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by Paul Criss (paulcriss@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Fictional story based on true events in a small florida town.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A platoon of army TROOPS are in formation at attention. The
DRILL SERGEANT is facing them.
                       DRILL SERGEANT
Today is your lucky day maggots!
We will be using live ammo and
explosives. All you girls fallout!
Sir, yes Sir!
LOUDER EXPLOSION that is close by, Jay senses something has
gone wrong and rushes to investigate. Jay finds a RECRUIT is
on the ground holding a grenade launcher and bleeding
I don't know how to read.
The Recruit takes his last breath and dies. Jay kneels down,
takes the grenade launcher and places it next to the body.
He closes the dead manís eyes and folds his arms over his
The Troops are in formation at ease. The Drill Sergeant is
facing them.
                       DRILL SERGEANT
Tomorrow you pussies will be
repeating todayís exercise! You
will keep doing it until you get
it right!
If any of you mother fuckers think


                       DRILL SERGEANT (cont'd)
Iím going to take it easy on you
think again!
Sir yes Sir!
                       DRILL SERGEANT
Good night ladies!
The Drill Sergeant turns his back on the troops and starts
to walk away, when Jay startles him.
The Drill Sergeant turns quickly to face the troops.
                       DRILL SERGEANT
Did I tell any of you pukes to
Jay steps up to the Drill Sergeant.
Sir! I joined the Army, Sir! Just
like my Father did in 1967.
Sir! He was a tough man and he had
the Army to thank for it Sir! I
joined To be tough like he was
sir! I don't mean to be
disrespectful Sir! But we lost a
good man today sir!
The Drill Sergeant spits on the floor by Jay's feet.
                       DRILL SERGEANT
Private Webber! We did not lose a
good man today! What we lost was a
jack ass that would have gotten
you killed in combat! To help you
remember that, you will drop and
give me one hundred good push-ups!
Private Webber, a good push-up
will put your nose (points to
saliva on floor) in that puddle!
Jay looks at the puddle on the floor.


Fuck You! You can push that puddle
up your ass!
Cheyenne is a leather goods manufacturing company housed in
a large factory. The product line includes wallets, belts,
purses, and golf bags. ERIC is the plant manager.
COURTNEY, a secretary enters.
Excuse me, Eric, your interview is
Thank you Courtney, I'll be right
Jay is alone in the lobby. He is looking at the framed
pictures on the wall, they are of the owners and the history
of the company, which began in 1938 in this very same
location. The building has had many additions through the
years. Eric enters the lobby through large double doors that
lead to the production area. Eric walks up to jay.
      (extending his
       hand to Jay)
You must be Jay.
      (taking Eric's
Yes I am sir.
Eric and Jay shake hands, then release.
I'm glad to meet you Jay.
You too sir.


Let me give you a tour of our
Eric and Jay exit through the double doors.
Eric and Jay are standing in the aisle, There are several
rows of production people working at sewing machines.
Well Jay, that just about
concludes our interview. I always
pride myself on being a good judge
of character. I think you will
work out just fine. Do you think
you would like to work here?
Yes sir, I would.
There is just one thing that
bothers me though.
I just don't see you being happy
at a sewing machine making purses.
I don't see it as a bad thing Sir.
I learn fast, and it could be
interesting to learn something
That's the attitude I'm looking
for, and I want you to call me
Eric. We are like a family here. I
have someone else I want you to


Eric and Jay enter through doors that lead to a 75í x 100í
shop. In the far corner is a paint booth big enough to put a
car in. Next to the paint booth is a machine shop area
containing a milling machine with CNC, engine lathe,
pedestal grinder and welding equipment. Two doors, one with
a "Men" sign and the other with a "women" sign are at the
back of the Machine Shop area.

In front of the roll-up door is a car lift that drops flush
into the floor. Wood topped benches are against the walls of
the shop, on one of them is an industrial sewing machine
used for upholstery.
In the middle of the shop there are two cars, a 1966 Buick
Wildcat convertible and a 1978 Porsche 911. Four large roll
around Snap-On toolboxes (one of them has drawer fronts
covered with the stickers that come from bananas) are
located near the cars. This is the automotive shop
CHRIS is inside the Porsche, Stretched across the seats on
his back and working on the wiring under the dash board.
Jay, what happens in here is true
craftsmanship. These guys do
restoration and custom work. A guy
can learn a lot in here. Go take a
look around the shop.
Jay walks over the the Buick. Eric walks to Chris, who is
working on the Porsche.
      (to Chris)
Where are the guys?
They stepped out for coffee.
      (motioning to Jay)
Jay, come on over.
Chris gets out of the Porsche and stands up. Jay walks to
Eric and Jay.


Jay this is Chris. He is our lead
man in here. He is going to be
your new uncle. Say hi to your new
Um, Hi uncle Chris?
So, what am I supposed to do with
my new nephew?
You asked for a helper. Here he
Eric starts to leave.
                       ERIC (cont'd)
Jay, you start Monday morning at
seven. Chris, bring Jay back to my
office when you are done talking
with him.
Eric exits the shop.
Jay is pumping gas into the tank of his red, faded and rusty
1981 DODGE OMNI (4-door, a tan door and a blue door are on
the passenger side). A 6'4" muscle bound BIKER dressed in
black leather, West Coast Choppers and Orange County
Choppers garb is walking out of the store and heading to an
obscured pump.
      (to Biker)
      (while walking)
(bobbing his head in a friendly
manner) Whats up?
Nice for a ride day huh?
      (still walking)
Yeah man.


      (still pumping gas)
What are you riding?
Jay sees a HONDA INSIGHT drive away with the Biker behind
the wheel.
Jay is standing in the shop with CAS (Latino with long
hair), and EDDIE. Someone wearing a grey jumpsuit and a
welders mask is in the corner welding a bracket clamped into
a bench vise. A glass JAR with a few dollar bills and some
change, labeled "Agent Orange" is on the bench.
      (to Jay)
How long were you in the Army?
Three weeks.
Wow! A freakin' lifer. Let's see
if you can last that long here.
The person welding turns towards the guys then lifts the
welders mask to reveal the face of a beautiful brunette. Her
name is LISA.
Quit giving him a hard time.
Rescued by a girl.
Lisa points her welder at Eddie.


One more crack out of you and I'll
weld your pecker shut.
If you can find it.
Chris walks towards Eddie, Cas and Jay.
Let's go guys, it's time to get
Lisa lowers her welders mask back over her face and begins
welding. Cas and Eddie go to work on the Buick Wildcat, as
Chris walks over to Jay.
      (to Jay)
You're with me on the Porsche.
Chris and Jay are at the engine bay of the Porsche 911. The
engine cover is up, they are both bent over and looking at
the engine.
That's about it, just remember the
Z1 mark on the pulley is top dead
center for both one and four, make
sure it's at one and you'll be
They stand up and Chris closes the engine cover.
Thanks, I'll remember that.
Chris hands Jay a 1/2" drive ratchet with a 14mm socket on
Put that in the third drawer down
in my top box.


Jay goes to Chris's toolbox, opens the drawer, pulls the
socket off the ratchet and puts the tools where they belong.
In the drawer is a picture of a pretty Auburn haired girl
Jay looks around the shop, then back to Chris.
I don't get it.
What don't you get?
This shop has nothing to do with
what this company does.
You're right.
Then why is it here?
It's here because the owners have
a passion for cars. They and their
friends have a large collection.
They built this shop a few years
ago so they could have restoration
and maintanance work done.
Chris looks at Jay.
You're not complaining are you?
No way man, we have it made back
Eric must really like you, the
only way to get back here is if
somebody dies or retires and that
hasn't happened yet. If you stick
this out, you won't be sorry. Do
you have a tool box you can bring


Bring it in tomorrow.
Jay sees a Toyota pulled over onto the shoulder of the road
by two police cruisers. While Jay passes the Toyota, he
notices the driver is an extremely pretty woman that is
obviously frightened by the two officers.(RUCKEL, COVAN)
Jay is working with Chris on the Porsche. Jay has a small
toolbox perched on his bench. Eddie approaches Chris.
      (to Chris)
The front motor mount on the cat
is broken.
Okay, what do you want to do?
How original do they want to keep
that car?
It's not a four sixty five, so we
have some wiggle room.
Lisa could weld the old one, Or I
could make something trick.
Go ahead and make what you want.
We have plenty of time.
Eddie sees Jay's small toolbox on the bench.
      (to Jay)
(motioning to toolbox) What's
My toolbox.


That's not a toolbox. I have
drawers that are bigger than that
box. (leaves)
Size matters!
      (to Jay)
(laughing) The company will help
you buy tools, but you're on your
own for a box.
Cas approaches Chris.
      (to Chris)
Hey, can I borrow Jay?
Yeah, sure. What for?
I'm gonna teach that gringo the
tricks of the trade.
Jay picks up his toolbox and follows Cas. Cas glances at
Jay's tiny toolbox as they walk, shakes his head and
chuckles to himself.
Cas is an upholsterer. He is showing Jay the different types
of leathers and vinyls in his area. Jay notices a picture of
Cas, a woman and a little boy, and another picture of the
little boy standing next to a custom built bicycle.
      (looking at
Is that your family?
That was my family.
They died a couple years ago.


I'm sorry.
They were hit at an intersection.
The other car went through the red
light. Speeding and drunk.
      (touching Cas on
       the shoulder)
Hey I didn't mean to bring up
anything bad.
      (not listening)
He was a cop. No citation, no
apology. Just nothing.
I'm sorry.
      (pointing to the
       picture of the
I went to the land fill one day to
throw away a sofa. My son was with
me. He was just a little guy. He
found four broken bicycles. He
wanted them. We put them in the
truck and took them home. My wife,
she was mad. I brought them here.
Chris, Eddie, Me and Lisa, one
weekend, we used those bikes to
build that bike. We gave it to him
on the birthday before he died.
Cas takes the picture off the wall and hands it to Jay.
      (holding the
(looking down) (softly) Everybody
here is cool.
Yeah, and funny too.


Jay gives the picture back to Cas. Cas hangs the picture
back on the wall.
Take Eddie over there, great guy,
funny to watch.
Jay glances at Eddie.
Yeah. Everyday at nine thirteen he
eats a banana, then puts the
sticker on his toolbox.
That doesn't sound funny.
Then he eats a cheese sandwich,
just three slices of Swiss on two
pieces of pumpernickel. No mayo,
no mustard, just cheese and bread.
They glance at Eddie, he is in front of the milling machine,
eating a pumpernickel and Swiss cheese sandwich. His
roll-around Snap-On toolbox is next to him, the drawer
fronts are covered with stickers from bananas.
Then at exactly nine thirty three,
everyday, he takes a dump.
Okay. He sounds like a regular
See his Gerstner?
Jay glances at the bench next to the milling machine and
sees a walnut machinists toolbox.
Everyday at four twenty three, he
puts a white vinyl cover on it.
Then straightens it out by pulling
on just the front corners.


Three times?
I was wondering why the front
corners of that cover were worn
out. I just thought it wasn't made
It's made good, I made it for him.
it's almost time to make another
Wind Rush Park is a small grassy park that has a pond. The
park is in a somewhat questionable part of town, but Jay
finds the tranquility of the pond soothing. Jay parks his
car by the shrubs to get a view of the pond.
Jay has a view of a dead end street called Marlin Court, a
suspected drug-dealing neighborhood. His car is parked so
that it is somewhat blocked from being noticed by anyone at
Marlin Court
A late model Lincoln with 22 inch chrome rims drives to the
end of Marlin Court, makes a U-Turn then stops. A man
approaches the drivers side of the Lincoln. An exchange of
money for a plastic sandwich bag containing little white
rocks takes place. Jay watches this same sequence take place
with several cars. A police cruiser drives down Marlin
Court, makes a U-Turn, stops. A man approaches the drivers
side of the cruiser and hands a white letter sized envelope
to the officer in the cruiser. The cruiser exits in the same
fashion as the customers of this roadside pharmacy.


Jay starts his car, puts it in drive, exits the park.
Jay and Chris are replacing the carpet in the interior of
the Porsche 911. Eric approaches them.
Jay, how is everything going for
you here?
Great, I couldn't be happier.
Glad to hear that Jay.
Thanks for helping me get tools.
That's what I do Jay, I'm the guy
that gets people what they want.
I'm learning more than I thought I
would too.
There is a lot of talent in this
room. Did you know that some of
Casinto's work has been in Hot
Rod, Low Rider and some other
Wow, he never said a word about
      (to Chris)
There will be an Aston-Martin
coming here next week. I'll need
your guys to hop on that one right
What does it need?


It has some light body damage and
a ripped drivers seat.
How bad is it?
Not too bad. The color match on
the leather might be a bit of a
challenge, but I know you'll come
up with a solution.
Eric turns and takes four steps. He stops and turns towards
      (to Chris)
You might as well give it a good
tune-up while it's here. (leaves)
Lisa stops welding when she sees Eric approaching. She lifts
her mask.
I was just telling Chris about the
Aston-Martin that is coming in.
It'll need a couple of panels
fabbed and welded in. I know you
can handle it.
I'll need to order some stock.
Just write down what you want,
I'll take care of it. You know I'm
the guy that gets things done. By
the way, have you given any
thought about the offer we talked
I think I'm going to stay right
That offer still stands anytime
you want it. I have contacts all
over the country that would love
to get ahold of you.


(while shaking her head no)No
Eric puts a dollar in the JAR labeled "Agent Orange" and
leaves. Lisa flips her mask back onto her face and continues
The RED HOUSE GRILL is a small Victorian home that has been
converted into a restaurant.
Jay is eating alone at a table. Across the restaurant is a
table occupied by four policemen, RUCKEL, COVAN, MOURIZ and
What did you think about those
poor bastards last night?
I guess things got a little messy
in there.
Yeah, I saw that you wrote that
one up as another one of your
famous pillow fights.
Those two idiots. They have been
nothing but trouble.
I know I was getting tired of
going over there. I hate in when
new people come in and then cause
You won't have to go there
They had a lot of damage for a
pillow fight (laughs).


When I saw the bodies, their
skulls were smashed.
That's what happens when you use
hickory pillows.
Ruckel, Covan and Gillman laugh. Mouriz discreetly places
the back of his right wrist to his mouth as if he is trying
not to vomit.
NIKKI, a waitress places a plate containing a hamburger and
salad on the corner table. DON, the manager of the Red House
Grill, is working in back of the kitchen.
      (to Don, as she
       walks away from
       the table)
I'll take my break in a minute.
                       DON (O.S.)
Gillman gets up from his table, walks to the table in the
corner and sees the hamburger on the plate that Nikki has
just placed there. He picks up the hamburger, eats it in two
bites. Returns to his table and sits.
I gotta take off. I have a flat
package to collect from our
favorite neighborhood.
Nikki returns to the corner table carrying a glass of iced
tea. She notices that the burger is gone.
Hey, did anybody see where my
dinner went?
                       DON (O.S.)
Looks like one of your friends
took it.
Covan gets up from the table and walks away.


Lisa is carrying a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. She
stops at the alley. AGENT ORANGE, an older homeless man
dressed in a wrinkled trench coat comes to her.
      (handing beer to
       Agent Orange)
How are you tonight?
                       AGENT ORANGE
      (taking beer)
I'll be much better now beautiful.
I have a little something else for
Lisa gives Agent Orange a plastic sandwich bag with a few
dollar bills and some change in it.
This is for food. Go get yourself
something warm to eat.
                       AGENT ORANGE
Jesus loves you, but he can't save
you from the blue.
Lisa looks down the Alley and sees it is littered with Pabst
Blue Ribbon cans.
I'm going to get you a trash bag
for all that blue.
Jay pulls a new Snap-On mechanics tool chest on wheels,
over to the Porsche 911. He picks up a freshly upholstered
seat from the floor of the shop and places it in the drivers
side of the car. He sits on a mechanics stool and lines up
the bolts to attach the seat to the floor of the car. Lisa
walks over to the passenger side and bends down into the
interior. She looks down at Jay.


      (touching the
       fresh upholstery)
You do nice work.
      (looks up)
So do you.
Do you shoot darts?
I've been known to.
Listen, I'm going to be at the
bowling alley tonight around
eight. Maybe I'll see you there.
Maybe I'll be there. Um, I've been
wanting to ask you what agent
orange is.
Then why didn't you?
Because I've been learning not ask
questions around this place.
Agent Orange is just a homeless
guy downtown. He tells stories
about how he was a spy in Viet Nam
(rolls her eyes). Once in a while
I bring him a little money and a
six pack. He's silly, He only
drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon and says,
beware of the blue, and stuff like
Is he dangerous?
Pf ft, be serious, no guy is
dangerous to me.


I might be dangerous to you in
Whatever, just bring your own
darts. (smiles) I don't like to
Lisa walks back to her welding area. Jay watches her and
smiles to himself.
Jay is walking by a row of new cars. A DETAILER is polishing
a new Mustang. Jay approaches the Mustang.
This your car?
I think it is.
Jay looks through the glass and sees the interior of the
That is exactly what I ordered.
Why did you order just a rubber
floor and that crappy vinyl
interior? I get it now, you must
be a bed wetter.
Hey douche-bag. When I'm done with
this car, you'll be the one that
wets the bed.
A SALESMAN comes out through a pair of glass doors from the
showroom, rushes over to Jay and shakes his hand.


      (talking fast)
How are you today Jay? That's a
beautiful car you have there.
Let's go inside and get the ball
rolling, all we have is one small
problem to work out, no biggie. I
know you are anxious to get this
baby on the road.
The Salesman hurriedly walks Jay into the dealership.
As Jay and the Salesman are walking towards the Salesman's
office, Jay stops. The Salesman is surprised by the sudden
You said there is a problem?
Not really, just standard stuff.
I'll tell you about it in the
Jay and the Salesman enter the salesman's office. The
Salesman motions for Jay to take a seat. Jay sits on the
chair in front of the salesman's desk. The Salesman is
standing by a file cabinet.
Can I get you a Coke?
No. I just want to hear more about
this problem.
The Salesman opens the top drawer of the file cabinet,
removes a folder and opens it while being sure not to let
Jay see the contents.
Are you sure you don't want a
Yes, I'm sure.


Salesman takes a seat at desk across from Jay.
It seems we had a little paperwork
snafu, no biggie, the price went
up only a thousand, but with your
employment and credit, that won't
be a problem for you.
I guess you're right, that won't
be a problem for me.
See, I knew it wouldn't be. All
that concern over nothing.
The salesman opens the folder and takes out the paperwork.
Let's get started on getting your
new Mustang on the road.
The Salesman gives Jay a pen and shows Jay where to sign.
Jay puts the pen to the paperwork. Stops.
You know, since a thousand isn't a
problem. Why not just raise the
price by two thousand?
Excuse me?
Yeah, just re do the paperwork and
make it two thousand more. Go get
your Manager and bring him in
Is there going to be a problem?
Of course not. Just get your
Salesman leaves the office, returns with MANAGER, both enter
I understand that you want us to
raise the price by two thousand?


                       MANAGER (cont'd)
Don't you think that you are being
No more ridiculous than raising it
by one thousand. What happened to
our original deal?
Sometimes things beyond our
control change. Are you ready to
continue with the paperwork?
No. I'm ready to continue walking
out the door.
Jay walks to the office door, stops at the doorjamb, turns
his head and looks at the Manager.
Good luck selling your new rubber
Jay takes two steps out of the office door.
Jay stop. You're right, that will
be a difficult car for us to sell.
Come back and we will go back to
our original deal.
Lisa, Cas, Eddie, and Chris are outside the automotive shop
sitting at the picnic table. They hear the LOW RUMBLE of a
V8. Jay drives up and parks in a parking spot near the
picnic table. Lisa leaves the table and walks to the
Mustang. She crouches down by the driver side window.
Are you happy with your new car?
Jay takes Lisa's hand and gives it a gentle squeeze.
Yes, I'm happy with the car, but
I'm even happier with you.
Lisa gives Jay a kiss and hands him a CD with her picture on
the box.


Thank you.
These are your favorite songs.
Cas, Eddie, and Chris walk to the car.
That is one sweet ride.
Cas steps up next to the car, looks inside, stands up and
turns to Eddie and Chris.
This is gonna be one bitchin' ride
when we are done with it!
Chris and Jay are standing at the Porsche 911. Chris is
holding a small black keypad (0-9,* and #) and a bundle of
various colors of wire.
We have to make a bracket to
install this under the drivers
I'll sketch it up and see if Eddie
will make it.
Make sure it's strong and doesn't
Yeah, I know. Eric is finicky when
it comes to his baby.
It's gonna get used a lot. That
guy is always losing his keys.
Chris hands Jay the keypad and bundle of wires. Chris
Eddie walks over to Jay, He is eating a banana.


Chris sent me over.
      (watching Eddie
       eat the banana)
I bet it would fuck up your day if
you got a banana without a
I always get a sticker.
What do you do? Break apart the
bunches at the store and take the
ones with stickers?
Eddie calmly takes the sticker off his banana and sticks it
to Jay's new toolbox.
      (peeling the
       sticker off his
Ass bag.
Sticker residue and paper are stuck on Jay's toolbox. He
grabs a rag and cleaner. Sprays the cleaner on the rag and
wipes the box.
      (still wiping)
I just paid two thousand for this
The rag is stained red from the paint on Jay's box. There is
a faded spot on Jay's box where he was wiping.
      (looking at faded
Fucking jerk.
      (not caring)
You're supposed to keep a coat of
wax on these boxes.
Eddie walks away, still eating his banana.


Jay and Lisa are sitting on a blanket spread out on the
grass. They are sharing a bottle of wine.
What do you want to be when you
grow up?
Lisa takes Jays hands and holds them. She looks into his
Ever since I was little, I wanted
to write a book. When I was in the
second grade, my teacher was
reading out loud to the class and
teaching us about the parts of a
book. She kept talking about the
arther of the book. It was at that
moment, that I gave up on the idea
of writing because my name wasn't
You were so confused as a child.
I remember thinking that my father
was lucky. His name was arther,
but he never had an interest in
writing. I don't remember if he
even read a book.
      (laughing harder)
Oh my god.
That's why garbage men make more
money than teachers. I've never
been confused or had my dreams
stolen by a garbage man.
      (handing a digital
       camera to Jay)
(laughing) Here, take my picture.


Jay and Lisa stand up. Lisa walks to a tree and strikes a
sexy pose.
      (looking at camera)
How do I work this thing?
Slide the lens cover to the right.
Try not to break it.
Jay slides the lens cover to the right. The camera turns on.
MUSIC plays and an instructional VOICE sounds from the
      (jumps back,
Holy crap! This thing is playing
music and talking to me! All I
want to do is take your picture. I
don't want to dance or have a
conversation with it!
Lisa laughs and strikes an even sexier pose. Her laughing
smile makes her more beautiful.
      (taking her
Do you have another?
Lisa pulls her top down just enough to reveal her shoulders
and the upper part of her breasts.
You mean something like this?
      (taking her
I have to go sit down now. Don't
make me stand up for at least five
Lisa pulling her top down a little more.
Do you need me to talk about


Yes, hurry up, you're killing me.
      (striking another
I'm not gonna talk about baseball.
I'm gonna talk about what I'm
going to do with your balls.
Lisa takes her top off. Jay loses his grip on the camera and
drops it.
You suck as a photographer, I have
another job for you.
Jay and Lisa in Mustang. Jay is driving.
I think you might be retarded.
You don't know how to use a
camera, a computer or even a cell
That doesn't mean I'm retarded.
Oh yes it does. Even your mother
told me you were retarded.
I know how to operate a
I know you can, when somebody
pushes the buttons for you. Yep,
you're definitely retarded.


A BLUE CAMARO passes the Mustang. Attached to the rear
spoiler is a large chrome hood ornament of a cobra snake.
Dangling from under the rear of the Camaro is a large pair
of chrome testicles. The driver of the Camaro has a Mullet
      (looking at Camaro)
Now that's retarded.
Lisa Laughs.
Jay is sitting in the driver seat of the Porsche with the
door open. Chris is standing at the drivers side. Jay is
showing Chris how the keypad switch works.
This is hidden, you reach under
the seat and give this captive
thumbscrew a quarter turn. The
panel is hinged at the back and
drops down.
The keypad is now exposed.
You thought of this on your own?
I wish I did. Eddie helped me with
the design, then he made the panel
and brackets.
Eddie, come here a minute!
Eddie walks over to the Porsche.
I'm impressed with this.
Jay figured out the electronics.


I'm impressed that you guys worked
together on this. Show me the rest
of it.
After you get the keypad dropped.
You just push, one, four, one,
eight. The ignition is now
unlocked. To start it just push.
Jay pushes the star button on the keypad as he steps on the
gas pedal. The six cylinder Porsche roars to life.
Jay and Lisa are sitting a table. Nikki walks over to the
table to take their order. Jay notices a small bruise on
Nikki's forehead.
Are you two ready to order?
What happened to your head?
You know, the usual. I fell down,
I ran into a door, I burned myself
in the kitchen. What is it you
want tonight?
I want you to be okay.
No, you goofball, what do you want
to eat?
We'll both have the fish and
Nikki looks at Lisa. Lisa rolls her eyes.


      (to Jay)
Are you sure?
And to drink?
A pitcher of Bud.
Okay, got it. I'll be right back
with your beer. (leaves)
What if I didn't want fish? I'm a
big girl, I can order my own food.
I even know how to tie my own
shoes. For a smart guy, you sure
don't know how to get lucky with a
girl like me.
You don't have to worry about me.
I know how to get lucky. Downtown,
twenty bucks.
Twenty bucks and a visit to a
clinic is more like it. You might
also want to check for an Adams
apple on those girls.
Nikki places a pitcher of beer and two glasses on the table.
Thank you.
As Nikki leaves the dining area, Jay notices a tattoo of a
dolphin and a silver chain with dolphin charms on Nikki's
ankle. Lisa catches Jay looking at Nikki.
I can see why this is your
favorite place.
It's my favorite place because
you're here.


      (rolling her eyes)
Lisa pours two glasses of beer and gives one to Jay.
What if I didn't want beer? I'm a
big boy, I can even tie my own
shoes. For a smart girl, you sure
don't know how to get lucky with a
guy like me.
Trust me, it's not difficult to
get lucky with a guy like you.
Every month, Cosmo has sixty ways
to please your man. Any girl only
needs to know three things. Show
up, get naked and say yes.
You forgot the fourth thing.
What would that be? Wake you up if
I want it again?
You are so gonna get it.
I know, right after I wake you up.
Jay is standing up and facing his toolbox. Cas is at the
upholstery area of the shop.
      (motioning with is
Cas. (motions with his hands to
come over)
Cas walks over to Jay.


Jay puts his pointer finger to his lips and makes the "shh"
Jay opens the bottom drawer of his Snap-On box. Cas looks
      (trying not to
You wouldn't.
      (stoops down)
(while closing the drawer)
Consider it done.
Cas goes back to his area.
Jay is in Cas's area. They are watching Eddie walk in and
out of the Men's room. Eddie looks frustrated, stands in
front of the mill and looks around the room. He goes back
into the men's room and comes out again.
      (to Eddie)
What's wrong?
      (looking around
       and seeing Jay,
       Chris, Cas and
Who the fuck is in there?
I don't know.
You're not using my bathroom.
Just kick the door in.


      (shifting from
       foot to foot)
I can't, If I lift my leg, I'll
draw mud.
Jay goes into the bathroom and returns carrying two stuffed
pant legs with sneakers attached at the bottom.
      (handing the legs
       to Eddie)
All clear.
Chris, Lisa, Jay, Cas are laughing loudly. Eddie is holding
the pant legs. Eric enters the shop and looks at the group.
I need to have a meeting with you
guys. In the cafeteria, now!
Chris, Lisa, Jay and Cas stop laughing. Eric leaves the
Eddie drops the pant legs and runs to the bathroom. Chris,
Lisa, Jay and Cas look at each other with worried faces then
leave the shop.
Chris, Lisa, Jay, Cas, and all the employees enter the
cafeteria. Eric is standing on a table so that he is visible
to all employees. The cafeteria is filled with the DULL ROAR
of many quiet conversations.
I need every body's attention!
Excuse me! Everybody stop talking!
The crowd quiets.
As you may or may not be aware of.
This type of business has been
steadily moving overseas. This
facility will permanently close.
All of our operations will resume
in our China facility. All
employees that are displaced will
receive a severance package that


                       ERIC (cont'd)
is based on your present salary
and years of service. I'm sorry to
bring this news to you, but we are
in a global economy.
                       MALE WORKER 1
That just means we can't have jobs
in this part of the globe!
The crowd laughs bitterly and gets disruptive.
I still need everbody's attention!
                       FEMALE WORKER
What are we going to do. A lot of
us have been working here most of
our lives.
Some of you will have to retrain
and acquire new skills. Some of
you may want to go back to school
and learn um,(pause) something.
                       MALE WORKER 2
Learn what?
I can't answer that for you. But
all of you will have to look for
new employment.
What about our shop?
Eddie enters the cafeteria. Sneaks over to Jay, Lisa and
      (whispering to
What's going on?
Shh, listen.


Chris, you have been here long
enough to know that your shop was
never really a part of this
company. It was nothing more than
a pet for the owners and their
friends. There is no interest in
continuing that activity.
The crowd gets noisy again.
We have contracted an outplacement
service to assist you in getting
new employment! Security is here
to escort all of you off the
premises! If any of you have
personal tools or personal
belongings here, they will be sent
to your homes along with
information on your severance.
Security personnel break up the crowd and take them out of
the building.
Nikki enters the police station.
Nikki walks up to the counter. A beer bellied DESK OFFICER,
that is not interested in helping anybody, is standing on
the other side of the counter.
                       DESK OFFICER
Can I help you?
I think so. I need to file a
restraining order.
The Desk Officer walks to a file cabinet, removes a stack of
forms, picks one and walks slowly back to the counter. He
takes a pen from the counter and puts the pen to the form.
                       DESK OFFICER


                       DESK OFFICER
No. Your last name.
                       DESK OFFICER
How do you spell it.
Desk Officer reaches into a box of donuts and takes a
powdered sugar donut. Takes a bite.
                       DESK OFFICER
First Name.
Takes another bite.
                       DESK OFFICER
Eighteen oh four Walker Street
apartment one oh nine.
                       DESK OFFICER
Is that here in town?
Finishes donut.
                       DESK OFFICER
Jealous ex boyfriend
Brushes powdered sugar from form with hands.
                       DESK OFFICER
This is going to take a while. You
know there is an eighty dollar
processing fee, don't you?


I didn't know that.
                       DESK OFFICER
Well, there is. I'll need eighty
dollars to continue this.
I don't have any money.
                       DESK OFFICER
Do you have any friends or
relatives that can pay for this?
                       DESK OFFICER
Do you have anything you can pawn?
Officer Gillman enters the police station.
                       DESK OFFICER
There is nothing I can do to help
Desk Officer tears form in half and tosses it in the trash
barrel. Nikki leaves the counter and walks by Gillman as she
leaves the police station.
What was that about?
                       DESK OFFICER
Nothing, just some local that
doesn't have eighty bucks.
Desk Officer picks up his coffee cup and walks to coffee
Jay drives his Mustang into the parking lot, finds a place
to park. Enters the doors of the strip club.


Jay comes through the doors of the strip club. Looks around,
sees Chris sitting at a table, holding a can of Miller
light. Two tipped over cans of Miller Light, are at his
table in the back corner of the club. Jay walks over to
Lisa once told me you come here.
She talks too much.
Maybe she does, but she didn't
tell me why you come here.
Jay notices an auburn haired waitress in front of the stage.
Her name is JULIE.
She almost looks like the girl I
saw in your toolbox.
You're just a nosey little fucker
aren't you.
Have you heard from the other
I heard from Eddie.
      (looking at Julie)
I don't know man, he said he was
looking to get something going on.
      (now looking at
You know, this isn't the kind of
place that will cure a heartache.
You don't know what the fuck
you're talking about. Isn't there


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
somebody else's house you could
Whatever, nice talking to you.
Have fun torturing yourself.
Chris looks at Julie and turns the empty can of Miller Light
upside down.
Jay and Lisa are playfully shopping for a few dinner items.
I heard you ran into Chris.
Who did you hear that from?
I have my sources. Where did You
see him?
You bonehead, you already know
where I saw him.

How was he?
You already know that too.
Lisa picks up a bottle of wine, looks at the label, puts it
in the cart along with the dinner items.
DB cabinets is a wood working factory that makes kitchen and
bath cabinets. WARREN is the boss. Jay is cutting wood on a
table saw. Warren approaches Jay and has another EMPLOYEE
with him. The Employee is holding a piece of wood, it is
cabinet door that is from the employees home.


      (motions to Jay)
Jay, this guy needs to Jump in
there for a minute,he has a honey
Jay takes his wood off the table saw and steps back so the
other employee can use the saw. The Employee adjusts the
saw, makes his cut, then steps back so Jay can continue
working. Warren stands facing the employee.
      (to Employee)
Thatíll be five bucks.
      (to Employee)
What? Did you think electricity
and saw blades were free? I
stopped a guy from working so you
could use the saw! Every cut you
make for your house, is a cut I
lose, so just pony up the five and
get back to work.
The Employee takes out a five dollar bill and hands it to
Warren. Warren smiles then watches the employee walk back to
his own workstation. Warren takes out his wallet, puts in
the five, puts the wallet in his back pocket. Warren looks
at Jay.

That will get me half of lunch.
Officer Ruckel is driving in his cruiser, he sees a person
running frantically in the street (Nikki). He speeds up to
get a closer look. It is a woman, her top is torn, her face
is scratched and cut. She is lightly bleeding. He stops the
Miss, are you okay?


The woman is Nikki. Her shirt is torn and she us pulling up
the loose cloth so as not to expose her breasts.
No. (pause) You are the last
people I would take help from.
Ruckel steps out of the cruiser and approaches Nikki.
Miss, I can't have you running
around the street topless, you
have two choices. I can either
take you in, or take you home.
Ruckel takes Nikki by the arm and puts her in the back of
the cruiser.
You have 20 seconds to make a
Jay is standing in front of the rack of time-cards. He takes
his time-card out of slot 32. He punches in, and puts his
time-card back into slot 32. A female hand reaches over his
shoulder and removes his time-card from slot 32. The
SECRETARY is now standing next to Jay.
      (holding time-card)
This doesn't belong in slot thirty
two. You are new here, and
everybody knows that new employees
are to put their time cards in the
lower right hand side of the rack.
Secretary puts Jay's time-card in an open slot in the lower
right hand side of the rack.
This is where your time card
belongs until you are assigned a
I didn't know that.


Warren went over this with you
once already. If you have trouble
remembering rules, just ask Warren
to explain them to you. He likes
to demonstrate company policies.
Chris is sitting at his usual table. Jay enters the club and
walks over to Chris.
What are you doing?
What does it look like I'm doing?
I'm torturing myself. (laughs)
What are you doing here?
I ran out of houses to haunt.
I find that hard to believe.
Hey, Lisa is waiting at the
bowling alley. She wants you to
come out with us.
Julie comes over to the table carrying a drink tray with
cans of Bud and Miller Light on it.
      (to Jay)
(rudely) Do you want anything.
What do you have on draft?
We don't have draft. We don't have
bottles. This isn't a five star
establishment. We have cans. Bud
or Miller Light, which one do you


      (surprised by her
Bud, I guess.
      (to Chris)
(Even ruder) asshole?
Chris picks up an empty can of Miller Light, wiggles it and
puts it back on the table. Julie rests her tray on the table
then removes a can of Bud and a can of Miller Light from her
tray and places them on the table.
      (pulling the tabs
       on the cans)
(rudely) Five.
Jay puts a five dollar bill on her tray.
Thanks for the tip. (leaves)
      (to Chris)
She's charming.
Jay downs his beer quickly then exits the Strip Club.
Jay drives into parking lot in his Mustang. Parks. Walks
into the front doors of the bowling alley.
Jay walks past all the lanes to the lounge area.
LISA is sitting at the bar, Gillman (in street clothes) is
sitting next to her, (she is annoyed by his company).
      (to Lisa)
If people didn't feed strays,
there wouldn't be a problem with


Jay approaches Lisa from behind and touches her shoulders.
Lisa turns to see it is Jay, she stands, takes a pitcher of
beer and two empty glasses from the bar.
      (to Gillman)
It hasn't been a pleasure, let's
not do this again.
Lisa and Jay walk to a table where a dart board is hanging
on a wall. Lisa places the pitcher of beer and the empty
glasses on the table.
I was waiting for what seemed like
forever. Did you at least talk
Chris into coming?
No. what's up with him anyway?
You haven't figured it out? Here I
was, thinking you were smart.
I guess not.
Jay looks towards the bar at Gillman.
Was that guy bothering you?
Yeah. (pause) He's creepy.
Jay steps close to Lisa, holds her, strokes her hair away
from her face and looks into her eyes.
You smell like beer.
Lisa pushes Jay away from her.
I'm sitting here waiting for you
and creepy cops are hitting on me!
You're out drinking, and you can't
even do what I ask! Is that how
this works?


Iím sorry. I'm sorry Iím late, Iím
sorry I didnít Get Chris to come
out, Iím sorry creepy cops are
hitting on you. (pause) Do you
want me to go talk to that guy?
That'll work out just great. Iíll
have to find all of your teeth
when he is done kicking your ass.
That pig wonít kick my ass.
Iíll just toss him a donut. When
he gets a whiff of the jelly
filled. Heíll forget he wanted to
kick anybodyís ass.
Then Iíll be the one that kicks
your ass.
Lisa walks to the table, pours a glass of beer, picks up the
glass, takes a sip, puts the glass down and picks up her
darts. Lisa steps to the throwing line and shoots a tight
group onto the dart board.
Yeah, I'll definitely be the one
that kicks your ass.
Would you like a jelly filled?
A shadowy male figure (Gillman) dressed in dark clothing and
cloaked by the night enters the alley carrying a baseball
Time for you to go old man.
He beats the sleeping Agent Orange to near death with the
baseball bat.


Sleep well.
Gillman delivers the final blow and snuffs the life of Agent
Jay is hand sanding a cabinet. The sandpaper he is using is
no longer abrasive. He tosses it in the trash. This gets
Warrensís attention. Warren walks over to Jay. Takes the
sand paper out of the trash. Looks at it, touches it.
Why did you throw this away?
It doesn't work anymore.
Warren rubs the cabinet with the sand paper, looks at it
It works just fine for me.
Why? You think there's still some
minutes left in it?
Warren gives Jay a look like he wants to kill him. Then he
looks in the trash barrel, reaches in and removes sheets of
ripped, torn, and used sand paper. He places the used sheets
of sand paper on Jaysí bench.
The next time I catch you throwing
away perfectly good sand paper,
Iím going to be a man short.
Jay goes back to sanding his cabinet. Jay watches Warren
walk away and notices someone entering the bathroom. The
bathroom door closes. When Warren walks by the bathroom he
knocks on the door.
Hey! You only get one minute in


Jay and Lisa are sitting at a cozy table. Don approaches the
table. Jay and Lisa are surprised that Nikki isnít there.
Are you ready to order?
No Nikki tonight?
No. (pause) Can I take your order.
Is she sick?
I donít know. She hasnít been here
for a couple days. Maybe she
quit?I donít know. I havenít heard
from her. This isnít the kind of
place where people give a two week
notice. Now can I take your order?
Bacon burger and fries.
And for you miss?
Bacon burger and fries, and could
you bring us a pitcher of Bud?
I'm short handed tonight and your
food will take a little longer
than normal. Your beer is on the
house tonight.
I'll get that beer right out to
you. (leaves)
It's a good thing I didn't order
for you, I never would have
figured that one out.


Shut up.
Ruckel and Gillman are seated at a table across the
Get anything interesting tonight?
Not yet, give me some time and
I'll Lortab a couple of drunks.
What about you?
Stopped a bicycle rider at Wind
Rush park. He was riding without
lights or a helmet.
It wasn't that short guy with the
shaved head, no teeth and tattoos
on his arms was it?
Of course it was. I took his rock
and sent him home.
You just love hassling that crack
smoking Popeye. Have you seen the
shit hole he lives in?
Oh yeah! If I locked that guy up,
he would think he moved into an
East Side condo.
Cut To Lisa and Jay sitting at table.
How was work today?
The same.
The same? Is that the only answer
I get?


These are the other answers I
have. It sucked! It licked balls!
It blew! Do you like those answers
Things will get better. I promise.
You can't make a promise like
I know things are tough for you
right now. I know you're upset
about Cheyenne closing. I know
your job sucks. But things will
get better, I promise.
I am glad that you found a good
My side jobs are going good too.
Just keep rubbing it in.
Have you ever been punched in the
head by a girl?
Not yet.
Don places a pitcher of beer and two glasses on the table.
I know you will find something
I already have. I can't believe
how talented you are.
I save my best talents for you.


Ruckel and Gillman get up from their table. They walk by Jay
and Lisa.
I'll be out in a sec, gotta hit
the head.
Ruckel and Gillman exit.
There are two cruisers in the parking lot. One is parked
nose in against the curb, the other is parked nose out so
that the driver side doors are next to each other. Ruckel
gets into the one parked nose in and Gillman gets into the
one parked nose out.
I heard you found another one.
Yeah, should be worth some money.
What's this one like?
You know, the same. They all have
that surprised retarded look of a
blow-up doll on their faces when
they get dropped off.
Okay, time for me to go do some
real police work.
                       POLICE RADIO
One alpha three, nine oh five en,
corner of bullock and harrington.


That's your call. Go take care of
that barking dog. I'll catch up
with you later officer woof woof.
Fuck you.
Do you need back up?
Gillman's cruiser exits the parking lot.
Jay and Lisa are at their table. Their food has been eaten,
the beer is now gone. They get up and walk to the door.
Are you going to stay with me
I'll stay a little while.
Lisa and Jay come through the door of the Red House Grill.
I really need you to stay with me
      (with tears)
Because, I found out today that
Agent Orange died.
That happens, he lived on the
street, he was old. I'm sorry.
He was beaten to death. The police
say it was probably just some kids
having fun.


      (looking down)
Some fun.
Would you please stay with me
tonight? I want to wake up next to
My job sucks, I've got Warren
Assbag Trowell on my case about
every little thing. If I came in
late tomorrow, he would have a
field day.
I'll stay with you tomorrow night.
When you wake up, I'll be holding
you. I'll take a shower with you,
then I'll take you to breakfast.
After breakfast, we can go for a
drive to Silver Lake.
Can we stop at the outlet stores
on the way home?
I'll even stay with you when you
go into the shoe stores.
They walk towards a pickup truck that has welding equipment
in the bed. Lisa tosses the keys to Jay.
You drive.
Jay opens the door of the truck for Lisa. She climbs in and
unlocks the door for Jay. He gets into the truck and Lisa
slides close to Jay. Jay puts his arm around Lisa as they
drive away.
Jay is working and doesnít see warren anywhere in sight.
Jay goes into Warrens office. The office is in the middle of
the production floor, it has glass on all four sides. Jay


notices a desk placard it reads ďWarren A. TrowellĒ, Jay
picks up the phone and dials.
      (into phone)
Could I speak to Lisa Romick
                       MALE VOICE
She didn't come in today.
      (into phone)
Did she call?
                       MALE VOICE
You'd have to ask the boss.
Warren sees jay on the phone, walks towards office.
      (into phone)
Thanks anyway.
Jay hangs up the phone. He turns towards the office door.
Warren is standing at the door, blocking Jay's exit.
Did I ever explain my personal
phone call policy to you? (pause)
Iíll explain it to you now. There
are no personal phone calls. No
exceptions. Every minute I find
you on the phone, is a minute of
lost production. Is there any part
of this policy that is confusing
WARREN backs away from the door to let Jay pass. Jay exits
the office.
Jay is working on a cabinet. Warren approaches Jay.


I need you to go to a customers
house. There is some punch work
that needs to be done. The
installers didnít properly adjust
the hinges. They are out on
another install. So I need to go
over there and take care of it.
Right now. Itís on your way home.
Just take a couple of hand tools
with you. Iíll punch your card at
Warren leaves as Jay gathers up a few small hand tools. Jay
wraps the tools in a flannel shirt and leaves his work area.
As Jay walks towards the exit, he glances at the time clock.
It reads 4:10.
Jay drives his Mustang into the parking lot and doesnít see
LISAís truck. He parks his car. Gets out and walks to LISAís
door. Knocks, on door, no answer. Waits, knocks, waits, then
Jay finds Chris at his usual table, drinking a can of Miller
Lisa didn't go to work today. I
stopped by her apartment and she
wasnít there either. Do you know
where I can find her?
You know sheís a workaholic. She
could be anywhere, that girl has a
lot going on.


Julie comes to the table with her tray of beer.
      (to Jay)
(rudely) What can I get for you
big tipper?
Good thing I don't have a
mortgage. I couldn't even afford a
cardboard box with customers like
I see you're just as charming as
Julie looks at Chris, who is holding an empty can of Miller
Light upside down.
I already know what you want.
Chris holds up two fingers. Julie holds up her middle
finger, takes two cans of Miller Light from her tray and
puts them on the table. She opens both cans. Chris gives her
a ten dollar bill.
That's a start. (leaves)
Jay punches in, notices his time card was punched out at
4:10 the day before.
Warren is sitting at his desk talking on the phone. Jay
enters the office.
      (into phone)
Hold on.


Warren places his hand over the receiver.
      (to Jay)
My time card was punched out at
four ten yesterday.
Thatís the time you left.
I ended up working until way after
five. I was at that lady's house
where you sent me.
I saw you walking out of here at
four ten. (pause) Do you
understand my phone policy now?
Jay drives his mustang into the parking lot, Lisa's truck is
not there.
Jay walks to the door, knocks, no answer, waits, leaves.

Jay finds a parking spot, parks. Walks into the police
The Desk Officer is at the counter. Gillman is standing near
an opened file cabinet, looking at files.
                       DESK OFFICER
What can I do for you.


I canít find my girlfriend.
The Desk Officer and Gillman laugh.
                       DESK OFFICER
Oh boy, you walk in here and say,
I canít find my girlfriend. Hey, I
can't find my wife.
I can't find my dog.
                       DESK OFFICER
(looking down at his beer belly) I
can't find my dick.
You'll have to find that one on
your own Mr. Bobbit
                       DESK OFFICER
Okay. (to Jay) Do you have a
picture of her?
Jay takes a picture from his wallet. Gives the picture to
the Desk Officer. Gillman walks over and takes takes a look
Pretty girl.
                       DESK OFFICER
Has it been seventy two hours
since you've seen her last?
                       DESK OFFICER
It hasnít been long enough yet.
Did you two have a fight or
No, we never fight.


      (to desk officer)
I saw those two out one night, and
they were going at it pretty good.
                       DESK OFFICER
Really. (pause) You know, if she
were missing. The first guy we
would talk to is you. Maybe you
should think about that before you
walk in here and cause trouble.
I'm not causing trouble, I'm just
worried about my girlfriend.
                       DESK OFFICER
Give it a couple more days. If she
doesnít turn up, come back and
we'll fill out a missing persons
report. But for now, a lot of
these cases start, and end, with
guys just like you.
Gillman grabs a jelly filled donut from the box on the
counter, looks directly at Jay, and takes a bite of the
Jay is driving in his Mustang. He reaches over to the
passenger seat for the CD Lisa gave him. He picks up the
plastic CD jewel box, then loses his grip and drops it on
the floor. He sees what appears to be an aspirin tablet
against the black rubber floor. He reaches over to pick it
up and the car swerves. He regains control of the car, picks
up the pill and sees that it is a Lortab.
The fuck?
Jay opens the power window on the passenger side and flicks
the Lortab out of the window. He rolls the window up. In the
rear view mirror, he notices tiny headlights, they are far
away, but fast approaching. The interior of the Mustang is
filled with light from the car behind him. Blue lights flash
and jay hears the chirp of a siren. Jay pulls over.
      (over loudspeaker)
Step out of the car!


Jay gets out of the car and closes the door. He walks
towards the cruiser, the lights blind him from seeing who
the officer is. Jay hears the door slam shut. Jay continues
walking to the cruiser.

That's close enough!
Jay continues to walk to the cruiser.
I told you to stop!
Jay gets past the blinding light and walks up to Ruckel.
Today is not a good day to fuck
with me.
Ruckel grabs Jay by the shirt and throws him against the
cruiser, then gets a firm grip on jayís head and violently
plants Jays face against the glass on the drivers side
window of the cruiser. He kicks Jays feet apart and hand
cuffs him in one quick motion.
Son, there is no good day to fuck
with me.
Ruckel removes the gun from his holster, puts the barrel
firmly against the back of Jays head. Jays face is pushed
harder against the glass.
If you move Iíll shoot you in the
Jay stays put. Ruckel walks over to the Mustang and shines a
flashlight into the interior. He opens both doors, and
searches the Mustang. While jays face is planted on the
glass, he sees a shiny object on the floor of the cruiser.
He recognizes the little dolphin charms. Ruckel walks back
to Jay.


      (face against
I was speeding, Iím sorry. I had a
bad day and took it out on you. I
wonít give you any trouble. You
can leave these cuffs on while you
write me a ticket.
Son, a bad day is no excuse to act
like an asshole.
Ruckel removes the cuffs while keeping a firm grip on Jay.
He releases Jay. Ruckel punches Jay in the face then grabs
him by the neck and throws him to the ground.
Get the fuck out of here before I
become an asshole.
Jay finds Chris at his usual spot. Chris sees the damage on
Jay's face.
Nice, you look like a work of art.
Julie comes over to the table with her tray of beer.
What happened to you?
A friend gave me a makeover.
Julie takes a cold can of Bud from her tray and gently
touches Jays face with it.
Hold that there.
Jay places his hand on the can of Bud, Julie lets go of it.


      (to Chris)
Is he gonna be okay?
I think so.
      (to Chris)
(sweetly) okay, I'll catch up with
you later then.
Julie winks at Chris, then leaves.
      (looking at Julie)
Does her evil twin have the night
Jay opens the the Bud and downs it quickly.
I think something bad happened to
What makes you think that?
Because she wasn't home, she
wasn't at work, she hasn't called.
She is an independent woman.
Before you came along, she had
places she would go. Sometimes she
would take off for a few days.
Where would she go?
Nobody knows. We never asked. I
love that girl to death, but
sometimes she is frustrating. If
you had met her before you met
her, you wouldn't have liked her.
You don't understand. There is
something wrong now.


I don't think you understand.
Maybe she broke up with you and
hasn't told you yet. That's her
I don't think so. A breakup, I can
handle. But I have never felt this
sick over a breakup. I feel like
puking and I'm having a hard time
holding it back.
A good punch in the face will do
that to you.
Jay leaves the strip club.
Jay walks through the parking lot to his Mustang and gets
Jay stays in his car and wipes his face with his shirt. He
turns the radio on, changes the station several times, then
shuts it off. He stares into the picture on the CD box. The
loud chattering of a large diesel engine is heard as Light
coming from bright, high mounted headlights, fills the
interior of the mustang from the rear.
Cas emerges from the drivers side and Eddie from the
passenger side of a 4-door diesel pickup truck. They walk
over to Jay's Mustang.
Wow, what are you guys doing here?
We came here to see you.


      (to Jay)
Yeah, we came here to see your
nice new makeover.
Who the fuck did that to you?
It almost looks like some of
Lisa's vintage work. (touches jays
cheek under his left eye) She gets
the eyes a little darker though.
Chris walks up to the Mustang.
Everybody in the truck. (to Jay)
You too Picasso.
Jay gets out of the mustang. Chris takes the rear drivers
seat as Jay climbs into the rear passengers seat. Cas the
drivers seat and Eddie in the front passenger seat of the
truck. The truck exits the parking lot.
Cas is driving, Eddie is in the front passenger seat, Chris
is behind Cas, Jay is behind Eddie. Jay has the CD
with him and is staring into it. Cas looks in the rear view
mirror at Jay.
Don't worry, we'll find her.
Fuckin' a right.
They continue to drive without saying a word. Cas spots a
cruiser parked on the side of the road. An Isuzu Rodeo is
parked in front of the cruiser. The blue lights are
flashing. Ruckel is standing on the road at the driver side
of the Isuzu Rodeo.
That's Ruckel!
Are you sure that's the same cop?


I'm sure. I never forget a fist
that I block with my face.
Cas's truck decelerates rapidly and stops behind the
cruiser. Cas, Eddie, Chris and Jay jump out of the truck.
Ruckel turns to see the four men rushing to him.The Isuzu
Rodeo speeds away.
Do you know what we want!
Ruckel removes his night stick from his belt.
If you don't want your asses
kicked, then I don't know what you
Cas is the first one to get to Ruckel. Ruckel swings his
night stick left at Cas. It misses Cas. Cas puts his left
hand up and catches the night stick as it swings back to the
right. Cas breaks the path of the night stick, as it breaks
his hand. Jay and Chris tackle Ruckel and bring him to the
      (to Cas)
Are you okay?
My hand is killing me.
Jay and Chris struggle to keep Ruckle to the ground.
You idiots have no idea how much
trouble you have just gotten
yourselves in!
Cas walks over to Ruckle, kicks him in the head twice then
gives him a good kick to the ribs.
It feels a little better now.


Ruckel lies motionless on the ground. Jay unbuckles the
policeman's belt and removes it.
What the fuck do we think we are
Chris goes into the cruiser and finds a 12 gauge pump
shotgun and a police radio.
We have to get this thing off the
Jay and Chris put Ruckle into the trunk of the cruiser. Cas
closes the trunk lid. Jay gets in the drivers seat of the
cruiser starts the engine and drives it on the soft shoulder
of the road and parks it. He stops the engine and turns off
all the lights. Jay returns to the guys on the road.
Hang on, I have to get something.
Jay returns to the cruiser, finds Nikki's chain and puts it
in his pocket.
      (in trunk)
When I get out of here, I'm going
to snap you assholes in half!
Jay returns to the guys on the road.
Time to amscray boys.
Jay and Chris take the items they found and go to Cas's
truck with Eddie and Cas. They climb into the seats they
previously were in. The tires chirp as the truck
Jay looks at the objects they took from Ruckel. He has a 40
caliber automatic pistol, handcuffs, mace, spyderco serrated
knife, flashlight, taser and two extra clips for the 40
caliber pistol.


      (to Chris)
What did you grab?
Twelve guage pump and a radio.
      (to Eddie)
I need you to drive. This fuckin'
thing is killing me.
Cas pulls the truck over. Eddie and Cas get out and trade
places. The truck is on it's way once more.
Turn that radio on.
Chris turns the police radio on.
                       POLICE RADIO
(static) two alpha two nine two
five code six (static)
Does anybody in here speak police?
I know pig latin.
How the fuck is that gonna help
us? Do you speak Ubbi Dubbi too?
If those pigs are up to no good,
do you really think they're gonna
broadcast it so that every geek
with a scanner can listen?
      (while shutting
       radio off)
Well that was pretty fucking
      (to Eddie)
Go to wind rush park.
Why, what's over there?


I used to go there alone, before I
met Lisa. I would watch the cops
go down Marlin Court. They would
go there a lot, and I never saw
them arrest anybody.
Eddie, Cas, Jay and Chris are in Cas's truck, it is parked
by the pond and obscured by trees, shrubs and bushes.
I don't know about all this
anymore. Does anybody even know
what we are doing? Why can't we
just call the police instead of
getting in over our heads?
Lisa is our friend. Do you really
think the police are going to
Why wouldn't they? It's their job,
don't they take some kind of
hypnotic oath?
It's Hippocratic oath, and doctors
take it. Eddie, we aren't dealing
with people that heal.
      (to Eddie)
You were at the scene, you held my
little guy when he died.
I was at the corner that day, I'm
sorry I couldn't do more.
If there is a chance that those
pieces of shit have hurt Lisa,
I'll kill them. I don't give a
fuck if I get the death penalty or
spend the rest of my life in jail.
Those assholes are fucking dead.


I'm with Jay on this one.
Eddie, you're a good guy. Maybe
you're not built to take this
      (to Eddie)
You know what the cops really are.
You know they don't help anybody.
What makes you think this has
anything to do with cops??
Jay pulls the dolphin charm anklet out of his pocket and
shows it to Eddie.
Because of this.
Eddie opens the door and gets out of the truck.
I'll drive.
Jay gets out of the right rear passenger seat of the truck,
steps outside. He enters opens the door and takes the
drivers seat.
Jay starts the truck and drives it out of the park.
Ruckel takes a Glock 26 9mm pistol from his ankle holster.
Tears small pieces of cloth from T-shirt under his uniform
shirt and rolls them into small wads that fit into his ears.
Three LOUD PISTOL SHOTS are heard. The trunk opens and
Ruckel emerges.


The interior of the truck fills with light from a close
following car behind.
The car pulls into the left lane and passes the truck. It is
a Police Cruiser. The cruiser speeds up, gets ahead of the
truck by a few hundred yards. The cruiser slams on it's
brakes, slides sideways and comes to a stop, blocking the
road. Ruckel jumps out of the drivers side door, draws his
Glock 26 9MM and fires at Cas's oncoming truck. Two bullets
hit the windshield.
Anybody hit?
Chris and Cas simultaneously.
Jay speeds the truck up. When he gets 50 feet away from
Ruckel standing in front of his driver side door, he slams
on the brakes. The truck tires squeal as the truck comes to
a stop, trapping Ruckel between the front of the truck and
the drivers side his cruiser.
      (with head out of
       truck window)
Do you know what we want now?
      (slightly bleeding
       from mouth)
Fuck You!
Jay keeping his left foot on the brakes and his head out of
the window, revs the truck engine.
I'm looking for Lisa Romick. Do
you know where she is!
She's not with your sorry ass
right now!
Jay slightly inches the truck forward.
Dou you know where she is now?


Fuck you!
Jay inches the truck forward. A little more blood comes from
Ruckels mouth.
I can go a little more!
Jay revs the engine.
Del Rio.
I can't hear you!
Jay revs the engine.
two oh nine Del Rio!
I know where that is.
Let me the fuck out of here!
Jay pulls his head into the truck. Looks to Cas.
      (to Cas)
What should we do?
It's your call bro.
Yeah, but it's your truck.
I don't think we are trying to win
a humanitarian award, or the Nobel
peace prize. But I do think life
should move forward.
Jay stomps on the gas pedal. The truck crushes Ruckel and
his torso flops backward onto the hood of the cruiser. The
truck continues forward, pushing the cruiser out of the way.
The truck passes over Ruckel's severed legs.


That was brutal dude.
Let's try not to do that again.
I know where Del Rio is.
Why does that sound so familiar?
You'll see. Just go to the next
light and take a left.
      (to Cas)
Hey Cas, how's your hand?
Throbs a little, it'll be alright.
209 Del Rio Court is a large brick home built on a 2 acre
lot. The property is completely fenced in with a six foot
high privacy fence. The yard is beautifully landscaped with
several large trees, and the grounds are manicured. The long
driveway is on the right side of the house, and secured with
a wrought iron gate. A large 4-car garage, with 4 single
doors, is located at the rear of the house, hidden from the
Jay drives Cas's truck up to the gate at the driveway.
Do we knock on the door?
Not this time.
You know what to do bro.
Jay puts the nose of the truck firmly against the gate. He
puts the truck in 4-wheel drive, breaks the gate open and
proceeds to the end of the driveway. The truck stops at the
closed garage door.


Do you know where we are now?
      (with feeling of
       deja vu)
Not yet.
Jay, Chris and Cas get out of the truck. They walk to a
garage door and look in the window. They see a Porsche 911
and Lisa's truck parked in the garage.
You're kidding.
No, this is for real. Cas, You've
been to prison right?
Yeah, but you know about that, it
was only a couple of years ago.
What were you in for?
Possession. I got stopped one
night after my family was killed.
The cops found pills in my car. I
don't even take drugs. What does
that have to do with now?
No, when you were younger.
Twice? What was it that time.
B and E
We need you to do that again.
I was afraid you were going to
bring that up.


No time for afraid. Just get us
inside as quiet as possible.
      (to Chris)
Give me your Leatherman.
Chris removes his Leatherman tool from the sheath on his
belt, and gives it to Cas. Cas walks to the door next to the
garage that leads into the family room of the house. He
works on the lock with the tool and opens the door.
The house is dark, except for the moonlight coming in
through the windows. Cas, Chris and Jay enter the house.
They walk quietly through the family room, then the dining
room. As they enter the living room, Jay stumbles over an
      (catching Jay as
       he falls)
(whispering) shh, be quiet.
I'm trying.
They get to a hallway and see flickering light coming from
under a bedroom door. They hear a very loud TELEVISION
coming from that bedroom. Jay is closest to the doors. Chris
is looking down at the bottoms of the doors.
Open the doors that are dark.
Jay opens the bedroom door that has no light coming from
underneath. He slowly enters the room and finds it is empty.
He opens the next door that has no sign of life.
Let's go back.


Jay, Chris and Cas go back through the house. They enter the
family room where a set of stairs is located.
I'll go up. You guys watch my
Jay goes up the darkened staircase. At the top of the stairs
is a bedroom. Jay turns the knob, it is locked. Jay goes
back down the stairs.
Cas, it's locked.
Cas follows Jay up the stairs. Cas unlocks the door knob and
opens the door to the darkened room.
Go away. I'm not going to do it
for you.
Lisa, be quiet, it's me, Jay.
Cas finds a candle on the nightstand. He lights it. The
faint glow of the candle flickers and fills the room. Lisa
is fully clothed, leather straps at her wrists and ankles
have her secured to the bed.
I'm going to get you out of here.
Cas gives the Leatherman tool to Jay. Jay cuts the straps
and sets Lisa free.
Are you okay?
I'm okay, I don't know how I got
here though.
We have to go now. Be quiet.


Lisa tries to stand but her legs are weak from being tied
What's wrong?
I need to sit for a minute. The
ropes were tight. The circulation
needs to come back to my feet.
Lisa sits down on the bed. The bed SQUEAKS as she sits.
We have to go.
Just give me a minute.
Shh. We don't have a minute.
Jay bends at his knees to pick Lisa up from the bed. Lisa
pushes Jay away.
What are you doing?
I'm going to carry you.
I told you to give me a minute.
There is no minute. You are
getting carried out of here, now!
Jay picks Lisa up from the bed.
With Lisa being carried by Jay, and Cas following them. They
enter the Family room, only to discover that Chris is no
longer there.


Where the fuck did he go?
Lisa is now able to walk. Cas, Lisa and Jay enter the dark
moonlit garage.
The garage light snaps on. Lisa, Jay and Cas are blinded.
Gillman steps into the garage. He is holding an HK MARK 23
45 Caliber automatic pistol.
      (pointing the
       pistol at Jay)
Well, what do we have here! It's
nice to see that chivalry is not
Eric enters the garage.
Too bad I can't say the same thing
about you three.
Gillman motions Lisa, Cas and Jay with his gun.
      (using gun to
       point to corner)
You three, backs against that
What is it you guys are up to?
Did I mention that I wanted you to
ask questions? The only question
here is, how do I get rid of your
bodies. Lisa, you could have had
the life of a princess, but all
you will have now is your pretty
face rotting in the earth and
feeding the worms.
Gillman puts a silencer on his pistol. Eric tosses a box of
large leaf bags into the corner.


Blood is so difficult to remove
from concrete. Please, you
remember the company picnic don't
you? Let's pretend that we are
having a little potato sack race.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
Okay, enough of me being polite.
Just get in the fucking bags. If
you make this difficult, you'll
wake up to Gillman slowly smashing
your faces with a ball pein
Lisa, Jay and Cas, each take a bag from the box. They step
into them as instructed.
      (to Gillman)
Enough of this bullshit, hurry up
and shoot them.
Gillman pulls the slide back on the HK.
      (to Lisa as he
       aims at her heart)
Beware of the Blue.
Chris is standing behind Gillman, unnoticed by Eric or
Gillman. Chris points a TASER at Gillman and shoots. The
tiny wires pierce Gillman in the back. The voltage sends him
falling to the ground and dropping his gun.
What the hell?
Eric bends down and reaches for Gillman's gun as Lisa jumps
out of the leaf bag and kicks him in the face. Eric falls to
the floor. Jay grabs the HK from the floor.


      (points gun at
       Eric's head)
Don't even think about moving.
Lisa kicks Gillman in the ribs until she hears bones break.
      (while kicking)
That's from Agent Orange.
You shouldn't meddle with what you
don't understand.
Lisa punches Eric in the face several times, blood runs from
his nose and mouth.
You shouldn't get me pissed.
Lisa goes to the back of her truck and takes an
Oxy-Acetylene cutting torch with two size 33A cylinders from
the bed. She puts it in front of Eric.
      (adjusting the
       valves on the
Do you think worms prefer their
meat rare, or medium well?
Lisa puts the striker in front of the nozzle of the torch
and is ready to ignite it. Officer Mouriz rushes into the
garage armed with a shotgun.
      (aiming shot gun
       at Jay)
Drop your weapon, slowly place it
on the ground!
Jay places the HK on the ground by his feet.
Now kick it over to me.
Jay kicks the HK to Mouriz. Gillman stands up.


      (in pain)
(Holding his ribs)It's about time
my backup got here, what took you
so long?
Eddie enters the garage.
Eddie you fucking anal retentive
You're a dead man!
You're a good man Eddie. If you
still worked for me, I'd give you
a raise.
      (pointing with the
You four stand in the corner where
I can see you.
Lisa puts her torch on the floor. Lisa, Jay, Chris and Cas
go to the corner with the leaf bags on the floor.
      (to Eddie)
We need to talk about your future.
Eric gets up from the floor and brushes the dirt off his
      (still brushing)
Excellent, now we can get back to
business. (to the people in the
corner) You know the drill, get
back in the bags.
Lisa, Jay, and Cas get back into the leaf bags as
instructed. Chris takes a bag out of the box and gets into
it. Mouriz aims his shotgun and shoots Gillman in the back.
Gillman's lifeless bloody body drops to the floor.


Okay, I get it, one less partner.
He was getting greedy anyway. Good
call Mouriz. Although, it would
have been nice to put him in a bag
Mouriz aims his shotgun at Eric's head.
Sit down.
What? Excuse me?
I'm not going to tell you again.
Eric sits on the floor.
Eddie, take that HK off the floor.
Eddie picks up the HK.
      (looking at corner
       of people)
What are your names?
(pointing as he talks) I'm Jay,
this is Cas, Chris and Lisa.
Is there anyone of you that wants
to go to court? Do you really want
to sit in front of a judge and
have a team of prosecutors ask you
questions. Questions that lead to
even more questions. Questions
that you might not know the right
answers to. Questions that can get
you locked up in prison. Is there
anyone here that wants that?
Lisa, Jay, Chris and Cas shake their heads No.
Drop those ridiculous bags, You
look like mutant eggplants.


Lisa, Jay, Cas and Chris get out of the leaf bags. Mouriz
keeps the shotgun aimed at Eric's head.
      (to Cas)
I noticed you favoring your left
hand. What's the story on that?
Your brother hit it with a
If it was the guy I found in
pieces on the road, that was no
Whas he your half-brother?
Shut up.
      (to Lisa)
Thank you. (to Chris) You go with
Eddie and search the house.
Chris and Eddie leave the garage. Mouriz still has the
shotgun aimed at Eric's head.
Lisa, when I got here, it looked
like you had a welder in your
hands. Do you know how to weld?
She does, she is one of the best
in the state.
That isn't a welder, it's an
oxy-acetylene cutting torch. And
yes, I know how to weld.
Spare me the education Miss
Wizard, just fire that thing up.
Lisa goes to her torch, picks up the nozzle. Adjusts the
valves and sparks the striker. Black flakes fall from the
air as she adjusts the flame.


Get a six inch flame, I need that
nice and hot.
Eddie and Chris enter the garage. Eddie is carrying a
lifeless Nikki. Chris has the HK.
Chris, Point that HK at Eric's
head, don't be afraid to shoot if
he flinches.
Should I put him in a bag?
Fuck off.
Eddie, bring the girl to me.
Eddie brings Nikki to Mouriz, he feels her pulse.
How is she?
She has a pulse, it's not as
strong as I would like it to be.
Lisa, did anybody rape you while
you were here?
No. I don't know what happened to
her though.
      (to Mouriz)
What do you think happened to her?
Hard to say, I'm not a doctor, She
could be in shock.
Is she going to be okay?
Lisa turns off the two small valves on her torch, the flame
goes out.
She needs to go to the hospital.
So do you Cas.


I'll take them.
      (to Eddie)
Take her, but take her in that
car. (motions to Eric's Porsche)
Get her to the emergency room,
drop her off, tell the nurse you
found her passed out in the road.
Don't give them your name, don't
stick around.
You're not taking my Porsche.
One four one eight.
He is taking your Porsche.
Eddie puts Nikki in the passenger seat of the Porsche and
straps her in with the seat belt. Jay opens the garage door
as Eddie gets in the driver seat. Eddie drops the hidden
panel and starts the Porsche. The engine roars to life.
Eddie puts the Porsche in first gear and starts to roll out
of the garage.
      (to Eddie)
Eddie stops the Porsche. Jay opens the passenger side door,
reaches into his pocket and pulls out Nikki's dolphin charm
anklet. He stoops down and puts it on Nikki's ankle. Jay
closes the door and Eddie drives away.
      (to Cas)
Cas, my long-haired friend with a
rap sheet. You broke your hand
punching a wall in the bathroom of
the Oasis. Go there, have a beer,
take a piss, then go to the
emergency room. Take the girl's
truck, yours is a mess.


Jay opens the garage door in front of Lisa's truck. Cas gets
in, starts the truck, leaves.
      (to Jay and Chris)
You guys get the pleasure of
cleaning a bloody truck. Lots of
windex, paper towels and a metal
Metal bucket?
So you can burn your evidence, or
does prison sound better to you?
Chris exits the garage and drives Cas's truck into the
Lisa, fire up that torch. I need
to get some answers out of your
friend Eric.
What happens with all of us?
Nothing, but what happened here
goes uninvestigated, unsolved,
You mean like a hickory pillow
This is just the beginning of what
I have to do, This didn't start
here, It doesn't end here. But for
all of you, it goes in the hickory
pillow file.
Lisa ignites her torch and adjusts the flame as Jay closes
the garage doors.


(screaming in pain) I'm just the
guy that gets things done for
A banquet table with three boxes of chicken wings, paper
plates and napkins, is in the production area. A cooler
containing cans of soda is next to the table. A paper banner
made from computer paper that reads "FOR 20 YEARS OF
SERVICE" is hanging on the wall over the table. All
employees are gathered in the table area. Warren and NORMAN
are in front of the crowd.
Let's all gather around and
celebrate 20 years of loyal
service from Norman.
The employees clap.
Thank you everybody.
Come on up, we have wings for
everybody. Just remember to only
take four wings.
The employees form a line. One by one they each take a
plate, napkin, four wings and a can of soda. Jay gets in
line, skips the chicken wing part of the celebration and
just takes a coke. He finds a place away from the crowd to
enjoy his coke. Jay notices FRANK, another employee across
the room that only has a coke and walks over to him.
You aren't hungry?
Not hungry enough for this horse


I see the future here. It's a
paper plate with four chicken
wings. How long have you been
Fifteen years.
Wow, fifteen years. What do you
get after fifteen years? Three
chicken wings?
No. You get nothing. Wait a
minute, you do get something after
fifteen years, you get to achieve
lower mediocrity.
Yeah, I used to wonder how people
got to be homeless. Now I know, it
starts with an application at this
Finish up everybody, you get two
more minutes, then break is over!
The employees put their plates, napkins and cans into the
trash and return to their work areas.
Back to work, the celebration is
Jay is using an orbital sander to sand a cabinet. He hears
an ELECTRICAL SPARKING NOISE and looks towards the direction
of the noise. He walks over to ROGER, who is using a faulty
router that has large sparks shooting into the air from the
      (to Roger)
What do you have there sparky?


I'm afraid of this router. It's
gonna hurt somebody.
I'll take care of this right now.
Jay leaves the area, once out of Rogers line of sight, he
gets a drink from the water fountain. Jay returns to Roger.
I just talked to Warren about your
sparking router.
Yeah, he's very concerned about
What did he say?
He said to keep using it, there's
still some minutes left in it.
Warren is standing behind Jay, tapping him on the shoulder.
Jay turns around and faces warren.
You have a phone call. I already
went over the personal phone call
policy with you, so somebody
better be dead or dying.
Jay walks to the Warren's office, with Warren following
close behind. Jay picks up the receiver lying on a stack of
disorganized papers.
      (into phone)
Hello? (pause) Now? (pause) Why?
(pause) Trust you? (writes on a
piece of paper from Warrens desk)
Jay hangs up the phone, puts the paper in his shirt pocket
and turns around to see Warren standing in the doorway.


That didn't sound like an
Not all emergencies sound like
You have a smart mouth and a bad
attitude. I think I need to
demonstrate my personal phone call
policy to you again.
Warren backs away from the doorway to let Jay pass. Jay
steps out of the office, stops. Reaches into his pocket.
Maybe I should demonstrate my
phone policy to you. (takes change
from his pocket, throws it at
Warrens head) Call somebody that
gives a fuck.
Jay drives his Mustang into an industrial park. He looks at
the the piece of scrap paper in his hand. It reads "28 River
Street Unit H" He drives up River street, finds building 28.
It is warehouse type of building with eight large steel
roll-up doors. He drives up to the door with an "H" painted
on it. The door rolls up when he pulls up directly in front
of it. Jay drives his Mustang inside the empty unit.
Jay steps out of his Mustang. He sees that he is alone.
There is light coming from an office in the right hand side
of the empty building.
Hello? Is anybody here?
Lisa, Chris, Eddie, and Cas emerge from the office and rush
over to see Jay.
Do you like it?


Like what?
You're right Lisa, that gringo is
      (to Jay)
What kind of idiot just drives
into a building without looking to
see what it is?
Jay steps outside.
Jay looks up at the top of the tall roll up door. He sees a
large brightly colored sign "ROMICK AND FRIENDS CUSTOM AUTO"
mounted on the building. Jay walks back into the building.
Jay smiles.
I told you things would get
Cas walks over to Jays Mustang.
That is one sweet ride.
Cas looks inside at the rubber and vinyl interior.
This is gonna be one bitchin' ride
when we are done with it!
The steel roll up door closes.
Mouriz, dressed in wrinkled street clothes, is driving an
older JEEP CHEROKEE. Notes written on scrap paper, a laptop
computer and a notebook are scattered on the passenger seat.
Maps, fast food wrappers and cups are scattered on the


Mouriz's Jeep Cherokee passes the "Welcome To New Mexico"
"Land of Enchantment" sign
The LOW RUMBLE of a V8 engine is heard. The steel roll-up
door opens. A fully customized and tricked out Mustang
slowly drives out out and stops. In the background, looking
through the open door, is a paint booth, machine shop,
welding area and upholstery equipment. Jay gets out of the
drivers side of the Mustang.
Cas, Lisa, Eddie, Nikki, Chris and Julie exit the shop and
walk towards the Mustang. Eddie is holding hands with Nikki.
Chris is carrying a three year old little girl, Julie is
smiling and walking close to him.
(wiping his hands on a rag) That
is one bitchin' ride.
Covan and another POLICE OFFICER (in Las Cruces police
uniforms) are walking towards the exit of Starbucks, each
carrying a cup of coffee. A YOUNG WOMAN is sitting alone at
a table reading a book. She has a cup of coffee and a bagel
on the table. Under the table is her purse and an overnight
bag. She looks up as the officers walk to the exit. The
other POLICE OFFICER motions to Covan. Covan winks at her as
they walk out of the door.


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