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REMINISCENT (version short)
by Howie J. A. Cherry (lastboiscout@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Film Noir   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Few customers mill around scattered tables, which helps
maintain this look of a 24 hour cafe. A mixture of night
owls and early birds sip at day old coffee and peck at
half-eaten meals. Dawn is slowly becoming day.
In the far poorly lit corner, JOHN DAVIES, 31, five o’clock
shadow complimenting his thinning greasy hair, sits in the
midst of paperwork. An ID tag reads: “John Davies, London
Davies ashes a cigarette in to a tray of many. He glances up
to a figure we know only as 'RICHARD' We see parts of his
body but that is all. A tall glass of half-empty milk-shake
is the only barrier between the two. Davies finishes off his
coffee and motions to the waitress to bring him another.
You sure you want to do this?
Richard nods. Davies smirks with hesitance. He presses
“PLAY/RECORD” on his tape recorder.
                       DAVIES (CONT’D)
Well then (exhaling) it is Monday
the 25th...
Davies looks to his old fashioned wrist-watch. He taps it
and it resumes TICKING.
Approximately 5:05 am. John Davies
speaking with 'Richard'... Tape’s
rolling. Whenever you’re ready.
Richard COUGHS and clears his throat.
You never plan on meeting these
people, but you do. I met Jones a
year ago, at the office.


Taking notes, Davies widens his eyes, as he tries to stay
awake. The Unknown Man breathes and shifts nervously.
Never met Daniels thank god. But
Daniels definitely met Jones. They
got to know each other real well.
Richard GASPS for air.
Are you all right?
Richard nods.
There was another lawyer,
The English lawyer?!
A glass SMASHES in the kitchen! Richard jumps. He exhales.
Yeah, well Bodagovich had a thing
for this girl. Livesy. And by
“thing” I mean that obsession
every man’s had at some point. She
was a beautiful thing. But
sometimes what we want and have
are two different things.
Davies lights another cigarette.
Bodagovich'd office is very small and
'up-close-and-personal'. He never wanted an office this
size, he wanted a large office and it was his goal to get


one. There is very litle room to move about - even the
ceiling is low. His shelves has filled with various books
about the Law, etc. Bodagovich has other interests too.
Hidden amogst those books are numerous Adult Magazines.
Bodagovich sits behind his desk whilst ROBERT KEATON, 30's,
sits opposite. They each have a glass of whiskey. Bodagovich
sits realxed, Keaton sits uncomfrtabley on the edge of his
      (talking to
       Keaton, but
       staring into
       space, dreaming)
…oh my god, she is beautiful! She
is true beauty, mind, Keaton…
Keaton doesn’t much like Bodagovich. He just ‘hums’ and
‘ahs’ as Bodagovich continues his fantasies. He hadn't come
for a social chat, but this is what he was getting. The
tight surroundings made it difficult for Keaton to breathe
and concentrate. Keaton gulps down his whiskey hoping to get
out of the office quickly.
We were properly introduced at a
Bodagovich notices Keaton’s near empty glass, obilivious to
Keaton's obvious bordem.
Oh, do you want a refill?
Before Keaton can answer:
      (calls out to his
Dick! Get us two more will you?
Keaton looks at his empty glass -frowns.
DICK FAKEMAN, 25, is Bodagovich's Perosnal Assitant. He is a
good looking young man, though small and quiet. He brings
two more whiskeys and leaves without being noticed.


Now, where was I?
How’s the case going, Keaton?
Keaton squeezes his glass and smiles slyly. He obvioulsy has
something to say, or ask.
Coming along fine now actually. As
a matter of fact-
      (cuts in)
Anyway, I met Livesy at the
convention last July…
Keaton is surprised and takes a sudden interest in what
Bodagovich is saying.
      (sudden change of
Oh! Livesy?
You know her?
Yes- well, I know 'of' her.
Oh, right.
I know what you mean now. Ha! Me
and the boys have had our eyes on
her for a while too. I think I
know which convention you mean
now. It was the one McCoy set up
wasn’t it, for the chairman of
Riach’s- there was going to be


                       KEATON (cont'd)
some takeover wasn’t there or
something? McCoy thought he’d use
it to grease his way up to the
boss. I was there, don’t you
Bodagovich has now lost his confidence in this conversation.
Oh, yes yes. Of course. Hm.
      (enjoys his
Yeah I remember. And what I can
recall, apart from the presence of
Livesy it was a pretty carp dig…
Well, I have seen better set ups,
but for me, it was an amazing
night. I remember seeing you with
the boys over at the bar - you
couldn't keep your eyes off of me.
Or was it someone else? Anyway, it
was the night I introduced myself
to Livesy...
Bodagovich and Keaton worked for the lawyer firm WALLIS &
This convention had been set up by ALISTAIR McCOY, 34, a
familiar face at the firm to celebrate the merger between
Wallis and Co. with RIACH'S- the second biggest lawyer firm
in the country.
Alistair had set it up in recently abandoned building that
was soon due for demolition, on the ground floor. The bare
walls and shoddy structure were covered with banners and


posters of the two firms: Riach and Wallis. McCoy had also
got hold of some rare pieces of art such as paintings and
furniture and scattered them about the place. The wide-open
space made it feel as though there was a draft. The lighting
was poor.
Bodagovich and Keaton are present, along with Dick and
Stanton, a friend of Keatons. Everyone is dressed casually
and despite the dreary surroundings, their is healthy
discussion in the air.
Bodagovich had spent the fist hour standing by the entrance
on his own, dressed in his best black suit.
Most people are sat at their dinner tables reading the new
McCOY sits with HARRY WALLIS, 62, and REG RIACH, 76, at
their table.
Keaton, Stanton and Dick stood at the bar. They watch McCoy
and his greasing with the heads from above. They critise
everything from the wine to the whole cheap, tacky set up.
Soon they fix their attentions on Bodagovich. They knew he
was waiting for Livesy to arrive, even though she was
already an hour late.
God, look at that old fool. What
an embarrassment.
REBECCA LIVSEY, 26, (beautiful & slim, blonde hair, brown
eyes, glamourous) arrives. Bodagovich immediately greets
her; all smiles, flirting, etc.
Poor woman.
Do you think I should go over?
Nah, leave it Keaton.
Look at him! How old is he?


I don’t know, you better ask Mrs
Poor woman!
They laugh, drinking.
      (to Dick)
Hey Dick, how old is he?
Dick doesn’t reply, instead he stares ahead at Livesy,
Hey Dick? Hello, are you there?
Dick comes to.
Oh. What's that chief?
Keaton and Stanton laugh.
Lord, she sure is beautiful.
Keaton, Stanton and Dick continue to watch Bodagovich and
      (change of subject)
How’s the case going, Keaton?
Ah! Like crap. I need to speak to
Jones, but the man’s like God to
get hold of. I need that file, but
Bodagovich is stalling. I saw him
nearly two weeks ago and asked him
for it. Son of a...


Keaton had just won some big case. His picture was plastered
all over the papers and he was now the hottest lawyer on the
firm. He had left a message with Bodagovich’s PA for a brief
Keaton sits behind his new desk, in his new, large office,
reading case notes.
His desk was three times the size of Bodagovich's and the
office itself could swallow Bogadovich's whole and you
wouldn't even know it was there.
The office was one of the newly refurbished on the sixth
floor. It's design was modern and flash. Keaton had already
unpacked his things from his previous office but it was
obvious he would have to buy more books and ornaments and
furniture and bring more family photos tp fill the space.
Bodagovich and Dick enter.
Bodagovih is able to conceal his envy and jealousy quite
well. He deliberately ignored the office and its size and
design. His eyes were fixed on Keaton who he had hoped would
look up at him and see his disinterest.
Keaton, my boy! Well done! I see
you wiped the floor with them just
like I taught you! My
congratulations, my boy!
Keaton doesn't bother to stand or even look up.
Save it, Bodagovich. Sit down.
Dick, can you wait outside please
and close the door behind you?
Dick leaves, closing the door ajar.


Bodagovich sits at Keaton’s desk.
Now, I want to talk to you about
the case of the century. And, if
you help me I will make you apart
of it.
Ok then, pray tell.
Finally Keaton looks up at Bodagovich.
I take it you have heard of a Mr
Jones, the billionaire businessman
from the south… Now, have you ever
heard of this guy, Daniels? No?
Didn’t think so. Now, pay
attention. All you need to know
about this guy Daniels is that he
is from a poor east side family,
apparently a real low life
scumbag, in and out of prison,
suspected rapist and not a penny
to his name… now, what do these
two men, that is Jones and Daniels
have in common? I’ll tell you,
they are lovers – screwing each
other’s brains out - that’s what!
That is, they were, for about a
year. But it now turns out that
Jones is a repressed homosexual,
and is HIV positive… and so is
Daniels now. Oh, it gets better.
Jones is a well-respected
businessman – opened up and
finances a children’s hospital in
the east – extremely wealthy, has
a loving wife, five kids and
twelve grandchildren. He also has
political connections of kinds.
Daniels is suing Jones for
everything he has got and


                       KEATON (cont'd)
threatening to go to the press.
The public aspect on its own would
be enough to destroy Jones and all
of his connections. So it is up to
me to see that our dear Mr Jones
retains his clean slate. This is
for your eyes and ears only
Bodagovich. There have been many
words with our good friends at the
courthouse and they've agreed to a
private hearing for Jones &
Daniels. To everyone else, it will
be Hampson Vs V-Tec...
V-Tec case?
Keaton browses through the papers on his desk.
V-Tec, 65% of which is owned by
the Jones Corp. ‘Makers of fine,
high powered sports and family
cars’. It would seem that V-Tec’s
last new model had serious flaws
that cost the lives of a mother
and father and their child of 1
year, lost four fingers and was
all cut up – nasty business.
Shares in V-Tec are down
drastically and Jones is already
selling up, so we shall be using
this as our front. We can make it
stick until Baby Hampson pulls out
of his coma and Jones is already
connected with the case.
And what about the REAL V-Tec
Like I said, as long as Baby
Hampson is in ice, so is the case.
The family will get their
compensation no matter what. how


                       KEATON (cont'd)
much will depend on Baby Hampson
and if he pulls through.
This is all very interesting
Keaton, but why are you telling
Well, my good friend...
Keaton pulls a bottle of whiskey and two glasses from under
his desk.
I need man in such a position as
yourself, to use the powers that
be... to pull a certain,
classifiled file for an old
We return to the setting from Scene 3. Keaton, Stanton and
Dick reamin at the bar and Bodagovich is still glued on
Livesy. Everyone else are sitting at the dinner tables.
McCoy has just finished his speech and walks over to the


      (to a drunk Keaton)
Worry not Keaton. If you want the
file, Bodagovich will give it to
you. As long as you can re-assure
him that he'll receive some of the
credit. For now, he'll make you
wait - it's a power thing. Also, I
think he has got a lot on his
mind, after the car bombing and
Keaton tries hard to keep his head up and focus. He stares
at Bodagovich and Livesy.
I think has another thing on his
mind tonight. Ha!
McCoy walks over to them, cool and calm and confident.
      (to McCoy, sucking
Hey McCoy! Great speech!
Yeah, wasn't bad at all. I think
I've got them nailed!
McCoy holds his glass up to the table where Wallis and Riach
      (to Keaton)
And who knows? On Monday I might
even have a new desk! Eh, Keaton?
      (to McCoy)
Well, you've worked hard for it,
McCoy. You have, you deserve a
reward for your efforts.


Keaton looks at Stanton with distate and shakes his head
slowly. He doesn't like people who kiss ass.
      (hinting to McCoy)
Hm, that's all very well and nice,
but some men's ideas of effort and
hard work are totally different to
other men. Know what I mean?
McCoy understands what Keaton means and he suddenly feels
unwelcome. He quickly, and this is what McCoy does best,
changes the subject.
      (to Stanton)
Hey, who's that doll over there
with old fart Bodagovich?
McCoy points with his eyes to Livesy. They all stare at her
for a moment. They had to agree with him for once.
      (to Dick)
Good enough to eat, wouldn't you
agree, Dick?
We return to Scene 2. Bodagovich and Keaton sit, drinking
whisky, talking about Livsey. Keaton is now more at ease and
      (to Bodagovich)
So you didn't sleep with Livesy,
No, no I didn't. It wasn't the


                       BODAGOVICH (cont'd)
appropiate setting. I also had to
get home pretty quick to see
Julia. But, there will be plenty
more conventions and plenty more
of you know what!
      (relieved, pleased)
Yes... of course. Cheers!
Keaton hold up his glass and finishes his drink in one gulp.
There is a knock on the office door. Dick enters.
      (to Dick)
Yes Dick, you can go now. I'll
clean up and lock up later. See
you in the morning.
Dick leaves.
      (change of tone)
So, how are things, Keaton? Still
getting death threats?
Keaton coughs nervously. He sits forward, placing his empty
glass on the table.
No, no. Thank god they have calmed
down now...
How about you?
Same here. Things seem to have
quietned down a lot since the my
car bombing...
Your V-Tec?


Yeah. The police send a driver for
me every night now.
What doesn't kill you makes you
      (less confident)
We'll see.
I can't wait for this case to be
over. Have you got much more to do
on it now?
It's funny you should mention
that. I'm trying to get it all
wrapped up as soon as possible. My
coming here today wasn't a social
visit, I'm afraid. I came here for
what I should have got a long time
Keaton slams his fist down on Bodagovich's desk. His empty
glass falls off and smashes. Bodagovich is startled.
      (to Bodagovich)
Where's that Goddamn file?!!


Finally we return to where we started in Scene 1. Through
grimy Cafe the windows in the background we can see that it
is now light outside and the morning rush of customers has
now started.
Davies is now wide awake, continuing to make notes. On the
table are six audio tapes placed beside the tape recorder,
each one numbered and labelled: 1.CAFE, 2.BODAGOVICH'S
seventh tape is still in the machine recording. There are
varous newspapers on the table and we are able to see a few
of the headlines: 'RIACH & WALLIS MERGE', '...DIES IN CAR
The man we know only as 'Richard' has now finished his
milkshake. Davies' ashtray is full and there are many coffee
rings on his side of the table.
       confident voice.
       sounds familiar.)
I never did like Keaton. He was a
man you could never trust, I'm
afraid to say. Although he knew
what he was talking about most of
the time - I'll give him that.
So the V-Tec Vs Hampson never made
it to court?
No, never. The family settled out
of court for a modest sum. Do you
think it was enough to cover the
loss of a mother and father and
four fingers before you've even
started to use them?
      (to himself)
No...real...V-Tec Case...


No, just a sexually transmitted
So Jones is home dry. What
happened to Daniels?
I honestly do not know.
Davies flicks back through his notes.
And what did this Livesy woman
have to do with all this?
We see Richard smile.
Nothing...just a beautiful woman.
Davies makes a quick note, shaking his head slowly in
We already know about Bodagovich-
Richard looks briefly at the half-covered newspaper
headlined: '...DIES IN CAR BOMBING.'
                       DAVIES (CONT'D)
...but what happened to Keaton and
      (quick response)
No comment.
Davies sighs. He places his pen and pad down on the table.
He looks around idly. He then stares ahead at Richard.


We now see Richard for the first time, or rather we see a
man wrapped from head to toe in white bandages, wearing a
black hat, trench coat and sunglasses.
It wasn’t just coincidence, you
know, that Jones owned 90% of
      (less sympathic)
Ok then, Richard. Are you going to
tell me who you are, under those
dark glasses?
Richard just smiles again. A cold, sly smile.
The recorder stops as the tape comes to the end.
      (becomes DICK)
What’s that chief?


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