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by Dana Clark, Paul Landry, and Davarius Fox (DESTINYSEYES000@AOL.COM)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: 0 stars
Once upon a time, Love was the most perfect thing that a man and a woman shared. It was all about what she felt for him and he felt for her, People shared in the happiness and enjoyed the bliss. Those were the days! Enter 2006----- A time when love can be compromised by family, association, and allegiance. CFL Productions presents "Dangerously in Love" an urban love story that examines a relationship tried by everything except the very thing that it was based on------Love.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Dante sits at Selena's bedside, with his head buried into
his hands.
                       DANTE (VO)
It's been a while since I've spoke
to you. Humph! I'm probably the
last one you'd expect to come to
you. Please, just help them. They
don't deserve this. If I could...
The heart monitor let's out a loud continuous tone. Dante
looks up at Selena as doctors and nurses rush in. A nurse
walks over to Dante and taps his shoulder.
                       NURSE #1
Excuse me Sir, I need you to come
with me.
Dante stands to his feet.
Wait! What's going on? What the
hell is going on? What's
                       DOCTOR #1
Sir, you must leave now!
What's going on?
                       DOCTOR #1
Sir! Please!


No! I want to know what the hell
is going on!
The nurse struggles with Dante as she tries to escort him
out the room. Another nurse enters into the room and helps
carry him out.
You take care them! You hear me?
You take care of them!
                       DOCTOR #1
We will do what we can, but you
have to leave!
Dante enters into the hall, crying.
                       NURSE #1
Just relax. Okay? Everything
will be fine, just have a seat.
Dante looks at the nurse. Tears tears flow from his eyes.
He shakes his head and walk off.
Dante sits in the hard chair looking up at the ceiling as
the tears continue to pour from his face.
Dante walks through the airport toward baggage claim to get
his luggage and meet his cousin Mike. At baggage claim Dante
reaches for a bag he believes is his and touches the hand of
a beautiful young lady and she looks at her and smile
I'm sorry this is yours.


      (smiling and
       grabbing the bag)
That's ok.
As Selena walks away Dante stares at her in awe. Once Selena
is out of sight Dante gets his luggage and walk outside the
airport to meet his cousin Mike.
Mike walks up to Dante excited with his hands in the air.
Hey, yo! What up, dog!
Mike and Dante greet each other with a handshake and a hug.
Man! What's going on! I know it's
only been a minute but I think
this is gonna be a fun vacation.
What you talking bout? I know you
didn't get mesmerized by this
Miami beauty already.
      (very disoriented)
Nah! Nah! nothing like that.
Dante is looking around to see if he sees Selena anywhere.
Well then who are you looking for
Nobody man, just checking out the
As Dante and Mike walk toward Mikes car, they pass Selena
closing the trunk of their car. As Dante walks by Selena,
their eyes meet, and they smile at each other. Gabrielle


honks the horn to get Selena's attention. Selena turns
around and gets in the car. Dante continues towards Mike's
car and rejoins the conversation with Mike.
Dante and Mike get in the car and head towards the Bay-side
I know you say vacation but what
really brings you to Miami.
Just needed to get away from the
craziness for a little while and
relax. So, I figured why not kick
it with my boy on his turf.
Well, you know you're always
welcomed and appreciated here.
Besides, whatever happened to the
offer for you to move out this
Dante shrugs his shoulders, raise up the volume on radio,
and begins rapping to a Lil Wayne song.
Dante and Mike enter the mall and go into the food court
area. Dante spots Selena at a Smoothie stand.
Yo, Mike! There's that girl from
the airport. It's like she's
following me or something. Not to
mention she's beautiful and fine
as hell.


Man, your California ass is just
sprung on this Miami goodness.
Nah, man for real that's the same
girl from earlier but this time
I'm gonna meet her.

Well, I got twenty bucks that say
you're gonna punk out.
This ain't High School, but you're
Dante heads over to the Smoothie stand where Selena is and
strikes up a conversation.
Hello, and how are you doing?
I'm fine! What's the matter now?
Did I accidentally pick up your
A beautiful woman with a sense of
humor. I saw you over here and I
realized that I never got your
      (shaking Dante's
Well if you must know my name is
Selena. And you are? Let me
guess, The Airport Stalker. I'm
only kidding! So, what's your


                       SELENA (cont'd)
You got jokes! I'm Dante. Pleased
to meet you.
Here's my Smoothie so see you
Wait! I know it's kinda sudden but
can I have your number or
something to get in contact with
No. But if you want to see me
again meet me tomorrow at Club
OK, Bet! I hope your not pulling
my leg or anything.
Well, I guess you'll find out
tomorrow. Have a nice day, Mr.
      (Shaking Selena's
Well I look forward to seeing you,
and you have a nice day too, Ms.
Dante and Mike enter the club.
I wonder if Selena is gonna show?


With all these beauties in here?
Does it really matter?
Nah! But baby did have it going on
Man, Whatever! You better get on
these dimes right here! Better a
chance to go home with something
than nothing.
I guess you're right.
Dante and Mike head to the proceed to the bar where they are
spotted by Selena.
Selena! Selena! What are you
staring at like that?
      (Blushing and
Nothing! Nothing!
You lying tramp! Your ass is
lusting over that stalker from the
smoothie stand!
No I'm not girl!
I don't care if you are or aren't
you are going to go talk to him
because his boy is fine as Dom P!


As Selena and Marissa go back to their table, Dante spots
her walking away.
Mike! Look up there! It's Selena
but she's walking away! (angrily)
Man, I ain't got no time for this!
      (patting Dante on
       the shoulder)
I told you enjoy this multitude of
women instead of worrying about
just one. Forget about her!
Just as they are about to walk away a club hostess
approaches them.
You two guys have a special
personal invitation to the VIP
Room upstairs.
From who?
You'll find that out when you get
up there! Now put these armbands
on and follow me to your table.
Dante and Mike follow the hostess and arrive at the table
where Gabrielle, Marissa, and Selena are.
Well, hello ladies!
Hello, Stalker!
Jokes, have we!


Damn, why the stalkers always have
to travel in packs! Then be so
damn muy caliente!
Well I'm not a stalker! I'm Mike!
And you ladies are?
I am the ever so luscious,
Marissa. Over there is Gabrielle.
Next to her is the girl your boy
has been stalking, my girl from
L.A., Selena.
Hold on just a sec. First off, my
boy ain't no stalker he's just
into the finer things in life! And
lets just say that he finds your
girl to be in that category. And
given the company she keeps, I can
definately see why.
Is that some kind of player line
or a genuine compliment?
Players Play, Mike will never
disrespect you like that. You
know you got it going on. Want to
hit the dance floor for a spin?
Damn! Just cut through the chase!
If your ass wasn't so fine, I'd
make you work hard but you're kind
of cute! I'll be back ladies and
stalker! I'm only kidding!
      (pointing to
Girl come here!


What girl? I can't keep this fine
ass man waiting!
      (whispering in
       Marissa's ear)
What about Jose?
What about Jose? Girl, as long as
you won't tell I won't tell. As
for Mike, he'll be so speechless,
he won't be able to tell!
I hear you!
Mike and Marissa exit to the Dance Floor.
So, Selena! How have you been?
I've been fine, but I must admit I
didn't think that you were gonna
I don't see why not! You're a very
attractive woman. A man would be
a fool to pass up the opportunity
to be with you.
Well thanks for the compliment.
Truth is most men are intimidated
by my stature, but it's good to
know that they are still real,
unintimidated men in the world!


Well, I just know what I want and
believe in doing what I have to to
get it!
Care to elaborate?
I wanted to get to know you so I
knew I just had to be here.
Well, I certainly hope that I
don't dissapoint.
      (licking his lips
       and smirking)
You certainly have not
dissappointed. Wanna dance?
Certainly! But I hope you know how
to move and can keep up!
I really don't think that will be
a problem.
Dante takes Selena by the hand and escorts her to the dance
After a couple of dances, Marissa approaches Selena and
whispers into her ear.
We are about to leave!


What do you mean we? I'm not
I'm not talking about us. I'm
talking bout me and Mike, and girl
if he plays his cards right. He'll
be in love with this Latin mommy
in the morning!
      (pushing Marissa)
Oh, girl! You nasty!
Don't forget horny, girl! I'm
gone! Don't wait up!
I won't you slut! Bye, girl!
Dante here are the car keys! I'll
Call you on the cell if i need
Alright man! Take it easy.
It sure looks like those two hit
it off.
Well, Mike can be a very
impressionable person but he's a
good dude. Enough with them, is
there somewhere we can go to talk
away from this noise?
Yes, we can go on the beach! Let
me tell Gabbi and we can leave.


After returning to the dance floor, Dante and Selena exit
the club.
Dante and Selena drives to the beach. Dante turns on the
radio. And Selena dances to her favorite song.
Ooh, Donte' that's my song.
Dante raises the volume on the radio and Selena starts
singing along with the music.
      (sings a song by
       Donnell Jones)
Ohh boy I love you.... I love you.
Dante and Selena finally reach the beach. Dante gets out of
the car and walks around to the passenger side and opens the
door for Selena.
Um! A gentleman from Cali. Are we
real or are we just trying to
Nah! it's real. It's just that
it's hard to find a woman who can
appreciate the softer side of a
man. You know always talking bout
I need a thug, then when they....
      (cutting Dante off)
Stop! .... You see that's the
problem. Rather than feeling a
woman y'all rather jump the gun
and assume. I hate that.


I am truly sorry if I offended
you, and yes you're right. We
don't take the time out to learn
and feel our women. So tell me who
is Selena and what makes Selena
Dante and Selena walk on the beach until the find a nice
spot to sit and watch the stars, the waves and talk.
What do you mean makes Selena
Before I can make Selena smile I
need to know what makes her frown.
So I'll know what to do. So who is
Well I was born and raised in
L.A., but I've had the pleasure of
traveling to many different
states. I am attending U.C.L.A.
majoring in psychology.
Oh! so you trying to get in
people's head and shit.
Nah! You know I want to help
people figure out their problems
and work through them. Especially
kids I love kids and would love to
help them.
I'm feeling you on that. I mean
the children are our future. It
seems like you have your ducks in
a row on a professional level and
that's fantastic, but who is
Selena? What is it that makes the
beautiful woman in front of me so


                       DANTE (cont'd)
beautiful? You're studying
psychology; so tell me what's in
your mind.
Being raised around my brother who
is always playing a macho thug
man, I kind of learned the ropes
of taking care of myself early. My
moms was my sterling example of
strength so I picked that up from
her. My father died when I was
young, but people always tell me I
have his fire and determination. I
make it a point to get what I
Yeah!... So what about me? Am I
something you want that you are
going to get.
I don't know, the sea is always
filled with bigger and better
fish. You know.
      (looking puzzled)
Now, come on. You know I'm only
playing. But, I would give a
million bucks to see that
expression on your face again.
Oh! So I'm funny now. But that's
kinda cool. A sense of humor.
What did you think? I'm some kind
of stick in the mud or something.
For real though, Do you think I'm


                       SELENA (cont'd)
some freak that just leaves the
club with any man?
No, I never took you for that
type. And if I did I know I
wouldn't be sitting out here on
the beach with you. Quality time
is reserved for people with just
that ---- Quality
I'm flattered.
      (placing his arm
       around Selena)
Not only are you flattered, but
you're beautiful also.
So what about you? What's a fine
brother like you doing all alone?
Oh! So I'm fine now? Huh.
You alright!
It's just that I'm very picky when
it comes down to women. Many women
look at me, they see the hip hop
gear, the body, the face, and they
just automatically assume that I'm
this hip hop wanna be thug. But
what they don't realize is
underneath this is just a man who
longs for a woman who'll
appreciate the lighter side of a


What do you mean lighter side?
You know! The brother who enjoys
given his lady flowers, cards,
taking long walks in the park, and
just chilling enjoying his lady.
Not having to put up a front. Just
being me.
What do you mean putting up a
I was born and raised in Compton
and the streets of Compton kind of
molded me into this thug. Over a
period of time, I grew wiser and
started to mature into one person,
but my crew would only accept the
thug in me. So it's like truly I'm
putting on a front when I'm in
L.A. Because I can't just kick
back and be me. I would never be
accepted like that.
Well! I'm impressed! A brother
who's in touch with himself.
I hope you don't think I'm some
kind of punk or something?
Nah! Quite the opposite. I think
that's a very attractive quality!
And I think it only makes you more
of an attractive man.
Am I attractive enough to win over
Ms. Selena?


      (pulling Dante
I don't know. Come here.
Dante and Selena share a passionate kiss and embrace.
Does that answer your question?
Hell yeah!
Dante and Selena lie on the beach and watch as the sun
begins to rise.
I hope this doesn't end here in
So what do you think. That I go
fishing only to throw the fish
back in the water? Nah! I don't
think so.
I just don't want it to end...
Just as Dante finishes his conversation, his cell phone
rings. Dante see that it's Mike calling and turns his ringer
It's Mike. I'll call him back
later. So about L.A.,none of your
men friends gonna be starting
stactic huh.
Why? Do you plan on starting
static with yourself? Selena has
no ties baby. But I do have a
prospect now.


Oh! A prospect huh.
I thought I'd get a rise out of
you! You know you're my boo!
That's what I'm talking about.
Dante and Selena share another kiss. They exchange
information on how to get in contact with each other in
California and leave the beach.
Selena walks through the door and sees Gabrielle sleeping on
the couch and wakes her up.
      (whispers then
Gabby... Gabby.... Gabby!
Damn Selena, what do you want?
      (shaking Gabrielle)
Wake up girl.
O.k. o.k., I'm up. So how was your
night ?
It was nice, we talked and watched
the sunrise. He's the first guy I
could have a decent conversation


Girl, wait. You mean to tell me
you woke me up to tell me that !
I'm going back to sleep
Marissa tries to sneak into the beach house, thinking her
roommates are asleep. But as soon as she walks into the
living room she is shocked both of her roommates sitting on
the sofa talking.
Umm_hmm and where have you been ?
With Mike uh.
So, do tell everything.
I don't know what you're talking
Cut the shit, bitch and fill us
Okay...Okay,girl. Mike is a
straight up fool girl! That man
there had me calling him
everything under the sun. I got to
catch the shower.
Uh-uh wait I am up now and that's
all you gonna say.
Yes, mami do tell.


All I'm going say is he wore my
ass out. That big thing bought me
to tears. And did I make him moan
when I rode him like a runaway
bull. Well I'm gonna go take a
shower. Adios !
That girl is a fool.
Dante enters Mike's house, sits down, and begin to watch
television as he eats a bowl of cereal. Mike comes out of
the bathroom and enters the living room.
Dog, that fucking Marissa got that
bomb ass shit.
Fo' real Mike.
Yeah man, so why are you just
getting in uh. Where the fuck you
Selena and I talked all night at
the beach and we watched the
So what, nigga! I fucked her
Man, is that all that matters to
you. Running your dick in


Alright playa.
Whatever dog I'm about to catch
some z's. Holla at ya boy.
I just feel like there's so much
more to a woman. And besides when
you know and love a woman, it
makes love making that much
      (stands up)
Who the fuck said anything about
making love. I'm trying to fuck
these hoe's man ! If you wanna
love and be king romance and shit
be my guest. But as for me:
      (singing and
I am just putting in that wood and
taking it out. Putting it in and
taking it out. OW!! Watch out
there now
Yeah man... Whatever you say!
Dante pulls up to his best friend Smoke's home. He gets out
of the car and see a couple of his homeys standing around
cars and sitting on the porch drinking beer and smoking
weed.He gives a few of them dap and proceeds to the front
door. Dante knocks on the door and Scar answers the door.
What up Scar?


Dante walks inside Smoke's house,hugs Scar and shuts the
door. Dante see Alisha and two of her friends gathering
their purses and walk towards the front door. Alisha looks
at Dante winks her eye and leave.
Anyway, what up Rock? Welcome back
I'm chillin. Yo, Where Smoke at ?
In the back with Face, Skeeter and
Who is Jazz?
Some new cat that wanna be down.
So today the punk gets initiated.
Dante and Scar walks through the house toward the rear of
the house. Scar opens the door to the den area of the house.
In that room is Shug, Face, Skeeter and Jazz are sitting at
a table talking
Dante my nigga. What's happening
baby ?
What up player ? What's happening
Face, and Skeeter ?
You know me Rock.
Still smoking and choking.


How was Miami? Nah, fuck that! How
was them ho's?
They was straight. Next time I go
you gotta come with me, you might
can bag four or five.
Yo, that nigga over there is Jazz.
He wanna be down with the click.
Man, you better seriously think
before you make a decision like
this. It's gonna affect the rest
of your life! Ain't no turning
Jazz jumps out his seat and boot up to Dante.
YEAH BRA! I'm a man about mine!
Where did y'all get this fucking
anti gang public service
announcement from?
Donte' whoop this nigga's ass!
Naw dog I'm straight!
I did not ask you if you was
straight! I said whoop his ass.
Dante, Smoke, Face, Skeeter, Scar and Jazz walk toward the
back of the house. Dante looks disgusted because he does not
want to do this.


Dante, Smoke, Scar, Face, and Skeeter escorts Jazz into
Smoke's backyard. Smoke tells Face, Scar, and Skeeter to
prepare to jump Jazz into the gang.
Hope you got heart lil man.
I got more than you.
You don't want none believe me.
Scar, Skeeter, and Face begin to surround Jazz. They are
awaiting orders from Smoke to begin.
Begin and show no mercy.
Scar, Face, and Skeeter starts fighting with Jazz. The fight
last for 6 minutes and Smoke tells them to stop.
Alright,Alright,. Stop
The fight ends and everyone looks at Smoke and Dante
awaiting their approval of Jazz.
Alright little man. You got some
Hell yeah! I got heart. I betcha I
could knock your ass out.
You don't want none of Smokey dog.
Believe me playa.
You want some of Rock lil man.


Hell yeah!
You got him
Jazz walks up to Dante and boots him up. Dante walks away to
avoid confrontation.
Hell yeah! Old bitch ass nigga
better walk away and recognize!
Dante turns halfway looking at the house, and then turns
back around and punches Jazz in the face. Jazz falls to the
ground and everyone laughs and goes inside the house leaving
Jazz on the ground holding his face.
Selena, and Marissa sits in Gabrielle's living room talking,
and,looking at the pictures they took in Miami. Gabrielle
walks into the room with the telephone because she just hung
up with her boyfriend.
Girl we look good in these
Yes we do. We are hot.
Yes! Girl, my man is on the way.
Oh my GOD, my stupid ass brother
is on the way I am leaving.
As Selena gets up and walks toward the door Mario, Hector
and Ramirez walks through the door.


Hey baby sis. Where's Gabby ?
In there.
Mario walks into the living room and Gabrielle jumps up and
run toward him giving him a big hug.
Hey papi, I missed you boo!
Yeah.... I missed your sexy ass.
After Gabrielle and Mario share a moment of hugging and
kissing. Mario turns to Selena and talks to her.
What's up little sis ? how have
you been ?
I'm fine. I was just leaving.
Nah, you don't have to leave cause
I'm here. We are about to bounce
No, baby! Where are you going ?
We have some business to handle.
I'll holla back.
After Mario, Gusmales and Ramirez leaves Gabrielle's home
Selena and Gabrielle sits next to Marissa on the couch and
finish looking at their pictures.
He makes me sick. I don't see how
you put up with him.


Girl he is your brother. You are
supposed to love him no matter
what. You may not like the shit he
does, but he is you brother.
Whatever girl.
Anyway Selena have you heard from
Donte's fine ass?
Selena thinks for a moment about the kiss they shared on the
Earth to Selena.
Uh, No.. no I haven't.
Don't worry girl. He'll call.
Just as Marissa says that Selena's cellular phone rings.
Hey ma, what's up?
Um, who is this?
Selena covers the phone and whispers to her friends.
It's Donte'!


As Selena puts the phone back to her ear, Gabrielle and
Marissa gives each other a high five and giggle.
Hi Donte'
So how have you been?
Fine and you.
I know you are fine but I asked
how you were doing. But for real
though I was wondering if you
would like to have dinner with me
Yeah... sure.
Excellent! Can I get your address
so I can pick you up.
4820 Yale Ave. Do you know where
that is?
Yes I do and I will pick you up
around 8 p.m.
O.k. I'll see you then ...Bye.
Selena hangs up the phone and excitedly tells her friends
she and Dante have a date.
Girl, that was Dante and he asked
me out tonight!


Dante and Selena. Has a ring to
it, don't you think?
Yes it does.
Oh my God! Come on help me find
something to wear.
Selena, Gabrielle, and Marissa leaves Gabrielle's house and
head over to Selena's house to help her get ready for
As Gabrielle and Marissa finish fixing Selena's make-up and
hair. The doorbell rings and it's Dante standing at the door
with a dozen of red and white roses.
Oh my God... it's him... it's him.
Calm down girl. I'll get the door.
Calm your ass down and finish
getting ready.
Marissa leaves Selena's room and walks toward the living
room to answer the door.
Who is it?
It's Donte.
Marissa opens the door and let Dante in the house. She shows
him to the living room. He has a seat and waits for Selena
to come out of her room.


Hey Marissa? Is Selena ready?
She'll be out in a minute.
Dante waits for about five minutes and Selena finally comes
out of her bedroom to meet Dante.
Hello Donte'!
Hi... Damn! You look beautiful.
Thank you. You look pretty
handsome yourself.
Shall we?
Let's go.
Bye Dante
      (Marissa waving)
Bye Donte'
Dante and Selena leaves Selena's house and Gabrielle and
Marissa stands in Selena's doorway giggling and waving bye.
Dante helps Selena into a Cadillac Escalate and runs to the
other side, enter the drivers side and pull off.


Dante and Selena enter an elegant upscale restaurant. A few
people are on the dance floor dancing to romantic music,
numerous celebrities are sprinkled through out the club, and
Quannecia Booker is on stage singing.
                       MAITRE DE
Good evening. Welcome to La Maison
De Regal. May I take your coat
Yes. Thank you!
                       MAITRE DE
And might I add what a rather
beautiful couple you two make.
Thank you.
                       MAITRE DE
Is there any preference on
Non smoking. Somewhere intimate.
Close to the stage, but not right
up on it.
                       MAITRE DE
I have just the table for you.
Right this way.
The Maitre De escorts Dante and Selena to a nice booth close
to the stage.
                       MAITRE DE
Your waiter will be with you
O.k. thanks.


Wow! I'm really feeling this
place. The celebs, The ambiance,
you sure know how to treat a girl.
Well you know only the finest for
the finest.
I hope this ain't one of those
"just-to-get-some" player schemes.
Like I told you in Miami, I'm not
into those type of games. I'm
real! But you can't fault a
brother if he doesn't take
advantage of a golden opportunity.
I'll take that as a compliment. So
what is it that made you ring my
After the beach, I felt like we
connected in such a special way
that made me know that getting in
touch with you, and spending time
with you wasn't a consideration,
it was something that I absolutely
had to do.
I'm not gonna front, I was really
digging you too, but I didn't want
to come off as some kind of
hootchie or anything.
      (gently rubbing
       Selena's face)
Baby never. That didn't even enter


                       DANTE (cont'd)
my mind where you were concerned.
Too much class, baby!
At that moment, the Maitre De walks over to the table with a
bottle of champagne on ice and two glasses and places it on
the table.
                       MAITRE DE
Please enjoy a complimentary
bottle of our finest champagne.
The Maitre De pours two glasses of champagne and Dante
invites Selena to a toast.
A toast to a celebration of the
start of a relationship with
endless possibilities.
      (taking a sip of
Mmm! I heard that.
The two share in a toast and share a simple but intimate
      (in the background)
And now coming to the stage to
perform her new hit song "Your
Joy" let's give a warm, La Maison,
welcome for Ms. Chrisette
Dante and Selena shifts their bodies to look at the stage.
And then join in with the crowd clapping as Chrisette
Michelle takes the stage.
I would like to dedicate this song
to anyone celebrating a special
occasion or new person in their


Music to "If I Have My Way" begins to play.
She has a very beautiful voice.
I love this song, and I enjoy
spending time you Selena. I want
you to be my joy.
That's sweet Dante. Come on dance
with me.
Alright lead the way.
Selena takes Dante by the hand and leads him to the dance
floor. The two dance and kiss during the entire song. As the
song ends Dante escorts Selena back to her seat.
Whoa! Boy, you took control out
there. I was loving that.
Well, some people say I'm a born
Oh yeah, people like who.
Well my boy Smoke seems to think
that and my parents they....
Did you say Smoke?
Yeah! Why? Do you know him?


      (taking a sip of
Yeah! He's just as much of a creep
as my brother Mario.
Mario! From the Latin Lords.
Yes! That's him.
At that moment, the waiter brings over two dishes of grilled
chicken and pasta and sits both plates on the table and
walks away.
Oh wow! What a small world we live
in. I travel all the way to the
East Coast to find my dream and
now it has the makings of a
nightmare. I know this is gonna
blow up on both sides of the
      (taking a bite of
       her chicken)
Well,if it comes down to it,
that's not an extremely hard
choice for me. I mean for years I
have to put up with losing friends
because they didn't fit in my
brothers circle or having my
brother tell me who I can and
can't date.
      (moves closer to
       Selena and puts
       his arm around
Baby, I'm not going anywhere. If
your heart is open for me to be
there. That is certainly where I
want to be. So does that make you


                       DANTE (cont'd)
feel better?
A little bit, and you're right I'm
not going to let my brother or
anyone else stop me from gaining
my happiness or my prince. But
this will make me feel even more
      (Playing in
       Selena's hair)
Well enough of that. What about me
and you? Where do you me and you?
Where do I see us? Hmm.
      (pulling Dante
I see a lot more of this in the
Selena grabs Dante and the two become locked in a passionate
Selena, alone in her bedroom lays across her bed and calls
Gabrielle to tell her how the date went and about the
information she received.
      (answers phone
       half sleep)
Girl, I know you are sleep. But I
really need to talk to you.
What's up Lena? You sound upset.
Did Donte' fuck up?


No, Girl!
Then what? He couldn't stroke.
He's a two minute brother? Is he
all muscle no brawn? What's going
on girl?
No it's not that. I really want to
be with him. He is so me. It's
Then what are you tripping for
shit. Let him hit and get on with
You don't understand. Dante and I
are fine. It's just that he rolls
with Shug and his crew and you
know when your stupid ass
boyfriend finds out it's gonna be
some shit.
Damn girl, I didn't know Dante was
rocking like that. How you go all
the way to Miami to meet a man
from L.A. who doesn't rock with
your family.
Well, Dante and I are gonna be
together. I'm not worried about
family or anything else. I just
need you to promise me one thing.
And what's that?


That you wouldn't tell my brother
anything about this conversation
or about Donte'
My lips are sealed.
Yeah! But will they remain sealed
when Mario starts laying his stick
down and taking you shopping and
Girl. that's low down that you
think that high of me. I promise I
won't say anything.
Please keep your word Gabby. Well
I'm about to go to bed. I'll
holler at you tomorrow.
You need to call that man and let
him tear it down.... You know it's
been awhile.
Bye slut.
After not being able to get sleep Selena calls Dante. Dante
is driving home.
      (answering the
       cell phone)
Hi, I hope I didn't catch you at a
bad time.


Nah! Actually I was just about to
pull in my driveway.
I couldn't sleep, I've just been
thinking about what we've
discussed and just can't seem to
fall asleep.
Seems to me like you could use
some company. Do you want me to
come over?
Sure, I'd like that.
I'm on the way. Do you need me to
bring anything?
You can bring a bottle of wine if
you like, But other than that I'm
Alright, bet. I'll be there
After a quick stop at his home to pick up a bottle of wine.
Dante makes his way to Selena's house.
Dante walks up to Selena's door holding a bottle of wine and
rings the doorbell. Selena does not answer the door. Dante
rings the doorbell again. .
                       SELENA (v.o.)
      (Yells from
Come in! It's open.


Dante walks inside the door and sees Selena walking from
the kitchen wearing a red Victoria Secrets night gown
holding two wine glasses.
Damn Girl! You are hot. Clothes
don't do you any justice.
I'm glad you approve
Selena and Dante share a hug, sit down on the couch, and
pour two glasses of wine.
What's the matter? It seems like
you're afraid I'm gonna bite or
Nah! It's just you look so damn
hot. How do you expect a man to
contain himself.
That's makes me feel a little
better. I'm glad you came over.
It really shows that you were
concerned. It's just that with all
the differences between our people
and me knowing that you are the
one I want to be with.
I'm felling you, Lord knows I am,
but I don't want to bring undue
stress on you cause rifts in your


It wouldn't be any stress at all.
am going to follow my heart on
this. I wanna be with you Dante
and that's all that matters.
Good, But I don't wanna be the one
you fall in love with and the one
that hurts you also.
      (gently grabs
       Selena's face)
I wanna make you happy, please
you, and give you all the things
you never had before in many ways.
Selena pulls Dante into a passionate kiss, then looks him
deep in his eyes, and then whispers in his ear.
      (whispers in
       Dante's ear)
Make me happy now Donte'.
O.k..... What do you want me to
Make love to me.
Dante kisses Selena on her neck. Selena takes Dante by the
hand and leads him to her bedroom. As they walk through the
bedroom door they kiss passionately and Selena takes off
Dante's shirt. Dante lays Selena across the bed and kisses
her all over her body. Dante suddenly stands up reaching
for Selena. Selena stands also. Dante pulls back the
bedspread and sheets. Selena sits down on the bed and undo
Dante's pants.Dante lays her down and she pulls him on top


of her and they make love. During their love-making Selena
sheds a tear of happiness because she has finally found
someone that helped her reach ecstasy.

Dante awakes in Selena's bed. He looks at Selena sleeping in
his arms. He kisses her on her forehead and tries to wake
her up to let her know he has to go.
Selena.... Selena baby wake up.
Ummmm.... What is it Donte'?
Bay, Bay wake up. I gotta go. I
have some things to take care of.
Um mm... O.k. Dante. I'll lock the
No no sleep. I'll lock it on my
way out.
Donate kisses Selena as she sleeps, and then puts on his
clothes. He walks toward her bedroom door, looks back at
her, smiles and then leaves.
As Dante pulls out of the driveway, Hector pulls into the
driveway. Hector knocks on the door. Selena answers.


      (sleepily fixing
       her robe)
What's the matter baby, did you
forget something?
No! And who the fuck was that
nigger that pulled out your
fucking driveway? He looks like
one of them niggers we had beef
with. So, tell me--What the fuck
is going on?
You don't fucking own me and what
we had is over. Your not my man,
I don't have to answer to you!
      (grabbing Selena.)
I don't give a fuck what you say.
You know how I feel about you.
Let me go! You were too much of a
coward to keep me by telling my
brother how you felt. So fuck him
and fuck you, Hector! Get out my
house! If you touch me or tell my
brother. I'll tell him everything
about us!
Okay, Okay! You wanna play it that
way Selena. But, you just know,
this isn't the end of this shit by
a long shot.
Hector leaves and Selena goes back to her bedroom.


Gabrielle calls Selena from her cellular phone to see if she
was ready to go shopping.
Girl I know you are not still
What time is it?
10:45 bitch! Now get up. We have
to get to the mall.
Oh! girl I forgot. Alright I'm up.
Where are you?
Like six blocks from your house.
I'll unlock the door for you cause
I'm gonna take a shower.
O.k. bye.
Gabrielle walks through the front door of Selena's house.
She sits her purse and car keys down on the coffee table.
Gabrielle walks into the kitchen and retrieves a bottle of
water from the refrigerator.


Selena.... girl, where are you?
Give me ten more minutes.
Selena finally emerges from her bedroom and meets Gabrielle
in her living room.
O.k. girl I'm ready.
Let's go shopping then.
Selena walks past Gabrielle toward the front door, and
Gabrielle looks at Selena suspiciously.
Hold up ... Hold up. Selena what's
wrong with you?
What are you talking about?
Selena opens the door and goes outside. And Gabrielle
Uh-uh, Uh-uh, Uh-uh. Come on now I
have been your girl for a long
time. You know I know what's up.
You got some didn't you.
No, I didn't. You are tripping.
Yes you did!
      (stops laughing)
But act funny. Dante must have put


                       GABRIELLE (cont'd)
in work cause you have this huge
ass smile on your face. And fuck
you just look different. So are
you gonna tell or act shady and
Gabrielle and Selena get in the car and drive off towards
the mall.
O.k. girl. After I got off the
phone with you, I couldn't sleep
so I called Dante over and we had
some wine, talked and we made
Aha.... No y'all didn't. Girl was
he good?
He was the best I ever had girl. I
damn near wanted to cry. Well, he
did make me shed a tear. And he is
not a minute man o.k. He is all
there and worth every minute.
Well, well, well, props to Dante.
Don't let Marissa know cause then
she'll wanna fuck him.
I know that's right. Then I would
have to mess her up.
Selena and Gabrielle both laugh as they pull into the mall
parking lot.


Dante calls Selena on her cellular phone, but she does not
answer. Selena's voice mail picks up and Dante leaves a
Baby, I was just calling to let
you know last night wasn't just
about sex to me. It was about
truly learning to physically
combine with one person. Feeling
everything you felt reciprocated
back to me. Last night was good.
I'm definitely feeling you girl.
Sounds like somebody done got some
ass and got whooped!
Nah man! She's a different kind of
Is she really special? Or did she
just whip you with that special
Man look! She's special, Dog! Just
leave it at that.
Alright, I won't say anything else
      (under his breath)
I never thought pussy would whip
my dog!
I heard that nigga.
Keep your head up man.


Dante's cellular phone rings and it's Selena returning his
previous call. Dante's answers.
What's up, ma?
Nothing much! Just chilling with
my girl Gabrielle at the mall. Why
what's up?
Nothing ! I just thought I'd get
at you to see if you wanted to
grab some lunch.
Of course I do. Where do you want
me to meet you?
Meet me at Giovanni's Cafe at 1
O.k. give me another hour and I'll
meet you there.
Dante walks through the door of the restaurant. Dante sees
Selena sitting at a table and begins to walk toward her. But
Alisha stops at the counter and blocks him from walking any
Hey Donte' baby what's up?
Hey Alisha.


Alisha walks closer to Dante and grabs him around his waist
then moves her hands to the front of his pants. Dante pushes
her hands away.
Alisha! What the hell are you
So baby when are you coming over?
Alisha, please. I have a someone
waiting on me.
It better not be a bitch Donte'!
Step off Alisha!
I'll give her a show.
As Alisha starts to rub Dante's chest, Selena walks over to
Hey baby.
Baby?..... Who the fuck is this
Alisha shut the fuck up! Come on


Selena uh... Well let me tell you
something Selena. Dante is my man
and if you leave with him I will
fuck you up.
Alisha please, What we had was
gone two years ago. So step the
fuck off. Let's go Selena.
Selena.... Selena
      (pointing a finger
       at Selena)
I know you now bitch, You are that
bitch Mario's sister aren't you?
Smoke will not like this Donte'.
As Dante and Selena leaves the cafe, Alisha follows them
yelling all types of obscenities at them.
      (shouting at
Watch your back bitch.
Dante opens the car door for Selena and she gets in the car.
After he closes the car door, he walks back to Alisha, grabs
her by the arm, and pushes her against the wall of the
Shut the fuck up bitch. Your
brother don't fucking run me. Shug
don't have to know shit.
      (grabbing Alisha's
       face with force)
Whatever me and Selena have is
between us. So step the fuck off.


Dante let's Alisha go and walk away. He gets into his car
and drives off with Selena. Alisha watches in disbelief.
Who the fuck was that Dante, uh? I
thought you was a real man. But
you are just like the rest of
these men out there, and to think
I really thought you were
Damn it Selena listen! That was
Smoke's sister Alisha. We had
something two years ago. Now she
hates everyone I try to be with.
Selena, I am not like any other
man. I am different. I only wanna
be with you, for real girl. She is
only hating because I am with you
and you look better than her. And
now we are going to have a problem
because she will let Shug know.
Dante... Baby I am sorry I did
not know.
It's cool. I'm gonna bring you
home now. And I'm going by Shug
and see what he knows.
O.k. baby, but be careful. I love
you Donte'
Dante pulls in Selena driveway. He hugs her and kisses her.
Selena gets out of the car and shuts the door. As she walks
to her door, she turns and waves to Dante. He waves back and
watches her go inside.


Alisha storms toward her mothers home. Jazz tries walking
fast to catch up with her.
      (running toward
Say shorty hold up. Where Smoke
Who are you? And what the fuck do
you want?
Damn Alisha. I'm Jazz remember I
joined your brother's crew.
Oh, my bad. What's up Jazz?
What's wrong with you? Looks like
you're ready to fuck something up.
It's Donte' and his bitch Selena.
Yes, Selena. She is Mario's
Yes Mario. What are you high or
something? He is the leader of our
rival gang. Don't you know


Well actually I am and you act
like I've been in this shit for
Oh, but that bitch will not keep
my man. Oh hell no! She will get
get hers.
So, what are you going to do?
I'm gonna fuck her up. That's what
I'm gonna do.
Man, I've been looking to get into
some shit.
Well, you wanna help me.
What's in it for me?
I can get Face to talk to Smoke
about putting you in his inner
circle. But until then I can give
you something right now.
Alisha whispers in Jazz's ear, he smiles. Then Alisha grabs
Jazz by the hand and leads him into her house.
Selena lays in her bed flipping through the channels on the
television. She is unable to sleep because she keeps
thinking about the events that happened earlier that day.
Selena decides to call Gabrielle and talk to her about what


Hey girl. What's up?
Nothing, chilling. So how was your
What lunch? Donte's ex-girlfriend
showed up got in our faces and
started tripping. She knows I'm
Mario's sister and she said she is
going to tell Shug.
What?... Girl tell me you slapped
that bitch.... Selena, are you
I just feel like some serious shit
is going to go down ya know.
Do you really think so?
Yes girl. And then I jumped on
Because I thought he was lying
about the two of them. And I told
him he was like every other
fucking man out there. But he
explained everything to me and
apologized to me.
So, what are you going to do?


I love him Gabby and I really
wanna be with him.
Cause he laid that wood down
No silly.
Just playing, trying to make you
It worked.
Do you really love him?
Yes! I do.
Then follow your heart girl. No
one can come between your
happiness. Not even your brother.
Thanks girl.
No problem, What are friends for?
Well good night girl and don't
Smoke is sitting on the couch in his living room playing his
PlayStation and smoking weed when Jazz runs in and jumps in
front of the television.


Yo Smoke! I need to run something
down to you that I know you won't
like about that fake ass nigga
      (jumping up from
       the couch)
Wait bitch! Watch your
mother-fucking mouth. This better
be some real shit cause if it
ain't. Rest assure Dante is gonna
fuck you up and then I'm gonna let
you know why I'm the leader of
this crew.
      (putting the blunt
       back in his mouth)
Now speak on and this time with
respect bitch.
Man, Dante has been dibble
dabbling outside of the family.
What the fuck are you talking
Dante has been running around with
Mario's click.
Bitch make me come from round here
and slap the fuck out your silly
No wait! He's been dating Mario's
sister, Selena.
So that's the new chick he's been
all secretive about. I'm gonna
talk to Dante about this shit. But
if I found out you're lying....


                       SMOKE (cont'd)
I'm gonna huckle buck cluck the
fuck out of you and believe this
you'll never walk, talk, eat,
sleep or shit the same.
Just look into it. Cause his
actions could be bad on us.
Don't fucking tell me what could
be bad on us! Leave me fake ass
Jazz exits the house as Smoke follows him to the door. Smoke
hollers to Face to contact Dante.
Somebody get Donte on the phone
and tell him I need to see him
Face finishes his sandwich and calls Dante on his cellphone.
Yo! Donte', What's up playa?
Nothing much, just trying to get
my crib straight and shit. What's
Smoke needs to see you man!
About what? You know.
All I can tell you is that bitch
ass Newbie Jazz asked to speak
with Smoke. And then Smoke came
out looking upset and told us to
call you.


Tell Smoke I'm on the way. Holla!
Dante pulls his car in Smoke's driveway. He gets out of his
car and chat with other members of his crew for a moment.
Then he walks to the door and knocks. Jazz answers.
What's up man?
      (brushing pass
Move out of my way bitch. That's
what's up.
Man! you need to kill that shit.
      (booting up to
Or what bitch!
Man why can't we be cool or
something? We're in the same shit.
Because I fuck bitches not be
friends with them.
Well whatever! Smoke's looking for
Shut up bitch! I already know


Dante walks to the rear of the house where Smoke was
counting money. He pulls out a chair and sits across from
What's up man?
Nothing much just chilling. Doing
I've noticed you have been
spending a lot of time away from
the family. So, what's up dog? You
running with another crew or
Come on man. We built this thing
together. I just been kicking it
with my new honey. That's all.
Yeah, I heard you had a new piece.
So what's....
      (cutting Smoke off)
Man look I know where this is
going. Yeah I'm dating Selena,
Mario's sister. But that's the
furthest it goes. I don't deal
with Mario. I can't stand the
bitch. It's all about me and
I feel that, but let me ask you
this. If it comes down to it where
will you allegiance be with her or
with the family.


Man! How you gonna put me on the
spot like that when you know I'll
breathe my last breath for this
I know that! I just needed a
little reassurance to let me know
you hadn't bailed out on the
Never that!
That's all I needed to know. But
you might wanna keep your eye on
that nigga Jazz. That bitch has it
out for you.
Man, Fuck him.
Gabrielle is awaken by her doorbell. She opens the door and
it's Mario. Gabrielle invites him in and he looks a little
drunk and upset.
Hey baby, what's up? what are you
doing here?
I need to ask you something and I
need you to be honest.
Sure baby what's up? Come in.
Gabrielle lets Mario in and shuts the door behind him. The
two of them walk into the living room


What's up baby?
For the last couple of weeks I
have been hearing some shit about
my sister and that bitch Dante. I
didn't wanna believe it, but too
many people are telling me this
shit. And I need to know if this
is true. And you are her best
friend and I know you know
      (acting stunned)
What?.... No I don't.
You are lying to me Gabby.
No Mario I am not. You are drunk.
Have a seat.
Gabrielle touches Mario's arm. Mario pulls away and pushes
Gabrielle on the couch.
You are fucking lying Gabby. Cause
they say you were with the two of
them the other day. Is it true?
Mario you are fucking drunk. And I
don't know who the fuck you think
you are pushing, but you got the
wrong bitch.
Shut up whore!


Whore..... Whore.... Who the fuck
are you talking to. But you can
get the fuck out of my house.
Shit! I don't have to take this
Mario looks down and then looks at Gabrielle. Then Mario
raises his hand and slaps Gabrielle in the face. Gabrielle
falls to the floor and Mario gets on top of her and holds
her down. Gabrielle struggles to get up.
You will not get up until you tell
me the truth.
O.k. Mario o.k. Yes Selena is
seeing Dante. And yes I was with
them the other day. Please get off
me Mario. Please.
Mario gets up and looks down on Gabrielle laying on the
Stupid bitch!.... I'm going to see
my sister and I dare you to call
and warn her.
Mario walks away from Gabrielle toward the door and
Gabrielle sits on the floor crying. Mario looks back at
Gabrielle, shakes his head, and walks out the door.
Mario drives in front of Selena's house. He gets out of his
car, walks up to the door and rings the doorbell repeatedly.
Selena finally answers the door.


Mario, what are you doing here.
It's 2:36 a.m.
Mario walks past Selena and goes inside her house. Selena
shuts the door and follows him.
Mario... What's wrong?
You Selena!
Me! What did I do? What are you
talking about?
You.... You are supposed to be my
sister and you go and do some
fucked up shit like this.
Me... What are you talking about?
Look Mario, I don't know what the
fuck you are talking about but you
can get your drunk ass out of my
house talking dumb shit.
Your fucking Donte'!
That's none of your fucking
It is my business. You are my
sister and you know we don't fuck
with him or his crew. And now you
are fucking him. If you want to be


                       MARIO (cont'd)
a whore Selena I have plenty of
homies you could screw.
Shocked at what Mario just said Selena slaps Mario in the
I can see who the fuck I want,
when I want, and fuck who I want.
You are not papa. So fuck you
Mario and get out of my house.
Mario raises his hand as if he was going to slap Selena. But
he can't hit his sister. So he grabs her face and pushes her
against the wall.
I am warning you Selena. Stay away
from Dante or there will be
trouble. This is you first and
final warning.
But, I love him.
If you do you stay away because
something could happened and I
know you don't want that.
Mario releases his grip on Selena's face. He then turns away
and walks toward the door. Selena stunned by his actions
watches her brother walk away. Mario turns around and points
at Selena.
You might wanna check on your
Once Mario leaves Selena's house. Selena runs to the phone
and call Dante


I need to see you now.
Selena hangs up the phone and Dante looks around confused.
Then he jumps out of the bed, puts on a pair of pants and a
shirt, and rushes over to Selena's house.
Sitting on the couch looking out of the window Selena is
thinking about what happened with her and her brother. She
sees Dante pull up in her driveway and jumps off the couch.
Dante is halfway out of the car when Selena run out of the
house and into his arms crying.
Baby what's wrong?..... Selena
what's wrong?
Just hold me Dante... Just hold
Dante holds Selena for awhile and then escorts her inside
her home.
Dante escorts Selena inside her home and Selena hugs him.
Dante sits Selena on her couch and tries to question her
about why she is crying.
What's wrong?


Don't ask. Just make love to me
Dante kisses Selena and stands up. He picks Selena up off
the couch and carries her to her bedroom.
Dante and Selena share in a passionate night of romance
after which they engage in a conversation about their paths
Earlier today, Smoke asked to see
me at his crib. When I got there
he tried to question my loyalty to
the crew.
Must have been that kind of
evening because I had a little run
in with Mario tonight. He told me
told me that he didn't want me to
be with you and threatened me. He
said " If he ever caught me with
you he will do something to you".
And I told him " I am grown and I
can see who I want and do whatever
makes me happy".
Seems like we're both stuck in the
middle of our people's twisted
I've given up so much for my
brother and the things that he
wants. I just really believe that
it's my time
      (hugging Dante)
and I'm gonna have my happiness
and you too baby.


I know what I want and where I
want to be. Right here next to
you. So I take it, it's going to
be me and you against the world.
And we're going to take it by
storm baby.
After staring at each other for a moment, Dante and Selena
fall asleep.
Dante awakens and goes into the kitchen and prepares Selena
a breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, toast an assortment
of fruit and orange juice.
Selena come on breakfast is ready!
Selena awakens from the smell of bacon and eggs. She walks
into the bathroom and washes her face and brushes her teeth.
She walks into the kitchen and is excited a the sight of the
breakfast Dante has prepared for her.
Damn boy! You must think you're
Martha Stewart or Emeril Lagasse
or something.
I wouldn't say that, I know a
little something, something.
It looks delicious and I'm bout to
handle my business.
Selena and Dante both eat breakfast and when they are done
they go into the living room, have a seat on the couch and
watch television.


That breakfast was off the chain.
I can burn a little, enough to
keep my baby happy.
You got that right baby.
So, what do you want to do today?
I was thinking maybe we could do
something different.
Like what?
Like drive to Vegas, play some
slots, catch a club, spend the
night, and come back tomorrow.
Alright cool! I'll just need to
pass by my crib on the way.
Good I'll get ready.
Dante continues watching television in the living room while
Selena goes to take a shower. After her shower Selena feels
faint and vomits in the toilet. After vomiting Selena calls
for Dante.
Donte!... Donte!
What is it?


I need you to come here.
Alright I'm coming.
Dante enters the bathroom and finds Selena kneeling by the
toilet vomiting. He puts his arms around her and holds her
until she finishes.
      (holding Selena)
What's the matter baby?
I don't know. I just got out the
      (wiping her mouth)
And started feeling funny then I
just started vomitting.
Do you think it was the food?
I don't think so. I have been
feeling like this for a couple of
Do you want me to take me you to
the hospital.
Dante picks Selena up off of the floor, helps her get
dressed, and then helps her the car and drives her to the


Dante and Selena are waiting in the hospital emergency room.
Selena's name is finally called and they go into room
number three.
Donte', I'm scared!
Don't be baby, I'm here.
Everything s going to be o.k.
These doctors are going to get you
I'm so glad you're here bay. I
love you so much.
      (hugging Selena)
I love you too, boo.
Dr. Williams enters the room and Selena explains how she has
been feeling for the past couple of days. He then sends
Selena to have test run. After she finishes her test, she
returns to her room, and waits for her results.
                       DR. WILLIAMS
Well, we didn't find anything
abnormal with your test results,
but I must inform you that you are
going through those symptoms
because you are pregnant.
                       DR. WILLIAMS
Yes ma'am pregnant.


      (having mixed
Me... A baby, I don't know if I'm
quite ready for all this wow....
Thanks doc.
Dante and Selena exit the hospital and take a silent ride
Selena is sitting on the edge of her bed thinking about her
pregnancy. Dante walks through the door and sits down next
to her. Selena gets up and sits on his lap.
      (playing in
       Selena's hair)
Baby.... You haven't said a word
the whole ride home. What are you
thinking? What's on your mind?
So much Dante. You can't start to
Well, tell me. That's what I'm
here for.
What about school? What about the
problems we are facing? I don't
want to bring a baby in this world
with our people beefing like they
are now. What about us?
Wait a minute! What do you mean
what about us? I love you girl!
And there's nothing or no one else


                       DANTE (cont'd)
I want more. So as far as I'm
concerned we are straight.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset
you. It's just that you asked me
what's on my mind and I told you.
I just I don't want to be alone
raising a child.
I don't know what GOD has planned
for my life, but I do know that
you are my source of light and I
will embrace you, and this
relationship, for as long as I
possibly can. And no matter what
happens, if I'm still alive,
you'll never have to raise a child
I love you Dante! We're going to
be parents.
Selena is sitting at the table eating breakfast. Once
finished she decides to call Gabrielle for casual
Hey girl, what's up?
Nothing much. What's up with you
and the baby?


Nothing we're fine. Just taking it
easy, resting. You know.
Girl, You are six and a half
months pregnant and I still can't
believe it. How have you been
hiding it from your brother all
this time?
Selena puts her dishes in the sink and walks into the living
room, has a seat on the couch, and continues her
I don't go around much because he
thinks I stopped seeing Dante and
I am mad with him. But I notice
every time I go somewhere, his
crew always seem to pop up.
Do you think he's has them
watching you?
That's fucked up, but it could
come in handy if that bitch Alisha
and her peeps try to start some
Yeah! You could be right. All I
know is that pregnant or not if
the bitch step up she will get
stepped on.
Girl you better not harm my


Anyway! I think I'm gonna pass by
my mom and then hit the mall.
O.k. Just don't go looking for
trouble girl.
I'm not. I'll holla at you later.
Selena hangs up with Gabrielle, gathers her purse, and car
keys, and leaves her house. She gets into her car and goes
to her mother's house.
Selena walks into her mother's house. She looks around and
notices her mother redecorated her living room. Her mother
walks into the room and greets Selena with a warm hug.
Hi mama, how are you?
      (hugging Selena)
Selena, my baby girl I am fine.
How are you and the baby?
The baby and I are fine.
Oh Selena I am so happy. I know
your brother can't wait to be an
Um... Mama.... Mario doesn't know
I am pregnant.
I don't understand.


I didn't tell him because he
doesn't approve of my relationship
with Donte'.
Oohh.... Your brother and that
gang shit. All I do is pray for
him Selena. He doesn't listen. But
he's gonna find out sooner or
Selena and her mother walk over to the couch, sit and talk
about Selena's pregnancy and relationship.
I know Mama, I just don't want
anything bad to happen. I love my
brother I truly do, but I love
Dante more and I wanna spend the
rest of my life with him. When I
am with Dante, it's like no one
else is there, like everyone and
everything disappears. You know
like the way you said you felt
with papa.
Yes, that is how I felt with your
papa. I like Dante. He is a nice
respectable young man and he
treats you like a queen. And
that's how you should be treated.
And I love Donte' for that.
Thanks Mama.
Your welcome baby. All I want is
for you to be happy. And if Dante
makes you happy so be it. Because
all I know is....
I'm gonna be a grandma... I'm


                       MARIA (cont'd)
gonna be a grandma.
Well mama I'm going now. I have to
do some shopping for the baby. I
love you mama and thanks for the
Selena and her mother stands up and hug for a brief moment.
Your welcome baby. I love you too.
O.k. mama I'll see you later.
Selena leaves her mother's house and drives to the mall to
shop for the baby.
Selena enters the mall and shops for about three hours. When
returning to her car in the parking garage she is sees
Alisha.in the distance walking toward her.
Say bitch!
Selena continues to walk to her car. She walks fast past
Alisha as Alisha nears her.
Yeah whore! Dante ain't here to
save your wanna-be J-Lo ass now.
Selena walks faster looking back at Alisha. When Selena
turns her head forward Jazz strikes her in the face and
chokes her.


Bitch! You thought you were going
to invade our shit, and we were to
let it go like that!
      (walking up to
You think I'm gonna just sit by
and let you have prime rib, while
I have chopped beef.
      (slaps Selena in
       the face)
Bitch I don't think so,
Jazz walks behind Selena and strikes her in the back causing
her to fall to the ground. Alisha is just about to kick
Selena in the stomach when Ramirez and Hector pull up and
jump out of the truck and begin to fight Jazz. Hector
football tackles jazz to the ground. Hector punches Alisha
in the face knocking her unconscious. After Hector knocks
Alisha out, and he helps Ramirez beat up Jazz.
Rey, Get Selena! Put her in the
Ramirez helps Selena up, walks her to the truck, and helps
her in the passenger seat. Hector continues to beat Jazz
until he lies there unconscious.
      (rubbing her head)
Where did you guys come from?
Uh... We.. uh.. were in the area.
Yeah right! Now, I want to know
right now, what's going on?


Selena, I love you like a little
sister, so when I heard that you
maybe in trouble I started
trailing you to make sure that you
were o.k. Please don't tell Mario.
This is my doing.
I appreciate you guys being there
but don't do that anymore.
O.k. sorry.
Selena gets out of the truck and walks toward her car.
Hector picks up Alisha and places her in the truck. Selena
drives off and so does Hector and Ramirez with Alisha
leaving Jazz unconscious.
Selena puts her bags down in a corner in her room and walks
over to the mirror and checks her face to see if it's
swollen. While looking in the mirror, the telephone rings
and it's Dante calling to check on her.
Hey mama what's up? You sound
upset is the baby giving you a
rough time?
Everything would have been okay if
it wasn't for your ex-girlfriend.
      (becoming angry)


Yeah! She and some punk ass dude
tried to jump me at the mall. If
it weren't for Hector and Ramirez
they would have whipped my ass and
may have killed our baby.
What did the guy look like?
He's about 5'5, dark, braids goofy
looking little fucker. He talks
like he's from down south or
Somebody is going to pay. Trying
to hurt you and the baby. Did he
do you anything?
Yes! He slapped me in the face,
and punched me in the back and
made me fall to the ground. Then
she was about to kick me in the
stomach, when Hector and Ramirez
I'm on the way boo! But baby
believe me they are going to pay.
Furious Dante gets into his car and drives to Selena's house
to comfort her and pamper her.
Smoke's doorbell rings. Skeeter answers the door and sees
Jazz standing there bleeding. Skeeter looks at him for a
minute and starts laughing, and calls everyone else to see


Damn nigga! You got fucked up.
      (calling everyone)
Aye yo everyone come see this
nigga. Smoke, Smoke you gotta come
see this shit.
      (walking to the
What's wrong?
This nigga done got himself fucked
Smoke walks to the door and is shocked to see Jazz standing
there bleeding.
What the fuck?
Man I told you that bitch Dante's
been tripping over saw me and
Alisha at the mall and had her
people jump us. I tried to protect
Alisha but...
      (cutting Jazz off)
What the fuck you mean but.
      (grabbing Jazz)
Where is she man? Where the fuck
is my sister?
The fucking spics got her man.
They got her.
How the fuck could you let this
happen to her?
      (throwing Jazz to


                       SMOKE (cont'd)
       the ground)
You stupid fuck. This means war.
I'm sorry man!
Just get the fuck out.
Smoke walks away from Jazz, goes into his room and calls
Dante on his cellphone. Dante is laying next to Selena
watching her while she sleeps. Dante answers his phone. The
camera goes back and forth From Shug and Dante.
I need to see you now! And the
shit is real!
I'll be right there
Dante pulls up in Smoke's driveway. Dante gets out of the
car, walks to the door and rings the doorbell. Jazz answers
the door and Dante punches him in the face.
Jazz falls to the floor and Dante continues to beat on Jazz.
Smoke, Skeeter and Face run to the front of the house to see
what the commotion was about. Smoke and Face pull Dante off
      (trying to get out
       of their arms)
Get the fuck off me.


Rock.... Rock.
      (pointing at Jazz)
Bitch you almost killed my child
and hurt my lady! I'm gonna kill
your stupid ass. I promise you
that bitch.
Calm the fuck down and tell me
what happened.
Alright! Alright!
Jazz attempts to pick himself up off of the floor. Dante
knocks Jazz back down and jumps on him again. Scar and face
separate the two. Smoke walks Dante into another room.
Now explain to me what happened.
That bitch and Alisha jumped my
girl in the mall parking garage.
Alisha was about to kick her in
the stomach when her people jumped
Dante, Alisha is missing. I don't
know if they are going to kill her
or what. All I know is we got to
get her back.
I'll talk to Selena and see if she
knows anything and I'll get back
to you. But Smoke, If anything
happens to my girl or my child,
Jazz is dead.


Whether you like him or not Jazz
is crew and to kill him would be
like turning on the family, Which
brings me to this. Are you still
down or what? Are we still family
or what?
Man, We built this shit and
nothing shall break it down unless
we choose to. I'm with you man,
But leave Selena out of this. This
is not her fight and she doesn't
even get off into this type of
      (hugs Smoke)
I got your back man.
Yeah! Let's bring baby girl home
safe! If we do I'll deal with her
on the other shit. Find out where
she is dog please.
Later dog.
Hector, Ramirez and Esco are sitting on Mario's porch
smoking weed, drinking beer, and conspiring on what to do
with Alisha, while they wait on Mario.
So, what are we gonna do with the
I know fuck we had this bitch for
three days and I'm tired of
hearing her fucking mouth.


Mario overhears their conversation while standing in the
doorway fixing his hat. He then steps outside and question
Yo, what bitch are y'all talking
      (blowing out smoke)
We kidnapped Smoke's lil sister.
Yeah she and some pussy ass nigga
tried to jump Selena. So we ran up
on them and beat the shit out that
nigga and kidnapped.
Jumped Selena uh, Where is she?
Jose's house.
Let's go
Mario, Hector, and Esco walk to Jose's house that is a
couple of blocks down. Once there Mario rings the doorbell.
I can't believe you fools
kidnapped her.
Jose opens the door with a blunt in his mouth. He greets his
friends and invites them in.
      (blowing out smoke)
Then come see amigo!


Mario walks inside first and is shocked to see Alisha tied
up in a chair. Everyone else follows him laughing.
Baby, I'm back!
What the fuck?
Told you we had the bitch.
Alisha is looking around the room at all of them scared
thinking she is about to die.
Let her go!
      (gets in Mario's
She tried to jump your sister and
you wanna let her go. Man you are
getting soft!
      (getting nose to
You better step the fuck down.
      (turning to
       everyone else)
You dumb fucks are about to start
a fucking war that I don't want no
part of. So let the bitch go. I
told you guys I will deal with
shit my way!
I don't know why we have to let
her go.


      (grabbing Hector)
Let her go!
      (pulling away from
Alright... Alright damn man. Untie
her Ramirez
      (untying Alisha)
Damn I had some good plans for me
and you too.
      (blowing her a
You are very lucky.
You're free!
      (pointing to the
Now, get the fuck out of here!
Alisha gets up and walks to the door. She turns around and
shouts threats at them.
Fuck you! Ya ll bitched are gonna
pay! My brother is gonna fuck
y'all up. Believe that!
      (running toward
Bitch get your fucking ass out of
Alisha runs out of the house as they look on. Mario shuts
the door and gives them a warning.
You fucks-ups done started some
shit. So be ready cause I know
they are gonna bring the heat and
when they come you all better be
ready to murk all that step in


                       MARIO (cont'd)
your way.
Alisha gets out of the car at the mall where they previously
had an altercation with Selena. She calls Jazz on his
Holla at cha boy!
Hey, come and get me I'm at the
How did you?.... What did you?
Never mind I'm on my way.
Alisha waits about twenty minutes for Jazz to come and pick
her up. Finally when Jazz pulls up she jumps in the car and
he pulls off.
Are you o.k.?
Yeah, I'm o.k. But there's one
What's that?
You can't tell anyone about our
plan. I'm gonna get my brother to
fuck them up.
I don't think your brother wants
to do that. He's all worried about


After I finish telling my side of
the story. He'll be itching to get
them back.
Well then my lips are sealed!
Look's more like swollen to me.
Quit with the jokes, this is all
your fault.
      (rubbing Jazz's
Ahh! Poor baby!
Jazz and Alisha pulls in Smoke's driveway they get out of
the car and walk to the door.
Alisa and Jazz walks inside Smoke's home. Everyone turns
around and looks at them. Smoke walks up to Alisha hugs her
and question her about why she was kidnapped.
      (hugging Alisha)
Alisha..... Are you o.k. Did they
hurt you? What did they do to you?
It was horrible! That bitch Selena
and her crew was walking in the
mall's parking garage. When they
saw me and Jazz. She told her crew
to jump us.
It was horrible. They whipped
Jazz's ass and kidnapped me. One
guy I think his name is Jose held


                       ALISHA (cont'd)
me at his house and raped me for
the three days he had me.
They raped you.... Alisha you
better be telling me the truth!
      (crying and
Do you think I would fucking lie
about being raped Simon! Damn!
No, I wouldn't!
Alisha sits on the couch and Smoke is pacing back and forth
thinking about what to do.
What are we gonna do man?
I don't know.
      (angrily yells)
What the fuck you mean you don't
know. I get raped and you don't
fucking know. You better.....
      (Cutting Alisha
Shut up Alisha. We will handle
I want the bitched dead or
something. You better pull your
balls out your ass, big brother,
and handle your fucking business.
Alisha walks away into a room. Smoke has a plan and informs
the others on what to do.


O.k. listen up everyone. First, I
want that motherfucker Jose's dick
on a platter. Y'all hear me! Kill
that bitch! As for the others,
it's war time. But I want that
motherfucker first.
Dante and Selena are sitting on the couch, watching a movie,
and eating popcorn. Dante turns off the movie and talks with
Baby, we need to talk.
      (looking sad)
I knew this was coming. Now comes
the " i can't leave my crew so I
am leaving you" speech.
NO! Stop tripping and listen. I
have some money saved up and I
have some connections. Since we
can't seem to just live our lives
normal in L.A. I think we should
consider a move. How do you feel
about Miami.
Wow! This is a big step. I love
Miami. But I lived my whole life
here in L.A.
I have too, but I'm tired of
ducking, hiding, and watching our
backs to show our love for one
another. I want out child to grow
up in a better environment. Not
being surrounded by this bullshit
that we are surrounded with.


When will we go? Where will we
live? So many questions Donte'.
I was thinking you could transfer
to another school. Mike has two
houses so we would definitely have
someplace to stay. And he said it
was cool to stay there. So I think
we will be alright.
Seems like you done your homework.
So when are you talking?
As soon as possible because Smoke
is on a war path since they
kidnapped Alisha. So I think the
sooner the better
      (hugs Selena)
I don't want nothing to happened
to you or our lil one.
I'm with you and I'm all for it.
Like I said we are gonna ride or
die together boo.
      (kisses Dante)
I love you!
Mario, Hector and Ramirez drive around to see how their drug
sales were going. Mario starts talking about going to war
with Smoke and his crew.
If that motherfucker Smoke starts
shit we got that ass. Especially
that bitch Dante! I can't believe
my sister likes that motherfucker.


I know! She could have gotten with
the G-Man. I would have treated
her right.
      (Slaps Hector on
       the neck)
No!... Not you ass neither.
      (drinking from a
Anyway I want that bitch Dante so
bad I could taste his blood. I
wanna pull the trigger on that
motherfucker myself.
For real though! I want that bitch
Jazz. I wanna kick his ass, Dante
and Smoke's ass. Then you could
pull the trigger.
Fa show, Speaking of that bitch
Dante. Bring me to my sister I
need to talk to her about him one
more time.
Mario's SUV pulls up in front of Selena's house. Mario and
Ramirez get out of the car.
Y'all stay here. I'm gonna have a
heart to heart with my sister.
You a heart to heart? Motherfucker
Mario laughs and points his middle finger at Ramirez. Then
turns around and walks to the door. Mario rings the doorbell
and waits for his sister to open the door


Selena runs to the front door after hearing the doorbell.
She opens the door and is shocked to see her brother Mario
standing there.
What do you want?
Damn baby sis. Are you gonna let
me in
What are you doing here?
Can't I come in damn! I just want
to see my baby sis.
O.k..... Come in.
      (walking inside.)
So how have you been.
Mario walks in to Selena house, goes into the kitchen and
gets a bottle of water from the refrigerator.
      (Following Mario)
I'm fine.
So, are you still seeing Donte'.
Yes! I am why?
Look Selena, I am not gonna even
beat around the fucking bush. I
heard about you getting jumped and
shit. And I wanna let you know


                       MARIO (cont'd)
some shit is about to go down. And
that nigga Donte' is apart....
      (cutting Mario off)
Now you wait a minute Mario! Dante
isn't apart of shit. He is not
like them. So nothing will happen
to him.
Whatever Selena, I'm just saying
when shit goes down and it will.
If he's out there. He's through.
Dante never crossed you. So how
the is he through.
It doesn't matter if he crossed me
or not. He rocks with Smoke and
I see how much you care about me
      (cutting Selena
I do care.
No you don't! If Mario is not
happy everyone else has to suffer.
But I love him. And this is about
my happiness, not yours. Mine and
If you love him Selena you would
leave him alone. If you don't want
to see him get hurt.


I can't leave him alone!
Why not!
      (yells and holds
       her stomach)
Because he is the father of my
child and I love him!
Father.... child... Your pregnant?
Yes six and a half months.
Mario is stunned by what Selena has just told him. He looks
at her for a moment and leaves her house angry.
Smoke calls a mandatory meeting for all crew members.
Members of the crew gather around the picnic table waiting
for Smoke and Dante. Smoke and Dante walk making their way
through the crowd and stands up on top of a table.
I called you here tonight because
I want to get some things
straight. At first I only singled
out Jose as the one I wanted
murdered. Now things have changed
to avoid retaliation. I think we
are going to take out as much of
their crew as possible at one
time. And by crew I mean anybody
associated with them.


Yeah! Anybody!
Even Donte's girl?
Do you have cotton in your fucking
ears? I said anybody!
      (pointing at Jazz)
Touch her bitch and we'll bury
your bitch ass right along with
The man said anybody. I'm just
following orders.
      (jumps off the
Bitch fuck you!
      (pulls his gun out
       on Jazz)
I'm gonna do your stupid ass right
now bitch
Rock put the gun down! Everybody
leave. Meet us back here tomorrow.
Everyone walks away from Smoke and Dante. Smoke and Dante
walk over to the jungle gym.
Man, I thought you gave me your
word that you had my back. Now
it's seems like your flaking on
me! What's up?
Look! We're not just talking about
some bitch from around the way
man. This girl is carrying my baby
man. I love her and I know you


                       DANTE (cont'd)
know what that's all about.
I feel you man. But if you are
going to turn on me in the middle
of a gunfight, then I may as well
kill you now.
You can't kill me man and you know
it. You know I got your back. So
why are tripping? Just let Selena
be off limits Smoke.
I can't guarantee you anything But
I'll tell the crew that she's off
limits unless absolutely
I can't accept it, but I guess I
have to respect that.
It's going down baby and when it's
done I hope everything is alright
with us.
Fa sho, One love.
Dante leaves Smoke and goes to the airport to purchase two
one way tickets to Miami. After leaving the airport, Dante
goes to Selena's house.
Selena walks to the door and greets Dante at the door with a
kiss. She observes tears in his eyes. Dante walks inside and
shuts the door. He grabs Selena and hugs her like he never
wants to let her go.


      (wiping his eyes)
What's wrong baby?
Nothing I am just happy to see
you. I just bought two plane
tickets to Miami. We'll be
leaving, getting the fuck out of
this confusion in three days.
Three days! I don't think I can
pack that fast. But I'll try. So
really what's going on?
Smoke is mad at Mario. So he's
trying to get any and everybody
associated with him. I told him to
leave you out of this, but he just
said you are not a target and if
you get in the way you are fair
game. And I have reason to believe
that bitch Alisha and Jazz are
going to do something funny.
Don't worry baby. We are going to
be fine, believe. Now go pack and
I will see you tomorrow.
Dante kisses Selena and walks out of the door. Selena Sits
on the couch and thinks about her and Dante's future
Mario answers his door after hearing the doorbell ringing.
He see Selena standing there. Mario is shocked to see her at
his house. He attempts to hug her. but she shrugs him off
and walks past him inside his house.


What do you want? You barge in
here like you own the fucking
Look I just came to tell you I
think I am gonna go out of town
for a while. Just until the heat
dies down.
And I guess I'm just supposed to
let you just leave and go
somewhere with my niece or nephew
Yes, cause if I stay here you
might not have a niece , nephew,
or sister.
Little sis, Do you think that I'm
gonna let something happen to you?
You can come and stay with me and
my people will see to it that
nothing happens to you.
No Mario! All my life it's been
about what you want! Now it's my
turn to live my own life. To do
what I want to do. Not to have
people afraid because my brother
is Mario. But to be respected
because I am Selena. I'm leaving
in two days to go to Miami for a
Then will you at least take
Gabrielle with you?
Sure, if she wants to go.


I'll call her and talk to her. I
know she will go with her best
Well, I'm going to go finish
packing and I'll get with Gaby
I love you, Selena.
      (hugging Mario)
I love you too, Mario. And I knew
you cared.
Selena and Mario share a brief hug and Selena leaves Mario's
house. She returns home to finish packing.
Selena is in the kitchen preparing herself some macaroni and
pork chops for her dinner. The phone rings and it's
Gabrielle, she is calling to find out the plans on Miami.
Hey girl what's up?
Nothing girl! Just cooking a
little something.
Yeah, so you know Mario called and
was like Gabby baby I need a
favor. I said fuck you After you
fucking hit me, and now you need a
favor. Then he told me he knew
about your pregnancy and you
wanted to go to Miami until things
cool down. And he asked me to go


                       GABRIELLE (cont'd)
with you.
      (chewing food)
Uh-uh, So are you going?
Hell yes! I am packing now. But I
told him I wouldn't do shit for
him. But since it's you girl, I
would do anything for you. You are
my best friend.
Thanks girl. Well, we have to get
you ticket. So your straight.
We.... Is Donte' going?
Yes, but you and I are going first
and he will come in a week. We
have a house and everything. I
would like it if you stay with us
and your god-child.
You know I will girl. I am glad
you are following your heart. I
don't wanna come back either.
And you don't have to.
Cool! Well I am going to finish
packing. I'll holla at you later.
Dante sits on his car and calls Mike on his cell phone to
finish finalizing their plans. Mike answers his phone
breathing hard because he is at the gym working out.


      (breathing hard)
Holla at ya boy!
Wassup playa. It's Donte'.
      (breathing hard)
What's up Donte'?
Yo!... Did I catch you at a bad
time. Breathing hard and shit.
Nah dog. I just finished working
Uh-huh. Alright player. Don't need
to know anymore.
At the gym, fool.
Oh.. O.k.
Just calling to see is everything
is in order.
Yeah, it's straight. Selena is
coming first, then you. Everything
is set. The house, everything and
it's set up nice.
Alright, she leaves Friday around
2:30 p.m.and her friend Gabrielle
is coming too.


That's fine.
Alright dog. I'm bout to bounce
I'll holla.
Smoke, Dante and fourteen other members of their crew are
outside chilling, drinking, listening to hip-hop music and
talking. Just having a good time. Smoke cellphone rings and
it's Jazz calling with some news.
      (answering his
Yo Smoke, it's Jazz.
I know who the fuck this is. What
Man I've been following those
spics. And it looks like they are
planning on leaving town. We need
to make a move.
First of all. Who is with you?
No one!
Yous about a stupid motherfucker!
Second, Where are you?


Never mind that! They are about to
leave and you know they have to
pass our hood to get where they
are going.
Fa sho! It's about to go down!
Smoke hangs up the phone with Jazz. He tells everyone there
to contact other members of the crew and order them to get
to his house quick. After they all assembled, Smoke lays out
a detail plan on how they are going to attack.
Dante sneaks inside Smoke's home and tried to contact Selena
on her cellphone, but Selena does not answer because her
phone is off.
Damn! Why doesn't she answer!
                       SELENA (v.o.)
      (answering machine)
Hello, you've reached Selena. If I
am not answering. It must mean I'm
out doing my thing. So leave a
detailed message and I'll hit you
back. Adios.
Baby please take a cab. This war
is about to go down. Please take a
cab, another flight, or something.
Call me back.
Mario, Selena, Gabrielle and Hector pack the SUV to go to
the airport. Mario calls other gang members to come outside
the house.


Listen! We have to go through
Smoke's hood to get to the
airport. I know that these bitches
may try to start some shit. So
Hector, I want you and your peeps
to take the Expedition and follow
us. Ramirez, you and your crew
take the Tahoe and lead. Any sign
of trouble blast first and ask
questions later.
Everyone in Mario's crew get into their cars and begin
driving to the airport. Everyone is looking for anything
suspicious. The crew have their weapons ready for action.
You know Selena, In so many ways I
guess I feel kind of sad that you
have to go on my account. But I
promise you, when you come back
everything will be alright. You do
know that I love you. I don't know
what I'd do if something happened
to you.
I love you too! But I really want
my big brother back. Not the
person who you have become but the
one I used to play with as kids.
That's the one I want my kid to
call "tio" you know uncle.
I'm sorry things are like this.
But I've become what I am and I am
what I've become.
Mario gives a signal to the lead car and they drive off
toward the airport.


As Mario's entourage enters Smoke's neighborhood one of
Smoke's crew members alerts him that Mario's entourage are
headed his way. Smoke informs his crew to get in their
Everybody in position! Those
motherfuckers are on their way.
Show no fucking mercy! No mercy!
As Mario's entourage pulls at a stop sign a female member of
Smoke's crew walks across the street pushing a stroller with
a baby doll inside. The female stops in front of the Tahoe,
reaches inside the baby's diaper bag, pulls out an AK-47,
and starts shooting the Tahoe. She hits Ramirez in the arm
and kills the crew member in the passenger seat. As Ramirez
tries to open the car door several people begin to shoot at
all four vehicles.
Oh shit! It's an ambush. Get down!
Get down!
Selena and Gabrielle get on the floor of the Navigator
screaming. Mario's crew members get out of their vehicles
and return fire. Hector shoots the woman that was pushing
the stroller. Scar then shoots Hector in the head
twice.Ramirez, using an assault rifle takes out Scar and two
other members of Mario's crew. Mario exits and ducks behind
his Navigator. Smoke backs out of a driveway hitting three
members of Mario's crew with his Hummer H-2. Smoke exits the
Hummer and begins to open fire. As Dante exits the passenger
side of the Hummer when Jazz Walks up behind him and takes
aim at his head.
      (yells to Jazz)
What the fuck are you doing?
      (yells to Dante)
Rock get down!


Smoke shoots three times at Jazz striking him once in the
head and twice in the chest.
      (rising up from
       behind the Hummer)
What the hell?
I haven't known that bitch a year!
I've been down for you all my
      (hitting his chest)
Thanks man!
At that moment Dante hears Selena screaming. He notices the
screams are coming from the Navigator.
Man, I'm going get my baby! Cover
Dante then ducks and dodges his way to the Navigator and get
Selena and Gabrielle out of the SUV. Dante gives Gabrielle a
gun off the ground.
      (talking to
Use this if you have to!
      (talking to Selena)
Baby are you o.k.?
Baby we're gonna die!
No! If we can get back to the H-2
we are striaght!
I love you baby!


I love you too!
Dante,Selena and Gabrielle make a run for the Hummer. As
Dante and Selena pass a Cutlass Supreme. Alisha jumps in
front of them and points a gun in Selena's face.
I told you bitch you were gonna
die, didn't I?
Gabrielle makes her way behind another car and yells.
Uh-huh bitch! Not my girl!
      (shooting Alisha
       in the chest)
Not my girl!
Dante, Selena, and Gabrielle head toward the Hummer. As they
approach Smoke appears, and draws his gun appearing to be
pointing it at Selena. Dante then draw his gun. Smoke yells.
Get the fuck down!
Dante pushes Selena to the ground. Smoke shoots three
striking Mario twice in the head. But Smoke falls to the
ground having been shot once in the head and once in the
chest. Dante turns around and see Ramirez standing there
smiling and shoots him one time in the neck
      (running to Smoke)
Smoke.... Smoke!
      (holding Smoke's
Damn, Dog. Not like this! Not like
Dante then notices Gabrielle kneeling over Selena crying. He
jumps to his feet and run over toward her.


      (turning Selena
Baby are you o.k.?
Dante notices Selena is bleeding from the mouth and she has
been hit in the stomach area.
Gabrielle open the door! We need
to get her to a hospital!
      (speaking to
I'll take care of you baby. I'll
get you to a hospital.
Dante picks up Selena, carries her to the Hummer and
Gabrielle drives them to the hospital.
Dante sits in the E.R. dazed, just staring into space. When
the doctor approaches him and tell him he has some bad news.
                       DR. WILLIAMS
Mr. Jackson.... Mr. Jackson...
      (standing up)
Uh, yes sir.
                       DR. WILLIAMS
Mr Jackson I have some good news
and bad news.
Just tell me doc.
                       DR. WILLIAMS
We were able to do an emergency
C-section and saved your children,
but I am sorry to inform you we
were unable to save your


                       DR. WILLIAMS (cont'd)
Dante punches the wall, puts his head on the wall, and
screams. Gabrielle walks up behind him crying and puts her
hand and head on his shoulder. Just as the doctor was about
to tell Dante Selena's body was being prepared to go to the
morgue, a news report came on the television about the gang
violence that occurred that day.
                       NEWS REPORTER
In today's news violence erupted
on the south-side of L.A.
Apparently it was a turf war. A
turf war that left twenty-one
people dead and three others
wounded. Two of the murdered
people were leaders of rival
gangs. One eyewitness stated that
three vehicle pulled up to the
stop sign and next bullets started
flying. It's a sad day for a lot
of people. Let's hope that this
will end some of the violence
going on in the city.
                       DR. WILLIAMS
      (turning to Dante)
I bet that was a grusome scene.
Yes... They killed my girl.
                       DR. WILLIAMS
Oh my God, you was there?
      (a tear runs down
       his face)
Yes! May I spend a few moments
with Selena and then see my kids.


                       DR. WILLIAMS
      (patting Dante on
       his shoulder)
Yes and I am sorry for your loss.
Dante walks towards Selena's bedside and gently takes her
hand kisses it and gently rubs his hand across her face.
      (tears running
       down his face)
I love you Selena, you were my
sweetest escape from all of this.
I have never met someone with such
a beautiful soul. I felt so much
love and happiness when I was with
      (Pulling a ring
       out of his pocket)
I was going to give you this when
as soon as we got to Miami because
I wanted you to be my wife. I
still want you to have it.
Dante takes of the bloody ring of Selena's finger and places
the engagement ring on her finger. He puts the old ring on a
chain around his neck and then gently kisses Selena on her
lips and forehead, and slowly walks out of the room.
Dante and Gabrielle walks up to the burial crypt that holds
Selena and the twins.
                       DANTE (crying)
      (Kneeling down
       with baby Selena
       to place a rose
       on Selena's grave)
Lord, Why not me? Selena only
lived for a minute to see her
babies then I lost her. I know


                       DANTE (cont'd)
it's your will but why not me?
      (holding Dante Jr.)
I'm sorry it ended this way but
just trust that God has a plan.
I know everything happens for a
reason but I'll never understand
      (running his
       fingers along
       Selena's name)
I love you baby
Dante and Gabrielle walk away from the crypt. The crypt
Selena Maria Morales
SUNRISE: JUNE 25, 1985 SUNSET: MAY 29. 2006
Two years later Dante, Maria, Gabrielle and Mike sit outside
on the porch of a house Dante purchased in Miami talking and
watch the kids play in the yard. Dante gently plays with the
ring on the chain around his neck and looks up at the
sky.And smile as if he feels Selena's presences around him.


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From Jeffrey Date 6/10/2007 0 stars
Script is poorly written. Terminology doesn't fit certain characters. The storyline is too cliche'. You should read some books about urban gangs and stories from authors like Donald Goins and Sister Souljah, then rewrite this script once you've understood the terminology better.

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