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The Day After Yesterday
by Richard Thomas (ReflectionRain@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: **

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


August 2004 Janie and John have just returned from the
funeral of their 7 year old daughter who has killed by a hit
and run driver a week earlier.
Janie is sitting on the couch looking through a book of her
daughters from school.

John enters and pauses and thinks, looks back to see janie
staring into the book like it were her own
Do u want something to drink ?
Long pause as John waits for answer, Janie hasnt changed at
all, still looking through the book
Well im going to fix myself a
John exits the room as Janie is still in her own little
world. John returns to the scene with a drink
Thats good, it takes away the

You know someone once said that no
matter when u go to a funeral, no
matter how warm it may be, there
is always a chill within
Janie still hasnt moved from her position.
Janie, arent you going to say
something, instead of just sitting
I mean anything Janie, stand up,
fucking scream, break something
      (looks at him


                       JANIE (cont'd)
Would that make u feel better,
would that let u have it easier.
how would have it easy janie, I
lost someone too, u arent the only
one that is hurting here
hurting, you dont know what the
feeling is. You didnt lose, you
could never know what this loss
feels like
janie maybe u just better lie down
or something
you mean lie down and take it,
accept it, thats the way you look
at women. Just lay there and take
it, accept it.
its obvious that u cant, that u
arent going to listen to what i am
trying to say to you
      (pauses and thinks)
Where were u that day?
what day? janie what are you
talking about?
you were supposed to pick her up
at school, why were u late, if u
were on time she wouldnt have
tried to cross the street herself
jesus christ janie, what the fuck
are you talking about. It was an
accident, shit, these things
happen janie, and now they've
happend to us
us. how can u just say "us" like
there is a meaning to it. you will


                       JANIE (cont'd)
never know the meaning of what
this is.
i lost a daughter too, thats the
only thing that i know.
your daughter, why is she
considered your daughter. Becuase
you fucked me one night when we
were both drunk and stupid. I
carried her inside me for 9
months, you have no idea what that
      (tries to calm her)
no, dont touch me. If it werent
for you she would be here, she
would be doing her homework right
shes gone janie, it might take
awhile for you to see that, but
she is gone
dont you ever say that, she isnt
gone. Maybe you are the one that
is gone
maybe i should go then
sure go, maybe you will die too.
maybe that is the best thing for
all of us
I'll get my things and go, maybe
it is for the best.
John pauses a moment and thinks and then exits the room
Janie returns to reading her daughters book and goes back
into her world. John reenters the room carrying a bag


Goodbye janie
john looks at janie who still hasnt moved or looked at him.
I'll stop by in a few days for my

I'll make sure youre not here when
i do
John exits the door leaving janie behind
We see John walking back through the city past various sites
that he knows well, walking past people that know him well

He stops at one point when Ivette comes up to him, a Sexy
street smart girl from his neighborhood.

He continues his walk and stops and sees Kevin his good
      (voice over)
Hey Johnny where the hell are you,
you owe me still, and i will
collect. U cant just play the
games and not pay up.
We see John walk into a doorway
We see a door open

We see john throw his bag down on the bed
Kevin is pouring two glasses of wine
      (from other room)
Im glad that you finally agreed to
go out with me after all this time


well your persistence was breaking
my heart so i guess i finally gave
      (as he enters the
well when i see something i want
its hard to think about anyone
now now, lets not play games here,
Im pretty sure that u have been
playing the field all this time
and not just waiting for me
      (hands her a glass)
well u know what they say, boys
will be boys
i guess
nancy takes the glass from kevin
I see you went all out on me
some things are worth the effort,
nothings too good for someone like
are u serious. did u just rehearse
that line today
me.... use a line on someone like
u. I know you would see through
something like that
exactly thats what im talking
about, i saw that one a mile away


but seriously, why did u agree to
see me Finally
Well i did have a motive, i guess
women always have a motive right
as long as that motive brought you
here, i dont think i really care
Im flattered but i did need some
information or actually a favor
from you
favors usually cost something, i
mean whats in it for me
maybe a great night
nancy turns and kisses kevin
how can i say no to that. Whats
the favor?
well its about Janie
that fucking nut job, what now?
look i just need some help with
her, i know that John is back in
town. I just need you to talk to
him and get him to at least see
I dont even know if thats why he
came back, i do know he owes Jimmy
some money
i just need help with heer thats
all, half the time i have to
remind her to eat


i know, shes nuts
no shes not, you know that. i mean
everything she has been through,
no one could come out of that sane
alright, alright, i'll do it.
but can we please get back to the
issues of tonight
well i guess you've waited long
youre telling me
Nancy starts kisses Kevin
Janie is sitting at the table while her friend Nancy is
straightening things out
Janie do you want some breakfast,
you really should keep up your
no im alright
Janie you cant skip your meals
like this, it isnt good for you,
you know that
whats good? whats bad? who makes
those decisions
come on now, lets get yourself
together today, maybe we can go
out for lunch later


no im busy today, i have to work
at the hospital
yeah but you get a lunch break,
lets go out for lunch
I dont want lunch, i'll be working
straight through the day, there is
no time to eat
The doctor told you already about
keeping your strength up, anyway
you might have a visitor today
who, who is coming here
John, I talked to Kevin and john
is back in town. Kevin is going to
talk to him about you
i dont want him here, i dont want
him in this house. He doesnt
he does, you have to let him
grieve too. Janie u know the
doctor told u all about that
doctor, what does he know, he
didnt carry a child, what the fuck
does he know
just let john see you, he came
back for you.
i dont need him
Janie gets up from the table and leaves the scene


John is walking towards Kevin, they greet each other and
then walk away together towards a building hallway
its been a long time, whats new
with you?
you've been gone almost 2 years
and all u can say is whats new.
How about where the fuck have u
been for 2 years, you got alot of
people looking for you
Jimmy? im sure hes been looking
everywhere for me
yeah, that scumbag has been
turning over every fucking rock in
this city looking for you
well im here so he can stop
you really are something, i mean
your not the least bit worried
about this.
not at all
whats he looking for anyway, how
much are u into for this time
about ten grand, something like
that. but thats not why im back.
Janie, right? Look man she is a
fucking wreck, I mean she totally
is off the deep end. And now she
is working as a volunteer at a
free clinic to help kids.


yeah she always had a big heart
too bad she is fucking nuts, i
mean, you know Nancy her friend.
Well she is helping her out with
just remembering to fucking eat
yeah. but its hard to just walk
away and leave her behind to deal
with this.
but you already did that, i mean
you took off and left her
i know, but i came back. I had to
see how she was, or if she was.
well u know best, but if i were
you i would have kept on walking
and not looked back
i have my reasons.
John pauses and thinks for a moment
hey janie, its me where are u?
John stares at the book for a moment and thinks back to the
day he left
Janie enters the scene and is looking at john
well look what the cat dragged
back into town
hello to you too.


shit, i should have changed the
whats going on janie, why are
still holding on to this stuff
dont touch anything of hers
shit janie is this where we are
going this today. Fuck, i came
back for you, i came back for us
no one asked you to come back
janie just fucking stop it for a
moment and look at me!

Im here, im back for you
oh ok, nice to have you back. Oh
and while you were gone there are
some things that came for you
Janie picks up some papers (bills)
heres the phone bills, the gas
bills, all for you, glad to have
you fucking back
Janie is throwing the bills at him and hits him with them
fuck, janie. Stop this already!
John stops her from throwing stuff and goes to hit her back
but stops himself
go ahead, hit me, u know u want
to. thats how u do things
Nancy walks into the scene


what the hell is going on here, i
can hear you guys all the way
she nuts, fucking out of her mind.
I came back for her, not for all
this shit, shes worse now
Janie walks out of the room
shes fucking out of her mind, i
mean i knew she wasnt well but
what the fuck is up
whats up? is that all U can say. I
mean you leave her and go god
knows where and then come back and
want reasons and explanations
you know im hurting too, this isnt
easy on me either
I know that john, but you have to
understand what she is going
through, and now she works in a
hospital surrounded by that shit
all day
I know
do you? i mean do you really know
what she is going through, she
spends all day there, and then
comes home and brings all that
crap with her
what do you want me to say. I have
said a million times that I love
her and im her for you and this is
what i get
those are just words, but do you
really feel that way about her. Do


                       NANCY (cont'd)
you really know what she is going
how can i, I mean i try to
understand her, but she just tells
me that i never will and then she
blames me
blames you?
for not being there that day, for
getting there late. She has this
whole scenario in her head that if
I would have been there a few
minutes earlier it wouldnt have
its guilt john, she is feeling the
guilt thats why she is throwing it
at you like that. She feels she
should have been protecting her
but you cant protect someone
forever, sometimes bad things will
why dont you tell her that, why
dont you show her what she is
do you really think she can
understand that
janie walks back into the room and is standing there staring
at john
I understand that u are fucking
dead to me, dead, dead, dead.
john she doesnt mean it, its just
the pills talking again


      (grabs his coat)
Look im outta here, if u wanna
deal with her than u do it
go ahead, leave, just like you
always do, maybe the guilt will
kill you
good, want dont you take some more
of your happy pills and try to
make the world go away like you
usually do
shut up!
just remember when u wake up, your
still gonna be fucked.
janie just take it easy, he didnt
mean it
leave me alone. I have to go to
work, i have to go to work, they
need me
janie pauses then she leaves the room
so heres the deal, this chick with
this big fat ass comes in and sits
right next to me


why do all your stories seem to
come around to some chick with a
big ass
shouldnt every story be that way.
whats wrong, the wife got you hung
up again
doesnt she always, shes just
you still love her?
yeah, i guess in some way i never
stopped loving her, but things are
so different now
of course there different, look
whats happend, but thats not your
fault. she wants to lay all that
guilt at your door
i guess
theres got to be something else
thats bothering you. Is it jimmy
and the money?
no, since when have i let that
asshole bother me.
then what is it?
its just the whole thing, janie,
whats happend to her.


dont forget what happend to her
has happend to you too or has she
got u believing something else?
its not what she has me believing.
I just keep thinking of when we
first met, she was so perfect, and
and then what
the usual things that happend to
two people when they are together,
they grow apart
and then all the bullshit comes to
play, you notice everything about
a person, and notice everything
that u hate in that person
and then you want someone new.
Someone that makes u feel that way
yeah thats what i mean alright
so, your no different than any
other guy thats wanted that
the thing is i always told janie i
was different. maybe i thought i
was too
look, i know you want you want
whats this?


you dont recognize the keys, its
the keys to where ivette works
i dont think so
you need it, its what us guys do,
remember. look just take them, i
got to see jimmys wife about
something, take them
maybe im not different after all
stop being so fucking hard on
yourself, just go get some
John gets up and starts to exit
John is walking through various sites in nyc, through the
streets, through the park, he finally spots ivette and stops
and talks to her for a moment then they both walk away
the two of them are entering the apartment both taking off
their jackets
so do you want something to drink?
a beer's fine
how could i forget, have a seat,
you dont need an invite
ivettte leaves the room to get the drink


you were the last person i was
planning on running into today
well you knew i was back in town,
im sure u figured i would be back
at some point
Ivette walks back in with a bottle of beer and a glass of
yeah but i guess i figured you
would be spending time with your
wife or something like that
well i tried that already
yeah, some things never change, do

So why were u making the rounds
no reason, everything always
doesnt have to have a reason you
oh please, dont get all "dr phil"
on me. you werent just clearing
your mind today, thats not you at
you think you know me?
oh you know i know you well
you'd be surprised what you dont


oh here we go again, getting all
mystikal. its kind of sexy though
in a way, all that talk..
well i guess my time away from
this place has given me a greater
wisdom than the people around it
now thats a nice speech. Look john
why did you meet me today, i mean
you could have gotten a beer
i guess i figured it would be more
special with you
im very flattered, but i know
theres some motive here.
no motive
something else?
john doesnt answer
well from the silence i figure
that you have another reason.

Guilt maybe?
come on now, we both know why u
left town in such a hurry dont we,
lets not just pretent that it was
because your wife lost her mind
look i came to see you and not get
a lecture


well, i know what you came here
for tonight, but, no one gets
anything for nothing, if you want
the prize then you gotta take the
      (laughs to himself)
i guess time has given us both
some greater knowledge
so you are feeling that guilt. The
real reason you left town that
day, thats why you are here today
look i walked away from a train
wreck, thats it, nothing more
ok thats true, but it was a train
wreck that u feel you caused, I
mean we cant forget that day
that day?
yes that day, getting there late
to pick up your daughter from
john puts his head in his hands
it wouldnt have been so bad if you
were just late, but you were late
because you were having sex with
me, lets rephrase that, great sex
with me, thats why you were late
long pause as john looks at ivette


come on, everything i said was
true, thats why you are here
today, to make your peace
peace, how can i have peace after
what i did, how can i look at my
wife again, how can i try to help
when i was the cause
john none of this was your fault,
you werent driving the car that
hit her, you werent the crossing
guard that wasnt paying attention
to her and let her cross.
but i should have been there, i
should have helped her cross, i
should have be the one hit
look john, im not going to sit
here and debate life with you, if
thats what you need then go to
church and heal, there is only one
kind of healing i can give you,
and thats why you are here today
i've missed you so much
shit your making me blush
youre right that is why i came her
today, maybe hoping that i could
find some kind of peace, within
peace i cant give you, you will
have to find it yourself. Now
something else i can give you, and
im sure you came here for that
ivette puts her glass down and stands up and walks over to
john. she looks at him, takes the bottle from his hand,
looks at him, kisses him, falls on him and kisses him on the


so, i guess you know that john is
back in town right?
of course i know, nothing happens
in this time with me fucking
knowing about it
you mean jimmy knowing about it
whatever jimmy knows, then i know,
i thought you knew that already
oh i know alot more then you think
i do. i have my own sources too,
not jimmy obviously
well look thats not why i wanted
to see you today, you know that
yeah i know, im sure you want to
talk about the money that john
owes you, right?
of course. That fucking bastard is
into my husband again, for another
ten grand, doesnt he ever learn
what do you mean?
nothing, im just saying everytime
he pays my husband he goes right
back into some kind of debt again
with him, and then splits town
so why dont you tell your husband
to stop doing business with him


oh right i forgot that you cant
tell him anything, hes basically
got you like some sort of puppet
Karla slaps kevin
pretty good, i was expecting that
though from you
dont ever say something like that
about me
the truths hurt doesnt it?

so does your hand against my face
well talk shit and thats what your
gonna get from me
so what exactly do you want, i
mean im not going to give you
money for john
well we have our ways of
collecting from people as you
know, so just give that message,
the ball is already rolling once
Karla starts to exit, Kevin grabs her and pushes her against
the wall
Dont forget to give your husband
this message, No one ever hits me.
Kevin pauses and then they kiss .
message recieved


karla exits
Janie is walking through the park past various scenery, she
stops , and thinks, tries to gather herself. She sits on a
bench when after a few moments a woman comes over to her and
sits next to her and hands her a small package and then
Janie hands her an envelope. The woman gets up and walks
away from her, janie thinks for a moment and then gets up
and walks away out of the scene, john enters the scene and
follows her.
Janie enters the apartment and puts her stuff down quickly
and then goes to the table and puts down the package she got
from the park.
whats that janie?
how did you get in here?
I live here remember, or did you
forget that we were married
forget it, how could i forget
something so awful
you son of a bitch, janie give me
that package
all this time im struggling with
pain and guilt and your floating
on a fucking cloud getting high
struggle? you dont know the
meaning of the word struggle


fuck janie, dont give me more shit
about carrying a child for 9
months and how that makes you
grieve more
ooh im shaking, your getting rough
or something. Now what, knock me
around or something.
janie dont you see what that stuff
is doing to you, what that stuff
is doing to us
dont try to talk as if there is an
"us" or some fairy tale like that
im not in a fairy tale, youre the
one that is, you think that
everything can go away if you just
close your eyes or if you just
blame everyone around you
get out of here, and just leave me
janie i cant do that, i cant walk
away this time. Shit cant u see
what is happening to you
cant u see what u caused
look who gave you that stuff, who
is doing this to you
no one, i cant tell you
janie i saw someone give you that
package, who was it?
someone, i dont know her name she
said i had to


i need this stuff and they cut me
a really good deal
janie you paid someone for this
shit, what the hell is wrong with
i did it for you!
for me, how is any of this for me.
You get yourself all jacked up and
its for me
just leaave, leave town again,
walk away like you always do
talk to me janie, who did you buy
this stuff from? and why did you
do it?
to save you, i dont know why, but
to save you
save me from what
jimmy and those people
wait a minute, whats this about.
janie tell me everything
they told me that you owed lots of
money and that this time they
would kill you
this time? what do you mean this


i cant say it
john grabs janie by the arms
janie you have to tell me, i have
to know what this means
they killed laura, they killed our
daughter. They ran her down
because you owed them money and
they made sure they would collect,
but now im the one paying
so your buying drugs from them now
to keep them from killing me. how
could they kill a little girl
i dont know john, they made it
look like an accident and then
made me keep quiet
how could u stay quiet, how could
you not tell me.
to protect you, dont you think i
wanted to tell you. I had no idea
what you were involved in, the
people you owed, i was scared, i
loved you, i couldnt lose someone
why do you think i let you walk
away, i didnt want you to stay and
get killed, i wanted you to leave
and never come back
and that explains why you work at
the hospital, with kids, to help
make peace


i can never have peace
john thinks for a moment about everything that was said and
then holds his wife
John is closing up his bag and getting ready to leave
so where are you going this time?
Oh i dont know, Destination
Anywhere i guess
how long ?
this is for good this time, I've
made my .. peace, so to speak
are you sure there is nothing i
can do before you go
no im good
do you need money, I mean what
about jimmy?
im paid off, its all taken care of
so everything is good then, so why
leave town again?
Leaving is for the best, janie is
better off this way, so is
i guess you know best, but who am
i gonna drink with from now on


im sure you will find someone to
drink with
yeah i guess youre right, alright
get going then, anywhere is
john gets to the door and gives kevin a hug goodbye
John is present with Karla
      (handing her an
I hope this is enough
      (looks in the
Im sure it is
your welcome to count it, in case
you dont trust me
oh i trust you, why would you lie
so i cant expect that you will
stop harrassing my friends for
money right?
sure, your paid off, finally that
im going to be leaving town and
not coming back so i want to make
sure that the people i leave
behind are ok
you have my word that they will be


and i know that your word really
does mean something too
of course
John looks at his watch
is something wrong?
no im just checking the time, i
have a train to catch, could you
excuse me for a moment
john exits the room and goes into the bedroom where ivette
is. She is standing there waiting for him.
are you ok with this?
yeah im ok with this, just a
little bit shaken
do you want me ....
no, i will take care of it.
ivette takes out a gun and hands it to john
what about jimmy?
hes taken care off
you didnt have to do this
yes i did
ivette kisses john


now go make your peace
John thinks for a moment looks at the gun, thinks about his
wife, looks at ivette, and thinks again. He gains his
We hear the gun shot and fade out on Ivette looking towards
the place where john left from
Janie is opening an envelope
      (Voice over)
Janie i guess what someone said
once was right, we are different.
Maybe in some sort of way one day
this will make sense, probably not
but i know that everything that
has happend has happend for the
best. I cant say exactly where im
going, because i have no idea
myself but i know where i have
been. In guess in the end we did
really love each other more than
the other one ever thought. I used
to hope and pray that i would wake
up and it would be yesterday and
nothing would have happend. But i
guess everytime i wake up its
always the Day after yesterday, I
mean Today, and Today is for all
of us to live in somewhere,
anywhere, Forever john.
Various shots of Janie walking away from the park and shots
of Ivette and john walking away from another scene.


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From Patrick Scatamacchia Date 3/22/2006 *
I stopped reading after the several "u" instead of you. You should change that.

From Glenn Date 3/19/2006 **1/2
Some parts were pretty good, even if i disliked the characters I felt Janie was way to whinny. Storlyine was interesting but you need to expand the story.

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