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Of Lyle and Seth
by James Ambrose (jbrose30@msn.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
It is the telling of one tale that takes place in the overall story. (i am aware of some of the cardinal sins committed in the screenplay)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



I have seen the fox out fox the
fox. I have seen the rabbit go the
way of the rabbit. I have seen
flower flower over and soil dug
I have seen the suicidal whale
crawl out of the ocean beaching
itself upon the sand. I have seen
the dying whale moan in vain atop
drifts of blue ambrosia, speared
by the toenail clipping of a
sailing chimpanzee.
I have seen the gnat wallow inside
the glass walls of an old jelly
jar. I have seen the mosquito
trapped between the panes of a
blood stained window, continously
slamming itself into the glass
over and over again.
I have seen a one foot beast dig a
four foot hole for a two foot
cross. I have seen the empty snail
shell of progression leave in its
wake the salted slugs of
I have seen the chilren born upon
the eye of the sun, their virgin
eyebrows curving perfectly around
the orbs of their skulls.
I have seen too many wombs and too
many hills. I have seen far too
much, for far too long.
I am the one who weighs the earth
of each son out of the death of
each star. I am the coveting of
the rainbow and the sunburn of the
crow's foot.
I am the kettle, the cauldron, the
furnace, and the tomb.
I am the androgyny of the world. I
am the suggestion of the world.
I tell you the honest mistake of


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
the world is the seeing... eye dog
who leads its blind companion into
heavy traffic.
The intersection is deserted of cars and people.In the
middle of the intersection lays the top of a manhole cover.
On each corner of the intersection stands a stop sign.

The wind BLOWS slightly, breaking the silence momentarily.

From O.S. a YOUNG GIRL comes into FRAME. She carries a
book-bag upon her back. She walks into the middle of the
intersection and stands upon the manhole cover.

CLOSE on the RISING SUN -- poking its head from behind the
diner, as it is begins to illuminate the early morning,
giving off just enough radiance that light is now overcoming
darkness, as simultaneously the once bright stars of the
night sky fade away into the orange glow of the horizon.


The neon lights start to FLICKER on and off, until the
lights turn totally off, and the sign sits dead and silent.

A MAN with newspapers strapped to his chest walks past the
diner in a leisurely manner.
He stops at freshly planted sapling -- right outside the
diner windows, in a tiny patch of grass between the sidewalk
and the traffic light on the corner.
He curouiosly examnines the sapling, running his hand up and
down its trunk. He reaches his hand into his pocket, pulls
out a ring of keys, and engraves something on the trunk of
the sapling. He stuffs the ring of keys back into his
As He goes to walk away something about the sapling catches
his eye, and He takes a step towards it for a closer look.

He reaches his hand up to one of the branches and plucks a
lone dead leaf -- brown and crinkled, from the abundance of
vibrant green leaves surrounding it.

He closely examines the leaf in the palm of his hand --
almost mystified by it, then clenches his fist, CRUNCHING


the brittle leaf.

He opens his hand to reveal the leaf, now in the form of
many small and unorganized peices. He stuffs the contents of
the leaf into his pocket and walks away in the same
leisurely manner.
At this early morning hour the diner is sparsely populated,
and only a FEW PATRONS are present.
One such patron is SETH BARKOWSKI, seated at a tiny table
next to the window. Seth is in his mid-twenties, but looks
aged beyond his years, possibly from a hard life. He carries
an uneasy demenour in every movement he makes.

Seth sits hunched over, reading the newspaper. A steaming
cup of coffee sits off to the side -- untouched and alone,
at an isolated distance.
A life blow is a death blow to
some. Who till they died, did not
alive become; who, had they lived,
had died, but when they died,
vitality begun... a poem by Emily
Seth shakes his head in disgust, and pushes the cup of
coffee all the way to the edge of the table -- as far away
from him as possible.

Seth leans back in his chair and looks out the window,
taking notice of the sapling. If an imaginary line was drawn
from the sapling to the table, it would split the table into
two equal halves.

Seth stares deep into the sapling, almost as though he's
waiting for an answer, but nothing comes, and it is all in

Seth's trance with the sapling is broken, as a YOUNG MAN and
YOUNG WOMAN come into frame. The two stop at the sapling --
each standing on opposite sides of the imaginary line,
holding hands.

The Young Man drops to his knee and pulls a ring out of his


The Young Woman jumps up and down ECSTATICLY.

They both come together and kiss -- momentarily each
standing on the imaginary line, blocking the tiny trunk of
the sapling from Seth's view.

The Young Man and Young Woman exit the frame.

Seth again shakes his head in disgust. He turns away from
the window and rejoins the newspaper.
LYLE BALBOA -- Seth's best friend, enters the diner. He is
large and oafish, with below normal intelligence. Lyle is
the same age as Seth, but he has never lost the innocence of

Lyle takes a seat at the table.
Good morning, Seth. Boy, it sure
is nice out this morning... I
don't think I've ever seen the sun
come up in the morning before...
it sure is beautiful... boy oh boy
it sure is pretty. Does it always
come up this early?
Seth parts with the newspaper.
Seth goes back to the newspaper.

Lyle stares out the window with a giant grin on his face.
Wow... I guess I should get a job
where I have to wake up early. It
must be nice to see this every
morning... gosh maybe I should
become a paper-boy or something.
Do you think being a paper boy
would be fun, Seth?
Seth parts with the newspaper.
Seth again goes back to the newspaper.


But then I couldn't be a janitor
anymore... or could I? Would I be
able to do both? Do you think I
would be able to do both?
Seth once again parts with the newspaper.
Once again Seth goes back to the newspaper.
Ah... my mom probably wouldn't let
me. She'd probably say its too
much... or that I couldn't handle
it... or that it would have to be
one or the other... or...
...hey what happened at that thing
you had to do yesterday, Seth?
Seth folds up the newspaper up and gives Lyle a LONG STARE.
Nothing -- nothing happened.
What was it anyway? You never told
me what it was, Seth.
A BUSINESSMAN takes a seat at the table next to their's. A
coffee and a breakfest sandwich lay upon his tray.
It was just some meeting. Nothing
So what are we doing, Seth? We
always hang out on Sunday, but
never this early. I thought you
were playing games when you said
to be here at sunrise...
Lyle looks out the window...

CLOSE on the RISING SUN, which is now at its climax and most


                       LYLE (cont'd)
...but I'm happy I did, because
boy it sure is something.
So what are we doing, Seth?
I wanted to talk to you about
something, Lyle. I need to ask you
a really important question.
Lyle sits up straight in his chair and becomes extremely
focused on Seth.

Seth goes to speak, but is distracted by the Businessman
taking a bite of his breakfast sandwich. Something the
Businessman has done does not sit well with Seth.

Seth again goes to speak, but once again the Businessman
takes a bite. This bite seems to have aggravated Seth more
than the last.

Lyle continues to sit patiently in anticipation of the

The Businessman takes another bite and Seth cannot hold back
his frustration any longer.

Seth stands up and approaches the Businessman.

Lyle remains seated, and utterly confused.
What's that -- a sausage egg and
A double sausage egg and cheese.
The Businessman goes to take a bite, but Seth interrupts...
Did your mother ever teach you how
to eat a sandwich?
The Businessman takes the sandwich away from his mouth and
places it on his plate.
Excuse me.


Did your mother ever teach you how
to eat a sandwich?
What's your problem buddy?
My problem is that you are eating
your sandwich upside down.
See that -- that's a kaiser roll.
A kaiser roll has two sides -- a
top and a bottom. You don't seem
to understand that. For some
reason you insist on eating your
roll with the top side on the
bottom. Not only is this a kaiser
roll, but this is a kaiser roll
with poppy seeds. See those poppy
seeds there...
      (again pointing)
...those are a thousand little
indicators that tell you: "hello
asshole, this is the top of the
The Businessman sits in disbelief.
Is this a joke? Are you serious
Quite serious.
I'll eat my sandwich, however the
hell I feel like eating it.
Not in my presence you won't.
What are you going do... make a
citizens arrest?
No. I'm just gonna punch you in
the fuckin' face.


The Businessman picks up the sandwich.
See this sandwich in this hand...
      (holding it on
...in the next few seconds, a bite
will be taken out of this
sandwich, and you my friend,
aren't going to do a goddamn
thing. Not a goddamn thing to stop
it and not a goddamn thing about
Seth takes a step closer and now hovers directly over top of
the Businessman.
The Businessman smiles at Seth and takes a bite out of the

CLOSE on Businessman's MOUTH, as he OBNOXIOUSLY CHEWS.

Seth punches him in the face and the Businessman falls
backwards out of his chair.

Seth jumps onto the Businessman -- as he lays on the floor
dazed, and starts POUNDING on him. Seth's harbored rage is
seen through his unnerving eyes, and released -- though only
for the moment, through his flailing fists.

TWO WAITOR'S tackle Seth and pin him to the floor.

Lyle sits still in his chair, nervous -- weary and alert,
like a wounded deer. An odd sight to see for a fellow of his
Seth and Lyle exit the doors of the police station and walk
down the steps, leading to the sidewalk.

The conversation ensues as the two walk along the sidewalk:
Thanks for bailing me out.
Your my only friend, Seth. If I
didn't bail you out... I would
have no friends... I would have no
one to hang out with today.


Seth pats Lyle on the back.
Your a good guy.
We're best friends, Seth... what
are best friends for?
Seth stops in his tracks. Lyle follows suit.
A PAUSE between the two.
All of a sudden the anchor I've
been dragging behind me all my
life got a whole lot heavier. Do
best friends help each other out
when the anchor gets too heavy?
Lyle looks over his shoulder in search of the non-existent
Do you need help carrying it?
That's the important question I
wanted to ask you.
Sure I'll help you carry it,
Lyle again looks over his shoulder...
                       LYLE (cont'd)
...if you could tell me where it's
at. Do you mean like an anchor on
a boat... or are you talking about
a different type of anchor?
You could help me the most by
doing me a favor.
So you don't need help carrying
the anchor...?
...in addition to carryin' the
anchor. After you help me pull it
up -- I want you to come on a road


                       SETH (cont'd)
trip with me. I want to get out of
this town and I want you to come
with me.
You mean like a weekend trip...
where we stay in a hotel that has
a pool... and there's little bars
of soap in the bathroom... and
they call you in the morning to
wake you up.
No. I'm talking longer than a
weekend trip. Actually not even a
trip at all. More like an
Lyle becomes WIDE EYED at the sound of the word "adventure."
How long is an adventure?
As long as it has to be. As long
as it can be.
Where do you go for an adventure?
Anywhere. Everywhere. Wherever we
want to go...
...Lyle, how long have we been
Lyle stops dead in his tracks. Seth follows suit.
I know exactly how long, Seth...
ever since Monday October 17 -- on
the playground before school. I
traded you my dad's gold watch for
those shoes that you said would
make me run faster. They never did
work like I thought they would...
I still lost to Tommy Horseman in
the race that day... just like I
lost to him every other day.


Seth's face is momentarily etched in utter astonishment, as
he stands in disbelief.
...You know the exact day.
We're best friends, Seth.
CLOSE on Seth's WRIST, as he pulls his shirt sleeve over the
gold watch.
I would really like you to come on
this adventure with me.
I need you to come on this
adventure with me.
What about my job, Seth?
Quit, and when you come back you
could be a paperboy.
What about your job, Seth?
I quit yesterday. I didn't see the
point in going anymore. It would
just be a waste of my time.
I'll have to ask my mom... but I
don't know if she'll let me quit.
She might even yell at me for
asking, Seth. It took her a long
time to get me that job.
You know what -- don't even bother
asking her. I'll think of
Are you sure?
Yeah. Let's go catch a movie --
your pick.


Seth's apartment is your basic little rundown joint. You
will find only the bare necessities needed to survive -- not
a single luxury.

The living room has one piece of furniture: a close to
disintegrated sofa. An old VHF style television sits on the

The kitchen is filthy and stacks of dirty dishes are piled
everywhere. Only a wooden table and two chairs adorn the
room. One of the chairs is missing its back, and sits
crippled off to the side, away from the table and the other

CLOSE on TABLE LEGS, revealing the piece's of cardboard
stuffed under them.
The sound of RUNNING SHOWER WATER can be heard off screen,
but the sound is greatly drowned out by the RUMBLING of the
water pipes overhead. The RUMBLING escalates as the water
turns off and air gets caught in the pipes -- causing a LOUD
MOAN to echo through the apartment.
Seth is standing in the bathroom, dripping wet, with a towel
wrapped around his waist.

He wipes the fog from the mirror and stares deep into it.

CLOSE on Seth's EYE, as he stares and water builds. He wipes
it away before it has the chance to form into a tear.

As he continues to stare, Seth turns the light on and off
repeatedly, until the bulb burns out, and the room is PITCH

The darkness doesn't break his trance with the mirror
though, he continues to stare into it.
Lyle is hosing down the walkway to the main entrance of
MAYFLOWER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- an old brick building.

When he is done spraying all the dirt off the concrete, he
drops the hose, walks to the faucet, and turns it off.

Lyle enters the School, and props the front doors wide open.


From behind a bush a few feet from the walkway, Seth emerges
from hiding.

Seth does a quick look over his shoulder -- scanning the
area, and picks up the hose.
Lyle races up the steps of Seth's apartment complex and
reaches the door to Seth's apartment.

He POUNDS on the door anxiously.

Seth answers and does his best bit of acting...
Hey -- shouldn't you be at work?
I got fired.
      (fake surprised)
What! Your're kidding?
I really got fired, Seth.
What happened?
I left the hose on, and put it
down next to the front doors of
the school. They said the place
was flooded... I got fired when I
showed up this morning... I've
never seen Principal Harry so mad.
Man, that's too bad. Accidents are
bound to happen though --
I don't know, Seth... I just don't
know how it happened. I hose the
front walkway down everyday... and
everyday I turn off the hose, and
walk into the school.


That's why they're called
      (hanging head)
I don't know... I guess.
Hey -- come on Lyle, why don't you
come inside and take your mind off
things. We could play a game if
you want -- how bout...
Lyle's head WHIPS UP in a heartbeat.
You bet.
Seth and Lyle are sitting at the kitchen table. Lyle sits in
the chair with no back on it.

A notebook full of crumpled up piece's of paper sit on the
table and lay strewn across the the kitchen floor.

Seth makes a mark on the paper in front of him and looks up
to Lyle.
Chalk another one up for me.
Seth crumples up the piece of paper.
How come I always lose, Seth? How
come I never win? Every time we
play a game I always lose... just
like I always lost to Tommy
Horseman every time I raced him.
Tic-tac-toe is a game of luck. I
just happened to be lucky for
sixty-three straight games.
A PAUSE between the two.


Are you still going on that
Seth breathes a sigh of relief, the kind of relief that
someone can only have after playing sixty-three straight
games of tic-tac-toe, for the sole purpose of arriving at
the question: "are you still going on that adventure."
Well that depends on whether or
not you want to go.
Do you want to go?
I'm dying to go.
Lyle SPROUTS out of his seat in a sudden burst of
I think I want to go with you. No,
wait... I want to go. I definitely
want to go, Seth. It will be fun
to go on an adventure... you know
like pirates searching for buried
treasure. We could be adventurers
searching for...
Lyle is at a sudden loss for words and turns to Seth...
                       LYLE (cont'd)
...what are we searching for,
I don't know.
I don't know, Lyle.
But how can we find it, if we
don't know what it is?
I don't know, Lyle -- maybe we
can't, but I say we go look for it
anyway... I have to go look.


But what are we looking for? How
do we know where to look for it?
How will we know when we find it,
Seth -- still sitting, looks up to Lyle who stands over him
eagerly anticipating an answer. Seth ponders a few moments
We'll just know. When it's there
in front of us -- we'll just know
that it's what we were searching
Lyle seems confused, but satisfied by the answer. He takes
his seat back at the table with Seth.
How much should I pack, Seth?
Enough to last an adventure.
How much is that?
I don't know -- just pack a couple
of suitcases. We'll leave tomorrow
Oh boy... it's gonna be fun. A
real adventure... we're going on a
real adventure, Seth. It's gonna
be alot of fun... right, Seth?
We'll see.
I'm gonna go home and start
packing, Seth... make sure I don't
forget anything.
Lyle stands up and walks to the door.

Seth stands up and follows him out.


You don't have to take the bus.
I'll give you a ride home.
Seth stands, staring into the mirror over his dresser.

CLOSE on Seth's EYE, as it again begins to swell, but again,
he wipes it away before it can form into a tear.

Seth continues staring, as he inches his face closer to the
mirror, ever so slowly. He stops when his face is only a few
inches from the mirror and VIOLENTLY SCREAMS at the top of
his lungs.

In a rage, Seth picks up his alarm clock from the dresser
and SMASHES it into the mirror. The mirror SHATTERS, and
glass flies everywhere.

The alarm clock falls to the floor. It begins to slowly BUZZ
ever so faintly -- lasting but a few seconds, and then dies
Seth sits in his car -- a hoopte from a year unknown, at the
driveway to Lyle's house. He BEEPS the HORN.

Lyle pops his head out of the front door, gives Seth a wave,
and ducks out of sight back into the house.

LYLE'S MOM walks out onto the front steps, as Seth sits in
his car with the engine idling. She stares at Seth, the way
a disapproving mother would, -- the way a mother who has
never cared much for her son's so called friend would.

Seth looks up in her direction and receives a MENACING
GLANCE in return, as to say: I can sense the suspicious
situation of my son being fired and a trip occuring the very
next day.

Seth doesn't have the heart to look at her and turns away.

With her opinion voiced -- and received by Seth, She turns
and enters the house.


Do you know where we are going to
start the adventure off at yet?
Seth picks up a map from the center console.
This is a map of the entire
continental United States. We can
go where ever we want.
But where do we want to go, Seth?
I'll figure it out when we fill up
at the gas station...
...oh man, your're never going to
believe what happened to me this
I lost the keys to my safe.
...Oh ...?
All the money I had saved up for
this adventure was inside of that
You don't have any money, Seth?
No -- I have some money, but I
don't know if it's enough for an
You know what... I still have all
that money that my grandma left
for me when she died.


Oh yeah, Seth... it's all there...
all the money she left me is still
there. She said it was there for
when I needed it most.
Well, I can take you to your
--Okay Seth... but can you come in
with me and make sure I do
everything right. My mom always
goes to the bank with me and helps
me fill the stuff out... I don't
know how to do it... and I don't
want to be the one who screws up
this adventure.
Sure Lyle, what are best friends
Seth turns away from Lyle and looks out the window.
Seth sits on the hood of his car, surveying the map.

He turns around and glances through the windshield:

CLOSE on CENTER CONSOLE, displaying an ENVELOPE stuffed with
approximately five grand.

Seth turns back around and folds up the map. He takes a
quick look up into CLOUDLESS SKY and hops off the hood of
the car.

Lyle exits the tiny mart -- adjacent to the gas station,
carrying a grocery bag in his left hand and a tiny canteen
by the strap in his right.

He tosses the canteen onto the front passenger seat and
places the bag on the roof of the car.


I wasn't sure what you wanted on
your hot-dog... so I just put
everything they had there on it.
Lyle pulls from the bag two bottles of soda and two
hot-dogs. He hands one of each to Seth.

Seth opens up the foil wrapper and takes one look at his
hot-dog and is instantly repulsed by the sight.

CLOSE on Seth's HOT-DOG, covered with: mustard, ketchup,
mayonnaise, onions, pickles, and relish.
How do you feel about Niagara
Lyle stares at Seth, not knowing how to respond to the
                       SETH (cont'd)
Niagara Falls is a place. It's
kind of a tourist site. It has a
waterfall that is supposed to be
pretty amazing. How do you you
feel about making that our first
...Oh... that would be great...
yeah, that sounds like a great
place to start off an adventure,
Seth... good thinking.
Well, lets get going then.
Seth waits until Lyle enters the car to drop his hot-dog on
the ground.

He kicks it under the car and then enters.
Lyle has the tiny canteen sitting on his lap.
Why'd you get the canteen?


The man at the register didn't
have any change.
The man didn't have any change to
give me... so he said I could have
the canteen and everything would
be even-steven. I thought we might
need a canteen for the adventure.
You always see explorers in the
movies with canteen's around their
Seth becomes noticeably agitated.
How much did the hot-dogs and
soda's cost?
Um... five dollars.
And how much did you give the man?
A twenty dollar bill.
Seth SLAMS on the BRAKES, and the car comes to a SCREECHING

A few feet in front of the car stands a SIGN.


Seth puts the car in reverse and starts barrelling down the
road backwards.

On-coming car's are forced to duck off to the side, as Seth
doesn't so much as flinch. He has rage in his eyes and
refuses to relinquish his course of action.

Lyle -- scared out of his wits, grips onto the seat for dear


Seth whips the car into the gas station -- still going in
reverse, and SLAMS on the BRAKES.

Seth gets out of the car in a fury, and storms into the tiny

Lyle remains seated in the car, still in shock from the wild

The words are muffled and hard to make out, but RANTING and
CURSING are without a doubt occurring inside the store.

The COMMOTION stops, followed by a few moments of SILENCE.

Seconds after, Seth comes storming out with a hot-dog in one
hand, and paper currency in the other.

Seth enters the car.
Seth places his hot-dog on the dashboard and hands Lyle his
fifteen dollars change.
Don't let people take advantage of
you Lyle -- you have to be
careful! You have to realize what
is going on! You can't let people
take advantage of you!
Lyle still sits gripped to the seat in a nervous panic.
Seth's YELLING only makes him cower more.

Seth takes a look at Lyle and places his head on the
steering wheel.
Okay, Seth... I won't -- I'll
realize from now on... I promise.
You have my promise Seth. It won't
happen no more... never again.
Seth raises his head up from against the steering wheel.
It's not your fault. I'm sorry for
getting mad. I had no right to
yell at you.


It's okay, Seth.
No, it's not -- I'm sorry.
Are you ready for an adventure?
The nervousness has passed and Lyle now has an excited look
etched on his face.
I'm ready!
Seth puts his hand out to Lyle, letting it dangle in
mid-air. Lyle grabs a hold of his hand.
To the open road and what lies
Do you remember Nintendo, Seth?
We used to play for hours.
Nintendo was the greatest...
nothing would beat coming home
after school and playin' Nintendo.
My mom used to say I was gonna fry
my brain.
Yeah, I remember. She used to
always threaten to bust the door
Zelda was the best... I loved
playin' Zelda. What was your
favorite game, Seth?
The Mario Brothers were always
cool, but I'd say my favorite was


Oh man, Contra was awesome... do
you still remember the secret
Seth looks over at Lyle.
Up -- up, down --down, left --
right, left -- right, a -- b, a --
b, select.
I could never get it in fast
enough... you would always have to
put it in for me. I would only
play Contra when you were over...
it was impossible to beat the game
without the thirty man password.
I almost beat it once without the
Really, Seth?
Yeah, I got all the way to the
aliens lair, but died just before
I reached the boss.
I needed all the extra lives to
win... I couldn't beat it without
the extra lives.
Yeah, it came in handy. Made you
feel like you were something
special... knowing a secret
password that would guarantee a
victory. Sure, everyone knew about
it -- but it was still exciting. I
would always get a rush puttin' it
in before the game started. And
then Game Genie came out, and
there was a whole book of
passwords. It made every game you
played, virtually impossible to
lose. All the mystery was gone --
there was nothing left to know...
there was nothing challenging
about it. And that's when I


                       SETH (cont'd)
realized, the time I almost beat
the game without the password, was
the best game I had ever played.
When you played with the password,
it was impossible to lose... but
without the password the game was
pure... it was real.
Hey look, Seth.
We'll probably be there in around
an hour or so.
Are we going to start searching
and exploring as soon as we get
there... just like real life
No, it will be too late when we
get there. We'll start tomorrow.
The room is nothing fancy. Two twin beds adorn it, a
nightstand sits in-between them. There's a small fridge, a
small dresser, and a table with two chairs.

On one bed, two suitcases and a stack of board games lay.
Lyle sits on the floor in front of this bed, three feet from
the television.

through their familiar desert landscape.

Seth lays on the opposite bed -- with a few duffel bags by
his side, staring at a postcard.

CLOSE on POSTCARD, which has a picture of the water rushing
over the edge and reads: "WELCOME TO NIAGARA FALLS."
A man can fall off an eight foot
ladder and die, but a man fell
over the edge of Niagara Falls and
lived. Can you believe someone


                       SETH (cont'd)
fell over the edge and lived?
Why did he jump, Seth?
He didn't jump -- he fell.
That's a long fall, Seth... I
think it kind of looked like a
giant shower. Do you think it
looked like a giant shower, Seth?
Yeah, Lyle -- just like a giant
shower. And someone survived
falling over the edge of the giant
shower. It's fuckin' unbelievable.
How can someone fall that far and
Lyle remains focused on the television.

CLOSE on TELEVISION, as Wiley Coyote runs over the cliff,
and begins to fall.
Just like Wiley Coyote, Seth...
that guy must be just like Wiley
Coyote. He always falls over the
cliff and lives.
Seth lays his head down on the pillow.
                       LYLE (cont'd)
Hey, Seth... is it here?
Is what here?
You know... what we're searching
for on the adventure.
Seth sits up, and stares into the postcard. He places it on
the nightstand next to the bed, and lays his head back down
against the pillow.
No -- I guess not... it's not


Where should we go looking for it
I don't know. I'll figure it out
in the morning.
Lyle is on his knees -- crouched over the side of his bed,
saying his prayers.

Seth stands a few feet behind him skeptically observing the
prayer session -- the way a man who believes praying is a
waste of time would.

Lyle blesses himself in the sign of the cross and gets into

Seth turns off the light and gets into his bed.

A few moments of SILENCE.

Seth breaks it...
Why do you pray before you go to
I don't know, Seth. Aren't we
supposed to say our prayers before
we go to bed... when do you pray?
I don't.
Why not?
Do you think anyone can hear those
prayers? You think anyone is going
to answer them?
I hope so, Seth. I say my prayers
every night before I go to bed...
I always say my prayers. I pray
for my mom... and for you... and
for me... and now I pray for the
adventure. And sometimes I pray


                       LYLE (cont'd)
Seth cuts Lyle off...
Don't say any prayers for me.
But I say prayers for you every
night, Seth. For as long as we've
been friends I've said prayers for
Well I want you to stop. I don't
need any prayers said for me, and
I don't want any prayers said for
Seth rolls over in bed and now has his back facing towards
Goodnight, Seth.
The room is DARK and SILENT.

Seth is laying in bed -- with his eyes closed, assumed to be

Lyle lays in bed staring off into the darkness of the room.
Are you asleep, Seth?
Seth opens his eyes.
Can I ask you a question?
When the lights first get turned
off you can't see anything, but
the longer you sit in the dark...
the more you start to see... but


                       LYLE (cont'd)
the room is still as dark as it
was before.
So what's your question?
Why can't you see in the dark as
soon as it gets dark, Seth?
It takes time for your eyes to
adjust to the darkness, and then
you are able to see.
Oh -- okay... goodnight, Seth.
Goodnight, Lyle.
Lyle is curled up in a ball -- with the covers wrapped
tightly around him, sound asleep.

Seth is standing at the window, staring out into the empty
-- lonely night.

CLOSE on Seth's FACIAL EXPRESSION: It is haunting how it
holds the same emptiness and loneliness found with the
night, as though the two are brother's in arms.
Seth paces back and forth in the room.

Lyle walks out of the bathroom with a towel around his
waist. He drips water all over the carpet.
Lyle, do you know how long you
were in there?
Um... probably about... um...
ah... I don't really know, Seth.
Over an hour. What the hell were
you doin'?


I was trying out all the dials on
the shower. This one dial shot the
water out like a fire hose... it
was really cool... it felt good on
my back. Did you try all the
dials, Seth?
Yeah, I tried all three of the
dials in just under twenty
Lyle rummages through his suitcase for clothes.
                       SETH (cont'd)
There's a pancake house a couple
miles up the road. We can get
breakfast there. I need something
to drink now though, thanks to
your escapade in the shower. You
want something from the vending
machine downstairs?
Nah... I just got a shower.
What does that mean?
Lyle throws a pair of jeans and a t-shirt onto his bed.
It means I just got a shower.
I know you just got a shower,
Lyle. I asked you if you wanted
something to drink.
No... I just got a shower, Seth.
Lyle is oblivious to the mounting frustration of Seth.
So why does that mean you don't
want a drink?
I'm not thirsty, Seth...


Finally Seth finds the answer he wanted, but then...
                       LYLE (cont'd)
...I just got a shower.
Seth walks to Lyle and looks him straight in the eyes. Lyle
is still oblivious to Seths aggravtaion.
      (speaking slow)
Why does getting a shower make you
not thirsty?
Lyle looks at Seth in a "what kind of question is that" way.
I drank alot of shower water,
Seth stares at Lyle for a few moments.
Lyle, -- don't drink shower water.
But I always drink shower water,
Seth... I like shower water. The
shower water at home is much
better... but this water was
I'm going to get a drink. Try to
get dressed in under an hour.
Under an hour... your funny, Seth.
Seth exits the room.
Seth approaches the vending machine.

A BOY and his FATHER stand around it.


      (patting pockets)
I forgot to grab change. Stay
here, I'll be back in a couple
Okay dad.
The Father walks away.
Seth stands stiff as a statue and watches the Father leave.
He seems to be choking on an unsavory memory -- paralyzed,
standing dead in his tracks.

The Boy turns around and sees Seth. He looks at Seth
What are you doing?
Seth stares at the Boy for a few moments. He turns and walks
away, without say a word.
Seth and Lyle sit at a table, having already finished their

Seth's plate is relatively clean and has a dirty napkin
sitting on it and a empty glass of milk standing next to it.

Lyle has a giant puddle of syrup sitting on his plate and
numerous dirty napkins surrounding it. His cup of milk is
untouched and filled to the brim.
I was thinking about maybe taking
this adventure out to the Grand
Canyon. Do a little searching out
Yeah... that sounds good, Seth. I
think -- I think that may be the
spot... that sounds like the kind
of place we could find what we're
looking for.
Where's it at?


It's in Arizona. It'll take a few
days to drive out there.
Man this adventure stuff is
exciting. Isn't it exciting, Seth?
I mean... it's just... it's just
really exciting.
Yeah, I guess.
Lyle glances down at the puddle of syrup on his plate.
Who do you think would win in a
fight... Aunt Jemima or Mrs.
Who do you think would win?
I think Aunt Jemima would win.
And why do you think that?
Well I don't know, Seth... maybe
because Aunt Jemima is black.
Black girls are crazy when they
get mad... they really scare me.
How do you know Mrs. Butterworth
isn't black?
Is she?
I don't know for sure -- but I
think she might be.
Well now I don't know who would
win, Seth. Boy, if their both
black girls... it would probably
be a pretty good fight... a really
good fight.


Lets take this conversation out to
the car.
Seth places his utensils and the empty glass on his plate,
and grabs his dirty napkin. He stands up from the table with
the plate in his right hand and the dirty napkin in his
Actually...I still think Aunt
Jemima would win...cause she's
black and she's old.
Lyle downs his milk in a few chugs, as though he is in some
kind of contest.
Lyle places his utensils and empty glass on his plate. He
stands up from the table with his plate in his right hand
and grabs the group of dirty napkins with his left. He
follows behind Seth.

Seth winds through the tables and to the garbage can.

He places his plate on top -- with the other stack of
plates, puts the glass off to the side -- with the other
collection of dirty glasses, and tosses his napkin in the

Lyle places all his dirty napkins on top of the garbage can,
and tosses his plate -- with the glass and utensils, into
the garbage, without even the slightest realization of what
he just did.
Seth and Lyle stand outside of the car.
We gotta check out and then we can
be on our way. I want to get a
good ten hours of driving in
before we before we stop...
probably get eight hours in before
it gets dark.
Can I do some driving today, Seth?
I don't think so.


Ah... come on, let me drive, Seth.
Why not?
Get in the car Lyle.
Seth and Lyle are sitting in the middle of a traffic jam.
SIRENS are BLARING and LIGHTS are FLASHING up ahead in the

Lyle is sipping on a milk shake.
Man this is just what we needed --
a goddamn hour delay because some
jerk-off doesn't know how to
Lyle takes the lid off of his milk shake and examines the
This milk shake has too much shake
and not enough milk. I can't suck
anything through the straw,
Seth... I'd have to be a vacuum
cleaner to get it out. I've had
milkshakes with too much milk and
not enough shake... but never too
much shake.
Lyle puts the lid back on the cup. Like a madman, he tries
sucking the milkshake through the straw, but has no luck. He
takes a deep breath and tries again, even more valiantly --
until his face turns red and he is totally out of breath,
but again has no luck.

Seth looks over at Lyle.
Jesus Christ Lyle, your heads
gonna explode. Just let it sit for
a couple of minutes and thaw out.


Lyle puts the milk shake in the cup holder.
The traffic jam starts to slowly move and Seth's car
converges on the scene of the accident. As Seth passes the
accident, he sees a BOY -- no more than ten, lying
motionless on the asphalt, surrounded by a pool of blood.

CLOSE on BOY, as a PARAMEDIC walks over and covers him up
with a sheet.

Seth stares at the scene as if he has seen it played out
before, somewhere in the dark abyss of his unforgotten past.
Seth is standing outside the car -- with his head in the
passenger side window, talking to Lyle.
You want anything?
Um... do they sell Almond Joy's?
It's a convenience store...
Lyle stares at Seth...
                       SETH (cont'd)
Yes, they most likely sell Almond
Get me an Almond Joy, Seth.
Seth walks away from the car and enters the store.

From an alley way beside the Store -- out of the darkness,
appear TWO HOOKERS. One Hooker is black and the other Hooker
is white. They approach the car.

Lyle sees them and becomes extremely nervous. He locks the
door and looks straight ahead -- trying his best to go
unnoticed, but it matters not: they are coming, and locking
the door does nothing when the window is down.
                       BLACK HOOKER
Hey suga', why you sittin' in that
car all alone?


                       WHITE HOOKER
You look like you could use some
Lyle continues staring straight ahead -- moving not a
mucscle, and speaking not a word.
The Black Hooker leans against the car and puts her head in.
She starts to rub his head.

Lyle's uncomfort is mounting and he speaks...
Please don't touch me.
The Black Hooker moves her hand from his hand and starts
caressing his chest.
                       BLACK HOOKER
Would ya like a little sprinklin'
of brown gravy on these mashed
I don't like mashed potatoes.
                       BLACK HOOKER
      (still caressing
       his chest)
But do ya like gravy?
I don't like gravy either... could
you not do that.
The Black Hooker steps away from the car and the White
Hooker takes her place, sticking her head through the
                       WHITE HOOKER
Well maybe you'd like a little
white on white.
She runs her hand up his leg and to his crotch, and then

Lyle WINCES -- the way a man who has never been touched
before would, and begins to shake nervously.
The White Hooker turns to the Black Hooker...


                       WHITE HOOKER (cont'd)
I dunno, that's a gorilla cock if
I ever felt one.
Please don't do that.
                       WHITE HOOKER
What... this?
She again squeezes his crotch.
Seth exits the store...
Get away from the car!
The White Hooker steps away from the car.
                       BLACK HOOKER
Okay baby. Just seein' if the big
man here was looking for a good
Well, he's not.
Seth walks to the car and takes a look at Lyle, who is still
nervously shaking.
                       BLACK HOOKER
How bout you... you lookin' for a
good time cowboy?
I wouldn't mind branding some
                       WHITE HOOKER
How bout you take a walk with us
behind the store.
Seth turns to Lyle...
I'll be back in a couple of
Both of the Hookers drop to their knees and start to undo
Seth's belt.


Stand up for a second. Let me see
your pretty faces.
They both stand up.

Lyle grabs each of them by the throat and SLAMS them against
the brick wall.
                       SETH (cont'd)
If someone doesn't want you to
touch them... you don't touch
them. You stay away from people
who want nothing to do with your
rotten cunts...
      (gripping each
       throat tighter)
...or I'll wrap twenty-five
condoms around my dick and fuck
each of you so hard that your
kidneys will come out your
throats... or better yet, I'll
stick a soldering iron up your STD
infected boxes and not pull it out
until your insides are completely
mutilated. Do I make myself clear?
Both Hookers -- scared to death, shake there head "yes."
Seth releases his grip and walks away.
Seth and Lyle sit in the car in SILENCE.
Lyle breaks it...
They touched me, Seth... I didn't
want them to touch me... I asked
them not to.
I know. I went back there and made
sure they wouldn't touch you ever
      (turns to Lyle)
I told them that if they ever
touched you again, they would be
in big trouble.
Thanks, Seth.


Seth pats Lyle on the shoulder. He reaches into his pocket
and pulls out an Almond Joy.
      (handing it to
Here you go. Lets find a hotel to
check into.
The room is almost an exact replica as the other -- plain
and ordinary in every-way.

Seth and Lyle are sitting at the table playing a game of
You need a yahtzee to win, Seth.
Lyle bends down to tie his shoe.

Seth rolls the dice...

CLOSE on DICE: all are "four's" except one. Seth flips the
dice over, so that he has all "four's."
Lyle pops his head up.
Seth and Lyle are laying on the floor playing monopoly.

A bag of tortilla chips lays in front of Lyle -- as does a
bowl of salsa.

Seth owns almost all of the board and has an ample cash

Lyle's money is sparse and only has a handful of properties,
all of which are turned over and mortgaged, except for the
two best properties on the board...

CLOSE on Lyle's PROPERTIES: Boardwalk and Park Place.
Pass the chips and salsa.


Lyle passes the bag of chips and the bowl of salsa over to

Seth takes a look at the bowl of salsa...

CLOSE on SALSA BOWL, which is completely filled with pieces
of broken chips.
                       SETH (cont'd)
Is this amateur night at the chip
bowl? What the hell is all of
Seth picks up the bowl and shows it to Lyle.
What the hell is all of this?
Pieces of the chips, Seth.
Why are there so many in the bowl?
The chips kept breaking. I don't
think the chips are strong enough
for the salsa... I think it's too
chunky, Seth.
Seth passes the bag of chips and bowl of salsa back over to
Lyle, without ever taking a chip.
I will trade you Baltic and
Mediterranean, for Boardwalk and
Park Place.
No way, Seth! Boardwalk and Park
Place are much better than Baltic
and Mediterranean... blue is
always better than purple...
remember, that's what you told me.
But Lyle, you have no money, and
houses are cheaper for the purple
pair. And besides no one ever
lands on Boardwalk and Park
Place... but whatever. I'm just


                       SETH (cont'd)
tryin' to help you out.
Lyle mulls the scenario over in his head for a few moments
Fine... I'll make the trade, Seth.
The two swap properties.
Okay -- my turn, right? I will
pass on my roll of the dice and
buy three houses for each
Boardwalk and Park Place.
Seth puts the money in the bank and takes out six houses
total. He aligns them along the properties.
                       SETH (cont'd)
Okay, your turn.
Lyle rolls the dice and gets an eleven. He picks up the
thimble and starts counting off the spaces...
One -- two -- three -- four --
five -- six -- seven -- eight --
nine -- ten -- eleven.
CLOSE on THIMBLE, as it lands on Boardwalk.
That will be fourteen-hundred
Lyle examines his money, and then examines the rest of his

He raises his head wearily.
I don't think I have that much,
I guess I win.
Lyle reaches for the money sitting in the middle of the


Come on, Seth... let me get the
free parking money. If you let me
get that I can pay you... I won't
even collect my two-hundred when I
pass go.
No way.
You can collect my two-hundred.
No way, Lyle -- you lost.
Man oh man! I knew I shouldn't
have made that trade, Seth... I
knew it was a bad move.
You win some and you lose some.
I never win. I never ever win.
A PAUSE between the two.
                       LYLE (cont'd)
Do you wanna play Operation?
Seth gives Lyle a LONG STARE.
Come on, Seth... just one game.
Both Seth and Lyle lay in bed.

The lights are off and all is SILENT.

Lyle breaks it...


Do you ever remember your dreams,
I've never remembered a dream...
not once, Seth. What if I don't
dream at all... what if I've never
had a dream before?
I don't know, Lyle -- dreams are
crazy things.
Could you tell me one?
One of mine?
Why do you want to know one of my
Please, Seth... please... please
tell me a dream.
Alright -- alright already.
I had this dream one time that I
was being chased by a pirate who
wore an eye patch, and he was
riding on a crocodile. An old man
with a long white beard was
following behind the pirate,
walking alongside a boy with green
hair... and there was this ticking
that was all around me -- I
couldn't escape it. So I'm running
down the street and I see a
library. I ran up the steps and
swung open the door, and dove
inside. Somehow the door slams
shut all by itself, and is bolted
closed. Then suddenly I feel this
sensation. A sensation where


                       SETH (cont'd)
everything seemed surreal --
almost like I was non-existent --
and time was non-existent. I look
down to my wrist, but my watch
wasn't there. Then I look to the
clock in the library, and the
hands were spinning out of
control, until both hands stopped
on the seven. Then suddenly I felt
all alone -- and looked around and
realized I was all alone. There
was no one else in the library. It
was just me and and an endless
supply of books, an endless supply
of stories and knowledge. So I
started walking through the aisles
and randomly grabbed one. I opened
it up and all the pages were
blank. I dropped that book to the
ground and grabbed the one next to
it -- but all the pages were blank
in that book, too. I frantically
started scanning book after book
-- and book after book had blank
pages. Before I knew it, the
shelves were empty, and thousands
of books with blank pages lay all
over the floor. Then in the corner
-- in the deep corner, I noticed
one I missed. I sprinted over to
it and snatched it off the shelf.
I opened up the book and the pages
were full of words... I was so
relieved... but when I closed the
book and went to look at the cover
-- I woke up... and never got to
see the name of the book.
Lyle sits up in bed. He is in absolute awe of the story he
was just told.
Wow... I wish I could remember
something like that. That's
awesome, Seth. What does it mean?
I have no idea. Dreams are crazy
things, Lyle -- crazy things. Get
some sleep, Lyle -- we should be
able to reach Kansas City by


Seth and Lyle are on riding through a little suburban town.

Ahead of them, a YELLOW SCHOOL BUS -- with tinted windows,
begins to slow. The tinted windows make it impossible to see
inside. As the Bus comes to a complete stop, its FLASHING
LIGHTS come on.

Seth pulls to a stop behind it.
What the fuck.
Why are school buses yellow, Seth?
Because a guy named Charlie built
A few moments pass, and no one exits.
What the hell is going on -- how
long does it take to get off a
A few more moments pass, and still no one exits.

Seth becomes frustrated, and BEEPS the HORN.

A few moments later, a MAN in a wheelchair -- dressed in
army apparel, comes into sight, to the right of the car. The
Man wheels himself along the sidewalk, passing Seth and
                       SETH (cont'd)
It's a goddamn bus of crippled
vets. The hell with this, we could
be here all day waiting for them


Seth pulls into the opposite lane and passes the Bus on the

As soon as Seth gets a few feet past the Bus, POLICE SIRENS
are heard off screen.
Seth glances into his rearview mirror...

FLASHING lights.

Seth bites hard on his lip -- angrily, and pulls over to the
side of the road.
The POLICE OFFICER approaches the car.
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (leaning into the
Do you know why I pulled you over?
Because I didn't want to wait
forty-five minutes for a bunch of
cripples to get off a bus.
The Police Officer is taken aback at the brashness of Seth.
                       POLICE OFFICER
When a school bus has its lights
on, it is illegal to pass it.
Especially when you go over double
yellow lines and into the opposite
lane to do so.
What am I gonna do, hit one and
paralyze them a little more? I'd
be doing them a favor... finishing
the job.
                       POLICE OFFICER
I would stop talking if I were
you, sir.


Why? I didn't do anything wrong.
It's a stupid law. Mr. fourth of
July wheels himself down the
sidewalk -- on the right of me,
and I can't pass the bus on the
Step out of the car, sir.
Seth and Lyle are riding in SILENCE.


Seth leans forward and turns the RADIO on. We catch the tail
end of a person on the Radio talking...
...come down and support the NAACP
tomorrow, so we can further
advance and improve the African
American race.
Seth leans forward and turns the Radio off.
Can you believe this guy? Black
people got some balls.
How do you know he's black, Seth.
Because I could feel the
vibrations coming through the
speakers, as his massive lips
flapped back and forth... of
course he's black, Lyle -- it's an
organization that helps black
people. It's run by a bunch of
Lyle flinches at the word "nigger", and quickly turns to
You shouldn't say that word, Seth.
It's a bad name for black people.


Why can't I use the word nigger? I
didn't live in the
eighteen-sixties, or the
nineteen-sixties. I never owned a
slave and no one in my family ever
owned a slave. All of that has
nothing to do with me. Since the
day I was born, everyone has had
the same rights, but because what
of whites did in the past -- I get
screwed with affirmative action.
You know what -- fuck that! My
nigger privileges shouldn't be
revoked just because of past
history and the fact that I'm
white. Look it up in the
dictionary -- a nigger is someone
who is ignorant. If you act like a
nigger -- I'm gonna call you a
nigger. Blacks of today don't get
a free pass from the word, just
because of their ancestors. An
organization that sole purpose is
to help only their own race, is
ignorant. Therefore it is run by
Well... I don't know, Seth. My mom
always told me that was a bad
word... and that I should never
use it.
Seth's car pulls into the parking lot of a fast food
Seth and Lyle exit the car and enter the restaurant.
The entire restaurant is empty.
I gotta take a piss.
Yeah me too, Seth.


Seth and Lyle walk down the corridor to the bathroom.
A coach bus pulls into the parking lot and stops.

A few moments later a large group of SENIORS pile out and
enter the restaurant.
The Seniors all stand in line waiting to order, probably
close to thirty-five total.

Seth and Lyle exit the bathroom.

Seth takes one look at the scene and...
What the fuck!
All the Seniors turn and look at him.
Seth picks up a chair and tosses it half way across floor,
into a line of tables.
I hope you all choke on your
medication tonight and die.
Seth storms out of the restaurant.

Lyle -- quite red in the face, follows him out.
Once again, the room is an exact replica of the other.
Lyle sits on his bed, watching cartoons on the television.

Seth exits the bathroom.
Hey Lyle, why is my razor out?
I had to shave.
So why is my razor out?


Because I had to shave, and I
didn't bring mine.
Why didn't you bring your razor?
I forgot all my bathroom stuff...
I remembered to bring the games
though... good thing I didn't
forget the games. You definitely
need games on an adventure.
You didn't bring any toiletries?
Lyle looks at Seth confused, as though he has never heard
the word "toilitries" before...
                       SETH (cont'd)
You didn't bring any bathroom
Nope... I forgot all of it. I only
remembered to pack clothes... and
the games. I didn't want to forget
the games, Seth.
What else of mine have you been
You mean bathroom stuff, Seth?
Yeah, what other bathroom stuff of
mine have you been using?
Your toothbrush, your
toothpaste... your comb... your
deodorant... your razor... your
      (cutting Lyle off)
Alright. Get dressed, we are going
to the store.


What do we need from the store?
We need to get you some bathroom
I don't mind using your stuff,
Seth. I like your toothbrush... it
made my teeth feel really clean.
And your deodorant smells better
than than the kind my mom gets me.
She gets me that white kind...
yours is much better, Seth... it
tingles your armpit when it goes
on... it's really smooth.
Seth stands -- disgusted, and refusing to hear anymore...
Get dressed. We are going to the
store -- right now.
Lyle stands up.
Can I drive, Seth.
Lyle, you have no license. You
have no permit. You have never
driven an automobile. It would be
a very dangerous situation for you
to get behind the wheel of a car.
My answer to that question is
always going to be: no. Something
bad could happen if you were to
drive a car.
Lyle is disappointed, but accepts the answer.
Seth and Lyle are standing in the check-out line. Lyle holds
a basket containing various toiletry items.

A COUPLE PEOPLE stand ahead of them in line.
I call bathroom first when we get
back to the room. I really got to
go, Seth... I forgot to go before


                       LYLE (cont'd)
we left.
Seth just looks at Lyle and doesn't say a word. Then he
notices Lyle chewing...
Let me get a piece of gum.
Lyle looks at Seth a little strangely. He reaches over to
the rack with candy and grabs a pack of gum. Lyle rips open
the pack and hands Seth a piece.
                       SETH (cont'd)
What are you doing?
You asked for a piece of gum,
Yeah, a piece of gum from the pack
you have.
I don't have a pack of gum.
Then what are you chewing on?
Lyle reaches into his mouth.

CLOSE on Lyle's HAND, revealing a cluster of fingernails. He
holds them up to Seth's face.
Seth shakes his head.
Seth takes the piece of gum from Lyle's other hand and
places it in his mouth.
                       SETH (cont'd)
Put the pack of gum in the basket.
Lyle drops the pack of gum into the basket, and places the
fingernails back into his mouth.
Seth turns away from Lyle and notices a WOMAN and her YOUNG
CHILD, walking through the pharmacy. The Young Child is
wearing a hood over its head, so it is impossible to tell
whether it is a boy or a girl... but then the hood comes
off, and the Young Child turns and faces Seth.

The Young Child is a girl, but does not resemble your


typical girl. She is bald, no doubt from the chemotherapy
she is exposed to, brought on by the unfortunate luck of
having cancer.

Seth cannot seem to take his eye's off the girl. He is
transfixed with her. The two lock eyes for only a moment,
but it feels much longer.

She puts her hood back on and turns around. Seth watches
her walk away, in disbelief.
Seth and Lyle are sitting in the car.
Hey Seth, what was the name of the
guy who ran down that other guy at
the end of that super bowl.
I'm gonna need a little bit more
information than that.
You know, it was that guy... that
skinny little white guy... and he
chased down that big black guy.
Seth gives Lyle a look and shrugs his shoulders.
                       LYLE (cont'd)
C'mon Seth, you gotta know... you
always know. It was at the end of
the game, and the one team was
losing really bad. The skinny
white guy chased the big black guy
all the way down to the end-zone
and swatted the ball out of his
Oh, Don Beebe.
Yeah, thats the guy, Seth.
A PAUSE between the two.
Well what about him?


What about who, Seth?
What about Don Beebe?
I don't know... what about him?
Why did you want to know his name?
I don't know, Seth.
Seth shakes his head.
It was a hell of a play. You gotta
admire someone who doesn't give
up, even when they have every
reason to give up. It takes alot
of guts... alot of courage, to put
forth that much effort, even
though you are facing certain
Once again, the room is an exact replica as the ones before

Seth and Lyle each lay on their beds.
Hey Seth, there are seven days in
the week... right?
Seth looks at Lyle a little strangely, with a look: that's a
dumb question even for you, Lyle.
And aren't there seven places to
Yeah, there are seven continents.


And there are seven oceans...
Seven seas.
Oh, seven seas... and there are
seven of those wonders.
Yeah, seven wonders of the world.
Why are there seven of so many
Lyle, why do you ask me these
kinds of questions?
Because you always know the
answers, Seth... you can always
answer my questions... you always
You said that in the car today,
too. I don't know everything.
Seth sits up in bed, and faces Lyle.
                       SETH (cont'd)
There's a word for all knowing...
I think it's omnipresent...
Lyle sits up in bed and cuts Seth off...
Like a birthday present... or a
christmas present, Seth?
No, not like a present, actually
the words not even omnipresent...
it's omniscient, and believe me
I'm not omniscient. I may be able
to answer alot of your questions,
but I'm a far cry from knowing
everything. Come to think of it,
it must be awful to know


                       SETH (cont'd)
Why would it be awful to know
everything, Seth. I don't know
anything, and I think it stinks...
I would love to know everything.
Well, think of when you first
found out that Santa Claus wasn't
real. Wasn't that an awful
feeling? Wasn't Christmas just
never as magical as it was before.
It was so much better not to know.
Hey your right, Seth... I used to
lie awake all night waiting for
Christmas morning... I guess it is
better not to know things.
Do you remember, Miss Hemlock?
Yeah, she was our third grade
teacher, Seth.
I only remember one thing from her
class. I can't remember exactly
how the quote went, but it was by
that guy Socrates -- some kind of
ancient philosopher, and it went
something like: a man approached
Socrates and exalted "Socrates,
you are by far the wisest and most
intelligent man in all the land."
Socrates pondered for a few
moments and responded, "if what
you say is true, it can only be
because I understand that I know
nothing at all."
Lyle smiles at Seth. He liked the way that sounded.
seth exits car... lyle is sleeping... walks onto hill...
dead bird falls from out of the sky... "is that all you got


to say"... starts to pour rain... seth is soaking wet at the
hotel lobby.
An OLD WOMAN stands behind the counter.

Seth approaches her. Lyle follow on his coatails.
I need a room.
                       OLD WOMAN
Are you boys here for the races
Lyle pops his head out from behind Seth...
We're adventurers... and we're on
an adventure.
                       OLD WOMAN
Oh. We've got a couple of
adventurers do we. Well I think
that's terrific.
Seth gives Lyle a look.

Lyle quickly pulls his head back.
                       OLD WOMAN (cont'd)
Its been busy here all week.
Steinbeck Race Track is making its
grand opening and races are gonna
be going on all weekend. It's only
a few blocks down from here...
just past the park.
We're just here to see the Grand
Lyle again pops his head out from behind Seth...
We think what we're searching for
is there.


Seth again gives Lyle the look.
Seth and Lyle's belongings are lined up against the wall.
The room is the same as the others, except that this room
has a single double bed, as opposed to the two twin beds
each of the others had.
Seth is looking out the window of the room. The street below

Lyle is on the phone.
Yeah... we're gonna go see it
tomorrow, mom. Okay -- bye, mom...
love you.
Lyle hangs up the phone.

Seth turns away from the window.
Are you hungry?
I'm really hungry, Seth. My
stomach has been growling for a
while... I'm starving. Those
crackers I ate in the car didn't
do anything.
Let's go find a place to eat.
A small, quaint little CAFE, is situated on the corner. As
night falls upon the sky, the neon lights to the sign turn
Lyle and Seth sit at a tiny table for two, having already
finished their meal. Lyle is doodling all over a piece of

A MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE sits directly behind Seth.
The WAITRESS approaches their table.


Can I get you boys anything else?
Lyle doesn't even acknowledge the Waitress. He is too into
his doodling.
I'll have another glass of milk.
Sure thing.
The waitress grabs Seth's empty glass and walks away.
Seth leans back in his chair, catching the conversation of
the Middle-Aged Couple...
                       MIDDLE-AGED MAN (o.s.)
Bob Dylan sucks. He is the most
overrated musician to ever walk
the earth.
                       MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN (o.s.)
He's a sell out as well. What kind
of person turns on his own fans?
Seth cannot believe what he is hearing.
                       MIDDLE-AGED MAN (o.s.)
The world would have been better
off if he had died in that
motorcylce accident.
Seth won't stand for it any longer. As he goes to turn
around -- and confront the Couple, something behind the
counter catches his eye: the Waitress empties the milk from
one container into Seth's glass, and then opens up a new
container, and fills the rest of the glass up.
Seth watches the the Waitress exit from behind the counter
and head his direction.

The Waitress places the glass on the table.
You expect me to drink this?
Oh -- I'm sorry. I thought you
said you wanted another glass of


I did.
Then what's the problem.
You combined two different milks.
The Waitress is puzzled by the accusation.
There was only a couple of drops
left in the one. I had to combine
Well I don't want it now.
They were both the same brand --
they both have the same sale date
for Pete's-sake... it's not like I
combined skim milk with whole
Yeah, well -- that's great, I
don't want it.
I'm gonna have to charge you for
I don't want it.
It is perfectly fine, Sir.
So I have to pay for it,
regardless of whether I want it.
Yes -- you asked for a glass of
milk, and that is what I brought
I guess I might as well use it


Seth grabs the glass and throws the milk in her face.

Lyle -- who had been oblivious to the whole confrontation
during his doodling, final parts with the paper and takes
notice. He doesn't know what to make of it.

The Waitress stands silent and completely in shock, until...
You bastard! You fuckin' bastard!
      (storming away)
Charlie! Charlie!
The Middle-Aged Man stands up and confronts Seth -- who is
still sitting.
                       MIDDLE-AGED MAN
Your a real asshole.
Like I care what you think...
fuckin' Nahtzee.
                       MIDDLE-AGED MAN
Yeah, that's right -- a Nahtzee.
It is one thing not to like
Dylan's music... fine you got
shitty taste, but to actually bad
mouth the guy... only a Nahtzee
would do something like that. So
why don't you and Miss Eva Braun
shut the fuck up and mind your own
                       MIDDLE-AGED MAN
As a person of Jewish descent, I
take real offense to that
Well now I've seen it all... a
Jew-bag Nahtzee. Talk about
turnin' on your own people. Whose
the sell-out now.
The Waitress come storming back, with CHARLIE -- the


Pay for your food and get the hell
out of here.
Seth throws some money on the table, and stands up. He walks
out casually, without a care in the world for his actions.

Lyle stands up and follows Seth out. He is noticeably
uncomfortable with the situation. He walks out trying to
avoid eye contact with anyone.
Seth and Lyle are standing in line at little ICE CREAM STAND
-- situated on a patch of grass, overlooking a small lake.
Boy oh boy, was that amazing or
what, Seth. It was so big.
It's the Grand Canyon, Lyle.
Do you think someone could fall
over the side and live?
Probably not.
So... is it here, Seth? Is this
the place where we find it?
Seth is ignoring Lyle. His eyes are focused on a WOMAN in
the distance, walking towards the exit of the park.

Seth leaves the line and follows after her.
I'll be back in a minute.
Where you going, Seth?
Seth walks in hot pursuit of the Woman. He gets to within
ear shout of the Woman and...


JULIA stops dead in her tracks. She slowly turns her body
around and reveals her elegance, which at the moment is in
quite the startled state.

Seth takes a few more steps and closes the distance, as
Julia still stands frozen.
I bet you never saw this coming,
but I guess it's fitting...
because I never saw it coming
-- Seth... uh... I -- I mean...
Don't even bother. You're a
heartless bitch... a fuckin'
heartless bitch! How could you do
that to me? Was my cock not good
enough for you? You fuckin' grimy
      (interrupting Seth)
You're a failure. I didn't want to
spend the rest of my life with a
failure. And it all just came back
to me... a failure who treated me
like shit. Not only are you a
failure, but you're a racist, and
a bigot, and an all around jerk.
The word "failure", really seems to hit Seth hard.
A failure?
That's right -- a failure. That's
what you were before I met you.
That's what you were when I was
with you. And I bet that's what
you are right now... a goddamn
Julia looks over Seth's shoulder, and takes notice of Lyle
sitting on a picnic bench.

Lyle holds two cones in his hand, but in an instant drops
one to the ground.


                       JULIA (cont'd)
...A failure whose only friend is
a nit-wit moron -- because he's
too dumb to know how much of a
prick you are, and you take
advantage of the him every chance
you get. Now why would I want to
be with someone like that? You're
lucky I stayed with you as long as
I did.
Julia turns and walks away.

Seth stands in dismay.
You shouldn't of done it the way
you did. You knew about my father.
Julia stops and turns.
I didn't want to hurt you.
Well it hurt... it hurt more than
it did the first time it happened.
Seth turns and walks away from her.
Seth and Lyle are sitting at the corner of the bar in THE
BAILEY PUB, a dirty rundown joint. They are terribly out of
place, seeing as how the Bailey Pub is a biker bar.

Seth is drunk and has a sleuth of empty shot glasses sitting
in front him.

Lyle sips on a glass of water with lemon.
Am I a failure? She called me a
Your my best friend Seth.
Well Lyle -- your best friends
with a loser. A big -- fat --
fuckin' failure...
      (raises shot glass)


                       SETH (cont'd)
...whose trying to drink away his
mind at this fine establishment
the local's call The Baily Pub.
Seth downs the shot and drops his head onto the bar.
                       SETH (cont'd)
She called me a failure -- and
she's right... I am.
I don't think you're a failure,
Seth. You're my best friend. We go
to the movies... we play games...
you're lots of fun, Seth.
Seth gives Lyle a friendly punch in the shoulder and raises
his head from the bar.
                       LYLE (cont'd)
Don't you remember the part at the
end of the movie...
Lyle gets interrupted when a BIG BIKER DUDE bumps into him
from behind. He has a thick coarse beard and wears a black
Hells Angels jacket.

CLOSE on JACKET, revealing wings that spread wide -- from
shoulder blade to shoulder blade.

The Biker Dude stands over Lyle, staring down at him...
I'm sorry.
The Biker Dude walks away.
What did you apologize to him for
-- he bumped into you? You gotta
grow some backbone.
I don't know... it seemed like the
right thing to say, Seth.
Seth waves for the BARTENDER.

The Bartender fills up another shot for Seth. He takes it


Seth turns over his shoulder and spots the Biker Dude
sitting at a table with a bunch of his BIKER FRIENDS.

Seth stands up and approaches the table. He walks behind the
Biker Dude and purposely bumps into him, then stands and
stares at the him.
Well aren't you going to
                       BIKER DUDE
Could I ask you your name?
                       BIKER DUDE
The fuckin' name is Nick Martini.
Well Nick Martini, I just bumped
into you and I'm waiting for an
Nick Martini looks around at his Biker friends in disbelief.
                       NICK MARTINI
Do you have a death wish? Is this
some kind of fuckin' suicide
mission? You bumped into me -- and
you want me to apologize?
You bumped into my friend and he
apologized to you... so I thought
that's how it worked around here.
                       NICK MARTINI
You got some balls to come into my
bar -- The Bailey Pub, and cause
trouble. If you don't get out of
my line of vision -- you're going
to force me to lose my temper --
and if you force me to lose my
temper -- I'm going to be forced
to smash your fuckin' face in.
I'm not going anywhere until I get
an apology.


                       NICK MARTINI
Looks like we're gonna have to
ring the bell for round one. You
aren't gonna have to worry about
round two.
Just one?
                       NICK MARTINI
Sometimes one is all you need.
Seth stands in front of the mirror examining the numerous
cuts, bruises, and gashes that line his face.

Lyle sits on the edge of the bed.
I'm sorry you got beat up, Seth.
I'm gonna try to grow a
backbone... I think you're right..
I need one... but thanks for
sticking up for me, Seth
Seth turns away from the mirror and looks at Lyle.
What are friends for?
Lyle smiles at Seth.
                       SETH (cont'd)
How do I look?
You looked just like you always
did when you were a kid, Seth...
Seth's face becomes solemn. He turns away from Lyle and back
to the mirror.

CLOSE on Seth's EYE, as a tear begins to swell.
                       LYLE (cont'd)
I don't know how you could always
fall down the stairs. Every week
you would fall down the stairs and
have cuts and bruises all over
you. Do you remember, Seth... do
you remember what you used to


                       LYLE (cont'd)
always look like?
CLOSE on Seth's EYE, as the tear leaves, and crosses over
the his eye-socket.
Yeah, I remember. I remember it
like it was yesterday. I don't
think I'll ever be able to forget
I'm going to call my mom and tell
her goodnight.
Seth continues to stare deep into the mirror.

CLOSE on Seth's CHEEK, as the tear continues its descent.
                       LYLE (cont'd)
Maybe you should call your mom and
tell her you're alright. She might
of heard about the bar fight on
the news... she might be worried
about you, Seth.
Seth's face turns mean.
I doubt it.
CLOSE on Seth's JAW-LINE, as Seth wipes the tear away.
It is early morning and Seth lays in bed, staring endlessly
at the ceiling.

Seth rolls out of bed and throws on some clothes. He walks
to the mirror and examines the wounds that cover his face,
WINCING in pain as he touches them.

Seth takes a look at Lyle -- who is still sound asleep, and
walks out the door.


watching the kids on the lake in the boat... drop anchor off
the boat... nothing attached... drops into water and
disapperars... couple of paint cans???
Seth aimlessly walks along the gravel path, kicking stones
to the left and right as he walks along.

Off to the side -- by a group of picnic benches, a WOMAN is
playing chess by her lonesome.

Seth veers off the path and approaches her.
I can't help but notice that
you're playing all by yourself.
I'm a novice chess player, would
you like a partner?
No thank you.
Are you sure?
When I play against myself -- I
always win.
But you always lose.
But I always win.
But you always lose.
But I always win.
Ever have a stalemate... do you
ever tie?
Everytime I play.
And what do you mean by that?


A win and a loss will always
average out to a tie.
So I guess you never win then.
But I never lose.
Seth smirks at her.
You have yourself a nice day.
Seth turns and walks away.
If you were sitting on the moon,
what shape would the earth
Seth stops and turns around.
It would resemble a circle.
Do you know why the earth would
resemble a circle?
Draw a circle on a piece of paper
-- then place two dots in separate
locations, anywhere along that
circle. Now imagine that circle is
a race track and those two dots
are horses. Now imagine that race
track has no finish line. I dare
you to try and figure out whose
winning and whose losing. In this
world -- there are no winners or
losers... or failures. It's one
big tie... a tie for second place.
The world is one big stalemate.
Seth stands, in a daze, staring at the Woman for a few

Seth turns and walks away, seemingly gnawing on the words


the Woman just layed upon him.
Seth is once again walking down the gravel road. Although
his steps still move somewhat aimlessly, he seems to now
have a dash of purpose in them.

Seth walks past an OVERWEIGHT MAN -- sitting under a tree,
eating a sandwich. Seth stops dead in his tracks and
squints, as if he thinks he knows the Man.

Seth's eyes WIDEN in astonishment.
Seth places two sticks in the ground spaced evenly apart. He
stands about fifty meters from the Overweight Man and Lyle,
who are both doing stretches on the ground.

Seth walks towards them.
The rules are... you start when I
lower my arm. You run in your lane
and down to your stick. You pull
your stick out of the ground and
run back to me. The first one to
reach me is the winner. Are we
clear on the rules?
Both Lyle and the Overweight Man rise from the ground and
shake their heads in agreement.

Seth raises his arm into the air.
Three -- two -- one...
      (lowers hand)
Lyle darts out of the starting gate like a man on a mission.
He gains an early lead on the Overweight Man, who already
seems winded after only a few meters.

Lyle reaches the stick well ahead of him, but doesn't pull
it out of the ground. He starts running back towards Seth
without his stick. He and the Overweight Man pass each
other, going in opposite directions.


The stick Lyle! You have to get
the stick!
Lyle stops and turns around.

He sprints back and reaches his stick for the second time,
at the same time the Overweight Man reaches his for the

They pull their sticks out simultaneously and the foot race
is dead even.

Lyle digs deep -- like a fire is burning inside of him, and
slowly starts to pull away as he closes in on Seth.

With only a few meters left and victory at hand, Lyle trips
and falls, tumbling hard to the ground.

The Overweight Man passes Lyle as he lays helplessly on the
ground, and gains the victory.

Lyle lays on the ground -- helpless, and devastated.

Seth drops his head in disbelief.
Lyle sits in one of the chairs, dejected and somber. Seth
sits on the edge of his bed staring at Lyle.
Hey -- how about a game of
tic-tac-toe to cheer you up?
No thanks, Seth... I'll only lose.
Maybe this time you'll win.
I've never beaten you, Seth. I've
never beaten you in checkers, or
monopoly, or yahtzee, or
operation... and I've never beaten
you in tic-tac-toe... and I've
still never beaten Tommy Horseman
in a race. I always lose, Seth.


Seth now appears more dejected than Lyle.

He stands up and goes to his duffel bag. He rifles through
it, pulls something out, and walks to Lyle.
This is yours. I should have never
taken it from you.
CLOSE on Seth's HAND, holding the gold watch.
Seth drops the gold watch onto Lyle's lap.
But, I traded you for this? You
didn't take it. You traded me the
shoes, Seth.
Lyle, take the watch. It's your
watch. It belongs to you and you
should have it.
Seth walks back to his bed and lays down, staring at the
ceiling blankly.

Lyle sits up in the chair.
I'm smart enough to know I'm dumb.
Seth sits up on the bed.
                       LYLE (cont'd)
I'm smart enough to know I'm dumb,
Seth. I probably get taken
advantage of everyday, by all
different kinds of people. And I
think -- that you think, somebody
was taken advantage of on the
school yard that day... and you're
right, Seth -- someone was, but it
wasn't me... it was you. My dad
called me an idiot everyday... all
he ever called me was dumb or
stupid. When my parents got
divorced, it was one of the
happiest days of my life.
Everything he owned was taken out
of the house, except for the gold
watch he forgot and left behind. I
hated the watch. Every time I
looked at it... I was reminded of
him... but my mom thought I should


                       LYLE (cont'd)
have it. So that day on the
playground... when you offered me
the trade... I took advantage of
you. A crummy gold watch for a
best friend... I'll take that
trade any day of the week, Seth.
Seth sits on the edge of the bed dumbfounded. He can't
believe what he just heard.

Lyle stands up, walks to Seth, and drops the watch onto his
It belongs to you.
Seth takes the watch into his grasp, and stares at it --

Lyle turns the television on and sits down in front of the
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Seth walks to the dresser -- holding the watch in his hand,
and empties his loose change and car keys out of his pocket,
and grabs the envelope of money.

Seth exits the room, still somewhat shellshocked.
Lyle remains sitting in front of the television, when his
eyes catch something...

CLOSE on DRESSER, revealing Seth's car keys lying there.

Lyle has temptation in his eyes.
There are a FEW PEOPLE milling around.

Seth is sitting alone on a bench, located right outside the
entrance to STEINBECK RACE TRACK. He holds the watch tightly
in his clenches.
Well, I guess it's time we had
ourselves a talk. I don't know --
maybe I did you wrong in a past
life... maybe that's why you had


                       SETH (cont'd)
it out for me from the get-go. But
I'm not mad. I don't hold a
grudge. To tell you the truth, you
could of paved my road smooth --
glistening with gold, and I still
would of fucked it up. Because you
and I both know that I'm a pretty
rotten guy... and I don't deserve
much good -- I don't think I
deserved all the bad, but I
accepted it. And during that time
I never once asked "why." I never
asked why are you doing this to
me. I never asked for a miracle
favor, or for help of any kind.
When I was four and my father
walked out of the house and said
"I'll be back in a couple of
minutes", but never came back, I
did not blame you. When I was
seven and my brother was hit by a
car and killed right in front of
my eye's, I did not look up into
the sky and scowl. When I was ten
and my sister was dying of cancer,
I never once faulted you as I sat
next to her hospital bed. My
mother either molested or beat the
hell out of me every day of my
life, and I did not once curse
your name. I proposed to Julia and
she accepted, only to skip town
and vanish the very next day, but
I did not blame you... and I
didn't even blame you for the
latest card you dealt me -- but
this isn't about me. This is about
him. Yeah -- I know, what kind of
friend am I? I'm a rotten guy -- I
know that... but this isn't about
me... this is about him.
      (looking up to the
Now this is how it's gonna be. I
am going to walk into Steinbeck
Race Track with what remains of
Lyle's money. I am going to place
a bet on a horse. That horse will
win and Lyle is going to get all
his money back, plus extra. If the
horse I bet on doesn't win... it's
your name I'll curse, it is you I
will fault... I will blame you.
Seth drops his head down from the sky.

CLOSE on Seth's EYE, as a tear leaves, and begins to stream
down his face. It crawls down his eye socket, and then his
cheek. The Tear reaches his jaw-line, and dangles for a few
moments. As the tear is about to fall, Seth wipes it away.
Seth stands back from a CROWD of PEOPLE, analyzing the
board. He smiles when he comes across a name he likes, and
walks to the TELLER.
Welcome to Steinbeck Race Track.
I'd like to place a bet on a
What horse would you like to bet
on, sir?
Lyle places the envelope on the counter.
I want to put all of this on: Of
Life and Death.
Okay, placing a bet on horse, Of
Life and Death... now would that
be a bet to win, a bet to place...
A bet to win.
Seth stands in the middle of the parking lot, staring up at
the sky.

CLOSE on Seth's HAND, carrying his winnings in the envelope.

Behind him -- in the not so far distance, FLASHING LIGHTS of
police cars and ambulances SIRENS engulf the road.


Seth enters the room and tosses the envelope of money onto
the dresser.

He scans around the room and realizes Lyle is no where to be

Seth takes notice of the SHOWER RUNNING off screen.

He walks to the door, and hears CRYING from inside the
bathroom. Seth opens the bathroom door, releasing a thick
cloud of steam.

The bathroom is PITCH BLACK.

Seth reaches his head in and turns the light on.
Lyle doesn't answer.
Seth cautiously steps into the bathroom.
                       SETH (cont'd)
I am going to open up this curtain
if you don't answer me.
Lyle still doesn't answer. Only the CRYING is heard.
Seth is apprehensive, but he pulls back the shower curtain.

Lyle is sitting in the bathtub, with his head tucked
inbetween his legs. All of his clothes are on.
                       SETH (cont'd)
Jesus Lyle, what's wrong?
      (looking up, tears
I'm sorry, Seth... I'm sorry --
you were right. Something bad
happened... you were right, Seth.
Seth turns the shower off.


What are you talking about? What
I'm scared, Seth. What are they
going to do to me... what's gonna
happen, Seth?
Lyle, what happened?
I took the car, Seth. I went out
driving... and I crashed your car.
I got into an accident... you were
right, Seth.
Seth grabs Lyle by the shoulders and gives him a gentle
Calm down, Lyle. It's okay...
don't worry about the car. I can
get it fixed. You're not hurt
--but, Seth
...I think they're dead. I crashed
into two people walking on the
side of the road... I ran them
over, Seth. I was so scared... I
-- I didn't know what to do. I got
out of the car and ran as fast as
I could... they were so bloody.
Seth's face turns to stone. He stands up -- dazed, and leans
his back against the wall.

He slides down the wall slowly and sits on the floor, right
next to the tub.

A moment of SILENCE between them occurs.
Seth breaks it...
Remember that morning at the
diner... remember when we met at


      (wiping tears away)
The day before that I had a
doctor's appointment. I found out
I have some kind of rare
Lyle's face turns blank. The tears that have been streaming,
momentarily stop.
                       SETH (cont'd)
...it scared me. I don't know why
-- but I thought I could... I
don't know what I thought. That's
what this whole thing was about...
this whole adventure. I was just
trying to run away from everything
-- leave it all behind me and find
something out there.
Lyle swallows and forces himself to ask...
Are... are -- are you dying, Seth?
Lyle, we're all dying.
Lyle BURSTS into tears.
I'm sorry I ruined it, Seth... I'm
sorry I ruined the adventure...
I'm sorry you never found what you
were looking for. It's all my
fault. I'm sorry you never found
it... you can't keep searching and
it's all my fault.
CLOSE on Seth's EYE, as it waters up.
You didn't ruin it. This whole
adventure was unnecessary. The
irony of it is, what I was trying
to find, I had all along -- but
never realized it. I found what I
was searching for a long time
ago... on Monday October 17,
before school. I found a heart of


                       SETH (cont'd)
gold on the playground that day.
CLOSE on Seth's EYE, as the tear leaves and passes over his
eye-socket. The tear continues to trickle down. It reaches
his jaw-line, and again dangles for a few moments. Ever so
gracefully, the tear detaches itself from the jaw-line, and
slowly falls to the ground.

It hits the ground and Seth stares at it for a moment. All
the baggage he has been carrying his entire life, was let
free with that tiny tear drop.
Seth leans over the tub and the two embrace each other with
a heartfelt hug.

Seth helps Lyle out of the tub.

Seth glances at the foggy mirror.
How about one last game of
Okay, Seth. Can I have x's?
You bet.
Seth draws the tic-tac-toe board, cutting lines through the
fog on the mirror.
                       SETH (cont'd)
You go first.
Lyle marks an X in the bottom middle box.

Seth marks an O in the middle left box.

Lyle marks an X in the top left box.

Seth marks an O in the bottom right box.

Lyle marks an X in the middle left box.

Seth marks an O in the top right box.

Lyle marks an X in the bottom left box.

Seth marks an O in the top middle box.

Lyle marks an X in the only remaining box, the middle box.


The game is a stalemate.
Lyle is riding his bike on the sidewalk. A crate filled to
the brim with newspapers sits on the front of his bike.

Lyle wears a grin from ear to ear, as the cool morning air
brushes by his face.

CLOSE on the RISING SUN, as the beams radiate over Lyle
shoulder -- waking up a new morning.
The bus is hauling a full load of NEW INMATES. TWO ARMED
GUARDS stand at the front and TWO more stand at the rear --
one of which holds a POLICE DOG by its leash.

Seth is sitting by himself, in the front of the bus. He
leans over to ask a question to the SKINNY WHITE MAN,
sitting across the aisle from him.
What are you in for?
                       SKINNY WHITE MAN
I shot a man's eyes out with a bee
be gun. Fifty-two shots in the
right eye, and seventeen shots in
the left. I refused to give up,
until I was sure he was the man
with no eyes.
Seth leans back, regretting he even asked the question.

Seth turns around and scans the other Inmates on the bus. He
comes across a wide range of characters, among them: a MAN
with an eye patch -- sitting a few seats behind him, and a
YOUNG FELLOW with green hair, sitting next to an OLD MAN
with a long white beard -- all the way in the back.

The Police Dog begins BARKING.
Come on Crocodile, what's your
Seth turns back around. The Skinny White Man leans over to


                       SKINNY WHITE MAN
And do you know what the man with
no eyes said to me, as he laid
bleedin' to death on the ground?
                       SKINNY WHITE MAN
He said when it comes to the end,
sometimes minutes feel like years,
and sometimes years feel like
The Skinny White Man leans back.

Seth sits, thinking on the words.

The Skinny White Man leans back over the aisle.
                       SKINNY WHITE MAN
And do you know why he said that?
                       SKINNY WHITE MAN
Well I can't be sure, but I think
it's because they are both made
out of the same thing... years and
minutes that is.
You mean seconds.
                       SKINNY WHITE MAN
That's right, there are no
firsts... only seconds.
CLOSE on the SETTING SUN, as it is beginning to disappear on
the horizon, but at the moment is visible, and giving
credence to the notion that nature is sublime.
All the New Inmates are shackled and waiting in a line after
exiting the bus. They stand right outside the prison walls.

Seth stands last in line.

As the prison gate opens, Seth takes one last look over his
shoulder, and gazes at the most beautiful SUNSET his eyes


have ever graced.


Seth follows the other Inmates inside the prison walls. The
cold steel of the prison gate SLAMS shut and is bolted

Seth glances down at his wrist.

CLOSE on WRIST, revealing a tattoo of a GOLD WATCH. Seth
rubs the tatto.
Seth sits in his cell all alone. He stares blankly at the

A PRISONER -- pushing a cart of books, walks past his cell.
Want anything to read?
I don't care -- give me whatever.
Wait, do you have the newspaper?
Yeah, I got today's.
I'll take the paper.
The Prisoner scans through the selection of books and takes
one out.
I think you'll like this one.
Seth stands up and walks to the cell bars.

The Prisoner passes the newspaper and book through the bars,
and then continues on his rounds.

Seth watches him walk away and retakes his seat. He opens up
the newspaper.


We never know we go,--When we are
going we jest and shut the door;
Fate following behind us bolts it;
And we accost no more... a poem by
Emily Dickinson
Seth raises his head from the newspaper and gives an ever so
slight grin. He folds it up lays down in his cot.

Seth grabs the book and looks at the cover...
Of Mice and Men.
Seth opens the book and begins reading.

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From david womba Date 4/4/2006 ****
i liked your script, for some reason it had me laughing so much i had to stop reading.

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