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Script #1 Tetrix
by Brendan Byrne (tiger_sigh@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

A misunderstood robot wreaks havoc in three scientists' lives.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


TEVERIS leaves his home. He walks briskly towards his car
and straightens his tie in the process. TEVERIS checks his
wrist watch and hastens and is interripted by WIFE, standing
in the doorway to their home, right as he is about to open
the car door.
Are you going to leave for work
without saying goodbye to your
wife, again?
TEVERIS stops, his hand on the door of the car. He turns
sharply and laughs a little nervously. He approaches WIFE
quickly and begins to speak before reaching her.
I'm so sorry! It's just that I'm a
little bit more rushed than usual
this morning. Things are crazy at
the lab.
Things are always crazy at the
lab. Perhaps, if things were crazy
at home you'd spend a little more
time here. (sigh) Can't you just
come home on time once?
      (moving anxiously)
I know, I know. I'm sorry. But,
you only have to put up with it
just a little while longer. Sidra
and I are on the verge of a
breakthrough... It's very
You've always loved your science
more than me, Teveris.
TEVERIS stops futsing and looks sincerely up at WIFE.


That's not true! I work hard for
the both of us and besides, I'm
serious about this time. Sidra and
I are so close. I can feel it.
Well prove it and come home on
time tonight.
Of course. I'll be home tonight...
on time.
WIFE's attitude changes from disatisfaction to happiness.
She hugs TEVERIS and smiles.
Good! I'll make a special dinner
for the both of us then.
The hug ends.
You'd better get going now or else
you'll be late. Have a good day,
WIFE winks and turns smoothly back into the house. TEVERIS'
eyes transfix on her before she turns a corner. He checks
his watch and rushes back to his car. He opens the door and
throws his brief case and some papers on the passenger seat.
It's a gorgeous morning. SIDRA decides to go into work late
and walk his dog at a local park alongside a river. He
enjoys walking his dog and meeting new people. The morning
was to splendid to pass up.
Thank Benjamin Franklin for
daylight savings time, eh little
buddy? Otherwise I'd be off to
work now and you'd be home being a
lazy blob.
He sits down on a bench and pets the cute little dog.


It'd be a shame to waste a morning
like this sitting in traffic.
TEVERIS drives frantically to work. At a red light he checks
the dashboard clock which clicks to 8:00 AM.
Yep, late again. Good job,
TEVERIS places head on wheel as if in a deep state of
depression. A car from behind honks to signal him that the
light has changed to green.
Okay I'm going.
There is another Honk from the car. TEVERIS sits up.
SIDRA is still sitting on the park bench while his dog,
leashed to the foot of the bench, wonders around. He gets up
from his relaxed position.
Feels like its about time for
work. (pause) Today's gonna be
hard, I know it. The worst days
always have the best mornings.
SIDRA rises from the park bench and collects his dog.
It was nice while it lasted, but
back to the real world now, buddy.
Let's get you home and me off to
The two walk out of the park and towards their home.


TEVERIS scrambles to collect his papers from the passenger
seat. He runs across the parking lot.
SIDRA and dog walk calmly through the park enjoying their
last few seconds of nature.
TEVERIS runs through the front doors of the building and
down the hallways to make it to his lab. Their are few
people in the hallway. He is later then he thought.
A clock on the way states that it is 8:50. TEVERIS sits at
his work station attempting to collect himself. As he
reorganizes his papers SIDRA walks in.
Hello Teveris. How's your morning?
Not so good, but you should be
asking your own self that
question. Dr. Kazdan is going to
be pissed when she finds out
you're almost an hour late.
Oh, I saw her in the hall on my
way over here. Everything's fine.
You don't have to worry.
SIDRA's face crunches up as he realizes he has forgotten his
morning cup of coffee.
I'll be right back. I'm gonna grab
some coffee.
SIDRA leaves the room. TEVERIS stares in disbelief at the
position that was formally held by SIDRA. SIDRA re-enters
the room with a cup of coffee and moves for his station.
TEVERIS' eyes follow him. TEVERIS stands and moves towards
SIDRA now seated at his workstation


She's not upset?
I was forty minutes late and she
nearly fired me from the project!
How could you be almost twice as
late and everything be okay!?
SIDRA boots up his computer while TEVERIS talks to him.
SIDRA makes eye contact with TEVERIS with his last few
I told her I forgot to set my
clocks forward on Sunday. You know
daylight savings time?
Yeah, I know.
It helped that I actually did
forget to set my wrist watch
forward. I showed her that and she
said to not let it happen again...
next year.
SIDRA laughs at his own last remark. TEVERIS sighs and heads
back to his workstation.
I'm guessing you woke up an hour
late and took your time getting to
work, huh?
We'll, no actually. I got up the
same time I would for work but,
today I took my pooch for a walk
in the park. It was a spectacular
morning. The sun was just rising
and it tinted the clouds with all
those beautiful shades of color
that can only come from a sunrise.
And there was just enough breeze


                       SIDRA (cont'd)
to rustle the leaves of the trees.
And there was no one there. I
guess everyone was to busy getting
ready for work or something to
appreciate what a gorgeous morning
it was.
TEVERIS sinks into his chair remembering how terrible his
morning was.
Sidra, that's about the thousandth
time I've heard you say that.
Every day you come in talking
about how great the sky or the
trees are. Give it a rest, please.
There's more to the world then
this lab and your home, Teveris.
You should go out and experience
it some time. Go for a hike or
something. I know some great
That's great but, we've lost a
full hour of work today so we'd
better get crackin'.
Wait... There's something I need
to tell you before we start.
What is it?
SIDRA and TEVERIS are interrupted by KAZDAN. She enters
their lab unannounced and begins to lay down this weeks
Morning, early birds.
Morning Doctor.


I see you haven't started working
yet. Been chit-chatting this whole
time then?
KAZDAN pulls off the sheet that lays over the operating
table to reveal a robot.
We were just running a few
diagnostic tests and boot programs
on the android. Its levels have
been known to fluctuate over the
weekend periods.
Yes, it would be very unwise to
begin maintenance on the robot
without checking it over.
KAZDAN moves across the room.
Oh... but of course. Sorry.
KAZDAN sits herself on top of a desk and addresses the SIDRA
Anyway, I just wanted to give you
two a rundown of this weeks events
since I didn't have the chance to
earliar. I'm so busy!
We all are.
Right. So this afternoon we're
going to have some electrians come
by. There's been some complaints
of power supply problems. They
won't be coming in here, but
please don't use the supply room.
We don't need civilians witnessing
one of you carrying god knows what
through the hallways.
No problem. I don't think we need
anything from there today anyway.


Excellent. Secondly, the hydrolic
engineers are going to need to
take another look at the robot.
SIDRA places his elbows on the desk and his head in his
hands. TEVERIS rests his body up against the wall. They both
let out breaths of protest.
Are you kidding?
Last time we handed the robot
over, they had it for three weeks.
And when we finally got it back
the motherboards were practically
snapped in half.
KAZDAN looks at both of them in amazement. She had no idea
and had not anticipated such a reaction.
Oh! I had no idea.
They're a bunch of neanderthals.
Well, I'm sorry, but you are going
to have to give it up this
Thursday afternoon.
KAZDAN ignores the last remark. She slaps her hands on her
That's about it. So, I'll see you
two next Thursday. Now get to
work. I want to see some progress.
KAZDAN rises and makes her way for the door. She shuts the
door after leaving.
Whatever "progress" we make is
just going to be undone by those
guys. Damn.


I know.
TEVERIS tries to take his mind off the topic and starts to
get to work. He gathers his tools and starts to unscrew the
robot's side panel. Without looking up.
So, we've wasted an hour of our
time, let's try and get some work
done. Hey, what was it you wanted
to tell me, it sounded important.
You know how I worked late Friday
night so you could go home and
spend some time with your wife.
Yes, I remember. Thank you by the
way. I really appreciated it.
TEVERIS gets the side panel unscrewed and peers inside to
find the cables out of position.
That's strange. All these circuits
and cables crossed and some aren't
even connected... What's going on
TEVERIS looks over to SIDRA for an answer to his question.
SIDRA gets up from his desk and approaches TEVERIS, prepping
himself for the lengthy conversation that will ensue.
When I was leaving the lab...
SIDRA sits on his desk and cuts to a flashback.
SIDRA moves from the robot work station to his desk to
gather his things. As he moves across the desk, he looks in
amazement at the computer monitor.
I was gathering my things when I


                       SIDRA (cont'd)
noticed something wrong with the
chemical levels of the robots
cooling system. There appeared to
be a leak in one of the kryolinate
tubes that supplies the energy to
the robot's positronic neuro
pathways. Regardless, I didn't
want to walk in Monday morning
with a giant puddle of kryolinate
all over the floor and a whole the
size of Kansas burned into the
robots core circuitry. So, I
decided to make the necesary time
consuming repairs.
Of course.
SIDRA sets his things down and moves towards the robot
operating table. He dawns protective eye wear and gloves. He
grabs a few tools. SIDRA begans work and continues his
As I moved aside the other wires
and circuits that prevented me
from gaining access to the desired
board and corresponding cables. I
noticed that the inside was clean.
No trace of kryolinate. I checked
the tube. No damage at all. I
figured it was a computing error
that we could fix on Monday.
Is that the problem?
SIDRA performs all actions in which he describes during the


No! As I was about to place the
panel back, the robot came to
life! It sat up and reached for me
with its no longer lifeless
metallic arms. I must say I feel
its intention was to harm me. But,
I'm no girl scout, Teveris. I
lunged for my desk and at the very
last moment, flipped the emergency
spatial EMP switch, which as you
know cuts all electrical functions
in this room.
However something even more
terrifying happened. The robot
retracted its artificial
appendages and layed back down on
robot must "KNOW" what the EMP
does. It pretended, Teveris. It
pretended to have its battery
destroyed just like it pretended
to have an kryolinate leak, so
that It could lure me into its
cold death-dealing grasps . It has
control over its input and output
A pause in the flashback.
Oh my god. What'd you do?
I sat. I waited. That clandestine
battery that ensured the robots
"life" had to run out eventually
and when it did I would make work
of the robot. I stopped all energy
input and output and waited 8
hours before I was positive the
battery had been exhausted.
At approximately 5:00 AM on
Saturday, I made my move and


                       SIDRA (cont'd)
opened the robot up. About an hour
later I managed to locate the
secret battery in the robot's
lower right torso. I have no idea
how it got there. Perhaps, Dr.
Kazdan had something to do with
it. I'm not sure. I just know
someone's been fooling with our
machine and it almost cost me my
That's impossible we would've
noticed the battery before hand!
True, which is why I'm led to
believe that it was installed
sometime last week. In my review
of our technical output data I
think the robot has been using the
battery to become aware of its
existence. It knows its alive.
Every time we push the master
start button hoping to see the
robot come to life and nothing
happens, it was actually charging
its auxiliary battery! The robot
consciously decided not to move so
that it could gather information
from our mainframe and gain access
to many of this buildings
electrical circuits and memory
banks. That might be why the boss
called those electrians... But, I
put a stop to all of that through
the removal of the storage cell. I
routed the cables back to the main
battery and have set the robot to
electromagnetic hibernation.
      (still amazed)
Are you sure Sidra? You have data
that shows our android has been
functioning and in the course
taking control of our building's
mainframe? It sounds impossible!
Yes, it does. But, the information
is all on my computer.


Fantastic! And the battery?
Right over here...
SIDRA gets up and moves to his desk. He bends down and pulls
the battery out from under the table and places it rather
triumphant way. There is a pause in the dialogue.
Sidra, why didn't you simply
dismantle the machine. It sounds
too dangerous to remain intact
even if the battery is seperated
from it.
Oh Teveris, you have no
understanding of my desire to do
so but, the choice is not mine. It
is ours. We've spent the last 5
years together, pouring our souls
into this heartless machine. I
would only destroy it with your
consent and I hope you would do
the same for me in my situation.
Another pause and moment of reflection.
I think we should tell Dr. Kazdan
before we do anything. She's
played a large part in the robot's
creation as well. And I want a
moment to check out the data you
collected from Friday night.
But she may be the one behind all
of this. Can we trust her,
I can't tell you why, but I'm
positive she isn't...


I trust you. I'll go find her and
return in a few minutes. No doubt
she is busy.
I'm just going to check your data
now, then.
Both characters rise from their seats and face eachother.
Good luck with what you find.
Perhaps, you can interpret it in a
different way then I. Okay, I'll
be right back.
Bye Sidra.
SIDRA leaves to go find KAZDAN while TEVERIS checks the
data. However, TEVERIS changes moods as SIDRA exits the
SIDRA walks quickly down a hallway and locats KAZDAN, who is
just finishing a conversation with a colleague.
Doctor, can I please speak...
      (cutting him off)
Sidra, It's 9:25 and I haven't
even made it into my office yet,
would you please excuse me.
KAZDAN walks impatiently away while SIDRA is forced to
follow in her wake.
Teveris and I have a serious
problem with the robot.
KAZDAN stops and faces SIDRA. She is very interested.


Something has happened in the past
20 minutes?
The robot is operational...
There is a pause between the two characters.
Show me.
The two characters quickly take off for the lab.
SIDRA and KAZDAN hurry through the twisting halls of the
installation. SIDRA opens the door to the lab to unveil
TEVERIS sitting on the ground in a state of shock. The lab
is partially destroyed and most important of all... the
robot is missing!
Where is the robot?
SIDRA rushes past her and approaches TEVERIS to make sure
he's okay.
Teveris! Are you okay? What
I'm sorry Sidra. I'm sorry.
Is he okay?
He's fine! Give us a minute.


I'm so sorry. I just wanted to see
it move. It's all I've wanted for
the past 5 years. To watch the
first android ever created take
its first steps. It was
fantastic... Amazing.
It's okay. What happened here?
      (in pain)
I connected the battery to the
robot and as soon as I did so it
knocked me over and ran out the
door. You should've seen it
walk... Could you call me an EMT.
I injured my leg in the fall.
Of course, Teveris. You just try
and relax for now. The doctors
will be here soon.
SIDRA lays TEVERIS on the ground in a more comfrotable
position. He stands and addresses KAZDAN.
Did you hear all that?
Yes, but where is the robot and
why is it out of your control?
Based on the data I've collected
from the robot's secondary
battery, it will seek out an
energy source of greater potential
and capacity. The closest one I
can think of is the generator in
the attic of this building. And as
for your second question...
SIDRA walks around to his desk and pulls from one of the
drawers a pistol.
It's under control.


KAZDAN and SIDRA race up the stairs and through the hall in
search of the robot menace.
I called the infirmary. The EMT's
should be on Teveris in a few
Good, I hope he'll be okay. That
machine did a number on his legs.
What caused the robot to behave so
maliciously? You certainly didn't
program it this way did you?
Of course not! And all I know is
that I found a battery in the
robot's circuitry that neither
Teveris or I placed in there.
Was it an orange battery?
SIDRA slows his pace, but does not face KAZDAN. He is
obviously interested in how KAZDAN knows the color.
Yes, but how did you know that?
Teveris came into the supply room
last week and picked one up. He
said that it was in case of
emergency. He wanted the highest
voltage per kilogram one we had.
Dammit! That bastard. Why didn't
he tell me he installed it. His
arrogance almost got me killed by
that machine... It still might...
Common the stairs are over here.
Let's go.
SIDRA quickens his pace towards the stair well. KAZDAN


Can't we call security. They could
dispatch the android.
There's no time! We have to
destroy it before it reaches the
generator in the attic.
Why? What's so important about the
damn attic?
I used unstable processors and
energy storage devices that
weren't meant to leave the lab. If
the robot were to reach the
generator they could overload and
cause an explosion that would
level this building.
Oh my God!
So could you please hury?
I'm coming.
SIDRA begans to climb the step ladder into the attic.
SIDRA inspects the generator in the attic. He is squating
and KAZDAN is standing, watching him.
Well, he hasn't been here.
How can you be sure?
SIDRA looks up into KAZDAN's eyes.
We'd be dead.


Oh, right.
SIDRA slumps down. He feels defeated.
I can't believe Teveris would do
this to me. We've been friends for
so long. Why would he install that
battery and risk our lives without
even telling me.
Don't destroy yourself over it.
I'm sure he had his reasons. He
was probably just as eager as the
rest of us to complete the
android. Besides, there's time for
this later. We have to stop the
machine before it hurts anyone
else. Now, where else could it
have gone?
I don't know...
Suddenly SIDRA's cellphone begins to vibrate.
It's Teveris... Hello?
There is a pause while SIDRA listens to TEVERIS.
Are you sure? Okay.
SIDRA hangs up the phone and places it into his pocket.
What'd he say?
The android's on the roof...
The robot stares aimlessly into the sky. It takes in the
world for the first time. The robot is interrupted when the


rooftop door explodes open and KAZDAN comes running out. The
robot turns and its artificial eyes follow the running
woman. Then it realizes that she is a distraction. SIDRA is
standing in the threshold of the doorway with his pistol
pointed at the machine. He fires. The machine falls to the
ground and ceases to function.
TEVERIS, SIDRA, and KAZDAN stand over the machine,
reflecting on its life and death.
How'd you know it was on the roof,
As the EMT's were rolling me
through the lobby, I noticed the
television's picture was distorted
and full of static. I figured it
was the robot's electromagnetic
field causing the interference.
The machine had to have been on
the roof in order for its waves to
disrupt those of the incoming
televsion signals.
But what was it doing on the roof.
What's up here for it?
It must have been trying to find a
way to escape the institution and
got lost.
No. That's not the reason.
TEVERIS and KAZDAN turn their attention from the machine to
SIDRA, who begins to look towards the sky as he talks.
It wanted to see the sky. To feel
the breeze. To see the sun. Every
morning when I came into the lab I
always reminded Teveris of what a
beautiful world it is outside the
lab, the android must have been
listening. It must have associated
living with the outside world and
death with the cold underground


                       SIDRA (cont'd)
lab since Teveris and I refered to
the robot as unoperational or
nonfunctional when it was in that
room. It must have assumed it was
dead and desired life from the way
I talked about it.
The characters remain quiet and digest what SIDRA has just
Sidra, I'm sorry for not telling
you about the battery. I just
wanted to get the robot working as
soon as possible. I was foolish.
I'm sorry.
We all wanted it finished,
Teveris. It's okay.
It's too bad it had to end this
way. Perhaps, man was never meant
to play God and create life.
It only wanted to be human. After
5 years in a lab I think that's
what anyone would want, man or
TEVERIS absent mindedly checks his watch.
What is it Teveris?
I'm late...


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