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by Dave (hijack182@msn.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ***1/2
A woman gets sent into a far away land. Onloy her powers will save her and send her home. Does she deside to stay with her new friends or go back to London?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



ANN is in her twenties. Ann is just waking up just before
her alarm. Her room is slightly cluttered.
There is a mirror in the room. The curtains on the window
are slightly parted. It is snowing lightly outside. Ann
very groggy, gets out of bed and opens the curtains then
grins. Ann goes to the bathroom, undresses, and goes into
the shower.
Bathroom door opens and steam pours out as Ann emerges from
the bathroom in her underwear, shirt, and her hair up in a
towel. Ann is carrying her pants as she walks back to her
When Ann gets her pants halfway up the telephone RINGS. Ann
finishes pulling up her pants before she picks up the
Good Morning, ANN speaking.
                       ANN'S BOSS (V.O.)
Ann I expect that you are going to
show up!
Yes, S--
The telephone CLICKS


Ann walks to work. The trees are covered in snow. The snow
stopped and the wind is lightly blowing the snow around. The
roads are icy. There are very few people on the road.
Ann is enjoying her walk in the snow.
The car is racing toward Ann. Ann is startled and starts to
turn around as the car begins to crash into her.
There is a fair sized river. The water is flowing slowly.
The river has small chunks of ice floating along. Ann is in
the water floundering. A branch appears in Ann's vision.
Ann grabs for it. A dark figure appears and pulls Ann out
of the river. The snow is heavily falling. The ground is
completely covered in snow, with one set of tracks leading
to the river. The dark figure is SERGE. Serge is wearing a
thick fur cloak with a deep hood covering his face. The
light is fading fast and the wind is starting to pick up.
      (In a deep voice)
Are you hurt?
Ann looks at Serge. Her teeth are chattering.
      (Said sharply)
I said, are you hurt?
N-n-n-o, j-j-j-u-s-s-t


Well, a dip in a freezing river
would make you feel cold. Felt
like a dip did you?
Ann gives Serge a dumb look.
You can come to my cabin to get
warm. I can't very well leave you
here in this state.
Roughly, Serge picks Ann up. Ann weakly fights against
Serge, but stops after a short time.
Are you quite done?
The forest is mostly dense with hardwood. Serge carries Ann
through the forest to his cabin. Ann's face and hands are
starting to show the effects of the cold. Ann's teeth are
CHATTERING loudly. From atop of Serges shoulders Ann looks
Serge's cabin is small, made out of hardwood. The cabin
looks well taken care of, but weathered. The house is
covered in snow with high snow banks against the sides. Most
of the bark is still on the logs. Serge put Ann down
infront of the door. There is smoke coming out of the
chimney. Ann and Serges breath is misting. It is very dark
On the walls there are miscellaneous hunting trophies. There
is one large room with two plain wooden chairs, a simple
wooden table and a fireplace. There is a animal skin rug
infront of the fire place. There is another room, it is
dark and looks small. The room with the fire place is dimly
lit with the fire dancing shadows on the walls.


You best get out of those clothes
or you will get frost bitten.
Ann is frozen with shock.
You can't expect me to undress
with you here...
Serge walks into the other room and returns with a large
Put this around you when your
Serge pushes the quilt into Ann's arms and departs leaving
Ann alone to change. Ann looks around and waits a few
moments nervously waiting to see if Serge will come back.
Ann quickly undresses and puts the quilt around herself. Ann
puts her clothes in a pile infront of the fire and sits
infront of the fire to warm up.
                       ANN (V.O.)
Where am I? Who is this strange
Serge walks through the door.
Glad that you came to your sences.
Ann watches Serge take off his furs.
You can see Serges heavy build through his clothes. Ann
turns away blushing. Serge lights a couple of candles,
places them on the table, and sits down facing Ann.


Strange clothes you were wearing.
My family bought them for me. They
are the latest fashion from
Serge looks at Ann questionably.
Where is London? I haven't heard
of that place before.
I'm not in England anymore?
Serge leans towards Ann and stares at her.
No. No your not. England is not
a place I recognize either.
Ann shakes her head looking around worriedly.
Do you have a name?
Ann gets controll of her self.
Ann. My name is Ann.
I am Serge Landers. Are you ok?
Want some food?
Ann's stomach RUMBLES and Ann nods her head. Serge gets up
and puts another log onto the fire then walks around the
room gethering food. Serge puts some stew on the fire as
Ann drifts off to sleep.


Ann wakes up when Serge Taps the metal pot with a spoon.
There is bread on the table. Serge fills 2 bowls with stew.
The stew smells wonderful.
Sit down at the table and eat some
Ann takes a small spoonful. Serge sits down after handing
Ann a bowl and immediatley digs in.
This tastes so good.
Serge Nods. When Serge finishes his stew he walks over to
the window and looks to the sky.
The snow stopped sometime earlier. The sky is full of
stars. Ann walks over.
                       ANN (O.S.)
The stars are beautiful.
                       SERGE (O.S.)
                       ANN (O.S.)
Can you tell me what they call
this place?
The shot is loooking at Serge from the sky. Ann is next to


You are in the Northern Lands. My
cabin is in Norstar Forest.
Being at a loss for words Ann goes back and eats the rest of
her stew. Serge doesn't move.
                       SERGE (V.O.)
What is wrong with her? Who is
she really?
Serge clears the table and puts more wood on the fire from
the small stack next to the fire place.
Your clothes wont be dry until
morning so I guess that means
you're going to be spending the
Ann smiles.
Thank you. I appreciate your
Serge nods in reply.
It's time for you to go to bed.
The bed is in that room next to
Ann tries to push Serge away as he ushered her into the
bedroom. Ann complained that he shouldn't be giving his bed
up for her.
      (Said in a
       exhasperated tone)
I will be by the fire if you need


The bedroom is small. The bed takes up most of the room.
There is one tiny window over the bed. There is a chest at
the foot of the bed. There is an unfinished two draw
dresser on the side of the room. Ann drifts off to sleep
within moments after she gets into bed. A short time later
Serge opens the door and watches Ann sleep. Serge looks
only like a dark shadow.
Ann wakes up looking refreshed. Sunlight is pouring through
the window over the bed. On the chest there is a pail of
water and some soap. Next to the bed are Ann's dry clothes.
Ann sits up and looks around. Ann sees her clothes and she
dresses. Ann washes her face and hands and dries her face
on the blanket. Ann leaves the bedroom and enters the main
Serge is stacking wood next to the fire place. There is
bread and cheese on the table.
      (Said with out
       looking at Ann)
There is fresh bread and a little
bit of cheese on the table.
Ann turns around and looks at the food. Ann sits down and
eats breakfast. Serge walks to his furs by the door and
starts to put them on.
Is there anything I can do to pay
back your kindness?
Serge pauses from puting his furs on and gives Ann a long
Yes, find your way home.


Ann looks startled from Serges rough comment. Serge
finishes putting on his furs.
      (Short pause)
Where are you going now? Could I
come along and help?
Serge opens the door.
I am going to cut some more wood
for the fire. I will need to
travel a little distance to find
some older trees.
Ann jumpes out of her seat and grabs her coat and puts it
on. Ann flashes Serge a quick smile as she ducks under
Serges arm and out the door. Serge follows Ann out the
cabin eying her coat and giving Ann an exasperated look.
Serge and Ann are walking through the forest. Serge is in
front and Ann following. Both of their breaths are misting
in the early morning air. The trees are mostly Pine and
Oak. Serge is walking in a confident mannor. Ann rubs her
hands on her arms as she shivers.
What did you call this place?
Norstar Forest. (short pause)
There is a village i could take
you too called Gwent.
Ann looks at Seerge about to speak, but Serge cuts her off
before she says anything.
It is only a few miles from here,
but in this snow it could take a
few hours to get there.


Ann is stumbling in the snow.
How long have you lived here?
A long time.
What do you do here?
Serge stops to let Ann catch up to him.
I am a tracker for this area, I
come from the Landers Clan, we are
brought up to read the land and
become trackers. I earn money by
tracking for the King, DRAKEN'S
soldiers and others who want to
travel these parts. If you stop
talking maybe we will make better
                       ANN (V.O.)
King... What is he talking about?
Serge picked out a tree and unhitched his axe after walking
around the large tree. Serge beguins to hack away the low
branches. Serge gathered all of the larger branches off the
ground into a pile and showed Ann how to bundle them up with
the roap he was carring. Serge and Ann both carring bundles
of sticks trudge back to Serges Cabin.
Not far from his cabin, Serge puts down his bundles and
motions for Ann to do the same and to keep quiet. There are
several military looking men on horses in front of Serges
cabin. They are dressed in black clothes with a red dragon
emblem on the front of their uniform.
Who are these people?


They are Draken's soldiers. They
have probaly come for you.
How would they know about me?
(Voice gets louder) What would
they want with me?
Serge gives Ann a sad look.
You really are not from these
parts. Anyway, it is well known
that people with red hair are a
Ann looks worried now and looks around for a way out.
I don't want to go with them, I am
going to see if I can get lost in
the woods.
Ann starts to turn around as one of the soldiers spots her
and they begin to run over to her leaving their horses in
front of Serges cabin.
      (Said dryly)
I think it is just a little too
late for that.
One of the soldiers steps forward and stood in front of both
Serge and Ann. He acted like he is in charge.
                       DRAKEN'S COMMANDER
       himself to Serge)
Why did you not bring this woman
to the king's attention?
Ann steps forward to Draken's Commander.


I was nearly drowned in a river,
this man saved me and alowed me to
recover for the night. He hasn't
caused me any harm.
Draken's Commander gives Ann a hard stare.
                       DRAKEN'S COMMANDER
      (Said in a
       commanding voice)
You will speak when you're spoken
to, wrench!
As Draken's Commander speaks to Ann taking a step closer to
her pushing her out of the way. Another soldier catches her
arm and pulls her away from Serge and The Commander.
                       DRAKEN'S SOLDIERS (O.S.)
Draken's Commander turns back to face Serge. When The
Commander is facing Serge, Serge takes The Commander's feet
out from under him. When pandemonium is in full, Serge
grabs Ann and drags her into the woods. Lots of YELLING and
Ann doesn't waste any time as she runns her heart out
following Serge deep into the forest.
There is a lot of thick pines in this part of the forest.
There are some birds chirping in the trees. There are
animal footprints in the snow.
      (Out of breath)


      (Slightly winded
       and looks angry)
Now you have landed me into more
trouble, I just knew I shouldn't
have helped you last night.
Ann looks down feeling guilty. Ann tries to muffle her
tears and sobs.
Don't go and cry on me now, don't
we still need to get out of this
area yet?
There are tears across Ann's face. Ann is trying to control
      (Softer tone)
Come on I am not realy angry with
you. You seem different to the
other red heads here.
Serge Motioned Ann to follow him.
                       ANN (V.O.)
How am I going to survive here?
Serge is setting a fast pace. Ann is struggling to keep up
with Serge.
Where are we going now?
Ann stops and rests. Serge notices that Ann is no longer
following him. Serge walks over to Ann. Serge is not
sweating after the brisk pace he set.


I think I know someone who may be
able to help you. He is a wise
old man that has travled much
further then I.
Serge quickly looks around for any pursers.
This old man lives in Haven
Meadow. It is about ten miles
from here, if we push all night we
should make it by morning. (short
pause) He also knows more about
the kings magic too.
Serge helps Ann up off the ground. Ann follows Serge as
they start their trek to Haven Meadow.
                       ANN (V.O.)
Magic? Was there really magic
here and what had that to do with
The sun is just starting to show its illuminating effect in
the east. There is a meadow and its covered in snow.
Surrounding its perrimiter it has many lush Pines. There is
a cottage sitting in the center of the meadow. Ann and
Serge finish trudging through the snow to the old mans
cottage. They are walking up to the front door when the old
man opens the door. The old man was of slight build and
getting in on the years. The old man looks at Ann.
      (Dirrected to
Who might this be?
Serge walks over to Han. Serge leads Han a little bit away
from Ann and briefly and quietly explains to Han what
happened at his cabin. Han raised an eyebrow and turned
again to look at Ann.


My name is Han. Please come into
my home, I am sure you are cold
and tired after your journey.
Ann gave Han a warm smile.
Thank you, I am very relieved to
be here, it's been a long trek.
The party follows Han into his home.
There are numerous animal carvings sitting on shelves that
covered the walls. Han offered Ann a seat by the fire.
Warm up by the fire, I will be
back with some food.
Han disappeared into another room. Serge puts a few more
logs onto the fire. Serge takes a seat on the other side of
the fire and watches the flames. A large black cat moves
from his slumber in the corner of the room. Ann sees it out
of the corner of her eye then turns to look at it. CAT
walks up to Serge.
Hello Cat.
Cat jumps onto Serges lap. Serge pets Cat.
He seems to be a man's cat.
He is used to me, I come here
often. He has been with Han since
he was little.
What is the cat's name?


Just Cat.
Ann shrugs her sholders. Cat jumps off of Serges knee and
comes over to Ann. Cat PURRS and brushes against Ann's
legs. Smiling, Ann fusses at the cat. Han returns from the
kitchen with two steaming bowls.
You're honored, Cat doesn't
normally like strangers.
Animals tend to like me more then
people I think.
Han places the bowls down on the table and sits down. He
motions for everyone else to do the same.
Have some of this broth, it will
warm you through.
Han gets up from the table before Ann and Serge finish their
broth and walks over to the fire place then sits down. Ann
and Serge finishes their meal.
Come over by the fire.
Ann and Serge get up and walk over to Han by the fire. They
sit in a triangle on the floor. Han turns to Ann with a
troubled look.
I think it's about time we find
out what it is you're capable of,
and why Draken is after you.
I am not sure if I can help you
with this problem. I don't know
where I am and I have no idea why
it is anyone would be after me.


Han gives Ann a little smile.
Don't you worry, I am sure I will
be able to figure it out.
As Han finishes talking he begins to stoke the fire. Serge
looks uneasy. Ann looks at the fire.
In the fire there are faint figures moving around. Slowly
they clear up. As they clear up you can tell who it is.
ZOOM OUT of the fire so you can see the fire place and some
of the floor. Ann gets up and shuffles closer to the fire.
The images have cleared up. You now can tell what it is. In
the fire you can see the kings men that Ann met the day
previous riding through gates into a stone courtyard. They
stopped outside of a building that looks like a stable and
the leader walked into a large stone building. The leader
walked into a dimly lit room. You can vaguely make a
fireplace and some tapestries on the wall. A shaded figure
walked tawards the solder. Serge grabs Ann and pulls her
away from the fire.
What do you think your doing girl?
Ann shrugged.
If I hadn't pulled you away from
the fire you could have been hurt.
You seem to make a habit of
putting yourself in danger don't
      (Sits forward)
Don't be too hard on her Serge, I
don't think she realises how
gifted she is. Ann, what did you
see in the fire?
Han gave Ann an encouraging look.


I saw the men Serge and I
encountered the other day riding
through a gate into a stone
courtyard. Then they stopped in
front of what looked like a
stable. Then the leader went into
a large stone building. He
entered a dimly lit room. I could
vaguly make out the fireplace and
some tapestries on the wall. A
shaded figure walked towards the
soldier. I have never had this
happon before so I dont know how I
saw those images.
I can see why Draken is after you
now, and it doesn't matter that
you are untrained with your gift.
He would prefer it that way, then
he could train you his way.
You used the fire to seek out the
soldiers, you were able to seek
them out because you had met them.
They in turn led you to the one
who sent them. You were unable to
see him clearly because he could
hide himself from you. You need
better training to see him more
I am quite happy being ignorant to
this ability, I don't want to
learn anymore about it.
      (Gives Ann a sad
You don't have a choice now. To


                       HAN (cont'd)
be able to protect yourself
against the king you will have to
All I want is to go home.
To do that you will have face
Draken and may send you back. He
will only do that if you threaten
Ann lookes at Serge for support. Serge gives Ann a serious
That will not be an easy task, he
is an evil man.
Ann slumped further on the floor.
You should rest.
I hope you slept well. I want to
try some basic training exercises
this morning, just to see how open
your mind is.
Oh joy!
Han led Ann into a small clearing. Their breath misted. In
the center of the clearing sat a couple of rocks.
You quietly stand here while I say
good morning to some of my


Ann stays there and watches Han perch himself on one of the
rocks. He sits down and closes his eyes. There are lots of
small birds of different colors appearing from the
surrounding trees. The birds are gathering around Han and
chirping. The birds are becoming louder. The trees are
being filled with birds. After a few moments the birds
leave flying away in orderly rows. Opening his eyes he
turns to look at Ann.
Now lets see who you can call this
Ann shakes her head and gave a nervous laugh.
You are joking, I could never do
anything as amazing as that. How
did you call all those birds to
Go over to that rock. Sit down
and get comfortable.
Ann goes over to the rocks and gets comfortable.
Now don't be closed minded about
this, all I want you to do is
close your eyes and relax. Now
with your mind reach out and feel
whats around you.
Ann slowly closes her eyes, relaxes, and smiles to Han.
Ann, could you open your eyes for
me a moment.
Ann slowly opens her eyes.
I felt something close by, it had
quite a warm feeling too.


Ann looks at Han and he rases an eyebrow at Ann. Ann looks
around nervously. A large brown bear is sitting off to the
edge of the clearing.
Warm feeling, was that you said?
Can you make it go away?
Well you called it dear. I think
that's up to you.
Ann gives Han a pleading look. Suddenly the bear charges
towards Ann.
                       ANN (V.O.)
Oh hell, what am I going to do
Han tenses as the bear advances closer to Ann. Han waits to
see how Ann will react before he interviens. Ann jumps off
the rock and faces the oncoming bear. The bear has big
claws and very muscular. The bear slows down and sniffs in
her direction. Taking a deep breath, Ann slowly holds out
her hand. The bear nuzzles Ann's hand. Ann bends closer to
the bears head.
Looking relieved Ann runs her fingers through the bears
thick fur. Ann looks up at Han.
He is beautiful Han. I have never
had an encounter with a wild
animal like this before.
Maybe it's because you have never
tried it before. We need to
discuss your progress, why don't
you say your goodbyes to the bear.


Ann gives Han a frown.
Just feel what you want to say to
him, and he should understand.
Ann puts both of her hands on the bears head and wispers
into the bears ear. The bear gives Anns hands a lick before
slowly walking into the woods.
We see the sun slowly move across the screen. It is a
passing of time. When the sun stops moving it is late
I think its time we head back.
Ann and Han walk back to the cottage.
You can't send that young girl to
face Draken. She is not gifted
enough to defeat him!
Han shakes his head.
I don't agree with you Serge, she
shows ability. The best thing for
her to do is hit him early, he
won't experct her to attack him.
Ann walks into the cottage moments after Han did.
I take it you are talking about


Han and Serge looks in Anns direction.
It looks like you have found a way
to defend yourself against the
Ann gives Serge a puzzled look.
You are able to control wild
beasts. Call them to you. This
is rare, only the warrior kings
have this ability. You must have
a fiery side to your nature to
attract wild beasts.
      (Said tightly)
I wouldn't exactly put it that
If you want to get home Ann, you
are going to have to let some of
that fire out. Otherwise Draken
will never feel threatened. It is
said that he has unusual beasts
that protect his grounds at night,
if you could tame them and turn
them against him, I am sure he
would want to return you home.
Can you tell me how to get to
Draken's grounds?
Draken tends to spend his winter
at his Garrison, it's not that
many miles from Gwent. I will
take you.


You needn't argue about it. You
wouldn't find your way on your own
and Han is getting too old to get
into battles with a younger gifted
We will leave here in the morning,
make sure you get a good nights
rest, it's a god couple days
journey from here.
Ann nods and walks to the bedroom.
It is early in the morning and Serge and Ann leave Han's
cottage. The snow is falling heavly since the night
previous. Before Ann leaves, Han gives Ann a pendant. The
pendant is a red stone threaded with black leather. Ann and
Serge are walking through Norstar Forest to Draken's
Garrison. Serge and Ann trudge through the snow all day.
The snow gradualy stops. The sun is dull in the sky when
Serge speaks.
We will camp here tonight in those
rocks. I will go find us some
water, Gwent River, runs close by.
You go collect wood.
Serge puts down his pack and walks off with a bucket. Ann
walks around looking for dead branches and collects them
into a pile near Serges pack. Ann unpacked the bedrolls on
a flat spot under the rocks. Ann looks into Serges pack for
food. Serge returns with a bucket of water, 2 water skins,
and a rabbit.
Been lucky with supper too, there
is no need to have a cold meal


                       ANN (V.O.)
How can I ask Serge to stay out of
trouble once we reach the Garrison
with out hurting his pride?
Ann sits down as Serge lights the firewood. Serge cookes
the rabbit on spit. Shortly the rabbit was cooked. Serge
and Ann eat the rabbit.
We had best get a good nights
sleep, you will need to be fresh
for tomorrow when we reach the
holdings. We still have another
10 miles to cover.
Serge gets up and moves the bedding closer together.
Why have you moved the bedding?
If we are to keep warm outstide on
these freezing nights it would be
better to huddle up together. What
other reason would I have to move
the bedding?
Sorry I am not very good at
survival in the wilds.
Serge shakes his head and settles down on the bedding. Ann
wanders over and lays down with her back to Serge. Serge
wakes Ann with a light shake.
Time to get up, it's nearly dawn.
Ann eats a quick breakfast of cheese and bread, then serge
puts out the embers from their fire the night before. Ann
walks behind Serge as they set off to the kings Garrison.
Ann and Serge stop only for lunch and a quick rest. There
are small gusts of wind. Serge stops at the edge of the
trees at dusk.


We are nearer the main gates, but
I dont want to go in that way. On
the far side of that wall there is
a small gate, it is the entrance
to the gardens that are kept for
the king. We should try that
gate, often cooks and gardeners
come out at this time for herbs or
to hunt.
Ann nods and follows Serge as they sneak to the wall and
creap around the wall to the small gate. The town ROARS.
Serge has Ann wait untill someone leaves through the gate. A
young girl wearing a long dark dress and cloak carrying a
basket under her arm exits the gate. When the girl walks
into the woods, Serge taps Ann on the arm and leads her to
the gate.
I was hoping someone would forget
to lock the gates behind them.
Serge pushes the gate inwards. Ann and Serge skirts the
gardens and enters the kitchen. They are walking down a
cobbled path. There are candles in the windows that they
past. Ann keeps glancing around herself. Serge brings Ann
to another walled in area that isnt as high as the first
This is the area where the king
lives, the ground between here and
his quarters are guarded by his
Ann nods.
If you can win over his pets, and
turn them against him, I am sure
he will return you back to your


Thank you for all your help. I do
hope you don't get into too much
trouble over this.
I will be fine, you need not
You best go back now incase that
gate gets locked again. I will go
alone from here.
I will watch you for a while and
see how you get on.
Ann pats Serges arm and walks into the garden.
Ann steps through the gate. Ann slowly walked to the other
side of the garden to the large stone house. There are no
lights on inside of the house. There is a flash to Ann's
right. Something moves very quickly infront of her. You
can see red eyes glaring at Ann in the dark. Ann slowly
walks to the creature. The creature looks like a large
Ann reaches out to touch the wolf creature. Other creatures
begin to slowly appear. Oversized boars, cats, and wolves.
So you come to me at last.
I want you to send me home.
But I just brought you here.


Draken walks towards Ann with an air of confidence. The
wolf launched him self at Draken. Right before the wolf
attacks Draken swings his arm and with a flash of light the
wolf went flying back. Ann steps back. Serge SHOUTS as he
is being dragged into the garden. Ann clutches the pendant
Han gave her.
Feed that man to these beasts!
A fuchsia colored bar of light eminates from Ann into Draken
throwing Draken back. The beasts attacked Draken in his
weakeness. The guards let go of Serge to help out their
      (Giving Ann a
       wicked smile)
You want to go home? Thats fine
I'll send you home! Say your
goodbyes to your friend it will be
the last time you see him, ALIVE!
Ann turned around to see if Serge ran, but he is still
standing at the gate waiting for Ann. A blinding light
fills the room.
There is a room with lots of nurses. Ann is on a bed with
white sheets, connected to an I.V. Ann wakes up thrashing
                       MALE NURSE
Please Ann, be still you will hurt
There are hands holding Han to the table.


Where am I?
                       MALE NURSE
You're in a hospital. You took a
nastey bump to the head.
Ann touches her head.
                       ANN (V.O.)
Was it a dream?
The nurses let go of Ann since she stoped thrashing around.
A pleasant OLD DOCTOR came into the room.
                       OLD MALE DOCTOR
You had us worried for a time
The old doctor checks Ann's eyes with a light, checks her
pulse, and her other vitals.
                       OLD MALE DOCTOR
Well I think that you should be
fit to leave here pretty soon, we
will have to see how you are
physically though.
Ann looks at the doctor.
                       OLD MALE DOCTOR
Oh, I nearly forgot. Here is your
necklace back, its quite an
unusual piece.
The doctor reaches into his pocket and hands Ann her
necklace back.
                       OLD MALE DOCTOR
I was wondering, do you know how
the leather was threaded through
the stone, its a very fine piece
of workmanship, and you can hardly
see the hole.
Ann looks shocked.


                       OLD MALE DOCTOR
Ann, are you alright?
Ann takes the necklace back from the doctor.
                       ANN (V.O.)
It wasn't a dream after all... or
was it?


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From Sven Date 7/20/2008 ***1/2
This was really cool.

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