfed to me. I've believed
unquestionably because it was
taught to me, the same way I know
2+2 is four. You understand?
      (a bit confused)
Lately though, I don't know. I
just not so sure. I've loved
Allah, but how much has he loved
He's loved you enough to put you
here. He's loved you enough to
give you two beautiful boys, and a
wife whom you better believe is
I don't know.


Excuse me?
No, no, not about you. You know
that I love you with all my soul's
ability...but I'm miserable with
what I have been..."blessed" with.
What I have been given...I'm just
not so sure about...
Are you trying to say that you are
denying Allah? Denying the holy
Qur'an? Den-
No, no, no...I'm not denying
them...I'm just not so sure
      (starts new
If being a firm believer has made
me miserable, I'm just not so sure
that I should be embracing these
Avni is taken aback by what Yousuf has just said. She
remains silent and slowly eases herself down on to the bed
beside him.
Coach Fields stands in the middle of the small college
locker room before an away game against Pittsburgh. The team
is in their full gear, ready to play.
                       COACH FIELDS
There are only two more preseason
games left, and we've been
outscored 6 to 2. Two losses in
three games? We're supposed to
make a title run, and you guys are
too lazy to even move. Every team
we play in the preseason we play
four more times this year. That's
two thirds of our games that
they'll have a mental edge for.
And you know who's gunna pay? They
guys who gave that to them! None
of you are good enough to escape
that. None of you are good enough


                       COACH FIELDS (cont'd)
to not be traded. And guess what?
If you think you're goin' on to
better things, think again, 'cause
nobody wants someone who can't
find a place to land. Solidfy your
place on my team, solidfy that sad
little contract they give you
guys, and maybe even get you a job
in the starting eleven. I know
each one of you wants that. Now
you guys owned Pittsburgh last
season. But they beat us during
the stretch, and they remember it.
Hell, they still got twenty guys
who remember it, twelve who played
in that game. It may be preseason,
but damn, you guys better go out
there and show them why we beat
them twice last year. Find a way
to get pumped and get out there!
Let's go!
The team gets up and jogs out of the locker room onto the
field. Some are psyched, mainly Jackson, Chung, and Nesto.
Most are not. The coaches watch the players go out onto the
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
       shaking his head)
Woo Hoo.
                       G.C. HOWARD
Where's Griffin?
                       COACH FIELDS
Coach Fields leaves.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Said he needed a day off.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
So much for earning your spot.
We see a montage of the teams playing against each other to
music. The music slow and its all we can hear. They're
movements are precise and orchestrated well. Some of the


motions are in slow motion. We see the Knights playing much
better than the Panthers. During the series we first see
Pittsburgh score a goal, then the Knights score two, one
from Conrad off a header and one from Nesto. Nesto's is a
garbage goal only a few yards from net. Pittsburgh scores
another. As the music fades we hear nothing and see Yousef
Ali launch a shot from about 25-yards out on the side of the
field and it curves into the far top corner of the goal.
The team bursts in excited and cheering. They are gathered
around Ali, celebrating his brilliant goal. The coaches walk
in afterwards slowly, smiling but not as happy.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
Guys! Guys! Jeez, it's only a
preseason game.
The team calms a bit.
                       COACH FIELDS
Listen, this was just a preseason
game. I'm happy that you guys got
in their heads, winning like that
stays in a team's head. I'm sure
all of you know that. This isn't
an excuse for your previous three
games. Or the next one. You guys
didn't dominate them. But'chu all
played pretty damn well!
The team roars and then calms a bit.
                       COACH FIELDS
Game Ball! I'm so upset about what
this guy did. We need things like
that to happen during the
season, not before. But that was
one of the best damn shots I've
seen anyone on this squad
hit...ever. Ali!
Ali steps forward and the Coach tosses him the ball as the
team roars again.
                       COACH FIELDS
Now let's get the hell out of
here. We've still gotta play


The Knights and Monsoons are doing their pregame warm-ups
before their game. Assistant Dave Tiddwell looks onto the
field and can't find Nesto Perez. He then seeks out Coach
Fields, who is with a clipboard standing talking with
Conditioner Forster on the opposite side of the field.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Where's Nesto?
                       COACH FIELDS
Not right now.
Assistant Dave puts his hand on the clipboard and gets in
Coach Fields' face.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
                       COACH FIELDS
Will, go yell at the guys.
                       CONDITIONER FORSTER
Cool, fun times.
Conditioner Will Forster leaves.
                       COACH FIELDS
Koscielny got on my ass.
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Dave backs off.
                       COACH FIELDS
What the hell did you want me to
do? Koscielny wanted him off the
team five days ago and then he
goes and scores a goal two days
                       ASSISTANT DAVE
Yeah, he scored. He scored another
three games ago. Why doesn't that
help his case?


                       COACH FIELDS
Because we already knew we were
gunna cut him. Face it, there was
no way he was making the lineup.
Now he's just someone for the fans
to complain about. Someone who
never got a chance scored two
goals in the preseason and we cut
Now I know you wanted to give him
another chance, and I know you
liked him. But you gotta realize
that some things run like this in
sports. Now, we've got one more
preseason game, and it's all we
got before the season starts. You
gotta get concentrated on this,
because I like the way you think.
I can use you when we make up our
game plans. It may not be what you
want to do but it's what you need
to do. It's what you're paid for.
Go and do your job.
Rodriguez stops his car in front of Perez's house and Perez,
who is in the passanger's seat, gets out and leans in
through the open passanger seat window.
Thanks for the ride, man.
No problem. Thanks for sticking
around for the game.
I had to clean out the locker
They shake.
Don't screw up. Please. Just don't
screw this up.
      (starts toward his
Hey, kick ass this season.


      (pausing, taking
       in the affect of
       Perez' comment)
Will do.
Rodriguez drives off.
Hours after the preseason game we didn't see, everyone has
left but Mike Chung and Alex Jackson. Chung is on the field
dribbling a bit and shooting on goal. Jackson is to the side
of the field and begins to walk onto the field with a ball.
He begins to jog to Chung. When he's about 25 yards away, he
punts the ball he's carrying into the goal and Chung turns
around a little scared, thinking he was the only person on
the field. He turns around and smiles awkwardly, noticing
that it was only a teammate. Jackson starts chuckling as he
finishes running over to Chung who has scooped his soccer
ball up with his foot and caught it.
What'chu still doin' here Mikey?
Game finished like...three hours
What about you? I thought I was
the only one here.
Just wanted a little extra
practice, y'know. Season starting,
not hitting from the spots like I
used to, y'know what I mean?
You still haven't said why you're
Pretty much the same as
you...didn't have a great game...
C'mon, don't beat yourself up
about that miss. It wasn't a big
I missed an empty net. The game
was tied at that time.


But we ended up winning.
So what? People will remember the
No they won't, they remember the
win. Besides, this is just
preseason. Just mellow out. Trust
me, I've been through this a lot
more times than you have. I've
seen much more than you.
I know, I know...It's just...Nesto
and I got drafted four picks
apart, three years ago. He was
before me and now he was just cut-
You're not gunna get cut. Coach
sees your potential. He sees that
you're working hard.
And Nesto worked even harder than
Look, I konw that I probably won't
get cut, but this is the last year
of my contract, and I've only
played three games in three years.
Y'know, some kid wants to grow up
to be the next President, he still
can go on to become a lawyer, a
doctor, or some job like that.
Another kid grows up and wants to
be Pele, and what the hell does he
have when he isn't?
Pass me the ball Mike.


Chung drops the ball on his foot and kicks it a couple feet
to his right, where Jackson can easily scoops it up. Jackson
then approaches the ball and pops it up thigh-high in the
air near Chung who cradles the ball with his thigh and then
gets the ball on his foot passing the ball through the air
back to Jackson. They begin to pass.


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From Hotel Dysfunctional Date 8/28/2006 ****
This is very nice. I thought writing any kind of sports script would be tough, but you proved me wrong by writing this. If you go at it like this, I'm sure this script will be a success. Keep it up and good luck.

From Giancarlos Calderon Date 6/17/2006 ****
Nice script. I like how you created the characters. Pretty soon I will be writing a soccer script too. It's called Blazing Phoenix. About a man who started playing as a boy and he is on the road to 2006

From motoman Date 6/15/2006 ****
Really cool. The characters are really interesting and I like how it balances soccer and private life well. I see potential, good job!

From Hiromoto Date 3/22/2006 ****
Very nice. I like how you created the characters and how the storyline seems like it'll be complicated. Seems like a lot of thought put into it. Great job!

From Liz Date 3/22/2006 ****
Even though I don't watch too much soccer, I was definetely drawn to this scipt and intrigued by the plot and by the lives of characters (especially Perez and Rodriguez just because I can somewhat find a connection between their relationship and relationships of my own). It's hard to get me to read anything on sports but the somehow I was drawn into it. Good job Mr. Joseph Ilia!!!

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